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Spain will modify a controversial plan to deny public healthcare to undocumented immigrants, maintaining care while billing their country of origin where treaties allow, the government said Friday. Dr Hans C. Madsen Laser Specialist

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Under new legislation, foreigners living in Spain without residency permits were to be denied treatment at public hospitals unless they were under 18, pregnant, or in case of an accident or other medical emergency.

The law tightened the rules for immigrants to get the national health card that entitles them to treatment. Previously they could get the card simply by registering as living in Spain, without a full residency permit. A health ministry official told AFP Friday that the undocumented migrants would now be treated under the same system used for temporary foreign visitors to Spain. “Treatment will be billed to their countries,” the official said, with the system applying to European countries and in cases “where there are bilateral agreements, as for

example with Ecuador and Morocco.” Under pressure to cut Spain’s deficit, the conservative government has said restricting free healthcare to undocumented immigrants and curbing “health tourism” by Europeans will save a billion euros ($1.2 billion) a year. The health reform outraged immigrants’ rights groups and hundreds of doctors rebelled, saying they would continue to treat undocumented immigrants after the law comes into force in September. People not covered by the health system in their countries of origin or whose countries do not have an accord with Spain “will be charged themselves, or their private insurance,” the ministry official said. Media have estimated the number of undocumented immigrants in Spain at about half a million


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Spain modifies sensitive immigrant health law

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local NEWS UPDATE...... Murcia

The Guardia Civil of the Región de Murcia, in collaboration with forces from the Balearics, through Operación Banqueros have detained three people and charged two others with Fraud and Money Laundering in Mazarrón, Molina de Segura and Palma de Mallorca. The operation was put into motion by a complaint filed in April by a bank in Puerto de Mazarrón of a scam to the value of ten thousand euros as well as a multitude of individual scams for small quantities for services not performed or requested. The ‘Modus Operandi’ used was to offer an employment contract on the Internet, with prospective workers sending their CV, personal details and bank account number. Respondents were then requested to open other accounts in their name in banks to collect small accounts from third parties. These were for services that were never delivered, but due to the small amount involved were not brought to light for some time. The employee, or ‘mule’ receives 10% of the amounts billed and collected, the remaining 90% was sent to other accounts in the upper echelon of the network, thus the money travels from various accounts in different Murcian locations to accounts opened in Palma de Mallorca, This type of criminal activity is a major threat throughout the national territory; To date similar scams have ocurred in Murcia, Alicante, Gerona, Lérida, Salamanca, Valladolid, Cádiz, and Palma de Mallorca. ,

Sport Murcia

The Socialist Party spokesman, Pedro López, has announced his radical opposition to the possible increase by 40% in the price of bus tickets in Murcia and the surrounding districts. He reiterated the Party’s rejection of the possible increase, claiming that the rise would worsen the economic situation for 60% of Murcians living in hamlets. He stated that the Socialist Group would launch protest actions, and was simply ‘not going to consent.’

Molina de Segura

The Consejería de Universidades, Empresa e Investigación, through the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia (Info), has signed an agreement with the Ayuntamiento of Molina de Segura for a plan of more than 50 measures for entrepreneurs, and which will allow the Ayuntamiento the title of Municipio Emprendedor. The agreement provides for the adoption of 53 measures to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, which are grouped into eight different areas that involve action by both the Instituto de Fomento and local businesses. The Comprehensive Plan reflects the commitment of the Ayuntamiento of Molina de Segura to promote the financing of new business activities and to promote tax incentives for new businesses that create jobs. Also, promote the reduction of administrative burdens for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. Furthermore Molina de Segura has been chosen to host the ‘Día de la Persona Emprendedora’on 17 October, a national event that demonstrates the Region’s commitment

to entrepreneurship.

Murcia 87 young volunteers from all over the region are participating in volunteer work in different Spanish regions as well as abroad, specifically in 12 countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa. This is under the provision of youth volunteering proposed by the Consejería de Presidencia, through the Dirección General de Prevención de Violencia de Género, Juventud, Protección Jurídica y Reforma de Menores. Of the 87 young people, 24 are participating in different locations in Germany, Armenia, France, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, UK, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia and Turkey. The remainder are working in Spain, in Andalucía, Aragón, Canarias, Cantabria, Cataluña, Extremadura, La Rioja, Comunidad Valenciana and the Ciudades Autónomas of Ceuta and Melilla. The volunteers are aged 15 to 30 years, and are doing volunteer work that benefits the community, focussing on archeology, research and rehabilitation of historical, artistic and cultural works and ethnographic or work-study with children. They spend 4 to 5 hours per day to these projects and the remaining time is spent on leisure activities.

Cehegín The Ayuntamiento de Cehegín has launched the process for awarding construction of a new factory of 1,800 m2 at the site of the Agua Salada, with an investment of over €300,000. The Boletín Oficial de la Región de Murcia published notice that the works ‘are intended to be completed in two or three months at most because there are companies interested in occupying them’ In addition the council is developing the project of another nave of 1000 m2 for companies who want to settle in the polígono, and which is awaiting funding. According to the Mayor ‘It is quite an achievement to continue investing in public works in the current economic circumstances and a new reason to be optimistic, as the purpose of these investments is to install businesses in our town and to create jobs.

Murcia The Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, through the Dirección General de Industrias Culturales y de las Artes, has signed an agreement of collaboration with the Asociación para Personas con Síndrome de Down, ASSIDO, with the aim of developing activities in the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo ‘La Conservera’. Assido will be offered spaces and contact with other artists or groups where there may be opportunities for joint participation in projects. Meanwhile, Assido will provide persons to accompany the members and will integrate their times and days with the Centre. The Director General de Industrias Culturales y de las Artes, Juan Antonio Lorca stressed the importance of establishing lines of collaboration and integration. Assido is a nonprofit organization that since 1981 is dedicated to the treatment, support, care, training and integration of people with Down syndrome and intellectual disability.

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The Consejería de Universidades, Empresa e Investigación, through the Agencia Regional de la Gestión de la Energía (Argem), has put out a set of guidelines to help motorists reduce their fuel consumption. It is estimated that up to 15% of the fuel used can be saved by efficient driving, while at the same time reducing the car’s CO2 emissions. ARGEM director, Teodoro García, quotes some examples: A 400 kilometre round trip using a roof rack can add an extra 10 to 15 euros, while the ratio of consumption per passenger on public transport is three times lower than a private car. Obviously using the accelerator and gears properly and anticipating traffic situations make a considerable difference. Diesel has about 13% higher calorific value than petrol, one of the causes of lower consumption of diesel engines, since for the same energy output it requires less fuel. Air conditioning or climate control use contributes to a higher overall consumption of fuel, though to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the car a temperature of 23-24 ° C. needs to be maintained. Good vehicle and tyre maintenance has a major influence on fuel consumption, as does the keeping the flow rate as uniform as possible; when accelerating change gears between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm in the petrol and between 1,500 and 2,000 in diesel engines, and drive with foresight for traffic situations. His final point was to mention that in tests, driving in higher gears gives a comparative savings of around 20% due to the saving in the use of the clutch, brake, gearbox and the engine.

Fiesta accident lands three in hospital with burns

Traditionally, on the last night of the festival, the firework palm is let off from the bell-tower of the Basílica de Santa María in what is known as La Nit de l’Alba, but a technical hitch caused it to blow off slightly ahead of time. Two of the firework technicians were taken to Alicante General Hospital and admitted to the burns unit with third-degree burns. Another with second-degree burns was treated at Torrellano hospital, between Elche and Alicante airport. All three managed to walk away from the scene unaided, despite the extent of their injuries, and their lives are not said to be in danger. A further 20 people gathered around the foot of the Basílica suffered minor burns, but none of them had to be admitted to hospital.

ETA suspect arrested in London A member of the Basque terrorist cell ETA who is said to be behind the murder of a magistrate 11 years ago has been caught in London. Kemel Uranga Artola has been under an arrest warrant since the blast that killed José María Lidón in Getxo (Bilbao) in 2001, thought to be the work of the accused and of leader of the Comando Vizcaya, Mikel Garikoitz Azpiazu Rubina, known as Txeroki, and Cristina Goirizelaia. They are also said to have planted a car-bomb in a shopping precinct in Bilbao in an attack against Young Socialist member Eduardo Madina, and the socialist councillor in Portugalete, Esther Cabezudo, and her escort. Following his arrest in the UK capital on Wednesday, Uranga refused extradition to Spain and will therefore remain in a British jail until August 15 when he will appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court. Kemen Uranga Artoa is the fourth ETA member to have been arrested in the UK this summer – Antonio Troitiño and Ignacio Lerín were caught at the end of June in London and Beñat Atorrasagasti was detained in Edinburgh on Friday, July 13.



The match on Saturday 18th is against local rivals Orihuela CF and not Deportiva Minera and the kick-off time is 8.30pm and not 8pm

Fallas will not be moved to a Monday until 2014

but October 9 will become October 7 next year!

Moving the Fallas festival to a Monday for the last day – effectively changing the date – could cause serious technical hitches all round, admits the Valencian regional government. Members of fiesta associations, as well as hotel and catering bosses, have complained that the idea of shifting the final day of the world-famous festival to a Monday in order to cut down on people taking the days in between as holiday and no work getting done in the region for the best part of the week would in fact be counter-productive. March 19 is Saint Joseph’s Day, and also Fathers’ Day, throughout the whole of Spain and many regions take it as a bank holiday even though they do not celebrate the Fallas. At the moment, it is the last day of the Fallas, when the monuments are burnt down, and is a regional holiday in most parts of the three provinces. This is particularly true of Madrid, where most of the Valencia region’s national tourism comes from. It could mean that people will spend less time in towns such as Valencia, Gandia (Valencia province) and Dénia (Alicante province) where most of the fiesta activity takes place, potentially

reducing valuable income from tourists at a time where, aside from the summer, most of the trade in this sector is seen. Valencian government regional president Alberto Fabra says that with various contracts already signed and sealed, and given that it is the fiesta groups themselves who pay for the Fallas and ought to have a say in the matter, it would be an administration nightmare moving the bank holiday that has always fallen on March 19 to a Monday, in accordance with Spanish president Mariano Rajoy’s requests. Although fiesta organisers have been given a stay of grace for 2013, the last day of the Fallas is expected to move to a Monday in 2014, when it would otherwise have fallen on Wednesday, March 19. And next year will see the regional bank holiday on October 9 moved to October 7 in 2013, so that it falls on a Monday rather than a Wednesday. On the plus side, when October 9 and March 19 fall on a Sunday, meaning the region would normally miss out on an extra day off work, they could find themselves with an additional lie-in if these are kept for a Monday.


An exploding firework display in the shape of a palm tree which went off 10 minutes too early has left three people seriously injured after Elche’s fiestas.

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Ryanair makes yet another emergency landing after running out of fuel

Three more Ryanair flights had to make an emergency landing yesterday in Valencia after they ran out of fuel. They were due to land at Madrid’s Barajas airport, but had to be diverted to Valencia due to an electric storm. Whilst in the queue for the landing slot, the first of the three crafts sent out a clear ‘mayday’ to the control tower, allowing it to be pushed to the front and given priority to touch down. The other two followed suit. A spokesperson from the Irish low-cost airline explained that only the absolute minimum of fuel required to cover each journey is placed in the tank - not a drop more. This means that in the event of diversions, bad weather or other technical problems that lead to the craft covering a greater distance than planned, it will not have enough fuel to make the journey. Only a few weeks previously, the Spanish press reported that three other Ryanair flights had to make emergency landings due to running out of gas, a situation that was confirmed by a company spokesperson. Pilots working for Ryanair are under strict instructions to put no more than the absolute minimum amount of fuel necessary for the journey in the tank, and any quantity above this has to be justified in writing. According to the captain of Ryanair’s base at Stansted -

number two on the management team - Shane McKeon: “There are still a small number of pilots who seem to have a problem with company policy.” “Some of the explanations give by pilots for filling up with excessive fuel are unacceptable,” stated McKeon. “The most unreasonable excuse of all is that they like to land with three tonnes of fuel. “This is not Ryanair’s company policy; it is totally unacceptable and it is not what they are paid to do,” concludes McKeon.

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Union ransacks supermarkets to feed the poor

Leaders of a workers’ union in southern Spain staged a massive raid on two supermarkets on Tuesday, filling at least 30 trolleys with staple foodstuffs to give to the poor. CMconstructions They gave their entire haul to local ‘food banks’ Visit our office around the back of the Centro Commercial A which supply hampers to families who no longer have Sector Urb, Camposol or call for a free quotation any income to be able to feed themselves. Tel Mark: 659 159 948 or Colin: 676 306 718 The Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT), or soltimes have a drop off point available here workers’ union of the Andalucía region, staged an private or trade, birthdays or announcements uninvited supermarket sweep on Mercadona in Écija (Sevilla) and Carrefour in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz). Their misplaced Robin Hood impression annoyed management at Mercadona, a national firm which is very well known for, and has received great praise for Do you have a home abroad or in the UK & would like to have a its social responsibility secure, luxury holiday home in England. We are open 11 months Extensions, Garages, Underbuilds, Finca Restoration, Driveways, Terraces, Walls raised & extended, Balustrades, Pool tiling, Garden Landscaping & Gravelling & all types of metalwork (gates, fences, etc)


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Spain schools to charge pupils for eating packed lunch photo: getty images via

Tel: (0044) 1427 873 487 Mobile (0044) 7939 114 123


or email:

work following the collapse of a property bubble in 2008, many families have started sending their children to school with a packed lunch instead of paying for a meal at the canteen. Only about 60 percent of the 234,000 students at the 791 public schools in the Madrid region ate meals prepared at school canteens during the 2011-12 school year, Fornells said. The figure could drop further because the Madrid regional government has cut its subsidies to poor families to help pay for canteen meals to 16 million euros this school year from 29 million euros to help bring down its deficit.

Several Spanish regions plan to charge pupils who bring their own lunch to school a fee to eat in the cafeteria, in the struggle to bring public deficits under control. The northeastern region of Catalonia has said it will charge students who bring a packed lunch up to three euros ($3.70) a time to use a school canteen and the adjoining region of Valencia plans a similar move. “What this will do is give the green light for the entry of Tupperware containers in schools,” Ignacio Fornells, the spokesman for the Madrid regional education ministry, which also plans to apply the fee, said Thursday. “Up until now this was not allowed, except in exceptional cases” such as when a student suffered from food allergies, he added. With one in four Spanish workers out of

Parents’ associations and left-wing parties oppose the new fee, saying it will mainly affect poorer students. “The government attacks the most disadvantaged sectors and does not guarantee basic principles such as ensuring that no one leaves school for economic reasons,” said Miquel Soler, a top official with the Valencia region’s opposition socialists. Spain’s central government has ordered the country’s 17 regional governments, which control education and health budgets, to cut their deficits to 1.5 percent of their output this year and 0.7 percent next year. The regions are held responsible for twothirds of the nation’s overall deficit slippage last year, when the country missed its deficit target of 6.0 percent of economic output and let it slide to 8.9 percent.

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Fee for healthcare for foreigners and the unemployed

- formerly the E111 - for emergency or urgent ongoing treatment, which is claimed back from the UK government.

They would not be entitled to any more than this unless they paid, and would not need to travel to Spain to treatment as they will always be given medical attention in Great Britain free of charge irrespective of taxes paid, job situation, or nationality. Both the PSOE and the united left, Izquierda Unida, say they are completely against immigrants having to pay for healthcare - or jobless Spaniards, who already struggle simply to be able to eat. They say the ‘health tourism’ cited by the PP is practically nonexistent, since it would be impractical and in most cases unnecessary for foreigners travelling to Spain.

Foreigners and Spaniards who are not entitled to free healthcare and are not allowed to pay Social Security may be able to get treated by paying an annual or monthly fee, according to the minister of health. Ana Mató proposes that Spanish people or other EU citizens who are neither working, on a State pension nor on the dole - there remains a grey area as to whether unemployed persons whose dole money has run out are able to get healthcare - and non-EU immigrants without resident rights can pay 710 euros a year to be treated via the public service. This would be split into monthly payments of 59.20 euros, but would rise to 155.40 euros for the already-strapped over-65s, based upon the fact they will probably need more medical attention on average than younger persons. As things stand, those who are not self-employed are unable to make the monthly Social Security payments

expected of those who are, and which would have entitled them to free healthcare. This means even those early retirees who could afford to pay it would not be allowed and would be unable to obtain free medical assistance - a huge problem for those whose pre-existing health conditions attract exclusions or prohibitive premiums for private insurance. Mató claims the idea is to prevent so-called ‘health tourism’, whereby immigrants put their entire families on the padrón - even though they are living in their country of origin - in order to bring them over to Spain to be treated free of charge. Certain EU citizens, including Brits, have been unfairly accused of this, but a recent open letter to a national newspaper from UK ambassador for Spain Giles Paxman refuted the speculations. Visitors from the UK to Spain can rely on their EHIC cards

Spanish charities operate on 600 cataract patients in Cameroon

Surgeons from two Barcelonabased charities have operated on over 600 people for cataracts in the last few weeks in Cameroon. The Barraquer and Clarós foundations set up the an Martín de Porres hospital, run by Dominican friars, and have been working on restoring sight and vision to natives from their base in the Cameroonian capital,

Yaundé, since 2004 and 2009 respectively. The 13 doctors hope to get to 667 successfully-operated patients by the time they finish this year’s campaign. In many cases, where the condition is so advanced that nothing can be done under knife, the doctors involved in the two charities supply corrective lenses

for damage limitation. They also provide hearing aids where surgery is unable to cure audio problems. A total of 21,000 people in Cameroon suffer from cataracts, but neither the State nor its inhabitants has the money to treat the condition and there are very few specialists in the country able to do so.

And the medical college governing body, OMC, says it is an ethical right and duty of doctors to treat all patients irrespective of nationality - not only can they not justify allowing a patient’s condition to worsen or lead to death or long-term damage due to the person’s race or financial situation, but it is in the public interest to prevent illness and diseases. They believe the public health service, by its very definition, should cover anyone who resides permanently in Spain. Fees proposed by the ministry are practically as high as insurance premiums for private medical care and, as they will even apply to permanent residents who are not ‘in the system’, a significant part of Spain’s population - those with no money - will be badly hit.

