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Feb. 6 - Feb. 26, 2013

The big Q about Measure Q

Meals on wheels for cats

Campus forum discusses where money will be spent John Glidden News Editor/Staff Writer

Two feral cats peer up from under the 1100 building on the main campus.

Photo by:Steve Reczkowski

Cat fans forming cat club Erin Fritz Staff Photographer

Have you noticed all the cats around campus? Well Wendy Phillips has, and now she’s forming a Campus Cat Club. Phillips cares for the Solano College feral cats morning and night. Not only does Phillips care for them but she also captures them so they can be spayed or neutered. Phillips says she has successfully adopted out many of the younger cats. “I hope that I could be sponsored by a company like the Jelly Belly one day,” Phillips said. But for now Phillips says she seeks 8SEE CATS, PAGE 6

Photo by:Erin Fritz Wendy lays down some fresh food at a feeding station on the Fairfied campus.

As early as April, the first round of Measure Q bonds will be issued to Solano College for the construction of new buildings and the renovation of older buildings on the main campus and the Vacaville and Vallejo centers. The exact amount of the first bond issue has yet to be determined because of proposed legislation which may change the overall timeframe for the issuance of bonds; however, Solano College will receive at least $87 million for this first round, according to a PowerPoint presented by Gary Moriarty, project executive for Kitchell, the construction company that is overseeing the Measure G and Measure Q projects on campus. Solano County voters approved the $348 million Measure Q bond in Nov. 2012. Fourteen projects have been selected as priority projects. According to Moriarty, the completion of these projects would represent $232 million of the $348 million, or 66 percent of Measure Q bonds. Student Joey Harris, a computer programming major, asked during the forum that since Measure Q 8SEE Q, PAGE 6

Vending machines on campus without ratified contract John Glidden News Editor/Staff Writer

Students may have notice new vending machines placed on district property late last semester. These vending machines offer the traditional snack choices but also add healthier choices. The Associated Students of Solano College (ASSC) student government opted out of the snack vending contract they were in

with Frico Vending and approved that the district enter into a contract with Canteen Inc., a part of Compass Group North America, to take over the snack vending on district property. Machines were placed around various locations on the main campus and at the Vacaville and Vallejo centers. Under district policy, ASSC retains the profits from vending rights on district property; however, any contract involving the district must be approved by the college administration and the district governing

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board. Contracts are not enforceable obligations until they are ratified by the Governing Board, according to district policy. The Solano College district governing board has yet to approve any contract between the district and Canteen Inc. and/or the Compass Group. Jowel Laguerre, superintendent/president of Solano College, confirmed that the governing board had yet to ratify the new vending contract but declined to comment on whether any legal ramifications could

occur with the machines being on district property without a ratified contract. “Personally, I’m concerned with the security of the machines,” said Martin Kulmus, technology specialist at Solano College. These new snack machines are fitted with special devices which allow for consumers to use credit cards and/or debit cards for the purchase of snacks. Calls to Canteen Inc. regarding the security of the machines have not been returned.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK “Who, being loved, is poor?” - Oscar Wilde


THE TEMPEST n Feb.6 - Feb. 26, 2013

OPINION Poetry in motion By Ryan Tucker Staff Writer

I find it very rewarding meeting new people here at Solano. I enjoy finding the characters and the standout individuals who have something special. I pride myself on having an eye for spotting the unique. This week, a cosmetology student by the name of Melanie Bacho caught my attention. Her fun-loving sense of humor, laid-back nature, and her passion for poetry is refreshing. Melanie was hesitant about letting me read her poetry, let alone featuring it in The Tempest. I had to push her. I had to insist because I kept thinking of other students like Melanie who might not have the confidence to share their work. Ryan: Tell me a little about yourself. Hobbies, interests etc. Melanie: Oh I have tons of hobbies. First off my number one passion is Hip Hop dance. I absolutely love to perform. When I’m not writing poetry I often divide my time between painting, sketch drawing, reading, playing the guitar and singing. I actually really like to sing in the shower. Ryan: Sing in the shower huh? Well I won’t lie I do it too. So you mentioned that you like to read. Do you have a favorite book or genre? Melanie: I’m actually a little embarrassed to say but one of my favorite books is Redeeming Love. Ryan: Really. Why? Melanie: Well I love romance novels but it’s not something people normally guess about me. I’m not really the sappy type so it’s weird. Ryan: Tell me, what’s it like being a cosmetology student? Melanie: I’ll tell you right now! It is a lot harder than people would expect. I wouldn’t suggest people do it for fun. It should be something your passionate about. Cosmetol-

campus calendar

ogy involves the heart. You have to constantly serve people. It is crucial to really love what you do.


