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Brits lodge Criminal complaint for discrimination against member of Andalucian Government

Twelve British members of AUAN (Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No) have lodged a criminal complaint against Josefina Cruz, Consejera for Public Works and Housing of the regional government of Andalucia for offensive statements made in Parliament earlier this month. The Consejera is being sued for an alleged crime against the Spanish Constitution, specifically under Article 510.2 of the Criminal Code because of what the plaintiffs believe are discriminatory insults relating to statements made by the Consejera in a commission hearing of the Andalucian Parliament on the 9th of March 2011. According to the Diary of Sessions of the Andalucian Parliament, the Consejera, in response to questions about the illegal houses in the region, is alleged to have stated, amongst other things “I do not know if your are defending the intrusion of people, do not know if your are defending the interests of a group of people who are not of this country, who have settled here illegally, do not know if you are defending these interests, ladies and gentlemen. I do not understand, I really do not understand”. “I believe that I have said on this occasion that we have also had meetings about this with the British Ambassador, but I am interested in, I am concerned with the general situation, and I am not interested in the particular situation of a group of people who have settled illegally in our territory. I do not understand…, then, your confusion… I do not know if you are defending legality or not defending legality. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not know what you are defending , I do not know

where you are coming from.” “We are dealing with a problem which has resulted in Andalucian as a consequence of a lack of respect for the culture of the territory, and the culture of the land and the culture of planning and therefore, it is necessary to adapt, we must give a response within the law, within urban planning, within territorial planning, and with respect for all the legislation relating to protected land, forested land, land protected by rights of way, coasts, etc, etc, etc (…) Tomorrow I have scheduled a meeting in Almanzora, ladies and gentlemen. Tomorrow I have scheduled a meeting with the Mayors. Ladies and gentlemen, I will meet with the mayors, who are responsible for planning in their municipalities, and from them, one can give information to affected residents, whether they are in an organisation or not in an organisation, whether they bought in good faith, or not in good faith, and who are now demanding that we resolve a problem that they are responsible for creating”. AUAN alleges that these comments, which were later endorsed before the press, are not acceptable in a democratic state that is also a member of the European Union. They are also gravely offensive to many “people from another country”, to use the Consejeras words, who invested all of their life savings in a house in Spain, having being assured that they had all legal permits, only to find that they risk losing their home. According to Maura Hillen, president of AUAN, “the members of our association who have made this complaint are victims of the chaotic

planning system in Andalucia, which has clearly failed and continues to fail. They were assured that everything was alright when they bought their homes and now find themselves immersed in legal proceedings that could result in the demolition of their house. In some cases it is actually the regional government who has challenged the building license granted by the town hall. In other cases the town hall or the promoter is subject to a criminal investigation. In none of these cases is the homeowner considered to be at fault. Because of this, and because of the situation in which thousands of people find themselves, the plaintiffs cannot let the remarks of the Consejera pass because they are offensive and discriminatory and give completely the wrong impression.” Hillen added “These comments were not issued by just anybody, but by a member of the regional government of Andalucia. In fact, the person charged with resolving the urban planning mess in that region. The comments are incorrect and completely misguided. If we do not take action we run the risk of inciting others to take the same view as the Consejera”. She concluded, “This is playing with too many peoples lives. We have to draw a line somewhere. If I was the Consejera, I would resign”. The case is being brought by Bernardo del Rosal Blasco, a well know criminal lawyer and a former Ombudsman in Valencia .

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Prince of Wales and Duchess oF Cornwall’s visit stirs up estate dispute

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have angered Spanish villagers over their visit to a hunting lodge owned by the Duke of Wellington

A report by the Daily Telegraph’s Spanish correspondent indictaes that the couple’s visit to an estate near Granada was met with protests by villagers, who claim that the Duke’s estate encroaches on their land. The Prince and Duchess began their trip in Portugal on Monday before moving on to Spain on Wednesday and arriving in Morocco next Monday. The couple have avoided Gibraltar

during their first official joint tour of the Iberian Peninsula, skirting the inevitable controversy that a visit to the disputed territory would produce in Spain. But the decision to conclude the Iberian leg of their tour with a private weekend stay on an estate awarded to the first Duke of Wellington in 1813, in gratitude for helping Spain in the Peninsular War against France, stirred up a similar land dispute. Although the first Duke never visited the Molino del Rey estate outside Illora, near the south-western city of Granada, it was passed down to his heirs and is now the property of Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 95, the eighth and current Duke and a close

friend of the Queen. The estate is more frequently used these days by the Marquess of Douro, the son of the present duke and a close friend of the Prince, who has stayed there a number of times. Francisco Domene, the socialist mayor of the nearby town of Illora, described the dispute as a “mini-Gibraltar” and said he had begun legal action to challenge ownership of the estate. He claimed that the original royal decree giving land to the first Duke of Wellington was expanded by subsequent heirs without authorisation. He wanted a fifth of the 5,000-hectare estate to be expropriated. Miguel Angel Espejo, a local historian, claimed that “many noblemen took advantage of the slovenliness of the administration of royal land and arbitrarily expanded their boundaries”. A court is to rule on the case later this year. One villager described the estate as “one of the last bloodstained bastions of medieval privilege in one of the poorest regions of Granada”. Clarence House refused to comment because it was a private visit.

Spain’s best-known landmarks join in global switch-off

SOME of Spain’s most famous monuments were plunged into darkness on 27th march to mark ‘Planet Hour’, a move organised by the WWF to fight against global warming.

Once a year between 20.30hrs and 21.30hrs, householders and well-known buildings all over the world put their lights out to raise awareness of environmental problems. Around 4,000 cities in 130 countries took part. In Spain, the Alhambra Palace (Granada), the Torre del Oro (Sevilla), the Sagrada Familia cathedral (Barcelona), the Puerta

de Alcalá (Madrid) and the Arco de Trajano (Mérida) were all in darkness this evening, as were the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Mosque of Córdoba, the El Escorial Monastery in the outskirts of Madrid, the city wall of Ávila, the Giralda tower in Sevilla, the aqueduct in Segovia, the Magdalena Palace in Santander, and the Palau de la Música in Valencia. Around 100 Spanish actors and actresses

supported the move by posting messages on the WWF website inviting everyone to take part. Other famous buildings elsewhere in the world that joined the global switch-off included the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the India Gateway in New Delhi, the Royal Palace in Stockholm, the World Finance Centre in Shanghai, and Kenya Conference Centre.


Gas prices up by an average of 4% The TUR (Tarifa de Último Recurso) rate for natural gas will rise by an average of 4.1% this week, whilst electricity prices will remain stable for the next quarter. Households on the TUR1 tarif, that only use gas for hot water and cooking, will see a 3.3% increase, about €0.57 more per month on average. Customers on the TUR2 tarif, who also use natural gas for heating, will see increases of about 4.3%, a rise of roughly €2.31 euros per month. The Ministry of Industry explained that these increases were the result of a 10.65% increas in raw material costs. Bottled butane gas will also go up from today, with the maximum price being set at 14€ per bottle, not far off the record price of 14,1€ reached in April 2008. The price increase, equivalent to 81 cents per bottle (the averag consumer uses 12 bottles per year) is a much smaller rise than the 21% demanded by the industry sector, which claims not to be able to cover its costs.

“Slight” increases in caesium & iodine levels detected

A number of radiation monitoring stations run by the Council for Nucelar Safety (CSN) have recorded “slight” increases in the concentration of iodine and caesium in air coming from Japan, but describe the values as “very low” with no potentially harmful effects on people’s health or the environment. Between March 16th and 29th March, highly sensitive montioring stations in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cáceres and Seville recorded levels ranging from 0.9 mili becquererels to 0.002 mili becquerels per cubic metre. Representatives of the CSN maintain that these values “have no significance in terms of radiological protection because,

in all cases, they are very low and present no risk to human health or the environment”. In addition, these recordings are “similar” to those observed in other European countries over the same period of time and were “predictable, because of atmospheric dispersion models and meteorological data from the previous days”. Air masses from the Fukushima nuclear plant are forecast to move over the east coast of Japan and the Pacific Ocean in the next 48 hours. Spain’s CSN will continues to monitor the situation in Japan in coordination with international agencies.

Happiness peaks in old age People get happier as they grow older, according to new research, which claims our best years do not arrive until our late seventies and eighties. Traditional wisdom states that the younger years are the best of our lives, with the milestone of 40 meaning we are “over the hill”. But in fact satisfaction and optimism steadily increase after middle age, easily eclipsing the earlier years and peaking as late as the eighties, according to scientists. An easing of the responsibilities of middle age combined with maturity and the ability to focus on the things we enjoy combine to make old age far more enjoyable than one might expect. This is greatly increased by having good health, a stable income and good relationships with family and friends, according

to scientists. Lewis Wolpert, professor of biology at University College London, said most people were “averagely happy” in their teens and twenties, declining until early middle age as they try to support a family and a career.“But then, from the mid-forties, people tend to become ever more cheerful and optimistic, perhaps reaching a maximum in their late seventies or eighties.” A survey of 341,000 people, published by the American National Academy of Sciences, found enjoyment of life dwindled throughout early adulthood but began increasing in the late forties, and continued to increase until reaching a peak at 85.


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Barcelona Zoo to review security after wolf escape

Sport Barcelona Zoo is back to normal following a day of tension, after a she-wolf and her cub escaped from their enclosure, forcing the the zoo to activate its emergency evacuation protocol and causing widespread panic amonst the visitors. The Iberian wolves jumped the perimeter fence around their enclosure after becoming “highly nervous” by the arrival of a new animal in the neighbouring enclosure. They jumped over the fence at around 11am, forcing the zoo’s management to move the roughly 900 visitors, including 17 school groups, into various secure areas whilst the wolves were found. Approximately an hour and a quarter after the escape, the

mother wolf was found and tranquilised, before being taken to the veterinary clinic within the zoo. There are conflicting reports as to whether her cub actually ever escaped. CiU spokesperson S ò n i a Recasens claims it was later found “sleeping peacefully” behind a rock in the enclosure, and accused the zoo staff of “alarmist” behaviour. The zoo’s directors have described the wolves’ escape as an “exceptional and isolated” incident, asserting that the perimeter fence is three metres high and the upper section is electrified. The wolves had “never before” been known to jump such heights. A spokesperson for “Libera” - the animal protection organisation, that campaigns against the exploitation of animals in zoos and circuses - decribed the incident as “negligent” and criticised the zoo’s “inadequate security measures”.

Intense road-safety campaign to surround Jerez Moto GP

The DGT and traffic police today called on drivers and bikers to exercise the utmost care when travelling to the Spanish Moto GP in Jerez that starts tomorrow, given the “high road accident rate” surrounding this event in previous years. The DGT has launched a special road-safety campaign, which means that Andalusia alone will have 125 fixed and 48 mobile radars for speed control and twenty teams to carry out breathalyser tests. In addition, helicopter patrols will carry out surveillance in order to report dangerous behaviour on the road, both by day and at night. The traffic police estimate that some 270,000 journeys will be undertaken in the vicinity of the circuit, where 50,000 motorcycles and 130,000 people are expected. As a complement to the road-safety campaign, the DGT will be using the illuminated message panelswith messages like “Drivers,

don’t take risks”, “Drivers, watch the bikes” and “it’s a road, not a racetrack”. Finally, the RACE and the National Association of Soft Drink Manufacturers (ANFABRA), in collaboration with the DGT, will launch a new edition of the “A soft drink, your best fuel” campaign to help prevent accidents caused by travel fatigue.

Ronaldo joins Spain! British papers join April Fool spirit

Portugal football star Cristiano Ronaldo is to join Spain to help ease his nation’s debt crisis and Britain is to begin taxing fresh air, British newspapers reported in their April Fools’ Day editions. According to the Independent broadsheet, Real Madrid winger Ronaldo has agreed to “act like a patriot” and defect to the Spanish national team, netting his debt-ravaged country 160 million euros (227 million dollars). “Weighed down by debt...Portugal’s finance ministry has secured the co-

operation of football’s highest-paid player in an audacious bid to draw the nation back from the brink of economic collapse,” claimed the paper’s lead. Mirror reporter Flora Olip, coincidentally an anagram of April fool, revealed that the British government was to introduced a “gasp” bill to raise taxes from fresh air. “Olip” reported that the “Air Tariff Control” system would tax areas with fresher air while more polluted cities such as London and Manchester would be due for a rebate.

The paper “cited” a senior Environment Agency technician as saying: “Air is natural but, just like water, it is a finite resource that we have to manage sensibly”. A Labour lawmaker was apparently shocked, admitting it had “literally taken his breath away”. The Daily Express joined in the fun, reporting that a British company had developed a modified Zimmer walking frame which incorporated a skateboard for pensioners who wanted something “a little more speedy”.

Politics Dominate Santander may take over The Markets troubled savings bank CAM Spanish banking giant Santander could take over the Caja Market Commentary 1st April 2011

Currency conflicts at the G20 gathering in Nanjing continue to undermine markets with the obvious divisions between member nations on the way forward causing the very moves that participants are looking to correct. The US, through Tim Geithner, maintain their attack on the Chinese policy of not allowing its currency to float freely, arguing that to adopt such a move would enable the Yuan to take on a much more high profile global role. He adds that becoming a constituent of the IMF’s currency basket would be the clear evolution. The European delegates remain wary of further Dollar strength with the French President, M. Sarkozy summing up the concern when he argued against the Euro, or any other currency, usurping the Greenback role as the global reserve medium. He added that recent Euro strength versus the Dollar was unjustified. Overnight, we saw the stronger Dollar from the last few days give up some of its gains on comments from Federal Reserve member Bullard clarifying his reported remarks from the day before. He said that there is no consensus on the FOMC about ending Quantative Easing 2 early, and that this is unlikely to take place. He also said that the Federal Reserve would be able to tighten policy by not necessarily pushing up official rates, but by starting to sell back

assets adding that this cycle of tightening would be far more difficult to manage. The weaker Dollar / stronger Euro scenario was further enhanced by yet more comments from European Central Bank Board members, Bini-Smaghi and Stark who both cemented in the probability of a rise in the official Euro interest rate at next week’s regular meeting. The former talked of rates being returned to normal levels in a ‘gradual way’ whilst Stark pointed out the fact that policy rates at present levels were exceptionally low. Yesterday’s US ADP data was there or there-abouts in terms of market expectation so attention shifts today’s non-farms numbers. The market for moves remains in bonds, and specifically Eurozone sovereign bonds. Prices continue to fall with yields going northwards in the majority of member states’ benchmark issues, but specifically so with Greece, Portugal and Ireland. Spain has not been immune and even Germany saw its yields edge higher. The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email

Mediterraneo (CAM) after the troubled savings bank’s planned merger with three others collapsed, Spanish media reported last Friday.

The CAM decided on Thursday to seek aid from the state-financed Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) in order to meet new banking requirements set by the government after the failure of its merger. But the business daily El Economista said the Bank of Spain has decided “to launch measures to avoid (public) intervention.” Since the CAM reportedly needs around 2.0 billion euros ($2.8 billion), or the majority of its capital, the public aid would mean its nationalisation. El Economista said the central bank is planning a “mini-auction” of the CAM for the big Spanish banks, among which Santander, the eurozone’s largest bank by market capitalisation, “is the big favorite, followed closely by BBVA,” the country’s second largest bank. It has also contacted La Caixa, Banco Sabadell and Banco Popular, the paper reported. “Santander, which the markets believe is the top candidate to take over the savings bank, would carry out this operation through its (subsidiary) Banesto,” it said. On Wednesday, three savings banks --

Cajastur, Caja de Extremadura and Caja de Cantabria -- rejected the plan to merge with the CAM to create a new group, Banco Base, which would have been the third-largest savings bank in terms of assets. It was the first broken-off engagement in the savings bank sector since a wave of consolidations in 2010 cut the number of institutions from 45 to just 14. Spain’s lenders, especially regional savings banks which account for about half of all lending in the country, have been heavily exposed to bad debt since the collapse of the property sector at the end of 2008. The regional savings banks are expected to request more than seven billion euros in public aid to boost levels of rock-solid core capital on their weakened balance sheets. The Bank of Spain has estimated the entire banking system requires 15.152 billion euros to recapitalise. The extra money is required to meet stringent new rules on capital levels introduced by the Spanish authorities so as to regain credibility on world financial markets.


Spain’s publishing sector thrives but only 57% of the population reads books

A handful of young and independent editors have reinvigorated the huge sector, which contributes 1% of Spain’s GDP

These editors have reinvigorated a sector with an enormous economic and political significance (it makes up 1% of GDP, employs 30,000 people and many more indirectly; and, as the poet would say, Spanish is a weapon loaded with future). There are, of course, heavyweights too: large groups with a presence in many countries. The sector publishes in four languages (Spanish, Catalan, Basque, and Galician), and in 2009 there were 76,213 titles edited (reprints included); 329.8m copies published (average print run: 4,328 volumes); and 236.2m copies sold. The paradox is that editors (and authors too, but that’s another story) are sprouting like mushrooms in a country in which only 57% of the population over 14 reads books in its free time, and not many books at that, given that the average is 9.8 books a year. An explanation? Perhaps the one given by one of the new editors mentioned above: “the publishing sector has contradictions, but there is room for adventure”. And what we have to do is make the most of it.

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Experts say that next year one in four Spanish publishing houses will offer digital versions of over half their catalogue. Digitisation is the greatest challenge to publishing at the worst possible moment, when the financial crisis is reducing incomes and well-established forms of work are facing a paradigm shift. But the most striking transformation of the last few years has been brought about by a handful of young and independent editors. They often come from very commercial publishing houses, and, thanks to the new technologies, have thrown themselves into the market with hardly any business plan, ready to satisfy readers hungry for quality.


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Britain alone in opposing £1.7 billion increase to Galileo sat nav system

Britain was a “minority of one” in opposing a £1.7 billion increase to the EU’s troubled Galileo satellite navigation system, the Transport Secretary has admitted Philip Hammond failed to persuade other European governments to scale back a 30satellite EU space project which one day aims to rival America’s GPS system. “We will continue to object to any increase in the budget,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “We will certainly block any further increased spending in the next two years.” Earlier this year, the European Commission warned national capitals that a lack of enthusiasm among private investors meant that the cost of Galileo was likely to rise to £4.7 billion. The extra cost to the British taxpayer will be more than £231 million at a time of austerity cutbacks to many national state investment projects. Despite British opposition, a meeting of European transport decided “unequivocally that the programmes should continue to be financed from the EU budget”.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain, who get the lion’s share of the EU’s Galileo funding via space industry contracts, are supporting the extra funding. Britain has argued that it would be more economical to get the Galileo “up and running” with 18 satellites in order to attract private investment to build the other 12 needed to complete the navigation system. “There was a lot of hand-wringing of it overshooting budget but no real willingness to contemplate a reduced specification,” said Mr Hammond. In January, Berry Smutny, the German boss of OHB Technology, a company that has a £475 million contract to build 14 Galileo satellites, was sacked after attacking the project as a “stupid idea” that is “a waste of taxpayers’ money”.

