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local NEWS UPDATE...... Murcia

Five residents of Murcia have been arrested in Almería for the theft of electrical transformers. The group specialised in the theft of electrical transformers installed in pump houses used in irrigation systems on farms and horticultural sites. They targeted isolated places off the beaten track, but which had easy access to allow them to flee rapidly if interrupted. After forcing the access to the pump houses they dismantled the electrical transformers, subtracting the coils of copper wire which were later sold to various recycling companies. The value of the stolen material was estimated by the victims to be around €150,000 not taking into account the considerable damage caused to property. Some of the gang were arrested last August for committing identical thefts, which gave the Guardia Civil good reason to extend their enquiries to the provinces of Almeria and Murcia, and especially to the Bajo Almanzora, where six thefts had taken place. The officers made a careful visual inspection of the scene of these events and gathered more evidence and proof which substantiated the information already obtained from the arrested men. This allowed the officers to locate a vehicle owned by J.M.P.N., and led to further enquiries about 4 other people, who within the last two months have made about twenty deliveries of between 30 and 50 kg of copper material to different recycling companies in the province Murcia. The detainees are: J.P.E., 24, resident of Albudeite, J.M.P.N., 41, Albudeite, J.C.P., 36, Albudeite, D.P.R., 33, Mula, M.P.R., 28, Mula. Detainees J.P.E., J.M.P.N., J.C.P. and D.P.R., will answer to previous charges of property crimes.


Autovía Blanca- Jumilla

Those who suffered financial loss due to the Autovía Blanca-Jumilla are about to receive recompense. The Diputado Regional of the PP, Jesús Cano, has welcomed the good news that the Ministerio de Fomento has begun to settle the debt owed to the owners of land expropriated in the past four years to build the highway between Blanca and Jumilla. After many twists and turns and continuing defaults by the previous Socialist government, Cano has assured that all debts will be paid by the end of the year. He said that ‘There were many people who were having a hard time because of the inefficiency of the former Ministro de Fomento. These were mainly farmers who lost their businesses and have up to date already lost four crops.’


Six children aged three years old will have to spend two hours a day on the school bus due to the deletion of a line in Alumbres The head of Educación del Grupo Municipal Socialista, Ana Belén Castejón reported that the children, who live not more than 3 km from town, will be forced to spend two

hours a day on the school bus because the removal of one of the routes in Alumbres. She explained that the Consejería de Educación has decided to unify the two routes from each of the two schools into one, a measure which affects a total of 12 students, six of them in Educación Infantil. She stressed that the Consejería, which had threatened in March to remove this line, has been deaf to all complaints made by parents, neighbors and political groups.

Calpe La Fossa Beach was the scene of a rescue by lifeguards of a 54 year old Belgian woman who had apparently had suffered a blackout while in the water. The woman was seen to be in difficulties, but the lifeguards were on the scene immediately, brought her out of the water and treated her on the beach before removing her to the Health Centre. From there she was taken by ambulance to Denia Hospital where she was said to be in a serious but stable condition. This event comes almost immediately after the tragic death of a French swimmer in the waters off Cala Bosque beach in La Zenia, Orihuela Costa. It seems that the unusually hot summer is responsible for the sudden rise in the number of people who appear to suffer blackouts while swimming. Orihuela Orihuela’s Councillor for Finance, Juan Ignacio Lopéz-Bas, has just announced that the municipal budget will be approved. He said that that all the objections that have been made by the opposition party, the Partido Popular (PP) have been fully resolved, and there was now no obstacle to the approval of the budget. He said that it was necessary for one month to elapse between the motion of no confidence against the Mayor, which was not upheld. He added that, at the request of the PP, a report was prepared by the municipal auditor for August 29th and that it was now necessary to fully and indefinitely adopt the 2012 budget in accordance with the General Electoral Regime Law.

Torrevieja The Councillor for Tourism, Luis Maria Pizana, has announced that there has been a significant increase in Russian and French tourists to the city during July and August. He also said that the statistics show a level maintenance of tourist figures in comparison to recent summers. The statistics are taken from the number of visitors to the municipal offices of tourism; figures for energy and water consumption; solid waste generation and hotel occupancy figures, which averaged over 80%, with a peak at weekends of 90-100% during July and August. This increase is due to ‘the firm and resolute commitment of Torrevieja Town Hall and the Costa Blanca Tourist Board to participate at international tourism fairs, especially those in the emerging markets of northern Europe.’ Several groups of tour operators from Russia, the Ukraine and Poland are being invited to Torrevieja to see at firsthand what the city has to offer.


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Spain - world leader in high-speed rail infrastructure

Spain, with almost 2,900 kilometres of high speed train tracks and nearly as many again at project stage or under construction, is currently the world leader in the high-speed railway sphere, not only in terms of the size of its network, but also in terms of how up-todate, versatile, competitive and punctual its trains are. Since the opening of the high-speed link between Madrid, Albacete and Valencia in 2010, Spain has been the leader in Europe and second in the world only China, in terms of the amount of track and the services on offer, ahead of countries like Japan and France, traditionally known for having modern

transport systems. The story of high-speed trains in Spain dates back to 1992, when the MadridSeville link was opened. Every day, more than 300 trains run on Spain’s high-speed tracks, carrying 100,000 passengers and connecting 80 Spanish cities. Over the past two decades, Spain’s highspeed rail network, has gained in prestige and in size, adding more and more kilomteres of track and opening new links like Madrid-ZaragozaBarcelona one, or the Madrid-Valencia one. There are currenly a number of new stretches of

track under construction, which will bring high-speed technology to Alicante (next year), the French border, Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country, Extremadura and Portugal.

The government’s aim is for nine out of every ten citizens to be under 30 kilometres from a highspeed rail terminal - within easy reach of trains that can reach speeds of over 300 kilometres per hour, or even over 330kmph in some cases. Apart from the extensive network already in operation, Spain is also a world leader in terms of its communications and signalling systems which

have brought greater safety and reliability, as well as the flexibility of its network and its competitive prices. As a result of this pioneering work by in Spain, Spanish consortia are currently bidding for the contract to build a highspeed rail link between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia - a project with a budget of 6.7 billion euros - are are being considered for further high-speed rail projects in the USA, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, the UK, Turkey and Poland.

Spain thrash Saudi Arabia 5-0 in World Cup warm-up

Spain’s warm up for the next World Cup qualifying campaign went entirely to plan, as they thrashed Saudi Arabia 5-0 in Friday night’s friendly in Pontevedra. Their dominant performance against Saudi Arabia will give them confidence going into their first group stage match for the World Cup Finals in Brazil in 2014 against Georgia on Tuesday. Santi Cazorla, recently signed by Arsenal, broke the deadlock midway through the first half and Pedro promptly doubled Spain’s advantage. The second half saw numerous changes in the home side, but that did little to slow Spain’s momentum as Xavi made it 3-0 after 47 minutes. David Villa came off the bench to add a fourth from the penalty spot. The Barcelona striker, who has only recently returned to action after suffering a broken leg in December and missed Spain’s successful European Championship defence this summer, slotted home a 63rd minute penalty, his 52nd for his country, in the victory soon after replacing Fernando Torres, who was making his 100th appearance for Spain. Pedro grabbed his second of the night in the 73rd minute to complete an emphatic victory.


The Guardia Civil were rewarded for their persistence when they stopped a car which was of interest in a robbery. An 84 year old man from Salinas was robbed of 850€, and the Guardia stopped the suspect’s car near Sax. The car was in a deplorable state, with debris littered all over the inside. After hours of painstaking searching the Guardia found the cash – inside the cavity of a fold-up hairbrush!


The Regional Government has a stringent air monitoring policy to ensure adequate air quality. The Consejería de Presidencia, through the Dirección General de Medio Ambiente maintains a ‘strict control and supervision’ over the emission levels present in the atmosphere in the Region of Murcia, and is pledged to examine and maintain air quality in the Community ‘within appropriate values.’ Such is the statement by the Consejero de Presidencia, Manuel Campos, adding that this service ‘works and ensures the protection of citizens’ health steadily throughout the year, through the collection and analysis of daily weather situation in the Region’. Campos said the Red de Vigilancia Atmosférica de la Región de Murcia (Air Surveillance Network for the Region of Murcia) made a ‘detailed study and daily monitoring of the concentration levels of pollutants in the air’ in various places throughout the region with eight stations at Murcia (San Basilio), Cartagena (Valle Escombreras, Mompeán, Alumbres and La Aljorra), Alcantarilla, Lorca and Caravaca de la Cruz. Contaminants that are subject to evaluation are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particles, lead, benzene, carbon monoxide, ozone, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, nickel and polycyclic hydrocarbons. The public can consult and follow all air quality data from the region on the community website: (www.carm. es / cmaot / calidadaire), where they can also examine the quarterly and annual reports.

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Immigrants without healthcare ‘will go to ECHR’

Foreigners without residence rights or who do not pay Social Security have announced they will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights if they are refused medical treatment on the State when they need it, according to a report by As at Saturday, September 1, the ministry of health cancelled the health cards of 910,000 patients across Spain because they were no longer paying Social Security, their visas had run out, or they were not entitled to dole money. This move is expected to save the health service 1,500 million euros. Among the nearly a million patients who have suddenly found they need to pay if they want to receive medical treatment are 150,000 non-EU immigrants who do not have residence permits. In some cases this is because their visas have expired or because they have lost their jobs, meaning their permits were not renewed. Until now, non-EU immigrants were able to obtain free healthcare for any condition, not just emergencies, provided they were recorded on the census of their town. The Network for the Right to have Rights,


set up by affected foreigners, says they fully intend to ensure patients are closely monitored to check they are not refused, or forced to pay for, treatment. Various organisations which form part of the network, including the State Federation of Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Associations (FERINE) and the charity Médicos del Mundo (‘doctors of the world’) have warned that they will take each and every case of nonattendance to the ECHR. From Saturday, only those foreigners not paying Social Security or on an officiallyrecognised State pension or benefits who are pregnant, currently in labour or lactating; who suffer emergency illnesses or accidents; who have chronic conditions or infectious diseases, or the under-18s will now be treated via the State healthcare system. In eight of Spain’s 17 federal regions, doctors across the board have refused to adhere to the ‘no treatment for foreigners’ rule, although in the other nine, thousands more have lodged a conscientious objection and are determined to continue offering assistance to the non-Spanish.

Bretón charged with murder and remains on suicide watch

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José Bretón has been formally charged with the murder of his two small children whom he claimed went missing from a Córdoba park during his weekend access visit. His solicitor, José María Sánchez de Puerta, says his client’s defence will now be ‘very difficult’. Bretón was previously being held in custody on charges of false imprisonment and simulation of a crime. But now that a National Toxicology Institute report has backed the views of two private forensic investigators that the bones found in the remains of a bonfire on Bretón’s parents’ land were those of children, not rodents as the scientific police initially claimed, the accusation has changed to one of murder, with the aggravating factor of the killer being the children’s father. Private investigators were appointed by the family of Bretón’s ex-wife, Ruth Ortiz, who had always suspected her former husband was involved personally in the

disappearance of their two children, Ruth, six, and José, two. These detectives revisited a bonfire in the orchard belonging to Bretón’s parents, which he had lit on the day the children allegedly went missing. Bricks and a metal sheet to contain the flames, raising the temperature to around 800ºC, and combustible building material to ensure the fire consumed its contents rapidly meant any organic material would have been totally destroyed. Given the incinerator effect of the fire, it was initially thought that taking DNA samples from the bones found would be impossible, but the National Institute of Toxicology is attempting to do so. Bretón, described by criminal psychiatrists as ‘clever, cold, manipulative and suicidal’ with an ‘above average’ but ‘not significantly high’ IQ, is being held in the prison at Alcolea (Córdoba). Two inmates have been drafted in to keep Bretón under 24-hour suicide watch.

Contador wins second Vuelta title

Cyclist Alberto Contador celebrated his second triumph in the Vuelta a España at Madrid’s Plaza Cibeles today, and with it, his return to the pinnacle of cycling. Four years after his first Vuelta victory in 2008, the 29-year-old Pinto-born man showed that he was back to his attacking best and ready to take his place alongside the world’s elite once more, after serving out a doping ban. “This is a very special victory after everything that’s happened and because it was an especially tough race. When something is really hard to achieve, you enjoy the victory all the more” he told waiting journalists. Contador has not won a high profile international event since the 2009 Tour de France, falling foul of the sport’s drug control agencies. Having served his sentence and having overcome any initial doubts he and others may have had about his readiness to compete at this level again, Contador is

back at the top of his sport. The double Tour de France winner was found guilty of doping after testing positive for clenbuterol during the 2010 Tour and was given a backdated two-year ban earlier this year - losing his 2010 Tour and 2011 Giro titles as a result - and was out of competition for six months before returning in August. Overall standings: 1. Alberto Contador (Spa/Saxo Bank) 84:59:49” 2. Alejandro Valverde (Spa/Movistar) +1:16” 3. Joaquim Rodriguez (Spa/Katusha) +1:37” 4. Chris Froome (GB/Team Sky) +10:16” 5. Daniel Moreno (Spa/Katusha) +11:29” 6. Robert Gesink (Ned/Rabobank) +12:23” 7. Andrew Talansky (US/Garmin) +13:28” 8. Laurens ten Dam (Ned/Rabobank) +13:41” 9. Igor Anton (Spa/Euskaltel) +14:01” 10. Benat Intxausti (Spa/Movistar) +16:13”


Brinkmanship as Spain warns over bail-out terms

Spain has issued a veiled warning that it will not accept a full bail-out from Europe if the terms are too harsh, a move that would paralyse the European Central Bank and call the euro’s survival into question, according to a report in the telegraph. In an escalating game of brinkmanship, Spanish finance minister Luis de Guindos said his country is not yet willing to sign a Memorandum giving up fiscal sovereignty to EU inspectors. “First of all, one must clarify the conditions,” he told German newspaper Handelsblatt. Mr de Guindos said the crisis engulfing the region is larger than any one country and warned north Europe not to scapegoat Spain. “My colleagues are aware that the battle for the euro will be fought in Spain. Spain is right now the breakwater for the eurozone,” he said, adding that “solidarity” would be welladvised. The warning comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel leaves for Madrid for talks with premier Mariano Rajoy to thrash out the conditions of a full sovereign rescue of up €300bn (£238bn), beyond the €100bn bank rescue already agreed. The ECB’s executive board met today to prepare crisis proposals for the governing council’s meeting on Thursday, including a “yield band” to lower borrowing costs for Spain and Italy. The ECB has tied its hands under an implicit deal with Germany, announcing that it cannot proceed until Spain and Italy request help from the eurozone’s bail-out funds and submit to tough conditions.

“The risk premia of sovereign bonds now reflect not just the insolvency risk of some countries but an exchange rate risk, which should not theoretically exist in a currency union. The markets are pricing in a break-up of the eurozone. Such systemic doubts are not acceptable,” he said. Two-year bold yields in Spain plummeted by 44 basis points to 2.94pc and Italy’s fell to 2.29pc after Mr Draghi told MEPs that purchases may target debt of up to three years, longer than assumed. Jacques Cailloux from Nomura says investors should be wary of the political minefield ahead. “We expect

There is little doubt that Spain will need a rescue as it struggles to raise €40bn over the next two months. The country’s finances are unravelling on every front, with internal rescues for Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, and Andalucia fast depleting the €18bn fund set aside for the regions. It emerged today that Spain’s social security system has raided a rainy-day fund to cover state pensions for the first time as deepening recession erodes contributions. Tomas Burgos, social security minster, said the government had drained €4.4bn from the Fondo de Prevencion – financed from workers’ illness insurance – to the meet the shortfall in July, reducing the account to just €400m. Mr Burgos said Madrid may have to use “all mechanisms at our disposal” to meet payments, revealing that the next step may be a raid on the pension system’s €67bn Reserve Fund. The pension system has been losing contributors as unemployment soars to 25pc. It shed a further 137,000 jobs in August. Meanwhile, official data shows that the toxic property loans of Spain’s four nationalised banks have reached €75bn and are rising faster than feared. Bankia’s “potentially problematic” loans are €42bn. The biggest surprise is a 50pc surge in bad debts to €9bn at Cataluyna Caixa since January. Non-payments on mortgages have doubled. Nomura’s Jens Nordvig said Spain’s crisis has entered a “more dangerous phase”, resembling the sort of currency dramas once confined to emerging markets.

Euribor bank-to-bank lending rates fell to new all-time lows last week, based on expectations that the European Central Bank could cut interest rates this week to help combat the eurozone crisis. The fall of the Euribor means lower mortgage payments the good news mortgage holders have been waiting for. Falling interest rates and the possibility that the European Central Bank may lower them again, have led to the European mortgage index dropping to its lowest level since it began trading in 1999. The daily Euribor rate stood below 1% this week, while the monthly index is expected to close July at 1.062%, meaning that mortgages with the longest terms will benefit from a discount of up to 20.5%. The Euribor, the rate at which banks lend to each other, has now registered nine consecutive months of declines. The biggest drop, however, has been in the last month, going from 1.219% to 1.062% after the ECB decided to lower interest rates from 1% to 0.75%. Mortgage holders with longer-term loans will benefit most from the falling rate. If the loan has a duration of 30 years, for an average loan the payments will fall by 13.9%, for 40 years they will fall by 17.4% and for those who signed loans of 50 years, by 20.5%.