Ryan: Any standout students you work with or shout-outs you want to give?

The SCC District Governing Board Meeting

Melanie: Oh for sure! Gabriella. She is a great learner and I’m positive she will make a great cosmetologist one day.

6:30 p.m. Room 626 of the Administration Building

Ryan: Where do you see yourself after Solano?


Melanie: I hope to open my own salon with my friend Stephanie Wolf.

Resident Nursing Information Workshop

Ryan: So tell me…why poetry? Melanie: Well I have a very high emotional level. When I’m happy or sad poetry is the medium I use to portray what I’m feeling. I eventually want to write a poetry book one day. I love the idea of connecting with people. Ryan: So how do you go about your creative process?

5:30p.m. -6:45p.m. Fairfield Campus, Room 812

Steve Reczkowski/Tempest

Melanie Bacho enjoys writing poetry.

Melanie: It really depends on my emotional state. What caused it, influenced it, and why.

Becoming sticky

Ryan: So what if Solano Community College put on a talent show or an open mic for students such as yourself, would you be interested?

If only I were sticky Than would they stick around? Or perhaps I should change my character Maybe than our friendships should be bound Heart ache by heart ache The circumstances change every time Just one aspect remains they all leave without a warning sign I don’t know what I do Or maybe it’s just me being me How is it that not one stays? Coincidentally they all leave I am fooled every time for actually believing Maybe just this time it’s different but there always deceiving Now I have finally learned to just let go No more fighting it’s time to grow

Melanie: Light weight haha! I’m not a microphone person but I would love to be on stage and dance. Ryan: So you can’t be the only person who writes poetry here at Solano. Do you have any last words of encouragement that might help other students feel more confident showing off their work? Melanie: There is a reason you feel the way you do and write the way you do. Let it be useful, let it make a difference in other people’s lives. If you have a gift you should use it! Don’t let it sit and rot.

By Melanie Bacho

Feb. 13 Veteran’s Affairs Krispy Kreme Starbucks Fundraiser Main Campus Cafeteria Building (1400) 8:30am to 2:30pm Preorders available until February 11th

Feb.14-Feb.19 No Classes Presidents Day

Feb. 15 Deadline for Club Renewal packets- Noon Pick up and return packets in room 1425

March15 Student Service Retreat ALL student services offices will be closed. 4p.m. -5p.m.

Letter to the editor

SCC professor will present alternative Measure Q plan Editor: The Solano Community College “I consider this to be a huge waste District Governing Board is going of taxpayers’ money...” to meet at 6:30 on Wednesday, February 6, in Room 626 of the Administration Building, to discuss -Dr. Melanie Lutz the architects’ plans for the new construction that will be financed by the recently passed Measure Q. These taxpayers’ money, and I intend to propose an plans call for demolishing or gutting several alternative plan that provides the needed new buildings that were only recently renovated by classroom and lab space, without money from Measure G, which was passed in destroying perfectly good space that was only 2002. I consider this to be a huge waste of recently renovated.

Other teachers are also planning to speak out against the architects’ plans. I think that your paper should send a reporter to cover this important meeting. Sincerely, Dr. Melanie Lutz Engineering and Physics Departments Solano Community College

March 30 Last day to drop with a W

March 31 – April 6 Spring Break!


THE TEMPEST n FEB. 6- FEB. 26, 2013

SnapChat at a glance


A picture that self-destructs three seconds after it’s opened seems slightly out of this world and a little bit too Hollywood, but it has become a reality.

