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Solutions for the Financial Sector

Mission FIDA presents itself to the financial sector as a global information and solution provider with a complete, well-structured range of services, products and solutions.

FIDA was first created in early 2009 and progressively integrated entities with decades-old activities and expert experience in data collection, analysis and distribution:

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ADB - Analisi Dati Borsa ( – founded in 1985 BFC - Blue Financial Communication ( – founded in 1995 CdB - Club di Borsa ( – founded in 1995 FST - Financial Services Technologies ( – founded in 1999

The FIDA Group

The FIDA Group is characterised by numbers, with over 40 employees, sales exceeding 3 million Euros and more than 150 Institutional Clients, and is positioned as the main Italian provider of financial data information, analysis and distribution.

At the sites in Milan, Turin and Varese, our analysts, technicians and data entry specialists work to find advanced solutions to meet the increasingly complex demands of our Clients.

Our Offer Each day, over 150 Institutional Clients and thousands of Retail Clients use and value the accuracy and exhaustiveness of our data and information.

The Areas of Activity DATA collection of complete information on managed savings products, the share and bond market, derivatives, indexes, currencies and rates: over 40,000 instruments updated continuously.

ANALYSIS operative structures and strategies based on quantitative, technical and fundamental methods. Company studies and fund-based rating.

SOFTWARE computer solutions designed to integrate IT systems, analysis and management platforms of savings management companies, banking and insurance institutions, promoters, financial consultants and private investors.

PROJECTS maximum flexibility in the study of personalised solutions to meet the needs of our Clients.

IT websites, connectivity, network security, web domains, email services, housing hosting and all services offered by a server farm.





Italy and main notes listed on international markets

Personal data and listing


Government notes, EuroMOT, EuroTLX

Personal data and listing

Managed Savings

Italian mutual funds, foreign mutual funds, hedge funds, ETF, pension funds and insurance funds

Personal data, NAV and legal documentation

Other instruments

Principal derivatives, currencies, rates and indexes

Personal data and listing

The information presented in the databases can be used in data flows that can be personalised in terms of the size and depth of the information. More than 100 institutions, publishers, banks and managers have chosen FIDA as their data provider.

Thanks to its models developed in-house that combine quantitative analysis with fundamental and technical analyses, the Studies Centre produces analyses and elaborations of the main financial markets and asset types each day.

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Rating and Ranking of managed savings products Model portfolios (shares, bonds, funds, ETF) Operative strategies Equity research Market analyses

The analyses produced by our Studies Centre can be integrated into a data flow or used through our web application Over 20 Clients use our analyses as the basis for their own work.

FIDA Software IT platforms for operational and management support of various corporate tasks of: ● Banking and insurance institutions ● Savings management companies and property brokerage companies ● Promoter and financial consultant networks ● Private investors Principal characteristics: ● MIFID compliance ● Portfolio accounting and management ● Risk Management ● Fund Selector ● Asset Allocation and operational strategies ● Reports and studies (market, context and financial activities) More than 300 Clients manage their activities using our software

FIDA Projects Thanks to technical experience acquired over time and through the acquisition of FST, FIDA and its controlled company FIDAinformatica are able to study personalised solutions that meet the requirements of all of our Clients.

In particular, we are able to:

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provide advanced versions of our standard products for specific requirements produce web solutions that can be integrated into the internet sites of our Clients, reproducing the structure and layout offer calculation instruments that can be inserted into the web applications of our Clients create mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and smartphone

FIDA IT FIDAinformatica provides its own technological expertise in the area of IT, communications and creation of internet solutions. Based on Client requirements, we can prepare sites with static or dynamic content. In addition to the design and creation of websites, FIDAinformatica can offer:

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Server farm services Email services Connectivity Housing Hosting Disaster recovery 24/7 support

More than 100 Clients have chosen FIDAinformatica as their technological partner.

FIDA, your partner

● The most exhaustive databank on the Italian market ● Flexibility and personalisation of the supply of all services ● Independence, professionalism and authoritativeness ● Exhaustive services and products ● Twenty years of experience in the management of market data ● The ideal partner for outsourcing, collection and analysis of data ● Advanced technological solutions


Milan Via Melchiorre Gioia, 55 20124 - Milan

Turin Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 65 10129 - Turin

Andrea Negrelli +39 02.30321174

Barbara Mastrangelo +39 011.5813777

FIDA - Finanza Dati Analisi Srl Milan: Via Melchiorre Gioia, 55 - 20124 Milan, Italy - Tel. +39 02.3032111 Fax +39 02.30321180 Turin: Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 65 - 10129 Turin, Italy - Tel. +39 011.5813777 Fax +39 011.5813741 Varese: Via Marconi, 7 – 21030 Azzio (VA), Italy – Tel. +39 0332.630638 Fax +39 0332.630155

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