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New Finance Deal For Regions Announced Spanish Minister for the Economy, Elena Salgado, has announced that Central Government will make more than 11 billion additional € available annually for the regions from 2012. The main change she has made to the system is to calculate the amounts given to each region on a per-capital basis for the first time, and makes the move to ensure that a deal can be done now on regional funding but the idea has already been criticised by the P.P.’s economic spokesman, Cristóbal Montoro. He said the idea would only bring ‘more crisis and more unemployment’. Salgado has dismissed that claim, saying the new funding shows a greater solidarity with the regions and that all areas would have more resources in the future closer to an average per capita budget. There are still few details on the proposal which will now be considered in the regions of the country, although reports indicate that it has already been accepted in Cataluña. However Artúr Mas, the leader of Catalan coalition, CiU, said it was ‘an illegally finance deal in time periods, and insufficient in resources’. His opposition will not matter however following support for the deal from the ERC Catalan Republicans. It’s calculated by the Catalan Nationalists that the region gets an additional 3.85 billion a a year under the deal. In Andalucia the government has described the proposal as ‘enormously positive’, while Madrid considers the calculation of population numbers as erroneous. The new proposal means in effect that the regional administrations in Spain will get one in every four € collected in tax across the country.

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15 People Hospitalised With Swine Flu

As the World Health Organisation has said that the Swine Flu pandemic is ‘unstoppable’, it has been confirmed that there are now 15 serious cases in Spain. Minister for Health, Trinidad Jimenez, gave the latest update on Monday, after confirming the tragic death by medical error of Rayan, the premature baby born by Cesarian section the day before his Moroccan mother died from the A(H1N1) virus. His death follows the two deaths in Spain so far because of the virus, his 20 year old mother in Madrid, and a 41 year old man on the Canaries. The latest serious case has been confirmed in

Valencia, and is a 52 year old woman who also suffers from high temperatures. A man remains in intensive care in the Insular Hospital in Gran Canaria, there are two serious cases in Madrid, two more in Andalucia. In Cataluña there are now three serious cases, one more in Asturias and another in Galicia. Trinidad Jimenez also announced that the Government is to purchase three million doses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu after understanding the vaccine against the virus is not expected to be generally available until December.

Counterfeit Goods Gang Broken Up In Benidorm Benidorm police have arrested eight people in the town and in Barcelona on counterfeit charges. Those arrested were tracked in a joint operation between Benidorm and Barcelona police and all have a previous record on similar charges. A 45 year old Argentinean woman led the group of Spaniards, Indians and Italians, who have been found selling the counterfeit goods in tourist areas such as Denia, Sitges, Manresa and Benidorm. Investigations started two months ago have led to clearing up of six different cases of fraud and other crimes.

Sahara Refugee Children Spend Summer Holidays In Santa Pola A group of 10 Western Sahara children who live in refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria, have arrived in Santa Pola where, thanks to donations from the locals, they will be able to spend the rest of the summer. It’s part of the programme ‘Vacaciones en Paz’ – ‘Holidays in Peace’, and is organised by the association Help the Sahara, who have managed to raise more than 4,000 €. The donations have also been affected by the recession, and they were not able to raise quite as much as they had hoped; another group of 18 children are spending their summer holidays in Elche.

Two Murcia Prisoners Escape Police and Civil Guard are still looking for two prisoners from Murcia who escaped from the Castellón prison in the Valencia region between Saturday night and Sunday morning. They shared the same cell and managed to break out by forcing the bars on the window and reaching the street after climbing onto the prison roof. Neither are described as dangerous and were both taken into custody for drug trafficking. They had previously spent time together on remand in prison in Murcia.

Baby Who Lost Mother To Swine Flu Dies Due To Dreadful Medical Error The baby born by Caesarian section the day before his mother became Spain’s first victim of the A(H1N1) virus has died in hospital. Rayan was born at 7 months old at the end of June while his 19 year old mother, Dalilah Mimuni, was in a coma just hours before her death. It was later confirmed that he was born without the virus, but has been under special care since then owing to his early birth. He died on Monday morning because of what Antonio Barba Ruiz de Gauna, manager of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, said was ‘a dreadful medical error’. Rayan was said to be progressing well when, on Sunday evening, a nurse from another department, mistakenly administered premature baby formula into a vein. The nurse was under supervision, but it’s understood the supervisor was absent at the moment the nurse picked up the wrong solution, despite its being correctly labelled, and began intravenous feeding. Doctors worked on the child all night, but Rayan finally died at 12.20 on Monday morning. An internal investigation is under way, but the hospital manager has described what happened as a negligence which has no excuse, confirming that the Gregorio Marañón takes all responsibility for the baby’s death. Both the nurse and the supervisor are understood to have been suspended from duty. Dalilah Mimuni’s widower announced earlier this month that he would be taking legal action against the hospital’s treatment of his wife, where he said doctors failed to consider testing her for the virus despite her rising fever and difficulty in breathing.

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Police Seek Elche Gunman

An Italian man resident in Elche was undergoing emergency surgery after being shot while sitting in a parked car near a beach between Elche and Santa Pola early Sunday morning. The only information on the 38 year old’s condition was a ‘reserved prognosis’. The victim was with his partner in an isolated area of Arenales del Sol, when it appears they were approached by a suspected peeping tom, believed to be the person who fired the shots. The suspect then fled the scene and is now being sought by National Police. A similar case is reported in the same area two years ago.

Construction Of Murcia Tram Starts

The Murcia regional government has put out to tender a feasibility study for a future extension of the capital’s tram system to the north of the city as far as Molina de Segura, Alguazas and Las Torres de Cotillas. Construction of Line 1 of Murcia tram starts this monthThe extension is planned to start from the Espinardo university campus. Public works councillor José Ballesta said the alternatives presented will be analysed with the aim of finding the best solution from a technical, financial and environmental point of view to serve the transport needs of Murcia’s metropolitan area. A 2km trial stretch of Line 1 opened in the city April 2007; it’s understood further construction work is due to begin in Murcia later this month.

The President of the Madrid Regional Government, Esperanza Aguirre, says she has spoken to the father, and that there will be justice for him. He has said that baby Rayán will be buried next to his mother in the Moroccan town of Mdiq.

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NEWS UPDATE...NEWS UPDATE...NEWS UPDATE...NEWS UPDATE...NEWS UPDATE...NEWS UPDATE... Check The By-laws Before Going To The Beach! As the summer continues with Spain’s beaches as busy as ever, there are signs of change in a country where previously, after the suppression of the Franco years, anything goes. Now there are a growing number of local bylaws affecting beaches around the coasts. In Almuñecar the siesta is sacred as those who play music, live or on the radio face a fine. In A Coruña if you ignore the red and other warning flags be prepared to face a 500 € fine as well.

La Manga Marina EC Environmental Concerns

The European Commission has reportedly given the Spanish government a period of two months to respond to their observations on the controversial Puerto Mayor marina in La Manga. Construction has been at a standstill since the Murcia High Court stopped work at the site following a complaint from the Environment Ministry against the regional government’s decision to allow the work to continue.

Despite being in the open air, smoking is banned on the beach at L’Escala in Girona, and the banning of sex on the beach, along with stag nights and hen parties has proved unpopular with many in Tossa de Mar. In Valencia expect a fine if your sunshade is less than six metres from the sea, or if you are caught drinking alcohol. Is this part of a general moral crackdown, or just local town halls trying to raise funds in financially troubled times?

Spain’s 1st Test Tube Baby Celebrates 25th Birthday

Four Gored In Sixth Bull Run In Pamplona The body of 27 year old Daniel Jimeno Romero was cremated in Alcalá de Henares this Sunday, who, on Friday, became the 15th person to be killed in the history of the worldfamous San Fermín bull run in Pamplona, after the first death in 1924. The Mayor of Pamplona, Yolanda Barcina, was in Alcalá to pay the respects of all members of Pamplona City Hall. Daniel Jimeno was an expert at San Fermín, and had run before the bulls there several times over a number of years. The last fatality before his death this year was a local man, Fermín Echeverría Irañeta, who died after two months in a coma after hitting his head in the 2003 bull run. 22 year old Matthew

Peter Tasio from the United States died after being gored in the stomach in 1995, and another U.S. citizen is reported to be one of three people who were seriously injured in the same run where Daniel Jimeno was fatally injured on Friday. Another four people were gored on Sunday’s run, the sixth of the 2009 Sanfermines, and it’s understood that two who were seriously hurt are out of danger after emergency surgery. A total of eleven runners required hospital treatment in what is described by the Spanish press as the longest and most dangerous of this year’s San Fermín.

Victoria Ana Sánchez Perea was given her second Christian name in honour of one of the doctors who made her birth possible: the biologist Anna Veiga who, with gynaecologist, Pedro Barri, led the team of 15 specialists who brought about the conception of Spain’s first test tube baby.

Victoria Ana was born on 12th July 1984, six years after the world’s first test tube baby, Louise Brown, was born in the UK. Spain’s first now has a degree in Public Relations and Advertising and had a public celebration of her 25th birthday a few days ahead of time this Thursday. She told the press she leads an unassuming and normal life, but is very proud of The EC has thrown doubt on the representing such an important scientific discovery. environmental impact reports carried out Dr Anna Veiga said specialists have increased the to authorise the project, and considers that insufficient measures have been pregnancy rate in IVF treatments up to 40% over taken to protect the local ecosystem. the past 20 years, but said there’s still a long way The Puerto Mayor marina complex plans to before her goal of a 70% success rate can be to build almost 1,000 berths and is in achieved. More than 8,000 IVF babies have been an area of the Murcia coastline cited as born in the Dexeus University Institute where Victoria under threat in the latest report from Ana came into the world, and an estimated 3% of all Greenpeace ‘Destrucción a Toda Costa’. births in Spain are born through IVF treatment.

New offices For British Embassy & Consulate General In Madrid The British Embassy and Consulate General offices in Madrid are moving to new offices this month, in the Torre Espacio building on Paseo de la Castellana. In order to make the move, the Embassy is closed from 10th-14th July, and reopens this Wednesday, 15th July, at Torre Espacio, Paseo de la Castellana 259D. The Consulate General makes the move

next week, and is closed from 17th-21st July, to reopen in the Torre Espacio on Wednesday 22nd July. Further information is given on the Embassy website he British offices take up four floors in The Torre Espacio, one of four skyscrapers built recently on the extension to the Paseo de la Castellana.

Company Women REcruit New President Company Women, the prestigious allfemale networking group, voted in their new President on Friday 26th June 2009, at their AGM. The outgoing President, Caroline Garrett, had reluctantly decided to resign after finding that work commitments in the UK had made carrying out of her role as Company Women President here in Spain impossible. There were 2 candidates, Tracey Cavill, Area Manager from Pocket Pages, and Rosemary Wallsworth, Sales & Marketing Manager for the Sol Times Newspaper Group. Both were put through an exacting question and answer session by members, which led to a lively and exciting debate on the future of Company Women as a networking group and what the prospective candidate ideas were to take the group to the next level. Discussion was based around the difficult economic climate, the role of company

15 Year Guarantee

women as a support for their members, and the role of the members to support the group and its affiliates. Finally, the vote was cast, and Tracey Cavill was declared the winner. She told us: “I am honoured and delighted to have been voted in as president of Company Women and am looking forward to carrying on Caroline Garrett’s good work. I have been acting as treasurer alongside her and have plans for expanding the group, involving the members more, and am fully committed to taking company women to the next level. I want to say thank you to Rosemary for contributing to such a lively debate and I look forward to working with her and all the other members” Rosemary, gracious in defeat, said: “Company Women is a fantastic networking group, and if there is still a part for me to play in the group to help in increasing membership I would be happy to help.” Company Women is a non-profit making female networking support group for any women in business. They meet the first Thursday of every month for lunch; social networking & speaker slots are combined with good venues & good food. Open to members and nonmembers alike. For further details please either visit the website on or contact the new president Tracey Cavill on

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EU Seizures Of Fake Goods Up 125%

Wednesday Pitch 2€

The European Commission said China remained the main source of counterfeit goods coming into the EU, accounting for 54% of the total in 2008.

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However, Indonesia was the biggest source of fake food and drink products, while the United Arab Emirates was the main source of counterfeit cigarettes. Most fake medicines came from India.

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G8 Pledges To Boost Food Supplies Leaders of the G8 developed nations have pledged $20bn (£12bn) for efforts to boost food supplies to the hungry, on the final day of a summit in Italy. The investment, which is $5bn more than had been expected, will fund a three-year initiative to help poor nations develop their own agriculture. US President Barack Obama said the issue of food security was of huge importance to all nations in the world. Richer nations had a moral obligation to help poorer nations, he said. Mr Obama added that the G8 nations had agreed to commit $15bn for the new initiative going into Friday’s meeting, but had then promised an additional $5bn in “hard commitments” during the talks. “We do not view this assistance as an end in itself,” he said. “We believe that the purpose of aid must be to create the conditions where it’s no longer needed, to help people become self-sufficient,

Air France Black Box Search Winds Down French ships equipped with US listening devices are ending their hunt for the black boxes of an airliner lost over the Atlantic on 1 June, officials say. They failed to pick up signals the boxes “pingers” were meant to emit for 30 days after the Air France jet crashed with the loss of all 228 lives. Experts believe the cause of the crash may never be known unless the two flight recorders are recovered. There is still a chance that French submarines may discover the boxes. Brazil ended its operation to recover bodies and wreckage from Flight AF447, which was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, towards the end of last month, after finding the remains of 51 people. French investigators believe the plane, which disappeared in a storm, broke up on contact with water, not in the air. They say the plane’s speed sensors appear to have been a factor in the crash but not its cause.

provide for their families and lift their standards of living.” Mr Obama, who has relatives in Kenya, said he had drawn on his family’s personal experience in his discussions with other world leaders. The US will reportedly contribute some $3.5bn to the programme. Mr Obama met representatives of Angola, Algeria, Nigeria and Senegal in L’Aquila, where the summit is being held. He will also meet Pope Benedict XVI in Rome before embarking on an African tour later on Friday. African leaders had earlier urged G8 nations to live up to past aid pledges; the idea is to put more emphasis on helping people feed themselves. That is to be achieved with more investment in the agriculture of developing countries, and the G8 nations - Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the US - will provide significant resources.

UK Energy Policy ‘Too Wind Focused’

The UK must invest more in nuclear and clean coal energy and put less emphasis on wind power if it wants a secure low-carbon future, business leaders say. The CBI says government energy policy is “disjointed” and it is urging a “more balanced” energy mix. The current approach means the UK might miss climate change targets, it added. The government said putting in place a balanced mix of renewables, new nuclear and cleaner fossil fuels was at the heart of its energy policy. But the CBI is calling for more action in its report “Decision Time”.

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“The government’s disjointed approach is deterring the private sector investment needed to get our energy system up to scratch, bolster security and cut emissions,” said CBI deputy director general John Cridland.


“While we have generous subsidies for wind power, we urgently need the national planning statements needed to build new nuclear plants. If we carry on like this we will end up putting too many of our energy eggs in one basket.”

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Unemployment is becoming a key factor too, the report added. The jobless rate is expected to hit three million in the next year and about 38% of those out of work are fuel poor.

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“If the government is serious in its aim to end fuel poverty, it needs to do much more to help the most vulnerable households.”

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The FPAG has called for the government to set out a detailed plan showing how it will eradicate fuel poverty over the next seven years. The report has been welcomed by one of the main consumer watchdogs, Consumer Focus. Its energy expert Jonathan Stearn said: “We are urging the government to heed the warning of its own advisory group, that energy prices could rocket in the next few years.

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Rising unemployment and higher energy prices are likely to push hundreds of thousands more homes into fuel poverty, a key government advisory body says.

One of the key causes of fuel poverty is high energy prices. Average domestic fuel bills have increased by 125% over the past five years. The report warns that the long-term trend on prices is likely to be upwards, not least due to the huge industry investment needed to meet green energy targets.

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Friday Lunch

Thousands ‘Facing Fuel Poverty’ The Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG) says about 4m households in England are already in fuel poverty, spending more than 10% of their income on energy. And it has urged ministers to set out a detailed plan for meeting their own target of ending the problem by 2016. The government says it has spent £20bn on cutting fuel poverty since 2000.

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Pirate DVDs also posted the biggest single

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They were followed by cigarettes, 23% of the total, and clothing, at 10%.


Pirate DVDs and CDs were the most prevalent fake goods, with 79 million disks detained, 44% of all items.


increase in annual seizures, increasing by 2,600% compared with 2007. Meanwhile, seizures of counterfeit medicines rose 118%, while those of fake cigarettes increased by 54%.

Seizures of counterfeit goods being smuggled into the EU more than doubled last year, official figures have shown. Customs authorities across the 27 member states seized 178 million fake items in 2008, up 125% from 79 million in 2007, said the European Commission.




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Bid To Get More Men Into Teaching

A drive to encourage more men in England to become primary school teachers will be launched later. The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) says it has seen a 30% rise in inquiries from men, but still four out of five applicants are women. At classroom events across England, teachers will try to persuade men they can have a future in the profession. Supporters say boys in particular would benefit from having more male role models in the classroom. A growing interest in teaching among men has been partly attributed to the recession and rising unemployment in more traditional male sectors. But despite some progress just over one in 10 primary school teachers is male. The TDA’s chief executive Graham Holley says the campaign is not intended to be antiwomen, but aims to achieve a better mix of role models in primary schools. A survey of 1,000 men carried out for the BBC last year suggested that boys would benefit if there were more male teachers. The adults questioned said that as children they would have worked harder if instructed by men and would have been more likely to go to a male teacher for help with problems like bullying.