If that wasn’t enough to convince readers how unique SnapChat is, users are also able

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The ability to conceal and erase pictures or videos you only want a particular person to see temporarily has become possible. The apple app world was By Shaianna Rincon introduced to SnapChat in 2011. Staff Writer The fourth most popular app on itunes, SnapChat provides the ability to “snap” a picture and send it to someone else who uses the app. The difference between this photography app and many other ones available, within the to draw or insert their own personal texts iTunes store, is exactly what makes SnapChat on the image before sending it. SnapChat so desirable. Before sending the picture just helps bring out the more unique weird sides recently ‘snapped,’ the user can set exactly of every individual who decides to download how long they want the picture to “last.” The the application. “I love taking odd pictures of time can be set from one second up to 11 myself,” said Kristina Kountouris, a student at seconds, after the person receiving the picture Solano College and a SnapChat user. “It truly has viewed the image for that set time; the shows how weird of a human I am, and I have picture expires, to never be opened again, for no shame in my game.” both parties. With the ability to potentially send a picture In addition to the already unique functions that doesn’t exist, what sort of danger does an of SnapChat, in the most recent software app like this potentially hold? People believe update the “video function” was introduced. sending a picture to someone within Snapchat Users are now able to record themselves and is just like flashing someone, for lack of better send a small video clip that also expires once terms. This app has brought forward the, it has played through one time. Magic? Just once shy, freaks of nature. ‘Sexting’ is back in intelligent minds working to bettering our a new form, the SnapChat form. Where’s the phone world? harm in that?

of teenagers should be aware of the capabilities of SnapChat before letting their children download this tool. What these teenagers are forgetting is how easy it is for someone to screenshot what they are viewing. There is a small window of opportunity for the person receiving a snap to grab hold of the picture permanently. The screenshot ability is still possible, with a small catch. If a user tries to screenshot the picture they have received, the sender will automatically and almost immediately be notified. It’s not a foolproof app in the end. Not the best, when trying to “flash” someone in the digital world. It would be smarter and more logical to just physically flash somebody, not that I approve. If you do send letters please make sure to include full name, and contact information (for verification purposes) and be advised that letters may be edited and/or shortened for length.

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Sending someone a quick ‘peek-a-boo’ and then acting as if it never happened. Parents

campus conversation

What is your opinion on gun control?

“We should tighten gun control, but not get rid of them completely.”

“They should give background checks, just like jobs do.”

“I believe guns should not be regulated.”

“People who do Illegal things with guns own guns illegally, so laws won’t stop criminals from using them.”

-Chris Fuller, 43 Electrical Engineering

-Anthony Amorello 32 Mechatronics

-Terri Wells, 22 English

-Summer Collins Psychology

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“I’m more for owning guns.”

-Alec Neal, 21 Undeclared

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THE TEMPEST n FEB. 6 - FEB. 26, 2013

FEATURES Are you ready to release your inner devil? “DmC” proves it’s not a rip-off of the original Rachel Sison Staff Writer

“DmC: Devil May Cry” is a reboot of the original franchise featuring a new Dante, new weapons, and an entire new storyline. The initial reactions from fans were negative and some fans have even petitioned the reboot on the official White House website according to Den of Geeks. com. Many thought the new “DmC” would not meet the standards of the original version; however “DmC” has proven itself to be a remarkable game that while different from the original still contains the same characteristics we loved about the first “Devil May Cr”y games. The game takes place in Limbo City, a city where demons manipulate humans in the background through various means. Dante, who remains the protagonist, works together with an organization called The Order to take these demons and their boss, Mundus, down. The gameplay retains it hack-and-slash style, adding new weapons that change Dante’s fighting style. Osiris, a scythe with angel-powers, is all about fast attacks and crowd control, while Eryx, a pair of demon gauntlets, focuses on power instead of speed and is perfect for close quarter combat. During battle, the action is fast and reaction speeds to player commands are on point. Players will also be making use of the

