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Carboneras celebrates the bicentennial of the Constitution of 1812

The year 2012 is a very special year for Spain; it is the celebration of the bicentennial of the first Constitution of 1812. This came about in Cadiz during the siege of the French troops of Napoleon, and is commonly known as ‘La Pepa’. The exact day of the anniversary is Monday, March 19, but Carboneras has anticipated it slightly with its own celebration! Calvo Sotelo, former right-hand man for ex-president Adolfo Suárez, collaborator and former director of La Voz de Almeria, Jose Maria Martinez de Haro, gave a lecture on this historical event entitled ‘The Constitution of 1812, the birth of a nation.’ In his speech he explained that the Constitution of 1812 is the source of the present society, based on national sovereignty, individual rights and the division of powers, and was the foundation of a new political, economic and social development. From its inception by 350 deputies in Cadiz, it had become something momentous for today’s Spaniard, assuming a new concept of nation, citizen, equality, sovereignty and separation of powers. He finished by saying that ‘The constitution that was born of Cadiz is our country: respect it and love it.’

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bullfighting causes arguments for roquetas

Almeria EQUO is in total disagreement with the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar’s organisation and staging of the event called ‘Tentadero con el Fandi en la plaza de toros de Roquetas de Mar’ whose purpose is to ‘introduce children to every detail of bullfighting. EQUO Almería believes that children who attend this event should be expressly authorised by their parents. It announced it will closely follow them in case they somehow violate the rules, in which case they will call for the adoption of all possible measures, such as a call for action by the Fiscalía de Menores de Almería. A spokesperson said ‘The event organised by the Municipality of Roquetas de Mar clearly violates the rights of minors and is against the nature of the education they should receive, which should instill values of understanding, friendship and tolerance.’ This viewpoint was echoed by Las Asociaciones Alondra Dupont, Almeriya, Colectivo Antitaurino de Vícar, Ecologistas en Acción-Adra, Huella Roja, RATA, SOS Albergue de Perros Vagabundos, PROALBA, and Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Roquetas de Mar. They collectively point out that ‘This activity violates the rights of minors, offends the sensibilities of people and in the case of minors is even more worrying because they are more sensitive to such events, and very impressionable.’ They also feel that it is in contravention of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and the European Parliament, through Resolution A 3-0172/92, adopted in the European Charter on the Rights of the Child in Article II-84 Children’s Rights, which states that ‘In all actions concerning children borne out by public authorities or private institutions, the child’s best interests a primary consideration.’

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Courts reject Helen and Len Priors claim for compensation as ‘premature’ press release - Auan - 16th March 2012


During the present legislature, the Dirección General de Transportes de la Consejería de Obras Públicas y Vivienda of Almería has raised a total of 4,583,546.76 euros in transport fines across the province. During this period there have been a total of 10,128 infractions, of which 8,622 have resulted in a fine. The most common violations relate to a lack of tachographs, speeding, exceeding permitted driving times, ignoring compulsory rest periods, excess laden weight and lack of documentation. The average amount of the penalty, depending on whether it is mild, severe or very severe has a range that goes from 2,001 to 4,601 euros.

Their home was demolished by the regional government of Andalucía in 2008 An administrative court in Almeria has rejected Helen and Len Priors claim for compensation against Vera council for the demolition of their home in 2008 as ‘premature’. The judgement was made on the basis that a definitive decision has not been made regarding the legality of the building licence issued to construct the property due to the existence of an ongoing appeal in the High Courts of Justice of Andalucía (TSJA). The guilt or innocence of Helen and Len Prior is not the subject of debate in the courts. They are the victims of a



Students of Social Work at the University of Almería (UAL) have participated in the seminar ‘Prostitution and Social Intervention’, conducted by researcher Stephanie Acién Gonzalez, a partner of the Centro de Estudio de las Migraciones y las Relaciones Interculturales. During the presentation, she focused on the at-risk population, noting that it is important not to get carried away by prejudice and stereotypes. She urged the students to base their interventions on research and actual knowledge of the problems, rather than on political correctness. She said ‘Not all citizens see prostitution in the same way; something that you yourself see as unbearable, to another person is a living. Thus intervention is more effective if you help them to solve their problems or to increase their chances of integration into the regular job market, for example.’ The seminar was coordinated with the working group on prostitution and the program ‘Health and Social Mediation with women in situations of prostitution’ as well as the Human Rights Association of Andalucia.


planning dispute between the regional and local governments in Andalucía and they continue to live in their former garage whilst seeking damages for the loss of their home. “Helen and Len are absolutely gutted by this latest setback” said a spokesperson for AUAN, an association of homeowners who support the Priors fight for justice. “There is no sense or natural justice in the way this couple are being treated. This case is a disgraceful example of how the little people are being crushed by the inadequate, highly politicised and poorly implement planning laws of Andalucía. It sends a very bad message to anyone considering investing here.”

No benefit cuts or IVA hikes, says tax minister

Almanzora Valley and Los Velez

Minister for tax affairs Cristóbal Montoro has stressed that there are no plans to increase IVA or reduce unemployment benefits. He said cutting the spending power of ‘the most vulnerable’ would be a backwards step as it would reduce consumption and cause profits to fall in businesses, thus leading to further unemployment. Montoro hit out at those who ‘use electoral campaigns to frighten people’ by claiming there would be tax hikes


Spanish house prices return to 2004 levels

An Orange alert for snow in the Almanzora Valley and Los Velez has been issued by the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) for 24:00 am on Monday, March 19 and will run until 10:00 pm on Tuesday, March 20, according to data provided by the Servicio de Emergencias 112 de Andalucía. Areas vulnerable to snowfall can expect up to 4 centimetres of snow to accumulate. AEPA (Asociación de Empresarios y Profesionales de Albox, Valle del Almanzora) held its fourth ‘Mercadillo de Saldos’ last weekend in the Avenida Puente in Albox. The event was an opportunity for participants to offer high quality out-ofseason articles at bargain prices. On the Sunday here was also a dog show, and dishes of paella or migas were offered to the public for a reduced price. AEPA Organising Committee described it as a day when the residents of nearby towns could enjoy the opportunity of a day of shopping with ‘charm’ with representatives of more than 20 stores. As usual there was a bouncy castle for the children, music and a marquee throughout the weekend.


Officers of the Policía Nacional have arrested five youths aged between 16 and 21, accused of committing robbery with violence and intimidation. A Security Guard was assaulted, and a person who went to his assistance was also attacked. Last February, Group V of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Almería began an investigation into a robbery with violence and intimidation which had been committed in the city. The agents were tracking three youths between 18 and 21 years of age, who had robbed a clothing establishment in the Paseo de Almeria. The incident occurred last February when one of the three tried to run away with bags of clothes of a well-known brand which he had just shoplifted. The shop alarm was operated, and the security guard challenged the youth, who continued to flee with the merchandise. He apprehended the thief, and a passer-by assisted him, taking the stolen goods from him. At this point two other youths approached them and attacked them before fleeing. After taking witness statements and examining the shop security videos, the police were able to identify those involved and arrest them. In another case a child had his mobile phone stolen as he was making a call in Calle Azahar. He was pushed against a shop window and his mobile phone taken. He pursued his assailant, and at that moment two plainclothes Policía Nacional officers who were passing realized what had happened, intervened and apprehended the thief and recovered the mobile phone. In the subsequent days another youngster was also arrested for a similar offence.


Albox Mayor, José Garcia Navarro, has held talks with the International Sales and Marketing Representative Tamsin Moore and Sales Executive Alfonso Águila González, representatives of Field Aeronáutica España, on the possibility of the firm locating in Albox for the production of aeroplane parts for firms such as Airbus and Boeing. Field Aeronáutica España has a reputation for the high quality and reliability of the parts they manufacture, and they specialise in the manufacture of components for various airlines and are pioneers in the defining and in the implementation of various advanced services in the aviation industry, both Andalucian, Spanish and internationally.

TINSA has a new Spanish house price report available today. You can download it from here: down/IMIE/2012/02_FICHA_IMIE_ FEBRERO_2012.pdf The accompanying TINSA press release summarises this report. The General IMIE Index, an indicator created by Tinsa to analyse the evolution of house prices in the Spanish market, increased its yearon-year decline in February, falling by 9.5% to 1664 points, returning to the levels of 2004. The cumulative decline from the top of the market in December 2007 increased to exactly 27.1%. The deterioration of the macroeconomic environment with

and benefit cuts. He said there have never been any plans or even discussions about increasing IVA or ‘any other special taxes which could prejudice the weakest members of society’, and denied that there were papers found in the tax ministry building hinting that this was the case. “If there were, they do not belong to the government I represent, so they must have belonged to the previous one,” Montoro stated.

significant job losses, together with an increase in the spread on mortgage rates, are offsetting the positive effect of reinstated tax breaks on house purchases. With regards to the performance of the different market segments, “Capitals and Major Cities” once again recorded the severest decline in February of 11.5%, followed by “Metropolitan Areas” with a fall of 10.3%, compared with the same month the year before. In both cases the decline was greater than the market average. With a similar level to the General Index, the municipalities of the “Mediterranean Coast” segment declined by 9.5% year-on-year. The “Balearic and Canary Islands”

were below the average with a year-on-year fall of 8.8%, while “Other Municipalities”, which includes those not included in other segments, declined by 6.5%, completing the series. In relation to the overall decline from the peak of the market, the “Mediterranean Coast ” showed a fall of 34.1% to February; followed by “Capitals and Major Cities” with 29.7%, “Metropolitan Areas” with 28.9%, the “Balearic and Canary Islands” with 24.7% and “Other Municipalities”, which refers to those not included in other categories, with 21.5%. Article courtesy of

Mayor walks 400 kilometres in protest over green energy funding cuts A Mayor is walking from Extremadura to Madrid to protest over cuts in grants for green energy. Ángel Vadillo (PSOE) will walk 20 kilometres a day from his home town of Albuquerque (Badajoz) to the capital, stopping off in Mérida, Cáceres and Plasencia on his way to the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Tourism. Funds to help finance renewable energy projects have been cut by the central government, and this could have a profound effect on employment in the Albuquerque area, says Vadillo. He currently has five plans on the table for huge solar panel parks to fuel public buildings. Albuquerque presently has a high unemployment rate in the green energy sector, which Vadillo says would benefit from his projects. He hopes to reach Madrid by just after Easter, and has been accompanied in the first leg of his journey by people from his town.

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Government threatens to raise tax on diesel vehicles

55 security guards with false papers arrested



The government wants to raise taxes on diesel vehicles because they “pollute more” than those that run on unleaded fuel. Proposals have been put forward to punish polluting vehicles - not just CO2 polluters but also those that emit nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulates (especially diesel) - by amending the current vehicle tax.

“In principle, the autonomous regions are in agreement” and town councils “want to analyse the tax implications”, explained the Secretary of State for the Environment, Federico Ramos, after today’s environment

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Iberia pilots have called off the strikes planned for later this month and into April and May after reaching an interim agreement with management, a spokeswoman for the airline said last Tuesday. “[The pilots] have accepted the proposal to have a mediator,” a spokeswoman told members of the press. There was no comment from pilots’ union Sepla. An agreement was reached last Monday in a meeting attended by representatives from the Employment and Social Security Ministries. Iberia pilots had announced a calendar of 24 one-day strikes between March 16th and May 28th

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Relations with neighbours are often delicate. When people are forced to live together, problems often arise. The most common neighbourhood disputes relate to noise and non-payment of community charges. Specifically, two thirds of Spanish people have had a dispute with their neighbours for reasons such as noise, non-payment of community charges, or pets, among other issues. Cleanliness, watering systems and bad smells are some of the other causes of neighbourhood disputes, but for the Spanish in particular, noise is by far and away the most common cause of conflicts between neighbours. These latest findings in a study by CPP indicate that excessive noise is a problem specific to Spain. The same study showed that in Britain, for example, there are only half as many disputes over noise. According to the report, many of the disputes between

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in protest at the launch of a new low-cost airline - Iberia Express - which they believe will result in the loss of thousands of jobs . Iberia Express is due to be launched on March 25th and will cover routes in Spain and Europe. Iberia pilots have already carried out 12 one-day strikes since the launch was announced late last year, and in February cabin crew joined their protest. The strikes have so far have caused Iberia to cancel around 1,400 flights at a cost of 36 million euros. The industry, energy and tourism minister, José Manuel Soria, said on Tuesday that the cancelation of the strikes was “very positive.” “I am very happy that the employees have taken this decision,” he continued. “And I hope that sooner or later, they reach an agreement through arbitration.”

Two Thirds Of Spaniards Have Neighbourhood Disputes

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conference. In order to push the measure through, the air quality laws, which in turn govern vehicle taxing regulations, will have to be reviewed. The new PP executive claims they were introduced by the previous Socialist government without proper consultation with the autonomous regions or local councils. Ramos insisted that the tax “is being proposed for environmental reasons,” not merely to generate income. “It’s about having a more powerful fiscal instrument”, he said, “so that local councils force drivers to lower emissions and reduce contaminants”.

Iberia pilots call off strikes


In an operation coordinated by the National Police, 55 security guards working for around 30 companies have been arrested in Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca and Badajoz for having false papers and forged qualifications. An initial police statement has confirmed that the detainees, some of whom have criminal records, were all working in sensitive positions guarding explosives or acting as private bodyguards. More information will be provided by representatives of the Union of Private Security Guards and the Civil Protection Service in a full press conference at the police headquarters in Canillas, Madrid at 11.30am today.

neighbours remain unresolved and more than half of respondents said that they have occurred over the past year. Legal costs are, together with damages, the biggest sources of economic loss when solving a neighborhood dispute in Spain. Only one in ten people are likely to take legal action. The study shows that the consequences of these conflicts include having to deal with unexpected expenses and lost time, having to take legal action, having to cope with stressful arguments, and even health problems, especially in those over 65. Another consequence of neighbourhood conflicts, which generates substantial costs, is having to move house, which 8% of people surveyed claim to have done or are thinking of doing, with young people between 26 and 35 the most willing to do so. Many highlighted the psychological rather than economic cost of the disputes

with their neighbours, which two out of ten respondents reported having suffered. 10% of respondents said the dispute had resulted in the total breakdown of relations with their neighbour. Region by region, Murcia had the highest number of neighbourhood disputes, with 77% of people surveyed saying they had at some time been, or were currently involved in one, followed by Madrid (72%) and Valencia (70%); whereas Navarre (40%), Galicia (51%) and Asturias (52%) were all below average. Young people aged between 18 and 35 are the most likely to be involved in a neighbourhood conflict - 73% claim to have had disputes with their neighbours; while nearly half of those over 65 years (45%) say they have never encountered this kind of situation. People living in flats suffer more disputes (72%) than those living in detached villas (63%) or semi-detached housing (63%).


The huge, ten-tonne head of Leonardo da Vinci, the central figure in Na Jordana’s falla statue, has already become one of the main attractions of Valencia’s Fallas festival this year. This falla chapter’s monument, located in the historic city centre, has been made almost entirely out of wood (90%), a move back towards traditional craftmanship and away from the now common and extensive use of expanded polystyrene. The statistics involved with the construction of Da Vinci’s head are mind boggling: at 23 metres high, it is as tall as a seven-storey building, and seven million staples were used to hold all the parts together.

Manuel García, the artist responsible for designing and creating the enormous figure, told the press today that it was the “biggest, most spectacular and most difficult” figure that he had ever made over the course of his

career, with one of the main problems being the need to use 35,000 kg of ballast at the base to support the figure. In order to construct the huge replica of Da Vinci’s head, which is one single piece, García used 20 cubic metres of pine and poplar wood, and five people have been assembling wooden splints “non stop” for six months now, which, placed end to end would stretch for 240 km. The members of the Na Jordana chapter, traditionally one of the most visited and photographed fallas in Valencia, are delighted with the result. Their president, Pere Borrego, referred to the artist as “el maestro” and explained that their statue - “Leonardo da Vinci” - would include references to all of the genius’ inventions “because they are all still current and inextricably linked to what is happening socially in our country today”.

Drought spells trouble for firefighters

The general lack of rain and extreme dryness in much of the country is making it extrememly difficult for firefighters to bring the numerous forest fires, that have been burning since early last week, under control. In Catalunya - where 1,506 hectares has already been razed this year - firefighters have finally managed to get the fires in the Pyrenees under control, but the fire in Truchas (León) is still being battled. Airborne assistance has once again been called in to try to control the fires burning in Castanesa (Huesca), which have already forced the evacuation of 14 nearby villages. With most of the fires in the Pyrenees around Lleida under control, firefighters are now concentrating their efforts on the area around Montanuy, where the flames are proving particularly difficult to extinguish. Residents of Ardanué, Ardanuy, Benifons, Castanesa, Denuy, Erberá, Fonchanina, Llagunas, Ribera, Señiú, Neril and Noales have been allowed back to their homes, and firefighters and civil protection teams are dampening the surrounding areas today in an effort to prevent the fires re-

igniting. According to the environment department of the Catalan regional government - la Generalitat - there has never been such a disastrous start to the year in terms of forest fires. Elsewhere, two forest fires that broke out near the towns of Vilamarín and Carballeda de Valdeorras in Galicia have been brought under control, but not before 250 hectares of land were destroyed. And in Segovia, a 56-year-old man was arrested and charged with starting a forest fire after being caught red-handed by an officer from the Guardia Civil as he set fire to shrubland close to Trescasas.

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Falla brings Leonardo da Vinci back to life as a ten-tonne statue





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Spain sells 3.0 billion euros in bonds, rates mostly lower

Spain raised 3.0 billion euros ($3.9 billion) Thursday at mostly lower rates in an auction of three-, four- and six-year bonds, the first since Madrid agreed a higher deficit target for 2012 with the European Union. The treasury’s borrowing costs fell for the two shorter dated bonds when compared with the previous comparable auctions but rose for the longer-dated bond, the central bank said. Spain had hoped to raise 2.5-3.5 billion euros in the bond auctions.

Demand was high, with investors bidding for more than 12 billion euros of bonds in a market flush with cheap loans from the European Central Bank The average yield on three-year bonds was 2.44 percent, down from 2.966 percent in the last sale on February 16. For four-year bonds, the rate fell to 3.374 percent from 3.748 percent during the last sale held January 12. But the average yield rose on six-year bonds

to 4.193 percent from 3.953 percent when bonds of that maturity were last auctioned on November 20, 2008. The so-called bid-to-cover ratio for the auction -- a measure of investor demand relative to the debt available -- rose for all three sales. It climbed to 4.96 from 4.37 for the threeyear bonds, to 4.13 from 2.21 for the fouryear bonds and to 2.91 from 1.74 for the sixyear bonds. The European Union agreed Monday to let Spain relax its 2012 public deficit goal to 5.3 percent of gross domestic product -higher than the original goal of 4.4 percent but lower than the 5.8 percent Madrid was asking for. The new deficit target obliges Spain to make an extra 5.0 billion euros of savings this year Madrid maintained its commitment to bring the public deficit down to a European Union limit of 3.0 percent of output in 2013.

Spanish ‘Eurovegas’ project faces opposition

A new citizens group unveiled Wednesday has vowed to fight plans by a US gaming giant to build a Las Vegas-style casino strip in Spain that promises to create over 250,000 jobs.

Las Vegas Sands, owned by US billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is in talks with Spain’s two biggest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, to build the complex which reportedly will have six casinos, 12 hotels, nine theatres and three golf courses. The project -- dubbed “Eurovegas” -- will involve investments worth up to 18.8 billion euros ($24.5 billion) and will create 261,000 direct and indirect jobs in a nation where the jobless rate has soared to just under 23 percent since the collapse of a property bubble in 2008. But the citizens group called “Eurovegas No” that was officially unveiled on Wednesday questions the job creation figures and warns the project would draw organised crime and prostitutes. “The numbers which they are selling us are not real. This is a repeat of a growth model based on excessive construction. It is not a source of sustainable jobs,” said one of the organizers of the group, Ana Sanz. Any jobs that will be created will mostly be lowskilled and the complex

will foster prostitution, added another organizer, Carlos Ruiz.

“We are going to become a nation of waiters and prostitutes,” he said. Las Vegas Sands, the world’s biggest casino company by market value, is expected to announce if it will go ahead with the project -- and if so where it will be located -- in June or July. Local officials in Barcelona and Madrid are reportedly offering tax breaks, gambling law changes and free land to lure Adelson’s project. “More than half of the residents of Madrid who are out of work could find jobs” if the project goes forward, the president of the regional government of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, said last month.

owns casinos in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau, has demanded a tenyear moratorium on taxes applied to income from gaming and that Spain’s money-laundering laws be changed, he said. The company also wants firms involved in the project be exempt from the value added tax and has asked that smoking be allowed inside the complex. Smoking has been banned inside Spanish restaurants and bars since January 2011. Last week Las Vegas Sands spokesman Ronald Reese told Spanish public television TVE that the “talks with the different levels of government are very advanced.”

“We are going to change all the rules that we must change, as long as it is in agreement with our principles.”

“I can assure you that these are not agreements which will change the (legal) structure of Madrid, Barcelona or Spain,” he added.

Artur Mas, the head of the regional government of Catalonia of which Barcelona is the capital, said the project would draw “quality tourism”.

The tourism sector, which accounts for about ten percent of Spain’s gross domestic product, is one of the few bright spots of the Spanish economy.

The project’s detractors oppose the legal and financial incentives being offered to Las Vegas Sands.

Spain -- the world’s fourth largest tourist destination behind France, the United States and China -- received 56.9 million foreign visitors in 2011, an 8.1 percent increase over the previous year.

“It will be a free zone where laws are set by this investor,” said Ruiz. Las Vegas Sands, which

Europe to demand inflation busting budget rise MEPs will on Tuesday demand an inflation-busting £42.6 million rise in their own budget, with extra cash to spend on propaganda, political parties and a museum of official European Union history.

Bruno Waterfield, writing for the Telegraph reported that the three per cent increase for the European Parliament will take its spending to £1.5 billion at a time of national austerity and as the EU is imposing budget cuts on eurozone countries. If agreed during budget talks later this year, the increase means that British taxpayers will contribute £186 million – an extra £5.3 million – to the running of the parliament in 2013. The EU assembly’s “estimates” for next year will be voted through by MEPs this week as part of plans for a bigger overall EU budget for 2013, increases that are fiercely resisted by governments. “With tough decisions being taken in countries across Europe to sort out their finances, an inflation busting increase like this would be completely unacceptable,” said a British diplomat. MEPs have accused governments, led by Britain, of “artificially” trying to cut Brussels spending to help the EU emerge from economic crisis “by ignoring real budget needs”. But confidential documents,

seen by the Daily Telegraph, disclose that, in terms of their own budget, MEPs are more preoccupied with their public image than the economy.

Despite the worst economic crisis since 1945, the parliament wants a 24 per cent increase in spending on “communications” and spin doctors. Panic is growing in the parliament over looming European elections in 2014 after voter turnout fell to a record low in 2009 amid swings to Eurosceptic parties. Martin Schulz, the parliament’s president, admitted last Friday that most members of the public view MEPs as “superfluous, useless human beings”. In a bid to win over a hostile public, the parliament’s overall propaganda budget will rise over 20 per cent to £36.7 million. “Expenditure on audiovisual information” is up 36 per cent, including £6.7 million for Europarl TV, a television channel highlighting the work of MEPs with only 830 daily

w w w. c a r l o s s a l i e n t e . c o m

viewers. The parliament is also pressing ahead with the creation of a controversial £70 million “House of European History”, celebrating the EU, at a cost of £18.9m next year. The parliament is also seeking to increase public funding for the activities of artificial EU political parties. Contributions for political “foundations” will increase by 9.8 per cent despite the parliament’s own internal auditor identifying serious problems with the funding. Under the proposals, funding for parties, such as the federalist European People’s Party, will rise to £244 million. Marta Andreasen, a Ukip MEP and former whistleblowing chief accountant at the European Commission, dismissed the spending rises as “unnecessary and unwarranted”. “Ignoring the financial suffering of the public and increased spending on PR will do nothing to counter the valid accusation that the EU institutions live in a hugely expensive ivory tower,” she said.

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‘sunseed’ herald the arrival of spring

April 5 – 9: Practical Permaculture Course: Caring for the land, caring for people. 5 days energetic practical permaculture supported by theory sessions and practicals. Ethicls, principles & design April 27 – 28: Introduction to Solar electric systems: Theory and practice of solar electric systems: a basic introduction for anyone who wants to learn about solar electric systems, individual components and would like to develop an understanding of how they work. April 29 – May 1: Design & Installation of PV Systems: The course focuses mainly on stand-alone (offgrid) systems but can be tailored to meet individual interests, includes theory and practicals. April 28 -29 28: Solar Oven building DIY: With easy methods and cheap materials. Use free, clean and green energy for cooking May 11 -17: Thermal Mass Kachelofen - Masonry Stove DIY: Theoretical and practical, with design and building a high efficiency, ecologic and economic stove. And learning about the possibilities to add: an oven for cooking, back boiler for heating water, warm bench... May 19 -20: Natural clay plaster finishes: Natural renders with clay, sand and lime. Sustainable technique to decorate our house in a healthy and ecological way, giving a warmer look to walls, benches, stoves..

GUIDED TOURS Every Tuesday at 15.00, meeting point at Sunseed Main House. FREE but booking required! Visiting the project and it’s departments: Organic Gardens, Appropriate Technology. Every Tuesday as well, the Pita-School has Open Doors day, with workshops, tours, coffee ceremony and jam music....

Spring is arriving to Los Molinos, after an intense working winter improving Sunseed houses and structures, developing more educational activities and students projects; we are back opening doors again to volunteers, interns and courses. We have updated our website www. and our Project Pack, we invite you to have a look!! And to come along and join us in a great 2012 wide range of activities.

VACANCIES: Sunseed is looking for a new: Project Manager to start June 2012. Deadline for applications: 20th April 2012. Drylands Management Coordinator to start ASAP. Deadline for applications 15th of April 2012.

VOLUNTEERING: We are always open to receive volunteers that want to spend some time working, learning and living with as, as well as Students in internships or dissertations, and professionals that want to undertake research or develop new projects.

If you want to receive further information from any of the topics, please contact us. We hope to hear from you!! Saludos desde Los Molinos. Sunseed - 950 525 770

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DNA of Britons could be passed on in EU data-sharing scheme Police could be required to hand over the DNA of potentially innocent Britons to European countries after the Coalition agreed to enforce a controversial EU treaty

In a press report from the Telegraph, it appears that driver registration details from DVLA would also be passed on even though criminal justice systems vary considerably across the continent. Under the Prum Treaty, any of the 27 EU members can ask another state to check a DNA sample against their database and pass on the results.

The UK is joining despite concerns people could be wrongly accused of crimes overseas because the project requires a lower accuracy test for DNA matches. Research has revealed up to two thirds of checks under the treaty could be so-called “false positives”, where an innocent person is wrongly identified as a match. It would leave Britons facing the prospect of extradition to face trial abroad and having to fight to prove their innocence. The Conservatives criticised the treaty while they were in opposition and warned it increased the risk of people being subject to miscarriages of justice. But the Government is now pushing ahead with adopting the proposals and intends to begin sharing details by 2015. Critics last night urged ministers to think again and opt-out of the programme, which is still possible. The Commons European Scrutiny Committee also plans to examine the latest research, which was based in Holland, as a matter of urgency. Dominic Raab, the Tory MP, said: “Britain has not suffered from being out of this panEuropean data sharing regime. “But, if we opt in, with a million innocent people’s DNA on our police database and a 67 per cent error rate under the EU scheme, more and more UK citizens risk finding themselves mistakenly dragged into criminal investigations abroad. “It is one more reason not to give up UK democratic control over crime and policing in 2014.” Britain’s obligations under the treaty will increase pressure on David Cameron to pull out of the data sharing scheme in 2014, when the UK has the option to take back control of 130 EU laws. Under the EU arrangements, police would have to check a DNA profile against the database regardless of whether the alleged offence is even a crime in this country. The country requesting the check will then be told whether there is a match and passed details. In the UK, a DNA profile can only be matched to a sample if it passes at least 10 separate checks. Under the terms of the treaty, however, the standard is lower with just six checks required. Research conducted in Holland found out of 81 “matches” with six checks, some 67 per cent were false positives. In contrast, there was just a five per cent error rate among 259 matches where seven checks were carried out. In 2003, Peter Hamkin, a barman from Liverpool, was wrongly arrested for the murder of Italian woman Annalisa Vincenti in Tuscany because of a false positive match. He had never been to Italy in his life but extradition proceedings were only halted after a second DNA test established his


Bill Cash, chairman of parliamentary European Scrutiny Committee, said: “This new information is clearly relevant to the operation of these proposals and I shall be investigating the matter in addition to the other work the committee has been doing on this. “There is tsunami of proposed opt-ins (on European criminal justice matters) which is causing concern to the committee and we shall monitor this very carefully. James Clappison, a committee member added: “Ministers need to look at this and ensure that standards are at least as high on these requests as they are for DNA checks in this country, especially considering the importance courts give to DNA evidence.”

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The UK has the largest DNA database in the world with more than five million profiles on it. The Government’s intention to begin sharing DNA under Prum was revealed in a letter to Mr Cash’s committee last year, which has only now come to light. James Brokenshire, the Home Office minister, said the aim was to meet the “Treaty obligations” on DNA and vehicle registration data “later in the 2011-2015” spending period. In 2008, when Britain signed up to Prum, Dominic Grieve, the then shadow home secretary, said: “There is a real risk that a disproportionate number of innocent British citizens will be sucked into foreign criminal investigations.”

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He added: “My fear is that Ministers have magnified the risk of British citizens becoming the victim of miscarriages of justice that take place abroad but have effectively been sanctioned by their own government at home.” A Home Office spokesman last night insisted only the details of people with previous convictions would be passed on. However, that could still result in someone with a minor conviction here being wrongly linked to a crime overseas and have their details passed on. The spokesman said: “The UK has not yet implemented the DNA provisions of the so-called ‘Prum Council Decisions’, but we are monitoring the experiences of other European countries closely. “The only DNA records that would be shared under the new system are those relating to individuals with convictions, either in the UK or overseas. “We are clear that only when we are satisfied that a sufficient DNA match has been identified would the UK government release an individual’s details to another EU country.” : The details of every passenger flying into the UK from outside Europe will be sent in advance for security and immigration officials to check from this April, Damian Green will announce today. A roll-out of advance passenger data will cover every flight arriving from outside the European Economic Area from next month, the immigration minister will say in a speech on border security in London. Talks are also continuing to extend the e-borders system across Europe as well although concerns have been raised that it could be illegal under EU rules to gather such information.

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MacGowan’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

‘Serving Almerimar for 71/2 years’

Open 365 Days A Year

* Full International Menu Session Jam phone andSteaks sday 8pm open Mi*cro Argentinian & see us g ery ThurMurphy’s alon EvGuinness, e com ks wee 3 nded last joke or Story etc. Well atte * Authentic Indian Curries a Tell g, Sin Cider, Heineken, Large (Punjav chef) Selection of Spirits * Sports channel incl. GAA * Irish Breakfast * All food freshly prepared Calle Varadero

Almerimar 04711 (Almeria)

Tlf. 950 609 546

EL EJIDO.................................

The Cajamar Foundation Experimental Station presented the results of tests concerning the pollination of zucchini. Since 2001 trials comparing different strategies such as phytohormones/biostimulants against natural pollinators (bees and bumblebees) has obtained very satisfactory results. Although natural pollination has been found to be successful and viable in most fruit and vegetable crops, this has not been so in the zucchini crops. The production of greenhouse zucchini is still dominated by applications of plant growth regulators or biostimulants, which involve a significant expenditure of labour and high frequency of collections as well as doubts about long-term safety. The main conclusions derived from these tests show that the use of Phytohormones and/or Biostimulants at the beginning of the cycle may be a good strategy but continued use does not improve the commercial production achieved at end of the cycle over bee or bumblebee pollinators. Therefore, the use of natural pollinators for zucchini can be a good alternative over the use of Phytohormones. However, it is necessary to adapt the hives to optimise pollination and is essential to ensure the presence of male flowers.

EL EJIDO.................................

fr e e wi- fi

AR Hotel ~ Cafe Emporio XL Habana ~ Mario’s Restaurante El Arroz ~ El Laurel ~ Algarbe If you offer FREE WiFi to your customers let us know and we will happily add you to the list -

what’s on Wednesday

Sol Times Distributed


Scandinavs get together on La Caleta in Almerimar every thursday 7:00pm


Friday Golf




10am – 1pm: Almerimar Walking Club - Meet at Mercadona


11am – 1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning Yachting Golf Restaurant 5pm – 7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach


Tuesday Golf ------------------------------------------------------------


The NNGG of El Ejido organised a meeting between young people and politicians to discuss the issues that most concern young people in these times. Under the heading ‘Coffee and Politics,’ the provincial People’s Party spokesman, Francisco Gongora, the parliamentary candidate of Andalucia, Rosalie Espinosa, the deputy provincial, Almudena Valentin and local party secretary, Angél Escobar exchanged views with the attendees and answered question. During the meeting, young people learnt about the main proposals of the People’s Party youth policy. The Popular Party is expected to undertake many initiatives and improvements in their youth program, such as an urgent plan for the promotion of youth employment, a profound educational reform in Andalucia and the development of a plan that allows the young easier access to housing.

El Ejido Bowls Club Monday and Thursday 5pm to 7pm Ring Alison on

677 317 920

to book or for further information

Friday Golf Society Almerimar Friday Golf 16 March 2012

This week was a bit different. We had an away day at Alboran rather than playing our regular Friday golf at Almerimar. It was a coach trip for the 29 players and 3 lunch guests that took part. The round of golf was followed by a very pleasant lunch outside the chiringuito. The results were as follows: Best man - Alan Sly - 38 pts Best lady - Joan Edgington - 38 pts Best front 9 - Jacqui Mays - 20 pts Best back 9 - Marie-Anne Pettersson - 17 pts Near pin hole 2 - Sune Jönsson - 13.90m Near pin hole 6 - Sune Jönsson - 14.30m Near pin hole 12 - Rolf Jönegård - 12.50m Near pin hole 17 - Joan Edgington - 3.60m You can see the full results at If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact

dates for your diary

25 March 2012 Sunday Competition (CONFIRMED DATE) - Sponsored by La Plaza APRIL 2012 8 April 2012 - Sunday Competition (PROVISIONAL DATE) - Sponsored by Nautico JUNE 2012 22 June 2012 -Top Banana competition at La Envia (CONFIRMED DATE) JULY 2012 1 July 2011 - Annual membership fees become due.

Top Banana 2012 La Envía, 22 June 2012

FGS plan to enter a team in this event if there is enough interest. We need a minimum of 8 golfers to take part and can have a maximum of 24 golfers in our team...

please note - This event is self financing and is not being subsidised by the society

For all your local advertising needs... call Mark on 693 774 932 ...and email all your news and views to:



Purple Day – The Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness

Hi - This is Cassidy Me gan, I would like to thank everybody around the world for helping support Purple Day and pe ople around Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to the world with epile psy. I also want to thank our increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26th global partners, the Epilepsy Associatio annually, people in countries around the world are invited to n of Nova Scotia and The Anita Kaufmann Foundatio wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. n. If none of you guys were he re to help me and su Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide or pport Purple Day, Purple Day wo uldn’t have succee approximately 1 in 100 people. That’s more than multiple ded so much. So a big THANK YOU to all of you!!! sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s I started Purple Day disease combined. because when I firs t found out that I had epilepsy Purple Day was founded in 2008, by nine-year-old Cassidy I was afraid and em barrassed of what other peop Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada, with the help of the Epilepsy le would think. I als o thought I was the only kid in the Association of Nova Scotia (EANS). Cassidy chose the colour world with epilepsy. I wanted purple after the international colour for epilepsy, lavender. The to have one day where everyone in the world could lavender flower is also often associated with solitude, which is show supp ort for people with epilepsy and teach representative of the feelings of isolation many people affected people about epilepsy. by epilepsy and seizure disorders often feel. Cassidy’s goal is for Educating people people with epilepsy everywhere to know they are not alone. about epilepsy is so important because people ne ed to know what to do if they see someone havin g a seizure and the y need to know that there are There are around 40 different types of seizure and a different types of se izures and tha t the y don’t have to be person may have more than one type afraid of epilepsy or people who have the Epilepsy can affect anyone, at any age and from any walk it. Education also he lps people with epilepsy know of life they aren’t alone. Since I started Purpl Epilepsy is a neurological condition e Day, I feel special in a way because I am helpi ng people around 456,000 or one in every 131 people in the UK has the world. I do n’t feel alone, scar epilepsy ed or embarrassed anymore and I really hope other people arou Every day in the UK, 75 people are diagnosed with nd the world don’t feel that way epilepsy. anymore either. I love that I have ma Only 52% of people with epilepsy in the UK are seizurede a whole lot of frie nds from all around the world sin free. It is estimated that 70% could be seizure free with ce starting Purple Da y and I am proud of all the right treatment. of us, because we are helping pe op le ev er yw he One in 20 people will have a single seizure at some time re learn and be aw are. I would really like it if in their life. you would continue to support Pu rple Day and help Many people who develop epilepsy below the age of me and other peop le around the world learn about ep 20 will ‘grow out of it’ in adult life. ilepsy. Please also let them kn ow we aren’t alone. Please Many people with epilepsy are still discriminated against continue to pass the word around and sp due to ignorance about the condition. read awareness. I am so happy and excited that Pu Epilepsy is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act. rple Day has gotten so big from all of our hard wo rk. It is so exciting Many people with epilepsy can take part in the same to think just how big it will keep activities as everyone else, with the help of simple safety growing every year with all of us wo rki ng together! measures where appropriate. Th an k you again. YOU RO People who have been seizure free for a year can reCK!!! Cassidy apply for their driving licence.

epilepsy facts...

Burglars 3 - 0 English Bars It could be you next!

Spread the word and be careful, because it COULD BE YOU NEXT!


Further to last week’s report, another English run bar has been burgled! On Friday night, 9/10th March 2012, again in the small hours, a bar on Calle Sierra Nevada in the Urb of Roquetas de Mar was broken into and robbed. That means the score so far is now: Burglars 3 - 0 English Bars, that’s in the past few weeks. Again, items and money were stolen and damage was caused to the premises. An expensive laptop computer went for hike. Charity collection boxes for the Royal British Legion and La Mojonera dogs refuge (Sociedad Protectora de Anilmales de Roquetas de Mar) were also robbed. Over the past few weeks, a good number of other premises have also been broken into, plus a large number cycles been stolen in the Urb, even when chained up. In times of recession and hardship, people will be getting very desperate. So, the watchword is be very ‘CAREFUL’ and don’t take it for granted and think that it won’t happen to you. The local neighbourhood watch people were informed on Facebook by a resident local to the area, so the word will eventually get round. Holidaymakers should be more vigilant and ever watchful for themselves and, their neighbours! The Guardia Civil / Policia Local don’t seem to be able to stop these activities late at night, so don’t leave money, valuables and laptops on premises overnight!



with th


Monday to Friday Tee off between 10am & 12 noon

green fee 35€ to include a meal

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950 559 646 / 950 181 100 reservas@laenvia


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SOLTIMES MARCH 2012 telephone: 644 496 198 678 992 093

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new class

Line dancing

tea dance with Derik Monday Afternoon 3pm - 5pm

Waltz Quickstep etc.

All Welcome


with Liz Hill

with Wednesdays Suzie & Trev Tues 4 - 6pm all levels 3€ 2.30pm - 4pm Welcome All levels 2.30-4pm Welcome

JAXHair&Beauty Formerly J.D. Hair Design

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Thousands of MS sufferers to be offered world-first daily pill to battle disease image

call us for more info or visit: oppossite chili restaurant in turre � find us on

Look Good Feel Great Thousands of people with MS could benefit from the first pill to treat the disabling disease. The NHS rationing body has approved the drug fingolimod which can halve relapses compared with standard interferon injections. Experts hoped the once-a-day pill will replace injections and hospital infusions for at least 5,000 sufferers a year. In its initial assessment, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) said the drug was not value for money despite admitting it works. But after considering extra evidence on its effectiveness Nice decided to give the go-ahead for use on the NHS. Dr Eli Silber, a consultant neurologist who leads the MS service for South London based at King’s College Hospital, and was involved in trials, said ‘We’ve waited a long time for an effective oral treatment to offer patients who are continuing to relapse on first line injections. ‘Today’s decision increases treatment choice. Because it is a highly effective oral agent it may change the way MS is managed in the UK forever. ‘With more active forms of MS, we have a limited window of opportunity to make a difference to patients’ lives - many are young people who are raising families and starting their careers. ‘I want to get appropriate patients onto this therapy as quickly as possible.’ MS is the most common disabling neurological condition, affecting almost 100,000 Britons - 50 young people are diagnosed each week. It involves damage to myelin, a protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system which means the body’s immune system attacks itself.

Albox Rambla

Mirador Toni’s Bar


El Cordobes

Call Jacqui for more information or to book an appointment 645 560 367

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Symptoms range from mild, occasional illness involving numbness, muscle weakness and eye problems to rapid and severe deterioration, resulting in serious disability.

causes nerve damage in multiple sclerosis. The £19,000 annual cost of the drug compares with the £21,000 annual cost of hospital infusions using Tysabri, and manufacturer Novartis has devised a patient access scheme that cuts the price. MS specialists say the drug could make overall savings for the NHS, because fewer patients would need hospital treatment costing £3,000 a time after relapse and disability is lessened. The draft guidance from Nice means it will be funded by the NHS in England and Wales after final guidance is issued next month. The drug, made by Novartis, was rejected for NHS use by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC). Nick Rijke, Director of Policy & Research at the MS Society, said: ‘We are delighted; this decision signifies a major step forward in the treatment of this devastating condition. ‘Gilenya has been found to be highly effective in trials and taking a daily tablet will come as welcome relief from frequent, often unpleasant, injections.

Trial results in the New England Journal of Medicine last year showed fingolimod, also known as Gilenya, cut relapse rates and progression of the disease.

‘Making this new treatment available will increase patient choice for thousands of people with MS across England and Wales, but we’re deeply disappointed by the SMC’s decision in Scotland - and urge them to reconsider.’

Patients treated with fingolimod had a 50 per cent cut in disabling relapses compared with commonly used injections of beta interferon. The chances of progressing to a worse form of the disease were cut by about a third, without significant side effects. The new drug appears to dampen the immune response that

Professor Carole Longson, Director of the Health Technology Evaluation Centre at NICE said: ‘Following new information provided during the consultation, the analyses show that for these people (with highly active MS), treatment with fingolimod will be a cost effective option for the NHS, if Novartis provides the drug at a discounted price, as proposed in its patient access scheme.’

School bags ‘causing back pain’ Rucksacks loaded with school books have been linked to higher levels of back pain in a study of Spanish school children. The findings, reported in Archives of Disease in Childhood, said many pupils had “excessively loaded” backpacks. This was linked to higher levels of back pain in the 1,403 school children taking part in the study. The research took place at Hospital da Costa in Burela and University Hospital Son Dureta in Palma. The report’s authors said school children should not carry anything which weighs more than 10% of their body weight. Measurements were taken from

pupils aged 12-17 from 11 schools in Northern Spain. It showed that nearly two thirds of pupils had backpacks which broke the 10% rule. The weight of the bags was then analysed for back pain, measured as at least 15 days in a year with back pain. The pupils were split into four groups based on the weight of their bags. Pupils in the group with the heaviest bags were 50% more likely to have reported back pain than in the group with the lightest bags. The report said back pain was a bigger problem in school girls and

that the risk increased with age. The authors concluded: “The results obtained have strong implications. “Many children transport excessively loaded backpacks, an excess which would not be allowed for workers in employment.” Sean McDougal, from the charity Backcare, said: “The average child in the UK is carrying 15-20% of their body weight to school and back. “Children are also in the habit of carrying bags over just one shoulder.” He advises taking to school only what is needed on any given day and ensuring that backpacks are worn over both shoulders.


Girl, 3, has new lease of life with ‘paramedic dog’

A GIRL who struggles to breathe due to a rare illness is being kept alive by a dog with a gas tank strapped to its back.

Alida Knoblock, three, has neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy — which means her lungs have difficulty absorbing oxygen. She was diagnosed with the condition when she was eight months old. And the illness, which was discovered in 2005 and affects just 800 people worldwide, means diseases pieces of the lungs filter oxygen through extra layers of cell, making it almost impossible to breathe. Alida needs constant oxygen — and Goldendoodle Mr Gibbs has been specially trained to carry her tank wherever she goes so she has more freedom of movement. Before his arrival even a walk in the park was very difficult for Alida, from Loganville, Georgia, US, because equipment was too heavy for her to carry it herself. Her parents struggled to

come up with a suitable solution until they saw a TV programme about “service dogs”. They realised an animal trained to help the blind could be trained to help their daughter. And now Alida and Mr Gibbs love nothing more than playing and running around together. Alida said: “He’s my best dog.” And her mum Debbie, 39, a nurse, said Alida and

Tel: 950 478 320

Mr Gibbs were growing up together and learning all the time. She said: “Alida never complains about her condition, at the moment she does have a habit of trying to pull out her tubes, though. We have to tell her that’s not a good idea. “She loves Mr Gibbs and he loves her too. We’re trying to make life easier for her and she’s just now starting to realise she’s different, but as the bond between her and

For Her & Him

Gibbs gets stronger, we think things will get better. “As a pair they do work well together, Mr Gibbs has the oxygen tank on his back and then Alida has his leash.” Debbie is now working with the chiLD foundation charity to raise funds to help families both in the US and the UK with research into the new disease. To donate to the cause, visit fundraiser/sweetalida/nehi

Not enjoying that salad? Try looking at pizza while eating it

... because just seeing images of highcarb food makes things taste better!

Looking at pictures of high-carb food like pizza makes things taste better, research shows. People who looked at images of pizza or pastry reported food tasting better than people looking at pictures of watermelon or green beans. Scientists say that vision is known to play a major role in food perception, raising expectation of taste and driving acceptance or rejection. But the impact of different types of food on taste remained unexplored, reports journal PLoS ONE. To test the effect, 14 volunteers were shown quick images of either high carb or low carb food, such as pizza or watermelon. They were then given an electric taste test - a pulse which stimulates the tongue but which has a neutral flavour which is neither pleasant nor unpleasant They were asked by researchers from the Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland to rate the taste on pleasantness and intensity. Dr Johannes le Coutre and his team also studied

brain images involved with food enjoyment which were taken during the experiment. They found that those who had seen the high carb pictures enjoyed the taste more than those who had seen the low carb ones. Dr le Coutre said: ‘The results provide evidence that high calorie food cues enhance the hedonic evaluation of subsequently presented tastes. ‘The study provides novel insights into crossmodal sensory interactions underlying taste and probably food evaluation and consumption.’ The neuroimages also gave insights into how the brain processed taste and sight to produce food enjoyment - which may have implications for treating appetite disorders, said Dr le Coutre. He said: ‘Future studise will have to elucidate to what extent the brain regions shown to be involve in visual-gustatory interactions could account for regulation of appetite and food intake control in real world settings.’

Farrow’s Hair Design La Peluqueria

Tel: 950 634 346 Unisex Salon Arboleas

Temptations Galore Now with eye-catching new Spring collections!

Unique designs, natural fabrics in flowing forms of cottons, linens, viscose offer versatility and casual comfort to distinct elegance for any occasion!

Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa HOURS: Mon - Sat 10am-2pm email:


· Roots €30 inc. cut & blowdry · Gents Trim €5 · Ladies Trim €8 · Ladies Cut and blowdry €18 · Foils from €40 · Perms from €33 (fully inclusive) Farrow’s is an English hairdressers in Arboleas run by Julie, who has over 32 years experience. Julie has run the salon for 5 1/2 years now using both modern and traditional techniques. They use quality products, yet offer great prices all year round!! Find Farrow’s by the bakery, go straight over the bridge to Arboleas & head for Centro Urbano Open Tues - Fri 9-3 and Sat 9-2 For further information and to book an appointment Call 950 634 346


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inside ut

in Europe S.L.

the enclosure specialists

We are a professional S.L. registered company that has been trading in Spain for several years. Mobile : 677 114 576 / 695 118 960

GLass Enclosures

• For Winter and Summer Use • With or Without Fly Screens • Double Glazed Units • Aluminium Frames • Incorporating Fully Insulated Tiled-effect Roofs • Polycarbonate Roofs • The Best Quality For Minimum Price

inside ut

in Europe S.L.

Screened Enclosures

All enclosures are made from high quality aluminium not to be confused with the cheaper grade of material which is out there. Also we use Phifer Screen which is the number one seller in the USA and will out last other brands by several years. Outward vision is very clear and gives protection from wind and debris. Eat and drink outside without being pestered by any wildlife. We build enclosures any size, any shape to suit any budget. MURCIA




La Alfoquia

Come & visit us at our warehouse on the Albox road



Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise cash and change lives...It’s back from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th March

How the Money Helps... Whatever the public do to fundraise for Sport Relief, they’ll help people living unimaginably tough lives on your doorstep in the UK and across the world’s poorest countries. Comic Relief spends the cash raised through Sport Relief to e The Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mil help people in dire need. At home, Sport Relief cash t way to take part. One amazing year of sport. One grea gives comfort and help to vulnerable older people. It r a million people Over the Sport Relief Weekend, ove helps people in disadvantaged communities living Sport Relief Mile. are expected to join in the Sainsbury’s with poor mental or physical health or a lack of job and , skipping They’ll be running, dancing, jumping opportunities. And that’s just the start. Abroad, others. fanc y dressing their way to helping Sport Relief cash protects and supports

The Sport Relief Sock

commemorate the The Sport Relief Sock is back and to a special Union UK’s biggest year of sport, it’s sporting cotton, the nation Jack design. Made with Fair trade .com can grab a pair from ww w.sportrelief

The Sport Relief TShirt

on, they’re raising They’re made from Fair trade cott first time ever they money for Sport Relief and for the kit themselves out can be personalised. The public can from Sportsdirect. in the Sport Relief T-Shirt, available ne. com stores and onli

Celebrity Challenges

rt Relief superstar, The BT Sport Relief Challenges: Spo inar y lengths David Walliams, went to extraord Walliams vs The for the BT Sport Relief Challenge: miles, raised 140 Thames. He swam a staggering dog! over £1 million and even rescued a

children who live on the streets. It provides cost effective, life-saving healthcare and access to clean water for those who are too poor to pay for it. It does all this and so much more...

Other Ch

allenges... Blue Peter’s Helen Skelton is ventur ing to the coldes windiest place on t and earth as she attem pts to travel 500 m freezing temperatu iles in res to the South Po le by bike, kite and skis! The Sport Relief Te ll y In between all that activity, there will be plenty of oppo for the nation to pu rtunities t their feet up in fro nt of the box for so top notch Spor t Re me lief TV on the BBC . Just some of the to stay in for inclu sh ow s de the night of TV on Friday 23rd Mar the muchanticipa ch and ted documentary about David Walliam Thames challenge s’ epic , Walliams vs The Thames.


for more information go to: www. sportrelief. com


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If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail (we will sometimes have to alter the questions to avoid identification of the sender). In these cases the specific reply is sent by email to the sender (sometimes with more detail)

Q: Please explain the situations in which a resident qualifies for non-payment of capital gains tax. A . The first thing is to be able to prove to the notary the day of the sale that you are in fact a Spanish tax resident. It very important to realize that having what everyone calls the “residencia” issued by the police does not in fact prove you are a tax resident of Spain , and that if this is the only document you take to the notary to prove tax residency , the notary will consider you a non resident and you will be subject to a 3% retention.


To prove you are a tax resident your solicitor needs to request a certificate from the tax authorities, which can then be taken to the notary. If you suffer the nasty surprise of them saying that in fact you are a non resident, you will need to get this amended by proving to them that you are in fact a resident before they will issue you with the correct certificate for the notary. The best way to secure tax residency status is making a resident income tax declaration in Spain in June of every year. If you are going to sell shortly, request this certificate in advance to avoid last minute surprises. 1. The possible total or partial exemption from capital gains tax due to reinvestment (roll-over ): If you are a resident and sell one property to purchase another of the same or higher price you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax. To benefit you have to have been a resident for at least 3 year before the sale takes place, and you must purchase the next property within 2 years of the sale. If you are moving to a smaller property, you can claim exemption of a percentage of the capital gains tax. 2. Claim of total exemption if you are over 65 years old: If you are over 65 and sell your main home (where you must have lived for at least 3 years as a resident), you can claim 100% exemption from capital gains tax even if you do not reinvest. If the property is owned by a couple and one member is over 65 and the other is not, you are allowed to claim the exemption in respect to half the price. If you do not qualify for any of the above exemptions the rate of tax applied to your profit is 21% for profit up to 6000 euros, 24% for profit between 6001 euros and 24000€ and 27% of profit above 24001€ Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.

DETACHED VILLA for sale Electricity prices set to rise in April

Detached villa shell built up to - and including roof - 125m2 as a completion project. Secluded position, unspoilt countryside with views across orange and lemon groves to front and rear.

priced to sell Front View

75,000 euros

Rear View

Fully Legal & Escritura

• 3 beds / 2 baths - Size 125m2 • Space for pool (12m x 6m) with open views • Exceptional, uninterrupted views of orange and lemon groves to front & rear • Situated between Almanzora & Arboleas, overlooking Almanzora valley • 10 minutes to nearest town with all amenities • only 30 minutes to coast • Ideal for builder to complete internals

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75,000 euros

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The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, has acknowledged that electricity prices would be increased on April 1st. No actual figure has been given, but industry experts are suggesting prices could rise by as much as 7%. The Supreme Court is obliging the government to clear debt totalling over a billion euros, which it has run up with the power supply companies by previously holding tariffs down. The government has admitted that it has an ongoing debt of €1.035bn with electricity suppliers, the country’s largest municipal debt.

“At the moment the ministry is working on

a mix of lower costs and increased revenue to meet the Supreme Court order and to ensure the full cost of compliance does not fall on consumers,” said Soria. Soria admitted that the costs and revenues so far established have not been able to meet the deficit targets set by law for the electricity sector: 3 billion euros in 2011 and 1.5 billion in 2012. The minister reiterated that the solutions necessary to bridge the current gap, caused by the fact that the income generated by the system is insufficient to cover costs, will not depend solely on consumers, and that he is working on a package for the sector as a whole

Police repeatedly reconstruct alleged disappearance of Córdoba children For over an hour and a half on the morning of 15th March, police and legal experts reconstructed the arrival of José Bretón, the father of the two young children who disappeared in October, at the park in Córdoba where he alleges they were taken from him. The reconstruction was repeated over and over again, with a police officer playing the part of Bretón and two children of similar ages and complexions as his missing children playing their part. Officers timed his arrival at the entrance to the park, paying specific attention to the time taken to park and get the children out of the car, to compare the results with the various different versions of the events that day that Bretón has given police.

Dozens of officers were involved in monitoring the reconstruction, which was repeated 15 times in all, with particular note being taken of Bretón’s claim that he couldn’t open one of the car doors because of the close proximity of a road sign on the pavement, one of the reasons he has given for taking longer to park than might have been deemed necessary. This extended reconstruction of events comes just 24 hours after the courts once again denied José Bretón bail and refused to lift the secrecy order on the case. Bretón is being held in custody accused of illegal detention of minors and of simulating a crime.


Foldaway Silicone Steamer ~ 7.20€

Serving Hands ~ 6.01€ Sometimes the only way to give salads, pasta and vegetables a really good mix is to get stuck in with your hands, but it can be a messy job. The next best things are these melamine mixing and serving ‘hands’ like those seen on Nigella’s cookery programme. Ergonomically shaped, they have a big ‘palm’ area and ‘fingers’ for lifting, mixing and serving cleanly. Dishwasher safe

Folding flat, this silicone steamer won’t hog any cupboard space when not in use, yet is always ready to spring into action for some really healthy cooking. Small enough to fit into a kitchen drawer, silicone really lends itself to steaming – it’s heat resistant, won’t take on the flavour of your food, and is effortless to clean – there’s no box it doesn’t tick! Dishwasher safe too.

Homestyle Gadgets

please note, prices do not include p&p all of these products are available to purchase on-line for more information email : EDITOR@SOLTIMES.COM

Adaptor Wraps ~ 6.60€ Whether used for travelling or at home, these wraps are a fab idea. We have loads of electrical devices requiring battery chargers these days – mobile phones, cameras, and MP3s, to name but a few – and these colourful gadgets stop messy wires. Plugs fit into one side of the wrap and the cable winds around the other, for a simple solution. Pack of 3. A smarter way to serve your salads, the rubberwood tray neatly organises the porcelain dish, oil and vinegar bottles and condiment shakers. With a set of serving spoons included, we think this contemporary collection would be just as lovely for serving pasta at the table too.

