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ABUDABI HEY Inesh, we must go to Spain because your mum and I need to find a job, and here we don’t find anything.

But, why? We are well here! I don’t want to move to another country!

It’s a good opportunity for us. You have to be understanding.

Inesh, your father doesn’t get find another job for one year. In my case, a Spanish enterprise offers me a job.

But I have my friends here and I don’t know Spanish. You are being unfair. I won’t go to Spain! I will stay here!

You are so selfish! You will go to Spain with us whether you like it or not.

The family goes to Spain for start a new life.

Well, we arrive. This will be our house for some time.

Good morning, Mrs. Ila. This is your new work place. You have to do the gardener’s work. It’s easy.

Okay. Thank you very much. I will do it the best I can.

The family arrives in Spain and they settle down in a rented apartment.

The mother gets a job in an international enterprise.

I don’t like this school. Everybody is stupid, they don’t understand my situation.

I haven’t found any job. All enterprises need someone who knows the language. But I will continue trying it.

What is it that he has on the head? Hahaha. After visiting some enterprises, the father hasn’t found any job. He comes back home sad.

Do you speak Spanish? Pip, pip….

Hahaha. Do-youunderstand-me? Or are you stupid too?

Inesh starts school, it’s his first day

Good morning. I have read the advertisement of your enterprise in the newspaper. I would like to work for your company.

No, I don’t. But …

Chandresh continues to get a job.

This school is so bad, everybody is stupid.

Hello… Is it true? How is it that you speak English?

Hello, I’m David. I’m going with you in Mathematics. I speak English too.

Really? It would be fantastic! Thanks.

Gradually, Inesh starts to have more friends in the school, because he learned the language and he became friendlier.

I go to England every summer. If you want, I could help you with Spanish.

Who is?

The phone rings.

Really? I would say it would be a pleasure for me. Thank you very much.

Good morning, Mr. Chandresh. I’m the director of the manufacture of microprocessors’ enterprise.

I have read your CV and I have found it very interesting. I would like that you would enter to work for our enterprise.

Okay. Alright. Can you start tomorrow?

Yes, of course!

Ila, Ila! The director of an enterprise which creates microprocessors has just called me and he wants me to work for them.

You see, son. It isn’t as bad as you thought.

Yes, you were right. Oh, Chandresh! It’s good news!

Then, all starts to go better…

Comic Ingles  

historia en comic de una familia indú

Comic Ingles  

historia en comic de una familia indú