“During battle, the action is fast and reaction speeds to player commands are on point. Players will also be making use of the environment rather than simply running, such as swinging across platforms or pulling objects to you to land on.” environment rather than simply running, such as swinging across platforms or pulling objects to you to land on. “DmC: contains spectacular artwork: the characters, the weapons, and the environment are beautifully rendered. The detail given to the weapons adds to the story itself, as the angelic weapons are drastically different from the demonic weapons used in the game, contributing to the overall fact that Dante is half-angel and halfdemon. The environment is intricately detailed adding to the overall game experience. The new “DmC” delivers on all counts and is worthy of its title as a “Devil May Cry” game. The new and improved Dante, main character of DMC

Look up in the Sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! by Sam Zaghloul Feature Editior

Once upon a time, in a far distant age known as…the 1990s.,Warner Bros, hoping to ride off the success of Tim Burton’s Batman movie, commissioned Batman: The animated series. And Lo! It was good. And so, again they tried to create a repeat performance with DC’s other big property. No, not Wonder Woman, smart ass. Superman.

The first and greatest Super-hero, the Hercules of the modern era. “But wait,” you say “Superman’s Boring!” This series does a good job of keeping Superman’s powers manageable –bullets may bounce off his chest, but a missile will knock him on his ass. This balances making Superman struggle for his victories and yet still be

awe-inspiring. Now, as I said this was created after BTAS, and the production team takes what they learned there and applied it to this new project –the art is cleaner and stream lined, which fits the optimistic and futuristic nature of Metropolis, as opposed to Gotham’s dark, retro noir look. There’s also a stronger sense of continuity than in BTAS, perhaps

due to Superman having less memorable villains than Batman. Everything builds together. Elements introduced in one episode will have become much more important later, like little plot seeds that bloom into story flowers. Story flowers that spawn Death Robot Pollen. The voice acting is top notch. Clancy Brown just oozes menace

as an almost-Bond villain-like Lex Luthor, and Tim Daily hits Superman’s right mix of compassion and authority . I highly recommend this show to lovers of Super-heroes, explosions and the color red.

Should I feel guilty about my shoes when I see less fortunate people? By Christine Butler Sports Editor

chris’ corner

It’s not only a new year but also a new semester. There’s new goals, dreams, classes, teachers, friends, new everything. Many students get stressed during the semester or may go through some crisis at home, with a friend or even in a relationship. That’s what I’m here for. Any advice you might need you can go to Chris’ Corner and ask me anything. I’m here to help you with your problems and struggles. Ask questions and let me know what you need advice on. Don’t be afraid, everyone is welcome. Dear Chris, I have a big shoe collection and wear new shoes regularly,

but when I see someone less fortunate or not as wealthy to have new shoes I always feel like I’m a selfish person and I look down upon myself and feel guilt. Is this normal? Should I feel the way I do? I know it makes me humble but I’m just curious if others feel this way as well. –Shoe Addict Dear Shoe Addict, I don’t think you should put yourself through so much stress about it because sometimes there’s nothing you can do about other peoples’ situations. You can always give homeless people a few dollars but it isn’t your fault that you have more than they do. There are some other things you can do to help less

fortunate people like donate to your local Salvation Army, tell the people you see and how they can get help with certain things like food and drinks. Even though it may not be as expensive as the things you have it’s still something. I’d say just don’t put so much pressure on yourself because everyone can help somebody but you can’t help everybody. But you can always try. Dear Chris, How do long-distance relationships work? –Simple Sally Dear Simple Sally Long distance relationships are always a little hard to adjust to, especially if you’re with your partner

all the time as opposed to just being with them on the weekends. It can be very hard or somewhat easy. It depends on how you handle the situation and how you handle your emotions. I think when a couple has to change to a long distance relationship the one thing they should do no matter what is be supportive of each other and why this has to happen. Supporting each other and communication are two of the most important things to have in a relationship. I think that as long as both of you are willing to make it work and figure out a way to see and talk to each other everything should work out fine. I wish you good luck on your transition. Email questions to Chris at:


THE TEMPEST n FEB. 6 - FEB. 26, 2013

The trend from film to digital Film and darkrooms are still alive and breathing Paul Quiroga Staff Writer

Technology is constantly outperforming itself in fresh and innovative ways. Toaster ovens give way to microwaves, bulky boxes with antennas are replaced by 3D plasma flat screens, and photographic film loses followers to digital pictures. Photography has been around since the early 19th century. Back then it took weeks to process a single image, and there weren’t many special-effect options. Eventually we refined the technique into the hundreds of methods used today. This film evolution has changed again to digital imaging. With the sky-rocketing cost of chemicals required to process film, the economy is snuffing out the old picture processing medium more and more each year. The demand for these materials is so low that big camera companies like Kodak are doing away with it completely. The writing is on the wall, film is becoming an ancient art.

