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Unit 2 Project Report Check List Investigate

Design Plan Create Evaluate

Design Brief (your final product) What type of sources of information did you use for the project? Evaluate each source of information and tell me why they are reliable and you can trust hem. Cite properly in MLA style a variety of sources of information of the research Describe the design specification (list of things your magazine should have). How would you test your final product using the design specification in an objective way? Evaluate the way you designed the magazine. Why is it effective? Why is this design better than other designs? How does the design help the understanding of the information? How much time did you use to create your magazine? What resources and materials did you use? What procedure did you follow to create the magazine? While creating the magazine what things did you find difficult or challenging? Describe how you worked making a safe working place for you and your classmates If you were the user of this product, what do you think needs to be improved in terms of user attractiveness and comprehension of the information? And what things did you like about it? Does your magazine have everything you asked for in the design specification? What do you think is the impact your product will have on the community? How can you improve the magazine? Think about the process of the whole unit, how can you improve the way you worked while working on the project? Keep in mind the stages of the design cycle.


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