Divorce ‘Cool-Off ’ Period Urged Couples should have a compulsory threemonth “cooling off” period before they can start divorce proceedings, a Conservative think tank will recommend. A report commissioned by ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith will also propose a network of family relationship centres to advise before and during marriage. Mr Duncan Smith said research suggested young people had “incredibly high expectations” of marriage. He added that the idea of compromise by couples “seems to have disappeared”. The report, entitled Every Family Matters, urges that estranged husbands and wives should be required by law to undergo a

three-month period before launching divorce proceedings to reflect on their marriage and examine the possibility of reconciliation. It suggests a range of measures to reform family law and “save saveable marriages”, including tax breaks to promote marriage and reversing Labour proposals to offer rights to unmarried cohabiting couples. Additionally, the document calls on the government to follow the example of an Australian programme which sends couples to relationship counselling centres. Wouldbe married couples should receive “strong encouragement” to attend classes, it adds, stopping short of calling for such courses to be compulsory.

Inquiry Opens Into Iraqi’s Death

A public inquiry into the death of an Iraqi civilian in British military custody six years ago has opened. Baha Mousa, 26, died while being held by soldiers from the former Queen’s Lancashire Regiment after his arrest at a Basra hotel with nine other Iraqis. In 2007, a UK soldier was jailed for inhumane treatment and the Ministry of Defence has paid £2.8m in compensation. The inquiry, led by Sir William Gage, is to focus on the death, detainees’ treatment and British army methods. The opening statement by Gerard Elias QC,

counsel to the inquiry, is expected to take two weeks, and the entire inquiry about a year. It will be divided into four modules which will examine the history of “conditioning” techniques, like hooding, used by UK troops while questioning prisoners from Northern Ireland in the early 1970s to the invasion of Iraq in March 2003; What happened to Mr Mousa and other Iraqi detainees; Training and the chain of command & events since 2003 and any recommendations for the future Mr Mousa was arrested at the Haitham Hotel in Basra, where he worked as a receptionist, on 14 September 2003.

‘Challenge’ To Sell Bank Stakes

The firm set up to manage taxpayer stakes in nationalised banks has said it will be “challenging” to return the investments to the private sector. UK Financial Investments (UKFI) was set up to manage a 70% stake in Royal Bank of Scotland and a 43.3% holding in Lloyds Banking Group. BBC business editor Robert Peston said these stakes were worth about £60bn. UKFI said the stakes currently showed a paper loss of £10.9bn, and it would take time to sell the shareholdings. UKFI, which has reiterated that it will operate at arms length from the government, said it would maximise the value of the investments for the taxpayer. It also said it would not interfere in the day-to-day running of the banks, but engage strongly on strategic issues. “Every UK household will have more than £3,000 invested in shares in RBS and Lloyds,” said John Kingman, UKFI chief executive. “Today UKFI is setting out our strategy to deliver on the tasks we have been given: maximising the value of these investments for the taxpayer, and returning the banks as strengthened institutions to full private ownership over time.”

British soldiers looking for weapons found assault rifles, pistols and suspected bombmaking equipment. Hotel staff insisted the weapons were used for security but Mr Mousa and nine other Iraqi civilians were taken to a detention centre under suspicion of being insurgents. Two days later Mr Mousa was dead. A post-mortem examination showed he suffered asphyxiation and had at least 93 injuries to his body, including fractured ribs and a broken nose. After an initial investigation by the Royal Military Police, a six-month court martial followed with seven soldiers facing war crimes charges relating to Mr Mousa’s death. In April 2007, all but one were cleared on all counts at Bulford Camp in Wiltshire, but Cpl Donald Payne, 36, was jailed for a year and dismissed from the Army.




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Sales: 950 430 820 email:



A Clothes Crisis!

Women spend almost a year of their lives deciding what to wear, according to a new study. Choosing outfits for work, nights out, dinner parties, holidays and other activities means the average female will spend 287 days rifling through their wardrobe.

Clothes retailer Matalan compiled the results after polling 2,491 women. A spokesman said: “What you wear has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself and it is important a woman feels exceptional in her outfit. Whatever the occasion your clothes portray an image and we understand this is fundamentally important to women.” The study, which was based on the adult years from the age of 16 to 60, found most women spend around 20 minutes deciding what to wear before hitting the town on a weekend night. Week nights out can take up to 20 minutes a time too; deciding on what clothes to take on holiday uses up to 52 minutes each time. While on holiday, ten minutes a morning will be taken up trying to find an acceptable outfit with another ten minutes spent picking evening clothes. On top of that dinner parties, Christmas parties and black tie events - at around 36 minutes a time six times a year - adds up to three and a half days. The study also found on average women will try on two outfits each morning before coming to a final decision. And one in two women spends 15 minutes the night before work working out what to wear.

Chitty Not Welcome!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has been banned from a lord mayor’s procession - for not having a MoT. Thousands of people were looking forward to seeing the famous movie car in Norwich. But police said they would not bend the rules - even though the road will be closed for the parade. Police spokesman Harry Mitchell said: “Our priority is the safety of the public and we cannot make exceptions.” Helen Selleck, the city council’s events manager, said: “Although the road is closed for the procession, it is still classed as a public highway and the DVLA is clear that all vehicles in the procession need to be fully covered.” The car was due to be displayed by Norwich’s

Passenger Fixes Plane

Holidaymakers were saved from an eight-hour flight delay after a fault on their plane was fixed by a passenger. The man was on board a Thomas Cook flight from Menorca to Glasgow when the captain announced the technical fault. Passengers were told an engineer would have to be flown out from Manchester to fix the problem, taking up to eight hours. It was then that the passenger identified himself to cabin staff as a qualified engineer and offered to help. He managed to resolve the problem and the plane took off, landing in Glasgow 35 minutes late.





: tel/fax (0034) 966 796 044 : tel/fax (0034) 966 921 179 : tel/fax (0034) 966 764 491 : tel/fax (0034) 966 698 731 : tel/fax (0034) 968 199 156

Ex Rental Cars for Sale

A Thomas Cook spokeswoman said the company checked the man’s licence and ensure he was qualified to work on the Boeing 757-200. Holidaymaker Keith Lomax, 62, from Stirling, said the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, got a round of applause when he got back on the plane: “If he hadn’t managed to fix the problem we could have been delayed for six to eight hours and there were a lot of young families on board so he was the hero,” he said. The spokeswoman said: “We are very grateful to the man as it meant the delay was very short when it could have been a lot longer.” Theatre Royal. Spokesman John Bultitude said: “We are very disappointed Chitty will not be seen on the streets.”

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Clothes could one day take snaps of everything happening a r o u n d whoever is wearing them.

US researchers have made smart fabric that can detect the wavelength and direction of light falling on it. The research team has found a way to accurately place sensors in each fibre and coordinate the electrical signals they send when light falls on them. The results were a step towards “ambient light imaging fabrics” said the researchers. Led by Dr Yoel Fink from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the researchers have extended earlier work that placed sensors in relatively large polymer fibres. Dr Fink and colleagues found a way to stretch the 25mm strands of polymer into much thinner fibres while maintaining the relative

positions of the sensors. This earlier work has led to the creation of very long and flexible light and temperature sensors that may find a role in smart fabrics for

soldiers or those working in hostile environments. In their latest work, these thinner strands were woven into a 0.1m square section of fabric. The careful creation of the fibres and positioning of the light-sensitive elements meant that the team knew which signals were being sent by which sensors.

ers d d Won Worl

Caves Access to the cave is by rope through a hole in the ground. The inner height is between 120 and 150 metres, and the cave floor 300 by 200 metres – so the Great Pyramid of Ghiza in Egypt would fit almost exactly inside.

This enabled the team to reconstruct, albeit crudely, an image projected onto the small square of fabric. The researchers said their work was an “important step” towards finding ways to get many nanoscale devices working together.

P&N Television Services This is a little bit of history about Peter and P&N television services. Peter originates from Liverpool and has a background in electrical mechanical engineering. In 1989 he left the UK, bound for the USA. He got a job working for Royal Caribbean cruise line as an electronics technician, repairing electronic gaming equipment in the casino on board the ships. Years later Peter returned to the UK and approached B Sky B. He got on their training course and qualified as a sky technician, working for Sky all over the North West for 8 years. Cobra installations (Sky’s business partner), then approached Peter and offered him a position as manager trainer. Peter worked for Cobra for the next 5 years, until he found out Spain was going to have problems with their English TV. He left the UK again to come to Spain to start his own satellite installation company. However, like many of us, he got sidetracked and opened a bar in Via Park 2. Much to his regret the bar was not a liftestyle he wanted and Peter reverted back to satellite televisions. This is where P&N Television Services started. P&N Television Services is a small company run by Peter, with lots of help

and support from Nicky. They own a home in Pilar de la Horadada. They have been here for the past 5 years as a family with 2 teenage girls who love the Spanish lifestyle. Both girls are fluent in Spanish and have Spanish boyfriends. They are here to stay. When you telephone P&N Television Services you will be answered by an informed and friendly voice, usually Nicky. Whether you have questions about satellite or want to book a free site survey, Nicky is there to help. P&N Television Services is fully legal and registered in Spain. They offer a high class services from Mazarron to Orba and inland with over 18 years experience in the industry. Their aftersales are second to none. Their phone is always answered, before, during and AFTER installation, as their previous customers will be happy to confirm. Give P&N Television Services a call for a free quote or just to inquire about Freesat systems on 966 116 856 or 622 448 381. Or email on:

P&N Television Services Want more information about Freesat TV?

Do you want a one off payment and no monthly subscriptions? Get your favourite TV channels including BBC, ITV Over 300+ channels and 150+ radio stations

P & N TV Services are fully legal and registered in Spain and are also fully trained by BSKYB back in England. We have over 18 years experience within the satellite industry. If you want a system that won’t let you down with only top

P & N Television Grade equipment and genuine Portugese dishes supplied Services Everything from 80cm dish to 2.4mtr. dishes supplied ALSO SPANISH UPGRADE AVAILABLE



Call us or email us for a FREE site survey Or quote on 966 116 856 or 622 448 381 Email: All work is guaranteed for 2 years parts and labour

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Smart clothes could take photos...

of the


Dongzhong Cave – China Since moving here to Spain it is quite possible that your appreciation of caves will have altered a bit – probably previously you would never have dreamed of living in one, let alone living in comfort in one! It’s hard to categorise caves in ‘Biggest’ or ‘Deepest’ or any other way, so we’ve found a list of some of the ‘Most’ caves in the world:

The Cave of Crystals - Mexico Cueva de los Cristales contain the world’s largest known natural crystals. Known as the ‘Sistine Chapel of Crystals’, some of which form translucent beams of gypsum as long as 36 feet, it is situated 950ft underground, deep inside Naica Mountain. Access is through the Naica mining complex, which yields lead, zinc, copper, silver and gold and zigzags for nearly half a mile. The Cave of Crystals itself is a horseshoeshaped cavity in limestone rock about 30 feet wide and 90 feet long. Formed by volcanic activity which about 26 million years ago created Naica mountain and filled it with high-temperature anhydrite gypsum. When magma underneath the mountain cooled and the temperature dropped, the anhydrite began to dissolve, slowly enriching the waters with sulfate and calcium molecules, which over millions of years have formed huge selenite gypsum crystals.

Fantastic Cave Pit – USA At 586 feet deep this is the deepest known cave pit in the continental US; big enough to hold the Washington Monument, which is 555feet. Drop a rock from the top and it will take almost 8 seconds for it to hit the bottom.

Majlis al Jinn Cave – Oman In a remote area of the Selma Plateau in The Sultanate of Oman, you will find the world’s second largest cave chamber, discovered in 1983 by Don Davidson, a geologist studying water resources in the Sultanate. A sad mystery surrounds Davidson. It is presumed that he died some ten years later when he left Oman permanently and went hiking in the Andes. He rented a car, drove it to a trailhead, left a note on it saying where he was going, and was never seen again.

An aircraft hangar-sized natural cave, carved out of a mountain over thousands of years by wind, water and seismic shifts. It is in a Miao village in Ziyun county, southwest China’s Guizhou province and is the site of a primary school! Dozens of children attend the school, which has desks set up inside and even a sports field!

Waitomo Glowworm Cave New Zealand Situated on the North Island, known for its population of the glowworms ‘rachnocampa luminosa’, these busy little creatures spin a nest out of silk which they suspend from the ceiling of the cave. A silicon strand is then lowered from the ceiling, alongside hundreds of others. Then, the larva glows to attract prey, so that the roof of a cave can look remarkably like the heavens at night. The ethereal blue light is the result of a chemical reaction taking place inside a special capsule in the larva’s tail. Insects seem irresistibly drawn towards the source and then get trapped by the sticky lines. Once stuck, they stay stuck, and are reeled slowly in to be consumed by their captors. A hungry larva glows brighter than one which has just eaten.

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves – Austria Situated in the Tennengebirge Mountains near Salzburg, these caves stretch for a remarkable 40 kilometres and are the largest Ice Caves known to man. Ice caves are very different from normal caves; the light shining through the ice gives them a strange, alien, awe-inspiring aspect and it seems right to whisper, not shout. Only a small portion of the labyrinth is open to tourists but it’s enough to impress.

Cave of the Ghost – Venezuela Cueva del Fantasma is so vast that two helicopters can comfortably fly into it and land next to a towering waterfall which comes down one wall and forms a small pond at the floor. The cave also has its own special frog, named Colostethus breweri, after its discoverer, Charles Brewer-Carías.

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your letters...your events... your letters...your events... adapt President, Jane Cronin was a

‘Star for a Day´ last week when a camera crew from Channel 7 followed her around. The programme makers chose Jane as a perfect example of English people who are making a real effort to integrate with the Spanish community and encouraging others to do so too.

up with Jane and her busy schedule, but integration with our Spanish friends is something that Jane is very passionate about, they could not have found a better representative!

It couldn’t have been a better day for the shooting as Jane had among other things, the committee meeting of ADAPT in the morning and the weekly radio show, ADAPTAMANIA, in the afternoon.

The next meeting of ADAPT is at The Casino, San Pedro on the 5th of September at 10am.

ADAPT is of course primarily an association for integration, having ASOCIACION de ANGLOPARLANTES DE SAN PEDRO as the motto. The programme, which will be transmitted later this month, is to be called ´Don’t call me Guiri!´ which is a funny coincidence as this was the theme chosen by ADAPT for the carnival this year when members dressed up as ´Typical Ex-pats’; this delighted the interviewer, who was interested to see the photographs! At the end of the day I’m sure that the crew would have been quite tired after trying to keep

ADAPTAMANIA Goes out on Radio Pinatar 87.9fm each Wednesday at 2pm, Repeated on Sundays at 8pm. For more information please call Lorna on 968 334 137 or Enid on 966 746 662.

ADAPT Folk Music Event The ADAPT Singles Friendship Group had a very happy time at The English Folk Music Club where they were entertained by Smithy with his songs, guitar and very funny banter. The guest this time was Ian Bruce (also a bit of a comic) the very popular Scottish artist whose wonderful songs, most of which were written by him, were sung along to with great enthusiasm. After a really enjoyable summer evening with the very friendly Folk Club members, ADAPT now have a few converts to the wonderful world of Folk Music! For more information on ADAPT events, email:

DON’T FORGET.... NHW Property Marking Scheme I know that we told you about this in the last issue, but we think it’s important to include again! A substantive donation from Moneycorp, the money exchange company, has meant that the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Spain has been able to launch a propertymarking scheme throughout much of the south-eastern coast of Spain. NHW has purchased the necessary equipment required to implement the scheme and supply the police and neighbourhood watch coordinators with this equipment.

With the full backing of the Guardia Civil and Policia Local, we hope law enforcement officers will be better equipped to trace the owners of stolen property whilst at the same time helping them to prosecute thieves by proving that items in their possession had been stolen. For more information on this scheme and Neighbourhood Watch in general visit the NHW website at or telephone Geoff Salter (Membership) 966 669 142, James Herbert (President) 659 883 516 or Ray Marsh (Press) 966 763 258.

l e b s e 4 u 3 M THE HOME OF PRE-OWNED FURNITURE For all your needs in Furnishing … DUE TO HIGH DEMAND


CALL LISA ON 680 884 155



P A Find us just off the High Street, Pilar de la Horadada on I C/Concejal Emelio Tarraga 43, next to the car wash D We can also be found on Calle Los Arcos No. 7B, Ciudad Quesada



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But this summer has stretched our tolerance beyond its limits. Our siesta time in the shade has been characterised by a manic semaphore of fly swatting, whilst taking a dip involves swimming a chicane of thirsty wasps perched on the pool surface. In a spirit of desperation we went into El Jardin Garden Centre seeking to purchase peace in the form of an enclosure. Oh bliss! Our eyes were met by a pergola with fly screen of exactly the dimensions that would fit the space available.

wasp population of Limaria, but the result is that we now share the pool with the odd danger-loving wasp that considers itself immune from the lure of the trap. Now we can rest unpestered in our pergola palace and dip without fear of striped interlopers in our pool. Roll on those lazy hazy days of summer…

A drug discovered in the soil of a South Pacific island may help to fight the ageing process, research suggests. When US scientists treated old mice with rapamycin it extended their expected lifespan by up to 38%. The findings raise the prospect of being able to slow down the ageing process in older people. However, a UK expert warned against using the drug to try to extend lifespan, as it can suppress immunity. Rapamycin was first discovered on Easter Island in the 1970s; it is already used to prevent organ rejection in transplant patients, and in stents implanted into patients to keep their coronary arteries open. It is also being tested as a possible treatment for cancer.

In the blink of an eye we had bought it, within hours it was delivered, and then began the slightly more lengthy process of getting it put together. However, faint heart never won fair maiden, nor erected pergolas, so with neighbourly help and a short accidental dunk in the pool it stood, white and magnificent. Ha! You flies, now get into that! Next on the list was a visit to the Armeria Domingo, not to purchase a wasp-shooting pistol, but something even more deadly. We walked out the proud possessors of a bespoke wasp trap and the assurance from the Spanish lady assistant that it would be effective. How right she was – within 24 hours we had trapped over 40 wasps. I don‘t know whether word has got around the wasp community that the Biggs garden is now hazardous territory, or whether we have managed to decimate the overall

The Secrets Of The Soil

Researchers at three centres in Texas, Michigan and Maine gave the drug to mice at an age equivalent to 60 in humans. The mice were bred to mimic the genetic diversity and susceptibility to disease of humans as closely as possible. Rapamycin extended the animals’ expected lifespan by between 28% and 38%. The researchers estimated that in human terms this would be greater than the predicted increase in extra years of life, if both cancer and heart disease were prevented and cured.

