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CARLENE GRAHAM Back by popular demand following previous sell out.

Buffet 10€

Early Reservations Advised

Tel: 950 333 484/664 165 372 Or call in and speak to Colin or Yvan

Avda Mediterraneo, Roquetas de Mar Opposite Hotel Zafiro





Wok Royal

ay to Frid y a Chil re d ns Mon menu dfo buffet s u From r 3-7 o l u b y e a ar af 5 only €o6lds enjoy .95 €9.9 y l l a i c for on spe Fiesta uge d and n e k ith a h e w We 5 12.9 only € f fresh seafood yo variet

In front of Brico Mart & Decathlon, Roquetas de Mar - Tel: 950 314 791

est. 6 yrs

Spain pledges to rebuild Lorca Spain has paid its respects to the nine victims of last Wednesday’s earthquake, which has also left 3,000 people homeless.

Presents Wed 1st June 8pm

18-24 MAY

The Prince and Princess of Asturias attended the official funeral for the victims which took place last Friday; two days of mourning were also declared. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has promised that no expense will be spared to help rebuild the town following the earthquakes. Lorca’s mayor said Thursday that of around 550 buildings inspected so far by engineers and architects, more than half are uninhabitable. Insurance companies are beginning to make their first estimates of the financial cost of the earthquake suffered in the town of Lorca in the south east of Spain. The city of around 90,000 inhabitants was hit by two earthquakes of 4.4 and 5.1 on the Richter scale last Wednesday evening. The quakes killed a total of nine people and 41 others were still in hospital as a result of their injuries Friday. Meanwhile structural damage to buildings in the town meant that 5,000 people had to spend Thursday night sleeping in the encampments erected by the Spanish Military, who were directed to Lorca on Wednesday to carry out the rescue mission. Zapatero toured the quake-ravaged city of Lorca last Friday for a firsthand look at widespread damage that forced an estimated 3,000 people to spend another night sleeping in tents in makeshift camps. At one point Zapatero stopped to watch as crews tore away loose chunks of concrete from the tops of buildings and let them crash to the ground, raising clouds of dust. “It is my conviction that we are going to meet this test,” he told reporters later. “The earthquake was hard and strong. But this country is stronger. Its desire for solidarity and reconstruction are stronger.” The Spanish Cabinet was to approve aid for people who lost their homes or businesses at a meeting last Friday. Cars streamed out of the city throughout Thursday as people fled in fear of more aftershocks from the 4.4 and 5.2 magnitude quakes that hit on Wednesday at a very shallow depth just outside Lorca. Seismologists say these factors help explain why only moderate-level quakes caused so much damage. Meanwhile, baby Alba, who was born at Lorca’s Rafael Mendez hospital, moments after the worst tremor was felt became a symbol of hope for the town. Pictures of the newborn were broadcast on Spanish media Friday as her 28 year-old mother revealed the confusion of emotions she felt since her daughter’s arrival. “I feel so happy when I look at my baby but guilty that at the same moment she came into the world others were taken from it,” Mayte Alcazar told a local radio station, her voice cracking with emotion. The first-time mother was in the final stages of labour when the second and more powerful earthquake struck just before seven on Wednesday evening. The delivery room shook violently and above her head a crack ruptured the ceiling. Doctors decided to perform an emergency cesarean to quicken the birth as around them the hospital was evacuated for fear of collapse and Alba arrived safely shortly after. “One day I’ll tell her the circumstances of her arrival,” her mother added.

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Enjoy Pierr e’s Fr ench Cuisine

Open: 12.30 - 15.00, 19.00 - 22.30. Closed Thursdays Plaza Los Jazmines 10, 04740 Roquetas de Mar Opposite Playa Capricho in the car park

Tel: 950 334 439 Email:

Arkrites British Food Store in Roquetas (near Theos)

Groceries & frozen foods including legs of New Zealand lamb, gammon joints, lambs liver. Large Selection of Greeting Cards

Free Home Delivery Always well stocked Mon-fri: 11-5pm sat: 10-2pm

TEL: 950 334 081

In the Urb of Roquetas de Mar, just off Avda de Mediterraneo in the square near La Gamba Toscana & Theos

Burty’s BAR Monday 30th May

LIVE Music

with rough justice ~ starts 8.45pm

Sunday Lunch Range of delicious tapas and snacks served daily

Call & Reserve 679 156 715 Open every day from 11am ~ Closed Saturday ~ Playa Serena, roquetas de mar



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Almeria Angels Emergency Support System

inside ut

in Europe S.L.

Call The angels on

Tel: 902 02 64 68

the enclosure specialists

We are a professional S.L. registered company that has been trading in Spain for several years. Mob: 677 114 576 / 634 346 190

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La Alfoquia


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The killer who beheaded the British woman Jennifer Mills-Westley in a Tenerife supermarket has been detained indefinitely in a secret hearing. in the social security office that she had been subjected to “threatening behaviour” from an unwashed vagrant. Deyanov was well known in the popular holiday resort for his unpredictable and sometimes violent behaviour. Mrs Mills-Westley waited for him to move on, and alerted a security guard in the social security office where she sheltered that she had been subjected to “threatening behaviour”. It is unclear whether the Briton, a 60-year-old retired road safety officer from Norwich, was aware of the man’s dangerous reputation. At about 10.15 on Friday morning Mrs Mills-Westley left the office doorway and walked to a Chinese-run discount store next door. Tragically, she there encountered Deyanov again and he attacked her, with grisly consequences. Mrs Mills-Westley, who divided her time between Tenerife, Norfolk and France, was hacked to death by the Bulgarian, who reportedly claimed to be “a prophet of God” as he carried out the frenzied attack. Relatives of Mrs Mills-Westley, a grandmother of five, arrived on the island on Saturday as details of the gruesome attack emerged. Deyanov had left a psychiatric unit where he was reportedly being treated for paranoid schizophrenia in February. He was known among locals for his aggressive begging and outbursts of violence and had been picked up several times by police. At the Port Royale complex of apartments where Mrs MillsWestley had been a resident

for at least 10 years, neighbours expressed shock and concern at the way the case of the dangerous assailant had been handled by the Spanish authorities. In Los Cristianos, at the southern tip of the Canary Islands, eyewitnesses described the scene of the crime as “something out of a horror movie”. Colin Kirby, a British expatriate working at the Tenerife Magazine said: “I thought someone had fainted and walked on, then I heard screaming and looked behind and saw a scruffy, unkempt man in his mid 20s holding a head by the hair. “It had blood on it and I thought at first it was a sick joke stunt. The man was muttering and shouting and more people started screaming as I quickened my pace.” Another witness told how he saw the man drop a bloodstained woman’s head on the pavement after coming out of the shop. “I saw this man running out with something bloody in his hands,” the witness said. “It was a head. He had it in his hands. It was like a horror movie. The security guards chased him and overpowered him.” Authorities said they were not aware of any reason why Mrs Mills-Westley had apparently been targeted. Manuel Reveron, a local councillor, said: “Apparently this gentleman without any motive or any reason, although for this there is no reasoning, entered the shop and then cut this woman’s neck and took the head in his hand outside up to the sidewalk.”

1Mb 1.5Mb

25€ per month 30€ per month

Telephone line rental 8€ per month for 2 incoming numbers eg UK & Spanish. Terms & conditions apply

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Azerbaijan Wins Eurovision ...Spain comes last but two!

AZERBAIJAN was hailed the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf with duo Ell/Nikki netting 221 points for their ‘Running scared’. They achieved a comfortable lead over second-placed Italy, whose Raffaele Gualazzi – the first Italian act at the Eurovision since 1998 - received 189 votes and was closely followed by Sweden’s Eric Saade with 185 points. Spain’s Lucía Pérez, with her Que me quiten lo bailao, fulfilled all predictions and came a disappointing 23rd out of 25, although the singer said she did not care as she had ‘had a great time’ and ‘taken away lots of memories’. Wearing a pink mini-dress by Galicia-based designers Sara Lage and Maru Calderón, the youngster – who is also from the north-western region – threw heart and soul into her song,

surrounded by two dancers and three backing vocalists, with a backdrop of palm-trees. The two favourites to win – the UK’s Blue, with their I can, and France’s Amaury Vassili with his opera revival track Sognu – came 11th and 15th respectively. Other entries which were predicted to come in the top ten included Ireland’s Jedward, Hungary’s Kati Wolf, Russia’s Alexei Vorobjov and Estonia’s Getter Jaani, all of which came near the bottom of the list. The Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 will take place in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan, the home country of winners Ell and Nikki.

Country-wide protest over jobless figures

Thousands of people in almost every provincial capital in Spain took to the streets on Monday to protest over the government’s handling of the recession which has left jobless figures at a record five million and home repossessions at an all-time high. The biggest protest took place in the centre of Madrid at 18.00hrs, starting from the Plaza de Cibeles and running to the central Puerta del Sol square. At the front, a group carried a banner proclaiming, ‘we are not just merchandise in the hands of politicians and bank managers’, whilst members of the pressure group Juventud sin futuro (‘young people with no future’) wore bright-yellow T-shirts bearing

their slogan: ‘No home, no job, no pension, no fear’. They set up the country-wide march via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, via groups with names such as No les votes (‘don’t vote for them’). According to protestors interviewed, they say they are fed up with being unable to participate in their own future beyond ‘sticking a piece of paper in a ballotbox every four years’, and of suffering extreme hardship whilst politicians guilty of ‘corruption and favouritism’ earned huge salaries and were guaranteed fat retirement pensions.

Deyan Valentinov Deyanov, 28, was taken before a legal team on the Spanish island at around 1am on Sunday and taken to a psychiatric unit. Spanish sources said he was unlikely to face another hearing for at least four years. British expatriate locals who lived near where the homeless Bulgarian slept rough said he had become increasingly aggressive in recent weeks and had split up with his girlfriend recently. One man, who gave his name as Mike, said Deyanov had been shouting abuse at passers-by until four in the morning and had even flicked lighted cigarettes at female holidaymakers. “Everyone had started to avoid him,” he said. Dancer Sarah Tomlins, 25, an English woman who works in the neighbouring resort Playa de las Americas, said: “This guy was at the Veronicas nightclub strip two days ago at about 2am. “When I was working there everyone thought he was on drugs because he was behaving really odd. “My boss told him to go away because he was pestering me and a few of the other girls. “The police drove past and he started abusing them so they turned their car around and pulled over by Bobby’s Bar. “The officers got hold of him and roughed him up with their sticks before letting him go. Mrs Mills-Westley was stabbed up to 14 times before being beheaded in the horrific attack on Friday. The retired 60-year-old from Norwich had earlier tried to avoid her tormentor by taking refuge in an office doorway. She alerted a security guard

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Andy, Jeanette, Carole & Jay, Albanchez – Great food, great service. We will be back (especially for the Koshry)

Jilly & Dave, Vera Town Guest House – Unbelievably good value for money – friendly & relaxed – very good

Maureen - Have just enjoyed a nice coffee and Apple Slice. Yummy yummy. Would love to work here with friendly staff. Something different, a great story when we get home, thanks a million! Marie Anne & Eddie - Blown away by the fantastic Aladdin’s Cave. Never seen anything like it, will definitely come back. Food yummy, very friendly atmosphere. Keep up the good work. See you again.

Ron, Linda, Carol. Mojacar (via Keswick) – Lovely place all of it a real find, very rustic, staff & food were great. Wonderful to find a vegetarian place to eat – an Oasis!

Pauline & Gary Well, how can you say how good the food is? Try it, anything, it’s all “lovellly!” and all served with a helpful smile.

Pauline, Dot & Brian Unusual & enjoyable few hours – soup excellent coffee & cake good. Val & Bill Brown, Arboleas – Exceptional value for money. Food very tasty – good to have no chips! Different menu and very friendly staff. Will definitely come back.

John & Pat, Molly’s Café, Newquay, England – Food exceptional value for money, thoroughly enjoyed it, wish we had found it sooner. We will be back, loved it!

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Gill & Keith Cole, Cantoria – Very enjoyable lunch. Lentil Soup superb. 1st time koshry, 2 total converts and finally the carrot cake…can I take some home?? Thanks so much.

Carolyn & Bill, Braintree, England – Lovely food, excellent value. Friendly service. We will return.

This Euro café is the best one I have been to, the falafel was GREAT!!

Veggie heaven! Wonderful food, great friendly service. See you again.

Colin & Veronica, Albox – Kept meaning to come but never got round to it. Now we have, will be a regular visitor.

Martin & Sue, Los Torres – An amazing concept – Café decent food & friendly service. Mr Prior - A unique experience and great food. Alan & Kathryn – Had the menu del dia. Very good. Will be back and will recommend to friends.

Fran & Adrian What a find – what a gem – fantastic soup, cous cous & pud. Definitely recommend. Many thanks. Excelente servicio / major café / un trato perfecto. We will come back. Thank you very much for your professional service. Apple Pie is the top!

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Metha & Peter, Arboleas Very nice place and excellent food. We have been here a few times and always like it. When we have visitors from Holland we always take them to here. A real recommendation. Michael, Birmingham, England – Lovely meal, very good service, really enjoyed my stay.

Jack & Annie Lovely experience lovely surrounding, don’t change a thing.

Geofedi, Mojacar – Super food – ideal lunch – in unusual surroundings. Fantastic Value! Friendly service. John & Ros, Bexhill, England – Best koshry I’ve ever eaten. Excellent value. Wynne & Eddie, Los Gallardos An extremely tasty meal and really good value. We will be back. Pat & Dave – 1st time in restaurant, great food, will be back with friends next time.

Our promise to you. We will stuff you with freshly homemade vegetarian meals & will fill your eyes with an exciting range of treasures!! Rest Ballbona & Petrol station

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OPEN mon - fri: 11AM - 4PM & sat: 11am - 3pm We are 3.5 kms on the right, from the exit of 543 of the E15 / A7 motorway. Direction La Concepcion







Air passengers’ lunch European banks details to be stored in face tough new stress tests terrorism plan The details of millions of British airline passengers will be stored for up to five years under EU plans to tackle terrorism

Information including names, addresses, credit card details and travel partners will be collated. The database will store what a passenger ate, where they sat and whether they were flying on to another destination. The same data could be handed over to any other EU country in which the plane lands. That would include British tourists on package tours to Spain or travellers going to parts of Eastern Europe. The proposal will be enforced despite the Tories coming to power on a promise to row back the surveillance state. The new policy, once approved, means immigration and police authorities will be handed a variety of additional data including a passenger’s phone number and how they paid for their ticket, such as credit card details and billing addresses. The information can also be shared with other countries if it helps solve or prevent

a crime or terrorist attack. But critics attacked the Government for signing up to a diktat that could see details of Britons handed around Europe without proper parliamentary scrutiny. Damian Green, the immigration minister, told the Commons yesterday that Britain would opt in to the EU directive on passenger name records. Bill Cash, the Tory chairman of the Commons European scrutiny committee, said: “There is certain concern about opting in on the hoof because these important negotiations are still going on. We will keep them closely under scrutiny.” Britain currently collects the data on a passenger’s passport, such as name, date of birth, country of birth and gender. Under the new EU wide power, airlines will be forced to hand over all the other information they collect — at least 19 extra

pieces of data. It will be stored for up to five years. Details will be made anonymous after 30 days but approved individuals can read the information for crime or security purposes. The draft directive initially applied to flights in and out of Europe. Britain wants the power to apply to flights within Europe as well and has proposed an amendment as part of its deal to opt in. Mr Green said: “Opting in to this directive is good for our safety, good for our security and good for our citizens.” Stephen Booth, research director of Open Europe, said: ‘Despite their tough rhetoric in opposition, Conservative ministers have handed over crime and justice powers to Brussels at an alarming rate.” Labour’s Emma Reynolds said the Government was right to opt in at the start of negotiations so that it could be at the “forefront” of the discussions.

Funeral of Seve Ballesteros takes place in his home village of Pedrena

An escort of children dressed in navy blue and each carrying a three-iron provided one of many touching moments at the funeral of Seve Ballesteros. It was with a rusty three-iron that Ballesteros first became hooked on golf at the age of seven, hitting stones on the beach near his home in Pedrena. A photograph of Ballesteros that day, fist-pumping in sheer jubilation after his closing birdie putt, was placed alongside the urn containing his ashes for the

service at the church of San Pedro de Pedrena on 11 May. The urn had been brought to the church by a procession led by a piper, then his three children Baldomero, Miguel and Carmen, his older brothers Manuel, Vicente and Baldomero – all of whom became golf professionals as well – and then a congregation containing players, caddies, administrators and even royalty with Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe. The five-time major winner

Ballesteros, who died on Saturday at the age of 54 after a three-year battle with a brain tumour, was Ryder Cup captain in 1997 and six more captains – Bernard Gallacher, Sam Torrance, Ian Woosnam, Sir Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomerie and incumbent Jose Maria Olazabal – were present. Ballesteros’ final wish was for the funeral to take place in a familiar setting, open to everyone, in his home village and he said he wanted to be treated

“like any other neighbour” during the ceremony. With the 400-capacity church packed three big screens were provided so that others could follow the ceremony from outside. Parish priests from Pedrena, Santander and Suances conducted the service and afterwards the ashes were taken back to his house and placed next to the magnolia tree he had chosen as his final resting place.

Europe’s largest banks will undertake a new round of stress tests next year that will be tougher than any they have yet faced, according to a senior official with the European Commission.

Martin Merlin, the Commission’s head of financial services policy, admitted banks could be forced to raise more new capital as a result. Mr Merlin said the tests would be “even tougher” than those conducted this year, the results of which are due to be published next month. Speaking to an audience of senior executives in the financial services industry at an Economist conference in London, Mr Martin said the Commission expected to take a “regulatory pause” within two years. “I hope that by 2013 we will have in place completely new regulation for the sector,” he said. Next month, the Londonbased European Banking Authority (EBA) will unveil the results of the most recent stress tests, which could lead to several lenders being forced to raise capital through the public markets or new state bail-outs if they are unable to obtain funding privately. Lastyear,theEBA’spredecessor organisation, the Committee of European Banking Supervisors, conducted the first round of Europe-wide stress tests that were widely derided as not being testing enough. In March Lord Turner, chairman

of the Financial Services Authority, made a thinly veiled criticism of the European stress tests, describing them as a “useful exercise” but declining to say whether he thought most European banks could pass the UK’s tougher tests. All the UK’s major banks are expected to pass the latest stress tests, having raised several billions of pounds in new capital since the financial crisis to ensure they have stronger loss buffers in place against the event of any future market problems. Sir Win Bischoff, chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, speaking at yesterday’s event said that the “incompetence” and “greed” of management teams were the main reasons many banks had failed during the crisis. Last week, Lloyds became the first of the UK’s major banks to drop its appeal against a court ruling on the bank’s misselling of payment protection insurance and put aside £3.2bn to meet the cost. Sir Win said the decision was “absolutely the right thing to do”, but that it would take years to compensate customers and Lloyds would still be dealing with claims in 2013.

Drug-smuggling racket between Spain & UK uncovered Nine people have been arrested in Barcelona and a tenth in Ibiza in connection with a major drug-smuggling racket between Spain and the UK. Police say the gang regularly transported huge quantities of cocaine to Great Britain in HGV lorries subcontracted by the front company which was behind the illicit organisation. The ringleader is said to have invested the proceeds of sales of cocaine in the UK in property in Spain to let out as high-class tourist

accommodation. His second-in-command is said to have lived a luxury lifestyle, driving top-of-therange vehicles and owning several properties which were rented out. The front company was involved in legal exports from Spain to London and the Home Counties, meaning they could hide the drugs among their merchandise. Police confiscated around 60,000 pounds sterling, 72,000 euros, 35 kilos of cocaine and various firearms.


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McCanns In Fresh Appeal For Missing Madeleine The mother of missing Madeleine McCann has acknowledged that the search for her daughter could continue for years - as she and her husband make a fresh appeal for help

Kate and Gerry McCann were speaking at a news conference in central London on what would have been Madeleine’s eighth birthday. Mrs McCann said the decision to publish her book about their ordeal - called simply Madeleine - had been taken with “heavy hearts”. Reading from a forward from the book, she said the onus remained on them to continue looking. And although the search could take “weeks, months or yet more years”, she said the money it would raise will help. “Of course we want the truth to be told,” she said. “For the past four years it has been excruciating to stand by as all kinds of tales have circulated about Madeleine’s disappearance and about Gerry, me and our family.” The couple have urged Prime Minister David Cameron to order

a full review of the case. Mr McCann said: “We want to see action from the Government, not rhetoric. That’s why we’re asking the public to help us. “We’re not harking back to mistakes. “We’re looking forward to things that can still be done.” The couple want all the information held by British and Portuguese authorities looked at again. Madeleine McCann was just three when she disappeared on holiday in Portugal in 2007. The official Portuguese inquiry was formally shelved in July 2008, but private detectives employed by the McCanns have continued the search. They told reporters how the environment in Portugal, in the months after Madeleine went missing, became “hostile” as “smears and lies” about them emerged. Mrs McCann said: “We had worked really hard and we did believe we had a certain level of co-operation, but when things turned we were faced with a losing battle really.” She added: “If we don’t get a review, we need to find out why - is the block in Portugal or is it in the UK?” Earlier, Mr Cameron’s spokeswoman said: “The Prime Minister met Kate and Gerry McCann while he was leader of the opposition and he has followed their plight very closely. “He and the Home Secretary want to make sure the Government does all it can to help them.”

London terror alert after bomb threat Irish republican dissidents have issued a bomb threat for central London, Scotland Yard confirmed on monday. Security was heightened today after a “non-specific” threat was issued to authorities last night.

