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Solent’s Second ‘Anthems’ gig success Varrie Young SOLENT University hosted their annual ‘Anthems’ gig on Monday, boasting over twenty live performances from students, staff and alumni, all of who are involved in the various music courses that the university offers. The sold-out gig, held in the Solent Studio, showcased performances from popular music, music production and performance students, with the student-run ‘Live Events Society’ providing lights, staging and sound for the evening. Solent favourites, BASH! kicked off the night with an energetic medley of Ma-

donna’s ‘Material Girl’ and ‘Hey Mickey.’ The popular music performance and production students met at university and have gone from strength to strength in producing their own original tracks, releasing their second single in October 2018. Angus McIntyre, drummer for BASH! told The Link, “Opening the show was great fun! The Anthems gig is an awesome opportunity for all of us to showcase how hard we’ve been working and we all get to enjoy a night of great music with friends. The fact that the event sold out again this year gives all of us a nice

confidence boost in knowing that people really enjoy coming to see us perform.” The highlight of the evening came in the form of a fifteen-strong vocal set up and considerable instrumental arrangement, performing Bohemian Rhapsody, as a nod to the success of the biographical film released last year. Although most of the song choices came from decades that preceded the performers, often hits from the 70’s and 80’s, second year student, Georgia Turnbull, fronted a musical quintet to perform Critics Choice Award winner, Sam Fender, ‘Playing God’, which gar-

nered a spirited response from the packed studio. Second year production and performance student, Henry Marshall, spoke to The Link about how he thought the evening went, “The Anthems gig was a great night, it’s always good to see students and staff performing, it brings everybody together and we all get to have a laugh.” The penultimate performance of the night came from Southampton’s own Jetski Babylon, who are currently the touring support of Scottish alternative-rock band, Fatherson, who played a set at The Joiners on Tuesday. Bringing their

usual electric energy to the stage, the all-male lineup did not fail to impress. Second year performance and production student, Bradley Turner, spoke to the Link just after his set, “The gig was much larger this year, with more bands and a wider variety of music, I had the pleasure of watching and performing and both were just as enjoyable.” close the show, Solent University’s very own Head of Music, Paul Rutter, performed Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on Water’, accompanied by a full band and backing vocals from a number of students.

Portswood documentary new to Netflix Alexx Clarke

HANNAH Foster was kidnapped, raped and murdered in Southampton in 2003. A TV documentary about these events and the five-year hunt to find her killer has recently been added to the Netflix library. The programme was originally aired in 2009 on the BBC. Hannah Foster was seventeen when she was abducted on her way home from an

evening with her friend on Portswood High street. After her body was found, Hannah’s parents vowed to find and bring to justice whoever did this to their daughter, no matter how long it took. In the first few minutes of Hannah’s abduction she had managed to make a call to the emergency services. She was unable to speak but what was heard in the background was the voice of a man of

Asian origin, a refrigerator unit and what sounded like a diesel van. This led the police to be able to narrow down the search significantly (using CCTV) to just seven possible suspects. This and assistance via CCTV helped narrow down the search significantly for the police. Maninder Pal Singh Kohli’s boss at the time offered his name to the police and he was, of

course, already in their shortlist. Unfortunately, Kohli had disappeared. Kohli had been living in Southampton with his wife and working as a sandwich delivery driver when he committed these crimes. Out of fear of being caught, he fled to his native India and restarted his life with a new name. With the help of a large reward, the media, and a heartfelt appeal from

told us: “Religions have a dismal tradition of trying to control sex for their own purposes. They’ve shown gross intolerance towards all forms of human sexuality, whilst reserving particular spite towards homosexuality. Yet we see epidemics of sexual abuse within churches. Part of my job as Chairman will be to challenge everyone with any kind of religious affiliation on this long history of persecution and abuse.” The invited speakers will

be Osman Rafiq, a gay Muslim man who has had to overcome many social issues surrounding his sexuality, and now campaigns for LGTBQ+ Muslims; Carol Shepherd,academic and researcher in Theology and Sexuality and an LGTBQ+ faith activist; and Andrew Marshall, a former Chaplain at Solent University and current Director of the LGTBQ+ inclusive faith charity, OneBodyOneFaith. The regular Wilberforce Chairman is

journalist and broadcaster Martin Buckley, whose BBC work has included documentaries on Atheism and on the Hindu cult of Tantra. Last year’s Wilberforce Dialogue was a bracing debate over the existence of God, and this year’s promises to be at least as provocative. “Sex and Scripture” will be in the Palmerston Lecture Theatre in The Spark on Thursday 7 March, 6-7.30 p.m. It is free, all are welcome.

Hannah’s parents to the public, Kohli was found and arrested in 2004. He was found guilty of all charges at Winchester Crown Court in 2008 and sentenced to a minimum of 24 years. Kohli will remain in prison until at least 2030, when he will be 63 years old. Crime documentaries have gained popularity on Netflix. The Ted Bundy tapes paved the way for this type of genre.

Sex or scripture at Solent Valentina Matamoros The Wilberforce Dialogue is Solent University’s main annual engagement with the local community around a contemporary topic of intellectual interest and social significance. In this year’s debate, “Sex or Scripture?” a panel will wrestle with precisely the question of how ancient religious institutions view the complex mix of sexual identities we now call the LGTBQ+ community. Chairman Martin Buckley

This years debate will be on ‘Sex and Scripture’ Picture credit: Solent University


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