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EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years The European Commission on Monday unveiled a “single European transport area” aimed at enforcing “a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers” by 2050. The plan also envisages an end to cheap holiday flights from Britain to southern Europe with a target that over 50 per cent of all journeys above 186 miles should be by rail. Top of the EU’s list to cut climate change emissions is a target of “zero” for the number of petrol and diesel-driven cars and lorries in the EU’s future cities. Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto “alternative” means of

transport. “That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres,” he said. “Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour.” The Association of British Drivers rejected the proposal to ban cars as economically disastrous and as a “crazy” restriction on mobility. “I suggest that he goes and finds himself a space in the local mental asylum,” said Hugh Bladon, a spokesman for the BDA. “If he wants to bring everywhere to a grinding halt and to plunge us into a new dark age, he is on the right track. We have to keep things moving. The man is off his rocker.” Mr Kallas has denied that the EU plan to cut car use by half over

the next 20 years, before a total ban in 2050, will limit personal mobility or reduce Europe’s economic competitiveness. “Curbing mobility is not an option, neither is business as usual. We can break the transport system’s dependence on oil without sacrificing its efficiency and compromising mobility. It can be win-win,” he claimed. Christopher Monckton, Ukip’s transport spokesman said: “The EU must be living in an alternate reality, where they can spend trillions and ban people from their cars. “This sort of greenwashing grandstanding adds nothing and merely highlights their grandiose ambitions.”

Meat From Offspring Of Cloned Animals To Go On Sale In UK

Meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals could be on sale in British supermarkets by the end of the summer, after attempts to impose controls through European regulation failed.

Families buying meat for barbecues are unlikely to be aware of their food’s controversial links because the labels on packaging will be no different from normal meat. Campaigners for new controls were defeated after 12 hours of talks between the 27 EU states and the European Parliament failed to agree a law to manage the industry. The failure to toughen legislation means that so-called “Frankenfoods” - which come from ancestors whose DNA was altered - could be on supermarket shelves in the UK within months, subject to approval. Scores of dairy cows from cloned parents are already being reared on British farms. Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, was one of the voices against imposing new controls and labelling, claiming that it could ignite a trade war with the US, Argentina and Brazil, where such products are routinely farmed and sold. The result means that, after three years of campaigning and negotiations, the EU has no meaningful agreement on how the products of animals from genetically altered stock should be produced and sold. The EU imports 300,000 to 500,000 tonnes of beef every year. Much of it comes from the United States and Argentina, which authorise cloning for commercial purposes but have no system to trace clone-derived meat. It is estimated that it could now take several years for the EU to come up with a new proposal on the controversial food. The breakdown effectively leaves in place 14-

year-old rules that do not prevent the sale of food from clones. “It is deeply frustrating that council would not listen to public opinion and support urgently needed measures to protect consumer and animal welfare interests,” MEPs backing new controls said in a statement. “We made a huge effort to compromise but we were not willing to betray consumers on their right to know whether food comes from animals bred using clones,” said Gianni Pittella and Kartika Liotard, who backed improved labelling. “SinceEuropeanpublicopinionisoverwhelmingly against cloning for food, a commitment to label all food products from cloned offspring is a bare minimum.” Dagmar Roth-Behrendt, an MEP involved in the talks, said “billions of litres of cloned milk” could now flood Europe. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “We are totally opposed to cloning for food production on animal welfare and ethical grounds.” The European health commissioner, John Dalli, said scientific assessments on cattle found “absolutely no risk to health as there is no differentiation at all between cloned animals and normally bred animals”.The sale of meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals is currently technically legal although the criteria for sale are so tough and the market so small that no such products are available.

70mm Profiles

Internally Beaded for Security

28mm Glass Units

Pilkington Active for Hot Summers Pilkington K for Cold Winters

Shoot Bolt locking for even more security

Plas-Tech Guttering

We have been a FloPlast stockist for over 17 years. Nobody sells more in Spain than us. Best product, best installation, best price deal direct with the importer

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quality Nobody will beat our for like price We will beat any like ny that Plas-tech are a compa ars with have traded for 17 ye Europe. installations all over

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In & Around


BASILIO RUBIO desde 1.982

Dog & Cat Food, Accessories, Cages, Aquariums etc.


950 431 592

solicitor for all your legal and financial needs.

• Obtaining licenses for first occupation •Property Matters • Vehicle Licensing & Purchase • Official Translations • Spanish wills• Inheritance Issues • NIE’s & Residencia • Personal Loans• Conveyancing • Insurances • Mortgages • Tax Issues

Unlimited consultation package 10€ per month

SERFILA Legal and Financial Services

C/Duque Ahumada No.6,04800 ALBOX In between Ole Supermercado (where the old GB’s used to be) & Simply The Best fashion shop.

TEL: 950 121 365 or 626 389 322 •

CRAFT MATERIALS, CARD STOCK, DUFEX, Lace, Stamping,P.C.A Pergamano, Glass Paints, Decoupage, Quilling, Art Supplies, Embossing & MUCH MORE...

new in! Sheena Douglas Paint Fusion Stamps Paint Brushes and Martha Stewart Punches OPENING HOURS: MON, TUES, THURS,FRI & FIRST SAT of every month 10-2PM

CALL MARGARET ON 617 588 417 Avda. 28 de Febrero (Between Sol y Mar/The Post Shop & Rumores)

Can´t receive your favourite channels?

let us visit you and solve all your TV problems, We can realign your dish or supply more powerfuldishes!!!!


Formerly J.D. Hair Design

645 560 367

Sparkle this Spring with a cut & blow dry and eye-brow shape 25€ (Opposite Bar Toni)

Plaza Nuevo, Albox

Personal 1-to-1 Claims Department in English 45 years of experience FREE with every policy

Tel: 950 121 943 Fax: 950 430 790


Providing insurance for expatriates


Party wear, Accesories including silver Jewellery, Wraps, Scarves, Ponchos, Evening/Day Bags, Fascinators, Hand Made Cards We also Stock a full Spring & range of Casual Wear summer including Knitwear

Fantastic prices!!!!!!!!!!

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Dynos: shop is located past the new bridge over the rambla in Albox on the right hand side.


Eat in or take away

watch and record all at the same time!

Calle Salvador de Madariaga Nº 7, Local, 04800. Albox, Almeria.


a a

Calle Parrales

New in stock High Definition Humax Freesat Recor der s

email - Speak to Helen or Ascension

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Are you crafty?...We are!!! Looking for a new hobby? Already a keen Crafter?

Hair & Beauty

■ Helvetia ■ Metropolis ■ Caser ■

mario redondo is a professional and energetic

The name derives from the Arabic word for forest and sounds similar to the Spanish term for forest ‘el bosque’. The origens of Albox date back to Medieval times when the ancient fort town was located on a hill nearby to its current location. In 1503 it was completely destroyed by an earthquake and most of its historical buildings were lost. The town was reconstructed from scratch in its current location. A large market is held every Tuesday morning and a smaller market on Saturday mornings. On market days the neighbouring streets are shut off to traffic and stalls open up selling fresh fruit, vegetables and bread. Jamons (cured ham on the bone) can be found hanging from stalls and shop windows; dozens of varieties of queso (cheese), chorizo (cured sausage) and many more delicacies are on show. The market is extensive, with street upon street, a myriad of noise, colour and smells. In fact you can find just about anything in the Albox market!

New opening hours Mon - Fri 9.30am - 3pm Saturday 10am - 2pm Tel: 659 185 039

None of our food is fried!

Have you tried our delicious “Melties”? Outside catering orders taken

Free delivery to local businesses Huge range of sandwiches, toasties & jacket potatoes

6 item breakfast with toast just 3.80€ Or double it! Only 5.80€ Homemade coleslaws, potato salads & quiches

Open Mon-Fri 10.30am-3.30pm Sat 10.30am-2.30pm Find us on Calle Malaga, round the corner from Pricebusters

Tel: Sarah or Martin on 689 421 321



True Confessions of a Doctor...

Dear Friends, It is rarely pleasant for true confessions; in fact they can be very rough. Nonetheless confessions set the truth free and keep the record straight. It allows me to give credit, where it is due. Before I talk about my confession, I would like to say a few things first.

Many years ago, as a child, something happened to me that changed my life forever. Let me tell you my story: “When I was7 my family and I moved West across the United Sates. It was an exciting time to travel, find a new home; meet new friends and have a new life full of adventure. Then one day a car in a crosswalk bumped my mother. It was very light and she barely fell over – but then she couldn’t get up. At first I thought she was joking until the ambulance arrived to assist us. Upon arriving at the hospital the doctors did their best but could not discover anything wrong. She was prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants and sent home with the prognosis that all would be well in a few days. Within a few days, with much dismay, the symptoms did not alleviate in fact they worsened. This time the doctor prescribed even stronger medication and instructed her to go to physical therapy three times a week. We left with new hope. She began her physical therapy care. Unfortunately it did not get the results we so desired. In fact my mother would come home in tears after every session and remained bedridden. Three months transpired with physical therapy and now my mother’s trouble began to impact me. With my father out of the home it left me responsible for cooking, cleaning, walking the dog and caring for my mother and myself. Suddenly my adventure at 7 was quite different and not so exciting. She visited other therapists without results. Time continued to elapse. She spoke with her doctor again who referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately nothing was discovered and surgery to cut & kill the nerve trunk was the only option. This seemed ridiculous for my mother. She was only 26 and now bedridden, taking over 10 tablets a day with extreme pain debilitating almost all activities and unable to care for me properly. She had always been physically fit and the accident was so minor. As time passed my mothers’ health continued to decline. After nearly two years of being bedridden, using all remedies offered, conventional or not, the doctors finally decided to send her to a special hospital where they would teach you how live with the pain. They had given up and ran out of options.

One day at the hospital I heard a passing conversation about a local chiropractor. Curious to discover more I eves dropped. Now at the age of nine and very mature for my age I listened and heard of a possibility. Others had gone for differing troubles and many had positive results. I quickly rushed to inform my mother. My mother was very despondent and not very receptive. Still I pleaded with her; it was our last chance for hope. I can be very persuasive and finally she conceded to visiting the chiropractor. The chiropractor did a thorough consultation, examination and a detailed report where he fully explained my mother’s trouble. He then proceeded to adjust the spine of my mother. After the adjustment my mother was able to stand up straight and without pain for the first time in two years. My mother’s health soon returned. After a few weeks she no longer needed the assortment of medication. In a few months she had returned to the mother I remembered at 7. She no longer had what the doctors called a short leg since she was a child. Her menstruation returned to normal and she never again suffered from periodic headaches. My mother was back and better than ever! After two years of hospitals I witnessed a great deal of suffering, the results while at the chiropractor were so astounding that I was inclined to go to chiropractic school and become a chiropractor myself. It is strange how life can come full circle because now people come to see me with their health problems. They come to me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, ear infections, asthmas allergies, numbness in limbs athletic injuries just to name a few, they get such great results that some of my clients have decided to study chiropractic. And that is how it happened!”

Here’s what some of my clients say: My daughter was asthmatic taking inhalers and medication daily. She was sidelined and unable to play with her classmates; now her health has improved so much she no longer uses medication or inhalers and is the captain of the football team! (L. Hamn) After injuring my back I could only play a hole or two, of golf, for almost two years. I was about to give up the game. This is serious because I am a professional golfer. I laughed at Dr. Jensen when he said I would be out playing again after only 2 weeks! But it was true and now I am at the top of my game. (S. Fernandez) I have suffered with constant headaches and migraines since my childhood, the moment that I met Dr. Paul and he adjusted me a miracle happened, no more headaches and no more painkillers. Thank you for exposing me to the wonderful world of Chiropractic, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. (R. Sastre) I am honored to have helped so many people with their health care problems but I cannot really take credit. My confession is that I have never healed anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s as simple as that! It is very challenging to be a chiropractor today. There are many so-called experts out there with extreme misinformation, much of which is ridiculous. But the studies speak for themselves, like the Virginia, USA study that showed over 95% of people who saw a chiropractor were satisfied with their results. That is outstanding! Studies show that chiropractic may double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immunes system fights colds, the flu and other sicknesses.

The results? You may not be sick in bed as much. This is especially important when you are self-employed. Benefit from an Amazing Offer Would you like to see if chiropractic is the solution to your health problems? Would you like to see for yourself it it’s as easy and as effective as I say it is? Sure you would! And now here’s the best part. When you bring in this article by this Friday you will receive my entire new client exam and report for only 35 euro. That includes a postural analysis, a spinal thermo graphic and sEMG scans and a detailed report of your findings. Everything! How can such an offer be made? The answer is simple. I know that chiropractic works so well I am willing to take most of the risk. I hope that you accept my offer. Let’s discover if chiropractic can help you. You cannot lose – but you sure can win! Be happy to know that I have affordable individual or family plans. Not only great fees….but great care! I am very confident in my ability to provide you great care. I have studied many years with a group of elite chiropractors that have spent years and thousands of euros to remain on the cutting edge of or practice, technology, research and strategies. Our care is gentle and effective. As a result I have been entrusted to care for everyone, including newborn babies, delicate seniors and tough athletes. My staff is great, they create a warm and caring atmosphere that welcomes all, I am sure you will think so too. Our office is called “Estilo de Vida” Centro Chiropractico. You can locate us at c/Mayor #19 Garrucha. Our phone number is: Tel: 950 460 953 or Mob: 605 322 612. Call my staff for an appointment so we can help you!

For Optimum Health, Dr. Paul Jensen P.S. This offer extends to all your family members for the same great fee. P.P.S. Can you believe not having to wait for your appointment? We have a no-wait policy. Your time is valuable to us both; therefore you will be seen within minutes of your scheduled appointment. That is how we can serve busy people like you.

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylists our Hairdressers

Come and join us!

Fashion Extravaganza

on Sunday 10th April

Beauty treatments by Sandra

Plus nail art for fingers or toes

g in spr to in p e st

dicure 25€ - Manicure & Pe 0€ ini Line Wax 2 - 1/2 leg & Bik + / Eyebrow Tint - Eyebrow Wax 20€ Upper Lip Wax Eyelash Tint + Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona)

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm Saturday 9.30am - 3pm. No siesta



lois benson

BSc (Hons) Podiatry (Chiropody)

many years nhs for all foot problems expertly treated Ray Daniel is holding a clinic on Wed 27th April Tel: Ray 61 77 41 564 for an appointment

See main advert on page 12

Call for an appointment

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

at Vera Hotel

Tickets 5€

proceeds to MACS 4pm for 4.30 start

Cava on arrival Open: Mon - Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10am-2pm Calle Malaga, ALBOX (1 street up from the Mercadona)

Tel: 620 534 423 or: 950 064 269


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Frillies - UK Lingerie House parties, fitting service, special orders Come and talk to us at: Essentials - 1st Wednesday every month, Los Higuerales - 2nd Wednesday every month

Making your Life Easier Tel: 902 02 64 68


Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Caring Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own in the home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Mazarron & Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Campos ol you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.




Yoga with Liz Hill


& every Wednesday from 2.30-4pm

Today is Free to try out So Come along all Welcome See advertisement on pg31 for Map

Osteopath Naturopath

Look Good Feel Great beauty ingredients that work

Hardly a week goes by without some substance or another being hailed as the answer to all our skincare problems. Be it vitamin A or AHAs, collagen or co-enzyme Q10, somebody somewhere is heralding it as the latest miracle skin-saver on the market. But are these just empty buzzwords or can they really improve our skin?

ANTIOXIDANTS WHAT ARE THEY? This umbrella term covers a whole host of nutrients, including vitamins A, C & E, grape seed and green tea extracts and co-enzyme Q10. WHAT DO THEY DO? Fight the ageing effects of free radicals, caused by pollution and the sun’s UV rays for example. When you eat antioxidants, they are distributed throughout your body, not just to your skin. As well as getting antioxidants in your diet - eat fruit, - berries, pomegranate, grape, orange, plum, pineapple, kiwi fruit, grapefruit; vegetables - kale, chili pepper, red cabbage, peppers, parsley, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, spinach, lemon, ginger, red beets; broad beans, pinto beans, soybeans, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, ground nut or peanuts, & sunflower seeds - it’s important to apply them topically too. TRY: Clinique Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturiser - it has a unique complex of eight antioxidants, blended to fight free radicals - available in three skin type formulas (

AHAs WHAT ARE THEY? Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a group of mild acids that come from natural sources such as citric fruits (citric acid), apples (malic acid) and milk (lactic acid). WHAT DO THEY DO? Exfoliate the upper layers of the skin by dissolving dead surface cells. This allows younger cells to come to the surface, improving the appearance of wrinkles. In concentrated forms, AHAs are used to treat common skin complaints such as pigmentation, dryness, acne and deeper wrinkles. TRY: Gatineau Body Lotion with AHA - this best-seller sweeps away rough, dead skin cells. The light lotion promises to improve elasticity and restore the skin’s suppleness. (www. lookfantastic. com/Gatineau)


• Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

• Nails • Callus • Corns • • Diabetic Footcare • Biomechanics • • All Foot Problems •

Have you tried it yet?

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Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Emotional freedom technique

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system. E.F.T. balances the energy system & removes negative emotion.


Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) Imagine your body having the same effective and efficient recuperative powers in middle age as it did when you were in your teens. Imagine the need for surgery not being the first port of call, or not at all. For many years there has been research into non invasive treatment for a wide range of conditions, diseases, ailments that affect the body. To be able to offer patients the opportunity to have a treatment without the need for surgery surely would have multiple benefits, not only to the patient but to hospitals, doctors and nurses also. There will be shorter recovery time for patients because there is minimum trauma to the body and doctors will be under far less stress as would nurses, treatment can also be carried out in the privacy of the patients’ home. The JPS Viofor System, which is the equipment used for Electro Magnetic Stimulation Therapy was invented for this very purpose. This particular system which is category 2 medical equipment and EU funded was developed in Poland after 20 years of research, there are other types based on the same principal being used in the German and French health service. The equipment works by passing low variable pulses of electro magnetic waves into the body. These pulsed waves help the body to utilize oxygen and nutrients more efficiently, in turn this helps cellular activity which in turn aids healing and promotes good health. As we age our bodies are less able to regenerate hence the reason it takes longer to recover from injury, injuries we would as youngsters shake off relatively quickly. Electro Magnetic Stimulation is safe, effective and has produced exceptional results in the treatment of many conditions. For more details or consultation, call Ray on 617 741 564.

By Ray Daniel RAY DANIEL

Professional in Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) & Sports Massage Now at Sophias - Arboleas Every Tuesday and Indigo Gym - Mojacar Every Thursday

hair & beauty salon • waxing • facials • eye lash extensions • non surgical face lifts

• nail extensions • reiki • massage • pain free electrolysis erly of etticut’

rm hair by phoebe ‘fo extensions, etc blow dry, hair

brazilian er y week! special offers ev

opening hours

Stephanie Chamberlain M.A.S.C.

tlf: 645 290 728 Sound & Voice Therapist | Healing | Professional Stress Consultant

Tel: 617 878 864

Clinics in: Albox at Cutting Edge & Arboleas at Sophias. Mobile service available in Mojacar, Vera and surrounding areas.

