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Florals, vintage fabrics and soft pastel colours have taken the fashion world by storm - and all the signs are that this look is set to take over our homes too. After the trend in recent years for neutral, minimalist interiors, this refreshing return to colour, texture and comfort is likely to be embraced in homes everywhere. Vintage-style decorating has the potential of bringing you back to your grandparent’s home; your furniture may be well-loved and well-used with peeling paint and many dents and scratches

Fabrics Fabrics are an important ingredient in creating this style. If you love the old cabbage roses of the 40’s you are well on your way to enjoying this style. Calico prints from the 30’s and 40’s are also used extensively. In the kitchen, oilcloth tablecloths were often used – and prove extremely practical in the modern home today. Another kitchen staple was the terrycloth towel with the crocheted buttoned handle that could be attached to a drawer knob or the oven door handle. Dishcloths and towels often had hand crocheted edges to keep them from fraying and help them last longer. During wartime when fabric was scarce,

g r a i n bags were printed with patterns so women would have access to fabric they could use. Often bags were sewn from these to keep dry goods in the pantry. Beans, rice, pasta were stored in these homemade bags made from the grain bag fabric. Since many women canned in those times and many gave their specialties as gifts, jar toppers were also made from these bags. Many of these grain bag patterns are avidly sought for by collectors today.

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Kitchen ideas One idea for vintage decorators is to have a coat rack in the kitchen displaying a variety of colourful aprons from the 40’s and 50’s. Enamelled pots, both blue speckled and white were found in vintage kitchens. The variety of tools used is huge and great fun to look for at flea markets. Look for gallon butter churns, butter moulds, wire egg baskets, rug beaters, a display of old keys, coloured jars, milk bottles, antique cookbooks, vintage pottery and canisters, tin breadboxes, vintage salt and pepper shakers. If you have a laundry area, a washboard could also be hung on the wall. To go along with that, everyone had clothespin bags that were hung from the clothesline, keeping the pins handy for use. Ironing boards were often covered with colourful calicos or cotton floral prints; ticking was also a favourite fabric for covering ironing boards.

Living Room If you have a living room with a fireplace, you can use an old trunk, wooden tool box or toy chest for a wood box. A basket piled high with pine cone starters along with some vintage fire andirons and hand wrought tools will complete the picture. Don’t forget to look for really great bellows while you are at it.

Bedrooms In the bedroom you can transform your linens by sewing crocheted lace to your sheets and pillowcases. Be sure to pile plenty of pillows covered with vintage pillowcases on the bed; quilts and comforters will also help you create the vintage style look. Shop at markets for some vintage lamps and lampshades. Beautifully shaped lamp shades fit this style as do padded hangers covered in vintage fabric, hang scented packets of potpourri from the hangers too

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Antique water pitchers with matching bowls are highly sought for this style of decorating. Even chamber pots are used for an authentic look here! Antique jewellery placed in a vintage

jewellery box is another way to add character to a vintage-style bedroom. Look for some old heavy glass vintage candlesticks for added romance.

Decorating Tips  collection of shaving mugs with brushes A would look good in the bathroom...along with the shaving mugs would fit a razor strop used to sharpen straight edge razors  lace a wooden peg rail in the entryway P for hanging umbrella stand would be appropriate in the front hall  intage frames holding a collection of old V family portraits would fit in almost any room...

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition