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• Fully Equipped Kitchen Suites • Laundry Facilities • Fitness Center • Wireless Internet • Large Closet • Business E-Center • Close to Kenai Airport

10431 Kenai Spur Hwy • Kenai, Alaska 99611 • Phone: 907-283-2272 Fax: 907-283-2278 • Tollfree: 1-866-GUEST4U (1-866-483-7848)

SOLDOTNA • Complimentary Continental Breakfast • Some rooms with kitchens • Laundry Facilities • Fitness Room • Business E-Center • Swimming Pool & Spa • Wireless Internet • Fish Freezer

326 Binkley Circle • Soldotna, Alaska 99669 • Phone: 907-260-7736 Fax: 907-260-7786 • Tollfree: 1-866-GUEST4U(1-866-483-7848)

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Welcome to Soldotna A Letter From Mayor Sprague

Thank you for your interest in the city of Soldotna. As mayor, I believe that a good quality of life is very important for the people who reside here, as well as for those who are considering relocating to our area. Soldotna is a great place to live, work, and recreate. We welcome people who will bring in fresh ideas, and who wish to create new or expand on existing business opportunities. We have good roads, excellent police protection, a fine library, and beautiful parks. The city administration and personnel are top-notch. The local trails system and the Kenai River provide ample opportunities for us to enjoy the outdoors at any time of year. Central Peninsula Hospital offers excellent health care. Kenai Peninsula College prepares students for employment in many high-demand fields. I believe that these health care and education systems are key components of the healthy economic base here in town. The oil, fishing, retail, and tourism industries have been and continue to be mainstays of our economy, too. Soldotna’s population continues to grow steadily, and the city continues to see strong development in both commercial and residential construction. Overall, the projection for the local economy is optimistic. The Kenai Peninsula Borough economy as a whole is diverse, and Soldotna continues to see its share of peninsula-wide growth and investment. Soldotna is in excellent financial shape. We continue to show budgetary restraint, with healthy sales tax revenues and the lowest property tax rates of any municipality in the borough. The Storefront Improvement Program has been very successful in beautifying our downtown. The city is also exploring additional ways to encourage economic development. Soldotna Creek Park hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. The ARTSpace project provides opportunities and venues for artists to both create and display their work. We’ve all heard comments about how Soldotna is developing, and I am very proud of that. It will continue. The quality of life that we enjoy here in Soldotna is valued by all. In short, Soldotna is financially healthy, our infrastructure is sound, and our neighborhoods and downtown are safe and attractive. When we say, “Welcome to Soldotna”, it comes from the heart. I believe that Soldotna will continue to be a great city in which to live, work, and recreate. Thank you for your time and for you interest in relocating to Soldotna. Yours sincerely, Pete Sprague, Mayor City of Soldotna

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Directory Advertisers 29 Business Services 30-39 WWW.SOLDOTNACHAMBER.COM


Welcome to Soldotna Helpful Information Soldotna’s visitor information center is located with the office of the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce at 44790 Sterling Hwy. Call 907-2629814 for more information. Here you will find up-to-date brochures, maps, and information about visitor attractions and events in the area.

City Information Centennial Campground (907) 262-5299 Central Emergency Services (907) 262-4792 City of Soldotna (907) 262-9107 Soldotna Animal Control (907) 262-3969 Soldotna Historical Museum (907) 262-3832 Soldotna Parks & Recreation (907) 262-3151 Soldotna Police Dept. (907) 262-4455 Soldotna Post Office (907) 262-4760 Soldotna Public Library (907) 262-4227

Borough Information

Who to Call? Directory Assistance 4-1-1 Emergencies 9-1-1 Local Time and Temp (907) 262-9500 Soldotna Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center (907) 262-9814 Travel Advisories 5-1-1 UAF Cooperative Extension Office (907) 262-5824

4 Central Peninsula General Hospital (907) 714-4404 Kenai Peninsula Borough Offices (907) 262-4441 Kenai River Center (907) 260-4882 Kenai Peninsula School District (907) 714-8888

State Information AK Dept. of Fish & Game (907) 262-9368 Alaska Division of Forestry (907) 262-4124 Fire Line (907) 260-3473


Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles (907) 262-4681 Alaska State Troopers (907) 262-4453 Alaska State Parks (907) 262-5581

Federal Information Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (907) 262-7021

Websites Alaska Department of Labor (Employment) Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles Alaska Department of Transportation Alaska Traveler Information Canada Border Information noncan-eng.html City of Soldotna Kenai Peninsula Borough Kenai Peninsula Borough Economic Development District Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Utilities Telephone & Cable GCI (907) 262-3266

Satellite TV/Internet Microcom (907) 264-0037; (877) 696-3474

Fuel Alaska Oil Sales (907) 262-2250 Enstar Natural Gas Company (907) 262-9334 Water & Sewer City of Soldotna (907) 262-9107

Electric Homer Electric Association (907) 283-5831

Waste Management

Alaska Waste (907) 283-9390 Central Peninsula Landfill (907) 262-9423

Media Newspapers Alaska Dispatch News (907) 260-1948 Peninsula Clarion (907) 283-7551

Radio KDLL 91.9FM/ Pickle Hill Public Broadcasting (907) 283-8433 KSRM Radio Group (907) 283-8700 K-WAVE/KPEN/KGTL/K-Bay/ Peninsula Radio Group (907) 235-6000

Transportation Air/Commuter Service Kenai Municipal Airport (907) 283-7951

RAVN Alaska (800) 866-8394

Soldotna Municipal Airport Charter services available

Ground Transit Central Area Rural Transit System, Inc. (CARTS) (907) 262-8900 Passenger van service to Kasilof, Funny River, Sterling, Kenai, and Nikiski Homer Stageline (907) 235-2252 Passenger van service to Homer, Anchorage, Seward AAA Alaska Cab (907) 283-6000

Marine Alaska Marine Highway (State Ferry System) (800) 642-0066

Shipping Lynden Transport (Freight/Packaging/Moving) (907) 260-6500 Tote Maritime (Freight/Packaging/Moving) (800) 426-0074 The Packaging Store (FedEx/UPS/Pallets) (907) 260-4862 The UPS Store (907) 262-8774 http://soldotna-ak-2752. DHL Express available in Anchorage

44790 Sterling Hwy., Soldotna, AK 99669 Phone: 907-262-1337 Fax: 907-262-3566 Email:

Administrative Staff

Tami Murray Executive Director Katie Jacobson - Membership Development Coordinator Andrew Rash Events & Programs Coordinator Sara Hondel - Tourism & Education Coordinator

Cover Design By: Katie Jacobson

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Alanna Allen, Lee Kuepper, Clam Gulch Lodge, DJ Turner, Sara Hondel, Soldotna Historical Society, City of Soldotna, Merrill Sikorski, Kenai Peninsula College, ATIA

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Sara Hondel, Soldotna Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center


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Soldotna Chamber of Commerce



Welcome to Soldotna Community Overview Pronunciation: (soul-DAHT-nuh) Elevation: 118.8 Feet above sea level * Location Latitude: 60.32 North * Location Longitude: -150.79 West The City of Soldotna is home to 4,544* residents, with many more beyond the city limits. The City encompasses 6.9* square miles of land. Soldotna’s current economic base allows for continued and consistent population growth. Located 145 miles south of Anchorage (Alaska’s largest city), Soldotna is the hub of the Kenai Peninsula- Alaska’s Playground! Soldotna is centrally located, along the Sterling Highway, with a variety of communities in every direction! Visitors and residents, alike, choose Soldotna as their choice destination for work and play because of its day-tripping opportunities. Ten miles to the north east of Soldotna, lay the community of Sterling and in the distance, the Kenai Mountains. Ninety-five miles to the south east, is Seward, a seaside town on Resurrection Bay. 78 miles south, lay the City of Homer on Kachemak Bay. The City Precipitation Average Ranges

Record Temperatures

High 93F June 1969 January 1975 Average Annual Rainfall 19.1” Low – 47F Maximum Daily Rainfall 1.07” Daylight Hours Average Annual Snowfall 61.2” Maximum Daily Snowfall 36” Summer Maximum 19.02 hrs. # of precipitation days 122 Winter Maximum 5.43 hrs. # of sunny days 134 UV Index 1.4 Feb




of Kenai is only eleven miles to the northwest of Soldotna. Soldotna and Kenai are often referred to as the “Twin Cities”. They share an integrated economy and the Kenai River while each maintaining a unique, independent character. Alaska has about 738,432* residents occupying 570,640.95* square miles, or 365,210,208 acres of land. Alaska is the largest state, about 2.3 times the size of Texas and about one-fifth the size of the lower 48 states. The Kenai Peninsula has an estimated 57,212* residents. The boundaries of the Kenai Peninsula Borough encompass a total of 25,600 square miles. In comparison, the total land mass of the borough equals that of Massachusetts and New Jersey combined. However, the total borough population is less that 1/400th of that same area. *Citation: U.S. Census Bureau (2016). Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (2015 Situations & Prospects), American Community Survey 5-year estimates. Retrieved from Census Reporter Profile page for Soldotna, AK profiles/16000US0271640-soldotna-ak/Temp, Precipitation and Daylights hours (2015 Data)

Miles from Soldotna to… Kenai 11 Anchorage 145 Sterling 10 Fairbanks 503 Seward 95 Denali Park 382 Kasilof 12 Seattle 2,580 Homer 78






*Av. High (F)













*Av. Low (F)













*Sunrise (am)













*Sunset (pm)













Av. Rain (in)













Av. Snowfall (in)













*Daylight Hours: (min.)













