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Spain rejects latest ETA offer of permanent ceasefire Spanish officials have rejected the latest statement by the Basque separatist group ETA that it is ready to observe a permanent ceasefire in its battle for an independent homeland. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made no mention of the ETA statement at a rally in Zaragoza but a government source dismissed it as a “waste of time”: “The only thing we’re waiting for is a final end to violence,” the source added. Basque regional president Patxi Lopez, who belongs to Zapatero’s ruling socialists, said he saw “nothing new” in the latest ETA statement, made by two members of the group in an interview published last Sunday. “The development we are all waiting for and which we have repeated time and again to ETA is the announcement of its disappearance,” he told Spanish media on his arrival in China where he was to visit the World Expo in Shanghai. Asked if ETA would be willing to commit to a “permanent and verifiable ceasefire”, the two members of the outfit told Gara: “ETA is willing to take that step and also to go further if the conditions for it are created.” They said a halt in offensive actions announced earlier by the group was long term, and that ETA would like to see a dialogue on ending the conflict with discussions involving Basque parties and civic groups. The two, who appeared in pictures published in the newspaper dressed in black and

wearing masks, also reiterated that international mediation would be welcome. “We feel that an international contribution is necessary during the entire process, to give it an uninterrupted impulse, protect it, and to an extent to reinforce the process and guarantee its results,” they added. ETA came under pressure from its political wing, Batasuna, to show its willingness to permanently renounce violence. Batasuna joined with several other pro-independence parties to sign an agreement on peace initiatives in the Basque region, and they urged ETA to halt its campaign of violence. ETA, blamed for 829 deaths in a campaign of bombings and shootings to secure an independent Basque homeland, has released two declarations in the past month proposing an end to violence and calling for international mediation. The Spanish government dismissed both declarations as they fell short of its demand for the group to lay down arms permanently. In a video declaration released on 5th September, ETA said it had decided several months ago to halt armed offensive actions. But the ceasefire was rejected outright by Madrid for failing to promise a permanent end to the violence. Then on September

19 ETA called for international mediation to resolve the Basque question, referring to a group of international mediators who had urged the group to declare a permanent, verifiable ceasefire. However the call failed to clearly spell out their willingness to lay down their arms forever, and Spanish officials again said it was insufficient. Zapatero’s government refuses to negotiate with ETA unless it abandons the armed struggle, recalling that ETA broke a previous promise to end the bloodshed. ETA announced a “permanent ceasefire” in March 2006 and started tentative peace talks with Madrid. But in December 2006 it set off a bomb in a car park at Madrid’s airport, killing two men, and in June 2007 it formally called off its ceasefire, citing a lack of concessions by the government in peace talks. The Spanish authorities believe ETA has been severely weakened since then. Spanish security forces, working in cooperation with other countries, particularly France, have arrested many suspected members of the leadership. Batasuna, ruled illegal in 2003 due to its links with ETA, wants the ban on its activities lifted so it can take part in municipal elections next year.



The infamous ‘Caso Malaya’, which hit the headlines in 2007, could see various members of Marbella town council going down for anything up to 30 years over charges relating to moneylaundering, misuse of public funds, bribery and corruption.

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SPAIN’S largest-ever corruption trial is about to start this week, with a total of 95 people in the docks who include wellknown celebrities.

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‘Caso Malaya’ Trial Starts This Week

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Those involved in the case – which involved illicit property dealings affecting urbanisations as far afield as Los Alcázares in Murcia – include lawyer and current president of Sevilla FC, José María del Nido, and singer Isabel Pantoja. The main accused parties are former mayor and mayoress of Marbella, Julián Muñoz and Marisol Yagüe – who are facing 10 and 20 years in jail, respectively – and the latter’s assessor and council-worker, Juan Antonio Roca, who could be imprisoned for up to 30 years and prevented from

carrying out his profession for the next 44 years. The case will involve reviewing 196 files comprising 30,000 documents of a total of 200,000 pages. Oral testimonies could take more than a year to complete, and around 300 reporters from around the world have been given press passes to the trial, either allowing them to attend in person or to follow the trial daily via mobile units that have been set up for the purpose.

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The Caso Malaya trial is set to be one of the largest the country has ever seen.

Pope’s November visit to Spain confirmed The Vatican announced today the official confirmation of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain in November. The Pope will visit Santiago de Compostela on November 6th, as part of the St.James Holy Year celebrations and

will then go to Barcelona to consecrate the Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia church the following day. This will be the second visit to Spain by Pope Ratzinger, who came to Valencia in July 2006 for ‘V Encuentro Mundial de las Familias’.

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The XI edition of the Gastronomic Al-Arbuli has this year seen participants from around half the surrounding areas. Antonio Zapata, one of the leaders of the conference and responsible for organising the displays of cooking techniques, highlighted the importance of this week, stressing that the aim was to pass on the culture and traditions of cooking as a part of the local heritage. On the last night, in conjunction with the Gastronomia, a display was opened at the Museo Pedro Gilabert, entitled ‘Dreaming of al-Andalus. The Routes of the Andalusian Legacy.’ The exhibition has been set up by Augusto Moreno, from Granada, and will remain open until the end of the month. The host and director of the museum, Lavignia Cavalcanti, explained the importance of this week. ‘It is a flagship activity for Arboleas, and in this, its eleventh year, deserves to be looked on as an art.’

Sufli The Full Moon Trails Programme, organized by the Sports Area of the Provincial Government, ended last Saturday, September 25 in Las Yesera of Suflí. The trail is a circular route of around eight miles, and takes about three hours to walk. The degree of difficulty of this route, which travels through the SL-A27 is rated as low-medium, though due to the infrastructure it is limited to 100 participants. This is the fourth time this event has been staged over the same route. The light of the full moon, which brings a special magic to the beautiful countryside, plus the cooler temperatures makes it a very popular event. The organisation provides the participants with a hiking stick, which they may keep, and recommends that they carry a waterproof coat, water bottle, backpack and flashlight and wear appropriate footwear. The entry fee was 9 Euros.


The seventh edition of the Subida Cyclista el Salient, organised by the Concejalía de Infancia, Juventud y Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Albox in conjunction with the Club Ciclista Albojense, started at the Sports Hall and covering a distance of 45.6 miles was won by Esteban Plaza (Project CIDI) with Javier Chacon of Heraklion, Murcia in second place. As the name suggests, this was no easy race, and the Mayor of Albox, Jose Garcia, congratulated all the participants for their intense efforts. The Concejal de Infancia, Juventud y Deportes, Manuel Najas, thanked the Club Ciclista Albojense for organising this event, and providing the security and marshalls along the route.

Arboleas On Friday17 September, when the rest of the area suffered heavy rainstorms, the village of Arboleas and its immediate surrounds was subjected to a freak hailstorm. Residents reported hailstones as big as golf balls, which stripped the foliage from trees, dented cars, ripped awnings and punched holes in window blinds. The fall was so sudden and intense that a residue of ice was left up to 4 inches thick, and remained for several hours before melting.

Suflí/Sierro The Member for Equality and Youth Council of Almería, Emma Sola, commented on the two workshops which took place in Suflí, Sierro and Bentarique. These are for young people, and have the emphasis on ‘learning while having fun.’ More than 25 young people participated in the Graphic Design workshop, learning how to use tools for digital image processing and multimedia animation with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Macromedia Flash 8. The course objective is to enable the students to create, edit, compose and retouch any image or artwork in a professional manner, and to create posters and greeting cards.

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Catamaran carrying 3,200kg of hashish intercepted by police

Officers from the National Police in collaboration with the British police have intercepted a catamaran out at sea carrying 3,200 kg of hashish, which had left Mallorca and was heading for Morocco, although its final destination was the UK. The two crew members of the “Cariro II”, both part of a large scale drugs network made up primarily of Britons living on the Costa del Sol, have been arrested and taken to Cadiz for processing. In total, 13 people have been arrested, ten in Spain and three in the UK, where the drug shipment should have ended up. Apart from the hashish, police have also confiscated 420,000 pounds sterling, 100,000 euros and 20,000 dollars from various addresses in the UK. The investigation began back in June, when information provided by Spanish police officers led to the discovery of 3,000 ecstasy tablets and 27kg og hash resin in Glasgow, after which four people were arrested, and another person

was arrested in London after 80kg of hashish was found. Despite these arrests, the organisation continued its criminal activities and Spanish police discovered that most members of the ring were based in the Costa del Sol, with the ‘leader’ running the operation from inside his prison cell. This haul comes soon after a sailing boat carrying 1,500 kg of cocaine was also intercepted, and is another joint operation between Spanish police and Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), operations which have netted 17 tonnes of drugs and resulted in the arrest of 170 people.

Weapons Found In Arms Cache Relate To 2006 Kidnapping The arms cache found by French police in Gard in the south east of the country contained 29 pistols of varying calibres, 24 of which were stolen locally in 2006, and a huge amount of ammunition. According to a statement from the French Home Ministry, most of these weapons were stolen in Vauvert on October 23rd 2006. On that date three years ago, three ETA terrorists kidnapped the daughter-inlaw and grandchildren of the owner of a weapons import company. Once they had their hostages, the terrorists made

Basic Public Transport Services Agreed for 29th September General Strike After more than ten hours at the negotiating table, the Minister for Public Works and the leaders of the CCOO and UGT trade unions reached a “global” agreement with regard to minimum transport services during the September 29th general strike

In a press conference given at five o’clock last Thursday morning, they confirmed that 25% of urban train services will run, with that figure rising to 30% during rush hour (from 6-9am). 20% of intercity trains will run between Madrid and Barcelona, Seville and Malaga and other major cities, with local lines running one train an hour. Only 10% of flights within Spain will run, including services between Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Bilbao, Alicante,

20% in the nine Spanish cities already mentioned and only 10% in the rest of the country.

40% of intercontinental flights into and out of Spain will run, and flights from nine Spanish cities to destinations within the European Union, including Frankfurt, Milan and Zurich, will be operating at 20%.

With regard to road transport, the same minimum services will be provided as during the 2002 general strike, with between one and three services per route, depending on the normal number of daily services.

50% of ground handling staff will be working in the airports at Ceuta and Melilla, with that figure reduced to

There will be only a minimum service by sea between the mainland, Ceuta and Melilla and the islands.

The Spanish Consumers’ Association (CECU) has criticised the latest increase in electricity prices, describing it as “unacceptable” in the “current economic climate” and has demanded that the Industry Minister open “serious discussions” to reach a more reasonable agreement.

CECU reminded the government that the “possible” 3% increase announced yesterday “would be added to the January price increase and the VAT increase in July as well as the additional cost that all consumers have had to pay to install the obligatory ICP power control switch in their homes”.

if you take into account that salaries only rose an average of 0.4% in the second quarter of the year, whereas the IPC (consumer price index) rose 1.6%.

“With this latest increase,” said the CECU statement, “electricity prices will once again rise far above the current IPC rate”, adding that the problem “is even greater”

“Whilst consumers’ incomes do not increase even at a quarter of the rate of the IPC,” the statement went on, “basic utilities like electricity go up year after

“And even greater still,” continued the statement, “if you consider the high level of unemployment and the fact that pensions have been frozen”.

year at a far greater rate than the price indicator, continually decreasing families’ purchasing power.” The consumers’ association said it was “once again” asking the Industry Minister to engage in “serious and committed” dialogue” with the electricity sector to reach an agreement over the tarif deficit, in order to avoid “families seeing their purchasing power further reduced in a time of deep recession and high employment.”

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came across two suspiciouslooking men in a wooded area. The hunters went back to the same place the following day and saw that a staircase they had made out of rocks and stones had been demolished. The rocks were in a pile on the ground, with the oil drums underneath them. Debt Recovery - Enforcing Judgments Personal Injury - Medical Negligence Divorce - Wills - Breach of Contract Discrimination - Expropriation of Property Taxing Issues - Conveyancing

Valencia, Malaga and Seville, but 50% of fligths between mainland Spain and the Canary and Balearic Islands and Ceuta and Melilla will operate.

Consumers’ Association Criticises Electricity Price Hike

the owner disconnect the alarms and open the doors to his company strongroom, from which they stole 300 revolvers, 50 pistols and an undisclosed amount of ammunition. According to the Ministry’s statement, all the weapons found in the cache had been put inside oil drums, which also contained two telescopic lenses and flasks containing inks and chemical dyes, likely to have been used in producing fake documents. The arms cache was uncovered on Saturday after a group of hunters


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Scottish film wins world Spanish Cabinet Approves Concha de Oro at San news in Sebastián Austerity Budget For 2011 film festival Spain’s government on Friday approved a tough austerity budget brief for 2011 aimed at reassuring nervous markets over its ability to rein Israel seeks talks as freeze ends

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu urges Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to continue talks, despite the end of Israel’s ban on West Bank construction

Sport Nato helicopters kill ‘dozens of rebels’ in Pakistan

Nato-led forces say they have killed more than 50 insurgents on Pakistani soil after a rare pursuit across the border from Afghanistan.

Australian soldiers charged over Afghan civilian deaths Three Australian former special forces soldiers have been charged over an operation in Afghanistan in which six civilians died and four were injured.

US to seek stronger ties with Somaliland and Puntland The US wants to strengthen its ties with Somalia’s breakaway regions Somaliland and Puntland, the Obama administration’s top diplomat for Africa has said.

Tourists killed as Polish coach crashes near Berlin At least 13 people have died after a coach carrying Polish tourists crashed near Berlin, German police say. The bus came off the A10 motorway at Schoenefelder Kreuz, about 30km (20 miles) from Berlin.

Northern Nigeria flooding ‘displaces two million’ About two million people in northern Nigeria have been displaced after authorities opened the floodgates on two dams, an official says. The flooding began suddenly when the gates on the Challawa and Tiga dams were opened, a spokesman for the Jigawa governor said.

A BRITISH film has netted the top award at San Sebastián film festival this weekend.

Neds, by Scottish director and actor Peter Mullan (pictured with lead actor Connor McCarron), won the Concha de Oro (‘golden shell’) ahead of a number of Spanish productions. Mullan’s film is about a bright and intelligent young schoolboy who becomes part of a hardened gang of knife-carriers in his adolescence in the 1970s. NEDs is a pejorative acronym in Scotland, which stands for ‘Non-Educated Delinquents’. Mullan’s first major prize as a film director was in 2002, for his The Magdelene sisters at Venice Festival. This hard-hitting production about girls in Irish Catholicrun schools who suffered abuse and torture by nuns won him the Golden Lion award. As an actor, he has had roles in Shallow grave and Trainspotting. Best Director at this year’s

San Sebastián film festival was won by 69-year-old Raoul Ruiz, a Franco-Chilean currently recovering from cancer, whose four-hour film, Misterios de Lisboa, was inspired by the writings of Portuguese author Camilo Castelo Branco and is set in a Catholic boarding school in 19th-century Lisbon. Best Actress went to Nora Navas, who starred in the Civil War drama Pan negre (‘black bread’) by Catalán film-writer Agustí Villaronga. Also from Catalunya were directors Judith Colell and Jordi Cadena, whose Elisa K – a gritty film about child abuse - netted the special jury prize. In total, the competition included 15 films, with the guests of honour being Penélope Cruz’s husband and fellow actor Javier Bardem, and his co-star in Eat, pray, love, Julia Roberts, to whom he presented the Donostia Prize.

Insurance Claim Decisions May Have To Speed Up If New Law Comes Into Force

Insurance companies may have a maximum of two months to agree or decline a claim from the date of its notification – and five days thereafter to pay it – if a new law comes into force. The ministry of the economy and tax affairs is currently in talks with Spain’s council of insurance companies over the contents of the proposed Law of Insurance Contracts. However, they say this may not come into force until 2012. Insurance companies would

only have 15 days to notify the insured where the latter has not paid their premium, as opposed to the present six months. And the insurance cover could be cancelled within three months, rather than the current six months, of nonpayment of premiums. At present, after notifying a claim, the policyholder has just five days, by law, to advise the insurance company of the extent of the damage. This could be increased to a month.

in a massive public deficit and fix its battered economy.

The proposals, which include new tax hikes for the wealthy, must now go to parliament, where the government does not hold an absolute majority but is hopeful of ensuring its successful passage. Failure to pass the budget by the end of the year could bring down the six-yearold government of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and force new elections. “It is the most austere budget in recent years,” Finance Minister Elena Salgado told a news conference following a cabinet meeting. It envisages an overall cut in government expenditure of almost eight percent compared to this year. It calls for a hike of one percentage point in income tax for those who make more than 120,000 euros (160,000 dollars) a year and of two points for those earning over 175,000, measures apparently aimed at easing concerns over the austerity package among the general population. Ministerial expenditure will also be slashed by 16 percent. “The government adopted a budget that advances fiscal consolidation and lays the groundwork for economic recovery,” the finance ministry said in a statement. It said the proposals were aimed at ensuring the government meets its target of narrowing the public deficit to 6.0 percent of gross domestic product next year. Markets have been jittery over Spain’s high public deficit in recent months, fearing the country could suffer the same fate as Greece, which needed a bailout from the European Union. Salgado said the government had revised downward its deficit for 2009 to 11.1 percent of GDP from 11.2 percent. Spain’s economy, Europe’s fifth-largest, fell into recession in late 2008 as the global financial meltdown accelerated a collapse of the oncebooming property sector. It only emerged in the first quarter of this year with tepid growth of 0.1 percent. The recession has sent the country’s unemployment rate soaring to more than 20 percent, the highest in the 16-nation eurozone. Salgado said government had forecast an unemployment rate of 19.3 percent of the work force in 2011, up from the previous estimate of 18.9 percent as “the recovery in employment is slower than we would like.” The rise in joblessness has in turn jacked

up government spending on unemployment benefits. In a bid to shore up its public finances, the government in May passed a 15-billion-euro austerity package that included an average state employee salary reduction of five percent and a pensions freeze. That was on top of a 50-billion-euro package of spending cuts announced in January designed to progressively slash the public deficit to the eurozone limit of three percent of gross domestic product by 2013. Spain’s parliament on September 9 also gave final approval to a sweeping overhaul of a rigid labour market that will make it easier and cheaper for employers to hire and fire workers. Spain’s two main unions have called a general strike for September 29 to protest the measures. Zapatero’s minority government indicated on Wednesday that the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) would back the budget when it comes up for a vote this year in return for concessions on employment in the Basque Country. With 169 seats in Spain’s 350-member assembly, Zapatero’s Socialists are seven short of a majority and pass legislation on a vote-by-vote basis with the backing of smaller parties whose support has become increasingly uncertain. But the PNV has six deputies and, even with their support, the Socialists would still need to find the extra seat. The main conservative opposition Popular Party and a Catalan regional party, the Convergencia and Union, which has 10 seats, have already indicated they will not support the budget.

Phil Collins In Madrid To Promote ‘60s Throwback Album

Phil Collins was in Madrid to promote his latest album “Going Back” “Going Back” is his tribute to the 1960s, an era he described as “very innovative” compared with today’s music, which he summarised with a reference to Lady Gaga’s, saying her music was “probably very good” then adding “but it does nothing for me”. Collins’ visit to Madrid coincides with tonight’s concert in the capital by Peter Gabriel, whom Collins replaced in the legendary group, Genesis. Collins told the press he had no idea Gabriel was also in Madrid and said it must have been “fate” that had brought them both there at the same time. “I hope no-one thinks I was trying to steal his spotlight; we’re a bit too old for all that,” he joked. “I adore him,” he went on, adding that his concert would be fantastic. Collins, who has threatened to retire on more than one occasion, emphasised that “Going Back” is the album he always wanted to record

but “never had the chance”. It is the musician’s first studio album in five years and features the songs that influenced him in his youth, particularly soul classics from the Motown label. Collins explained his fascination for ‘60s music, saying “it was an incredible era to grow up in; everything was happening for the first time”. He referred to Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, saying that their music was very “creative”. At the age of 56, Collins admitted he was “probably not the best person to judge” today’s music, adding that at the last Brit Awards ceremony he “heard music, but not a single great song”. Collins said he would continue composing songs, but that he had no intention of releasing any more albums after this one. He also

told the press that he was writing a book about the history of Texas, another of his passions, especially everything relating to the battle of El Alamo.