By Jos Biggs

Share with us the lengths you’ve gone to eliminate the flying pests of Spain -

Best Buys of 2009

Researcher, Dr Arlan Richardson, said: “I’ve been in ageing research for 35 years and there have been many so-called ‘anti-ageing’ interventions over those years that were never successful. I never thought we would find an anti-ageing pill for people in my lifetime; however, rapamycin shows a great deal of promise to do just that.” Rapamycin appears to have a similar effect to restricting food intake, which has also been shown to boost longevity. It targets a protein in cells called mTOR, which controls many processes involved in metabolism and response to stress. Dr Lynne Cox, an expert in ageing at the University of Oxford, described the study as “exciting”. She said: “It is especially interesting that the drug was effective even when given to older mice, as it would be much better to treat ageing in older people rather than using drugs long-term through life.” However, she added: “In no way should anyone consider using this particular drug to try to extend their own lifespan, as rapamycin suppresses immunity. While the lab mice were protected from infection, that’s simply impossible in the human population. What the study does is to highlight an important molecular pathway that new, more specific drugs might be designed to work on. Whether it’s a sensible thing to try to increase lifespan this way is another matter; perhaps increasing health span rather than overall lifespan might be a better goal.”

The Modern World

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I can put my hand on my heart and say with honesty that I pride myself on my tolerance of all the creatures that inhabit this earth, regardless of the number of their legs.

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Goal Setting for Success – Part 13

Sun, glorious sun – we love it but it’s all too easy to get carried away, and without knowing it, we overdo it, and suffer the consequences!

This week you are going to begin the process of reinventing yourself as the person you want to be. You will have the opportunity to try on some other ‘you’s’ until you find one that fits. Reinvention is not just for rock stars – we can all do it. They say that life is an illusion. So do as Christine Comaford-Lynch suggests in her book “Rules for Renegades” and pick an empowering one! You will need to go back to the child who knew the fun and the power of ‘make-believe’. Try out being the person you want to be. Ask yourself

Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day - depending on the situation of your house, the hottest part of the day may not be the middle of the day. The strength does not go out of the sun until the evenings at the moment. NEVER leave anyone - and especially pets - in a closed, parked vehicle for any time at all. Check regularly on babies, toddlers and the elderly.

“What sort of home does this person have?” “What does this person wear?” “How does he/she dress and carry themselves?” “What does he/she eat and drink?” “What does he/she do to keep fit?” (Sorry, but if they are successful then they will do something to keep fit!)

s e l i m s e n sunshi

Rest whenever possible in shady areas & avoid standing out in the sun; give your body’s thermostat a have a chance to recover. Sunburn affects your body’s ability to cool itself and causes a loss of body fluids apart from the pain and damage to the skin.

Choose lightweight, light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing. When you go outdoors, protect yourself by wearing a widebrimmed hat, sunglasses with UV protection, and put on sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes before going out. Continue to reapply it during the time you are outside. Pace yourself; if you are not accustomed to working or exercising in the heat, start slowly and pick up the pace gradually. If exertion in the heat makes your heart pound and leaves you gasping for breath, STOP! Get into the coolest place possible, and rest, especially if you become lightheaded, confused, weak, or faint.

O T P U % 25 F OF


Your visitors will really feel the heat. Arriving from the UK where 20 degrees is something to boast about, suddenly they encounter a temperature some 10-20 degrees hotter. Such a sudden change can take people by surprise, especially as they will want to make the most of the sun, and see all the sights in one go. Encourage your visitors to go gently with regard to sunbathing and take time to acclimatise. Prevention is better than cure where the sun is concerned, so... wear sunscreen...wear a hat...wear sunglasses...and drink plenty of fluids - we don’t mean beer or wine! But above all?...

Enjoy the wonderful summer here in Spain!

Amber Pools

The Swimming Pool Specialists

Relaxation with peace of mind

Our teams of highly qualified professionals also offer the following services:

• Pool Construction & Maintenance • Pool Covers • Heat Pumps • Jacuzzis Contact Us: Steve: 672 222 536 or 672 222 537

“How does he/she react in different situations?” Really get under the skin of the ‘new’ you. Find out what makes this person tick. It may help to cut out pictures from magazines illustrating the clothes, accessories and lifestyle that the new you would have. Look at the pictures often and see if they would work for you. Find a way to try out aspects of the lifestyle you aspire to. Test drive the car, save up and eat dinner at one of those restaurants, spend a week cooking those meals. Book an appointment to view that million euro house and change the way you wear your clothes. Live the life as best you can within the limits of your current life. Does it feel good? Could you get used to this? It has to work for you, so only you can decide. If it doesn’t feel right then try another ‘life’. Find your inner child and really have fun with this one!

Sue Courtney is a Personal Success Coach & Stylist. If you would like more details of her coaching service and how it could help you, please email her at sue@


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coeliac disease - part 2


in Huércal-Overa

If you have coeliac disease, you must give up all sources of gluten for life; eating foods that contain it will cause your symptoms to return. This can be a daunting prospect, but your GP will be able to provide you with help and advice about ways that you can manage your diet.

By appointment only call: 663 923 733 Natural Life Gimnasio, Entrada 2 (side entrance) Edf. Santa Bárbara, Ctra N-340, Huércal-Overa. (same building as Buddha Pub) Parking at rear

Therapeutic/Aromatherapy/Hot Stone Massages Body Wraps•Reflexology•Hopi Ear•Reiki•Body Polish Indian Head Massage•Hypnotherapy

Your symptoms should improve considerably within weeks of starting a gluten-free diet. However, it may take up to two years for your digestive system to heal completely. You will also need to return to your GP for check-ups on a regular basis.

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

When you are first diagnosed with coeliac disease, you will be referred to a dietician who will be able to help you adjust to your new diet without gluten. They can also ensure that your diet is balanced and contains all the nutrients that you need, including essential vitamins and minerals.

Tel. 950 472 974 or 629 289 385

for info and appointments Health Care For Adults and Children

Emergency Home Visits English- Spanish- French- German 20 Year’s Serving the Community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions

If you have coeliac disease, you will no longer be able to eat any foods that contain wheat (farina, graham flour, semolina and durum), barley or rye. However, gluten, as a protein, is not essential to your diet and can be replaced by other foods. There are many gluten-free alternatives that are widely available in supermarkets and health food shops, including pasta, pizza bases and bread.

Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Fray Bonito Martinez - Almeria

Unless they are labelled as gluten-free, you should not eat bread, pasta, cereals, biscuits or crackers, cakes and pastries, pies, gravies and sauces, or oats (some people with coeliac disease may be able to eat oats, but it is best to avoid them because they can be contaminated with wheat). It is important that you check the labels of any foods that you buy. Many foods, particularly those that are processed, contain gluten in food additives, such as malt flavouring and modified food starch. Gluten may also be found in some nonfood items, including lipstick, postage stamps and some types of medication. You should also be aware that crosscontamination can occur if gluten-free foods and foods containing gluten are prepared together, or served with the same utensils. If you have coeliac disease, you may eat the following gluten-free foods: • most dairy products, such as cheese, butter and milk • fruit • vegetables

• meat and fish (although not breaded or marinated) • potatoes • rice • gluten-free flours, including rice, corn, soy and potato Immunisations: If you have coeliac disease, it can cause your spleen to work less effectively, making you more vulnerable to infection from certain germs. Therefore, you may need to have several immunisations including the flu (influenza) jab, the HIB vaccine - which protects against blood poisoning, pneumonia and HIB meningitis, and the pneumococcal vaccine - which protects against infections caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae.

ARTICLE BY Nicki Wakeman, RGN, DIP H.E in Nursing Almeria Angels Call ~ 665 017 950 Email ~

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist

Tel: 950 478 320

For Her & Him

cut & blow dry only


cap hi-lights Cut & Blow only

tint, cut & blow dry

beauty Clinic


Facials, Waxing, Manicures & Pedicures


A full manicure & polish Plus a FREE bottle of polish Colour of your choice




(cut & blow dry not incl.)

Perm, cut & blow dry only

Becks - UK trained - fully qualified - Sports Masseuse Call to book your appointment!


full head foils


Full 1hr Body Massage



Lois the podiatrist Full Podiatry Treatment nails, hard skin, calluses 23€ Nail cut & medical check

ONLY 15€

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

wear cool, be cool after a visit to gatsby’s versatile, fun clothing and accessories breeze through the long hot summer

Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa OPEN HOURS: Mon - Sat 10am - 1.30pm & 5.30pm - 8pm Tel: 950 478 320

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Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Five Myths About Pain

Li fe’ s Excesses

There are a lot of myths around pain, who has it and why, and how we cope with it. Here we shatter some common misconceptions... MYTH 1: You'll become addicted to painkillers Use even small amounts of the opiate-based types (the group that includes codeine, co-proxamol (which has recently lost its licence), tramadol and morphine) when you're not in pain and, it's true, you may become addicted. But use them when you are and addiction is virtually unheard of, no matter how big the dose. This is because being in pain changes the way your body responds to these kinds of drugs.

A moderate addiction may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health. There are lots of ideas and theories on why some people have issues with excesses and others do not. People who succeed in life have confidence and those who do not, make tentative attempts; it’s like they are not really expecting to succeed, so they need to reward, or punish themselves. People who have problems with excess, whether it is food, alcohol, cigarettes, medication, or another substance, generally have one thing in common. The substance misused is a quick fix and avoids resolving the issue at the root of their problem. For the obese - food becomes their focus, a reward used to make them feel better and they eat to make themselves feel better - a quick fix - but the result is they become fatter, their body image deteriorates and their self esteem lowers because they, and even worse, others, view them as weak. The problem self-perpetuates. The obese person may join a slimming group and lose lots of weight; they gain motivation from other people through shame and reward. They are ashamed if they have not lost weight at the weekly weigh in, and are rewarded by praise and awards if they have. But as soon as the target weight is reached and they leave the support (discipline) of the group, the behaviour returns. Something makes them feel bad, incompetent or whatever the


trigger is and the original behaviour returns. This is true for people with dependency on all kinds of things. The problem could be anything from a long forgotten unresolved childhood issue, through to something that went wrong during the day, but what most of them seem to have in common is that they have been conditioned to self-regulate; they have been taught to reward themselves and shame has been used as a punishment. The way the mind works is on two levels – the things that you need to know to function and the things that you know automatically. All of the issues surrounding an excess or compulsion are locked into automatic behaviour and have a trigger. The trouble is that the sufferer and their families are too close to recognise the spiral of behaviour, because their response is automatic. The key is to recognise what is happening; once that hurdle is crossed, a solution can be found and often the solution is unexpected. Confidence is the hinge on the door to success!

Christine Hargan, BSc (Hons) Psychology; Specialises in and treats the causes and effects of emotional disorders, confidence and addiction based issues with hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherapy. For further information www.

MYTH 2: Some people are complete wimps We're all different in our perception and expression of pain, and in our reactions to pain relief. Use of Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) machines in hospitals has revealed that people discover a level that's ‘right' for them and that there's a fourfold difference in ‘right' levels between individuals. This isn't related to body weight, age, nationality, sex or to the cause of the pain. MYTH 3: You have pain for a reason Not always. If you put your hand over a flame, then of course pain insists you withdraw it. If you sprain an ankle, the lower limb (not just the foot) becomes tender, forcing you to stop using it. But in chronic conditions, pain is a bit like a fire alarm going off when there's no fire. It no longer has a purpose. MYTH 4: It's better to do without painkillers if you can Acute pain, such as toothache, can make you frightened and miserable, prevent sleep and delay recovery. So don't deny yourself painkillers. But you need to balance short-term pain relief with side effects (constipation with codeine, stomach upset with antiinflammatories). For longer-term pain, analgesics are important but they should only be part of how you get your pain under control. MYTH 5: If you take painkillers too often, they won't work when you really need them If you regularly take morphine-based drugs, your body does develop a tolerance. But other painkillers don't induce tolerance in the same way.

- Health News Update - New Study Indicates A Few Drinks ‘Cuts Dementia Risk’ Older people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol may have a lower risk of dementia, a US study suggests. Researchers found people who consumed between eight and 14 alcoholic drinks a week had a 37% lower risk of the disease than the general population. However, people who consumed more than 14 drinks a week were at twice the normal risk of developing dementia. The Wake Forest University study was presented at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease. The US researchers focused on 3,069 people aged 75 or older. At the beginning of the six-year study, 2,587 participants had no signs of problems with their brain while 482 had mild cognitive impairment. During the study 523 new dementia cases emerged. The researchers took account of factors such as smoking, depression and social activity, and found that one or two drinks a day was associated with a 37% lower risk of dementia among those who were cognitively normal at the start of the study.

However, among those who already had mild cognitive impairment alcohol intake was associated with faster cognitive decline. Among the people in the study, four in ten did not drink alcohol, four in ten consumed up to seven drinks a week, one in ten consumed 8-14 drinks a week, and one in ten consumed more than 14 drinks a week. Why a moderate amount of alcohol seems to be good for the brain is not clear. Lead researcher Dr Kaycee Sink said: “There are several possible ways in which moderate drinking might be associated with reduced risk of dementia. “One is the same as the way we think moderate alcohol reduces the risk of heart disease, by beneficial effects on HDL cholesterol and blocking platelets. Additionally, animal studies have shown that low amounts of alcohol stimulate the release of acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain that is important in memory.” Dr Sink added: “We cannot recommend that older adults who don’t drink start drinking alcohol based on this study.

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“But it is reasonable to say that if you are already a light to moderate drinker, you may be at a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. However, if you already have memory or thinking problems, drinking alcohol may accelerate memory decline.” Rebecca Wood, chief executive of the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, said: “Although moderate alcohol intake does appear to reduce dementia risk, exceeding one to two drinks per day on a regular basis - becoming a heavy drinker - may double risk of developing dementia. “On the basis of this study, older people with memory problems should consider not drinking at all. The best way to reduce dementia risk is to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and remain socially active.” The results conflict with those from a study published in Neurology in 2007, which suggests people with mild cognitive impairment might slow their mental decline with up to one drink a day.

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The History of Swan Upping Historically, the reigning King or Queen was entitled to claim ownership of any unmarked mute swans swimming in open water or to give such rights to others. It is not known when this custom began but the first written record of the swan as a royal bird dates back to around 1186 and relates to a number of birds in a captive state, suggesting that the custom of owning swans may have already been in existence for many years. It was desirable to own swans because the young birds, (cygnets), were valued highly for food and often served at banquets and feasts. Each year the birds were rounded up during swan upping under the control of the crown; this usually took place in late July when the parent birds were in moult and the cygnets were too small to fly. The cygnets were identified with the mark of the owner of the parent birds; if the parents belonged to different owners the brood was shared between them. When there were an odd number of cygnets, the owner of the male bird was given the extra cygnet. Some of the cygnets were released to maintain the breeding stock and the remainder were taken away to be fattened up for eating.

Catching the broods at swan upping was very labour-intensive, involving many men and boats. As domestic poultry became more common, swans became less valuable. Therefore the importance of swan upping began to diminish and by the 1850s few people retained their rights to own swans.

Swan Upping Today Today, apart from the crown, only three bodies have maintained their rights to own swans. These are the Ilchester family which owns the swans breeding in the colony at Abbotsbury, Dorset and the two livery companies, the Vintners and Dyers; these two companies, together with the crown, maintain the tradition of swan upping on the River Thames – although, today the emphasis is on conservation – the birds are no longer eaten!

Swan upping 2009 starts on 20th July and the ‘swan uppers’, dressed in uniform, travel in six traditional wooden skiffs, two each for the crown, the Vintners and the Dyers. Formerly swan upping took place between London and Henley, but nowadays the journey begins at Sunbury and ends at Abingdon. The uppers take five days to cover the 79 miles; on locating a family of swans, the uppers give the cry “All-Up” and the boats converge on the brood, surround them with the boats and take them ashore for examination and marking. Originally, the two companies made their own marks on the birds’ beaks, one nick for a Dyers’ bird and two for a Vintners’; today the two companies use their own rings; the swans belonging to the crown are left unmarked. Once caught, the broods are taken ashore, where they are examined by the Queen’s Swanwarden for disease or injury. The most common injury is caused by fishing tackle; swans often swallow bread containing hooks or swim through fishing lines and become entangled. Some of these injuries can be dealt with on the riverbank, but others, such as a hook down the throat, require an expensive operation and a long period of recuperation, and the birds have to be taken to a rescue organisation for treatment. These organisations are supported by the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies.

The queen’s swan marker establishes the ownership of the parent birds and determines how ownership of the brood should be allocated. The swan markers of the two livery companies then place their rings on the cygnets’ legs; the birds retained by the crown, as stated previously, are left unmarked. The swan uppers then return the brood to the river, taking care that the cygnets do not become separated from their parents. Today, the main aim of swan upping is the welfare and conservation of swans on the River Thames. It is also an opportunity to educate people about the importance of a healthy river. The swan upping census provided a unique record of the numbers of swans present on the River Thames between London and Henley in the past. Numbers were low at the beginning of the last century and rose steadily until about 1940.the number fell during the Second World War and then rose steadily again, reaching more than 1300 birds by the mid-1960s. Thereafter the number started to fall dramatically from a maximum of 76 pairs with cygnets on the London to Henley stretch, to only 7 in 1985. Research showed that lead poisoning, largely from swallowing lead fishing weights,was a major factor in the decline. Most lead weights were banned in the late 1980’s, after which the swan population has steadily increased again.

