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Factors that determine the STCs a solar heating device will get

Have you ever heard about small scale technology certificate (STC)? If you are planning to buy and install a solar heating system then you will come across this term. Actually, this is an entitlement given to the small scale technologies for creating a set number of solar heating services and air source heat pump equipments within a specific geographical location. Thus, being a novice you might find it difficult to determine the number of STC some specific types of solar water heating systems Dublin, Adelaide, or elsewhere may require. Here are some tips for you. Check out! •

Analyze the technology used by the devise

Each solar water heating device runs on a specific technology, and this technology often works as a key determinant for the number of STCs it will require. Therefore, you need to supervise the working of the panels and the pumps inside your device. While some have wired application, others will feature wireless central heating controls. This analysis will assist you in grouping your heating device under a specific category and determine the number of STCs it will need. •

Check the location

The details related to the geographical location of your area are equally responsible for determining the number of STC’s solar heating equipment will require. Actually, a specific number of solar heating equipments and air pump devices have been allotted for each region. Further, this region gets determined by the postcode details. Hence, knowing the postcode zone of your region will help you in finding out the number of STCs you may need for your solar water heating system. Once you have gathered this information, visit the relevant web page of the solar heating system and match the postcode zones enlisted there with the model of your solar heating device. Now download the information that you retrieve, and retain them as your ready reference. •

Take note of the date of installation

The date of installation of your solar water heating equipment is another vital determinant for identifying the number of small scale technology certificates it will need. An important information that needs to be shared here is that the government often revises the regulations on solar heating equipments. Eventually, the number of STCs allocated for each model of solar water heating equipment often gets changed from time to time. Thus, the best way to be sure of the latest details on STC is to track the details as per the installation date of your solar heating equipment. Another information here is that in general, the STC is issued against equipments that have been installed within a year. In case your solar heating device has been installed before a year then you might not be considered eligible for receiving any STC for the same.

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Factors that determine the stcs a solar heating device will get