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Launch Of The Environmentally Friendly Mobile Phone Charger- Solar Mobile Phone Charger

___________________________ By Pelliphn Work - Surrey-based company MotionTouch has designed and manufactured a brand new innovation to the mobile phone industry which will save the world energy and will save you money: the Powcell solar mobile phone charger.However, The Powcell is no ordinary mobile phone charger as it is powered by solar energy and not by conventional electrical means. This has resulted in the mobile phone charger being environmentally friendly and has resulted in a reduction in the paranoia that has been surrounding global warming of late.

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Sliding on to the back of your normal, day-to-day mobile phone, the Powcell acts as a sleeve that surrounds it. It has been praised as not only an environmentally friendly option, but also a practical option for those difficult situations. Within the Powcell itself is an internal battery which is constantly being charged by light exposure, whether attached to the phone or not. Therefore, if you were to let your normal phone battery run down and then were to add the Powcell sleeve, it would act as a secondary battery which would allow you more talk-time for that all important phone

call or text message you have been waiting on.Client Director of MotionTouch, Henry Powell, said this about the product: "The ability to provide power for that crucial call, even when your phone is flat, makes it an essential accessory." At the moment, the Powcell sleeve has been specifically designed for phones at the top of the market such as the Apple iPhone series and the Blackberry range, meaning that MotionTouch had to design the Powcell in such a way to complement the sleekness and quality of the already haute designs. Its styling is excellent and it looks like an essential part of the phone. Its colours and shape fit exactly to almost any phone while still allowing all functions on the phone to work as normal. These functions include the camera lens, speakers, and the usual charger and headphone sockets, too.

Electronically, MotionTouch had to overcome some difficult obstacles such as ensuring the design of the large solar panel maximises the amount of light it captures, which in turn provides the most effective charge to the phone. Also, most importantly of all, the MotionTouch designers had to create an outstanding power management scheme and distribution system to express power from the sleeve to the phone. It is hoped that the charger will encourage consumers to think carefully about how much electricity they use and to be careful for when it comes to energy wastage. This new product comes as new statistics reveal that as much as 95% of the energy that mobile phone chargers handle are wasted due to the fact that they are plugged into the wall unnecessarily.

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