Swan Facts... …the full name is mute swan; the scientific name is cygnus olor. …Whooper and Bewick’s swans also occur in the UK, but usually only in winter; they have black and yellow bills, not red ones …the male swan is called a cob, his mate a pen and the young birds are cygnets …a large cob may weigh up to 15kg and have a wing-span of up to 2.3m; the pen is smaller …the average clutch size is six eggs; each egg weighs about 350g and incubation takes about 35 days …the cygnets begin to fly when 4 to 5 months old; this usually takes place in September …the young birds spend their “teenage” years in the flocks …swans begin to breed when 3 or 4 years old …in exceptional cases, breeding birds have been known to live for 20 years and can mate for life.

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20th July 2009

Anyone caught stealing birds was severely punished.

Swan Upping


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St Swithin’s Day 15th July


It’s raining!

Saint Swithin was an early English Bishop of Winchester, now best known for the popular British weather lore proverb that if it rains on Saint Swithun’s day, 15 July, it will rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

. . . S P I T D L O H E S U O H s & Dog Hair at Removing C

roblem. a bit of a p e b n a ca se u the ho it’s basically airs around r remover h ai h al g im o d an t/ y ed ca t. Unsightl y a dedicat icky side ou can do is bu round it, st u ed yo p ound your g p in ar ra e w th p O ne sticky ta ky paper ic p st ra h w it . st w ju r rolle ive is to ve the hairs ea to remo per alternat ar ea ’ ch ry ai ch u ‘h e m th However, a d press on to side out) an y easy! ck ti -p (s sy d Ea an h atch animal to m e offending th the ye d ce s ti o ay n alw e will , you could way, no on at s h T as . p Failing that t ry n’ te o ls they w f your upho aranteeing gu o n the colour o s e’ er , though th n the paisley animal hairs comment o og. patterned d

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St Swithun’s day if thou be fair For forty days ‘twill rain na mair A legend says that as the Bishop lay on his deathbed, he asked to be buried out of doors, so that “the sweet rain from heaven may fall upon my grave”. For nine years after his death his wishes were followed, but then, the monks of Winchester attempted to remove his remains to a more splendid shrine inside the cathedral on 15 July 971. According to legend there was a heavy rain storm either during the ceremony or on its anniversary, which led to the folklore that if it rains on St Swithin’s Day (July 15th), it will rain for the next 40 days in succession, and a fine 15th July will be followed by 40 days of fine weather Scientifically speaking however, according to the Met Office, this old wives’ tale is nothing other than a myth. It has been put to the test on 55 occasions, when it has been wet on St Swithin’s Day and 40 days of rain did not follow!


There are few things better in life than sleeping in luxuriously soft bed linen. It’s an affordable luxury that can transform your day-to-day life and ensure you get the very best night’s sleep. Follow our bed linen guide and be inspired!

A Buyers Guide To Bed Linen What is a thread count? Good quality bed linen is supplied with a thread count. Woven fabric is made up of a warp thread (running vertically) and a weft thread (horizontally). The ‘thread count’ is used to describe the number of these threads per square inch. The general rule is that the higher the thread count, the more superior the quality of your bed linen. Which fabric is suitable for you?

Cotton It’s not surprising that cotton is the most important non-food commodity in the world. Hairs from the tropical cotton plant are spun into yarn, then cloth. It’s low maintenance, versatile and affordable.

Cotton Percale This is a variation on the regular cotton where the cotton yarn is given a combed treatment. This gives the bed linen a lovely smooth finish and with a thread count of over 180, it has a high quality feel about it.

Linen Linen is made from yarn made out of fibres from the flax plant. It is a heavier, stronger fibre than cotton, creating a fabric that is smoother and with a very unique drape. It is an excellent conductor of heat and does not retain any moisture - these

qualities make linen both snug and really comfortable.

Cotton & Linen Linen is a luxury yarn. To keep bed linen affordable, a combination of linen and cotton brings the qualities of both yarns together.

Cotton Sateen This is a weaving technique that is slightly more expensive to weaving classic cotton cloth. This different process produces a bed linen that is incredibly soft to handle and has a fabulous sheen.

Chambray Often referred to as ‘yarn dye’, chambray is made up of a warp and weft thread of different colours. This weaving technique gives a smart, sophisticated look to plain cotton bed linen.

Silk Originating from China, silk fabric is made from the continuous fibre the silk caterpillar makes to cocoon itself during its transformation into a moth. In the manufacturing process, fibres from several cocoons are twisted together to make a yarn of suitable thickness for weaving. It commands a high price tag, but its superb dyeing qualities make it a true luxury fabric that needs care and attention to keep it looking good.



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constructor imprisoned for tax fraud

Construction still slowing on the Costa del Sol

The Granada constructor implicated in the Malaya corruption case, José Ávila Rojas, started an eight year sentence for four counts of tax fraud this week. His appeal against last year’s sentence from the Granada provincial court was turned down by the Supreme Court last month, and it left no other means open to try and avoid entering prison.

Construction levels in Málaga province continue in free-fall with the latest data from the Architects College for this year showing an average fall of about 65% compared to last.

The fraud relates to the purchase and sale of two properties in Marbella at the beginning of this decade, calculated as amounting to 3.5 million € in unpaid IVA and income tax. The sentence from the Granada court last summer also ordered the businessman to pay a fine of 10 million €.


Costa Blanca holiday lettings scam under investigation

In Manilva 90% fewer houses are being built than last year, with the reduction in Estepona, Benalmádena and Fuengirola down by 80%. For example in Benalmádena only 43 homes were started in the first six months of the year. In Marbella that number was 129 flats, a number 73% lower than a year ago. The only town on the western or eastern Costa del Sol to see a recovery is Torremolinos, where 420 homes have been started so far this year, 12% more than for the same period in 2008.

The Civil Guard are investigating a holiday lettings fraud reported by The Times newspaper at the end of June which is believed to have affected hundreds of foreign tourists. There appear to be around 100 victims in the UK and others in other parts of Europe, each of whom paid an average of 4,000€ for their summer holiday; the properties booked did not however exist. The Costa Blanca holidays were booked through a website which The Times names as, said to be based in Málaga, and which also advertised through letting agencies in the UK and one in Spain, which passed on any enquiries to their advertiser. Despite checks carried out, The Times says none were aware that their client was not a bona fide agent. The Civil Guard began their investigation after a British man became concerned when he was unable to contact the company and travelled out to Alicante to check for himself and discovered the property he had booked in Jávea did not in fact exist. The Alicante Civil Guard have said that they have no knowledge of any Spanish victims for the moment, but have not ruled out that there could be Spaniards affected.

Sevilla builder ends hunger strike protest Manuel Paraíso, a Sevilla builder who has been on hunger strike for 58 days and squatting at the construction site in Calle Florencio Quintero where he had been working in the city, took his protest one step further by taking off his clothes. He is demanding that workers and suppliers be paid by the construction company concerned and had not eaten for 58 days to draw attention to the case. Having lost 17 kilos on the hunger strike, the police duly arrived to take him to hospital It was then he took off his clothes. The police finally used one of the placards to cover his modesty before taking him to the hospital.

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Swimming Pool Safety

life span

Teaching your child how to swim does not mean your child is safe in water. If you have a pool, protect your children by supervising them at all times and being prepared in case of an emergency - and by following these pool safety tips: Make sure adults are trained in life-saving techniques and CPR so they can rescue a child if necessary. Surround your pool on all four sides with a sturdy five-foot fence; make sure the gates selfclose and self-latch at a height

Whenever infants or toddlers are in or around water, an adult should be within arm’s length, providing “touch supervision.”

Splendid Splashback!

Protect your kitchen walls and make a style statement with a smart splashback A splashback runs along the wall behind the sink and hob, protecting the wall from splashes. You need a flat, hard-wearing, easy-to-clean surface that can’t be permeated by grease or water. Start planning… Although the splashback only covers a small area, the material you choose will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen (see below). You can go for a matt or glossy finish, match it to your worktop or even wallpaper the space in your favourite print and protect it with a toughened glass or acrylic panel. Before you buy, try a sample of your chosen material against the units and worktop you want to use to make sure they’re all working together.

A splashback needs to be at least 20cm high to guard against splashes, but you can extend it up to meet the wall units and run it along the whole length of your worktop for a seamless finish. If you want an even more streamlined look, fit an upstand as well (a short panel in the same material as your worktop). Your options

For more information and no obligation quote please call:

Keep rescue equipment (a shepherd’s hook - a long pole with a hook on the end - and life preserver) and a portable telephone near the pool. Remember that inflatable swimming aids are not a substitute for approved life vests and can give children a false sense of security.

Decide on the size…

622 359 278 or 687 234 502 E:

children can’t reach.

Stainless Steel: Often seen behind range cookers, this material works well across the whole kitchen,

especially if you have matching worktops. It’s hygienic and light reflecting, but it’s prone to scratching and will need frequent cleaning to remove fingermarks. Glass: Tough and easy to clean, glass is a great material that will reflect light. There’s a huge choice, from clear or soft blue glass to very bright colours. Composite: Made of resin and stone, a composite worktop can be moulded into any shape, so your splashback can be seamlessly joined to it. Composite materials are hygienic, tough and come in a wide range of colours, but the splashback will need to be professionally installed. Stone: A beautiful natural material. Stone absorbs stains and is especially vulnerable to grease, fruit juice and wine, so it will need regular resealing. It’s heavy, and installation is best left to the experts. Tiles: A popular choice for splashbacks, tiles are easy to lay, durable and available in many colours and styles. Ensure you choose the right grouting – you can find coloured grouts to complement your tile colour, or grout with antibacterial qualities, which should look clean for longer

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spanish property news... spanish property news...

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Market Commentary ~ 10th July 2009 The Bank of England surprised the markets by keeping the Quantitative Easing programme at £125 billion, as expected interest rates were kept at 0.5%. This was a big shock to the markets which had sold sterling in the run up to the announcement with the expectation that a further £25 billion would be injected. For sterling we saw a knee jerk reaction to the news- moving higher against the USD and the euro. This puts sterling back into its comfort zone against the USD and euro and we should hold the 1.15-1.185 and 1.62-1.66 range in the short term. The move in sterling was not wholly significant due to the door being left open for a review on QE in the August BoE meeting; in addition recent weak economic data for the UK in the form of Industrial output and GDP is still weighing on the pound. The pound is also up against the euro this morning, helped by the QE news but also due to increasing worries over Eastern Europe; reports are that the IMF are discussing aid programmes with at least 10 Eastern European governments. GBP/EUR now approaching 1.17 and EUR/USD has retraced from 1.4025 to 1.3915 currently. Yesterday the German finance minister also stated that Germany’s regional state banks are the “biggest systemic risk” to the nations’ financial sector. We have touched upon these concerns previously and so far

the euro has been relatively unscathed, but this cannot last forever- heightened concerns and added stimulus in this area should weigh heavily on the euro going forward. US equities rose slightly yesterday as weekly jobless claims fell 52,000 to 565,000 and in addition Alcoa Inc kicked off the earnings season with better than expected numbers. This leaves the markets in a confused state as traders do not know which way to turn between recovery, risk aversion, buy USD or sell USD. This is hardy surprising given the mixed economic data materializing globally. In the currency markets the confusion and volatility is very clear, this week the main theme has been the sell of commodity driven currencies with AUD, NZD and ZAR all lower and the YEN is the main gainer. The Washington post has reported that AIG is preparing to pay millions of dollars in bonuses to top executives, this following an earlier round of bonuses four months ago…got an inkling this is not going to sit well with public opinion… The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email


GOLD, ANTIQUE SILVER & any small items of interest GOLD TRADER will be available at: Hotel Continental, Mojacar Playa Tuesday 21st July 10am - 3pm

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Insuring Illegal property It is easier to get caught out buying an illegal property in Spain, than first meets the eye. There are estimated to be well over 100,000 illegal properties in Spain and many of the people who have been caught up in this, have done everything by the book and still ended up with an illegal property. No deeds no insurance? No doubt this is an extremely stressful and worrying situation to find yourself in. With the threat of your property being demolished, insuring your property may not be at the top of your list, however, it is possible to insure a property without the correct Deeds (escritura). You will likely find many conflicting views on this topic as whether or not you can insure a property without the full escritura. Whilst no insurer will insure you against the potential demolition of your property, Lloyd & Whyte International offer a policy that provides cover for properties that have been built on rural land. The insurer does not ask to see copies of (escrituras) when a policy is incepted nor in the event of a claim. In the event of a claim for a risk that is covered by the insurance policy, the insurer will settle this by either having work carried out on the property, to put you back into the position you were in prior to the claim, or in the event of a total loss (but not demolition) through a risk covered by the policy, if you need to rebuild and you are not able to gain permission to do so, a cash settlement would be made. The cash settlement would be based on the rebuild value, in line with your declared value on the schedule of insurance, no payment would be made in respect of compensation for the fact that you are unable to rebuild, nor for the value of the land. Help is at hand Arranging adequate insurance for a property is often overlooked, which is worrying when we consider that a person’s home is normally the largest investment of their life. It is also essential

that you understand your policy, and that it provides the cover you require. Otherwise, you may be paying for an irrelevant policy that doesn’t offer the protection you need. Lloyd & Whyte International Ltd are independent insurance brokers who specialise in providing insurance services to expatriates and holiday home owners in Spain, and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. An independent status means access to a range of policies depending on the individual’s requirements, in contrast to agents who are “tied” to a single provider’s policies. Lloyd & Whyte offer a fully transparent service, with policy summaries written in English alongside terms and providers that you will recognise. When arranging insurance, remember that some cover you may have expected from a policy back in the UK is not normally included here in Spain, such as All Risks Personal Possessions Cover or Subsidence. So, if you’ve recently received a quotation from an insurance company, ask for it in writing along with a copy of the policy wording and bring it along to the Lloyd & Whyte offices in Mojacar or Albox, where we’ll happily give it a health check to ensure all the cover you require is included and you won’t get any nasty surprises. Contact Details: Mojacar Office, Local 85, Parque Comercial, 04368, Mojacar, Almeria Tel: +34 950 615 302 Email: Fax: +34 950 478 598 Joe Rich – Marketing Assistant (press contact) Tel: +44 (0)1823 250746 Email:

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BoE Leave QE Measures Unchanged


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Wasp Deterrents Humans have one main advantage over wasps: We can see them buzzing about in their stripy coats. To them we’re like a vast lumbering office block: too big and slow-moving for them to actually notice. Wasps are thirsty creatures. They have even been seen drinking from underneath wet towels on a washing line. If you’ve got a bird bath, fish pond or water feature in your garden, you’ve got a pit-stop for the neighbourhood wasps. Maybe it’s not the best place to sit down next to with a cup of tea and a jam doughnut after a hard day’s work. Wasps are perverse creatures who love to fly into your house and, outside, will always fly up to the person who hates wasps the most. For this reason many types of wasp traps have been developed.

The home made wasp trap You will need:

• 2 litre plastic drink bottle • A knife • Something sugary and attractive to wasps Start by cutting the top off the bottle at the point where it becomes as wide as the body of the bottle. The bottom part of the bottle should now look a bit like a jar with a lumpy base. Put the wasp attracting stuff into the bottom of the bottle. Put the top of the bottle back upside down so it forms a funnel leading down into the bottle. Seal the edges if there is not a good contact all the way round, using tape, gum, leaves, whatever is most appropriate. The wasps smell the sugary food and fly down the funnel into the bottle. Having eaten they try and leave but here they encounter a problem Wasp logic dictates that when escaping from inside something you fly to the highest point. The wasps buzz round and round the top, but very rarely notice the exit further down.

Wasp-Attracting Substances

Frankie’s Garden QUESTION: My tangerine tree is getting out of hand, is it OK to

Vodka & orange (If it doesn’t kill them it will leave them too happy to sting you),

prune it now or should I wait?

Sundew melon rind, Jam, Treacle, Molasses OR Fizzy Drinks

Effectiveness The wasps in the trap attract other wasps with their frantic activity, so the effectiveness of the trap is almost exponential. However, sooner or later there will be too many and the trap will not work so well. This raises ethical considerations about disposing of the trap. A wasp is, after all, an instrument of the wider ecological system it exists in. We humans, sadly, have lost this ability. Selfishly killing wasps puts you in a morally grey area. The writer is not responsible for feelings of guilt,

Quick Wasp Deterrent Take a paper bag as big as your head and blow it up. Tie off the end so it retains its shape and hang it near where you do not want them to go. The wasps will think it is an enemy nest and stay away. However, wasps are not stupid, just a little slow, so when you have finished whatever it is you do not want the wasps to participate in, take down the bag otherwise they will see through the ruse.