Library of Congress

Pioneering British photographer Roger Fenton was one of the first war photographers. He took this photo during the Crimean war of Marcus Sparling, his photographic assistant, seated on Fenton’s mobile darkroom.

Despite film’s impending doom, groups and coalitions have sprouted to support film and keep the love of it alive. The Impossible Project sells retro Polaroid cameras, and businesses like Ilford and Lomography will still supply you with all the means

to use old fashion film. However one must ask, “are there any advantages of film over digital?” Many professional photographers will answer that film has the capacity to render better quality, but only extreme photo-heads are likely to care about these details. Most people just want a camera they can easily upload images from. The instant gratification and ease of use that digital offers seems to be more comfortable for the majority of photographers. Film may have one foot in the grave, but it is still alive and breathing. Solano’s darkroom, which is used to develop photos by the old method, experienced a face-lift 3 years ago and is still a fundamental part of the photography department, said Tracy Lukehart, Photography instructor. “Photo 31 hybrid uses the darkroom, and is on now. Photo 30 will use the darkroom this Fall semester,” said Ron Zak, Professor of Photography. The college also offers an alternative processes class that uses the darkroom. There’s no denying the obvious lean toward computerized imaging over chemically bathing pictures. The trend isn’t new, but it’s reaching a tipping point that will make film cameras artifacts.

What would you do if your partner told you they had an STD? Christine Butler Sports Editor Latanya Turner Staff writer

In this generation there are a lot more people getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and/or getting pregnant. According to teen_pregnancy.pdf one million teen girls get pregnant each year and nearly four out of ten young women get pregnant at least once before they turn 20. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [] states that 19 million new STD infections occur every year in this country, nearly half in young women ages 15-24. We wanted to start something new for The Tempest to get students’ opinions on certain topics. We also want to get information out there to the students on campus. We want to start with a topic that is very appropriate and can be very helpful to everyone on campus. If you and your partner have been dating for over a year and you just found out that they have an STD, what would you do or how would you handle the situation? “I’d go get tested myself because there’s a good chance

“Sex Talk” is written by The Tempest’s sex panel of two guys and two gals. If you have questions or topics you’d like to suggest, email:

We’ll keep your confidentiality at your request. I may have an STD,” said a student who asked to remain anonymous. “There’s not much you can do then because you don’t know how they got it or if you gave it to them” the student said. “An STD shouldn’t separate a couple unless they cheated and got an STD from someone else, that’s different.” “I would definitely get tested and leave her ass high and

dry,” said Charleane a student who asked that her last name not be used. “Why? Because if you’re not grown enough to let me know than it’s a possibility that I have what you gave me,” According to, some reasons why someone in a relationship hasn’t told their significant other about their STD are: they never had any symptoms, they didn’t think it would be risky when only having oral sex; they weren’t tested so they weren’t aware of it or they couldn’t figure out the right time to bring up the topic. There are a lot of things people need to be concerned about when finding out someone they are intimate with has an STD. Solano Community College has a Health Center that provides Planned Parenthood services. It’s located in room 1409 and their phone number is (707) 864-7163. They’re here every Wednesday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and the services they provide are HIV testing, STD screening, pregnancy testing, Depo Provera injection, birth control pill and patch, nuva ring, and also men’s services. All services are confidential.



THE TEMPEST n MAY 18 - SEPT. 13, 2013

$1.50 spent every day to feed cats 7 CATS: FROM PAGE 1

donations because she spends a $1.50 per day feeding the cats around campus. “Feral cats need to be fed cat food like a normal house cat,” Phillips said. She says that if cats eat only rodents they will get very sick, unhealthy, and bring disease because the rodents carry disease. “All the cats are afraid of people and will stay far away and no one will get hurt,” Phillips said. She has big dreams in mind for the cats like feeders, cat trees and more. Phillips said the art department has offered to

paint the cat feeders. To donate food, which Phillips needs and will gladly receive, drop cat food off at the Student Development Office, Room 1425, across from the book store. Students who are interested in joining the Campus Cat club can contact Phillips at to get signed up before Club Day in February. The club needs at least 10 people. Cat fans can contact Wendy at wendy.phillips@mindspring. com.





