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End of the Year Portfolio Summer Reading Soundtrack The Summer Reading for eight grade was to read a book and find amount of small moment of the book we read, then for every small moment of the book find a song that connect to the moment we describe. The objective of the assignment I think was to us find song that connect to this moment we choose from the book, I chose this activity for my portfolio because I love music; I think music has a big impact in our daily life and that we can connect it to anything, so I choose this activity because I enjoy it and normally summer reading are not that fun but in this one I think I put allot of effort tan really try my best, no only I did a god work because I want to you now for god grades I did it because I really like the assignment, so that why I choose this activity not because I had a god grade in it I like this activity allot and I think it was a fun way to do a summer reading. What I enjoy of this activity was that when I did this activity I was so thrill because the book Someone Like You of Sarah Dessen I really enjoy it, so for me during the reading I found allot of moment that I could connect with songs. So it was easy for me and I always had this positive attitude that help me do it faster. And for every time I look at movie and sow how prefect the song that was playing for that moment I always wanted to do the same thing. What I learn from tis activity is that music s just not for listening it has a big connection to our lives and we can relate to many things in life not just ours, another thing I learn was that when we do connection to thing that happen to us or to other person I think we learn so much, for me its like you can reflect of situation you have go through and from other people and can of get like they say in there shoes and see how problems they have can be faced and when you find you self with problem similar will be easier to solved theme. Life Moment Soundtrack The life moment soundtrack was like the work I did for summer but the difference is that in this one I found songs for moment in my life. So what I did was to find a big moment in my life that this one significant and impacting life event that has been important in making me the person that I am today, from the moment take 4 little moment inside and for those moment fin song that connect. I chose this activity for my portfolio because I enjoy allot the Summer Reading Soundtrack so it was like my way to the same but this tie with event that had happen in my life. What I enjoy the most of this activity is that 2 of the moment put in my product were thing I haven’t shard with anything only my phycology so when it write theme and found a song for each of this moment I felt free I was very sad this year because of this thing an from me to write theme was so real like I was accepting theme and really understanding. I thing everyone learn different thing in this activity form me was very hard because of the problem I had to face but I learn that for this moment that are every hard for us maybe to shared them or to talk to some one about it doesn’t help to much but to this kin d of activity it help me allot an di learn that no matter what writing is a special way to help you in life there so ma different kids of writing but they all can give you the same effect.

Inner-Self Poem Other Poems Shine In your way There they were all the stars From the sky Each one with its own light Very far you could see a little star That didn’t shine You could see it try hard to shine The harder it tried the less it shine Even though it seem to be strong as a rock And sometimes full of joy Inside of here was fear and anger Desperate to go out But she was scared To show whom she really was The fear of no bean accepted The anger of not been perfect Make her feel sad They were keep them for good She though But one of the dracker nigh That little star Decide to let go She didn’t just shine She light up the hole universe And remember her self she can shine in here own way My inner self-poem objective was to create a poem that tells who we really are, and how we are as an individual. This poem we could write in our w ways meaning in a free verse. Where we had to include a metaphor, personification, simile or symbol and must have at least two other poetic devices. I chose this activity because I think these is one of my favorites activities we did in all the year, what I like this mot of this activities is that it help me allot to let me write and now about me so much more of what I used to because wen we were expressing who we really are how we think feel and all that it help me value my self so much more and see me in a different way I think that why I chose this activity for my portfolio. What I enjoy the most is that I think sometimes I had my self like a turtle in its shell, so I enjoy the process through the creation for the poem because as funny it sound I got to no me better than ever and see who am really from inside and outside. And creating a poem about it is not something you think about always so I like that we did this in from of a poem we express our self’s and I did a pretty god job. What I learn from completing this activity is that everyone shod now who they really are, in all aspects, because fro me even if I though I did now me I was wrong because through this poem I wrote from every word who I am, and now me better. I think what I learn the most is that you really can’t judge anyone in life because for me how its possible hat I judge someone fro something when I don even now me. I am proud of my self that end creating a beautiful piece of art the express how I think I feel and reflect who I am

Other Poems No more tears Mother why can’t I help you I look up to the sky Your eyes full of tears Tears of anger Tears of pain Tears of suffering Dropping from you face All you have done for us Make us grow on a place of love a place of hope Where you hold us tight Telling us it all be all right Even the times we didn’t need a hug Now it’s time to hold you back Clean those tears With our und hands And together find a place for all that tears Act like rain Grow a future Make this a happy place From he project of the poem what we had to was to create different types of poem some were given the theme an other not, on of the one I like the most was the one from earth that we did in earth day. I thin we develop our skills of writing because poetry is all about the beauty in the poem and living a message in few words. I chose this activity for m portfolio because I am proud of the poem I came up with, I think this was a very good activity I learn allot of my self. I discover that I am not bad at poetry and I been thinking since it write allot more poem because they let you express all kind of feeling. I enjoy all this activity of the poem I think we create allot of different types of poems and I had a very god final product, I enjoy a lot the creation of each poem because beneath each poem they’re like a story that if you read carefully you well see it. What I learn with this activity is that poetry is a way of communicating that it’s an art because with all the poetic devices you create masterpiece.

End of the year portfolio  
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