Madrid metro crash kills two

Two passengers have been killed and two others injured including a four-year-old child - in a metro crash in Madrid. A train on line 12 collided with the barrier at the terminal at around 20.00hrs this evening as a result of what is said to have been a moment of distraction or attention lapse on the part of the driver. Four people were trapped inside the cabin and had to be cut free from the wreckage by firefighters. Two of these - a 35year-old man and a 17-year-old Swiss girl - were killed outright. Another woman, of 37, and a boy of four were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Sources say that the man killed on the Metrosur train, which terminates at Loranca in the outer limits of the suburban districts of Fuenlabrada and Móstoles, was the maintenance manager. A union spokesman for Madrid metro workers expressed ‘shock’ at the accident, given that in the rail terminal the speed limit is just 20 kilometres per hour and the driver should not be accompanied by anyone not directly related to the metro service. There were three others in the driver’s compartment, although it is not yet known whether these were metro professionals.


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news flash Russian deputy PM attacks Madonna

Under-pressure Spain eyes bank rescue cash

Spanish banks may get their European rescue funds within weeks, the government said Wednesday, amid concern the state may yet need a full-blown bailout.

for Bankia were being finalised and would be transferred to it within days.

Bailly said. “For the moment, the obstacle is that we have not received a request.”

A Russian deputy prime minister launches a tirade against singer Madonna after she calls for the release of female protest band Pussy Riot. ------------------------

Under pressure from financial markets, the economy ministry said it was discussing with European authorities the disbursement of the first part of a bank rescue loan package of up to 100 billion euros ($123 billion).

The money is due to be transferred via a Spanish government bank restructuring fund. For the bank aid to be released, Spain must make a formal request which must be approved by the European Commission, the European Central bank and eurozone countries.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced a series of unpopular pay cuts and tax hikes in his efforts to lower Spain’s deficit, but his country remains pressure from financial markets where Spain’s borrowing costs have reached unsustainable levels over recent weeks.


“The deadlines are open. There is an instalment of 30 billion euros and a possibility of an earlier injection,” the source added.

Greece row over MP who hired his daughter

A Greek MP who hired his daughter for a permanent job while serving as parliamentary speaker for a day is facing calls for his resignation. ------------------------

New French government moves against Roma camps

French police have been dismantling illegal Roma (Gypsy) camps after the new Socialist government promised action on public health grounds. ------------------------

Armed gang robs cargo plane at Marseille airport

Armed robbers have held up a cargo plane at Marseille airport in the south of France, after crashing through a wire fence in a car, French media say ------------------------

UN demands US biofuel suspension

The US should suspend its production of biofuel ethanol, the United Nations food agency says, after a drought and heatwave in the US drive up global food prices.. ------------------------

Website warned over MMR claims

A website offering parents advice on vaccines has been ordered to remove information about the MMR jab after claiming it could be linked to autism. ------------------------

“We are working on the demand for funds for Bankia” and three other nationalised banks -CatalunyaCaixa, Novagalicia and Banco de Valencia, a source in the ministry told AFP.

Spain’s government had planned to announce after the results of an audit, due in September, how much the four banks need to get from a 30-billioneuro ($37 billion) first instalment of eurozone loans. That is part of the credit line of up to 100 billion euros agreed last month by the eurozone countries to stabilise Spain’s banks, which are struggling with mountains of bad loans from a property bubble that burst in 2008. Spanish daily El Pais, citing ministry sources, reported Wednesday that the rescue funds

European Commission spokesman Olivier Bailly said that once the request is made, the process of approving and transferring the funds would take between a few days and two weeks. Bankia’s share price shot up by more than 18 percent on the Madrid stock exchange in afternoon trading Wednesday after the reports, but this was only a fraction of its losses since it listed on the market in July 2011. It was formed in 2010 by the merger of several regional savings banks as part of a costly restructuring of a banking sector stricken by the financial crisis. In May this year it turned to the government for a 23.5 billion euro bailout which drove Spain to seek the eurozone rescue funds for its finance sector. Bailly told reporters in Brussels on Wednesday that Spain had not yet formally submitted a request to activate the aid programme. “We can take a decision any time day or night...”

There is considerable concern the country will eventually need a full bailout like Greece, Ireland and Portugal. “Some analysts are forecasting that the Spanish government will end up asking for help from European rescue funds,” economists at Link Analysis wrote in a note. Intervention by these funds and the European Central Bank could “put an end once and for all to the exorbitant interest rates that the markets are demanding of Spain to finance itself.” However an EU source said Tuesday that Spain was reluctant to seek a broader bailout if it meant accepting more tough conditions on top of the planned savings of 102 billion euros by 2014 to comply with deficit targets set by Brussels. The source said Rajoy was waiting for a European Commission assessment of the new 2013-2014 spending targets, the results of which are expected by mid-September at the earliest.

Hood’ activist Firefighters beat back Canary ‘Robin collective evicted Islands blazes - Spain on alert from Spanish farm

Firefighters made strides Tuesday against wildfires on Spain’s Canary Islands that charred parts of a protected forest, but the country was on alert for more blazes due to an impending heatwave. A fire on the island of La Gomera has since Saturday affected over 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres) -- including 350 hectares, or about 10 percent, of the Garajonay national park, a World Heritage site. But thanks to lower temperatures and higher air humidity on Tuesday, “the work to put out the fire has produced good results,” the regional government of the Canaries said Tuesday in a statement. Fog prevented the authorities from deploying water-dropping aircraft against the blaze on Tuesday morning but during the afternoon two helicopters and three planes were battling the flames. Another fire on neighbouring La Palma island near the town of Mazo was stabilised on Tuesday. That blaze had affected about 1,700 hectares. The Garajonay national park was added to UN cultural body UNESCO’s World Heritage list for its rare subtropical forests, which covered the Mediterranean region millions of years ago but have now largely disappeared. It is home to 450 plant species, including eight found only in the park. Residents from Igualero, a village inside the park where several houses burned down, were allowed to return to their homes on Tuesday after being evacuated over the weekend.

About 600 people in total were evacuated from their homes on La Gomera but they have now all been allowed to return.

The wildfires have destroyed forest and farmland and killed dozens of sheep, goats and other animals. Spain has been battling fires both in the Canaries and on the mainland after a winter that saw almost no rainfall, leaving the Spanish landscape its driest in seven decades. Rainfall has continued to be scarce. In July, Spain received average precipitation of just 12 millimetres (half an inch) over the entire country, half the normal amount of 23 millimetres. Between January 1 and July 29, wildfires destroyed 130,830 hectares of vegetation in Spain, according to the agriculture ministry. Temperatures are expected to soar on Wednesday across almost all of Spain, increasing the risk of more wildfires. The national weather office issued a heat alert for 16 Spanish provinces, including Cordoba and Madrid, for Wednesday because temperatures there are expected to rise to around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The interior ministry warned that there was a high risk of wildfires over the coming days because of the heat. It advised against throwing bottles in fields and forests or lighting campfires during the heatwave. “Negligence causes a high percentage of forest fires and major damage,” the ministry said in a statement.

Spanish police evicted left-wing activists from a sprawling, government-owned Andalucian ranch on Friday, a day after some of the activists looted supermarket food to hand out to the needy. The activists had for the past 18 days occupied a 1,200-hectare (2,965-acre) farm belonging to the defence ministry to demand a more equal distribution of land in Andalucia, which has a tradition of large landholdings. A spokesman from the civil guard said a man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the supermarket thefts and about 40 to 50 people present at the farm were in the process of being evicted.

The interior ministry issued arrest warrants Wednesday for the group that carried out the supermarket raids, including its leader Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, a member of the regional parliament for the United Left party in Andalucia and mayor of the village of Marinaleda in southern Spain. The major political parties condemned the raids, which came at a time when recession-gripped Spain grapples with deep austerity cuts. Andalucia has been hit particularly hard by a recession brought on by the collapse of Spain’s construction industry. The region, which had a major construction industry, currently has an unemployment rate of about 33 percent. Two people were already arrested Wednesday after the supermarket raids that saw activists piling food into shopping trolleys. The two were later released on bail.

Spanish city to lock garbage bins to stop scavengers

Spain’s northeastern city of Girona said Tuesday it will put locks on the garbage bins of supermarkets to stop people scavenging for food, a practice that is growing due to the deepening economic crisis. The municipality said in a statement it had taken the decision along with supermarket owners “due to the health risks

that could arise from eating food thrown into the bins and the social alarm it causes.”

It had also set up an information system to guide people needing food to a distribution centre where they can receive a food basket containing essential items, the statement added. “At the moment there is only

one bin in front of a supermarket with a lock and it contains food items whose expiry date has passed, to prevent the food from being taken away by the homeless,” a spokesman for the municipality said. Girona has reached an agreement with three large supermarket chains to intall the locks and hopes more chains will

join the initiative, he added.

Spain is struggling with its second recession in four years and an unemployment rate of nearly 25 percent following the collapse of a construction boom in 2008. There are more than 1.73 million households where all eligible workers are out of work.





Imagine the dedication required to carry 5 litres of water into Parque Los Palacios twice a week in order to water the plants in the large display pots, when your only reward is the knowledge that the hundreds of people who walk past regularly will enjoy the pretty flowers. Imagine the disappointment at 8:30 a.m. on Monday July 30, when after carrying the water, our dedicated volunteer discovered that one of the pots had been stolen. The thief had ripped out the pretty flowers and emptied the compost in order to steal the large planter.

September, with lots of projects planned. To help fund this work there will be a special evening at Lara’s Bar on Saturday, September 29, featuring The CAS Band, and Vera Lynn (tribute). Tickets are only 5 euros, and all proceeds to Los Palacios Garden Volunteers. Hope to see you there !

WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER Show Night at Mariano´s restaurant, Camposol

WEDNESDAY 24TH OCTOBER At Mariano´s restaurant, Camposol

The Jazz Singer Show (Neil Diamond Tribute). Never been performed in this area plus the Fantastic Nick Gold A few tickets left .

Back by popular demand Ricky Lavazza from the Costa Del Sol and also the very talented Karen Noble

Tickets 9€

Tel Rosemary on 620 105 179 to book your tickets.

Tickets 9€



May 11th travel to Madrid for an overnight stay at a central hotel. ian Fjords Fly on the 12th to Copenhagen to pick up the MSC Cruise to the Norweg Fjords. the around nights 7 for Cruise tion Ins. Return journey home, Inclusive of all food and drinks on board. Cancella

Price from 1040€

More disappointment caused by the erection of the large advertising billboard in our parque, which was placed so as to obscure the view of the recently created diamond jubilee rose display. Whilst erecting this blot on the landscape damage was caused to the watering system. Fortunately we have managed to repair the damage. This sign was erected without planning permission or consultation with the residents association who have contacted Parkandflymurcia to demand its removal. Five communications in all were sent to the Company, the Director telephoned in response. The board has been dismantled.

For more information tel: Rosemary 620 105 179

Tel Rosemary on 620 105 179 to book your tickets

More good news. Everyone is looking forward to getting back to work again in

Slippery Floors?

VECINOS COLABORANDO ASSOCIATION LATEST NEWS (Crime Watch Spain) Valencia Generelitat Reg. 8261/2000

As our San Luis Urbanization representative Mr. Thompson says: “we are not vigilantes, we don’t patrol the roads, we don’t confront and we don’t intervene, this is the responsibility of the Local Police and Guardia Civil”, but what our Association and area’s coordinators do is to look after the tranquillity, security and well being of our citizens. A couple of days ago, a 60 years old man from Aguas Nuevas, in Torrevieja, was saved from being attacked and probably beating up when he was followed by a youngster who was trying to get the old man wallet but when the suspicious man realized that he was being followed by another man, a 50th years old British man living in the area, the suspicious man ran away. At a Montesinos Village back road a 70th years old Spanish woman escaped un-hurt after she was protected by her dog when she was attacked by a North African looking youngster. The man tried to fight the dog but decided run away. Last week at La Mata Mercadillo, three women in their thirties were pick-pocketing. An area coordinator saw the women in action, “he did not want confront or intervene, this is the police job”, the coordinator said. This is what he saw. The first woman talked to the man, the second woman collected the wallet from the man, which was handed to the third woman. The police was informed about it.

If you wish to help the community you can contact the nearest Local Police or Guardia Civil, the 112 in a emergency, your area Vecinos Colaborando 966 786 266 or 965992838 or Email us on Many, many vandalism crimes have been sorted out by the coordinators and citizens working together without disturbing the Local Police or Guardia Civil, just by keeping looking, sounding the whistle, and being a good neighbour. You don’t need to be a member of the Association or your area group, but you have a moral responsibility to help your neighbours.

Suitable for ceramic tiles, slate, terrazzo, quarry tiles, marble, stone, concrete and more...

Tel: Martin 659 232 507

Tel: 902 002 736 663 395 339 24hrs

113.99€ 1 Weekend

2 Full Days



• • • • •

1299.95€ Year

15 Transf. incl.

Basic outside carwash Free 24/7 Security Free Transfers 100% Secure & Legal 500 mtrs from Airport


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The Choir was formed in 2006 from rugby fans of all ages, singing abilities and walks of life from the Cardiff Blues rugby region for the purpose of a Welsh television series, CodiCanu, produced by the Welsh channel 4, S4C. The concept of the series was to promote singing on rugby terraces across Wales. Whilst many members had never sung in a choir before the experience was so positive that when the series ended in 2008 the Cardiff Blues Choir continued to grow, attracting new members and developing its repertoire, singing at the National Eisteddfod, in local Eisteddfodau, community events and at International and Regional rugby matches under the leadership of dedicated Musical Directors. The choir rehearses weekly under the musical direction of Richard Vaughan and assistant musical director / accompanist Rhiannon Pritchard. This has ensured the choir’s continued development and has seen their repertoire become more diverse and challenging. It now includes classical and contemporary songs in many languages (including Welsh, English, Latin, French, African, and Maori). The choir currently boasts over 100 members, around 70 of whom will take to the stage during this summer’s tour to Torrevieja.


The choir won first place in the mixed choir class at the North Wales Choral Festival in Llandudno in 2007 and second prize in 2009, and in between the choir won second place at the Pontrhydfendigaid Eisteddfod in May 2008, whilst securing third place at the Cardigan Eisteddfod in 2010. In November 2011 the choir again won first in the mixed choir class at the North Wales Choral Festival. Most recently the choir competed at the prestigious Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, in May 2012, winning the Mixed Choir class against very good competition. Please see the attached link to You Tube for CARDIFF BLUES’ recent performance in Llandudno in November 2012.

Community Engagement:

The CARDIFF BLUES choir is committed to giving something back to the wider community and in addition to performances at many public events also raises money for several British charities. During their visit to Torrevieja, however, the choristers of ‘CARDIFF BLUES’ will be helping to raise much needed funds for our own association, ‘AFA’ towards the welfare of Alzheimer’s’ patients and their families.

SOL TIMES COSTA BLANCA CHRISTINE : 902 750 190 (EXT: 330) OR ANDY: 693 803 409 email:


Classifieds - Paulette: 902 750 190 - 950 121 936 Costa blanca office email: QUESADA BUSINESS CENTRE,

Sol Times Calida and Sol Times Blanca are independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced. Sol Times Calida and Sol Times Blanca are independent publications. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Murcia & Blanca. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement. Deposito Legal Sol Times Calida AL 851-2010. Sol Times Blanca AL 852-2010



Rugby is, of course, at the very heart of the choir and their affiliation to the Cardiff Blues. They regularly sing at home and away games and have performed at Harlequins and Newcastle Falcons where they were received with great enthusiasm. The choristers actively seek to foster links with English Premiership Clubs and to add to the atmosphere and occasion of cross border matches. The CARDIFF BLUES choir has performed formally at international level; at the Wales v England match in August 2011 in Cardiff’s prestigious “Millennium Stadium”, the ERC Amlin Cup Final in 2011 in Cardiff and at Twickenham, London on the occasion of the EDF Cup Final in 2009. They were also invited to perform in venues around Cardiff on international match days, including the Wales Millennium Centre, restaurants and ‘hostelries’!

Forthcoming Events:

Looking forward through the remainder of 2012 the choir’s schedule is no less demanding and exciting than the first 6 months. They will be competing at the Aberteifi Festival in June, performing at the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in the Vale of Glamorgan during early August, and are embarking on concert tour to Torrevieja in Spain later the same month.

Torrevieja Concerts:

- MONDAY 20th AUGUST at 20.45h in the Parrish church of the Inmaculada Concepción situated in the main Plaza de la Constitución in the centre of Torrevieja. - WEDNESDAY 22nd August at 20.30h in the auditorium of the Palacio de La Música, Torrevieja. Admission to this concert is 3€ and all proceeds are dedicated to AFA (Alzheimer’s Association). TICKETS WILL BE AVAIABLE FROM THE ‘Palacio de la Música’ as from two hours before the concert starts. (i.e. as from 18.30h on Weds 22nd August).



MaD – Making a Difference..........

“Another Charity”, I Hear You Say, But This Is Not Just “Another Charity”! Animal charities are admiral a People’s charity is a necessity. No-one knows what tomorrow has in reserve for us –no-one has a guarantee that they will not find themselves in the same position as others in need. Anyone of us can be brought down by a spate of bad luck, loss of employment, sickness, decease, which can continue over a long period of time bringing about other problems such as medical expenses, loss of property, end of unemployment assistance; a downward spiral bringing with it hardships of which we are unable to imagine. A grown man crying because he cannot feed his family, children living in squalid conditions with no running water, electricity. I am not talking about some “third World” country so far away so as not to upset our comfortable middle class lives, but people here in Spain that are in Need! MaD is a charity that offers not only solicitude, but down to earth solutions. Aid days, where food is given out to some 785 registered families – three a month in Mazarron, Pto de Mazarron and Gallego. Medication is purchased for the needy. Food, toiletries and other basics are distributed to families. Meals are supplied to the aged and handicapped. People are transported to rehab centers. A shop in Mazarron sells second hand clothing, books, bedding and furniture. A Dutch gentleman who had lost his job/home was helped in contacting his family in Holland so he could return home. His family helped with his plane ticket but MaD helped him to get to the airport! This and many other such stories are part and parcel of the Mad Movement – Reaching out and offering assistance to those who need it the Most. Extending a hand in order to Make a Difference to someone’s life, irrelevant of colour, religion or nationality! As with any charity, funds are sadly lacking in order to help even more people (especially as the Social Services are also soliciting aid from MaD) and that is why the Fund raising concert on 13th October unites three great artists for one great Cause! Be it the velvet voice of Barrington, renowned throughout the South of Spain, Hazel with a wonderful tribute to Shirley Bassey or Gerry Jones the “Voice from the Valley”, there is something for everyone’s taste. With raffles, auction and music at the Mazarron Country Club’s new function room it will be a fun evening for one and all. All proceeds go to MaD (all three artists are giving their time gratuitously). So extend your helping hand by buying tickets to this great evening and at the same time show your solidarity to those who really need it. Tickets at €5 can be obtained from the English butchers, Camposol A, The Yorkshire Linen store in Mazarron, The Dog Bowl in Fuente Alamo or telephone Lea on 634 312 951. Thank you!

