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State surface: 20. 273 km² Population: 2 millions The capital city: Ljubljana Counties: 210 The main rivers: Sava (218 km), Drava (142 km), Krka (93 km) The highest mountain: Triglav (2864 m) Surface of our sea: 300 km²

Our flag with coat of arms

Our state Slovenia ( the biggest cities)

History Slovenia has been influenced by its neighbouring country: Austria (from 14 to the first half of 20 century), by Italy (in the first world war) and by Hungary (before 14 century). In 1945 Slovenia joined the big state of Jugoslavija. It got independence on the 25 June in 1991. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Socialist republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with capital in Sarajevo, SR of Croatia, with capital in Zagreb, SR of Macedonia, with capital in Skopje, SR of Montenegro, with capital in Titograd,

5. SR of Serbia, with capital in Belgrade, which also contained: 5a. Socialist autonomous province of Kosovo, with capital in Priština 5b. Socialist autonomous province of Vojvodina, with capital in Novi Sad 6. Socialist republic of Slovenia, with capital in Ljubljana. On the first of May 2004 Slovenia joined European Union and we got the Euro currency on the first January in 2007. Natural regions      

the Alps (mountains and lakes) the Predalpine Hills (mountain and lakes) the Ljubljana Basin (Ljubljana and around) Submediterranean (Littoral) Slovenia (the coastal region) the Dinaric Karst of inner Slovenia (southern)-hills Subpannonian Slovenia (eastern)-just plain and small hills

Attractive sights

Our intermittent lake: Cerkniško jezero

Human fish (it lives JUST in the Postojna cave)

Postojnska jama (a cave in Postojna: Length 20. 570 m; 5km open to tourists), we can find many endemits here (human fish ‌)

Piran and other coastal cities

Yes, I know. It isn`t a sight but it is a veeery good Slovenian food called Prekmurska gibanica (it is a sweet).

More about Slovenia`s sights in the next number.

The highest mountain Triglav (people climb it)

Our Island in Dolenjska. Kostanjevica na Krki Around the city is the river Krka.

Written by Ana Penca, 9.a

Our State Slovenia  
Our State Slovenia  

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