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Eco-Investments: Solar Evacuated Tubes for Heating Water Solar evacuated tubes are a form of hot water systems that one can place on their roof to collect solar heat, which can then be converted into usable heat for the house. Hot water heating, pool heating and air conditioning can all done through the collected heat of solar evacuate tubes. They are quickly becoming one of the best "eco-investments" on the market, allowing you to spend less money on heating the water you use at home.

Most people have heard of solar panels to generate homemade electricity, and they may even use them. Heating water through Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems however, is less known but with as much benefits for your pocket and environment. When looking through online sites to buy solar evacuated tubes, you may come across something called flat plates, which also do the job. Despite the greater economic investment you'll be making with the former, it will pay off over prolonged use, as flat plates have been proven to be much less effective than their tube counterparts. Solar evacuated tubes are wonderful because they come in many sizes depending on your budget and roof, are highly efficient to transferring solar heat to a usable form of energy, and most importantly, retain or collect heat better than other system despite subzero temperatures (which means that as long as there is light, they'll be little environmental factors that will prevent it from collecting heat for your home!). A great feature of this collecting system is the fact that the individual tubes are easily replaceable so you won't be throwing out the entire set for one failed tube.

An Introduction to Solar Evacuated Tubes Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems are a part of the solar panel, principally responsible for the absorption on sunlight and its conversion into usable energy. They consist of two glass tubes, fused at both ends, and carry the solar absorbing coating. The space between the twin tubes is left vacant to form a vacuum.

The Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems are fabricated out of strong, durable, resilient, and thick glass. The solar evacuated tubes can function efficiently even when the difference between the inside and outside temperatures is large. A layer of barium called the getter’ helps in out-gassing and offers clear visibility.

The absorber coating has a layer of aluminum on the outside and a thin, inner layer of darker material, usually AL/N. The blend of the vacuum insulation and absorber coating ensures that even when the coating is very hot, the glass tube remains cool to touch. In strong sunlight, each of the evacuated tubes can provide about 60 watts of energy. There are several designs of evacuated tubes in the market today, and several illustrious names associated with their manufacture such as Apricus and SunMaxx.

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Solar evacuated tubes for heating water  
Solar evacuated tubes for heating water  

Most people have heard of solar panels to generate homemade electricity, and they may even use them.