*Resource: The Old Farmer’s Almanac 6






Soldotna, a Rich History EARLY HISTORY Key Dates:

1949 - Soldotna post office established 1950s - Construction of Sterling Highway from Anchorage and the Kenai Spur Highway 1957 - Oil discovered at Swanson River area 1960 - City incorporated as fourth class city 1964 - City reorganized as first class city

The history of the City of Soldotna begins with homesteading that occurred in the late 1940s, although Native Alaskan Athabaskan peoples had also lived and used the areas around the Kenai River for many thousands of years prior to the City’s establishment. After World War II, veterans were given priority in homesteading in this area and settlement began to grow. The construction of the Sterling Highway from Anchorage and the Kenai Spur Highway occurred in the 1950s, resulting in increased settlement in the area. A post office for Soldotna was established in 1949. Oil was discovered at the nearby Swanson River area in 1957, giving the population and economy another major boost. Soldotna’s location at the junction of the Sterling and Kenai Spur highways resulted in the area becoming a major location for retail trade, services, and government on the Kenai Peninsula.

1957, the population of the area, at the time, was relatively small. After the Borough was incorporated in 1964 and selected Soldotna as the Borough seat, the City reorganized as a first class city which provided the residents of the City more authority to manage and finance the rapid growth that was occurring. The City’s central location on the Kenai Peninsula and the development of the oil industry on the peninsula and other parts of Alaska resulted in rapid population growth in the City’s first three decades (1960 to 1990). As the City and the oil industry have matured, population growth has slowed. Soldotna was mostly built up and already near its current population by the end of the early 1980’s building boom.

Incorporated City The City of Soldotna was incorporated as a fourth class city in 1960 with 332 residents and an area of 7.4 square miles (4,723.4 acres). Although the major highways were constructed in the 1950s and oil had been discovered in



Welcome to Soldotna The City’s pattern of growth has been confined and shaped by natural and man-made features. The Kenai River, local wetlands, and the natural terrain have concentrated development in the western portion of Soldotna, while the three major highways (Sterling Highway, Kenai Spur Road, Kalifornsky Beach Road) have resulted in a linear pattern of commercial development stretching out from Soldotna into the unincorporated areas.

Soldotna- Today Soldotna is a beautiful, vital, growing city with numerous natural resources. The city’s residential areas are safe, well maintained, and highlighted throughout with various beautification projects. Soldotna is the heart of the Kenai Peninsula, located at the strategic junction of the Sterling Highway and the Kenai Spur Highway. While maintaining the convenience of large city amenities, Soldotna exemplifies the ease of small town living.

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Sterling Hwy

105 W. Redoubt, Soldotna


Sunday Services: 9am, 11am & 6pm

for more information call 262-4729 or visit us on the web at

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During the growth years of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Soldotna established itself as a service center for the Kenai Peninsula. Soldotna has become an important, administrative hub for the Central Peninsula. It’s the site of the Central Peninsula General Hospital, Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska State troopers Headquarters, Kenai Wildlife Refuge, and the administrative headquarters for the Kenai Peninsula Borough and School District. Soldotna offers year-round recreational opportunities, too. The world famous Kenai River runs through the center of town, leading to its nickname, “Alaska’s Kenai River City.” The Kenai River is an important landmark and economic mainstay for the city. Voted the #1 Fishing Hotspot in North America by Field and Stream Magazine in 2004, fishing the Kenai River in Soldotna offers world class Chinook (King), Sockeye (Red), Coho (Silver) and Pink Salmon fishing, and not to mention, some of the world’s finest trout fishing, as well. The river is famous for its trophy size king salmon and is home to the “World Record King Salmon,” caught by Les Anderson in 1985; weighing 97lbs 4 oz. Soldotna has more city parks within the city’s boundary than anywhere else in Alaska. With over 3,000 feet of elevated boardwalk and over 200 campsites, you will understand why Soldotna is a favorite playground for Alaskans and visitors, alike. The Soldotna area allows easy access to the nearby, Cook Inlet and other numerous lakes and streams. Migratory birds and other waterfowl make the river and its surrounding wetlands their home. Soldotna is home to many other types of wildlife, too, including moose, bears, lynx, porcupine, and caribou. As one can see, in Soldotna, river fishing, sightseeing, and hiking opportunities lay just outside your back door.

“Everything I Touch Turns to Sold” 142 Closings in 2015!



Business and Economy Business Environment Soldotna is, ideally, situated along the route between Anchorage and Homer on the Sterling Highway. This makes it an ideal location for service and retail businesses, including largescale retail development. As a hub of business and visitor activity, Soldotna anchors many of the services for a regional population of almost 30,000, offering a healthy business climate. Soldotna’s economy is solidly based in industries that have shown strong growth over the last decade and which are projected to continue to grow in the near future. Several malls, clusters of stores, banks, restaurants, and offices form the commercial district. Vacant land and developed property are available for business expansion and new ventures within the area.

Project Forecast and Summary The City of Soldotna is committed to providing excellent services and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life of our residents and visitors. Over the last decade, the city has invested nearly $20 million in infrastructure improvements, airport improvements, street paving, river habitat protection, and elevated walkways along the



river, including wheel chair accessible fishing platforms. The City has plans to continue investing in important projects including: airport access improvement and apron expansion, asphalt rehabilitation, street lighting, gateway & parks signage, mid-block street crossings, and beautification, and facility improvement. To read more about these projects, check out the City of Soldotna’s web page at city-projects

Community Partners

“Soldotna’s Community Partners - Developing Soldotna’s Future”

These businesses have made a commitment to the community of Soldotna by supporting the Chamber’s misssion: “To Promote Responsible Growth for Greater Soldotna through Representation, Education and Advocacy for our Members.” Important local community events, such as Progress Days, Peninsula Winter Games, Music in the Park, Shop Local campaigns and more, wouldn’t be possible without the support of our Community Partners! DIAMOND




Advanced Physical Therapy Alaska Communications Altman, Rogers & Co. CPAs Arby’s • Aspen Hotels

Crowley Petroleum

First National Bank Alaska Lambe, Tuter & Wagner, CPAs Wells Fargo Bank

Media Partners



Business and Economy Government: The City of Soldotna “There are three different classifications of city governments in Alaska—home-rule, firstclass, and second-class cities. A community must have at least 400 permanent residents to form a home-rule or first-class city. First- and second-class cities are general-law cities—state law defines their powers, duties, and functions. General Law is distinct from home rule. Home-rule cities have all legislative powers not prohibited by law or charter.” Soldotna became a Home-rule city during winter 2016. The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer, executing the laws and ordinances of the Soldotna Municipal Code, and administering the government of the City in accordance with directions and policies established by the City Council. The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of the entire City Council. The Soldotna City Council is the legislative body of the City of Soldotna, and is comprised of six members, all of whom are elected at large to designated seats. The office of

Mayor is an elected position who serves as the ceremonial head of government, executing official City documents on authorization of the governing body.Funding for the city is provided by sales tax, property tax, state revenue, interest earnings, federal revenue and other sources. These funding resources help facilitate the operation and maintenance of the following: a municipal airport, police department, sport and conference center, public library, water, sanitary, sewer, street maintenance, rodeo grounds, ball fields, historical museum, visitor center, two campgrounds, and several parks.

dated with a particular city and operate as a unified government. The Kenai Peninsula Borough was incorporated in 1964 as a second-class, organized borough under the authority of the State of Alaska Borough Act of 1961. The borough’s governmental responsibilities are comparable to those of a county. The borough seat is in Soldotna. The five firstclass and home-rule cities in the borough are Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, Seldovia, and Seward. Other locally governed communities include Kachemak City and the native villages of Tyonek, Port Graham, and Nanwalek. The legislative power of the borough is vested in the assembly, known as the governing body. The assembly formally establishes borough policy by ordinance and resolution to protect and improve the quality of life for borough citizens. The borough mayor is the chief administrative officer of the Kenai The entire state of Alaska is divid- Peninsula Borough, elected for ed into 19 organized boroughs and a three year term. In addition to 1 unorganized borough. Six of the overseeing borough administration and service areas, the mayor is in organized boroughs are consolicharge of the budget and capital improvements with the KPB. The mayor makes monthly and annual budget reports to the borough assembly. The borough clerk is the professional link between citizens, local governing bodies, and agencies of government at other levels.

Government: The Kenai Peninsula Borough

*Citation: Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (Local Government in Alaska May 2015)



Employment The Kenai Peninsula has one of the state’s most diverse economies. Over the last few years, the most jobs on the Kenai Peninsula have come from the same five sectors. Together, over half (58%) of all jobs in 2013 come from government, health care, retail work, lodging & food services, and fishing (primary part of agriculture/forestry/ fishing/hunting series.). This includes work from employment (12,899 jobs) and from the selfemployed (2,640 proprietors). Like jobs, the top five sectors providing earnings to Kenai Peninsula residents has not changed over the last few years, through the relative ranking has varied. Together, over half (60%) of all work related earnings in



2013 come from government, oil and gas, health care-related, fishing, and construction. This includes the income of $588,914,000 from employment (wages) and $139,769,000 from those who are self- employed. Soldotna is primarily a residential and service oriented community. Half of the top ten employers on the Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) are located in Soldotna, including the KPB administration, KPB School District, Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH), Kenai Peninsula College (KPC), and Fred Meyer’s Department Store. Other large employers include Frontier Community Services, Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska (PCHS), and Safeway. The Education, Health & Social Services Industry accounted

for over 20% of the City’s employment in 2000, with Retail making up another

MEETING THE FINANCIAL NEEDS OF RESIDENTS SINCE 1948. Open your account at the local Soldotna branch at 43874 Sterling Highway – open 6 days a week!






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Business and Economy

Seeking Employment?

17.5% and Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodation & Food Services making up almost 16%. The remainder of employment in the city is widely dispersed in several industries, from agriculture/forestry/fishing to information services. Soldotna’s economy is solidly based in industries that have

The Alaska Job Center Network has online sources at http://jobs. Our area office is located at 11312 Kenai Spur Hwy, Suite 2 Kenai AK 99611 Phone: 335-3000 peninsula.jobcenter@ SOURCES: Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (2015 Situations & Prospects), Envision Soldotna 2030 (2011) showdocument?id=286


shown strong growth over the last decade and which are projected to continue to grow in the near future. For example, Soldotna sees a growing tourist economy and some seasonality in available jobs. Many Soldotna residents work outside the city in oil, gas, mining, and commercial fishing. Therefore, these industries greatly affect the economy of the area while not being major sources of employment within Soldotna, itself.