Great Jazz Support forAlzheimer’s

Once again the fantastic teenagers from Helston School in Cornwall were brought to Torrevieja by their musical director Clive King to give us a round of wonderful concerts. This one at the Teatro Municipal in Torrevieja on Saturday 21st July, was in support of the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association ~ AFA. Once again there was a packed house, both English speaking and Spanish audience made up the more than 500 people enjoying this spectacle, because spectacle it was. Graham Knight very kindly stepped up to the microphone to dispel the concerns from the Spanish members of the audience by supplying an excellent translation of the introductions given by Clive King, thereby enabling everyone to settle down and enjoy the evening of music. Not only did the Orchestra show superb talent, the arrangements of some of the more well known pieces enabled some truly fantastic solo performances from individual musicians. The orchestra were not shy in emulating the famous Glen Millar either, perfect! When four of the girl performers formed up to sing a quartet, immediate thoughts came to mind of the Andrew Sisters ( am I showing my age? ). Their harmonising and rendition of this traditional song, was not only lovely but very mature too. Honestly, if you closed your eyes you would



September & October are important months for Age Concern

September 12th sees the Black and White Ball, an opportunity to posh up, or go casual, as long as it is in black and white. The music will be good as will the food, there will be a raffle and a romantic setting, not to mention the chance of a drink in the port, courtesy the lift from the coach! At 12.50 a ticket, only 25 Euros for a couple, the evening represents value for money. The “bit of a do” does have a romantic setting in the port, and the 12th should be a warm night, but not too hot! October sees the third auction. An opportunity to put some items in, now only 5 Euros for three items, and keep more of the cash raised. Literally hundreds of Euros are bid for items its local, held at Marianos, you take the items in before 10AM, log them in, they can be viewed until lunch time and the hammer starts its downward journey at 1PM. Its a fun afternoon, and as well as a chance to get rid of things you dont want, you can acquire objects you do want! Put thursday 18th October in your diary and pre register by Friday 12 th October The Welcome group has donated 300 Euros to Age Concern and this was presented on Saturday 4th August. The next Menu del Dia is on the 26th September at 1.30PM. Its at Lagarto Verde in the port which you will recollect is used by Age Concern for its Christmas and summer fairs. The July Menu was held at the Vista Bar on Sector A where a BBQ attracted some forty customers to a fun afternoon. Age Concern is still looking for storage premises where it can lodge its equipment and donated items. If you can help please contact the office. Tickets and advice and information always available at the office on Sector C at No 29 calle Retama 968970687 Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings; or outside the Bar Salud on a Friday morning, contact 634 310 215; or again, outside Bar Peyma in the port by tourist information on a Thursday morning, phone 634 336 484

never think you were listening to a school orchestra, such was the talent and expertise given with enthusiasm which was infectious. How Clive King manages to continue to bring together such co-ordinated and virtuoso students, when every year some move on to further education or wherever, and new youngsters join the orchestra, is a miracle in itself and a credit to his enthusiasm for what he does for these young musicians. Matilde Sanchez, President of the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association ( AFA Torrevieja) thanked everyone, audience and orchestra for a wonderful evening and their much appreciated support, presenting Clive King, on behalf of the orchestra, a Certificate of Appreciation from AFA. She was presented with a pottery model of a Cornish Tin mine in return, as was Counsellor for Foreign Residents, Rosario Sanchez, who presented the orchestra with a hand made traditional Torrevieja salt boat. A bucket collection was made at the end of the evening raising some 260 euros, so add that to the entry ticket money and AFA will have received a substantial donation to help them continue to provide the support they do to families and patients suffering from dementias. Thank you very much everyone!




Bowling ∙ Snooker Quiz Nights ∙ Darts Pool Table Social Dancing Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Open 10am - late

All you need in one place:

Late licence (3.30am) if needed


FRIDAY 17TH august

T  he Cadillacs 4.30pm to 6.15pm , Entry 5€ tuesday Ballroom Dancing 8pm -10pm Wednesdays Live Music from 9.30pm Thursdays FUN QUIZ 8.30pm Friday Closed from 6pm for private parties. Book yours now! Saturdays See guide below Sundays Happy hour 8 - 9.30pm PLUS Karaoke 9pm

saturday 18th august BEE GEE’S DUO plus dj helen

2 course meal + show 8pm 10€ Show only 9.30pm 3€


2 course meal + show 8pm 10€ Show only 9.30pm 3€



from 8pm to 9.30pm


with Vibe FM’s RICHIE SPARKS from 9pm

966 717 028





Tickets €8.50 Show starts 8.30pm Pre show meals available 7.30pm



8.30pm Start

Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada


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Walrus of Love puts flamingos in the mood

Domino Pet Hotel

Zoo staff have been helping a group of shy flamingos - by piping Barry White songs into their enclosure at night. Keepers at Drusillas Park in Alfriston, Sussex, hoped it would get the Chilean flamingos in the mood for love. They played classic smooch songs by the ‘Walrus of Love’ including I Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe and You’re the First, the Last, My Everything. And it seems to have done the trick as two of the birds, Maurice and Gabriella, have hatched a chick. The latest addition is the first successful flamingo hatching at Drusillas Park since 2009. Zoo manager Sue Woodgate said: “We are absolutely delighted with the progress of the flamingo chick. “I was lucky enough to be at the enclosure when it hatched. The keepers and I were so excited to see the little grey flamingo emerge from its shell under the watchful eye of its parents.” Keepers are hoping for another baby, as the flamingos are sitting on a further three eggs which could hatch in up to three weeks.

The local pet hotel where your beloved pet goes when you are on holiday or just away...

Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, daily grooming guaranteed! Large comfortable dog kennels, large exercise park, doggie wellness weekend Fri - Mon 25€ incl. Wellness bath, Short / long term stay. Professional trained team

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Tel: 654 168 366


659 458 161

moncayo market IS bigger & better than ever!

Loads of Stalls Loads of Free Parking Loads of Refreshments Live Entertainment ...and don’t forget to grab a bargain at the fantastic RE-SALE MARKET It’s all at


Moncayo Market


torrevieja N332

N332 Guardamar

Experienced Mobile Dog Groomer Based in Quesada Collection Service Available Pamper Your Dog For Only 17€ Ring Sue on:

Find us behind the Procomobel Home Centre


FUN DAY Finley’s fun day is a fun for all party fun day to be held at the ‘ABBEY TAVERN GARDENS, LA FLORIDA’ Monday August 27th 2012, 12 noon - 6 PM,

with the emphasis on ‘Children’s party’.

This day has been organised to mark the 1st birthday of Finley, a little boy with special needs who lives here on the Costa Blanca. At 19 weeks old Finley was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome POTOCKI LUPSKI SYNDROME and CHARCOT MARIE TOOTH DISEASE. POTOCKI LUPSKI SYNDROME commonly known as PTLS, is the duplication of chromosome number 17. CMT type 1a is a hereditary demyelinising peripheral neuropathy associated with DNA duplication on chromosome 17p12. PTLS comes with various health concerns associated to it including poor feeding, low body weight, low muscle tone, poor fine motor skills, a heart condition called ‘bicuspid aortic valve’, dental issues, sleep apnoea, sensory issues, learning differences, autism like behaviours, add/adhd, development delays, speech delays, scoliosis, reflux, constipation issues and more... The condition is extremely rare and as such much more research needs to be done which is why Finley’s parents are desperately trying to raise awareness and money to enable research to help support Finley’s future. Finley is the grandson of the popular local DJ and entertainer Simon Morton of Sunshine FM. On Finley’s fun day there will be live entertainment provided by to name but a few Abba girls, Suzy G and her diva show, Maria O’Hara, nick gold and of course Simon from Sunshine FM and more. There will be displays by Ruth Kingsbury, Raquel Pena, FC Mil Palmeras will be doing penalty shoot outs, there will be face painting, mini discos, bouncy castles, games, raffles and more. Please come along and support us in this event and make it a special day for all special needs children. Collections will be placed in Iceland from 14th August.


The latest results from the end of the obedience courses are now in and the winners have been presented with their certificates and trophies at the Polideportivo Sports ground, Pinar de Campoverde. Our congratulations go out to all who passed their final examination. The C.C.C. was formed in July 2000 and since then many owners have benefited from expert tuition and are now proud of the way they are able to control their best friends. For only the second time in 12 years there was a tie for 1st place in the basic class, with a score of 108.7 out of 110 points, our congratulations go to Frances Race with Charlie and Irene Allen with Odin The winner of the Intermediate class was

Julie Mansell and her dog Tazz scoring a magnificent 127.8 marks out of 140. Sad to say that no-one attained the necessary standard for the Advanced Class but, I am sure that the next class will produce a worthy winner. The winner of Marlene Smythe Poodle “Dudli”. photographs of the internet for Spain¨

the Agility Class was and her handsome You can see some Dudley by searching ´Two Poodles Living in

Or “Campoverde Canine Club” on you tube New courses will start inSeptember 2012. If you are interested in training your four legged friend - Please telephone Roy on 966 762 265 or email taffthedog@



Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital.

Welcome GO SATELLITE! Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome GO SATELLITE! GO SATELLITE was set up 8 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain.

WHERE ARE WE? GO SATELLITE is based in Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! Over the past 8 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The Go Satellite system uses highest quality

Portuguesemanufactured dishes and r e q u i r e s NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. GO SATELLITE offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. WHY ARE WE DIFFERENT?

Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing.

We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs”. CUSTOMER SERVICE Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal, Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! COME AND MEET US!

They have now opened a new office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada. So you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of

your TV queries.

OTHER SERVICES Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents. DISH ISSUES? If you previously did not have room for a “big dish” then this problem has also been solved by now being able to receive UK TV on a dish as small as 1metre... with prices starting from only 199€ with NO MONTHLY subscriptions received directly from the satellite, what better way to review your current system.

So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on 965 725 670 or 646 645 579 or call into our office to find out more about GO SATELLITE and its services. Alternatively check out the website:


BBC1*, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5 Can now be obtained on a small 1.1 metre, dish

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15 years


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• 1.9m Portuguese Dish Twin HD LNB • 1 X Satellite Receiver 

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HUMAX HDR 500GB Record One Program Whilst Watching Another In Full HD

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New office now open in the Quesada business centre calle los arcos no 7, quesada


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Suntan lotion Look Good Feel Great made from email your news and views to strawberries kim clark benefits consultancy

■ if you suffer from... ■ or you need help... •h  elp with washing/ • mobility problems dressing • pain/breathlessness • supervision • falls/stumbles rule changes mean that you could now be entitled to extra income by claiming UK Sickness/Disability Benefits while living in Spain For advice or to book a consultation call 950 169 729 or 663 297 568 kimos28@hotmail

KUTS & KLAWS Hair, Hair, Nails Nails & & Beauty Beauty

Karl & Karen

would like to introduce their new beautician kadie

We offer an extensive range of treatments for hair & nailsincluding ‘BLIXZ’ toe nails, ‘Ce Chic’ two-week nail polish & much more... We are situated just up from Gama in Quesada Town Tel: 966 716 602 - Karl Mobile: 644 125 940 Karen Mobile: 644 125 994 Kadie Mobile: 667 373 565

Sun creams could be made from strawberries after the fruit was discovered to protect against sunburn. Strawberry extract provides protection against ultraviolet radiation and reduces skin damage from over-exposure to the sun, researchers said yesterday. The Italian and Spanish scientists prepared human skin cell cultures and added strawberry extract in concentrations of 0.05, 0.25 and 0.5 milligrammes per millilitre Study leader Maurizio Battino, of the Universita Politecnia delle Marche in Italy, said: ‘We have verified the protecting effect of strawberry extract against damage to skins cells caused by UVA rays.’ Using ultraviolet light, the samples were then exposed to a dose equivalent to 90 minutes of midday summer sun in the French Riviera. Data confirmed that the strawberry extract, especially at a concentration of 0.5 mg/ml, protected against UVA radiation. It also increased cell survival and decreased damage in the DNA when compared with cells not protected by strawberry extract. Mr Battino said: ‘These aspects are of great importance as they provide protection for cell lines subject to conditions that can provoke cancer and other skin-related inflammatory and degenerative illnesses.’ Effective suncreams should protect against UVA and UVB light - the two types of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer. UVA rays are less powerful than UVB but penetrate deeper into the skin and can age the skin prematurely. UVB are absorbed by the top layer of skin, which releases chemicals that cause swelling, pain and redness. The sun protection factor, or SPF, is a measurement of the amount of UVB protection. In the UK, UVA protection is measured with a star rating. The scientists, whose findings are published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, say their discovery opens the way for development of suntan cream made from strawberries. They believe that pigments called anthocyanins give strawberries their sun protection properties. They also give leaves, flowers and fruit their red colour. Co-author Sara Tulipani, from the University of Barcelona, said: ‘These compounds have important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumour properties.’ She said: ‘At the moment the results act as the basis for future studies evaluating the ‘bioavailability’ and ‘bioactivity’ of anthocyanins in the dermis and epidermis layers of the human skin, whether by adding them to formulations for external use or by ingesting the fruit itself.’



SPECIAL SUMMER SALE! Campo de Golf La Finca

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From Torrevieja head towards Los Montesinos, go straight through town to last roundabout, straight on to take 1st right to Algorfa, follow the road all the way until you reach the Finca Golf Resort roundabout, take the 2nd exit on the right, then take 1st right and you will see Moda La Finca on the left.

could protect you from damaging UV rays

Honey can ease childhood cough Giving a teaspoon of honey to a child with a cough before they go to bed can ease their symptoms and help them sleep more soundly, a study has found

Children aged one to five who were suffering from throat infections coughed less often and slept better after taking 10g of honey before bedtime, researchers reported. Honey’s high levels of antioxidants could make it a better alternative to cough syrups, many of which are not proven to work and which can be dangerous if parents administer accidental overdoses, they wrote in the Pediatrics journal. The study involved almost 300 Israeli children with throat infections. Three quarters were given a teaspoon of either eucalyptus honey, citrus honey or labiatae honey before bed, while the rest took a placebo. Before and after the treatment, parents were asked to score the severity and frequency of their child’s cough, how much it appeared to bother them, and how much it impacted on the child’s and their own sleep, each on a scale from one to five. The children on the placebo improved by an average of six points across all five categories after the treatment, possibly because they were already getting Over 29 years experience better, but for each type of honey they improved S.R.H “Senior Stylist” by nine to ten points City & Guilds of London overnight. The researchers emphasised that honey is Tel: 966 714 970 | Mob: 677 897 788 not safe for young infants Avda del Romero because of the risk of Local 6, Urb. Open Tuesday - Saturday infantile botulism, a rare Montebello, Algorfa but fatal infection, but said (incl.) from 9am 03176 it could be a “preferable Near Zoco Market Late night opening by treatment” for children AP7 Junc 745 appointment only older than one.

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Playa Flamenca

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Don’t forget that Calida Country re-opens at 8.00pm on Friday 21 September with the debut appearance there of a fantastic 4-piece country music band, augmented by our own Jim Underdown of ‘pedal steel’ guitar, and calling themselves, ‘GRUMPY OLD MEN’. If you live in the Torrevieja area, you may have seen or heard of these guys before, as they are great favourites on the country scene in Costa Blanca area. A very accomplished and entertaining CM band that is certain to afford you a great night’s entertainment! Friday 19 October brings the long return awaited of the fabulously CM talented singer, J P (Jimmy) VINCENT and, with Friday 16 November heralding a night of CM entertainment provided by the much loved and multi-talented from duo CM Benidorm, The PROSPECTORS, the club’s autumn programme is guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance – or a least get your toes tapping! Still one of the most popular Nightspots on the Costa Calida, if you fancy a ‘bit of a boogie’ on a Friday night – or simply want to put into practice what you’ve been learning at your line dance classes – come along and give us a try! The club is located at the Social Club in La Molata, Los

Muñoces – near Condado de Alhama (Polaris World) and located just off the RM23/MU 603, only around 10km from Camposol. It is a non-member club, and is a non-profit making organisation. A small entrance fee is charged to cover costs, and any excess is dedicated to the Community Ambulance Fund España (CAFE).

monthly twice meets normally club The – on the 1st and 3rd Fridays – from 8.00pm, The entrance fee on ‘live artist’ or ‘cabaret’ nights(normally 3rd Fridays) is €5.00 per person and just €5.00 per couple (€3.00 per single) on Country Disco nights Boasting a large dance floor, the venue is also a licensed premises, with drinks at Spanish prices and their hosts, Antonio & Cheryl, maintain a superb kitchen. The ‘fish and chips’ are, reportedly, ‘to die for!’ Advance bookings

ON A MORE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! An OPEN meeting to decide the future of Calida Country CMC as an entity, is to be held at the club in La Molata at 8.00pm on the evening of Friday 05 October next. This will not be a ‘music’ night and entry will be free. (food & drinks still available on payment) If you want to keep this club alive it is very important that you make the effort to come along! Please make a note in your diary now!


Their programme until the end of this year is..

For further information on what’s going on, contact… Mervyn Booth on 968 163 082 or visit their Facebook page at: ‘CALIDA COUNTRY Country Music Club’

Surrey Royale

Surrey White

Earith Classic Georgian Bar


Club closed for holiday GRUMPY OLD MEN Open Meeting J P (Jimmy) VINCENT Country Music Disco/Dance Night THE PROSPECTORS Country Music Disco/Dance Night RED STROKES

Fri 07 Sep Fri 21 Sep Fri 05 Oct Fri 19 Oct Fri 02 Nov Fri 16 Nov Fri 07 Dec Fri 21 Dec



Triple Glazed

for meals are recommended and should be made direct to Cheryl on 619 003 022 to avoid disappointment on the night.

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Simply Doors España have been established on the Costa Blanca for 5 years. In that time Simply Doors have built a fine reputation, as the Costa Blanca’s number one supplier and installer of UK manufactured, made to measure, composite and PVCU doors and windows, all of which come with a guarantee of up to 25 years. Visit the Simply Doors showroom in Ciudad Quesada, where Gary and Maureen will be happy to offer you advice to ensure that you get the door you need.

