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Steward Teams For 9 to 13 year olds, co-led by teenage Youth Educator Interns Stewards Enrolled: 75 Interns Hired: 10 Neighborhood(s): Westville Manor, West Hills, Newhallville Steward Teams meet three days a week during the spring and fall seasons. Each week they explored a different aspect of stewardship and had fun lessons on ecosystems. This learning was the underlying premise for hikes to places like West Rock Ridge State Park. While there, Stewards studied light in the environment and learned about the electromagnetic spectrum. They even made spectroscopes to see the breakdown of visible light and used Slinkies to learn about how light travels in waves. Stewards learned to play chess from a local volunteer, and were offered homework help at the start of each session. Interns led groups in daily mindfulness exercises, varying from one minute of listening to five minutes focusing on breathing. They practiced nonviolent communication through naming feelings and needs. They also discussed conflict resolution, health and wellness, and landscape stewardship.

“Solar Youth is just a wonderful place for the kids to be a team and make friends. My girls are teaching me how to keep my plants alive and reminding me to water them... LOL ☺” -Solar Youth parent

Our three Steward Teams completed 13 C-SAPS, including four beautification projects, four clean-ups and five advocacy projects. The Newhallville Steward Team focused on homeless and abused animals. After learning more about the issue, they created holiday cards for New Haven Animal Shelter staff to show their appreciation, and baked three dozen homemade dog biscuits! Stewards received a tour in return. Also, working with Friends of Beaver Pond, Stewards made signs to educate fishermen about the effects of littering and feeding wildlife.

Because of Solar Youth… Youth Development Outcomes for ALL Program Participants Positive Values • I/my child places a high value on helping others • I/my child is more accountable for his/her actions Social Competencies • My/my child’s planning and decision making skills have improved • I/my child has learned to be a better friend • I/my child is more sensitive to the feelings of others



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School Year Program Report '15-'16  
School Year Program Report '15-'16