Capital flight has been running at an annual rate of 50pc of GDP, more than twice the rate in Indonesia during the Asian meltdown in the 1990s. Foreigners have sold Spanish securities worth 19pc of GDP over the past quarter. Spanish residents have shipped funds worth 16.7pc of GDP into foreign bank accounts. Net claims on Spain through the ECB’s Target 2 payments system have reached 39pc of GDP. “The build-up in central bank liabilities is explosive,” said Mr Nordvik.

Drive-by shoot-out in Lloret de Mar leaves dad and three-year-old son critical

A family of expatriates were targeted in a drive-by shoot-out on an urbanisation in Lloret de Mar (Girona) last Tuesday, leaving a three-year-old boy and his father in intensive care. Two people on a motorbike opened fire on the Italian man, his Spanish wife and their young son as they drove through the residential complex on Monday evening, before abandoning their bike and fleeing in a parked car. They have not yet been caught. Emergency services say the child is in

Falling Euribor good news for mortgage holders


Germany now seems fully behind the bond plan of ECB chief Mario Draghi. Jorg Asmussen, Germany’s ECB board member, said today that bond purchases are necessary to save the euro and, therefore, within the bank’s mandate.

Spain and Italy to resist calling for help, promoting renewed market deterioration,” he said.


intensive care at Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebrón hospital after sustaining a bullet-wound to the head, and his condition is said to be serious but stable. His father remains in a critical condition in Girona’s Josep Trueta hospital as a result of being shot through the chest and the back. Medics say one of the three bullet-wounds has gone through his lung. The mother escaped unhurt.

John Travolta will grab a lifetime achievement award at Spain’s top film festival, alongside Oliver Stone, Ewan McGregor and Tommy Lee Jones. The 58-year-old American actor will be honoured with a Donostia award by the September 21-29 San Sebastian Festival in northern Spain, where he is presenting his latest film, Savages. The festival cited a string of Travolta’s famous roles including in Quentin

John Travolta lands Spanish film honour

Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994), Get Shorty (1996), Grease (1978), and Carrie (1976). “From his long list of films, would highlight Saturday Night Fever (1977), origin of the disco phenomenon in the 1970s,” the festival said in a statement, noting

that it earned him an Oscar nomination. Travolta will be honoured on September 23. Fellow Donostia recipients at the festival will be US director Stone, Scottish actor McGregor and US star Lee Jones.


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news flash Turkish arms depot blast kills 25

Girl hid under shooting victims

Sport A girl has been found hiding inside a Britishregistered car in which three bodies were discovered eight hours earlier, French police say. ------------------------

Draghi in ECB euro rescue plan

China solar panels face EU probe The European Union launches an investigation into alleged ‘dumping’ of solar panels into the region’s markets by Chinese manufacturers ------------------------

Liquitab alert as children burned Doctors warn about the dangers of liquitabs used in washing machines, after treating children for near fatal burn injuries.. ------------------------

It is one of several unofficial proposals to liberalise the labour market and increase government revenue, contained in a paper seen by the BBC. The proposals were not included in the original bailout agreement signed with the Greek government. Inspectors from the EU, IMF and European Central Bank, known as the troika, are due in Greece this week. They are writing a report, due in October, that will decide whether Greece receives its next instalment of bailout funds. Greece needs the next payment of 31.5bn euros ($39.6bn; £24.9bn) to allow it to continue servicing its debts. Proposals in the document from the troika included: • Setting a single rate statutory minimum wage • Reducing regulatory burdens • Making work schedules more flexible • Setting a minimum daily rest of 11 hours • Eliminating restrictions on the minimum and maximum time between morning and afternoon shifts.

Also, on Wednesday, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble ruled out a third package of aid for Greece, but stressed that it would be staying in the eurozone. “The costs for Greece are already very high and therefore we cannot have a new programme for Greece,” he told German radio.

A Spanish city has been voted top in Which? magazine’s list of the best places in the world for food. San Sebastián beat the likes of Tokyo (in second place), Hong Kong (in seventh) and parts of France and Italy. Paris came joint fourth and fifth with New York, whilst Italy’s central Emilia Romagna region and the island of Sicily came sixth and ninth respectively. Australia fared well with Sydney coming third and Melbourne eighth, and although considered to be among the most expensive, the Danish capital, Copenhagen, came 10th. According to Which?, San Sebastián, a northern coastal town in the Basque Country that was once considered grim and industrial but has now become popular with tourists year-round as a result of its excellent beaches, ultra-modern Guggenheim museum and many other attractions that have popped up in recent times, has more Michelin stars per head than anywhere else in the world. The magazine’s panel was made up of a food and travel writer, a restaurant critic and a food blogger and cookbook author, who gave San Sebastián a score of 81 per cent. They did not only test the top eateries, but also the middle-of-therow restaurants and budget bars offering cheap menus, plus food for sale on the street, in markets, at food festivals and on tours, and sold by local producers. The team also considered typical produce and dishes of the area and its eating culture in general. San Sebastián’s food culture, creativity of chefs in restaurants and its value for money scored very highly. Which? said that although most cities and regions in the world have some Michelin-starred restaurant that provide excellent meals for eye-watering prices, it is ‘very rare’ to be able to order a three-course dinner at ‘almost any eatery’ and be certain that you will enjoy them all.

Greece was given a 110bn-euro package in May 2010 and a further 130bn euros in October 2011, along with a 100bn-euro debt write-off. European President Herman Van Rompuy is due to meet Greek leader Antonis Samaras on Thursday. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission - the group of donor bodies known collectively as the “troika” are examining whether Greece is making sufficient progress towards reforming its public finances. Greece is currently trying to finalise a package of 11.5bn euros ($14.4bn; £9.1bn) of spending cuts over the next two years. It is also being asked to put in place economic and structural reforms, including changes to the labour market and a renewed privatisation drive. The measures are needed to qualify for the next 33.5bn-euro instalment of its second 130bn-euro bailout. Greece needs the funds to make repayments on its debt burden. A default could result in the country leaving the euro.

San Sebastián is world’s number one city for food

photo: //

Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, is expected to unveil details of a new bond-buying plan later. -----------------------

Greece’s international lenders have suggested measures including increasing the maximum working week to six days


An explosion in western Turkey at an ammunition store for hand grenades kills 25 soldiers and wounds four others, the army says. ------------------------

Longer working week suggested for Greece


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€150,000 + Tax


urgently wanted paramount resort rural fincas & golf villa sales villa rentals villas with pool for Your dream Your choice your future long term rentals your holiday your way we have clients your way waiting! (0034) 671 188 808 (0034) 608 631 700 Camposol B Long Let €650 + bills PCM Ref No: 0015

Camposol Lower C Ref No: 0087

Holiday Lets From €550 P/W

Camposol upper C Long Let €200 + bills PCM

Camposol D Holiday Lets From €350 P/W Ref No: 0023

Ref No: 0053

• 3 beds/3 Bathroom Neptuno Villa. • 10m x 5m pool in landscaped gardens. • Fully furnished & equipped. • Close to facilities at B Commercial.

• 3 bedroom/2 Bathroom Monsora villa.

• 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Neptuno Villa.

• 1 bedroom Victoria villa.

• Furnished & equipped to high standard.

• 6m x 4m kidney shaped pool.

• Close to A Sector commercial centre.

• 6m x 4m private pool.

• Fully glazed terrace, hot tub plus more.

• Off road parking.

• Close to Sensol Golf Clubhouse & Spa Hotel.

• Bespoke el fresco dining area/bbq.

• Fully furnished & equipped.

Camposol Upper C Long Let €350 + Bills PCM

Camposol D Long Let €500 +bills pcm

Camposola Holiday Lets From 900€ P/W

Camposol B Ref No: 0110

Ref No: 0097

Ref No: 0012

Ref No: 0119

• 2 bedroom Rebecca style villa.

• 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Neptuno Villa.

• 5 bedroom villa can sleep 14.

• Large hot tub.

• 8m x 4m private pool.

• Close to facilities on A Sect.

• Close to Sensol Golf Clubhouse & Spa Hotel.

• Furnished & equipped to high standard.

• 10m x 5m swimming pool.

• Furnished & equipped.

• Large under build games room.

• Ideal for 2 families or ext family.

Long Let €600 + bills PCM

• 3 bedroom/3 bathroom Neptuno villa. • Glazed in front naya. • 10m x 5m pool. • Close to B Commercial Centre.

Many more can be seen on our websites office spain (0034)

968 970 614

office Uk (0044)

1733 592 002


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Bullfights return to Spanish television Bullfights returned to Spanish state television on Wednesday night, six years after the fights were banned from the widely watched public channel.

Bullfights returned to Spanish public television on Wednesday after a sixyear suspension, sparking warnings of legal action from animal rights activists.

hours. RTVE’s manual had previously said that bullfights were violent acts that should not be shown when children are watching television. But a new RTVE board, appointed after a conservative Popular Party government took power last December, changed the rules, removing bullfights from the category of “violence against animals”. Bullfighting fans held up signs in the stands that read “Yes to bulls on TVE and to youth at bullfights” and “Thank you TVE. Yes to bullfighting”. “It was a very special bullfight,” Talavante told reporters after the

Lopez Escobar, Jose Maria Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante. Its main channel TVE had stopped showing the fights in 2006, blaming the high price of broadcasting rights, a dwindling audience and the fact that they usually take place during children’s viewing

State-f inanced broadcaster RTVE screened live a bullfight in northcentral Valladolid featuring star matadors “El Juli” Julian

- Family business established since 1987 - 100’s of satisfied customers - Help with all licenses and permits - CM Constructions are legal, fully qualified & licensed to give you peace of mind


Constructions offer only the best!

Do you want quality workmanship?

“When I started to like bullfighting it was thanks to my grandfather who recently passed away and also for the broadcasts on Spanish public television.”

Sales - rentals property - management Tel: 680 514 490 or 968 972 017

Extensions, Garages, Underbuilds, Finca Restoration, Driveways, Terraces, Walls raised & extended, Balustrades, Pool tiling, Garden Landscaping & Gravelling & all types of metalwork (gates, fences, etc)



Lowest Property Management Rates, Genuine First Class Services, Small Building Works, Garden and Pool Care. Lowest Rates, Excellant, Reliable, and Professional Workmanship. High Rental Achievability. First Class Service and Care of your Property.

Visit our office around the back of the Centro Commercial A Sector Urb, Camposol or call for a free quotation

Tel Mark: 659 159 948 or Colin: 676 306 718 soltimes have a drop off point available here private or trade, birthdays or announcements

LOWEST COMMISIONS PROPERTIES ALWAYS REQUIRED insurance - mortgages - currency exchange with leading spanish bank

Animal rights political group PACMA vowed to challenge the renewed broadcasts. “For PACMA, bullfights are a spectacle in which spectators see the agony and death of a bleeding animal, real animal abuse. This content can in no way be proper to show in children’s time.” The group said its lawyers would complain to the state secretary for telecommunications on Thursday, alleging that RTVE is breaching a self-regulatory code on television content for children. RTVE said it had decided to show the fight after all

involved, including the bull ranch and matadors, agreed to waive broadcasting fees. It would be the first of a “brief but symbolic” series of top class bullfighting festivals shown on public television, it said. “This is a great day for bullfighting,” said “El Juli” who was carried out of the bullring on his assistants’ shoulders in honor of his good performance in the bullring. “Television reaches every house in Spain. The future lies in bringing bullfighting to young people and the entire world. You can do a lot with television,” he added.

Office: Avenida Doctor Meca, 88 Portal B, 30860 Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia Tel: 968 584 785 Mobiles: 648 609 438 or 630 187 041 Skype: mamaisonenespagne Email:

Do you have a property to sell? Urgently needed for early october visits:

• Rosa and fortuna villas sectors A&B on Camposol Golf

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• Considering letting? Holiday or long term? • We are looking for more properties in Puerto de Mazarron, El Alamillo, El Alcolar and Isla Plana.

Only 10% commission for full management

We will listen to your requirements and will also give you open, honest advice

We are looking forward to working with you



A DOGGY’S TALE.........

Volunteers at the MABS Cancer Support Group’s Cancer Centre in San Javier were bemused when a stray dog trotted around the retail area. Customers and volunteers made a fuss of him and then he trotted off to the furniture shop next door for some more attention. Efforts were made to try and find an owner, but his rather confused state indicated that he could be in need of a loving home. Volunteer and dog lover, Jo Buckle, took him to the vet to discover that he wasn’t chipped and he was covered in fleas, so she decided to take him home and make him more comfortable, while they tried to find him a home. After a night of intense bathing and combing, the little chap was a completely different dog and stole the hearts of Jo and hubby, Peter, who decided to keep him. They returned to the vet to have him wormed, vaccinated and chipped and he has a new name – Dillon. “We hadn’t planned to have a dog,” said Jo “but he quickly stole his way into our hearts and we couldn’t bear to part with him. He’s a lovely, friendly little guy and I can’t understand why he was just abandoned. We are very happy to have him as part of the family.” Dillon has settled in very well to his new home. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: Photo – Peter & Jo Buckle with Dillon Photographer: Alfonso Fernandez

Age Concern Celebrates September & October....... September has an amazing programme, with nearly 200 at the Black & White Ball on the 12th in the port. The 26th sees the menu del dia at Lagarto Verde, again in the port on the Via axial. This is an afternoon do starting at 1.30PM and costing 10 Euros. The talking Shop social is on the 5th October at the Cultural Centre on Camposol. This is a free afternoon and a chance to have a bit of fun, a cup of something and a gossip. October 17th sees a new venture, an afternoon of popular song with Bernie Mac & local singers at the Vista Bar of Sector A of Camposol. This will cost 7 Euros including a buffet. The months Menu del Dia is at Don Ricardos in the port on October 31st at 1.30PM and costing 10 Euros. Why not book in for the Rock n Roll revival night at Marianos on Camposol Sector A at 7.3PM, 5 Euros a ticket and an extra 5 Euros if you want chicken and chips? Its on November 16th.You are forwarned! The Christmas Fair is at Lagarto Verde in the port on the via Axial. 11AM to 4PM, 1Euro with a free entry in the Christmas raffle. You can book your stall now. The event of October is the grand auction at Marianos hotel on the Thursday 18th October. Its now only 5 Euros to put in three items and you keep all the proceeds. You must register beforehand, and bring the items on the day between 9 and 11AM. Viewing is 11AM while 1PM and the hammer goes down at 1PM. It is a chance to recoup some cash on unwanted items. Every auction so far has successfully sold hundreds of items at thousands of Euros! Tickets can be had from outside the Salud bar Camposol B, on a Friday morning 11AM while 1PM, or outside Bar Peyma in the port on a Thursday morning. You can get further information on the events line 634102215 or 634336484 or the office, 968970687

we wa nt to h ea r from y o u! se n d your n e ws & v i ews to editor@ soltimes. com

Kitchens1 plus







All you need in one place:


T  he Cadillacs 4.30pm to 6.15pm , Entry 5€ tuesday Ballroom Dancing 8pm -10pm Wednesdays Live Music from 9.30pm Thursdays FUN QUIZ 8.30pm Friday Closed from 6pm for private parties. Book yours now! Saturdays See guide below Sundays Happy hour 8 - 9.30pm PLUS Karaoke 9pm

Bowling ∙ Snooker Quiz Nights ∙ Darts Pool Table Social Dancing Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Open 10am - late

Late licence (3.30am) if needed


19th SEPTEMBER The Fantastic


sATURDAY 15th sept

ROY ORBISON TRIBUTE plus GENE PITNEY TRIBUTE + DJ HELEN 2 course meal + show 8pm 10€. Show only 9.30pm 3€

Saturday 22nd Sept

‘one off’

appearance by


BROADWAY GIRLS with all the hits from the musicals and the decades + DJ HELEN 2 course meal + show 8pm 10€. Show only 9.30pm 3€

Swinging Blue Jeans Starts 9pm


KYLIE MINOGUE TRIBUTE SHOW + DJ HELEN 2 course meal + show 8pm 10€. Show only 9.30pm 3 €Pre show meals available 7.30pm

free entry


wednesday 26th september

cliff & Elvis show 8.30pm

Plus support by FIONA McLEAN Tickets €8.50 Pre show meals available 7.30pm

966 717 028

Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada

We now cover Costa Calida & Inland areas

vat price freeze

It makes no difference!

v Ovens, Hobs, Cooker Hoods v Worktops in all materials. v Superb Prices with no need for gimmicks. v Our doors start at only 12.50€ each, you cannot go wrong! v Design Service, 20 YEARS of knowledge, English Speaking

Find us in San Pedro Del Pinatar, Murcia, on the N332, 100 yds past Lidl on the opposite side email:

968 184 235

until 30 september



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Emotional Freedom Technique This column has been brought to you by Personal Wellness Practitioner, Drew Ryder B.SC. Psych. Hons, IIHHT, ThAT, MAAMET, an experienced practitioner of EFT and other disciplines.