Tel. 629 289 385

Health Care For Adults and Children

Lois Benson BSc (Hons) MChs


Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

for info and appointments


tues & weds 10-4pm thurs 11-7pm, fri 10-4pm sat 10-2pm

Parking Irish Rover

The Beauty Spot

Mojacar Estates


Levante Heladeria

950 472 460 / 600 223 664 next door to mojacar estates

Treatment for

back Pain • sciatica • arthritus rheumatism • parkinsons • MS Fractures & Sports Injuries

Tel: 617 741 564




Pilates by Sharon Pilates Cert Teacher


Monday 11th April 2pm-3pm Call 950 634 562 to book

See advertisement on pg27 for Map

advertising feature

Lesley Miller Tel. 620 676 833 email:



Do you forget names at a party?

health You may be having too good a time, say scientists news

Do you have trouble remembering names at parties? It may because your having too good a time. Scientists researching the relationship between mood and the memory have found being in a good mood decreases your ability to retain information. Elizabeth Martin, a doctoral student from the University of Missouri, led the latest study into working (immediate) memory. She said of her findings: ‘This explains why you might not be able to remember a phone number you get at a party when you are having a good time. ‘This research is the first to show that positive mood can negatively impact working memory storage capacity. This shows that although systems in the brain are connected, it is possible to affect one process but not

others.’ Researchers gauged study participants’ mood before

and after showing them one of two video clips. Some participants were shown a segment of a stand-up comedy routine, while others watched an instructional video on how to install flooring. Following the videos, those that viewed the comedy routine were in significantly better moods after viewing the video, while the mood of those that viewed the flooring video had not changed. After watching the videos,

both groups completed a memory test. This test provides several numbers to a participant through headphones at a rate of four numbers per second. After the recording stopped, participants were asked to recall the last six numbers in order. Those that watched the comedy routine and were in a better mood performed significantly worse on the task. However Ms Martin said: ‘While working memory storage is decreased, being

in a good mood is not all bad. ‘Being in a good mood has been shown to increase creative problem-solving skills and other aspects of thinking.’ The doctoral student

Optica Albox 30%

Discount for oaps


Named Brands of Discount of all Sunglasses de signer from sunglasses 10€

should analyse the impact of mood on working memory storage


classroom setting.



Get your Eyes Tested for


....Call David today!

28€(SingleVision) 96€ (Varifocal)


Come and have a FREE test! All accessories & various models available


We open on monday 11th april call us now to book: 644 496 198

Come and join us on Friday 15th April for our lunch party with drinks, paella and a raffle sponsored by local businesses all in honour of P.A.W.S. Patas • Trained in London • Styling in the area for 8 years

• Late night opening • Coming soon, beauty room, nail technician, tattoos • Are you a mobile hairdresser? Do you work from home? Why not join the team at Styles for up to 5 days a week? • Special offers on our exclusive range of PACT products

Beauty Room available


opening offer Ladies Cut &

15€ Gents Cut from 5€

Blow-dry from

for hire by the day or weekly. Call for more details

Mon, Tues, Wed & Sat 10 - 6pm Thurs & Fri 10 - 8pm. Closed Sundays



life situations, such as in a


Avda Pio XII, s/n 04800 tlf. 950 121 991

A MONTHS supply of 1 day LENSES ONLY 18,90€

added that future research






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Hydrogen ‘to become a viable alternative to petrol’ Hydrogen fuel could be set to become a viable environmentally friendly alternative to petrol following the development of new technology that allows the natural gas to be stored in a cheap and practical way.

The groundbreaking technique utilises materials that soak up hydrogen like a sponge, and then encapsulates them in tiny plastic beads so small they behave like a liquid. The process, based on a new way of producing nano-fibres from hydrides, is being developed by Cella Energy, a spin-off from Britain’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The technique allows hydrogen to be released at a much faster rate and at lower temperatures than before, researchers said. What we’ve been doing is taking these materials and encasing them in plastic and making them into a very fine powder and that improves their properties,’ Cella Energy Chief Scientific Officer Stephen Bennington said. ‘It also means you can pump it like a fluid and it’s safe. It is not gong to easily burst into flames,’ he said. Hydrogen produces only water when it is burned and is considered an ideal solution to cutting carbon emissions from petrol or diesel vehicles, which are estimated to cause 25 per cent of all carbon release. But until now, attempts to store hydrogen have not been consumer-friendly so this has not been a viable option. Cella Energy Ltd say their technology would allow people to use the carbon-free fuel with their existing car after a few modifications. ‘You would pump it into your petrol tank of

your car - that would go off, be heated, drive the hydrogen off, which would go and run your vehicle and then the waste little beads that we have created you store in the car. And when you go and refuel your car you have two nozzles. One which puts in the new beads and one which takes out the old beads which goes off to be recycled and the hydrogen added to it again,’ Bennington said. The development has been to turn hydrides into fibres or beads, 30 times smaller than a human hair, through a process of electro-spinning. This produces a white tissue-like material that can be controlled to capture and release hydrogen.

The encapsulation process protects the hydrides from oxygen and water, prolonging their life and making it possible to handle them safely in air and because it behaves like a liquid, current infrastructure will need minimal modification. ‘You can use tankers to carry the material around,’ said Bennington. ‘You can take it to forecourts and then you can pump it into the vehicle and give the customer the same kind of experience they have now.’ All part of the reason Cella Energy believe their process could herald a new era of carbon-free motoring. ‘The experience that most people have now is using regular liquid fuels where it takes three minutes to fill your vehicle and then you can travel 300 miles,’ said Stephen Voller, Cella Energy’s CEO. ‘Now you can have exactly the same experience with hydrogen but you can’t have that experience with an electric car.’ The company said hydrogen could be an economically viable alternative to fossil fuels if the gas is produced with renewable energy sources like wind or solar. It has three times more energy than petrol per unit of weight and could power cars, planes and other vehicles that currently use hydrocarbons. It said it is also attracting interest from large established companies in the energy and transportation sectors.


Junk shop painting could be worth £40m A painting bought from a junk shop because the buyer liked the frame could be a £40million masterpiece. Experts believe the picture of a small house by a river might be the earliest known work of French artist Paul Cezanne. The buyer, a man from Northampton who does not want to be named, said: “I’m not trying to think about what to do with the money yet - I won’t tempt fate.” He bought the 4ft x 3ft painting, which appears to be signed and dated 1854, six years ago and kept it in an attic. “I bought the painting from a second hand shop in ­ Northampton which sells all sorts of little bits and pieces of old tat,” he said. “I can’t remember how much I paid, but it was under £100. I bought it for the frame and it’s been gathering dust ever since.” Only later, flicking through an art history book, did he spot similarities between the 4ft by 3ft picture of a small house with an orange roof surrounded by trees in his attic and the work of Cezanne. His suspicions were backed by Tim Conrad from Wilfords auction house, in Wellingborough, Northants. Mr Conrad said: “The brushstrokes certainly look like Cezanne and it was usual for him to use a variety of signature styles. “If it is, the impact would be enormous and it would fetch £40million easily.”



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British Family-Run business based just outside the pretty mountain village of partaloa BHS Qualified 1

Quad bikes available for hire from 1 hour to a full day Sunday Special 1 hour hack followed by 3 course Sunday lunch at Mis Amigos just 25€

(groups of 4 minimum)

/2 hour private lesson 12€ 1 hour hack 20€ 2 hour ride and 3 course lunch on route 45€ Sat & Sun Pony clubs, 20€ discounts for families Livery from €160 per month Loan deals available Museum of Rock Music Tel: 678 838 547 opens in Barcelona Broadband internet dedicated to Queen, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club’s formation. The museum will be holding concerts as well as running an educational programme for schoolchildren called “On Stage”, which gives them the chance to feel like a music star on stage with lights, sound and a virtual audience. The items in the exhibition include original Beatles and Rolling Stones records, one of Michael Jackson’s jackets from his “Bad” tour in 1987, letters of complaint to the Guardia Civil in Mallorca from Yoko Ono and John Lennon, an unpublished Bruce Springsteen letter, and Ringo Starr’s signature on a cheque from the National Westiminister Bank. Rock fans can also see a manuscript by Paul McCartney to create a fan club for the song “Michelle” in Spain, and a picture that the Fab Four took with Las Hermanas Hurtado, a flamenco group, in 1965.

S On FREE pec ly ia lO wh INSTALLATION ffe ile r!! st oc ks la st

For those who have always wanted to know what Las Hermanas Hurtado have in common with the Beatles, or eat off the golden bathtub Elton John used to use in the 1990s, Spain’s first Museum of Rock music, which opened in Barcelona’s Areas shopping mall today, is the place to go. The museum, which is open from 10am til 10pm every day of the week, houses an exhibition of some 500 pieces from the Barcelona Private Rock Music Museum Foundation, which has over 5,000 objects and a million documents, 500 songs and a thousand films to its name - one of the largest collections of rock memorabilia in Europe. The exhibition is made up of four rooms, one dedicated to the Beatles, one to the Rolling Stones, another to national rock, and the fourth one is to house temporary exhibitions, that will change every three months; it is currently

512 Kbps 17 € per month 1Mb 25€ per month 1.5Mb 30€ per month

Telephone line rental 8€ per month for 2 incoming numbers eg UK & Spanish. Terms & conditions apply

Existing customers Speeds & Packages changing soon

Tel: 678 813 505

New Exciting Development At Auctions Next Auction:

Wednesday 13th April Auctions held every 2 weeks.

Items now being accepted for auctions 13th April and 27th April Approx 250 lots per auction Week of sale viewing Mon & Tues 10am - 2pm, and all day Wednesday Auction starts prompt at 5pm Large quantities or awkward items can now be collected

removal & storage

Removals & Storage, Local & Worldwide removals Household & Commercial Storage Container storage - short or long term Fully alarmed & insured warehouse Family run business

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Tel: 950 391 412

Unit 8 & 9 c/Mojana, El Real Ind Est. 04628 Antas, Almeria (off junction 534 of N340)

El Rancho 44 pitch Caravan / Mobile Home park set on a fabulous 26,000m2 landscaped private area.

Reserve your pitch NOW! Facilities include 18m x 9m Swimming Pool Restaurant open from noon until early hours Costs from as little as 8€ per day

Restaurant Specialises in:

Flame Grilled Meat Tapas Menu del Dia 7€ Wine, Beers, soft drinks

Car boot every wednesday 9am in the restaurant car park. pitch

only 2€

We can cater for: Private Parties Birthdays – Weddings – Family Parties ‘Situated on the AL8102 Huercal Overa/Taberno Road to the junction of Los Llanos & Santo Petar crossroads’

Open 12pm – 2am Tues- Sun, Closed Mon (open Fiesta Mondays)

Tel: 666 487 321 / 666 487 322



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Spain Calls Off Airport Strikes

Airport workers in Spain have called off 22 days of strikes which threatened to cause major disruption over the Easter holidays and into the summer. Union members voted to cancel the strike after receiving guarantees over job security and conditions. The strikes were called over concerns about the partprivatisation of national airport operator Aena. The government plans to sell up to 49% of Aena, in a drive to reduce Spain’s budget deficit. Workers had feared the sale of the company would result in job losses and a deterioration in conditions. Union leaders said about 70% of their more than 10,000 members voted to call off the industrial action. “The ratification of this deal means the cancellation of the call for 22 days of strikes planned on different days between April and August,” said a statement from the CCOO union. The strikes would have involved security staff, baggage handlers, ground crew and others at 47 Spanish airports. It would have dealt a serious blow to Spain’s tourism industry in the busy Easter and summer seasons. Spain is seeing an increase in visitor numbers as tourists avoid trouble spots in the Middle East such as Egypt and Tunisia.

ALBOX FIBREGLASS We are now in full production

Manufacturer & supplier to all the largest hardware outlets in the area... Yes, most of the fibreglass tanks, etc you see outside there were manufactured by us!

Terrace / Conservatory suites. Various designs. 3 seater sofa + 2 chairs + coffee table


Wood patio set - 2 seater sofa, 2 chairs, 1 side table, 1 coffee table + stool


2 seater sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table plus spare cushion covers and wet weather cover


Deal Direct with the best, not the rest!!

Manufacture and full installation of all sizes of storage tanks (oil & water), swimming pools and the new three stage cleanable septic tanks. House and shed leaking roof repairs. Nigel (Production) 634 368 068 Royston (Installation) 634 306 455 Jim (Sales) 600 361 055 Unit 3, Poligono Industrial Sur, Albox Almeria, Spain, 04800 Email:




Waterproof Outdoor Camera 23 Infrared LED´s With a resolution of 420 lines.

Sensor 1/3 Sony With a resolution of 420 lines.21 Infrared LED´s which activate automatically



Wireless Camera KIT



Outdoor wireless infrared camera & receiver. With 26 infrared LEDs. Microphone incorporated.

Wireless Minicamera

IP CAMERAS…with built-in WEB server It has 30 infrared LED´s and is Waterproof for outdoor use. IP Wifi


It assigns an internal IP ad-dress and it´s as simple as typing the IP address fromany browser to access the camera


Shop in Albox







Peugeot Garage


950 431 410


Albox Football Ground




da ni

British food supermarket

← ←

Avda. Lepanto 36, 04800 Albox Open MonDAY - Sat 10am - 2pm

e Av

→ Avda.America ↓


Andirondack Syle CHAIRS €75

Total Entertainment

we are here !




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The No.1 supplier & installer in your area established 5 years with 100% custom

er satisfaction

enclose your terrace with drop down awnings

Commercial & Domestic, supplied & fitted. Many colours & styles. Signwriting service, all areas covered. All products are of the highest quality.

The No.1 in your area for Awnings, Internal Blinds & Pool Covers for price & quality

we will beat any like-for-like quote!

10% OFF until end of April P.O Box 133, Cortijo Cabrera, Turre Almeria, SPAIN Tel: 627 907 207 / 634 319 882 Email: Web:

All work is fully insured & carried out by highly skilled tradesmen awnings - blinds - flyscreens - pool covers - gazebos

HOME HEATING SYSTEMS • Pellet burning and wood burning central heating systems • Stand alone pellet and wood burners • Stand alone pellet inserts and wood burner inserts • Pellet burners are digitally programmable • To see the full range of models available go to our manufacturer’s website



PLUMBING & HEATING SERVICES “Let us tailor your installation to suit you!” Other services include:

• Pool heating systems from 2000€ • Oil / gas ground source heating systems Installations - Servicing - Repairs - Maintenance • Under floor heating • Water treatment systems • Water deposit tanks • General plumbing • Bathroom design and fitting • Tiling • Water heaters • Shower cubicles • Gas installations (in conjunction with Repsol) • Supply of ceramicware and brassware

If it involves water we can help!

For more info or free no-obligation quote, call, email or pop in & see us. Open Mon-Fri 10am-3pm. Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger) Tel: 968 969 962

Zafra Energy & Heating appointed installer of renewable energy systems

Spain’s Future Depends on a More Relevant Europe Over the last three decades, following the end of the Franco dictatorship, Spain has had to reconfigure its international projection. The isolation arising from the country’s alignment with the axis powers, which was only disrupted by the cold war, determined Spain’s international policy for decades.

The transition to and consolidation of democracy was a successful effort on all fronts: the authoritarian regime was done away with, power became decentralised, Spanish economy and society were modernised, and foreign policy was geared to placing Spain in the international position it should occupy. From the first years of the transition to democracy, Spanish governments embarked on a long process of integration within the European institutions: the Council of Europe and the European Communities. The treaty of accession was signed in June 1985 and Spain effectively became a member in January 1986. Diplomatic relations were established with Israel and in March a referendum was held on Spain’s membership of Nato. During those years the bilateral agreements with the US were renegotiated and Spain reoriented its political relations with Latin America and the Mediterranean countries. With these new parameters, Spain faced the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the demise of the Soviet Union and the emergence of countries in central and eastern Europe that abandoned their communist dictatorships and sought to join the European Union, without neglecting its neighbours in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean. The Arab-Israeli peace conference held in Madrid towards the end of 1991, with the consensus of the US, the Soviet Union and all of the countries involved, helped to establish Spain’s new position on the international scene. Since signing the treaty of accession, Spain has been a committed player in the construction of Europe, with a vision geared towards Europe, convinced that its best option was to deepen its integration – the interior market, the euro, co-ordinated economic and fiscal policies, European foreign and security policy, etc – and to extend its borders so as to include countries wishing to and in a position to comply with the EU’s rules. The EU has grown from 12 to 27 member states since Spain became a member, and there are still relevant candidates, such as Turkey, waiting to join. This has not been a hindrance to the monetary union, with the implementation of the euro at the turn of the century, or for advancements in the interior market. However, the implosion of the international financial system and the severe

consequences for Europe have laid bare the inconsistencies of a single monetary policy and diverging economic and fiscal policies in the various member states. It must not be forgotten that the effort of extending the EU to incorporate countries that had been under the influence of the former Soviet Union did not hinder the definition of a proximity policy with the countries along the southern bank of the Mediterranean at the Barcelona conference in late 1995, together with the relevant budget provisions. The followup of the agreements, with all of the economic, trade, security and political components, was not thorough enough, and we are now paying the consequences of the blatant absence of the European Union in the unfolding of events in northern Africa. The current global context has changed thoroughly and suddenly. The disappearance of the bloc politics and the technology revolution has set us, as Spaniards and Europeans, before a new situation, with emerging countries that are shifting the economic and political power from west to east. Europe is lagging in terms of the reforms it needs and Spain must be a co-player in the essential drive required for these changes: structural reforms to enhance its competitive capacity, adding value to its economy; reforms to enable economic and fiscal governance; reforms in its foreign actions to enable the fulfilment of its responsibilities in light of the changes taking place in the Arab world and in other regions. As the world changed, Europe was submerged in its own internal challenges, neglecting these global changes. This situation is leading Europe to a loss of global relevance that affects all of its members. We are facing the paradox of a rebirth of nationalist attitudes at a time when we most need to strengthen the European public space that we share. For Spain it is essential to count on Europe. Its own foreign projection towards Latin America, Northern Africa and the East, improves with the synergies we are able to generate as Europeans. Just like all the other countries in the union, Spain has its own history, its culture, and its priority ties with the world, but being integrated into a Europe that is becoming less relevant as a whole also means that we will become less relevant as a country. Article reproduced courtesy of The Guardian


New One Stop

property of the week ref: 267 mojacar playa reduced to 105.000€

Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412

Paseo del Mediterraneo 133, Mojacar Playa 04638, Almeria


• 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom Ground floor apartment • Good size lounge & Dining room, American kitchen with private terrace and corner garden, double glazed • Easy parking & beautiful large communal pool • Behind post office, walking distance to all amenities • To be sold fully furnished, comes with storage room

Transferring Currency Abroad? ref: 453



ref: 404






• A Spacious detached villa with sea views

• Tarmac road access, with all legal documents

• • • • • • •

ref: 459

ref: 392 Mojacar Pueblo 185.000€

ref: 152 north albox 52.000€

• Spacious house 150m built with sea views • 3 double bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms • On 2 floors, restored with plenty of character • 2 kitchens, 2 lounges, with various terraces • Walking distance to all amenities in the village • All legal documents, mains connected to the house • PRICE NOW:…….…185.000€

• Ruin of 150m in need of total reform

• Beautiful new large villa of 139m built • 3 double bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms • Set on a elevated flat fenced plot of 600m • Lounge with fireplace and 8 X 4 large pool



• Beautiful new villa of 145m on one level • 3 double bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms • Set on flat fenced & gated plot of 600m land • Good size lounge, space for a swimming pool • Fully fitted large kitchen, pre-installed A/C • All legal documents, mains connected to the house

ref: 086 Vera Beach 111.000€

• 2 double beds, 2 baths apartments of 80m build • Andalusian style & Mediterranean-designed • It comes with wide private terraces • Private parking space & communal pool • Built in wardrobes, and American style kitchen • Most of them with nice sea views, garden or terrace

ref: 272



• Farm house + 2 apartments on a 5,100m plot • Total of 6 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms • Lounge, kitchen, lounge with fireplace • Beautiful large pool, sauna & Jacuzzi • Various terraces with amazing views • With caravan storage business license • Potential camp site business if required

Plot of 2.800M of flat rustic land With house of 20m built already Easy access from main tarmac road Planted with olive & almond trees Water on the land, electric close by. Suitable for Mobile home, caravan Beautiful mountains view all around

ref: 172

ref: 435

• 3/4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, • Air condition Heating and cold • Lounge with fire place & fitted kitchen • Roof solarium, Private Pool and Garage



• Electricity and mains water by the house • The property comes with full title deeds • Totally gated and fenced entry

ref: 275

• Good size 2 x lounges & 2 x Dining rooms • Good size private terrace with nice views • Set on a flat plot of almost 1,000m • 2 x Kitchens, and easy parking on front

villaricos 129.950€

• Large 2 bedrooms, 2 baths apartment • Massive solarium with sea open view, • Complete kitchen with white goods • Extra spacious living / Dining room • To be sold fully furnished & equipped • Beautiful communal pool & garden


• Resale bargain 2 houses, of 4 beds, 2 baths

• Private parking & space for a pool

• Set in the most magnificent rural location


• Land of 2,000M, with mobile home & small build, • Set in the most magnificent rural environment • Electricity and water connected to property • Excellent access via a tarmac road, 2m to Turre , • Totally fenced and gated all around • The property comes with full deeds and registry. • This property offers the most fantastic opportunity

ref: 346

• Set on a plot of flat land 5,000m

ref: 284 Lucinenas 189.000€

• • • • • • •

Detached New Bungalow Mediterranean style Sited in a beautiful valley surrounded by nature 2 double beds, 2 baths on flat 33,600m Plot Both bedrooms comes with Fitted wardrobes Good size lounge/diner with open fitted kitchen Permission to extend to 230m or Hotel 300m Full legal documents ready for inspection



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Sanity Returning to Spanish Property Prices? Tel: 950 109 699 or 661 433 443

Tired of sitting around waiting for someone to sell your property?