David Miliband ‘Still Considering Next Step’ David Miliband says he is still considering whether to serve in the shadow cabinet, after he was pipped for the Labour leadership by brother Ed.

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now serving

The shadow foreign secretary, long the favourite for the top job, spoke ahead of a speech to the Labour conference. There is speculation he may be offered the shadow chancellor’s role. Mr Miliband said he would not decide before the end of the conference because he would “not do anything to take attention” from the new leader. David Miliband said he was talking to colleagues, and wanted to take his time to make sure he made the right decision on his future. BBC political editor Nick Robinson said a friend of Mr Miliband told him he was considering not running for the shadow cabinet and could quit politics, although colleagues insist he has yet to make up his mind. The current shadow chancellor, Alistair Darling, who is stepping down from the front bench, is due to make a speech later in which he will defend his original plans to halve the budget deficit over four years. Ahead of that speech he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Labour policy had to focus on growth but also be “credible” and based in the centre-ground of British politics. Mr Darling dismissed fears of a “lurch to the

left” under the new leader, saying he had been encouraged after a conversation with Ed Miliband, who was “far too sensible” to cede the centre ground. On the economy Ed Miliband has described Alistair Darling’s plans as “broadly the right starting point”, but said he wanted to look at how they could be improved. Nominations have opened for the 19 shadow cabinet posts which are elected by a ballot of MPs. David Miliband and other leadership candidates if they stand for election - are expected to take prominent jobs. David Miliband, who remains shadow foreign secretary until the elections, will speak to delegates in a question and answer session on foreign affairs at the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Ed Miliband has praised his brother’s “generosity and graciousness”, adding: “I think he needs time to think about the contribution he can make - I think he can make a very big contribution to British politics.” Although David won a higher percentage of votes from Labour MPs, MEPs and party members, Ed Miliband’s success with trade union members and affiliated societies pushed him into first place.

UK aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan

A UK aid worker and three local staff were kidnapped in Afghanistan on Sunday, security officials have said. They were in a two-car convoy in the eastern province of Kunar when the vehicles were stopped by armed men. The woman, who was employed by US aid group DAI and is thought to have worked for the UN before that, has not been identified. The Foreign Office has confirmed a UK citizen is missing and said her relatives had been contacted.

A spokeswoman said: “We are working closely with all the relevant local authorities. We are also in touch with the family and are providing consular assistance.” No-one has said they carried out the abduction. A senior security official told the BBC the group was taken away into nearby mountains on foot, and that the area was being searched with tribal

elders. The US military, which has a strong presence in the area, is also thought to be involved in the search. A farmer witnessed the abduction but the area is so remote that it was two hours before he was able to reported the incident to police, says the BBC’s Kabul correspondent Ian Pannell.

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The recent UK Foreign Office revelation that 42% of Britons approaching retirement age are considering spending their sunset years in foreign climes has set minds thinking: Why is it that Brits can’t wait to see their homeland in their rear view mirror? NatWest International Personal Banking, in collaboration with the Centre for Future Studies, set out to find out why. The banking group’s strategy is to assemble its customer network but where is it to be? The survey carried out among expatriates reveals that 91% are happier than they were in the United Kingdom. 90% are financially better placed – 68% consider themselves healthier with 81% having a greater sense of wellbeing: An impressive 92% of those polled claim to enjoy a better quality of life. Britain did however score points on a higher crime rate, unsociable behaviour, appalling weather and not surprisingly its creaking and uncertain economy. Mike McLaughlin of real estate says austerity measures due to be introduced in October will turn a generation of workers into debt slaves: “My twenty-five year old sons’ will be paying the price of failure until they retire,” he adds. MIKE WALSH :

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99€ Basket Storage



The painted images are rendered as near realistic as is possible on the existing wall surface, so at first glance they appear to be real in true “Trompe L’oeil” style. When completed the mural is given two coats of dead flat acrylic varnish to match the existing finishes and protect it against the elements.

tall cabinet & basket storage Albox Football Ground

da ni

e Av o






Peugeot Garage


Avda. de Lepanto 36, 04800 Albox Open: Mon - Sat 10am - 2pm


Total Entertainment

we are here !


Evie and Jeremy are professional international artists, they can paint almost any image in many different styles as a mural or trompe l’oeil in almost any location i.e. walls, floors, ceilings, faux windows, swimming pool areas etc, inside or out. They have successfully painted many commissions around Europe. Evie and Jeremy run art classes every Thursday from 11.30 am to 1.30pm at The White Horse Community Centre, Cucador. If you would like to learn some new skills and techniques come along and have a try absolute beginners are welcome. More info email or tel 653 714 767



Food Festivals

October 4th/5th ~ Féria del Queso The Feria del Queso started in 2002 with just 15 cheese producers holding a sort of street fair in Teba. In the space of a few short years, the Cheese Festival has grown into a full-scale event with around 50 participating companies from across Spain providing a wide variety of cheeses for visitors to sample and buy. There are also workshops for those who wish to cook with cheese or even make their own cheese. There are prizes for the best cheeses in various categories and also for the best home made cheese-based desserts. In addition, the people of Teba organise special guided visits to their local church, museum and the famous Estrella Castle, the home of the local legends surrounding Black Douglass – James Douglass, right hand man to Robert the Bruce who lost his life in a battle with the Moors outside Teba.

October 4 ~ Día de las Sopas Perotas Now if you’ve never been to the little hilltop village of Álora in the province of Málaga you are in for a treat.

This is the annual festival held in Algarrobo Costa is just for you. It’s your big chance to enjoy an authentic German Oktoberfest blended with Spanish music and food as well. We suspect it has required little encouragement for the Algarrobo Costa Town Hall to embrace to heartily embrace this annual festival. Along with authentic German beer you can enjoy the German Choir “Los Cantadores”, typical Bavarian music, a fashion show – even yodelling contest!

Topic of the Week: En l consultorio ( At the doctor´s surgery) Médico: Hola, buenos días, siéntese por favor. Ana María:

Buenos días, doctor


¿Vamos a ver, que le pasa?

Ana María: Médico:

No me siento muy bien. Me duele la cabeza, no tengo apetito y me parece que tengo fiebre. ¿Desde cuando se siente así, señora?

Ana María: Desde hace unos días…Y me siento mareada cuando me levanto por la mañana.

or three…) during the autumn season. For starters, try sample various types of cured ham “jamón”.

Ana María: Muchas gracias doctor, y que tenga buen día.

October 1 ~ Día del Jamón Not surprisingly cured ham – so typical of Andalucia

– is also on the books for a good celebration (or two

visiting Villanueva de Córdoba in Córdoba province to

October 11 ~ Regional Cured Ham and Iberian Pork Fair If Aracena in Huelva is more convenient, you can also

get your fill of cured ham at this large regional fair that

The activity takes place in the “Plaza Baja” with free food for all.

This festival in Priego de Córdoba should leave no

Attention all beer lovers.

Let´s Chat in Spanish!

Médico: Por favor, tiéndase aquí. Voy a hacerle un examen. Por favor abra la boca… Respire profundo…No se preocupe, señora, no es grave. Tiene una gripe y debe quedarse en cama. Aquí tiene una receta para un antibiotico…Tome dos cucharadas cada tres horas. ¡Adiós, que se mejore pronto!

In addition to the panoramic views from the castle, the locals, known as “perotas”, are good cooks. However, they aren’t actually serving soup on “soup day”. It’s actually a very hearty local dish based on fried bread crumbs and vegetables reported to be tasty fare indeed.

October 11 ~ Oktoberfest


brings exhibitors together and hosts a ham cutting contest.

October 17-26 ~ Fiesta del Membrillo stone unturned when it comes to enjoying the fruits of the quince tree. Membrillo is actually quince jelly, and

with ten days to celebrate it, we should find plenty of ways to eat it.

Spanish English Siéntese por favor Sit down please ¿Que le pasa? What´s wrong? Me duele la cabeza I have a headache Tengo fiebre I have a temperature Me siento mareada I feel dizzy Tiéndase aquí Lie down here No se preocupe Don´t worry Debe quedarse en cama You must stay in bed Aquí tiene una receta Here is a prescription Qué se mejore pronto! Get better soon! This week´s Spanish lesson is provided by Andrea Diolosa. Interpreter and Bilingual Teacher. For more information on translations services, group or private Spanish lessons, please email


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Look Good Feel Great Should death occur in Spain would you know what to do?


“ There are two certainties in life……..

Death and Taxes” Death cannot be avoided and in Spain the issues and legalities surrounding death are completely different from your home country. SPN FUNERAL PLANS SL CAN HELP YOU ALLEVIATE THESE ISSUES

The pomegranate fruit has become an increasingly popular fruit. Although this fruit has been consumed as far back as the days of the ancient Greeks the popularity of the pomegranate has just really became evident. This fruit has been featured pretty regularly for its numerous health benefits being spotlighted quite frequently in such products as drinks. The pomegranate fruit has a long history and provides due to the expansion of a well established individuals with many health company, offering support and innovative benefits when consumed on a healthcare services in the Almanzora Valley regular basis.

Look at these benefits:

sales consultants required

No health or age restrictions Funeral costs frozen at today’s´ prices, No hidden extras Dual Certification plan is operative wherever you reside 24 hour English speaking bereavement line. English speaking Funeral Directors Extra day’s mortuary available Fully operational/registered Spanish SL Company Regulated by Ministry of Economics in Spain Local offices and representatives Guaranteed provision of plan benefits

area and surrounding areas. Candidates must be self motivated, experienced in sales, and have own transport Please send your C.V to

or call John on 673 179 595

Your peace of mind in good hands.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Pricing from €2685 or €28.50 per month

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

952 595 691 or 625 410 735 Or go to Reg no 06162147 – CIF no B92791664

Jewellery Repairs English Jeweller Est 30 yrs Repair Chains Soldering, links removed, Rings cut off, resized Watch Batteries & Straps

620 773 954 950 064 826

Osteopath Naturopath

Podiatrist Chriropodist

Lois Benson BSc (Hons) MChs HPCreg

Tel: 617 878 864

Mobile service available Clinic in Albox at cutting Edge, Arboleas at Sophias

• Nails • Callus • Corns • Diabetic • • Footcare • Biomechanics • • All Foot Problems •

Prevention Diagnosis Treatment Rehabilitation

Dental Clinic

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Treatment for

back pain • sciatica • arthritus rheumatism • parkinsons • MS Fractures & Sports injuries

Tel: 617 741 564

20 years experience

950 32 64 52

Edificio Porto Mar Avda Mariano Hemandes 48 Roquetas de Mar,

for info and appointments

UK Registered - Treating

Professional in Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) & Sports Massage Now Working at Sophias, Arboleas

Dr med. dent Hubert Hillenbrand

Tel. 629 289 385

• Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community


On-site Dental Laboratory

Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Health Care For Adults and Children

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Caring in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Cost Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida a you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

For further information on our plans contact our local offices on

michael williams

Making your Life Easier Tel: 665 017 950

The pomegranate fruit is a deep reddish fruit which contains pulpy seeds. The exterior of the fruit has a hard rind and the interior is sectioned off with clusters of seeds. This fruit ranges in size from small to medium. This fruit is native to the northwestern region of India and western Asia. It is cultivated in the United States in warmer climates such as California. In the wild, pomegranate fruit grows in a bush, but under controlled conditions it is trained to grow as a small tree. It can reach heights of about 15 to 20 feet, and the branches of the plant have deep red flowers on the ends

near Hotel Zoraida Garden

German & English Spoken

CuttinG Edge

‘beaut y without surgery ’

with Dr. Helena Benson from advanced beaut y


1st area 200€ 2nd & 3rd areas 100€ teeth whitening 150€ call for details

Wrinkle fillers Radiesse 500€ per syringe

Look 10 years younger Special offers on the day

For all infomation or to make an appointment call Jo


MONDAY 4TH OCTOBER Juvederm 300 € Semi-permanent make-up only 350€

950 633 086


c.i.d.e.s.c.o Int. Dip MSSCH


Beauty Therapy - 24 years qualified Clinic at Vera Playa (Natsun) & Mobile Service to Mojacar, Vera and Villaricos

637 149 659




Simply plonk this in the middle of the table and let your friends get to work, with chunks of bread for scooping


150g pack soft, rindless goat’s cheese 250g tub ricotta 50g pomegranates seeds ½ small bunch chives, snipped 1 tbsp clear honey 2 tsp red or white wine vinegar loaf of crusty bread , to serve

Email: avenida lepanto, 20, 04800, Albox ~ Mon - Fri 9:30 - 5pm ~ Sat 9:30am - 3pm

at Choice Entertainment, Huercal Overa

Come along and find out more about Almeria Angels’ new 24hr Emergency Support Service


Mash the goat’s cheese and ricotta together in a bowl, then use a spatula to roughly spread over a large plate. Scatter with the pomegranate seeds and chives and set aside until ready to serve. Stir together the honey and vinegar, then as you’re about to serve, drizzle over the plate. Enjoy with crusty bread.


Open Day Monday 4th October 10am – 2pm

Tel: 950 120 691


in Arboleas

Locally-based Rental & Sales of:

Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking aids (frames, tri-walkers, rollaters and crutches) Other mobility aids: Call for availability. Servicing and repair of all types of mobility aids

Free delivery within the radius of 50km of Arboleas Call us for our range of mobility products

Tel: (0034) 650 626 460

Now available at Sophia Wellness Centre

And how we can support you and your loved ones. Angels Care Alarm 24hr Medical Advice Line Trained Operators British Nurses 24hr On-Call Nurse Home Security Package

Tel: 902 02 64 68

Ctra Estacion 143 Huecal overa Tel: 950 135 039 (at next roundabout down from Lidls & opposite bus station)

Working in collaboration to support the community

invites you to the

adini launch DAY Wednesday 6 OCTOBER th

Free prize draw on the day to win an item of your choice from the Adini daywear collection, plus Cava & nibbles

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10am-2pm Calle Malaga, ALBOX (1 street up from the Mercadona)

Tel: 620 534 423 or: 950 064 269


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What’s new at the emporium

Now Stockists of LOREAL, BOURJOIS, RIMMEL & NO7 Makeup

minx nails as seen on the celebs 20 € per set for a limited time only (normally 25€) LUXURY HAIR MOISTURISING TREATMENT INC SHAMPOO & STYLE 12 € VACANCY NOW AVAILABLE for a Fully Qualified Stylist CVs & Certificates to: call 950 472 790

Call for appointment: 950 472 790 Mojacar Playa Closed Sundays & Mondays

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist

For us ladies one of Life’s essentials is the brassiere, as the French would call it, with a knowing lift of the eyebrow. Or bustenhalter – a name that gets straight to the point with typical German efficiency. Our own version of the name, bra, seems mundane by comparison. The bra has doubtless been around the female chest ever since Eve first saw the possibilities in two empty half coconut shells. Fortunately the coconut shell idea was soon replaced b y much more comfortable options, and the bra has remained ever since the closest thing to a woman’s heart. The bra is a complicated piece of kit, especially the underwired sort. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was particularly good at building suspension bridges, was almost certainly responsible for the underwired bra. I can imagine him sitting at the supper table, his suspension bridge plans spread out before him, explaining to his wife Mary that the weight of the road, or railway, would be supported from above by wires – thus the bridge would be suspended. Mary, who was not too dim herself, must have reasoned that if the weight of a railway track could be supported from above by wires, then it was not too much to expect that the weight of the female bosom could be supported from below by rather more

Tel: 950 478 320

delicate wires. In fact, she reasoned, the underwired bra is a type of suspension bridge in reverse. But finding one that fits comfortably is a nightmare! It involves searching through racks and racks of bras, all of which fall off as soon as I look at them, to find my size, never mind the colour. I take 6, because that is the maximum number of 34D that any shop, no matter how large, will stock. After queuing for a lifetime, I find that I am only allowed to take 3 items into the changing rooms. So I discard 3, and enter, stressed and sweating. A bra should slide on like a second skin, but instead it adheres to my damp hide like an Elastoplast. After a period of panic, when I fear that a fireman will have to be called to cut me free from its grasp, I emerge, vowing to join Women’s Lib immediately, and never wear a bra again, or certainly not until tomorrow. But uplift is essential to both appearance and comfort. So imagine my joy when I found uplift recently in a most unexpected place - Los Higuerales! To be specific, in Lesley’s casita! The air con was on, I didn’t have to queue, and now I am a very happy, buoyant bunny!

By Jos Biggs

If you would like to contact Jos regarding this or any of her articles we’ve featured in the Sol Times email:

For Her & Him

full head foils only 45.00€

(cut & blow dry not incl.)

cap hi lights Cut & Blow only 39.95€ Perm, cut & blow dry only 49.95€

September Specials! CUT & BLOW DRY + MANICURE ONLY




50€ SAVE 10€

pedicure +fRench gel overlay only

30€ save 8€ For your diary Dr Helena Benson Monday 4th October

tint, cut & blow dry only 42.00€ cut & blow dry only 21.00 € Becks - UK trained fully qualified Sports Masseuse BODY MASSAGE 19.95€

Hot stone massage only 30€

*Lois* ns) PODIATRY (Ho BSc (Chiropody) Many years NHS For all foot problems expertly treated from


Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.


Be Inspired and create your own Autumn style with stunning French knitwear & Adini separates


Discover style and comfort with ‘KUNDRY’ Autumn cotton sportswear Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa OPEN HOURS: Mon - Fri 10am - 1.30pm & 5.00pm - 7.30pm Sat 10am - 2pm Tel: 950 478 320



Nursing & Homecare Services A PERSONAL OPINION...

After the recent opening of Almeria Angels Emergency Support offices in Mojacar I realised that I was one of many that had lived out here in Spain for a good too many years without my usual visit to the GP. In the UK I was always one of those people who would only go to the doctor if I was ill – and then have a list of questions and worries that I could discuss whilst I was there. I won’t lie to you, living in Spain if I start to feel ill the ease of collecting a packet of penicillin over the counter and a few days rest has always got me back on track. When I was younger I had a mole which I kept an eye on, and this summer, with lying on the beach and constantly being in the sun I thought I should get it looked at again. How do I go about doing that? Not being fluent in Spanish and unsure of the procedure I tucked it to the back of my mind and promised myself that when I was next back in the UK I would have it checked. This is where Nicki from Almeria Angels came in. After popping into the office I realised for just 12.50€ I was able to have a half hour session with a registered nurse who I could sit and discuss any worries with – just the same as I did in the UK. The well being check is basically an M.O.T. of your body. Nicki checked my

blood pressure and my heart rate, she took (the tiniest – don’t worry!!) sample of blood and checked for diabetes and cholesterol. A quick trip to the loo confirmed the state of my kidneys and then… we chatted. A question and answer session. Is this normal? What does this mean? How do I register with a doctor? What surgery should I be connected with? After a quick look at my mole all was ok – and breathe! She gave me the benefit of time – with no need of a translator or embarrassment I was able to ask all my ‘little’ questions and came out feeling relieved and put at ease. The Angels are there to help with injections, the removal of stitches, ear syringing or any other small helping hand you may need. The Angels are there to save you time and money by being your first port of call, without having to arrange translators and lifts to the hospital you can have your questions answered. They are there to assist you at the doctors, or translate with total discretion and privacy at hospital visits. The Angels are there to bridge the gap that can sometimes appear without noticing…

The Angels are there… book an appointment or to find out when the angels are in your area call 902 026 468

Tel: 902 02 64 68

Nursing & Homecare Services HOMECARE

Our homecare service provides nursing and care support to clients in their own homes with our experienced staff undertaking a range of duties which ensure that clients maintain as much independence as possible. This service is available day and night and provides assistance with personal care such as washing, dressing and feeding or assistance with going to and getting out of bed. This can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or simply to cover a specific period while the family “take a break”. We can provide advice and health education on a wide range of subjects including equipment, lifestyle, diet and medication. Anything in fact, to encourage and support both client and family through any trauma, illness or infirmity.


