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Solar Power Generator The Basics 12 Step E-Manual

Step 1 Battery Case

Step 2 12 Volt Deep Cycle Marine/RVBattery with Clamps

Step 3 Volt Meter or Voltage Gauge

Step 4 Light Bulb

Step 5 ON/OFF Switch

Step 6 Volt Gauge, Switch and Light wired. Note: Switch is OFF.

Step 7 Place battery in battery case, attach battery to switch and gauge.

Caution: Be sure of good connections and no open wires or connections. Be careful with positive and negative cables.

Step 8 Solar Charge Controller (7amp. depending on power required.) Note: Connect to battery before connecting to Solar Panel. Place inside battery case.

Step 9 Power Inverter

700 Watts. depends on how much power required.

Step 10 Connect cables to battery.

Step 11 Drill holes in case or case lid or provide an outlet for the inverter cables and the solar charger cable to reach out to connections.

Battery Kit with cables coming from battery case. Power inverter attached to top of battery case and cables connected.

Step 12 Solar Charger Controller Cable connects to Solar Power Panel.

Turn it On. Light should turn on and Volt Meter will gauge usage. Solar Panel should have light to indicate working.

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