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William Hickey, Ph.D. Dr. William Hickey is a professor of management. He received his doctorate in HRD from Penn State University with a minor in finance. He has worked as an expatriate corporate trainer, HR consultant, and performance consultant in China for several MNC’s, among them: Motorola, Air Products, Dow Chemical, Nestle, P&G and Smith-Kline. He has been a visiting foreign scholar for HRD issues in China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, India, Turkey, Georgia, and Italy. His areas of interest are training ROI, DACUM instructional systems, and workforce compensation issues in China and Asia.

Zen Parry, MBA Ms. Zen Parry has global lifestyle and many long-term corporate assignments around the world. Her entrepreneurial background has facilitated an international career in numerous countries throughout Asia, Australasia, the USA and Central and Eastern Europe. She has led many organizations from start-ups to mature companies, under various business models through numerous cycles including mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds and multinational expansion for global enterprises. Her consulting work includes clients in the not-for profit sector, as well as for-profit companies in their start-up phase. Her doctoral studies are focused on transnational leadership in transnational education, with an interest in the business of global education as an enterprise.

Bobby Swar, Ph.D. Dr. Bobby Swar graduate Pokhara University in Nepal and majored in computer engineering. He received both Master’s degree, Doctorate at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Dr. Bobby Swar works in progress of ‘Impact of National

Culture on Relationship Quality for IT Outsourcing Success’, ‘Cultural Impact on Mobile Phone Service Adoption and Diffusion: A Cross-country Analysis’ and ‘ICT Project Sustainability and its Impact on Livelihood: Developing Countries Scenario’.

Chi Sheh, Ph. D. Dr. Chi Sheh conducts research in the areas of market microstructure and behavioral finance. He specializes in applying experimental methods to the analysis of financial markets and human behavior. His research has been presented in various international academic conferences. Dr. Sheh hopes that his work will result in a deeper understanding of how financial markets should be designed and regulated to prevent market breakdowns and other crisis situations in the future. Dr. Sheh has extensive teaching experience in the United States and taught in Financial Management, Investments, Financial Markets, and International Finance. His professional experience also includes working as a financial analyst for Enron Corporation in Houston, Texas, in the areas of Power Trading, International Project Development, and Energy Risk Management.

Joshua Park, J.D. Dr. Joshua Park graduated Harvard Law in 2003 and has been lecturing law and law-related subjects at various institutions in Korea, including Korea University (Medical Law Institute), Kwangwoon University, and Inha University both as full-time and adjunct faculty. However, He is interesting in area of debate and forensics. He established the Korea Debate Association in 2004. In 2007, he was the World Convener for the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC), which is the most prestigious debating competition for secondary school students. He is currently a member of the six-person Executive Committee of the World Schools Debating Championships, Ltd. He has had his own TV debate show on EBS. Professor Park has also been a featured columnist with The Korea Times, JoongAng Daily, and The Teen Times.

Sung Tae Kim, Ph. D. Professor Kim received a Ph.D. degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management and a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. He won the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Department of Management and received an Honorable Mention. His interest fields are in Green Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences and Service Operation.

New Faculty  

New Faculty