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Escultor Juan González Moreno School THIRD PRIMARY (2009/2010)

I´m Pussin Boots. I´m a clever cat. I wear boots and a coat And a very big hat. I can speak English.

One day a father gives his three sons a present.

- You can have my house, you can have my donkey..

….and you can have my cat.

- But it isn´t my palace! - Quick! The king is coming. Jump in the river.

- Oh dear! The Prince is my friend. - Let´s help him! - Here are someclothes.

- Oh dear. I´m very poor. I´ve only got a cat! - But I´m a very clever cat

- Help! Help! The Prince is in the river. He can´t swim.

- Pleasecome to my palace for dinner. - The Prince is very young and handsome.

The Princessand John get married. - You see,I´m a very clever cat.

I´m an old man, a very poor man. I´m a king a very rich king. I´m a princess, a young princess. And I´m a prince a handsomeprince with my clever cat.

Puss in boots  

Dramatización en ingles. Fiesta fin de curso