Amid increased police activity across London, areas around the Mall were cordoned off for several hours. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “A bomb threat warning has been received relating to central London today. The threat is not specific in relation to location or time.” Londoners were urged to go about their business as usual but to look out for “unusual activity or behaviour” in a statement issued by police. Scotland Yard officers were working with the City of London Police and British Transport Police, with all officers “advised to be highly vigilant to ensure the safety of London”. The Metropolitan Police statement said: “Policing operations and contingency planning remain under constant review and a wide range of overt and covert tactics will continue to be used in London. “At this time Londoners should continue to go about their business as usual but we encourage the public to remain vigilant and report any information about unusual activity or behaviour which may be terrorist-related to the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. In the event of an emergency, always dial 999.” The threat level from Irish-related terrorism has not increased and remains at substantial, meaning that an attack is a strong possibility, police added. The threat level was raised last September from moderate to substantial. This is lower than the overall threat to the UK from international


Endesa reports drop in first-quarter profit Spanish utility Endesa, which is owned by Italian firm Enel, posted Tuesday a first-quarter net profit of 669 million euros, a 56.4 percent drop over the same time last year when its results were boosted by extraordinary items. Sales rose 8.7 percent to 8.36 billion euros ($12.3 billion) due in part to higher prices for electricity, the Madrid-based company said in a statement. Endesa, which in January hired former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar as an advisor, said

its electricity production increased by 4.6 percent during the first three months of the year over the same time in 2010. The company’s results during the first quarter of last year were inflated by gains of 881 million euros from the transfer of its renewable-energy assets to Enel’s Green Power unit. Enel in 2007 bought the 25-percent stake in the firm which belonged to Spanish construction group Acciona, boosting its holding to 92 percent.

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terrorism, which remains at severe. Alerts near Buckingham Palace came on the eve of the Queen’s historic four-day visit to the Republic of Ireland. Roads around the Admiralty Arch area of The Mall were reopened before noon after a security scare in the early hours. A painstaking search was launched and roads were closed around the ceremonial gateway that leads from the corner of Trafalgar Square after an officer spotted “something suspicious” at 4.20am. There was also understood to have been a controlled explosion of a suitcase in nearby Northumberland Avenue as officers swooped on suspicious packages. The largest security operation in the history of the Republic of Ireland is in place amid fears dissident republicans will try to disrupt the momentous trip. Armed British police officers will patrol Irish streets alongside thousands of gardai and soldiers to protect the 85-year-old monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh as they travel around the republic.


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On Sunday 22nd May 2011, elections for both local councils as well as autonomous regional governments will take place all over the country. As a non-Spanish voter, you are entitled to vote for thsoe who will represent you in your local town hall, provided that you are registered on the municipal census (padrón) and on the voting register. Non-Spanish nationals are NOT entitled to participate in the autonomous community (regional government) elections, only the municipal elections. On 22nd May, local schools and certain municipal premises will be converted into polling stations and will be open to voters from 09.00h through to 20.00h. It should be noted that the method of voting may be DIFFERENT in Spain to your home country!! It is important to know HOW TO VOTE, as your vote could well become void if the correct procedure is not followed. In Spain, a person votes for the particular political party, not for a particular person or area (ward) representative. Each political party presents a list of their candidates. The list will include the same number of candidates as there are seats on the local council, with three ‘spares’. (In Torrevieja, for instance, there will be a total of 27 seats on the local council and each political party will produce their own list of the 27 (plus 3 spares). The voting slip for municipal elections is the WHITE voting slip. This white slip is the only one which a non-Spanish voter is entitled to use. The pink coulred slips are for the autonomous community elections in which only Spanish national can vote. Generally, the first name on the municipal (WHITE) list will become Mayor of the town should that particular political party win the most seats.

WHAT TO DO ON VOTING DAY Your polling station will, most likely, be the school or municipal premises designated for that purpose for the day, which is nearest to your home. You should attend there at any time between 09.00h and 20.00h. The voting procedure should only take a few minutes. - Take with you a recognised, official form of identity which includes a photograph of yourself, for example a passport, driving licence, residents’ or national identity card. - On a table inside the polling station, you will







find a number of piles of voting slips, one pile for each political party. The voting slips for the municipal elections are WHITE. This is the ONLY voting slip you can use. TAKE CARE to ensure that you only pick up the voting slip for the party you wish to vote for. Study the slip to ensure it is the correct party. (Probably, you will already have decided and will recognise the name, initial, and ‘logo’). Take ONE voting slip of the party for which you whish to vote. (i.e. A white coloured paper with the name of the political party, he ‘logo’ of that party and a list of the names of their candidates.) DO NOT MARK THE VOTING SLIP IN ANY WAY AT ALL. The placing of a cross or any other mark on the paper will result in your vote becomeing VOID!! Place the UNMARKED, white voting slip in the WHITE coloured envelope provided. (You will find a pile of envelopes next to the voting slips). Report to the voting desk and produce your identity document – your name will be checked to ensure that it is included in the voters register for that particular polling station. When you are told, PLACE THE ENVELOPE containing your UNMARKED voting slip, into the transparent urn on he presidential table.

During the run up to the election, you may well receive, either through the post or given to you by one of the local political parties, an envelope containing a voting slip. MAKE SURE that the slip is for the POLITICAL PARTY that you wish to vote for. If this is the case, you only need to take your envelope and slip along to the polling station on the day. Ensure that neither the voting slip, nor the envelope are marked in any way. ONLY UNMARKED VOTING PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTABLE at the final count!!! As a resident in Spain, you have a RIGHT to decide which political party will run your local council for the next four years. Make sure that you USE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!!! Graham Knight Oficina de Atención Internacional Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

Which of these options do you think is likely to protect your property in Zurgena and restore it’s value? The current PA party. Has done little or nothing to develop the town in years. The town is running down with few job prospects. The town still doesn’t have a PGOU and the current provisional PGOU, is very unlikely to be accepted due to it’s massive size. The size of a PGOU is limited by two planning laws, the POTA and the LOUA which limit the rate at which urban land can be expanded and in addition, urban land must be an extension of and created next to the urban nuclei which, in our case, is Zurgena. These laws are currently still in force and was the reason that the PGOU for Partaloa was recently rejected by the Junta. (See SOLTIMES 11-17th May page 3)

Question. If the current ruling party thought the provisional PGOU was going to be accepted, do you not think they would have published it earlier and got it approved? They have had years to do it, nobody could have criticised them. The PSOE party. Not committed to helping solve the housing problem. Here is an article from the Daily Telegraph newspaper which appeared in an issue around 28th March this year.

“Spanish councilor tells expats they are ‘responsible’ for illegal houses” Expat victims of urban corruption in Spain have expressed outrage at comments made by a member of government who referred to them as ‘a group of people who have settled illegally in our territory... who are now demanding us to solve a problem that they have been responsible for creating’.

This week, the court prosecutor, on behalf of the regional PSOE government will be asking for demolition orders on 14 properties in Los Llano del Peral.

The PP party. • Committed to solving the housing problem and changing or adapting the law to allow this to happen. • Committed to developing Zurgena and bringing employment and prosperity to the town. We can do it, just look at the skill base of our members and what they have already done for themselves. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. You may not have been responsible for your heritage but you are responsible for your future. We all deserve better and if we want it, the only option is to change. Give PP Zurgena your vote and let’s bring security, employment and long term prosperity to our town.

Caution. If you do not vote for those who are committed to helping you, you will probably and unknowingly, be helping those who won’t help you. Come and see us at: 19th of May, Railway building in La Alfoquia, at 21.45 p.m. 20th of May, Party at Bar Latinos, at 21.00 p.m. Find our full manifesto and more information on

Meeting at La Vida Bar, Cucador Wednesday 18th May, 16.30


Going Global......

International investment is a well-established concept in investment management and most investors appreciate the opportunities for increased sources of return and risk management through diversification. Key areas of diversification within an asset class (equities, bonds, property) are sectors, currencies, styles, managers and last but certainly not least, geography – spreading your investments over different regions. Historically, most investors approach international investing through regional ‘building blocks’, i.e. investing in different funds to achieve global diversification. This system continues to work well, but over recent years investors have been benefiting from an alternative method of international investing: global funds. These funds have been designed to provide investors with access to specialist strategies and skills which extract value from global equity markets. Managers aim to identify the companies that will perform best in each industry, irrespective of where it is based. The benefit of this wider opportunity set is that with increased globalisation, a company’s competitors are likely to be scattered across continents and not just in

by Bill Blevins, Financial Correspondent, Blevins Franks a local market. With a global mandate, managers can look at industries in their entirety and compare companies to their competitors, wherever they may be. They can take advantage of cross-border mis-pricings. Nowadays many companies operate in many different regions and their profits are heavily influenced by overseas operations. A company’s position in its global industry is now as important, if not more important, than in its position in its local country. Such global integration presents investors with an exciting opportunity. Global or regional? It is not a case of one being better than the other. If you only wish to allocate a small portion of your portfolio to equities, you could consider investing in a world equity fund. However in most cases a global fund can be a valuable complement to a strategy using regional funds. In other words, an investor may benefit from a combination of global and regional funds in their equity portfolio. As always, your portfolio should be based specifically around your objectives, circumstances and risk tolerance and you should discuss your situation with a wealth management firm like Blevins Franks. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website

who should i vote for in zurgena on sunday 22nd may?

for expats, who now have the chance to vote, which party should they be looking at supporting. rather than attack the other parties, lets consider what we want from our council. do we want a council that will do what they say. vote - partido andalucista.

over 80% of their last manifesto has been completed and most of the rest is progressing. do we want a council that fights for my property and land rights. vote partido andalucista. they have continually fought against every spurious case brought by the junta and ensured that no individual needed to pay

for their own defence. they are also the party who have the most comprehensive and inclusive plan general which is within weeks of submission to the junta, ahead of all other councils in the valley. they are also the only party to promise that no homeowner will have to pay for any future infrastructure. do we want a council that welcomes and includes our community in all that it does. vote partido andalucista. they have been the party that has been most inclusive of the expat community in the past 10 years e.g. 1st in the valley to employ a full time bi lingual reception staff, 1st to include expats on their election lists in positions to gain seats, extended invites


to all functions to both communities, supported jim simpsons’ expat surgeries. also the only party to have surveyed the expat community for their wants in the next 4 years and included that in their manifesto. do we want a council that ensures investment in our community. then vote partido andalucista.

you only need to look around at the many improvements which have been accomplished in the past few years, despite the best efforts of politicians from other parties. for example, the gymnasium, the wifi, the tanatorio, the village halls, the green areas, the picnic area los llanos, the new pavements and roads, the improvements

to the schools, the new sports facilities, the new town hall, and so many other thi ngs. do we want a council that is representative of the community it serves. then vote partido andalucista. all the p.a. list are local people born and raised, except the 2 expat candidates jim simpson (who has served for the past 4 years as councillor for security) and mike foulkes (acting postman for a large area of la alfoquia and heavily involved in fund raising for the orphanage). both these candidates will have a seat on the council if p.a. gains the same votes as in the last election. so now you know. support the party most beneficial for all the community.

vote partido andalucista


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el arroz - 8-9pm - special menu FOR 10€


Friday Golf 9pm - 11pm: Karaoke at Leo’s 11pm – 2am: DJ at the Fosil Cocktail Bar

Saturday 5:30pm – 8:45pm: Ballroom Dancing - Bar Centro Mayores Heineken Cup Final showing live at MacGowan’s 9.30pm - 11.30pm: Karaoke at Mario’s


10am – 1pm: Almerimar Walking Club - Meet at Mercadona


11am – 1pm: Ladies Coffee Morning Yachting Golf Restaurant 5pm – 7pm: Jeu de Boules - East Beach


Tuesday Golf 11am – 12pm: Tai Chi - 1€ Donation - Espigón ------------------------------------------------------------


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Harbour Lights

now Every day is Curry day

Choose from 15 different curries - mild - very hot

Come in to see our special offers Full menu available all week

Traditional Sunday Lunch Full English Breakfast Tapas ~ Take Away Available

open saturday for schnitzel tasting

Tel: 651 441 465

Taberna El Mulero Darsena de la Batea, No 31 Almerimar

Tapas ination dishes b m o c d n a s e Racion st 3,95 € English breakfa ines Ample list of w

627 575 646

Almerimar Friday Golf 13 May 2011

We were back on the Master Course this week as it has reopened after the hollow tining. The weather was kind to us with just a gentle breeze getting up later in the day. We had 23 players taking part this week. This week we played a Best 2 competition. It was teams of four with 2 stableford scores to count on each hole. In addition there were 2 hidden holes where an extra stableford score counted. The winners were Richard Todd, Angela Adams, Lawrence Perkins and Sharon Sly with a team score of 96 points. Last place and chocolates went to the team of Alan Sly, Kevin Wood, Hans Folin and Chris Perkins with a score of 84 points. Nearest the pin was on hole 17 and it was won by Angela Adams with a distance of 3.10m. You can see the full results at www. If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the proshop or contact info@


Harbour Lights is now open on Saturdays (11am to 6pm), run for the day by Martine and AJ, and with a distinctly International Theme. At the moment that means they are doing homemade Schnitzels, cooked by AJ to a traditional Schnitzel Recipe, and served with either a homemade black pepper sauce or lemon sauce. I did ask AJ if the Schnitzel recipe was a ‘secret’ one

from his family but he was adamant that it was the basic, traditional recipe. I am not Schnitzel expert so I will take his word for it, but it was very good indeed. I didn’t ask Martine about the black pepper sauce, but I suspect that she made it from a family recipe as it was extremely good and carried a ‘bit of a kick’, but again I am not a black pepper sauce guy, in fact I rarely bother with any sauces to be honest. The Schnitzel was made from Pork, was a good portion, perfectly cooked and is served with homemade Sauerkraut which I rarely eat either, but have enjoyed in the past, and in my limited experience thought was better than I could recall having: boiled white cabbage, white vinegar, white wine and cloves, who would have thought it could taste so good, especially having taken Martine’s ‘tip’ and mixed in some English Mustard. We also had some oven cooked potatoes


friendly run family bar opened in 2005 situated over looking the marina (next to pharmacy in darsena 3)

breakfast & lunch menu served daily from 10.30am - 5.45pm open 7 days a week Now open Sundays for menu del dia 1-4pm - 7.95€ sky sports & espn all major events on 2 large tvs kay, ray & mikki look forward to your visit

w i t h herbs, again homemade, and again extremely pleasant indeed. I am getting suspicious about the potatoes at Harbour Lights though! When we had their Sunday Lunch a while back the roast potatoes were excellent, and so were these – maybe it is something to with their oven! The Schnitzel Lunch is served between 12 pm and 5pm, and costs 9.95€ which includes the Schnitzel, a beer or wine and a coffee. For those not adventurous enough to try the Sauerkraut or oven cooked potatoes there is the option of salad and chips. Both more than adequate, but you can get salad and chips anywhere, anytime here in Spain so I would urge you to go ‘all the way’ and try the homemade sauerkraut and the homemade oven cooked potatoes with the homemade Schnitzel ….. the clue is in the homemade! Thoroughly enjoyed the meal: relaxing lunch, good food, great service, and nice to have the option of something different every now and again. I also suspect that we will be seeing more International Dishes from Martine and AJ, something from Belgium I would say if I was a betting man! By Chris Marshall

Serving breakfast, tapas free wifi Darsena Conde de Barcelona Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar 04711 Almerimar. Almeria

Tel 610 900 320

Darsena 3, Almerimar - next to pharmacy

For all your local advertising needs

call Mark on 693 774 932 -----------------------------------If you would like a review or editorial publishing please email:

Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar Dársena 1 - No. 42 04711 Almerimar (Almeria), Spain Tel: (+34) 950 497 825 Tel. number for U.K. callers: 0207 099 7747 Fax: (+34) 950 607 713

E-mail: Website:



El Bulli to get the Hollywood treatment El Bulli, the Spanish restaurant crowned the best in the world five times, will be the subject of a big budget Hollywood film about apprentice chefs battling for a job

Ferran Adria, the world’s most celebrated chef famed for pioneering molecular gastronomy announced that he is to sign a deal with a Hollywood producer with a reported budget of $40 million (£24 million). Announcing the project in Barcelona on Tuesday, Adria said the film would “mix fact with fiction” and use actors alongside real chefs on location in the kitchen of the Costa Brava restaurant. “It will be something between The Social Network and Ratatouille,” said the 48-yearold Catalan chef referring to the story of Mark Zuckerberg’s founding of Facebook, which won three Oscars, and the cartoon about a rat working as a chef in a Paris restaurant. Still in the early stages of development the film will focus on the lives of trainee chefs who work alongside Adria in the kitchens of El Bulli creating such dishes as olive oil caviar, pine cone mousse, and Parmesan snow. Each year some 3,000 young hopefuls from around the world compete for just 32 places as stagiares, or apprentices to Adria in the kitchen of the exclusive restaurant in the coastal resort of Roses, 100 miles north of Barcelona. The film will be based on a new book, The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season at El Bulli by Lisa Abend, published in the UK last month. The author spent the 2010 season with the

apprentices who for six months work 14 hour shifts for no pay and only one meal a day just for the privilege of Adria’s tutelage. It is, she says, “kitchen slavery” but would make a great “sort of boot camp film, with a lovestory thrown in”. The first task the trainees are given is to scrub the individual stones that form the path from the car park to the door of the restaurant. “They have to get down on their knees and clean the pebbles one by one before replacing them exactly as they were,” she recounts. “It’s a premonition of the tediousness of the rituals that will come. On an average day they spend seven hours (of a 14 hour shift) standing virtually unmoving squeezing the germ from thousands of kernels of corn or trimming the slime off anemones.” But despite the disillusionment the trainees inevitably experience, it’s worth it. “If they make it through the six months, they can say they have worked in the best restaurant in the world,” said Miss Abend. “Ferran sees the film as being the real story of the work that goes on behind the scenes but with fictionalised characters,” she said. The restaurant will close this July and reopen in 2014 as the “El Bulli Foundation”, a research academy dedicated to pioneering molecular gastronomy to even greater heights. Filming could start as early as the end of this year.


The aim of the salon is to provide a first class service from our top TONI & GUY stylist

Strictly Hair covers ALL of your beauty needs from TOP TO TOE! Fully qualified Hair Stylist required

Full head of foils, Cut & Blow Dry...*

for more details pop into Strictly Hair with your CV or call



950 439 717

Tuesdays & wednesdays


Over 60’s

Over 60’s

10% off beauty

15% off hair

MAY offer

Cut & blow dry 18.70€

Become a true Rebel... Join the nail revolution Manicure or Pedicure with Rebel Nail Wraps


Rebel nail wraps



TEL: 950 439 717 / 620 447 858

Mon & Sat: 10am - 1.00pm & Tues - Fri: 10am - 4.00pm. Closed: Alternate Saturdays

21 Avenida America, next to Cornish Pride, Albox

Nursing & Homecare Services

Our wellbeing checks have proved very popular offering a comprehensive health assessment that covers many aspects of general health and are designed to be quick and hassle free. Our clinics are held at various locations throughout the region on a regular basis.

A Wellbeing check includes the following for only 8.50€ • Blood Pressure Check • Body Mass Index • Pulse Check • Blood Glucose • Prostate Check • Urinalysis

Translation Service We understand that not everybody is fluent in speaking Spanish, therefore we offer a translation service for you to use during visits to the doctors or hospital. Our Spanish speaking nurses will translate medical terms and procedures as well as medicines. Translations charges are available on request Please call or email for more details

• Mole Check • Breast Check • General Health Check • General Medical Advice • Cholesterol Checks (Extra charge of 4€)

Our Wellbeing clinics are by appointment only, so if you want to find the nearest location to you and book your Wellbeing check, please call our main office in Mojacar.

Wellbeing Check – 8.50€ (12.50€ including cholesterol) Pricing for care packages & translations available on request

Tel: 902 02 64 68

Email: Visit: You can find us between the Cajamurcia and Cajamar Banks. Paseo del Mediterraneo, 269 Marina del Cantal No. 6 Mojacar, 04638, Almeria, Spain


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The julie bruce dance academy and zumba fitness mojacar Classes in ballet, tap, disco, cheerleading, street dance, musical theatre British amateur gymnastic award classes and coming soon in the new year artistic gymnastics with equipment.

the new fitness craze

Zumba fitness in Mojacar, Vera, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, San Juan & Turre Classes in the evening and during the day so “ ditch the workout and join the party” For details of any of the above classes

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A spoonful of sugar health can help beat bugs news Antibiotics made more effective by glucose It seems a spoonful of sugar can do more than help the medicine go down – it can also help make it work. Sugar can improve the effectiveness of antibiotics against infections, according to researchers. They found that glucose and fructose – types of sugar found in plants – make bugs that cause chronic and recurrent infections more vulnerable to drugs. Such infections often occur when bacteria ‘shut down’, making antibiotics ineffective against them. Over time, the bugs, known as ‘persisters’, return to life, causing patients to relapse. The scientists, from Boston

Tel Julie on 950 462 215 / 697 861 071

RAY DANIEL Professional in Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) & Sports Massage Now at Sophias - Arboleas Every Tuesday and Indigo Gym - Mojacar Every Thursday

Treatment for

Back Pain • Sciatica • Arthritus Rheumatism • Parkinsons • MS Fractures & Sports Injuries

Tel: 617 741 564

Join the inLife Electronic Cigarette Club

• Buy at wholesale prices • Use yourself or sell on to make profit • Introduce new members and save more Become a member and receive a Regal 2 Supreme E-Cig Kit for less than €85 For more information call Mick Graham on 962-839-156 / 635-706-359 Web: * Also available in many countries.



