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 RUN LEADER PRE-RIDE BRIEFING NOTES Introductions 1. “Ahem!” Best to make sure everyone is listening 2. Introduce yourself, and make sure everyone is aware of who the Back Marker (sweeper) is 3. State that all riders should be familiar with the Participants Guidelines, DOC 011GG, on the SAM website 4. Welcome any new members by asking them their name and what bike they are riding

The Ride 5. Confirm the grade of the ride, and check if everyone is comfortable with this 6. Confirm the destination, and give an overview of the route and types of road. Distribute a marked up map if you wish 7. Confirm any planned breaks or fuel stops, and check that everyone has enough fuel to reach the first fuel stop 8. Suggest any landmarks to watch out for 9. Explain the marker system 10. Confirm the signal you will use when placing a Marker st 11. Suggest that 1 timers start towards the rear of the group,

Marker system i. The rider immediately behind the Leader becomes a Marker, and marks the next junction or exit from a roundabout ii. The Leader will signal to the Marker in good time where they should stop iii. The Marker should anticipate and look for a signal from the Leader, and should stop where they are safe and visible to the following riders, pointing out the direction to follow nd iv. If the 2 rider behind the Leader notices that the Marker

to allow them time to see the marker system in action.

has missed the Leader’s signal to mark a change in direction, then they should mark it themselves Riding good practice v. When the Back Marker appears they will slow down to allow the Marker to pull out safely in front 12. Riders should ride at their own pace, and resist feeling vi. If a following rider, or the Back Marker, fails to appear, pressured to keep up with the rider in front, who may be a the Marker should stay put more experienced rider. (1st timers should feel more vii. If any rider gets lost, and after 10 minutes no one has confident if you explain that, even if they lose sight of the found them, they should proceed to the destination point rider in front, the marker system is designed to keep them or contact the Leader on track) 13. Keep the rider behind you in view. If you do not see them

after a couple of minutes, slow down or stop until they come into view 14. Pair up at traffic lights and junctions. This will be made easier if riders avoid pulling up in the centre of the lane 15. When on the open road, ride in staggered formation when in close proximity to other group riders 16. Avoid riding in convoy in a large group, as this can be disruptive to other traffic 17. Overtaking is not considered necessary. Only overtake if signalled to do so by the rider in front, or for overriding safety reasons Continued -->

Riding good practice (cont.) 18. If a rider wishes to leave the run they should notify the Run Leader or Back Marker 19. Remind all riders that they are deemed to be in control of their bikes at all times and riding decisions are theirs and theirs alone. They are also responsible for safety and complying with the law at all times.

Close 20. Any questions? 21. Enjoy the ride! 22. If anyone would like to make a donation to the chosen SAM charity, they should approach the Run Leader or Back Marker.

SAM’s chosen charity for 2010/2011



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