No more ‘tea slops’, as the mugs stay firmly footed on the anti-slip surface. Whatever you’ve got to transport, you can be sure it will arrive at its destination without incident

Anti-Slip Serving Tray ~ 10.80€


Creation of New Spanish Companies On the Increase

A total of 15,769 new companies were established in Spain in the first two months of the year, which represents an increase of 12% over the same period last year, and with an invested capital of 1,370 million euros (+53%), according to a study by Informa D & B. In February, 8,272 new companies were formed, which represented a growth of 10% over January, while the capital invested in the second month of the year increased by 66% compared to February 2010. As for company liquidations, in the first two months of the year there were a total of 6,751, which is 14% more than in 2011, and 1,109 insolvency proceedings were recorded, which represented an increase of 11%. The number of liquidations in February exceeded 3,000, and insolvency proceedings rose to 620. However, all regions recorded an increase in the number of new company start-ups in the first two months of the year, with the exception of Cantabria, which saw a decrease of 25%, and the Basque Country, which experienced an 11% drop. The regions where most companies were created were Madrid, Andalusia and Catalonia, the latter leading the investment figures, with over 292 million euros.

With regards to bankruptcy proceedings, the regions which recorded most for the first two months of the year were Catalonia (251), Valencia (150) and Madrid (140), and represented almost half the national total. As for company liquidations, almost all regions increased their numbers through February, with minimal decreases in La Rioja, Castilla y León and Valencia, while the three regions with most proceedings were Madrid (1,318), Andalucia (958) and Valencia (824). Construction Sees Biggest Growth Business services, along with trade and construction were the sectors where most companies were created in January and February, with construction experiencing the greatest increase over the previous year, with growth of 68%. By contrast, El Economista reported that the energy sector fell by 13% over the same period in 2010, while financial intermediaries accumulated most investment in the first two months of the year, with 461 million euros. Furthermore, 50% of the annual liquidations were from the trade, real estate and construction sectors, with the latter having most in the first two months of the year with a total of 228. Article courtesy of


Special offerS FOR SALE - 2 bed Duplex in La Alfoquia with community pool

sale Price: 65,000€ For Sale - 3 bed Duplex in La Alfoquia with community pool

sale Price: 85,000€ 3 Cortijos in Velez Rubio Three cortijos in a row. Refurbished and are all furnished with fitted kitchens and open fireplaces. Large garage Price: 150,000€ FOR ALL THREE €150,000

VILLA FOR RENT CUCADOR Nice sized villa, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, fully-fitted kitchen with white goods, lounge with fire place

to RENT Los carasoles Villa with land 3 bed fully furnished with private pool in 2000m2 450€ PCM - 609 199 394

CALL THE OFFICE or FOR phone 609 199 394 OTHER GREAT RENTAL PROPERTIES AVAILABLE! For more information or to arrange to view a property call or email New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles. Open 9am - 2pm

Tel Office: 950 449 600 Out of hours: 636 20 50 70


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Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466 C/Llanos, Bedar (Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm

This pretty, detatched, stone cortijo is situated in a quiet valley outside Lubrin town. It has a lovely setting & would make a great project for someone looking for a country property. Needs renovating. Great project outside Lubrin only 29,950€


Equestrian Properties Urgently Required

Properties to Rent in Arboleas, Los Carasoles & Cucador Areas from €300 per calendar month

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240m2 Farmhouse with 180,000m2 land, water from a well, mains electric, good access 20 mins from Almeria

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There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your own garden – especially now the days are a getting warmer. Enjoy the smell of beautifully scented flowers, not to mention the sight of colourful blooms and the wildlife that they attract. In order to make the most of your garden retreat you need to select the right furnishings. Here’s a run down on what you might need to make your outdoor space the perfect place to unwind.

...AND TALKING OF BARBECUES... Barbecue cleaning and maintenance

What better way to enjoy your garden than to sit out in a stylish gazebo with a burger straight from the barbecue? Of course, when showing off your barbecue skills, you’ll want to make sure your barbecue is up to scratch. A rusty kettle or burnt grill will add flavours you just don’t want. Here’s our guide to barbecue maintenance helping you keep your barbecue in top condition:

Sensible storage

Store your barbecue safely. Barbecues need to be kept away from moisture to avoid rusting, so if you have no space inside, a garage, shed or covered area of the garden will do. Wrap your barbecue up in a BBQ weather cover to protect it from the rain and cold.

Treat paintwork with care

Never wax or paint your barbecue as this will make it look dull and smeary. Weber barbecues have a baked-on porcelain enamel finish that means you need only wash the outside with warm soapy water and a soft cloth before rinsing it. Never use oven cleaner on your BBQ as this can destroy the paintwork. Grease drippings, too, can damage paintwork - so look after your barbecue by wiping up grease as soon as possible.

Keep your BBQ clean

One of the most important things to remember when looking after your BBQ is to keep it clean. Below you will find our top tips for successful barbecue cleaning: Body Wipe off the grease from the inside of the lid, bowl and exterior surfaces of the barbecue with warm soapy water before rinsing and drying. Ash absorbs moisture which can lead to premature rusting of your BBQ. Empty out the ashes, once they have cooled, from the kettle

and ash catchers of your charcoal barbecue after each use. Grates To make barbecue cleaning easier, put oil on the grill once it has heated up to help stop food sticking to it. If food does stick, reheat the barbecue after cooking to help burn off the remains. With a gas model you can just use a high heat for about ten minutes. Charcoal - Wait for the coals to die down before cleaning the grates of your charcoal barbecue. When the grate is warm, brush any food off with a brass grill brush before giving it a good clean with warm soapy water. The Weber Grill Brush will help get rid of any tough stains. Gas - Brush down the grates and flavourizer bars of your gas barbecue with a brass grill brush. The Weber 21” T Brush is perfect for this, with a long handle to keep your hands away from the heat.

Burners To maintain an even heat across your gas burners, clean any debris off the burner tubes with a stainless steel brush, being careful to use an up-down motion.

d,, nd in m f o i e m c f a o e e ‘P ‘Peac r away y’’ a a f w t a o r n a s not f iis

All areas covered

Warming racks and work surfaces

Look after your barbecue’s warming racks by cleaning with a soapy, fine steel wool pad. Use this lightly on a porcelain control panel so as not to scratch the surface. The stainless steel surfaces should be cleaned with a specialised cleaner. Always clean in the direction of the grain and do not use abrasive pads as they will scratch the surface.

Garden Gates & Railings

Garage Doors

Bottom Tray Get rid of grease with a plastic scraper each time the bottom tray is used. Wash it with warm soapy water before rinsing it.

Motorised Sliding Gates

Spiral Staircases

Fully legal

Est 2004

the metal works

Furnishing Your Garden

Patio Furniture: What better place to enjoy warm summer afternoons with friends and family than on your own patio. Furnishing your patio with the right tables, chairs, and benches will help to create a welcoming atmosphere and ensure the comfort of you and your guests. • Garden benches - benches are comfortable and durable. They can be placed anywhere, either in sun or shade and come in a wide range of styles, in wood or iron. • Chaise longue - these are a comfortable way to relax in the sun. You can stretch out on their cushioned seats and dream away the summer. They come in a wide range of prints to accessorise your patio. • Swings - swings come in an array of styles and can either be hung from a porch or frame or come in a glider style so you can watch the sunset in style. • Tables and chairs - when is comes to gathering with friends or family you can’t beat a table and chairs, with a wide range of styles to suit any taste, you can’t go wrong, and you can add an umbrella to shade you from the afternoon sun. Gazebos: Gazebos offer shelter, a place to rest and are a great outdoor decoration. They come in a range of styles and all shapes and sizes. They also come ready made or in kits or sets of plans if you are a confident do-it-yourself-er. They also are great for outdoor parties or barbeques. Hammock: Believe it or not, Hammocks have been around for about 1000 years. Whether you choose a classic rope hammock slung between two trees, or a South American style hammock with its custom stand, there is nothing like a hammock for lazing away a sunny afternoon. Hammocks are available in many shapes and sizes, and can help you truly enjoy your outdoor area with their gentle rocking and weightless feel. Barbeque: Cooking outdoors can be either a quiet family affair or a major social event, either way, its fun and a great way to enjoy food. If you have a small space then you may want to opt for a smaller, portable charcoal grill. They are easy to manage, simple to use and clean and can be stored in the shed or garage during the cooler seasons. If you have more space outdoors or you tend to be grilling for a greater number of people then you may find a gas grill more convenient.

Windows & Door Grills Ornate Gazebos

Shot Blasting & Powder Coating Service Available KNIGHT INSURANCE APPROVED REJAS

Arboleas Pol. Ind Est.

Between Amigos Bowling & Meroil Garage

Call Keith 638 900 949


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Almeria Satellite

• We can supply full installations • Repair and Servicing of Existing Satellite systems. • Record & pause live tv. We now supply sky HD+ boxes & package cards. • All sky TV Packages Available. • French, German, italian satellite TV installed. • We sell satellite kits for DIY. •S  atellite & radio broadband coming soon from as little as 150€ per year. •W  e supply & install branded TVs at competitive prices.

All Areas covered

We accept credit cards Tel: 699 386 277

New Mortgage Guidelines Agreed by Banks

The government’s new ‘Code of Good Practice’ for mortgages has now been agreed by most Spanish high street and savings banks. It offers unemployed home owners, whose circumstances qualify, the option to restructure their debt, reduce it, or even hand over the house to pay off the mortgage in full. Debt restructuring can include the possibility to make interest only payments for up to four years, extending the term of the loan to 40 years and rearranging payments for one year at an interest rate of 0.25% above the Euribor rate. If despite this restructuring, the home owner is still unable cope with the debt, the bank must offer a rebate of part of the mortgage. The amount of this reduction is dependant on each particular case, but experts believe they could adjust the mortgage to the current value of the home. After one year of restructuring, the owner will be able to hand over the property to pay off the debt in full – commonly a bank would take the property at 60% of its value and pursue the owner for the remaining debt. If this happens, the owner may also remain in the property paying a monthly rent of 3% of the outstanding debt that was outstanding – so if the debt was 100,000 euros, they would pay only 300 euros per month. Qualifying circumstances are firstly those families facing foreclosure with all household members unemployed and their mortgage payments exceed 60% of all income. Secondly, the property must not be valued at over €200,000 in cities of over one million (Barcelona and Madrid), going down to €180,000 in cities of more than half a million people, €150,000 in towns of between 100,000 and 500,000 population, and €120,000 in towns with populations of under 100,000.

Bonds – Are They The Place To Be? by bill franks

financial correspondent

Corporate bonds play an integral part in many investment portfolios. This is partly as a diversification measure to lower overall risk, but also, in many cases, to provide regular income. Bonds generate a natural income, which means you can receive regular payments without touching the capital. They also have the potential to provide capital growth over the longer-term (10 years or more). Companies raise money by borrowing from investors over a fixed term and at a fixed rate of interest. A bond is usually issued at 100 Pounds or Euros; pays a fixed level of interest each

year and at maturity repays the original issue amount (provided it does not default). In the interim, the bond can be traded and as such it has a current market value. Let’s say, for example, a bond is issued for a fixed term of five years with a fixed interest of 6% per annum. If its market value falls by 10% of what it was issued at, new investors can purchase the bond at that lower price with an effective yield of 6.67% p.a. At maturity it would have increased in value back to its maturity price, giving an additional capital gain of around 11%. Original investors would get back

their original investment and would have received a yield of 6% p.a. Bond fund managers actively buy and sell bonds where they see opportunities to make gains. It is possible for fund managers to make significant gains on some bonds if they buy them today and hold to maturity. The major risk to investing in bonds is that the issuing company defaults on either paying interest or capital at maturity. Experienced bond fund managers evaluate companies closely, with the objective of staying away from companies which may default.

Different types of bonds

Government bonds known as gilts in the UK or Treasury notes/bonds in the US. These are bonds issued by a government in its own currency. Bonds issued by a national government in a foreign currency are known as sovereign bonds. Investors consider these the safest type of bond, as governments of most modern developed countries are considered to be almost “risk-free” from a default point of view. Corporate bonds – debt securities issued by companies and sold to investors. This is a major

Blevins Franks

source of capital for many companies. The issuers are grouped by their credit rating. Higher quality bonds are considered ‘investment grade’ whereas those with a perceived higher risk are called ‘high yield.’ Corporate bonds are considered higher risk than government bonds and as a result usually always have a higher rate of interest. These views are put forward for consideration purposes only as the suitability of any investment is dependent on the investment objectives, time horizon and attitude to risk of the investor. The value of investments can fall as well as rise as can the

income arising from them. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance. You should seek advice from an authorised financial adviser such as Blevins Franks Financial Management Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority for the conduct of investment and pension business. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website



You’ve only to step inside a spa environment to feel the stresses of life ebb away. So why not create this haven at home and provide a place to escape and unwind each and every day! Is the time you spend in your bathroom calm and collected, indulgent and relaxing? If it’s more a frenzied get-ready quick zone, it’s time you took a look at its surroundings. If you long for a safe haven in which to wind down and get away from it all, here is all you need to turn your bathroom into a boutique-style spa. From natural wood shelves displaying luscious potions and fluffy towels, to organic looking stone floors and vibrant shiny mosaic tiles; a spa-style bathroom is designed to lift your spirits and calm your mind, body and soul. The key to this look is to choose a calming colour palette and natural, tactile materials that create a harmonious surrounding. White bathroom suites remain the preferred choice, so add the colour in the décor and accessories. Try soft cocoa and coffee colours, with a little hint of pale blues and greens. Consider transforming your space into a wet room – very useful here in Spain too when in and out of the pool. When choosing bathroom furniture e.g. cupboards, towel storage etc. choose wooden furniture. Available in a variety of colours and finishes (Walnut, Oak, Cherry or Maple) the furniture will help create a tranquil, fresh feeling bathroom environment that’s both functional and beautiful. Pale watery tiles in tiny mosaic or large format echo a smart boutique hotel spa - just be sure to stick to a palette of aqua, blue, green or turquoise. Flooring in pale limestone or slate is stunning and investing under-floor heating offers the ultimate luxury.


Air-conditioning New installations. LG Inverters now in stock! • Servicing Full Health Check (This should be done annually)

• Repairs and parts available for branded machines • Re-gassing and filter cleaning (Keep your air con working this summer)

Electronic coin operated meter for the measurement & control of electricity consumption

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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa Sanctuary


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OPEN for business S.M.S All Building Maintenance building work undertaken Garages, Boundry walls, Patios, Renovations, Cladding, Pool Maintenance Service. Painting & Decorating from 50€ per room including paint. Dulux Weathershield used on all exterior painting


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Barclays apologises to FSA after imposing ............swaps secrecy clause on customers Barclays has been forced to formally apologise to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) after evidence uncovered by The Telegraph revealed that the bank had demanded its clients withhold information from the regulator over the sale of controversial “swap” products.

Acting on evidence uncovered by The Telegraph’s investigation into the potential mis-selling of complex interest rate products, the FSA has forced Barclays’ investment bank to write to the businesses affected, informing them that they are no longer bound by the “confidentiality agreements”. The revelation comes after The Telegraph was inundated with complaints from business owners over the sale of interest rate swaps. Last week, we revealed that Britain’s leading banks were facing a slew of legal actions over allegations that they mis-sold the complicated products to hundreds of small businesses, despite them having little knowledge of what they were buying. The Telegraph’s investigation has now led to action from the FSA. Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, has also written to the regulator about the issue. All the banks involved deny they have done anything wrong and say that they have followed the correct procedures. The FSA said this weekend that it is formally reviewing the “new information” provided by The Telegraph to assess the “appropriateness of the product and how it was sold”. “If we find widespread evidence of breaches or misselling we will take action,” a spokesman said. The regulator contacted Barclays to demand information after a letter seen by The Telegraph revealed that two directors from Barclays Capital and Barclays Corporate insisted that a care home operator not share information with the regulator.

Coastal Mosquitos

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh


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decided to reveal the information after talking to the bank last Monday over refinancing. He said that Barclays had insisted the profitable company, which looks after 850 people and employs another 1,000, take 20-year swaps on a 10-year and a five-year loan worth £65m as a condition of the 2008 deal. “Big companies might know better but they made it a condition of the loan,” said Mr Hartland, who was advised by Rothschilds . “They said we are going to do it at a fantastic rate, 1pc over Libor. But if you did not take out the swaps, you do not have the loan.” He settled a similar claim of interest rate swap mis-selling against Lloyds Banking Group to its “satisfaction” late last year. A Barclays spokesman said on Saturday night: “The language referred to in the settlement letter provided to the FSA was included in error during the outset of the process to manage this category of customer complaints. “Subsequently in early 2010 the language was amended specifically to acknowledge the importance of either party being able to share the outcome of the complaints management process with their regulator. “We believe only a small number of customers would have been impacted by the error. Barclays will be contacting those customers to clarify the position. “Barclays both recognises and values the importance of a transparent and open dialogue with regulators and customers throughout the complaints management process.”


Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

The business, called Guardian Homes West, and its sister companies, Graiseley Properties and Graiseley Investments, had complained to Barclays about the damage being caused by the rocketing cost of two interest rate swaps sold to it in 2007 and 2008. Barclays agreed to restructure the loans in 2010 but added the secrecy clause to the deal: “The parties will keep the contents of this letter confidential and not disclose its contents to any third parties, including the Financial Services Authority [save as required to by law] without the prior written consent of the other party.” The letter was signed by Carl Rainford, a senior FSA registered Barclays Capital salesman, and Dales Sellers, a corporate banking director, and was issued with the full knowledge of Barclays Capital’s legal team. An FSA spokesman said the bank’s behaviour required it to respond immediately. “It is unacceptable for any firm to try to prevent its customers from speaking to the FSA,” the spokesman said. “Following the information The Telegraph provided we have taken this up with the firm concerned and it has apologised and agreed to write to all the customers affected.” Guardian Homes West decided to blow the whistle on Barclays following The Telegraph’s investigation last weekend into allegations of widespread mis­selling of complex derivative products to small businesses. Gary Hartland, the managing director, said he had been “uneasy” with the terms of the letter but had

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...UPS jumps to top spot in Europe with TNT buy

UPS will also get access to TNT’s stronger networks in the fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets, increasing the U.S. company’s global sales to over 45 billion euros and leaving it with 477,000 employees. The deal has raised concerns that smaller companies will find it harder to compete. Germany’s Deutsche Post DHL , the closest rival in Europe, said the European Commission should examine the proposed takeover thoroughly. TNT said on Monday its executive and supervisory boards unanimously supported UPS’s offer of 9.50 euros per share, a premium of nearly 54 percent, up from an initial 9 euros per share last month. TNT’s biggest shareholder PostNL, which owns 29.8 percent, also said it backed the offer, which UPS said it would finance through a combination of $3 billion in available cash and new debt. “It’s a difficult day and a great day. Difficult because TNT is a proud company and it is difficult to agree to be acquired,” said TNT Express head Marie-Christine Lombard. “It’s a great day because the combination of the two companies... will be enhanced and really deliver the global leader that will be unequalled.” TNT Express shares rose 1.15 percent to 9.45 euros. The offer ends years of speculation

about the future of the Dutch delivery company, which was split from the Dutch mail company PostNL and listed last year. With falling profit and a poor outlook for 2012, TNT’s management had come under intense pressure from activist shareholders, including Jana Partners and Alberta Investment Management Corp., to seek a buyer. UPS has long looked at TNT as a way to help it expand in Europe, especially Britain, France and Germany. It said it was confident the European antitrust watchdog would clear the offer without going into a prolonged investigation. Analysts said the company might need to sell some assets to ensure the deal won the stamp of approval. “We expect some divestments will be needed for the competition clearances,” DZ Bank analyst Robert Czerwensky said. A spokesman for Germany’s Deutsche Post DHL, said the acquisition would further strengthen the power of a significant player in a market with limited participants. Trade unions said UPS had agreed to continue collective labour agreements and had not heard of any plans to make job cuts but analysts said the deal could impact thousands of employees. “With TNT about two times as large as UPS in Europe, this could affect more than 20,000 jobs at TNT

in Europe alone,” said Kelper Capital Markets analyst Andre Mulder. Scott Davis, UPS chief executive, said it would take four years to integrate TNT, including replacing the Dutch company’s trademark orange logo with the brown of UPS. The businesses have overlap, but Davis said it was “way too early” to talk about redundancies. FOREIGN SALES BOOST The acquisition will accelerate the UPS strategy of having over half of sales outside the United States. It will increase foreign revenue from 26 percent to 36 percent of the total. The deal will bring annual cost synergies of approximately 400 to 550 million euros per year in four years, UPS said. It will first spend a pre-tax, 1.3 billion euros on “implementation costs” to achieve those synergies, it said. UPS said that the $6.77 billion acquisition will be financed with an equal mix of cash and banking borrowings and would enhance its earnings per share in the first year after the deal. If a third party makes a binding counter offer exceeding the UPS bid by eight percent, TNT or UPS can terminate the transaction, the companies said in a statement. That leaves the door open for another rival, such as FedEX, to bid, but analysts have said that is unlikely. A person familiar with UPS said a

TNT deal would not have benefited Fedex in the same way as it helped UPS because Fedex’s smaller European presence would have brought fewer synergies. About two-thirds of TNT’s revenue is from European customers, but it also has been steadily growing in China, India and Brazil, where it struggled to integrate its acquisitions. UPS is in the midst of a $200 million expansion of its Cologne hub, and has recently grown through acquisitions but the TNT deal is the largest by far. Earlier in February, UPS announced the purchase of Brussels-based Kiala in a bid to boost European e-commerce capabilities. Other European purchases include the 2005 acquisition of parcel carrier Lynx Express Ltd in Britain and messenger service Stolica in Poland. Europe is UPS’s largest market outside the United States, accounting for $6 billion or half of the company’s annual international revenue. Total revenue for UPS last year was $53 billion, while TNT’s was around $7 billion. UPS carries about $11 billion in debt on its balance sheet and could tap credit lines for $12 billion in additional debt. The company has $4.1 billion in cash and $1.3 billion in marketable securities. ($1 = 0.7592 euros)

United Parcel Service will pay 5.2 billion euros ($6.85 billion) for Dutch peer TNT Express in a deal that will make the world’s largest package delivery company the market leader in Europe.

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I ♥ Laurence

I am in complete agreement with the Four Aces, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra – Love is a many splendour’d thing. Sometimes it smacks you straight between the eyes and knocks you for six, and when you come to you are hopelessly infatuated and the surprised owner of a puppy/parrot/pink pair of pantalones. Or it can creep up on you insidiously, permeating your subconscious and chipping away at your resolve until common sense has been shown the door, and it is free to come in and spread itself around. My particular passion started when I met Laurence in Hyperocio. We were formally introduced, and I knew then that I wanted him. He has a majesty about him; when he entered a room conversation ceased, heads turned, his purple presence commanded respect. He held the floor with the power of his personality as he proceeded with due gravitas through the thronging minions surrounding him. Our relationship remained steady until propelled to another level by The Dog That Is Not Ours. Due to her infiltration of our house, which we swore would never happen, it became obvious that Laurence had his shortcomings – he was too grand to suffer dog hair on a daily basis. So I sought another, one less god-like than Laurence, more able to cope with mundane daily inconsequences. I returned to Hyperocio, but drew a blank. I searched elsewhere in Albox, to no avail. With an increasingly desperate need I trawled Lorca, even went as far afield


as Murcia, yet nowhere was my desire fulfilled. I had no option but to return to Laurence and have it out with him - the status could not remain quo, we had to have accord, and he would have to lower his standards. I explained that he would have to leave his personal space in the corner between the wardrobe and the filing cabinet, and live somewhere more accessible, like next to the chest of drawers. I pointed out to him that although I needed him on a daily basis, I was not prepared to dismantle him and clean his guts out every day, so as a result his magnificent purpleness would sometimes be left less than pristine, dusty even! Laurence took this lowering of status with regal calm, and we agreed that we would see how we got on. He entered into his new, more menial role with gusto, sucking up the detritus and shed dog hair that daily graced our carpet with enthusiasm and no loss of dignity. We sashay around the living room in harmony, a housewife and her vacuum cleaner operating as one. I love Laurence!

By Jos Biggs

When less is more . . . well more or less!

Sipping our morning caffeine in the regular sun trap of our favourite tapas bar in Los Dolses recently, and indulging in our chosen pastime of people watching and browsing the English daily doom laden rags, an article relating to the prosperity of the average Brit caught my attention. If you believe what you read, then we are all much better off than we were a decade ago and infinitely more wealthy on average, than our parents. On the face of it this is good news, but then that’s because we have all been deliberately indoctrinated to believe that material wealth equates to happiness and a better quality of life. We strive for better cars, bigger houses and grander holidays. We aspire to own the very latest mobile phones, sound systems and supa dupa high speed computers - which of course is all part of a never ending spiral, because how much is ever really enough? Then I got to cogitate – because they can’t touch you for it if you are over 21 - about when my wife and I were at our most contented and at peace with the world. It wasn’t difficult because

a particular era in our time together sprang immediately to mind and putting down my Daily Drivel, I leaned towards my still radiant lady and asked her to tell me in her opinion - and without having to think long and hard - when did she remember as our happiest time together. Well she seemed to think about it long and hard nonetheless and after three or four minutes I asked, “Well?” “What? Oh sorry”, she said. “You were asking . . ?” She had been doing yet another Sudoku. So I repeated the question and with barely having to think about it, as I had suspected, she came to the same conclusion as me. We had moved south west to the pleasant Cornish town of Looe with a view to possibly making this our permanent residence. We had only returned to England a few months before; we were still finding our feet and had to decide where our future together lay. I had previously lived in the neighbouring village of Polperro before leaving the UK and had enthusiastically extolled the delights of the area to my future wife and thus we found ourselves in Cornwall. It turned out to be an exquisite nine months in this prettiest of towns and included a summer that for the most part was how an idyllic English summer should

By Colin Bird

be – long warm days with cloudless steel blue skies and balmy waterfront evenings. We both took seasonal jobs in restaurants which meant long hours for not very much pay, albeit plenty of scampi and chips. We did not own a car, so on our days off we would often take the train or bus and visit other parts of the county. Our flat, which was only rented, was a small one bedroom affair having a bathroom that was almost bigger than the lounge; with the whole set in a delightful position above the estuary. It was part of a large house named appropriately enough if you know anything about me - ‘The Hazard’. When we were not out-andabout exploring, or had a rare evening to ourselves, we would spend the time playing cards and listening to music on our small portable radio. We did not watch TV and there was no chance of being disturbed by the telephone – we had neither. We laughed a lot; actually enjoyed our work – me working in the busy kitchen of the Ferry Grill and she waiting table at a neighbouring cafe – and we indulged in silly but ultimately memorable pastimes like candlelit late nights in our prodigious bath, eating cream doughnuts that would otherwise have been thrown away at the end of the day. Any bakery item with fresh cream not sold, had to be dumped or given away at close of business; a good reason for my wife to recommend the apple turnovers, Viennese whirls or

cherry pie to her customers! Had it not been for the darkening economic skies at the time and the gloomy prospects for Cornish tourism due to the oil crisis and the predicted drop in visitors particularly those who had to travel from the north of England – we would almost certainly have stayed on. But today we still remember with great fondness our all too brief time there and as with all happy memories, they are immediately invoked whenever we hear the music of that year. It only takes the opening bars of certain tracks by the likes of Steve Harley, 10cc and Minnie Riperton to conjure up a magical period in our lives when we had so little - but then again, so very much.



oh, by the way....

The Scandinavians have always been known for their liberal moral code. Nevertheless it is impressive when a Danish tourist guide suggests to visitors: ‘Expose yourself to the cows, grazing peacefully in the fields’. Hm, obviously it is not just the Spanish that can get the English language wrong. The Spanish king, Juan Carlos, is just a very human and down to earth guy. I adore him for his remark to Hugo Chavez during a Hispanic top meeting, when Chavez kept on interrupting Zapaterro, and the King very directly told Chavez to shut up. At a recent awards ceremony, the King chose to say a couple of heartfelt words outside protocol, and the Queen discretely tried to stop him as a band was waiting to play. The King told her that he was talking now, quipping to the audience: She likes music. I like to talk. The responsible Spanish minister has announced that he sees no reasons for pursuing the police over their performance during the recent riots in Valencia. The opposition (press) is ‘up in arms’ claiming that the police moved in too hard on the young school children, who participated in the public disturbance. I’ve seen the footage, and the only thing I see is policemen pushing little girls with ponytails and rucksacks to the side. What were they supposed to do? Speak harshly to them? A man has been brushed by Lindsay Lohan outside a nightclub. No, no! There were no sexual undertones in the encounter. He claims that Ms Lohan’s Porsche brushed his leg when she left the nightclub. Gosh, that should give him a couple of thousands in indemnity – his life will NEVER be the same again after a brush like that! However, the police have found no evidence of anyone being hurt. Well, suppose it is not only young women that try to get their ’15 minutes of fame’ and a nice lump sum by accusing celebrities! Dig your umbrella out from the bottom of the cupboard. It will be raining for the next 3 months. After the coldest winter in the 21st Century, with no rain, and an unusual warm spring, the experts – both the ones with a degree and the ones with arthritis - have now predicted that it will be raining for three months from Easter. Well Easter-rain is no news. While tourists will be adding tears to the raindrops on their faces, the ploughmen will be doing a ‘Gene Kelly’, singing in the rain! I am not a Catholic. I have the greatest respect for religions other than the one I belong to, inclusive Catholicism. I have though never really understood this monk/nun-thing. To isolate individuals from society – irrespective of the reason – creates in my opinion unbalanced and disordered minds. The sad stories of monks abusing children have now been joined by two accounts of Spanish nuns involved in baby-robbery. So tragic for everyone involved! I include the poor distorted minds of the culprits, as I just cannot believe that they forsook ‘normal’ existence and dedicated their lives to God with the aim of hurting others. Don’t misunderstand me. In my opinion they are eligible for punishment for their wrong-doing, frock/ veil or not. Indonesia must be a smoker’s paradise. Kids there start the habit at the tender age of 4! Admittedly, cigarettes in the Far East are cheep and they suppress appetite, while food is hard to come by. But still! The Princess of Asturias is a good speaker and apparently she is also good with her hands. At a recent awards ceremony in la Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (State Confederation for Deaf People) in Madrid, she finished her speech in perfect sign-language. Biggy is an independent advisor, translator/interpreter and professional writer. She has lived in Spain since 1992 and has aquired indepth knowledge of Spanish law, administration and culture - Email: DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

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1 Having wisdom (4) 2 Breaks (8) 3 Glue (6) 4 Small orange-colored fruit (7) 5 Adopted (a cause) (8) 6 Mar (6) 7 A Freudian stage (4) 14 Fruits (5) 16 Sink (5) 18 Vikings (8) 20 Hold sacred (8) 21 Trace (7) 23 Paid attention to (6) 25 Lyrical prose (6) 27 Assert (4) 29 At a distant place (4)


1 Takes in birds (8) 5 Duration of the lung treatment without uncomplicated start (6) 9 Persistently maintained that sibling was nearly sheltered by awful din (8) 10 Talks of Shanghai’s first high points (6) 12 Country as a ritual organisation (9) 13 Pope rarely includes musical drama (5) 14 Was first to hold Enron’s last loan (4) 16 Draw one into note (3) 19 Man in the morning with a country (7) 21 Without boy, units of instruction are not as great (4) 24 What smells around the middle of China’s racket (5) 25 Adorned with endless cards and talked (9) 27 A number hit out try to move around (6) 28 Broadcast workmanship flier? (8) 29 Girl playing with lyre after church (6) 30 Captive is having a tendency to go around with a bit of roughness (8) Down 1 Pairs off with second-class helix (6) 2 Help donkey with its development (6) 3 Also-ran in close race (5) 4 Rolled the back of the foot into rising moisture (7) 6 Thoroughly examine ruthless, heartless adventurers (9)

7 Elegant girl’s nearly replete (8) 8 Conserves men? (8) 11 Deadly not to allow team leader to stop (4) 15 Obviously I would enter flat subtly - not half! (9) 17 Mesh found in sorcery is attractive (8) 18 Organ which helps an aquatic animal move - it’s found in British river, to be exact (8) 20 Computes the sum of 500 and 500 in a second (4) 21 More fortunate to lie with ruck all over the place (7) 22 Saint with water from the sky causing injury (6) 23 Tide is turning with middle of sports journalist (6) 26 Competitions for groups of people? (5)

Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword





Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

8 Clean (4) 9 Medicines (5) 10 Coquette (4) 11 Ladybug or weevil (6) 12 Worthy of quotation (8) 13 Something transitory (8) 15 Flashing light (6) 17 Dried grapes (7) 19 Harmful (7) 22 Biblical heroine (6) 24 Revealing (8) 26 Cellar (8) 28 Cerumen (6) 30 Ore deposit (4) 31 Type of moth (5) 32 Close by (4)

Blaise Pascal



Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.



food news


Call for pre-watershed ban on junk food advertising

Television adverts for food high in fat, sugar and salt should not be shown before the 9pm watershed, according to Scotland’s public health minister.

Michael Matheson has written to UK Health Secretary Andrew Lansley asking if he would support a UK-wide ban. It follows recent research which suggests children are still exposed to the same level of junk food advertising despite tighter regulations. Health groups say further action is needed to tackle the problem. Broadcasting regulator Ofcom brought in a ban on advertising foods high in fat, salt or sugar during children’s programming. But a study by academics at Newcastle University found 6.1% of adverts seen by youngsters were about junk food before the ban, with the figure at 7% after the ban. They said young people do not just watch children’s programmes, to which the rules apply. Mr Matheson now wants the regulations to go further. He said: “According to the UN and Ofcom studies, the restrictions brought in by Ofcom have been adhered to by children’s channels and broadcasters showing programmes specifically aimed at children. “However, a loophole exists that allows HFSS (high in fat, sugar and salt) food adverts to feature during programmes with a high child audience such as soaps and talent shows. “That’s why we want to introduce a prewatershed ban and are looking to the UK government to support such a move which would carry the additional benefit of encouraging our partners in the food industry to reformulate their produce to lower salt, fat and sugar content.” Scotland’s public health minister said such a move would require “co-operation” between the UK and Scottish governments. He added: “Broadcast advertising influences the choices made by children and can shape their attitudes to food as they grow into adulthood.

“Tackling obesity and encouraging people to make healthier life choices is one of the most important things we can do to improve the health of our nation.” Jane Landon, deputy chief executive of the National Heart Forum, welcomed the call for a pre-watershed ban. She said: “The existing rules have delivered protections in principle but not in practice.” Dr Sally Winning, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association Scotland, said: “The media has an important role to play in forming attitudes to nutrition and there is scope to harness this potential and further regulate its more harmful impact. “Whilst the advertising of unhealthy foodstuffs, including inappropriate sponsorship of programmes and events targeted at school children, is already regulated, it should be noted that many of the TV programmes most watched by children are not children’s programmes, and so further consideration must be given to addressing this.” Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie accused the SNP of “picking a fight” with Westminster. She said: “At a time when we have lost 2,000 nurses, our hospitals are crumbling and we don’t have enough blankets for elderly patients, I am amazed that the SNP government is picking a fight with the UK government about what time we can show McDonald’s adverts on television. “This is the same government which rejected my colleague Richard Simpson’s Trans-fats Bill, something they did have the power to do. “The SNP’s obsession with constitutional politics knows no bounds and is distracting from the real problems in our health service.”

Windfall of up to £15m for food manufacturing schemes UP to £15million is on offer to anyone who can come up with ways to transform food manufacturing and reduce waste under a scheme launched by Food and Farming Minister Jim Paice.

The money is part of a Government-backed drive to support pioneering research and development that unlocks the huge potential of the UK’s £87billion farming, food and drink sector, and helps drive economic recovery. Ideas could encompass anything from sound waves to cook, to foods that fill you up faster. Mr Paice said: “The UK has a world class reputation for innovation. I want to take this strength and use it to the economic advantage of the whole country. “That’s why the Government is investing £15 million in the development of cutting edge ideas that increase efficiency and reduce waste in farming, food and drink production and manufacturing. “By getting businesses innovating and enhancing the UK’s reputation as a world class pioneer of new production and manufacturing techniques, the food and farming sector can be a real engine for growth.” Two competitions were launched at the Farming, Food and Drink Innovation Summit last week. Funded in combination by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), Biotechnology and

Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Scottish Government, the aim is to help industry develop new ideas and products that improve food production and manufacturing while having less impact on the environment. Previous recipients of this type of award include a team at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, which used ultrasound to improve the quality and nutritional value of bread and cakes while making production more energy efficient. Up to £15m in grants is on offer to bigger businesses to invest in projects that will increase the efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness of food processing and manufacturing. A further £500,000 will also be available to small and medium sized businesses, with grants of up to £25,000. Following the summit there will be seven regional workshops across Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland where businesses can find out more about the competitions and their opening dates. The regional summit for the East of England takes place in Peterborough next Wednesday (March 28).




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Vera Lions raising money for worthy causes in this area A Great fun nig!!h! t for everyone You can buy a horse, bet and win cash prizes on every race!! Great prices, great wine Comfortable relaxed atmosphere plenty of leg room. attentive waitress service as standard Stunning views of olive groves & mountains. 5 minutes off the main road sign posted to Cucador (see map below)


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fabulous food ~ STARTER ~

Thai broth with prawns & noodles Pour the stock into a large pan and bring slowly to the boil. Add the garlic and ginger. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. While the stock is infusing, put the noodles in a heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water and soak until just tender, about 5 minutes or according to the packet instructions. Drain and rinse under cold water, then drain again. Add the prawns to the infused stock and cook for 1 minute. Add the spring onions, enoki mushrooms, mangetout, carrots and baby corn. Bring to the boil and remove immediately from the heat – this will only take about 1 minute. Divide the noodles equally among four warmed serving bowls. Ladle over the hot broth and top with chopped coriander.

SERVES 4 1.2 litres/2 pints homemade or good-quality chicken stock cloves of 1 bulb garlic peeled and crushed 8cm/3½in piece fresh ginger peeled and grated 120g/4½oz vermicelli rice noodles 350g/12oz raw tiger prawns shelled 1 bunch spring onions trimmed and finely sliced 100g/3½oz enoki mushrooms trimmed 160g/5½oz mangetout trimmed and shredded lengthways 120g/4½oz carrots peeled and very thinly sliced 160g/5½oz baby corn cut into 3 at an angle handful of chopped coriander


The vegetables in this broth need to be shredded very thinly as they are added raw and cook in the heat of the broth. Use a potato peeler or mandoline to slice the carrots as thinly as you can.