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Yoga with Liz Hill

Every Wednesday 2.30-4pm

Your 1st lesson is a FREE try out. All Welcome

Pilates by Sharon Pilates Cert Teacher

Mondays 2pm

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University, tested the effects of drawing the bacteria out of their hibernation using sugar. They found stimulating the bugs with sugar renders them vulnerable to antibiotic attack. Testing the strategy on Eschericia coli (E. coli) bacteria, a common cause of urinary infections, the researchers were able to eliminate 99.9 per cent of persisters in just two hours. Without sugar, the drugs they used had no effect, according to a report in the journal Nature. The team now plans to investigate whether sugar additives can help fight tuberculosis.

How weekly injections of Botox could make migraines less of a pain Botox could make migraines less of a pain. In a Spanish study, the popular anti-wrinkle treatment greatly reduced the number of migraines experienced by many sufferers. Weekly injections of Botox into ‘trigger points’ on the neck and scalp halved the number of crippling headaches suffered by a fifth of patients. Another third also so significant reductions in attacks, the University of Granada study found. Side effects were minimal. It is not exactly clear how Botox thwarts migraines, but it may be by blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. In Britain, it is approved for use on chronic migraine sufferers - namely, those who have headaches on at least 15 days per month of which at least eight days are with migraine. A spokesman for the researchers said: ‘Headache is a universal experience. ‘At present there are more than 100 types of headache and one of the most recurring ones is migraine, which affects approximately 10 to 12 per cent of the population, being three times more common in women than in men. ‘When migraine becomes chronic - occurring more than 15 days a month - it can disrupt patient’s daily life to a great

degree.’ Migraines feature in the World Health Organisation’s top 20 most disabling lifetime conditions. They lead to more sick days than any other illness - at a cost to the economy of more than £2billion a year. The intense headaches, which can be accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances, as well as photophobia or sensitivity to light, can take up to three days to pass, and one in seven sufferers believes that time off due to migraines has affected their career. Drugs in use have side-effects and do not work for everyone.

Come shake a tail feather....


Lois Benson BSc (Hons) MChs

Tel: 617 878 864


Clinics in: Albox at Cutting Edge & Arboleas at Sophias. Mobile service available in Mojacar, Vera and surrounding areas.

• Nails • Callus • Corns • • Diabetic Footcare • Biomechanics • • All Foot Problems • S.L

Making your Life Easier Tel: 902 02 64 68

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Caring Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own in the home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Mazarron & Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Campos ol you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.



Cucador Calling all women in and around the area of La Vida in Cucador and beyond...

Are you a dolly mixture? A loose-woman type? A woman that is new to the area and wants to meet up Come join us on Thursdays 2-4pm at La Vida, Cucador For a free cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake. We need you for ideas ..... here are some suggestions: swap or sell idea, monthly auctions of bric-a-brac, a monthly ladies day with card readings, massage tasters, tap dancing, gardening tips, and great recipes to name but a few. No charge, no commitment, just a chance to have fun and meet up and see what develops. We are here

Baza Road

Look forward to seeing you there. Call 950 634 562 for more details

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia




La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria


Always feeling cold?

You are destined to live a long life

They take a hot water bottle to bed in summer and are ridiculed for wearing their coat indoors. But those who constantly feel cold may have the last laugh, with a study linking low body temperature to a long life. Scientists suspect that the hormonal changes that conserve energy and heat – by slowing down metabolism – also extend life. The U.S. research could pave the way for a pill to increase lifespan. It builds on decades of studies linking extreme diets in animals with extra months and years of life. For example, cutting a mouse’s calories by 30 per cent can lead to it living 50 per cent longer than usual. Scientists are trying to work out what it is about near starvation that extends life, in the hope of creating a pill that mimics the process without drastic changes to diet. The latest study, from Washington University, St Louis, looked at how cutting calories affects core body temperature – an internal measure that is on average 37c (98.6f) and usually higher than skin temperature. Scientists gave thermometer ‘pills’, which record core body temperature when swallowed, to 24 people in their mid-50s who had cut their calorie intake by at least 25 per cent for up to 15 years. They also gave them to people of the same age who ate normally and a group of longdistance runners. Those on calorie restriction diets were found to have the

lowest core temperatures, the journal Aging reports. Lead researcher Dr Luigi Fontana said: ‘The people doing calorie restriction had a lower average core body temperature by about 0.2c, which sounds like a modest reduction but is statistically significant and similar to the reduction we have observed in long-lived, calorierestricted mice. ‘What is interesting about that is endurance athletes, who are the same age and are equally lean, don’t have similar reductions in body temperature. ‘We know that people on calorie restriction diets feel colder than normal people because there is a lower metabolism and lower body temperature.’ Dr Fontana says it is not clear whether severe calorie reduction, or something else, is lowering core temperatures. But he believes a reduced temperature holds one of the keys to living to a ripe old age. He stressed that any pill to lower body temperature could not compensate for a poor lifestyle, but added: ‘What may be possible, however, is to do mild calorie restriction, to eat a very good diet, get mild exercise and then take a drug of some kind that could provide benefits similar to those seen in severe calorie restriction.’ Sadly for those hoping for a short cut, it is unlikely that opening your windows or taking cold showers will have the same effect.


Hair & Beauty Salon We are celebrating being open for 3 years & to celebrate we have some fantastic offers!

From 23rd May to 27th May

Full Head Tint, 1 Colour, Short Hair incl Cut ‘n’ Blowdry 35€

l our Thank you to al ur yo r fo customers ort! continued supp

Full Set Acrylic, Gel Nails Extensions...only 30€ All Body Piercings


Call for an appointment

950 431 501 or 628 669 456 100m up from Medical Centre, Albox

JAX Hair&Beauty Formerly J.D. Hair Design

Jacqui is back! ∙ New Lower prices ∙ Celebrating 9 years ∙ Jacqui is looking forward to seeing you

Calle Parrales (Opposite Bar Toni) Plaza Nuevo, Albox

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True Confessions of a Doctor...

Dear Friends, It is rarely pleasant for true confessions; in fact they can be very rough. Nonetheless confessions set the truth free and keep the record straight. It allows me to give credit, where it is due. Before I talk about my confession, I would like to say a few things first.

Many years ago, as a child, something happened to me that changed my life forever. Let me tell you my story: “When I was7 my family and I moved West across the United Sates. It was an exciting time to travel, find a new home; meet new friends and have a new life full of adventure. Then one day a car in a crosswalk bumped my mother. It was very light and she barely fell over – but then she couldn’t get up. At first I thought she was joking until the ambulance arrived to assist us. Upon arriving at the hospital the doctors did their best but could not discover anything wrong. She was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants and sent home with the prognosis that all would be well in a few days. Within a few days, with much dismay, the symptoms did not alleviate in fact they worsened. This time the doctor prescribed even stronger medication and instructed her to go to physical therapy three times a week. We left with new hope. She began her physical therapy care. Unfortunately it did not get the results we so desired. In fact my mother would come home in tears after every session and remained bedridden. Three months transpired with physical therapy and now my mother’s trouble began to impact me. With my father out of the home it left me responsible for cooking, cleaning, walking the dog and caring for my mother and myself. Suddenly my adventure at 7 was quite different and not so exciting. She visited other therapists without results. Time continued to elapse. She spoke with her doctor again who referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately nothing was discovered and surgery to cut & kill the nerve trunk was the only option. This seemed ridiculous for my mother. She was only 26 and now bedridden, taking over 10 tablets a day with extreme pain debilitating almost all activities and unable to care for me properly. She had always been physically fit and the accident was so minor. As time passed my mothers’ health continued to decline. After nearly two years of being bedridden, using all remedies offered, conventional or not, the doctors finally decided to send her to a special hospital where they would teach you how live with the pain. They had given up and ran out of options.

One day at the hospital I heard a passing conversation about a local chiropractor. Curious to discover more I eves dropped. Now at the age of nine and very mature for my age I listened and heard of a possibility. Others had gone for differing troubles and many had positive results. I quickly rushed to inform my mother. My mother was very despondent and not very receptive. Still I pleaded with her; it was our last chance for hope. I can be very persuasive and finally she conceded to visiting the chiropractor. The chiropractor did a thorough consultation, examination and a detailed report where he fully explained my mother’s trouble. He then proceeded to adjust the spine of my mother. After the adjustment my mother was able to stand up straight and without pain for the first time in two years. My mother’s health soon returned. After a few weeks she no longer needed the assortment of medication. In a few months she had returned to the mother I remembered at 7. She no longer had what the doctors called a short leg since she was a child. Her menstruation returned to normal and she never again suffered from periodic headaches. My mother was back and better than ever! After two years of hospitals I witnessed a great deal of suffering, the results while at the chiropractor were so astounding that I was inclined to go to chiropractic school and become a chiropractor myself. It is strange how life can come full circle because now people come to see me with their health problems. They come to me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, ear infections, asthmas allergies, numbness in limbs athletic injuries just to name a few, they get such great results that some of my clients have decided to study chiropractic. And that is how it happened!”

Here’s what some of my clients say: My daughter was asthmatic taking inhalers and medication daily. She was sidelined and unable to play with her classmates; now her health has improved so much she no longer uses medication or inhalers and is the captain of the football team! (L. Hamn) After injuring my back I could only play a hole or two, of golf, for almost two years. I was about to give up the game. This is serious because I am a professional golfer. I laughed at Dr. Jensen when he said I would be out playing again after only 2 weeks! But it was true and now I am at the top of my game. (S. Fernandez) I have suffered with constant headaches and migraines since my childhood, the moment that I met Dr. Paul and he adjusted me a miracle happened, no more headaches and no more painkillers. Thank you for exposing me to the wonderful world of Chiropractic, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. (R. Sastre) I am honored to have helped so many people with their health care problems but I cannot really take credit. My confession is that I have never healed anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s as simple as that! It is very challenging to be a chiropractor today. There are many so-called experts out there with extreme misinformation, much of which is ridiculous. But the studies speak for themselves, like the Virginia, USA study that showed over 95% of people who saw a chiropractor were satisfied with their results. That is outstanding! Studies show that chiropractic may double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immunes system fights colds, the flu and other sicknesses.

The results? You may not be sick in bed as much. This is especially important when you are self-employed. Benefit from an Amazing Offer Would you like to see if chiropractic is the solution to your health problems? Would you like to see for yourself it it’s as easy and as effective as I say it is? Sure you would! And now here’s the best part. When you bring in this article by this Friday you will receive my entire new client exam and report for only 35 euro. That includes a postural analysis, a spinal thermo graphic and sEMG scans and a detailed report of your findings. Everything! How can such an offer be made? The answer is simple. I know that chiropractic works so well I am willing to take most of the risk. I hope that you accept my offer. Let’s discover if chiropractic can help you. You cannot lose – but you sure can win! Be happy to know that I have affordable individual or family plans. Not only great fees….but great care! I am very confident in my ability to provide you great care. I have studied many years with a group of elite chiropractors that have spent years and thousands of euros to remain on the cutting edge of or practice, technology, research and strategies. Our care is gentle and effective. As a result I have been entrusted to care for everyone, including newborn babies, delicate seniors and tough athletes. My staff is great, they create a warm and caring atmosphere that welcomes all, I am sure you will think so too. Our office is called “Estilo de Vida” Centro Chiropractico. You can locate us at c/Mayor #19 Garrucha. Our phone number is: Tel: 950 460 953 or Mob: 605 322 612. Call my staff for an appointment so we can help you!

For Optimum Health, Dr. Paul Jensen P.S. This offer extends to all your family members for the same great fee. P.P.S. Can you believe not having to wait for your appointment? We have a no-wait policy. Your time is valuable to us both; therefore you will be seen within minutes of your scheduled appointment. That is how we can serve busy people like you.


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Makeup that’s good for your skin Cosmetics without chemicals have come a long way. Here’s how to enhance your skin with everyday make-up

Hair extensions were 300€ now 199€ Full head foils cut & blowdry 49€ Looking for a mini pamper session? Lunch can be delivered to the salon Eyelash Extensions 15€ Menu del dia Starter -facial Main - cut & blowdry inc Scalp massage Dessert - eyebrow shape

It may have had green credentials, but until recently, natural makeup just didn’t have the wow factor. Compared to mainstream brands, many natural products didn’t cut the mustard in terms of performance, packaging or fragrance. And the variety of shades and textures available fell way short of what mainstream brands had to offer. But how times have changed. These days, top make-up artists are turning to natural products, using them on themselves as well as their clients. Natural make-up has


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changed enormously over the years. Lots of people are into organic food, vitamins and skincare in a big way, so it follows that make-up is the next step.And with increased demand has come greater choice. In fact, it seems a new range of

Best for sun protection: Susan Posnick: After recovering from skin cancer, make-up artist Susan Posnick starting developing cosmetics with sun protection that wouldn’t feel heavy or melt in the heat, kicking off with the groundbreaking Colorfl o Foundation in 1999. Best buy: Susan Posnick ColorEssential, £18 ( Combining the hydration of a lip balm with the long-lasting benefits of a lipstick. All five shades have been designed to suit every skin tone, taking the guesswork out of choosing a colour that’s right for you. Genius! Best for skin soothing: Glominerals: Launched in the UK three years ago, the extensive selection of products combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. Choose between everything from creamy eyeshadows to glide-on lip crayons. Best buy: GloRedness Relief Powder, £22 ( Whether you suffer from broken capillaries, rosacea or the odd flush, this loose powder can help to calm skin and reduce redness. With a cocktail of skin-soothing ingredients, it fights the inflammation that can cause skin flare-ups. Best for organic: Dr Hauschka: Not all natural products are organic, but everything in this range is. In fact, you’ll find the same quality of organic ingredients in Dr Hauschka make-up as you will in its legendary skincare range. Best buy: Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate, £25.53 for 30ml (www.drhauschka. Helps to even out skin tone and soften blemishes. Use it over your usual moisturiser for skin that looks sun-kissed and radiant. Best for sustainable ingredients: Aubrey Organics: It looks like mineral make-up, but the main ingredient in this range is silk, which is rich in skin-nourishing amino acids. All the ingredients used - including wax from the carnauba palm and starches from tapioca and rice - are natural and sustainable. Best buy: Aubrey Organics Powder Blush, £10.99 ( The feather-light formulation feels great on your skin. The six shades are made with natural colourings such as beetroot and radish. Best for handy packaging: Une: More stylish than your average natural make-up, this affordable new range teams fabulously wearable colours with chic and handy packaging. The push-open, snap-shut compacts all have mirrors, so on-the-go touch-ups couldn’t be easier. Best buy: Une Glimmer Eyes Shadow, £9.29 (from Boots and Superdrug). These creamy, sheer shadows glide onto lids, but stay in place all night. They also manage to add a youthful glow, without drawing attention to creases.

How To Wear The Maxi Dress

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylists our Hairdressers

The maxi dress has been around for a few seasons now, but it doesn’t seem to be losing any of its appeal or popularity - maybe this is because it is so easy and so forgiving to wear.

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lois benson

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Chiropody)

many years nhs for all foot problems expertly treated

ch icure ........13€ ea Manicure OR Ped 3€ .2 ... Underarm wax 1/2 Leg, Bikini & yebrown tint Eyebrow wax / E 0€ er lip wax...........2 pp U / t tin sh la ye E

natural make-up springs up every month. But the main attraction for many of us will always be that natural make-up is not just kinder to your complexion, but can actually have skincare benefits. From the pioneers to the new kids on the block, here are a few of the best brands to look out for...

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suit your size and shape

If you are taller with a larger frame look for a maxi dress which has a more fitted bodice rather than one that is gathered under the bust as this will give you a more defined profile rather than yards of material billowing out around your middle. For those with a few extra pounds around the waistline look for A-line styles (rather than gathered) which flare out from under the bust and which will flatter the waist and hips. Bandeau style maxi dresses are fantastic for hot summer days and they look very elegant as they accentuate the shoulders and neck.

Choosing Colours & Patterns

If you are petite look for smaller prints such as flower or Indian designs which won’t swamp you. Smaller girls can still pull off the block stripe designs as well though. If you are choosing a maxi dress for evening wear, look for a single coloured dress which will

look stylish and which can be dressed up with jewellery.


Small and delicate jewellery doesn’t really suit the maxi dress vibe. Jewellery to accessorise a maxi dress needs to be strong and bold in style and colour. Look for colourful glass pendants, ethnic style jewellery and bold wood or metal bangles rather than bracelets. With shoes - really anything goes. Flip-flops can be worn daytime or evening with a maxi, but if you are going for the sophisticated evening look then go for some killer-high heel strappy shoes to add extra glamour. Please don’t carry a tiny hand or shoulder bag around - again choose something big and bold - casual bags are the way to go for daytime wear with a maxi, look for straw bags, or colourful fabric styles. For cooler evenings a pashmina to wrap around your shoulders looks great too!


As Bill Gates buys Skype for £5bn...Is it just hype, or does it mean the end of phone bills? When transatlantic telephone calls first became available in the Twenties, a three-minute call from London to New York cost close to £10 — almost a month’s wages for the average working man. Today, the same call can be made for nothing. You can stay on the line for a week if you like. And not only will the sound quality be as good as if the other party was sitting right next to you, but you will be able to see across the ocean as well, in full-colour video — for no cost beyond a penny or two in electricity. Such endless, free global communication has become possible because of Skype, the oddly-named computer service which software giant Microsoft bought this week for more

than £5billion. Launched in 2003, this free and simple-to-use computer programme turns any broadband-connected computer into a phone for both speech and video calls to hundreds of millions of other Skype users. It works because even basic broadband internet connections can carry a vast amount of information (‘data’) and a Skype call (technically known as VOIP — Voice Over Internet Protocol) piggy-backs on broadband. You must download Skype (free, of course) from to the computer. You then choose a Skype name for yourself — your name or nickname, or a number if you prefer — and you’re a Skype user. Not a penny need change hands.

And you’re ready to go — simply type in a normal phone number or another Skype user’s name and the computer will dial for you. The microphones on your computer should pick up your voice, and the person you’re chatting to can be heard through its speakers. And there is no catch whatsoever; no secret charges; no intrusive advertising; no nasty surprise when you pay your monthly broadband bill. You can even dial normal phones and mobiles worldwide from Skype — not for free, but for a tiny charge compared with normal phone charges. I pay just under £50 a year for unlimited calls from my laptop to any UK number, from anywhere in the world. There are now other versions of Skype, like Apple’s high definition

FaceTime. But, just as the Hoover brand name is synonymous with vacuuming, Skype-ing has become the catch-all word for VOIP calling. The only complaint anyone has about Skype is that the calls sometimes ‘drop out’ — jargon for being cut off — and you need to interrupt a conversation to redial. But since you’re paying nothing, you can hardly demand your money back. Skype is how canny people save vast amounts of money and get a better service than phones provide. Relatives in distant countries, students travelling on gap years, parents on business trips reading bedtime stories to their children thousands of miles away . . . everyone is doing it. Some believe Microsoft is planning for a future in which consumers use a vast range of services on mobile phones or lightweight tablet computers and that Skype’s video-calls will be an important part of that. But it is also probable that Bill Gates’s company plans to make Skype a free bolt-on to their Windows operating system to tempt back the millions of people who have defected in recent years to Apple computers. If that happens, Skype might become unavailable on Apple computers. But you could imagine such a move being the subject of a legal battle in the litigation-loving U.S. Many fear Microsoft’s corporate mentality will ruin Skype, and that in an attempt to make it pay, Gates’s men will destroy the simplicity which has made it so popular. Either that or they will plaster the beautifully clean and simple site with advertisements. There’s another possibility, too. Image is all in the internet world, and Skype has a cool, untainted image. It could be that the human calculators at Microsoft have worked out that £5billion is a small price to pay for the global public to love you — and to think of your brand every time they dial up a loved one. Article courtesy of Jonathan Margolis


Boy wears skirt to school A brave 12-year-old boy wore a skirt to school in protest against ‘discriminatory’ rules which ban boys from wearing shorts. Chris Whitehead wore a girls’ kneelength skirt to classes at Impington Village College, near Cambridge. He is protesting against a school uniform policy which bans boys from wearing shorts during the summer months. He also addressed 1,368 pupils at morning assembly wearing the black skirt, which boys are permitted to wear due to a loophole in the policy. Chris believes that forcing boys to wear long trousers during the sizzling summer months affects concentration and their ability to learn. He said: “In the summer girl students are allowed to wear skirts but boys are not allowed to wear shorts. ‘We think that this discriminates against boys.” Chris’s mum Liz Whitehead, 50, said: “I am delighted that Chris is taking action on what he believes in, which the school actually encourages, so he is only doing what he is taught. “I am really proud he is brave enough to wear a skirt to school for what he believes in and back him all the way.” Headteacher Robert Campbell said the ban on shorts was imposed following consultation with students, teachers and parents in 2009. He said: “Our uniform policy had a significant consultation and ours is typical of most schools in Cambridgeshire and the consensus was we were going to go for that. “Ultimately the boys can wear a skirt to school because it doesn’t say they can’t in the uniform policy and we would be discriminating against them if we did not allow it.”


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Eurozone’s economic growth accelerates The economy of the 17 countries that use the euro grew by 0.8% in the first three months of 2011, up from 0.3% in the previous quarter.