Are You In Pain Physically Or Emotionally? Finding It Hard To Cope? Then Let Me Help You... Call 968 978 876 660 326 194

This week I will be addressing what happens in an EFT session as I often get asked what’s involved, will I be hypnotised, do I have to take my clothes of and does it hurt! What happens during the first EFT session? In an EFT session the client always sits fully clothed in a comfortable position. Before any treatment commences, a full case history is taken, that is a medical questionnaire is completed, together with details of what you consider to be the major issue or condition you would like help with. A discussion then ensues with notes being made with regard to salient points that may be relevant to your presenting symptoms, using the words that you have used. (These words will be used during the treatment or tapping) How is it measured? It is then important to establish a benchmark for success, that is to say a rating scale is used to measure the effectiveness and therefore success of the treatment. This is attained by you the client identifying on a scale of 0 – 10 (with 10 being the highest denominator), where you feel your level of distress is located. This figure will be referred to during the session as the aim is to lower your level of distress or discomfort. What happens next? I then demonstrate the main tapping points to you using my own body. Once it has been established that you are happy to proceed, I then commence tapping on you using the points as previously demonstrated. These points form part of a sequence. The tapping is gentle yet firm and causes no physical pain. You may experience emotional discomfort throughout the tapping as deep rooted emotional issues can rise to the surface. They will be addressed as and when, or if, they arise. This is part of the process and enables the issue or condition you would like help with to be dealt with. At no point are you hypnotised (I am not a hypnotherapist), and you remain fully clothed throughout. To conclude, the initial session requires obtaining as much information as possible to enable me to work with you to resolve whatever it is you feel you would like help with. I then initiate a simple round of tapping so you know what it feels like and what to expect. Several rounds of tapping then follow with results from each round measured using the intensity scale as described above. In next weeks’ column I shall explain in depth the tapping sequence and what can happen. If you would like a private consultation please contact me via my website www.drewryder. com or call me on 660326194. Consultations are available in person or via Skype. Skype enables me to work with more clients if travel or distance poses a problem and is extremely effective.

SALES representative required

The Beacon of Light Centre for Spiritual Awareness

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you to join us at our meetings held every Wednesday from 7pm - approx 8.30pm At The Old School House Canadas del Romero Our guest mediums for following dates: September 12th: Morag Bullock September 19th: Marilyn Webb September 26th James Mc Arthur September 27th:

To continue the success of

SOLTIMES in this area

We are looking for someone special to work with local businesses to help them create more business from the large weekly distribution and readership of Sol Times � Are you local to the Camposol and surrounding areas and enjoy meeting new people? �C  ould you sell advertising to new business owners whilst looking after our loyal base of regular clients?

� S ol Times needs an outgoing friendly professional….could this be you? �A  re you able to work to deadlines? � Are you well organised, able to manage your own territory and enjoy being part of a team?

James Mc Arthur Workshop (by reservation only) For more info please call 620 877 326 www. beaconoflightmurcia. email: beacon.of.light.

If you can say yes to the above, then we want to meet you!

Healing is available after

We provide on going training from our head office in Almeria We offer a high level of commission, petrol allowance and mobile phone, plus the opportunity to work for the best weekly “Good News Paper” in the area.

the service by request.

Please send your CV to or call Rosemary on Tel: 647 379 795

Funding for the meetings will be raised by donations collected during the evening...



SECTOR “D” COMMUNITY AND GARDENING GROUP - NEWSLETTER september 2012 Your committee’s first meeting following our Summer Break was held on 3 Sept 2012 and the Minutes of this can be seen on our website and noticeboard. It was decided at the meeting that a newsletter for all residents was due to inform you all of the progress achieved and the work planned for the following months. During the break many of our volunteers have continued to work and contribute to the look of D and help collect funds for future projects. The busiest of these have been the people who look after our lovely gardens, our burning/compost pit helpers and our general “cleaner-uppers”. A big thanks is due to them from us all. What has happened this year? Our pot-holing repair team worked from Jan thru to June repairing many damaged areas of our roads and will continue with these rewarding and much appreciated improvements to our roads and some walkways. The three main areas where noticeable and considerable work was carried out were: The Jubilee Garden by the exit to D. The Memory Gardens by D25 The Petanque Courts at D10 and D30 Smaller areas were cleared, gravelled and had stone benches sited by the group assisted by local residents. Our Compost Team kept the burning pit area clean and tidy and this year we extended the size and depth of three pits due to the high amount of green waste. The burning ceased on 15 May due to fire regulations and will commence again sometime in October. On the Social side we had a very successful and patriotic Jubilee Dance shared with Camposol’s FAST Team and a sum of 540

euros was donated to FAST. Our Summer BBQ was also a success. We held a Fun Quiz night and had a couple of “Sausage Butty” afternoons after our Friday work. The Thursday Pot-holers and Friday volunteers had a self funded afternoon Chinese MDD down the Port. All of these events and Friday collections help to generate a tremendous Community Spirit and we are all proud to be part of D Community. Future Projects At our meeting we decided that five main areas would be created, improved or extended by our Friday gravelling and weeding team. These are: The open land on D27 Calle Sorvilan Land adjacent to D34 Extensions to the gardens on D25 and D29 Extensions to the Jubilee Garden The Welcome Sign area to be tidied up. The digger we hire will be used to carry out the heavy weed clearing needs. Two committee members are to investigate the hire of a road sweeper to clean up ALL the roads on D. Thanks to the continuing generosity of our D residents we have very healthy bank balance and these projects will of course be funded from that. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D looks wonderful due to the dedication and hard work of a small number of volunteers but the work we carry out, more often than not, requires a degree of maintenance such as minor weeding and plant watering. Presently one couple look after the majority of these needs but the increased amount of areas is making this job very time-consuming (every day) and is becoming a burden. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Please, please, consider giving our D

Community a couple of hours of your time to help maintain the areas of improvement that your group of volunteers work tirelessly and hard to create. We need residents living near such areas to take charge of the maintenance and with other local residents help keep them looking as good and perhaps better than the day they were created. WE NEED YOU! D7 residents have adopted their roundabout and have a rota for maintaining it. Other areas DO the same but many are not looked after. HOW DO I HELP? , All details of reps are on our Noticeboard where our Bucketeers work

on Friday mornings. You can also contact me on 968131971 or 666863670 or Bob Owen on 986970577 or Les Crook on 968979831. PLEASE HELP! Of course more volunteers would always be appreciated on our Friday morning work sessions that will commence on the 28th September, weather permitting. Check our D Exit noticeboards for times/ locations. Help improve YOUR COMMUNITY and also meet new nice friends who during the past four years have knitted this community into the SUCCESS we now enjoy. Mick Drummond, Chairman


Back by popular demand Ricky Lavazza from the Costa Del Sol and also the very talented Karen Noble Tickets 9€ Tel Rosemary on 620 105 179 to book your tickets.

WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER Show Night at Mariano´s restaurant, Camposol The Jazz Singer Show (Neil Diamond Tribute). Never been performed in this area plus the Fantastic Nick Gold A few tickets left .

Tickets 9€

MAY 2013


May 11th travel to Madrid for an overnight stay at a centra Fly on the 12th to Copenhagen to pick up the MSC Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. Cruise for 7 nights around the Fjords. Return journey home, Inclusive of all food and drinks on board. Cancellation Ins. Price from 1040€ For more information tel: Rosemary 620 105 179

Tel Rosemary on 620 105 179 to book your tickets


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Anna is the real proof it can work!

We know that losing weight is only half the battle. Keeping it off long term is what really matters. With its unique one-to-one support, Cambridge 800 is the nutritional, convenient and proven way to lose weight Cambridge 80 Sophias Wel 0 at lness Arboleas on Th Sept & every ursday 13th Th by Appointmursday ent

Moderate exercise, and a regular intake of oily fish fatty acids, keeps elderly immobility at bay, a study suggests.

For Mojacar and surrounding areas call Ann your Cambridge 800 Consultant. Tel: 660 681 166 Email:

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Findings of a recent trial show that women aged over 65 who received omega-3 fatty acids gained almost twice as much muscle strength following exercise than those taking olive oil. A larger trial is planned to confirm these findings and to determine why muscle condition improves. Some studies have linked diets high in omega-3 commonly found in oily fish such as mackerel and sardines - to potential health benefits, such as a lower risk of coronary heart disease.

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

During healthy ageing, muscle size is reduced by 0.5-2% per year. This process - known as sarcopenia - can result in frailty and immobility in old people.

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Little is known about the prevalence of sarcopenia in the UK, but data from the US shows that 25% of people aged 50-70 have sarcopenia and this increases to more than half of those aged over 80 years. According to Dr Stuart

JAX Hair&Beauty Formerly J.D. Hair Design

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“Around one-and-a-half percent of the total US healthcare budget is spent on sarcopenia-related issues”, he said.

At the start and end of the trial, the women’s leg muscle strength was measured.

The rate of muscle loss is dictated to some extent by lifestyle - consumption of a low protein diet and a sedentary lifestyle are known to exacerbate muscle loss. Previous studies demonstrated that livestock fed on omega 3-rich diets had increased muscle bulk. This prompted Dr Gray to investigate whether these fatty acids could help reverse sarcopenia in the elderly.

(pre-booked appointments only)

Call Jacqui for more information or to book an appointment

Gray from the University of Aberdeen, the cost of sarcopenia is immense; either in direct nursing and care costs or in hospital admissions through falls.

645 560 367

L.A Beauty Tanning

Albox Rambla

Mirador Toni’s Bar

El Cordobes


Sunless Spray No streaks, no orange for only €20

colour, just natural beautiful golden tan

teeth whitening for only €65

For appointments and a list of our salon locations contact Annie on 618 831 374 or email

Using an EU compliant non-peroxide gel

Dr Gray recruited 14 women aged over 65 years and asked both groups to undergo a 12 week exercise programme consisting of two 30-minute sessions of standard leg muscle

Half the women were given the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, whist the other half received an olive oil placebo (negative control).

The results were compelling. Women receiving olive oil increased their muscle mass by 11% whilst those receiving EPA and DHA showed a 20% increase - a statistically significant improvement. But as Dr Gray was quick to point out, not all fish oil supplements contain beneficial amounts of these fatty acids. He told press sources: “One of the problems with a lot of these supplements is that the amount of EPA varies. A capsule containing one gram of fish oil might only contain 100 milligrams (mg) of EPA and some might contain 400”. His advice for anyone wanting to improve their

kim clark benefits consultancy

■ if you suffer from... ■ or you need...

• mobility problems •h  elp with washing/ • pain/breathlessness dressing • falls/stumbles • supervision rule changes mean that you could now be entitled to extra income by claiming UK Sickness/Disability Benefits while living in Spain For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568

intake of dietary EPA and DHA was to take a supplement that contained the highest levels of these two fatty acids. Alternatively, half of the average portion of oily fish contains equivalent amounts of beneficial EPA and DHA as those used in the trial. The researchers have now received funding to carry out a larger trial that includes 60 people aged over 65 years to confirm the beneficial effects of the fatty acids. The new trial will recruit similar numbers of men and women. Previous research has shown that men and women differ in their ability to synthesise new protein and also in their response to exercise. “Older women have similar levels of protein synthesis to younger women whereas older men have lower levels compared to younger men.” “Older men adapt to exercise and increase their protein synthesis. Older women don’t do this to a great extent, although their basal levels of synthesis are higher,” Dr Gray explained. Assessing whether women and men respond differently to exercise and fatty acid supplements will be one of the questions that the new trial will address.


Look Good Feel Great Fish oils may ‘help slow age decline’

Cambridge 800. The Weight Evolution.




People who’ve lost sense of smell offered fresh hope

Researchers managed to reverse the problem in mice bred to have the human genetic disorder called congenital anosmia. They may be able to adapt the procedure to reverse loss of smell caused by ageing or disease. The technique regrows parts of cells known as cilia that are essential for olfactory function, according to a study published online in Mature Medicine. Dr James Battey, director of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (NIDCD) in the US, said: ‘These results could lead to one of the first therapeutic options for treating people with congenital anosmia. ‘They also set the stage for therapeutic approaches to treating diseases that involve cilia dysfunction in other organ systems, many of which can be fatal if left untreated.’ Cilia protrude from the surface of cells. Sensory defects, including blindness, and loss of hearing or smell may accompany these disorders. Olfactory dysfunction can be a symptom of a newly recognised class of genetic disorders, known as ciliopathies which range from kidney to eye disease. The disorders are caused by the antenna-like ‘cilia’ projections on cells that help them sense their environment. Dr Jeffrey Martens, of the University of Michigan, and colleagues and colleagues found a mutation in on a protein called IFT88 is associated with human cilio conditions. Mice deficient in

this protein have shortened and malformed cilia on neurons within the nose and are unable to perceive odours. But delivery of a virus expressing IFT88 into the nose of these mutant mice rescued cilia defects and the mice responded to odourous molecules. The researchers also found the treatment restores suckling and feeding behaviours that are controlled by olfactory function in these mice. The study could raise hopes of reversing loss of smell caused by ageing or disease. Impairment in the sense of smell is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and even normal ageing. Smell is one of our oldest senses, and the one most closely linked to memory. It is probably related to simple chemosensation exhibited by some of the very first uni-cellular creatures on this planet. The olfactory bulb, a structure in the brain that receives nerve signals from the nose, has direct connections to other parts of the brain such as the amygdala, which controls memory, and the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in processing thoughts. The researchers plan to continue their work by developing another mouse model to look at the impact on olfactory function and the potential for restoring function when the IFT88 gene is completely missing, rather than just mutated. Future studies could begin to plot a way to bring this therapeutic tactic to human study volunteers, which could eventually restore the sense of smell, and a better quality of life, to people who are born with anosmia. Further research could also advance the treatments for other ciliopathies, as these findings show that gene therapy is a viable option for the functional rescue of cilia in established, already differentiated cells.

People born without a sense of smell could enjoy their first aromas, after a scientific breakthrough.

950 634 562

PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING Fully qualified technicians trained by Harley Street, London Safe & pain free treatment using no bleach or peroxide Contact: Melanie 659142448 Sam: 648721791

Tel:950 475 403 indigogimnasio

special offer + +

6 month membership

only €150 (= 25€ per month)

Hotel Plaza Indigo Tobaccanist Puntazo Gym

BBME Hotel Maui bar Parador




tyles hair & Beauty Cut & Blow Dry Colour, Cut & Blowdry Gents Cut Foils Flab-U-Loss Fitness Plate

Comercial Centre

644 496 198 678 992 093

Facials Non-Surgical Face Lift Manicure/Pedicure Waxing Shellac Gel Nails Spray Tanning

Book your appointment now on 644 496 198

Opposite Gillee’s Bar, Turre - call us for more info or visit







Our therapy suite is positioned in a peaceful and relaxing, self-contained room on the right hand side of La Vida in Cucador. It has disabled access and its own entrance, plenty of car parking and wonderful views over olive groves. If you wish to book a top-to-toe pamper day, include lunch or you wish to purchase a gift voucher, you can contact the individual therapist direct or email us at: Beauty Therapy – Sandra 661 858 949 or Melissa 626 144 680

hair & beauty

Autumn is here and we have some wonderful offers! How about a bit of colour that could change your Entire look

 ur UK fully-qualified therapists are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9am to O 1.30pm to pamper you… we offer a full range of Facials plus Waxing, Tinting, Manicure, Pedicure or a set of Gel Nails from 15€!

SEPTEMBER OFFERs Full Head Foils incl Cut and Finish from 44.50€

Holistic Massage – Melissa 626 144 680  elissa, who is UK fully-qualified with over 10 years experience, offers a range of relaxing massage M treatments: from a simple Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage to Hot Stone treatments. A course of Reflexology is also available.

Wet or Dry Cuts 9.50€

Almeria Angels – Sandra 902 026 468

Gents Clipper Cuts 5€

 Well-being Clinic is held once a month with Sandra a fully-qualified nurse. Book yourself in for a A health “MOT”, this includes Blood Pressure, Mole Check, Breast Check, Urine Analysis and much more, as well as general health & medical advice, at only 12.50€.

Full Set of Acrylic Nails €37

Laser Lipo – Paula 638 343 729 Help to shift those inches in a pain-free way with the Laser Lipo.

Body Piercing from 20€

Ice White Teeth – Sam & Mel 657 379 878  am & Mel use the latest revolutionary LED technology, with no bleach or peroxide, to bring up the S whiteness of your teeth and transform your smile. Special offers are available for couples.

Head, Shoulder, Body Massage and Reiki available from October with Lorraine Cundy

Relaxation Class – Liz 667 979 445 Join Liz Hill, our Yoga therapist, on Tuesday afternoons for her new relaxation class.