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TEL: 966 718 738 or 671 260 204

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am to 2.30pm | Saturday:10am to 1.30pm

Norfolk Green Resin Revel

quesada showroom


Calle Azul


Simply Doors Gama

Avda. de las Naciones (High St)


A sweet-toothed bear has been spotted helping itself to chocolate and biscuits after forcing its way into a shop in the US state of Colorado. Jo Adams, the owner of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop in Estes Park suspected that squirrels had broken in, after finding empty wrappers and dirt on the counter. But when Adams checked the newly installed surveillance cameras, she discovered that a young black bear with a sweet tooth was the culprit. The bear waited until the store was closed before forcing the door open. He then propped himself up on the counter to wolf down some chocolate. The bear then left the shop, but was second helping.

soon back for a

The owner said that among the bear’s favourites were chocolate covered Rice Krispies Treats, peanut butter cups, English Toffee, and giant chocolate covered “Cookie Bear” biscuits. She said there was no damage to the shop.

Bemused residents in a quiet suburban street thought there was something fishy about the weather when it literally started raining seaweed. They were stunned to find their homes, gardens and cars littered with the smelly marine algae after a stormy weather spout swept up the debris from a beach 20 miles away. Weather experts believe the seaweed was picked up from Clevedon Beach in North Somerset by a twister during freak weather conditions on the coast. It was then carried through the air - before being deposited on the quiet street in Berkeley, near Cheltenham, Glos.

Stunned engineer Dr Richard Overton, 55, and his wife Kay, collected an entire bucket full of the green slime from their front garden. He said: “I looked out of the window after a very big storm finished and to my amazement there were lots of flakes of seaweed scattered over the garden. I’ve heard stories of fish being picked up and dumped by storms but never seaweed. I was just so surprised.” Other residents on ‘The Common’, an up-market lane which overlooks acres of fields, also found seaweed in their gardens. Neighbour Steven Belton said: “We had really heavy rain yesterday, our garden was almost flooded. “We didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary but after speaking

to Richard and Kay we found quite a lot of the seaweed in out driveway. It’s very strange; just so, so odd.”

W e a t h e r expert, Ian Fergusson, from the Met Office, said the bizarre situation could have occurred because of thunderstorms on Clevedon Beach. He said: “At the same time as this incident was reported there were several thunderstorms in the area, one of which pictured by satellites on a nearby beach. “If one of the funnel clouds touched down onto the beach, making it a tornado, it could have quite possible picked up the seaweed and other debris if the tide was out and then later dumped it down the road at Berkeley Heath. It is a very strange event but it is possible. Look out for fish in your garden too!” Dr Overton and his wife said they have been trying to clear the rest of the algae with daughter Liz - but

their garden is still covered. Kay said: “We’ve managed to pick up quite a lot of it now but there is still loads there because it’s camouflaged in the bushes and grass.” Husband Richard added: “It’s a shame really because had it have been fish we could have made a tasty dish with it but you can’t really do the same with seaweed. “We’ve put it all in a big pot and we’ll probably just wait for it to wither away. It’s quite funny really, just so strange.”

weird & wonderful news...

Bear breaks into a Weird weather rains seaweed sweet shop in US over Gloucestershire village



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New ‘loyalty card’ scheme to reward repeat visitors to Spain In an effort to aid Spain’s economic recovery, the Spanish government have launched a comprehensive new tourism plan, with measures including a loyalty card scheme, with points redeemable at specific tourist destinations and corporations, which would reward repeat visitors to Spain.

Other measures announced as part of the 20122016 National Tourism Plan include a promotion of non-coastal destinations, increased opening hours in popular tourist areas, an increased push to encourage domestic tourism and proposals for rebates on airport fees for off peak days at airports in the Canary Islands as well as winter months at Balearic airports. Local property experts are welcoming the changes as positive both for the country, and for overseas property hunters looking to rent out their home. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager of leading Spanish house builder Taylor Wimpey España comments:

Article courtesy of:

according to a report in the telegraph, The Foreign Office has issued a warning to British travellers in the Canary Islands after fresh forest fires forced thousands of residents to evacuate their homes.

About 2,500 people have fled from 13 villages in southern La Gomera, while officials say the fires have destroyed part of the Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On neighbouring Tenerife, a favoured destination for British holidaymakers, road links and power lines have been cut, and around 200 hectares of land destroyed. And on the Spanish mainland, villages in Ourense, a district of Galicia, have also been evacuated. “There are reports of forest fires on the island of La Gomera around the areas of Las Hayas, El Contadero, El Cruce de las Hayas, Los Manantiales, Chipude, Arure, Banda Las

Rosas, Valle Gran rey and El Cercado,” says the Foreign Office on its website. “There are also reports of forest fires on the island of Tenerife around the area of El Tanque, Ruigomez, San Jose de los Llanos, El Palmar, Teno Alto, Lagunetas, Valle de Arriba, Erjos, Masca and Las Portelas.” It warns the roads may be closed to allow access to emergency services, and advises travellers to monitor the situation closely. Updates can be found on the website http:// jsp?page=notasall.htm, it adds. Flights to both La Gomera and Tenerife are currently unaffected.

Spanish living costs ‘considerably’ lower than the UK

The cost of buying essential household items, and treats for the family, is ‘significantly’ cheaper in Spain compared to the UK, according to the Post Office’s Family Holiday Report 2012. A Place In the Sun’s article (www. stated that the company’s report, which looks at how much it costs to undertake a selfcatering holiday in various European destinations, found that the Costa del Sol is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for holiday essentials including meals out, lilo hire and ice creams. However, it was C’an Picafort in Majorca that was named by the company as offering the best value on

a weekly shop, with the Costa Blanca and Menorca following close behind. A weekly shop in C’an Picafort including items such as toilet rolls, tea bags, bread, milk, wine and pizza costs just £56.67, compared with Brighton in England

where the same items would set you back nearly £90. Limassol in Cyprus and Corfu in Greece were the most expensive destinations of those analysed, with the cost of the items adding up to £104.29 and £100.31 respectively. “The variations we found in supermarket prices mean that families will be well-advised to check prices before booking,” said Andrew Brown, the Post Office’s head of travel money. “Although self-catering can be a great way for families to save money, they should choose their destination carefully. Majorca and Portugal are great value options but Greece is looking more expensive.”


If you wish us to print an article about a particular topic, please e-mail

Q:  Ihave heard that a new law has been passed that is going to permit the obtention of title deeds for many of the “illegal houses in the Almanzora Valley” What you have heard about is a new law passed in February of this year. This law has indeed established different certifications that town halls can issue depending on the situation of a property with ought a building license, and which under certain circumstances will offer access to a title deed to the house and access to the property register (this will not be the solution to all illegal properties). These documents are going to have a cost attached to them. (Which could vary between 2 and 5% of the building cost of the property depending on the town hall). Many town halls have not decided yet on the percentage that they will be charging. In addition most town halls will not issue these certificates until they have established the exact situation themselves of all the properties built with ought a license in their territory. Not all illegal houses are the same and not all town halls and registrars will interpret the norm in the same way (specially at this early stage). We suggest consulting how the law may affect your particular situation as soon as possible CONSEQUENCES OF THE DEFICIT: TAX AUTHORITIES ARE HOT AT COLLECTING NON- RESIDENT INCOME TAX (Do not confuse with your rates /IBI which are generally paid by direct debit) Do not forget that if you are a non-resident of Spain (and you are making no income). You must present a non-resident income tax return every year. It is obligatory, and if you are not doing so you must start. If you wish to receive a full explanation about this tax, please email me and I will send you the article... Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


“In spite of Spain’s current situation, the nation is still a top pick with tourists and if the number of visitors till May has already risen by 2.4% compared to last year, can you imagine what will happen once the new tourism plan kicks in? Anyone dubious about buying Spanish property should be feeling more confident. Buyers can now snap up great deals given low prices but feel reassured about the future.”

Foreign Office warning over Spanish forest fires



Stagestruck! Have found our Cinderella After a lot of interest was shown by readers of the local press we have found Cinderella for our brand new production “Happily Ever After?” We have recruited Blanca Sierra, who was born in Halifax West Yorkshire 48 years ago. She has lived in England, Colombia , Germany, England again and for the last 3 years has lived just north of Torrevieja and is loving life here where she works as a language tutor, an interpreter and a spiritual healer. Blanca got her first taste of showbiz as a child in both the school choir and in many plays, often in lead roles. When she was 18 she took the part of Polly Peachum in the Threepenny Opera/Die Dreigroschenoper where she performed with the Deutsche Bühne in Bogotá, Colombia.

Three years later while in Calderdale College in her native Halifax she took the starring female role in Carousel as Julie Jordan. Roll forward 27 years and as the latest recruit to our ever increasing membership she brings her lovely personality to the group. We are pleased to announce that our next production, which is an adult panto called “Happily Ever After?”, will be taking place on 29th and 30th November and 1st December at our new venue, The Cardinal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio. After our last sell out show “Ancient Grease” at Los Montesinos in May this year we are expecting a bumper turn out so please telephone Stella on 966 786 154 to reserve your tickets, which are just 6 euros each and entitle you to a drink before the show.



Pencils come in various hardnesses and for art they should be soft. I recommend at least a 2B, (but 8B is even better!)

Look at this apple... How do we know it is rounded and not just flat? Because of the shadows - or tones. Screw your eyes up and look at it and the shadows become darker. So how we see things is all about tone... and not outline. There is no line drawn round it, the only ‘line’ is the distinction between light and dark. Try holding your hand in front of some dark fabric and then light fabric and watch how

love tub z40


650 722 905 or 650 769 103

Why? because they can create more variation of tone.

Because it is what gives an object shape.

The longest established Spa specialist in this part of Spain

5 Person, 33 chrome jets 5 person, 40 jets, Air Blower, Aromatherapy 2x massage pumps, LED colour mood light automatic filtration ozone, Headrests, Therapy Seat double lounger, Lounger and Waterfall waterfall, LED Mood lights dims: 200 x 196 x 81cm Dims: 210 x 210 x 81

First we need materials, so paper and something to mark it with would be good.

So what is tone and why is it important?

Unbeatable prices, subject to availability Sole distributor for ‘Premium Leisure’ All Spas are CE certified

Getting Started......

And charcoal is even better since it can smudge, blend and even be erased to create tone.


No deposit - Payment on completion & satisfaction

also Ex-Display & used spas @ even bigger discounts a spa for every budget!!!

it looks dark against light and light against dark, yet the hand is still the same, and it’s that difference in light we need to catch as artists if we want to represent the third dimension. So where to start? Try the centre of what you see and work by applying the tone required. As you apply your media, charcoal or pencil, try smoothing it with your fingers as if you are stroking your fingers over the shape of the subject, try and feel it form on the paper. I have often talked about ‘sculpting’ with pastels (or charcoal) & the sooner you feel like you are creating a 3 dimensional object, the sooner your picture will start to assume a reality. Next time we will tackle something a little more complex than an apple and talk about measurement, sizing & perhaps the use of colour. Martin the artist’s 6 week observational art course will run on Mondays starting on October 1st from 10am to 1pm in his studio in Rojales and costs 30€ with materials provided. To book phone Martin on 648 535 165 or email

BBC1 BBC2 ITV1,2,3,4 C4 Sky News + more. No monthly subscriptions direct from satellite. Full Installation Including receiver from...

One off price €195 ITV BBC CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5

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Free landline to UK, Europe, America, etc Call for installation quotations in your area 606 297 825 or see our website for more information. or email:


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Good to see many of you at the caves on Sunday, but apologies about lack of music.... Seems the singer got held up at work in Almoradi.

And did anyone try the ‘gazpacho’? It smelled good but was nothing like any gazpacho I know - it was a ‘gazpacho marinera’ with peas, prawns, fish cubes and cheese biscuits(?) amongst the ingredients. (I had to give it a miss due to developing an allergy to some fish :( ) Unusually, the mayor & cultural secretary turned up and they were well pleased with what they saw. So we have now been offered to hold the event every Sunday if we want! :) BUT although there were a good number of artists, where were all the visitors? (Of course, starting at 6pm I think many were still on the beach, but with no-one around, some artists decided to pack up around 8 rather than wait for visitors to arrive later.) SO what do you think about a more regular art & craft market? If it was every Sunday, would it become known as a good market so folk would come, or would we be wasting our time if no-one is coming to monthly ones?

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK? Perhaps it would be good to have a few more Sunday markets - e.g. towards Christmas - but not sure personally about every week. Lot of work setting up & clearing for little/no sales - AND we’d need to get a lot more publicity to get Joe Public to


AND I had an invitation to apply for a cave too. I will have to write an application to the town hall for approval by them, then by the caves association, BUT it would perhaps be good to have a permanent exhibition base for CAN? i.e. any member could exhibit as long as they were also happy to help keep the cave manned.

Again what do YOU feel? It does seem the caves’ association are taking notice of our suggestions - i.e. I asked about putting the ‘speaker car’ out on the streets to publicise it his time which they did! - supposedly... I never heard it round Pueblo Lucero which was on its itinerary. If we can get these markets a bit more recognised, then we need to get folk in from further afield perhaps? - after all it is a unique beautiful venue. So why not coach day trips from Benidorm to Rojales for example? (The trips from Rojales to Benidorm seem popular.) ANYWAY.....The next Art & craft market is on Sunday September 2nd and will again be an evening one before reverting to daytime in October. And handbills are now available - I got some on Saturday which was too late for Sunday, but they are still good for September. I still have some or you can pick them up at the town hall information & from the information cave at Las Cuevas… Martin the artist in Rojales martinrobinson.deviantart. com - 965 724 927

British TV

e c i v r e S Free view system from 159€ Full SKY HD Package  from 249€ + 13€ per month Fault Finding Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Ring Kevin or Stuart Established 14 yrs

622 315 819

I knew that if we didn’t act quickly we would lose them.” Sue and her team tracked down the owner of the premises who was equally shocked at what they had found and immediately assisted them in getting the horses out of there. Sadly, as Sue had feared, when they returned one of the horses was lying dead in the stable. But they did get the other 2 out who had otherwise been destined for the butcher, all for just a few euros. “Now back at our rescue centre, our equine vet Dorothea has checked them both over. The stallion is called Nero and we were told the mare was called Macarena but we may change that when we get used to her personality a bit more. The mare will not be able to be ridden for at least a year due to severe muscle wastage and sadly she was still being ridden at the very end as you can see the saddle marks on her. The stallion will be castrated and both are on a special diet as they are full of worms and can’t be wormed straight away until we build up their strength.” Sue added, “this is sadly just another example of how horses are just being left to starve to death as the owners lose interest or simply can’t afford to keep them in these difficult economic times. Thanks to our amazing volunteers in our charity shops we heard about this case and we responded, as we always do, and were able to save 2 of them and once again, thanks to the great work happening in our charity shops and the public’s support of them, we are able to help these and all the other horses and donkey’s currently in our care.” Following the success of the shops in Quesada, La Siesta, Los Montesinos and La Zenia, Easy Horse Care are now looking for a second premises to be able to deal with more horses. For more information on the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre call Sue on 652 021 980 or email and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook. The Rescue Centre is continuing with its open days throughout the summer every Sunday and Wednesday from 1-4pm where you can see the horses for yourself and find out more about the work they do. Los Montesinos charity shop is needing a few extra volunteers so if you can give a few hours a week then please contact Vicky on 636 062 000.

Left To Starve To Death It has been a tale of two halves this week at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre as they happily and successfully rescued a mare and a stallion who had been left to starve to death, locked away in a closed livery stable. However, the joy was tinged with sadness as they were just too late to save a third horse. It was last week when the La Zenia charity shop had a visit from 2 holiday makers who had gone to a riding centre on the Orihuela Costa they had previously visited, to find the horses seriously underweight and skeletal. “We acted immediately,” explains Sue Weeding, co-founder of Easy Horse Care, “and went straight to the premises that day where we found several horses that were left there starving.” Sue explains that the livery yard was being rented by the owners of the premises but the business had failed. Many people who had kept their horses there were removing them that weekend as the centre was closed but two horses belonged to the guy running the business and he had simply locked them away and left them, unable to afford to feed them. Another had been left by the owner who had lost interest and hadn’t paid any stable fees so again, was left to go hungry. “It was an appalling state and

The ‘Family Fun Day” at the Marina Bar Torrevieja on Sat 11th, August proved to be a great success with proceeds of 700 Euros going to “Reach Out” the Christian Charity for the poor and homeless people of all nationalities in the Torrevieja area. Families enjoyed the swimming pool and supported the raffle, tombola, fun auction, name the bear and also managed to buy a bargain or two on the bric-a-brac and clothing stalls. Prizes were donated from local business’s, people and groups in the hopes of raising funds for this very worthwhile charity whilst ‘Keyboard Kevin’provided some excellent vocals and music to accompany the munching of burgers and hot dogs on sale at the Marina Bar BBQ. A great big thank you to the following for their generous donations for this well attended event. Shelleys Bar, Olive Grove,Bodega, Charlies Hair, Kennedy’Supermarket, Razors Edge Hair, Reeves Butchers,Amanda Hair,Bar Virgo,Quesada Fish & Chips, Porterhouse Café, FancyThat, The Actors Studio, Johnsons Supermarket Quesada,Famingo Aqua Park, Bar Florida, Car Valet Service on Crevillente Road Lookng Good Boutique, Eduardos VillaMartin, the Horse Rescue Charity Shop, Marina Bar Torrevieja and a special mention to Erica and Brian for their sterling efforts in obtaining these gift donations. Lorraine and David Whitney from ‘Reach Out’ who organised the event together with Rita and Dave of the Marina Bar were all very pleased with the result of this fun day and it is hoped another ‘fun day’ will occur for the charity later in the year. (The photo shows Lorraine Whitney from “Reach Out”, organiser of the event with one of the many auction items.)


Rupert, International singer who claims to be the very first UK Elvis tribute, hit the headlines at the age of 19 back in 1971 when it was announced to a crowd of 15000 people that Elvis was visiting London and “In The Building”! Arriving in a stretch limo and with bodyguards, “Elvis” went on stage in a gold Lamai suit during a concert where several top groups and singers of the day were performing! The crowd went absolutely wild and believed that the King was actually there!! The newspapers reported the story and a “frenzy” developed across the nation for three days as everyone said “Where is Elvis”? Then, promoters and organisers of the event “let the cat out of the bag” and the myth was blown wide apart!!

