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LJUBLJANA`S CASTLE FOREWORD: Castle (restored during many years) is situated above the capital city. In 1269 it was inhabited by the first king Ottokar Přemysl, but over two years he had to return it to Emperor Rudolf von Habsburg. In the 13 century, the castle was for a short time inhabited by the patriarch of Aquileia, in the early 14th century, it was leased by Gorizia-Tyrol counts. The castle got its present appearance in about the 16th Century.

CASTLE YARD: On the yard there are: -candy`s shop (because of tourists) -entrance into the rooms -trees -bushes CASTLE CORE: In the core of the castle can be seen the original Romanesque and Gothic style as the first tower, and Renaissance architectural elements.

SURROUNDINGS: In the surroundings you will find: Shops, apartment buildings, a marketplace, cable car (it brings you onto the castle), the tunnel ... THE END: In 1905, the castle of the Imperial Royal treasury was bought by the Municipality of Ljubljana. The last residents left in 1964.

Petra Pavlin, 6.r

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