Shiatsu Therapy – Wendy 671 851 135 Do you suffer with: Back/Neck problems, Stress/Insomnia, Headache/Migraine? Shiatsu will help. Shiatsu therapy is very much hands-on, which promotes normal healing for general wellbeing. The recipient is treated fully-clothed. Wendy, fully-qualified in the UK, is available from 3pm.

If you are a fully-qualified therapist and want to know more about Rretreat or to book a room, call Chrissie on 647 379 878

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950 930 167 or 628 669 456



Do You Enjoy Singing? On Wednesday September 26th Crescendo International Choir is holding a social open evening. Please come along to chat to our members in informal surroundings, join in the singing – there will be song sheets available, and partake in drinks and nibbles. We will all be there to answer your questions and give you an enjoyable evening of sing-song. Why not join the Crescendo International Choir. We sing a variety of songs from opera to nursery rhymes, and in several languages including Latin, Zulu and Spanish! 5 or 6 times a year we give concerts in the local area, usually for charity. Do you have a good voice? It doesn’t matter! (Unless you want to sing solo!) ...Join Crescendo International Choir. Have you ever sung in a choir before? Then now’s the time to start! ...Join Crescendo International Choir. Do you want to meet new people? ...Join Crescendo International Choir. Can you sing in tune? You may, or may not, know! ...Join Crescendo International Choir. Sing with us and listen to decide if you would like to come to rehearsals. Speak to the musical director to find out what your voice range is and whether you can sing in tune, and if you are a bass or tenor – you will be even more welcome. If you are interested in becoming a member of our friendly choir, just come along to Bar El Paraiso, urb. Jardin de Mar (close to Carrefour) Wednesday 26th September at 5:30. Or phone Phyl on 965077457 or Mary 965725641 if you would like more information. Or check out our Website: There will be no charge until you become a member...

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HELP Murcia Mar Menor Late Summer Fayre

HELP Murcia Mar Menor held a late Summer Fayre at the Arches restaurant, Los Alcazares on 6th September. The highlight of the afternoon was the fashion show by Ziggy’s lovely ladies, followed by the Crazy Ladies who entertained everyone with their energetic tap dancing, and then line dancing by the Arches’ splendid line dancing team and a demonstration of jiving and salsa. There were also many stalls selling bargains. 491 Euroswas made from the afternoon to enable HELP MMM to continue its aim of loaning out mobility equipment, visiting people in hospital, providing assistance where it is needed and giving to good causes. Please ring our office on 968 570 059 for details on how we can help...

FUNDRAISING AT JOLLY’S BAR IN QUESADA FOR AECC Jolly’s Bar in Quesada hosted a fund-raising day for AECC in July, “in memory of Marchello”, which eventually raised the impressive sum of €1400 to go to the cancer charity. Fund-raiser Jackie Chisholm enlisted the help of Chantelle Cass, Donna Williams, Jean Nye and Lana Barkley to raise this amount with a combination of tombola, tabletop sales and a whole day of fun. Maria Wilson, new local President of AECC, is seen receiving the cheque from the team of fund-raisers.


Pet cats turn feral, grow to 4ft and stalk countyside, claims professor

Pet cats are turning feral and growing to more than 4ft in the wild, a British professor has claimed. Stephen Harris, professor of environmental sciences at Bristol University, said that since wolves and other large animals had become extinct in the UK, a gap had opened for a large predator. He believes the niche could be being filled by previously domesticated cats which have turned feral and grown to large sizes. It may explain sightings of the so-called Essex lion which was apparently spotted in Clactonon-sea over the weekend. While lions, leopards and pumas are unlikely to be found on the prowl in Britain, a number of pet cats turned feral could be causing the confusion, claims Professor Harris. The domestic animals can be as long as 4ft from nose to tip of tail in Britain and Mr Harris claimed he had seen domestic cats growing to more than 5ft in Australia. Prof Harris, said: “There are no leopards or pumas out there but we do have a population of feral cats – domestic cats that have gone wild – and some of them are getting surprisingly large. “They’re living by themselves, no-one is responsible for them.” Unlike in Australia, where the animals are considered to be pests and are shot dead and measured, here their size tends to be assessed less scientifically, by comparing them to the background they are spotted against, he said. “I don’t think these pose a threat to anyone,” Prof Harris told Radio 4’s Today programme. But he suggested they could fill the

gap vacated by wolves in this country as there are no longer any big predators roaming in the wild here. His comments came after residents and holidaymakers reported seeing what they took to be an escaped lion on the loose in the tiny Essex village of St Osyth recently. The beast was spotted in a field on Sunday and captured in grainy mobile phone footage, which left most people none the wiser as to its identity. The claims sparked a major police operation and panic among locals. But by yesterday the “lion” had been downgraded to a large domestic cat, possibly called Tom or Teddy Bear. It is believed a pet sparked the scare and a list of possible candidates was being compiled.

Rodney Trotter stars in election campaign

Only Fools and Horses fall guy Rodney Trotter is being used in a political campaign to show up a mayoral election candidate as a right plonker. Pictures of actor Nicholas Lyndhurst - who plays Del Boy’s hapless brother in the TV comedy have been plastered up all over Novi Sad, Serbia, to humiliate current Mayor Igor Pavlicic. Local critics have dubbed the Town Hall leader ‘Rodney’ because they say his ducking and diving

Cow rescued after getting stuck up tree

Firefighters had a shock call-out when they were asked to rescue a cow that had got stuck in a tree. The 660lb calf, called Sparkle, had plunged more than 100ft down an embankment and landed in the tree, reports the Daily Telegraph. Owner Philip Armstrong had noticed the animal was missing from his farm, near Penrith, Cumbria. During the delicate four-hour rescue operation, the Pedigree dairy shorthorn heifer was sedated by vets before being winched to safety by fire crews using specialist equipment and slings. Mr Armstrong said that the animal had been left “sore and bruised” by the ordeal, but was otherwise unharmed. “It was a happy ending to a very stressful afternoon,” said his mother, Sandra. A spokesman for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service said three fire crews were involved in the rescue. “They had to wear body armour in case a stray hoof lashed out at them,” he said. “It was extremely tired and exhausted. It was very, very still and in quite a deep state of shock. “The vet checked the cow over and it seemed reasonably happy and relatively unscathed.”

makes him just like his namesake on the hit show. “He looks like him and he acts like him too. The show is very popular over here so everyone knows who we mean,” explained one critic. The posters feature Rodney actor Lyndhurst and the caption ‘He is Over’ in Serbian cyrillic script. But Mayor Pavlicic has hit back at critics, accusing them of making a fool of him. “It’s too personal. I’ve had to move my family out of the city because of all this pressure,” he told local

media. “I am sure that the citizens of Novi Sad will recognize this as a lynch mob atmosphere and will support me. Therefore I want to tell the opposition I am not as much of a plonker as they claim I am.” The posters featuring Rodney actor Lyndhurst were put up all over the city centre including outside the mayor’s headquarters. Mayor Pavlicic added: “The series is not only popular in Serbia but throughout the whole Balkan region. They are just trying to humiliate me.”


weird & wonderful news...



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Richard Winter and Tony Sim, of Neater Heater have decided that, in this time of financial crisis, they are going to absorb four recent cost increases, and maintain last year’s prices until 2013. “This Summer” Richard informed us “our overheads have increased at four key points: Manufacture; Transport; Exchange Rate; and now Spanish IVA. Everyone is feeling the pinch. We both realised that we had to reflect this in our pricing structure for the oncoming winter. “Last Year, we decided to build up our stock levels. We now feel that this action will allow us to absorb the impact of our increased overheads over the coming winter. We hope this will keep our customers happy, especially those existing customers who have told us they are intending to buy more Neater Heaters this autumn.” “We have also developed a stand which now allows Neater Heaters to be free standing and, within reason, portable.”Tony Informed us “We have had numerous potential customers who have been recommended Neater Heaters by their friends, but haven’t the wall space available to fit one. However, thanks to our amazing R&D department (Richard’s father-in-law) and a very good local Llofra, we have now solved this problem. The customers who have already bought these free-standing heaters have been delighted with them.” Neater Heater have distributors From Denia all the way down to Mojacar.


COSTA BLANCA SOUTH BENIJOFAR: Vincent Real Estate, (Hazel). Tel. 966 712 440 QUESADA: For home inspections call Colin Tel: 636 537 338 TORREVIEJA: S J & A. Digital Tel. 966 319 253 Playa flamenca: Buster’s Bar Tel: 965 325 120 BLUE LAGOON: The Electrical Shop (Euronics) Tel: 966 188 169 NEATER HEATER DISTRUBUTORS:

COSTA calida

LOS ALCAZARES: For home inspections call Edmund. Tel. 966 765 552 BALSICAS/ SAN JAVIER Sierra Golf Tel 968 018 257 san Javier DFS Spain Tel: 968 334 194 MAZARRON Camposol B. La Red Solutions (Mapfre) Tel. 968 199 025 NEATER HEATER DISTRUBUTORS:


ANTAS. Iron Art Factory Outlet. Tel: 637 259 033 MOJACAR PLAYA. D Match Digital Services. Tel: 950 472 947 Tel: 634 312 171

Forest fire investigations see 371 arrests

A total of 371 people have been arrested or charged for causing forest fires that have wiped out the equivalent of 180,000 football pitches this year alone.

According to minister for agriculture, food and the environment, Miguel Arias Cañete (pictured), says a draft law bill is due to be approved any day now which will offer extra support to Spain’s federal regions to lessen the impact of damage caused by wildfires. Management of rural and forestry areas will be ‘profoundly’ overhauled and Arias Cañete’s department has applied for 97.9 million euros from the European Solidarity Fund to help. In response to heavy criticism at his failure to visit the sites of the forest fires in person, the minister said he considered that politicians turning up in the aftermath of these disasters only hindered the work of firefighters and forestry brigade volunteers, and that he did not think he would help by ‘merely posing for photographs’. The Guardia Civil’s environmental wing, SEPRONA, has investigated and ascertained the causes of 1,220 infernos so far, which has led to the arrest of 371 people for negligence or arson, some of whom have been formally charged. This is one of the worst years for forest fires in decades in Spain, largely due to its having seen the driest winter on record and some of the hottest temperatures in over 60 years throughout the summer.


If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail

POWER OF ATTORNEY Q. My parents are in very bad health and are thinking of moving back to the UK. I understand that they could sign an authorization to me for me to deal with the sale of their property when a purchaser has been found. If this is the case what do we need to do? A. Y  es, it is perfectly possible for your parents to issue you with a power of attorney to deal with the sale of the property. To achieve this you would normally go to a solicitor, who will organize the signing at the notary of the necessary document. Your parents would need to assist at the notary with their passports and a translator (which would normally be organized by the solicitor). The solicitor will send the instructions (minuta) to the notary with the faculties that need to be included. Please note that the power of attorney cannot be used after the person that granted it has deceased.

NON-RESIDENT INCOME TAX Q. W  e are receiving many enquiries about non-resident income tax. What is it ? Do we really have to pay it if we do not rent out our property? / What do you recommend we do if we have never paid it? A. T  o avoid any doubts: If you are non resident of Spain and own a property you must file a non resident income tax return every year even if you have never rented out the property. Please note that the tax office has no obligation of informing you of this. Do not confuse this tax with rates (IBI), which is a local tax and nothing to do with non-resident tax. If you have never paid it I recommend you approach a solicitor like ourselves to take care of putting things back into good order.

Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.




At some stage between the last lesson and this, we would have been on location to draw outdoors trying to come to grips with perspective, weather, etc., but people keep getting in the way!?



Unbeatable prices, subject to availability The longest established Spa specialist in this part of Spain

Sole distributor for ‘Premium Leisure’ All Spas are CE certified


love tub z40

5 Person, 33 chrome jets 5 person, 40 jets, Air Blower, Aromatherapy 2x massage pumps, LED colour mood light automatic filtration ozone, Headrests, Therapy Seat double lounger, Lounger and Waterfall waterfall, LED Mood lights dims: 200 x 196 x 81cm Dims: 210 x 210 x 81

So we will now turn our attention to drawing people - perhaps the most daunting prospect for any artist...


I have spoken with various landscape artists that tell me they deliberately leave people out as the subject is more interesting without them...

650 722 905 or 650 769 103

No deposit - Payment on completion & satisfaction

But I tend to disagree, saying that the inclusion of the human form adds human interest, and it is more likely that people have been omitted as the artist just finds them too hard.

also Ex-Display & used spas @ even bigger discounts a spa for every budget!!!

But art isn’t about omitting something because we can’t do it! So how do we start? By observation of course! Many artists through history have done self-portraits of themselves as they can practice painting something that they see every time they look in a mirror. (And when they get it wrong, they don’t feel thy have to apologise to the model!)

Smith is used with permission.) So when drawing an eye, remember it is a sphere and try to imagine the whole of it, shading it as a sphere and wrapping the eyelids around it - I think this portrait photo I shot of Estella clearly shows what I mean by this.

BBC1 BBC2 ITV1,2,3,4 C4 Sky News + more. No monthly subscriptions direct from satellite. Full Installation Including receiver from...

Here is an early one I did of myself over 30 years ago in my long-haired hippy era! (I have changed a bit since then...)

One off price €195 ITV BBC CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5

Of course we could spend weeks just studying the human eye, but there is so much more to a portrait. There are various rules of thumb of course, like the eyes are separated by the width of another eye and that they are always half way up the head.

So we will look at proportions, study the shapes, look for planes, shadows, the hidden skull shape, etc and draw faces in the same way as we will have tackled still lifes and location work.

But if we look at an eye we also need to understand a little biology to realise it is in fact a sphere set into a socket to protect it.

I suggest practicing with self portraits unless you have a sympathetic friend/ partner that is prepared to sit for you. Next week in the last of this course, we shall be tackling the nude - life drawing and we will have a professional life model to pose for us - unless any of the class wants to volunteer of course!

SKY Full package on

20 € ly

Internet High Speed Unlimited downloads from

€15 per month

Phone 200 minutes only €4

Free landline to UK, Europe, America, etc Call for installation quotations in your area 606 297 825 or see our website for more information. or email:

So we can begin to try to capture the beauty of the human form without the worry of offending anyone as the model will have seen a lot worse.

Martin the artist’s 6 week observational art course will run on Mondays starting on October 1st from 10am to 1pm in his studio in Rojales and costs 30 Euros with materials provided. I guess we are all familiar with the shape of a skull & the two large sockets that house the eyeballs. (This picture of an eyeball by Rudy Joseph

To book phone Martin on 648 535 165 or email martin@

per month

vat price freeze until 30 september


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price €230,000

Well designed Villa in the sought after development Al Andalus Villas The private plot measures 275.44 m². The property has a built area of 96.96 m² distributed between living / dining room, kitchen and utility room, 2 double bedrooms and a family bathroom on the ground floor. The upper level is comprised of hallway, terrace, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and its own terrace.

The ground level also has a front and back terrace with a built area of 35.23 m² and a patio and garden area with 200.75 m². From the terrace off the master bedroom one can see the sea at a distance. The current owners have carried out extensive work and as a result the property has been

improved considerably, everything in the property is of the highest quality. The gated development benefits from a swimming pool and mature gardens and it is situated approximately 2 km from the sea. A major supermarket and a private school are virtually around the corner. Everything else is within a short drive including 5 golf

courses and the coastal resorts of Mojacar and Vera Playa. A must see property for those looking for something special and with the right budget. For more information or to book a viewing appointment please visit our office or contact us via phone or email. Ref: 1209

Paseo del Mediterraneo 197 - Mojacar - Almeria

Tel: 950 472 430 / 610 053 563

property group

property guide....

MOB: 629688153 / 669557487

cALL 663 977 230 or EMAIL:

0 0 0 , 5 1 €






TEL: 950 396 908



1 bed/1 bathroom, new kitchen white goods, parking, Nice views of Cortijo Grande golf Mojacar approx 7 mins. T: 664 291 793

(Next to the Miramar Restaurant)

Open: Monday-Friday 10.00am-3.30pm




Lubrin A rare opportunity to purchase a property of this type and style in the picturesque village of Bedar. The house includes 2 bedrooms and terraces to the front and rear. A great location in the centre of the village.

ONLY 99,000€

Luxury Villa Reduced by 95,000€ for a Quick Sale

Apartment For Sale



Contact: 607 705 085 or 687 938 466 C/Llanos, Bedar


On the edge of the pretty mountain village of Partaloa - 3 Bed, 2 Bath - Huge Living Room - 8 x 4 metre Enclosure - Pool & many extras - Mains, Electric, Water & Sewage.


€165,000 Tel: 950 591 871 or (0044) 7891 457029

for sale

Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

Tel: 950 478 834

plot of land of 800m2 & villa 125m2 brick built up to & including roof Wonderful location & exceptional views yet 5 mins to town with all amenities. Fully legal with escritora must be viewed!

farmhouses & equestrian properties For Sale

To view or for more details 609 199 394

Bargain Price - only 65,000€

Urgently required clients waiting to view

...CALL 902 750 190 OR 950 121 936 ~ EMAIL: SALES@SOLTIMES.COM



luxury tingdene park home 10un% ll t on a

Disco ing until this utter

Situated on a well established residential park close to the historic town of Anteequera, approximately 30 miles north of Malaga.