Rupert today in a gold Lamai suit

Rupert went on to become known as the best and original Elvis tribute of the day and has appeared at top theatres and venues all over the World.

Young Rupert with band members

Rupert on stage in Denmark in 1980

Now, he can be seen in Spain as he spends much of his time here and in August, he will be featuring in a spectacular four show tour to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Kings passing and the shows will be taking place NEAR YOU!!! Rupert will have recently appointed Best Tribute in the Costa Blanca” Elvis 2000 appearing with him for these “Double header” shows and support will come from Fiona McLean of Jukebox Legends. Peter Day, of Jukebox Promotions says “I



fools a crowd of 15000 at Crystal Palace in 1971

went to see Rupert several times n Clubs and theatres in the UK back in the 70s. He was absolutely great and it’s fantastic to have this opportunity to work with him during this special Elvis celebration year here in the Costa Blanca. The public can now see the two best Elvis tributes in the Costa Blanca on stage with the fabulous Fiona McLean as support and MC. Elvis fans definitely shouldn’t miss this”!!!!! If you want to re-live the memory of the King and join in the fun and great music then don’t miss this tour starting on 15th August. Venues and dates are listed below and tickets are available at the venues NOW so get booked as soon as possible!! See “Elvis - That’s the way it was” at: Olympia, Mil Palmeras on Wednesday 15th August - Tickets 8-50€ Condado Club, Condado de Alhama on Thursday 16th August - Tickets 15€ (inc pre show meal at 7-00pm) The Club, Quesada on Friday 17th August (Elvis 2000 & Fiona McLean only) - 8-50€ The Rendezvous, Campoamor (nr La Fuente centre) on Sunday 19th August - Tickets 10€ (inc great buffet) All shows start at 8-30pm with seating at 8-00pm. Ticket info line - 695135134 This is a charity tour fund raising for Help at Home (Costa Blanca)

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Send your entry to Closing date: 31st August 2012


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Last week we discussed the vaqeura style of riding which is not only practised today here in Spain but is also incorporated into one of the most cruelest forms of sport found in Spain today and that is Bull Fighting. Whether you agree with it or not the horsemanship is absolutely amazing and although I would never go and see one myself I would like to understand why so many people are drawn to watch a display. The art of bullfighting on horseback, is called rejoneo, and originated in the Iberian Peninsula. It developed from the war exercises of the middle ages. As it is well known, the Muslims occupied parts of

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Portugal and Spain, the Iberian peninsula, for over seven centuries, from 711 AD. until 1492. During this time the Iberians were involved in a constant struggle to overthrow the invaders from their land. Horses were the principal war implement and both horses and riders were specifically trained for the martial arts. Out of the war exercises evolved the intricate movements and maneuvers that gave origin to an equestrian science which would eventually influence the creation of several European riding academies in the Renaissance.. Since the origins of the fighting bull are also in the Iberian Peninsula, the Iberians had since Carthaginian times recreated themselves by running bulls from horses in open fields, before lancing them. When the two activities, running of the bulls, and equestrian war exercise were combined within the confines of an enclosed spaces, the Equestrian bullfight was born. Bullfighting bulls in confinement will not run away, but instead will defend themselves and charge the riders. Therefore when facing brave bulls, the cavaliers had to perform intricate maneuvers on their finely tuned war horses in order to avoid being gored by the bulls. When the wars against the Moors ended, and the conquest of America was completed, the cavalrymen were left idle for war. The martial training became more a leisure and competitive activity, and then in the XVII and XVIII centuries, a feast increasingly joyful and polished. Celebrations of great importance such as the coronation of a king, a royal birth or wedding were opportunities to conduct a bullfight. As the Iberian cultural influence expanded to the Americas, so did equestrian bullfighting Here are many historic fighting venues in the Iberian Peninsula, France and Hispanic America The oldest is the La Maestranza in Seville, Spain, which was first used for bullfighting in 1765. And what of the bulls? The Spanish Fighting Bull (Toro Bravo, toro de lidia, toro lidiado, ganado bravo, Touro de Lide) is an Iberian cattle breed and is primarily bred free-range on extensive estates in Southern Spain. It is raised by its mother until one year old, after which it is separated from the mother regardless of gender. Afterwards it is branded and kept in single-sex groups. When they reach two years or so, they are sent to the tienta, or testing. For the males, this will establish if they are suitable for breeding, the bullfight, or being slaughtered for meat. The testing for the bullfight is only of their aggression towards the horse, as they cannot see a man on the ground before they enter the ring. They learn how to use their horns in tests of strength and dominance with other bulls. The females are more thoroughly tested, including by a bullfighter with his capes; hence a bull’s “courage”

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is often said to descend from his mother. If fit for bullfighting bulls will return to their peers. Cows passing the tienta will become mothers and slaughtered only when they are too old to bear calves. After males are three years old they are no longer considered calves, afterwards they are known as novillos and are ready for bullfighting. The best bulls are kept for corridas de toros with full matadors. Under Spanish law they must be at least four years old and reach the weight of 460 kg to fight in a first-rank bullring. If you do ever decide to go and watch a bullfight do take white handkerchiefs with you as a few times a year a bull will be indultado, or ‘pardoned’, meaning his life is spared due to ‘outstanding’ behaviour in the bullring. The audience together with the bullfighter can petition the president of the ring by waving the white handkerchief. It is a great honour to have a bull one has fought pardoned. The bull is then returned to the ranch where he will live out his days in the fields and in most cases circumstances a bull’s lifespan can be 20 to 25 years. As with all things nothing is ever cut and dried and although I do not always agree with things I do find the origins, the history and the culture fascinating. Perhaps this extract from a Andalucian Spaniard about his home. ¨If you want to know it, simply come If you want to love it, come with me Spain is not a cliché. Spain is a reality as difficult to grasp as the air you breathe. Spain is a word and a mystery. She gives herself up to you and she is gone. Spain. Though you had seen her a thousand times, you would not know her. As she is deep inside. My land. Where I learned to listen before I learned to speak. To ride before I could walk. To say pony before I could say I am. Horses are my life, Bulls my fancy, Sherry wines my blood and land my freedom. I might sound like a poet speaking of my horses, a philosopher when I turn to the land, and proud when I tell you what I feel. This is my house, my land, at the heart of my world.¨ Perhaps then, to enjoy a little of what Spain has to offer and celebrate the culture and the freedom why not come to the final Flamenco Evening on Wednesday August the 22nd where not only do we enjoy Flamenco Dancing by Raquel Peña but see a young stallion perform the intricate steps from Doma Clasica under the superb hands of Juan Cortes. Tickets are priced at 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children and available from the tea garden or by calling me on 660816620 VIVA ESPAÑA.....Jenni

Casa La Pedrera The Grand Design House

Final Events: Flamenco Evenings with Horses: August 22nd Country & Western Evenings with Horse Display: Sunday 26 August The Outdoor Activity Centre: Quadbiking, horseriding, canoeing, fishing archery and air rifle shooting. Check the website at which has a link to the facebook page.



...HOME & GARDEN Palm trees could grow in Antarctic if climate change continues

Palm trees could grow in the Antarctic, climate change scientists believe, after research uncovered evidence of similar plants there 55m years ago, a report in the Telegraph reveals. Scientists have discovered plants similar to palm trees growing in the Antarctic region during the early Eocene era, when the area had a near-tropical climate. They have shown the area, which is today typified by freezing temperatures,

glaciers and icebergs, had almost three times the level of carbon dioxide as now, with warm weather and virtually no frost. Scientists now claim understanding of the era, which occurred around 55 to 48 million years ago, can give an insight into the future of the Earth if climate change continues. According to their theory, palm trees and tropical forests could one day grow in the Antarctic, if carbon dioxide levels

QUESTION: Is it safe to buy Bottle Brush plants here and what sort of special treatment do they need?


Yes, it is most certainly OK to buy them here and they are not expensive. I have two growing up here in my mountains, one planted in the ground and the other, which I brought over with me from UK, in a large tub. Originally from Australia, Callistemons are an ideal example of how, on occasions, plants which adapt to very hot and dry conditions often have strange flowers. With their clusters of long and colourful stamens at the tip of, and all around, a stem, they form a cylinder between 2 and 4 inches long. As the flower fades the stem elongates beyond it and you get new leaves growing from that point onwards. Most odd! The ‘brushes’ are red, tipped with yellow, and are produced all over the plant, often twice a year. The name Callistemon comes from the Greek - Kallos, meaning beauty and Stemon, meaning stem. They are fairly easy to grow but dislike strong midday sun in summer and have a tendency to wilt badly if subjected to it. They do, however, like a lot of light. Water them freely in spring and summer, sparingly in winter; giving a liquid feed from midsummer to early autumn. Propagation is by taking heel cuttings in summer. Callistemons require very little pruning, really only to tidy them up after flowering and to prevent crowding of shoots; anything more drastic and it will inhibit flowering for next year. My Bottle Brush in the pot is nearly 3ft tall and wide. I am anticipating the one I planted in the ground to grow much larger in time. Both are in positions sheltered as much as possible from winter frost and winds and they don’t seem to mind the cold too much. Keep an eye open for scale insects and use a spray to eliminate; if leaves show signs of yellowing it is generally due to lack of feed. I can strongly recommend these shrubs in any garden for their easy care and unusual flowers.

Frankie’s Garden

Send your gardening questions to Frankie via:

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rise. The study states the early Eocene epoch had the warmest temperatures of the past 65 million years, with more than 1,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide by volume. It claims: “Recently the early Eocene has received considerable interest because it may provide insight into the response of Earth’s climate and biosphere to the high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that are expected in the near future as a consequence of unabated anthropogenic carbon emissions.” The research found winters were an “extremely mild” 10C, with warm summer temperatures up to 21C, and were “essentially frost-free despite polar darkness”. The climate, totally alien to that of the Antarctic today, “supported the growth of highly diverse, near-tropical forests characterized by mesothermal to megathermal floral elements including palms and Bombacoideae.” Scientists behind the paper claim it “provides a critical new constraint for the validation of climate models and for understanding the response of high-latitude terrestrial ecosystems to increased carbon dioxide forcing”. One of the authors, Dr James Bendle from the University of Glasgow, told the Independent newspaper the samples are the first known evidence of the “vitally important time.” “Our work carries a sobering message,” he said. “Carbon dioxide levels are rising rapidly through human combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation. Atmospherically speaking we are heading rapidly back in time towards the Eocene.”

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Ballroom & Latin American Dancing what makes a good Jive

Ceroc, French Jive amongst many others. We normally teach this simplified form of Jive, which we call the Slow Jive. In the Spanish heat the syncopations are just too much and in this form no matter how old you are you can Jive especially if you don’t have strong thigh muscles to protect your knee joints. I guess I must just be getting old, as when I competed, it was always by far my favourite and best dance but now I prefer the Rumba!! The Jive should be very light yet earthy (from the knee bend on the accented beat) with the dancers appearing to have their feet off the floor more than on, so with the syncopated style which you see on ‘Strictly’ you have to be physically very fit to dance it.

Jive is probably one of the favourite dances especially for those of you who were involved in the Rock and Roll era of the 1950s. I have met very few students who never danced around this time in some fashion or other. The Jive is danced in 4/4 time although it is a 6 beat pattern. This is because it is counted 1,2, 3&4, 3&4 (beats 5,6) so in effect the basic Jive is counted over 1 1/2 bars of Jive music. You can always recognise a good Jive when you see a soft bouncy yet very light action which is accented on each second count ie 1 2 3&4 3&4 and to achieve this the dancer has to show a softening of the knees on these accented beats.

The Jive kicks are very often criticised on ‘Strictly’ as the kick should start from the knee being lifted from the floor and the kick then goes downwards towards the floor and not up as if kicking a ball, which does take a little time to master. It is the only one of the Latin American or Ballroom dances where the feet are actually lifted off the floor. Jive is a fun, upbeat dance and the music of the 1950s is so uplifting, it always makes my feet start tapping.

The Ballroom Jive was accepted as the fifth Latin American dance into competitions in 1968 and remains with very little change today. I find that if too many of the basic steps are taken out of the competition Jive choreography, you actually lose the character of the Jive. By contrast the modern Jive, which was developed around the 1980s, took away the syncopation and simplified the Jive with a much looser structure.

With the early Jive having come from Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Rock & Roll, being taken into the dance schools for the Ballroom Jive with more structure or subsequently having loosened structure as in the Modern Jive, I’m sure that as music styles change it will continue to adapt to modern forms. Next week we will look at the final dance in the Latin American series the beautiful sensual Rumba.

The Modern Jive is also known as Le Roc,

Sundance Spas

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By Lyn Aspden of ‘Strictly Dance’ MUKA (class details 635 584 431)

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own a piece of Olympic history Games memorabilia goes up for auction

photos: london 2012

It’s the eBay-style sale offering you the chance to get yourself a piece of Olympic history as items ranging from a peasant girl’s outfit worn in the Opening Ceremony to the Wembley goal netting go up for grabs.

Time is running out in the great London 2012 The London Organising Committee of the Olympic memorabilia auction which has put thousands of Games and Paralympic Games Limited (LOCOG), who mementos, from javelins hurled inside the Olympic Stadium to the huge Wenlock mascot planted in approved the auction, is hoping to earn back some of Westminster Abbey, up for sale. the £2bn cost of staging the Games.

So far, an Olympic torch signed by Bradley Wiggins has attracted bidding up to a staggering £13,000 while items authenticated with an official Games hologram, like basketball nets and shuttlecocks are proving popular. And it’s not just the sporting items that are on offer. Bids for a complete black Mary Poppins costume worn in Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony have risen to £315. A farmer’s sickle used in the show to illustrate Britain’s transition to an industrial society and pay homage to the beauty and pastoral splendour of the British countryside is available for £330. Basketball fans can get their hands on the rim used in Men’s Gold Medal Basketball Game for £1,010 - and that price is just for the rim alone without the netting. The first Briton since 1908 to win three gold medals in a single Olympic Games, Sir Chris Hoy has signed a limited edition and numbered out of only 100 adidas 2012 Team GB replica cycling jersey designed by Stella McCartney. The current bid for this piece of history stands at £1,260. At the lower end of the scale, a nurse hat worn during the ‘SwingOut Sister’ sequence that celebrated the Triumph of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) in the Opening Ceremony is on sale for £110. An Underwater Wenlock Dali Plinth 2 mascot, that was used to guide tourists around London, is up for £1,820. Wenlock and Mandeville, the London 2012 mascots, were located at points of interest, iconic settings and Olympic and Paralympic locations all around the capital. Each sculpture of Wenlock and Mandeville is around 2m in height, and each is individually and colourfully designed, capturing an element of London life. The net proceeds from the sale of this item will go directly to the Mayor’s Fund for London, the charity which aims to inspire and improve the life chances of London’s most disadvantaged children by ensuring they have the skills and support to succeed.

Sol Insure A New Ray Of Light For Insurance

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Motor Vehicle insurance – do your documents tell you what you are covered for? Policies for Spanish & UK registered vehicles. Policies include legal assistance and breakdown cover...

Building and Contents insurance via Lloyds of London, giving you cover you recognize and need for permanent homes, holidays homes & let properties... Other products to suit your needs:Travel, Community, Commercial, Marine, Touring Caravan, Golf...

In Association with BWI Bryan White Insurance (with over 20yrs insurance experience, 8yrs in the expat community) Exclusive Insurance Agency of Certain Syndicates At Lloyds

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Down 1 Debacle (6) 2 Disinherit (6) 3 Not a winner (5) 4 Fastening two pieces of wood (7) 6 A public declaration (9) 7 Legislator (8) 8 Made unhappy (8) 11 Queen of the gods (Greek mythology) (4) 15 Naivete (9) 17 Creamy chocolate candies (8) 18 Ventured (8) 20 They come from chickens (4) 21 Windflower (7) 22 A style of half mask (6) 23 Draw (6) 26 The Final Frontier (5)


Across 6 University performing marriage (5) 7 Embarassed without shop being fixed (8) 10 L  anguage - lingo - she adapted, lacking nothing (7) 11 Fall down initially with eastern perfume (7) 12 Creatures that help potters? (7) 13 Solar gel - yellow in part, mostly (7) 14 B  ooks follow new move with inner surroundings (11) 19 S-Seinfeld character returns notes (7) 21 T  alk to Labour leader, re: cute composition (7) 23 C  apturing alien element in empty nosebag... (7) 25 ...and not putting it in north-eastern woman (7) 26 A royal king in church in Portishead ship (8) 27 Graduate of central Shanghai’s first to start explosions (5)

and restless! (6) 8 Notice nothing, but initially create verse (7) 9 Supports corset (5) 13 Nelson’s lie about solitude (10) 15 Rose vine nearly produced variant (7) 16 Moving in contact (8) 17 Doctor with a French king that’s inebriated (5) 18 Head of Languages makes money from studies (6) 20 Fully developed horse without most of stomach (6) 22 Rises to 100 members (6) 24 Departs for shots (4)

Down 1S  id comes up to men, reportedly with camouflage (8) 2N  ot similar to some flipping active kiln unusual? (6) 3G  roups of musicians in charts rose extraordinarily (10) 4E  mployed top student editor after university (4) 5S  eparate drug that’s hard to endure (6) 6U  nited Nations - simple


Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword



Wayne Dyer


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

Across 1 What Nero was doing (8) 5 Grins (6) 9 Killer (8) 10 Precipitated flakes (6) 12 Lack of bravery (9) 13 Encircles a picture (5) 14 Male ruler (4) 16 Spartan (7) 19 Relationship between lovers (7) 21 Found in some skin lotions (4) 24 Former French currency (5) 25 Estimate (9) 27 Preferring (6) 28 Singer (8) 29 More unhappy (6) 30 Colossus (8)

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.




The Lions Club of Mazarron Bahia................