• Scandinavian stress-graded, kiln dried C16/C24 timber – ideal for joinery and / or construction. Available in any length up to 6.0m (20ft). st • Pressure treated timber ugu A •W  ood stain available in various colours & Teak Oil. h s 24trequirements. • Timber can be re-sawn and or cross-cut to ycustomer’s s o a t d st in mber • Also available OSB, MDF and Exterior Plywood u oli g u H Delivery Au ile n various sizes from 3mm up to 25mmththickness. b 8 Now o y mmer • Round Poles – up to 3.66m Su txu85 rdadiameter. ur m Available o a • Tongue and groove boards. n up to 5.4m long. SWhitewood le o • Decking Boards –lo 145 Redwood, kiln dried & sedx 28ilaxb4.2/5.4m. c va e treated. Dual profile. Decking screws – 63mm also available. a b l stil x 1200 x 12.5.Thistle Plaster and will –ut2400 • Plasterboard e Bscrews. W plasterboard • Trellis fencing and panels made to order. • Now in stock - Laminated Beams 140x140 & 200x200 up to 12m long

ish MultiFin plaster


boards plaster


GRAHAM - 606 156 151

PAUL - 661 147 689

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9.30am -2pm then 3.30pm - 6pm Saturday & out of hours contact Paul’s mobile El Poligono Industrial, 60,Velez Rubio. Exit at junction 108. Tel/Fax: 950 614 050 Out of Hours: 661 147 689 All major credit cards accepted

ANSWER: The answer is yes and no! It is OK to prune thin, twiggy branches now but the larger, thicker ones should only be pruned in late winter i.e. February/March. Citrus are sensitive souls and are prone to sunburn if you expose them in summer. The hot winds may cause citrus fruit to drop but do not worry as this is a natural thinning process. Citrus need to be watered fairly infrequently, but, for best results, needs the moisture to penetrate deeply (to about 3 feet). Overly wet soil that keeps oxygen levels low is a major cause of root rot and iron chlorosis (leaves turning brown and dropping off). Build a dike around the tree which extends to the end of the widest branch but start it one foot out from the trunk to avoid standing water from touching the trunk. This should prevent a water borne fungal disease which causes gummosis; that is when the branches and trunk exude a dark, sticky residue. Feed occasionally with an application of nitrogen fertiliser which you can buy from most Agricola’s - this will help with fruit sizing. For citrus grown in pots you may need to water every day and feeding once a week. Big post dry out very quickly so

make sure you give enough water to reach the bottom of the pot. This can be as much as several gallons. Be careful though and judge the need by the look of the compost rather than the day of the week! Over-watering causes problems, too, by drowning the roots and creating stagnant conditions. Again feed potted citrus with a specific fertiliser or, if none is available, use tomato feed but supplement with the occasional dose of sequestrated iron and trace elements. If leaves show signs of stress, spray with the hose in the evening. Pruning of potted citrus can be done at almost any time providing the branch isn’t too big. To improve shape pinch off the top of the growing tip. Citrus are renowned for sulking if moved so do not worry if your new tree, which you bought loaded with fruit, decides to drop the lot and then will not fruit again for a couple of years. Once it realises it is in a permanent new home it should perk up again quite quickly. There, and you thought growing citrus would be a doddle! If you would like to ask Frankie a gardening question, please email editor@ and we’ll forward it to her!

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Diabetes Mellitus In Dogs Part 2

Checking the urine for the presence of glucose, although not quite as accurate, is something you can do at home. Go to www. for more information about monitoring glucose and ketones in your dog’s urine.

Palomino Kennels

Exclusive Boarding Kennels/Cattery Gla me t d they s Ken o Palo ent wen nels wh mino t ba ile wet ck to cothey Engl and! ld &

Exercise The usual amount of exercise your dog receives should remain relatively unchanged. If your dog suddenly expends a lot more energy i.e. longer walks, excitement about visitors, etc., your dog will burn up more glucose. Too much activity can result in an extremely low blood sugar level, which may leave too little “fuel” available for the brain, to the point that your dog could even lose consciousness. If this happens, immediately administer glucose.

Spaying your female dog If your dog has diabetes mellitus, you are not alone. An estimated 1 in 500 dogs develops diabetes.

Treatment Diabetes can be controlled, and giving your dog daily insulin injections is the most efficient way to control the disease. Your vet will set up a treatment program that will include recommendations for feeding your dog (type of food, quantity and timing of meals), regular exercise and insulin treatment. Each dog will require a specific treatment regimen. Daily insulin injections are essential to control the blood glucose level in your dog. Finding the right dose is not always easy and may take weeks. It is very important that injections be given at the same time every day. The key to success is PATIENCE and you will be encouraged as you see the condition of your dog gradually improving.

Monitoring Monitoring your dog’s glucose level is an important part of the overall therapy for diabetes, and can be done in one of two ways: 1) Measuring the glucose level in the blood itself 2) Checking the urine for the presence of glucose Measuring the blood glucose level is clearly the most accurate way to monitor your dog’s therapy, and your veterinarian will do this in the clinic by performing a glucose curve.

If your dog has not been spayed, your vet will recommend that your dog be spayed as part of the treatment. This is because one of the female sex hormones, called progesterone, can interfere with the normal action of insulin. In order to remove the source of progesterone, spaying intact female dogs diagnosed with diabetes is essential.

My dog is regulated — what’s next? Regulation often goes very well for years. It is recommended to see your veterinarian on a regular basis (2-4 times a year). On these occasions, a general examination will be performed and rechecking the blood glucose level may be advised. Unfortunately, your dog may suffer occasionally from stress, infections, dental problems or other situations that can alter its regulation. If regulation is affected, your dog will again show typical signs (drinking and urinating more, for example), indicating you should consult your veterinarian.

Living with a diabetic dog Once a dog has been stabilized on insulin, most dogs are able to lead a happy, healthy life. The life expectancy of dogs on insulin is similar to that of other healthy dogs. Good communication between you and your vet, and adhering to the treatment regimen, will help keep your dog healthy. Both of you will enjoy life together for many years.


Offer a Warm, Friendly Environment in a secure Countryside Setting. All Diet Requirements Catered for. Daily Exercise in 10 Acre Estate, Vet on 24/7 standby. (25 years Experience).

Contact Toni on 600 829 990 or 664 575 105 950 067 051

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL • A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

DEAN: 696 562 662 Fines, Nr Albox GPS Co-ordinates: 37 21 19.61N : 02 15 56.48W


Please call 678 490 208 or 678 490 235 or visit if you can offer any of the animals at PAWS shelter a foster or permanent home.


If you are interested in either of these dogs or would like to see the other dogs that need homing please call 663 762 642

Jenny Louise Hayes: General Enquiries: 968 138 081 Mobile: (+34) 608 466 553 24 EMERGENCY HOTLINE

PIP - Chihuahua cross.

SHOUMI - Chihuahua cross

BENNY, OLLIE & LUCY - were abandoned at one week old but are now doing fine and looking for loving homes. Already well-socialised and likely to be small/ medium, they are in need of loving homes


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Cherries have pleased the palates of food lovers for centuries. Their ruby-red color and tangy taste won cherries a place on the tables of Roman conquerors, Greek citizens and Chinese noblemen. Cherries were brought to America by ship with early settlers in the 1600s. At this time of year, cherries are ripe for the picking, so look out for the punnets of deep red cherries in the markets if you’re not lucky enough to be growing your own. The best cherries are plump, firm, glossy and free of blemishes; the stems should be fresh and green. Unlike fruit such as peaches, cherries benefit most from being stored at cooler temperatures - warmth can compromise flavour and texture. Eat sweet cherries straight off the stalks, or remove the stones before stirring into Greek-style yoghurt with a drizzle of honey. Dried sour cherries impart that allimportant sweet-sour tang to many Iranian and Middle Eastern dishes; alternatively they’re just the thing to add a little extra pizzazz to your morning muesli. Sour cherries are an excellent foil for fatty meats, and so are perfect for giving a classic duck dish a summer twist - try adding it to sauces or chopping the flesh into spicy salsas.

Take Away Available

Opening Hours / Horario Mon - Thurs 1pm - 4pm / 6pm - Midnight Fri, Sat & Sun 1pm - 12 midnight Calle Juan Sebastian el Cano 30, Las Buganvillas

Tel: 950 132 898 Mov: 697 811 365

Pueblo Laguna Golden Amritsar


Las Buganvillas Mojacar

Villaricos Vera

A perfect bedfellow for rich ingredients such as chocolate, cream and alcohol, it’s no surprise that perhaps the most iconic cherry dessert is the Black Forest gateau. With its decadent layers of deep, dark chocolate, fluffy cream and kirsch liqueur, the tartness of the fruit sings through loud and clear. So with this in mind, the possibilities are endless - warm cherry pies with cold cream, or nursery favourites such as cherry jellies and ices given a spike with some rum or vodka!

Come and meet Vic, Bryan and their staff, receive a warm and friendly welcome, in a fully air conditioned bar and dinning room, or relax on their terrace area.

BAR OPEN DAILY 12 NOON - LATE RESTAURANT OPEN 2PM - 9PM 5 & 10oz Steaks and Gammon Steaks available Assorted homemade desserts available Monday ~ Poker Night 8pm Wednesday ~ Quiz Night 8.30pm start Friday ~ Fish and chips served from 2pm saturday ~ Regular Live Entertainment from 8.30pm - late Sunday ~ carvery 1.30pm - 5pm (Bar open 12 noon - late)

smooth radio roadshow 3rd FRIDAY in every month

just arrived

Saxon Real Ale

stella artois Tetley Carlsberg Guinness Surger

p a t n o coming n

Call Vic: 620 166 719 or Brian: 657 443 791 Old Divas Bar, La Hortichuela, Aljambra From the Urgencias, Albox go straight over the crossroads towards La Hortichuela, take sharp bend to right & follow road for 20 yards where you will find Sopranos7pm



Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Summer Fruits... Summer Fruits...

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


n a i d n I An becue Bar

Indian Reshmi Chicken Kebabs …Traditionally, chicken, beef or lamb is used, but prawns or scallops work well too!

Ingredients 6 almonds 6 green chillies, seeded and chopped 8 cloves garlic 2.5cm (1 in) piece fresh root ginger, peeled handful chopped fresh coriander salt to taste 1 lemon, juiced 100ml (4 fl oz) double cream 1kg (2 1/4 lb) skinless, boneless chicken breast fillets - cubed skewers 30g (1 oz) butter

Indian Tomato Salsa Salad

…a cool choice!

Ingredients Serves 8 300g/11oz natural yoghurt 2 tbsp fresh mint, finely chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed to a paste

Method Mix together the yoghurt, mint, garlic and season well. Chill until needed.

Chargrilled Tikka Chicken

…Chilli, lime and fresh coriander give this an authentic flavour


8 tomatoes, finely chopped ½ red onion, finely chopped ½ cucumber, deseeded and finely chopped 2tbsp fresh mint, chopped 3tbsp fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped 2 tsp chilli powder Juice of 1 lime 2tbsp olive oil

Add the chilli powder, lime juice and olive oil to a jam jar. Shake to mix, then pour over the tomato salad and stir to combine.

…A simple way to liven up a cheap cut of chicken 8 chicken thighs 4tbsp tikka masala paste 200g natural yogurt 1 ½ lemons, sliced into wedges You will need 8 skewers (soaked if wooden)

Method Remove the skin, bone and fat from the chicken thighs. Cut each into 2 pieces and season. Mix tikka paste and yogurt together in a large bowl, add the prepared chicken, cover and chilli in the fridge to marinate for an hour. Meanwhile, light the barbeque and leave to heat for 20mins. Thread 2 pieces of chicken onto each skewer with a wedge of lemon. When the coals are white the barbeque is ready. Cook the chicken on each side for 5- 7mins or until cooked through and the juices run clear.

Coriander Naan Bread …Easy home-made bread that will impress guests and costs less than shop bought.


450g/1lb strong white flour 1x 7g sachet fast action dried yeast 3tbsp fresh coriander, chopped 1tsp salt 4tbsp olive oil

Grilled Spiced Vegetables …If you’ve a small barbeque, or the weather is bad; griddle these or roast in a hot oven for 25 minutes

Ingredients 1tbsp hot curry powder 150ml/5fl oz olive oil 1 clove garlic, crushed to a paste 2 red onions, halved 2 aubergines, sliced into wedges 3 peppers (red, yellow and green), deseeded and cut into wedges Juice of ½ lemon

Method In a large bowl mix together curry powder, olive oil, garlic, salt and ground black pepper. Cut the onions into wedges, keeping the stem in tact so that the slices stay together. Toss with the aubergines and peppers in oil mixture. Cook on a hot barbeque for 3mins each side, or till cooked though and lightly charred. Return to a clean bowl, and squeeze over juice ½ lemon to serve.

Knead dough for about 5mins on a lightly side, or till puffed and golden.

Transfer mixture to a large bowl. Place chicken in bowl, and turn to coat. Cover, and marinate in refrigerator for 24 hours. Preheat barbecue for high heat, and lightly oil cooking grate. Remove meat from marinade, and thread onto skewers. Brush meat with butter, and arrange skewers on hot grate. Slowly cook the chicken until cooked through.

The all round entertainment bar! Every Wednesday 2 Courses for 5€ Tuesday from 8pm Thursday from 8pm

SUNDAY LUNCHES still only 5€ Serving Beef, Chicken or Lamb Shank (3.50€ extra) all served with 5 veg & all the extras. PLUS: NEW SUMMER SUNDAY MEALS Ploughmans Lunch, Prawn Salad with Marie Rose Sauce, Beef Salad with Mustard Mayo, Cheese Salad, Chicken Salad with Mango Mayo - ALL 5€

Tel. 678 248 788 mon - fri 6pm - late, Sat & sun 1pm - late

Follow directions to ITV until you pick up signs for the SUNBURNT ARMS.







Ben & Maureen welcome you to join them for the craic! SANTA PECADO


to Hotel Indalo

For more information: 678 914 923

floured surface till springy. Add 1tbsp of the remaining oil to a clean bowl. Put the Method dough in the bowl, cover with clear-film In a large bowl, mix flour, yeast, chopped and leave to rise in warm place for about coriander and salt. Gradually add the 1 hour. 2tbsp oil and 300ml/1/2 pint warm water. Once dough has risen divide into 8 Bring together to make soft dough (adding pieces. Rub the remaining oil on a rolling a little more water if all the flour isn’t pin and roll dough out flat. Cook a couple incorporated). at a time on a hot barbeque for 3 mins per

Place almonds in a small bowl, cover with water & allow to soak for 15-20mins & drain. Place almonds, chillies, garlic, root ginger and coriander into the bowl of a food processor; blend until smooth. Season with salt, and blend in lemon juice. Blend in cream.

The Sunburnt Arms


In a large bowl, toss together the tomatoes, onion, cucumber, mint and coriander. Season with salt & freshly ground black pepper.


to La Parata

Combine your love of barbecues and Indian food with these simple and tasty Indian barbecue recipes!

Minted Yoghurt Dip




Pasao del Mediterraneo 113 Mojaca Playa


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1 Lifting device (5) 6 Worship (5) 7 Forestall (7) 9 Golfing term (3) 11 Darn (3) 12 Fairy (3) 15 Effigy (4) 17 Woody plant (4) 18 Confined (5) 19 Type of reef (5) 20 Fiend (4) 22 Edible starchy root (4) 23 Beverage (3)

8 Lie of the land (7) 9 Edging of small loops (5) 10 Saying (5) 13 Acquire knowledge (5) 14 Criminal (5) 16 The sheltered side (3) Down 1 Armed conflict (3) 17 Young child (3) 2 Part of the Roman calendar (4) 21 Praise (5) 3 New (5) 24 Polynesian dance (4) 4 Ship’s company (4) 25 Smudge (4) 5 Female lobster (3) 28 To the rear of a ship (3) 7 Sequence of computer 29 Anger (3) instructions (7)

24 Part of a wheel (3) 26 Lodge (3) 27 Sentimental (7) 30 Storey (5) 31 One of the senses (5)






ACROSS 1 More work? That’s a visionary scheme (6) 5 For Cyril it’s composition - others note his words (8) 9 It proves playing is playful (8) 10 Place that sounds right for slimmers (6) 11 Author - one using Postes Francaises (6,6) 13 Doubled note for girl in a Puccini opera (4) 14 Six die being malicious (8) 17 The crime of building in Yemen’s capital (8) 18 What’s wrong with a meltdown? (4) 20 Miss foreign cheese brought back with wine I imported (12) 23 Latin name for rockrose some classicist uses (6) 24 Prince ordering duck and hare (8) 25 Normal colors (8) 26 Maps taken out on an Asian boat (6)

Down 2 The very best spinners (4) 3 Everlasting ringing of changes, outside inside, upside down (9) 4 One is content for a change with a place that’s strictly for the birds (6) 5 In Dallas, however, ye discover an assassin (3,6,6) 6 Something fishy discovered by cleaner in expensive car (8) 7 Certain plants contributing to hectic activity (5) 8 The Lone Ranger’s horse getting Best Actor award (6,4)



Sudoku is a placement puzzle where the aim of the game is to enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids (they call them regions). The catch is that each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

12 Philip Glass, for example, producing a half-note, tails off (10) 15 Cad mad about Dutch port (9) 16 Part of the Indian Ocean - parts are moist (5,3) 19 One bridge player doesn’t have trousers (6) 21 Englishman opening a can to dine at home (3,2) 22 A bird raised birds (4)

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:




Find and circle all of the boats that are hiddden in the grid. The words may be hidden in any direction.



Five stray dogs were picked up by animal welfare officers on different days of the week (Monday-Friday) and taken to the Kennelmore Dog’s Home. All five dogs were re-homed on different days of the following week (Monday-Friday). No dog was taken to the dog’s home on the same day of the week it was re-homed. (eg The dog picked up on Monday wasn’t re-homed on the following Monday). Can you match each breed of dog with its name, the day of the week it was first picked up, the day it was re-homed and the name of its new owner? The Collie (who isn’t called Marty) was taken to the dog’s home on Tuesday. Mrs O’Keefe re-homed one of the dogs on Thursday. The Dalmatian was re-homed the day before the dog Mr Morgan re-homed and earlier in the week than the dog Mr Perry re-homed but later in the week than Geordie was re-homed. The dog which was taken to the dog’s home the day before Marty was taken in, was re-homed by Mrs Tilley. The Alsatian was taken to the dog’s home on an earlier day of the week than the day in the following week when a lady rehomed the retriever. Miss Kirby re-homed one of the dogs two days earlier than the day in the previous week when Barney was taken into the dog’s home. Dandy was taken into the home a day later in the week than the day in the following week when Mr Morgan rehomed a dog.