The property overlooks olive groves and mountains to the rear. Large outdoor swimming pool and 12m x 22m heated indoor pool for all-year round use, with adjoining gymnasium for residents use. The property is fenced on 3 sides and has a large shaded car port alongside the house (to protect the car from sun not rain). Fully carpeted throughout. Economical gas central heating throughout, and double glazed. Entrance hall leading to large lounge and adjoining dining room. Furnished to a high standard including….. 2 and 3 seater settees, coffee tables, fitted electric fire, dining table with 4 matching chairs, corner display unit, 5 drawer storage unit, stereo unit with drawers, wall mounted air con unit, flat screen TV and glass fronted TV unit. Fully fitted kitchen, breakfast bar, 2 stools, NEFF electric cooker and gas hob. Indesit freezer. Leading to…..Utility room with fridge, freezer, washing machine, large built in storage cupboard. Double glazed door leading to outside. Master bedroom. Fully fitted with en suite shower and adjoining walk in wardrobe, luxury king sized bed. Air con unit and ceiling fan with light. This room gets the morning sun with views to the mountains. Bedroom 2… fitted full width wardrobes and integral vanity unit. Double bed with storage drawers and ceiling fan and light. Bedroom 3…single bed and wardrobe, currently used as an office. Separate bathroom, with full size bath. The home is being sold virtually fully furnished with a good selections of crockery, kitchen utensils, lamps, wall pictures etc. To the rear there is a large raised shaded area running the full width of the property, perfect for in the evening watching the sun go down……gin and tonic in hand! We have our own fitted satellite dish to receive UK TV channels. Garden shed and long storage box included.

Price reduced to sell - 64,950 GBP

For appointment to view and further details telephone:

625 410 735 or 699 803 827

Genuine reason for sale - Owners relocating with Job

Sol Insure A New Ray Of Light For Insurance

g h pt wit e S h 30t advert r 50€) e v o s r (orde


andalucias approved stockist and distributor of floplast products

Full installation service or DIY 3 designs / 4 colours available Parque Ind El Real, Calle El Garcel 11, Antas, Exit 534 E15 Autovia Tel: 950 459 060 M. 638 063 196 / 649 482 677

Find us on

950 472 098

Motor Vehicle insurance – do your documents tell you what you are covered for? Policies for Spanish & UK registered vehicles. Policies include legal assistance and breakdown cover...

Do you have this with you current prov r ider... P ro te

c ti o n o f yo u r N o C la im s B onus??? A c o m p re h e n s ive C o u rte sy C a r C ove r a ls o in c lu d in g b re a kd o w n ???

Building and Contents insurance via Lloyds of London, giving you cover you recognize and need for permanent homes, holidays homes & let properties... Other products to suit your needs:Travel, Community, Commercial, Marine, Touring Caravan, Golf...

In Association with BWI Bryan White Insurance (with over 20yrs insurance experience, 8yrs in the expat community) Exclusive Insurance Agency of Certain Syndicates At Lloyds


Bulga ria

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Condado De Alhama Res





(polaris world res


FOR DINNER& SHOW starters prawn cocktail 20.00â‚Ź chicken & potato soup

spicy chicken livers main course beef in a red wine sauce served with chip vegetarian pizza chicken in a mushroom sauce served wit pork kavama served with rice or chi dessert pancakes with chocolate tiramasu strawberry cheesecake




ps or rice

th rice ips

Sunda y roast dinner SOLTIMES SEPTEMBER 2012


at Bistro Bulgaria

starting on 16th of September served Between 1pm & 4.30pm

starters prawn cocktail soup salad spicy crispy mushroom´s

main course choice of chicken, beef or lamb served with fresh mixed vegetables, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and 2 COURSES € 8.00 parsnips.

3 COURSES € 0 0 . 0 1

desserts chocolate mousse creme caramel home made cheesecake


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OPEN for business

tel: 950 930 900 968 969 962 Solar Hot Water & Pool Heating Full Heating Installations Water Treatment Systems Water Deposits & Pumps

Solar Oil Gas Solid Fuel pellet

fully legal company with public liability insurance • Cortijo Pipa, Avda de Limaria 1, Limaria, arboleas

BUY BUY Auction Subasta S.L.


Everything for sale, from household items, cars, antiques, houses & much, much more! Watch out for our opening day

Italy recession deeper than first estimated

The Italian economy shrank by 0.8% between April and June, slightly more than previously estimated, official figures have shown.

A bigger drop in investment and consumer spending accounted for the downward revision from the 0.7% contraction estimated last month. Meanwhile, the French central bank has said it expects the country’s economy to contract in the third quarter. This is despite figures showing a surprise rise in industrial production. Italy’s economy shrank by 2.6% compared with a year earlier, compared with the previous estimate of 2.5%, the national statistics institute Istat said. Compared with the previous quarter, domestic consumption fell by 0.7%, while investment dropped


Mosquito Screens & Blinds

• Pull down / Sliding Blinds replacement windows & doors & Screens, Windows & Patios Aluminuim & UPVC fitted • Vertical Blinds & made to measure • Security Grills Supplying & fitting windows • Awnings & doors for 25 years

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Solar Panels

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• New and secondhand solar products bought and sold • Battery Reconditioning and installation service available • Full solar systems available from 350€ Van wanted • 3000 watt inverter charger 850€ SOLAR Citroen • 230 watt solar panels 299€ POWER C15/Berlingo or similar... • Solar charge controllers from 35€ • MPPT from 100€ up to 30%more power • Batteries from 60€ inverters from 60€ for 700watt inverter • 2v Traction batteries from 275€ set of 6 � Double insulated 4mm solar cable 1 per mtr • 690watt grid tie system no paperwork needed just plug in a socket and save money easiest system on the market 1500€

Another eurozone heavyweight economy, France, is also set for contraction, following three consecutive quarters of zero growth. On Monday, the country’s central bank confirmed it expected the economy to shrink by 0.1% in the current quarter. This is despite figures from the national statistics institute, Insee, showing that industrial production rose by a higher-than-expected 0.2% in July compared with the previous month. On Sunday, French President Francois Hollande said he expected economic growth in France to be “barely above zero” in 2012, which chimes with the latest forecast from the OECD of 0.1% growth this year. The body has forecast a contraction in the Italian economy of 2.4% this year.

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The Italian economy - the eurozone’s third largest - has contracted for the past four quarters as the government has implemented a series of drastic spending cuts designed to cut its debt levels, which currently stand at more than the country’s annual economic output.

The Best Deal for Miles


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

“It’s worse than we expected and the size of the contraction in consumer spending is a particularly nasty surprise,” said Unicredit economist Loredana Federico.


New Walls New Roofs Structual Alterations professional bricklayer Building for you Phone Gerard - 626 730

by 2.3%.





Professional, reliable, handy man available for all the jobs he doesn’t get round to, including Van Removals, Painting, Small Plumbing Jobs, Shelves, Garden Clearance, All Outside Work. Walls, Stone Cladding, Rendering etc. Good hourly / daily rate. 6 yrs in the area.

Call Jim 677 557 190 Evenings 950 930 596 References available. Pics of work completed.

t.950 459 253



Poligono, El Real, Calle El Garcel F19 no 2, Antas, Almeria, 04628


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English Mobile Mechanic

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France’s Hollande vows economic recovery in two years

French President Francois Hollande has outlined a series of budget measures, including cuts, aimed at achieving economic recovery within two years. “I have to set the course and the pace” to combat “high joblessness, falling competitiveness and serious deficits”, he said in a televised interview. “My mission is a recovery plan and the time frame is two years,” he added. Critics have accused the Socialist president of procrastination since his election in May.

During the interview, Mr Hollande outlined a series of measures, including spending cuts and extra taxes totalling 30bn euros (£24bn). “We will not spend a euro more in 2013 than in 2012”, he said. He also said that a planned 75% upper tax rate to be imposed on annual income above 1m euros (£800,000; $1.28 million) could be dropped after two years. Polls have shown that the public is losing confidence in the government, the BBC’s correspondent in Paris reported.


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Insecticide bath treatment that covers tics & fleas for upto 3/4 weeks - same price as a normal bath (prices vary on size of dog)

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Paving Specialist... Bespoke Paving to suit all !!

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professional dog grooming parlour Lisa is City & Guilds qualified she sets the standard Others Try to follow

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Sundance Spas ®


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950 472 845

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Quesada Office Now open near La Marquesa Golf Course Whether you are buying or selling a property...

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Sales Departments:

C/Bizet Local 6, Centro Comercial, La Siesta 03184 Tel: 0034 966 785 907 Fax: 0034 966 785 240 Email: Web: Avenida Quesada Ballester, local 6B, 03170 Rojales Tel: 0034 966 111 511 Fax: 0034 966 111 103 Email:

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The Camposol Sector D Gardening and Community Group held a Jubilee Dance in the Golf Club in conjuction with the Camposol FAST (First Aid Support Team) . A raffle was held and 529 euros was raised. A further 121 euros were raised by a FAST relative in a sponsored swim in the UK. This total of 650 euros was presented to the FAST Coordinator, Gerry Bradshaw by Les and Linda Crook of the D Group’s Fundraising Committee. FAST volunteers can be seen at the back of the presentation. New volunteers are always required and if you would like to consider becoming one then contact FAST Coordinator on 634313572

REDEDICATION OF THE LA SIESTA GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE A rededication service was held at La Siesta Parish Evangelist Church, Garden of Remembrance on Tuesday 4 September. The Service given by the Reverend Chris Scargill, was attended by members of the various British Legions from the area, the standards were carried by Torrevieja Royal British Legion, the Royal Air Force Association and The Royal Marines Association. The Service was to dedicate and hallow the ground around the Garden of Remembrance where a new pathway had been laid to allow access to wheelchair users and others with similar disabilities. Pam Brooks who was one of the founder members of the branch and a wheelchair user herself, was chosen to cut the ribbon and the last post was played by John Atkins. The day ended with an excellent meal at Portico Mar which was attended by 80 people

The Royal British Legion would like to thank people for their donations especially the Royal Airforce Association for their donation of 250 euro, and the Royal Naval Association also for their donation of 250 euro. May we sincerely apologise to the Royal Naval Association who did not attend due to an oversight in the invitations and the Chairman of the Torrevieja Branch wishes to apologise for this error.




Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Madrid to Gran Canaria on Friday suffered a loss of cabin pressure and noticed a “strong smell of burning”, but have since complained that the cabin crew told them nothing about what was going on.


“Lots of people needed medical attention for bleeding eardrums, and they still haven’t given us any explanation. More than 20 people stayed behind in Madrid, some out of fear, and others because they were receiving medical treatment”, one of the passengers told journalists after the incident. Another passenger said “it all happened about half an hour or 40 minutes after taking off from Madrid”. According to some of the passengers on board, the airline has still not given them any explanation for the incident. “There was a strong smell of burning and we didn’t know where it was coming from. Afterwards, once we’d landed, they gave medical treatement to some of the passengers whilst still on board, but they didn’t give us any explanation”, said the same passenger on reaching the arrivals gate at Gran Canaria airport. Gonzalo Álamo stated that the crew were completely silent for about 15 minutes, causing “panic to break out”. “I would not have got back on board the same aircraft,” he explained, “but we saw they’d brought a different plane, so that’s why I got on”. Another passenger, Juan Manuel López, told the press how “everyone was really scared, one girl even started calling her family from her mobile phone to say goodbye to them”. “In Madrid there was no-one waiting for us and we had to go to the Ryanair office to find out what was going on,” he said. After a while they said we would probably be going back on the same aircraft, which didn’t go down well at all, but in the end it was a different one”, he added. José Luis, another passenger on the flight, complained of a “complete lack of attention”, saying that even the information they gave out on board was in English, when the vast majority of the passengers were Spanish. “I travel frequently with Ryanair, and the flight felt wrong right from the start, something wasn’t right because the plane was struggling to climb, struggling to reach altitude even after fifteen minutes, then suddenly there was a really loud noise and the oxygen masks dropped down. There’s a moment when you’re really nervous and don’t know if the oxygen is getting through, but no-one was without oxygen at any point,” he explained.



There is safety in numbers! LIBERTY SEGUROS has been protecting assets globally for more than 100 years and has over 150.000 expat clients alone! LIBERTY SEGUROS is one of the largest insurance and financial services groups in the world and their Golf Insurance Policy guarantees you peace of mind whilst playing this magnificent sport which is fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes with people of all ages playing the game. Golfing is a hobby, a socialising tool and to many, a workout. With hundreds of golf courses to choose from in Spain, together with an ideal climate and stunning scenery, playing a couple of rounds could be the perfect stress reliever. Perhaps you wouldn’t feel so relaxed if you knew that each year, thousands of golf injuries require hospital treatment, and millions of Euros worth of expensive golfing equipment gets damaged or stolen. If you add to this the risk of having to pay out substantial damages if you are found liable for a shot that caused injury, no matter how slight the risk, you would be surprised to discover that 9 out of 10 golfers have insufficient specialist golf insurance! Don’t be fooled into thinking that your household insurance policy will cover you. Household policies are just that; they are not specialist golf policies and have insufficient cover for sporting injuries and thefts. LIBERTY SEGUROS´ Golf Insurance gives you absolute peace of mind whilst playing at any officially recognized club ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! • They cover equipment and clubs against fire and theft as a result of intimidation or violence whilst they are stored with the caddy-master, at the professional shop or whilst being transported by the insured. • Breakage and/or damage to equipment during the course of play. • Personal Accidents; death, permanent disability and medical expenses resulting from accidental injury occurring in the Golf Club. • Third Party Liability up to 100,000€ when playing on the course of officially recognized clubs. This also covers accidents occurring abroad, provided that liability would have applied to the insured had the same accident occurred in Spain. • Extraordinary expenses as a result of achieving a Hole-in-One whilst playing in officially recognized competitions at any Golf Club throughout the world. Let no one put you off your shot and contact LIBERTY SEGUROS today. They represent experience, strength, resources and dedication; LIBERTY SEGUROS is committed to finding the very best means of providing its clients with piece of mind.

For further information or to find a broker that speaks your language go to: or call: 902 255 258

advertising feature

Ryanair under attack again for lack of customer care


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Down 1 It could be gross since coming back into the colliery (6) 2T  rain toilet comes up after first session’s extremely clownish (6) 3 Within twenty left (4) 4M  usic room perhaps for duos - it could be with some work (6) 5P  eople like me taking good man in bunches (8) 6E  xamination, in part without piano (10)


Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword




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Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend Albert Camus





THE CITY OF TRURO MALE VOICE CHOIR Enjoy the best TV CORNISH CHORISTERS TO OFFER TORREVIEJA CONCERTS The powerful male voices which make up the “City of Truro Male Voice Choir” should prove enough to lift the roof of concert venues in the ‘City of Salt’ this autumn!! This accomplished and numerous male voice choir will be performing in Torrevieja during the very first week of October 2012. Concert dates are as follows:MONDAY 1st October at 20.30h in the ‘Palacio de la Música’. Admission will cost only 3 Euros and the proceeds donated to local ALZHEIMER’S association, “AFA”. THURSDAY 4th October at 20.45h in the Parrish church of the ‘Inmaculada Concepción’. Admission free. This concert will also feature local, Scandinavian mixed choir “Coro Nórdico de Torrevieja”. DON’T MISS THESE OUTSTANDING CHORAL CONCERTS!!