Germany was largely responsible for the betterthan-expected figure, reporting growth of 1.5% in the period. There was a surprisingly strong 0.8% growth rate from debt-laden Greece. France grew 1%, Italy and Spain grew 0.1% and 0.3% respectively and Portugal slid into recession after contracting for the second quarter in a row. Growth there declined by 0.7%, following a 0.6% contraction in the final quarter of 2010. “This is almost certainly as good as it gets for the eurozone and growth seems likely to moderate over the coming months in face of significant headwinds,” said Howard Archer at IHS Global Insight. Greece’s positive showing in the quarterly figures was a surprise, although compared with the same quarter of the previous year, the economy has contracted by 4.8%. Platon Monokroussos at EFG Eurobanka said the figures were, “a huge positive surprise, a reading that is significantly above market expectations”. He attributed the growth in the quarter to a recovery in exports. Ken Wattret at BNP Paribas said: “Big picture-wise, once again the theme is divergence between the core and periphery and the core countries account for the vast majority of euro area output. “The periphery are getting the worst of both worlds. The core countries like Germany are doing really well and that’s keeping the euro strong, and it’s making the ECB [European Central Bank] more inclined to tighten policy.” He added that what the countries on the periphery really needed was low interest rates and a weaker euro. Portugal’s downturn is expected to get worse as a result of the austerity measures agreed as part of its bail-out by the EU and the IMF.

Italy’s growth figure was worse than expected, with the 0.1% rate the same as it was for the last three months of 2010. Last month, the Italian government cut its growth forecast for the whole of 2011 from 1.3% to 1.1%. The rise in Spain’s latest quarterly growth rate to 0.3% from 0.2% in the previous quarter is more encouraging as the country tries to avoid a third consecutive year of contracting GDP. It is struggling to deal with an unemployment rate of 21.29%, which is the highest in the industrialised world, as it attempts to recover from the financial crisis and a property slump. Figures earlier in the week showed that German exports and imports had both risen to their highest monthly level since records began in 1950. Germany’s GDP figures from Destatis showed that domestic demand had been one of the strongest drivers of growth. The country’s growth figures were “fantastic”, according to Christian Schulz at Berenberg Bank. “Consumption will become more and more the engine of growth in the future, since unemployment is dropping starkly,” he said. “France also expanded robustly. The eurozone core remains the anchor for the entire currency union.” France’s growth rate was its fastest since the second quarter of 2006. France’s economy minister Christine Lagarde said she was now “very confident that the (government) forecast of 2% growth for 2011 can be met”. She added that the manufacturing sector had been a particularly strong driver of growth in France. For comparison, UK GDP grew by 0.5% in the first three months of 2011.



Spanish Government Launches Property Roadshow

The Spanish Government, led by development minister, Jose Blanco, and housing secretary Beatriz Corredor, last week kicked off an international holiday home roadshow, in an effort to woo buyers back to its flagging property market. The tour will be doing the European rounds, starting in the UK, attempting to bolster the image of the Spanish property market and attract foreign investors. UK investors currently represent more than one-third of foreign investors in Spanish Property. The tour will then move on to the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden and Russia. Spain’s property market is working to overcome the scandal when thousands of buyers were sold homes by developers that they later discovered they had no legal right to. Various actions groups are now petitioning for the recovery of deposits paid by buyers to Spanish banks which are refusing to return their money. Blanco, however, says these cases represent less than 1% of holiday homes purchased and that the Government is looking to compensate these buyers on a case-by-case basis. There are currently around 680,000 empty holiday homes in Spain thanks to the huge over-development of new-build homes during the property boom – and

around 400,000 of these are concentrated in the country’s coastal regions. Prior to the tour Jose Blanco said he felt this was an “ideal time” for buyers to invest in Spanish property and also said that “the Spanish real estate sector is beginning to see a reduction in residential housing stock and a consequent price alignment”. “The Road Show will highlight the strengths of our economy, transparency and legal certainty of our planning legislation. It is a good time to carry out this pioneering initiative because the markets that have the potential to invest in second homes are recovering and we must revive the holiday housing market to speed up the digestion of stock“. Beatriz Corredor, housing secretary, said: “Our country now has a wide range of real estate at more accessible prices than a few years ago.” Spain still represents one of the most popular holiday home destinations for UK buyers, despite negative press regarding Spain’s property market, and current hot spots include areas around the big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. The appeal of the Balearics and the Canary Islands is also increasing, especially around the more exclusive resorts.

mario redondo is a professional and energetic

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A House that Produces More Energy than it Consumes

Avda de Almeria 76, Turre Next to The Fundraiser Charity Shop Tlf: 950 479 481 or 649 191 821 Email:

Windows and doors direct We are not agents, factor y

A house, with almost zero energy consumption, has been built on a vacant lot in Carcaixent, Valencia. The pilot plan, named Gecko House Project, is supported by the Ministry of Development and is the result of the efforts of a group of professionals, technicians and Spanish universities totaling more than twenty partners in all. The prototype was showcased at the Feria de Madrid in May where experts in eco-efficient housing and associated energy saving projects highlighted and promoted the scope of new “greener” construction methods and materials, and at the same time aim to attract wider Government support for such enterprises. The goal for this type of construction is to recycle and reuse as much as possible, use urban sites instead of clearing trees or taking over green or arable land, and to build efficiently applying the latest technology. According to the project report, “it is much

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more efficient and sustainable to take a deteriorated house in a city centre and rebuild it to a high energy-efficient specification, than to build on a plot of land.” After four years, the house is in its final phase of construction. Building began in 2007 on a plot with 3.5m of frontage, 5.5m wide and 23m deep, in the small Valencian town. Project officials said “a family of five, with a strong sense of commitment to the environment and sustainable construction, will live there.”

Other plus-points for the project has been the employment of building materials available locally, thus avoiding the energy costs for transportation. It has its own roof garden set out in terraces, purifies its own water, and has solar panels on t h e front of the property in Carcaixent. The facade of the house is built with local limestone, ventilated on a triple layer of breathable and thermal mortar, which envelopes the entire building sealing the perimeter and eliminating any unwanted draughts or leaks.

Spanish property prices to fall further when banks reveal their hands

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Average Spanish real estate prices are expected to fall further once the country’s banks reveal the backlog of distressed property on their books. Peter Mindenhall, researcher at, argues that the market is segmented at the moment, with some houses “priced to sell” and others which are “just on the market”. He added that exceptional value can still be found in the country.

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“The banks have yet to declare much of the backlog of repossessions on their books - when this happens, the average sale price can be expected to fall further,” Mr Mindenhall explained. However, he issues a note of caution, stating that investors looking for a good deal on real estate in the country should carry out the required research if they are to find “the most competitively priced properties”.

Meanwhile, the Spanish property market is expected to receive a boost thanks to the country’s popularity as a tourist destination. Between January and March this year, nine million international tourists have already descended on the country, with further arrivals due as the summer months arrive, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade revealed.




Waterproof Outdoor Camera 23 Infrared LED´s With a resolution of 420 lines.

Sensor 1/3 Sony With a resolution of 420 lines.21 Infrared LED´s which activate automatically



Wireless Camera KIT



Outdoor wireless infrared camera & receiver. With 26 infrared LEDs. Microphone incorporated.

Wireless Minicamera

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Manuel and his wife could not believe it and were waiting for the catch when they bought a property through Buyandsellpropertyinspain, and never paid any commission.“We have bought many properties before so we expected to pay commission and would have gladly. It just makes it all the better for us.


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Jean was happy as the property had only been promoted with the company for three months before receiving the enquiry that lead to the sale, and these were the second couple to have viewed the property. She paid 0% commission just a low up front fee and she thinks it is worth every penny, mind you she liked it so much she works with them now promoting it!

IP CAMERAS…with built-in WEB server It has 30 infrared LED´s and is Waterproof for outdoor use. IP Wifi

SOLD commission

We put together with you a pricing strategy to sell the property as quickly as possible without giving it away! You are involved at every step of the process.

Take a look at our Website and see what is available to buy without commission!

Your Sale, Your Way 0% Commission!






property of the week

proper ty group S.L.

“Huerta Nueva Promotion”



2 bed, 2 bath apartment. Fully furnished. 77.24mts2 in total built area, and is located upon an 180mts2 private garden.

2 bed, 2 bath large luxury apartment, on the ground floor. Private garden of 300mts fully landscaped, underground parking included.



p positipa

S .L.


proper ty group

950 617 611

tel: (0034) 950 617 611 Centro Comercial Montemar, Local 8A, Mojacar 04638, Almeria AWNINGS DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURERS

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AUAN PRESS RELEASE - 16th May 2011

Complaint against Minister for Housing & Planning – Appeal Denied

The Criminal Division of the Superior Court of Justice based in Granada, has dismissed the appeal brought by British members of AUAN against the courts decision to archive the criminal complaint against the Minister of Public Works and Planning of the Junta de Andalucia, Sra. Josefina Cruz.

On March 9, 2011, in Parliament, the Minister referred to “the intrusion of people ... who are not of this country, who have settled here illegally”, to “ the lack of respect for the culture of the territory, for the culture of the landscape and the culture of planning” and that “there are residents who have settled in good faith or not in good faith, and are now demanding the we solve a problem that they are responsible for having created”. According to the complainants, the Minister went on to ratify her remarks to the press, stating to the British newspaper ‘Costa Almeria News’ that “My comments mean exactly what they say. Foreigners who have built illegal houses in Andalusia have shown no respect for us. I find it incredible that one seeks to defend people who have committed illegal acts.” The lawsuit was filed last month and in that same month the Supreme Court ordered the archiving of the complaint stating that the facts of the case did not constitute a crime. A few days later the complainants presented an appeal before the same courts. This court has again ordered the

archiving of the case, confirming its earlier decision. The Supreme Court considers that Sra. Cruz did not denigrate a group of people for being British, which would be a crime. Instead she criticised people who knowingly bought illegal houses and it was not relevant in a criminal sense that the words could be interpreted by public opinion as discrediting the British community in the area. The court has given no leave to appeal against this decision. Maura Hillen of AUAN states, “We have to abide by the decision of the Supreme Court, and though the words are not regarded as criminally reprehensible, we consider them to be at least politically reprehensible, and have no doubt that this will be taken into account in the polls. On the other hand, we cannot let the occasion pass without saying that if one considers the fact that this group of British people are in reality the victims of a lack of respect for the culture of the territory and a lack of respect for urban planning and are the victims of insensitive and at best careless public administration, one should not ask more people to come here to ‘settle’. The government authorities need to decide if they are going to treat their customers well or treat them badly “. She added “A business who treated its clients this way would be on the way to bankruptcy”

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All work is fully insured & carried out by highly skilled tradesmen

awnings - blinds - flyscreens - pool covers - gazebos

P.O Box 133, Cortijo Cabrera, Turre Almeria, SPAIN Tel: 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 Email: Web:


New One Stop

property of the week ref: 145 mojacar playa 84.950€


Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412

Paseo del Mediterraneo 133, Mojacar Playa 04638, Almeria


SOLD BY THE BANK, apartment of 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, close to the beach, private terrace and patio, easy access, 2 Large communal swimming pools, beautiful community, secure gated, easy parking

Transferring Currency Abroad? ref: 305



ref: 027



ref: 082






SOLD BY THE BANK, apartment of 107M built

LAST PROPERTY FOR SALE, Brand new ground

with 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walking

floor Apartment in small community, 80M built with

distance to the beach, easy access, beautiful

2 double bedrooms, 1 family bathroom, terrace &

community, secure gated, easy parking, few

sea views, communal pool & Lift, 300m walking

hundred meters to all amenities

distance to the beach.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms large apartment, 110m built plus the terraces, good size lounge/diner with open country views, fully fitted large kitchen, marble top & larder, sold fully furnished & equipped as seen, close to all amenities & 10 minutes to the beach, private underground secure parking

ref: 378



Luxury penthouse located in marina golf, with 2 double bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, terrace and private solarium of 50m, fully furnished, A/C, communal pool and garden, 50 meters to the beach & amenities.

ref: 033

vera playa


ref: 380 rambla de orio 179.000€

ref: 316



Spacious renovated beautiful country property, with 3 double bedrooms, & 2 bathrooms, self contained annex of 1 bed & Bath, set on massive plot of 8.000m, over ground sponge beautiful pool, 2 x large garages, fitted kitchen.

Large Duplex tastefully decorated, 99m built, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, private garden & roof terrace with sea views, fully fitted kitchen, A/C hot & cold, 25m secure locked garage, communal pool & beautiful green garden.

ref: 429

ref: 262



mojacar pueblo




BANK REPOSSESSIONS Alandalus Resort, beautiful apartment of 70M built with 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, beautiful community, secure gated, private parking, summer and winter swimming pools, fully furnished and A/C hot & cold.

Beautiful plot of land 4,000M, set in the most magnificent rural environment with views over to mojacar old village, with electricity and water, excellent access via a tarmac road, the property has full deeds and registry.

Detached villa of 200m built, set on 5.000m plot, fully fenced and gated, 7 double beds, 2 baths, 50m lounge/diner, fitted kitchen, large covered terraces, nice round shape pool, fantastic mountains & distance sea views, access from tarmac road, close to all amenities, reduced from 550,000€

ref: 181

ref: 037

ref: 336

mojacar beach


turre village


vera playa



Newly built 2nd floor corner apartment, 2 double bedrooms with built in wardrobes, 1complete bath, lounge-Diner, kitchen, 30m terrace with good sea views, Private large store room, 3 swimming pools, Tennis court, private parking space, lifts.

3 bedrooms, 2 baths almost new apartment, large 100m constructed, without terraces, good size lounge/diner with light fitted, nice open country side / mountains views, fully fitted kitchen with all white goods, easy off street communal parking.

Almost new large beautiful ground floor corner apartment, 2 beds, 2 baths, living/dining -room, American fitted kitchen, fully furnished, Air-con, communal summer & winter pools, private secure parking space, 100m Private garden.



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Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 property group been converted into the 4th bedroom which is accessed via one of the bedrooms. This 4th bedroom has proved to be very popular for larger families renting the property for holidays but equally could be converted back into a garage, an en suite, a walk in dressing room or even an office/study with independent access.

eautiful Villa with superb uninterrupted B views of the idyllic Cortijo Grande Golf Course! The resort is o¬nly 15 minutes drive from fabulous Mojácar Playa and its long sandy beaches. This wonderful property benefits from a large terrace overlooking the villa’s private swimming pool. The terrace also offers panoramic views over the golf fairways and the beautiful Sierra Cabrera mountains. It is located in the heart of the valley and therefore very convenient for the bars and restaurants in the resort as well as above in the hills at nearby Sierra Cabrera. The villa has its own driveway and off-street parking for up to 3 cars. The built area of 152 mts² is distributed on two levels. The upper level consists of dining room with french windows opening onto the front terrace, a kitchen with doors to the south facing patio and utility area, a large living room with an open fire place and french windows to the front terrace and large south facing patio area. Both dining and living rooms look out across the terrace and at the fabulous views of the golf course. The lower level is comprised of a hallway, 3 good sized bedrooms a family bathroom and an en suite. All 3 bedrooms have french windows with great views and lead out to the garden and swimming pool. The large garage has

The property is immaculately kept by the existing owners and has a beautiful easily maintained garden with mature trees. Properties of this type in this area perform well o¬n the luxury villa rental market, and unsurprisingly this o¬ne has been very popular and therefore provides a substantial rental income per year. Obviously the purchasers will inherit all the existing bookings. The private plot where the house is built has an area of 1,600 mts² and the strip of land on the other side of the road between the road and the golf course with an area of 260 mts² is being sold with the house to guarantee the wonderful views of the golf course and mountains on the background. Asking price: 500,000 Euros. For more information and pictures please visit our website under ref. 1045 or either phone or pop into our office.

25 Years Experience - Quality Guaranteed

Andalucian Glass

Glass & Mozi Enclosures

Aluminium & UPVC Windows Doors & conservatories also polycarbonate roofs 10mm - 25mm bronze, opal or clear all sunguard

 Coloured Leaded Glass Shelves  Mirrors, Glass Table Tops  and much more!


Mon: 10am-2pm ~ Tue-Fri: 10am-4.30pm (Closed 2-3pm for siesta) Saturday: 10am-2pm For more information or a free quotation call :

950 091 128 / 630 231 644 Avenida America, Albox


property group Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 You can find us on cortijo grande


1 bed / 1,5 bath very charming 1st floor Apartment overlooking the Golf Course & mountains. Ref.1290



2 bed / 1 bath fully furnished Apartment close to all amenities & promenade. Community pool, Private garage, Ref.1104

Huerta Nueva


3 bed / 2 bath Townhouse fully furnished. Solarium with panoramic views. Central heating Communal pool. Ref. 1260

san juan


valle del este


2 bed / 2 bath Penthouse Apartment. Build 109 m². Terrace & Roof terrace 81m². Private parking. Pool. Lift. Ref. 1049



3 bed / 2 bath furnished Apartment in the heart of the village close to sea, promenade and all amenities. Ref. 1499

more properties needed Due to a huge increase in enquiries and actual sales we are looking to expand our portfolio of properties If you are thinking of selling please contact us urgently We offer a free valuation antas


mojacar playa


3 bed / 2 bath triplex within 100 meters to beach. Private garage. Terraces. Sea views. Communal pool. Ref 1017

3 bed / 2,5 bath immaculate Townhouse. Build 124 mts². Plot 246 mts². Private Pool. Garage. Mountain views. Ref 1055

4 bed / 2 bath Cortijo in Agua en Medio close to beach. Plot 1,590 m². Mains electricity & water. Ref 1473

mojacar playa

mojacar playa

la parata


3 bed / 2 bath linked Villa close to sea & commercial centre. Private garden 100 m². Community pool. Ref 1044


3 bed / 2 bath very large Apartment within 200 meters from beach. Lockup garage. 2 terraces. Sea views. Ref 1090


3 bed / 2,5 bath south facing Villa. Garage & utility room. Covered terrace. Gardens. Sea & mountains views Ref 1143

mojacar playa


2 bed / 1 bath south facing linked bungalow with 3 terraces & roof solarium. No community fees. Ref.1450



2 bed / 2 bath detached Villa. Walled plot 600 m². Lockup garage. Wood burner. A/C. Gardens & pool. Ref 1385

mojacar pueblo €150,000

3 bed / 2 bath charming Cortijo. Large terrace. Clear coastal views. Build 111 m². Plot 65 m². Store room. Ref 1492



2 bed / 2 bath charming Moorish style Villa. Plot 400 mts². Terraces, courtyard & roof terrace. Beautiful views Ref.1109

mojacar playa €349,000

3 bed / 2 bath Villa with unrivalled sea views. Garage & utility room. Terrace with jacuzzi. Close to promenade. Ref 1062

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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OPEN for business L & M LAND S CAPE S

For all your gardening needs

Community & private Maintenance & clearing Garden design & construction Irrigation, installation & repairs Call Mark: 950 398 755 / 670 409 538 E-mail:

Drainage Solutions Emergency Drain Cleaning High Pressure Water Jetting CCTV Surveys Drainage Repairs Location of Cesspits Qualified Engineer Expert Reports Tel: 616 531 283 or 670 088 966

TO ADVERTISE HERE CALL 902 750 190 OR EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM “In modern business it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.” William Wordsworth

GT P L A S T E R E R S Tel: 663 606 96 5

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ful ly est lega 200 l 2

w Ne rms a al


B&B - Apartment

24 hour service

Chris: 637 82 97 87

Gas & Oil Fired Central Heating - Gas Appliances Plumbing - Servicing - Repairs - Installations

Las Persianas Azules

LOCKSMITH & CARPENTRY SERVICES Over 25 years experience in the trade

TEL: 600 320 761

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Coastal Mosquitos

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SoloSatellite & AirConditioning

Almeria - Fotografia British Photographers


4 Blocked toilets sinks & baths 4 New showers, baths & toilets 4 Blocked drains & pipes 4 Turbine root cutting 4 CCTV surveys & inspections 4 Blocked cesspits 4 Drain tracing All domestic and commercial work carried out All work guaranteed Call out within 1 hour when possible Mojacar, Arboleas & all other areas covered

Tel: 950 091 109 or 648 768 587

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domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207


Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar/Oil/Gas Hot Water Hot Pool Hot House

All At Unbeatable Prices. Fully Guaranteed And Insured.

Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger)

968 969 962

all lucked out!

