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The Academy for Solar Power Education

“train the trainer (ttt) program in Germany” Solar education creates income and an independent, costeffective power supply!


30 days between mid October & mid November (by agreement) This program is specially design to your demand, if you are   

  

PLN trainer education provider or/ and technical trainers decision maker concerning solar energy where also technical background is necessary leader or trainer from a company, which want to have real success in solar business and become real experts. producing, buying or selling energy you want to get your business growing fast you want to become one of the leading solar expert you want to profit from the knowledge of the best experts in solar market in the world

Why is the training in Germany? 30 days in Germany for Trainers, who want to learn from the most skilled experts and institutions, is the cheapest and most efficient way to transfer knowledge. Germany has now 20 years of experience in every kind of solar knowledge, may it be in technology, the market, the grid or the policy. There are more than fifty state-of-the-art research institutes, a lot of education providers, solar companies and institutions. Summing up Germany is the world´s leading country in solar development. The Academy for Solar Power Education aims to transfer knowledge from Germany to Indonesia. We achieve best efficiency at the lowest costs by sending Indonesian trainers to our experts instead of bringing them to Indonesia. The individual atmosphere in this small trainer group guaranties best success and individual learning progress. Constant assistance will help answering individual needs and questions.

Your advantages The Academy for Solar Power Education is able to give you the ttt program at a special price offer including all: Estimated value:

 

The return flight Indonesia – Germany

$ 11,200

The best training of senior experts, total about 200 hours of training

$ 10,000

     

Training materials

$ 10,400

Travel and transportation to all educational institutions all over Germany

$ 12,000

Accommodation during the entire stay

$ 11,400

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

$ 11,200

Personal attention during the event

$ 10,800

Organization of the entire event

$ 10,600


You should have good technical background and skills to speak and teach other people.

$ 17,600

Special opening price:


$ 8,990

Price for booking within 3 days:


$ 6,599

You will get the „Friends Rate“ for the various types of courses which are going to be set up (one day, two days, one week, one month, three month, six month courses and more, also e-learning sessions)

includes certificate

You save up to $ 11,001!

Note: It is only a very limited number of participants possible! Reserve your seats now!

The Academy for Solar Power Education

“train the trainer (ttt) program in Germany� After the ttt program After participating in the ttt program and being a solar expert the attendant is able to take part in an advanced training course at a special price to gain deeper knowledge in solar power.

The Academy for Solar Power Education With its demand orientation, the Academy also aims to bring together what is needed in Indonesia from different sources and present it to different target groups by using seminars, books, videos and e-learning courses. The Academy for Solar Power Education is independently working together with famous Universities like the University of Indonesia, the University of Clausthal and other Universities from the Philippines. These Universities as well as foreign and national companies and institutions work with us, to provide knowledge from the most skilled experts in every topic of the solar business, referring to the special needs of different target groups in Indonesia. The Academy for Solar Power Education has a strong relation to practice. Shadow craftsman on construction site, maintenance and fixing of solar plants will be part in a workshop. Before you start your trip, we will contact you to include your personal content suggestions into our program. In order to overcome the multiple knowledge gaps about solar energy, we should choose the most cost-effective and fastest track. Learning from skilled experts and experienced craftsman, who have gained a vast knowledge in the topic of solar engineering. Think about the enormous costs of standing still, mistakes and failures or slow progress. The lack of access to electricity in Indonesia and the Philippines has an enormous effect on the economy, the well being of the people and the country in general. Residents depend on burning oil and gas with all its negative effects and steadily increasing prices. Solar energy is the only energy, which is available everywhere on these beautiful islands. It is clean, unlimited, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Sun energy is free – it can be used by everyone. Once you install a solar panel, it will deliver energy for more than 30 years at few maintenance costs and without the risk of increasing prices. Indonesia has a huge and steadily growing demand of energy. In 10 years you will find plenty of solar modules on different types of roofs. Large scale solar power plants will produce clean energy and in rural areas, Off-Grid solar systems will run engines, serve light and cooling. Note: It is only a very limited number of participants possible!

Reserve your seats now! If you need any further information or have some questions, please contact us:

Lisa Lismawati: Phone: +62 82113939318 Email:

inutec solarcenter international gmbh: +49 5335 808996 30

The Academy for Solar Power Education

“train the trainer (ttt) program in Germany� 3.4.


3.6. 1. 2.


Values, beliefs and orientation Bases of photovoltaic - Radiation turns into electricity - Irradiation, performance and yield components of a PV-plant - Basic market situation (Germany or other target countries) Market overview of modules and inverters Plants connected to the power grid 3.1. Economic evaluation - cost and benefit analysis, Yield forecast - Economic evaluation 3.2. Basic technology - Development from solar cell to the module and to the PV-plant - electrical basics, current, voltage, electric power, yield series or parallel circuits for PV-modules - Module technologies & characteristic values - Quality, inspection, warranty - Dimensioning of electrical wires - String plan - yield optimization, environmental assessment - Roof & ground installation - Mounting systems 3.3. Plant design - Basic knowledge system/building static - Documentation and strategy - Module orientation and inclination - Plant yield, irradiation, shading analysis - Module selection - Inverter selection and design - Mounting systems - Quotations processing - Plant calculation and costs



Market conditions/opportunities - Renewable energy policy and law - Conveyor model, additional public promotions - Utilization of self-powered current - Economic efficiency calculation - Tax consideration & Insurance Order processing - Remote plant monitoring - Yield data comparison - Dealing with the energy supplier - Scaffolding supply / risk assessment - Electrical installation & commissioning - Payment and delivery Mounting, assembly and operation - Professional and standard-oriented installation - Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting - Maintenance and repair contracts - Safety at work and accident protection Electrical installation of PV-plants - Relevant guidelines and standards - Electrical grounding, lightning protection and potential equalization - Fire protection - Electric cable plant - Wiring of switch cabinet - Inverter concept - Protection against error currents - Connection to the grid and electric meter

Mounting - Technical regulations and instruction sheets for roof and wall - Assembly errors - Consequential damage to adjacent electrical component 3.9. Commission, documentation, measurement technique - Commission/Approval - Plant documentation - Methods for quality assurance - Plant monitoring - Implementation and informative value of characteristic curve and thermography 3.10. Legislation: Guarantee, sales contract, EEG and more - Guideline conditions - Technical rules, guidelines and standards - Guarantee - EEG-Law (Renewable Energy Law)

4. 5.

3.11. Further support of the plant, service, failure analysis, maintenance - Plant monitoring - Failure analysis - Improvements - Inverter repair - Long term customer retention, provide valued added benefits Large plant construction Remote/Off gridplants All the modules in the on grid training can also be included in the off grid training section 5.1. Economic evaluation cost and benefit analysis - Yield forecast - Economic evaluation 5.2. Basic technology 5.3. Plant design - Mapping out the site module orientation and inclination - Plant yield - Module selection - Inverter selection and design - Mounting systems - Quotations processing - Plant calculation 5.4. Hybrid plant - Introduction how to simulation software 5.5. Stand alone plants with SMA-Systems 5.6. Battery technology - Basics - Aging mechanism - Hoppecke Battery technology - Mounting 5.7. Micro energy industry, the “Seed Award� winning System



Small wind energy systems - Decision of wind harvesting sites - Design of small wind energy plants Design of solar-hybrid systems: wind/diesel, solar/diesel, integration hydro energy Final exam, master certificate for successful students Issuing of certificates/graduation


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train the trainer (ttt) program in Germany  

The Academy for Solar Power Education With its demand orientation, the Academy also aims to bring together what is needed in Indonesia from...