Recently when the Lions Club of Mazarron Bahia were having our weekly stall on Sector B Camposol a local resident of Camposol asked what we did with the money we collected, stating at least with the dog charities he knew it went to helping dogs. It was therefor decided that we would tell about our recent activities in our quest to support our local community. At Christmas we were able to donate Carriers of Happiness to two hundred needy children of Mazarron who were thrilled to receive their wonderful toys. 2,000 euros was also donated to the Aspadem

centre in Mazarron for children and young adults with disabilities following an urgent request for help towards maintenance of use of the school´s very important swimming facility due to anticipated but critical need. For the last year we have been selling items of bric a brac at our stall every Friday. This money however small has been banked for our Lorca Appeal to help rebuild a centre for children which was destroyed in the Lorca earthquake of some o of May 2011. We were delighted to recently transfer 11,000 euros to Lorca. We were also pleased


Enjoy the best TV At the best price


€60 3 Months FREE 70 Pay 9 consecutive months by Direct Debit and receive

to be enable to be able to sponsor two children with diabetes to go to a summer camp for Diabetic children. During July and August we have run activity mornings for the children at Camposol with pebble painting, which the children of all nationalities have thoroughly enjoyed. At one time we had children from Spain, Ukraine, Morocco and Eqaudor as well as many from the United Kingdom. They all enjoyed and helped each other and there are plans to continue the activities over the coming months by request of many the children of Camposol. We have recently decided to help sponsor the train which runs at Camposol as a way of saying “Thank You” to the many people who have supported us and helped make all our activities available. Other plans for continued support to help our local community are : A Diabetes Awareness Day planned for Saturday November 10th with a sponsored walk from the Marina at Puerto de Mazarron. Many people are not aware that they are suffering Diabetes and tests will be available on the day. We are also producing a Lions Cook Book towards funding the text books for exclusive use of students whose parents cannot afford to buy them. And our Carrier of Happiness appeal will start soon. The Lions Club of Mazarron Bahia would like to say many thanks to all who have supported us and enabled us to help others.


Tel: 687 684 815 Email: Web:


FROM 50€

INTERNET telephone High Speed Broadband

Unlimited Access Unlimited Downloads

You don’t need an existing telephone line



No monthly Line Rentals

only euros month

only euros month

nn at the gree i e n Th The Evergreen Eatery

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We serve a wide range of food from lite bites to home-cooked favourites... Served from 11am- 9-30pm every day

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Live Killer Pool Competitions Free Entry from 7pm till close

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All calls to fixed landlines, 24 hours a day to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland,Iceland, Holland, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

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course meal, from our Winter Specials Board menu, with a bottle of wine … and … 1 couple can win a delicious, 9 item English breakfast, including tea or coffee (between 9.30am – 5pm)


Premier Movies Adult Channels etc.


3 CHANCES TO WIN!!! Every week 2 lucky couples can win a fabulous, 3


terms & conditions may apply

TV and RadioChannels Including: Premier League

san miguel de salinas


9pm With Matt Christian

Kabaroke  622 400 321  677 617 434 

commercial centre


inn at the green

san javier


los montesinos



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steakhouse restautant carne a la brasa

our speciality steaks are

succulent sirloin, rump & fillet

cooked to your liking from only 9€ full menu also available

find us in the centre of rojales next to the old square

Tel: 966 714 318 / 686 604 061

Tel: 699 800 878 693 983 384

Menu del Dia Served Tues - Sat until 5pm

Sunday lunch served from 1pm - 7.30pm

Open Tues 3pm - late Wed - Sun 12pm - late

Avenue Romero 5, Montebello 03169, Algorfa

750g new potatoes, halved 2 red onions, peeled and sliced 1-2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped 1 large fennel bulb, tough inner core removed and sliced 1 lemon, thinly sliced 250ml vegetable stock 3tbsp olive oil 4 x 175g white fish fillets 2tbsp parsley, finely chopped 1tbsp capers, rinsed Juice and finely grated zest of 1 lemon Salt and black pepper



Preheat the oven to 200°C/ fan 180°C/gas 6. Place the potatoes in a roasting tray and scatter over the sliced onions, garlic, fennel and lemon. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, then gently mix everything together and pour over the vegetable stock and 1tbsp of the olive oil. Roast for 25 minutes or until lightly golden. Season the fish well and arrange on top of the potatoes. Drizzle with a little more oil, return to the oven and roast for 8-10 minutes until the fish is just opaque. Mix the parsley, capers and remaining oil, adding the zest and juice to taste. Spoon over the fish and serve with fresh green vegetables or a crisp salad.

INGREDIENTS a pestle and mortar Large pinch saffron 1tsp ginger 600ml (1pt) light chicken stock 1tsp freshly ground black pepper 1tbsp olive oil 4 cloves garlic, finely sliced 2 large onions, peeled and sliced 3-6 preserved lemons, halved, pulp 8 large chicken thighs, excess skin removed, and sliced trimmed 85g (3oz) pitted olives 1tsp each coriander, cumin Large handful roughly chopped parsley 1tsp fennel seeds, toasted and ground in Couscous to serve METHOD First soak the saffron in the chicken stock to infuse. Heat the oil in a pan and gently sauté the onion until softened and sweet and then remove to a plate. Add the chicken to the pan and cook for 10-15 minutes until the skin is crisp and golden. Sprinkle over the spices and garlic and sauté for a few minutes until golden. Add the onions and lemons to the pan with the saffron-infused stock. Season and gently simmer for 45 minutes or until the chicken is tender. Add the olives, cook for a further 5 minutes, then scatter over the parsley. Divide between four plates and serve with couscous.



500g (1lb 2oz) sugar 700ml (1¼pt) water 300ml (10fl oz) lemon juice (about 8-10 lemons) Finely grated zest of 1 large lemon 8-10 frozen lemons, pulp removed, to serve


Put the sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Simmer for a minute then add the lemon juice and zest. Set aside to cool and infuse, then churn in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, you can use the stillfreeze method – pour into a freezer-proof container, cover and freeze for 4-6 hours, beating with an electric whisk every 2 hours or so to break up the ice crystals; return to the freezer until ready to serve. To make the frozen lemons, slice off the tops and scoop out the flesh. Freeze for at least an hour, then fill with the frozen sorbet, replace the top, wrap in cling film and return to freezer until ready to serve.


...Summer drinks

Whilst iced coffee is popular, the new trend in summer drinks is iced tea. There has been popularity of iced tea over the last year with cafés serving more and more varities of this wonderfully refreshing drink and sales of ‘cold hot drinks’ have soared by 39% over the last year.

Served 9.30 till 5pm (Sunday till 12)

5 C hoice of 2 RSES MAIN COU 0 C hoice of 2 DESSERTS

green tea & mango splash

600ml freshly brewed Lapsang Souchong tea 1 cup strongly brewed green tea, (2 tea bags to 1 cup water) 3cm square cube root ginger, peeled and sliced 2 cups mango juice 10 fresh mint leaves Ice cubes 600ml orange juice Mint sprigs, for garnish 300ml still lemonade Mango slivers, for garnish 1.2 litres dry ginger ale juice of 3 lemons Combine tea and mango nectar in a pitcher. Serve over ice, garnished with caster sugar to taste mint sprigs and mango slivers. sprigs of mint and ice cubes 3 Earl Grey teabags to serve 45 mls runny honey juice of 1 lemon Put the tea, ginger and 1 lemon, sliced mint leaves into a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer 2 cinnamon sticks, for 5 minutes. Leave to broken in half infuse until cold. Strain. ice cubes Stir in the orange juice, lemonade, ginger ale and fresh lemon juice. Add Put teabags in a large sugar to taste. jug and pour over 1L/1¾ pint boiling water. Leave Pour into ice-filled flasks, to brew for 3 mins then or transport in bottles remove teabags. with the ice cubes in a widenecked flask. Serve Stir in runny honey, with sprigs of mint. lemon juice, lemon slices Wednesday Evenings - Chris Johnson and cinnamon sticks. Reggae & Ska, Percussion & Guitar Cover and chill for a few Friday Evenings - Open Mic with Kev the Comet hours. Saturday Evenings - Fat Boy Tim Half-fill large tumblers Kev the Comet - Current Selection with ice cubes and pour Sunday - The one & only Johnny Fox 6pm over chilled tea.



Overlooking the beautiful Parque Cañada BENIMAR Come and enjoy our fabulous BRUNCH MENU Fresh home cooked cereal Wholemeal & Tiger breads Paninis, ciabatta with a wide choice of deli and hot fillings


For more info Tel: 966 189 503


9 Item English Breakfast


Ginger and citrus iced tea

earl grey & honey iced tea

surge in the

Quality HomeFood Restaurant “The best kept secret in Cabo Roig”

Hidden Within La Rotonda Aparthotel Cabo Roig

Real Hand Cut Chips  Delicious Homemade Pies  Mouthwatering Steaks  Fabulous Homemade Desserts Finest Teas & Coffee  Homemade meals from €4.50

Fantastic summer SPECIALS BOARD €4.50

Changed twice weekly

Available till 9pm

s exciting, y a lw a , h s e r f s y Alwa value! always incredible

Truly Fabulous


food at pocket friendly prices

N NEW SUNDAY at MANHATTAN EW For the first time EVER!

A wide selection of Menu Favourites are now available on Sundays

Including – Fillet of Salmon, Steak Pie, Lasagne, Chicken Pie, Ham off the Bone & many more…

And of course, we will still be serving our magnificent Sunday Roast

1 course €5.95


2 course €6.95

(1€ extra for Beef)

Tel: 966 111 605



3 course €7.95

3 course HOMEMADE Menu del Dia €7.95 Serving from 9.30am to 10pm served 12 till 5pm Mon - Sat throughout August Sunday 9.30am to 7.30pm


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continued on p38

QUESADA GOLF SUPER LEAGUE......................................... BONALBA GOLF AND SPA 6TH AUGUST 2012 MATCH 6 This was the final match of the season played at Bonalba Golf and Spa. Both teams had much to play for, Benijofar for a clean sweep and Claptons to be the only team to beat them all


in a friendly atmosphere but still keeping the competitive edge. At the end of the day Claptons managed to beat Benijofar by 3 games to one but losing out on the bonus points by going down by the very narrow margin of 141 to 140. This made an excellent end to a very successful first season. Our

PLD 24 20 20 24

season. So on a very hot morning the match started with Claptons teeing off first. The course played well and the greens were holding. By the end of the day, once again, there were some good scores recorded, but this has been part of the league’s success in as much as good scores have been recorded throughout when the matches have been played

wishing to take part next season please get in touch with either Ian Faulkner on Tel: 966718364/Mob: 671281361 or Mike Wyatt on Tel: 965 725 455/Mob: 650 826 952. Congratulations to Benijofar on winning the inaugural Quesada league.

WON DRAWN LOST BONUS 16 1 7 18 10 1 8 6 8 1 11 9 8 1 15 0

POINTS 67 37 34 25

thanks to Bonalba Golf for their support of the new league. With all matches finished we journeyed back to Claptons for the prize giving and presentation. Our thanks to Claptons for their hospitality on the day. We have six teams already signed up for next season but there are still more places available for teams within Quesada and the local areas. Any society

still time to win it Ted. Results Gold Div Winner Vic Dew 33pts 2nd David Winchcombe 29pts on count back 3rd Darryll Wright 29 pts Silver Div Winner Les Lindores 33pts 2nd Paul Flannagan 27pts on count back 3rd David Tupman 27pts Nearest the Pin Hole 4 No one Hole 8 No one

Wednesday 8th 2012 Vistabella

Quesada Golf Society


Today found us playing our twice monthly Stableford at Vistbella Golf Course, there were 28 members and guests and as always we were made very welcome by the staff at Vistabella, the day started off with a light breeze which soon disappeared and the heat poured on, the course was in excellent condition, the day started very well for some but there was the odd one or two that had a false start like John Dunnion who having given out all the buggy keys proceeded to his car to collect his and partner Janets clubs only

to find that although he had the buggy key in hand he forgot to collect the buggy, SENIOR MOMENT!! David Bartram thought he was in the desert today as he seemed to spend most of his game in the brown desert areas, his playing partners were waiting for him to emerge with a couple of camels in tow, of our four ball there were two of us that seemed to be hunting for balls on nearly every hole and they wer,nt ours so work that one out for yourselves, on hole 18 Peter Lowe decided to lean on his driver while placing his tee in the ground only his driver did not hold up to its end

of the bargain and the head snapped off, OOPS still it was the last hole, Darryll Wright got him self in a fix when trying to move his buggy to the car park from the buggy park instead of going into reverse he drove forward over the kerb and nearly onto the putting green he then found reverse and nearly reversed onto the terrace where we were all having a well earned drink, I think he has a driving licence!! finally Ted Hooker had a great dissapointment today he thought he was on his way to winning the Roy Trophy with 17pts only to be pipped by another member who had even less, theres

Hole 15 John King Nearest the Pin in 2 Hole 12 Tony White in 3 Hole 14 Alan Briggs Best Guest Keith Armstrong The Roy David Bartram Our thnks to David and Anita of the Quesada Country club for the refreshments supplied on our return to the club they are always most welcome Our next members meeting is at Quesada Country Club on Tuesday 14th August at 10.30pm If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Members secretary Les Pancott on 966716723 Reported by Pam Martin

ITV ORIHUELA RFC START TRAINING IN 2 WEEKS......................................... In 2 weeks time ITV Orihuela RFC will be starting their pre-season training, starting on 28 August after the summer break in preparation for the Murcia league, so fingers crossed there will be plenty of league games next season for our supporters to watch like last year in this league. Looking forward to seeing all the new players at the training as well.

The training on 28 August is going to be at 20.30 at the Polidepotivo Palmeral, then 29 August down at the beach in Guardamar on the beach at 19.00, at the far

end away from the bars and restaurants, and finally for the week back in Orihuela at the Polideportivo Palmeral at 20.30 on Thursday 30 August.

In the day time I am also going to be at the International Food and Trade Fair at the San Miguel Castle on 28 and 29 August, so if you want to know anything about what is going on rugby wise in the area come along and ask, also I am going to be there selling rugby branded clothing, including playing gear, club and international shirts. You can contact me there, at the

Moncayo Market or on 692 767 242 about the above.

gear before starts.

Centurion Rugby Summer School is still training down on the beach at Guardamar on Monday and Wednesday between 19.00 and 20.30ish in front of the restaurants and bars near the volleyball area. So that afterwards those who want to can have a hard earned cold beer. Let me know if you are coming down.

So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter what age or skill level you are.

I am back at the Moncayo Market on Saturday’s with all of the rugby branded gear and club/international shirts etc, so see you down there as well and get your playing



If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish) So come along and join in the fun at a club with a great friendly atmosphere.



E M A I L E D I T O R @ S O LT I M E S . C O M

THE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, QUESADA.........................................

Meets at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30 p.m. And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Unfortunately, we are now closed for the summer until Sunday, 9th September with Gail Ross from the U.K., on 9th and 11th and 16th September Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028. www.

‘ROYAL AIR FORCES ASSOCIATION COSTA BLANCA BRANCH IMPORTANT INFORMATION.............. La Bamba’s - Ballroom / Latin / Would all members of the Branch please take specific note Sequence Dancing....................... that the next General Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 21st August, will take place at the ‘El Paraiso’ Bar and Restaurant, located close to Carrefour in Torrevieja, commencing at 12.30pm. This alternative venue and start time has been chosen to offer an opportunity to members to stay at the venue for lunch after the meeting or visit the restaurants and shops nearby, something not available at the normal venue. Although this meeting is primarily for current members, anyone with an interest in what RAFA does, is welcome to come along. To find out more please contact the Branch Chairman, Terry Joy, on 966 262 695 or the Secretary, Pat Distin on 966 786 635, to find out more.’

STRICTLY FUN DANCING................. BALLROOM,LATIN & SEQUENCE.GRANDE SOCIAL DANCE. Every Friday 8.00-10.30 at: PILAR SOL CLUB, LO MONTE HOTEL. Off The N332 at PILAR DE LA HORADADA. Starting Friday 31st August 2012. Nice 2 C U 2 C U Nice Tel: James 966 785 610 Email:

The 50+ SOLO..................................

For all ladies and gentlemen over 50 years of age, on their own and would like to meet others in similar circumstances for a chat and a meal. We visit different restaurants twice a month in the Torrevieja area. No subs or fees. On Saturday 25th August (1 for1.30pm) we meet at Ternasco Bar (used to be Taras - Spanish owned) next to Hoggies on San Luis - easy to find. Probably under-cover and in the shade. If there are enough people it is hoped to have a raffle for HELP FOR HOMELESS VETERANS - a registered charity. We still support Help for Heroes - 2 different charities! For a change, we thought we might go a Chinese Wok on 8 September- reasonable and plenty of choice. As Ruth is in the UK (hopefully) from 31 July to 26 August, please contact ANNE BRACE on 966 786 281 for further information and to book.

Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 [near Lemon Tree Sunday Market] Monday - Sequence class 7.30pm - 8.30pm followed by Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.30pm Friday - Social Dance 7.30pm - 10.30pm Los Rosales Restaurant, Guardamar CV895 [near Lemon Tree Sunday Market] Starting 5th September 2012 - Wednesday - New Beginners Class 1pm - 2.30pm; Intermediate Class 2.30pm - 4pm Also at Casa Ventura, San Luis, Torrevieja Starting - 6th September 2012 - Thursday - New Beginners Class 7.3opm - 8.30pm Intermediates 8.30pm - 10pm For more information contact Andrea & Brian 616 478 157

PASO A PASO.................................. CANCELLED CLASSES

Due to the very hot weather we have decided to cancel dance classes at Don Decades on Wednesdays and The Sportsman on Mondays. We hope to resume these classes again in September.


One hour class with Adam imp / int or Maxine beginners. Both classes start at 7pm till 8pm. €4pp From 8.30pm onward free disco plus fun quiz at 9pm. €1 pp for quiz entrants. All welcome.

your attention please:

A Package has been received by Mr. Walker, Lo Crispen, Algorfa. The package is addressed to Mrs A Walker, with a return address of Country Pursuits WD3 8EB

Please telephone 689 935 192 Rojales Neighbourhood Watch

The next meeting of the Rojales Neighbourhood Watch Group will be held on Monday 3rd September at 11am in the Municipal Centre in Ciudad Quesada. The meeting is open to all residents living in the 03170 postal area and we look forward to welcoming you. Please tell your neighbours and come and join us. For further information about Neighbourhood Watch in Rojales please see our website or contact: David East (LeadCoordinator) david.east82@gmail. com or Helen Tudor (Secretary)

SHOWGROUP TORREVIEJA.............. are looking for new members as we have lots of shows (for charity) coming in the future. Come along any Friday at 2 p.m. to La Rustica Restaurant Torrevieja. Meet the gang – if you don’t like a good laff – don’t bother!

CASTILLA AMIGOS..........................