Housing Buying Real Estate Member offices of the Kenai Peninsula Association of REALTORS® maintain a complete database in the Statewide Multiple Listing Service to help you in your search for a home as well as a listing of real estate licensees and affiliates such as title and mortgage companies to help you find your dream Alaskan home. http://www.kprealtors. org/ 907-262-1851 Local mortgage lenders offer excellent Alaska orientated loan programs not available in the lower 48. The interest rates and closing costs associated with local lenders often out-perform “outside” lenders while offering the convenience of face-to-face personal service.

The availability and affordability of housing on the Kenai Peninsula is an asset and advantage for the region because nearby Anchorage, Mat-Su, and Valdez-Cordova have a more constrained and expensive housing market. The Kenai Peninsula is therefore a more affordable place to rent or buy a home! In 2015, the average sale price for single-family homes in the Kenai Peninsula Borough was $251,484, over $100,000 less than average sale prices in Anchorage. According to the 2010-2014 American Community Survey (ACS), there was 30,698 housing units on the Kenai Peninsula, of which 21,559 were occupied. The 2010-2014 ACS reports that the vast majority of residents own their homes: of all occupied homes, 15,770 or 73% were owner-occupied.

While the value of single-family homes is going up, the region also experienced a construction boom in 2015 with 204 new dwelling units built. Of all the new dwelling units built in 2015, 81% (166) were single-family homes, 13% were duplex units, 4% were in 3-4 plexes, and 2% were manufactured homes. Half of the 2015 housing construction happened in Soldotna, where 111 new units were built. The residential real estate market is steady and strong with a wide range of home sizes to fit everyone’s needs!



Housing Rental Tips

Renting a home in Soldotna is an excellent way to learn about the community and settle on a neighborhood or area to live in while choosing a home to buy! Before renting, know your rights! Check out the State of Alaska’s Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act at: civil/consumer/landlord-tenant.html NATALIA....BECAUSE EVERY MOVE MATTERS

Freedom Realty Branch Each office is independently owned and operated

Natalia 907-830-1069

Local Real Estate Expert Serving the Upper Kenai Area



There a few things one might want to consider before signing a lease; be sure to check the following: • How much advance notice must you give before moving? • Is there any security deposit/refund restrictions? • What is the owner’s obligation for repairs and maintenance? • What are the yard duties, snow removal, or clean-up requirements? • Are there any stipulations regarding subleasing, pets, or the number of people allowed? • Which utilities and services does the owner pay and which does the renter pay? • Ask the manager to write any oral agreements, changes, or additions into the lease before you sign it! • Be sure to keep a copy of your lease for your reference! • After you sign a lease or rental agreement, you should: • Know who will manage the rental- get their contact information! • Know where to send or drop off rent. • Know who to call for repairs or maintenance. • Make a checklist of the condition of the rental unit and any furnishing when you move in- take photos. • Have the manager sign and date a copy of this checklist. This will come in handy when you move out. Check the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Business Directory for area property management companies.

the kenai peninsula

AlAskA's PlAyground The Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council, Inc. 35477 Kenai Spur Hwy., Suite 205 Soldotna, AK 99669 Email: Toll Free: (800) 535-3624

42479 Sterling Highway - Soldotna, AK 99669 Clinic Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5:30 pm & Sat: 8-4 pm + Available for Emergencies After-Hours & Holidays +



Education Soldotna prides itself on its great educational opportunities as do many families when relocating to a new city. The emphasis on quality education has translated into a wealth of choices for public, private, and home schools, offering more options for parents and children, and Soldotna is no exception! Public Schools: The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District administers the public school system in the Soldotna area. The entirety of the school district covers a land area roughly the size of West Virginia (25,600 square miles)! For up-to-date information, follow the KPBSD online at or on social media on the following sites: Twitter: @KPBSD; Facebook: Kenai Peninsula Borough School District; Pinterest: Kenai Peninsula Borough School District; LinkedIn: Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

Our Mission The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is to develop productive, responsible citizens who are prepared to be successful in a dynamic world.

Vision Statement We envision KPBSD students who engage in their learning, participate in their community, reach high levels of achievement, and graduate prepared for their future.

Guiding Principles (2012-2017 Strategic Plan) • Each student can learn and be successful • Every student is recognized as unique, valuable, and is treated with respect and dignity • Learning is a lifelong process • The educational environment is safe, engaging and purposeful. 18


• Our students’ educational experience depends on understanding and working with diverse communities • Early identification of strengths and weaknesses is crucial to ensure overall development and achievement • High standards and expectations are essential for student success and preventing student failure • Continuous improvement is student-centered, data-driven, and collaborative • Differentiated learning opportunities are integral to all instruction • A rigorous curriculum challenges students • Collaboration and effective instruction are district commitments • Teachers are facilitators of learning and agents of inspiration • KPBSD graduates are prepared for postsecondary education and, or, career ready • All financial decisions are student centered and sustainable

District Facts 2015-2016 Straight Up Facts • There are 44 District Schools: 16 Elementary, 5 Middle (6-8 & 7-8,) 10 Secondary (7-12 & 9-12), 12 Small, and 1 Homeschool Program. • Student Enrollment for 2014-2015: Pre-K=197; K-6=4,732; 7-8=1,332; 9-12=2,713; Total Enrollment: 8,974. • Pupil to Teacher Ratio: K=20.5:1; 1-3= 22.5:1; 4-6=24.5:1; Secondary 24.5:1 K-12; K-6 17.5:1. • School busses travel 7,728 miles every day, transporting 2,300 plus students throughout the district.

Soldotna Area Public Schools Soldotna Elementary

Public • Grades: PS-06 162 E Park Ave, Soldotna 907-260-5100

Soldotna Montessori

Public-Charter • Grades: K-06 162 E Park Ave, Soldotna 907-260-9221

Education Redoubt Elementary Public • Grades: PS-06 486 W Redoubt Ave, Soldotna 907-260-4300

Kalifornsky Beach Elementary Public • Grades: K-06 1049 E Poppy Ln, Soldotna 907-260-1300

Connections Homeschool Program Public-Homeschool Grades: K-12 143 E Park Ave, Soldotna 907-714-8880

Skyview Middle School

Public • Grades: 7-8 46188 Sterling Hwy, Soldotna 907-260-2500

River City Academy Public-Performance Based Grades: 7-12 426 W Redoubt Ave, Soldotna/ 907-714-8945

Soldotna Prep School Public-High School • Grade: 9th 426 W Redoubt Ave, Soldotna 907-260-2300

Soldotna High School

Public-High School Grades: 10-12 425 W Marydale Ave Soldotna 907-260-7000

Soldotna Private Schools Cook Inlet Academy Cook Inlet Academy (CIA) is a private Christian school, providing a Christian education for students in preschool through 12th grade and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as

a 501c (3) non-profit corporation. The school is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the North West Accreditation Commission. CIA is recognized by the Alaska Department of Education and meets all federal and state academic requirements. Cook Inlet Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International, the largest association of its kind in the world. 907-262-5101 Grace Lutheran School Grace Lutheran School is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), providing a Christian education for students in preschool through 8th grade. WELS is the 4th largest private educator in the country. Over 42,000 children annually attend 343 early childhood schools, 354 elementary schools, and 25 secondary schools around the country. Grace Lutheran School offers a quality curriculum that is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and sequentially consistent. The curriculum is designed to provide for a truly well rounded education: spiritual, physical, academic, and social. 907-282-9551 The Study The Study is accredited by AdvancED- the largest community of education professionals in the world. AdvancED is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of Pre-K-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential. The Study provides a variety of educational workshops as well as private tutoring services in a positive setting where students can come and be challenged, coached, and inspired to love learning! Their primary education classes include Academic Kinder Prep and Kindergarten through sixth grade. 907-262-6227 Challenger Learning Center (CLCA) Using simulated space and earth science missions, distance education and hands-on workshops, CLCA inspires youth to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and to consider careers in these fields. Spring and summer camps and a K-8, science homeschool program are available. Challenger offers a wide range of rooms for rent, video-conferencing capabilities, dorm rooms, large commercial kitchen, corporate retreats, team building, gift shop, and birthday party packages to the community. https:// 907-283-2000 WWW.SOLDOTNACHAMBER.COM



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1. Central Peninsula Hospital 250 Hospital Place 2. Soldotna Visitor Center 44790 Sterling Highway 3. Central Emergency Services 231 Binkley St 4. Gilman River Center 514 Funny River Road 5. Joyce Carver Memorial Library 235 N Binkley 6. Soldotna Historical Society 461 Centennial Dr 7. US Post Office 175 N Binkley 8. Soldotna Senior Center 192 W Park Ave 9. Soldotna Police Department 44510 Sterling Highway 10. Alaska State Troopers 4633 K-Beach Rd 11. Soldotna Little League 390 K-Beach Rd 12. Kenai Peninsula Borough 144 N Binkley St 13. Rodeo Grounds 390 K-Beach Rd 14. Kenai Wildlife Refuge 1 Skihill Rd 15. Soldotna Municipal Airport Mile 1 Funny River Road 16. Soldotna Regional Sports Complex 538 Arena Dr. K-Beach Rd. 17. 17a. Alaska Department of Fish and Game 43961 K-Beach Rd 17b. UAF Cooperative Extension Service 43961 K-Beach Rd. 18. Department of Motor Vehicles 4335 K-Beach Rd 19. Kenai Peninsula College 156 College Rd 20. Soldotna City Hall 177 Birch St 21. Fred Meyers Department Store 43843 Sterling Hwy




Contact the Soldotna Visitor Center with any questions 907-262-1337 or online at

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21 Fred Meyer


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Education Post Secondary Education Kenai Peninsula College (KPC)

computer labs, vocational shops, media center, bookstore, art gallery, career center, learning center, food cafĂŠ, commons areas and outdoor walking and ski trails. The campus includes a state-of-the-art Career and Technical Education Center and a 90-bed Residence Hall offering students private bedrooms in apartment suites with three other students.