At the best price Change over to Torresat for

Pay 9 consecutive months by Direct Debit and receive

€69 3 Months FREE terms & conditions may apply


TV and RadioChannels Including: Premier Movies

Adult Channels etc





FROM 50€

Although the ‘City of Truro Male Choir’ of today, is recognised as having been formed as recently as 2002, its history dates back much further. Back in 1942, in the midst of the Second World War, a group of four men formed the ‘Carnon Valley Male Voice Choir’ and held their practices after having completed their daily duties as members of the ‘Home Guard’. The musical director was Gordon Hall, then the organist at Falmouth Parrish church. At the end of the war, in 1945, the choir expanded under the direction head teacher, Arnold Williams who remained in the post for the next twenty-eight years! During this period, the now 65 choristers won the County Music Festival on a number of occasions. Meanwhile, in 1945 and only five miles away, ‘Chacewater and District Male Voice Choir’, under the direction of BBC musician, Foster Manley, was formed and offered their first pubic concert in November of that year. Over the following years, this choir too, went on to participate in Cornish music festivals, picking up a number of awards on the way. Whilst these two neighbouring choirs performed together on a number of occasions, it was not until the early 1990’s that the two musical groups amalgamated to form the “Chacewater and Carnon Vale Male Voice Choir”. With boosted numbers and under the baton of Ann Birch, over the next seven years, the choir participated in festivals from Truro to Cheltenham and set off on their very first overseas tour to Germany. In 2002 the “Chacewater and District Male Voice Choir” moved its headquarters to Cornwall’s capital, Truro and logically, a change of name for the choir became necessary. It was in this year that the “City of Truro Male Choir” came into being. Already an accomplished choir, in May of this same year, these Cornish choristers went on to win the coveted ‘Senior Calls Challenge Cup’ at the prestigious Cheltenham Music Festival. Other recognition quickly followed through the awarding of choral prizes and the choir travelled to various parts of Great Britain to offer their quality style of music. During 2007, the “City of Truro Male Choir” began to further increment its numbers through the interest of younger singers, something which has continued since then and led to the future strength of the choir. In March of 2008, “City of Truro” participated in the Cornwall Music Festival, winning the Holman cup (Male Voice Choir – Championship Class), the Everett Heath cup (best adult choir performance) and the Jose cup (for best overall choir performance). The marks achieved by the choir in all categories were equivalent to “outstanding” and one of the principal judges commented, “Rousing, catching, magical. A rich, full texture still reverberating in my ears!” Later that same year, the choir successfully completed and enjoyed an overseas tour to Belgium. City of Truro’s ever-growing reputation for quality is a result of the meticulous standards which have been set by the musical director. Their reputation is confirmed by the large and enthusiastic audiences which attend their concerts and the requests for repeat performances. The “City of Truro Male Voice Choir” have made two albums of their music: “For the Good Times” (2006) and “Feelings” (2009). For more information concerning this outstanding male voice choir, or to listen to some of their music, please see:

3 CHANCES TO WIN!!! Every week 2 lucky couples can win a fabulous, 3

FREE competition

course meal, from our Winter Specials Board menu, with a bottle of wine … and … 1 couple can win a delicious, 9 item English breakfast, including tea or coffee (between 9.30am – 5pm)




MEAL FOR 2: diane ritchie michael penty BREAKFAST FOR 2: david riley

INTERNET telephone High Speed Broadband

International Calls

All calls to fixed landlines, 24 hours a day to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland,Iceland, Holland, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

Unlimited Access Unlimited Downloads

You don’t need an existing telephone line


No monthly Line Rentals


only euros month

only euros month

Telephone: 687 684 815 •

t t h a e n g n r i e h T The Evergreen Eateryeen

Great Food Superb Value We serve a wide range of food from lite bites to home-cooked favourites... Served from 11am- 9-30pm every day

Every Monday


Live Killer Pool Competitions

Pop Quiz

with Lynden B, from 9pm

Free Entry. 7pm - Close


saturday 9PM lyndons crazy comedy show

double trouble san miguel de salinas


commercial centre


inn at the green

san javier

ap-7 los montesinos

622 400 321 677 617 434




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OUT & ABOUT..... Downstairs on the sea front next to the Irish Rover Look out for our live entertainment evenings

sunday Roast menu of the day

3 courses €10 3 course - €10.50 night the main course - €7.50 menu of

Bar open 10am - LATE Food served all day from 10.30am Last orders 10pm

3 courses €11.50

regular TRIBUTE SHOWS see website for details

tel: 950 473 099

Club de tenis albox restaurante

Menu del dia Tues - Thurs €8.50 fri - sun €10

Carne a la Brasa - Tapas

Birthdays - Business Meals All kinds of special occasions Paella available 24hrs notice required quiz Tuesday from 8.30pm

THE CRAZY COW BAR & CAFÉ on Mojacar Playa, just opposite Playa Blanca have a new menu available! They are still cooking famous tapas (mini meals) including cottage pie, curry, fishcakes and many other favourites all freshly cooked to order! Just go along and graze on a selection, you will not be disappointed! For more information call 666 891 340 (closed Mondays).

reservations required now taken reservations call in for a menu, open 10am till late telephone: 950 473 135

tranger come S WelRestaurante, Limaria

Hot summer nights and cool music in HOTEL TIKAR’S secret garden. Come relax while enjoying the delicious food and the marvelous music. Due to the success of this annual music series reservations are highly recommended. phone: 950 61 71 31 - www.

showbar & restaurant

The Irish Rover

Your No1 Entertainment Venue in Mojacar for All the Family

eagles tribute

Friday 28th september

christmas day 3 course carvery Lunch 20€ per person children up to age 10 - 12.50€

mojacar playa between Lua & Moma Beach

Menu of the Evening, 3 courses 9.95€ including a drink A la Carte from 6.50€ for a main course Menu of the Day 7.75€ including a drink Wednesday Lunch, Midweek Roast, Beef or Pork & Tea or Coffee €5 Thursday and Friday Steak Night 7.95€ air Lunch-time Menu from 5€ conditioning Sunday Lunch 5€ or 3 course 9.75€ Established 7 years

950 432 719

C/Avda de Almeria 17 - 04639 Turre (Almeria) T: 950 47 96 46

Restaurante pizzeria

Mari Cruz

Specialising in grilled meats, fish & regional dishes Pizzas and pastas to take-away A great variety of wine, beers and tapas Lounge for meetings, company dinners, small events and birthdays...

Now you can follow us on facebook. Find us as “Pizza Mari Cruz”


Unmissable offer! Free Bottle

of La Mancha Red or white wine per couple to take away with any of our night menus

Valid only with this voucher Mon - Sat: 19.00 - 22.00

RESTAURANT PIZZERIA MARI CRUZ is a large restaurant near Total Entertainment in Turre who specialize in grilled meats, fish, local dishes and eat in or take away pizzas. They also offer a wide range of tapas, beers, wines and can cater for any kind of event you may have. Follow them on facebook at ‘Pizza Mari Cruz’ or call 950 47 96 46 for reservations.

The IRISH ROVER on Mojacar Playa serves the Full English Breakfast from 10am – 1pm. 8 items €4.95 or 14 items €6.95! includes tea, coffee or orange juice on a large sunny terrace with fantastic views over the sea. Happy hour 6pm – 8pm with selected bottles at €1, a glass of wine €1, a pint of Amstel €2 or a spirit and mixer €3.50! Sundays is the Famous Irish Rover carvery, 3 meats, 7 fresh veg served 1 – 5pm plus a fun quiz. Bookings are now being taken for Christmas Day Lunch, 3 course carvery lunch at the fantastic price of €20 per person and just €12.50 for children up to 10 years old. A date for your diary is the 28th September which will be an Eagles Tribute Band! Call in for our Christmas lunch menu and for reservations call 950 473 135.

Tel 667 671 578


Cliff & Julie have owned and run THE WELCOME STRANGER RESTAURANT & BAR in Limaria, Arboleas for 7 years and pride themselves in top quality food and service at this hidden gem in the valley of Limaria. They offer classic choices with innovative twists, vegetarian options, all dishes are made on the premises. There are outside terraces available to dine on or to simply enjoy a refreshing drink. Steak Specials Nights on Thursday & Friday with rump steak, homemade chips, peas, mushrooms & tomatoes for just €7.95! The menu of the night and the a la carte menus are available EVERY evening. They also do an extremely popular Sunday lunch (see main ad for more details), bookings advisable and now offer a mid week roast too on a Wednesday – choose between beef and pork for just €5! For more info and to reserve a table call 950 432 719. On 26th September, BEACHCOMBER presents Simply Maria, who you will all know as Dusty and her showgirls and Abba tribute, she will be back to sing all the songs she loves the most! As normal you can enjoy the show and 3 courses for just €15 or simply come along for a drink and to listen and dance the night away! As usual, Beachcomber continues to serve delicious food at affordable prices – you’ll be amazed at the quality and affordability! For more info call 950 473 099.

The Food Crazy cow Cafe cooked with love new menu

ALL YOUR OLD FAVORITES & MORE Crazy Cocktails, Cold Beer & Quality Wine All Food Freshly Cooked To Order You Will Not Be Disappointed Just Ask Your Friends

WE ARE OPPOSITE PLAYA BLANCA, MOJACAR PLAYA SEE YOU THERE XX Opening Times:Tues to Sat 11am - Late, Sun 11am - 5pm Closed Monday Tel: 666 891 340 Email: Thecrazy Cowcafe


free wifi

RESTAURANT CLUB DE TENIS ALBOX is now in it’s second successful year in Albox, run by husband and wife team Rafa and Vanessa, they offer a selection of delicious tapas, carnes a la brasa and a menu del dia everyday (except Monday). There is always a great party atmosphere when they show matches on their big screen or out on their large terrace, over looking the tennis courts and swimming pool! There is an English quiz every Tuesday at 8.30pm so what are you waiting for…. Try restaurant Club de Tenis today! Call 667 671 578 for reservation.

Mesón de

Great Food at Great Prices Tel: 633 684 855

La Alfoquia, Plaza Santa Ana (Opposite the Old Station) Open Everyday 9.30am - 11pm (except Monday) Kitchen open 9.30am - 4pm, 7 - 11pm

ple, Raciones, Tostadas, For exam n Chicke & Tapas, Hamburgers and Chips much, much more!!! just €5 Kentucky Pizzas Fried Chicken

Eat in or Take Away

eat in or take away

Tuesday - Sunday from 7pm

now serving GuiNness & strongbow

Caña with a tapas only €1

Traditional Takeaway Fish & Chips

Opening times 12.30 - 9pm Tues - Sat Opposite Iceland Car Park, Vera

Tel: 663 440 329



Enter our monthly draw

To win fish, chips & mushy peas for 2 people


VidaBar Cucador


ladies friendly darts wed 8pm

all welcome

all Premier league football live

all paraolympic games shown

takeaway food available until 8pm


blackthorn cider & TINTO VERANO on tap

ESTRELLA ONLY 2€ PER PINT Open Every Day 12pm - Late Tel: 950 634 562 book the Venue: For your Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays etc.


perfect scrambled eggs


Mesón de


MENU DEL DIA open every monday 4 Courses with Wine & Coffee

Monday-Saturday inclusive. Lunch 1pm - 4pm

menu del noche

4 Courses with Wine & Coffee Everyday 7pm - 11pm

vegetarian menu available

sunday roast menu del dia

4 courses with bottle of ESTE wine per couple & coffee included Don’t add milk to scrambled eggs... or cream or water, come to that, according to Anne Shooter, a professional cook who trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine. Adding milk or cream might think it will make the eggs taste creamy, but actually the eggs and the liquid will separate during cooking in a most unpalatable way. Instead, mix your eggs in a bowl with a fork until there are no streaks. Melt a generous knob of butter in a saucepan (it is easier to stir eggs in a saucepan than a frying pan), then add the eggs and cook, stirring, over a low to medium heat until the eggs are creamy and moist. They will continue to cook for a minute or so after you take them off the heat, so take them off slightly early to avoid them becoming overdone.

The next frontier for Tabasco?

Raspberry Chipotle

One hundred and forty four years after Edmund McIlhenny and his Tabasco Pepper Sauce began spicing up the way Americans ate, it’s come to this: Raspberry Chipotle Tabasco.

Mr McIlhenny started with a simple family recipe of Tabasco chili, vinegar and salt and he turned it into a multimilliondollar hot sauce empire that has spread across the globe. Tabasco sauce clocks in about 5,000 on the Scoville scale, which is used to measure all things hot and spicy. Its closest competitors, Frank’s Red Hot and Texas Pete, muster half or one quarter of that heat. But now, McIlhenny company has invested in something a little - or a lot - milder.

It remains to be seen whether Raspberry Chipotle Tabasco will be as popular.

The company advertises the



Café Bar


Daily roast cooking

Mon: Roast Lamb Shank Tues: Rabbit in garlic & beer Wed: Roast Pork Knuckle Thurs: Roast Pork Loin Fri: Roast Lamb Shank Sat & Sun: Roast Lamb Shank & Pork Knuckle

children’s menu available

every night Pizza & Pasta

All your favorite pasta dishes including Ravioli, Lasagne, Macaroni, Carbonara, Tortellini new smoking and a wide range of pizzas from conservatory Margaritas to a Meat Feast

raspberry chipotle sauce as ‘a vibrant raspberry puree to make a sweet, smoky, spicy sauce.’ One reviewer commented remarked that he liked the sauce for chicken, but commented that ‘by comparison, it is about half the heat of the chipotle Tabasco sauce.’ The company’s other chipotle sauce, one of seven standard flavors of Tabasco, is about 1,500 on the Soville scale. This means the new raspberry sauce is about as spicy as a pimento. During the Vietnam War, original Tabasco sauce was handed out to American troops as a way to spice up their hum-drum meals. It has since become standard-issue in most Meals Ready-to-Eat for modern soldiers. Her Majesty’s Armed Forces issue Tabasco to troops deployed far from home. The sauce has even become a staple of the diet of NASA astronauts, who crave the salt and and the heat it provides.

The legendary company’s newest flavor, released in June, is the first to openly recognize fruit. Tabasco, and its ubiquitous two ounce bottle, has become a food icon, known as one of the most potent widely-available hot sauces!

Lunch 1pm - 4pm, Freshly Baked Bread Roast Lamb Shoulder & Pork Knuckle, 12oz Entrecote, 20oz T-Bone, 10oz Pork Tenderloin, Roast Potatoes & Fresh Veg.

now open

Open Mon - Sat 8am - 24pm,Sun 10am - 17pm Spanish Tel: 950 430 145 English Tel: 647 730 103

Poligono Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage



We welcome you to enjoy home cooking at its best! from 9am

Breakfast option from 9am See our Daily Specials Board Plus home-made puddings Bar Menu & Snacks Including Burgers, Lasagne, Omelettes, Salads with Home-Made Hand Cut Chips..

FRIDAYS is Cod ‘n’ Chips Beer-battered Atlantic Cod, Homemade Chips, Mushy or Garden Peas… from 5.95€, 12-9pm Also available Saturdays 12-4pm Locally-Brewed Saxon Ale on tap 2.40€ pint

Entertainment Bingo and Play Your Cards Right Eyes Down 2.30pm All Welcome

LA ALFOQUIA, ZURGENA t h e s e n s at i o n a l f r i d ay with t 17 th sep

Live music

saturday music, dancing

Abbie lou

The best & karaoke Pizzas in town nights now showing horse racing daily

ice cream parlour now open taEaket in or

Burger & Pasta Menu PLUS Kids Menu


Open Monday - Friday 8am til late Saturday & Sunday 9am til late

Starting Wednesday 19th September Spot Prizes. Cash Prizes. Rollover Jackpot

Open Mon to Sat 9am - late Call 610 641 567

WHERE ARE WE? As you approach Albox from Arboleas at the BP lights bear right into Avda Lepanto, 100m up we are opposite Ferreteria Lepanto, APSA Shop and a large car park. Entrance also on the Baza Road just up from the lights on the right hand side


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business focus...

Spain euro crisis: Rajoy rejects bailout conditions The British Nurse U.K. REGISTERED COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH NURSE john Voce RN, CPN, RMN CLINICAL PRACTITIONER

ES +34 634 366 890 UK +44 (0) 7982 876 602 Email: Skype: Nurse John James Voce

Mobile English car mechanic

Servicing & repairs on all makes of cars, including replacement cambelts, brakes and welding ITV with Pre-checks For a reliable service at competitive prices Call Peter on 666 161 129 / 603 340 789

Trevi Bar & Restaurant

Package Holidays Cruises

Dragontours Hotels

Ferry & Flight Bookings

Day trips to local festivities

Benidorm & Murcia

Shopping trips

Round-the-world Short-breaks

Departing from Camposol & Puerto de Mazarrón FIND US IN CAMPOSOL SECTOR A COMMERCIAL CENTRE LOCAL 30

Telf. 968 199 021

And he promised that pensioners would not be affected by any decisions.

Mr Rajoy made the pledge in his first television interview since taking office. But he said no decision to request a bailout had been taken.

Under Mr Draghi’s plan, the ECB would agree to buy a potentially unlimited amount of bonds of debt-stricken eurozone members on the condition that these countries made a formal request for bailout funds and stuck to the terms of any deal.

Last week, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled plans to buy bonds from indebted countries - under bailout conditions. Mario Draghi said the ECB would provide a “fully effective backstop”. The aim of the programme was to cut the borrowing costs of debt-burdened eurozone members by buying their bonds. The Spanish government’s implied borrowing costs fell sharply after the announcement. “I am absolutely convinced that everyone will be reasonable but I insist that we haven’t taken a decision,” Mr Rajoy told Spanish state television. “I will look at the conditions. I would not like, and I could not accept, being told which were the concrete policies where we had to cut,” the prime minister added.


Prof Alan Braithwaite, of the Supply Chain Research Centre at Cranfield, said: “We are not arguing that uncompetitive suppliers should be propped up, rather they should be actively encouraged to improve.” The report also found that the rise of low-cost economies and productivity improvements among British

OMTs will be carried out only in conjunction with European Financial Stability Facility or European Stability Mechanism programmes, he said. In other words, countries will still have to request a bailout before the OMTs are triggered. The maturities of the bonds being purchased would be between one and three years and there would be no limits on the size of bond purchases, he added. The ECB will ask the International Monetary Fund to help it monitor country compliance with its conditions.

manufacturers over the past decade have come at the cost of almost 1m jobs and the closure of around 30,000 businesses. The UK manufacturing supply base can no longer “respond to rapid changes in demand,” the report found.