A friendship group for single people, we meet every Wednesday afternoon from 3 pm at “RUBY’S BAR” El Raso (on the Lemon Tree Road) Guardamar. New friends are always welcome. ANN - 965 070 247 - 666 247 398

Successful Slimming..................

Quesada,Tuesdays 10am at Bar Las Naciones,next to The Spice Hut.La Marina,Thursadys 11am at The Hillside Bar. A very healthy eating food plan with very good results. Only 5 euros weekly with no joining fee or charge for missed weeks.For more information please ring Sian on 965 496 209 / 658 271 553.All welcome.


During the summer. Every OTHER Friday 9.30pm till late. Come along and give us a song on the karaoke, or dance on the outside terrace. All welcome. Food available. Always a fun night. Entertainment with Sherelle on the alternate Fridays.

‘Strictly Dance’ Ballroom EVERY SUNDAY 1PM - 4PM and Latin American Tuition CHILLAXING AFTERNOON Summer Timetable ...................... AT LOS ROSALES RESTAURANT, GUARDAMAR. Every Monday at The Palms, Punta Prima (Old Asturias next to the Go Kart Track) 8:00 - 8:45 Tuition, 8:45 - 10:15 Social Dancing Every Tuesday at The Club, Quesada 8:00 - 8:45 Tuition, 8:45 - 10:15 Social Dancing We will return to El Paraiso on Thursday September 13 For further info contact Lyn on 635 584 431


Entertainment with Maxine Trudie or Mick Menyon. The fabulous BBQ or paella available only €5.



space for a little one?

Do you have any fundraising ideas? Would you like to organize or hold an event for APAH. If you have some great ideas and have some free time please contact Natasha on 616 210 850 or visit Polly is a year old, she was found in the car park in Campoverde. She is

very friendly, gets on well with other dogs and loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled. She has been spayed, chipped and vaccinated. Estrella and Scruff are a year old, they were found wandering in

Campoverde. They are both very happy little dogs, Estrella has been spayed and chipped.


APAH HAS MOVED TO A NEW SHOP IN PILAR DE LA HORADADA. Do you have a few spare hours a week to work in our shop. Our opening hours are 10.00 – 13.30 and 17.00 – 19.30 maybe you could even come with a friend. If you are interested please contact Natasha on 616 210 850. Please visit our website under urgent appeals to see our other dogs in need of finding a foster home.

estrella & scruff


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES




• Vertical Blinds • Window Blinds • New Covers • Repairs

st u g u a h t 0 2 il t n u y on holida At least 150 Colours To Choose From

Tel: Mick 676 583 246

from la Marina to San Javier

airport runs

Airport runs & day trips

call martin 693 583 006/007



Sweet Dreams

B O A T I N G LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Ownboat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualifiedandcertified. Contact Richard +34 638 056 224 Email: enquiries@ serenitysailing. com or visit: www.

50% off all matresses

See our Advertisement on page 13 for more information

Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, La Planta, Playa Flamenca

Tel: 965 321 701 businesses for sale


Popular Cafe Bar in Algorfa Traspaso/Lease for sale full legal license 40 covers inside 20 covers outside Fully stocked Existing business ready for immediate takeover

Please contact Tel: 966 781 307

Bar/Cafe Trapaso/Lease


inside 50 covers Terrace 15 covers On the street 8 covers Fully equiped & stocked, Ready for immediate takeover Benimar area Contact: 634 322 344 or 672 829 760 no time wasters please! cement paving The ultimate in concrete design Pattern Imprinted Concrete Low maintenance Weed Free ~ Non Slip Matt or Gloss finish Wide variety of colours & patterns

Free survey & quotation Tel / Fax 966 797 651 Mobile: 606 869 121 email:

no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

Low cost pick ups & drop offs on a daily basis Day trips to Benidorm, Alicante etc Costa & Inland Fast & friendly, reliable service FREE QUOTATIONS RECESSION RATES Tel: 622 381 979 Courier service also available air conditioning, installation, maintenance, repairs in torrevieja & surrounding areas

Costa blanca areas christine 966 719 647 Costa calida area Paulette 902 750 190 ext 332

for sale



air conditioning

By PERSON: Quesada business centre, calle los arcos 7, quesada

Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email them to:



• Retractable Awnings Plano • Toldo  (Glorieta) • Balcony Blinds

to place your advertisment....


Electrician available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

electricity, for sale plumbing M attresses , air-conditioning brand new from 49€

Over 40 composite and PVC doors, fully installed from only €595, Tel: Simply Doors on 966 718 738, or call at our showroom at Calle Azul, Ciudad Quesada, see our main ad on page 14 Various pa cables, mic, speakers, jack to jack, sustain pedal, 50€ Tel: 966 184 813 PC


Windows XP, 150€ in torrevieja & Linen Mills, Calle surrounding areas Los Arcos, Ciudad Tel: 966 184 813. FREE QUOTATIONS Quesada Tel: 653 Pair of original

Tel: 622 381 979 634 714

garden services


Furniture first

matching headlights

est 2006



house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923


A1 Group

Complete Garden Maintenance & Property Services Telephone 628 505 733 home care services

care services

providing Support and Care for people who want to remain independent at home. Professional, Personal, Trustworthy, Flexible & Friendly! Call 665 309 709

Simply Doors Espana

limousine hire


uk manufactured, made to measure, composite & pvc doors & windows with up to 25 years guarantee over 40 styles to choose from with colour options on composite doors

12Mbps Internet ANYWHERE in from €595 fully installed Tel: 968 969 648 Europe. Phones Calle azul, cuidad quesada 618 315 933 (eng) for immediate tel: 966 718 738 installation from 634 321 024 (esp) less than 1 cent see our main ad on page 14 minute, no monthly fee. Computer www. sales and repairs for sale Denia to Mazarron. and Call Clive 966 260 instructions 403 or 648 883 remote control 25€ locksmith 202 www. clivegray Tel: 965 369 886 Free standing for sale fan 25€ Tel: 965 369 886 2 bicycles tables, very good cond. Pool Nakamura Cliff snooker tables, Hangers orange & table tennis tables, Window / Shutter / Door locks white only 6 months darts. Tel:666 933 Opened, Changed & Fitted 726 www.spainpool. old, his and hers, adults, 100€ each com Telephone: 653 145 300 bike bottom line call ALUMINIUM GATES 626 078 763 Double & Electric TV, Matsui 14”, Sliding. Guaranteed built in dvd player, no rust. Call Tracy on Special Deals for Urbanisations complete with 966 726 891

for RHD Mercedes 220 CDI app year 2003 €50. Call 650886232 or 966199723 Portable dehumidifier as new 1/3rd of new price 80€ ono. Tel: 679 767 854

Butano Patio Heater 125€ ono Tel: 679 767 854 A scending Parachute for towing behind a boat brand new 250€. Tel: 679 767 854

1 Unisex Adults Bike 21 speed Large high Shimano gears 60€ quality safe, 45 x 43 Tel: 606 075 644 x 35cm combination 4000 vinyl records and key not a cheap 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, battery one 50€ Tel: 50 cents each. Tel: 606 075 644 606 075 644




asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es

See our main advert on the news pages



English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

musician Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. tel: 658 321 891 or email



hearing aids

Digital hearing calle los arcos 7, quesada business centre

digital hearing aids

‫٭‬30 day free trial-money back guarantee ‫٭‬free no obligation hearing tests ‫٭‬fully qualified UK dispenser 95 4 ‫٭‬Michael Burke RHAD MAHA € m ro

f Tel: 698 418 642




647 151 972


plastering English Plasterer internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. Call Chris 671 444 246 email:

recruitment earn 200-500€ part time per month, Independent distributors required to run home based business, flexible opportunity with well established PLC, call 618 990 571 or register at

Beautician and /or hairdresser wanted for a busy salon in Mazarron,

Call 611 611 858


property for sale


removals cont...

Linen Mills



UK Spain Uk weekly service 620 582 063

Key ready new 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Jacuzzi Bath Independent Kitchen, Centralised Air Conditioning, Double Glazing Throughout, 95 M2 Build, 146 M2 Plot, Excellent Sea Views, Community Pool, 650 Meters to Beach, Built in 2010, Viewing a Must €145,000 to €150,000

professional& experienced


local deliveries, pick ups & removals call robbie

man & large van

for hire

644 131 825

LowCostaMoves UK and Spain

we shift most things

Anthony Foster Local moves & deliveries Playa Flamenca

2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 1 En Suite, Spacious Living/ Dining Room with Open Fire Place, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Solarium with Fantastic Views. Communal Swimming Pool, Furnished, Gated Community, 69 M2 Build, Constructed in 2005. €105,000


Mob: 616820232 0044 7976367559

- SPAIN - UK simply removals removals UK From a parcel to a small low cost spain - uk - uk - spain local moves full or part loads pets welcome

3 Bedrooms 1 with Balcony, 2 Bathrooms, Fully Equipped Kitchen, Large Living & Dining Room, W Double glazed Terraces, Wonderful Sun Terrace/ Solarium, Satellite TV, Furnished, Communal Pool, 104 M2 Build, 110 M2 Plot €129,000


brian Playa Flamenca Tel: 965 326 920 666 847 648 email:

house move

Professional,Friendly & Caring Fully insured, scheduled monthly door to door service +44 (0) 1582 499 836 +44 (0) 7977 754 389

property for sale cont... VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, van service Also Costa Blanca Spain-UK tel: 693 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, 251 562 e mail: davendonc@aol. Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / com Balcony with Awnings LWB Sprinter Spacious apartment overlooks a newly van going from reformed Plaza, views of the church & south to North mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min of the UK & back walk away from the town’s attractive central every 2 weeks, square, all other amenities are also within based near Murcia easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the Airport. Tel: 610 resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La 846 260/ 0044 7519 186 355. or Finca Golf course



4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Floors, Open Plan Fully Equipped Kitchen, Living Room with Large Dining Area, 2 Sun Terraces, Air Conditioning, Communal Pool, Satellite TV, Fully Furnished, Fantastic Value For Money!! €147,000

tel: 693 775 347


Price (Private Sale)

€ 79,950

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978



902 750 190 ext 330

Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

We Will Move It

Pets, Boats, Caravans, Trailers, Full Roof Rack for Long Loads, Full or Part Loads, Based in Mar Menor, Murcia. Spain UK Spain, North & South of UK, 3 LWB Vans Twice a month

Tel: 0044 7783 222251 0034 634 360 846

LWB van going to the isle of man and the uk from murcia

room both ways leaving on 2nd week of september

tel: 610 846 260



...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


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Lilly: Born Feb 2011 she is a small terrier type of dog. She is placid and very affectionate. She is good with other dogs and loves the company of people. She would be ideal in a home with only a small garden.

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The Curious Case of the Disappearing House....

When we arrived in Spain we became the owners (!) of a two bedroom single storey casa set in just over 900 square metres of bedrock and beautiful view. It was our very own little castle in Spain, and exclusively ours. However, a systematic erosion of our property rights began a couple of years ago with the third pregnancy of The Dog That Is Not Ours. The goodhearted neighbours of our estate felt sorry for her, and clubbed together for her ‘little operation.’ As outside our gate was her preferred haunt for much of the day, it fell to us to open said gate and allow her access to the garden and to feed her, so that we could be sure to have her present and correct on ‘the day’.

Thus our garden became her garden, complete with outside palace to sleep in at night, a mat under the Dunno in the front of the house plus a mat outside the back door for her to lie on during the day. Just while she recuperated, we said. Thus she became the possessor of a whole garden, a palace of a two kennel,

By Jos Biggs



brand new mats, a dinner bowl, two water bowls, a collar and lead and two human slaves to pander to her every wish.

The next stage, obtaining access to the house, was not difficult for her – she simply barked all night until we let her in. Now, in addition to all the above she had a kitchen and a living room, complete with a luxury padded bed with a distinguished acanthus patterned cover, half a wardrobe full of ‘her’ towels and blankets, not to mention the ‘dog cupboard’ full of biscuits and chews. During this very hot spell she decided that the living room was too hot for her, so she moved into the spare bedroom. She simply walked in and commandeered the winter hearthrug as her second inside bed, as if by divine right. There is a finely balanced power play between us – she knows exactly how to manipulate us, and has successfully manoeuvred herself from ‘that dog’s not coming into the garden’ to ‘that dog’s not coming into the house’ to ‘go and see if the dog wants to come in for her supper’ to ‘Where’s Lucy? Oh, she’s in her bedroom.’ At present the only part of our two bedroom single storey casa set in just over 900 square metres of bedrock and beautiful view that is exclusively ours is our bedroom. Our little castle in Spain is still ours, but not exclusively ours any more!

Can I Borrow your Brain, I’m Building an Idiot...... The late Peter Ustinov once said: ‘An astonishing number of international games were invented by the British, who, whenever they are surpassed by other nations, coolly invent another one.’ It is difficult to keep up with this practice today, with binge drinking and teenage pregnancies seemingly the only British originated games left, where we are still consistently ranked number one. But in spite of that and to the delight of all Brits, our competitors in the London Olympics have done themselves and the country proud. The overpaid- under-achievers on the football pitch who once again failed miserably, have been well and truly put to shame by the athletes and competitors in the ‘lesser’ sports. And in spite of the obvious brilliance of the Jamaican and American sprinters and the charismatic Usain Bolt in particular, I have received a bigger kick out of seeing those other medal winners with unfamiliar names, mount the rostrum again and again over the last two weeks to receive the accolades they so richly deserved from the crowd - usually with tears in their eyes and with an obvious pride in their achievements. Their conduct has been an object lesson in humility and

modesty, and with a dedication to their chosen sport that should leave most professional sporting millionaires hanging their heads in shame. But of course it won’t. Watching the games and listening to the commentators pontificating about the various sporting events, it brought to mind some of the humorous comments that have been made in the past. Also the famous – sometimes infamous – gaffs that have been uttered by the sporting pundits. Not surprisingly, with the dismal record of England football teams of the past, it is soccer that has attracted by far the largest number of quotes. Jimmy Sirrel once stated, ‘The best team always wins. The rest is only gossip’ How true in light of the whole range of excuses that are spouted when once again our national team fails to deliver. And perhaps luck does play a crucial part in winning, but puzzlingly Alan Ball was once quoted as saying, ‘I’m not a believer in luck, although I believe you need it.’ Hmm. My favourite one in connection with the Beautiful Game though, came from Tommy Docherty, and is particularly relevant to the English national side - ‘I just opened the trophy cabinet. Two Japanese prisoners of war came out.’ And a great piece of graffiti which went, JESUS SAVES, BUT ROONEY NETS THE REBOUND. Some of the funniest quotes have been made in connection with other sports and cricket tops the league in this respect. Whenever the Poms meet the


Ozzies in a test match, the humorous insults, baiting and brilliant one-liners, usually flow thick and fast. When the English batsman Robin Smith was having a particularly bad day at the crease, Australian fast bowler Merv Hughes was heard to comment, ‘Mate, if you just turn the bat over, you’ll find the instructions on the other side.’ Whilst Rick Broadbent said of Hughes, ‘Merv Hughes always appeared to be wearing a tumble-dried ferret on his top lip.’ A banner held up by fans during an ashes series in Australia read, IF THE POMS BAT FIRST, KEEP THE TAXI RUNNING, and another shouted to Phil Tufnell, ‘Can I borrow your brain, I’m building an idiot.’ They go on and on, but without doubt the most memorable gaff by a cricket commentator which has now become legendary, was by the splendid Brian Johnston during the 1976 Test series between England and West Indies. England’s Peter Willey was about to face up to the Windies’ Michael Holding when ‘Johnners’ declared to the world, ‘The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey.’ Although Johnston himself admitted afterwards, that his infectious giggling at his own comment was highly unprofessional, it is something that everyone remembers the man for, long after the game has been forgotten. Of course, Andy Murray at last reached his goal of finally winning in a final at Wimbledon and was crowned By Colin Bird : Olympic champion.

He even smiled. Modern tennis is regarded by many as a British invention, but the origins of the game go back hundreds of years, even as far back as the 11th century when a crude version of it was played by French monks – but don’t tell them for God’s sake. Some of the notable quotes and one liner’s over the years, have come from the tennis players themselves. Michael Chang speaking about his fellow professional said, ‘Pete Sampras does have a weakness – he cannot cook for a start.’ On a different sport completely and in more recent times, the sweet and innocent Sue Barker, covering a rowing event, proclaimed, ‘And later we will have action from the men’s cockless pairs.’ Perhaps that’s taking the jettisoning of unnecessary weight a little too far.

A l q ueria L a H echicera de A l q ueria

John MacDonald (El Sordo)

Sanchia Sústomore lives with the Hill People in their western barrio, although she doesn’t owe allegiance to either of the village groupings. She lives alone in perhaps the oldest property in the Avenida de las Naranjas. The downstairs room is still a stable, although she has no horse. The attic is still for drying locally grown produce of which she produces none. Her whole house is given over to cauldrons and dried herbs, desiccated bats and hopping amphibians. For Sanchia is a hechicera, a sorceress, a witch, at least she believes she is. She is the ninth daughter of a ninth daughter. This is believed to have special significance apart from demonstrating a total lack of self-control by her parents and grandparents. Some of the elderly residents of Alqueria believe she may be beneficial in the curing of minor skin rashes and mild indigestion. The general opinion is however that she is as mad as a snake but harmless. Unless of course one is tempted to swallow one of her potions. She once offered Manuela a love potion. The young men of the village couldn’t take the chance of it working and hastily organised a football outing to Barcelona. Sanchia introduced one of her concoctions into the town’s water supply claiming it was a cure for Purple Gibbon Disease. This appears to have worked as there hasn’t been a single reported case in the village. Part of the stock-in-trade of witches is the ability to curse those unfortunate enough to incur their displeasure. Sanchia didn’t believe in the evil eye method and had developed the evil buttock. Cursed with the left buttock is alarming, with the right it can put you off your food for a week. During her 72 years Sanchia has cursed just about everyone in the village. Whether they hold her responsible for their present condition or whether they just humour the inept witch of Alqueria, is difficult to tell. She is on firmer ground when it comes to fortune telling. Those who use her services are halfway to believing before she gets her nabo out. She uses a nabo instead of a crystal ball. This is probably down to economics rather than a belief in the mystical powers of root vegetables. Her customers seem reasonably happy with her generalisations and she relies on all prophesies being self fulfilling. Alas, Sanchia is now in the Loca Mujeres ward at the Hospital de Alta Resolucion El Toyo in Almería. Admitted after an abortive attempt to launch herself from the roof of the Bar La Casa Devante. Whether this was because of a misplaced belief that she could fly or an overindulgence in Remitroot liquor, has yet to be established. It was probably a combination of the two. The upright vacuum cleaner she used in place of a broomstick broke her fall and prevented serious injury. Those who are yet to be cursed, can rest easy for a week or so while Sanchia’s wounds heal.