Mission Statement

Kenai Peninsula College is committed to excellence in education, training and life-long learning by offering accessible opportunities in a supportive environment.

Amundsen Educational Center (AEC)

KPC, a community campus branch of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), has campuses in both Soldotna and Homer and extension sites in Seward and Anchorage. KPC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. Kenai Peninsula College’s curriculum covers a wide variety of degrees and certificates. They offer traditional disciplines and specialized programs which focus on the needs of industry. Several degrees and certificates can be earned entirely online, as well. KPC is a leader in E-Learning in the university system, making many other UA degrees accessible to KPC students. The Kenai River Campus (KRC) has an enrollment of about 2,883 students and is located on the banks of the Kenai River between the cities of Kenai and Soldotna. The campus sits on more than 309 wooded acres providing classrooms, library, laboratories,

Amundsen Educational Center (AEC) is a faithbased, non-profit organization that provides vocational training and a Christian community. AEC serves a diverse group of people including students from native Alaskan villages and local students from the central Kenai Peninsula. AEC is authorized by the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, and is incorporated by the State of Alaska. In January 2008, AEC merged with New Frontier Vocational Technical Center which had offered office occupational training since 1985. AEC has taught construction trades since 2001. The campus of Amundsen Educational Center is located at 995 Road Avenue in Soldotna, Alaska. The facilities are situated on 48 acres, conveniently located within the city limits, yet in a quiet, private location near the world famous Kenai River. Full-time students at AEC have the option of commuting or utilizing one of our housing options: either staying on campus at AEC, or staying in the college dorms at Kenai Peninsula College. AEC is open to all students from all walks of life. Diplomas are offered in the following areas: Residential Construction, Advanced Residential Construction, Professional Medical Coding, and Office Occupations (including General Office Clerk, Computer Information Processor, and Accounting Clerk) Individual course offerings are also available, and they offer a variety of these courses online. They also offer Digital Literacy and Private Pilot Ground School to homeschool students. Students with Interior Distance Education of Alaska (IDEA) are eligible for 1/2 a high school credit. Private Pilot Ground School is a course that prepares you for the FFA Private Knowledge Test. Flight lessons or avionic training is not offered. SOURCES:,



Health and Wellness Heath care in Soldotna is exemplary, you will find everything from Audiology, Rolfers, Chiropractors, Imaging Centers, Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Acupuncture, OBGYN, Surgeons, Several Dentists, Eye Doctors and one of the finest Hospital Facilities in the State. For a complete list, please refer to Health Care in our Membership Directory. Central Peninsula Hospital Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH) is a 49 bed, full service hospital serving the Central Kenai Peninsula area. CPH is a Planetree affiliated hospital with an approach to wellness that includes all aspects of healing – mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical. Hospital facilities and services include all private patient rooms, five surgical suites (including one dedicated C-section suite), family birth center, 24-hour emergency department, imaging, laboratory, oncology/infusion center, outpatient services and physical therapy. Our active medical staff has more than 70 physicians and allied medical staff with specialties including Anesthesia, Allergy and Immunology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, ENT, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Long Term Care, Neurology, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic Spine, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Oral Surgery, Pain Management, Pathology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Urology, Radiation Oncology and Radiology.

Medicaid Insurance Accepted “Supporting Your Health” • We accept all forms of insurance • Accepting new Medicare patients • Sliding Fee Discount Program • New patient appointments available daily

SOME of our services include: • Doctors • Psychiatrists • Nurse Practitioners • Dentists • Mental Health Clinicians • Case Managers NOW OPEN

Soldotna Medical Center also open Saturdays 9am-5pm Medical • Primary Care for all ages • Annual Checkups • Psychiatry • Medication Management

Dental • Dental care for children and adults • Sealants • Crowns • Xrays


• Individual, group and family therapy • Youth and family services • Counseling • Psychosocial rehabilitation and case management

Medical Center - Soldotna - (907) 262-3119

Medical Center - Kenai - (907) 283-3600

Peninsula Community Health Services Of Alaska

Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska is a non-profit 501(c) 3, Federally Qualified Community Health Center, governed by a local, patient-led Board of Directors, with 5 service sites in the central Kenai Peninsula area. PCHS is a full service health center helping to keep families well. They care for people

Dental Center - Kenai - (907) 283-7759 Behavioral Health Center - Soldotna - (907) 260-3691 PCHS is an equal opportunity employer and ADA compliant agency.

24 Hour Mental Health Emergency Crisis Line: (907) 283-7511 “A proportion of this project PCHS’s health center program is supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant numberH80CS01139 and title HEALTH CENTER CLUSTER DEMONSTRATION GRANTS ALASKA INITIATIVE for grant amount $1,499,344.00 which is 10% of the PCHS budget. This information or content and conclusions are those of PCHS and should not be construed as the official position or policy of, nor should any endorsements be inferred by HRSA, HHS or the U.S. Government.”



Health and Wellness no matter their age, their health issues, or their income level. By bringing together medical, dental, and behavioral health services for all members of the family, from infants to seniors, they promise coordinated care for all patients. PCHS is affordable and accessible. They accept private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. Sliding discounts are available to those who meet certain household size and income criteria. PCHS provides quality care for all. Their facilities include: the Aspen Dental Center in Kenai, the PCHS Medical Center in Kenai, the Birchwood Adult Behavioral Health Activity Center in Soldotna, the Cottonwood Behavioral Health Center in Soldotna, and the PCHS Medical Center in Soldotna with its own pharmacy coming soon.

an Administrative Assistant. The suppression personnel consist of Shift Captains and Firefighter/Engineers. All career staff is EMT III ACLS or Paramedic level. There are also volunteer employees, which augment the career staff in providing response to emergencies. All uniformed personnel are Alaska certified Firefighter I. Central Emergency Services is a Kenai Peninsula Central Emergency Services Borough Fire Service Area. The Borough Central Emergency Services protects Assembly manages the Department through a approximately 1,000 square miles, providing fire service area elected advisory board. protection, emergency medical services, and fire The goal of Central Emergency Services is to rescue for approximately 22,500 residents of the be the premiere combination department in the Central Kenai Peninsula Borough in Alaska. State of Alaska. We focus on providing quality, Central Emergency Services is a combination professional service to our citizens and are department, consisting of both full time employees committed to maintaining the highest standards and volunteers. Central Emergency Services of training and education. All members of our provides 24 hour staffing at five fire stations, and department are proud to be ready and willing operates three un-manned sub-stations. Coverage to serve. We are truly prepared for the Worst, is provided by three rotating 24-hour shifts. Providing the Best. SOURCES:, http:// The Department consists of administrative, staff personnel; the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal, Training Officer, a Safety Officer, Emergency Vehicle Technician and

Public Safety



Mature Living Long gone are the days of mandatory retirement and the idea that one should spend their golden years sitting around in a rocking chair. How does working out in a gym, volunteering at a nonprofit, or walking or biking on a recreational trail sound? Soldotna is an active adult community with retirement potential! One will find a wide variety of housing options that can accommodate their budget, while enjoying a lifestyle in a community where one can pursue their personal interests! Retirees choose Soldotna to live for many reasons: its climate is moderate compared to other parts of the state, they can be close to family, it has several recreational opportunities, and it has access to modern conveniences of a big city. The Kenai Peninsula is witnessing senior growth. The term “senior” may describe an active person in his /her late 50’s or someone in his/her early 80’s. Baby boomers now entering the senior arena are faced with the responsibility of preparing not only for their retirement and housing plans, but that for their elderly parents, as well. In just one year, from 2014 to 2015, the Kenai Peninsula’s population age 65 and older increased by 5%, from 8,161 to 8,594. The population age 80 and older increased by 4%. Providing services for this extremely fast growing demographic has spurred the growth of advanced health care services and number of providers locally. Fortunately, Soldotna offers a wide array of options to accommodate the different requirements and lifestyles of its seniors. Soldotna has retirement communities for the independent and active seniors to full-care facilities specializing in caring for the elderly with mental or physical disabilities.

Helpful Information Riverside Assisted Living

Riverside is Alaska’s Premier Assisted Living Community. Whether you are completely independent—or needing significant assistance with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), their caring staff & experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to your well-being. 907-262-9600.

Heritage Place

Heritage Place is owned and operated by Central Peninsula Hospital. It is a 60 bed, skilled nursing facility, certified by the State of Alaska, and has

served the community since 1986. Their staff assists in maintaining quality of life by allowing residents and their families to make as many choices as possible that will allow the greatest independence and safety. 907-714-5000.

Access Alaska

Access Alaska is a private, non-profit, consumercontrolled organization that provides independent living services to people who experience a disability. As an Independent Living Center, our mission is to encourage and promote the total integration of people who experience a disability and Alaskan elders to live independently in the community of their choice. 907-262-4955.

1st Choice Home Health Care, Inc

Home care is a very beneficial option, because it allows patients to stay in their home, where they are most comfortable. If you have been diagnosed with a new disease, are managing a long-term illness or recovering from an accident, illness or surgery, you may be able to receive home health care as part of your insurance benefit. 907-260-5959.

Soldotna Area Senior Citizens, Inc.

The Soldotna Senior Center offers quality programs and services for Soldotna, Funny River Road, and Ridgeway. It serves senior citizens aged 60 years and older. Services include congregate meals, home delivered meals, Demand Response assisted and unassisted transportation, support services, daily activities, wellness clinics, health community forums, and independent senior housing. 907-262-2322.

