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About Solar Insurance & Finance Solar Insurance & Finance is a worldwide operating, independent insurance broker with full focus on insurance for PV installations. Our extensive knowledge of the solar market results in insurance solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ wishes, for example our Solar PV Insurance. Solar Insurance & Finance offers insurances for PV owners, manufacturers, installers, project developers and investors. Our insurances are backed by leading European insurers with an A rating.



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Solar PV Insurance Online

Your PV installation is a valuable possession. Of course you want to make the most of your investment. Unfortunately, it can occur that your PV installation becomes damaged or gets stolen. Replacing or repairing your PV installation involves costs that you may not have accounted for. Moreover, your installation does not produce energy in the repair period and you’ll lose revenue. You can secure your investment and revenue with a Solar PV Insurance of Solar Insurance & Finance. This insurance covers damage caused by weather conditions, fire and theft and compensates the loss of production. With an insurance from Solar Insurance & Finance, thousands of PV installations are assured of a continuous revenue and adequate handling of claims. We are proud that we work, together with you, on affordable and clean energy for everyone.

position of the installation, up to a maximum of € 15,000

Solar PV Insurance Online The Solar PV Insurance Online is for installations up to € 250,000. Every-

Transport costs to the nearest PV-Cycle collection point

thing is arranged online. Therefore we can restrict the premium for smal-

Transport and storage costs of parts that have to be repaired

ler installations confined: only 2.25‰ of the installation value, with a

elsewhere, up to a maximum of € 25,000

minimum premium of € 75.00, excluding policy costs and insurance tax.

The insurance covers:

Extra expenses to compensate for an incompatibility between existing and replaced equipment, up to a maximum of € 25,000

1. Costs from material damage due to external causes, e.g.

Natural forces such as hail, snow pressure, frost, wind and storm

Why should you choose our insurance?

Theft and vandalism

Solar Insurance & Finance is market leader in the solar insurance indus-

Lightning strike, overvoltage, induction and fire

Gnawing of cables by animals

We compensate new materials, labor costs and call out charges.

try. We offer the best insurance solutions for your PV installation. Our Solar PV Insurance Online:

Can easily be taken out via

Provides a complete cover for the total installation (modules, inverters, cables and mounting materials)

Has a low deductable of € 125.00 per event

If your installations is decommissioned due to a damage, you receive

Has no depreciation

a compensation for the loss of production for a maximum of 26 or 52

Provides optimal security and reassurance, because all external

2. Loss of production

consecutive weeks.

April - September € 2.50 per kilowatt peak installed capacity

October - March € 1.50 per kilowatt peak installed capacity

3. Additional costs per event, e.g.

Detecting en locating the damage

Removal and repositioning of the installation if a repair to a damaged building or structure cannot be carried out because of the

causes that can damage your installation are covered

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