We understand that not everybody is fluent in speaking Spanish, therefore we offer a translation service for you to use during visits to the doctors or hospital. Our Spanish speaking Angels will translate medical terms and procedures as well as medicines.

Email: Visit:

You can find us between the Cajamurcia and Cajamar Banks. Paseo del Mediterraneo, 269 Marina del Cantal No. 6 Mojacar, 04638, Almeria, Spain HOSPITAL VISITS

Our trained nurses can assist with your care and wellbeing throughout your stay, supporting you and your family with daily tasks ensuring you are washed, dressed and fed. Our Angels are available to stay in hospital with you day and night, offering anything from 1hr a day to 24hr support. We can also help with the translation of procedures and medicines. Our Post hospital Care Service offers assistance at home while you recuperate. Dressing Changes and Administration of Medications. Care packages are available for long term or terminal illnesses


Our Wellbeing Checks have proved very popular offering a comprehensive health check covering many aspects of general health and are available in various locations throughout the region. Your Wellbeing Check will include the following for only 8.50€ per person: ● Blood Pressure Check ● Urinalysis ● Moles Check ● Body Mass Index ● Breast Check ● Pulse Check ● General Health Check ● Blood Glucose ● General Medical Advice ● Prostate Check ● Cholesterol Checks (Extra Charge of 4€) To find out where and when your nearest clinic is being held, please call our office today.

Well being check – 8.50 euros (12.50 euros including cholesterol) Nursing Charges are 14.50 euros per hour (Pricing for care packages available on application) Translations with an Angel 14.50 euros per hour



Valle del este Golf Spa & Beach Hotel - Vera

A Mind, Body & Spirit Event will take place on: sunday 31st october 2010 10am - 5pm

Guest Speakers Demonstrations From Holistic therapies to natural health and wellness. Skin Care, Hair Care, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Care. Crystals, Massage, Sports Fitness, and Health Foods. Readings available on the day for: Psychic and Spiritual Mediums, Tarot Angel Cards, Palm and Rune Stones, and Past Life Regression. Calling all Therapists and local businesses. If you would like to take part, please contact Becks on 671 433 896 or email to register your interest.

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t a h t s k a e The diet tw your life e v a s d l u co

One less shake of salt, one less dollop of mayo... Incredibly, just a few simple changes to your eating habits can make you slimmer and healthier... Making just a few simple changes to your diet could help to improve your health dramatically. That’s the message from a team of researchers from Oxford and Liverpool Universities, who studied the eating habits of people who had died from heart disease. They found that making just three easy diet changes - eating one gram less of salt, one extra piece of fruit or veg and swapping saturated for unsaturated fats - could save 19,445 lives a year. So with that in mind, here are 10 small changes you can make to your diet that could help you lose unwanted pounds and boost your long-term health. 1. Add a dash of chilli sauce to your meal. A recent scientific study found that after consuming meals containing chilli, people burned almost twice as many calories for the next few hours as a placebo group. 2. Fancy chips? If so, make your own, as frozen chips cool down the hot oil, which means they don’t seal so quickly and will absorb more fat. Per 100g cooked portion, frozen fried chips have 273 cals and 13.5g fat, whereas homemade ones have only 189 cals and 7g fat. 3. Swap your regular tea for a cup of White Tea. Made from the buds and early leaves of the same plants used to make black and green teas, white tea can help your body burn fat and prevent new fat cells from being formed. 4. Subtle changes to the ingredients of an omelette can cut 202 cals and 17g fat - but none of the taste. Instead of using two whole eggs and 60g of cheese, make your omelette with one whole egg and one egg white, plus 30g cheese. 5. Have an early night. If you get an extra hour-

and-a-half of sleep, you’ll probably eat fewer calories the next day. 6. You’ll eat 15% fewer calories if you sit down and eat more slowly. Scoffing a meal means that your hypothalamus - the part of the brain that senses when you’re full - doesn’t receive the right signals, which is why you may feel hungrier sooner. 7. Have a yogurt for your dessert - it may help you shed pounds. When overweight people followed a balanced diet that included three daily servings of dairy foods such as yogurt, they lost 61% more fat - and 81% more fat around their waists - compared with those who didn’t. 8. Add cinnamon to your cereal or dessert. It seems antioxidants in cinnamon, cloves and allspice may prevent the formation of bad high blood sugar compounds that can lead to diabetes and related problems, such as heart disease. Herbs such as sage, tarragon and rosemary have a similar effect. 9. Swap minced beef for mushrooms in dishes such as Lasagne and Spaghetti Bolognese, and you’ll naturally eat about 420 fewer calories; mushroom versions tasted just as good and kept them feeling full for as long as the beef ones. 10. Buy small (blue) plates. Try using large bowls for foods like salad and small ones for treats like ice cream. Research also shows that people consume fewer calories when eating from a blue plate. The theory is that very few foods are naturally blue, so seeing a blue plate sends a signal to the brain to be cautious when eating.


Pause For Thought... I recently received an email from a Sol Times reader, who wrote ‘Here’s one atheist telling you “please don’t worry about my lack of faith”. You can’t prove that there is anything after death and I can’t prove that there is not. 1 point each and we move up the league table.’ I’m sure many would empathise with these remarks and am conscious that this does indeed seem a perfectly valid argument, for I have to acknowledge that his statement is entirely correct. It is absolutely true that I can’t prove there’s anything after death. But in my mind this is little different from the fact that I similarly can’t prove that I love my wife, nor that she loves me. Some things in life just have to be taken on trust, and I trust my wife’s assertions, which are largely supported by her actions, just as she trusts mine, and most people who know us, despite the lack of proof, accept that we do indeed love each other. And if I could prove scientifically that God exists, then there would be no room for faith, which necessarily, by definition requires me to accept on trust, something I cannot prove. But the amazing thing is that most people who do take God on trust find subsequent assurance of the validity of that trust. So I know numerous otherwise intelligent, sensible and reliable Christian people (from a wide variety of different churches) who openly affirm that they have evidence of God’s presence, not perhaps in scientific terms, but in answers to prayer, in personal revelations and in many other ways too amazing and too frequent to be mere coincidence. In any court of law, where scientific proof is rarely available, the testimony of such people would be readily accepted, so why, when it comes to matters of faith do we require science rather than the evidence of otherwise reliable witnesses? So no, I can’t prove there’s anything after death, but I do find the abundance of personal evidence pretty convincing.

Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard for any wishing to Worship, whilst additionally, further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at


You are the good guys but . . . by colin bird

If ever a more obvious love hate relationship existed, then it is the one that you find between the Americans and the rest of the world.

Where to start…

Well, let’s take American movies, or at least the ones where bare chested, pumped up supermen with muscles in their spit, save the world with one arm tied behind their backs and both feet in concrete. Whether it’s WW2, Vietnam or Eye-raq – guess who saved us all from the Nazi beasts and the Eastern hordes? A favourite film of mine is Independence Day. Watching it again the other night, it was the bit where the President makes his stirring Independence Day speech that epitomised it all yet again. The audience whoop and holler, slap each other on the backs with blows that would bring down a moose, and snap off salutes that resemble kung fu chops. No quiet determination to defeat the alien invaders for them. Another movie that I can watch repeatedly is Saving Private Ryan, but of course it tells us yet again how the courageous American military defeated the hated Hun single-handed. Only once as I recall, are the other allies mentioned, and then only in passing. You could list movie after movie with the same testosterone fuelled triumphal message of: “We Americans are the good guys and no one else matters”. I have many American friends, some of whom were members of the USAF stationed at Lakenheath in Suffolk near to our previous home. I have even more English pals who have made their homes in various parts of the States – and they all love their lives there. But there seems to be utter bewilderment that the populations of large chunks of planet Earth simply hate the Yanks. How could anybody fail to adore the generous benefactors of the most powerful nation in the world? And let’s be clear, they are indeed generous and big hearted people – no doubts there whatsoever. They are always on the spot to give aid and assistance to those who require it the most, wherever it might be in the world, but shouting it from the rooftops and this tiresome chest beating is what gets up everyone’s nose. I had a discussion on Facebook with an acquaintance after

the Haiti earthquake disaster, and I just had to make a comment when all that I read seemed to be the same self congratulatory chatter about how the Americans – and only the Americans – were going to the aid of the unfortunate Haitians. I mentioned that in fact there was a large European and British force of volunteers and aid agencies present, not to mention those of other countries from around the world. Well you would have thought that I had peed on the American flag and called the Governor of California an Austrian, because what I got back was everything from pure vitriol to a mocking condescension in recognition of our own ‘tiny’ efforts. My contact talked down to me as if I was some wayward child that needed an education, by starting with:“Yes we know you help but . . .” It’s hard to blame the American people actually, because all that the American media, particularly the TV news media, ever report on at length, are those items where the US is directly involved or where American interests are represented. Last year there was a massive earthquake in central Italy – a country that might as well be in the constellation Andromeda as far as most Americans are concerned - where over 300 people died. On the American news programme I was tuned into, it merited just 25 seconds of their time before moving on to the much more important issue of the US trade figures. I know, because I timed it. America would be the perfect country if it could find some sense of humility; stop believing it’s own publicity and begin to acquire an appreciation of other nations that hellooooooo - happen to co-exist with them on this small planet. A journalist once wrote, “Americans have no reason to hate or fear foreigners, but they have given the rest of us a million reasons to hate and fear them”. Strong words, but there is an element of truth in that. It’s hard to live with them sometimes, but it’s sure as hell impossible to live without them. Oh, and it might help if you they sent Arnold Schwarzenegger back to Austria.

Two properties of 125m2 built on flat 3000m2 plot

built upto roof level. Secluded position, unspoilt countryside views across orange groves front and rear. full title deeds for houses and land. Bargain Price


Views from the villas

Open views overlooking lemon & orange groves

Excellent investment opportunity !

Plot 3000m2 with 2 detached villas, built upto and including roofs. Fully legal. Full title deeds for houses and land. Each villa spec is 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom size 125m3 approx, plus individual space for pools. Exceptional uninterupted views overlooking orange and lemon groves. Overlooking the Almanzora valley. Situated between Almanzora & Arboleas in the Almeria Province. 10 minutes to nearest town with all amenities. 40 minutes to coast. Ideal for builder to finish internals.

Bargain price 150,000 euros in total. Private sale, must be viewed to appreciated this golden opportunity. Property 1

Front view

Property 2

Rear view

Rear view

Side view

Stunning location, Private Sale. To view Tel: 609 199 394 / 647 379 878 / 950 064 801 or email: for more details


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Around the World Transformers Still On Top After 25 Years

Transformers robots are still one of Britain’s most popular toys after a quarter of a century despite a dramatic change in children’s tastes, say retailers. The ‘Robots in Disguise’ are as popular today as they were in 1985, industry figures show. Experts from Toys R Us have disclosed the best-selling toys of the past 25 years as it celebrates a quarter of a century of trading. And despite the way children’s playtime habits have changed in that time, it seems youngsters still appreciate the wars between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Experts said the 2007 Hollywood film, starring Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel, helped keep the toys in the bestseller range. “While technology is now more popular than ever before with children, customers who have been with us for the full 25 years will start to recognise some toys which are making a comeback,” said Mike Coogan, the chain’s marketing director. “Back in the eighties all the kids wanted to own the Transformers robots, and while they died out during the nineties they are hugely popular once again due to the 2007 movie which was based on the original series.”

Dad Makes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A Hampshire man has spent three months turning a clapped-out 1976 Land Rover into a replica of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Stuart Wallis stripped the 34-year old wreck down to its chassis, engine and wheels before transforming it into his own version of the famous flying car. Mr Wallis, 52, of Ringwood, took on the project after his eldest daughter, Lily, watched the classic film and challenged him to make a similar one. After visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum to take photos and measurements of a separate replica, he set to work at his New Forest Metal Works business. Stuart and a six strong team have worked over the past three months turning the Land Rover he paid £1,000 for into a copy of the world famous car. Stuart said: “My kids have always enjoyed the film so I thought ‘why not?’. “The children all helped with the building of the car so they were all aware of how it was progressing but now it is finished I don’t think they can quite believe it.” The vehicle features a 1,000 watt amplifier under the bonnet and loudspeakers so it can blast out hits from the film, as well as eight sets of air horns to create animal noises and police sirens. In keeping with the film, it has red and yellow wings attached to the sides - although making the contraption fly for real was a step too far, even for Mr Wallis. His children, Lily, 10, Tom, nine, and Zoe, seven, and their young neighbours Chloe and Elise Collins now love nothing better than a spin in the truly scrumptious machine.

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Can you find a euro or two in your budget for enjoyment? Do you like to nurse a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine or beer in nice surroundings while watching “The World go by”? If you can answer “yes” to the above, you simply must pay Cartagena’s many bars, small restaurants, and taverns a visit. It is no excuse that you do not know where to find them. Here is how! Go on Internet and search for “La Ruta de Tapas” and you will find a list with addresses of all the outlets that have participated in “La Ruta de Tapas”. Never mind if it is an old list. Bars and restaurants serve drinks and tapas at all times. Last week, during Cartagena’s “historic” fiesta (Cartagineses y Romanos), we spent two days on the latest “Ruta de Tapas” which took us to cosy little bars and restaurants, tucked away in the side streets in the centre of Cartagena. No problems with parking, as both the new parking basement at Plaza de España and the one down at the marina both are within easy walking distance to where you want to go. I cannot mention all of them here, but at the opposite end of Calle Mayor from the harbour, just where it splits in a “V”, you find to the left an awesome little bar with a lovely décor, friendly service and good wine and tapas. It is unbelievable, but the area south of Cartagena seems to have developed into a Mecca for criminals, making Chicago in the 20s and 30s seem like a cloister run by nuns. In June there was a gun-fight in La Guia and last week a business man in Cuesta Blanca was gunned down in his own home. I know they say about statistics that “there are statistics, and statistics, and then there are bloody lies”, but the following statistics are hard to swallow. In 2009 more than 1,800 families in the region suffered a robbery in their own home, and robberies of people’s homes have increased 143% in the last two years! Welcome to the tranquil and laid-back lifestyle of Spain! Don’t you just love the Spanish language? You think you master the language, look up words in the dictionary to be sure, just to have it all torn to pieces when talking to local people. I wanted to knit a sweater for my grandson and looked up the word in my dictionary. Fancy this: to knit is “tejer”, “tricotar” or “hacer punto”; the adjective is “de punto”; but the noun when an activity is “labor de punto” or when produced “punto” or “calceta”. I opted to focus on the word “punto”, but just out of my teens, my short term memory sometimes fails me, so I had happily forgotten everything when on my way to shop for the materials. Before I got there, I met a Spanish friend and asked her for the word. No wonder confusion reined after that, because she gave me the word “molde”. Looking this up in the dictionary, I was informed it translates to “mould”. I did get my needles and wool!

Man Arrested For Drink Driving On Lawn Mower

A New Yorker has been arrested for drink driving aboard a lawn mower. Barry Foster was caught by police on his way to a shop to buy more alcohol.Foster allegedly passed out behind the controls of his Zero Turn machine on the return journey to his home in Swan Lake, New York. The man was taken to hospital and his driving license suspended.

Being in public office, you will always be in the line of fire. For the mayor in Mazarrón, Francisco Blaya, this must seem to have jumped out of being metaphoric and gone too close to actuality, when he received a letter with two bullet casings and a note saying that the next two bullets will be for him, if he does not alter his attitude. Wisely he has denounced the threat to the Guardia Civil. Vaya, Blaya – shame you are not as prudent in your political work!

Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

...the write thing It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to pass the longer autumn/winter evenings. If you like reading then maybe you would like to write yourself for a change? Don’t think that only those people whose life revolves around writing – for instance, journalists, authors, and poets are the only ones who can enjoy making words into stories. The wonderful thing about writing is that it demands only that you can string a sentence together and have something you’d like to say. You may think that your life hasn’t been very unusual or noteworthy but even very ordinary people with ordinary lives have had unique experiences. Everything we do is unique because no two people are alike. What may seem a matter of fact thing

to one person will appear extraordinary or even heroic to another. If you are the kind of person who enjoys discussing ideas, seeing things through new eyes and learning something different then why not come along to our Write Thing – a group of like-minded individuals who meet once a week and gain inspiration and pleasure from what the group offers? Don’t worry that your work will be judged, your work will be respected and only constructive criticism is ever offered. There are lots of ways to open the door to your Inner Writer and you might be surprised by yourself. All the members of the group so far had never thought of themselves as especially gifted in the field. However, they have all produced pieces

well worthy of publication. In fact, a few have been published in the Sol Times. It’s very exciting to see your work in print for the first time and rewarding to think that you have written something that others will benefit from in some way. Try an exercise: Think about an occasion when you were in conflict with someone. Was it a friend at school or a work colleague? Perhaps a relative or parent. You can go as far back as you like to find something that happened. Now take a pen and paper and write the incident from the other person’s point of view. You may be shocked at what comes out of your pen, you may even feel sadness. Hopefully, you will feel some understanding and it could be that you

manage to resolve some dispute – even if only in your own mind. If you like you can take this a step further by writing a letter to this person – no need to post it! Just see what comes up for you.

If you’d like to know more then PHONE KATE on 950 469 540


The BIG Currency Question! Market Commentary 24th September 2010 The big question economists are asking how long the recent Euro strength / Dollar weakness will last? Price action topped at 1.3438 yesterday despite weaker Eurozone data in the form of Eurozone PMI. The rate held above 1.3335 which, coincidentally was the exact level we were at in August before the Euro decided move south and dip to 1.2600. Today is a quiet day in terms of data, the current level could make the German IFO release at 9.00am this morning very interesting. Once again, the potential difficulty is the future expectation component and if, as seems likely, the position for the German economy remains ominous, coupled with the concerns over Eurozone sovereign debt issuance requirements, the present value of the Euro may demonstrate a little over reaction. However, numbers in line should see Euro/$ have another quick sniff at 1.3400. The Far East session was again destroyed by holidays but what promised to be a ordinary trading period was enlivened by a swift leap in USD/YEN from 84.50 to 85.30 in the matter of half an hour, intervention perhaps? No comment was the official response (which would be surprising if the BoJ had been involved ie why try and push the rate and then deny it?) and so the market spent the next couple of hours allowing the cross to ease back

to the 84.60 level. With no additional action, it looks as though the move was just a business-related backed move but the European traders will remain cautious this morning. The BoJ are nothing if not consistent and if it was them earlier on, then they will be expected to mirror their previous attempt at currency manipulation on 14th September by overruling again in Europe and also in New York. Today is quiet other than the German data we have to look out for durable goods and new home sales figures from the US. The previous is an extremely unstable and mostly ignored release whereas traders will wish that the housing numbers ref lect yesterday’s better performance for the property market. Commodities remain strong, with Gold the headliner. This continues to wend its way higher but other less high profile assets are also making waves. Silver is now at a 30-year high, again with further to go, and the entire commodity scenario argues for continued gains in the Aussie and Canadian currencies. The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information . Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojåcar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email

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Properties For Sale & Let in the Granada Region

Spain is second-best place in Europe to live ...and the UK is the worst!