Sterling Senior Center

Congregate meals, home delivered meals, exercise group three days a week, Crafty Quilters twice a week, Bingo on the first and third Tuesday from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., cards once a week, choir practice Friday afternoons, Saturday activities, blood pressure checks, caregivers support group once a month. A small library, Wi-Fi, and internet access is available. 907-262-6808.

Hospice of the Central Peninsula

Hospice offers bereavement services, palliative care, home visits, one-on-one phone support, support groups, scrap booking. 907-262-0453

Frontier Community Services

FCS offers programs for developmentally disabilities, Early Intervention, FASD, Mental Health, and Senior Services. 907-262-6331 SOURCES: Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (2016 Situations & Prospects),, WWW.SOLDOTNACHAMBER.COM


Leisure and Recreation

picnicking, playgrounds, float trips, photography, swimming, tennis, racquetball, basketball, little league, softball, baseball, horseback riding, movie theaters, , golf courses, shooting ranges, go-cart racing, museums, mountain biking, bird watching, rodeo, youth summer camps, bingo, geocaching, and square dancing- just to name a few possibilities.

Soldotna, a Community For All Seasons Winter Recreation Annual Events Check out our online calendar for specific dates and more events at! Peninsula Winter Games Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race Kenai Peninsula Home Show Kenai Peninsula Sport & Rec Show Kenai Peninsula Birding Festival Central Kenai Peninsula Farmers Market Soldotna Wednesday Market Farmers Fresh Market Kenai River Festival Music in the Park Series Run for the River Kenai Kennel Club Dog Show Annual Quilt Walk Tri the Kenai Summer Solstice Music/Art Festival Frozen River Fest Salmon Run Series, Tsalteshi Trails Soldotna Progress Days Sawfest Funny River Festival Soldotna Rodeo Spook Night Relay for Life Taste of the Kenai Central Peninsula Garden Club Tour Kenai Peninsula Beer Festival Kenai River Marathon Christmas in the Park

Summer Recreation Biking, concerts in the park, vendor markets, berry picking, boating, camping, canoeing, world class fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, sightseeing,

Indoor miniature golf, indoor inflatable jump houses, athletic clubs, indoor simulated archery and golf range, day spas, cross country skiing, hockey, snow machining, sightseeing, hunting, photography, movie theaters, ice-skating, ice fishing, skijoring, snowshoeing, bird watching, sledding, snowboarding, dog sledding, movies at the park, craft shows.

Soldotna Community Schools The Soldotna Community Schools mission is to promote life-long learning by providing educational, cultural and recreational classes and activities for people of all ages, in partnership with the community and schools, utilizing the many resources provided through citizen involvement. 907-714-1211; http://

Theatre and Entertainment The Performing Arts Society (presenting concerts of classical music and jazz). 907-283-3219; The Kenai Performers (Community Theater productions, youth drama camps, and upscale, consignment clothing store). 907-394-8104; Forever Dance Alaska (Offering Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & More). 907-262-1641; Kenai Peninsula Orchestra (a community orchestra presenting seasonal concerts). 907-235-4899;

Hiking There are a variety of hiking trails around the Soldotna area. Order a free, Soldotna Visitor Guide, today, for maps and descriptions of area trails.

Fishing Anyone with a fishing license can go fishing on the Kenai River or on one of the nearby rivers or lakes. Fishing licenses can be purchased online at the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game. http://www.adfg. 26




Dozens of races are held each year and most have categories for participants at all levels, from walking to marathon. Training grounds include a variety of trails in and around town. Find a Runner’s Calendar in our Soldotna Visitor Guide! Also, check our online calendar for more events.

Soldotna High School and Skyview Middle School, both have swimming pools that offer open swim times and swimming lessons. Find their pool calendars on their school homepages.

Gymnastics River City Cheer (gymnastic and competitive cheer). 907-260-9990;

Bicycling Soldotna has miles of trails to bike, many of them paved, and all with spectacular scenery.

Golf Courses Birch Ridge Golf Course 907-262-5270; Bird Homestead Golf Course 907-260-4653; Jumpin’ Junction and Northern Lights A’ Glow Golf (Miniature Golf). 907-420-0566

Sledding All of the public, elementary schools have sledding hills.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Disc Golf The Tsalteshi Trails Disc Golf Course is located behind Skyview Middle School; it’s 19 holes of varying skills.

Raceway Twin City Raceway is home to Mini Stocks A Stocks, B Stocks, Legends, Late Models, Trucks and Sprints. Check their website for a race schedule at

Birding The Kenai Peninsula has 286 documented species with two Birding Festivals each year.

Picnicking Soldotna Creek Park and Farnsworth Park are two of our many parks that offer pavilions and playgrounds for a leisurely afternoon.

Geocaching There are several pages of caches to find for our zip code. Look for a list at

Kayaking and Canoeing

Soldotna has a great variety of skiing opportunities We have many local lakes perfect for floating near from back country cross country skiing to skiing Soldotna. It’s also possible to rent a kayak or on well maintained and groomed trails. canoe for a day.


Ice Skating

The Kenai Peninsula is a winter wonderland on a snowmobile. Within a half-hour’s drive south of Soldotna, you will find over 200 miles of wellmarked groomed trails.

The Soldotna Regional Sports Complex has an indoor Olympic size ice rink. Ice is maintained from the first part of August to the first part of April. Skating events range from state high school hockey tourneys to public skating, open skate times. 907-262-3151


Catch baseball in Kenai with the Peninsula Oilers, one of the six teams making up the Alaska Baseball Hockey League, which plays in the area from June through Kenai Peninsula Hockey Association - Ice August and is one of the premier wooden-bat Hawks collegiate summer leagues in North America. Soldotna Public Library There are also ball fields located in Soldotna for Little League teams. The Joyce K. Carver Memorial Library has weekly activities. Check them out on their website Soccer at Kenai Peninsula Boys & Girls Club. or call them at 907-262-4227. 907-283-2682; WWW.SOLDOTNACHAMBER.COM


Getting Settled According to Alaska State Statute: 15 AAC 23.143, establishing and maintaining residency is defined as an individual’s intent to establish residency, remain indefinitely in Alaska, or to return to Alaska and remain indefinitely is demonstrated through the establishment and maintenance of customary ties indicative of Alaska residency and the absence of those ties elsewhere. Acts that are required by law or contract or are routinely performed by temporary residents of Alaska are not by themselves evidence of residency. An individual may not become a resident while absent from Alaska. Physical presence in Alaska is not, by itself, sufficient to establish residency. Before January 1 of the qualifying year, an individual must have taken at least one step beyond physical presence in Alaska to establish residency. Some state agencies have different criterion to define Alaska state residency. Please, visit their departments on the official state website for details at One will, also, find detailed information on the state website for living, working, and recreating. The State of Alaska Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development Research and Analysis division has a Relocating to Alaska Section that is very helpful. One can compare cities, employment opportunities, and cost of living.

Voting in Alaska In order to register to vote in Alaska you must: • Be a United States citizen; • Be an Alaska resident; For voting purposes, you are considered an Alaska resident if you reside in the state and intend to remain here or you leave with the intent to return. • Be at least 18 years old or within 90 days of your 18th birthday; You may vote in an election upon turning 18 years of age. • Not be a convicted felon, unless your voting rights have been restored ; and • Not be registered to vote in another state unless you are willing to cancel your registration in the other state.

Also, you must register to vote or update your registration no later than 30 days before an election, and the State of Alaska, Division of 28


Elections maintains the voter registration rolls for voters in Alaska. One may register to vote online at or they may complete a voter registration form when applying or renewing for a State of Alaska Driver License or State ID at the Soldotna Division of Motor Vehicles office.

Vehicle Registration in Alaska The State of Alaska issues registration for: Passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, vans, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, snow machines and trailers. Registration is not required for manufactured homes or house trailers; however, titles are required. Every vehicle in Alaska is required to be registered unless specifically exempted by law. If you are working in Alaska or establishing residency, you must apply for registration within 10 days of entering the state or taking a job within the state. A non-resident may operate a vehicle with a current registration from another state for 60 days. When registering, you may be required to provide the vehicle’s Title. Vehicles are registered for a two year period.

Getting Settled Alaska law requires that the owner of a vehicle must maintain liability insurance in effect that provides for the following minimum amounts: $50,000 for bodily injury or death of any one person; $100,000 for bodily injury or death for any accident; $25,000 for property damage. Failure to have liability insurance in effect may result in suspension of a driver’s license. A driver is required to certify that there is a policy in effect, as required by law.

Soldotna Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) 43335 Kalifornsky Beach Road, Suite #9, Soldotna, AK 99669; 907-262-4681. office/Soldotna.htm.