Five new positions will be created to manage bond 7Q: FROM PAGE 1

passed would all the classes that are needed in each academic program be offered every semester. Jowel Laguerre, superintendent-president of Solano College, responded that Solano College cannot offer all the classes every semester because the college does not have enough students to fill every course. “My main concern is being able to graduate on time,” said Harris outside of the forum. “I have thought about going to another college.” Measure Q will fund five positions for the operation of the bond. According Moriarty, these five positions, including a Director of Measure Q Facilities Planning, would cost $356,000 to $435,000 per year. This includes salary and benefits. On the main campus, the priority projects focus on the renovation of the 1200 building, the completion of a new student forum, a new library and student success center, a new science and math building, and the renovation of the 1800A building. Due to health issues involving the 1200 building, renovation of the building became the number one project, Laguerre said. Renovation of the building will cost $14.1 million. Measure Q will fund $492,000, with the balance being supplied by the State of California. A new student forum building, costing $3.9 million will be built where currently the campus clock and student freedom of speech area are located. The new library and student success building will cost almost $38 million and will be located in the space where the 1500 and 1600 buildings are currently located.

Both buildings 1500 and 1600 would be demolished. State funding would pay for $18 million of the total. Math and science would move to a new two-story building where the current 800 building is located. The 300 building would be retained, said Laguerre. “There are problems with space involving the science and math departments,” said professor Joe Conrad. Conrad also said that if the math and science departments were to keep the 300 building it would still not be enough room. The new math/science building will cost $30.8 million. With the demolition of the 1600 building, which currently houses the cosmetology program, the 1800A building would be renovated so the cosmetology program could be moved into the space. Cost will be just short of $16.7 million. The Vallejo Center’s priority projects focus on buying new property around the Vallejo Center, $9 million, $7.2 million on new career technologies, almost $29.2 million on a new classroom building, and about $22 million slated for future projects. At the Vacaville Center, $29.9 million would be spent on a new science and biotech building, $14.5 million on new corporate training center, $16.6 million on an agriculture building, $12.2 million on a new fire technology training building, and $19.9 million for future expansion at the center. The next slated issuance of a Measure Q bond will occur in Aug. 2018.


• Small Classes • Outstanding faculty with academic and real-world expertise

Voters approved $348 million in bonds for improvements to Solano Community College -1200 building renovation -New student forum building -New library, student success building -New Math/Science building -1800A building renovation


$14.1 million* $3.9 million $38 million** $30.8 million $16.7 million

• Degree options in Communication, Psychology, and Management

Vallejo Center New property purchase $9 million Career technologies $7.2 million New classroom building $29.2 million Future projects $22 million Vacaville Center New science and biotech building $29.9 million New corporate training center $14.5 million Agriculture building $16.6 million Fire technology building $12.2 million Future expansion $19.9 million

• Financial aid and scholarships available • Classes start in January and August LEARN MORE


* funded by the state, with $492,000 funded Measure Q funds

san fr ancisco

** with $18 million funded by state source: Kitchell

s a n ta r o s a

san jose

sacr amento



THE TEMPEST n FEB. 6 - FEB. 26, 2013

Falcons lose heartbreaker against Laney John Glidden Staff writer

In a gritty back-and-forth game, the Solano College women’s basketball team came up four points short of gaining a better footing in the Bay Valley Conferenc where they came into the game tied with Mendocino College for first place, with Laney College nipping at their heels, Jan 1.

Fans witnessed a tight and close game with Laney College winning over Solano, 64-61. The Falcons don’t like to hear “Laney College in January” for both of the Falcon’s only losses in the month of January have come at the hands of Laney College. Solano lost on Jan. 4, 62-58, at Laney College. The Falcon’s started out the first half with freshman guard/ forward Ariel Clay leading the Falcons with 16 points. For a good portion of the first half,

Scoring surge pushes Solano past College of Alameda

Necole White of Solano College shooting one of her three 3-pointers over Laney College in the second half.