Spain has been hailed as the second-best country to live in Europe, according to a study by uSwitch.

• Beautiful Bungalow set in 3000 sqmts of flat land totally fenced in with double gates and mature plants • 2 double bedrooms (1 on suite) • Summer Room could be 3rd bedroom • Large Lounge with log burner fan assisted • Fly screens through out • Large Kitchen / Diner with fitted units • Orchard and Veg Garden with Chicken Coop, Garage • Swimming Pool 10 x 5 patio all around • Other covered patio over looking pool • Electric & Gas Boilers • 15 mins walk to the lovely Negratin • Lake & Dam with restaurants and bars • Lovely views all around

• Large House in the National Park • On the edge of a lovely village • Ground Floor:Large Entrance Hall, Large Garage with work shop • Middle Floor:5 Double Bedrooms Master bedroom has on-suite, Bathroom • Top Floor: One Very Large Room Divided into Kitchen with Large Island, Dining Area, Lounge with Feature Fire Place with Almond Burner • French Doors lead onto Large Terrace with outside shower, Bar, Toilet • Wonderful views of the mountains and Valley

PRICE 193,000€

PRICE 90,000€

Ref: FR002

Ref: DK001

English - Carol: 673 768 828

Espanol - Lisa: 654 406 679

Immobiliaria venta y alquilar

The UK came out bottom of the list, as the worst place to live, and France held onto its number one ranking for the second year running. In fact, the UK even came below Poland, which was in fourth place, despite the fact that one in three Polish children suffer from malnutrition and poverty – whilst not as extreme as 20 years ago – continues to reign. Denmark came third, and Germany was in fifth place. The research was based on government spending on healthcare and education, retirement age, holiday time, pensions and net household income. At present, Spain’s average retirement pension ranges from 500 to 900 euros a month, depending largely upon region, and state retirement age is 65 – although this is expected to rise to 67, despite protests from both workers and unions. The amount of holiday time residents in Spain have is arguably among the highest on the continent, with a minimum of 30 ‘natural’ days

per annum, plus anything up to 15 bank holidays a year, varying from town to town. But the UK – according to further research by Aviva Insurance and Deloitte & Touche Accountants – has the lowest state pension in the whole of Europe, with British residents having to put aside prohibitive sums of money every month from their late teens to their mid60s to avoid poverty after retirement. In Spain, among other European countries, the concept of a private pension is relatively uncommon and saving for such plans rare except among those with a high level of disposable income. And the UK also lost points for its poor record of government spending on education and healthcare, with the latter being considered among the least satisfactory in the EU. Finally, Britain no longer boasts having the highest net household income in Europe – whilst last year, it was 10,000 pounds (11,729 euros) more than the average for the continent, is is now only 2,314 pounds (2,714 euros) above the average – falling below Holland, Ireland and Denmark.

We print exactly wh at our clients think on our website

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property of the month

Casa esquina located between Arboleas & Albox Plot size: 876m2 Build size: 145.45m2 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Large covered Porch Entrance hall Lounge / Dining Room Lounge 2 Fully fitted kitchen Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Private walled 8mx4m swimming pool with shower Air conditioning Shed plumbed for a washing machine Parking for 2 cars Walled and gated Electric and water connected House with mosquito nets


rental properties wanted in the arboleas area

Clear, transparent and open, that’s why our clients like what we do! • FREE Valuation and consultation Service. • 0% Commission • 25 Professional digital photos and a full written description of your property. • Advertise your property to millions of potential buyers including the number one Spanish and English property web sites, plus many more. • We directly employ Spanish-speaking staff that will deal directly with your Spanish buyers. • Personal viewings and FREE secure key holding service. • Monthly updates detailing enquiries and viewings sent to you via e-mail or to your mobile phone. • We guarantee to advertise your property until SOLD • One low fixed fee

Established on the Costa Blanca and Calida for nine years and now servicing Almeria

165,000€ ono

TEL: 958 003 391 or 676 604 008

Call today 950 109 699 or 661 433 443 or visit


property group Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 /+44 208 180 3240 palomares


2 bed / 2 bath ground floor Apartment, Communal pool, Underground private parking, Fully furnished, A/C, Good price! Ref. 1496

Mojacar Playa


Mojacar Playa


2-bed / 2-bath Apartment, Phenomenal sea views, Walking distance to the beach Communal pool and gardens,Unbelievable price! Ref. 1327

cortijo cabrera


2-bed, 2 bath townhouse, Build 80 mts², two floors, Living room with open fire place & terrace, Mountains and distance sea views, Communal pool! Ref. 1342

property of the month

huerta nueva


2 bed / 2 bath Apartment, 204 mts² of private garden, Communal pool, underground parking,Gas central heating, A/C, Highly recommended! Ref. 1462

Mojacar Playa


1 bed,1 bath sea facing Apartment, Roof terrace, 360º sea views, 27 mts² Front terrace with sea views, Communal pool, underground parking, Central heating! Ref. 1497

2 bed/1 bath Apartment, Fully furnished and air conditioned, Underground parking Communal pool,Stunning views! Ref. 1209

Mojacar Playa

turre village


2 bed / 1 bath Apartment, Communal pool and gardens, Front and back terrace Private covered garage and store room 200 mts to the beach! Ref. 1395

Mojacar playa


Cortijo Grande €299,000

3 bed / 2,5 bath detached villa, Frontline golf with direct access, Pool, terraces, BBQ and beautiful gardens, Build 151 mts², Plot 2920 mts², Large living room with open fire place, Excellent condition! Ref. 1489

cortijo grande





3 bed / 2 bath end of terrace Townhouse Close to shops, bars & restaurants, terraces, courtyard, private front garden, Countryside and mountain views Ready to move into! Ref. 1465

Mojacar Playa


2 bed/1 bath Apartment,Build 66 mts², Terraces 27 mts², Store room 12 mts² Communal pool, tennis court, gardens 300mts from the sea! Ref. 1088

2-bed / 2,5-bath frontline golf townhouse Living room with open fire place,Terrace + covered terrace with Jacuzzi, Private parking, New on the market! Ref. 1006

3 bed / 2 bath detached Villa,Build 130 mts², Plot 652 mts², 8 x 4 private pool and garden, Covered terrace and roof solarium, 2 Spanish bars nearby! Ref. 1502

3 bed/2 bath south facing townhouse, Build 99 mts², Terraces and private garden 109 mts², Garage 21 mts², Communal pool and beautiful gardens Just reduced Ref. 1405


agua nueva

Mojacar Playa

Mojacar Playa €1,050,000


3 bed / 2 bath Villa +, 1-bed Guest House Large plot 13125m2, Private, solar heated pool, Priced to sell! Ref. 1490


3 bed/2 bath villa, Build 95 mts², Plot 400 mts², Fully fitted kitchen, A/C, Pool, garden and roof terrace, Lovely views! Ref. 1500


La Parata, 3-bed / 2-bath Villa,Panoramic sea views, Very close to restaurant, bar, private club, Patio, covered and uncovered terraces, Priced to sell! Ref.1400

Central, 4/5-bed / 4-bath Stunning Villa, Build 492 m², Plot 1000 m², Private pool, garden, garage, Incredible sea views, 100m from the beach, Luxury home! Ref.1461

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53

Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

If you have a property to sell in Huercal Overa or the immediate surrounding villages & countryside, contact us NOW!

Village House Huercal Overa €99,000

• 2 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms • Small garden & pool • Edge of village • Walk to restaurants • Elec, water, SKY TV, phone • 13 mins drive to Huercal Overa

Villa - Huercal Overa €119,950 • 2 Bedrooms / 1 bathroom • 540m2 walled plot • Non urbanisation location • Fly screen • 3 mins drive to village • 10 mins drive to Huercal Overa

Cortijo - Huercal Overa €189,000

• 3 Beds / 3 baths • 16,000m2 flat land • 146m2 stable block • Possible to make apartments • 3 mins drive to village • 10 minutes to Huercal Overa.

24 Years Experience - Quality Guaranteed

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property news Don’t meddle with our right to buy a home ! Tighter rules on mortgages will take ownership out of the reach of millions

if there is one certain accompaniment to all catastrophes, it is the sound of galloping hooves as regulators charge, like a furious posse, after the disaster which in previous slumber they’ve failed either to prevent or even see coming.

interest rates and still surprisingly compliant levels of unemployment mean that we haven’t seen the repossessions or forced selling of past recessions.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the UK mortgage market, where in addressing the supposed excesses of the last boom, the Financial Services Authority plans to impose a straitjacket of new rules and regulations governing access to home loans.

Households have been able to keep their properties off the market, with the result that the pressure of what very limited demand there is on scarce supply has driven prices back to pre‑crisis levels. These high prices have combined with limited credit availability to create virtually insurmountable barriers to unsupported first-time buyers.

These rules threaten to combine with tight credit conditions, squeezed disposable incomes, scarce mortgage funding and tougher bank capital controls to produce a perfect storm of negatives that will destroy the promise of home ownership for a generation or more.

Into this already socially and generationally divisive mess has stepped, like some clumsy elephant, the FSA. Its idea, which is to save lenders and borrowers from the consequences of their own folly, is well-intentioned enough, and individually, many of the rules look reasonable.

In a speech this week, Michael Coogan, director general of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, declared “the golden age of home ownership” over, and he is right. Throughout much of the post-war period, owner occupation has been something to which all but the lowest income groups have been able to aspire.

Yet their cumulative effect will be disastrous. To cite just two planned constraints, households are to be limited to mortgage servicing and repayment costs amounting to no more than 30‑35 per cent of disposable income, however that’s defined.

Common cause in home ownership is part of the cement that holds society together. By providing a sense of middle-class belonging, it creates a powerful vested interest in the rule of law and is therefore one of the great prizes of the democratisation of credit. Even before the current crisis hit, this presumed “right” to home ownership was under threat. According to the last English Housing Survey, owner occupation fell from 70.9 per cent of households in 2003 to 67.9 per cent in 2008/9. This trend will have been greatly accelerated by the financial maelstrom of the last two years. Even without the FSA’s proposed rules, banks have of their own accord been making access to mortgage finance very much more difficult – and it is likely to be restricted further over the next two years as £280 billion of “special liquidity scheme” (SLS) funding support, provided by the government at the height of the financial crisis, is removed from the banks. The expired SLS finance must be replaced with more expensive market funding, if it can be found, or banks must squeeze mortgage availability to compensate. First-time buyers without access to parental assistance will find it increasingly difficult to climb on to the housing ladder. Logically, this process should have resulted in a far more severe correction to house prices than has occurred. Obviously, there are big regional variations, but on average the peak to trough fall in prices from 2008 onwards may have been as little as 10 per cent. The comparative fall during the recession of the early 1990s was more than 20 per cent. Very low

What’s more, the lender may be forced to deny credit if there is any possibility of the borrower’s earnings capacity falling short of this threshold even for as little as a month. This stipulation would seem at a stroke to deny mortgage finance to the self-employed. In any case, if these rules were to be applied retrospectively to all current owner occupiers, the vast majority of whom have perfectly sustainable mortgage costs and huge accumulated equity in their homes, millions of them would never have been able to buy a property in the first place. This is madness. Legitimate aspiration and financial risk-taking is being stifled by over-the-top, safety-first regulation. It’s not even as if housing was the root cause of the banking crisis. Northern Rock was brought down not by the quality of its mortgage lending – which, though not brilliant, was across the book perfectly sustainable – but by the unreliable nature of its funding model. The UK mortgage market was always quite different from its US counterpart, where by the time it all went pop the investment bankers had grown so adept at creating credit that even the mere act of breathing would qualify you for a loan. In any case, no traded security backed by UK mortgages has yet defaulted. The great bulk of the bad debt experience among UK banks has been in commercial property, business and overseas lending. Lord Turner, chairman of the FSA, has asked for a debate on how to strike the right balance between safe lending practices to home buyers and disappointed aspiration. By all means let’s have it, for what is proposed is a destructive overreaction which will only make an already dire position much worse.




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Room With A View Property Sales and Relocation Specialists

Distressed sale

Here we feature a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom villa located very close to the village centre in Arboleas. This property is pretty much as taken from the builder with built-in wardrobes, pre-installation of air-con, a large covered terrace, garage and patio doors out from the lounge and master bedroom. The villa is on a plot of 600m2 with great views and part of a well established community. The village centre is within easy walking distance and the main town of Albox is under a 10 minute drive. . The property is now leas bo Ar villa in reduced to clear the mortgage and a 100% mortgage is available subject to affordability. We believe anyone looking for property around this area will recognize just what a bargain price this is now at just 128,000€. Please call for more information or to arrange a viewing.

apartments with 3 years free payments scheme

This apartment complex is a prestige development from a Barcelona based company offering quality and affordability finished off with a finance package to beat all others. Just a small deposit of 10% for residents or 20% for nonresidents with the balance to pay on a mortgage. No interest to catch up on, no catches at all just a very good deal all round from a reputable local bank. The mortgage does not start for 3 years. On offer is a 1 bed 1 bath ground floor apartment at 85,000€. 2 bed 1 bath apartments from 106,000€, 2 bed 2 bath apartments with full roof solariums from 117,000€ and 3 bed 2 bath ground floor apartments from 142,000. All include fully fitted kitchens with white goods and dish washers, a full ducted air-con system hot and cold, communal pool and Jacuzzi and secure allocated parking. The complex also offers lifts and communal gardens. A superb, high quality package that offers sea views and a gentle stroll to the beach. Tel: 950 469 592 Sales, Rental & Relocation Service Visit our New Website to view our Rental & Sales Properties.

All Properties for Sale are Fully Legal from 50,000 to €500,000 Various Rentals. Medium to Long Term options. Furnished & Unfurnished. from €200 pcm to €650 pcm Wanted - More Rental & Sales Properties for existing clients. So, if you’re looking to


contact us in confidence to discuss your individual needs. citrushomes-hq@

Tel. 638 849 254

Investment & Property services s.l.

Property Sales and Relocation Specialists

AP 366 57,950€ Delightful reformed village house with potential for further improvement Plot Size: 66 Sqm Build Size: 72 Sqm

VER2A09 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Vera Playa Price: 114,995€

AP 372 69,950€ Distressed Sale. 3 bed / 2 bath cortijo with pool and enjoying fabulous rural views Plot size: 77 sqm Build Size: 154 sqm AP 371 – 165,800€ Stylish 3 bed / 2 bath villa with Jacuzzi, within walking distance Arboleas village Plot Size: 638 sqm Build Size:129 sqm AP 296 169,000€ Immaculately presented 3 bed/2 bath villa with pool, close to amenities Plot size: 623 sqm Build Size: 106 sqm AP 350 175,000€ Beautiful 3 bed / 2 bath villa with pool, in popular convenient location Plot size: 889 sqm Build Size 109 sqm Tel: 950 523 553

VER2A08 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Apartment in Vera Playa Price: 119,000€ BOUG2T01 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom townhouse in Vera Playa Price: 99,000€ ALM3V03 Spacious 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool near Almanzora Village Price:174,950€ PAR3V02 Wheelchair friendly 3 bed, 2 bath villa on outskirts of Albox Price:149,000€ Tel: 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 644 350 361

Vera Playa

A-319 2 Bed / 1 Bathroom Build 61 m², Terrace 70 m², Communal Pool, Gated community 126,000 Euros

PUERTO de MAZARRON: €77,500! Apartment, 1st floor, 2 beds, 75m², furnished, 10 mins walk to sea front, close to all amenities,


A-330 4 Bed, 3 Bathrooms Build 127 m², Terrace 15 m² Short walk to shops and facilities 144,950 Euros

EL ALCOLA €137,500 Apartment, 2R: double bed, terrace with nice views, comm pool, furnished, parking, 5 mins walk to beach

A-424 2 Bed, 2 Bathrooms Build 60 m² Communal Pool, Near beach 99,950 Euros

El ALCOLAR: €165,000 Duplex/Townhouse, 3 beds, 1 bath, 1 cloakroom, 2 patios, furnished, 3 mins to beach

A-423 9 Bed, 6 Bathrooms Build 400 m² Great Business opportunity Already registered with the Spanish Tourist Board 849,950 Euros

BOLNUEVO: €98,000 Ground floor apartment, 2 double beds, terrace 19m² with sea views, comm. pool, furnished

La Alfoquia



Mojacar Playa

A-342 Oustanding apartment 2 large bedrooms, 2 bath, view direct onto golf course, 4 minute walk to beach huge underbuild & 2 lock up garages. 149,950 euros

REF: RA 169

REF: RA 255

REF: RA 242

MAZARRON COUNTRY CLUB: €129,950 Detached Model ’Antojo’, Plot 300m², 2 double beds, patio & terraces, nicely furnished, low maintenance gardens, off-road parking, lovely Tel: (0034) 968 15 57 57 Fax: (0034) 968 15 43 18 Mob: 677 671 359

Net Force

Tel 950 472 683 or 671 719 503


Land with 2 detached villas

Built upto and including roofs. Fully legal. Land 3000m2 - all papers. Fully legal villas with Escrituras. Each villa is 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom size 125m3 approx, plus space for a pool with exceptional uninterupted views overlooking orange and lemon groves. Only 10 minutes to nearest town with all amenities. 40 minutes to coast. Ideal for builder to finish internals. Bargain

price 150,000€ in total. Private sale, must be viewed to appreciated this golden opportunity.


DEVELOPMENTS Tel: 609 199 394 or 950 064 801 or email: for more details

Mob: 697 640 681 644 350 361 Calida Homes Property Consultancy

99,950 euros

Fully reformed spacious semi detached cortijo in Albox. Walking distance to town. Good size front garden, rear terrace and roof terrace. 3-4 beds & 2 baths. Ref: cla1736

165,000 euros

Absolute bargain 3 bed 2 bath villa with additional huge 1 bed guest annexe, detached garage and 3000m level and fenced plot. Stunning views. Walking distance to bar and restaurant. Cash buyers only due to ill health quick sale required Ref: cla1565

185,000 euros

Beautiful detached reformed school house with 4 bedrooms and big plot. Stunning views and easy walk to pòpular town. Easy access, landline, sky etc and refrormed to a very high spec. Ref: cla1745

130,000 euros

Massive detached fully reformed farmhouse ideal for guest house. 7 bedrooms but living space already split into 3 self contained living areas each with own bathrooms and kitchens. Good sized plot and breathtaking views. Ref: cla1109

139,000 euros

Fully reformed 3-4 bed village house just 20 mins from coast. In a market town with all amenities just 5 mins from main coast motorway.Private rear terrace and roof terrace. Real bargain buy. Ref: cla1725

Calida Homes Property Consultancy Tel: 950430763 / 697875717 Web: www.calidahomes Email: calidahomes@

Luz del Sol URGENTLY NEED sensibly priced properties FOR CLIENTS VISITING THIS YEAR, fair commissions, great service and no sole agency restrictions

124950 euros

224m2 Cortijo beautiful bargain, new roof, garage of 40m2 and plot/ garden of 724m2 in beautiful location, between Sorbas and the coast, great opportunity, Call for more info

199950 euros

3 bed detached Villa with pool – Turre

178000 euros

180m2 3 bed 2 bath cortijo, enormous pool 20m long on 5000m2 fenced and gated land plus an additional annexe (which needs finishing) Tabernas

199950 euros.