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Directory All About Fishing Accommodations with Fishing Alaska Denise Lake Lodge & Charters (907) 262-1789 Irene’s Lodge (907) 283-4501

Drift Boat Charters Angle 45 Adventures (907) 782-3175 Alaska Kenai Fishing for Fun (866) 495-2194 Kenai River Drifters Lodge (907) 595-5555 Alaska River Adventures-Fish the Kenai (907) 595-2000

Fish Processing, Game Processing, Meat Markets Custom Seafood Processors (907) 262-9691 Tustumena Smokehouse (907) 260-3401 Snug Harbor Seafoods (907) 283-6122 ext. 244 Alaska Salmon Alliance (907) 570-1959

Fishing Charters Rod ‘N Real Alaskan Fishing Charters, LLC (907) 262-6064 Alaska Coastal Marine Service Company (907) 262-4359 Pete’s Fishing Guide Service & Lodging (907) 262-7139 EZ Limit Guide Service (907) 262-6169 Long Live the Kings (907) 398-2854 Hooky Charters (907) 283-9026 Alaska Legacy Lodge (907) 252-5907 Aaron Cooper Extreme Fishing Adventures (907) 335-2248 Alaskan Thunderod Fishing Adventures (907) 260-5834 Heavenly Sights Charters & Lodging (907) 567-7371 Big Dipper Guide Service (877) 536-2454 Fishology Alaska (907) 394-8378 Kenai River Professional Guides Association Chadwick’s Fishing Guide Service (763) 229-2793 Corsetti’s Guide Service (907) 395-7034 Fish Em, LLC (907) 317-4714 Homer Ocean Charters & Otter Cove Resort (907) 235-6212



Alaska Wildland Adventures (907) 595-1279 AFISHUNT Charters (907) 567-3393 Alaska’s Kenai Jim’s Lodge & Guide Service (907) 262-1324 Eric Loomis Fishing Alaska (907) 252-9094

Fishing Charters with Lodging Kenai Riverbend Resort (907) 283-9489 Smokin Joe’s Lodge & Guide Service (907) 262-1575 Alaskan Widespread Fishing Adventures (907) 398-3551 Alaskan Gamefisher (907) 262-2980 Great Alaska Adventures (907) 262-4515 Marlow’s on the Kenai (907) 262-5218 Orca Lodge (907) 262-5649 Kenai Riverside Fishing (800) 478-4100 Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodges (907) 262-5561 Bill White’s Alaska Sports Lodge (907) 260-8454

Fly Fishing Charters Alaska Fish and Float (907) 262-9439 Kenai River Trout Anglers (907) 599-0085

Saltwater Charters Dave Essert Fishing (907) 252-3894

Building and Construction Architects Klauder & Company Architects (907) 283-1919

Asphalt & Paving Asphalt Marking Services - MC & M Enterprises (907) 283-9518

Block & Concrete Davis Block and Concrete (907) 335-5106 Best Transit Mix (907) 262-6273

Building Contractor TDS Construction (907) 262-3189 Sterling Supply, LLC (907) 953-4402 Danielson Cabin Company, LLC (907) 420-3966

Building Supplies Spenard Builders Supply (907) 262-9143

Concrete Polishing & Epoxy Coating Pro Grind Alaska, LLC (907) 394-0446

Construction/Oilfield Services Peak Oilfield Service Company-Kenai (907) 776-4030

Contractors - General North Star Paving & Construction (907) 262-9139 Blazy Construction (907) 262-3810 Danlin Construction, Inc. (907) 262-1686

Armored Car Service Loomis Armored US, LLC (907) 433-1801

Electrician Everything Electric, Inc. (907) 260-7701

Engineering Services Tauriainen Engineering & Testing, Inc. (907) 262-4624 Central Alaska Engineering Company, LLC (907) 260-5311 Trihydro Corporation (907) 262-2315 PDC Inc. Engineers (907) 420-0462

Equipment Rental

Excavating Foster Construction (907) 262-1609

Bottled Water

Business Consultant

Airport Equipment Rentals (907) 335-5466

Alaska’s Best Water & Coffee (907) 283-3940

Custom Stone Countertops Standerfer Stoneworks (907) 260-3997

Too Much Tina Marketing (951) 660-7192 Alaska Boy Productions (907) 741-0943

Fireplace Store & Repair Installation Services, LLC Stoves and Fireplaces (907) 262-4338

Gutter & Window Cleaning/Seamless Gutters Alaskan Seamless Gutters (907) 262-6327

Parker Horn Company (907) 398-1883 Sikorski Consulting (907) 262-4949 V3 Strategic Solutions (907) 223-3796 Kenai Business Connection (907) 394-3214

Computer Services & Supplies Computer Renaissance (907) 420-0483 AK Bits & Bytes, LLC (907) 398-3994 North Tech Group, Inc. (907) 262-1455

Convention Center/Facility Rental Alaska Christian College (907) 260-7422 Sterling Community Center (907) 262-7224

Engraving Mackey Lake Company (907) 262-7456

Graphic & Website Design

Colton Underground Sprinklers (907) 262-7168 Clean Sweep Solutions (907) 398-1291

DS:PS Diane Somers Publication Specialist (907) 283-4043 Dogwood Media Design (907) 283-3493 Weber Design (907) 394-5182

Painting/Professional Painters

Human Resources Consulting


Jay’s Painting, Inc. (907) 262-9429

QBF Services, LLC - HR Consulting (907) 690-0456

Roofing North Star Metals, Inc. (907) 260-3500

Janitorial Services

Surveying McLane Consulting, Inc. (907) 283-4218

Tree Services Doug Koch Professional Tree Service (907) 398-8733 Twin Rocks Enterprises, Inc. (907) 252-6035

Business Services Advertising 1Better, LLC (877) 723-8837

Service Alaska Grimebusters (907) 262-4454 Tim’s Janitorial, Inc (907) 283-3362

Paper/Janitorial Supplies Loopy Lupine Distribution, LLC (907) 235-5100

Printing/Copying/Graphic Design Services Print Works (907) 235-8500 Printer’s Ink (907) 283-4977 Alaska Enterprise Solutions (AES) - Xerox Authorized Dealer (907) 953-6181




Staffing Recruiters, Permanent & Contract Management Recruiters South Central Alaska, LLC (907) 252-6444

Financial and Legal Services Accounting Lambe, Tuter & Wagner CPAs (907) 262-9123 Coghill Group, PC (907) 283-3484 Altman, Rogers & Co. CPA (907) 262-7478

Bookkeeping Consistent Bookkeeping (907) 351-1529 kateryna-kruckenberg

Credit Card Processing/Gift Cards MerchantsXL, LLC Merchant Services (907) 262-0468

Financial Institutions Credit Union 1 (907) 260-9485 First National Bank Alaska (907) 260-6000 Wells Fargo Bank N.A. (907) 262-4435 KeyBank (907) 262-5200 Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (800) 525-9094

Insurance Agencies State Farm Insurance - Nancy Field, Agent (907) 262-4440 Johnson Insurance Group (907) 398-8899

Investment Firms/Stock Brokers Edward Jones - Ryan Kapp, Financial Advisor (907) 262-6336

General Services Churches Soldotna Church of God (907) 262-4729 First Baptist Church (907) 262-4304 Soldotna United Methodist Church (907) 262-4657 College Heights Baptist Church (907) 262-3220 Sterling Lutheran Church (907) 740-3060


Dog Daycare and Boarding Facilities Blue Moose Bed & Biscuit (907) 262-8245

Dog Grooming Doggy Styles Pet Grooming (907) 260-3647


Attorneys Gilman & Pevehouse (907) 283-2600 Joseph L. Kashi Law Offices (907) 260-7732

Dance Studios Forever Dance Alaska (907) 262-1641

Security Systems Communications Alaska (907) 262-5731

Redeemer Presbyterian Church (907) 690-4410


Challenger Learning Center of Alaska (907) 283-2000 Kenai Peninsula College - Kenai River Campus (907) 262-0300 Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (907) 714-8888 Amundsen Educational Center (907) 260-8041 KPEA-KPESA (907) 260-3428 The Study (907) 262-6227 ART for KIDS Program (907) 394-6303 http://MissDeeDeesArtForKids.Com Grace Lutheran Church & School (907) 283-9551

Freight/Shipping/Packaging/Local Moving The Packaging Store (907) 260-4862 TOTE Maritime Alaska (907) 276-5868 Lynden Transport (907) 260-6500

Funeral Homes Peninsula Memorial Chapel & Crematory (907) 283-3333

Gymnastics River City Cheer (907) 260-9990

Home Care/House Watch Services Housewatch Services dba Core Issues, LLC (907) 262-0995

Laundromats Soldotna Wash & Dry (907) 262-8495

Locksmiths Iliamna Lock & Key Mobile Locksmith (907) 262-5012 Arkeys Locksmith (907) 283-4044

Non-Profit Organizations Kenai Peninsula United Way (907) 283-9500 Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association (907) 262-2492 The Alaska Support Industry Alliance (907) 563-2226

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Kenai Peninsula (907) 283-2682 Kenai Peninsula Food Bank (907) 262-3111 Kenai Peninsula Hockey Association (907) 283-1553 Kenai River Sportfishing Association (907) 262-8588 Soldotna Lions Club (907) 252-6444 Better Business Bureau Serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington (907) 562-0704 Kenai Peninsula Builders Association (907) 283-8071 Hospice of the Central Peninsula (907) 262-0453 Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (907) 283-3335 Kenai Peninsula Association of REALTORS (907) 262-1851 Kenai Watershed Forum (907) 260-5449 Alaska Oil and Gas Association (907) 272-1481 Peninsula Smokefree Partnership (907) 260-3682 Buy Alaska (907) 786-7226 Safari Club International-Kenai Peninsula Chapter (907) 260-7758 Peninsula Crime Stoppers, Inc. (907) 283-8477 Kenai Peninsula Orchestra (907) 235-4899 http:// Alaska Small Business Development Center (907) 260-5629 Soldotna Rotary Club (907) 262-8855 Cook Inlet RCAC (907) 283-7222 Love INC of the Kenai Peninsula (907) 283-5683 CLIA Alaska (Alaska Cruise Association) (907) 339-9340 Rural Alaska Community Action Program (RurAL CAP) (907) 260-3451 Access Alaska, Inc. (907) 262-4955 Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race Association (907) 394-1318 The LeeShore Center (907) 283-9479 The Salvation Army (907) 260-5926 Soldotna Library Friends Central Peninsula Garden Club Honor and Remember of Alaska, LLC (907) 598-3105 Cook Inletkeeper (907) 252-6525

The Habitation (907) 252-2081 Kenai River Rotary Club (907) 262-7534 Freedom House (907) 740-8018 Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies (907) 235-6667

Oil/Gas/Fuel Companies Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (907) 330-6300 Alaska Oil Sales (907) 262-2250 Tesoro Alaska Company (907) 776-8191 BP Exploration Alaska (907) 564-5111 ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. (907) 776-8166 Hilcorp Alaska, LLC (907) 777-8300 Crowley Fuels Alaska (907) 283-4542 Parker Drilling Alaska Services, LTD (907) 339-4000 SAExploration, Inc. (907) 522-4499 Petrotechnical Resources of AK (907) 272-1232 ASRC Energy Services (907) 339-6200

Party Rentals & Supplies CBC Rental & Supply (907) 262-7368

Photography Services 2 Loons Photography (907) 953-0636 Quick Brown Fox - Photography (907) 690-0456

Publishing Services Quality Image Publishing, Inc. (907) 339-2000

Screen Printing Sundog Serigraphics (907) 262-7690 GAMAS Designs (907) 262-6370 Heather & Heather Screen Printing & Gifts (907) 262-1025

Senior Center Sterling Senior Center (907) 262-6808

Signs G.F. Sherman Signs (907) 262-4294 Kenai Neon Sign Co. (907) 776-8503

Social Services Frontier Community Services (907) 262-6331

Storage Rentals J-B Stor ‘N Lok (907) 262-4771



Directory K Beach Stor Mor (907) 262-8304 Aspen Mini Storage (907) 260-4420

Telecommunications Alaska Communications (907) 297-3000 GCI Communication Corp. (907) 262-3266

Utilities ENSTAR Natural Gas Company (907) 262-9334 Homer Electric Association (907) 283-5831 Alaska Waste (907) 283-9390

Veterans Organization VFW Post #10046 (907) 262-2722

Veterinary Clinic Soldotna Animal Hospital (907) 260-7851 Twin Cities Veterinary Clinic (907) 262-4581

Dentist/Cosmetic Dentistry Jerry C. Hu, D.D.S Family Dentistry, LLC (907) 262-6466 Moose River Dental (907) 260-5200

Fitness Clubs Studio 49 907) 398-7113 YogaSol (907) 260-3801

Kenaitze Indian Tribe - Dena’ina Wellness Center (907) 335-7500

Health Care Services ResCare Alaska (907) 262-9400 Geneva Woods Pharmacy & Health Care Services (907) 262-2424 North Star Therapy, Inc. (907) 262-5456 Surgery Center of Kenai (907) 335-2580 inboundMed (907) 602-3438 Vein Specialists of Alaska, LLC (907) 262-1900

Home Infusion Pharmacy

Health and Beauty

Professional Home I.V., Inc. (907) 262-8737

Cosmetic Services


Renewal Skin Care Studio (907) 262-3570

Kenai Peninsula Chair Massage (719) 650-5541

Hair Salons

Medical Clinic

Tina’s Hair Pros, Inc (907) 262-4082 Headhunter’s Salon (907) 953-0240

Tanning Salons Ultimate Tan Soldotna (907) 260-6544

Health Care Services Assisted Living Riverside Assisted Living (907) 262-9600

Audiology Peninsula Hearing Services, Inc. (907) 262-3224

Chiropractor Peninsula Health Center, Inc. (907) 260-4844 Soldotna Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. (907) 262-9117 West Chiropractic Clinic (907) 262-9171

Cosmetic Services Peninsula Surgery and Aesthetics (907) 262-5111



Governmental Agencies

Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska (907) 260-7300 Health North Family Medicine (907) 260-7729 Alaska Family Medical Clinic (907) 262-HELP Central Peninsula Hospital (907) 714-4404 Alaska Sleep Clinic (907) 420-0540 Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center (907) 262-7762 Phormation Chiropractic (907) 262-9222

Pharmacies Soldotna Professional Pharmacy (907) 262-3800 Walgreens (907) 260-6372

Physical Therapy Alaskan Physical Therapy, Inc. (907) 260-2679 Advanced Physical Therapy, Inc. (907) 420-0640 Active Abilities Physical Therapy (907) 262-7748


Satellite TV & Internet

Kenai Peninsula Orthopaedics (907) 262-6454 Bobbie J. Behrens, MD, OB/GYN (907) 262-2615 Peninsula Surgical Solutions, Dr. David King MD, FACS (907) 260-7776 SportsMed Alaska (907) 420-3540

Microcom (907) 264-0037


Real Estate Appraisers

Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center (907) 260-3668


Real Estate Mortgage Lenders Alaska USA Mortgage Co. (907) 714-4395 Residential Mortgage, LLC NMLS #167729 (907) 260-9701

Rikrland Valuation Services, LLC (907) 335-5000

Realtors & Real Estate Agencies

Mark Hutton, Certified Advanced Rolfer (907) 260-1914

Information Services Chamber of Commerce Cordova Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Cen (907) 424-7260

Governmental Agencies Alaska State Parks (907) 262-5581 City of Soldotna (907) 262-9107 IPeninsula Job Center (907) 335-3000 Made in Alaska (907) 269-8150 Kenai Peninsula Borough (907) 262-4441 Central Emergency Services (907) 262-4792

Visitor Information Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (907) 262-7021 Visit Anchorage (907) 276-4118 Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council (907) 262-5229 Alaska Campground Owners’ Association (907) 339-9082 The Milepost (907) 707-1260 Girdwood Chamber of Commerce (888) 999-9587

CENTURY 21 Realty Solutions Freedom Realty (907) 262-1770 Penco Properties (907) 276-2222 Soldotna Realty, Inc. (907) 262-4402 Febra Hensley, REALTOR - Jack White Real Estate (907) 398-7173 Kelly Griebel, REALTOR - CENTURY 21 Realty Solutions Freedom Realty (907) 398-7293 Esther Chambers, REALTOR - CENTURY 21 Realty Solutions Freedom Realty (907) 398-1776 Five Star Realty, LLC (907) 262-2445 Kevin and Lani Lauver, REALTORS (907) 953-1601 Jack White Real Estate (907) 420-0655 Michelle Glaves, REALTOR - Jack White (907) 398-9814 The Ross Baxter Group - Jack White Real Estate (907) 398-7264 Redoubt Realty (907) 262-8855 Katie Uei, REALTOR - Alaska Real Estate Network (907) 398-3864 Natalia Aulenbacher, REALTOR - CENTURY 21 Realty Solutions Freedom Realty (907) 830-1069

Title Insurance Agencies


First American Title Insurance Company (907) 262-5708 Stewart Title of the Kenai Peninsula (907) 260-8031

Newspaper Publishing


Peninsula Clarion (907) 283-7551

Radio Stations KSRM Radio Group (907) 283-8700 K-WAVE/KPEN/KGTL/K-BAY Radio (907) 262-6000 KDLL 91.9FM/Pickle Hill Public Broadcasting (907) 283-8433

Alaskan Art, Gifts & Products Alaska Salmon Leather Co. (907) 987-5163 Alaska Horn and Antler (907) 262-9759 Grizzly Classics of Alaska (907) 250-7575 Alaska Knife & Sheath (907) 260-6488



Directory Alaska Wildlife Art (907) 262-6130 AlaSkins (907) 987-0435

Art Galleries Frames and Things Inc. (907) 262-5248 Dragonfly Gallery (907) 260-4636 The Stained Glass Window (907) 260-4746 Kenai Fine Art Center - Peninsula Art Guild (907) 283-7040 (907) 260-3350 Artworks Alaska (907) 283-3689

Boutique Susan’s Bath & Body Boutique (907) 262-3553 Artzy Junkin (907) 398-9162

Fabric Stores Robin Place Fabrics (907) 262-5438

Central Kenai Peninsula Farmers’ Market (907) 262-5463 Soldotna Wednesday Market (907) 252-7264

Gift Shops Donna’s Country and Victorian Gifts (907) 262-9254 Quilts For U (907) 262-4351 Two Rusty Ravens (907) 262-9759 Orange Poppy Unique Home Decor (907) 262-1558

Greenhouses/Garden Supply Stores Alaska Hardy & Dutch Boy Landscaping (907) 235-4969 SoapStonz (907) 420-7470

Safeway Stores (907) 714-5400 Beemuns Variety Store (907) 262-1234 Fred Meyer (907) 260-2200 Peninsula Center Mall (907) 262-6299 Northcountry Fair (907) 262-7715 Sportsman’s Warehouse (907) 420-3000 Alaska Wildgear Inc. (907) 252-0480 Instant Replay (907) 260-7468 Instant-Replay/148424781864030 Raven Earth & Glass Works (907) 741-0009 Mountain Mama Originals (907) 395-7010

Airlines-Commercial Ravn Alaska (800) 866-8394 Alaska Airlines (907) 266-7230

Auto Collision Repair

Auto Mechanics Elite Auto & Diesel Repair, Inc. (907) 262-2280 Kenai Diesel & Marine (907) 260-3928

Auto Sales & Service Hutchings Auto Group (907) 260-7945 Magnum Motors (907) 262-5555 Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (907) 283-3949

Motorcycle Dealerships

RV Repair, Parts & Service Alaska Recreational (907) 262-2700

Herbal Products


Tire Sales & Service Alyeska Tire (907) 260-4120

Home Improvement Centers


Retail Stores

Kenai Peninsula Harley-Davidson (907) 260-6777

Handmade Soaps

Four D Carpet One (907) 262-9181 Sadler’s Home Furnishings (907) 262-5009

Sweeney’s Clothing (907) 262-5916

FIX AUTO SOLDOTNA (907) 335-3368


Alaskan Boreal Herbs 844-HERB-006

Outdoor Clothing & Gear

Transportation and Auto

Farmer’s/Craft Market

Kate’s Flowers & Gifts (907) 260-5355

Sherwin-Williams (907) 262-4674

Transportation The Stage Line (907) 399-7229

Alaska Railroad Corporation (907) 265-2300 CARTS (Central Area Rural Transit System, Inc.) (907) 262-8900 AAA Alaska Cab (907) 262-5050