I really hate it when you wish someone good luck, and back comes the smug answer; “You make your own luck in life”. Sure you can be really organised, smart and ambitious, and all these things will help, but I maintain that there are some people who are just born lucky and have an invisible horseshoe carved into their forehead, or seem to have access to the Philosophers Stone and capable of turning base metal into gold. You know the ones. Whatever they do in life, they always seem to land on their feet, or as my old Dad used to say, “ If they fell down the toilet, they would come out with a bunch of roses and a box of Black Magic”. Not very subtle my Dad. Then conversely there are those of us who always drop the bread, butter side down. The ones who suddenly realise that the ITV on their car is overdue, and even though they have never been pulled over by the Guardia in all their years in Spain, they get stopped on their way to the test centre. There is good luck and bad luck - of course there is! Why some have far more than their fair share of either however, is a mystery. It’s the same with poise, or to put it another way, no poise. I have friends who are so butterfingered, that you would never dream of getting out the best crystal if they come round for drinks. You just know that at

some point in the proceedings something will get spilt, dropped or knocked over. It’s as inevitable as seeing Jordan’s chest splashed across the front pages at least twice a week. But like luck, there are things that happen around these people that they apparently have no contact with or influence over. They just have to be present for situations to occur. Ray, a friend from my younger days, was one of those people. For some inexplicable reason, he only had to go near young ladies for them to suddenly screech in dismay as a run appeared in their tights. It was a regular phenomenon, happening time and time again. He was responsible for more ladders than George Wimpey. One night travelling home in a heavy storm in his Ford Anglia, both wipers, as if by mutual consent, shot off into the night, leaving two little metal spikes eeek eeeking back and forth across the bottom of his windscreen. He was a poltergeist in human form, with things, falling over and going bump in the night whenever he was around. If he were to be given a new Airbus A380 for Christmas, he would break it by Boxing Day! A one-time girlfriend was also a train-crash on legs, and would do silly things like cleaning out her shower cubicle fully dressed, then turning it on to sluice down,


I like my world to be in harmony, without stress and raised voices. I don’t want to give the impression that I like my world to be boring and monochrome – there is a wealth of difference between harmony, which allows for a decent measure of excitement, and stress and discord, which doesn’t. My world has been affected by the recent rain – not that I am complaining about the rain, coming as I do from a country where a week without rain is almost unheard of, even in the height of summer. I like rain - Spanish rain, that is. It is such an unusual phenomenon that I get quite excited when it rains. I feel compelled to drop everything and watch it, I don’t know what I expect, but you never know, one day it might rain actual cats and dogs! But it is the consequences of the rain that have jolted my world into disharmony. Everything in our garden is growing at record speed, including those plants which I would rather didn’t grow at all, namely weeds. I have a broad-minded approach to weeds. In fairness many of them are very pretty, some of them are even quite spectacular, and I feel would be better described as ‘wild flowers.’ I set a piece of our garden aside for these little



forgetting to exit first. We were enjoying the ride along on Bermuda’s South Shore one day, on my shiny Honda. Penny was wearing chunky, platform soled shoes, when my bike came to a dead stop, unlike myself who continued on in the general direction of Europe. She had managed to stick one of her heels into the back wheel, which was suddenly transformed into one of the more obscure letters of the Greek alphabet. You occasionally find an individual who is the strange combination of the two things: they are constantly falling over their own feet, but possess some mystical rabbit’s foot of powerful luck. We had one at school. He was very bright, but always injuring himself in PE and games; a geek supreme and a fully paid up anorak . . . he would take girls behind the bike sheds and help them with their maths! But then later in life he became incredibly successful, and almost literally everything he touched turned to double platinum. But apparently he still dances like a camel and is as accident prone as ever. So please don’t give me all that guff about making my own luck, or tell me to be careful with that precious vase on your sideboard. If I’m clumsy enough to drop it, put it down to bad luck.

By Colin Bird

treasures, gathering them lovingly and carefully in seed form from the surrounding countryside, but they steadfastly refused to co-operate, and my wild flower garden remained barren. The weeds, sorry, wild flowers and I developed a strange, twisted relationship. They refused to grow in their nice specially prepared plot, but grew with gusto in the rest of the garden. As soon as they popped their heads up I would pounce on them with a maniacal laugh and heave them out by the roots. I felt justified, after all, they had the choice, they could have put themselves in their designated safe area, but oh no, they had to turn up where they weren’t welcome. But the weeds and I have moved on from absolute enmity – we have formed a sort of pact. It is along the lines of: If they promise to produce a pretty flower, they can stay, as long as they are not A: Interfering with an existing plant which cost money, and therefore has a superior claim to land rights or B: Give in gracefully when their flower is over, and accept a dignified end. (I will pull them up when they are no longer pretty) I think this is a very fair arrangement. However, the weeds (yes, weeds!) continue to grow everywhere! They know the rules, so why can’t they play fair? Why can’t they behave?

oh, by the way....

A sad event this last week was the earthquakes in Lorca. Shortly before 7 pm I was on the terrace, quietly watering my pot plants. Suddenly the pots performed a Polka on the table, but as we have had quakes before, I just noted the event and promised myself to tell my husband about it. Quickly forgotten – hey, I am of the age when I remember what happened 20 years ago, but have forgotten what I had for breakfast – I did not say anything to my husband, until a neighbour came and told us to tune in on TV1. Watching the coverage on TV, I realised that the tremor I had felt was the second one of magnitude 5.3 on the Richter scale. Absolutely no doubt it was a tragedy for the people affected, and my thoughts are with them. On a lighter note, we have been entertained by music from all over Europe – or should I say Eastern Europe – at the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. Azerbaijan won, with 100 of the total 166 points they obtained as top-scorers (8, 10 and 12 points) coming from other Eastern European countries. Surprised? I am not! In my notes from this “important” event, I wrote: “Looking better than they are singing. Jay Lo lookalike – without the bum! No choreography, marched around on the scene. Chorus: “Oh, Oh” – exactly my sentiments!” I am an avid cook! By the way, did you know that 80% of all accidents in the home happen in the kitchen? Good news is that

90% of these are eaten anyway! Anyway, though I love cooking I do sometimes buy fast-food in the form of a pizza. And I fall for the manufacturer’s private, little joke every time. I can see them giggling when they decided on the packaging. ‘Let’s leave a little corner without glue, put the words “Abre facil” on...and then glue the rest with SUPERGLUE!’ And, there you are! You have managed to part the little corner, but the rest will not part, no matter how hard you tug. You put all your effort in, finally it split, the pizza takes a double somersault, finishes with a pirouette, and lands on the floor with all the topping spread around it. Sure, that is fast food - so fast that you do not get a chance to eat it! Aren’t people weird? Why can’t they be like you and me? I read about a Croatian boy, who is magnetic. Yes, he can hold op to 25 kg of metal on his torso. His parents are mighty proud of him, showing him of with spoons, knives and forks all over him – well, guess it gives them easy access to the cutlery when laying the table. Or the nutcase grandmother from California, who is sewing suicide kits, and selling them on the Internet? I’m not killing people, she says, this is my chance of helping them. When a healthy young man used her kit to kill himself,

she denied any responsibility. Well, with $98,000 earned on her “invention” it seems to me that she is more helping herself. Young people have always been pranksters. The more silly a thing is the funnier! Do not deny it! We have all done it. I do not agree with the fashion of jumping into a hotel pool from the fourth floor – that is not silly, that is both stupid and dangerous. But “planking” seems to me just a thing I would have done when I was young. “Planking” is laying flat on your stomach with the arms against your body, supported by e.g. a bicycle or two cupboards; and then post a photo on Internet. Or, in danger of being arrested, on top of a police car – the “culprit” was charged with being on police equipment without lawful excuse. If he could have found one, would they have let him? Pretty silly, but hey-ho, we have all been young once! Unfortunately some youngsters do not know where to stop, which has caused the death of a young man, when he attempted to do “planking” after a night out, and fell to his death from a balcony.

Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

By Jos Biggs~


Offers around €89,000


Reduced to €85,000

2 Bed 2 Bath Apartment on Valle Del Este 2 Bed 2 Bath Apartment on Vera Playa. Golf Course. Now hugely reduced to a Now a distressed sale from the bank. Just giveaway price coming with all furniture 20% deposit, balance on a mortgage and and air-con. Offers invited around €89,000 nothing to pay for 3 years. for a quick sale Reduced to €85,000 For more information, property viewings please call 950 469 592 mobile 697 640 681 e-mail or go to


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Very Hard!


CRYPTIC crossword



Down 1 Made broader (7) 2 In an illegal manner (9) 3 Front limb of a horse (7) 4 Make laws (9) 5 French for “Our” (5) 6 These stop football plays (7) 7 Become liable to (5) 8 Food market (7) 14 Disaffected (9) 16 Well-kept (9) 17 Pampered (7) 18 Take one’s clothes off (7) 20 Utmost (7) 21 One of New York’s baseball teams (7) 23 Forever no (5) 24 Dirty (5)


Across 1 Ridiculous bus crashes in a road (6) 5 Contrary to Pope is change (8) 9 One who can sell alcohol to parasitic insects seen elsewhere (8) 10 H  eadless hunted animal eats everyone it’s true! (6) 11 Sum it up after I make loan extra (10) 12 Might include redhead girl (4) 13 Dead end in day of French return (8) 16 G  irl is reportedly an online animal doctor? (6) 17 F  oreign Office returning 13 of an unborn baby (6) 19 G  oes back in green, terse part (2-6) 21 Sea pipe? (4) 22 B  e concise - I adapted field of knowledge (10) 25 T  ear up without a fiftyfifty return for a supporter (6) 26 T  his way and that, creature surrounds new similar creature (almost) (2,3,3) 27 G  rass - teaberry, perhaps (8) 28 N  ot that clever - returns daughter to empty leisure centre (6) Down 2 Gradually strengthen physique (5) 3 Part of parachute - risk to organs (5) 4 Fire Sid up with girl (7) 5 Love church, and taking in one nymph (7) 6 Herb players, perhaps (7)

7 Most unctuous military forces enter into smut - not posh! (9) 8 One who endures the French animal in rising source (9) 14 Serving to bring to mind England 5-0 Cuba at International - a famous day (9) 15 That which ensnares Brown in green mess left inside (9) 18 Freedom left head of Iraq - Bush starting (with England) to try again (7) 19 Animal, some Australian ones, and almost a flying one (7) 20 “Former mollusc going without”, I cry out (7) 23 Fixed without maiden over (5) 24 Sea feature of river in fuel (5)



Across 1 Deliberate (7) 5 Mesh (7) 9 Out-and-out (9) 10 What chocolate comes from (5) 11 Pins (7) 12 Make bigger (7) 13 Assign (9) 15 Effeminate (5) 17 A South American rodent (5) 19 A finger or toe (9) 22 Laid bare (7) 25 Craftsman (7) 26 Dike (5) 27 Discriminate (9) 28 Probably (2 words) (7) 29 People watching their calories (7)

Arthur Young


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

coffee break

God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.




Why the rain in Spain will put up the price of your salad......

Tomato crop threatened by delayed planting Rain in Spain could send tomato prices rocketing in the UK, a report has warned. Unseasonably heavy downpours have stopped Spanish farmers from planting, putting back this year’s tomato season. The delay raises the prospect of higher prices for fresh tomatoes and processed tomato products such as puree and juice. Prices have already shot up 61 per cent across Europe because of concerns that ‘unfavourable weather is affecting shelf life consistency’, according to market analysts Mintec, citing figures for last month. Trade magazine The Grocer said that the bad weather came as tomato volumes are down across Europe generally. Growers have already reduced the

amount they are planting in response to the withdrawal of EU subsidies for the sector and after over-planting last year. Experts at the website said volumes in the key growing region of Extremadura were expected to be down 22 per cent year-on-year to 1.38million tons with Andalucia reporting a 35 per cent drop to 312,000 tons. However, one UK importer of Spanish tomatoes said it was too early to tell how severe the impact would be on prices. He added: ‘If it improves, then there’s every chance the season will catch up on itself, but if it is still raining in a week or two, there could be reason to worry.’






for fine dining

La Vida overlooks stunning views of olive groves and mountains, but only 5 minutes off the main road, following the tarmac road under the bridge, you will find us up on the left-hand side. Our aim is to give you a meal to remember with great prices, good wine and a cosy atmosphere, with plenty of comfort and leg room.

Relax and enjoy our Menu del Noche Our price includes: Fresh bread, Alioli & filtered water

from 8.95€ Booking

advisable Thursday, Friday & Saturday Evenings Tel 950 634 562 6pm last orders 9pm

from 6.95€


Sunday roast 12.30pm - 4pm including a Fish dish option Booking advisable Tel 950 634 562

All Day Friday fish & chips

Beer-battered cod, homemade chips & peas

Notes for your diary

dine & dance

Saturday 21st May Saturday 28th May ‘JC’ singing live

steve king

50’s 60’s 70’s Country, Motown & Rock n Roll

Dance & Karaoke Spot Prizes

Dining from 7pm

VidaLoungebar Entrance for non-diners from 9pm


r e v o h t i w 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 , 2 choices... why go e r e h w y n a else?


New daytime menu

Monday - Saturday 12pm -6pm

The 19th hole Golf Society

We want new members to join our society and have some fun. Come in and see Rob, put your name on our noticeboard or call for info

LIVE premier & other football matches

See our boards for details

eat fresh.

Paseo del Mediterraneo 227 local, Urb. Los Zahories 2 Mojacar Playa 04638 (in front of Mojacar Beach Hotel) Tel. 950 478 129

Monday 2pm Pilates 7.30pm Quiz

Come and meet our new chef Dave, who joins Diane. They provide freshly cooked food to order for your enjoyment

Men & Women Darts players wanted for the new season. Call in & put your name down! We are here

Albox Arboleas Zurgena La Alfoquia




La Vida

Cucador Junc 547 Huercal Overa

tuesday 4pm line dancing

Wednesday 2.30pm yoga 7.30pm bingo


Every Thurs. 2 - 4pm FREE Coffee & Cake Come along and lets link up thursday 2pm ladies day

Open 7 days a week - Midday - late and from 11am weekends

Tel: 950 634 562

...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


me Strang o c l e e W Restaurant r

food & drink... Moroccan Wings with Herb Couscous


Established 6 years

Incredibly, it is almost 6 years since Clifford and Julie Wood opened the doors of the popular Welcome Stranger Restaurant. During that time the restaurant has built a well deserved reputation for its high quality food, wonderful atmosphere and stunning location. Whilst some mountain restaurants involve a hair raising journey on muddy or rutted tracks, the Welcome Stranger is accessed via a tarmac road, which provides a breathtaking drive through the Spanish countryside. Clifford is rightly proud of his menu, which manages to mix traditional dishes from back home with some old Andalusian favourites. A three course evening set menu is served each night at 13€. Lunches are served daily from 5€. The signature dish has to be Tournedos Welcome Stranger – a succulent fillet steak, stuffed with stilton, topped with pate and served on a crouton with a red wine sauce – fabulous! Enjoy your meal or just have a cooling drink on the outside terrace, whilst taking in the mountain views. The Welcome Stranger, which also has disabled access, is open from Wednesday to Sunday 12-3.00pm, and again in the evening from 7pm with last orders taken at 10pm. Sunday lunch is served between 12 noon and 3pm. You are always sure of a warm welcome at the Welcome Stranger.


Situated @ MALIBU BEACH BAR (Formally Mariella´s)

Mojacar Playa

English Branded Clothing by Donna at very affordable prices Tibetan Silver Jewellery by Julie Handmade Soaps Beautiful Designer Dolls Acessories, Bags, Scarves etc Designer Jewellery Plus many many more If you are interested in obtaining a stall, please contact

Donna on 677 542 931 or Julie on 634 323 108

Stalls must be pre-booked before the event.


TEL: 657 445 396 OR 626 893 799

Delicious home-cooked food in cosy & intimate surroundings at great value... We don’t do Karaoke, we don’t do quiz nights, we just do good food


A la Carte Menu Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday



We now have delicious home made pizzas to eat in or takeaway

OPENING TIMES: MON, THURS, FRI, SAT 6-10PM - SUN 1-5pm Bar + Tapas - all day, everyday

METHOD Heat the grill to high. Put the chicken wings into a large roasting tin and grill for 15 minutes, turning halfway, till golden. Meanwhile mix the maple syrup, harissa and cumin with the zests, half of the orange and lemon juices and some seasoning. Pour over the wings, shake to coat, then return to the grill for another 15 minutes till browned and sticky, turing once. While the chicken is grilling boil the kettle for the couscous. Splash the remaining orange and lemon juice over the couscous then pour in enough boiling water just to cover. Clingfilm the bowl then set aside for 10 minutes. Roughly chop the herbs. Fluff the couscous, fold through the herbs, preserved lemon, 1 tbsp oil and some salt and pepper. Serve with the wings and a spoonful of yogurt, swirled with harissa if you like a bit more heat.

~ Verduras ~ Hortalizas ~ ~ Carne ~ Charcuteria ~




Golden Apples




30c PER KILO Galia Melons - 4 pieces €1

Open Mon-Sat 9.30 - 8pm (no siesta) Avda Lepanto, Esquina C/Malaga - ALBOX

Limaria, Arboleas 4.5km from Albox ~ Tel: 950 432 719

EVERY WEDNESDAY 9 a.m – 1.30 p.m

INGREDIENTS 2 x 475g packs chicken wings 3 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp harissa paste, plus more to serve 1 tsp cumin seeds , lightly crushed 1 medium orange , zested and juiced (about 6 tbsp in total) 1 lemon , zested and juiced 150g couscous large bunch mint large bunch coriander 2 tbsp finely chopped preservedlemon extra-virgin olive oil 0 % fat Greek yogurt , to serve


TEL: 950 121 379 / 616 740 638 E:


Venue for hire! Private Parties, Birthdays Weddings

The Kimrick Sunday Lunch Sunday 21st May

Saturday 28th May

Dinner, Dance with Tony Justice. & Darren Antony, with secret guest appearance. Cava Reception & 3 course a la carte menu

Friday Fish & Chips

Served Lunchtime & Dinner

Fresh Cod or Haddock, Chips & Peas



22 €

European Champions League Cup Final Live from Wembley on our HUGE screen San Miguel 2€ per pint 1/2 time Burger & Pint

4. 95€ 6. 95€



Tel: 950 475 198

Le Bistro

Best location on Mojacar Playa with amazing cuisine...

Sunlight Menu-10€ Moonlight Menu-12€ Sunday Lunch

2 Courses 10.95€


3 Courses 13.00€

Pizza ~ Pasta ~ A la Carte Menu also available


kimrick correos farmacia red cross

Approx 300 metres


mojacar playa

Open 7 days week

Tel: 950 475 127 or 659 109 379 Avenida del Mediterraneo 6, (next to Lua)


hot & cold food served all day

line dancing ~ Thursdays 3pm AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE HIRE & FUNCTIONS Low Impact Exercise Class Mondays 10-11 am First Session Free

Find us beneath banco popular/Andalucia in Albox

Tel: 666 649 330

Los Gallardos Tlf 950 398 799 Now under the new management of Ali & Mick

Tapas - Snacks - Breakfasts - Evening Menu Sunday Carvery Saturday 21st May

from 1.30pm Tom Lee - Singer and Entertainer with chillout ballads, 50s, 60s & modern classics pizzas Special 2 or 3 course menu available. Freshly made to order from

Home-made Pies,

7pm. Eat in or take-away

ce’ on the Terrau 10€ hts ig N y a nd ‘Su 3 Course Set Men

Pasties & Quiches to order

7pm ~ Sunday 5 June fromnment by DRIFTWOOD with entertai

FREE WIFI Sky Sports shown on large screen TV

Bingo Tuesdays 3pm Darts Wednesday 8.30pm Quiz Night Thursdays 8.30pm Karaoke Fridays 8.30pm





INGREDIENTS 350g raspberries

free wifi free wifi free wifi the

3 eggs


100g golden caster sugar 284ml pot double cream 2 meringues shells, crushed into small pieces METHOD Mash 150g of the raspberries, pass through a sieve into a bowl, discarding seeds, and set aside. Line a 1 litre loaf tin with cling film. Whisk eggs and sugar continuously over a bowl of barely simmering water, until doubled in volume and thick (an electric whisk is ideal). Remove bowl from heat. Continue to whisk until completely cool; the whole process will take about 10 mins. Whisk the cream until just thick. Fold the egg mix into the cream until completely combined, then fold in the meringue. Pour the raspberry purée over the mix in a zigzag, then gently pour into the lined loaf tin. Freeze for minimum 4 hrs and serve in slices with the remaining whole raspberries.

Strawberry boom may be out of juice by summer.................. If there’s one thing British tennis fans can rely on at Wimbledon it’s overpriced strawberries and cream – a tradition as associated with the championship as intense national disappointment. This year, however, there may be less to sweeten the bitter aftertaste of inevitable loss as freak weather brings with it the prospect of empty punnets. Record temperatures across Britain throughout April combined with scant rainfall have led to the earliest harvest in decades for many strawberry farms. Farmers in the south of England are warning the early harvest could leave fields bare by June, when demand around Centre Court – and on supermarket aisles across the country – is at its highest. “My gut feeling is that by Wimbledon fortnight there isn’t going to be much fruit around, because of the early start,” said Paul Keene, who runs a pickyour-own strawberry farm in Gloucestershire. Dennis Hilsdon’s farm on the south coast near

Eastbourne has started picking earlier this year than it has for more than a decade. “We could be a bit short during Wimbledon. We normally peak just before then in June but we’ve had an early start this year like many others,” he said. Strawberry farms across the country enjoy an annual boost every year during Wimbledon. Each year, approximately 27,000 kilos of strawberries are eaten during the event, together with 7,000 litres of cream. While farmers in the South may be worrying about the Wimbledon period, some are more optimistic. There is a good chance the gap could be filled by strawberries grown in Scotland, according to Laurence Olins, chairman of British Summer Fruits. “There is always a possibility of a shortage but I wouldn’t bet on it. Everything has moved forward so fruit that we expected to pick in July is looking to be picked in June,” he said.

place to be!!!


Friday Night Quiz Night Saturday BBQ please book from 5pm followed by Karaoke - late Great Sunday Lunch with all the trimmings from €6.50 late night menu All sports on big screen New pool room ~ Great sun terrace

bookings: Call 950 479 593

cafe bar Los Mellizos


qu o f l A

the place in the area for football on AD sports in hd ALL PREMIERSHIP Karaoke FOOTBALL being shown FOOTBALL SPECIAL FREE

FRIDAY nights

Burger & BOTTLE OF BEER 2.50€



Saturday nights

Open every day 9am Late Tel: 638 889 520

a r ld I s l e e m E e Th IRISH PUB Mojacar Playa, nr La Hacienda Every Sunday

• Air conditioning • gaa games and all football shown on big screens. • guinness on draught • Snacks Available

fun Quiz

with play your cards right and Irish Bingo followed by music

70’s disco night

sAT 21st May

from 9pm disco with dj steve king free shot to everyone in fancy dress Live music with ASHLeY saturday 28th may

Live music with sean grew


sunday lunches Still the best deal in town!