Detached villa and private pool San Juan de los Terreros

INMO AMS Tel: 950 466 465 Mobile: 627 308 176

new properties s.l Rebecca - Camposol Golf CPS957 Semi-detached corner location. 2 Bedrooms Family bathroom Sun lounge Electric radiators Jacuzzi. This Rebecca style villa is in first class condition, and includes many extras. Close to the golf course with mountain views. Ready to move into and just Reduced 75.000€ Neptuno Deluxe- Camposol Golf CPS1159 Detached Villa 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 10x5 pool Large 600+m2 plot Mature gardens Situated in a sought after area on Camposol golf close to the golf course and all amenities. This villa is in excellent condition throughout and offers family size accommodation. With terracing leading to mature gardens and overlooking the kidney style pool. Ready to move into and priced to sell 225.000€ La Azohia - Pto. Mazarrón CPS1220 A luxury development on the front line of the beach. A rare opportunity to purchase a 2 bedroom apartments with stunning sea and mountain views. Built to an exceptionally high standard by one of the most respected local builders of over 20years. We have only 8 ground and 5 top floor apartments available... Top floor apartments benefit from stairs off the large open Terrace leading to a private roof top solarium with stunning views. Ground floor apartments have large private terraces. All apartments come with fully fitted kitchens, built in wardrobes, pre-installation of air conditioning and security entry systems. Open plan living accommodation. Private underground parking & Store available. FROM:159.000€

Tel: 968 199 068 luzdelsol.camposol

The UK’s leading overseas homes website




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property for sale or rent Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

• 4/5 beds, 2 baths • Seperate apartment • 13,000m2 flat land • Stables for 8 horses

beat this offer!!!

2 Bed, 2 Bath ground floor apartment with pool in Palomares, c/w fully fitted kitchen, air-con, built in wardrobes & underground parking, A genuine offer Must be Viewed!! 79,950 euros PAL2A09 79,950€

Legal villas with pools are urgently required Tel: 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 / 644 350 361

• Mains electric/agriculture water • Main road access • 20 mins drive to coast •5 mins to Huecal overa Specialising in selling properties in Huercal Overa area since 2005. Please come and see us in our office

CALL PAULETTE: 950 430 820 OR



Local handy man available for all the jobs he does not get round to! Painting,small plumbing jobs,shelves,garden clearance, all outside work. Walls,stone cladding,rendering etc. Good hourly/daily rate Call Jim 677 557 190

950 132 708


*Property Rentals *Property Sales *keyholding *Maintenance *Changeovers


Contact Kathryn on 651 319 529

Call today 950 109 699 or 661 433 443 or visit

6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms • • • • • •

Air-Conditioned • Garage Disabled Access • Garden Mountain Views Off Street Parking • Pool Resale • Solarium Terrace/Balcony

294,950 Euros

Tel (34) 950 472 683 / (34) 671 719 503

For Rent

Valle Del Este Golf Resort 3 Large Double Bedroomed garden apartment A/C to all rooms unfurnished Ready now 500€ pcm + bills small dog or cat allowed

Tel: 0044 1189 735 834

15 Year Guarantee

Specialists in construction of swimming pools and terraces Special offers

3m x 6m pool 8,950€ 4m x 8m pool 10,950€ 5m x 10m pool 12,950€ including - Architects projects, excavation, iron 15 x 15 x 05, gunnite (mortero 400), roman steps, moulded all in edge, top quality reviglas tiles, decorative trimming, 1st quality pump (astral), all materials used in our pools are first quality

1 bed apartment on Cortijo Grande Golf, Turre Approx 15 mins Mojacar New kitchen Fully furnished (optional) Near bars / restaurants Fantastic position & views Parking


Tel: 664 291 793 To advertise your property call Paulette on 950 430 820

Apartment for rent Turre. 3 bed, 2 bath, 300€ pcm + bills furnished, terrace secure entry

Tel: 687 314 775 For rent only 250€ p.c.m 2 bedroon apartment between Albox & Taberno Tel: 697 772 941


2 bed village house in Partaloa with f/f kitchen / bathroom, fully furnished 250€ per month deposit required

672 187 805

Office 950 104 488 - Mobile 600 827 517 Email

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL Ask for your free estimate now!

15 years experience More than 2000 pools fitted Telf: 966 444 424 • 664 358 453


• A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

DEAN: 696 562 662 Fines, Nr Albox


Autumn Leaves The heat is no longer in the sun and the


Gadgets Flying Lanterns

garden is as relaxed as it ever will be...

Stop the rot

With cool nights after warm days, heavy dew is encouraging rot and botrytis. Keep an eye out for the plants from which you still require something. Continue deadheading the dahlias to prevent botrytis from spreading to those blooms that are yet to come and keep us in autumn flower. Autumn lettuce should be kept carefully thinned to prevent b o t r y t i s spreading. Pull the dead flowers off the last of the courgettes, as they can easily damage the fruit in the damp shade under the leaf canopy. Water pumpkins if the weather is dry, to get the last of them before harvesting.

Tomato Time Tomatoes are prone to fungal attack now that the heat is out of the sun. Keep picking daily so that ripened fruit can make way for the ripening. Although outdoor tomatoes rarely produce more than five trusses of fruit, and should ideally be “stopped” by pinching out the main leader once they have done so, it is always tempting to let them run to six or seven. In some years you might be lucky, but there is little chance now of plants producing any more trusses that will come to

anything. Remove at least half the foliage to allow good airflow and as much sun to fall on the fruit as possible.

Towards the end of the month you can remove complete trusses and ripen the fruit on the vine, on the greenhouse staging, or on a sunny windowsill.

Root treatment Cuttings that were taken during July and August should have rooted by now. Those that weren’t potted up last month will be prioritised now so that they can get their roots around the pot before the weather cools. Use a loam-based compost with the addition of perlite to keep the soil free-draining and put the young cuttings into the cold frame to beef them up. The frame is kept open for free air movement and then watering is kept on the light side, to keep them from rotting. Woody cuttings of trees and shrubs are given the same treatment.

Cleaning & Storing Tools Once your cleaning and cutting is done, it’s time to give some love and care to your tools. Clean, oil, and sharpen your tools, then store them in a dry place for the winter. Drain garden hoses and store them coiled in a sheltered place where they won’t freeze and crack. It’s a little extra work, but come spring, you’ll be delighted to pull out your tools that are ready to go to work with no fuss or muss. Of course, if you choose to ignore winter preparations, the world will not come to an end, but you risk losing some of your less hardy or younger plants to severe cold, and also

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

face a more daunting garden preparation chore in the spring. It’s well worth spending some extra time in your garden on a crisp autumn day to snugly tuckin your garden in before winter takes hold.

Maintaining Garden Furniture If space is available at the back of the garage or in a garden shed, store garden furniture for the winter. Tilting furniture and keeping the feet off wet ground will help if it is left out over winter. Alternatively heavy-duty waterproof covers will keep out the worst of the winter weather. Hardwood furniture is the most durable, but treated softwood such as pine is cheaper and more readily available. To keep it in good condition wash down surfaces regularly with a suitable cleaning product and treat with a wood stain or paint when necessary. This is best done in dry weather in the autumn.

These ‘Flying Lantern’ thingies make for a long-lasting, grace filled and beautiful ‘Ahhhhhhhh’ moment. They’re basically a large paper (fireproof) lantern with a wick suspended beneath them. You light the wick (outside of course), and in about thirty seconds they are filled with hot air from the flame and are ready to sail majestically up to 1000 feet into the night sky.

Pack of 10 £24.99 (29.21€)

garden grenades

Simply throw your grenades into any area of wasteland and leave them to do their thing! It’s as guerrillaish as guerrilla gardening gets! Each Flower Grenade is made of a dried clay mixture that simply dissolves in the rain! You literally throw your grenade into your chosen area and that’s your gardening and waste disposal done!

£9.95 (11.64€)


Pay particular attention to horizontal surfaces and areas that collect water or are in contact with damp soil. Many wood staining products suitable for garden furniture come in a range of colours. Metal garden furniture needs to be cleaned and checked for rust. This can appear in plastic coated metal furniture when there are cracks in the plastic. Treat with rust preventing paint after removing loose material. Joints and fixings may need oiling to allow free movement. Plastic furniture is easy to maintain. Clean regularly, especially pale coloured furniture. Furniture left out over winter or exposed to strong sunshine, can become brittle over time.

The Firewinder is a beautiful way to light up your garden that doesn’t involve trailing wires all over the place or potentially causing a forest fire. 100% wind-powered, it produces delightful spinning light patterns that will enliven your outdoor space.

Small £29.99 (35.05€) Large £49.99 (58.43€)


Jardin Rural


Building & Construction Services

Construction, Reforms, New Builds, Casitas, Garages, Patios, Insurance Work, Fully Registered Damp Proofing Injection Systems for all Red Bricks & Ceramics

tel: 607 472 802


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STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES down 1. Transported (7) 2. Emblem (5) 3. Tropical bird (6) 4. Mistake (5) 5. Dependable follower (7) 6. Go in (5) 8. Magnitude relation (5) 13. Reinforcement (7) 15. Reasoned judgment (5) 16. Musical passage (7) 17. Opportunity (6) 18. Part of a church (5) 19. Ahead of time (5) 21. Obviate (5)

2 Wild tone? (7) 3 Standards of perfection - I would bring about sale (6) 4 Not the last chance to observe (4) 5 Bring into the country broken cane value (10)








6 Mythical creatures are dim, M&S turned out (8) 7 I dusted around and examined (7) 8 Look at watch (3) 9 Leftover mother in Rudolph, say, lacking red heart (9) 13 Very small car - a true development (9) 14 Go through 10p in spooky (second-half) séance (10) 17 Boundary - 1/3 French on the level (8) 18 Business society (7) 20 Fixing the ropes? (7) 21 Forbid a sodium fruit (6) 24 Element of last letter in Chamber’s opening (4) 25 I will shortly be poorly (3)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

ACROSS 1. Floorshow (7) 4. Spooky (5) 7. Detection device (5) 9. Vertical (7) 10. Inactivity (7) 11. Measuring implement (5) 12. Dictator (6) 14. Ecclesiastic (6) 18. Copious (5) 20. Drawn (7) 22. Pouch worn with a kilt (7) 23. Diadem (5) 24. Admittance (5) 25. Spiny anteater (7)

1 Stress is not new without women, perhaps (7) 6 Covers mass, covers potassium (5) 9 Withdraw to rotten tree being eaten by a rodent (7) 10 For each head of finance, large bird returns fragrance (7) 11 Only me to trust! (6) 12 Instrument is initially made as a living thing (8) 15 Some candid lenders are doing nothing! (4) 16 Got bigger and spent with small change (8) 18 China’s leader meets dodgy New York “curer” for money (8) 19 Region in China - really? (4) 22 Idealist old empire - before twitch (8) 23 Mob to keep quiet about new leader (4) 25 Put it with Alex and Ian’s language (7) 26 Think of a drink in lime, but not at first (7) 27 Actor loses head and stratum (5) 28 Swapped former partner with a few small coins, then finally scarpered! (9)



entertainment news...

Eddie Fisher Dies At 82

popular singer known for high-profile marriages From 1950 to ‘56, he recorded dozens of songs that made the top 40 and four that reached No. 1 on the pop charts. He wed Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens. Singer Eddie Fisher, a teen idol in the 1950s who sparked an international scandal when he left his wife Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor, has died at the age of 82. Fisher died in Berkeley, California, on Wednesday due to complications and a decline in health from recent hip surgery, his family said in a statement on Thursday. “He was loved and will be missed by his four children: Carrie, Todd, Joely, and Tricia Leigh as well as his six g ra n d ch i l d ren. He was an extraordinar y talent and a true mensch,” said the statement, using the Yiddish word for a decent, admirable person. His actress daughter Carrie Fisher highlighted his ailing health earlier this year when she wrote Twitter messages

saying her father, who was confined to a wheelchair, was “kind of losing it” with confusion over his whereabouts and friends. Eddie Fisher was a chart-topping teen idol in the early 1950s with songs like “Thinking of You” and “Oh! My Pa-Pa,” before rock ‘n’ roll and scandal ruined his career. He left Reynolds, Carrie’s mother and the first of his five wives, after four years of marriage to marry family friend Taylor in 1959. His marriage to Taylor lasted five years. He had two children with Debbie Reynolds Carrie and Todd - and two with his third wife Connie Stevens. Carrie F i s h e r, 53, who played the feisty rebel l e a d e r Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” movies, detailed her entangled family history as well as her own personal battles in her recent one-woman Broadway show “Wishful Drinking.”

Regency Snooker Centre Shola Kaye as Diana Ross Soul & & JD Luis with Motown, Blues


one night only

r from 8pm

Thursday 30th Septembe

worldwide t entertainmenar ound

ed in from acts & performers shipp before in this area! the world.... never seen



ONLY €5.50





• 2 GAME OF BOWLING • SHOE HIRE • Half pound amigos burger & chips

ONLY €10


SOLO 10€

Poligono Industrial, Arboleas Tel: 950 120 269

under new management NEW

The Kimrick 

Private Functions, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries etc Non-smoking restaurant Air - conditioning Free wifi (Password Protected)

600€, Seeing these acts in New York € Seeing these acts in London 300 130€ Seeing these acts in Benidorm

menu del dia 12€ menu del Noche 14€ Sunday Lunch from 9€


ceroc dancing every Tuesday night with PAUL & TRACEY from 8pm

alicante... therefore hot off the stage from tickets at the we are able to provide discounted prices of:

20€ members

25€ non members

Please note: members can buy up to 4 tickets each and all tickets will be priced for members. Non-members can only buy one ticket each

Tel: 968 006 149 Open: Mon-Thurs 12.30-Midnight / Fri-Sun 12.30-Late Find us on the Albox to Arboleas Road next to Chinese Restaurant


Amigos Renault Garage Bowling


we are here


Chapa y Pintura Martinez


3 a3

Charter Supermarket

Dinner Dance

special 3 course menu inc 1/2 bottle of house wine pp with Arribba Arriba Saturday 16th October & every 2nd Saturday in month thereafter


kimrick La Alfoquia

correos farmacia Arboleas

red cross

Approx 300 metres

directly to Almanzora Having these acts shipped Valley?

mojacar playa

Tel: 950 475 198 Kitchen open: WED to SAT 7PM TO 10PM Sundays: 12 noon until 6pm Closed all day Mondays & Tuesdays except for private functions and pre - booked events


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a taste of spain

Pool Table

e, Snooker Centr y c n e g e R m o road fr lbox Find us up the os Bowling, A opposite Amig y 7am - 1am Open everyda

Best location on Mojacar Playa with amazing cuisine...

New Exciting Dishes On Our... Sunlight Menu - 10€ Moonlight Menu - 12€

Sunday Roast (2 courses) 10.95€, (3 courses) 13€ Full ‘A’ La Carte, Pizza + Pasta menu Takeaway service available, (Pizzas + Pasta)

me Strang o c l e Restaurant er W Established 6 years

Bar, Restaurant and Terrace for Lunches & Drinks Wed - Sun 12 noon to 3.30pm (last orders)


Special Wednesday Lunch Roast Beef or Pork & Tea or Coffee Open Evenings Thursday Evening

Weds to Sat 7pm to 10pm (last orders) Evening 3 Course 13€ inclusive


8oz Rump Steak Homemade Chips, Peas, Mushroom, Tomatoes inclusive

A la Carte Menu always available


Sunday Lunch Choice of two 9.75€ or 1 3€ 3 Course set menus Served between 12pm - 4.30pm last orders Limaria, Arboleas 4.5km from Albox Tel: 950

Local Stew Specialities Cod, Chickpea, and Lentil

Daily Roast

Monday ~ Roast Pork Tuesday ~ Fresh Fish Wednesday ~ Roast Pork Knuckle Thursday ~ Roast Pork Ham Friday ~ Roast Lamb Saturday Roast Pork Knuckle All inclusive in our

4 courses menu

We also have Fresh Galician Beef Sirlon and fillet steaks flame grilled to your liking All inclusive on the menu del dia

We are open Monday to Saturday 7am ‘till late Sunday 9am - 4pm Booking recommended. Spanish speaking 950 430 145 English speaking 647 730 103

432 719

TRY SOME OF THESE CLASSIC FISH DISHES... Burrida de Raya (Skate in Fish Stock) Fish soups with names similar to this one are common in the Mediterranean, with the type of fish and the seasoning varying with the locale. For example, Provençal cooks make bourride and serve it with the rust-colored sauce known as rouille, while Ligurian cooks make buridda and accompany it with fried bread. The burrida of the Balearics calls for skate in an allioli-enriched stock and thin slices of country-style bread.


4 Courses with Wine & Coffee Available Mon to Sat inclusive

Lunch 1pm-4pm 10 € Dinner 7pm - 11pm 11€

sunday 14 €

menu del dia

including Sunday Roast Lunch with all the trimmings Now including Roast Lamb Shank, Roast Pork, Beef Sirloin with roast potatoes 1pm - 4pm ITV



Christmas Menus for December Now Available also Christmas Day Lunch Christmas Party Nights Available With Music ~ Saturday evenings in December Bookings being taken for New Years Eve Dinner Dance Tel: 950 475 127 or 667 701 424 Closed Mondays. Avenida del Mediterraneo 6, (next to Lua)

Finally, ‘bacalao al ajoarriero’ from Navarra, named after the ajoarrieros or ‘muleteers’, who once transported salt cod along with other foods across Spain, calls for braising the cod with potatoes, tomatoes, and eggs.

Spaniards believe that some of their country’s

Baza/Fines ► ◄ Albox

Petrol Station

Soft Music playing all day

Large Screen TV Showing Sport

Simpler grilled, pan-roasted, fried, and boiled fish are popular menu items as well, typically accompanied with mojos, vinaigrettes, or other sauces that add colour, flavour, and a distinctive regional stamp.

Beer Autopull System

Coffee and W ine, and a huge range of beers

A favorite is the Basque ‘Bacalao al pil-pil’, in which the hard, dried fish turns velvety and delicious when simmered in a cazuela with olive oil. ‘Bacalao con alioli’ from the Balearic Islands pairs salt cod with the region’s emblematic sauce, while in tiznao from La Mancha, salt cod and vegetables are grilled, chopped, and married with chiles and olive oil.

Serving Tostadas & hot snacks off the Plancha

From suquet, the seafood stew of Catalonia; Dorada a la Sal, fish baked in a salt crust from Murcia; and txipirones en su tinta, Basque-style squid in its own ink, local seafood recipes are in abundance.

fish and shellfish taste better when eaten in their place of origin, such as the angulas, or baby eels, of the north; the carabineros, or jumbo red shrimp, of the south; and the salmon of Asturias. But salt cod, sometimes called the ‘inland fish’, crosses all borders.

Now Open

The long coastline of Spain, combined with the two archipelagos, the Balearics and the Canaries, ensures that fresh fish and shellfish are ubiquitous elements of the Spanish table.

lace p erent f f A di

Spanish Seafood Recipes...

Pol. Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage


Burrida de raya 2lbs Skate Sea Salt & Juice of 1 lemon 2 cups fish stock 1/2 tsp saffron threads 1 cup Allioli 2 tbsp chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 6 thin slices country-style bread


Remove the central cartilage from the skate and cut the fish into 3-inch squares. Place in a shallow dish, sprinkle with salt, and drizzle evenly with the lemon juice. Let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Rinse under cold running water and set aside. In a large saucepan, combine


You can use almost any firmfleshed fish for this Spanish influenced dish, provided that it is perfectly fresh. The fish is ‘cooked’ by the action of the acidic lime juice.