Your property, your sale,

0% Commission

Take a look at and break the rut! Cost of products against traditional estate agents commisions - and savings made:




For quite a long while, the Kyero index showed that the average house price in Spain was actually increasing – we record asking prices – even while the credit crunch events of 2008 played out. While other indexes based on sales volume or market valuations saw a significant decline in average house prices, the Kyero index continued to rise, or, at best, remain stable. Inevitably, this lead me to conclude that asking prices were not a very useful measure of actual market activity – bur rather a reflection of the behaviour of naive, over-optimistic, or ill-informed vendors. The latest report shows a decline in the average asking price from €280K to €270K – a small but significant indication that perhaps vendors are becoming more realistic about what their property is actually worth on the open market. Some of the average figures for individual provinces are still all over the place, but overall, I hope we’re beginning to see a new realism in the asking prices of Spanish properties. Of course, asking prices are still an imperfect measure of market values – but so also are every other set of data made publicly available in Spain.

Just reduced, 3 beds 2 bath villa For only €195,000 0% commission Want up to

people per month to see

As Kyero publishes their Q1 2011 Spanish house price index, summarising the asking prices of all properties advertised on Kyero. com, it appears that there has been some positive changes.

Take a look at our Website and see what is available to buy without commission!

Kyero’s advice is to use our Spanish house price index along with the valuations from TINSA and government data and form your own opinion and picture of what’s actually happening in the particular micro-property market you are interested in.

Weighing this report alongside a raft of other metrics we track in intimate detail, my guess is that now is a great time to haggle a good deal on property in Spain. I think we’re at, or near, the bottom of a 10-year property cycle and we’ve 5 years of growth ahead of us. That won’t be true of every location – and it certainly won’t be true of houses or developments which were ill-conceived and badly located in the first place. However, armed with the available data, the prudent buyer can get a great deal now – particularly buyers from other Eurozone countries.

The Spanish House Price Index: Since early 2005, The Spanish House Price Index has provided an independent and statistically accurate benchmark of property pricing in Spain. Properties where the freehold is not for sale are excluded from The Spanish House Price Index. This excludes rentals, leasehold properties and fractional ownership properties. Properties where the number of bedrooms entered is unreliable are also excluded – as are properties with unusually high or low prices. The Spanish House Price Index uses a median calculation which is more representative of a group of prices than is the more common mean calculation. Median is simply the middle number in any group of figures – it is widely accepted as more representative of a group of numbers because it is less sensitive to a few, unusually large or small numbers in the group. Article courtesy of

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 property group

Beautiful detached Villa with 4-bed / 3-bath all on one level set on a massive plot of 10,000mts² in the campo in Vera and 2 minutes drive into town.

now only

425,000 euros!

greatly reduced!

The property has breathtaking mountain views and a distant view of the sea and Mojácar Village. It is approximately 10 minutes drive to the beach and 5 minutes drive to the motorway linking the area to Almería, Murcia and the rest of Spain. There are two accesses to the property – one via a public road and another via a private newly asphalted road. The Villa has many features such as gas central heating with wall radiators in every room, air conditioning, a gas fire, and so on. This large Villa has a total built area of 277 mts². In brief the main property is comprised of terrace, large seating and dining room, a conservatory which is currently being used as a formal dining area (the conservatory opens onto a large terrace with balustrades around it), large kitchen, hallway, 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study which is big enough to be used as another bedroom (this room has direct access to another enclosed seating area overlooking the massive private swimming pool), master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing area. Outside there is a massive store room / workshop which can be easily converted into a self contained apartment; a huge lock up garage which is being used as a music studio, a car port big enough to easily house a motor home, a trailer, a 4X4 and another car. The property also benefits from a massive swimming pool with an even bigger pool decking; an outside

toilet and so on. The Villa has a very nice landscaped garden and the plot is fully fenced. All the trees are irrigated by an automated irrigation system. A must see property for those looking to invest and with the right budget and who are looking to live in the campo yet be within an easy driving range to the amenities of the town and the seaside nearby. The price is very agreeable too! All of this for just 425,000 Euros can only be seeing as an opportunity not to be missed. Viewings by appointment only! For more information or to book a viewing appointment please visit our office or contact us via phone or e-mail. Also, full details and pictures are also available on our website under ref.1390.


property group Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 You can find us on turre


vera playa




Large 1 bed / 1 bath Apartment overlooking Cortijo Grande Golf course. Build 76 mts². Terrace 22 mts². Ref 1474

2 bed / 2 bath fully furnished & equipped Apartment. Indoor/outdoor pools.2 min walk to Mercadona / restaurant. Ref1449

mojacar playa reduced


Vera playa



2 bed 1 bath almost new Apartment. Close to beach, aquatic park and all amenities. Low community charges. Ref. 1095

property of the week garrucha


turre reduced


End of terrace 2 bed / 1 bath Townhouse in Cortijo Grande. Views to Golf course. Terrace & roof terrace. Ref 1448

albanchez new


2 bed 2 bath south facing bungalow. Living with fireplace. Solarium & 3 terraces. Sea & mountains views Ref. 1450

3 bed / 2 bath detached Villa. Almanzora Valley. Plot 740 mts². Fire place. Terrace. Gardens. Ref. 1085

los gallardos

arboleas reduced





3 bed / 2 bath Townhouse in Huerta Nueva. Solarium. Private plot 175 mts². Mains gas central heating. Ref.1260

3 bed / 2 bath 2nd floor Apartment. Fully furnished and equipped. Close to amenities, beach and promenade. Sea views. Ref 1499


mojacar playa €199,000 reduced

mojacar playa €219,000 bargain


3 bed / 2 bath immaculate Townhouse. Build 124 mts². Plot 246 mts². Private Pool. Garage. Mountain views. Ref 1055

Superb 3 bed / 2,5 bath Townhouse. Large terrace. Fantastic sea views. Communal Pool. Bargain. Ref 1431

4 bed / 2 bath south facing Townhouse + 1 bed / 1 bath / 1 kitchen Annex. Terrace. Sea views . Communal Pool. Ref.1003

3 bed / 3 bath south facing Townhouse. Garage. Store room. Close to promenade, beach and amenities. Ref 1112

cabrera new

mojacar playa new

mojacar playa reduced

3 bed south facing Villa converted to 2 bed / 2 bath. Plot 600 mts². Pool. Sea views. Furnished. Ref 1096

3 bed / 2 bath unique Villa. Incredible coast & sea views. Plot 1.328 mts². Gardens. Pool. Garage. Ref 1121




2 bed / 2 bath Villa. Build 120 mts². Plot 1.000 mts². Central heating. Garage. Landscaped gardens. Views. Ref 1103



3 bed / 2 bath brand new Villa on a 700m² plot. Pre-installation A/C. Fitted kitchen. Beautiful views. Ref. 1338


cabrera luxury



3 bed / 2 bath Villa. Build 132 mts². Plot 1.000 mts². Heated pool. Beautiful views. Many extras. Ref 1101

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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OPEN for business

TO ADVERTISE HERE CALL 902 750 190 OR EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.” J. Paul Getty

Las Persianas Azules B&B - Apartment Velez Rubio

Jayne - 630 149 622

Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

Emergency Drain Cleaning High Pressure Water Jetting CCTV Surveys Drainage Repairs Location of Cesspits Qualified Engineer Expert Reports Tel: 616 531 283 or 670 088 966


Small system for lights and TV from 600€. Large system full house 5000€. Photowatt solar panels 170w 399€ cheapest panels in spain. Hawker deep cycle AGM batteries 15yr life span 120a 65€. Chloride deep cycle 2v 1300a to make 12/24/48v battery bank 100€ per cell. Solar hot water system 100-300 ltr from 250€. Inverters from 50€. 3000w pure sine inverter/charger best deal in spain 850€. 24v wind turbine (as used for Olympic Games) 400w new 500€ All types of solar equipment bought for cash.

Quad bike Wanted Call 619 744 516

SoloSatellite & AirConditioning Call for April Offers!

Call Nick Howe M: 699 909 737 T: 950 528 334 SAVE THIS NUMBER: 678 487 689 + Breakdown + Servicing + Diagnostics + Repairs + Insurance Work + Fully Legal

Complete sand change, labour & sand media ONLY 80€

Pool leak detection & repair service

Mobile Mark: 671 220 162 email:

Drainage Solutions

We will beat any written quote. All work guaranteed. ANY CAR ANY AREA ANY TIME


Subsidence Repair & Solutions

swimming pool engineers


Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings



LOCKSMITH & CARPENTRY SERVICES Over 25 years experience in the trade 24 hour service

MLA registered City & Guilds Advanced Carpenter All types of carpentry undertaken CALL US: 608 673 086 Email:

James & Son

Removals / Storage UK, France & Spain

Pet Transportation & Competitve Rates

651 519 307

4 Blocked toilets sinks & baths 4 New showers, baths & toilets 4 Blocked drains & pipes 4 Turbine root cutting 4 CCTV surveys & inspections 4 Blocked cesspits 4 Drain tracing All domestic and commercial work carried out All work guaranteed Call out within 1 hour when possible Mojacar, Arboleas & all other areas covered

Tel: 950 091 109 or 648 768 587


For all your gardening needs

Community & private Maintenance & clearing Garden design & construction Irrigation, installation & repairs Call Mark: 950 398 755 / 670 409 538 E-mail:

General Building Services Realistic Prices For FREE estimates call:

634 344 684 John & Robert

P&R Direct

Made to Measure & Pre-made Rugs Available every Saturday at Arboleas Market

inside Iron Art Showroom EVERY DAY

El Real Industrial Estate, Antas

Telephone: 665 25 86 80 Euro Painters Spain Recession Price Buster

house painted

Any 2 / 3 bedroom villa outside painted including repairs, plus painting up to 10 rejas Recession Buster Only 1,000€ (Total price)

Call Jim on 677 557 190 or email:


Enjoy your heated swimming pool all year round

Air Source Heat Pumps ● Zero Carbon Emissions ● Low Running Costs ● Pool Covers ●

Winter months in Spain are often sunny but the pool is too cold to use. By installing one of our Air Source Heat pumps you can use your pool all year round.

Tel: 950 528 128 Mob: 663 303 350

almeria builders roofing specialists

For all your building & roofing needs

Call Joseph: 659 685 133

The Escalating Cost of Eating Out

We love the city of Cartagena and at a mere 45 minutes away, it’s a place we like to visit often. I enjoy the waterfront and the fascinating history of the place, and always look forward to tapas at a little place that we discovered some time ago and of course there is the September fiesta. My wife loves El Corte Inglés We are also fond of Alicante, and there’s nothing I like better than to while away the time over an Americano or two at the beautiful marina with it’s collection of expensive yachts and cruisers. My wife loves El Corte Inglés Okay look, for what its worth I have to admit that El Corte Inglés is a pretty impressive establishment, but as a self respecting, fully paid up member of the Anti Shopping With The Missus Brigade, I find it worrying that it also appeals to me as much as it does. I’m a bloke for goodness sake. But I have had a good long think about this, and I reckon I’ve worked it out. It was the day when we decided to drop into the store simply to get ourselves some lunch that the penny dropped. The ground floor is given over to cosmetics, perfumes and women’s stuff, but the crafty devils have manned it - or should it be womanned - with stunning ladies, and what’s a chap to do when confronted with gorgeous young things wanting to dab you with samples of patchouli and musk. In fact the whole store is staffed by young attractive persons all apparently under

thirty and recruited from a modelling agency. So now they have got me inside, and I discover that the restaurant is situated on the top floor. This is no accident or bad planning, but is in fact a very cunning ploy indeed, because in order to get your lunch you now have to pass through the temptations and delights on floors one to four all patrolled by the members of Girls Aloud and the Stepford wives. Floor one and my wife and I separate and arrange to meet in the restaurant in 30 minutes. I am surrounded by the finest designer clothes that money can buy and so to avoid temptation I rush to the escalator, carefully averting my eyes and humming loudly as I ascend to floor two. But what’s this: more clothing, except this time the gear is more moderately priced and there is a plethora of special offers and buyone-get-one-half-price deals. I am so relieved to have escaped the designer floor unscathed, that I immediately buy eight shirts, two winter sweaters and a sporty looking jacket that I really don’t need, because at these prices you simply cannot go wrong. The only mumbled objection that I can think of making to the ravishingly beautiful assistant before parting with my hard earned, is that I really don’t want to have to lug heavy bags around with me. But they have that covered too. No problem, she tells me, because everything will be sent down to the service desk, and I can collect them


when I leave. But I am hungry, and I remind myself that the sole purpose of coming here in the first place was to get some food in me. Upwards then to floor three. No problem here, because it’s kids clothing and toys, and those days are long gone thank God – so I hurry on up to floor four where I am immediately surrounded by gadgets, ovens, refrigerators and the whole range of kitchenware paraphernalia. I can ignore this I tell myself, just so long as I avoid eye contact with the coffee machines at over a grand a pop, oh yes and those really useful . . . but no, I steel myself and make my way to the escalator. To do this however I have to pass through the electronics section and be fair, what bloke can walk past HD ready, 3D televisions with home cinema systems and screens the size of Poland. Well not me that’s for sure. And look, there is that super duper iPod with docking system that I have been promising myself. The assistant takes me through its many features, but I swallow hard because it’s five hundred euros and hey, I only came in for a chicken carbonara and a glass of wine. But ding, I suddenly remember there is a way out. I have nowhere near enough cash left, and the only credit card that I inadvertently slipped into my wallet before leaving home, was American Express - the one bearing the picture of a chap wearing a very silly hat. Now let me tell you about the Platinum American Express card...It has sat in my wallet now for the last seven years, sulking and thoroughly brassed off. Why? Well it’s great to be able to flash

this card in the faces of friends, and ask shopkeepers in a faintly American accented voice, “Do you take Amex?”, but the fact is nobody does. Visa, MasterCard, Electron, Diners, Egg, Goldfish, bleeding playing cards, but no, sorry, not American Express. Hallelujah, I have been saved from my own folly! Er sorry, but no you haven’t mate, because oh joy, el ruddy Corte Inglés does accept it! I spend the next few minutes composing myself as I make my way finally to the top floor, and wonder how to explain to my good lady how it is I have just spent our life savings. But I needn’t have worried, because it just so happens that she did remember to pick up our Visa and MasterCards before leaving, and our flexible friends have had to be positively double jointed over the last half hour or so. I am now so hungry that I am tempted to eat the maître d’ but the merluza is prettier, so I settle for that and an even prettier glass of Rioja. I am pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable bill, and feeling suitably refreshed and satiated, we wander out of the restaurant and into the final trap. “Oh look”, says my wife as she sees a beautiful piece of lead crystal. “That’s just what I have been looking for”. I groan and there is the sound of muffled cheering from the man with the silly hat in my wallet.

By Colin Bird

Confused of Axminster

Most things in my life are not on the level of rocket science. I trip merrily through my days neatly avoiding the perils and pitfalls lying in wait for the more cerebral of us, and generally arrive at the day’s end in a tranquil, if unchallenged mental state. Over the years I have developed strategies for dealing with most of the unavoidable difficulties that set themselves squarely before me. For instance, is it cheaper to buy two little packets, or one big box? I put on my glasses and study the teeny weeny print at the bottom of the display, I don’t bother to struggle with the maths, there aren’t enough hours in the day! Indeed numbers are my most feared Nemesis – The only way that I can deal with them is if I get prior warning and absolute peace and quiet. If they come at me fast I either go into a catatonic state or become a

gibbering wreck. Consequently I have spent a good deal of time and mental effort working out strategies that will enable me to deal with numbers on the occasions when I can’t avoid them. I have long-winded but necessary strategies for Ambition, Distraction, Uglification and Derision, the very apt names given by Alice in Wonderland’s Mock Turtle to Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. But twice in every year I have to face the insuperable problem of changing the clocks. Old fashioned clocks are not too bad, because I can see the shape that the hands make, so I know what time it is, but digital clocks give me no such help. Tell me that it is 11.36 and I have to convert the numbers into a shape before I realise that I am late for anything that was happening at 11.30! So when the clocks change I have to

engage all my brain cells at the same time to work out whether I am an hour ahead, or an hour late – I know that March marches forward and autumn falls back, but add to that the hour time difference between Spain and the English telly, and the whole thing congeals into a noxious morass of numbers in my poor little brain, causing it to scream and beg for mercy inside my skull. The Daylight Saving Act is in my opinion simply an excuse for extra maths. Why should I have to struggle with the twice yearly confusion of losing or gaining an hour, when after all is said and done, the day is still only 24 hours long. If the day became 25 or 23 hours long, maybe there would be some point to it all! Signed, Confused of Axminster

By Jos Biggs

Views From A Balcony In Spain

By Chris Marshall

The Tourism Debate Here in Almerimar the recent Partido Popular ‘meet and greet’ session focussed pretty much solely on their Tourism and Environment manifesto which included a desire to: - promote the ‘brand’ Almerimar as a tourist destination - create a tourist establishment at the former Guardia Civil barracks in Guardia Viejas - promote the establishment of a private yacht club with a sailing school and

other sports facilities, entertainment and restaurants -develop and enhance the cultural manifestations of historical and archaeological heritage, theater and music festivals, cuisine and customs. There are more and you can read the whole manifesto at http://almer p a r t i d o - p o p u l a r-t o u r i s m environment-manifesto-foralmerimar but the above are

adequate for now. Now I attended the meeting, and I have read the above, and I see nothing that I haven’t heard before, but at the same time I don’t see anything to get overly excited about either. What does confuse me is what type of tourists are people expecting? There is little doubt that the British Tourist market still remains significant, with foreign visitors spending 2.7€ billion in February, a 6.8% increase on

the same month in 2010, but only this week the Guardian in the UK described Europe’s perception of the British tourist as “ ....... a Daily Mail on their lap, glass of cheap wine at their elbow and a full English breakfast in their belly or boozed-up, drugged-up, football-loving young ravers” . This year Benidorm, the Costa del Sol and the Balearic’s have all seen increases in the number of Tourists, primarily due to the events in the Middle East, but these are well established tourist destinations, and with genuine respect to them as they do a great job for their target market, they are absolutely



oh, by the way....

Life can sometimes be a funny thing. No matter what you do, it might carry you in a direction or to a place you never even had imagined. If anybody at my 40th birthday had said to me that I would be retiring, not only in Spain, but also as a Spanish pensioner, I would have laughed and called them stupid. However, luckily nobody said that to me, because I would have been proven to be the stupid one. Talking about stupidity! I often wonder what kind of world it is we have created. Like when I watched an article on TV about the difficulties of a young woman in finding her size in jeans. Yes, there were up to 2 cm difference between the different models, which is at the most damn annoying. The stupidity was that a psychologist came on screen, explaining that this could have a lasting negative effect on the young woman’s life, as not being able to fit into the same size all the time would leave her with the feeling that her body is not good enough. I ask you! As one eye said to the other: Between you and me something smells. 20 years ago I lived on Costa del Sol. The amount of money and luxury was enormous. Ferraris and limousines cruised the streets; shop windows did not have any prices exposed (if you needed to know, you could not afford it); and there were no houses, only mansions set back from the road sitting in beautifully landscaped parks with garages for 10 cars and stables on the ground. Now, most of the rich and beautiful people have deserted Costa del Sol and gone to other playgrounds. The remaining ones have apparently fallen on hard times – like the rest of us. But it is still Costa del Sol. When we here in Murcia have abandoned dogs on the roads, in Costa del Sol they have abandoned horses. I am not kidding you, I saw on the tele that abandoned horses posing a danger for road security in Costa del Sol are an increasing problem. Costa Cálida has changed enormously in the 15 years we have been living here. When we arrived it was truly peasant country with La Manga Club being the only resort in the whole of the region. We lived in the village, Los Belones, 5 minutes from the club. You only needed one hand to count the foreigners living in the village in those days – today you only need one hand to count the Spanish living there. Okay, at bit exaggerated, but I have always found that exaggeration furthers the understanding. The expat-community of today is spread all over the region, with a substantial concentration around Los Alcázares and Mazarrón. From real estate being the major occupation among the expats, now there is probably nothing that could not be offered by a foreigner. I went through a local English magazine that has been around for more than 10 years. I still remember when it was a couple of photocopied pages – now it is a 116 page magazine stuffed with adverts offering everything from alternative healing and dental care to funeral services, from furniture to car mechanics. Hey-ho! Real Spain for Expats!! Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

nothing like Almerimar and the Costa Almería ...... thankfully! I have never met anyone that has bought a property here in Almerimar that did so in the hope or expectation that one day the place would be like Benidorm. In fact without exception it is because it is “nothing like Benidorm”, “more Spanish than English” that people bought their properties here. I remain convinced that the tourism that the PP envisage, is the tourist market that the Spanish have always envisaged for this part of Spain: primarily residential tourism aimed at the Spanish and European second property owners, along with the

emerging tourist markets like Gastronomic Tourists. As a general rule these tourists are older, have more disposable income, and are more likely to return to an area several times a year, which is all good news resulting in a steady drip of ‘tourist’ revenues throughout the year rather than a seasonal boom. Personally this is what I ‘signed up for’ when deciding on Almerimar as our base in Spain, and it was always going to be a long term project developing Almerimar, not least because their target Spanish market is still young and needs to develop their disposable income before becoming residential tourists.

Chris Marshall is a professional blogger and freelance broadcaster and writer who lives in Almerimar, Spain with his wife Sands, four cats, two Harley Davidson’s and more often than not a bottle of red to hand! His weekly column in The Sol Times is sponsored by Bay Connect ( You can hear him daily on and read him monthly in the Daily Telegraph.

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George Edward Woodberry


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

coffee break

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.





NEW VERA STORE In eager anticipation last Thursday 31st March approximately two hundred people queued outside the new Iceland store in Vera for the official opening of their largest store to date. Promptly at 10am the pink ribbon was cut and the first twenty

or so customers were presented with a bouquet of flowers to mark the occasion The new store which has been completely refurbished throughout is staffed by forty full time members all of which are fluent in English and were previous loyal Iceland customers prepared to make the trip to the then nearest store in San Javier , Murcia. Obviously the full range of Iceland’s chilled and frozen products are available, usual offers including Buy One Get One Free, plus well known brands and Waitrose. The store features a very large butchery and fresh meat counter, bakery with fresh products baked on the premises, fresh fruit and vegetable area and in the not to distant future an in store Cafe will be opening. The opening hours of the new store which incidentally for those of you who did not realise is in the old Intermarche supermarket just down from the Bull Ring in Vera. 9am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, in the summer months the store will open on Sunday’s. Iceland Overseas Imports started trading in the late nineties and have steadily expanded to this day with the opening of this their eleventh and flagship branch here in Vera.on mainland Spain. That is obviously “ WHY MUM’S GO TO ICELAND “ Your Roving Reporter Barrie Spencer SOL TIMES

Open 9am to 9pm Contact Us Telephone: 965 734 000




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Overlooking stunning views of mountains and olive groves. Plenty of comfort and leg room. Our aim is to give you an evening to remember with good prices and a great atmosphere. Our menu is all home cooked. Choose from our menu of starters, mains and pudding, and includes fresh bread, Alioli, filtered water, tea or coffee Our Menu del Noche will change to keep with the season

Friday & Saturday evenings 6pm - 9pm Relax and enjoy our Menu del Noche from


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Sales of organic foods drops for SECOND YEAR recession-hit shoppers go for cheaper products The sale of organic food has dropped for two years in a row as shoppers opted for cheaper products in the recession. Cash made by organic products dropped by £100 million in 2010 - with overall sales falling 5.9 per cent from £1.84 billion to £1.73bn. The research was carried out by the Soil Association which will today outline its findings in the 2011 Organic Market Report. it is the second year running that sales in the sector have fallen following a 12 per cent drop in 2009, ending a 16 year run of growth. The Soil Association, which certifies organic products, said that ready meals were down by 36 per cent. The organisation


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Weds to Sat 7pm to 10pm (last orders) Evening 3 13€ Course inclusive

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buy organic are still valid. ‘People are probably not buying as frequently and as much as they were two years ago.’ The Soil Association has said that it is confident about the future and it expects sales at supermarkets, which accounts for 72 per cent of all organic sales, to level off this year. ‘The outlook for 2011 is cautiously optimistic,’ the association said. ‘Despite fragile consumer confidence in the wider economy, the report shows positive signs of resilience and recovery for the organic sector overall.’

Approx 300 metres

15 €


puts this down to people cooking from scratch. By contrast, baby food bucked the trend as sales continued to rise, increasing by 10.3 per cent, while textiles rose by 7.8 per cent after H&M and Zara started stocking the items. The harsh economic climate is being blamed for the industry slowdown with fresh fruit and veg falling by 6.3 per cent and dairy by 2.7 per cent. Together, these make up more than half or organic sales. Shoppers are not the only ones that appear to be turning their backs on organic products - as much as 10 per cent of the land dedicated to production has gone with the number of producers falling from 7,896 to 7,567. The Organic Trade Board is set to run a £2million advertising campaign later this year to try and promote the food as a tastier alternative that is better for the environment and kinder to animals. The board’s chairman, Huw Bowles, told the Independent: ‘A couple of years ago, people thought it was the end of the world and nobody would be able to afford organic, but as time has gone on, people have realised that organic is still here and that the reasons to

special wednesday lunch Roast Beef or Pork & Tea or Coffee

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Tides to power whisky distilleries Tidal power, hitherto one of the poor relations of the renewable energy sector, will take a substantial leap forward with a major new undersea development off the west coast of Scotland this week. An array of ten tidal turbines, the largest, and indeed the first of its kind in the world, is to be installed on the seabed in the Sound of Islay, the channel between the islands of Islay and Jura. It is envisaged that the electricity it will produce – ten megawatts – will be enough to power the whole of Islay, including three of the island’s ten world-famous whisky distilleries. The drinks multinational Diageo, owner of the Lagavulin, Caol Ila and Port Ellen distilleries, has already signed a commercial agreement to take the power the tidal array produces. The Scottish government has approved the £40m plan from ScottishPower Renewables (SPR), which

seeks to take advantage of the strong tidal flows and shelter from storms offered by the narrow sound, only half a mile wide at its narrowest point, and selected after a UK-wide survey. “With around a quarter of Europe’s potential tidal energy resource and a tenth of the wave capacity, Scotland’s seas have unrivalled potential to generate green energy, create new, low carbon jobs, and bring billions of pounds of investment to Scotland,” said Scotland’s Finance and Sustainable Growth Secretary, John Swinney. “This development – the largest tidal array in the world – does just that, and will be a milestone in the global development of tidal energy.” The project will use HS1000 tidal turbines developed by the Norwegian company Hammerfest Strøm AS, partly-owned owned by Iberdrola (SPR’s parent). Seen as one of the world’s most advanced tidal turbine designs, a prototype device has been generating electricity in Norway for over 6 years. The company is currently constructing the first HS1000 device that will go into waters off Orkney later this year. “The testing of the HS1000 Best location on Mojacar Playa machine in Orkney this year will help us to finalise our timetable with amazing cuisine... for the demonstration project Sunlight Menu-10€ Moonlight Menu-12€ in Islay, but we will begin work on the project in 2012 and plan to have machines installed as early as feasible during the from 1.30pm live music with Mel Jay period 2013 to 2015,” said in the Chiringuito. Also bbq food available outside ScottishPowerRenewables’Chief (weather permitting) Executive, Keith Anderson. Traditional Sunday Roast served in the main restaurant “Tidal power has long been Pizza - Pasta - A la Carte menu also available considered as one of Scotland’s most valuable renewable Easter Sunday 6 a side cricket tournament energy resources, and we have on the beach from 10am. discussed its potential for many To enter your team call Sam: 663 132 487 years. Today’s announcement Tel: 950 475 127 or 659 109 379 moves the whole marine Closed Mondays renewables industry forward in Avenida del Mediterraneo 6, (next to Lua) Scotland and the UK.”

Easter Sunday 24th April



Insects - important part of UK diet by 2020

Consumers in the UK will turn to insects as food as conventional meat becomes scarce, says entomologist

Western diners should get used to the idea of eating insects because by 2020 it is “inevitable” they will form an important part of our diet, according to the entomologist who heads up the world’s first university centre focusing on insects as a food source. He argues that consumers who have traditionally turned their noses up at sixlegged food may have to change their minds as conventional meat becomes more expensive and scarce. Prof Marcel Dicke of Wageningen University said: “The most important thing is getting people prepared, getting used to the idea. Because from 2020 onwards, there won’t be much of a choice for us.” He wants to persuade people to ditch prejudices about insects, and to persuade manufacturers and suppliers to come up with products that can be sold in “a reassuring and attractive manner”. Dicke heads a Netherlandsbased four-year programme aiming to produce a scientific and business plan to bring insects to western tables. More than 1,000 insect species are eaten around the world in 80% of countries – mostly in the tropics. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation says insects are vital to meeting the nutritional needs of the world’s growing population, but they hardly feature in the diets of many rich nations. For centuries insects have been part of the daily diet of humans throughout the world, from the ants and larvae eaten as part of their subsistence diet by the tribes of Africa and Australia to the popular crispy-fried locusts and beetles enjoyed in Thailand. Insects as food (known as entomophagy) are increasingly being promoted as a alternative which are more healthy, nutritious and sustainable than mainstream staples such as chicken, beef and fish. The starting point for the research programme at Wageningen University – led by a team of 70 researchers – is the notion that 80% of the world’s population, knowingly or unknowingly, is already consuming insects. Ground insects are already found in common foods such as canned tomatoes and peanut butter, for example. As well as being low in cholesterol and high in protein, insects produce less waste, Dicke points out, as we typically throw away threequarters of a chicken, but can eat the same percentage of a locust. Insects also win on the “conversion factor” or ration of feed ingested by

the animal to the meat produced by it – known as ECI. Beef cattle has an ECI rate of 10 while the cockroach triumps with 44. The carbon emissions associated with growing insects is also far lower than those linked to conventional livestock. In the UK, the sale of insects for human consumption is part of what is still a niche food sector centred largely around novelty snacks. The specialist supplier Edible sells a range of delicacies ranging from Thai Curry crickets to BBQ worm crisps which are stocked by retailers such as Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. Tanya McMullen, grocery buying manager at Selfridges, said: “The Edible brand grows year after year. Our customers like it because it is so unusual. You don’t find oven-baked tarantula and scorpion lollies in many places so it’s a product most customers won’t have seen before. It is difficult to say whether it’s a current trend as it has always been a successful range for Selfridges but there is definitely an increasing number of discerning customers who are more and more willing to try something out of the ordinary. Sales are currently very strong having grown 20% in the last 12 months.” In the UK, chefs report some success in encouraging their diners to eat creepy-crawlies. Daniel Creedon, head chef and manager of Archipelago restaurant in central London, buys frozen cricket and locusts in bulk from a supplier on the Isle of Wight. He says: “They are very popular and not just because of their quirkiness. I think our diners are genuinely interested in sustainability and diminishing food supplies. I bake them in the oven until they are crisp and then toss them in a wok with chilli and ginger as in my experience customers tend to be squeamish about anything that is soft and squidgy.” The most commonly eaten insect species on the planet 1. Beetles and cockroaches 2. Flies 3. Lice and coccidia 4. Cicadas 5. Wasps, bees and ants 6. Termites 7. Butterflies and moths 8. Dragonflies 9.Crickets and grasshoppers 10. Mantises

cafe bar Los Mellizos


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Throwing food away sends world’s w e gr n a e s ith w ic s u m e v Li scarce water gushing down the plughole every wednesday As consumers throw millions of tonnes of uneaten food into the bin each year, few give a thought to the hidden cost of such waste – the water that it took to grow the food. But new research shows that we throw away, on average, twice as much water per year in the form of uneaten food as we use for washing and drinking. What is worse, increasing amounts of our food comes from countries where water is scarce, meaning the food we discard has a huge hidden impact on the depletion of valuable water resources across the world. According to the first comprehensive study into the impact of the “embedded water” in the UK’s food waste on world water supplies, more than a 5% of the water used by the UK is thrown away in the form of uneaten food. The research was carried out by the government’s

Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) and the green campaigning group WWF, and is published with the title: Water and Carbon Footprint of Household Food Waste in the UK. The water used to produce food thrown away by households in the UK amounts to about 6.2bn cubic metres a year. That represents 6% of the UK’s total water footprint, which includes water used in industry and agriculture. About a quarter of the water used to grow and process the wasted food originates in the UK, but much of it comes from countries that are already experiencing water stress. Green campaigners have for years called for more attention to be paid to “hidden” or “embedded” water – water that is used in the production of all sorts of goods, from food and clothing to cars and furniture, and which

represents a hidden cost on exports. As more countries suffer from water scarcity, these exports can further deplete natural resources and cause environmental problems such as salination – which can render land unfit for growing crops – and higher prices for water to poorer consumers. Food waste carries another environmental cost: it accounts for about 3% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the amount generated by 7m cars each year. That is enough to cancel out the greenhouse gases saved each year by British households’ recycling efforts. David Tickner, head of freshwater programmes at WWF, said consumers could make a “small but very significant” contribution to reducing water stress if they tried to avoid wasting so much food.

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around the costa almeria cHURCH SERVICES

AGUAVIVA EVANGELICAL CHURCH Call 950 064 402 www Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Mojacar Canon Hugh Broad, 950 478 432. Contact Church Wardens Alan Smith 950 478 066or visit: Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Albox Contact Peter for details on 950 293 806 Anglican Chaplaincy, Church of England, Roquetas Contact Peter for details on 950 293 806 Evangelical Church Tel: 950 617 549 or visit our website Full Gospel Church International Call Peter 676 241 292 or Alfred 619 959 015 for further details Roman Catholic (Mojacar Village) Priest: 950 475 017 THE LIVING WATER CHURCH – MOJACAR For further details contact Pastor David Hamilton 950 618 814 Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses English meetings, Tuesday 7.30pm, Sunday 10.15am at Oliva 15 (road opposite Lidl), Vera. Tel: 677 857 920 Turre Church Toddlers on Fridays 10 - 11.30am Contact: Marianne on 950 472 349

clubs & assocIATIONS A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous Call 620 165 005. Almanzora Group of Friends: Information Centre & Library Ccontact Diane Bolam 686 009 788 Animal Protection Society Albox (A.P.S.A.) Homing Officer - Call 662 000 378 Mon-Sat 10am-2pm. Charity Shops are: ALBOX Calle Ancha, (just up from Santander bank) & TIJOLA Calle Vulcan (near the police station) General Enquiries: 663 762 642 Amigos de los Coches Clasicos del Levante A classic car club situated in the Almeria/Murcia region of Southern Spain. For more information, Harry 629 529 656 or Hans 968 419 256 or email: AUAN - Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora No - meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month 11am at La Parilla in Albox. Tel: 617 118 209 - New members always welcome! Betty’s Garden Club 12pm, 2nd Monday of the month at Camping Los Gallardos. Contact: 950 398 162 Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club Secretary Doreen Sands- call 950 064 791 Cantoria Residents Association For further details www. or phone the secretary on 662 413 075 Classic Automobile Club For further information call: Monique: 699 961 002; Hans: 968 419 256; Peter: 968 419 222 Dames in Huercal Overa meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Tennis Club. 10.30 til 12.30. For further details please contact Pam 677 273 736 Dames in Turre Call Lesley 950 478 633 or email Dames in Spain Meet at Kimrick Mojacar 3rd Monday of the month 11am. Guests welcome. Contact Gail Creasey Chairman 950 472 225 or Iris Hamilton Secretary 950 475 863 Elderberries Lunch Club For elderly, lonely, handicapped etc. Tel: Margaret 950 477 063 or Marianne 950 472 349. Expatriate Ostomates of Spain (EOS) Have you had surgery on the digestive or urinary system for cancer or other disease? If you would like to help someone, or receive further information, please call our local contact Dee 950 064 322 Forum Golf Society plays organised friendly games at local courses twice a month. Contact Phil Elam on 666 847 840 or, or see Indalo Bowling Club Los Gallardos visitors welcome. Please contact Toni Watts, Club Membership Secretary 950 468 165 Indalo Players Theatre Group All enquiries to Sue 950 133 655 / 666 133 217 Model Aero Flying Club For further information contact: Johnny Hayes 950 478 899. Mojacar Cricket Club For further information call: Dave Redpath 950 617 606 or Sam Lewis 632 132 487 mojacar taekwon-do club Indigo Gym, Mojacar Playa. Lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Call or see our website for more details, and times of lessons. Tel 646 844 708 or Santa Irene Club de Vela Sailing for all! Tel: John Talisson 950 475 157 or Email: sailrway@hot mail.corn

MUsiC & ENTERTAINMENT Pamela’s Line Dance Club Call Pamela: 950 398 076 Dancing Classes In Vera and Los Gallardos for adults and children. Information contact Anita Watson Tel 950 453861 Julie Bruce Dance/Drama Academy Call 950 617 545 or 697 861 071 For inclusion or amendments, please email: editor@ WITH THE NAME OF YOUR CLUB/ASSOCIATION AND A CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL ADDRESS

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NEW STALLS inc: Fruit & veg, dvd’s, cd’s, avon & plants/flowers


Menu deL dia ~ TUE-fri - 3 courses ~ 7€ el Rancho caravan park now open

At Salon Multiservicios Del Ayuntamiento, Arboleas (Next To Arboleas Swimming Pool Please We Need Your Help!!!!!! We Are Collecting…… Raffle Prizes,Tombola Prizes, Bottles,Bric-A-Brac,Plants,Cakes Jams And Preserves Drops Off Points Are: Rumores - Albox Cashjoya Jewellers - Albox John Crystal Man - Car Boot( Internaional Bar Sat.Morning) Essentials - Arboleas Mo’s Bar - La Alfoquia Total Entertainment - Huercal-Overa

Car boot Sale at

Camping Los Gallardos now every Wednesday morning

as from 6th April Stalls 3€ Charity Stalls Free

Genuine second hand goods only

Tel 950 528 324 Mob. 650 418 954

Show this week, almeria life from 3-4 on Fridays with Jackie Miles-Kirby and Carmel Langdon WALKING ON SUNSHINE ! NEW BURLESQUE WORKSHOP & SHOW

21st May at The New Kimrick

By Terri Maloney from UK

(as featured in Come Dine With Me & interviewed on Bay Radio)


If you didn’t make it to La Mar Salada on Mojacar playa last night you certainly missed out. The new dance craze taking the world of fitness by storm, ZUMBA, had people head to Mojacar from far and wide. Local zumba instructor Rachel Medi organised the one and a half hour non stop dance event to help raise funds for cancer charity, the aecc. And I think anyone who was there would agree it was a huge success. Fellow instructors, Kimberely Harrison and Hermann Melo [europes principal zumba instructor] joined Rachel from such places as Alicante and Paris to help make the night a hit. Between the three of them they got Mojacar jumping. The floor was packed with ZUMBA crazy enthusiasts, shaking their hips and bumping and grinding the night away for a worthwhile cause. It certainly was a sight to see so many people smiling, laughing and having fun and any fitness program that can


do that certainly has the edge. The no pain, no gain myth has been well and truly chucked out the window. These fantastic instructors teach you how to dance, have fun and give you the figure you have always dreamed of, you only need to look at them to see that it is possible. ZUMBA is definitely exercise in disguise. For those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss last nights event, Rachel Medi [zin] will be hosting ZUMBA dance nights twice monthly at La Mar Salada, Mojacar on the beach front. For those of you who would like to come along or find a ZUMBA class near you visit for more details


going on ! in your area?