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4 Courses with Wine & Coffee Monday to Saturday inclusive Lunch 1pm - 4pm Dinner 7pm - 10pm

all nights...

Grilled 14oz Entrecote Beef Steak Grilled 20 oz T-Bone Beef Steak Slow roast shoulder of Lamb Slow roasted knuckle of Pork

sunday roast menu del dia

4 courses with bottle of ESTE wine per couple & coffee included Roast Lamb Shoulder & Pork Knuckle, 12oz Entrecote, 20oz T-Bone, 10oz Pork Tenderloin, Roast Potatoes & Fresh Vegetables Freshly Baked Bread

Lunch 1pm - 4pm

Open Mon - Sat 8am - 24pm, Sun 10am - 17pm Booking Recommended Spanish Speaking 950 430 145 English Speaking 647 730 103

Pol IG ONO I n dust r i a l A l box, N e a r t h e I T V Ga r age

w w s onde i re


500g/1 1/4lb baby new potatoes halved 2 red peppers, deseeded and cut into bite-size chunks 200g/7oz cherry tomatoes 3 courgettes trimmed and cut into bite-size chunks 4 garlic cloves small handful rosemary leaves finely chopped small handful thyme leaves finely chopped large handful basil leaves 1 tbsp pine nuts 30g parmesan cheese 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp groundnut oil 4 free-range skinless chicken breasts cut into bite-size pieces


METHOD Preheat oven to 200°C/180C fan/gas 6 Place the potatoes in a large, shallow, nonstick ovenproof dish. Alternatively if you don’t have a dish large enough to hold all the vegetables, use two dishes, dividing the potatoes between them. Cover with foil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove the dish or dishes from the oven and add the red peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, garlic, rosemary and thyme. Stir through to combine with the potatoes then return to the oven, and roast, uncovered, for a further 20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Stir the vegetables occasionally while roasting to prevent sticking. While the vegetables are roasting, make the pesto. Place the basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil in a food processor and blitz to a stiff paste. Heat the groundnut oil in a pan over a

Pesto chicken with roasted vegetables

Keep up-to-date with all sports fixtures this summer


medium heat. Add the chicken and stir-fry for 5–7 minutes or until it is cooked through. At the last minute, add the fresh pesto, stir and cover until you are ready to serve. Turn off the heat. Peel the roasted garlic cloves, squash or roughly chop and mix back into the vegetables. Either mix the pesto chicken in with the vegetables before serving or spoon the roasted vegetables around the edge of a serving platter (with any juices too), place the pesto chicken into the middle and garnish with the basil leaves. Dish out individually among four plates.

667 919 Café Bar


LA ALFOQUIA, ZURGENA New Sunday New Weekday Lunch menu del dia s €6.00 menu del dia 3 course1pm-5pm 3 courses €6.00

New Burger & Pasta Menu PLUS Kids Menu

The best Pizzas in town

Open Monday - Friday 8am til late Saturday & Sunday 9am til late



Vanilla pannacotta with spiced rhubarb compote METHOD Soak the gelatine in cold water for 10 minutes until soft. Put the cream, milk, golden caster sugar and vanilla bean extract into a pan and bring to the boil, then remove from the heat. Squeeze out the gelatine leaves and stir them into the cream mixture until dissolved. Pour into a jug and divide between 4 dariole moulds. Cool, cover and chill for 3-4 hours or overnight. To make the compote, place the

MAKES 4 4 sheets of leaf gelatine 400ml/14floz double cream 200ml/7floz semi-skimmed milk 100g/3½oz golden caster sugar 2tsp vanilla bean extract FOR THE SPICED RHUBARB COMPOTE Juice of 1 large orange 40g/1½oz caster sugar 1 piece stem ginger, finely chopped, plus 1tbsp syrup from the jar 1 cinnamon stick 1 star anise 6 black peppercorns 300g/10½oz rhubarb, trimmed and cut into 3cm (1¼in) chunks

juice, sugar, ginger, syrup, cinnamon, star anise and peppercorns in a wide, shallow pan. Simmer, stirring, for 10 minutes until syrupy. Add the rhubarb then reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for 5-6 minutes until tender. Remove from the heat and cool. Dip the bases of the moulds in hot water to loosen, then turn out onto plates. Serve with the rhubarb compote.

Don’t tell the wife! Over half of British men think their mums are better cooks than their partners

It may not be the best topic of conversation for the dinner table, but more than half of British men believe their mothers are better cooks than their partners. In a poll of 2,000 men, 55 per cent said they would prefer to eat a meal made by their mother than their other half. And trying to match the quality of a mother’s ‘proper’ cooking is causing friction among couples, with 75 per cent of men admitting that their complaints about meals had caused a row. One in three believe their mothers take more time and care over cooking, with three in ten complaining that their partner is more likely to dish up a ready meal. Nick Thorogood of TV channel Food Network UK, which carried out the poll, said: ‘Men seek the comfort of cooking they have grown up with. They turn to mums for what they perceive as a proper meal. ‘A lot of the best recipes Brits have are likely to have

Claudia Roden: ‘Spain’s regional food news dishes are memories, and people Claudia Roden reveals the memories and emotions that were unlocked by her latest cookbook

One of the foremost authorities on Mediterranean, North African, and Italian cooking, Claudia Roden brings her incomparable authenticity, vision, and immense knowledge to bear in The Food of Spain. The James Beard Award–winning author of the classic cookbooks A Book of Middle Eastern Food and A Book of Jewish Food now graces food lovers with the definitive cookbook on the Spanish cuisine, illustrated with dozens of gorgeous full-color photographs that capture the color and essence of this wonderfully vibrant nation and its diverse people, traditions, and culture. In The Food of Spain, Claudia Roden, the James Beard award-winning author of the classics A Book of Middle Eastern Food and The Book of Jewish Food, and one of our foremost authorities on Mediterranean, North African, and Italian cooking, brings her incomparable authenticity, vision, and immense knowledge to bear in this cookbook on the cuisines of Spain. Claudia Roden believes that


want to hold on to them’

through food a cook can reconstruct an entire world. And in her classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food– eight hundred recipes long, a treasure trove of folk tales, proverbs, stories, poetry, and local history– that’s just what she did. Historian and critic Simon Schama has said of her that “Claudia Roden is no more a simple cookbook writer than Marcel Proust was a biscuit baker.” The Book of Jewish Food, another classic, is equally magnificent in its span, a cookbook that is also a history of Jewish life and settlement, told through the story of what Jews ate, and where, and why, and how they made it. Now, in The Food of Spain, Claudia Roden applies that same remarkable insight, scope, and authority to a cuisine marked by its regionalism and suffused with an unusually particular culinary history. In hundreds of exquisite recipes, Roden explores both the little known and the classic dishes of Spain–from Andalusia to Asturias, from Catalonia to Galicia. And whether


been handed down to them from their mums.’

knowing. One in three say their mothers take more time and care over cooking than their other halves - with three in ten complaining their partner is more likely to serve a ready meal. The study also revealed 47 per cent of men would complain if their partner’s food wasn’t the same standard as their mum’s. And one in ten even admitted moaning on a regular basis about ‘below par’ dinners.

Dan White, 29, a barman from London, said: ‘My girlfriend tried to prepare nice dinners but they just don’t measure up to mum’s home cooking. ‘I’ve found myself going home a lot, and mum even prepares meals for me to take away.’ Research also showed that 27 per cent have even sneaked back home for dinner without their partners

Los Gallardos Tlf 950 398 799 Ali & Mick welcome you! FREE WIFI

Tapas - Snacks - Breakfasts - Evening Menu


new winter warmer menu now available

Freshly made-to-order from 7pm Eat In or Take-Away

SUNDAY CARVERY Now doing 2 sittings 1.30pm and 3.30pm BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Home-made Pies, Pasties & Quiches To Order

Saturday March 24th with n w o t n o r e M North SoulStevie King Private Functions catered for

Sky Sports shown on Large Screen TV

Quiz Night Thursdays 8.30pm Karaoke Fridays 8.30pm

Tomorrow Thurs 22nd March 10am - 4pm

la vida fayre

• frillies underwear • homemade jams & pickles • Wooden craftwork • Fairtrade summer dresses • Ceramic & terracotta gifts • children’s brand new toys • Crystals & Precious Stones • Aromatherapy Skincare • Eze cook implements

• • • • • • • • •

homemade candles homemade chocolates Music CD’s Soft furnishings Garden Plants & Trees UK FASHION SPRING STOCK UK pet food UK bedding Homemade Pies & Cakes

Fresh ground cup of coffee and a buttered hot cross bun

ONLY €1.50

Mind, body & soul in the venue from 10am she’s writing about smoky, nutty Catalan Romesco sauce, Cordero a la Miel–sweet and hot tender lamb stew with honey–or the iconic, emblematic national dish of Spain, saffronperfumed Paella Valenciana, her clear, elegant, humorous, and passionate voice is a reader’s delight, a guide not only to delicious food but to the peoples and cultures that produced it. Both comprehensive and timeless, The Food of Spain is one of the most important books on this tremendous cuisine to appear in the last fifty years. A classic in the making, it is an essential work not only for fans of Spanish and Mediterranean food but for every serious cook as well as discerning armchair travellers.

Shiatsu 15 mins Treatments With wendy Mini facials with sandra

Free Blood Pressure Check by Almeria Angels

Anna Tarot & numerology reading

tarot card readings with barbara clark

Clairvoyant medium Linda Stevens Treatment for neck & back problems. EMMETT Technique Kinesiology life balance with fiona

Amanda Fit Camp Spain

Card reading with Lilian

Natural Clairovoyance with bev kearns

Holidays Altiplano Tipis Natural healing with ian

Car Booters Welcome Empty that spare room or garage and make some cash

One car one table. Call to book

Tel: 950 634 562

reiki grand master susan scott. Healer and medium

Book a session with a practitioner from 10am We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia




La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa


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r and Tea Room

Open from 12 noon onwards Closed Thursdays

“TRADITIONAL” TAPAS (selection changed daily) *** SANDWICHES - HOT and COLD on choice of breads, including “French Toast” selection... *** OMELETTES ~ “Design your Own” *** “LITE BITES” MENU

Selection of Continental Savoury Lite Meals and Snacks, Including Hand Made, Original Recipe Croquettes and Chef`s Specials *** every friday - “SPECIALITY OF THE HOUSE” Stoofvlees (Belgian Beef Stew) reservations please

***Fresh, Made to Order, CREPES and WAFFLES selection, Desserts, Cakes and Ice Creams.

On Sunday, 1st April La Bodeguina Bar in Roquetas De Mar will host a Charity Day with proceeds going to Mojonera Dogs Sanctuary

The Sanctuary, a registered charity, at the moment houses over 400 dogs and looks to re-home them both here in Spain and in other countries. It costs 1€ a day to feed each dog and the sanctuary struggles to cope with the expenses. Donations of any kind are welcomed including monetary donations or old blankets or tins or packets of dog food. The facilities at the sanctuary are poor and any assistance in providing building materials or helping to build shelters for the dogs would be really appreciated. The fun and games at La Bodeguina will start at 11 am and will include a second hand goods sale, a Grand Tombola and other related events. Pictured right is Moria, (with her three rescue dogs) an avid supporter of the Sancuary, at the last event which raised 420€ along with donations of dog food and blankets.

(served plain or with sauce of your choice)

Debbie, the proprietor of the Bar, hopes to exceed the donations with this forthcoming event and invites customers old and new to join her on the day.

“As in the Gilbert’s Days!!”

Want to adopt a dog – Saturday is Adoption Day at La Bodeguina.

new....pre-order your fresh steak Fillet, Sirlion or Large Rib Eye with potatoes & fresh vegetables

not on the menu? Ask for meals of your choice (pre-order) & if we can do it we will! Situated in the Square opposite Hotel Playa Luna, Urbanisation, Roquetas de Mar.

Telephone (0034) 664 165 372

open 7 days a

y terrace huge sunnio ar and spac uosrb40 plus f indoor seating tions


rivate func p r fo le b a il a v a e ations welcom t n e s e r p s r e lf go


2pm Tuesdays

quiz & bingo 2pm thursdays

8th april

spanish lessons 5€

Anglican church service 3rd Thursday

Every Wednesday of the month Next service 11.30am ls 19th April ve All Le

sunday roast 5.95€ Served 2pm - 7pm Booking advisable

Closed Friday 23rd March

Feel free to visit the Sanctuary at La Monjonera (a short drive from Roquetas) or telephone on 950 520 358 – mob 609 149 589 / 620 070 159. View pictures of the Sanctuary and the dogs on youtube through GForce44.


Burty’s B le Next table top sa

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with dog walking, cleaning etc.


Breakfast from 2.50€

served from 9am Traditional English breakfast

3.50€ Jug of beer & 6 tapas 7€ Bottle of Galicia 1€

served from 10am.

Bottle of Mahou 1.20€

Large 50c XLarge 70c Served from 1-7pm Changed daily

Jug of tinto de Verano & 6 tapas 6€


sun - 11am - 7pm, mon - fri 10am - 7pm, Closed saturday

Playa Serena, roquetas de mar

Call 679 156 715

Charity Day for Mojonera dogs home Sunday 1st April

BBQ 1/4 Chicken, Chips & Salad 3.30€ Tapas also available All donations monetary, prizes, dog food etc gratefully received.

Calle Sierra Nevada 21, Roquetas De Mar Tel: 674 446 579



ROQUETAS DE MAR Amber Marley, aged 8, (daughter of Steve and Michelle Marley of McMarley’s Bar, Roquetas De Mar), and her best friend Ethan train in Taekwondo at Quelmont Sports Centre and have both just received their yellow belt after training for the past two months. Congratulations to Amber and Ethan in achieving such a high standard after such a short time training and good luck to them in their future training.


ROQUETAS BRANCH 3569 Registered Charity No.219279


CALLE AMERICO VESPUCIA MEETINGS ON 1st TUESDAY OF THE MONTH - 3pm For more information and details of events:

Secretary: 950 333 243 Treasurer: 950 328 469

Bar Spinnaker...................... Tuesday - Bingo 3pm Wednesday - Steak 7.50€, Quiz 9.30pm Friday - Fish and Chips all day 5€ Saturday - Curry meal with a beer or wine 7.50€. Sunday - Sunday Roast 1pm - 6pm Bar Chaplins ........................ Open: 5pm - late Tues - Fri, 1pm - late Sat and Sun Closed Mondays. Wednesday: Rib Night Friday: Fish and chip Night, Quiz Night SUNDAY: Sunday Roast. TEL: 950 335 022 La Bodeguina........................ is now a drop in centre for any donations for the Mojonera Dog Sanctuary Revita Natural Health & Relaxation Centre.......... Calle Tortola 4, Roquetas De Mar Tel 950 333 048 Wednesday and Friday 10am Tai Chi Tuesday and Thursday 10am. Yoga Sunday 9pm

estampa TapBaasr Roquetas De Mar

Lili and Phil pictured above are proud to announce the opening of their new Tapas Bar in the Urbanisation of Roquetas De Mar.

The opening night was on Friday, 16th March and was attended by a large number of people who enjoyed a great night. As well as serving tapas and snacks the bar also has a wide range of cocktails, wines and beere (including John Smiths, Guiness and Strongbow cider) on offer. Come and visit them in the bar opposite the Playa Luna Hotel next to Optica and you will be sure of a warm welcome.



Tapas SpBaciouas rsunny

Serving tapas, snacks, cocktails, sangria, coffees & cakes

outdoor terrace seating 24

Open 10am - late (Closed Monday) Opposite Playa Luna Hotel (next to optica) 678 202 160

Dental Clinic

On-site Dental Laboratory Dr med. dent Hubert Hillenbrand 20 years experience

950 32 64 52

Edificio Porto Mar Avda Mariano Hemandes 48 Roquetas de Mar, German & English Spoken

near Hotel Zoraida Garden

B ubbles Laundry Service

Ro q u e t a s

d e

M a r

We Supply a Pick Up and Drop Off Service to apartments and hotels. Ironing Service also available.

Tel: 666 717 742

furniture restoration

• Furniture Re-Finishing • General Repairs • Original or Custom Colour • Upholstery Service Available • Free pick up & delivery • In home free estimates

Tel: 692 17 60 69


Paciente - patient Sala de espera - waiting room Vendas - dressings Ficha medica - medical record Receta - prescription Servicio de radiologia - xray unit Médico - doctor Enfermera - nurse


Estar hecho un Adam LITERAL MEANING… ”to be like Adam” EQUIVALENT TO… ”to look a mess”

For all your translations call Maria on 633 166 709

La Grappa

lady lay................................. 28th March – Quiz Night


Burtys Bar Happy Birthday for Monday 26th March


Burtys Bar............................ Tuesdays Bingo - 2pm Thursdays Quiz & Bingo from 2pm Sunday 8th April - Table Top Sale


Authentic Italian Restaurant

s Dance ClasVEse FUN !!!

• Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food On The Terrace




Property management Sales & Rentals

Tuesday 10.30am or Thursday 7pm ONLY 4€ per person Playa Serena Golf Club With Paul & Caroline British Senior Champions Tel: 618 483 791


Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

950 334 188 609 337 316

to reserve your table

Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921


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Airport services

A i rport s er v i ce s Airport, social & shopping run. Tel: Tel: 639 081 067


Airport Parking

Alicante Almeria Murcia New Servicing / Repairs

663 429 521



Steve Hayes Informatica

PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help & training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts I come to you

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs on-site callout / tuition. Consumables Albox, Almeria

Comp TIAA+certified Tel: 646 587 746

Tel: 950 120 900


Service Install’s Fully Certified

free office


Business oppertunity self contained office in modern brand new centre

1st months rent

free of charge (50€ per week after that)

Excellent position Albox 15 min Mojacar 30 min Vera 15 min


delivery & collection.