1 1/2 lb halibut, turbot, sea bass or salmon fillets, skinned Juice of 3 limes 1-2 fresh red chillies, seeded and finely chopped 1 tbsp olive oil, Salt For the garnish 4 large firm tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced 1 ripe advocado, peeled and diced 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp fresh coriander leaves


Cut the fish into strips measuring about 2 x 1/2 inch. Lay these in a shallow dish and pour over the lime juice, turning the fish strips to coat them all over in the juice. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for 1 hour. Mix all the garnish ingredients, except the coriander, together. Set aside. Season the fish with salt and scatter over the chillies. Drizzle with the oil, toss the fish in the mixture, then replace the cover. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 15-30 minutes more. To serve, divide the garnish among six plates. Spoon the ceviche, sprinkle with coriander, and serve.

The Best Food From The North West Galicia

aside. Increase the heat to high and boil the stock for 5 minutes longer.

Specialising in traditional fish, seafood and steak dishes All Highest Quality Produce

Remove the stock from the heat and whisk in the allioli and parsley. Place a slice of bread in each soup plate, place the skate on top, and cover with the stock. Serve immediately.

Using a slotted spoon, remove the skate from the pan, place on a platter, cover, and set

New To Albox

Tel: 615 717 978 or 950 120 590

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-12 midnight (Closed Sunday)

Bistro / Restaurant On the square in Mojacar Playa

Mark & Val would like to thank all our customers for a successful and enjoyable first month. To celebrate we are launching, in addition to our great menu, a menu del dia at 12 euros, an extensive day time tapas menu with over 20 tapas from only 1 euro and our autumn specials including liver and onions, marinaded sticky ribs and chicken danois. So come on down to to Viva! and tempt your taste buds !!!

For reservations tel 637 270 594 I love Viva me, I say, I love Viva me !!!

syedpur Indian

Spanish Menu

Fine Dining



Rumores ALBOX Fish & Chips only 4.95€ Friday night special 6.30-9pm





Bar & Restaurant Traditional

sunday lun

ch only 4.95 €

available 1-5 pm Starters & Sweets

Booking recommended



Tel Bar: 610 641 567 Tel Tracy: 690 945 897 WE ARE OPEN ALL DAY!

now in their 4th year!

mondays & tuesdays

magnificent 7 - 7 courses only 12.95 € or challenge yourself to up to 25 courses again All for... only 12.95 €

Famous 5 - 5 course selection.. only 9.95 €

Wednesday college times Amazing 5€ menu Served from 6pm


Telephone : 950 120 606

to Baza

BP Garage




the stock and the saffron and bring to a boil over high heat. Immerse the skate in the stock, decrease the heat to medium, and cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes, or until the fish is opaque at the centre when tested with a knife tip.


Citroen garage

We are here

Bar Restaurant

LA PARATA Shea, formally of Neptuno’s presents Sunday Lunch

2 course ~ 10.95€ ~ 3 course ~ 13.50€ Extensive range of wine available

Menu del dia 10€ for 3 courses

Every Thursday is pie night from 7.30pm

For Reservations please call

950 478 186

Tel: 950 473 099

Open 11am ‘till close last food orders 10pm Downstairs on the sea front next to the Irish Rover

gourmand’s 5 course menu of the night


Warm Quiche of the Day (V)



3 Course Menu of the Starters Day ~ 9.50€ Soup of the Day with a freshly-baked baguette (V) Traditional Sunday The following starters are all served with a salad garnish Roast Lunch ~ 10.50€ Deep-fried Camembert with Redcurrant Jelly (V) (main course only Roquefort-Stuffed Mushrooms (V) 7.50€) Baby Scallops and Shrimps, sauteed in Garlic Butter Extensive wine list Deep-fried King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce Take away available Salmon Fishcakes with Lemon Mayo Herb Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Roulades with Caviar, Bread & Butter


lemon Sorbet - with or without a splash of Cava! (V)

Main course

Beer-battered, Crispy Skinless Fish & Chips, Mushy Peas or Peas Main Meals below served with fresh seasonal vegetables or salad and a choice of potatoes 6oz Topside Minute Steak & Pepper Sauce Breast of Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Pork Steaks with Cider Apple Sauce Sweet, Sour & Chilli King Prawns Stir-Fry on a bed of rice Beachcomber Salad (V) Stuffed Vegetable Naan (V) Slow-roasted Lamb Shank with minted gravy (3€ supplement)




Cheesecake of the Day with Ice-cream (V) Choose any 8 Red & Blackberry Sherry Trifle (V) items for 5€ Syrup Sponge with Custard or Ice-cream (V) Bread Pudding with Custard or Ice-cream (V) or any 12 Profiteroles with Ice-cream & Chocolate Sauce (V) items for 7€ Knickerbocker Glory with Red & Blackberries (V) Hot Waffle with Ice-cream, Chocolate Sauce or Golden Syrup (V) Coffee is ‘on the house’ when ordering an after-dinner drink



...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


take away


Serving you with deliciously freshly made meals all of which cost a

mega 1€!

The MIGHTY JACKET POTATO – with many different fillings! For the health conscious try our exquisite


yes only

cafe CIABATTA BAGUETTES with hot and cold fillings all 1€!!!


A wide range of hot & cold drinks

take away

our freshly prepared homemade meals including our speciality of the house - the mouth watering...


new! A unique blend of old & gotten once visited - never for

more than just a coffee shop large selection of large selection pots & plants 1€ of books all at 1€ an unrivaled over 3 million prints picture on display from 1€ ice framing serv Very interesting gallery. Wonderful food & service. Mike Mazarron Just the place to spend a few hours. Good food, nice people, something for ever yone. Mrs Clar kson, Arboleas

Very tasty food, excellent value, fascinating shop. Renee & Char lie, Kent UK. From cakes to carriages, tea to Tutankhamun, a veritable feast of treasure. Jan, Dave & Ben, La Rambla Aljibe

Absolutely amazing! An Aladdin’s Cave with delicious chocolate & almond cake & hot coffee to add to the pleasure.

Gwen. W Sussex UK

Enjoyed the couscous & the cake. Very friendly staff. Jean & Derek, Golondrinas

Food lovely, setting unique. Gill, Tom & Jo, Bebington UK A cornucopia of curiousities. Food was enjoyable, especially the vegetarian. Zoe, Ireland

Bargain pottery, friendly staff. Merle & Mike, Los Llanos.

Tel: 664 619 819 / 636 411 540 OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 10AM - 5PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY 10AM - 3PM

8 minutes from Arboleas


What’s On

your events, announcements & letters We are looking for men & women to join our new singing group.......... “The Harmony Singers”

Our next show will be late autumn and we would love to hear from you. Rehearsals start in September so to enrol now please phone: 950 069 610 or 664 095 564

Fiesta in Plaza San Francisco Albox

British vocalist Jill who has been living and performing in the Andalucia area for over 9 years. Has been invited by the Spanish organisers of this years Fiesta in Plaza San Francisco, Albox, to sing at their “Mediodia” celebrations on Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd October from 2pm onwards. Jill is honoured and extremely thrilled to be asked to contribute to such an event and, along with our Spanish officials & friends, hope that everyone of all cultures and race will be able to attend and have a fabulous time.

APSA Charity Coffee Morning.........

EVERY Wednesday

P i t ch O n l y 2 € NOW moved to the cool shaded area OF THE restaurant car park


Menu deL dia ~ mon-fri 3 courses ~ 7€ For further information contact Julie on 646 675 297 ‘Situated on the AL8102 Huercal Overa/Taberno Road to the junction of Los Llanos & Santo Petar crossroads’


Euphoria Beauty Salon Arboleas

Happy 10th Birthday Ashley 28.9.2010 Lots of love Mum Dad Nanna and Gramps xxx

Satisfied customers........... wishing to praise brilliant building work completed by Kevin & Son. Tel: 610 926 833 - Barrie & Zana

We are having a Car Boot Sale at

Bar International

To raise funds to stop the threat of demolition to our homes ~ 1 NOW TERMINATED, MORE TO FOLLOW with your help, donating large or small items (we can collect) Call John Burns 670 563 760



New Location, New Look, New Stock


The recent APSA coffee morning raised €200 for the Albox animal charity who run a successful neutering programme as well as caring for many dogs. Thankyou to all who supported the event, to the stall holders and to the staff of La Parrilla for their help. 4th October 11am - 1pm The cup-cakes were particularly tasty!! The next event is the AGM and all stock to be sold. Social Gathering on Wednesday 29th ranging from 5€ to 8€ September, 7.30pm at La Parrilla, all Tops, jeans, skirts, cardigans welcome. all stock to be sold.. it must go. Dames in Turre..................................... new stock expected in November There are 2 excursions planned for the coming months. October 28th a shopping trip to the commercial centres in Murcia (Ikea, C&A, Primark etc.) 14€ November 23-25th 3 Day visit to Benidorm. Half-board in Hotel with visit to Guadalest and Dinner and show at Benidorm Palace 160€ (without Benidorm Palace 120€) Friends and Guests are welcome to join all the excursions. Phone Lesley 950 478 633 or Sylvia 950 472 967


More details Tel: 634 368 520

Opposite bar international arboleas tel: 673 943 705

The Rainbow Live Music

English & Spanish songs, The best music of your life different styles (soul, rock, salsa, bachata..)

lés y en Español En Ing Call us for a birthday party, pubs & dinners

Tel:620 40 81 38 (Rosa)

Autumn Fair Saturday 2nd October at

“The New Kimrick” in Mojacar ~ 12-3pm

With over 20 stalls including Fabulous Fashion, Amazing Accessories, Perfect Pies, Cards for all Occasions, Sexy Shoes, Tremendous Tarts, Beautiful Bags, Sparkling Silver, Gorgeous Gifts, Luscious Lingerie etc., Plus Nearly New Fashion and Bric-a-Brac. Fashion Forum & Workshop Downstairs ~ check out new stock of accessories and some wonderful gift ideas for 5€. The Kimrick will be offering a bar service with fabulous hot and cold snacks. Don’t miss this fabulous event, look forward to seeing you there!

TUES, THURS & FRI 10am-2pm CALL MARGARET ON 656 674 747 ~ Avda. 28 de Febrero (Between Sol y Mar/The Post Shop & Rumores)

Azafran Restaurant & Bar

r New foTuesday Night – Quiz Night – 8.30pm

Wednesday Night – Bingo – 8.30 Eyes Down

Special snack menu

½ Chicken & Chips in a Basket only 5€

Thurs/Fri/Sat – Full Steak & Fish Menu Available Traditional Sunday Roast Lunch 12.30am – 4.30pm (booking advisable) Open Tues – Sat 9.30-3.00 6-midnight Sun 10-4.30

677 655 049 Calle Cordoba, Albox

Puppy Rescue Shop Calle Malaga Near Mercadona

Autumn / Winter Collection Preview Week Monday 4th October 20% discount on all clothing, Monday only Shop open from 10am to 4pm 10% discount Tue 5th to 9th Oct Open 10am to 4pm

cafe bar

s o z i l l e M s Lo

La Alfoquia

formerly the Corner Bar

Every Friday KARAOKE with Graham D from 9pm PIZZAS now available eat in or take away Opening Soon Pizzeria Open every day 10am - Late

Telephone: 638 889 520

We are based in the pretty village of Partaloa, 10 mins from Albox • 1/2 Hour Private Lesson 12€ • 1 hour trek 20€ • 1 Week Pony Clubs (Mon - Fri) 70€ per child. Discount for families of 2 or more children wishing to attend. Contact us for more details. • Weekend Pony Clubs 20€ per child (includes: 1.5 hours of riding) • Sunset Ride & BBQ 45€ per person (over 2 hours riding & as much as you can eat & drink!) Discounts offered for large groups • Livery & Loan Available • BHS Qualified • EN Standard hats supplied

Contact: Erika Drew (+34) 678 838 547 We are also now on Facebook


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Call Paulette: 950 430 820 or email:

for sale

business for sale


Logs for Sale Tel:

687 314 775



XL. Airline approved for dogs up to 30” & 90lbs. Measures 40”L x 27”W x 30”H. 70€. Tel 950 459 509 / 627 697 146. PMR


4700 pair of Walkie Talkies. Never used in box with manual, 3 km reach 10€ Tel 685 224 985

Freezer: SMEG contemporar y upright, 8 drawers

s t a i n l e s s steel brushed finish,nearly new excellent condition 250€ Tel 685 224 985 Cat carrier as new. Only 9€ Tel: 666 617 931

Advance Digital

PC Solutions Tel:616 506 569 TV Philips 27” perfect working order. 30€ Tel: 950 067 105

Large Chest Freezer 1000mm

W x 830mm H. 2 years old. As new cost 379€ Sell 150€. Tel: 697 580 971 Tumble


600mm W x 850mm H used 10 times only. As new cost 239€. Sell 120€. Tel: 697 580 971 Frame Walking Aid. C/W Seat &

Wheels. Foldable. 8 weeks old. As new cost 65€. Sell 45€. Tel: 697 580 971



TEL: 666 032 776 FOR SALE FOR SALE


To include all stock, contacts & good will

Also 3 bed Villa in albox for rent

All enquiries Tel: 666 835 939

situations vacant


car hire ENCLOSURE SPECIALISTS One way car hire to GLASS SCREENS and from airports,

require Warehouse assistant Must be flexible, own transport, driving licence, good communicator, Spanish speaking is an advantage Tel: 636 411 540 or 679 207 545

competitive Come and see us on the very Albox road for a free no rates. Free delivery and collection obligation quote

Call 677 114 576 from hotels. www. or 950 135 564

alternative energy


Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil on 636 261 240

Accountancy SR Accountancy offers Completion of Non-Resident Tax returns, Renewals of Residencia, European Health Cards and Registering of E121 etc. For more information, call 685 248 999 or email sharon@ sraccountancy. com

C a r l o s (Saliente) p l u m b i n g & heating services. If it involves water, we Air-con can help! www. MD Air-Con & Re - advertised due to timewasters R e f r i g e r a t i o n Tel: 968 969 962 S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully auctions certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 L o c a t i o n or 607 364 917 Auctions, Antas md_aircon@ El Real Ind. Est. mobileemail. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Airport blinds Wed 6th October. services Starts 5pm. Internal & INTERNAL & Airport Viewing Mon/Tue External Blinds EXTERNAL BLINDS ser v ices and all day Wed. Call Justin at Sol Airport, social Shaders for a free & shopping run. House clearances no obligation quote Tel Charlie on: speciality. Tel: 950 Call Justin at Sol on 627 907 207 677 667 722 391 412

business for Sale All offers over 12,000€

Tel: 610 601 458


advertise your Tel: 627 907 207 business TEL 950 430 820 Email:

situations vacant

Commercial Dough Mixer. THE EURO CAFE urgently require



ross regan s.l.

Creative Landscapes, Bread or Pizza. 2 kitchen staff, experience not essential, Building, Reforms and General years old. As new pleasant manner required tel 636 411 540 Maintenance cost 1280€. Sell or 400€. Tel: 697 580 971 H o u s e Clearance, all

items wanted. Large or small. Tel: 615 214 562

New Ikea c u r t a i n s .

(8)Antique gold colour. 1.45metres wide x 3.00 metres long. 10 euros each. Will separate. Tel: 697 416 731


Small, privately owned car for my daughter. Up to 2000€ Tel: 950 369 124 or 629 864 121

679 207 545

Experienced hair stylist required for friendly unisex salon NVQ level 3 or above. Minimum age 30+. Please contact Claire on: 950 633 086 between 9.30am & 1.30pm Mon - Fri

electrical continued

All aspects of gardening & building Andrew Morrison All electrical work u n d e r t a k e n . B o l e t i n work Tel Graham: 620 112193 (AL256) available. Tel: 627 250 204

The Pink H o u se

Shaders for a free no obligation quote

builders continued

bbq areas, patios, gardens - no job too small -

Paul on 671 843 155

Terry 646 234 222


patios, terraces & enclosures

Tel: 950 336 626

Neil Bates Builder

All aspects of building work

Tel: 950 137 621 or 639 435 141 Competitive Prices



Carpentry & Joinery Services

Professional & Reliable

Indoor & Outdoor furniture repair & Replacements Gazebos, pergolas & decking bespoke solid wooden kitchens flaT pack kitchens installed windows & doors ALL HANDMADE IN OUR LOCAL WORKSHOP tEL SEAN : 950 619 178 MOB: 687 251 629

car boot sale Boot sale at El Rancho, Taberno. Every Wednesday, pitch only 2€ lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie 646 675 297

Steve Hayes Informatica


Tel: 950 120 900



950 132 334

I come to you Comp TIAA+certified

coach trips


Coach Trips Pepe

Tours 950 33 32 32

digger for hire

craft / hobby

Mini Digger & Driver for hire Tel: 610 345 725

Tel: 646 587 746

dress making B e s p o k e c u r t a i n s , alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & mosquito nets. Tel: 649 503 875


Ring Alan



Hard Working Man

healthy and beauty


AVON VIBRATING MASCARA and all the latest cosmetic trends. Available from your Avon representative CLAIRE 691 987 454

Looking for Work Labouring, Painting, Gardening, Driving, Anything considered Call Stephen 655 772 127

C a r l o s (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 968 969 962

horse riding Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

mosquito screens Mosquito Screens& Blinds

30 years experience  Free, friendly advice and quotations


Sand, gravel and other building materials delivered Tel: 687314775 (ref Ross Regan We cover all aspects of work

610 926 833

Tel: 649 332 134

Opening hours Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm & Sat 10am until 1pm

handmade cards for all occasions Saturday Morning at Rastor nr Mojacar Post Office

Elaine’s Wools quality UK wool & accessories. Also available at Camposol, Mazarron & Huercal Overa. Call: 667 273 889 elaineswools@

For Hire All types of building work. References available. Call Kevin:

Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection.

Pc’s, Laptops, Printers etc. Sales & Repairs onsite callout / tuition. Consumables

PC hardware & software specialist. Unbiased advise on purchases Installation, help and training. Diagnosis & Repair 15€ an hour min charge 1 hour + parts

made to order

MINI DIGGER & DRIVER with Tipper Truck

Everything for the visiting baby. Car seats, high chairs, stair gates, cots etc. Tel 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingbaby@


on: 600 268 176 or 950 450 347


for hire

City & Guilds Qualified


from total reforms, new builds, interiors, Knowles & Abbott no.1 for electrics

exteriors design & build Call for a free no and plumbing. Re-wires, free to air UK obligation quote 671 843 155 / 646 234 satellite systems. Tel: 950 137 208 or 638 010 691 222


■Made to measure ■To fit any size ■Door or window

Best Quality at Affordable Prices All Areas Covered - Ring for VIP Service

TEL: 600 049 515




Call Paulette: 950 430 820 or email: LIBIDUS

house clearance

Herbal alternative to Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra etc. Guaranteed to work. No chemicals or side effects.


We will buy, exchange or sell your unwanted items at Mercamundo 7 day indoor market visit us at locksmith El Real poligono Antas from 10am-till late we can also offer local removals & Phil the Pick transport to and from UK 24 Locksmith Your ONE stop shop

950 459 264

ALL HOUSE CLEARANCES * Are you returning to the U.K.? * * Moving House/Downsizing? * OR SIMPLY

* Need extra cash? * * Have unwanted items? * * Immediate Cash Payout *

If so – call us on 686 140 034

For a no obligation appraisal - all items considered

Capital Clearance Need cash?

