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Kantaya is a non-profit organization that provides quality of life to 70 children in extreme poverty in the neighborhood “Mi Peru� - in Ventanilla, Lima, through specialized activities aimed. Find out more in:


Job Description 1: The intern will design, develop and implement strategies for collection of funds. Strategies should include the definition of needs, the objectives of the fund and organizational analysis of the capability of the organization and what is offered to potential donors .The trainee will also report on the planning , studying aspects of context , the monitoring and evaluation of the donation process and apply transparency at all times.

Job Description 2: The intern will have to participate in workshops about each topic required before and during the project. Interns will work with adolescents 12 to 16 years old. The intern will have to plan theorical and practical classes on leadership and social entrepreneurship. They will coordinate the activities for each module to the project. Also the intern will contribute to the development of reading plan projects and maths and redaction from Kantaya for children 5,8, 9 and 13 years old. They will create short events at the school for promote the project. Participate and support a Global Village event.Facilitate and lead a lot dynamics for each workshop. Finally, they will develop and teach about different social issues before, during or at the end of each workshop.


70 children in extremely poor conditions

Conditions: Accomodation and Food provided

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