Prof Braithwaite added: “The strategy of large UK manufacturing enterprises to seek low-cost suppliers around the globe is at direct odds with the approach taken in developed countries such as Japan and Germany. “In these countries, indigenous supply is encouraged by large manufacturing enterprises and is acknowledged as leading to competitive advantage due to reduced risks and increased responsiveness.” Foreign




manufacturers, investment in production facilities and the adoption of so- called “lean” efficiency improvements have resulted in a focus on improvement of existing products and processes but not growth and innovation, Cranfield said. The report calls for the Government to provide incentives for giant manufacturers to help their suppliers improve and for clearer signposting to financial and training support for small companies. Business Secretary Vince Cable is due to set out a new industrial strategy on Tuesday that will see the Government “pick winners” with a focus on the automotive, aerospace and life science sectors.

Thousands of small firms exempt from health and safety rules in ‘red tape blitz’

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are to be exempted from health and safety inspections under ‘a blitz on red tape’ to be announced by the

Decklid Auto Services Mazarron, Murcia

Dave The English Mechanic is now based in Mazarron New workshop, computerised diagnostics, pre ITV checks, ITV’s arranged Courtesy drop off service We are professionally and friendly Find us near La Siena Restaurant (phone for directions) telephone: 626 678 840 email:

Mr Draghi said the ECB would engage in outright monetary transactions, or OMTs, to address “severe distortions” in government bond markets based on “unfounded fears”.

Call for manufacturers to nurture local supply chains

The “repatriation” of manufacturing to the UK could be thwarted by a lack of skills and capacity among small firms, according to academics, as reported this week in the Telegraph Cranfield School of Management said Britain’s biggest manufacturers need to become better “stewards” of local supply chains if they are to switch to using more small domestic suppliers as costs rise in emerging markets.

Sector B Camposol, Mazarron Tel: 669 026 544 New All Day Breakfast Menu 7 days a week 10am until 4pm Restaurant Open Every Night 7pm - 10pm Tapas Available Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 4pm


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he will not accept outside conditions over a possible bailout.

Government on Monday. More than 3,000 regulations will be scrapped or overhauled, so that shops, offices, pubs and clubs will no longer face “burdensome” health and safety inspections. Legislation will be introduced which ministers say will protect business from “compensation culture” claims. From next April, the Government intends to introduce binding new rules on both the Health & Safety Executive and local authorities that will exempt hundreds of thousands of businesses from regular inspections. Firms will only face health and safety inspections if they are operating in higher-risk areas such as construction or if they have an incident or track record of poor performance. The Government also said

it will introduce legislation next month to ensure that businesses will only be held liable for civil damages in health and safety cases if they can be shown to have acted negligently. Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “In these tough times, businesses need to focus all their energies on creating jobs and growth, not being tied up in unnecessary red tape. “I’ve listened to those concerns and we’re determined to put common sense back into areas like health and safety, which will reduce costs and fear of burdensome inspections.” Richard Jones, head of policy and public affairs at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, said: “These sorts of announcements have been made before and it is very disappointing that everyone immediately starts pointing the finger at health and

safety, which is always seen as an easy target. “The talk of reducing around 3,000 regulations and at the same time focusing on health and safety is misleading. There are only 200 health and safety regulations in total, so any reduction in these will be a tiny percentage of the 3,000, and so far only 21 have been considered.” The action on red tape is part of a second big push on the economy by the Government over the next few days, following its recent plans to water down planning rules and boost housebuilding, by giving business the confidence to invest for growth. Car makers, plane makers and biochemists will be among the big winners from the revamped industrial strategy to be unveiled by Mr Cable this week.



market tavern & cm construction


(puerto de mazarron)


DON’T FORGET - IMPORTANT OPEN MEETING on Friday 05 October! An OPEN meeting to decide the future of Calida Country CMC in it’s present form, is to be held at the club in La Molata at 8.00pm on the evening of Friday 05 October next. This will not be a ‘music’ night and entry will be free. (food & drinks still available on payment) If you want to keep this club alive, your input is very important. Please make the effort to come along! Put a note in your diary now! FRIDAY 19 OCTOBER Originally from Liverpool, Friday 19 October brings the long awaited return of the fabulously talented CM singer, J P (Jimmy) VINCENT. Playing a mix of traditional and modern country music, this guy won’t just get your toes tapping – he’s also certain to make you want to ‘take to the floor’. Don’t miss out – make sure you’re there! The club is located at the Social Club in La Molata, Los Muñoces – take the exit just north of the Condado de Alhama (Polaris World) exit and located just off the RM32/MU 603, (signposted Venta Aledo & Los Muñoces) Only around 10km from Camposol, it is a non-member club, and is a non-profit making organisation. A small entrance fee is charged to cover costs, and any excess is dedicated to the Community Ambulance Fund España (CAFE). The club normally meets twice monthly – on the 1st and 3rd Fridays – from 8.00pm, The entrance fee on ‘live artist’ or ‘cabaret’ nights(normally 3rd Fridays) is €5.00 per person and just €5.00 per couple (€3.00 per single) on Country Disco nights (normally 1st Fridays) Boasting a large dance floor, the venue is also a licensed premises, with drinks at Spanish prices and their hosts, Antonio & Cheryl, maintain a superb kitchen. The ‘fish and chips’ are, reportedly, ‘to die for!’ Advance bookings for meals are recommended and should be made direct to Cheryl on 619 003 022 to avoid disappointment on the night. FRIDAY 16 NOVEMBER Friday 16 November heralds another superb night of Country Music entertainment. This time provided by the return of the much loved and multitalented CM duo all the way from Benidorm, The PROSPECTORS, complete with mandolin & fiddle! Rounding of the club’s autumn programme with the fabulous RED STROKES scheduled for Friday 21 December, Calida Country is one of the most popular regular nightspots on the Costa Calida, if you fancy a ‘bit of a boogie’ on a Friday night – or simply want to put into practice what you’ve been learning at your line dance classes – why not come along and give us a try! Just remember to... KEEP IT COUNTRY!

For further information on what’s going on, contact… Mervyn Booth on 968 163 082 or visit their Facebook page at: ‘CALIDA COUNTRY Country Music Club’

(Camposol A)

are dropPrivate off points for soltimes or trade letters to editor for birthdays or announcements

Drop your details into them and we will print them in the next edition of the paper

PALS EVENTS 2012 22th - 30th September:

Sponsored bike ride

from ‘Camposol to Madrid & Back’ Party for the riders and everyone else at TJ’s Camposol B - Sunday 30th September. 6th October


The 6th and largest live music show on the Costa Calida, from mid afternoon till midnight 5€ 12th October

Annual Beach BBQ at Bolnuevo

All food and drink included still only 13€. Tickets essential Bring your own chairs and table. 16th November

Coach to Garrucha market

Lunch at Bedar and a visit to Iceland on the way home 25€ incl. lunch Sunday 9th December

PALS Annual Christmas Dinner dance

at the Costa Hotel in Mazarron - Music by John Lindo Trio and Food and Drink included 27.50€ 18th March

3 nights full board in Hotel Helios BENIDORM Coach included 125€ Great value 29th April

7 night cruise

from Athens to the Greek Islands and Turkey - Coach and Flight included for this all-inclusive holiday at an incredible starting price of 745€

Tickets for all PALS events from The Trevi Camposol B on A saturday morning or Saralaras on a Wednesday afternoon or call 626 460 465 for further information


monthly meeting, Welcome were pleased to donate three blood pressure monitors to FAST, further enhancing their ability to assist their patients, and to save valuable time when the ambulance arrives. Accepting the machines, Terry Bradshaw expressed his sincere thanks, and also told the meeting just how successful FAST had been in responding to patients needs since their inauguration in 2011, and that these machines would enable them to improve their already excellent service

R a o y l w e N Race Night

& Fish and Chips €6

Saturday 15th sept


A Ndeayw Menu


Friday 14th sept

Bar & Restaurant

Sun Summer Selection

El Alamillo Plaza ~ Pto de Mazarron Details & Reservations 968 595 864

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New royal costa calida


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Linen Mills


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3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €105,000

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Anthony Foster

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2 bedrooms & Family Bathroom, Built on 3 Levels, Spacious Living/Dining Room, American Style Kitchen, Solarium & Terrace, Gated Complex, Stunning Views of the Lake. Great Value €59,000


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600 726 221 965 687 976

600 726 221 965 687 976

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The White Lady..............

The Dog That Is Not Ours padded quietly into the bedroom. I concentrated very hard on not moving and breathing deeply until she decided that I was asleep, and went away again. Seconds later I heard her tap on the inside of the front door. With the alacrity of one who does not like to commence the new day by cleaning up dog accidents on the floor I abandoned my pretence of sleep and my sheet, and sped to open the door for her. She exited and disappeared from view leaving me standing on the porch clad only in my nightie admiring the sumptuous beauty of the Andalucian night and the astonishingly varied tones and pitches of the local canine choir. My nocturnal reverie was broken by a familiar staccato bark just down by our gate. It was then that I remembered that I had

By Jos Biggs


It never rains but it pours. Well not literally here in the Southern Costa Blanca right now – it just doesn’t rain at all. But with electrical appliances, gadgets and anything mechanical around the house – when one goes, then they all seem to want to get in on the act. And that’s what appeared to be happening in our house a week or so ago. It began with the now-tobe-expected trouble with the computer. Well not actually the computer, but the monitor – it wouldn’t come on even though the little lights were winking at me, indicating that all was well. New screen I thought, sighing inwardly. So I took it to be looked at and of course when I got it to the computer A&E, it behaved perfectly well and acted as if nothing had happened. Must be a female monitor I thought – perverse and determined to embarrass me - and I slunk out of the shop under the pitying gaze of the proprietor. But fingers crossed, so far the hussy has continued to behave herself. Then it was the fridgefreezer. I had to frequently mop up water in the

bottom of the refrigerator section, which I found was due to the little outlet that is fed by two tiny gullies, freezing up. There was also ice forming on the inside rear lining. I would clear this out, but within days, we had a repeat of the problem. I turned the setting down to the barest minimum and was careful not to overload the fridge, but still more of the same. I doesn’t owe us any money I thought. It’s been here since the house was built ten years ago, so off we trolled to look at new machines. We dropped by our local electrical store in Blue Lagoon, flush with money and resigned to parting with a large wedge of it. ‘How can I help’, the lady proprietor asked. ‘Our fridge freezer is knackered’, I informed her, not wanting to beat around the bush. She asked what the problem was, and I described the symptoms. ‘Oh no, that’s easily rectified and is quite common at the moment’, and she went on to tell us that it was due to leaving the door open for too long in these ultra hot and humid conditions. Because what happens is this - the warm moist air is sucked into the fridge and condenses on the cold surfaces; when the door is closed this freezes and is repeated each time the door is opened, resulting

A l q u eria

forgotten to shut it.

A muttered exclamation a good deal stronger than Bother and a pair of slippers later I was heading down the drive, my nightie more than adequate protection in the balmy darkness. She greeted me with joy, then gambolled off down the road, a small nimble ghost in the moonlight. ‘Lucy!’ I stage hollered. ‘Come back inside!’ There was nothing for it but to follow her fleet form, hoping that my sotto voce pleadings and commands would induce her to return home. ‘She’ll stop at the corner’ I thought, but as we reached the corner 3 more wraiths in dog form emerged from the dark and greeted her with enthusiasm. With one brief glance in my direction all 4 disappeared into the noisome dark. I stood, a solitary be-nightied form in the moonlight listening to the sound of their retreat being vocally proclaimed across the valley before giving up and going back to my bed. There is a story among the old folk of a White Lady who roams Limaria calling out for her lover. It is said that he was lured away and killed by brigands on the eve of their wedding, and his bride seeks him still at the full Harvest moon. Nah! That was me, wearing a white nightie and trying to persuade the d*** dog to come in and stop barking!!

Appliance of Science

in a build up of ice. All we had to do was minimise the length of time the door is open. Simples! I was mightily impressed. There we were giving off buying signals like the Eddystone Lighthouse on a foggy night, but this lovely lady was happy to offer us some free advice instead of taking our hardearned and flogging us an expensive new piece of kit. And it has worked – no more frozen pipes. It was a case of so far so good with two potentially expensive replacements avoided. But then the washing machine decided to have the last laugh and crept up on the blind side. Now a washing machine is as alien to me as ET, but when my lovely lady reported that it was washing as usual, but had refused to spin dry, I knew it had to be the filter. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, but it was the only snippet I had ever picked up about the care and maintenance of a washing machine, so having spent some time to locate the darn thing and then even more time to prise the protective panel off without breaking it, I whipped out the filter for a look see. My inspection had to be postponed because the resulting deluge of water part flooded the galeria and I spent the next 20 minutes with a bucket and mop and a very bad disposition. It was all a waste of time as it turned out because By Colin Bird : the filter was clear


of debris and any other unmentionables. The next step should have been to get some expert advice, but once again, the machine had been with us since moving in, so we convinced ourselves that the diagnosis was terminal. Anyway, my wife admitted that she had wanted an up-grade to a shiny new model for some time, so a repeat visit to our friendly electrical retailers was called for. We are now the proud owners of an all singing all dancing, digital display washing machine that would not look out of place on the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise. All I need to do is download and print off the English version of the operating manual. A simple job if the bloody computer screen was working!

The title of ‘Don’ was given D on S ageo to Sageo by the Hill People in recognition of his education. He is the only Hill Person who can read to an adult level. He studied in London and graduated from the Busy Bee Day Nursery at the age of 21. On his return to Spain, he was head-hunted by the Oso Panda Playgroup in Almería. The learned man lives in a small property off the Calle Mirador. He lives quietly surrounded by his books, some even have words as well as pictures. Don Sageo is a haunted man. His research into the Moorish roots of the village suggest that Abdul-el-Rufbum VI, the last Moorish ruler of the Sierra Alhamilla was buried in the area. According to Arabic scripts Abdul-el-Rufbum was interred below the foulest village in the Kingdom. Alqueria was once a hill town before being rebuilt in the valley below and it certainly qualifies as the foulest. This would put his last resting place in the confines of the village. The thought of discovering the whereabouts of the Emir’s grave and of the entombed riches occupy his waking hours. At night however he dreams of being swept through the cosmos on a purple wildebeest while whistling the Happy Wanderer. His sanity is also in question. The Don is now never seen without an old U.S. Army folding shovel which he keeps attached to his belt. For no apparent reason he will fall to his knees unfold the tool and start digging. Small holes have appeared all over Alqueria. He has been responsible for two sprained ankles, a dislocated hip and Delores del Viento’s long coated Chihuahua disappeared without trace. The final straw came when he dug a hole through the floor of the church. The priest promptly disappeared through it and the congregation fell to their knees believing it to be divine intervention. The priest’s private life was minutely studied to find the reason he descended rather than ascended. The latter being the Christian norm. Don Sageo’s shovel was banned from the village. He wandered through the old holiday camp to the east of the Río Verde digging small holes like an itinerant mole. It was on one such expedition when his persistence was rewarded. everal Solidi came to light, shining in the moonlight. The more he dug the more coins he unearthed. Soon golden dishes, plates and pottery sherds appeared. Human remains of some antiquity followed. Finally a golden tube contained in an ornate inlaid silver box surfaced. The tube contained a parchment scroll which was sent to the Universidad de Almería for translation. The parchment script was to have far reaching effects on Alqueria and its people.

John MacDonald (El Sordo)

The star-laden sky tucked itself around the edges of the many-folded hills of Limaria like a celestial blanket. The full moon, Nature’s own night-light, gazed calmly on the huddled white houses and the honest slumbers of their occupants. All was serene and still, except for a cacophony of barking dogs.



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Spanish councils keep the community spirit alive by organising all sorts of events during the year; tourists get to share in the fun by chance really but after seeing one fiesta band too many I now avoid watching the old people dancing the pasa doble. Unfortunately it’s all akin to Nero fiddling whilst Rome burnt as councils and regions owe around 100€bn to banks and central Government and still resist spending cuts, yes that’s right 100,000,000,000.00€. Yet the fireworks still explode, crappy bands are still booked and follies like the car park under the ancient centre of Mojacar Pueblo are built; no doubt to earn a politician or two a back hander. Productivity targets are obviously a no-no in bureaucratic Spain with inefficiency and laziness stifling the economy and restricting growth. The property sector where I try to earn a living should be encouraged as people want to buy and refurbish properties. Every foreigner living here spends money each week so supporting the local economy. Try however to get a planning application for an extension or pool approved and it would be easier to turn lead into gold. Clients who bought properties via Findmeahome are 12 months later still waiting for reform licences. Council computers lazily say no; so stopping people from spending money with builders, architects and suppliers! One official in Zurgena took 3 weeks in July not to answer a simple question from our lawyers in July and then took the whole of August off without nominating a deputy. Finally on her first day back to work she miraculously took ill and signed off on long term leave. When an architect of ours contacted Vera council to ask why a planning application still had not been processed after a year they were told curtly ‘we are very busy.’ It later turned out the application had been lost. No doubt they could not remember which table leg they had put in under to right the wobble. The Junta de Andalucía is no better; spending huge amounts on court cases they will never win. Planning applications and first occupation licences which were issued legally by local councils are being contested in local courts, 99% of the time the Junta loses so appeal with the cases

braben’s blog....

