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Life is a Runaway Bus

We all know that time passes more quickly with the passage of years. Not seems to pass more quickly mark you, but I truly believe that time actually does pick up speed. I sometimes want to shout for God to take his foot off the accelerator and just cruise into the next straight bit of road, but I know it would have no effect, and the days will continue to pass as a blur. When I was a kid, the six weeks school summer holiday sauntered along at its own pace, and we filled our long days with fishing or getting on our bikes and disappearing until sundown. And my recollection is that every day was sunny – the whole six weeks of it. They try to tell us that only the good memories come through because the brain automatically filters out the not so pleasant stuff, but I’m having none of

up with drinking, partying and playing best out of three on the paddle tennis machine in the bar for female American tourists. It was the same at weekends, with a few hours on the beach thrown in. The only exception was when a tropical storm was raging outside, and we played Crazy Eights. Life was still good…

And then zzzzzip . . . we went to bed one night, and woke up in the future. What happened to the last 40 years? “Okay”, I want to tell my now departed parents, “You were right, can we start again”. But of course we can’t. These days we go through the ritual of assuring everyone in our circle of friends that, “We don’t feel any different now than we did


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that. The endless days lying on a river bank, chewing a blade of sweet grass and watching the fish glide to the surface to snaffle an unsuspecting fly, and just as effortlessly glide away again, are still fresh in my mind. Likewise the winter, when snow would fall on cue just as it should, and lay around for weeks on end. The icy slide that we painstakingly made in the road, remained a death trap for unsuspecting pedestrians for ever, and the snowman in the back garden stood sentinel until his nose fell off and he started to wet his pants about the time that the daffodils began to appear. Or so it seemed. Life was good. The only annoyance was having to listen to our parents telling us to “Pull our socks up”, keep our noses to the grindstone at school and make something of our lives. Because, they assured us, we needed to make something of ourselves or life would pass us by. They kept harping on about life being short, and we kept thinking – “Leave it out, we’ve got loads of time.” Then in my twenties I shared a house with three other blokes, and we all believed that there was still plenty of time to knuckle down and become self-made millionaires. We didn’t even own a telly because every night was taken

then”, and they sagely nod in agreement. But we all know the truth, and the truth is that we don’t go home from the bar these days because we’ve drunk the place dry. We go home because we are tired. We no longer wish that the phone would ring, with friends inviting us for an evening out clubbing. We take it of the hook, and watch Midsomer Murders on the box. And cards are no longer an intrusion into an evening with friends . . . they are an evening with friends! And here’s a thing, we like to think that we are ageing well, but one look in the mirror every morning only to be greeted by a watery eyed stranger, tells us otherwise. And in any case if it was true, why do so many of us put 20-year-old photographs on our Facebook pages? Old friends check out with ever increasing frequency, and you see faces from the past at funerals in greater numbers than you ever did by signing up with Friends Reunited. And where there were once slim attractive individuals, there are now only grey flanneled lookalikes, sporting more chins than the Beijing telephone directory. But does it worry me? cotton pickin’ shirt on it!

You can put your

by colin bird (in the middle!)

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 249 Roquetas Edition

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