3 course 8.50€

Friday 20th May Party Nite Dance & Sing to Graham D Only 5 minutes from Albox

every wednesday

Open: Mon - Fri 5pm - late, Sat & Sun 2pm - late

Tel: 697 224 283

For all enquiries & reservations please call 950 930 129 Email:


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES





● Approval of General Plan of Zurgena in accordance with the guidelines contained in the laws of autonomic regulations in force. ● Creation of an industrial estate, with all the types of infrastructure: fiber optic, gas, sewerage networks. ● VPO will be built for the underprivileged. ● Needs assessment and provision of industrial land and infrastructure for the settlement of local businesses and to attract investors to our city, resulting in generation employment. ● Encourage any support for the reform of housing in greatest need of the municipality

PUBLIC SAFETY ● Increased material and human resourses of Local Police. We will have a fully equipped vehicle to patrol the local area for wxtra security. We will buy a new fully equipped vehicle to provde extra security in the

areas that are not being covered. ● It would ensure the presence of local police at the entrance and departure of children from school. In all social events and the strengthening of the surveillance extending to all parts of the municipality. ● Organise the trffic in all parts of the municipility ● Promote awareness raising road safety, gender violence, against aggression in schools, urban vandalism, detection of cases of drug use, and control Internet content


● Launching Workshop schools, Profession Houses and employment workshops focusing always new sources of employment such as renewable energies (solar, wind), new information technologies and communication, home care ... ● Recruitment Agent local employment promotion (ALPE), for coordination of local development projects proposed ● Help and support business development through full cooperation with the center of business development support. CADE Zurgena ● Created classroom training for the implementation of occupational training courses, with practice in companies, focusing on creation of employment. ● Companies will gain for installation in the future industrial park, with a commitment to offer priority job for the people of Zurgena. ● PER increased funding and an equitable distribution of working time transparent to those most in need of the municipality. ● Encourage the creation of the business association Zurgena ● Endowment at the municipal gym qualified monitors in various sports. ● Reduction in current access quotas for the use of the sport facilities. Children will be free. ● Expansion of the season and the opening hours of the municipal pool. It will coincide with summer holidays.


Your candidate

● We will operate a SERVICE to the people who have difficulty processing documents or understand the language and procedures in Spain. ● We will take steps to improve the mail service. ● You get one-stop registration for all administrations from the Town Hall. ● Modernize all care services and documentation for our citizens. ● When you come to our City you will feel cared for. Inrespect of the public opening hours. ● Bring the City home, if you can not come to us, we can send the information to you via the internet. ● Establish the service of the Office of Information, suggestions and complaints sheets. Put a service user. ● We will improve the collective agreement for staff in the service of City Hall. ● Continuous training of personnel working for the City Council. ● It will make more frequent visits by external services such as renewal A of passport.

Luis Díaz García

to stand for mayor.





ROQU ETAS D E MAR Latin / Ballroom / Salsa Dance Classes .........................................

Every Tuesday 10.30am 4 euros PP. Boulevard Bar beach front Roquetas de Mar. With Paul & Caroline Johnson British Senior Champions. Learn to Dance and have fun!

Almerimar Property Management ................................


...a fiesta and medieval market was held to commemorate San Isidro Labrador (Saint Isidore the Labourer or Isidor the Farmer). He was widely venerated as the Patron Saint of peasants and labourers and in 1947 was officially named as the Patron Saint of Farmers. This Saint is particularly revered in this area which is predominately agricultural and supplies vegetables both nationally and internationally. It was the first town in the province to have a greenhouse built in the fifties. Around 1954 Franco’s Government through the National Institute of Colonization Agency built a core of cottages which were given to farmers along with a parcel of land to encourage them to come down from the villages of the mountains to settle in the town. The medieval market’s stall holders were dressed in period costume and sold a range of goods including natural soaps and creams, jewellery, home made sweets, and arts and crafts. The large number of herbal remedies being sold on one of the stalls ranged from treatments for stress to obesity and as well as the traditional English breakfast tea leaves there was an impressive range of other tea leaves with unusual flavours such as tiramasu and pina colado. Other attractions included a fairground bringing back memories of popcorn and “hook a duck” and a street full of food vendors catering to all tastes.

based on the third marina at the side of the Caleta Restaurant will not be moving as was stated in the previous publication. They will still be found in their usual place and would like to apologies to their clients who may have been mislead by this statement.

burty’s bar ................................. Monday 30th May presents Rough Justice

Bar Spinnaker ................................ Tuesday - Bingo 3pm, Wednesday - Quiz 9.30pm Friday - Race Night 9pm, Saturday - Curry Night 7pm Sunday - Sunday Roast 1.30pm 4.30pm

Mobility aids

bMobileSpain 3 Days 1 wk

2 wks

Scooter from €30 €60 €110 €20 €35 €60 Wheelchair Long term rates on application Deposit required Full instruction given We also hire: kettle / Toasters / Fans €1 each per day (€10 deposit per item) Tel: 697 590 151 Email: Free delivery & collection from your Hotel or Apartment

Anglican Chaplaincy................... Priest Canon Hugh Broad Tel: 950 478 432 holds the Roquetas Eucharist service on the 3rd Thursday every month at 11:00 in the Lutheran Church, C/Mar Egeo, Roquetas. The Church Wardens are: Alan Smith el: 950 478 066 John Salmons Tel: 950 472 112

ROYAL bRITISH LEGION.................... New members always welcome. Meetings held the first Tuesday of each month, at 15:00 at ‘Y da Wakes’ on Calle Serena. Tuesday 31st May - Branch meeting at 5pm followed by BBQ and Bottle Tombola (Any bottles greatly received) Royal British Legion 90th Anniversary, Great Poppy Weekend, 10th - 12th June. Sunday 12th June, Party from 3.30pm onwards, call Joan 950 333 243 for details

Beer battered cod, chips & mushy peas every Friday 7.95€ Pie night – Home made choice & soups only 8.95€ Carvery every Sunday only 7.95€ Served 1 pm – 4 pm Look out for Monthly cabaret evenings & special A La Carte Menu call for details Also available Childrens menu Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat from 7pm Sun from 1pm (carvery only) Avenida Mediterraneo,opposite Hotel Zafiro, Roquetas De Mar Booking highly recommended 950 333 484 / 664 165 372 Authentic Indian Cuisine Tapas served daily

Y Da Wakes ....................................... 1st Saturday of the month, roast dinner evening / fun quiz Bingo: Every Monday and Wednesday Night 9.30pm

Open 1pm - 4.30pm 7pm - Late

LA BOMBA...........................................

Telephone: 950 333 353

Every Saturday 3pm Flamenco En Directo Rumba Servianna


671 176 750



La Dehesa Avd, Playa Serena, 132 - Edif. Las Garzas Urb, Playa Serena - 04740 Roquetas de Mar Frente Hotel Bahia Serena Bar - Restaurant - pizza

4.90€ Your Home made Pizza.

Base (Tomato & Mozzarella) plus 2 other ingredients of your choice. 50c for extra ingredient.

anchovies, tuna, york ham, choRizo, salami, onion, peppers, potato, mushrooms, sausage, minced meat, goats cheese, artichokes, courgettes, olives, egg, parmesan cheese, corn, capers, tabasco

Delivery to your home in the Roquetas area 1.50€

950 319 159 - 637 721 804

C.Americo Vespucio, 25-Complejo Roquemar (In front of Zoraida Hotels) Urbanizacion Roquetes de Mar

Jaled Rashad Isak Estate agent English Speaking

Avda.Pedro Muñoz Seca,112 04720 Aguadulce (Almeria) Movil: 629 64 31 32 Fax: 950 55 14 55

LARGE Barbecued TAPAS 3€

including drink from 14.00 till 18.00 daily Tel: 666 269 772 Open hours: 9am til late Avda del Golf, 4, Roquetas de Mar

Property management Sales & Rentals

We Buy & Sell Gold

Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Almerimar, Vicar, La Envia Golf

Avda. del Mediterraneo No 49 (Frente Hotel Zafiro) Urb. de Roquetas de Mar 04740 Roquetas de Mar Almeria

Services include Key Holding, Maintenance, Furniture Packs, Cleaning & Laundry, Apartment & Post-box Checks

Mobile: (0034) 663 426 921

Tlf: 950 333 320

La Grappa

Authentic Italian Restaurant

• Pizzas • Fresh Pastas • Fresh Fish • Argentinian BBQ’d Food On The Terrace Special Menu day & night €19.95 for two people Including a drink

Open 7 days a week from 10am til late

Chiringuito Casablanca Beachfront Bar

Open 12 - 4pm 7 - 12.30am Av. Playa Serena, 37 Roquetas de Mar

Pizzas - Fish - Paellas 12 noon till midnight

to reserve your table

Paseo Maritimo, next to Hotel Playa Sol

950 334 188 609 337 316

950 880 114


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS Generator Es 8000 power system Honda gx390. 13hp petrol 6.5kva 115/240v very little use 950€ Tel: 659 685 133 Satellite dish 1.2m with LMB and wall bracket 120€ ono Tel: 950 132 409 or 682 527 204 2 stainless steel security lights with sensors €25 pair Tel: 699 727 138

for sale

G a r d e n Shed – Buyer to dismantle & collect 6ft x 6ft 150€ Tel: 646 520 880 (Vera) 2 WHITE W O O DEN VENETIAN BLINDS, Brand new (sizes 49.5” wide by 90” drop and 41.75” by 76” drop) 35€ each. Tel 950 462 146

G E O R G E F O R E M AN LEAN MEAN FAT GRILLING MACHINE, used twice 25€. Tel 950 T.V. stand 462 146 suitable for up to 32” T.V. wood with glass U n u s e d , shelves €30 Tel: u n w a n t e d present. Lovely 699 727 138 girls red Hitenframe 2 silver gas Jumper Bike with 30€ twist grip gears. bottles Pump included. All each Tel: 600 098 as new. Suit child 533 aged between 7 For Sale - Patio and 12 years of Set including 4 fold age. Bargain at Mojacar up chairs, glass top 100€. table & parasol. All area. Tel: 950 472 119 or 697 255 matching. Tel: 950 642 473 268 Bargain! Sky dish 1.2 €140 with LNB and wall A e ro b e d bracket sky box double height and remote 120€ airbed flock topping Tel: 682 527 204 with pump. or 950 132 409 Size W150 x L200 car x H58 with storage Child seat. Good bag, used once. condition. 9 months 60€. Phone: 685 to 4 years. Tel: 950 224 985 449 617

Z i mm e r Frame with 2 front wheels, seat & basket - used few times – 45€ Tel:617 821 085

barbecue gas (make thermos) v. g . c . i n c l u d i n g cover hardly used 60€ o.n.o. Tel: 950 475 455 mobile 661 GOLF CLUBS 3 016 366 x McGregor Tourney Double Bed. MT Hybrids/ 6ft 4in x 5ft with Recovery Clubs. lift up mattress for 19, 22 & 25 degrees storage, little used. loft. UST Mamiya 130€. Tel: 634 341 Regular Graphite 794 Shafts. Black calor Headcovers. gas heater and New and unused. silver gas bottle 50€ € 50 each. Will sell Tel: 600 098 533 separately. Tel: 950 2 New white 633 029. sun plastic Complete set loungers 20€ each of M2i Irons. Great Tel: 600 098 533 condition. 60€. Tel Golf clubs. 950 529226. Wilson Full set with Pace Sky bag, nearly new. Digibox Model 120€ ono. Tel: Ron 2200with remote on 966 790 105 control, 40 Euros. Tel: 965 725 573 2 WHITE W O O DEN VENETIAN BLINDS, Brand new (sizes 49.5” wide by 90” drop and 41.75” by 76” drop) 35€ each. G E O R G E F O R E M AN LEAN MEAN FAT GRILLING MACHINE, used twice 25€. Tel 950 462 146

Airport services cont. Tel: 639 081 067


Airport Parking

Alicante Almeria Murcia New Servicing / Repairs

alternative energy


● Batteries

A i r p o r t ● Inverters s e r v i c e s Airport, social & WANTED Good Quality shopping run. Tel: Solar Equipment 677 667 722 Tel: 619 744 516


Sales Service Install’s Fully Certified

free of charge in the SOLTIMES


Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email:

C a r l o s (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 968 969 962 Solar Wind P o w e r Solutions. SPECIAL OFFER on large solar panels. Over 15 years installation experience Call Phil Airport for competitive prices 636 261 services 240 email:info@ AI R P O R T s u n e r g y a l m e r i a . SE R VI C ES : A l l com www.sunergy airports, anytime, reliable, reasonable rates. Tel: 629 097 ● Solar Panels 057

From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

Drop in your coupon listing your items for sale or email your wording to

To place your Paulette on 902 750 190 Email: or in person, we’re above New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles, on the main Albox-Baza road from the motorway.

MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L

950 432 110 / 607 364 917

auctions Location Auctions, Antas El Real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 25th May. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon / Tues and all day Wed. House clearances speciality. Tel: 950 391 412

bouncy castles

Courtney Castles. Bouncy Castles & Dome Hire. Generator Hire & Supervised hire available. Photography services available. “Like a Rubber Ball, you’ll come bouncing back for more!” Tel:649300865 email:


builders Ross Regan We cover all aspects of work from total reforms, new builds, interiors, exteriors design & build Call for a free no obligation quote 671 843 155 / 646 234 222

Neil Bates Builder City & Guilds Qualified

All aspects of building work

Tel: 950 137 621 or 639 435 141 Competitive Prices


ross regan s.l.

Building, Reforms and General Maintenance & Roofing

summer is here! Are your BBQ’s, Pool Surrounds,

Patio’s & Pergolas ready? Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222



Swimming Pools Terraces All building reforms

Matt Murray T: 950 069 065 m: 647 841 750 business opportuniy

Bar for rent in the Port of Roquetas de Mar. Call 600 585 789 for details Business for Sale TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT ALBOX FOR SALE Internet Cafe, Newspapers Magazines & Books. DVD Rental/Sales & 12 Seater Mini Cinema. €27,500 Tel: 625611498 email:

TRADE ADVERTS - Cost only 45c per word, min 10 words. Maximum of 3 adverts per week. Please make cheques payable to Matthews Media S.L.

Blinds Justin

Call at

Sol for


free no obligation

I come to you Comp TIAA+certified Tel: 646 587 746



Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote

Tel: 627 907 207 quote on 627 907 Email: 207

Steve Hayes Informatica

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs onsite callout / tuition. Consumables Opening hours Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm & Sat 10am until 1pm

Tel: 950 120 900



SPARKLES Property Care Service,

craft / hobby

Elaine’s Wools quality UK wool & accessories. Also available at C a m p o s o l Mazarron & on Tel: 627 279 584 the Arboleas forum. Call 667 273 889 curtains elaines wools@ Key Holding, Holiday Change Over Cleaning. Let us take good care of your property!

Soft Options Curtains, & Soft Furnishings. Made to measure curtains & blinds.Cushions & accessories. Also Roman, Blinds

cycle hire

Rainbow Rentals Electric cycles €10 per day Competitive Prices w w w . r a i n b o ws Telephone Workshop: Tel: 968 959 632 Mobile: 686 377 172 Tel: 608 719 015

To advertise your business here or your items for sale, with driver contact Paulette Excellent Rates at the SolTimes: Telephone Tony 950 121 936 610 345 725 digger hire


For Hire


Easy to run family bar for sale. FREEHOLD. 8th year trading. Open for business to be sold with all fixtures and fittings. Offers

based on €140,000

Telephone Mark: 0034 663 426 921 car boot sale Boot sale at El Rancho, Taberno. Every Wednesday, pitch only 2€ lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie: 646 675 297



Suckling Electrical Mojacar & surrounding areas

- Mains Electrical Installation - Electrical Repairs Been cut off - ICP - Fault Finding - Surge Protection problems Call Us! - Water Pumps

- Econo-Heaters (supplied & fitted)

663 660 409 (Eng) 677 672 144 (Span)


E x t e r n a l EXTERNAL BLINDS

Shaders Find us above New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles, on the main Albox - Baza Road from the motorway


PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help and training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts

LittleRoquetas Red Lion de Mar

blinds Internal

computers DON ROBINSON

Ray’s Collectables

Buy, Sell & Part Exchange, Coins & Billets, Military Medals, Pocket Watches, Small Gold & Silver Collectables

Call Ray:

634 671 887

elegance and beauty Keep mosquitos away with Skin So Soft dry oil spray. Just €4.50


691 987 454 avonfromclaire

Neil Godwin


Tel : 687 245 569


25 years experience Full City & Guilds Fully insured & legal Boletins supplied

SPECIALISTS Knowles & Abbott no.1 GLASS SCREENS for electrics and Come and see us on the plumbing. Re- Albox road for a free no wires, free to air UK obligation quote satellite systems. Call 677 114 576 Tel: 950 137 208 or 950 135 564 or 638 010 691 fibreglass Fibreglass Supplies. See our main advert on Page 38



house clearance


We buy anything, single items, clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac, etc. Contact Gordon:


Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully qualified locksmith. Change any lock, upgrade, break-in or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086

fly screens

Pick 24 Locked Locksmith, new locks, hours. safes, security grills, Out? Locks fitted/ upgraded house window locks fitted. safes. Arboleas Call 950466438 & surroutnding Special or 676306269 area. weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181

FLY SCREENS - Cheapest in the area! Sliding & pull down. Free quotes: 620 112 193 / 630 493 817

Antas ~ Arboleas

number plates

Secured loans, Capital Raising, cash advances whilst you sell your property. Equity release. 902 585 569 / 652 986 088


F u n e r a l Insurance Deaths – no-one likes talking about it but it is essential to take out a policy in Spain. Call Sol y Mar 950 064 584

for hire Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection.

Tel: 649 332 134

693 480 411 or email:


We will buy, exchange or sell your unwanted items at Mercamundo 7 day indoor market visit us at El Real poligono Antas from 10am-till late we can also offer local removals & transport to and from UK

Everything for the visiting baby. Car seats, high chairs, stair gates, cots etc. Tel 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingbaby@



maintenance by qualified English speaking Spanish Gardener. Contact Victor (mob)

619 034 313 Roquetas / Almeria



Opposite Mora oil

637 184 625



Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates

iron/Metal works


Tel: 679 207 545 or 686 697 665

gates of all types, security/sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Tel: Keith Wood on 638 900 949 T & T Metals For all quality metal works, including gates, railings, rejas, staircases, gazebos & chain-link fencing - Tel: 950 431 738 Metal Works, Gates, rejas, fabrication, welding, reliable service. Tel:950 069 208/615 132 136 email:


Almerimar Insurance Your local insurance broker Tel: 950 498 000 or 667 479 940 E: info @almerimar Insurance agents – for all your insurance needs call Sol y Mar on 950 064 584

C a r l o s (Saliente) Jewellery & repairs plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Private buyer pays cash for all silver items carlossaliente. Large or small, I will by it, I also buy gold com Tel: 968 969 962

Silver wanted Tel: 603 633 138

home services

Jewellery (Not Scrap)

All home s ervi ce s including painting, tiling, gardening, in & around the Albox/Arboleas area. Excellent daily rates. Call 654 197 014

Silver and Silver plated items Antiques and small items of interest. English prices paid. Also Jewellery repaired by Hatton Garden Jeweller

house clearance

Rolex or Cartier woman’s watch wanted must be good quality private buyer tel 647 379 878

H o u s e Clearance, all items wanted. Large or small. Tel: 615 214 562


NEW SHOWROOM IN ARBOLEAS The Metal works Grills, railings,


24 HR CASASERVE Locksmith

Tel: 0044 7963 020 106 & 620 773 954 English dealer living in Spain


For complete Kitchens or refurbishments contact Ventanas Y Puertas, Mojacar. See our main ad on page 17

pets section


Dog & Horse Sitting Service Ex RSPCA Inspector. Dog day sitting Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet passporting service. Just outside Albox.

Tel: 607 554 984 THE KENNELS & CATTERY Family run. Fully legal, Nr Huercal Overa discounts available pet passports transportation to UK. Tel: 950 168 508 or 651 519 307 Email:

Loving care of small & medium sized dogs in safe home environment. 4000m2 of fenced land in Arboleas Tel: 950 431 852 New Mob: 664 721 903

Animal Hotel, Aquilas every Saturday afternoon, dog training courses Twice weekly obedience classes Tues & Thurs mornings. Call: 639 722 197 WOODHOUSE BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY ARBOLEAS Small friendly kennels, 24hr vets service, pet transporting arranged, welcome to view Tel: Tracy

Alan 662 249 159

Cattery Open !

Palomino Kennels

exclusive boarding kennels / cattery. Warm, friendly secure countryside environment. Now managed by APSA Tel 673 503 086 or 950 067 051

Ashlove’s Pet House E verything your pet needs Male Massuer Men only Relaxing and All pet supplies, treats & accessories affordable. Tel: 676 902 388


Herbal alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc. Guaranteed to work. No chemicals or side effects. funinthesun1950@

Phone Ken: 634 336 024


painting & decorating

• 35 years experience • Guaranteed to beat any quote • Quality work guaranteed

Tel Alan: 950 450 174 or 600 268 176 PAINTER: 400€ for 3 bed, 2 bath villa. Rejas not included. All quality products. Tel: 620 112 193 / 630 493 817 Professional Interior & Exterior Decorator Coving etc. Competitive rates only top quality materials used Call Barry on 664 753 280 / 950 634 593

Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. EG: Interior rooms form 80€ & Villas from 475€ No payment until complete satisfaction.


0044 7533 285 918



Sexy books for the adult reader. Over 40 books for your selection. A choice from word or PDF. All FREE at www.