Immediate payment Best deal on all unwanted goods Contact Jane for advice or prompt appointment.

Tel: 689 023 602

hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/ upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181 Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully qualified locksmith. Change any lock, upgrade, break-in or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086


We want all of your unwanted items!

All areas covered

Just call Mr Cash Man on: 636 411 540 or 679 207 545


Are you desperate for cash? Need to move in a hurry? We want all your houshold goods! Anything considered for fast efficient service

Tel: 669 778 410

Sexy German beauty, busty and shaved, enjoys to please you with arousing massages and more. Call 676 565 128 Male Massuer Men ONLY Relaxing and affordable. Tel: 676 902 388


0044 7533 285 918


From only 495€ 3 bed, 2 bath villas (not inc. rejas), over 30 years experience for more details call Barry: 664 753 280

or 620 112 193

parking AAParking & storage


Aquilas Saturday afternoon, dog training courses Twice weekly o b e d i e n c e classes, Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Call: 639 722 197

Beautiful young Golden retriever bitch, 2 yrs old. Chipped, Jabbed and Spayed. Very gentle. Free to good home Owner going back. Tel: 666 617 931 2 young tabby cats Jabbed and



British plaster 7 years experience in spain. friendly, reliable, competitve quotes, telAsh

679 659 397


Dog & Horse Sitting Service

Ex RSPCA Inspector. Dog day sitting Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet passporting service. Just outside Albox.

Tel: 607 554 984

Almeria Murcia Alicante Tel: 639 081 067

H o u s e personal Cattery Open ! Clearance, all items wanted. Sensual, tender ALM E R I MA R Large or small. Tel: woman (30) with sexy curved body I N S U R A N C E 615 214 562 spoils you daily Your local insurance WOODHOUSE BOARDING on her private, broker Tel: 950 498 KENNELS & CATTERY ARBOLEAS 000 or 667 479 940 iron works discreet finca near Albox. Enjoy the Small friendly kennels, 24hr Email: info@almerimar i n s u r a n c e . c o m The Metal works different services vets service, pet transporting arranged, welcome to view For all types Grills, railings, gates in luxury rooms or Tel: Tracy outdoor at the pool. of insurance. of all types, security/ Home: 649 333 226 Tel. 669 101 316 Mobile: 650 211 952 Call Knights Insurance, sliding/roller, rejas, Attractive Albox on 950 121 943 concertina doors etc. couple (m42/f29) Ashlove’s Pet House Tel: Keith Wood offers exclusive Everything your pet needs services Special offer: 10% off on600 438 436 erotic all accessories in February Real Steel for all for women, men Doggy Day Care, and couples. Cattery, Cat Bathing quality metal work, & Grooming Also house- Dog grooming & clipping rejas, gates etc, and and hotel visits Tel: 950 475 502 chain link fencing. Call: possible. www. Open all day: Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm, Sat 10am - 3pm 689 524 024 or visit c o u p l e 4 s e x . c o m Multicentro Mojacar Playa Tel. 629 483 618 (The old square behind Sol Bank)


Carlos(Saliente)plumbing&heating services. If it involves water, we can help! Tel: 968 969 962 A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing & electric. CH, solar hot water and water Hotel, every deposits. Tel: 950 137 197 or 606 807 797

transportation to UK. Tel: 950 168 508 or 651 519 307 Email:

TEL IAN: 617 904 774

Professional Decorator

Small family run kennels and cattery,30 yrs experience in pet care,large secure exercise area, inspection welcome. 15 mins Huercal Overa 10 mins Urcal, For more details call Mob: 616 615 528

P a l o m i n o Kennels exclusive boarding kennels / cattery. Warm, friendly secure c o u n t r y s i d e Spayed. Free to good environment. Call home Owner going 619 306 870 or back. Tel: 666 617 931 950 067 051 www. palominokennels. THE KENNELS & CATTERY c o m run. Fully legal, Lornas Mobile Family Nr Huercal Overa Dog Grooming Service discounts available pet passports Tel: 667 722 225

Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. No payment until complete satisfaction.

And we mean total!

Best prices paid

Phone Ken: 634 336 024

Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator

House Clearance

From Car to Caravan, Cats to Dogs, Fridge to Cooker, Curtains to Carpets



SMITH PLUMBING SL official gas installers New Installations Safety Checks 17 years experience in this area

Tel: 950 468 041 screens

removals Large Van SpainUK-Spain. Full or half loads, plus car transport Tel: 0044 7969 123588

advertise your business


950 430 820 satellites

A1 Sky Television Systems

shower screens

SHOWER & BATH SCREENS • Glass or Acrylic • FREE Quotations • All work guaranteed Please call Graham on

678 655 453 Anytime

swimming pools



Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman


van hire

Tropicana P o o l s Construction & Repairs. Tel: 661 508 776

Tarot Readings, questions answered,Charms & Spells Available Call Hazel on

Tel: 697 678 708

617 059 440 specialist


Carpentry, FRANKIE TATTOOS joinery & Appentice tattooist b u i l d i n g offering apprentice rates Certified in tattooing, refurbishment health & safety specialist. Tel: call for a quote 627 907 207 done in the comfort of


my own home! Tel:662 414 537

advertise your business TEL 950 430 820

Restoration / Rebuild of windows & doors Satellite TV installations, Historic Buildings, alignment of dishes etc. Fincas, Cortijos, Also Spanish Stone Carvings, DOUBLE GLAZING SPECIALISTS “freeview”systems supplied The people you can trust Design, New Build, & installed Prices to suit your pocket! Walling, Paving. 20 Tel Dave: 628 607 778 Windows • Conservatories • Doors years experience. • Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality Sky Digi Box, Tel: 652 294 131 • We supply & fit top quality Aluminium, UPVC and Wood PACE with white sky • Free home survey, professional advice & 10 year guarantee storage card BBC1,2,3,4, • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed ITV1,2,3 Ch4 & 5. Caravan & boat • All types of building work undertaken 120€ Can deliver. storage & sales, • No job too big or small Tel: 667 235 205 or Antas Tel: 661 508 776 667 478 771. Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311


motoring section



RECYCLING Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility.




TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763

Rover 214i

16v twin cam 1998 9 months ITV, new cambelt & water pump, brakes & belt changed 6 months ago. Electric windows, CD & airbag 1295€ Tel: 677 557 190 or 634 319 472


Toyota Paseo 1996 9 months ITV 2 airbags Electric windows,mirrors, 1.5 litre, 16v twincam RHD, Spanish plates 1295€ Tel: 677 557 190 or 634 319 472

mechanics Mikes Mobile Mechanics All types of service, repair and ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 or 636 824 974

Top prices paid. DVLA notified. Also 4x4s breaking. All parts available. Distance MobileMechanic, no object. Will collect all types of repairs and deliver. Buyers carried out. Servicing, pre of all metals - Brass, breakdowns, ITV inspection & Copper, Lead, Aluminium and top presentation for ITV prices paid for Gold. if required. 20 years experience, friendly Tel: 645 094 339 reliable service. Call or 950 064 763 Charlie on 677 667 722


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OPEN for business

Tel: 950 430 820


Make your Business More Customer Friendly

Communicating with your Customers...

Every business wants to be customer friendly. Creating the right atmosphere and making sure things run smoothly from the customer’s point of view is key to developing a loyal customer base which propagates good word of mouth.

The number one way you can work toward providing an effective, targeted service is to talk to your customers and ask them for advice. If you’re worried that doing so directly may make you look unprofessional (which will depend on the type of business you run), there are all sorts of indirect ways you can do it. For instance, if customers are going to spend some time on your premises, such as in a restaurant or a tanning salon, you can provide them with feedback slips and a discreet suggestions box where they can post them anonymously. Alternatively, you can provide a short feedback questionnaire to clients, along with a postage paid envelope to send it back in - remembering to include space for suggestions in case you’ve neglected to cover something important with your questions.

But how can you determine your customers’ priorities, and how can you make sure that you provide precisely the type of customer service they want?

Whilst many business owners are uncomfortable about handling complaints, these too can be a useful opportunity to learn about what customers want from your business. What most customers really want when they complain is for you to hear them out, to treat their concerns with respect and to make sure that, as well as compensating them, you ensure that the problem won’t happen again. Try to treat complaints in a positive manner and to let customers know that what they tell you can make a real contribution to how you do business in future. Nobody likes to be criticised, but if we don’t observe and acknowledge our faults we never have the opportunity to improve.

FOR ALL YOUR PAINTING NEEDS Interior & Exterior Best Price available Free Estimates Contact: Ian 950 064 301 Mob 608 376 314

From Cleaning to Clearing Welcome Packs to Baby Equipment Hire

After the summer season when your property may need a special deep clean we offer a non chemical alternative you will be amazed at the result

Special for this month

See our website

Tel: 687 845 993


616 50 65 69 7 Days a week, no call - out fee

Sooty & Sweep

Furniture & Home Decor

Prices & Service Beyond Your Dreams

Urb. La Solana del Mar Local 18 Garrucha, Almeria Tel/Fax: 950 132 458 Mob: 617 575 093

Mobile - laptop - desktop - diagnosis & repairs upgrades - virus cleaning - networks macs repaired here complete computer servicing your personal IT department complete computer clean up service 35€

Home Users & Small Businesses Plaza Vulcano 13 - VERA (Almeria) (close to Intermache) Tel: 950 393 689 Email:

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 2pm 4.30pm - 7pm Sat by prior appointment

Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings


Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar/Oil/Gas Hot Water Hot Pool Hot House

All At Unbeatable Prices. Fully Guaranteed And Insured.

Cortijo Pipa, Avenida de Limaria, 1, Lamaria, Arboleas (next to the Welcome Stranger)

968 969 962


24 hour service ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207




- Grade a Olive - No Roots - Best prices Available

Tel: 687 314 775

Same day delivery & stacking service available

Part of the Piscinas Octopus Service Tel: 950 121 927 Emergency 666 223 295



GARDENING - PAINTING & DECORATING WINDOW CLEANING - D.I.Y CAR SEVICING / VALETING NO JOB TOO SMALL Good Hourly Rates - Please phone Shaun on 682 324 260 - Arboleas and surrounding areas


LOCKSMITH & CARPENTRY SERVICES Over 25 years experience in the trade

MLA registered City & Guilds Advanced Carpenter All types of carpentry undertaken CALL US: 608 673 086 Email:

Chimney Sweep Chimneys and Flues

4 Blocked toilets sinks & baths 4 New showers, baths & toilets 4 Blocked drains & pipes 4 Turbine root cutting 4 CCTV surveys & inspections 4 Blocked cesspits 4 Drain tracing All domestic and commercial work carried out All work guaranteed Call out within 1 hour when possible Mojacar, Arboleas & all other areas covered

Tel: 950 091 109 / 648 768 587 / 950 069 186

Structural Surveys swimming pool engineers Complete sand change, labour & sand media ONLY 80€


Pool leak detection & repair service

Mobile Mark: 671 220 162 email:

By Qualified Spanish Architect Daniel Gonzalez Aranda

Tel. 686 846 624

Total independent report outlining any visible defects in accordance with the photographic illustrations Certified legal reports available for litigious cases of building negligence or house damage Certificates for legal uses (Notary’s and Land Registry’s offices). Professional inquiries welcomed from Lawyers References available on request


x-treme g n i f r u s e t i K own as fly Kitesurfing, also kn arding, bo e surfing, and kit r kite we po involves using a h the ug ro th to pull the rider rd, a oa rfb su water on a small rd. oa eb kit a wakeboard, or



coupled a three-wheeled buggy with a forerunner of the modern parafoil kite. Kite buggying proved to be very popular worldwide, with over 14,000 buggies sold by 1999. The development of modern day kitesurfing carried on in parallel to buggying. Bill Roeseler and his son Corey patented the “KiteSki” system which was commercially available in 1994. The kite had a rudimentary water launch capability and could go upwind. In 1997, specialist kiteboards were developed by Raphaël Salles and Laurent Ness. By 1998 kitesurfing had become a mainstream sport, and several schools were teaching kitesurfing. The first competition was held on Maui in September 1998 and won by Flash Austin. By 1999 single direction boards derived from windsurfing and surfing designs became the dominant form of kiteboard. From 2001 onwards, wakeboard style bidirectional boards became more popular.

The current speed record over a 500 metre course, held by Olaf Marting, is 77.4 kilometres per hour (41.79 knots). Sjoukje Bredenkamp from South Africa holds the female record at 37.26 knots. Kiteboarding sometimes can pose hazards to kitesurfers, beachgoers, bystanders and others on the water. Many problems and dangers that may be encountered while learning kiting (some of which may not be immediately obvious) can be avoided or minimised by taking professional instruction.


A kitesurfer uses a board with footstraps or bindings, combined with the power of a large controllable kite to propel himself and the board across the water. However, this simplicity also makes kitesurfing challenging. A kitesurfer’s body is the only connection between the kite and the board. The kite is piloted in the sky while the board is steered on the water. The sport is still in its infancy, but is rapidly growing in popularity. In 2006, the number of kitesurfers was estimated at around 200,000. The sport is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems, and instruction. Many riding styles have evolved to suit different types of riders and conditions, such as wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping, and cruising. Other variations of using kites for propulsion include kite landboarding, snowkiting, kite buggying, kite jumping, and using kites to propel sea kayaks.

History The Chinese are credited with using kites for propulsion in the 13th century. In the late 1970s the development of more controllable kites with improved efficiency contributed to practical kite traction. In 1978, Ian Day’s “FlexiFoil” kite-powered Tornado catamaran exceeded 40 km/h. Through the 1980s there were sporadic and occasionally successful attempts to combine kites with canoes, ice skates, snow skis, water skis and roller skates. Two brothers, Bruno Legaignoux and Dominique Legaignoux, from the Atlantic coast of France, developed some kite designs for kitesurfing in the late 1970s early 1980s and patented the first inflatable kite design in November 1984, which has since been used by many companies to develop their own products. In 1990, a practical kite buggying was pioneered by Peter Lynn. Lynn

Mr DIgItal

SATELLITE T.V & COMPUTER SPECIALIST Wherever you live you CAN have the internet DIAL UP SPEEDED UP BY UP TO 3 TIMES ONLY 99 EUROS We also service, ‘SUPPLIERS OF FULL 1.45, 1.9, 2.4M repair and fault find BROADBAND INTERNET DISH SATELLITE T.V on any computer. BY SATELLITE – NO SYSTEMS Graphic & Web PHONE LINE REQUIRED’ FROM ONLY design available 525 EUROS • 50 x faster than dial-up (3.6meg) Dish realignment • Line rental from 25 Euros per month Dish only install and fault • Satellite Broadband available ANYWHERE! finding also available


Kitesurfing schools provide courses and lessons to teach various skills including kite launching, flying, landing, usage of the bar, lines and safety devices. The usage of kitesurfing equipment can be misunderstood, so it is essential for beginners to take instructions from a certified kitesurfing instructor. A good course should include basic kite setup, operation, maintenance, kite size and type considerations, and operation of all safety systems.

~ Motorised Sliding Gates ~ Garden Gates and Railings ~ Chain Link Fencing ~ Garage Doors Up / Over and Motorised

~ Fire Escape Rejas now available to match existing designs from 200€

asting Shot Bl & Powder now o C ating le b a il ava ore m Call for s il deta

~ Windows & Door Grills Fixed or Concertina ~ Ornate Gazebos ~ Peace of mind is not far away Keith & his team are now working out of Metalico color coatings’ premises opposite the ITV Centre, Pol. Ind. Estate, Albox

All areas covered. Fully legal established in 2004

Call Keith: 638 900 949



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Next Astra VXR gets 286bhp Infiniti’s M35h hybrid Vauxhall releases more info and pictures of the More details, including 50-mile range on electric GTC Paris concept including engine details.

power alone, released of hybrid 5-Series rival.

Infiniti will unleash its M35h hybrid saloon into its small UK dealer network next April. And now the Japanese firm has released more details about the car it hopes will offer a blend of eco-minded performance credentials that prove tempting enough to attract BMW 5-Series and Audi A6 buyers into dealers. The M35h is powered by Nissan’s older 3.5-litre V6 engine, which develops 302bhp, and a lithium-ion-battery-powered 67bhp electric motor. The hybrid system adds around 120kg to the standard M37 model, but still gives performance of 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph, making it the fastest accelerating

car in Infiniti’s range. And that’s as well as returning combined fuel consumption figures of 38.6mpg and CO2 emissions of less than 170g/km. The M35h can cruise on electric power alone at a constant 50mph on the motorway, and can be used at speeds of up to 87mph on a trailing throttle. In slow-moving traffic the M35h can manage around 1.2-miles on electric power, but Infiniti claims that in mixed driving, the M35h will be able to drive in electric only mode for as much as 50% of the time. More details will be released at the Paris show, with prices and the generous standard specification set to be confirmed nearer to the car’s release next year.

Vauxhall is powering up the next Astra VXR! The hot hatch is being previewed in concept car form at the Paris Motor Show. Called the GTC Paris, the concept features outlandish details like seats with opposing red and black colours, which you can see in our latest pictures; 21-inch alloys and twin-tailpipes, but is described as “tantalizingly close to a production offering.” Strip away the motor show glitz and you get a very good idea of what Vauxhall has in store for the next VXR. For a start, the firm has confirmed that the concept is powered by a 282bhp 2.0litre four-cylinder turbo engine. The unit features direct fuel injection and stop-start to improve fuel efficiency, and will be used in the next VXR hot hatch. The engine is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox and drives the front wheels through a limited slip differential. To tame the immense power, the Astra will have a version of the HyPerStrut front suspension layout from the Insignia VXR and will feature the FlexRide adaptive damping system which alters the throttle, steering and suspension responses to suit drivers’ tastes

Ferrari unveils 599 SA APERTA Limited edition drop-top 599 debuts at Paris. All cars already sold.