Tel: 615 806 126


Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote Tel: 627 907 207 Email:

business oppertunity

Business For Sale

Internet Cafe, Based in Huercal Overa, Serious Enquiries Only

Quiet position, good parking, opportunity forsecretarial support

telephone lines & internet etc call to view 647 379 878 or 609 199 394

car share Share petrol expense to almeria, Mon - Frid airport town centre call Carolyn on 950 263 235 or 657 660 234

CESSPIT POZO & CESSPIT EMPTYING BLOCKED DRAINS R US Installation of fibreglass Septic tanks

all areas covered

950091109 648768587 chimney sweep SAMMY SWEEP

Chimney Sweep Service available

covering all areas

Tel: 950135039 call paul on

619 070 839


All types of building work undertaken

tel: 609 421 734 (Spanish) tel: 696 052 044 (English) cleaning services


one - off, weekly, fortnightly, restaurants, retail, offices equipment & supplies provided tel:619744516

Matt Murray 647 841 750

Reliable English Builder

• Block work • Balustrades • Paving Driveways & Paths

Call now for free estimate 620 112 193 or 630 493 817

electrical cont... Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics and plumbing. Re-wires, free to air UK satellite systems. Tel: 950 137 208 or 638 010 691 ELECTRICIAN

Neil Godwin

25 years experience

Full City & Guilds Fully insured & legal Boletins supplied Tel : 687 245 569


ENCLOSURE SPECIALISTS GLASS SCREENS Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no obligation quote

Call 695 118 960

financial Secured loans, Capital Raising, Cash Advances whilst you sell your property. Equity Release: 902 585 569/652 986 088

for hire


craft / hobby


For Hire

Elaine’s Wools

Lively Lady

Excellent Rates

quality UK wool & accessories. Also available at Camposol Mazarron & on the Arboleas forum. Call 667 273 889 elaines wools@

to partner me in

Salsa Dancing Some experience preferred

tel: 633 310 429


with driver Telephone Tony 650 906 114

for sale Metal Trailer with lockable lid, 120 x 100 x 63cm. Complete with Lights, Spare Wheel & Tow Bar Lock. 295€ Tel: 950 930 542 (Limaria) F u rther R e d u ct i o n dining room table, 160(l) x 86 (w) white wood, with six high back chairs, table rectangle with curved ends on pedestal bases. 100€ Can split. (50 chairs 50 table) Photo. Roquetas de Mar Carole 619 253 983 (after 4pm) R e d u ce d S i d ebo a r d / dresser light wood, drawers, cupboards base, 3 section glass fronted display cabinet above. 188 (l) x 39 (w) x 240 (h) 125€Photo. San Jose Carole 619 253 983 (after 4pm) Reduced 2 Dressers tall slim. Medium colour wood. Both upper glass front display sections. One drawers under, one cupboards. Both 84 x 53x 204 (h) 55 each or 100 the pair. Photo. San Jose Carole 619 253 983 (after


potty finca services professional tree felling & pruning, including all types of palm trees

strimming of overgrown gardens & hedge cutting spanish registered. logs available

• Pool constuction • m aintenance • building reforms • p roject management


Equipment Hire

All types of work undertaken

(Rambla de Oria)

business oppertunit cont...

baby hire

Professional Baby

Building & Maintenance

Martinez moreno cb

950 432 110 / 607 364 917

Everything for the visiting baby Car seats,high chairs, stair gates, cots etc. Tel: 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 e xp e c t i n g b a b y @

M&M Services BELGIAN


MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L

C a rlo s ( S aliente ) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 968 969 962


Tel: 674 363 689

10% off all services & installs

Solar Wind P o w er Solutions. 230 watt panels 450€ Over 15 years installation experience Call Phil for competitive prices 636 261 240 email:info@ sunergyalmeria. com www.sunergy Email enquiries only until 27th March

Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email:

No job too small

spring savers

alternative energy

To place your Paulette on 950 121 936 or 902 750 190 Email: or in person, we’re above New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles, on the main Albox-Baza road from the motorway.

ring john on 616 855 294 or 950 163 930


CD electrical SERVICES

All electrical work undertaken including rewires, upgrades. We work inside or out & no job is too small air conditioning & alarms


Office: 662414043 Mobile: 617410534

albox & mojacar playa

has a post box for all your adverts & announcements just drop your copy for the paper in Albox 950 121 318 mojacar 950 615 596

4pm) 27 inch DaeWoo Television set good working order with remote control 55€ Tel: 950 473 268 Freesat Hd Box 2 Years Old E100 Tel 697 522 574 Combined Hdd Tv Recorder/Dvd Player. Lg. E75 Tel 697 522 574 Printer Ink C a r t r i d g e s Genuine Lexmark Cartridges For Lexmark X5100 Series, No 82 Black And No 83 Colour, In Unopened Boxes. Cost Me 79.90 Euros Will Accept 35€. Tel 950 462 146 White Wooden Venetian Blinds Brand New, Still In Box (41.75” Wide By 76” Drop) 35€ Tel 950 462 146 Lemon Quilted B e d s p r e a d Kingsize With S c a l l o p e d Edge With Two Pillowcase Covers To Match. As New, Cost 110£ Will Accept 40€ Tel 950 462 146 Fo a m M a tre s s e s , Four Of.142cm x52cm x10cm, Green Handmade Quality Fabric Zip Covers, Originally In Campervan. Cost 250€ Little Used.75€ Tel958 063 060 Ampl i f i er . Small Laney amplifier, as new, HC25L, hard core combo with user manual and microphone. Offers. Tel. 950 091 148. Brand New Freesat Digibox €30 Window Wizard with DVD instructions €15 Tel: 686 230 732 Hot dog €10 warmer Albox area. Tel: 686 230 732.

private wanted Rolex or Cartier woman’s watch wanted must be good quality private buyer tel 647 379 878

hair & beauty a v o n cosmetics claire Tel: 691 987 454 avonfromclaire@




pets section cont...


Norway’s answer to heating your home in Spain

Tel: 634 312 171 Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962

house clearance

Antas & Arboleas

If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic in our regular space on pg 16, please email


indoor market


I’LL BUY ANYTHING TODAY! Best prices paid, no middle men & we don’t work from the bedroom!

house clearance Visit either Antas or Arboleas today!


AUCTION ~ Every Tuesday at 6pm

Opposite Mora oil

637 184 625

Cash payment waiting for all your unwanted goods, also business stock liquidations carried out.

call cash & carry clearances tel: 689 023 602 or 618 725 567


Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

Tel: 679 207 545



iron/Metal works cont...

T & T Metals For all quality metal works, including gates, railings, rejas, staircases, gazebos & chainlink fencing - Tel: 950 431 738 The Metal Grills, works iron/Metal railings, gates of works all types, security/ sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors Tel: Keith Gates, rejas, etc. fabriction Wood on 638 900 949 welding



950 121 943

metal works

reliable service Telephone 950 069 208 or 638 449 944 email

Jewellery & repairs

Rolex or Cartier woman’s watch wanted must be good quality private buyer tel 647 379 878

locksmith Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181

Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates

detatched Villa for sale

kennels & cattery


Property to Rent

Small friendly kennels, 24hr vets service, pet transporting arranged,


Villa with lots of land

Tel: 607 554 984




650€ each

locally bred

Telephone 655 957 301

woodhouse boarding



667 235 205

welcome to view Tracy Mobile

650 211 952


Alan 662 249 159 opticians

Hi my name is Scotty, I Hi my name is Venus, Optica Albox All your optical needs, I am a pointer X & I’m eye tests, hearing tests, contact lenses am a Podenco X. I am spayed. I am a very a lovely boy who gets Tel: 950 121 991 friendly loving girl, who is on well with other dogs. painter / decorator lots of fun. Why not meet I would love a forever me at The Dog House. home with you. You can meet me at The D.O.B 01/01/2008 free estimates

Friendly, Professional, Clean, Efficient quality work guaranteed

Best prices around

Ken & Jackie Dog & Cat Sitter service Your home or ours. Honest & trust worthy. 3 years experience of all types of animals. References available on request.

Tel: 950 067 943 or 676 389 592

No need for kennels or cattery, Pet sitting in your own home, Arboleas & surrounding areas. Call Vanessa on 637 061 482 Not just cats & dogs, All other types of pets considered

Dog House.

Come meet me at The Dog House. Call Phil on: 626 766 073 or e-mail thedoghse@

Call Phil on: 626 766 073 or e-mail



“Readers of a sensitive Tel: 649 186 107 or email: disposition may find some of the pets section advertisments APSA - Charity shop in Avenido in this section offensive” Lepanto, opposite Rumores, Albox. Monday to Saturday 10 - 2pm. APSA helpline 663 762 642 es (APSA no longer has a shop in Tijola) Puppy Rescue - Charity shop in Calle Malaga, Albox. Monday to Saturday 10 - 2pm Market stalls at Albox Tuesday market and Sunday bootfair. New Puppy Rescue helpline 690 143 140

For Sale

1 bedroom 1 bathroom, new kitchen & white goods, lovely views of golf course parking, Mojacar approx 7 mins.

Tel: 664 291 793

painter & decorating

properties for sale / rent Sp a n i s h Hideaways, the Arboleas property shop. Established in Arboleas 8 years. Lowest prices guaranteed. Tel. 958 003 391/ 676 604 008 Property to Rent Los carasoles Villa with lots of land 3 large bedrooms 1 en suite, fully furnished, large pool in 2000sqm land 450€ pcm call to view: 609 199 394 Property to Rent cucador 4 bed, 2 bath villa with small patio 250€ pcm call to view: 609 199 394

Dog & Horse Sitting Service Ex RSPCA Inspector. Dog day sitting Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet transport service. spain/uk/spain Just outside Albox.


Young, pretty woman (31), shaved and busty, fulfills your erotic wishes daily without pressure of time discreet in her private villa. Tel. 669 101 316 Attr a ct i v e couple offers exclusive erotic services for women, men and couples. Also house- and hotel visits possible. Tel. 629 483 618

plasterer B r i t i s h plasterer All work guarenteed tel Paul 634 327 201


Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing & electric. CH, solar hot water and water deposits. Tel: 950 137 197 or 606 807 797 C a rlo s ( S aliente ) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 968 969 962 A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080

Apartment to rent

ground floor, 1 bed, lounge, diningroom, suit couple or single


+ bills per month Tel: 950 449 074 or 634 368 071

completion project, villa with room for a pool, brick built upto & incl roof, exceptional views, 10mins to main town, fully legal & escritura,


call to view or for more details 609 199 394 or 950 064 801

Property to Rent cucador

4 bed, 2 bath villa with small patio


oltim nted anks totspcm ht 250€ ies now re

r 1 of many prope

Los carasoles

3 large bedrooms 1 en suite, fully furnished, large pool in 2000sqm land

450€ pcm

call to view: 609 199 394 for SALE massive detatched cortijo with 50m2 workshop 20mins from mojacar This is a unique spanish country cortijo with 4 beds, 2 bath, Open plan living areas, kitchen & dining room as well as a workshop, courtyard front & back & room for a pool. Mountain views. possible B& B

Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200 m²

Telephone 649 186 107 email for more info at

bargain! bargain! only €160,000 ono

Struggling to sell your property? For just 12.50€ per. week your property will be n on the My apartment has bee ths and is featured in a box market for over 12 mon agents te registered with 15 esta viewing like the one below le sing – I have not had a during that time. and will be seen Within 2 days of my ng in Sol advertisement appeari by more than calls and Times, I had 2 phone ings for this have arranged 2 view – d ken 35,000 coming wee I am over the moon! Sol Times readers

Hi Sol Times, know how Just a note to let you response pleased I am with the I placed in to the advertisement ertising my adv last weeks edition, apartment for sale.


Contact: Advertise your Paulette business here! today on

Tel: 950 121 936 or 902 750 190

902 750 190 3 bed, 2 bath Villa Ext 332 or 200m build, 800m plot, Pool, 950 121 936 125,000€


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Large van SPAIN - UK - SPAIN Spain - UK Removals Full or Friendly Reliable Service half loads, Fully Legal plus car Special deals from UK - Spain transport. Office: 968 564 298

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Pace with sky

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motoring section for sale 2002 FORD FOCUS ghia ESTATE (White), 1.8 Diesel Only 130,000 km, Very ecomonical, ITV due Oct 2012, great car sale caused by return to uk 2,500€ ono

Sold inh1ewsoeletkimes

thanks to t

car parts

Mercedes A160 Hatchback €2,995

Top of the range Avantgarde, 1st registered in 2002. 75,000 miles, petrol, auto, cruise control & limiter. Central locking electric windows. RHD, Spanish plates. One owner from new, taxed til May.

Tel. 697 687 565.

Renault Scenic Megane 1.6 RHD, Petrol, 67,000 miles,Spanish Reg. ITV June 2013, First Reg. Dec03 FSH. One owner from new. Telephone 647 884 424 Arboleas

€2950 1.6 FORD FOCUS 2004


reduced to sell 3100€

TEL: 609 199 394

Are you returning to the UK? Honda Accord Vtec 2.00 L.S, automatic saloon, 4dr, UK Reg, RHD, 1999, rear parking sensors, 82,000 miles, MoT 2012, Air Con, power steering, electric windows, mirrors, Pioneer stereo, remote control locking, excellent tyres including spare, recent cam belt, handbook, service history. €1295 ono. Tel. 610 667 743/ 950 432 990.

4 9 cc . scooter Automatic circa 2008, taxed and ITV. 8000kms. on the clock, recently serviced, was a faithful servant until I broke my leg, not used for a while, therefore flat battery and flat rear tyre. Very economical to run, complete with top-box and helmet. Your’s for the princely sum of €200, you pay for the transfer. Los Gallardos area. Tel: 950 39 88 27 for more information and to view.

Ford Escort

1,200€ ono, Free quote go online or phone Tel: 646 450 111 or 950 091 190

Reg 14.03.07



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wanted mini bus Mercedes

Benz A180 CDI

Car parts

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TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763

Busy, busy, busy.... I’m joining in with my Spanish neighbours to Spring Clean before Easter. I guess it’s due to the weather being warmer and means the windows can be opened and the rugs shaken out. They’ve started the Easter procession practice on our street twice a week now so i’m getting used to hearing loud drumming and trumpet playing at close to midnight. The music gives me goose-pimples just hearing it so it’s making me look forward to Easter to see them all dressed up and doing it for real infront of the crowds. It’s lovely to see how proud they are here of the processions. Young and old get together to play in the bands or carry a statue on a heavy platform, most with more than 40 people carrying the very heavy weight of the flower or candle adorned statue of Jesus all around the town. For anyone who hasn’t witnessed ‘Semana Santa’ I would highly recommend it. I’ve also been busy this week helping a British friend at Huercal Overa hospital. There are some doctors and nurses who are very patient with the patients who don’t speak English but there are others who seem very annoyed. I often hear murmering from some people about the British coming here to use the Spanish health care system. I am beginning to sound like a scratched record pointing out that every retired Brit who is registered with a doctor here receives their health care and the British system is billed for it. Does anyone know the real figures? I think that some just don’t want to hear that though. Chin up, take someone who can translate for you or learn the basics for getting an appointment and a few words to aid the doctor suss out what is wrong with you and they’ll have less to complain about. Going in and speaking loudly in English doesn’t work well at the doctors, dentists, bar, restaurant or anywhere else really does it. We’ve just finished Mother’s Day and my present was my two boys being so very well behaved during a tricky situation helping our friend at the hospital. For those who don’t know, the local Pharmacies here can do various tests if you dread going to a medical centre. For a few euros it’s worth checking your blood pressure, blood sugar etc. So many people take pills to control things that it makes sense to be safe rather than too late and sorry.

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From Liberty Seguros • A  ssembling furniture, hanging picture frames or curtains and plumbing work are some of the innovative covers on offer with the addition of DIY to Liberty Seguros home insurance

• L  ibertyHogar allows customers to choose the level of protection they need for their home, based on their needs Liberty Seguros has launched its new and updated home policy. It comprises several new covers, including one for customers in need of a little help with DIY around the home. The DIY service allows customers to enjoy their free time and forget about those small household tasks. Once a year, during weekdays, customers can request for a professional to handle jobs such as plumbing, installing bath accessories, curtains, sealing of joints in tubs or sinks, assembling furniture, replacing power outlets and hanging artwork on walls among other issues. Additionally, LibertyHogar offers its customers computer and technology support in person or over the phone, for queries related to home electronic equipment such as computers, GPS and digital cameras. It also includes legal advice on any matter relating to internet use or e-commerce.

If you’d like to share your thoughts with Lucy - our Spanglish Mum - email editor@ and we’ll pass them on!

Optional covers are also available, such as legal defence for landlords in dispute with tenants over default rental payments or damage caused to the property.


Choose the level of protection you need Liberty Seguros allows customers to choose from three levels of protection for their home: ProtecciónBasic, ProtecciónPlus and ProtecciónPremium. All three options come with the new DIY service, IT support and legal assistance.

Los Patios - Part One

In the early days of the competition fairly simple methods of disruption were employed. Such as firing snails by catapult into the opponents flower beds or replacing plant food with weed-killer. A mixture of white vinegar, salt and dishwashing liquid was found to kill any plant, all but Remitroot that is. This seemed to thrive on the stuff. As time passed so the means became more sophisticated with chemicals that simply stunt growth, to others that attract the fearsome Alquerian Horsefly, Tabanus Alqueriaus. These insects are fearless and have mandibles that can open a Scotsman’s wallet. Others have taken more drastic action to sabotage the patios. Two years ago the Guardia visited the village and

ProtecciónBasic guarantees essential coverage at an affordable price. John MacDonald (El Sordo)

Plants mature quickly in Alqueria. Sensing the start of Spring, they grow as in a race to mature before the vagaries of the Alquerian climate arrest their development. This early show of colour is used to full advantage by the people of the pueblo as they open their patios to all. The Day of the Patios is hotly contested between the two factions in the village. The Calle Límite becomes an Iberian iron curtain separating both communities. It is in secrecy and perceived security that the patios are tended, planted and arranged. The younger members of El Gente del Cerro and Los Recién Llegados act as the strike force while the older more sedate villagers cultivate the patios. Information gathering, disruption and sabotage became the daily missions of Alquerian youth in the run-up to the Day of the Patios.


spanglish Mum


questioned one individual about an attempt to buy the defoliant Agent Orange and several litres of Napalm. He didn’t get hold of any which was just as well as he lacked a viable warhead and the means of delivery. The two bars in the village provide a focal point for each faction, each with its own patio centrepiece. La Golondrina Verde for Los Recién Llegados had a wonderful display of potted colour hanging from all of its outside walls. The focal point was however two poplar trees arranged in a ‘V’ with a plaque stating, “Our tribute to our fellow Alquerians, Los Gente del Cerro”. This ‘tribute’ did not go unnoticed and resulting in renewed activity at The bar La Casa Devante which represented Los Gente del Cerro. Their patio is guarded by a private security firm armed with pepper spray and an extremely bad attitude which resulted from being sent to Alqueria. The patio would be unveiled just before the judging held in the village’s plaza. The individual patios of the folk of Alqueria tend to reflect their personalities. More of them later...


Alternatively, ProtecciónPlus also covers the costs of rebuilding or replanting a garden and covers 100% of the cost of glass and ceramic household appliances, among others. ProtecciónPremium goes that little bit extra. As part of its significant improvement, it covers the costs resulting from theft outside the home, solar panel breakage and damage to the property caused by adjacent building work. For more information on home insurance or to find the name of your nearest broker, call or click now: 902 255 258

About Liberty Seguros Liberty Seguros is the leading expatriate insurance provider in Spain with over 150,000 international clients, committed to providing high quality, competitively priced insurance products and services to both personal and business users. Liberty Seguros has been in operation since 2001 and is one of the top 10 insurers in Spain with a total of 1.5 million customers. It is part of the Liberty Mutual Group of Companies, the 5th largest property and casualty insurance company in the US with more than 90 years experience in the sector. Note to editors: For further information or images please contact: Monsy Carlo PLC Intercommunications, e-mail:

Tel: 956 794 112


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pause for thought

A friend of ours recently, in understandable reluctance to undertake a particular role suggested for her within the Church, remarked that she’d probably just thrown away her last chance for a place in heaven and that her decision would result in the pearly gates being shut firm when she at last approached! My response that I didn’t think this would be the case, as God doesn’t judge us on the grounds of what we do for him - rather, on the basis of what we’re prepared to receive from him, may perhaps seem strange, but it strikes me that this is probably one of the greatest misconceptions of our faith. For of course we’re all used to the idea of “calling in favours” and of harbouring resentment when favours are denied. But the God I worship doesn’t work like that – He doesn’t need to! After all, if He’s really as almighty, all knowing and all powerful as I believe, then He doesn’t actually need me to do His work for Him at all, being perfectly capable, if the need arises, of achieving anything He really wants, unaided. So no, I really don’t think I do God any favours by helping Him, but just as my Grandsons love to “help” me when I’m working, needing to believe I need them, even perhaps when on occasions they’re actually hindering; so we have a need to help our Heavenly Father, and He often, graciously gives us the opportunity – primarily for our own benefit. So I’m sure God doesn’t in any way resents our frequent unwillingness to serve Him, for it is ourselves, rather than God that are the losers. But on the other hand I’m absolutely positive that He’s saddened by our rejection of His offer, through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus, of full and free forgiveness, so that it’s our stubbornness in this regard, rather than our failure to serve, that’s most likely to impede our access to Heaven.

Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard for any who wish to Worship, but further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

Keep the Home Fires Burning

Rev Richard John and Danny get down....

the mighty fall!

The days are getting longer and warmer; spring is here though it’s still bloomin cold at night. Every autumn without fail I gaze proudly at the newly delivered lorry load of logs and stupidly think they will last the winter. Then along comes the New Year and the previously mighty Mount Everest looks like an aspirin on an ironing board! To make matters worse the few logs left are the huge ugly ones which vengefully laugh at me because I spurned them for months in favour of their smaller and prettier cousins. So here is the rub, do I invest in another load and then have them hanging about all summer like bored teenagers or nip down the petrol station and buy one of those 8€ bags, Yes, the bags that holiday makers buy when they want their Christmas house rental to feel all festive. The same bags that back in Autumn I laugh at contemptuously as I have my personal log mountain. Oh how

This winter has been unusually dry and I have even seen brush fires, luckily help is at hand for the parched countryside in the shape of my mother’s first visit of the year this week. Rain is always forecast for her visits and this weekend is no different, I shall go and buy a couple of bags of logs to warm us as we shelter from the elements. The warmer weather means bars and restaurants are putting on live music acts to tempt us in to spend some cash with them. El Paniajo between Lubrin and Bedar always seem to pick some interesting acts; a few weeks ago was no different as Reverend Richard John played a magical blues set; a hugely talented musician who performs solo using guitars, harmonicas and stomp boxes all topped off with his amazing voice which reminded me of Dr John. Danny from Los Gringos had heard him play 5 years before and was invited to play a few numbers with him. Like the first cuckoo of spring I hope this heralds the start of a great musical summer. Anyone with a love of love music can always email El Paniajo and other music venues and ask to be put on their emailing list. With Easter and summer approaching it’s an excellent way to have something different to do with visiting guests.

Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July 2006 and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain! email: -


Reservations: 966 840 289 / 65 65 32 490 24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email:

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VW XL1 spied


The world’s most fuel efficient car spotted testing ahead of on sale date in 2013

Peugeot 508 HYbrid4 saloon


Diesel-electric Peugeot 508 HYbrid4 saloon joins SW estate model in family car line-up

Prices have been announced for the efficient Peugeot 508 HYbrid4 saloon. The diesel-electric hybrid uses the same technology as the Peugeot 508 RXH, with a 163bhp 2.0 HDi diesel engine to drive the front wheels and a 37bhp electric motor powering the rear. Peugeot says the four-wheel-drive set-up will “enhance overall driving pleasure and product versatility”. At £31,450, the 508 HYbrid4 isn’t cheap, but with fuel consumption figures of 78.5mpg and CO2 emissions of 95g/km, drivers will reap the rewards with rock-bottom running costs. Such low figures and just 10 per cent Benefit-in-Kind tax, make it an appealing proposition for company car drivers. Standard equipment is generous. Dual-zone air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and part-leather seats come fitted as standard. On the outside, the 508 hybrid gets 18-inch alloys, automatic lights and wipers, plus electric folding mirrors. The 508 HYbrid4 saloon is available to order now, with deliveries starting in July.



VW is keeping its promise to put the world’s most fuel efficient car into production. The XL1 concept, first shown at the Qatar Motor Show in January last year, can return 313mpg and you’ll be able to buy one next year. Speaking at the concept’s unveiling last year, VW Chairman Martin Winterkorn confirmed the XL1 would be going into limited production and on sale by 2013 - and these spy shots prove that the project is still on schedule. Judging by the picture very little has beeen changed in terms of how the XL1 will look. Shutlines in the roof show the gullwing doors will be used, while the slot-like headlights and full-width rear tailight are all identical. The only obvious changes are the rear wheel which is now exposed - it was covered up for aerodynamic reasons on the concept - and a set of conventional wing mirrors has been

fitted. Although the same length and width as a VW Polo, the two-seater XL1 is much lower to the ground to help reduce drag. It’s also constructed from a cocktail of lightweight materials including a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic body shell, magnesium wheel and carbon-ceramic brakes. In fact, only 23 per cent of the 795kg kerbweight is made up from steel or iron. Propulsion comes from plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 47bhp 0.8-litre two-cylinder diesel engine, a 27bhp electric motor and a seven-speed DSG gearbox. The electric motor can work on its own, for around 22 miles, or in tandem with the diesel engine to maximise the range and performance. Expect to to see the production XL1 later this year, with sales starting in 2013 priced from around £30,000.


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Compiled by AFM


• Everyone is praying for Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba who suffered a cardiac arrest in last Saturday’s FA Cup-tie with Spurs. He remains in a critical condition in a London heart hospital. Good luck, best mate. • On Saturday, Wales clinched their third Grand Slam in eight years by beating France 16-9. England defeated Ireland 30-9 to finish second while Scotland got the wooden-spoon after losing 13-6 in Italy. • Former Wales and British Lions captain Mervyn Davies, has died aged 57. • Jensen Button won the first Grand Prix of 2012 in Australia; Sebastian Vettel was second and Lewis Hamilton third. The next race is in Malaysia this weekend. • Chelsea and Liverpool are in the FA Cup semi-finals after beating Leicester 5-2 and Stoke 2-1 respectively. • Fernando Torres scored his first goals in almost five months for Chelsea who will play either Spurs or Bolton, while Liverpool face Everton or Sunderland. • The draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League is Chelsea v Benfica, Barcelona v AC Milan, Apoel v Real Madrid and Marseille v Bayern Munich. The first legs take place next Tuesday/Wednesday. • Kilmarnock have won the Scottish League Cup for the first time, ending Celtic’s hopes of a domestic treble with a 1-0 win in the final • Premiership leaders Manchester United whipped woeful Wolves 5-0 on Sunday. That’s 19 goals conceded by the Molineux club in five matches. • Jim McIntyre (Dunfermline) and Paul Peschisolido (Burton Albion) are the 50th and 51st managers to lose their jobs this season. • Ex-WBA & England international Ray Barlow has died, aged 85. • Alastair Cook hit 163 in England’s innings victory over a Sri Lanka Board XI in a warm-up game before the first Test which starts on Monday. • Italy lost their first major cricket match to Ireland in an ICC 20/20 qualifier. • India’s Sachin Tendulkar has finally scored his 100th international century, in a five wicket loss to Bangladesh. • Luke Donald is back as the world’s number one golfer after winning the Transitions Championship in Florida. • Leaders Huddersfield beat Castleford 42-6 in Rugby’s Super League.

Urcal GS............................................. On Saturday the 17th March we played our match at Valle De Este in beautiful weather. There were two first round singles knockout matches for the Club Championship being played and both were really tight matches with the results in doubt right up to the final couple of holes. In the end Stan Whitty defeated Dave Edmonds 2&1 whilst in the other match Tony Morgan overcome John Smith 3&1 with the lead changing constantly all through the game. With the yellow tees pushed right back, the course was playing long, the main competition of the day for the other members was a Pairs Betterball Stableford with the winning pair of Clive Filkins and Dick Gooding scoring a superb 40 points.

There were some other very good scores on the day as the second and third placed pairs recording 39 and 38 points respectively. The prize for the longest drive on the par 4 seventh went to Len Ward and the prizes for the nearest the pin on the par 3 sixth and nearest the pin in two on the par 4 seventeenth both went to Tony Morgan Our next game will be an Individual Stableford for the Challenge Cup at Macenas on the 31st March. Guests and new members are always welcome. If anyone would like to join or would like more information about Urcal Golf Society please contact Tony on 664 356 287 or email: skyblueforever2000@

Boat Fishing: Boat partners ‘Captain Brian Cuba’ and ‘Admiral Phil’ took out ‘Farmer Rory’, ‘Geoff the Hat’ and ‘Mike the Watch’ and had a reasonable day. About 40 fish including a couple of good size red snappers. I joined up with ‘Chef Jeremy’ and ‘Mike the Bass’ for a day out with ‘Orca Steve’. Considering we are just a week away from what is said to be the best time for fishing (Spring Equinox 20th/ 21st March.) the fishing is still very hard. Bottom fishing in 60 to 600 feet produced not a lot, a few combers, blue mouths, pandoras and unwelcome weavers was our catch, well apart from a barracuda I stalked. We were watching shoals of tiddlers being chased by small barracuda and them being chased in turn by a really big fish that we saw no more of than its head and dorsal fin coming out of the water. Now I don’t know much about how tuna or similar black/blue fish hunt but if it’s not with their dorsal fins up then what we saw was possibly a shark. Anyway I thought I would cast a jigging lure across the shoal but only hooked one of the barracuda rather than the monster I was hoping for, never mind next time. See photo of me and my barracuda. Shore Fishing: ‘Mike the Bass’ over from the UK

Angling News with Beachcomber John

for a week’s shore and boat fishing landed a nice palomete weighing 7lbs to 8lbs from Macenas Rocks (Southern end) That’s his only fish from the shore as I write but he’s having a go every day so here’s hoping. I told ‘London Bill’ about Mike’s catch and he claims that’s the fish he’s been stalking all week. (Yeah right!) Bill did however catch a few smaller palometes and sea bass from the North end of Macenas’s rocks. Coarse Fishing: Baza Barry fished Lake Argos near Calasparra and said it

was hard fishing with the water still very cold. He did however catch a 5lb carp which although nowhere near the biggest in the lake (20lbs that I know of) was still a reasonable fish be it that not many over 3lbs ever get caught. Two matches on the River Segura in Murcia were fished and the top weight of both was 28.1/4lbs. interestingly fifth place in one match weighed in 9.2/3lbs of bleak! The Albox fishing club meets every two weeks or so at Bar Wassy. For details of the next

meeting tel 677 655 049. It looks like we may now have a loophole for fishing licenses for Andalucía’s shore and boat for tourists and others without an NIE document. (Passport only required). For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see me at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099 Tight Lines, Beachcomber John.

The Portalooa Hash......................................................................................... Amazingly this was a hash with no ‘campo waterers’. This was because it was the “Portalooa Hash” which coincidently was a along a trail laid by Puff and Click It, around Partaloa! On a fine sunny day – 14 Hashers and 4 mutts met under the eucalyptus trees near Retamar. The trail route took us into the campo, around a new estate and into the old village. A new destination for Indalo Hash and a pretty

and interesting one too All the locals were flooding their olive groves – it must be because the moon was full and the acequias running strongly. The walkers saw a small adder – a cocky little serpent with attitude as they returned along the rambla to the circle. For misdemeanours we had runners impersonating walkers; walkers impersonating runners; loads of ‘real names’ and

getting real names wrong. Ma got one for being too keen and limbering up! Click It and Flower Power got theirs for not paying enough attention. There were short cutters but no campo waterers – not even Puff. The next hash will be Los Cerricos, on Sunday 25th March For directions or more information about this, or any other hashing matters e-mail or see our website www. And remember, if you’ve ever had half a mind to go hashing, that’s all you need!!! Indalo Hash House Harriers are also supporting the Vera Lions Club Half Marathon at the Vera Hotel on Saturday 21st April starting at 4pm Registration closes 3.30pm more details available from the Vera Lions Club Website




Marina Members Golf Club........ COSTA ALMERIA LAWN BOWLS (CALB)............................................................ Club championship Possibly, the most prestigious competition of the year was played over 36 holes on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 March. The competition was based on both the gross and net scores over the two days. Conditions were perfect and some excellent golf was played. In particular, Rosalie Fardon, who has been looking to have her handicap reduced, produced a net score that resulted in a cut of 4 strokes. Well done to all our winners. The final results were: Gentlemen: Winner of gross competition and club champion of the year: Alan Humphries with a gross 169 Winner of the net Competition playing off a handicap of 17: Brian Couper with a net score of 155. Ladies: Winner of the gross competition and Ladies

Champion: Maida McGowan with a gross 176 Winner of the net competition playing off a handicap of 31 Rosalie Fardon with a net score of 135 Thursday 15 March A most enjoyable Texas Scramble competition was arranged by June Humphries for members and guests. June made it particularly difficult as it was played in fourballs and each player had to take four drives. This concentrated the mind and made all players think hard about which drive to take. The winners were: Jim Budd, Bill Gill, Elmar Trappen,Val Ross, 59.3 Net Visitors are always welcome to join us in our Thursday Competitions. To do this ring Jim on 950 162 727 To see further information on Marina members club go to www.marinamembers

ALMERIA GOLF LEAGUE......................

SPONSORED BY IBEX INSURANCE The latest round of matches Sibbons beat Phil Miles and was played at Aguilon Golf Dick Hull on Mon 12th March,with the John and Anne Holder lost course in good condition to Mark Newall and Bob the leaders showed no signs Mearing of faltering as they took their Adrian Lawrence and unbeaten run to 8 straight George Gibson beat Mark games,but it is still to close Ward and Mick Coulson to call for the minor placings Match 3 with 2 games to go. Boxers v Forum 1-Winners Match 1 Aguilon Members v Forum 1 by 2.5 games to 0.5 Taverners-Winners Aguilon Paul Holley and Steve Gilmore lost to Dave Sharp by 3 Games to nil Kevin Manser and John and Frank Varey Bridgen beat Keith Shapiro Tony Redstone and Tony and Dave Forrest Hammond halved with Dave Simpson and Pat Malcolm Fenwick and Phil Sayer beat Nigel Rogers and Elam Michael Inns Tony Harwin and Steve Bill Gibb and Louis Long beat Walker lost to Richard Swaine Kevin Bircher and Richard and Fran Elam Ward Next round is at Valle del Match 2 Forum 2 v Valle del Este- Este on 29th March league information Winners Forum 2 by 2 games For contact Les Raufer on 950 to 1 Bob Vincent and Malcolm 619 273 or 634 641 199 TABLE Forum 1 Aguilon Boxers V.D.Este Forum 2 Taverners

P 8 8 8 8 8 8

W 8 4 3 3 3 2

H 0 0 1 0 0 1

L 0 4 4 5 5 5

F 19 13 10 13 9.5 7.5

A PTS 5 16 11 8 14 7 11 6 14.5 6 16.5 5

DIFF +14 +2 -4 +2 -5 -9

Valle del Este................................... With the greens in excellent condition and the fairways starting to turn green again surly the summer is beginning and the scores this week have reflected that as well. Tuesday we had a pairs better ball comp and the winners were Linda Bawden & Ray Harrison with 45 pts 2nd Doris Harrison & Alan Hewitt 41pts 3rd John Haydon & Bill Churchill. Friday

and our usual stableford comp and the winner Neil Halliday 38pts (hcp 11) 2nd Mark Newall 38pts (hcp 8) 3rd Ann Miles 33pts (hcp 28) nearest the pins Margaret Bennett and Ray Harrison. Quote. The average golfer doesn’t play golf he attacks it. Enjoy your golf at VALLE DEL ESTE.

2012 Men and Ladies CALB Singles &Pairs Finals Played on 16th March at Almeria Bowling Club On Friday the 16th March the Men and Ladies Singles and Pairs Finals took place at Almeria Bowling Club on their new carpet surface. The qualifying rounds commenced in December 2011 reaching this stage with thirty-five Men’s singles and twenty-seven pairs, together with twenty two Ladies singles and sixteen pairs from Almeria, Indalo and Cabrera Bowling Club’s taking part. The Men’s Singles featured two experienced players from Indalo B.C. With Alan De-Boer winning against Andy Cooper, who also was a runner up in 2011. Alan was in a mean mood and although Andy played well he was no match for Alan on his day .Both finalists had comfortable wins in the Semi-Finals, Alan against Dave Allen from Almeria and Andy against Colin Thomas of Indalo B.C. The Ladies Singles Final was an interesting game with Chris Ivin of Cabrera against a fellow club member Julie Preddy. Julie took a very early lead on the fourth end; however Chris then got down to the task and crept up steadily, winning easily. The ladies Pairs Final were won by the formidable pair from Almeria B.C. Shelagh Allen and Catherine Patrick beating the very competent Indalo pair, Maureen Milson and Ann Reynolds. Shelagh and Catherine started well until the ninth end with the scores at 11-6. Maureen and Ann then took six shots and one shot on the next two

CORTIJO GRANDE...............

Wednesday 14th March 2012 and its like summer What a joy to be living in this lovely place. Also to be able to play golf in these conditions. Our Wednesday stableford winner with 34 points Bob Winter in second with 33 Sylvia Bradfield and third with 33 Brian Harwood. Ball sweep winners Brian Harwood and Ronnie Potter. Sunday and we have two divisions. The first division winner with 38 points Neville Pye second with 35 John Park and third with another 35 Neila Halliday. The second division winner Sylvia Bradfield with 34 points, she is on a roll second with 31 Tony Stubbs and third with 28 nUrsula Lade. Ball sweep winners John Park and Cathal Higgins. Dates for your diary. We shall be at Aguilon golf on Friday 30th March. To book for this or any other Wednesday or Sunday 950 575509. Enjoy your golf with Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome. MP

ends going into the lead the third successful year of These competitions are at 13-11. However more the CALB and thanks must go reported and published pressure was put on to the to all those working behind in the local press with Indalo by the Almeria pair, the scenes. Brian Saunders photographs and included co-ordinates the in the Almeria B.C. website giving them a well-deserved who and events, The Chairman David victory. The Men’s Pairs Final was won Jenkins and the supporting by, Dennis Stoyles and Dave committee who work very Vic Parsons Schofield of Cabrera beating hard to achieve this success. CALB Press Officer a strong team from Indalo, Steve Grattage and Kevin Johnson. The bowling quality was excellent and all players performed well. Steve and Kevin lead on the third end but unfortunately for them Dennis and David did not let them get in front again in an exciting battle giving them a well-deserved win. The prizes and cups for the victors 2012 CALB Mens Pairs Winners 2012 CALB Ladies Pairs Winners of all disciplines Dennis Stoyles & David Schofield Shelagh Allen & Caterine Patrick were announced by the Almeria Captain, Jim Pike and presented by Mia Woods from Cabrera. Jim then gave thanks for all those involved in making everything go so well which included the markers, Colin Wright for umpiring the day’s events and for the huge support from all clubs watching these games. It was nice to see that all clubs taking part 2012 CALB Mens Singles Winner 2012 CALB Ladies Singles Winner had at least one Alan DeBoer Chris Ivin winner. This was

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Sol Times Newspaper issue 329 Roquetas Edition  
Sol Times Newspaper issue 329 Roquetas Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 329 Roquetas Edition