Fed up with losing your post in Spain? Get a secure mailbox for just 35€ a year at the Post Shop. Call 950 064 584


satellite TV

Rancho Luz Del Sol,




A1 Sky Television Systems

Satellite TV installations, alignment of dishes etc. Also Spanish lessons, latest “freeview”systems supplied EN standard hats & installed to one or group

provided. Escorted

hacking and treks.

Tel Dave: 628 607 778

Sky digi box, Qualified BHS PACE with white Instructor. Call sky card bbc1,2,3,4, itv1,2,3 ch4 & 5. Erika Drew on 678 120€ can deliver. tel: 667 235 205 or 667 838 547 478 771.


Kitchen for rent

Mojacar Playa - Front line In a busy well established bar - Inside & outside seating. Extremely competitive rate. Call: 666 197 219 removals

Optica Albox All your optical needs, eye tests, hearing tests, contact lenses. Tel: 950 121 991

post boxes

Office to rent on Mojacar Playa. Front line next to Restaurante Mediterraneo. 30sqm – Tel: 659 109 379 Desperately seeking villas to rent – clients waiting! Call Sol y Mar on 950 Home: 649 333 226 064 584 Mobile: 650 211 952

For a full service contact:



Doggy Day Care, Cattery, Cat Bathing & Grooming Dog grooming & clipping

Tel: 950 475 502 Open all day: Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm, Sat 10am - 3pm Multicentro Mojacar Playa (The old square behind Sol Bank)

Ken & Jackie Dog & Cat Sitter service Your home or ours. Honest & trust worthy. 3 years experience of all types of animals. References available on request. Tel: 950 0 67 943 or 676 389 592

Hilton Cattery. The best care for your cat.Call. 950 163 489



Fully Insured – Totally Legal 7.5 ton with Tail Lift Full/Part Load, Self Load. Unload. Spain to England & Local For a competitive quote call

620 049 524

Large van. Spain - UK. Full or half loads, plus car transport. Tel: 0044 796 912 3588 shower screens / bathrooms For shower screens and complete bathroom conversions contact Ventanas Y Puertas, Mojacar. See our main ad on page 17

situations vacant GT Plasterers Time Served British Plasterer Variety of Skills – rendering, Full time or part time staff coving, etc 25 years experience Free quotation, no obligation Tel: 663 606 965 required for busy warehouse, preferable plumbing

Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www.carlossaliente. com Tel: 968 969 962 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing & electric. CH, solar hot water and water deposits. Tel: 950 137 197 or 606 807 797

A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080

property management ‘Let Us Take the Worry Out Of Your Property in Spain’

We are introducing a NEW and sincere service for the care of your property in Mojacar and surrounding area... • Key holding package,/property care… • Garden maintenance,/watering etc… TEL IAN: 617 904 774 • Airport Collection and drop off…. • Regular Security checks…. • Rental reception,management etc… • Reforms arranged and ‘project managed’.. We are long-term residents in the Mojacar area,fully legal,reliable and trustworthy… You will be impressed with our rates and packages! Tel, 950 131816/629 097057 for more details

with some kitchen experience and computer skills, must be open minded/hardworking and ambitious: Tel: 636 411 540

Fully qualified hair stylist required, for more details, pop into Strictly Hair with your CV 21, Avenida America, next to Cornish Pride, Albox

Stylist required

for busy salon in Albox. NVQ Level 3 or above and at least 10 years cutting experience. Please call Claire between 9.30 - 1.30 on 950 633 086


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motoring section

situations vacant wanted

Sales Staff Wanted Canvasser’s, part time required for

Landrovers Wanted English or Spanish. Any condition Telephone: 659 685 133 Would suit out going personality, good commisions, team players with ability to work on own initiative email:

Call 0034 950 109 699 spanish tuition


…among friends, in a fun and easy manner with Paco at Camping Los Gallardos, MiraFlores Restaurant. New, beginners class starts wednesday 18th May 4.30pm.

Private lessons and different levels also available.

CALL PACO 661 142 606 Translator

Need a translator? Call Anna on 679 079 977 For all your translation needs, including residencias, NIE numbers, hospital visits, telephone calls. Call Sol y Mar Tel: 950 064 584

To advertise your business or any items for sale please call: 902 750 190


Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist



Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one!

Call Steve Holman

Tel: 697 678 708

WANTED JCB’s, Mini-Diggers (All Makes), Tractors, Trailers & all other types of plant machinery. Any age, any condition. Cash buyer All 4x4 vehicles for cash, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Suzuki, Nissan etc Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 763


Caravans & Motorhomes Any age, condition UK plates or Spanish LHD/RHD All considered Tel. 647 587 855

windows & doors For all your window and door requirements contact Ventanas y Puertas, Mojacar. See our main ad on page 17


The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket! Windows • Conservatories • Doors

Car Air Con

Tel: 678 813 505

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311

TOP PRICES PAID. DVLA notified. Also 4x4’s breaking. All parts available. Distance no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers of all metals - Brass, Copper, Lead, aluminium and top prices paid for Gold. Tel: 645 094 339or 950 064 763

• Free home survey, professional advice & 10 year guarantee • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed • All types of building work undertaken • No job too big or small

Mikes Mobile Mechanics All types of service, repair & ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 / 636 824 974

for sale

for sale

Kia Sephia 1.5 Spanish Reg One lady owner from new. 123,000kms (76,000miles) Year 2000, Full service history, drives beautifully, €2,200 OVNO

Tel: 627 279 584

fiat stilo jtd 2003 5 door diesel,ac, lhd , spanish reg , 133000 km or 83000 miles , very clean not your usual spanish cars no dents or scrapes, 3950€ Tel: 677 114 576

van hire Man & Large van. Very cheap rates. Tel: 950 163 489

Re-gassing from €35

• We supply & fit top quality Aluminium, UPVC and Wood

• Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality


caravans / motorhomes

Large range of discount caravan, motorhome, boat and engine batteries in stock now. ring for details - 950 459 007 647 587 855 Caravan and motorhome spares and repairs. for information call 950 459 007 - 647 587 855 or visit us at caldera spas, antas New, in stock, caravan motor movers. no more struggling. fitting service available. call 950 459 007 - 647 587 855 Caravan & motorhome insurance. most competitive prices. call now for details 687 845 730 Vehicle Imports & Matriculation Fast & competitive rates. Call 687 845 730 Caravans and motorhomes wanted for cash. any age & condition, uk/spanish reg ring 950 459 007 / 647 587 855


PROPERTY TO BUY OR TO RENT Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa

advertise here!

Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

country villa €184,950 B130

• 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms • Large garage / 9m x 4m pool • 147m2 build / 30,000m2 land • Peaceful but neighbours nearby • Huge fly free area • 5 mins to amenities • 12 minutes to Huercal Overa

rentals available

RENTAL PROPERTIES NEEDED In all Coastal & Inland areas.

References available from existing Clients Contact us with confidence

Tel: 638 849 254

Alfoquia Furnished €415 3 bed large lovely Cortijo Puerto Lumb Unfurnished €1000 4 bed luxury big Villa/pool/garage Albox Unfurnished €500 New 3 bed Villa. V. Long rental V. Rubio Furnished €450 2 bed Villa. Electric included Arboleas Furnished €500 3 bed Villa + Pool & Garden Chirivel Furnished €350 3 bed lovely Cortijo + internet Hanares Unfurnished €450 4 bed/4 bath Rural Villa Nr. Albox Part furnished €275 3 bed village House

Your one stop agent for all of your property needs!

Legal Villas urgently required for sale


with solicitors fees, notary fees, taxes, 0% Commission, Brilliant. A happy buyer and seller with

950 109 699/661 433 443

950 469 592 mobile 697 640 681

e-mail or go to

Property For rent FOR SALE €120,000 or nearest offer

Contact: Brian 678050359 or email:

Villa in Arboleas 3 beds, 2 baths, 200€ p/m + bills

Tel: 630 471 422 property for sale


Ref: AR180

Carly & Keefe: Arboleas Property Sales & Services +34 637 909 800 or +34 619 745 886 Skype:

Now an amazing €109,950 • Just Reduced. 3 bed 2 bath detached villa • 10 mins Albox. • 120m2 build with a plot of 2000m2 • Great mountain views • Covered terrace


200m Villa split into 2 independent apartments with own parking / gardens 5 beds, 4 baths, Gas CH, Mains Utilities. 600m urban plot Village location

Tel: 666 341 517

Duplex in Garrucha - 2 Beds, 1 Bath

Kitchen/diner/lounge, Roof Solarium, BBQ. Fully furnished, sleeps 6, white goods & Sky TV. Gated community, 2 swimming pool areas (adult & children’s pool). 5 mins to beach, 15 mins to Garrucha Harbour. Shops/bars/ restaurants. Easy reach of the new Vera AVE railway station with intended shopping precinct.


Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466 C/Llanos (Next to the Miramar Restaurant) Bedar Open: Monday-Friday 10.00-3.30 Closed Thursdays OLV144- €129,000


Fabulous, spacious 3 bed duplex less than 5 minutes from Los Gallardos village and several minutes to the motorway. Communal pool, parking and situated in a country setting with great views


TIME TO HIT THE ROAD! So much going on right now, elections, summer almost bursting around us and lots of new comers moving in by droves and asking stupid questions. Solution? Take a road trip. Go and seek out a new place to tell your friends and me about OR at worst find a new wine. The tragedy at Lorca is just down the road. I am told much of the old town is ruined. Pity, they had an exceptionally good restaurant there with the best Jumilla wine I have ever had. It is (was) called Candido and is a must place to visit. You can ask to eat in the seller which had a Roman mosaic floor in it. Candido’s is one of the oldie but goodie Spanish restaurants around. To make the trip worthwhile you can pop into the Archaeological museum, right across the street and learn something about the area. You won’t have any trouble finding it (if it is there) as everyone in Lorca knows it well. It’s pretty much a landmark establishment. Just down the road 50 yards was a very good wine bar, good tapas and a wonderful selection of brand name wines, also worth the visit. Lots of other old buildings in that area to visit all within hobbling distance. Some Roman arches that have been allowed to remain as part of a building and other unique finds await you. Must have been quite a place in it’s day. Over the Museum are gargoyles with fancy moustaches’ and breasts (this is the outside façade of the museum). Have a visit, you’ll probably learn something. Don’t forget to phone me and let me know the condition of the area and especially your view about the wines. Ric Polansky 607 11 71 74. First caller with a good report gets a bottle of wine from me!

Ric Polansky is one of Mojacar’s most colourful residents and the owner of Polansky & Assoc ( His column is sponsored by Bay Radio Costa Almería: Turre 91.5 FM and Mojacar 95.5 FM Online: You can read more of Ric’s writing on and on and, his life long passion!

Eurozone Growth Smashes Expectations Sterling moved lower looks set to extend maturity

against the dollar yesterday after a report showed manufacturing rose less than estimated, giving the Bank of England leeway to hold its main interest rate at a record low for longer to spur growth. Sterling also declined versus the euro, retreating from a seven week high. The Pound seems to be held back as investors view that the Bank of England will struggle to hike aggressively in the short term. It doesn’t appear that rates will go up until at least November, which will limit the ability of sterling to appreciate. Markets plunged in the US on Wednesday, but Thursday brought a small recovery. Encouraging economic numbers helped to improve sentiment while US retail sales rose for the tenth month in a row, and initial jobless claims decreased. The Dollar will look to today’s CPI stats to determine whether rate expectations should rise. The consensus forecast of a 3.1% annual pace of inflation would push price pressures well outside the central bank’s comfort zone. Euro debt worries continue to spook the markets. Inspectors from the IMF and EU visited Greece on Wednesday to assess current and future austerity plans, triggering protests in the Greek capital. The EU

dates for Greek debt rather than impose any kind of restructuring (at least in the foreseeable future) so unfortunately this story looks set to run and run – which is maybe the reason why it is not effecting the Euro as much as everyone thinks it should. This morning saw the release of Quarter one preliminary GDP figures for Germany, Spain and France, all beating estimates. German economic growth accelerated more than economists forecast to 1.5% in the first quarter as booming exports fuelled domestic spending. Spain grew 0.3% as increasing exports helped offset some of the effects of the deepest austerity measures in three decades. France grew 1%, its biggest quarterly gain in five years. The Euro jumped over half a cent with the market now looking towards the release of Quarter one GDP for the whole Eurozone due out later today.

Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 (UK) or email


pause for thought

Like numerous others, I regularly receive emails I’m instructed to circulate, though admit I rarely do, but this week I received a particularly poignant one, which I felt many readers may wish to contemplate. It concerned a wealthy American Art Collector, whose son was killed in action, bravely trying to rescue wounded colleagues. One of those whose life he’d saved had artistic talent and later sought out his saviour’s grieving father and presented him with a painting of his son. Although clearly inferior to the many masters he possessed, the father stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting, which he gratefully accepted and placed at the centre of his collection, proudly showing it to all who subsequently visited. Some time later the father himself died and a large crowd gathered at the subsequent auction of his estate, eagerly seeking opportunity to purchase a Van Gogh, a Rembrandt or other great work for their own collections. But the first picture offered for sale was that of the son and despite numerous objections and angry requests to get on with the serious business, the auctioneer resolutely continued, seeking an opening bid for that painting. And amid the uproar, eventually a voice from the very back of the room offered. ‘I’ll give $10 for the painting – I’m afraid that’s all I can afford. No further offers were forthcoming and the restless crowd were demanding the auctioneer proceed to the more worthy paintings, so the sale was confirmed. ‘Going once.....twice...... SOLD for $10!’ Now at last the real auction could proceed, but the auctioneer started to pack up, explaining: ‘I am sorry. When asked to conduct this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will, which couldn’t be revealed earlier, that only the painting of the Son should be sold, and that whoever purchased that would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings.’ And in many ways that’s an illustration of our faith. Whoever has the Son, has everything. There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship; further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at


Reservations 968 566 410 / 656 532 491

24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email:

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

Alicante and Murcia Dual Contracts UNLIMITED TRANSFERS Fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport of your choice. Available for Long & Short Term Clients NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Parking couldn’t be easier or more secure Offering 24hrs parking, 365 days a year from as little as 82cent per day Unlimited transfers Just 2 minutes from San Javier (Murcia) and Alicante Airport Latest state of the art security system Complimentary external clean We also offer a complete car care services including ITV’s

We have over 20,000 square meters of secure parking


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What to Do During an Earthquake.....

Advice from the US Federal Emergency Management Association says that during an earthquake, you must try to stay as safe as possible. It states: “Be aware that some earthquakes are actually foreshocks and a larger earthquake might occur. Minimise your movements to a few steps to a nearby safe place and if you are indoors, stay there until the shaking has stopped and you are sure exiting is safe.” It recommends the following: If indoors • DROP to the ground; take COVER by getting under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture; and HOLD ON until the shaking stops. If there isn’t a table or desk near you, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside corner of the building. • Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls, and anything that could fall, such as lighting fixtures or furniture. • Stay in bed if you are there when the earthquake strikes. Hold on and protect your head with a pillow, unless you are under a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case, move to the nearest safe place. • Use a doorway for shelter only if it is in close proximity to you and if you know it is a strongly supported, loadbearing doorway. • Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside. Research has shown that most injuries occur when people inside buildings attempt to move to a different location inside the building or try to leave. • Be aware that the electricity may go out or the sprinkler systems or fire alarms may turn on. • DO NOT use lifts. If outdoors • Stay there. • Move away from buildings, streetlights, and utility wires. • Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops. The greatest danger exists directly outside buildings, at exits and alongside exterior walls. Many of the 120 fatalities from the 1933 Long Beach earthquake occurred when people ran outside of buildings only to be killed by falling debris from collapsing walls. Ground movement during an earthquake is seldom the direct cause of death or injury. Most earthquake-related casualties result from collapsing walls, flying glass, and falling objects. If in a moving vehicle • Stop as quickly as safety permits and stay in the vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses, and utility wires. • Proceed cautiously once the earthquake has stopped. Avoid roads, bridges, or ramps that might have been damaged by the earthquake. If trapped under debris • Do not light a match. • Do not move about or kick up dust. • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or clothing. • Tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can locate you. Use a whistle if one is available. Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause you to inhale dangerous amounts of dust. This information was sent to us by Louise Clarke, Ayuntamiento de Orihuela

Rancho Luz Del Sol

Partalo a

Quad Bike Trails

• 45€ per hour and 15€ for a passenger. • Discount for groups of 4 or more. • 2 hour ride and lunch at Bistro Bonito 70€ per person, (minimum 2 bike riders) passengers 30€. HORSE RIDING ALWAYS AVAILABLE

634 601 602 or 676 190 813

Due to a request from the owners of Dolphin Solutions the SKY DIVE will now be in aid of P.A.W.S Patas AND M.A.C.S Cancer Support! Two fantastic charities in our local area that are desperately in need of funding! Claire - Sol Times Scott - Subway Mojacar Damian - Lifestyle Enclosures Antas Julie - PAWS Volunteer Serge - Indigo Gym Taekwon-do Instructor Jodie - Sol Times Production Alex - Chef at El Olivo Jess - The Emporium Leanne - The Emporium Richard - SOL TIMES Production Lucy - Global Currency Exchange STEVE - The Tiler Only the people featured here are officially registered to do the Sky Dive! Any one else collecting money..... tell them to ‘go jump’ !! Any questions drop Claire a line on: 677 993 717!!

Privacy storm after police buy software that maps suspects’ digital movements

Police are using software to track the moves of suspects across the digital world, it has emerged, provoking fury among civil rights and privacy campaigners. The Metropolitan Police has bought Geotime, a security programme used by the U.S. military which tracks suspects’ movements and communications and displays them on a threedimensional graphic. The software aggregates information gathered from social networking sites, GPS devices like the iPhone, mobile phones, financial transactions and IP network logs to build a detailed picture of an individual’s movements. The Met, Britain’s largest police force, has confirmed that it has purchased the software and refused to rule out its use in investigating public order disturbances. Privacy campaigners have expressed concern at the police’s adoption of the software. Daniel Hamilton, director of privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, said he was concerned about the use of such invasive software for everyday police work. ‘The police’s decision to adopt technology designed for theatres of war in order to track members of the public is deeply concerning,’ he said. ‘The ability to build up such a comprehensive record of any person’s movements represents a significant threat to personal privacy. The Metropolitan Police must reassure the public that this technology will be used in only the most serious of cases, not as an everyday crime-fighting tool.’ The Geotime software displays data from

a variety of sources, which users can then navigate using a timeline and animated display. Oculus, the Canadian developer behind the software, says on its website: ‘Links between entities can represent communications, relationships, transactions, message logs, etc and are visualised over time to reveal temporal patterns and behaviours.’ The software was displayed in the UK earlier this month at the defence industry Counter Terror exhibition in Olympia, West London. The Metropolitan Police is the only UK police force to have bought the software so far, Curtis Garton, Oculus’s product management director, commented. ‘There are a few countries that we don’t sell to, but in terms of commercial sales pretty much anybody can buy,’ he said. A spokesman for the Met commented that Geotime had been paid for and the software was being assessed for several uses: ‘We are in the process of evaluating the Geotime software to explore how it could possibly be used to assist us in understanding patterns in data relating to both space and time. A decision has yet to be made as to whether we will adopt the technology [permanently]. We have used dummy data to look at how the software works and have explored how we could use it to examine police vehicle movements, crime patterns and telephone investigations,’ the spokesman wrote in an email. The Ministry of Defence is also examining Geotime. Article courtesy of

Auto Shine Body Repairs

○Panel Beating ○Paint Spraying ○Welding ○Bumper Repair ○Windscreens ○Alloy Wheel Repair ○Plastic & Fibreglass Repairs


Call Mark on: 607 324 623 or 607 324 624




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e v i d sky

C S CS mA & mA & PATAS S PATAS . S W A..W. P..A F or P For




Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628

2000 renault scenic Automatic 1.6 petrol Expression, Climate control, e/w, alloys, pas, radio / 6 disc changer €3,495

2001 nissan almera tino 1.8 mpv, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/CD, alloys €3,495

2006 Peugeot 307 Estate Silver, black interior, 1.6 HDi diesel, 76,000km, mint.


2008 Renault kangoo combi 1.5 DCi, air-condition, pas, remote central locking. Choice of two.


2004 Mercedes Vito 110CDi 8 seater, a/c, pas, rcl, radio/CD, six speed....................................................... 10,995 2006 Jeep Cheroke 3.7 v6 limited, auto, leather int, esp, cruise control, a/c, alloys, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/CD.... 10,995 2007 Fiat Punto Grande 1.3JTD 90cv, fsh, one English owner, five door, only 39.000kms........................9,995 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 petrol, in silver, 5 door, one owner, PAS, EW, A/C, RCL, 57,000 kms ....................................................8,995 2006 Hyundai Matrix 1.6 petrol 103cv, metallic blue, Climate, one owner, fsh, radio/cd, 63.000kms....8,995 2006 Opel Meriva, 1.7 CDTi 100cv Cosmo, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, Radio/Cd, Alloys, Carbon Trim.....................7,995 2005 Opel Meriva Silver 1.3 CDTi mpv, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/cd………..................................................…7,995 2005 Hyundai Matrix, 1.5CRDi 70,000kms, onle lady owner, a/c, pas, rcl, radio/cd....................................6,995 2004 Kia Carens 2.0 CRDi, Mpv, Climate, e/w, pas, rcl, Alloys Radio/Cd…………........................................6,995 2007 Chevrolet Matiz 1.1 petrol, 66.000kms one owner, five door, a/c, pas, radio/cd…...........................6,995 2007 Chevrolet Matiz in silver, 1.0 five door, 62.000kms, a/c, pas, e/w, radio/cd.........................................6,995 2005 Fiat Doblo Combi 1.3JTD, a/c, pas, 90.000kms……….............................................................................6,995 2003 Renault Scenic Auto, petrol, light green, air-con, usual extras ............................................................ 5,995 2005 Hyundai Matrix 1.5CRDI small mpv, 70,000kms, lady owner a/c, pas,e/w,radio/CD.........................5,995 2000 VW Beetle 1.9TDi 90cv in burgundy, Alloys Radio/cd, e/w, a/c..............................................................5,995 1984 Alfa Spider 2.0 130cv, classic car absolutely original, a/c, leather interior, alloys, low mileage ....5,995

ainrgs Com in C

• • • • • •

2003 2003 2003 1999 2004 2005

Ford Galaxy 1.9 diesel 6 speed 7 seater Nissan Primera Etate, Latest model 6 speed Renault Grand Espace, 7 seater, diesel Jeep, diesel, Grand Cherokee with leather Opel Corsa Automatic in blue 5dr Zafira, diesel, limited edition, 7 seater


