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Finding the Largest High Capacity Direct Acting Valves Selecting valves for a particular application is determined by considering the operating setting in which the valve will be used and the type of media that will flow through it. Other considerations include body-size specifications, port dimensions, voltage and operating pressure. Once these factors are determined, the valves can be configured to fit an application in the most efficient way possible to perform successfully long term. If valves need to be used to accomplish multiple tasks within industrial applications, direct acting valves are an ideal choice. The plunger in direct acting valves automatically opens or shuts when the coil is energized or de-energized. Electromagnetic valves (solenoid) are ideal when multiple tasks need to be accomplished within industrial applications. Furthermore, electromagnetic valves in industrial applications offer a more efficient way of modulating power output for smaller flow rates and can manage a diverse range of media materials including: •Water •Air •Gases •Semi-Solid Products •Synthetic Oils •High-Viscous Products

Largest High Capacity Direct Acting Valves Solenoid Solutions carries a line of large, high capacity direct acting valves that can perform heavy-duty two-way and three-way operations that are designed to function at a high flow rate and pressure. The valves have an aluminum or brass body with internal stainless steel parts and are available ¼ “ or 3/8" ports and up to 1/4" orifices. In addition, the Series II valves use a 17 Watt coil to energize the valve. Examples of equipment applications that require high capacity direct acting valves include: •Industrial Washing •Blow Molding •Heat Exchanges •Packaging •Colorant Mixing In addition, Series II valves are compatible with the majority of commonly used media such as liquids, air, gases, oil products and hydraulic fluids. Because these type of valves only have two moving parts, they can be calibrated without removing the pipeline.

Two-Way Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Solutions offers high capacity direct acting valves that are manufactured and designed to perform efficiently when placed in the most severe operating settings and which have to carry the toughest media. Depending upon the application and setting, valves come in various body, seal and coil types that may feature two or more ports to execute specific tasks. For example, when media needs to flow freely through a valve without interruption, a two-way solenoid valve can be used, since it features one inlet and outlet port and only one opening. Three-Way Valves Three-way solenoid valves feature three port connections. Because one of the ports is always open, a three-way valve is the ideal solution when it needs to handle two paths of flow simultaneously and is useful for initiating or releasing pressure in an equipment or tool unit (i.e., hydraulic cylinder). Solenoid Solutions provides high capacity direct acting valve solutions that manufacturers from the medical, energy, process and transportation industries that rely upon to meet their operation demands. In order to further meet the clients' requirements, Solenoid Solutions, Inc. specializes in innovative valve configurations and can install a countless range of materials such as fittings, controls and connections to these valves, so that their clients have a comprehensive solution for their applications that will also save them time and money in the process. The availability of high capacity direct acting valves gives clients the ability to select the number of ports, diameter size, operation pressure, coil type, power consumption, voltage output, etc., according to the industrial application: •Body size: 2" •Weight approximately 2.5 lbs. •2-way and 3-way operation •Orifice Diameters: 1/32" to 1/4" Stop-3/64" to 3/32" •Operating pressure up to 1200 PSI •Coil type is continuous rating •Media temperature limitations of -40°F to 180°F •Power consumption of 17 watt continuous duty •20 to 25 milliseconds response time •Vacuum is special to 10 microns •Buna N is the standard seal material with more options available •Standard voltages: 24V/60 Hz, 120V/60 Hz, 240V/60 Hz, 12, 24 VDC •Moisture resistant and leakage tight from bubbling liquids

Finding the Largest High Capacity Direct Acting Valves | The type of solenoid valve you need depends on your specifi...

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