Scam Gas Inspectors....

I reported the problems residents have experienced to the Mayor and local Police, and the Mayor confirms no certificates have been issued to companies to check gas installations, which is the required procedure. The local Police advise if these people are operating in your area, then contact them asap on 616919398/ please do not let yourself be conned out of 100 euros, just because the look official. Bruce Hobday, Cantoria Residents Association

Mojácar New Art Gallery Opens with British Artists...........

Artist’s Exhibition at the newly inaugurated Centro de Arte at the Fuente (fountain) in Mojacar Pueblo until 2nd May. Showing art and photography by British artists and local residents, Jayne Raine and Jill Bennett, the exhibition has a strong fiesta, flamenco and fashion theme. Entrance is free and opening hours are 10.30 to 1.30 and 5 to 8 Tuesdays to Fridays and 11 to 2 Saturdays and Sundays (closed Mondays). For further details ring Jill on 950 478 383 or 600 070 188.


new ! VidaLoungebar prices


5 Spot Prizes Every Night including Lunch for 2 Bottles of Wine Free Drinks

~ Verduras ~ Hortalizas ~ ~ Carne ~ Charcuteria ~


Bingo Night Special! Wednesday Eyes Down 8pm

20€ for 6 books 10€ for 3 books



950 634 562

Walk & Talk Fun Walk.............

This fun walk is taking place on Sunday 10th April 2011 at 10.30am and is organised by the Walker & Talkers Club. Tickets cost 2 Euros per person. Dogs welcome at1 Euro per dog and must be kept on a lead. This event was inspired by friends and members of the club who have been supported by MACS (Mojacar Area Cancer Support).Supporters unable to attend the event have produced marmalade they intend to sell as their contribution. The club has between 18 and 25 members and organising this fundraising event is their way of supporting their friends and MACS. For anyone interested in joining the club, they club meet every Thursday, (unless it rains), at the Grapevine Bar. For further information please contact Susan Taylor on 950 091 185. Tickets for the fundraising event can be purchased from the Grapevine Bar La Hoya, Cantoria. The Grapevine Bar does a full English breakfast at 2 Euros per person. So call in, treat yourself to a 2 Euro breakfast and purchase a ticket to walk it off on the fun walk. A fun day out, meet new friends, keep fit and help MACS all at the same time. MACS Mojacar Area Cancer Support Charity MACS HELPLINE Tel: (0034) 634 656 555




Home made puddings, scones & cakes

Fridays from 1 O’clock till late. Fish n Chips only


All available eat in or take away from 12 every day - 950 634 562

THIS WEEK’S OFFER Bananas 99c PER KILO Carrots 59c PER KILO Strawberries 3.50€ per punnet Open Mon-Sat 9.30 - 8pm (no siesta) Avda Lepanto, Esquina C/Malaga - ALBOX

TEL: 950 121 379 / 616 740 638 E:

Overlooking stunning views of mountains and olive groves. Plenty of comfort and leg room. Our aim is to give you an evening to remember




Fine dining from 6pm

Dance the night away Saturday 16th April from 9pm Live Entertainment with music from

Easter Saturday

23rd April from 9pm Just JC singing live 50’s 60’s 70’s Country, Motown , & Rock n Roll


Open Midday - late everyday Tel: 950 634 562

Indalo Bowling Club

Situated between Turre & Los Gallardos

Come and make new friends while enjoying an outdoor sport. We meet every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday between 10am - 2pm

8th, 9th & 10th April 16th & 17th April Museo Pedro Gilabert The New Kimrick Arboleas Mojacar Curtain Up - 7:30pm - Tickets 10€ Available From CRA Library, Cantoria

Girasol, Almanzora GoF & One Stop Pools, Albox Shandmade at Bar International, Saturday Car Boot Sale The New Kimrick Hotel & Gills English Bed Linen, Mojacar

For more details call 950 439 406 or 650 817 517

13th April Have a wonderful party. Sorry I will miss it but we will catch up soon. At least it will be ‘Dublin in the Dry’ like your 50th All my love as always Chrissie xxx

Have a great day Love all your friends xxxx

for The finest dining experience

Replay Duo

Lin Fishburn Happy 60th Birthday

Happy Birthday Michele


Happy 3rd Birthday to Luca

born on 3rd April 2008 love Mummy, Daddy, Toula and Jasmina

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL • A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

DEAN: 696 562 662 Fines, Nr Albox

For further details call Toni Watts 950 468 165 or 647 703 393 Qualified coaching provided

SolTimes Newspaper Group

in Association with Dolphin Solutions & P.A.W.S PATAS. Well what a response we have had!!! It is clear that there are more crazy people in the area that was originally thought!! So far confirmed we have: Claire – SOL TIMES; Scott - Subway Mojacar Richard - SOL TIMES Production Lucy - Global Currency Exchange Network Helen B - From ELC and Spectrum FM Tommy - chef at LA PARATA Restaurant Jess - Emporium Hair Salon Leanne - Emporium Hair Salon Damien - Lifestlye Enclosures, Antas Jodie - SOL TIMES Production Alex - Chef at El Olivo Serge - Taekwon-do Instructor Others have been in touch but not confirmed as of yet!!! The sponsorship forms will be hitting the streets this week – we are looking for any bars, restaurants or businesses that are willing to hold a collection tin and a sponsor form! Please please do get in touch – and for everyone that would like to sponsor us we will announce all collection points in next weeks Sol Times! It’s suddenly becoming very real… arrrgh!!


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


SOL CLASSIFIEDS r u o y l Sel d e t n a w un ! e e r f items From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge


r you e, k p ac b oo To fied s e on s si et t r: cla Paul mbe l u cal ew n 190 n 0 our 2 75 0 9 93 6 21 1 95 0 From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge in the SOLTIMES

Drop in your coupon listing your items for sale or email your wording to

To place your ad....Call: Paulette 950 121 936 or Rosemary 647 379 878 Email: or in person, we’re above New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles, on the main Albox-Baza road from the motorway. Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email:

Airport services A I R P O R T S E R V I C E S : A l l Tel: 639 081 067 airports, anytime,


ross regan s.l.

Building, Reforms and General Maintenance & Roofing

spring is here!

Are your BBQ’s, Pool Surrounds,

reliable, reasonable rates. Tel: 629 097 057

Patio’s & Pergolas ready? Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222

Alicante Almeria Murcia s e r v i c e s Airport, social & New shopping run. Tel:



Airport Parking Servicing / Repairs

A i r p o r t

677 667 722

alternative energy

Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962 Solar Wind Power Solutions. SPECIAL OFFER on large solar panels. Over 15 years installation experience Call Phil for competitive prices 636 261 240 www. sunergy

auctions Location Auctions, Antas El Real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 13th April. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon / Tues and all day Wed. House clearances speciality. Tel: 950 391 412


LA VIDA, CUCADOR, Bingo Special, EVERY Wednesday. Eyes down 8pm - Drinks promotions: House Vodka + mixer, only 2.50€. Estrella 1€ a bottle & Bud and Real Ale on tap. Play your cards right plus jackpot bingo prize 200€. Great home-made food from 6-9pm. Good selection of wines! Great night out! 950 634 562




Swimming Pools Terraces All building reforms

Matt Murray T: 950 069 065 m: 647 841 750 business opportuniy

Stock of Boys and Girls New Clothing

For 2-12 year olds. Famous brands including Disney and M&S. Characters including Toy Story, Dora and Cars. Potential to earn 50% return. Bargain at 2,400 euros.

car boot sale





free no obligation quote on 627 907 207

Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote Tel: 627 907 207 Email:


patios, terraces & enclosures Ring Alan on: 600 268 176

30 years experience  Free, friendly advice and quotations TRADE ADVERTS - Cost only 45c per word, min 10 Ross Regan We words. Maximum of 3 adverts per week. Please cover all aspects make cheques payable to Matthews Media S.L.

Find us above New Horizon Villas, Los Carasoles, on the main Albox - Baza Road from the motorway

of work from total reforms, new builds, interiors, exteriors design & build Call for a free no obligation quote 671 843 155 / 646 234 222

Neil Bates Builder City & Guilds Qualified

All aspects of building work

Tel: 950 137 621 or 639 435 141 Competitive Prices

SPARKLES Property Care Service, Key Holding, Holiday Change Over Cleaning. Let us take good care of your property!

for sale

scrolls, 96cms deep x 73.5cms wide, 30€. Tel: 950 469 479.

Intex 10’ x 30” splash pool with Tel: 627 279 584 cover, pump, filter etc. 30.00€ Baza computers Tel: 647 266 344


PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help and training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts

I come to you Comp TIAA+certified Tel: 646 587 746 E:

Steve Hayes Informatica

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs onsite callout / tuition. Consumables Opening hours Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm & Sat 10am until 1pm

Tel: 950 120 900

for sale

C ompute r , 17” monitor, keyboard, mouse, router. £150.00 o.n.o Baza Tel: 600 890 631 Hawker 295 amp 2volt batteries for solar power 12volt set of 6 250€ (cost new 250 each) 2 sets available Tel: 619 744 516 V u asa batt e r i e s for solar power 300amp brand new never used set of 6x2volt to make 12volt battery cost over £1000 still dry I have not put acid in them yet so are new 300€ Tel: 619 744 516

Generator Es 8000 power system Honda gx390. 13hp petrol 6.5kva 115/240v very little use 950€ Tel: 659 685 133 Gents single G e n e rator br e ast e d Tel: 950 459 523 For Sale: Mitsubishi suit. Light grey 9.4 diesel, in with a light blue or 600 985 583 excellent condition. running Bar for rent in the Port of Only 2000 hours square Roquetas de Mar. Call 600 585 789 for used. €3490 ono. through it. Marks details and Spencers, 42 Tel: 696 744 982 Bar for sale. Village location. regular, 31 inch leg. S o n y Bar lease, fixtures, fittings, good will. Brand new, cost over Good turnover and profits. €15,000 Tel: Trinitron 28” Flat Screen TV (not £220 Worn once 634 320 025 slimline) as new at Nieces wedding. Beauty/Therapy room for complete with stand rent. Mojacar Playa. Tel: 667 961 645 or table 75€ Tel: 950 Will accept 75€ Tel: 634 780 904 168 673 or 663 660 687 056 397

Boot sale at El Rancho, Taberno. INTERNAL & E x t e r n a l EXTERNAL BLINDS Every Wednesday, pitch only 2€ lots of stalls and bargains, for more Blinds Call information call Julie: 646 675 297 Justin at Sol



builders continued


MD Air-Con & Refrigeration S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 or 607 364 917


Ray’s Collectables

Buy, Sell & Part Exchange, Coins & Billets, Military Medals, Pocket Watches, Small Gold & Silver Collectables

Call Ray:

634 671 887 couriers

Couriers International

Parcels to and from Europe Excellent Rates Also Full Loads or Part Loads To and from UK

Drop Off Point in Roquetas De Mar Almeria Living, Avenida Playa Serena, Hotel Playa Capricho Local 3 04740 Roquetas De Mar Tel: 950 336 626 / 670 784 470 Drop Off Point in Ambiente Calle Lago como 8 Pasaje Andaluz, 04740 Roquetas de Mar ~ 950 333 411 Drop Off Point in Almerimar Almerimar Insurance services Calle Jabeque 16 Local 5 Almeimar Tel: 950 498 000/667 479 940

For Further Enquires s.halvorsen@ or Tel: 600 585 789


One pine d o u bl e wardrobe with 2 base drawers. Excellent condition 100€.Tel: 687 056 Window, 122cms deep x 82cms 397. wide, comprising One pine two windows each bed, 95cms deep x single head board, base 31cms wide with m o s q / p e r s i a n a , board, and mattress. white alu/pvc 100€. Excellent condition Tel: 950 469 479. 100€ Tel: 687 056 Reja with 397 S at e ll i t e dish, Spanish, oval, 68cms deep x 61cms wide, 30€. Tel: 950 469 479.


Wardrobe 196x130x51 approx. & Chest of drawers. NOT pine Tel: 950 466 195

PHOTOGRAPHIC LIGHTING. Monolight flash unit and or hand-held light meter. Tel: 663 006 390

Jewellery (Not Scrap) Silver and Silver plated items Antiques and small items of interest. English prices paid. Also Jewellery repaired by Hatton Garden Jeweller Tel: 0044 7963 020 106 & 620 773 954 English dealer living in Spain craft / hobby


electrical continued



& Elaine’s Wools ELECTRICIAN Knowles Abbott no.1 HANDYMAN Neil Godwin Painter / Decorator quality UK wool & 25 years experience for electrics and Interior & Exterior Full accessories. Also plumbing. ReProperty maintenance City & Guilds Over 30 years wires, free to air UK Fully insured available at experience. All work satellite systems. & legal C a m p o s o l considered, driving Boletins supplied Tel: 950 137 208 etc. Honest & Reliable Mazarron & on Tel : 687 245 569 or 638 010 691 Call Dave: 950 064 342 Mobile: 617 621 729 the Arboleas electronic cigarettes forum. Call hEATING 667 273 889 elaines wools@ C a r l o s Almerimar ( S a l i e n t e ) Insurance Your plumbing & insurance heating services. local curtains broker Tel: 950 498 If it involves water, A realistic smoking we can help! www. 000 or 667 479 940 Soft Options experience you can c a r l o s s a l i e n t e . Curtains, & Soft enjoy anywhere! com Tel: 968 969 E: info @almerimar Furnishings. Made 962 to measure curtains See us on the internet & blinds.Cushions iron/Metal works & accessories. Also T & T Metals For all quality metal Roman, Blinds PRICE LIST FOR KITS works, including gates, railings, rejas, Competitive Prices staircases, gazebos & chain-link fencing Te l e p h o n e Wo r k s h o p : • 1 x Electronic Cigarette Starter Tel: 968 959 632 - Tel: 950 431 738 Kit with 5 refills €35 Mobile: 686 377 172 The Metal works Grills, railings, • 1 x Electronic Cigarette Starter gates of all types, security/sliding/roller, Kit with 50 refills €55 rejas, concertina doors etc. Tel: Keith cycle hire • 1 x Electronic Cigarette Starter Wood on 638 900 949 Kit with 100 refills €75 Rainbow Rentals Real Steel for all quality metal Electric cycles work, rejas, gates etc, and chain link For sales please contact €10 per day fencing. Call: 689 524 024 or visit www. 666 684 593 or 680 389 927 www.rainbows Or email Metal Works, Gates, rejas, Tel: 608 719 015 fabrication, welding, reliable service. Tel:950 069 208/615 132 136 email: Free home delivery for the draining Roquetas de mar / Almerimar area

break the habit with an electronic cigarette

Cleaning of septic tanks

•P  ressure cleaning of water deposits and swimming pools •S  ewage pipes unblocked • Emptying of Cess pits • Water delivery


ENCLOSURE SPECIALISTS GLASS SCREENS Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no obligation quote

Call 677 114 576 or 950 135 564

fibreglass Fibreglass Supplies. See our main advert on Page 19

financial English: 675 838 808 Spanish: 675 838 807

dress making

for hire



Secured loans, Capital Raising, cash maintenance by advances whilst you qualified English sell your property. speaking Spanish Equity release. 902 Gardener. Contact Victor (mob) 585 569 / 652 986 619 034 313 088 Roquetas / Almeria

B e s p o k e house clearance c u r t a i n s . alterations, repairs, House Clearance, all items wanted. gazebo covers & Large or small. Tel: 615 214 562 mosquito ntets. Tel: 649 503 875

elegance and beauty 14 Day Starter Kits - As Seen on TV - Order yours NOW!


691 987 454 avonfromclaire


Suckling Electrical Mojacar & surrounding areas

- Mains Electrical Installation - Electrical Repairs Been cut off - ICP - Fault Finding - Surge Protection problems Call Us! - Water Pumps

- Econo-Heaters (supplied & fitted)

663 660 409 (Eng) 677 672 144 (Span)

Jewellery & repairs

Rolex or Cartier woman’s watch wanted must be good quality Professional Baby private buyer tel 647 379 878 Equipment Hire. locksmith FREE delivery Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully & collection. Tel: 649 332 134 qualified locksmith. Change any lock, upgrade, break-in or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086 Everything for Phil the Pick the visiting 24 HR CASASERVE Locksmith 24 Locked baby. Car seats, Locksmith, new locks, hours. high chairs, stair safes, security grills, Out? Locks fitted/ upgraded house gates, cots etc. window locks fitted. safes. Arboleas Tel 950 436 581 & surroutnding Call 950466438 or 666 375 688 area. Special expectingbaby@ or 676306269 weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181


We will buy, exchange or sell your unwanted items at Mercamundo 7 day indoor market visit us at El Real poligono Antas from 10am-till late we can also offer local removals & transport to and from UK

we have moved

Across from the petrol station

637 184 625


Immediate Cash. Quick decision. * We cover all areas * We turn up, give cash & carry * We buy almost anything – The Highest Cash Prices Paid **ONLY serious & immediate sellers should call please**

Tel: 679 207 545 or 686 697 665

mini digger MINI DIGGER & DRIVER with Tipper Truck

For Hire All types of building work. References available. Call Kevin: 610 926 833

number plates



Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates



eye tests, hearing tests, contact lenses.