Yorkie the terrier was taken to the dog’s home earlier in the week than the Alsatian

Logic Puzzle sOLUTIONN

Logic Puzzle

Breed Name Picked Up Rehomed New Owner Alsation Barney Wednesday Friday Mrs Perry Collie Geordie Tuesday Monday Miss Kirby Dalmation Dandy Thursday Tuesday Mrs Tilley Retriever Marty Friday Thursday Mrs O’Keefe Terrier Yorkie Monday Wednesday Mr Morgan



12. Braiwaithe 13. Cricket 14. Kate Moss 15. Stereophonics 16. Richard Yates 17. Alec Guiness and Ewan McGregor 18. Rice 19. Dog 20. Wales


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1. Which South American country was named after the Italian city of Venice? .................................................................................................................. 2. What is the only Central American country in which baseball, not soccer, is the people’s favourite sport? .................................................................................................................. 3. Which Hasbro `action figure` got its name from a Robert Mitchum film? .................................................................................................................. 4. What is the largest fresh water lake in North America? .................................................................................................................. 5. The highest temperature ever recorded outside in the shade was recorded in Azizah, in Africa. In which country is this city located? .................................................................................................................. 6. How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match? .................................................................................................................. 7. In which country is the highest mountain in South America? .................................................................................................................. 8. How many emirates make up the United Arab Emirates? .................................................................................................................. 9. How many inner wire rings are there on a dartboard? .................................................................................................................. 10. I f you were putting numbers on new changing room lockers to be numbered from 1 to 100, how many times would you use the number 9? .................................................................................................................. 11. Which famous group performed the first ever song on Top Of The Pops in 1964? .................................................................................................................. 12. In the Adrian Mole Diaries, what is the surname of his girlfriend? .................................................................................................................. 13. Charlotte Edwards led England’s women to World Cup glory in which sport in March 2009? .................................................................................................................. 14. Which supermodel is seen pole dancing in the White Stripes video for the song I Just Don`t Know What To Do With Myself? .................................................................................................................. 15. Which band has released albums titled Word Gets Around, Just Enough Education To Perform and Pull The Pin? .................................................................................................................. 16. Who wrote the novel Revolutionary Road, which was made into a successful feature film? .................................................................................................................. 17. In the Star Wars films, which two actors played Obi Wan Kenobi? .................................................................................................................. 18. What is sake made from? .................................................................................................................. 19. Affenpinscher, Keeshond and Leonberger are all types of what? .................................................................................................................. 20. Who won the 2009 Rugby World Sevens Cup? ..................................................................................................................



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Are You Hungry or in Need? Hola, I am Amanda D’Arcy Nassau & I have been a volunteer for 2 years at ‘Caritas’. We work from San Jose Church in the Puerto de Mazarron (main Church, just behind the Paseo & up from the Pensionistas Meeting Rooms). Caritas is a worldwide organisation which began in 1897 with one man in Germany who saw the needs of those around him - I would say it is the equivalent to Salvation Army Whilst I am not a Catholic I am a Christian and during my time living here (3yrs) & recently moved onto Camposol I volunteer to help those in need – giving a helping hand to whoever needs it & whatever the need. Caritas in the Puerto relies on donations of clothes, shoes, toys, household linen/ blankets & small items of furniture and brica-brac; these are then given out freely to families or individuals in need within the area of Mazarron - irrespective of race or religion.


MABS, Cancer Support Group Mazarron supports people affected by cancer of all nationalities in Mazarrón and the surrounding area. We are committed to provide drivers, translators, information leaflets, equipment, a listening ear, offering help and comfort. MABS, Mazarron are asking YOU and local businesses to sponsor six cyclists so that MABS can continue their work.

Six local men have decided to do something different this year. Jonathan and Shaun Pawson, Tony and Trevor Maund, Howard Young and Steve O’Neil have decided to cycle 600 kilometres from Camposol, Mazarrón to Gibraltar and back to raise funds for people affected with cancer. They are using the coast road N332/N342, passing through Aguilas, Almeria, Motril, Nerja, Malaga, Marbella and Estepona to Gibraltar. Their determination is supported by radio broadcasts from Costa Calida Radio and Radio Costa Almeria and Del Sol.

MABS Cancer Support Group Mazarrón

They have been preparing for the event with evening practices after they finish work and for longer stretches at weekends.

Puerto de Mazarron

The event starts on Sunday 6th September and concludes on Tuesday 15th September. On their return, there will be a welcoming reception with Bernie Mac Disco and BBQ to cheer the riders’ home, to which YOU are invited.

Best Wishes Box No. 551 Avenida Dr. Meca 6a Upper C.C. 30860 Murcia, Spain. If you or someone you know has Cancer and would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 620 422 41 For General Enquiries call 620 582 418 between 11am to 4 pm Monday to Friday or visit:

Due to the current economic climate, many who live locally - & therefore our neighbours - are in need of FOOD - this may sound unbelievable to some, but it is the truth! Just the basic diet of rice, pasta, tins of tuna, tins of tomatoes, flour, sugar, lentils, pulses, beans, cooking oil, cartons of milk, sweet biscuits, baby food, cheese, pate…most of these items cost less than a 1€, which for many of us would buy a cup of coffee, coca cola or beer & as much as these quench our thirst, the above satisfies hunger! Unfortunately NO fresh produce can be accepted due to storage facilities.

SPONSORSHIP forms are held by MABS Mazarrón Volunteers, who can be seen in the foyer of CONSUM, Camposol, Mazarrón each Friday or those held in bars, shops on Camposol and in the Puerto de Mazarrón.

Babies Nappies are also required but these cost more than a 1€. The Social Service system in Spain is at bursting point, there are just not enough resources to accommodate the many differing needs & it is really hard times for many of the underprivileged that live among us.

At a Barbecue held at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Mar Menor Golf Resort, a presentation was made by Gerry Heggerty on behalf of his dedicated group of walkers to Elaine Dale, the President of Help Murcia Mar Menor.

I am very grateful & pleased to say that the Business Centre on Camposol A have kindly offered to support Caritas & be a drop off point for food or donations; they will also take bags of clothes and shoes etc too. You can also drop items off at my home on Camposol A or to San Jose Church direct (but it’s not open 24/7!!). Please call me on 678 598 677, to discuss donations further, or if you wish to know exactly where to drop off or you would like to know more about the work of Caritas. I appreciate there are many needs in the area & many organisations doing good work, but I have come to realise that English & other nationalities are not aware of Caritas & the work they do. Many have said it is good to help people in need and none of us know when we’ll be hungry or in need; luckily I have never been hungry, slept on the street or been really down on my luck - have YOU?? - but due to circumstances beyond their control, people like you & me have found themselves in these situations & living them still. Please help make a difference to someone’s life, these people live on hope & very little else. ....

Muchos Gracias in advance for your giving hearts in helping our neighbours from Caritas & Amanda

Phone Peter 615 769 930 or Shirley 651 021 942 for further details on what YOU can do to help. Alternatively, post Donations to….


The walkers (commonly known as Gerry and his Pacemakers) meet twice a week and each pay two euros every time they meet and the money amassed is donated to charity. This year it was decided to present the money to help “HELP” purchase new mobility equipment. Thanking the walkers for a very generous gift of €600, Mrs Dale explained that Help were fortunate to be able to purchase two electric scooters and replacement batteries with this to add to the stock of equipment which is very often needed by both residents of and visitors to the area. The barbecue had been organised by Mrs Eileen Cobb, the committee m e m b e r responsible for Administration for the Charity and thanks to her efforts a further donation will be made, a raffle on the evening making a further €320. The charity is also very grateful to her for her efforts to provide such an enjoyable event. The evening concluded with entertainment provided by the Showaddywaddy tribute band.

T.A.A.B.S. Singing Show Group Raising money for Apanee, the day centre for children with special needs in Torrevieja 21st July at 8pm at the Skandi Bar (Maria’s) at C/Baco Torre Blanca Del Mediterráneo, Torrevieja Artists appearing, TAABS Singing Show Group, Cathy Carson, Iceni Dancers, Brian Neal (Elvis Tribute) Tickets 7€ (3€ to Apanee) Price includes Chicken Curry & Rice or Spaghetti Bolognaise Meal Served 7:30pm - Show 8pm Ticket from Skandi Bar or phone Bonnie 966 926 294

Mazarron Town Hall

Summer Leisure activities! Mazarron Town Hall organise an attractive and varied schedule of activities every summer. The events typically include: Beach Football Championships Street Parties & Theatre Beach Games & Fun Concerts by Local Bands Athletics Glamour Competitions Table Football, Petanca & Dominos Amateur Radio Events Fancy Dress Fireworks Display For more information contact the Tourist Office on 968 584 426 or 968 154 064 or pay them a visit at their office in the centre of Puerto de Mazarron, opposite the Arbol supermarket.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

your letters...your events... your letters...your events...

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



Sol Entertainment Guide WEEK COMMENCING JULY 15th 2009


Rumours Restaurant & Bar


Address Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Camposol B Tel: 968 199 238

OPEN Ring for details.

For More Information Call: 968 170 085 or 968 334 560.

Spanish Classes from 9am YOGA 6pm - 7.30pm Dancercise 12pm - 1pm

Los Narejos For bookings Tel: 696 096 023

QUIZ NIGHT 10pm - Late

Spanish Bingo 1pm with Jane Cronin 11.30am - 2pm Karaoke Evening: Karaoke &Evening: Disco with El Tel & Disco with El Tel Spanish Classes from 9am

KARAoke 10pm - 2am


KARAoke 10pm - 2am

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Talks on Spain with Jane Cronin 4.30pm - 6pm Carvery Sittings: 1pm, 2pm & 3pm

Martial Arts 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Bingo 8.15pm

Weightwatchers 10.15am - 11.15am Ballroom Dancing 5.30pm - 6.30pm


Tap Dancing 10.30am -11.10am Patchwork Group 10am - 1pm

Spanish Classes from 9am Tai Chi 11am - 12pm

Spanish Classes from 9am Dancercise Beginners Class 11am -12pm

OPEN 5pm til late

chef’s specials 2 courses for only 10€ 6pm - 10pm live music with silvio 10pm - late

sunday roast served 1pm - 5pm

OPEN 5pm til late

TO ADVErtise here please call: Costa Calida Camposol & Mazarron - Rosemary: 647 379 795 Costa Blanca - Greg: 618 530 767

John’s Spanish - English

Travel & Shopping Guide

Out ! Now

...Perfect for daily life

Send a stamp addressed envelope and 2€ to:

El Mirador Los Diaz 10 Cuevas de Reyllo Fuente Alamo 30333 Murcia

Tel: 968 152 949


means Being a ‘Friend of MABS Mazarrón’ help to time r you of giving just a few hours ld cou This LY. with fund raising activities ON hts, Nig be at our one Table Top sales, Fun r reward Coffee Mornings or Barbeques. You maybe and h, laug will be to have some fun, or text. Call . make new friends along the way BS MA 663 308 584 to become a Friend of Mazarron or email mazmabs@hotm ! you to back and we will get

charity race nights!

on behalf of APAH Animal Rescue Charity

celebrating a birthday or anniversary? want to say thank you to a friend? then send an email to and we’ll print it free of charge!! photos too! ...and don’t forget you can surprise your friends and family at home and abroad with an announcement that they can view online at www,

‘Monks Duo’

Monday 27th July Bar Vito in El Mahon Friday 31st July Daniels Bar in Los Dolcis in association with R & R Racing Everyone is welcome to come along and have a flutter on the horses, whilst raising money to help APAH carry on the work of rescuing and re-homing abandoned, abused and neglected animals. For further information please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563 or Natasha on 616 210 850

Barcelona Summer Week 2009

‘Monks Duo’ will be playing live on Monday evenings, 9pm to 11.30pm at Hotel Costa Narejos. Great sounds of Swing, Jazz, Latin etc. from Gil on tenor sax, flute & clarinet & Keith on keyboard & vocals...where else can you go to a 4* hotel with free admission, comfor table surroundings, a nice atmosphere & LIVE entertainment from pro’ musicians - and realsitic bar prices!


For more infor mation call 968 432 630


VISIT TO LORCA town, followed by visit to Castle around Train ride Free time for lunch. ( Lunch not included) Visit to Sanctuary in Murcia during the afternoon €25 per person

Wednesday 29th July

HELP MMM CANCER SUPPORT GROUP El Torreon Restaurant. (CISSMU) Los Narejos 11.30am start

Thursday 30th July

HELP MMM DIABETIC GROUP El Torreon Restaurant (CISSMU) Los Narejos 11.00am start

Friday 31st July

HELP MMM FRIENDSHIP GROUP El Torreon Restauant, (CISSMU) Los Narejos 12 noon start


7 days, 30 clubs, 7 beaches, 250 events over 100 DJ’s and 50,000 people The biggest names in dance music will descend on Barcelona from the 3rd to 9th August 2009 for the inaugural Barcelona Summer Week Festival. Superstar DJs such as Tiësto, David Guetta, Layo & Bushwacka!, Erick Morillo, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Kleinenberg and Fedde Le Grand, will be amongst the many DJs to play host at parties across the capital during the week-long fiesta. For Full Line Up, Programmes & Tickets

Sensol Golf Club TUESDAY 21 JULY TICKETS 10€ SHOW + BBQ 22€ BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! Tickets: Kim 699203136 or Golf Club Bar

P. A.L.S.

) (Prote cti on and Life Saving

Summer Pool Parties New price only 5€ (down from last year’s 8€). The Pool Parties start at 8pm at Mariano’s Restaurant Camposol, Sector A. The dates are

11 July 8 August 12 September

Tickets are available from outside the ‘Steak Out’, Sector B on Saturdays, 11am to 1.30 pm or from Committee Members Contact 628 147 915 Further details of PALS events can be seen at their website


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


~ End of retirement age signalled ~ here’s my card

A review of the default retirement age, which allows employers to compel staff to retire at 65, is to be brought forward by a year, the government says. The majority of people retire before 65, but 1.3 million people work beyond state pension age. Many more say they would if their employer permitted it. The review had been expected in 2011 but will now take place next year. Ministers said they had brought the review forward to respond to changing demographic and economic circumstances. Explaining the change in the timing of the review, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “Evidence suggests that allowing older people to continue working, unfettered by negative views about ageing, could be a big factor in the success of Britain’s businesses and our future economic growth.” The TUC welcomed the move, with general secretary Brendan Barder saying: “It cannot be right that an employer can sack someone simply for being too old. Employees should have choice - neither forced by employers to give up work, nor forced by inadequate pensions into working longer than they should.” However the business group, the CBI, said: “Having a default retirement age helps staff begin the process of deciding when it is right to retire, and helps firms plan ahead with more confidence.” It added that its research had suggested that 81% of those who asked their employer to keep working had been allowed to do so. Pensions Minister Angela Eagle said both employers and employees would be asked their views. “Our own research shows that many more people wish to work a little bit beyond retirement, and perhaps wind down their working lives rather than have them abruptly cut off, and I think

that as a society that’s something that we need to consider,” she said. Separately, the Court of Appeal will hear a legal challenge to the default retirement age this week in a case backed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. A solicitor, Leslie Seldon, believes he was discriminated against on the grounds of age when he was not permitted to work beyond the age of 65. He says he needed to go on working to support his family. Dinah Rose QC, acting for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, says the hearing will raise “important questions of policy and principle”. A number of age discrimination cases are waiting in the pipeline for the outcome of this and another challenge being brought against the government by the charity Help the Aged and Age Concern next week. The organisation welcomed the news, but said it would still press ahead with its planned judicial review of the original legislation, adding that many older people wanted to work past the age of 65. “The workforce is changing very rapidly, there are fewer school leavers coming into the labour market, and more people in their fifties and sixties,” said the charity’s Andrew Harrop. “We all know about the problems this country faces with pensions, and the best way of solving that is to encourage people to work a few years longer. It’s good news for employers and for the economy, for people to stay on in work into their sixties.” The Liberal Democrats said that the default retirement age should be scrapped as soon as possible, saying that making it illegal to discriminate against someone because of their age, except if they were over 65, was “typical new Labour fudge”. “Ageism needs to be stopped, full stop,” said Work & Pensions spokesman Steve Webb.

OZ KENNELS Please call 968 431 265 or 627 118 738

M& M House Clearance Large or small loads Reasonable prices paid! Furniture, electrical items, crockery, ornaments, bric-a-brac, bedding, curtains etc etc

Tel: Mike 619 364 451 Maralyn: 630 583 033

Feel secure in your home

from just 33 cents a day! AM PM are now patrolling your area! • Midnight Patrols warning • 24 Hour Emergency Number patrolled by • 24 Hour Ambulance Escort • Junk Mail Removal security • Alarm Response S.O.S european ltd

am pm

Call Andrew for more information 638 382 899


For information on any other APAH dog, please contact Natasha on 616 210 850 To meet all our cats, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563

Philip Lennon Security Specialist Covering Almeria & Murcia areas CALL FOR A FREE QUOTATION Securitas Direct España M: 662 474 828

Ken Sherwood English Mechanic

Garage in La Pinilla just 10 minutes from Camposol

LA-LA: is Dipsy’s friend, she is an 8 month old small Spanish cross. La-La is very affectionate and is the perfect lap dog, would suit an older couple.

DIPSY: is a 10 week old small breed Spanish bitch, she was found in the road with her friend La-La who was very ill but now recovering. Dipsy is very playful and has a vrey funny character.

These are just a couple of the many dogs looking for a new home. Contact the kennels on 619 938 955 or for more dogs visit our website

Summer Special

CHANCE: is a medium sized chocolate brown male around 1 year old. He is vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped. Chance is a typical young dog, intelligent, but needs to be encouraged to learn. He needs a new owner who can spend some time with him, and he will be a great family dog. For information on Chance or any other APAH dog, please contact Natasha on 616 210 850.

Air conditioning re-gassing and repairs from only 40€ Collection & delivery service available All garage services & diagnostics. All work guaranteed.

Tel: 679 646 859


5 Metre boat, Spanish reg’d with trailer. 30hp 2 stroke engine. Extras inc. GPS, Fish finder, Ship to shore and fishing equipment. 8.500€ (or sensible offer)

Tel: 968 199 847 or 660 935 845

Susie - Belgium Shepherd female, 4 months old, found in the orange groves. Now in very good condition & ready to pounce!!

Banjo - Lhasa Apso, Male, 18 months old. This time found in an urbanisation. Treated with shampoo & set for his new owner.