Money for nothing

You know it is amazing when you think about some of the things that we, as a species, have done. Now I don’t mean things like, say, yodelling, although, the late Frank Ifield apart, not many can master that tonsil twisting art with anything approaching success, nor do I mean being able to solve Rubik’s Cube whilst blindfolded. As worthy as these feats are, they haven’t really advanced the human race-unless you met your partner as you danced to “I’ll Remember You” of course. I was thinking about the other rather remarkable things that we-well not you and I, but the collective noun we-have done. Glass ! You can do all manner of things with it, on it and to it, but I often wonder, how on earth did someone stand on a beach, look at the sand and think, “I could do something with this yellow stuff,”? What could possibly have prompted such a huge bound from sand to glass? And it’s this sort of thing that makes me say that we are a pretty outstanding lot, especially when you consider mega leaps of inventiveness like moon landings, computers, ready salted crisps and… socks.

the view is free! going to Almeria City where 99% of the appeals are rejected again. So the Junta appeals again at the Supreme Court in Granada which is so busy that cases can take 3 years or more to be heard only to be thrown out again no doubt. Home owners across the region are oblivious to all this legal wrangling as the Junta takes action against the councils, builders and developers and the owner will only ever find out if a potential buyer’s lawyer digs deep enough whilst doing the searches. Findmeahome concentrate mainly on selling older cortijo style properties but still sales are cancelled at the last minute normally due to us finding out that a court action has been rumbling through the courts for many years without resolution. Notwithstanding the enormous heart break this causes owners when sales collapse; what about the huge sums spent by the authorities on legal fees, money better spent on education, health and repairing the roads. Oh and fireworks!

Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July 2006 and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain! email: -

Socks? Maybe socks are an odd thing to include in this list but, actually, their evolution does make you realise that we never stop thinking. It was allegedly the Ancient Greeks who first came up with the idea of socks and since then we have made all manner of modifications, the low point definitely being the flip flop sock, quite why you would want to wear a sock with your flip flops is beyond me. But the reason I dwell on socks is that, I think that a recent development in their evolution has really shown how we think on or feet as it were. Socks with the days of the week on them! No more mismatching socks, no more fumbling after washing to pair socks together. Even more ingenious than the yoyo! Graham is married Yet, we still have a few people who haven’t evolved as much as a sock, let alone the rest of the human race. Recently, in Australia, a man sawed his own foot off so he wouldn’t have to find work. Now, what’s the use of that Ancient Greek person inventing socks when, two and a half thousand years later, some idiot saws off a foot and renders half your invention useless?

to Helen and has a daughter, Alice. He lives part of the year near Albox, but works in Qatar, teaching. If you wish to contact Graham regarding this article email: helenandg@yahoo.

REVIEW it... Half of a Yellow Sun Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Did you know that 1 million Biafrans died during the 3 year civil war in the late sixties? Adichie grew up in the shadow of Biafra and dedicated the book to her late grandfathers in particular who died as refugees and to honour the collective memory of an entire nation. “If you want to understand a country’s soul read its fiction.” (Emily Carter Roiphe) This is precisely what Adichie does; she writes from the heart and I agree wholeheartedly here. In Adichie’s second novel what she describes as “emotional truth” an empathetic human quality, hopefully a recognisable trait, is portrayed through harrowing images of torture, mutilation and explicitly graphical images of massacres and human carnage. It is a story but shockingly real and historically accurate, regarded as one of the most painful episodes in Nigerian history. Half of a yellow sun was an emblem worn by the Biafrans who were hopeful for independence from Nigeria but doomed. The turmoil within Nigerian politics was seen as a “brutal bequest of colonialism” and the anger and hostility is still felt today, worryingly rather vehemently and I can endorse this having recently returned from working out there. Adichie’s main characters who we grow to care deeply about epitomise a different strata of society-tribal to a class system that seems more European. Ugwu was a 13 year old house boy when he was first taken from his village to Odenigbo’s household. We are shown interesting contrasts between a “bush” boy mentality, not quite illiterate but wanting to learn, subservient to his “Master” an academic and a radical thinker full of anti-colonial zeal. Olanna and her twin, Kainene come from one of the more affluent and prosperous families yet they are scarred deeply by the war and its suffering. The civil war stretches the human capacity to its limits and destroys hope even love, that one attribute of humanity that makes us “good” human beings and not brutal, callous murderers. Richard, seen as an outsider, is the young, shy Englishman determined to write a novel or book about the Igbo-Ukwu art, falls in love with Kainene and gets tragically drawn into the conflict. He fails to write his novel but produces articles pro-Biafra and it is Ugwu, surprisingly, the “bush-boy” who writes the story of the war entitled: “The World Was Silent When We Died.” A book within a book. Co-writers. The novel shows us how vicious civil war is and how cruel and senseless it all was. Adichie wanted to make a strong political point about who should write the stories of Africa-the Africans themselves, not the colonialists, not even the compassionate Richards of this world. Strongly recommended. “ Did you see the photos in sixty-eight, Of children with their hair becoming rust. Sickly patches nestled on those small heads, Then falling off, like rotten loaves on dust?” (Epilogue) ISBN: 978-0-00-720028-3

Carol Naylor - writ ing exclusively for the Sol Times & w w


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FC TORREVIEJA................................ FC TORREVIEJA–TORRY LOSE UNBEATEN RECORD TO A SOLITARY GOAL !!! Last Sunday, Torry, who were on maximum points, travelled to play Novelda who had also started the season well with a win and a draw. Novelda has, however, never been a happy hunting ground for Torry and so it was to prove to be. Torry were without the injured Gasch and suspended Rafa. Restored to the line-up were Abel and also somewhat fortuitously Cuco Ros after serving a one match ban but not a player who has really impressed to date. Jorge, who was again captain, was moved to left back with Abel and Pedro Lopez occupying the central defensive positions. A bit of a strange move as Jorge is easily our best central defender and Josemi, who the manager brought in during the summer, is a natural


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left back but was on the bench. Torrys starting line-up: Manolo, Vicente Boix (Manu Amores, min. 76), Pedro López, Abel, Jorge, Dani, Burguillos, Luis Carlos (José Manuel, min. 83), Inarejos, Cuco Ros y Ernesto. On a warm sunny early evening, the game kicked off in front of a decent crowd including a good following from Torrevieja with many sporting their club colours. Novelda got off to the better start and had more of the play in the opening 15 minutes with their physical centre forward causing problems for the Torry defence and Abel in particular. Torry then started to get more into the game and started to push Novelda back mainly through the lively Luis Carlos and chances were carved out from inter-play between Luis Carlos, Ernesto and Inajeros which were not capitalised on. Torry won a number of corners which were flighted too close to their keeper and he dealt with them well albeit with some difficulty. The game evened up and just before the break Novelda won a penalty after a slight nudge by Jorge on one of their forwards who had drifted past Abel as if he wasn’t there. The penalty was despatched with power into the bottom left-hand corner of the net. for a GOALLLLL to Novelda with Manolo given no chance of getting to it. The half-time whistle blew soon after. Torry started the second half in determined mood and started to control the midfield especially through the hard work of Dani and to a lesser extent Burguillos. The hard running Luis Carlos posed a threat up front and had a couple of good chances and shots on target which were thwarted by their keeper. On 62 minutes there was controversy when Manolo spilled a shot from wide and the loose ball was struck into the net only to be dis-allowed by the linesman. With 10 minutes to go a Novelda free-kick to the back post was swept into the net impressively but the linesmans flag was up again and this effort was also disallowed. This incensed the locals who aimed their abuse at the linesman. The game degenerated and the referee completely lost the plot with a display of card frenzy, sending off one of their defenders and then in time added on Pedro Lopez, in both cases, for second bookable offences. The game lost any real momentum and time ran out for Torry. As the referee left the pitch there were loud cries of Fuera, Fuera, Fuera ( Out, Out , Out ) from the hostile local supporters. As well as a sending off a player from each side, Novelda had 7 players booked and Torry 2 in what was not a nasty game. Neither side really deserved to win and on the day a draw would have perhaps have been a fair result. Torry did enough to suggest that they should remain there or thereabouts throughout the season chasing a play-off place and Novelda should to. Torry slip to 4th in the table after this set-back but it should only be a temporary one. Torry have back to back home games on Sunday and the following Sunday starting this Sunday against Muro CF who lie in 6th place equal on points with Torry with 2 wins and one defeat. It won’t be easy but Torry have to make the Vicente Garcia a fortress. The game kicks off at 6.00 pm. Be there. A dis-appointed Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain drop their first points of the season.

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Thursday 6th September, we played our first game after our summer break of two months. 24 players travelled to Alicante on a beautiful sunny day to play a stableford competition. The course was in excellent condition and our thanks go to Marife and the staff of Alicante for their help in getting us off. the Hello

orihuela costa youth football club................................

Orihuela Costa Youth Football Club based in Playa Flamenca are proud to announce they have been able to secure financial backing of local businesses to allow them to continue for another season representing the Orihuela Costa area in the Valencian Federation Football League. From day one Morgans Bar & Amber Pools owner’s Trevor Massey & Steve Toomey have backed the idea of a local childrens football club in the area allowing children to learn not only about football but also team work and a chance to meet new friends from different schools & areas. We are also delighted to now have on board The Shandon Bells Bar Villamartin who owner Linda Carrol approached the club to see how she could back her local team and along with Vic Cooper from Sun World Properties at Los Dolces have provided funds for a training kit which allows the team to now look like a team at training and travelling to away grounds. Finally we are also proud to be sponsored by Specsavers - Torrevieja who’s owners Colin & Michaela Evans have provide funds to help pay with high pitch fee’s the club have to pay unlike all their rival clubs who they play against in the league. This season Orihuela Costa will be playing in the Federation league once more and are now back training every Tuesday & Thursday 18:30 - 20:00. Training takes place at their home ground C.D.M. Playa Flamenca which has superb astro - turf pitch and facilities. If you would like to train and join Orihuela Costa then visit or contact Martin Cockroft on:698 278 218 or 693 828 567.


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free coffee and tostada for breakfast also went down very well with the players. the scoring was not of the highest quality apart from a few exceptions. the winners were Gold division winner Frank Juchau 29 points Silver division winner Bill Mcgrandle 28 points Bronze division winner Alan Jones (1) 40 points Nearest the pin winners - Hole 3 Jimmy Scott, Hole 6 Aidan Byrne, Hole 12 John Danielewski (Guest), Hole 17 Alan Jones (1) Anyone wishing to play with La Marina Golf Society or wish to become a member can contact Bill on 679007756 you will be made most welcome.


San Javier Golf Society.......

Our last society game was at Peraleja Golf and it was a great day for playing as the weather was a little cooler for us. The course was not in as good condition as it should have been with the fairways still cut far to short. Saying that we had a great day it was a team event of 6,6,6. with the top three teams being very close. Once again our captain’s team came out on top but it was no thanks to him he had a bad day at the office. Two shots of the day where on the par3 16th with the two ladies Lyn Gallard and Joan Williams both getting within a foot of the pin and taking away two 2s very well done ladies. Bubba Smith was on form again and just like bubba had no idea where some of the shots where going talk about bend it

like Beckham. Result 1st: Barry Beale, Ty Williams, Dave Archer, Juan Extra - 118pts 2nd: Roy Herbert, John Hillier, Tony Mann, Dave Williams - 116pts 3rd: Paul Matthews, Mick Hardy, Ian Smith, Joan Williams - 115pts The next Society’s game is on Wednesday, 19th September 2012 at RODA GOLF. 1st Tee time - 10.00am: The format will be Individual Stableford. Members 44€, Guests 49€, Buggies 12€ (shared). 3€ Insurance

Busters Golf Society.............. Friday 7th September we played Vistabella Golf Club taking advantage of the excellent offer that was available to us , this was the first time we had played the course since they have had a shuffle round with the hole numbers , I have to say these alterations were for the better , the course was in very good condition and getting over it’s recent hollow tining , the local rules

MAGGOTS END.............................. RODS AND REELS club has some vacancies

have now been updated and should be read before play commences due to a few minor but important changes .Vistabella along with any courses we play gives complimentary golf this is always used by us as part of prizes , our results for the day were nearest the pin on hole 4 Steve Edwards , on the 8th Colin Wilson , and on the 15th Dave Pretty each received

a sleeve of 3 Srixon golf balls , in 3rd place we saw Keith Smith with a joint 36 points who lost out by handicap to John Fullicks who took 2nd place with 36 points , the winner with 38 points was our secretary Barry Grinsell . Next month see’s us at Alto Real a favourite course of ours . Barry Grinsell, Secretary Busters GS

Calling all lady golfers

At clubs in the regions of Alicante, Murcia and Almeria on a reciprocal basis offering a league discount in green fees. If you have a team of 6 ladies who would like to join next seasons league contact us on: or The season for 2012/2013 runs from September to June

Well, the new season has now started, with the opening venue being on the Eden canal. The river is still flowing with a fair amount of pace on it. Again, where has all this water come from because as soon as it passes through this stretch it is into the sea!!!!!. The pegs still need cutting out as nature is desperate to claim back it´s own. Any anglers going there please take a cutter and just clear away a few weeds as this will help to keep it a fishable venue. Thank you. Top rods on the day 1st Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow fishing the pole using pellet and corn with 12.68 kilo´s. 2nd Clive (Golf no more) Cleghorn fishing the pole using corn with 8.70 kilo´s. 3rd Dave (Yours Truly) fishing the pole using corn with 7.28 kilo´s. NOTE: Club subs have to be paid prior to the A.G.M. on the 30/09/2012. Failure to do so will mean the joining fee will have to be paid again. PLEASE NOTE: The

at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen This week’s 3rd round match of the Winter League was fished at Eden Stretch on the River Segura on the 4th September. Fishing this water now makes you feel like one of Major Wingate’s Chindits hacking your way to the pegs, as the reeds are now so thick and high. It seems that only a few of the Anglers have the inclination to go down to the river in their own time and clear some of the pegs out. There was a good flow and colour on the river, and there does not seem to be as many snakes about as last year but there is a lot of 2 to 4 inch Terrapins taking the bait and making a nuisance of themselves. 1st Terry (Swing Em) Screen with 11.480kg fishing the pole using paste and corn on the feeder 2nd Bob (The Major)

MAZARRON FC.............................. Mazarron FC open the new season in the Primera Autonomica this weekend with a home fixture at the Estadio Municipal against Jumilla CD. The game is scheduled to take place on Sunday 16th September. In Murcia, match dates and kick off times are not normally finalised until the Tuesday prior to each game so confirmation can be obtained by visiting the website www. losamigosdemazarron. es and on posters which are displayed prominently throughout the Camposol and Mazarron area.

Coach, Antonio Lorente, has assembled a new squad which also incorporates several of last season’s players including Player of the Year, Diego, Alfonso,

Ahmed, Matt Clarke and Jose Pollo. Striker Jose Ruben has returned to Mazarron and it is hoped that his goals will help the Club to gain promotion back to the Preferente Autonomica at the first opportunity. Pre –season training has been intense and results and performances have been very encouraging with a number of well deserved victories including wins against Lorca Deportiva and Pozo Estrecho. Last weekend, Mazarron were unlucky to lose 2-3 to local rivals Totana at the Estadio Municipal although Jose Ruben was missing with an ankle injury. Los Amigos de Mazarron FC will, continue to run coaches to every away game, the



Rafferty with 10.900kg fishing the feeder using corn. 3rd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare with 7.860kg fishing the pole using bread and corn. All details are available on our website www. or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached (which was to introduce anglers to each other ). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email : anglerstogether@ TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE first of which is at Corvera, scheduled for Sunday 23rd September and membership of Los Amigos costs just €10 per annum. Membership forms are available at the weekly meetings held at the Trevi Bar, Commercial Centro B, Camposol every Thursday at 4 pm. Season tickets are also on sale at €40 and match day admission to home games at the Estadio Municipal is just €4 with juveniles free of charge. Los Amigos de Mazarron FC are delighted to announce that the Beatles Tribute Evening with the Liverpool Band to be held at Mariano’s Bar & Restaurant, Camposol on Tuesday 25th March is sold out. Please come along and support your local football team this weekend.

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We are THE biggest buyers English books, English and sellers of quality used and Spanish greetinrygs cards and our ve furniture on the Costa Calida popular Curry Kits! We are open Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm NO SIESTA Saturday 11am-2pm Closed Sunday and Monday

Have a coffee and browse our large furniture store

e Ladies Boutiqu New and near ly l new clothes for al occasions. Ctra Cabo De Palos Km1, El Algar, Cartagena Telephone: Danny & Kerry 968136501 608016880  626253569


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Sol Times Newspaper issue 245 Costa calida Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 245 Costa calida Edition