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Summer home decorating should be light and fresh, not a big project. Here are ideas to keep your summer home decorating easy, fast and inexpensive. Interior Painting Summer is a good time to add a new colour or a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Make painting a room easy by painting only the focal wall. Use a complimentary colour to the existing walls or, for a dynamic affect, choose a completely different colour and add a picture or other wall art to tie the room together. This makes painting a fast and less expensive home decorating idea.

Fabric Accessories Put away the throws and heavy pillows from the winter months. Make new pillows without sewing. Take a light weight piece of fabric and wrap a pillow like a present, using a complimentary ribbon to secure it. Easy and inexpensive way to add a fresh décor to your bedroom or living room.

Less Is So Much More! Declutter your fireplace mantle, end tables, and shelves by putting all of your knick knacks, pictures, and collectables

away. Now put out only the three you like the most and put them in a different location. This will create a new home decorating look, be less cluttered, and be less dusting during the summer.

Hello and once again welcome to this weeks article, where I am going to discuss with you very important points when buying or selling property in this current market. Even though there has been a massive increase in the amount of interest in property around this region of Almeria recently, and that this increase in interest has also been accompanied by an increase in the number of properties being sold in the region. This is Fantastic news for all of us, isn’t it? Well yes it is, but One Very important thing to remember is that the properties that have and are still selling within this region, are the properties that have been well priced and that have taken into account the market place that property is current experiencing, and that this has been addressed by the property owners wishing to sell who have also taken the advice they have been given by there agents. Please always remember that Good Professional Estate agents, always have there finger on the pulse of what is happening in the market place and because of this they know how to market and how to sell a property. Please also remember that Good Agents never take any fees from a client until the sale of there property has taken place. When buying in Spain, particularly if it is your first

here. Please, Please, please speak with Good property agents and show them your honest intent and share with them what you want from your Spanish property, and all good agents shall then be able to give you so much help and guidance to achieve your dream in the most cost effective way for you. Also when buying in Spain, I would strongly recommend that you only use the specially selected estate agents who have been accredited to provide you Free of any charge, with the 20 year safe purchase guarantee of Caser, who are one of the largest insurance companies in Spain, and are the insurers of the Spanish Savings Banks. As only with this 20 year safe purchase guarantee are you financially protected from any future problems or changes in the law, which may affect your property? If you would like more information on this please just call into our offices.

For Guidance or Assistance on this or any other Property / Tax related subject contact Robert Brian Halley on 950 473 040 or Email: Visit:

Colourful Table Décor If you love the look and colours of fresh flowers in a vase on your table but can not afford buying new flowers every week make a silk flower arrangement. Silk flowers look real and come in a variety of colours to add the colour of summer to your home decorating. Easy and inexpensive.

Mix Up Your Home Décor Take a few minutes and change the furniture around in one room a week. You could even swap furniture from one room to another. There is no need to buy anything extra so changing the look of the rooms is inexpensive and easy. Make sure all the window treatments are letting the sunlight into each room and the windows and screens are clean.

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Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition

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