La Cinta - To rent

Optica Albox All your optical needs, Tel: 950 121 991


English newspapers. Weekend only newspaper orders now being taken for 16th & 17th April onwards. To be picked up from La Vida, Cucador from 11am Saturday & Sunday mornings. Pre-payment only, please!


“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the advertisments in this section offensive” Sexy books for the adult reader. Over 40 books for your selection. A choice from word or PDF. All FREE at www.

Alan 662 249 159


300€ per month, Arboleas. Detached casita. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, lounge with wood burner, kitchen/diner with magnificent views. PLUS a 1 bedroom & bathroom annex, beautifully appointed, fully furnished or unfurnished if required. All this for only 300€ per month + electric Call to view:

609 199 394 or 647 379 878 pets


Men only Relaxing 15

month old, Neutered Male and affordable. Tel: Shitzu looking for a home. Tel: 649 333 676 902 388 226


Herbal alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc. Guaranteed to work. No chemicals or side effects. funinthesun1950@

Phone Ken: 634 336 024

KENNELMATES Small family run

For rent Beautiful furnished 3 bedroom penthouse in Almerimar with 2 floors. Tel:618 858 644

kennels and cattery, 30 yrs experience removals in pet care, large secure exercise Large Van Spainarea, inspection UK-Spain. Full or welcome. 15 mins Huercal half loads, plus car Overa 10 mins Urcal.

For more details call transport Tel: 00 44 796 912 3588 Tlf: 950 958 133 painter/decorator Mob: 616 615 528 DAVES TRANSPORT & REMOVALS Painting Inside and Out. All quality products Free quotes. Tel: 630 493 817 Fully Insured – Totally Legal

Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator

Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. EG: Interior rooms form 80€ & Villas from 475€ No payment until complete satisfaction.

TEL IAN: 617 904 774

pets section


Dog & Horse Sitting Service

Ken & Jackie Dog & Cat Sitter service Your home or ours. Honest & trust worthy. 3 years experience of all types of animals. References available on request. Tel: 950 0 67 943 or 676 389 592

7.5 ton with Tail Lift Full/Part Load, Self Load. Unload. Spain to England & Local For a competitive quote call

620 049 524



Rancho Luz Del

friendly, reliable, competitve quotes, tel Ash 679 659 397

hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547


Sky digi box, PACE with white sky card bbc1,2,3,4, itv1,2,3 ch4 & 5. 120€ can deliver. tel: 667 235 205 or 667 478 771.

Ex RSPCA Inspector. Dog day sitting Sol, Retamar, Going away? Let us take care of your pets, British Partaloa. One plastereR either at your home or ours. to one or group 7 years Dogs kept in house or kennels. lessons, latest experience EN standard hats Pet passporting service. in spain. provided. Escorted Just outside Albox.

Tel: 607 554 984 Animal Hotel, THE KENNELS Aquilas every Saturday afternoon, & CATTERY training Family run. Fully legal, dog courses Twice Nr Huercal Overa weekly obedience discounts available classes Tues & pet passports Thurs mornings. transportation to UK. Call: 639 722 197 Tel: 950 168 508 or 651 519 307 Email:

WOODHOUSE BOARDING KENNELS & CATTERY ARBOLEAS Small friendly kennels, 24hr vets service, pet transporting arranged, welcome to view Tel: Tracy

Loving care of small & 649 333 226 medium Home: Mobile: 650 211 952 sized dogs Palomino Kennels in safe home exclusive boarding environment. kennels / cattery. 4000m2 of Warm, friendly secure countryside fenced land in environment. Arboleas Now managed by Tel: 950 431 852 APSA Tel 681 286 298 New Mob: or 950 067 051 664 721 903



Cattery Open !


0044 7533 285 918


General Plumbing Heating Bathrooms Maintenance

Mojacar Plumbing

Established 11 years Based in Mojacar

Tel:699 909 773

satellite TV

A1 Sky Television Systems

A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & plumbing repairs. Satellite TV installations, Tel: 618 062 080 alignment of dishes etc. B l o c k e d Also Spanish Drains ‘R’ Us “freeview”systems supplied Tel: 950 091 109 & installed / 648 768 587 C a r l o s (Saliente) p l u m b i n g & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. carlossaliente. com Tel: 968 969 962 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing & electric. CH, solar hot water and water deposits. Tel: 950 137 197 or 606 807 797

Tel Dave: 628 607 778 screens


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Temporary Debt Storage Rooms rent, 5 square Collector required. for meters to 15sq Must speak meters, Roquetas de Mar Spanish/English Urbanisation. Above average From 5€ a week. renumeration Tel: 650 038 251

Tel: 676 908 297

Sales Staff Wanted Canvasser’s, part time required for Would suit out going personality, good commisions, team players with ability to work on own initiative email:

Call 0034 950 109 699

STYLES Hairdressers opening soon in Turre. Wanted Hair Stylist, beautician, nail technician. Please call for an interview Michelle 644 496 198

motoring section


situations vacant


Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist

To sell any vehicle here, call Paulette on our new number:

902 750 190 950 121 936 van hire



Cash buyer All 4x4 vehicles for cash, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Suzuki, Nissan etc

Call Steve Holman

Tel: 697 678 708

659 685 133

windows & doors

The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket! Windows • Conservatories • Doors

• Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality Aluminium, UPVC and Wood

• Free home survey, professional advice & 10 year guarantee • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed • All types of building work undertaken • No job too big or small

All considered Tel. 647 587 855

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311

PROPERTY TO BUY OR TO RENT Blaumar Estate Agents, Huercal Overa

Near Arboleas 3 Bed, 2 Bath villa €159,950 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

Country House - Huercal Overa €199,950

URCAL ~ FOR RENT 1 Bed Casita, Fully Furnished Large Fly Free Patio, Private Parking 250€ pcm + gas & electric

Tel: 666 281 323

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent a property call us on Tel: 950 091 137 or 616 760 409

For only €178,000 0% Commission 950 109 699 661 433 443

Our Ref: A1403

For rent

Beautiful views, 1/2 bed Lounge, Kitchen Overlooking La Cinta Rambla, Two Patios & Garden


Call 647 379 878 to view

“I’m looking for attractive beach properties!” Call Ann, best selling RE/MAX real estate agent in Andalucia 2010 with 33 sales! Tel: 666 260 792

for sale

Kia Sephia 1.5 Spanish Reg One lady owner from new. 123,000kms (76,000miles) Year 2000, Full service history, drives beautifully, €2,500 OVNO Tel: 627 279 584 Renault Laguna 1.9tdi. Spanish reg 2000-01. 12 months ITV. Good condition. €1275ono Tel: 634 320 025 Rover 75.2 Turbo Diesel 2003 103.000 miles, 5 new tyres on alloy. Electric Windows / mirrors, A/C Radio. Very economical. 4 months tax / MOT Gold. 3,500€ ONO 677 557 190

advertise here!

REDUCED TO €99,000

Palomares Ref PAL2A01 2 bed 1 bath penthouse apartment in Palomares with sea views, full solarium, terrace, furniture, pool, garage and storeroom. Now just an incredible. €99 ,000 Legal villas with pools are urgently required

cortijo nr El Prado

Considering selling your property? seron 4 bed townhouse cracking opportunity

682 648 269

WANTED FOR CASH Caravans & Motorhomes Any age, condition UK plates or Spanish LHD/RHD


• 5 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms • 163m2 house, 21m2 Annexe • 21,330m2 flat land • 2,000m2 fenced garden • 75m2 Stables/workshop • Mains electricity, water, internet phone, Sky TV • 10 minuted to Huercal Overa

for sale

Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 763

Landrovers Car space Wanted or garage English or to rent in Spanish. Mojacar. Any Telephone condition Telephone: Fred on

Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one!

Large range of discount caravan, motorhome, boat and engine batteries in stock now. ring for details - 950 459 007 - 647 587 855 Caravans and motorhomes wanted for cash. any age & condition, uk/spanish reg ring 950 459 007 647 587 855 Caravan and motorhome spares and repairs. for information call 950 459 007 - 647 587 855 or visit us at caldera spas, antas New, in stock, caravan motor movers. no more struggling. fitting service available. call 950 459 007 647 587 855 Caravan & motorhome insurance. most competitive prices. call now for details 687 845 730 Vehicle Imports & Matriculation Fast & competitive rates. Call 687 845 730

All types of service, repair & ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 / 636 824 974

JCB’s, Mini-Diggers (All Makes), Tractors, Trailers & all other types of plant machinery. Any age, any condition.


25 years experience

caravans/ motorhomes


Mikes Mobile Mechanics Tel: 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 / 644 350 361

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Antas Furnished €400 2 bed/2 bath lovely Cortijo Albanchez Furnished €350 2 bed Villa + pool & garden Albox Unfurnished €500 New 3 bed Villa. Long rental V. Rubio Furnished €450 2 bed Villa. Electric included. Arboleas Furnished €500 3 bed Villa + Pool & Garden Nr. Albox Furnished €275 3 bed village House Chirivel Furnished €350 3 bed lovely Cortijo + internet Hanares Unfurnished €450 4 bed/4 bath Rural Villa



Why the UN can never pause for thought stop climate change

For any progress to be made, diplomacy should shift to smaller forums, with achievable goals and focus on adaptation by David G Victor * On Sunday in Thailand diplomats are tiny. The UN system has also relied One of the few positive outcomes opened another round of formal United on legally binding agreements, which from Copenhagen was the creation Nations talks on global warming. For sound good in theory yet have proved of a system for countries to pledge more than 20 years, the UN has been difficult to tailor and adjust in light of what they can really do to control working on this problem, with little the many different interests that must emissions. Many countries, including progress. Expectations have never be reflected in any serious international all 10 of the biggest polluters, have been lower. The December 2009 pact to control emissions. adopted pledges. Each pledge is conference in Copenhagen that was More progress will come from shifting different; the best are complicated supposed to finalise a new treaty to efforts on three fronts. First, while the because what a country actually does replace the expiring Kyoto protocol UN talks should not be abandoned, depends on lots of local factors. These ended in deadlock. Last year’s talks in most diplomacy should shift to smaller pledges are the best starting point for Cancún ended without agreement on forums which engage just the largest building agreements that are realistic most of the important new issues. countries. In fact, 10 countries (treating and credible. Yet this “bottom up” Some of the troubles with global the EU as one) account for nearly four- approach has been resisted because warming diplomacy are unavoidable. fifths of all warming emissions. Working it doesn’t align with the abstract (and Stopping climate change is one of the with those 10 will be complicated unrealistic) “top down” goals such as hardest challenges the international enough. That group of big polluters stopping warming at 2C. Bottom up is community has undertaken. The main includes some that are willing to devote messy, but the lesson from most other cause of climate change, emissions massive resources to the problem, areas of international diplomacy is that of carbon dioxide, is intrinsic to the such as the EU, and others that are a it works. burning of fossil fuels that power the lot more reluctant – among them, China Third, talks must shift from focusing world economy. Even in the best of and the United States. The enthusiastic exclusively on controlling emissions circumstances, getting off carbon will nations have been the biggest backers to dealing with the reality that lots take decades and trillions of dollars. of the UN approach because they of climate change is inevitable. That The world economic crisis makes that are best able to make strict, binding means helping countries to adapt. It even harder as few societies choose to agreements. But what works for the EU also means, in time, planning for the spend money on distant problems when fails for most of the rest of the world possible use of “geo-engineering” they face more immediate challenges that is more skittish about binding technologies – such as shooting dust such as unemployment and poverty. commitments that they might not be into the upper atmosphere to reflect away a bit more of the incoming The failure to make progress, able to honor. Second, talks need to shift focus to sunlight – that can crudely offset some though, is mainly due to bad strategy. The United Nations forum is the wrong what is really achievable. For nearly a of the effects of climate change and place for serious diplomacy. One of the decade, most global warming diplomacy might be needed if global warming chief strengths of the UN system – that has focused on the efforts needed to turns ugly quickly. it involves every nation on the planet stop global warming at 2C above preThe good news in global warming – is a huge liability for global warming. industrial levels. Actual warming has is that there are tentative signs of By working in large groups, UN talks been about one degree so far. By the progress on all three of these fronts. are often held hostage to the whims time all the inertia built into the climate The bad news is that a serious of even small players – as happened in and energy system is felt even a severe diplomatic approach is two decades Copenhagen and Cancún when Sudan programme to regulate emissions overdue and unlikely, even in the best and Bolivia and a few other nations starting today is likely to see warming circumstances, to stop global warming whose emissions of warming pollution blow through the 2 degree limit. any time soon.

Having obtained authorisation to climb Kilimanjaro, I’ve been amazed how many people asked about sponsorship. To be honest, I’d never really given it a thought, but considering the apparent interest, I prepared the requisite sponsor form for donations to the three charities supported by Mojacar Anglican Church; being first, the Orphanage in Vera, secondly a charity supporting underprivileged families in Peru and thirdly, Heshima, an organisation working with children in Tanzania (based at the foot of the very mountain I’ll be climbing), determined that any sponsorship received should be given directly to these, with nothing being deducted for the likes of administration or expenses. Now I’ve absolutely no experience of these things, so having prepared a draft form, I sent it to my daughter in the UK, for her thoughts, and the next I heard was that her twin 8-year-old boys had been most excited, and emptied their moneyboxes to make their contributions. It was not, apparently a question of “How much can we spare?” but one of immediately wanting to donate all they had. How typical of course of children. But how similar to the Bible story of the Widow’s Mite, where Jesus so commended the lady, criticised by all around for her paltry giving, because He recognised that she had given everything she had to God, keeping nothing back for herself. As Jesus explained, God measures the generosity of our giving far more by how much we retain for ourselves, than by the amount we actually give to others. So how well, I wonder, does my generosity measure up against this yardstick? We’re all very aware of the financial pressures around us, but of course compared with the widow in the story, with the families in Peru, with the children in Vera and Tanzania and even with my grandsons, we’re wealthy beyond belief, yet give so little and keep so much back for ourselves. I have the feeling we all have an awful lot to learn about the meaning of true generosity! There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship; further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site www.

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

* David G Victor is professor at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California and author of Global Warming Gridlock: Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet


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swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

Alicante and Murcia Dual Contracts UNLIMITED TRANSFERS Fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport of your choice. Available for Long & Short Term Clients NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Parking couldn’t be easier or more secure Offering 24hrs parking, 365 days a year from as little as 82cent per day Unlimited transfers Just 2 minutes from San Javier (Murcia) and Alicante Airport Latest state of the art security system Complimentary external clean We also offer a complete car care services including ITV’s

We have over 20,000 square meters of secure parking


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The day the mobile phone went public 38 years ago

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Book via Group Car Example New Tariff

Budget Nissan Micra / Citroen Xantia

20€ per day 100€ per week

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30€ per day 145€ per week

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32€ per day 159€ per week

Group D Renault Trafic Van

50€ per day 250€ per week

Group E Ford Transit / Citroen Jumper

55€ per day 290€ per week

Group F 7 & 9 Seaters / Peugeot Boxer

65€ per day 335€ per week

Cars excess waiver – 2€ per day or 500€ liability, Child seat 2€ per day (conditions apply), GPS 20€ per week, Additional drivers 10€ per contract 200 kilometres per day for cars 300 kilometres per day for vans

Opening Hours Antas: Mon – Fri 9am to 6pm / Sat 10am to 2pm Cars Sales: 950 459 136 . Workshop: 950 459 209 Car Hire: 950 459 208 BOOK & PAY ONLINE AT

The humble mobile phone has transformed our lives beyond recognition over the last 15 years. So it may come as a surprise to learn that the world’s first mobile phone call was made 38 years ago yesterday. That’s right, the first public telephone call made by a man walking down the street took place in 1973 - the same year the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam and Paul McCartney and Wings released Band On The Run. On April 3 that year Martin Cooper, who was then 44, took a prototype mobile phone for a walk around New York City. Unsurprisingly, the reaction he received from passers-by was one of complete bewilderment. Mr Cooper, now 82, recalled: ‘As I walked down the street while talking on the phone, sophisticated New Yorkers gaped at the sight of someone actually moving around while making a phone call. ‘Remember that in 1973, there weren’t cordless telephones, let alone cellular phones. I made numerous calls, including one where I crossed the street while talking to a New York radio reporter probably one of the more dangerous things I have ever done in my life.’ At the time Mr Cooper was general manager of Motorola’s Communications Systems Division.



Soo Opening




Los Carasoles 27, Zurgena 10 mins from Albox ~10 mins from Huercal Overa ~ 20 mins from Coast The Centre’s objective is to provide businesses and independent professionals with a representative office, offering a more costeffective alternative to a traditional office.

We provide all the infrastructure for your corporate and administrative requirements, leaving you to invest your time on what really matters: your business. For this we have a variety of different, flexible formulas to suit every need: OFFICE RENTAL daily weekly rates, VIRTUAL OFFICE facility. We provide all the services you might need, with a professional and friendly staff to provide administrative support as required. We have a prime location, with excellent communications, and with easy access to E15 Motorway, Almeria, Murcia and airports, etc… We offer excellent value for money and an excellent environment in which to work together.

• Virtual Office Facilities • Meeting Rooms • Common Areas • Offices for Rent • Receptionist • Telephone Answering Service • High Speed Internet Access • Printer/Copies • Business Cards/Graphic Design • Mail Delivery • Courier Services • Sol Times Newspaper HQ

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As he walked around New York that day, his made his first call to Dr Joel S Engel, his rival and head of research at Bell Labs phone company. Mr Cooper called his office landline to break the news that Motorola had beaten Bell in developing the first mobile phone. He then let reporters make their own calls to verify that the invention actually worked and that they weren’t the victims of an elaborate hoax. It had long been Mr Cooper’s vision for phones to become portable, in an age when even James Bond dared not dream of making a phone call outside of a vehicle. For that was as portable as phones had become up to that point. While the wealthy had been able to install a phone in their car for years, the major downside was the need to also install a substantial amount of equipment in the boot for it to work. Mr Cooper’s device weighed 2.5lbs and would now be considered a ‘brick’, of course. It would be ten years before Motorola finally introduced the DynaTAC, the first commercially available mobile phone, into service in 1983. The device weighed 1lb and cost a staggering $3,500 (£2,170). Mr Cooper went on to found ArrayComm, a wireless technology and systems company, in 1992.

letter to the editor Hi Sol Times, pains to tell us and all the parties are taking great As it is coming up to Election time e of the things e – would you be interested in som all about the things they have don they have not done. ded that after PP Council as a vote gatherer deci In the run up to the last election the ld resurface wou they rda residents of Camino La Cue 3 / 4 years of complaining by the to use. what had become a dangerous road resurfaced re-surfacing – but only 3.5 Klms was for ] ped scra [ 5 Klms was prepared instigator main of the Spanish Farmer who was the ition – as it happens just up to the gate cond se wor a in remaining 1.5 Klms left – now of the complaints to them – the work. than it was before the star t of the g with providing ised by the PSOE was that alon prom were One of the things we the criterion for } ened happ r neve { which also Electricity for ever yone in the area – we were also month after they won the Election connections was altered just one be completed. promised the road surface would t about the state s I have made an official complain basi Ever since then on a regular ions where we sect are e ther – se es the surface wor of the road – ever y rain storm mak the road. There of the road as this is smoother than now drive in the field at the side deep covering foot assable due to potholes nearly a are sections which may soom be imp – No money er answ k stoc enquiry bring the same the road from side to side, ever y to do La Cuerda . ure & 770,00 0 by the Dept of Agricult given In June 2010 the Council was and ity mun Com s in the area used by the Farming er} Fisheries to re-surface several road spap new own ncils d in the newspaper {the Cou La Cuerda was one of the roads state to be re-surfaced asap. er I received was work would be star ted - the answ In July I enquired as to when the er they would emb Sept in days Holi the called in after a rota was being drawn up and if I would be ober d in September and was told Oct then be able to tell me more. I calle the star t for la Cuerda. ared for – so signs of any work being done or prep October came and went with no no money was e ther n agai once e – only to be told in November I enquired once mor had the funds and it would be done when they for the re-surfacing of La Cuerda available. ,00 0 earmarked s what had happened to the 770 I did then ask in quite forceful term funds had to ated alloc that n d time and time agai for these roads – I had been informe ey seems to mon this yet – else hing and not for anyt be used for the allocated purpose r. lette I am still waiting for a reply to this have vanished - Three months later Thanking you, Fred Sheriff Dear Editor I wonder if you help me - I am appe aling for help from any of your read ers in the Arboleas/Albox area.

Can anyone let me know if they have seen a red Vauxhall Nova 1.2 mer it, right-hand drive with spanish plates (Reg: 272 8 CWK) in the Arboleas/Albox area . This car was sold by me in 2007 but the new owner did not change the ownership into his name. Consequently, in 201 0 I had a demand for the road tax, which I was advised to pay by the Gestoria I was dealing with in Mojacar, in order that they could put a ‘Baja’ on the car. The tax and ITV over the previous 3 years has obviously been paid, but in February this year I rece ived a denuncia from the Agencia Tributaria for 150 for non-payment of the ITV for 2010. Naturally I have appealed against it but I cannot cont act the new owner. I have not seen the car for 4 years and I can only think that the new owner has gone from the area, as the garage in Arbolea s for whom he was working is now closed. I would so much appreciate it if anyone can help me locate the car or knows of the owner. Please cont act me on 667 275 614 if you can help. Name & Address Withheld

please email your letters to letters featured are from across our distribution area



Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628

2006 suzuki vitara

2006/7 Kia Picanto

1.9DDIS, Electric blue, One English owner, a/c, Alloys, 76.000kms €12,995

1.1 in red, five door, one owner, only 16,500km, a/c, pas, e/w, radio/CD



Petrol Station E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534

Tel: 950 459 136



2006 Jeep cherokee

2006 renault modus

3.7 v6 limited, automatic, leather interior, esp, sat nav, cruise control, a/c, alloys, pas, €10,995 rcl, e/w, radio/CD

1.5DCi 85cv, in forest green, 60.000kms, one owner, cruise control, speed limiter, a/c €8,995

2001 nissan almera tino

2008 fiat doblo combi

2009 opel corsa

2007 Hyundai Matrix

1.8 mpv, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/CD, alloys €3,495

1.9JTD, 105cv, in silver, only 32,000kms, double sliding door, tinted windows, a/c , pas, rcl, e/w, tow bar €9,995

1.3CDTi eco, one English owner, 3 door, 32,000km, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/CD €7,995

Automatic 1.6, 58.000kms, Climate Control, Rcl, pas, Radio/cd, Service €9,995 History, Vgc

2004 Mercedes Vito 110CDi 8 seater, a/c, pas, rcl, radio/CD, six speed....................................................... 10,995 2007 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol, 59.000kms, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/cd.............................................9,995 2007 Fiat Punto Grande 1.3JTD 90cv, fsh, one English owner, five door, only 39.000kms........................9,995

2007 Ford Focus 1.6 petrol, in silver, 5 door, one owner, PAS, EW, A/C, RCL, 57,000 kms .............................8,995 2006 Hyundai Matrix 1.6 petrol 103cv, metallic blue, Climate, one owner, fsh, radio/cd, 63.000kms....8,995 2006 Opel Meriva 1.7 CDTi, in white, a/c, pas, rcl, radio/cd, e/w, alloys.........................................................8,495 2006 Opel Meriva, 1.7 CDTi 100cv Cosmo, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, Radio/Cd, Alloys, Carbon Trim.....................7,995 2005 Opel Meriva Silver 1.3 CDTi mpv, a/c, pas, rcl, e/w, radio/cd………..................................................…7,995

2007 Citroen Berlingo Combi, 1.9D, 63.000kms, a/c, pas………..........................................................................7,495 2004 Kia Carens 2.0 CRDi, Mpv, Climate, e/w, pas, rcl, Alloys Radio/Cd…………............................................6,995 2007 Chevrolet Matiz 1.1 petrol, 66.000kms one owner, five door, a/c, pas, radio/cd…...........................6,995 2008 Kia Picanto 1.2 in Electric blue, one English owner, 36.000kms, fsh, five door a/c, pas, radio/cd…..6,995 2007 Chevrolet Matiz in silver, 1.0 five door, 62.000kms, a/c, pas, e/w, radio/cd.........................................6,995

ars Com ing in C

2005 Fiat Doblo Combi 1.3JTD, a/c, pas, 90.000kms……….............................................................................6,995 2005 Hyundai Matrix 1.5CRDI small mpv, 70,000kms, lady owner a/c, pas,e/w,radio/CD.........................5,995 2000 VW Beetle 1.9TDi 90cv in burgundy, Alloys Radio/cd, e/w, a/c.............................................................5,995 1984 Alfa Spider 2.0 130cv, classic car absolutely original, a/c, leather interior, alloys, low mileage ....5,995 2004 Ford Focus Coupe 1.8 in black, a/c, pas, Rcl, Radio/Cd……...................................................................5,495 2004 Renault Clio 1.4 16v in burgundy, a/c, pas, rcl, alloys, e/w..................................................................... 4,995 1997 Mercedes E320 Automatic, Leather Interior, Alloys, a/c, e/w, pas, rcl, Radio/Cassette……....……4,995 1997 Opel Sintra 2.2 16v seven seater, a/c, pas, e/w, alloys, rcl,……............................................................. .4,995 2007 Yamaha X Max, 250cc Scooter...................................................................................................................... 2,995 2008 Hyosung Aquilar 250cc, only 2000kms ..................................................................................................... 2,995 1999 Fiat Marea Weekend 1.9JTD, a/c, pas, central locking, e/w ................................................................... 2,495 1999 Land Rover Freelander 1.8i English reg, lhd, a/c, e/w, pas, Radio/Cd ......2,995 or 4,995 on Spanish plates 1998 Range Rover 2.5td.................... .........................................................................................................................POA

• 2008 Renault Kangoo •

Rentals & car sales, mojacar office 459 Paseo de Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 069 272

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Hortiflor Garden Centre Peugeot Gruas Azor Costa KIA garage Coches

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Rio Abajo

Always a selection of cheap cars. i.e. Trade-Ins, all under €4,000 Sensibly priced to clear.

Trade Corner Trade Corner Trade Corner Trade Corner Currently in stock:

2003 Chevrolet Kalos 1.4, a/c, pas, rcl, Five door, e/w, Radio/Casette....................................................................................................................................................................................3,995 1997 Saab 900 Convertible, 65,000 miles, rhd, Spanish plates, leather interior, alloys, e/w, pas, rcl........................................................................................................................... 2,995 1999 Ford Focus 1.8i LX five door hatch, rhd, Spanish plates, radio/cassette, e/w, pas................................................................................................................................................... 2,495 1998 Hyndai Accent 1.3, 5-door, a/c, pas, radio/cd, 97,000kms................................................................................................................................................................................................1,995 1999 Peugeot 107, 1.5 diesel, 3 door, a/c, e/w .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 1,995

Transfer not included. Trade Sales - no warranty (warranty can be purchased seperately). OUR GUARANTEE

■A  ll cars advertised are in stock at the showroom ■ The year of manufacture/date of registration is stated correctly ■ Our price includes warranty, minimum 12 months I.T.V. and all transfer fees including road tax ■ All warranties are carried out at our own workshop by dealer trained mechanics



YOUR 2000 ONWARDS 5 DOOR HATCHBACKS, MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, PLUS 1998 ONWARDS 4x4 DIESEL OR PETROL!!! We are always buying vehicles, low kms examples are preferable with service history.


Ask about our Sale or Return service and let us sell it for you.

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gardening & home Butterflies are in trouble. Such serious trouble that Britain’s foremost naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, not a man given to rash or alarmist statements, believes that unless they are helped to survive, the whole delicate, interconnected ecosystem could suffer a “catastrophic breakdown”. An alarming 70% of Britain’s butterflies are in decline, and almost half are threatened with extinction. In the past century, four species have disappeared altogether. The most dramatic drop in numbers has happened, inexplicably, in the past three years. Even the “common”

Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar/Oil/Gas Hot Water Hot Pool Hot House

All At Unbeatable Prices. Fully Guaranteed And Insured.

Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Limaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger)

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domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207

All is not lost for the butterfly

small tortoiseshell, with its lovely splodges of black on orange and the distinctive blue chain edging its wings, is disappearing at an uncommonly fast rate – there are 65% fewer than 10 years ago. “The ecosystem is extremely complex,” says Sir David, “and because of the knock-on effect, if butterflies became extinct, the consequences would be almost incalculable. Without butterflies and other insects to fertilise flowers, there would be no fruit or seeds. And caterpillars are essential for the diet of many small birds.” The ability of such delicate, insubstantial creatures to hold the balance is striking. The days are gone when butterflies could be thought of as just pretty additions to our gardens. Butterflies are fussy eaters. Despite appearances, they don’t flit indiscriminately from one flower to another, or lay their eggs any old where, but depend on a specialised diet. When they lose the habitat that produces their favourite source of nectar, or the specific leaves needed to sustain their caterpillars, they die. Sir David, president of the charity Butterfly Conservation, is concerned that urbanisation and pollution are squeezing butterflies out of the ecosystem with potentially dire consequences. He is behind a nationwide campaign, run by Butterfly Conservation and supported by Marks & Spencer, that aims to reverse their fortunes before it is too late – by encouraging people to grow butterfly-friendly plants. “By planting wisely, gardeners can help the cause of butterflies in a considerable way. Butterfly conservationists have demonstrated that these declines can be reversed. And when you change the environment to help butterflies, other wildlife benefits too. Nature comes back to life.” Sir David, 85, belongs to an age of environmental innocence when it was permissible to collect birds’ eggs, pick wild flowers and proudly


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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15 Year Guarantee

We specialise exclusively in the construction of swimming pools

Special offers

POOLS: 6mx3m 8.950€, 8mx4m 10.950€, 10mx5m 12.950€ including - Project, licence, excavation, iron 15x15x05, gunnite, roman steps, moulded all in edge, top quality reviglass tiles, decorative trimmings, pump, lights, choice of patterns (dolphin or sea horse), automatic filling.

Ask for your free estimate now! A Spanish company with 15 years experience More than 2000 pools fitted

Telf: 966 444 424 • 664 358 453 email:

mount butterfly specimens on boards. Then, children learnt as much by acquisition as by observation: “We are talking of 75 years ago,” he says, “that was the way you discovered things. You collected flowers, you collected butterflies, birds’ eggs and fossils. But that was a time when a third less people lived in this country. It is amazing that in my lifetime, the world population has tripled. “There is lots to be done,” he says. “By planting the right plants in the garden, by planting seeds, by seeing things grow. Children and adults in Britain today are separated more and more from the natural world. There are some people who do not see a living animal from one month to the next, unless it is a pigeon or a rat. “You might say: ‘Does it matter?’ Yes, it matters hugely. We depend on the natural world for the food we eat and the air we breathe. If it becomes impoverished, we make ourselves impoverished.” Sir David believes it requires a national effort to save Britain from a post-butterfly era. He worries about the threat to butterflies and other wildlife from loss of flower-rich grasslands. Housing and the concreting of front gardens are also huge concerns. According to the RHS, 12 square miles of front gardens in London have been lost to car parking, and in the North-East, a quarter of front gardens have been paved. The result is flash flooding and poorer air quality, as well as the loss of plantlife. “The population of this country is accelerating in an alarming way,” says Sir David. “Perhaps another two million people are going to have to be housed. It will mean the loss of gardens. It will mean taking land from the countryside. We are only just beginning to realise what a great loss it is that front gardens are disappearing.”


Mosquito Screens & Blinds

Pull down / Sliding Blinds & Screens, Windows & Patios • Vertical Blinds • Security Grills • Shower/Bath screens • Awnings

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Indalo Hash House Harriers......... Valle del Este Golf Society................ This week apart from playing golf we had our AGM on friday which went very well. Our out going captain John Haydon was thanked for the way the society was run during the year, and the incoming captain Mally Roberts was wished every success for the incoming year. The committee was reelected for the next year, and the thanked all of the members for there support in the decisions made during the year. Some new motions were passed and the committee will work on these to make the society better for all members. Now for the results on Tuesday we played a 2 ball scramble with 28 players taking part and the winners in first place Sue Hull & Jim Quigley 2nd Bob Mearing & John Maine 3rd Dick Hull & Malcolm Cleife 4th

The ‘Indalo Hash meets the Indalo Man’ Hash: Velez Rubio is about as far as Indalo Hash House Harriers venture. On a beautiful spring day 11 Hashers and the inevitable dogs assembled at the swimming pool at Velez – just a couple of miles from the ‘birth place’ of the Indalo Man in Cueves de los Letreros. The walkers set off on their route following very clear florescent yellow markers. However, once again, they soon got lost, but what the matter. The sun was shining warm. The birds were singing. Snow sparkled on the highest peaks of the Sierra de Marias and the spring flowers made a solid purple and white carpet in

thanks to everyone for sending their sport reports to us - we’re sorry we didn’t have space for them all in this week’s packed issue! keep sending them to editor@

the almond groves. Meanwhile, because the yellow florescent paint had been exhausted on the walkers trail, the ‘runners’(sic) had to follow a trail of diluted milk spots! With extreme difficulty they meandered towards the massive rock hulk of Gigante, but enjoying the same vistas as the walkers. They had the added bonus of spotting a huge eagle that rose from an almond grove and circled a little, before heading off towards the mountains. Walker and runners were reunited at the swimming pool for the circle. Various misdemeanours were reported on – most notable being by Puff (watering

the campo; taking private photos and wearing his hat in the circle twice!) Ancient Hippy, Tena Lady and Rip Van for being early and Norman Bates for being perfect. Slippery Fingers – who is apparently useless with anything manual duly, received his new name. The On After was held at the really nice pool bar – though there was a spot of bother when Ancient Hippy nicked Rip Vans sausage sandwich. The next hash is on Sunday 10th April in Huércal-Overa. For more information see our website www.indaloh3. com or e-mail indaloh3@

SOL TIMES COSTA ALMERIA SALES HQ: 902 750 190 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm




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John Haydon & Kieth Mason Friday and our medal comp on the first Friday of the month again 28 players taking part 1st Patrick Vickery gross 77 nett 69 2nd Ray Harrison gross 87 nett 70 3rd Bill Churchill gross 92 nett 72 (note Billgot it right this time) Nearest the pins on the 6th & 12th Sean Halligan on the 14th Malcolm Cleife. Well done to everyone. Please check with John Haydon regarding the teeoff times as some have been changed (mob 662267955) Enjoy your golf at VALLE DEL ESTE.


The White Horse G.S. played Aguilon G.C. on Thursday March 31st. The course was in very good condition and the weather was ideal for playing golf. Our winner with a score of 38 points was Terry Caddick, nearest the pin on the 10th was Peter Easthope, there was only the one 2 and that was Peter Easthope on the 10th. Our next match will be at Macenas G.C. on Thursday April 14th. first tee at 10 a.m. members past and present and guests welcome. Any enquiries please contact Terry on 689 690 912

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Spain march on undefeated towards Euro 2012 finals Spain now have one foot in the Euro 2012 finals after beating Lithuania 3-1 in Kaunas tonight. Juan Mata proved decisive for the defending champions, although an element of luck was also involved in the first two goals. A deflection off Andrius Skerlos laid on the first goal for Xavi and an own goal by Tadas Kjanskas from a Mata cross all but cemented victory for Vicente del Bosque’s men. Mata rounded the match off nicely with a beautiful goal from a classic Spanish team move. The pitch, WWW.SOLTIMES.COM jokingly


dubbed the ‘Kaunas Arena’ made it difficult for a team like Spain to play their normal touch football, but Xavi in particular was still able to demonstrate his class despite the uneven pitch and lack of turf. ‘La Roja’ did however concede their first goal ever in Lithuania, thanks to Valencia’s Marius Stankevicius who took Casillas by surprise with a spectacular long range shot. With maximum points from their first five matches and a six-point lead at the top of Group I with three matches left to play, qualification for the finals looks highly likely.

CORTIJO GRANDE..............................

Wednesday 30th March 2011 at Cortijo Grande and 2 divisions 42 golfers. The winner of the first division with 36 points Brian Harwood, second with 35 Bob Winter third with 32 David Johnstone. Second division winner with 30 points Frederique Baird, second with 29 Graham Meeks third with 29 Ursula Lade. Ball sweep winner - John Nunn. Sunday 3rd April 2011 and again 45 golfers. The winner of the first div with 39 Frank McGovern, second with 38 Cathall Higgins & third with 38 Mike Picken. Second division winner with 37 David Baird, second with 28 Freerique Baird and third with 28 Sylvia Bradfield. Ball Sweep Winners - Greg Ward, Cathall Higgins & David Baird. Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome MP

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In conjunction with PLAS-TECH (suppliers of quality windows, doors, facias, conservatories & guttering) FORUM GOLF SOCIETY are delighted to announce details of the first annual PLAS-TECH Golf Challenge. The event will be in the form of an individual stableford competition off full slopeadjusted handicap, and will take place at AGUILON Golf Course on Thursday May 5th. Plas -Tech are heavily subsidising the normal green fee down to a cost of just €14 (only €19 with a buggy), and are also providing prizes worth in excess of €1500, as well as providing FREE BEER & A FREE BARBECUE ! Numbers are limited to a maximum of 72 players Open to Forum Golf Society members (for details of how to join see www. or contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 / philjelam@yahoo.

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1 April 2011: We had 36 players taking part this week on a bright but windy day at Almerimar. We think that from next week the number of players may drop off as a number of our winter players are starting to return to their home countries for the spring and summer. This week we played a Best 2 stableford competition. It was teams of four with two scores counted on each hole. In addition there were two hidden holes where extra scores counted. The winners were Jürgen Neuhäuser (chocolates last week), Idris Browning, Shaun Price and Neil James with a team score of 91 points. Last place and chocolates went to the team of Douglas Kemp, Jan Ljung, John Witham and Mimi Piest with a score of 75. Nearest the pin was on hole 17 and it was won by Alan Sharpe with a distance of 10.60m. You can see the full results at If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact

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Sol Times Newspaper issue 281 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 281 Costa Almeria Edition