Petrol Station E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534

Tel: 950 459 136


2002 Mitsubishi L200

2001 VW golf Highling

Pickup with hard top! 4x4 crew cat in excellent condition, one owner, local, from new €7,995

Diesel estate, one owner from new, in silver,

2009 opel corsa

2006 peugeot 1007

1.3CDTi eco, one English owner, 3 door, 32,000km, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/CD €9,995


charcoal interior, 6 speed gear box, 115 H.P engine, superb example €5,495

1.6 climate control, radio/cd, e/w, electric doors, alloys


2006/7 Kia Picant0 1.1 in red, five door, one owner, only 16,500km, a/c, pas, e/w, radio/CD...................5,955 2005/6 Renault Kangoo, locally owner, diesel combi, F.S.H, and very good condition ............................5,995 2004 Ford Focus Coupe 1.8 in black, a/c, pas, Rcl, Radio/Cd……...................................................................5,495 1996 Jeep Cheroke, petrol, auto, immaculate condition, 41,000km only. 30mp, green, beige int.........4,995 2003 Opel Corsa, Automatic, door, petro, in French blue, attractive little runabout .........................4,995 1999 Suzuki Vitara, 1.6 petrol superb condition, FSH, 61,000kms, RHD on Spanish plates..................... 4,495 2004 Renault Kangoo 4x4, 1.9 Diesel, white, locally owned.............................................................................4,995 2003 Ford focus Estate Automatic 1.6 115,000kms a/c pas, radio/cd, e/w ..................................................4,995 2004 Renault Clio 1.4 16v in burgundy, a/c, pas, rcl, alloys, e/w..................................................................... 4,995 1997 Mercedes E320 Automatic, Leather Interior, Alloys, a/c, e/w, pas, rcl, Radio/Cassette……....……4,995 1997 Opel Sintra 2.2 16v seven seater, a/c, pas, e/w, alloys, rcl,……............................................................. .4,995 2007 Yamaha X Max, 250cc Scooter...................................................................................................................... 2,995 2008 Hyosung Aquilar 250cc, only 2000kms ..................................................................................................... 2,995 1999 Land Rover Freelander 1.8i English reg, lhd, a/c, e/w, pas, Radio/Cd ......2,995 or 4,995 on Spanish plates 1998 Range Rover 2.5td.................... .........................................................................................................................POA

• • • • •

2006 Dacia Logan 1.4 petrol, Low kms 2003 Opel Corsa 1.7, 5 door, 75,000 kms 2004 Fiat Stilo Estate, top of range 2003 Renault Scenic, automatic Choice of 2 2004/5 Renaul Laguna, both low kms, diesel

Rentals & car sales, mojacar office 459 Paseo de Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 069 272

New for 2011 at Mojacar Rental Office & Showroom

Mojacar Pueblo

Parque Comercial

Hortiflor Garden Centre Peugeot Gruas Azor Costa KIA garage Coches

Mojacar Playa


Rio Abajo

Always a selection of cheap cars. i.e. Trade-Ins, all under €4,000 Sensibly priced to clear.

Trade Corner Trade Corner Trade Corner Trade Corner Currently in stock:

2003 Chevrolet Kalos 1.4, a/c, pas, rcl, Five door, e/w, Radio/Casette....................................................................................................................................................................................3,995 1997 Saab 900 Convertible, 65,000 miles, rhd, Spanish plates, leather interior, alloys, e/w, pas, rcl........................................................................................................................... 2,995 1999 Ford Focus 1.8i LX five door hatch, rhd, Spanish plates, radio/cassette, e/w, pas................................................................................................................................................... 2,495

Transfer not included. Trade Sales - no warranty (warranty can be purchased seperately). OUR GUARANTEE

■A  ll cars advertised are in stock at the showroom ■ The year of manufacture/date of registration is stated correctly ■ Our price includes warranty, minimum 12 months I.T.V. and all transfer fees including road tax ■ All warranties are carried out at our own workshop by dealer trained mechanics ANTAS OFFICE OPENING HOURS: Mon ~ Fri 9am - 6pm Sat 10am - 2pm

Car Sales: 950 459 136 Workshop: 950 459 209



YOUR 2000 ONWARDS 5 DOOR HATCHBACKS, MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, PLUS 1998 ONWARDS 4x4 DIESEL OR PETROL!!! We are always buying vehicles, low kms examples are preferable with service history.


Ask about our Sale or Return service and let us sell it for you.

MOJACAR OFFICE OPENING HOURS: Mon ~ Fri 9am - 2pm 3pm - 6pm

Car Hire: 950 069 272


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ALBOX DARTS LEAGUE.... THE GRUMPY OLD MEN OF LOS GALLARDOS.... media golf society..... New & Highlights Week 32 corrections: Trevor Barrow had a two dart checkout of 100. Albardines won 5 - 3 against Sopranos. Tino from Pablos scored a 180 so did Dave Babb from RSC... well done both of you. There are now three players Martin Raison, Dave Babb and Paul Maydew who all have scored four 180’s this season. Champion of Champions Competition 8th May They appear to have had a great time whilst I attended my daughters wedding in West Wales on Sunday at the Champion of Champs competition at La Cinta. There were some good darts thrown throughout & we are now down to the 2 semi-finals which will be contested by the following: Bob Liddell (Regency Snooker) v Dave Babb (Regency Snooker) Mike Chapman (Lepanto)

v Denis Faulkner (Regency Snooker) There were no 180’s & the highest score on the day was achieved by Jon Hilson (Lepanto) with a 171 in his 1/4 final match. There was only one finish over 100 & this was achieved by Bob Liddell with a 106 check-out including a Bull Finish in his 2nd round match. The Committee would like to thank all of those that turned up & played & supported on the day, with a special mention to the La Cinta team who set everything out & also helped out on the day. Also big thank you to Faustino & Maria from La Cinta for the lovely food & service that they both provided throughout the day Mark Drew – 671 188 296 For On-line results go to www.

SOL TIMES COSTA ALMERIA SALES HQ: 902 750 190 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm




Sol Times Almeria is independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Almeria is an independent publication. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement.

Almeria Edition AL-344-2005

Roquetas Edition AL 956-2010

ALBOX FIBREGLASS We are now in full production

Manufacturer & supplier to all the largest hardware outlets in the area... Yes, most of the fibreglass tanks, etc you see outside there were manufactured by us!

Deal Direct with the best, not the rest!!

Manufacture and full installation of all sizes of storage tanks (oil & water), swimming pools and the new three stage cleanable septic tanks. House and shed leaking roof repairs. Nigel (Production) 634 368 068 Royston (Installation) 634 306 455 Jim (Sales) 600 361 055 Unit 3, Poligono Industrial Sur, Albox Almeria, Spain, 04800 Email:


Vehicle Air Conditioning Service free callout service

Greetings from God’s little waiting room, where this week news has reached me form “The Motherland” that Fred and Wilmer Flintstone disembarked onto home soil, happy but with their poor feet shredded. This was on a Tuesday, on the Thursday, Wilmer went to de her GP, and on Friday had her appendix removed. There was not a murmur of complaint, they don’t build them like that anymore. Get well soon and hurry back, both of you, the takings at “the watering hole” are way down!!! Talking about “the watering hole”, I was up there, on one of the rare visits, when the earthquake struck. The first I knew of it was when I got home and my daughter phoned to see if I was OK, and me being such a sensitive soul, had felt nothing. What I deduced from this was “the watering hole” is an earthquake proof zone, so will be spending more time up there, just in case there are

they did catch some fish as well. Of course we had the usual fisherman’s tales of the humongous one that broke their tackle, stripped the line off the reel, just could not stop the run etc etc, OK, I give in. “er that does for me” came round the other day, to throw fresh sawdust on the floor ad shake out the “straw palisade”. She has really got it down to a fine art form now, only a mini skip is required. I’d like it to be known it’s not me that makes the mess, it’s the ferret, honest. There has been no communique from Frodo, but I suppose that’s only to be expected being transported to Oz and having to spend eight hours a day at the oars, you don’t feel like sending emails. That’s all for this week. Unti;l the next time. Tight lines, Uncle Albert

MARINA GOLF MOJACAR....................... MARINA MEMBERS CLUB Results for Monday May 9th Stableford Competition Another fine day , with the course and greens in the best condition this year, produced some good scores from the men, with handicaps being adjusted accordingly. A special mention for Peter Edwards who won the competition this week and scored a two on the 14th, hole. Peter was also in the team that won the Thursday competition. Men Peter Edwards - 40 points; Bill Gill - 39 points; Tony Cordingly - 38 points Ladies Nuala Hare - 32 pints;

Lorraine Roberts - 31 points; Liz Balmforth- 28 points Twos Competition Jarlath Staunton 9th, Geoff Owen 2nd, Bill Gill 5th, Andrew Markham 9th, Peter Edwards 14th, Jim Budd 17th Results for Thursday May 12th: The Competition which was organized by Tony King proved to be great fun and competitive with only one point separating the team that won from the team that came second Tony, with two ladies in his team also won the competition. The person organizing the competition also selects and buys the wines for the prizes, so the prize of a fine wine was enjoyed with our dinner that night. The Stableford Competition

was played off the yellow tees for men, with all scores to count on each hole. 1st - Tony King , Sandra Edwards, Margaret Budd - 107 points; 2nd - Brian Mayhew, Peter Edwards, Geoff Owen 106 points; 3rd - Brian Couper, Alex (guest), George (guest) - 93 points. Teams are drawn at random on the morning of the competition from the names on the list. Members and guests are reminded that if you have signed the list to play in the Thursday Competition to please inform the person organizing the day if for any reason you cannot play .

SANTE IRENE SAILING CLUB................. 11-05-2011: Light winds and sunshine, ideal for us more mature dinghy sailors. I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday sail with Trevor “Tideway” along with many other dinghies on the water that day. Ian and his 25 ft sailing cruiser “Blitzen” have found some steady breezes of 10 knots to entertain his crew. I would say we are all very Happy at Santa Irene, after our Social Event last week. We were together for a 3 course lunch in Bedar; a pleasant change from the playa. Our Hosts were Betina and Lucas of the Restaurant “El Empalme”, and looking after us at the tables were Carina and Amador. We left singing their Praises knowing we will return. One topic of conversation was Ian´s forth coming cruise

as a crew member on a 65 footer sailing from the Azores to the UK. A trip of about 1,250 nautical miles, departing from Horta on June the 10th, arriving in the Uk on the 19th . Perhaps when he returns he will entertain us at our next Social event with news of his exploits! There is a race called “The Azores and back”; it’s every 4 years which started in 1975. The 10th Race of the Series will start from Falmouth on the 4th June. There could be 70 entries so Ian may see some of them arriving as he leaves the Azores on the 10th, Happy sailing Ian, we look forward to your return. Now, from 20 metres to just 1 metre, the “International 1 metre Radio Controlled Yachts”. Club de Mar Almería held a 2 day Regatta last

AGUILON GOLF................

M.600 827 517 - T. 950 104 488

any aftershocks. When we saw the state of Lorca, the Grumps Search and Rescue Team was mobilized, we are world renowned for scouring bars and restaurants, our services have been used as far afield as Goa, Dubai and Skegness, but were told to stand down as we were not required. The plot is now coming on a treat, my thanks to Bagpuss, who was good enough to do the “rotavator rumba” one morning, much to the delight of the onlookers, who have all suffered this dance before, and of course to Bean Pole, being 6 foot and a lot does have it’s uses, especially when tying the tops of the been poles together. The unspeakable, (course anglers) were out at Lake Argos, the other day, and according to the locals were more effective than “Agent Orange” which was used in Vietnam, removing the leaves form the trees. I do believe

MEMBERS REPORT A sad week for all golfers with the passing of Seve Ballesteros,it was he that was probably responsible for a generation like me, taking up the game after I had the pleasure of being present at Lytham-St-Annes in 1979 and seeing first hand his famous “car park shot and so his

weekend. Santa Irene was represented by club member Rodolfo Criado, owner of yacht number 88, he is also owner of a 10 metre yacht in Garrucha harbour. There were 21 entries, the start were exciting, and racing competitive with starts every 30 minutes more or less. The Trophies were impressive with Santa Irene just missing out due to gear failure. It was a enjoyable day for Houri and myself meeting many interesting people; we look forward to our next visit to Club de Mar. June will see the start of our 10th year, we look forward to the future; hope to see you this weekend, at “El Rincon de Puerto” 11 am onwards . Take care, John Tel. 950475157 / 657548790 email:

legacy lives on RESULTS Wednesday 4th May - Monthly Medal: 1st Pat Sayer, gross 9325=68, 2nd John Bridgen, gross 78-7=71, 3rd Bill Gibb, 82-9=73 Twos: our visitor John Stubbins took the pot with 2xtwos at 4th and 8th Wednesday 11th May Individual Stableford: Along with all golf clubs in Spain At 1pm play stopped for two minutes silence to pay our respects

FRIDAY 13TH MAY: Media members have had a busy day today. Our league team played the final match of the season beating Boxers 3 games to 2 and by 49 holes to 41. Well done team a superb way to end the season! 8 members and 1 guest played a Stableford today – in ideal golfing conditions - light cloud and a warm breeze. Speaking of golfing conditions, the golf course is in superb condition and was highly praised by all who played today. We are so lucky to have green staff who know what they are doing! There was one two by our guest, Alan Waldron, on hole 12. Due to the low number of players there was only one division. 1st – Alan Waldron – 36 points (this is a very good score – Alan plays off 7). 2nd – Norman Stokes – 31 points 3rd – Chris Risbey – 30 points Well played everyone

Valle Del Este GS......

On Tuesday 10th, 18 members and guests played a singles Stableford qualifying competition. The winner, with a superb score of 43 points, playing off 12 (but now 10.5 !!) was Alan Hewitt ~ well done Alan. Three players, each with 34 points, were in the frame for second place, but on countback Sean Halligan pipped them at the post, with our newest member Phil Miles just behind in 3rd place. Nearest the pins were Doc (Dave Bawden) and Bryan Brown. Friday is our main competition day ~ and it was Friday 13th ~ but this did not put off 22 players and guests enjoying the day. First, with 39 points and getting to grips with the Valle del Este course, was Bill Churchill, playing off 20. Second Bob Mearing with 36 points off 14, and third President Alan Townsend ~ a Bandit off 19, but great to have him back here with us. Nearest the pins were Bob Mearing on the 6th, with almost a hole in one, and Peter Denham, back from sunny UK, on the 14th. There were three twos ~ Bob and Doc on the 6th and Al Hewitt on the 14th. Handicap changes: Alan Hewitt now 11, Bill Churchill now 19, Patrick Vickery now 8 ~ guess who compiled this report?! to”Seve” when play continued so did the form of our runaway winner who after the game had to come to terms with his 3 shot handicap reduction! 1st Louis Long 39pts; 2nd Kevin Manser 33 pts; 3rd Caroline Willingham 31pts, on a card play off Twos: 5 in total,Roger Kaye 4th, Mick Boothby (visitor) x2 4th and 8th and Louis Long x2 4th and 10th Guestsandvisitorsarewelcome to join us on a Mon,Wed and Friday. For information contact 636 938 404 or 634 641 199.



RECORD FIELD FOR FORUM´S PLAS - TECH CHALLENGE A record field of 70 players entered the Forum Golf Society PLAS - TECH Challenge at Aguilon on May 5th, and were rewarded with a superb day´s golf on a course set up off the tough back tees that played hard but fair. For many the golf was an added bonus, as our sponsors Plas - Tech not only subsidised every players green fees by 50% but also provided free t-shirts, over €2500 worth of prizes, bacon rolls before everybody started, as well as paying for an excellent barbecue afterwards. Many thanks also to J J Serrano & his hardworking staff at Aguilon for not only donating a very generous prize but also providing free beer! With over 35 prizes on offer the overall list of winners is as follows Overall Winner Geoff Hebb (40 points) Second Malcolm Fenwick (39 points) Third Frank Varey (36) Fourth Terry Moore (35) Fifth Phil Elam (34) Sixth Ann Miles (34) Seventh Richard Swaine (34) Eighth Dave Vickers (34) Ninth Bob Vinvent (34) Tenth Adrian Lawrence (32) Eleventh Bob Cowan (31) Twelfth Graham Tabberer (31) Thirteenth Fran Elam (31) Fourteenth Phil Miles (31) Fifteenth Ann Lawrence (30) Sixteenth Pat Garrigan (29) Seventeenth Peter Tinsley (29) Eighteenth John Farley (29) Nineteenth John Bridgen (29) Twentieth Jenny Davies (29) Nearest the Pin Winners: Terry Moore (twice), Richard Swaine, Terry Caddick, Richard Brady & Ann Miles, Mick Carty & Bob Vincent Longest Drive Winners: Dave Vickers & Ann Lawrence . Guess the number of Tees in a Jar Winner: Ann Miles Runner Up Mike Duckham Raffle Winners : Terry Moore, Andrew Markham Forum´s Next Events are on: May 27th Stableford at Playa Serena; June 9th Texas Scramble at Cortijo Grande; June 24th Stableford at Marina Special thanks to Howard Tyers & the Plas-Tech team,J J Serrano & the staff at Aguilon Golf Course & Almeria Fotografia For further details contact Phil Elam on 666 847 840 Email:

plas-tech Windows

UK Window, Doors, Conservatories, Patio Doors and Guttering Enclosures Specialist Happy in the knowledge that they didn’t buy a fly enclosure because they’re going to be nice ‘n’ warm this winter just as they were nice ‘n’ cool this summer!

70mm Profiles

Internally Beaded for Security

28mm Glass Units

Pilkington Active for Hot Summers Pilkington K for Cold Winters

Shoot Bolt locking for even more security

Plas-Tech Guttering

We have been a FloPlast stockist for over 17 years. Nobody sells more in Spain than us. Best product, best installation, best price deal direct with the importer

! Our Promise to you

quality Nobody will beat our for like price We will beat any like ny that Plas-tech are a compa ars with have traded for 17 ye Europe. installations all over

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sunday nights Texas Hold Em Starts 8pm - All Welcome

Every Saturday



Happy hour 9.30pm - 12.30am Pint 1.60€, Strongbow 2.50€, John Smiths 2.50€, Wine 1€, House Spirit and mixer 2€


Karaoke, Play Your Cards Right. Free prize draw. Collect tickets all week with food and drink “ 7 days to claim”

every FRIDAY PUB QUIZ 9.30pm

Tony and Barbara welcome all to



The Little Red lion

(8th Year), next door to Theo’s Live Music Bar, Roquetas de Mar

Good Pub Grub, Sky Sports Shown Live Full English Breakfast (all day) All Local Spirits and Mixers €3




Free WiFi Available

Te l : 9 5 0 3 3 5 0 2 2

Summer Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 5pm – Late, Sunday 1pm – Late, Closed Mondays

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10.30am til late (closed Mondays)

Bar Spinnaker

b ar


Yvonne, Dave & John Welcome you to

We are located on the paseo between the Zoraida Garden Hotel and the Port of Roquetas De Mar

950 325 867

OPEN 10:00 TILL LATE 7 DAYS A WEEK sunday lunch special deals main course & glass of wine or lager 6.50€ 3 course lunch 10€

Every Monday from 30th May

BBQ buffet - all you can eat



from 8pm and Karaoke from 9pm Friday and Saturday

Local spirits & mixers. 2 for 1 Cocktail Jugs for 4 people from 10€

Roast Dinner Evening

7.50€. starts 7pm. Booking advisable. come early because “when it’s gone, it’s gone”

1st Saturday of every month followed by Fun Quiz

Curry Night - Saturdays 7pm -10pm

Fun Quiz hosts - Mark & Sharon Booking essential for Roast Dinner 2 Courses (Main & Dessert) Only 8€

Onion Bhajee, Chicken Curry, Naan Bread & Small Beer or Wine

All for €8.50

Wednesday Special

Fillet Steak, Chips or Jacket & Salad €7.50 with Starter or Dessert €10

Friday is Fish Day

Fish, Chips & Peas with Bread & Butter



TUEsday - bingo 3PM ~ wednesday - quiz night 9Pm Friday - race night 9pm saturday - curry night 7-10pm Sunday lunch - 1:30-4:30pm - Booking Recommended

saturday 4th June

Bingo: Every Monday & Wednesday 9:30pm pool table & darts board

Kettle & Fan hire 1€ a day plus deposit. Golf Discounts available - Ask at Bar for details Open: 11am until late, Sun 12 noon until 7pm (Closed Thurs) Avenida Playa Serena 142, Roquetas de Mar 04740 Telephone: 637 903 559

902 750 190


Sol Times Newspaper issue 287 Roquetas Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 287 Roquetas Edition

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