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braben’s blog....

Well, that’s that then! Satellite telly was finally reconnected last Thursday and no time was lost catching up on the Olympics and I quickly deduced that some sports would never be aired on telly if it wasn’t for this one fortnight every 4 years. Synchronised this and rhythmic that for goodness sakes and to think squash still can’t get on the Olympic roster and wind surfing has been given the boot for 2016. Two other popular sports are absent from the Olympic programme, golf and cricket; golf ruins a good walk it has been said even though there is massive skill involved in avoiding that big lake. In cricket not a lot of exertion goes on apart from a gentle run up to bowl or catch a ball and maybe a quick dash between the stumps for 22 yards as long as it does not interfere with lunch and afternoon tea. Great Britain won a total of 29 gold medals, 65 in total easily beating the 19 and 47 from Beijing 4 years earlier. To continue this fantastic achievement and to inspire and promote excellence amongst British youngsters, David Cameron quickly declared Lottery funding will continue and did yet another U-turn by declaring that competitive sports would again be compulsory on the school curriculum. Boris Johnson went one further saying 2 hours a day should be the rule. 50 years of British music was showcased at the closing ceremony, gay icon George Michael looked like he had been hanging round at the school gates, Annie Lennox looked plain weird, Roger Daltrey was awesome at 68 years old, Professor May played his guitar as if powered by the Large Hadron collider at Cern, and two birds were killed with one stone by partnering Mike Rutherford from Genesis with Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. Along with youngsters Ed Sheeran and Richard Jones they played Wish you were here - released 16 years before Ed Sheeran was even born so bless his teeny bopper fans for thinking

There are an awful lot of things I don’t understand, Japanese is one and why on earth people eat oysters is another. However life’s biggest mystery for me is DIY.I remember receiving very good advice from my dad, anything in the house that couldn’t be fixed with a roll of sellotape or a six inch nail, would stay unfixed. I have stuck to that advice religiously and, may I say, with a great deal of success, for most of my adult life. I have got a tool box of sorts, but I’m not too sure how any of it, apart from the screwdrivers, actually work; it is the cleanest set of tools you will ever see.

Ronnie Rondell - the burning man from Wish You Were Here Ed had written them a new song. Boy/man band Take That were fab and the Spice Girls mimed, wore very little and grumpy looking Posh Spice oh so almost went wrong as her taxi sped off. My middle school had an outdoor swimming pool, ideal if the school had opened it during the summer holidays. No, instead teachers cajoled us to get into the freezing term time waters, putting many of us off swimming for life. We boys rebelled at the start of our last year holding a sit down protest. The girls were too sissy to join us and our teacher Mr Venus came up with what he thought was a cunning agreement saying if we got all of our parents to write in excusing us from swimming then he would. Result! All 15 boys came to school with original and unforged letters and Mr Venus kept his word and we were excused swimming for the rest of the year. A bonus was teasing the girls twice a week as they shuffled off to plunge into the Arctic waters! The down side was that our life paths changed and maybe there was a Michael Phelps wanabee amongst us that instead ended up playing cricket and eating cake!

Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July 2006 and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain! email: -

Friends and other family members don’t seem to understand this stance. My father in law was so disturbed when he found out that I didn’t own a drill that he bought me one, complete with rather disturbingly nasty looking attachments, which would do some damage to me, if I had a clue how to switch it on! No, for me, DIY should be called SEDIFY-somebody else does it for you! Thank goodness our builder, Tom, does it and does it very well indeed, which means I don’t have to worry about gouging my skin with the screwdriver or rewiring the plug wrong causing, well causing whatever happens when you do that. And then, this week, the news carried a story vindicating the advice I have followed all my adult life. A man was doing some work at home when he accidently-I assume it was accidently-nailed his hand to the floorboards with a nail gun. Now apparently these things push out the nails with some velocity and to get your hand in the way is first of all quite stupid and secondly, results in a very painful and not insubstantially dangerous wound. Whilst having some sympathy with the poor chap for his accident, I have to say I smiled inwardly at the episode. Why do things that can result in not only hurting yourself quite badly, but which are also embarrassing? This person should also have known better-he’s a builder! I may get injured falling off the chair in a restaurant, I may twist my ankle as I walk round our pool at home, but nails in the hand? Until sellotape poisoning becomes an official risk, I’m sticking to my dad’s advice. Anyone want to buy a drill?

Graham is married to Helen and has a daughter, Alice. He lives part of the year near Albox, but works in Qatar, teaching. If you wish to contact Graham regarding this article email: helenandg@yahoo.

REVIEW it... Shadows In Darkness by Georgie May Tearle


Reservations: 966 840 289 / 65 65 32 490 24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email: Alicante and Murcia Dual Contracts UNLIMITED TRANSFERS Fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport of your choice. Also available for short Term (small fee applies) NO HIDDEN CHARGES

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Georgie May Tearle touches upon a number of themes in this sexually explicit and adult short story selection dominated by sex, rape, abuse and murder with the ever-present underworld representing the shadows of darkness of a young, female protagonist striving for happiness and success. Unfortunately this does not happen. The female “voice” is fairly constant throughout each of the stories although sometimes she is a single woman still reliant on the security of her parents. At other times she is a married woman abused by her husband or partner, fighting for her survival, trying to make sense of a disturbing world. The style is modern and reminiscent of the mock Gothic style such as Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey or Sleepy Hollow where you might recollect Johnny Depp and the headless horseman. Imaginative, far-fetched but entertaining. added to this you have elements of black humour, dark and almost disturbing. Tearle seems to have been experimenting with horror, certainly she enjoys dramatic and gory denouements. In The Other Woman the persona is a hedonist in pursuit of sexual gratification at any price. Her victim, a willing one is Michael her boss. The story hinges on vanity, vanity of pursuit and fulfilment even if it is transient and fickle, meaningless beyond a few exciting grunts and groans then finito. Systematic and characteristic of modern 21st Century society. No courtship, no romance. “Love is lust is sex” mentality. I take what I want because I want it. “I quickly turned to him and gave him a piercingly passionate stare, hoping he’s realise it meant I wanted him and I knew he wanted me too.” Confident, assertive and arrogant 21st Century female. Sounds like a satirical depiction of our lustful younger generation striving for sexual gratification and not a meaningful relationship. “Nothing else mattered but the moment. That amazingly passionate moment.” The Femme Fatale walks out on her boss confident she can find a better job but she misses the sex. No doubt about that. Bitter-sweet therapy. She then spends the next week of her life doing what we would all like to do-contemplating the future, trying to figure out the meaning of life. After being groped then raped in a back alley she returns home full of disgust, anger and extremely hurt half-heartedly contemplating suicide, not once but twice. With the arrival of the stunningly beautiful Gina, Michael’s wife with the “perfect ass” the story takes an unexpected turn with an original and unexpected climax. A love triangle. Try and work that one out if you can! ISBN: 978 0955 2045

Carol Naylor - writing exclusively for the Sol Times:


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The Members Golf Society Match Report................................................... Lo Marabu Golf Society................ ...for El Plantio 8th August 2012

20 odd members and guests arrived at El Plantio this morning full of the joys of summer and looking forward to an enjoyable day’s golf. Many had that, some didn’t but that is golf. It would be fair to say that the greens were not in great condition, but this is Spain and this time of the year with water shortages and the costs to supply water means that some greens will get burnt out. It can’t be helped and is to be, in all honesty, to be expected and accepted at this time of the year. Putting that aside, today, just to had some interest and fun was a Joker Stableford where two selected holes, one on each front and back nine, would count as double points in which Kenny Hunter took full advantage of and came home with the bacon to win the

Gold Division with 43 points, closely followed by Steve Higgins with 42 points and in 3rd place in that Division was Richard Wales with 36 points. The Silver Division was won by the Society Captain, Alan Rickers on 39points, followed by Derek McLean with 36 points and in third place was John Eyre aka FB1, with 31 points.

Our next match to which we welcome anyone to come and join us, those who live here, those who are on holiday or even those who are a bit of

both, is next Wednesday at the very testing course of Las Ramblas. Come along, have some fun and book yourself in on our website at www. or call our Match Secretary on 966719604, we really are a fun crew.

The chuckle of the day was FB1 on the Par 3 14th who on taking “ 3 off the tee” put that shot into the bunker much to his anger and disgust when he got there, he kicked it out and viola, straight into the cup. He was even more upset when his playing partners told him he can’t claim a 4 and 2 points. It is rumoured that the ground shook when he


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(in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at Alicante 9th August 2012.

For this month’s interim meeting a group of 13 players visited the established course at Alicante taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The weather was superb and the course was in good condition although some of the greens had been lightly sanded to protect them against the hot summer sun.

The Best Visitor of the day was Paul “Lennie” Fairclough with 24 points.

Mobile Auto Electrician


stomped his way back to his buggy…or was it the ground shook due to the laughter of the three players with him?

There were some good scores on the day with the winners as follows: 1st – Dave Mason – 36 points 2nd – Dave Bensley – 36 points 3rd – Martin Collins - 35 points 4th – Mike Probert – 32 points Best Front 9 – Mike Probert

– 20 points

Best Back 9 – Julie Blinston -17 points Nearest Pins – Mike Probert, Dave Blinston and Dave Mason (2) After the game we returned to the Lo Marabu, which is located at Dona Pepa, Quesada for a welcome meal prepared by the bar and the prize presentation. Our next official society meeting is at Las Colinas on 30th August 2012 and there are still a few spaces available. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at

MAGGOTS END.................................................................................................................. RODS AND REELS The month of August is our close season before we start again at the beginning of September. Also, the anglers can spend another day a week with their loved ones for one month, which for some might be enough!!. The following is a list of all the cup and team match winners. Winter Championship 11 matches with the best 8 to count 1st Dave Hoare with 23 points Dave Hutchinson with 27 points Bill Reade with 37 points Summer Championship 9 matches with the best 6 to count 1st Dave Hoare with 11 points 2nd Ian Dalzell with 13 points 3rd Dave Hutchinson with 22 points Summer League 6 matches with the best 5 to count 1st Ian Dalzell with 15 points 2nd Dave Hutchinson with 25 points 3rd Dave Hoare with 26 points Knock Out competition with 22 entrants 1st Lenny Bolton 2nd Alan Roscoe 3rd Terry Screen Presidents Trophy: Bill Reade Annual Charity Match: I Dalzell Memorial Match: D Hoare Ladies Champion: M Hutchinson SPECIMEN TROPHY

Won with a 4.50 kg carp: P Hampshire Gary Smith 12 Man Team match Abbey Anglers Round Town News Team Match: Rods and Reels Coast Rider Trophy Team Match: Rods and Reels PLEASE NOTE: The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966 729 293 or 603 535 771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 10th and penultimate round of the Summer Series was fished this week at Blanca on the 7th August. This notoriously difficult water will not produce a string of good weights, although the fish in there are up to 3kgs in weight there was only one double figure weight caught and this was taken by Ian Dalzell on hemp and pellet up in the water. 1st Ian (The Irish Wizard) Dalzell with 11.300kgs Joint 2nd Mick (The Arsenal) Hill with 6.180kg fishing the method feeder and banded pellet Clive (Golf no more) Cleghorn with 6.180kg fishing the feeder with pellet and corn Over the last couple of months I have been monitoring the water level at Pedrera, and the water was receding quite steadily but over the last fortnight it has dropped about 4ft, leaving

the broken bridge high and partially dry. There are still some small soggy patches but hopefully in another week these will have dried up and the road will be passable. The litter problem still remains, with most of it caused by people catching and barbequing fish on the spot and then abandoning all their bottles and rubbish on the banks. All details are available on our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached (which was to introduce anglers to each other). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email : anglerstogether@hotmail. com TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

Removals and House Clearances organised

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FC TORREVIEJA – THE BUILD UP TO THE NEW SEASON CONTINUES Torry continued their minutes through Vicente Boix squad. Torry have brought in

TORREGOLF.EU at Font del Llop Friday the 10th. Saw us back at Font del Lop on a really sizzling day of heat, it was not that bad and from time to time we had a nice cooling breeze, so those that decided not to take the risk you missed out on a great day. The course was in great shape however, the greens were very slow due to the fact that a couple of greens had been cut and guess what they had been burnt so it was understandable that greens were generally a little longer than normal. No great deal, this is what golf is all about, coping with the conditions. We had our general

Stableford Competition but due to reduced numbers only 2 Categories. Very low scoring day with only 1 member getting 30 points, why, not sure!

Nearest the pins to-day, Hole 8. Sandra Twentyman Hole 12. Peter Kerr and Hole

Our picture to-day shows the winners on the day plus our only guest. Guests always welcome!

BY STEVE HIBBERD One by one, with the exception of the 3 who have decided to stay at the club, last seasons squad have found themselves new clubs for the forthcoming season, The latest to depart is striker Braulio, who has signed on the dotted line for Alicante based club Hercules. Played at Totana in front of 400 fans, Cartagena lost by the only goal against Almeria, as the run up to the new season continued. On 28 mins, Cartagena keeper Victor clearly brought down an opponent in the box, before Aaron coolly dispatched the resultant penalty. Next up was the annual Carabela de Plata tournament,

which this year was played against Hercules, in front of 3,500 fans inside Cartagonova Stadium. A Florian goal on 22 mins gave the hosts the lead, only for Edin to equalise 18 mins later. The 2nd half failed to produce a goal, resulting in the score after 90 mins staying at 1-1. As extra time is not played in this tournament, penalty shoot outs followed. And what a marathon these turned out to be!! No less than 26 spot kicks were taken, before Hercules eventually emerged victorious 11-10. Without doubt, the most unpopular player in the home camp was Riau, who not only missed the deciding kick, was also guilty of making it his 2nd miss in the shoot outs - now

that takes some doing! In the triangular tournament at Crevillente, the hosts drew the first match against Callosa 0-0. It was the same score in the 2nd match, again involving the hosts, but this time Cartagena were the opponents. The deciding match pitched Cartagena against preferente league side Callosa, with each half again lasting 30 mins. Canadas opened the scoring for Cartagena on 3 mins, before Riau ended his penalty hoodoo, when he converted his spot kick on 21 mins, doubling his side’s lead. Although Juan Carlos scored a consolation 2nd half goal, Cartagena held on to win the match, and the tournament.

Therefore results on the day Category 1. 1st. Mick O’Brien 30 points 2nd. Alan Darby on c/b from Ron Chambers 26 points Category 2. 1st. Sandra Twentyman 28 points 2nd. El Presidente 26 and 3rd. Christopher Rose 22 points.

16 Alan Darby. Our next outing is back to our home course El Plantio on Tuesday 28th.August and following that the Jack Nicklaus course at La Torre on Friday 14th.September. (one for the Ladies!) If you would like more information about our Club give David Winder a call on 626 774 157 or email him at davidwinder.torregolf@gmail. com

CARTAGENA SUMMER ROUND UP........................................

SAN JAVIER GS............................................................................. This week we played our

monthly Individual Stableford at Roda Golf yet again scoring was very good so the handicap Secretary will be at work again. Well done to Paul Matthews and Ian Smith winners of there Division with 40points each.. Division 1 1st Paul Matthews 40pts 2nd Roy Herbert 34pts 3rd Barry Beale 30pts 4th Dave Archer 30pts Division 2 1st Ian Smith 40pts 2nd Barry Butterworth 36pts 3rd Ty Williams 35pts 4th Richard Phillips 33pts The next Society’s game is on Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 at El VALLE GC. The format is JOKER (Double points - Stableford - Team). Payday is on Saturday, 18th August 2012 at RODA Golf (in the bar area) between 11.00 and 12.00 hours.

preparations for the new season with friendly games last Wednesday at home to newly promoted Segunda B side UCAM Murcia and on Saturday away against local Regional Preferente side Thader (Rojales) . They beat UCAM Murcia convincingly with a 4-0 victory. It was even for the first 15 minutes and then the visitors started to gain control before Torry hit them with a goal around the 30 minute mark from Rafa after their keeper had spilled a Ramiro free-kick. This rattled to opposition and they conceded a series of free-kicks, in particular a nasty one on flyer Inarejos which resulted in the offender receiving a straight red card. Torry made changes at halftime and later in the second half but this didn’t disrupt them too much as they added further goals with good finishes from Jorge , new boy Ernesto, following the best move of the game down the right touchline between winger Luis Carlos and Jorge. Against Thader the manager fielded a weakened side in the first half with 6 of, who are likely to be, first team regulars on the bench. In a fairly evenly contested first half Torry took the lead after around 25

who hit the ball into the far corner of the net after their keeper was caught in no-mans land. Torry made 5 changes at the interval and started the second half with what is probably their strongest side with the exception of 1st choice goalkeeper Manolo who remained on the bench. Torry played their best football for the first 20 minutes of the second half and should have extended their lead after Gasch missed a chance from close in which he hit straight at the keeper with the rebound being hammered against the bar by Ernesto. Torry made 3 more changes towards the end bringing on youngsters/trialists and the game evened up again. With just over 5 minutes remaining Thader got the equaliser after brilliant work from their impressive No. 9 set up a goal and tap in at the far post. A draw was a fair result on the balance of play. Torry have lost influential central midfielder Corella to newly promoted Segunda B side Yeclano and also young Connor Heffernan who left to seek regular football elsewhere after feeling that he wouldn’t get enough playing time at Torry as part of the

central attacking midfielder Ernesto from last seasons Tercera champions Catarroja for which he scored 10 goals last season. He was voted the leagues best player last season so lets hope he can turn it on for Torry this coming season. I would still expect to see a couple of reasonable quality experienced arrivals in the form of a central defender and a deep lying combative midfielder to play alongside young Burguillos. Torry have a their final friendly match at HOME on Saturday 18 August kickoff 8.00 pm against Murcian Tercera side Deportiva Minera in the build up to the big kick-off of the season with Torry making the long trip to just north of Valencia to take on Saguntino based side CD Acero. The Torry Army are looking to arrange coach travel to this game for followers of FC Torrevieja if there is sufficient interest. Visit the website of the Torry Army for the latest news. Darrylldinho getting a feeling what his adopted team in Spain will look like next season.

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