Clay was the only Falcon on the score sheet. Clay would end the game with 23 points. Freshman guard Necole White added a buzzer-beating three point shot to lead the Falcons to an emphatic 29-24 lead over Laney College. White recorded three 3 point shots to end the game with nine points. Then the bottom fell out.

Becky Smith/Tempest


nFor new and

updated games and stories visit: solanotempest. net

Falcon men’s basketball on a two game winning streak Ben Gogna Editor in Chief

John Glidden Staff writer

Scoring their most points in a game all season, the Solano’s men’s basketball team defeated College of Alameda 84-76, breaking a five-game losing streak. Solano Falcon’s head Coach John Nagle believes that the Falcons won with more aggressive play and passing the ball more; something they had not been doing during the past five games. Four Falcons scored double digit points, including two players who had at least 20 points; sophomore guard Mike McKinney recorded 22 points, and sophomore guard/ forward LeQuan Gomes was close behind with 21 points. McKinney did the bulk of his scoring during the second half, which included sinking two important 3 point shots to keep the Falcons ahead of Alameda.

Freshman guard/forward Jamarae Moss scored 13 points, while freshman guard/forward Corey Doran logged an even 10 points. “I’m really excited,” said Nagle. “They played 40 minutes and were focused on defense, adding pressure to Alameda.” On the other side of the court, Alameda was led by six foot, seven inches tall sophomore power forward Reggie Henderson who scored 21 points, 13 in the second half alone. Sophomore guard Antonio Austin had 18 points for Alameda, and sophomore small forward Harold Perry tabulated 17 points. With the win, Solano improves to 8-13 overall with a 3-7 record in Bay Valley Conference games, Alameda drops to 5-15 overall with a 1-9 BVC record.

SPORTS CALENDAR Wed. Feb. 6, 2013 5:30 p.m. - Women’s Basketball @ Mendocino 7:30 p.m. - Men’s Basketball @ Mendocino

Wed. Feb. 13, 2013 5:30 p.m. - Women’s Basketball @ Kentfield 7:30 p.m. - Men’s Basketball @ Kentfield

Thur. Feb. 7, 2013 1 p.m. - Softball vs SJCC 2 p.m. - Baseball vs College of San Mateo

Fri. Feb. 15, 2013 2 p.m. - Baseball @ Stockton 5:30 p.m. - Women’s Basketball vs Merritt College 7:30 p.m. - Men’s Basketball vs Merritt College

Fri. Feb. 8, 2013 5:30 p.m. - Women’s Basketball vs Los Medanos 7:30 p.m. - Men’s Basketball vs Los Medanos Sat. Feb. 9, 2013 12 p.m. - Softball @ Consumnes River 1 p.m. - Baseball @ San Mateo Tues. Feb. 12, 2013 2 p.m. - Softball vs DVC 2 p.m. - Baseball vs Mission College

Sat. Feb. 16, 2013 1 p.m. - Softball vs Delta College Tues. Feb. 19, 2013 2 p.m. - Baseball @ Monterey Penisula College Thur. Feb. 21, 2013 2 p.m. - Softball vs ARC 2 p.m. - Baseball @ Santa Rosa

The Solano Falcons (9-13, 4-7 BVC), on the road, come home with an easy win against Napa Storm (4-16,2-9 BVC) 73-49 Friday night. “We played a great game tonight,” Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Gabriel said. “It’s good to see our team finally come around and play to our full capability.” This win over the Storm makes the Falcons second consecutive victory this week. The first was against Alameda on Wednesday. Solano won both games this season versus Napa. Solano College’s Lequan Gomes shoots a jumper in the first half against Napa Valley College. Photo by: Shaianna Rincon


THE TEMPEST n FEB. 6 - FEB. 26, 2013


Spotlight on Solano athletes

Photo by: Steven Reczkowski/Tempest

Taylor Hamilton is playing in her freshman year as a guard for the Solano Falcons.