Alex - Border Collie mix, female, 4 months old. Found originally sleeping on a pillow at the side of a dumpster. Very responsive

APAH has lots of lovely kittens, all hoping to start their new lives in loving homes. If you have a favourite type of cat, we probably have a cat or a kitten that you will love. To meet all our little boys and girls, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563

To Advertise in Sol Classifieds Telephone 950 430 820 or Email:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Business news.... business news...

Sales: 950 430 820 email:




Pool Table

UK Slate Bed Coin / Non-Coin For An Unbeatable Summer Deal Call: 958 718 546 or 678 398 141 Fly screen door made by local company. Reason for sale, recent full enclosures. size 82 x 35 ins (2,080 x 890mm) Excellent condition 55€ Los Higuerales Tel: 648 208 163 or 648 208 162 with Double bed metal frame, buyer collects 40€ 2 x pale pine bedside tables, nearly new 25€ each 2 x heavy pine garden chairs in cherry wood colour with adjoining table top 40€ Tel 966 774 114 Pool table & accessories, all in good order. Blue cloth. 125€ Tel: 651 137 517 Guitar, Red, Satelitte Canvas carried, stand, tuner 100€ Tel: 669 533 234 or 676 837 784 La Pinilla Fuente. Sofa bed, cream metal action sofa bed with excellent mattress and is a modern, sturdy sofa/ bed. Approx 190cm long x 90cm deep. All covers removable for washing. Hardly used. Excellent for rentals or that extra bed. Pinar de Campoverde. €170. 966 762 639. Bosch dishwasher white small size nearly new 80€ Bosch electric oven and gas hob white and s steel 95€ Sliding white window with grills, 120 x 130 50€ Pine internal door with 6 glass panels good quality 25 Stainless steel sink with drainer 20€ Ceiling fan light 15€. Tel 966762783 Pinar de Campoverde area Generator 13hp. Electric start. Bargain 299€. Tel: 968 438 478 I n t e g r a t e d Dishwasher, “NEFF”. Excellent condition, can deliver. 290.00 € ono. Tel: 968 159 040 or mobile: 69 66 80 321 (La Pinilla area) Bath shower screen, folding 50€ Tel 968 153 107 (Puerto de Mazarron) 2 single bed headboards. Decorative, light oak 20€ 968 153 107 (Puerto de Mazarron) Sky Digibox, latest model complete with viewing card. Remote leads and boxed. Tel: 968 155 84 or mobile: 634 108 702 Rosetta Stone Spanish language course brand new boxed and sealed. Version 3 levels 1,2 & 3 bargain at 100€. Call Simon in Pinar de Campoverde on 966 763 704

Satellite dish size 1.3 with pace top box and free to view card. 200€ Tel: 968 155 776 Ref:87 Sony silver grey micro hifi component system,c. d. Player, radio and tape deck.v.c.g. 50€. Sony Triniton 30” t.v, silver grey.v.c.g. 130€. Silver grey cabinet to house d.v.d. Player etc. 50€. Sony silver grey DVD player. v.c.g. 40€. Stainless steel single sink with draining board. 15€. Tel: 966 763 966 Grundig UK Sky box 40€. Call 966774114. Mistral F2004 Race wind surf board, including Mastbase 70cm fin, 257cm long, 100cm wide. Ideal for learning Tel: 679 549 562 Ref 87


BY EMAIL: In Person: Avda 28 Febrero 54, Albox Mon-Thurs 10-5 Friday 10-4 Payment: visa & Cheques made payable to roc publishing s.l (min 10 euros per transaction on cheques or Visa) garage services


property for rent

Ken sherwood

Lords Removal & Storage


English Mechanic

Garage in La Pinilla 10 mins Camposol Collection and delivery service available All garage services and diagnostics All work guaranteed

Tel: 679 646 859

hens Fancy Hens and Bantams, for sale already laying 5€ each. Breeding pair of French ducks, 20€ for pair. Tel: 634 146 711 Ref 87

CM Construction for all types of building work. Fully legal, qualified and licensed. Mazarron areas covered. Tel Mark 659 159 948 for a free quotation.

Cheap & cheerful, DIY horse livery. Mazarron area. Tel: 660 073 663? (Spanish) Tel: 608 602 794 (English)

car transporter



Mobility Equipment Sales & Hire. Tel: Freedom Mobility 968 153 620

European Car Transporter Service Spain - UK - Spain Tel. 966 468 342 Mob. 664 121 650

carpenter Master Carpenter over 30 years experience. Call Peter 680 164 300 (ref C88)


Horse Livery

painting All types of painting. Internal or external. Tel Peter 680 164 300 (ref C88)


UK & European Movers with over 20 years experience. Monthly trips to UK. Pet Travel Available. Very competitive prices.

Camposol / Murcia area

(0034) 608 061 872

AAA Removals 3.5 Tonne Van Regular runs to and from UK, Full / Part Loads. Collection / deliveries within Spain Ring for best prices

678 398 141


Tel. 968 564 298 or 696 621 884

security Security


– windows, doors, alarms, locks changed. Tel Peter 680 164 300 (ref C88)

sun blinds Sunblinds & patio awnings For a free quote in English call: Malcolm tel: 677 760 196


7.5 Ton Lorry to & from the UK once a week

Call: 680 742 011 0044 7970 722 744 0044 1443 670 031

Deep sea fishing call Tony on: 646 754 124


van hire

IKEA online shopping, delivery & assembly service www.flatpaxabia. com Tel: 902 881 121

For Hire


Wanted Scrap Gold Cash paid for all gold jewellery or exchange for new

Call The Treasure Chest:

966 718 100 / 966 765 374

property for sale - continued

Large detached new house, 3 bed/bathroom. Lovely views, between Velez Rubio and Puerto Lumbreras Electric & water included. Part furnished, or unfurnished. 475€ pcm

Call: 677 603 415

To Let

Camposol A, Mazarron Detached 2 Bed 2 Bath Villa for long term let. 10 mins from beach. Large underbuild. Large terraces & gardens. Quiet with open outlook. Good amenities. 525€ per month + bills

Tel: 679 825 072


2 bed casita for rent, part furnished, or unfurnished. Set between Puerto Lumbreras and Velez Rubio, rural location, a car is necessary. Electric & water included. 320€ pcm

Call: 677 603 415

Property for sale Cheapest 2 bed ground floor apartment in La Florida situated near the Emerald Isle in La Florida with large terrace off road parking F / F only 79,500€ Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 1031 Look at this Bargain 2 Bed 2 Bath La Florida Terraced House in good all round condition, private off road parking Only 89,950 Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 984 Wheel chair friendly La Florida 2 Bed Apt. only a couple of minutes walk to the shops and facilities 89,500€ Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 976 Cheapest Apartment in Torrevieja 2 bed Apartment in Las Palmeras in La Florida on the 1 st. floor only 4 years old Only 67,950€ Tel: on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 1043 2 Bed Apartment 150 meters to the sea with community pool facing the sea near Torrevieja f/f only 94,950 € Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 999 Very cheap Ground floor studio in La Florida only 49,500 € Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or office 965 326 146 Ref 994 Large Detached House near Villa Martin, El Presidente, 3 Bedrooms with large living area, nice kitchen and family bathroom with another guest room and bathroom on the second floo.r The house has it’s own private pool, BBQ and mini bar set on 500 m/2 comes fully furnished central heating and aircon with large garage under the house. Price to sell at only 189,500€ Phone Brian on 626 941 962 or evenings on 966 798 469 Ref, 1093

Property for rent - Continued

To Rent Almendricos Furnished, 2 double bedroom Villa, air-con, fly free area, swimming pool, secure garden, dogs welcome, bills included

500€ pcm Tel: 676 384 097

vehicles for sale Toyota MK2

Convertible 1998, Silver, Low Mileage Private Reg FAZ 8503 Lovely Car! Tel: 669 533 234 or 676 857 784 La Pinilla Fuente.



Mobility Scooter

Mercury M46 in dark green. Just over 1 year old, bought for 2295€ accept 1250€ (includes ramps)

Tel: 968 163 758 (near Mazarron)

250cc ATV Dune Buggy, 2 seater. Very fast, great off road fun. Quick sale 850€. Tel: 968 438 478

vehicles wanted

SCRAP CARS WANTED Top prices paid. DVLA notified. Also 4x4s breaking. All parts available. Distance no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers of all metals - Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminium Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 031


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES




Baby Equipment Hire Birth to 5 years Travel cot, car seat, door gates, bottle sterilizers, baby walkers etc. Short term or long term hire FREE DELIVERY & NO DEPOSIT


Call jenny on 950 439 331 or 666 903 579 baby

swimming pool engineers Fully Legal & Registered

SPECIAL OFFER: Complete sand change, labour & sand media ONLY 99€ POOL LEAKAGE SPECIALISTS


about your business

MULTIFUNCTIONAL 200g CHLORINE TABLETS, 5KG - ONLY 17.50€ Telephone: 950 064 781 (5pm to 10pm) Mobile Mark: 671 220 162 email:

ARMADILLO ● Building Work ● Extensions ● Patios & Tiling ● Painting & Decorating

● Mosquito Blinds ● Security Grilles ● Shower Cubicles ● Plumbing Work

Call Mick on 950 528 128 or 663 303 350


Qualified Electrician

City & Guilds and Spanish Qualifications

Installations, Rewiring, Repairs, Lights & Fans Fitted. Emergency Callout Available Tel: 670 309 878

Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

now on

domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207


~ Bol Nuevo

~ Mojacar Playa

~ CampoSol

~ Garrucha

~ Canada de Romero

~ Turre

~ Cuevas de Reyillo

~ Villaricos

~ El Algar

~ Palomares ~ Antas

Country areas ~ Albox ~ Arboleas ~ La Alfoquia ~ Huercal Overa ~ Baza

647 379 795


Coastal Areas

~ Purto Rey

Reasonable rates. References avaiLable.



~ Las Buganvillas

• building work • garden clearing & maintenance • ponds



~ Los Gallardos

Team of two hard working strong lads avaiLable for all types of:


Sol Times Newspapers is distributed every week to over 450 drop off points including: shops, garages, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and other businesses throughout Almeria and Murcia conurbation. Listed below are just some of the towns, villages and outlets that stock our paper each week.

~ Vera Town

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings


“Did you know Sol Times has over Distribution Points?”

J&K Construction 70 years of quality service

All aSpects of building undertaken

Specialists in Carpentry, Reforms and New Builds. Swimming Pools and Kitchens

For FREE estimates & advice, please call:

666 194 885 or Evenings: 950 952 942

~ El Pareton ~ Puerto Lumbreras ~ Fuente Alamo ~ La Manga Club ~ Los Alcazares ~ Los Belones ~ Los Cantareros ~ Pto. De Mazarron ~ Santiago de la Riberia ~ San Pedro del Pintar ~ Torre Pacheco

~ Los Velez

~ El Romero


~ la florida

~ Campo Verde

~ la siesta

~ Pilar de Horadada

~ punta prima

~ Cabo Roig ~ Los Balcones ~ La Zenia

~ Quesada ~ montesinos ~ san miguel

~ Villa Martin

~ dona pepa

~ Playa Flamenca

~ la herrada

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:

email sales@ soltimes .com for sale

Pool Table

UK Slate Bed Coin / Non-Coin For An Unbeatable Summer Deal Call: 958 718 546 or 678 398 141

Ercol Solid wood sideboard 50€ Tel: 650 599 739 or 950 064 060 Ercol solid wood coffee table 30€ Tel: 650 599 739 or 950 064 060 Car seat three months to four years. 35€ Tel: 950 529 226 2 Very old wood beams. Appx; 2.0 x .40 x .30; 20€ for the pair. Tel: 950 163 710 or Mob 651 77 88 46. 3 piece suite, soft lilac colour, velour. 3 seater, 2 seater & 1 large chair. Very comfy, like new, can deliver. 250€ Tel: 950 163 489 2 single divan beds with under storage draws, made to British standard, VGC. 125€ each. Tel: 670 824 212 Spare Filter Pump for Intex Pool. plus 3 brand new filters would fit models 02, 03R,12R, 22R, 603, 604, 635, 636, 637, 638. plus hoses. 20€ ONO Baza Tel: 647 266 344 For sale mobility scooter light weight easily put into the boot of a car. Very useful for anyone with limited mobility. Good condition 295€ Tel: 950 449 395 or 679 012 025. Jacuzzi top of the range Caldera Spa cost 10,000€, coloured ligts, CD player, pop up speakers, hardly used. Absolute bargain 4,500€ Tel: 687 905 761 Mobility 4 wheel scooter, 9 months old, cost new 1,600€, will sell for 450€ ono. Can be seen working. Tel: 699 814 814 or 950430 761 Intex easy set pool 15’ x 36’, never used still in original packaging. Includes: filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, pool cover, surface skimmer & maintenance kit. 149.99€ Call: 650 250 585 The new & improved ‘Home Sweet Home’ in Turre now has even more stock and much more space for browsing in comfort! Come along and check out the changes – we think you’ll like it! Tel: 950 479 487 3 piece balcony / patio sets. Choice of 5, from 39.99€, 6 piece patio sets from 149€ wooden garden bench 99€, Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 XLarge paddling pools, 10’ diameter, 2’6” deep 89€ Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Mini fridge, ideal patios etc. 175€ Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 We now stock Dulux paint, cheaper than England, & Sandtex,


SOL CLASSIFIEDS CLASSIFIEDS Any item for sale UNDER 300€ is FREE to advertise here

Hammerite etc, Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Stainless steel gardening tools, watering cans, garden gloves etc Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Garden shredder 175€ Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Yale Wireless alarm kit, secure your home for just 199€ Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Keep cool with Egyptian cotton sheets, just a small part of our huge range of bedlinens Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Make the most of summer fruits, Juicers from 15€ - 99€ Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Flies Annoying you? The fastest and very best way to remove your fly problem is with the FLY SLAYER, experience instant results! Ideal for bars, restaurants, commercial kitchens, patio dining etc, Give yourself power over pests! Home Sweet Home, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487 Disney Princess pink bike up to 5 years. VGC. All accessories 15€. Tel: 650 250 585

wanted Wanted 1000 litre water tank in frame/ cage. Cheap as possible please? Contact Phil or Angie on 950 064 116 or 676 147 461. Car wanted, small, reliable, good condition, air con, Spanish registration & ITV’d. Cash buyer. Tel: 609 199 394 Wooden shed/house/ beach hut type for garden, can collect. Tel: 609 199 394 Lock up required Must be large enough for at least 4 cars size and secure. Reasonable rent. Call 637 546 738 AA Auctions want all of your unwanted items! Call: 600 007 175/950 064 545

SERVICES alarms Securitas Direct monitored alarm system with SOS facility. Tel: 662 474 828

Alternative Energy Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 950 121 918 Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil. Tel: 636 261 240 www.

beauty AVON,



691 987 454 or email:

bed & breakfast Clean & comfortable B&B in Cerro Gordo. Call Chris on 950 064 060 or 650 599 739

business for sale Craft & Hobby, Albox. Artist & Crafting Materials and Workshop. Low rent, well positioned, genuine reason for sale. Tel: 600 817 352 crafthobbyalbox@

carpentry Wildwood Bespoke Joinery – High quality made - to measure carpentry and joinery. Reliable & professional service at a competitive price. Avoid disappointment, call James On 950 067 011, Or 685 955 768 Pinewood Joinery, Handmade Garden Furniture, Kitchens, Doors, Windows, Home Furniture, all to you own specifications. From Albox to Mojacar & surrounding area. For a free quote call Steve on 699 387 329 or 628 122 365

CLEANING SPARKLES Property Care Service, key holding, holiday change over cleaning, let us take good care of your property. Tel: 627 279 584 Email:

curtains Sew Efficient – Made to measure curtains, blinds & upholstery. Complete measuring & fitting service available. Choose from the comfort of your own home or supply your own fabric. Tel: 654 894 836 Curtains & Things, curtains/soft furnishings/ accessories. Complete, personal, bespoke service. Tel: 678 684 564.

digger Mini Digger and Driver Hire. Tel: 610 345 725

dressmaking D r e s s m a k e r , Alterations, Repairs – Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 475 356 Mobile: 671 997 998


134 Email enquiries@ thebabyhirecentre. com Website: www. BABY BASICS – baby equipment hire. Birth to 5 years. Free delivery. Call Jenny on: 950 439 331 or 666 903 579 Everything for the visiting baby Car seats, high chairs, stair gates, cots etc. Tel: 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingababy@hotmail. Ref 4672

friendship Looking for a lively lady to partner me in Salsa dancing, Tel: 633 310 429

generators A LTE R N ATIV E POWER SUPPLIES – selling trade in generators, reconditioned & serviced, petrol, diesel, all types. New silent type diesels. 6.5KVA 1,275€ Solar systems also available. Tel: 606 619 095 or 618 236 957

haIRDRESSING ELAINE Fully qualified, award-winning mobile English unisex hairdresser, Albox & surrounding areas, Call today for your appointment! 618 427 103

handyman Hard Working Man, looking for work, labouring, gardening, driving, anything considered. Telephone Stephen on: 655 772 127 G r a h e e m e e ’ s Services Mechanic to kitchen fitter, Painting & Decorating to general building work. All you need in one man! Call: 670 083 343

health Holistic treatment Acupuncturist (LicAc) S.Wheeler Tel: 699 603 088 Lorraine Cundy, Deep Pressure Massage Call 950 064 484 or 687 569 113

heating Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! w w w.c a r l o s s a l i e n t e. com Tel: 950 121 918


Qualified Electrician City & Guilds, and Spanish Qualifications. Installations, Rewiring, Repairs, Lights & Fans fitted, Emergency call out available. Tel 670 309 878

Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

for hire


The Baby Hire Centre Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection. Tel: 649 332

Knights Insurance. Motor, house & contents, life & health, public liability, pleasure boat, quads, jetski & more. Tel: 950 121 943.

ironworks P&D Metals All aspects of metal work undertaken. Specialists in Ornamental Gates, Rejas. Tel: 638 707 406 The Metalworks -Grills, railings, gates of all types, s e c u r i t y/s l i d i n g /r o l l e r, rejas, concertina doors etc. Made to measure. Tel: Keith Wood on 600 438 436 Real Steel for all quality metal work, rejas, gates etc, and chain link fencing. Call: 666 133 247 or 689 524 024

jetskis w w w.questmar ine. tv Full customer service available Delivery to & from the UK can be arranged For further information tel: 680 742 011 or 0044 7970 722 744 Email: steve@questmar ine.t v

locksmith 24hr Casaserve Locksmith, new locks, safes, security grills, window locks fitted. Call 950 466 438 or 676 306 269 Locksmith - Provides 24hr service. Houses/ Apartments/Cars/Shops etc. also lock fitting service. Tel. 666 949 213 PHIL THE PICK LOCKSMITH 24 hours. Locked out? Locks fitted/ upgraded house safes Arboleas and surrounding area. Tel: 697 243 181

mini digger Mini Digger & driver for hire. All types of building work. Competitive rates. Tel Kevin: 610 926 833

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Ci t

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Tuesday 7th July saw the first San Cayetano Golf Day held at the Mar Menor Golf Resort & what a tremendous success it was.

