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Youth is the future

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illion stories m a

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We craved for a

world with

“Peace and fullfilment of human kind’s potential” since 1948

We asked ourselves what can we do to bring us closer to this world

And then we realised that we cannot solve all the problems...

Yet we belive there is a fundamental solution for these problems...


Leadership for us is a youn challenging e

reflecting and re-inventing the

ng person living through a environment,

emsevles into a better person

And we are commited to offer these young people an intensive experiential leadership development journey to enable their transformation in our value-based global platform.

We see that the extre vision in the wo

A world which is unprecedented incomparable

eme relevance of our orld is right now,

hyperconnected, d challenges and e opportunities

We want to enable every young person to live that transformation.

We are 1 million stori we are the youth mak person for a b

ies of young people, king ourselves a better better world.

You are the future. find out more

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