Photo by: Erin Fritz/Tempest

James Givens, “I felt the best potential for playing was here at Solano.”

Taylor Hamilton, guard

James Givens, guard

team play wasn’t as quick on the court. Now we’re playing more as a team and helping each other.”

Taylor Hamilton has idolized Kobe Bryant since she was eight years old. Hamilton is the starting freshman guard for the Solano Community College Falcons. Taylor’s high school coach, Nadine Walker, attended and played for Solano. Solano’s Connie Holloway, Corina Cornelius, Ann Talamantes-Ristow, Leilanie Lewis, Teryl Morrison and head coach Matt Borchert, recruited her. “The history of the school and how well they have succeeded is what drew my attention to play here,” Hamilton said. Hamilton attended St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, played for the Lady Bruins and graduated in 2012. Hamilton grew up in Oakland and Vallejo.

Playing for the Falcons has been a good experience for Hamilton. “I’ve been progressing with my skills, which has led my expectations to achieving another banner for the school,” Hamilton said. “As a team, we can’t expect anything, but we practice and play to achieve our highest goal, which is to achieve a banner and becoming better players.” “I plan on transferring to a four-year and possibly playing in Europe someday. I’d love to go to SoCal, the LA area or even Oregon.” Hamilton said. “Thanks be to God, my family, my friends, the team and the coaching staff. Thanks for helping me become a better person and player.”

“My team and I connect well,” Hamilton said. “It didn’t take us long to come together and bond, although

by: Ben Gogna Editor in Chief

James Givens is a guard for the Solano Community College Falcons. Givens grew up in Fairfield and graduated from Fairfield High School in 2007. Alan Iverson, ex Philadelphia 76ers, was his favorite athlete growing up, but eventually it became Lebron James, Miami Heat, because Iverson retired. What brought Givens to Solano was after evaluating several junior colleges that he considered attending, he felt his best chance to get an opportunity was here at Solano. “I took four years out of school,” Givens said. “I felt the best potential for playing was here at Solano.” Givens says, “I feel that I am a vocal leader here with the team and that I set the tone on how well we play.” Givens brings a lot of intensity and leads by example. “Playing for Solano has helped me individually with my leadership skills and has helped me become more of a team player.”

“If we (Solano) win the rest of our games this season, we might have a chance to make the playoffs,” Givens says. “I see myself getting a scholarship and playing for a fouryear university. I’m hoping basketball will lead me to a successful career whether it’s coaching, being a professional scout or even training. I love the athletic experience.” “First and foremost, I want to thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to play college basketball and I would like to thank the head coach John Nagle for giving me the opportunity to tryout for this team when he didn’t have to.” “I also want to thank my family and friends for supporting me through my two year career playing basketball at Solano.”

by: Ben Gogna Editor in Chief

Laney takes over the game against the Falcons 7HEARTBREAKER: FROM PAGE 7

Laney proceeded to go on a double-digit run against the Falcons to open up the second half. “We fought hard during the first half but we let up in the second half,” said Solano’s Clay. “We lost our energy,” said Solano’s White after the game. Freshman guard Taylor Hamilton stressed that the Falcons were

focused for the game but lost the energy for the second half. Hamilton had 15 points for the game. Solano’s head coach, Matt Borchert, after the game, echoed the sentiments of his players by saying that the team game out of the half-time with less energy. With two minutes gone in the second half, Borchert called a

timeout, after Laney had begun the half with an eight to one run, informing the Falcons that “the first five minutes of a half are the most important.” Seven minutes later Borchert called another timeout. “You’re not playing defense, and this is for the championship on your home court,” Borchert

shouted to his players during a full timeout. Complicating the matters for the Falcons was sophomore guard Sharlina Gibson who recorded all of her scoring for Laney College during the second half; all 26 points. With the loss, Solano drops to third place in the Bay Valley

Conference with an overall record of 10-9 and 7-2 in BVC play. Laney moves into a tie with Mendocino College with 7-1 BVC records. Next Solano plays against Napa Valley College, 5:30 p.m., Friday, at Napa.

Solano Tempest  

Feb. 6, 2013

Solano Tempest  

Feb. 6, 2013