Meet the sensational Ferrari 599 SA APERTA! Just 80 examples of the super-desirable drop-top will be built and each car has already been sold. Ferrari chose the number 80 to celebrate design house Pininfarina’s 80th anniversary. The SA in the name stands for Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, whose company and work has been linked to Ferrari’s most successful road-going cars ever built. APERTA is Italian for open, which is appropriate, given that the car is designed to be driven predominantly with the top down - a light soft top which Ferrari says is “designed to be resorted to only if the weather gets particularly bad” is included. The SA APERTA features a low-slung windscreen and suspension that is lower than the standard 599 to give it an even more dramatic appearance. The A-pillars have been designed to retain the flying buttresses of the hard-top car, but also incorporate two roll bars which mimic the lines of the seats. Under the bonnet the engine is the same 661bhp 6.0-litre V12 that powers the Ferrari 599 GTO, while the chassis has been redesigned to deliver a standard of stiffness comparable to that of a closed berlinetta with a negligible weight difference. Prices have not been released, but a spokesman confirmed that the car will cost in excess of £340,000. However, just like the 599 GTO, APERTA buyers will be encouraged to personalize their cars at extra cost, ensuring that each of the 80 examples produced is unique

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Angling News with Beachcomber John

“Captain Brian Cuba” and his partner “Admiral Phil” are back and a few of us went out last week the morning the heavens opened. We were joined by “Ham Radio Kevin” and “Medway Chris” and all caught a few fish although we were unable to fish the bottom of the 300 foot hole we were close to. The wind kept changing direction and we fished the side of the hole which is usually pretty useless. I fished with baited 2.0 feathered hooks to try for bigger fish but the other lads were using size 4’s and 6’s and were bringing up to four fish at a time measuring about 3 inches each! Me and Chris got down to our underpants (To keep our other clothes dry) in torrential rain to drag in 300 feet of rope, chain and anchor. I tell you even though it was 30c with wind and being soaking wet I was freezing. Fish caught were pandoras, combers, pickerels and bogues. My next trip out with Brian and Phil was with Chris again and “3 fish Richard” from Villaricos. (Used to be “No fish Richard” lol) We had a poor day and only caught a few fish and nothing decent. The following day I was again out with Brian. We were joined this time by “Inflatable Andy”, “Mike the watch” and “Captain Paul Badger” who has a boat himself in Garrucha marina. Paul had been out the day before on his boat and caught a few very small blue fin tuna, dorados and an albacore. (The former and latter remember have to be returned now by law) All were caught trolling within 2.1/2 miles of the shore. This day we caught dreaded Weavers, (Brian got his fourth ever sting but luckily only in a bone in his thumb) pickerels, pandoras, combers and a

black bream. “Captain Squiddly Sid” went out of Villaricos on his new boat, “Suzy Jane 3”, with his mate “Dennis the menace”; they caught 15 trigger fish weighing between 2 and 4lbs. All were caught on the bottom in roughly 80 feet of water and bait was raw prawn. They also caught a few combers. “Captain Hissing Sid” and “Captain Graham Gnome” took their boat out of Garrucha with some mates and caught pandoras, weavers, triggerfish, pickerel, bogues, horse mackerel, a lizard fish and a 6lb brown rockfish. Graham put the latter back, although after I told him how good they taste I’m not sure he would repeat the good deed. See photo of Sid (Hissing) and a triggerfish. Fishing the sea bottom is difficult right now, I believe because of the explosion of small fish close to the shore and why our prawn baits are not being gobbled up by the predators. Massive shoals of tiny fish are boiling on the surface and even seagulls can’t be bothered because they are presumably full up. It’s trolling time right now, small lures on or just below the surface. No news from “Baza Barry” or “London Bill” this week and I have not received any other beach fishing reports. The River Segura in Murcia, the Eden Canal stretch, fished well again last week. The water is low and slow

On Wednesday 15th September the Society played an individual stableford competition at Marina. The course was in a terrible condition but 14 players managed a good day’s golf and the winner with 32 points was Jan Page, 2nd with 32 points on countback was Dave Adams, There were 4 nearest the pin prizes. Rod Drayton was closest on the 2nd and Andy Kaye got 2 closest on the 5th and 17th but nobody managed to get closest in 2 on the 15th. On Wednesday 22nd September, the Society played an individual stableford competition at Macenas the course was in good condition as usual and it was a bit cooler than it has been,22 players made there way along the playa for a good days golf. The winner with

38 points was Mick Weston and runner up with 37 points was Roger (Kathy) Jenkins there were 4 nearest the pin prizes of which Dave Adams was closest on the 1st hole, Neil Bown was successful on the 9th and 17th in 2 and Phil Fellows was closest on the 18th. Next week’s competition will be at Valle del Este & the following week at Macenas. A reminder that Badgers Captains day will be at Valle del Este on the 20th October with dinner dance in the evening. A competition is held every Wednesday starting at 10.00am. New members & guests are very welcome, contact Keith Bradley at Badgers Bar Restaurant in Mojacar Playa, telephone number 950 478 525, or mobile number 607 305 339.

Badgers Golf Society

Pit Stop

Tel: 950 124 828


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moving. The “Rods and reels” club match was won by “Stan the man” with 22lbs. My new mate Dave with 18lbs and “Tony the flower man” also with 18lbs. 1st and 2nd anglers were using sweetcorn and 3rd was on bread flake. All anglers fished the pole method. Checkout Mojacar’s weather and sea conditions here on the Beachcomber’s webcam. For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see John at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or tel 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. Tight Lines, Beachcomber John

Almerimar Today Friday Golf

23 September 2010: For logistical reasons our regular Friday golf competition took place on Thursday this week. We had 29 players taking part in the competition at Almerimar and we almost managed to avoid the rain. We had a shower half way through the round for around 5 minutes then it was dry again. This week we played Reverse Waltz with 2 hidden holes. The winners were Walter Thorley, Marguerite Egan, Doug Kemp and Jacqui Mays (who was last and won chocolates last week) with a team score of 91 points. Last place and chocolates went to Rita White, Jim Shaw, Lawrence Perkins (who won last week) and our imaginary player Doris with a score of 81. Nearest the pin was on hole 17 and it was won by Angela Carr with a distance of 1.64m. You can see the full results at golf.almerimartoday. com. If you would like to take part in the friendly Friday competitions at Almerimar you can put your name up on the entry list by the pro-shop or contact Please note that the Ryder Cup starts next Friday so our regular competition will take place on Thursday 30 September.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Send your latest news and results to: EDITOR@SOLTIMES.COM

Albox Darts League News

Well done - Shandy’s Bar made another match! There are a few surprise results this see if you can spot them, I’ll not name and shame! …and don’t forget, Sol Times would like some team pictures and profiles as per my earlier communications. Finally Oct 7th there is a darts and dominoes competition at Camping Valle de Almanzora, Pulpi El Saloon Bar and Restaurant. If you or your team members be interested in attending and would like to book our transport please contact Jane at the restaurant on 950 950 077. The Prizes will be made up from the entrance monies - 5 euro per entrant. Winnings will be 70% of entry pot to the winner and the remaining 30% to the entrant that scores the highest checkout. The setup will be as per a tournament match - 501 - best of three. They can offer participants a return transport deal from pre-designated

pickup points. The deal is 10 Euros for return transport, 1 free drink (beer, wine and soft drinks), tapas and competition entry fee. As for location, they are situated near Pulpi, please follow this link for location maps from our website: www.equitacion-almeria. com/English/location.htm Parish Notices: Still not getting results from both teams. Few missing again this week. Last season I had two disputed results after they had been published hence asking for both captains to submit results then I can see immediately if there is an issue. You can also SMS them from your mobile if you wish. No highlights or news reported by the captains this week other than a couple of 180’s Ant and Dai again! and 101 checkout by Andy S from Bar International. Cheers Mark Drew 671 188 296 For on-line results go to

Sante Irene Sailing Club

“We almost made it this time” as the song goes - that’s twice recently we’ve had 9 boats on the water. I’m looking forward to the magic 10, when we can ‘splice the mainbrace’, that will happen when the rest of our Helmsmen and the Ladies are back in the fold. I’m happy to tell you that’s only a third of the fleet owned by the Club and Club members; I’ve just totted them up and it is over 30! Yes it surprised me. Not bad when you think we started with 3 Oppies, 2 old Cadets and 2 old Mirror Dinghies. What we need now is couple of “Laser Picos” to help us get the youngsters on the water - unfortunately the Hand of the Lottery Fund, will not reach out to us here in Spain. It was great to see Trevor’s new wooden “Tide Way”, a real traditional “Swallows and Amazon’s” Classic. Sunday was good for the Membership too with a new 5m German sailing Dinghy and a Spanish 420. Don’t forget one of the biggest events in the racing calendar, and this on our doorstep - the final event of the “Extreme 40 Catamaran” Series in Almería. This is in harbour, stadiumstyle racing. You will witness the Start,

the Race and the Finish, the duration of each race is only about 15 minutes with 6 to 8 races each afternoon on the 10th, 11th, 12th October. Remember, this is the Final Event of the 2010 Series, which started in France then went on to England, Germany, Italy with the Final Spain, Almeria, where the Trophy will be presented to the Overall Winner. As I write, Trapani in Sicily plays host to the penultimate round in the Series. It’s very tight at the top of the leader board with just 3 points separating the top 3 boats. There isn’t a clear winner in the fleet, so anything can happen! The 2010 Champion will not be decided until the final event in Almeria though so come along and enjoy the sailing and the entertainment ashore too! Remember, Sailing is a family sport, you can all join in! Come and have a coffee and chat with us at the Rincon del Puerto in Garrucha Take care John. Tel: 950 475 157/658 548 790 Email:

The Grumpy Old Men of Los Gallardos

Greetings from God’s little waiting room, where this week there was great excitement. It was on the quiz night, Trucker Tel rushed in, in a state of heightened excitement declaring the he had seen his little porky, on the “X Factor” and that he knew that he must be somewhere in the Birmingham area. It took us some time and a lot of amber liquid to get the story out of him. Apparently he was watching the show when, one of the acts came on, with Porky tucked into his trousers. Not one to watch such refined television, I cannot verify this sighting, so Tel may be hallucinating due to his grief ridden state. By the time this missive goes to press, Bagpuss should have returned from the UK. He went over to clear up a couple of things, and was dreading going back. Will report on what he has to say, this depends, of course if I can keep him awake long enough to get the story out of him!!! The “coarse lot” fished the Argos lake again this week, they were without “Cuddly Keith” who has returned to the UK, to earn a few more shekel’s. They

had a good day, all of them catching fish. I think 40 Watts came out on top, so Cuddly’s tuition must be paying off. Chewbacca arrived back this week, drove down from northern Spain. I was wondering why they were calling him “Petrol Head”, but then found out that in Madrid, he had stopped to fill up the car, and had put petrol in by mistake. It took 7 hours to rectify the problem, suffice to say he comes from Gloucestershire. On the way back from the “watering hole” the other night, I was persuaded to join the “Merry Widows” for a little libation. There was little point in going to bed because of the noise of chinking bottles. They have these meets on a regular basis, and do everything in style. They get dressed up in all their finery, and lovely they looked too. I felt very honored. I report this in flowery terms, only because if I didn’t, I would be at the top of their “lynching list”. Thank you girls, I enjoyed that brief interlude very much. That’s all for this week. Until the next time. Tight lines, Uncle Albert


valle del este gOLF sOCIETY

This week the staff were busy hollow tinning the greens which made it awkward for the golfers on Tuesday having to play and avoid certain holes, however the work was completed and Fridays comp went well even there was some sand on the greens, this work has to be carried out twice a year to ensure we have the very best greens, so

while some golfers moan and groan we must accept it. Tuesdays results were 1st Malcom Mansell 36pts (on countback) 2nd Mally Roberts 36pts 3rd Sue Hull 35pts Friday we had an excellent turnout 1st Ray Mc Hale 35pts (on countback) 2nd Mally Roberts 35pts 3rd John Haydon 34pts Well done to Sean Halligan

who came third at Desert Springs on Sunday in the Paws comp. We play Sundays Tuesdays and Fridays at Valle De Este visitors are always welcome. We are also open for membership for the society especially golfers who reside for most of the year in Spain. To book a teetime phone Alan Townsend on 950 591 991.

Monday 20th September Overcast skies and a gentle breeze created ideal conditions for the start of our Stableford completion off the white tees (for men), but the day warmed up gradually and we finished in about 26 degrees. Two of our ladies, desperate to get to the 19th went round in 2 hours 45 minutes, probably not a record but a commendable effort. Due to the low number of entries only one prize was awarded in the ladies division, this went to Rosalie Fardon who scored

33 points. In the Men’s division just two prizes were awarded and these were decided on a countback. 1st, Bill Gill - 35 points, 2nd, Jim Budd - 35 points Three players each earned a golf ball by scoring a two, Malcolm Sibbons on the 5th, Gordon Ross also on the 5th and Geoff Owen on the 17th. Thursday 24th September Val and Gordon Ross organised a Yellow bonus ball stableford competition this week with the following results:-

1st Brian Couper, Bill Gill and Michael Rea - 115 pts 2nd Val Ross, Jim Budd and Alex Alder - 108 pts 3rd Rosalie Fardon, Geoff Owen & Brian Mayhew - 95 pts Our Thursday competitions are open to visitors who are very welcome to join us for a total of 30 Euros including the green fee. To book a place ring Jim Budd on 950 162 727 or Sandra Edwards on 950 069 438. BT

marina members golf club

BOXERS Golf Society

CAPTAIN’S DAY: PART TWO CAMBANK ORDER OF MERIT FINAL TABLE The placing for the final top ten positions and best of 13 Games, of our yearly competition, are as follows:1st Dave France, best of 13 score: 450 pts 2nd Ray Dixon, 440 pts 3rd Tony Harwin, 434 o.c.b. 4th Steve Walker, 434 pts 5th Martin Fisk, 420 pts 6th Eddie Vaughan, 418 pts 7th Ron Gurr, 412 pts 8th Steve Priestley, 411 pts 9th Kevin Bircher, 410 pts 10th Les Ashton, 408 pts. Our first placed lady was Pam Partridge with 355 pts and second was Paula Davies with 262 pts. Congratulations to Dave for a wonderfully consistent year of golf. As for the rest of us, get those clubs out and start practising. The first round of the CAMBANK Order of Merit begins again on Wednesday, 29th September! During the last year, only 24 players out of a

cortijo grande

Wednesday 22 September and a countback to split our first two. The winner with the better back nine John Rice from Yvonne Bridgman both 36 points in third with 34 Frank Button. No ball sweep winners. Sunday 26 September and a big score by our winner Bob Risbey with 41 points and a handicap cut to go with it. In second with 36 Geoff Bridgman on countback from John Geaves also 36 points. We had two ball sweep winners Les Robinson and Chris Lomas.

Enjoy you golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome. Watch this space for our next away day! MP

total of 78 members failed to win a prize. Which meant that 67% of members were successful in claiming one prize or another. Congratulations to them all! A pleading note from our Captain: Can we have more Lady Members, please! At last week’s Captain’s Dinner/Dance, there were some unclaimed raffle prizes, the tickets, which were all bought on the night, were all coloured yellow, the numbers were: 111,127,156,186 & 211. The total amount raised on the evening for the Captain’s Charity, Ludoteca Barrio Alto, St Antonio in Albox, was 675 Euros. Thank you all for your contributions on the night. If you would like further information, you can find us every Saturday morning at the Why Not bar in Albox between 10-11am or you can contact Brian Mayhew on 649 202 198, for booking or cancelling any golfing event, Malcolm Nicholls on 600 080 860, or any Committee Member, anytime. You can also find up-to-date Boxers information Boxers own website on

SOL TIMES COSTA ALMERIA SALES HQ: 950 430 820 OPEN: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm Fri 10am-4pm



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Roquetas Edition AL 956-2010



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Fernando Alonso reigns supreme in Singapore

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso held off Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel from start to finish to win a superbly hard-fought and eventful Singapore Grand Prix.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton failed to finish after colliding with the Red Bull of Mark Webber. Webber went on to finish third, ahead of Hamilton’s team-mate Jenson Button. Alonso’s win lifts the Spaniard to second in the drivers’ championship, just 11 points behind Webber, with Hamilton nine points adrift in third. It was a fascinating and attritional grand prix, which may have marked a decisive turning point in the world championship. Although only 25 points cover the top five in the drivers’ standings with four races remaining,

the fact Alonso was able to follow his win in Italy with a second successive victory when Vettel again appeared to have the slightly faster car was significant. It was also hugely disappointing for McLaren. Even before Hamilton’s accident the British team were struggling to match their rivals for pace, and it is hard to see them closing the growing gap in time for Hamilton and Button to renew their championship challenges. Alonso acknowledged how hard the race had been: “Not an easy race in terms of physically, conditions and also mechanically, but we tried to keep control everything, avoiding the walls,” he said. “After the first stop the race was pretty much under control. I was not too much worried about the gap with Sebastian, I was more worried about the people we were lapping.” Vettel, who is now fourth in the standings, a point behind Hamilton, was philosophical. “I tried to push him as hard as I could, but he didn’t make a major mistake,” he said. “But the most important thing is the car was competitive. Something was a bit missing yesterday [during qualifying]. “[The result] helps us in the constructors [championship], and in the drivers’ everything is still open.” Webber was satisfied with third after a gamble on strategy during an early safety car period paid

off. “I didn’t feel mega comfortable here this weekend, so I’m very happy with how the race went,” he said. “It was easy to panic and worry about losing a lot of time behind guys. Getting out of bed this morning I would have taken third.” The fact the first five on the grid came out of the second corner in unchanged order - albeit that Alonso, from pole, mercilessly chopped across Vettel as the German closed up - did not appear to bode well for those hoping to see plenty of passing action. Their consolation was that no Singapore Grand Prix has been completed without a safety car period shaking things up, and sure enough, suspension damage forced Vitantonio Liuzzi to stop his Force India on track on lap three. Offered a chance to gamble, Red Bull called in Webber for an immediate change from soft tyres to the harder ‘prime’ compound - the only one of the front-runners to pit. The Australian rejoined in 11th, and quickly muscled his way past Virgin’s Timo Glock and then, on the inside at Turn Five, Kamui Kobayashi’s Sauber. Up front, Alonso was keeping Vettel at bay, with the McLaren drivers dropping away behind them. Webber was now some 18 seconds behind Alonso, and it was beginning to look as though the top four would be able to build up a big enough gap to pit for a change of tyres and still emerge comfortably in front. By lap 21, Webber was almost 40 seconds behind Alonso, but the McLarens were struggling, and with the pit stops approaching, the championship leader was only 20 seconds behind Hamilton in third.

Hamilton came in on lap 29, Button on lap 30, and both were duly jumped by Webber. Red Bull called in Vettel, but Ferrari immediately responded to bring Alonso in on the same lap, ensuring he stayed ahead at the matched stop. Now it looked like a straight race to the flag, but a second safety car period - caused when Kobayashi dumped his Sauber into the railings at Turn 18 and collected Bruno Senna - brought the field back together. The restart resulted in disaster for Hamilton. Webber was held up by a Virgin, and as he got past Hamilton closed up and began to overtake going into turn seven. But the Englishman had not fully completed the pass when the two cars came into the corner. Webber had the inside line as Hamilton turned in, and the two cars came together. While Webber was able to continue, the resulting damage to the McLaren - and possibly to Hamilton’s world title hopes - was terminal. The stewards announced the incident would be investigated, but concluded no further action was required. Hamilton was understandably downcast. “I’m not really sure what happened, he was in my blind spot, I didn’t see him alongside me, next thing I know is my tyre’s blown and that’s it,” he said. “[With not finishing at the previous Grand Prix in Italy] I couldn’t have had a worse two races at this time of year. Hopefully myself or Jenson can still win the world championship.” Ahead of Webber, Vettel and Alonso were exchanging fastest laps. The gap remained constant at about a second, but the final lap saw Vettel harrying Alonso as they came up to lap backmarkers. The Spaniard made no mistake.

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Full live coverage of every single English Premier League match (380 of them this year). With the rights to show them for seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13 so card renewals available. In addition to English Premier League there’s many additional football programmes, F1, Tennis etc. National Geographic Wild HD, National Geographic Adventure HD, Sky News HD, Fox Movie HD. Includes Humax decoder and 1 years subscription to AD Sports Channels with genuine original card prepaid for 12 months, activated when signals received and power applied. Receive either from the satellites Nilesat or BADR ( last year the same offer was via Showtime, so bars and clubs have their dish already setup for Nilesat).


For an additional More Football, More Sport…….

Coca Cola Championship, CARLING Cup, English FA Cup, FA Community Shield, Highest Coverage of SPL (Scottish Premiership), UEFA European Championship, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA World Cup, African Cup, European domestic leagues and much, much more !!! Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Motor Sports, Volleyball, Winter Sports, Rugby, Wrestling & Ice Hockey etc. This is the Al Jazeera Sports 10 channel package.

Trade Orders Welcome!

Offer available in the Spanish Peninsular. Delivery by Correos is included (courier service available at additional cost). Collection from our Offices in Albox or Quesada can be arranged. Dish and installation not included though we can normally suggest installers in your area. 950 430 820


Sol Times Newspaper issue 256 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 256 Costa Almeria Edition

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