Used Vehicle Dealerships Midway Auto Park, Sales & Rentals (907) 260-3722

What To Do Air Charters Natron Air (907) 262-8440 Alaska West Air (907) 776-5147

Archery Range Northern Simulators, LLC (907) 260-1000

Bear Viewing Talon Air Service (907) 262-8899 High Adventure Air Charter (907) 262-5237 Bear Mountain Lodge (907) 252-1450


Day Spas Karlene’s Acupuncture and Day Spa (907) 262-7977

Entertainment and Arts Peninsula Oilers Baseball Club (907) 283-7133 The Performing Arts Society (907) 283-3219 Kenai Performers & Curtain Call Consignment Shop (907) 394-8104 Twin City Raceway Circle Track Division (907) 394-6006 Urban Daisy Creations (907) 202-2511 Easy as D.I.Y. (907) 422-7060

Gold Panning & Prospecting

Golf Course and Driving Range Bird Homestead Golf Course (907) 260-4653 Birch Ridge Golf Course & Cottages (907) 262-5270

Horseback Riding & Trail Adventures Alaska Horsemen Trail Adventures (907) 595-1806

Kid-Friendly Activities Jumpin’ Junction (907) 420-0566

Soldotna Historical Society & Museum (907) 262-3832 Pratt Museum/Homer Society of Natural History (907) 235-8635 Alaska Museum of Science & Nature (907) 274-2400

Pulltab Stores River City Pulltabs (907) 260-6100 Alaska Indoor Sports Distributing, Ltd. (800) 478-5623 Whaler Casino Supply (907) 562-2110

Rafting Trips Alaska Rivers Company (907) 595-1226 Alaska River Adventures-Float the Kenai (907) 595-2000 Nova River Runners inc. (907) 745-5753 Chugach Outdoor Center (907) 277-7238

Recreational Opportunities Soldotna Parks and Recreation (907) 262-3151

Sightseeing Tours

Alaska Birding Tours (907) 262-5218

Alaska Gold Prospecting (907) 252-5464


Rainbow Tours (907) 235-7272 Major Marine Tours-Kenai Fjords (907) 274-7300 Kenai Fjords Tours (907) 777-2803 Phillips Cruises & Tours, LLC - 26 Glacier Cruise (907) 276-8023 Major Marine Tours-Prince William Sound (907) 274-7300 Affordable Alaskan Travel LLC (218) 721-2896

Wildlife Viewing Alaska SeaLife Center (907) 224-6300

Where To Eat Bakeries The Moose is Loose (907) 260-3036

Brewery/Winery/Distillery Kenai River Brewing Co. (907) 262-2337 Kassik’s Brewery (907) 776-4055 Bear Creek Winery and Lodging (907) 235-8484

Catering Services Kenai Catering (907) 252-0404

Coffee Shop

Kaladi Brothers Coffee (907) 262-3157



Directory Hooked on the Bean (907) 262-4298 Allen Sisters Coffee (907) 260-3020

Dining The Flats Bistro (907) 335-1010 Gwin’s Lodge (907) 595-1266 (907) 299-0984 McDonald’s (Katch-A-Mac, Inc.) (907) 283-2044 Golden International Restaurant (907) 262-7862 Arby’s Restaurant (Zan, Inc.) (907) 283-5636 Mykel’s Restaurant (907) 262-4305 Froso’s Family Dining (907) 262-7797 Odie’s (907) 260-3255 Fine Thyme Café (907) 262-6620 St. Elias Brewing Company (907) 260-7837 Buckets Sports Grill (907) 262-7220 Big Daddy’s Pizza (907) 262-9559 Pizza Boys, Inc. (907) 260-4800 Tommy’s Snack Shack (907) 690-3021 The Porterhouse Grill & Lazy Fish Sushi (907) 260-4848 The Vagabond Inn (907) 283-9211 YoTacos (907) 953-8007 Ole John’s Southern BBQ, LLC (907) 599-0071 Palates Restaurant, LLC (907) 262-8988 Everything Bagels (907) 252-8135 Sno Shack (907) 394-4376

Food/Beverage Distributors Coca Cola of Alaska Kenai Peninsula Division (907) 262-2626

Where to Stay Accommodations with Fishing Silver Bullet Kenai River Guide Service and B&B (907) 262-0887 Alaska Eagle Head Resort (907) 260-3377 Kenai Cache Outfitters (907) 595-1401



Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Fishing (907) 283-2665 Alaska with Doc & Dar (340) 244-2546 Swiftwater Suites (907) 398-9223 Angler’s Getaway (907) 262-0995

Bed and Breakfasts Soldotna B&B Lodge, Inc. (907) 262-4779 Daniels Lake Lodge Bed & Breakfast (907) 776-5578 Ocean Bluff Bed and Breakfast (907) 230-5157 Kenai Peninsula Bed & Breakfast Association Sterling Needle B&B (907) 262-3506 A River’s Edge Bed and Breakfast (907) 394-1425 Buckman B&B of Alaska (907) 250-1247 Escape For Two (907) 262-1493 The Moose is Inn (907) 394-8037 Alaskan Serenity Bed and Breakfast (907) 262-1790 Alaska Riverview Lodge (907) 260-5432 Hungry Moose B&B (907) 252-9253 Heaven’s Little Acre Bed & Breakfast (907) 262-6384 Kenai Bed and Breakfast (907) 252-3807 Glacier Rentals (907) 262-5190 Madi’s Inn (907) 394-7128

Cabins Salmon Catcher Lodge (907) 335-2001 Poppy Ridge Cabin Rentals (907) 262-4265 Tom’s Cabins (907) 262-3107 Kenai River Cabins (612) 221-0103 Alaska Silvertip Lodge and Cabins (907) 262-4450 Alaska Cozy Cabins (907) 252-0447 Aprils Cozy Cabins (907) 252-1901 Red Cabin B&B (907) 283-0836 Alaskan Sunset Cabins (907) 283-9246 Moose River Resort, LLC (907) 262-9777

Caribou Crossing Cabins (907) 262-7783 Alaska Adventure Suites (907) 277-1800 Aspen Hollow Lodging (907) 398-1481 Alaskan Wooden Bear Cabins (907) 953-4861 Kenai River Legacy Cabins (907) 398-3310 Alaska Serenity Lodge (541) 830-0258 Jammin’ Salmon Adventures (602) 617-2901 Alaskan Angler RV Resort & Cabins (907) 567-3393 A Cabin By The Pond (907) 262-4728 Kenai Wilderness Cabins (720) 335-3156 Alaska River Cabin (907) 262-7884 Alaska Moose & Spruce Cabins & Lodging (907) 252-3601 Kasilof Olympic Cabins (907) 598-0655 Odie’s Odds & Ends (907) 252-8709 Lone Moose Lodge (907) 260-2615

Hotels/Motels Best Western King Salmon Motel & Restaurant (907) 262-5857 The Duck Inn (907) 262-1849 Soldotna Inn (907) 262-9169 Aspen Hotel (907) 260-7736 Eagle Rock Lodge (907) 283-1951 Aspen Suites Hotel (907) 283-2272 The Lakefront Anchorage (907) 243-2300

Lodges/Resorts All Alaska Outdoors (907) 262-6001 RW’S Fishing & Big Eddy Resort (907) 262-7888 Gone Fishin’ Lodge (877) 462-5752 King Salmondeaux Lodge (907) 260-3474 Alaska Redfish Lodge (907) 262-7080 The Cannery Lodge (907) 261-9499 Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge (907) 595-1425

Alaska Chinook Lodge (907) 283-4333 Tower Rock Lodge (800) 284-3474 Kenai River Raven Lodge & RV Park (907) 262-5818 Eagle’s Roost Lodge (907) 262-8444 Clam Gulch Lodge (907) 260-3778 Eagle Landing Resort (907) 595-1213 Kenai River Suites (907) 262-1992 Gallery Lodge (907) 229-2999 Kenai River Red Lodge (907) 262-2353 Kenai River Lodge and Bridge Lounge (907) 262-4292 Kahtnu Flats Inn (907) 283-6651

RV Parks & Campgrounds Edgewater Lodge & RV Park (907) 262-7733 Alaska Canoe & Campground (907) 262-2331 Iva’s Place (907) 252-2281 Beluga Lookout Lodge & RV Park (907) 283-5999 Klondike RV Park & Cottages (907) 262-6035 River Terrace RV Park (907) 262-5593 Kenai Riverside Campground, RV Park and B&B (907) 595-1406 Diamond M Ranch Resort (907) 283-9424

Vacation Rentals Colonial Manor Apartments (907) 262-5820 Ridgerunner (907) 262-0618 Jana House (907) 260-4151 Stillwaters Chalets (907) 252-4991 Wildwoods Cabin (907) 398-1809 Yeoman Rentals, Inc. (907) 420-7887 Hope Lake Hideaway (907) 262-6389 Real Estate Alaska, LLC (907) 252-9888 Soldotna Executive Suite (907) 262-0995 Eagle’s Eye Vacation Rentals (907) 351-1529

Wilderness Lodges Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge (907) 783-2928



4470 Sterling Highway. Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Right Here at Home

Central Peninsula Hospital welcomes you to the area. We are proud to serve the health needs of the region.


e offer a broad range of services and specialists; whether you are expecting a baby, require outpatient surgery, physical therapy or you are in need of longterm care we are here to help. CPH is a 49-bed, full service hospital offering 24-hour emergency care and a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services including family health, pediatrics and residential substance abuse treatment. We are the first hospital in Alaska to earn the National Planetree Designate creditation, which means that we facilitate healing in all dimensions - mental, emotional, spiritual and social, as well as physical.

For more a complete list of medical staff and services and other information, log onto


© Ken Graham

(907) 714-4626 • 250 Hospital Place, Soldotna, AK 99669 •

Soldotna Relocation Guide  

Soldotna, Alaska - Relocation Guide

Soldotna Relocation Guide  

Soldotna, Alaska - Relocation Guide