20 people played in the Stableford tournament with people travelling from as far as Benidorm to play at the first event organised by Costa Calida Golf Tours. The day started with a full breakfast at the Rose’n’Thistle in San Cayetano, lunch at the Intercontinental followed 18 holes at the Polaris Mar Menor Course. The course, as always, was in excellent condition & an absolute joy to play. Prizes were awarded as follows: 1st Andy Walsh (handicap 17) with 43 points & a prize of 2 Green Fees donated by Polaris World

2nd Ron Massey (handicap 18) with 37 points & a prize of Galloway Balls donated by Costa Calida Golf Tours

3rd Ciaran Byrne (handicap 11) with 36 points & a prize of a Bottle of Wine donated by the Rose n Thistle Nearest the pin was won by Terry Penfold who received a Bottle of Cava donated by Costa Calida Golf Tours. Longest drive was won by Jim O'Neill who's prize was a Bottle of Terry's donated by the Rose’n’Thistle. For information on any future events arranged by Costa Calida Golf Tours or for discounted green fees please contact www. or phone Andy on 650 718 172 or 966 198 871.

The winners with their prizes - from left to right - Terry Penfold, Ciaran Byrne, Jim O'Neill, Ron Massey & Andy Walsh with Donna from Costa Calida Golf Tours who presented the prizes

maggots end

RODS & REELS: This week saw the club fish the fourth round of the summer championship; this is a series of 6 matches with the best five to count. The match was held on the Rio Segura at Murcia. There was not much rubbish coming up from the bottom of the river and with virtually no flow, this was a godsend. The river is still fishing very well, with the following anglers coming out on top. 1st Ian ‘Irish Wizard’ Dalzell fishing the pole using bread and corn with 31.90 kilo’s 2nd Doug ‘Welsh Goldminer’ Hornblow fishing the pole using bread and pellet with 28.08 kilo’s 3rd Dave ‘Yours Truly’ Hoare fishing the pole using bread with 25.00 kilo’s. CARPR’US The 8th round of the Summer Series was this week fished at Argos. Although the water levels have dropped even further the over cast weather conditions made for a good days fishing and the final results proved what a close contest it was. The results on the day were. 1st Ian Dalzell. fishing the pole feeder using pellet with 29.420kg 2nd George Fogg, fishing the pole using paste with 28.200kg 3rd Paul Baxter, fishing the pole using paste with 27.320kg After 8 rounds the top of the league table is as follows. Paul Baxter 104 points Austin Vieth 75 points Stuart Thompson 64 points Barry Homer 56 points Bob Elms 53 points Mick Hill 51.5 points Round 9 will be fished on July 16th at Beniaress, the draw on the bank at 7-30 am, or meet for a coffee in the cafe at 6-45.

If anyone is interested in joining Carp R Us please contact Colin Brinkley on 966 712 351 or to contact him by email rojales1@gmail. com ANGLERS TOGETHER NEWS Anglers Together was formed to put anglers in touch with each other to share information on venues, tactics and most importantly to find fishing partners. We have over 75 members scattered across south Alicante region and in Murcia but you do not need to live in Spain to join. Visiting members from the UK find it very useful to have fishing contacts in Spain who can pass on local knowledge and up to date fishing conditions. We have regular fishing day trips both sea and freshwater and also do guided trips around some of the more popular venues. All anglers are made welcome whether experienced or not and help is available to those who need it. Anglers Together is not a match-fishing club. The joining fee is 10€ for new members and 5€ for renewing members. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, then either come along to one of the meetings or contact Alan below. Meetings are held on the first Friday and Saturday of each month at 2 different venues to accommodate our members’ locations; Contact: 968 570 876 or anglerstogether@ Alan can obtain Fishing Licences for the regions of Valencia and Murcia. Last date before summer closing is 17th July. Service will resume again in September. Contact: Tel: 968 570 876 or alanroscoe@gonuts4free. com for details of the requirements. Tight Lines, David Hoare

All Things Nautical THE MEDITERRANEAN, TIDES &THE WEST ANTARTIC ICE SHEET! Part 2 You may well ask, what happens to all the water that flows so quickly through the Strait of Gibraltar? The answer to that is that there is more water lost through evaporation in the Mediterranean than is replaced by water flowing in from various rivers. The water level in the Mediterranean is therefore slightly lower than the Atlantic & so water constantly flows in from the Atlantic to top up the Mediterranean. As we known, there is virtually no tidal effect in the Mediterranean, but there is a current, due to the reasons outlined above, which does flow very slowly round the Mediterranean in a clockwise direction. Happily though, the speed of this current is so insignificant that it is not worth calculating when navigating. This evaporation in the Mediterranean apparently has the potential for some far reaching consequences. The Mediterranean evaporates & grows saltier so more seawater pours in from the Atlantic through the Strait of Gibraltar & spreads across the surface. That in turn pushes more of the very salty deep Mediterranean water out at Gibraltar into the deep waters of the Atlantic & this is where trouble begins. The same set of events apparently happened when the last major ice age began 120,000 years ago, though what dried up the Nile at that time was weaker African monsoons. The salty bottom water flowing out at Gibraltar mixes with very cold water on the Atlantic floor & turns right, to the north, until it bumps up against the seafloor rise off Ireland, Scotland & the Faeroe Islands to their north.

The obstacle pushes the cold, salty water toward the surface, into the warm surface currents that bring Gulf Stream water to the British Isles & Scandinavia. Normally the warm current isn’t much affected, but if the Mediterranean outflow is boosted, so is this effect. The waters that warm northern Europe will be pushed aside by cold upwelling. That warm flow in turn heads westward, past Iceland & Greenland & into the cold seas off Canada, where it creates increased snowfall on the places where the Canadian ice caps form. This would be like all the rains of England, the showers of Ireland & the mists of Scotland falling as snow up on Baffin Island instead. So, over some decades northern Europe will cool & the snowfields of eastern Canada will expand. The high reflectance of the white snowfields & the white clouds that hover above them, will keep them cold in a feedback cycle. Global warming will not prevent this but rather, by increasing the movement of moisture in the atmosphere, will make things worse. So what is the solution? A dam across the Strait of Gibraltar. It could pinch off most of the bottom part of the strait but have wide openings on the surface. The effect would be to slow the volume of deep water pouring out, ultimately making the Mediterranean saltier. Also, keeping that salt cooped up would have a happy side effect. Mediterranean salt is a key part of the hydrodynamic mechanism that keeps Antarctica surrounded by sea ice; if the sea ice can be maintained against global warming by reducing the salt balance, then the West Antarctic ice sheet could be kept from collapsing and raising the worldwide sea level by 6 meters. Food for thought!

Last Week’s Quick Quiz Answers: 1. Have a drink bowline 2. The outward curve in the after edge of 4. It comes from the Dutch for “hunter” a fore & aft sail 3. They are teaching you how to tie a 5. The maintenance of his wood fittings


30 Aug........ Girona........................ Away

Cartagena is all set to welcome many of Spain’s big teams to Cartagonova Stadium as they get set for the 2009/2010 season.

6 Sep.......... Rayo Vallecano.......... Home

The newly-released fixtures for Division 2a have thrown up many interesting contests, starting with an opening day visit to Girona, some 750 km from South Murcia!

4 Oct.......... Villarreal.................... Home

This is followed by a home match against Madrid based Rayo Vallecano. If you thought the trip to Girona was one hell of a trek, well week 3 is even further! Recently promoted Real Union (situated in the Northern Spanish town of Irun), is a whopping 880 km north of Cartagena. But it's the trip to arch rivals Real Murcia on 8 November that all Los Albinegros faithful have firmly ringed on their calendar.

Below is listed the first half of an extremely long season:

13 Sep......... Real Union.................. Away

20 Sep........ Castellon................... Home 27 Sep......... Real Betis.................... Away 11 Oct......... Cadiz.......................... Away

18 Oct......... Celta Vigo.................. Home 25 Oct......... Elche........................... Away

1 Nov.......... Las Palmas................ Home 8 Nov.......... Real Murcia................. Away

15 Nov........ Nastic Tarragona........ Home 22 Nov........ Real Sociadad.............. Away

29 Nov........ Huesca....................... Home 6 Dec.......... Numancia................... Away

13 Dec......... Salamanca................. Home 20 Dec........ Levante....................... Away

3 Jan........... Cordoba..................... Home 10 Jan.......... Hercules...................... Away

17 Jan.......... Rec Huelva................. Home 24 Jan......... Albacete...................... Away

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San Cayetano Golf Day

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Webber Wins German GP

produced a special car. Brawn are leading because they deserve to be, but we are not giving up. Sebastian and I are on top of our game and pushing as best we can to be as consistent as possible at all venues.â&#x20AC;?


It was undoubtedly a special day for Webber as he became the first Australian to win a race since Alan Jones in Las Vegas in October 1981.

Mark Webber believes he is now firmly in the hunt for the Formula One title after finally breaking his victory duck. The 32year-old screamed with joy, and perhaps relief, in taking the chequered flag at the Nurburgring after the German Grand Prix.

Former Ryder Cup player Paul Broadhurst is honoured to be hitting the first shot of the 2009 Open Championship at Turnberry. The 43-year-old Englishman tees off at 6.30am on Thursday in a big-name group with 2006 US Open winner Michael Campbell and Mark Calcavecchia, the American who was Open champion just up the coast at Troon in 1989. Broadhurst, who had to come through international final qualifying at Sunningdale last month to secure his place in the 138th Open Championship, is delighted with his tee-times (he goes off at 11.41 on Friday). "It is a bit of an honour. I didn't realise I was hitting the first shot," said Broadhurst when told of his draw position. "It's brilliant. I'll look forward to it. I'll probably have to get up about 4am so it's early to bed. It will be the same routine - just earlier. I'll aim to get to the course about an hour and half before. They are great tee times. You always want one early time and it might work in my favour, it might not, you never know. We might get here on Thursday and it is flat calm for the first couple of hours; it could be breezy with the wind dropping in the afternoon. But if I could pick two times they would be the two so that's good." Broadhurst is the joint holder of the Open low-round record with his 63 scored at St Andrews in 1990 but admits he will have to improve off the tee if he is to avoid shooting a big number on Thursday.


5 YEARS AGO: After the shock of Ben Curtis

25 YEARS AGO: Tom Watson was trying

winning his first-ever major the previous year, Royal Troon produced another surprise winner. Todd Hamilton, a 38-yearold US Tour rookie best known in Japan, had back-to-back 67s to lead with a round to go and then, after a closing bogey to tie with Ernie Els, beat the 2002 champion in a four-hole play-off.

to equal Harry Vardon's record six titles and the chance was still there with two to play, but as he sent his approach to the 17th up close to the wall over the green Seve Ballesteros' birdie putt on the last hesitated on the lip and then fell in. Watson, winner the two previous years, bogeyed and a jubilant Ballesteros won for the second time.

10 YEARS AGO: The most memorable finish in Open history saw Jean Van de Velde, five clear after 54 holes and still three ahead on the final tee, triple-bogey after a drama that gripped the sporting world. Paul Lawrie, who had come from 10 behind with a 67, and 1997 winner Justin Leonard suddenly found themselves in a play-off with the Frenchman - and Lawrie won it. 15 YEARS AGO: Nick Price had been runner-up to Tom Watson in 1982 and Seve Ballesteros in 1988 and another near-miss looked on the cards at Turnberry when Jesper Parnevik went to the final tee three in front. However, the Swede would bogey the last while Price followed a birdie on the 16th with a 50-foot eagle putt at the next and clinched victory with a par four. 20 YEARS AGO: In the first four-hole playoff in major history Australians Wayne Grady and Greg Norman faced American Mark Calcavecchia at Troon, Norman having birdied the first six holes en route to a closing 64. Grady was out of it come the last and Norman handed it to Calcavecchia by driving into a bunker he did not think he could reach and never even completed the hole.

50 YEARS AGO: Scottish amateur Reid Jack was only two behind with a round to go at Muirfield, but it was to prove the day when little South African Gary Player won the first of what would be nine major titles. Eight adrift at halfway he halved that deficit with a third-round 70 and then produced a 68 for a two-shot victory over Flory Van Donck and Fred Bullock. Jack came fifth. 75 YEARS AGO: Henry Cotton set or equalled records at Sandwich in 1934 that stand to this day. Nobody has bettered the four-stroke lead he took with an opening 67 and nobody has matched the nine and 10-shot leads he took by adding a 65 and 72. That 65 also remained the lowest round in Open history until 1977. Even with a closing 79 he triumphed by five. 100 YEARS AGO: The great triumvirate of Harry Vardon, James Braid and JH Taylor won 16 Opens between 1894 and 1914 and the championship's first visit to Royal Cinque Ports in Kent was the fourth of Taylor's five. Three rounds of 74 and one of 73 were good enough for a six-stroke margin and came as a huge relief after four successive runner-up finishes in 1904-07.

Not even a drive-through penalty for playing dodgems with Rubens Barrichello off the line denied Webber his long-overdue moment in the sun at the 130th attempt.

"It was very, very important for me because not many Australian drivers have reached Formula One, and there are even fewer who have been successful," remarked Webber. "It's a real message to the Australian people. I've always tried to represent my country as best as I can. We're a very proud sporting nation which has done well on bikes in the past with Mick (Doohan) and Casey (Stoner). Now this is a great day for me and Australia."

It secured him a place in the sport's record books as no driver with a win to their name has taken so long to get a maiden triumph under their belts.

As for Button, it was a day of frustration, one which has left him pining for the heat of Budapest in a fortnight when his car should be competitive. "We have to put it behind us and look forward," said Button. "I just can't wait to get to Hungary where we will have new parts and hopefully warmer weather to take the fight to the Red Bulls."

Leading home a third Red Bull one-two of the season, with Sebastian Vettel second on this occasion, the duo are 22.5 and 21 points respectively behind Jenson Button who could only finish fifth.

Barrichello launched an astonishing attack on his team, accusing them of costing him the race. "It was a good show from the team on how to lose a race today," slammed the Brazilian.

Red Bull also slashed Brawn GP's lead in the constructors' title race to 19.5, with the balance of power having shifted the way of the Milton Keynes-based team in the last two grands prix.

Ferrari's Felipe Massa finished on the podium for the first time this year, with Nico Rosberg fourth in his Williams. Renault's Fernando Alonso and McLaren's Heikki Kovalainen completed the top eight. A first-corner puncture after being tapped by Webber resulted in Lewis Hamilton finishing 18th and last.

"They are both still up for grabs, there is no question about it," said Webber of the championship fight. "The guys have

Strauss a Relieved Man

Andrew Strauss will turn his attentions to Lord's later this week as a relieved man intent on improving England's performance for their next confrontation in the Ashes series. England captain Strauss admitted the immediate emotion was one of relief after watching last pair James Anderson and Monty Panesar repel 69 deliveries to hang on for a draw during Sunday's thrilling final day of the opening Test in Cardiff.

Their efforts finished off the job begun by Paul Collingwood, who battled for 343 minutes for his 74, and supported by Andrew Flintoff, Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann to save the game after they seemed destined for an emphatic defeat when they slipped to 70 for five. But once the dust has settled on England's nail-biting escape, England will have to start the post-mortem into the manner in which Australia outplayed them with bat and ball for the majority of the opening Test. "There was a huge amount of relief in the dressing room and a lot of pride in how those guys played and how Colly, Graeme Swann and 'Fred' played - the second half of the order really stood up to be counted," admitted Strauss.

Australia showed us they're going to be a tough nut to crack and we need to get better." England's selectors will seek the views of Strauss and coach Andy Flower this morning before they announce the squad for Thursday's next Test at Lord's, where they have not beaten Australia since 1934.

Strauss is likely to indicate he was not happy with his side's performance with bat or ball, although the selectors are expected to name an unchanged squad to assemble at Lord's for training on Tuesday. "The wicket was still very flat (in Cardiff) and as the guys lower in the order proved, there were a lot of ways of staying in there but we didn't manage to find them and in that respect we have to learn a lesson from it," said Strauss. "If we're honest with ourselves we need to learn from how we batted in the first innings. To score 336 for seven on the first day in hindsight wasn't a brilliant effort and as batsmen we've got to take that on the chin and be determined to come out and make amends the next time we play."

"There is a lot of pride in what they achieved, but more than anything there was relief in getting through the game and we're still 0-0 going into the Lord's Test match.

Asked about the failure of England's attack to make greater inroads into Australia's lineup, Strauss stressed: "To a certain extent the conditions favoured batting, which is why I said that our first innings probably wasn't as good an effort as it should have been.

"We are relieved we came away with a draw, but we're not going to pretend we're happy with the way we performed this week. We were down on where we needed to be and

"I think we probably need to get more balls consistently in the right areas and we weren't able to do that on this wicket and maybe execute our plans a little better."


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