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MORE ALBOX HOMES UNDER DEMOLITION THREAT full story on page 2 Al so i n the news... Possible Year Grace On Smoking Ban 6.2 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE HITS GRANADA REGION Spain Aims To Revive Middle East Peace Talks

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Zapatero “Will Fight The Deficit Whatever The Price”

The Spanish Prime Minister was interviewed in Monday’s UK Financial Times

Five more British families in Albox are facing the possible demolition of their homes

The AUAN have released a press release that confirms that five more families in the Albox area are now under threat of demolition.

Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has said that he will cut the deficit ‘whatever the price’. In an interview in Monday’s Financial Times, he says that Spain is determined to complete the austerity plan, and has not ruled out adopting harsher measures. “We have a credible plan, we will see how it is applied this year, and we are on track to the objectives outlined, but, of course, if we have to make more cuts, and more austerity is needed, we will do so,” he said. The measures already underway include reducing public spending in all administrations, central, regional and local, an almost complete halt on new public job vacancies, and tax increases. Zapatero said that the country had to be strong to protect the unemployed, and opened the door to some greater flexibility in employment contracts, but always when the guarantees and rights of the workers are preserved. He denied the suggestion that Spain had fallen to the second division, and said he had done some things well and other badly, but he had remained faithful to his

They were summoned to court number 2 in Huercal-Overa on the 7th of April to be told that their builder Osvaldo Ceferino Martinez has been charged with planning crimes relating to the illegal construction of their homes in the ‘La Molata’ area of Albox.


The State Prosecutor is seeking the demolition of the five homes with compensation payable to the homeowners by the builder. The builder is also expected to pay the 65,000 euro cost of demolition. Sr. Martinez’s’ whereabouts is unknown to the homeowners at this time and there is some concern as to his financial status. The families were given 3 days to appoint a lawyer and a procurator so that they can take part in the proceedings to defend their interests and claim compensation. The case will now be sent to trial in Almeria.

Possible Year Grace On Smoking Ban reports indicate possible changes in legislation

The Ministry for Health is considering a year’s grace before applying the new tougher anti-smoking legislation in bars.

Sources make it clear that the Minister for Health, Trinidad Jiménez, does not want to back pedal on banning smoking in all closed public spaces,

but is prepared to give a year’s postponement of the legislation in the case of bars following an avalanche of complaints from the hostelry sector, several regional administration, and even the CEOE Employers’ organisation who are concerned about the effects at a time of recession and

following the increase in IVA which comes into effect on July 1. The tobacco industry has made representations calling for a five year delay. With or without the amendment it now looks unlikely that the legislation will reach Congress before the summer break.

principles and he supposed that he would like to be remembered for that. Additionally, Zapatero will meet with the Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev in Washington this week.. They are in a group of some 40 heads of state who are in the city at the invitation of Barack Obama who has organised a summit on nuclear safety, wanting to better protect nuclear installations against sabotage or terrorist attack. It’s José Luis Rodríguez’s third journey to Washington since Barack Obama arrived in the White House, although no bilateral meeting is expected between the two men this trip.

The meeting with Medvedev will compensate for the Spanish absence at the summit between the EU and Russia which is to be held on May 30 and 31 in Rostov. Russia wants Spain, in her role as EU President, to complete a promise to remove the need for a visa for Russian visitors to the EU, but a bilateral deal with Spain maybe all that Zapatero can offer. Zapatero is also expected to meet in Washington with the new Director of the International Atomic Agency, Yukiya Amano, and the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Kimoon.

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Five More Homes Under Possible Threat Of Demolition

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NEWS UPDATE... Albox The improvement and renovation works carried out in the cemetery of San José have now been completed. The skills of about thirty members of the Employment Workshop of the municipality were funded by a grant from the Ministry of Employment and European Social Fund. Work was carried out on the masonry and landscaping of the existing area. The end result was due to effective garden design, improved lighting and new wrought iron railings.

Antas Seven people have been employed by the Ayuntamiento in Antas as part of a schemeto improve street lighting and public areas. the new staff include trained electricions and bricklayers.

Pulpi As part of the celebrations for Dia de la Vieja, a giant paella - whcih has now become tradition for the people of Pulpi - was enjoyed by many local residents and visitors to the town.

Carboneras The Andalusian Employment Service and the European Social Fund have worked together to organise a training course in ‘Assembly & Maintenance’ of gas networks. The course offers, upon completion, some 484 hours of lessons and includes topics such as the redesign of the gas networks, general plant safety and the prevention of occupational hazards. Aimed specifically at giving priority to unemployed persons enrolled in the plan of protection, applications are processed through the Town Hall.

Olula del rio Firefighters in the Almanzora Town of Olula del Rio organised a charity concert last Saturday for the people affected by the Haiti Earthquake Disaster - we hope to have details of the total amount raised very soon!

El Ejido With the arrival of good weather the municipal swimming pool in the town of El Ejido has launches its special prices to entice new clients. Prices have been halved and admission includes use of the indoor pool and the enrolement in a variety of activities such as Yoga or Pilates. Additional services offered include a Health Program, an aim of which is to help sufferers of back muscle pain; individuals get treated by a team of qualified physiotherapists.

Seron The final green light has been given to the 2010 municipal budget. Despite being already adopted, the information has been accessible by the public for the last month and had not received any complaints and is, therefore, permitted to be implemented.



Spain Aims To Revive Middle East Peace Talks

Spain aims to revive the Middle East peace process, working with France and Egypt in the runup to a Mediterranean summit in Barcelona in June, the Spanish foreign minister stated

“We are talking to France and restart the peace process in the Middle East”, Miguel Angel Moratinos said during a forum on the Mediterranean in Paris. 43 heads of state and government will gather on 7th June for the second summit of the Union for the Mediterranean, which was formed two years ago in Paris by Egypt and France. Israeli, Palestinian and Syrian leaders Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Bashar alAssad respectively are among those expected to attend, Moratinos said. Spain, which holds the European Union rotating presidency till June, fixed two shortterm objectives: facilitate the restart of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, overseen by the US, and ensure success in Barcelona. “We are working with France and Egypt for something important in Barcelona”, Moratinos said. He also said the summit could lead to an economic agreement being reached between the European Union and Syria, the only nonEuropean country on the Mediterranean that has not concluded an association of this kind with the EU. “I think the conditions are there to finalise the agreement and sign it” in Barcelona, Moratinos

El Ejido Corruption Case Continues 46 people have now been implicated in this corruption case

The Judge in charge of the investigation, Montserrat Peña, has cautioned a total of 46 people in relation to the alleged theft of over 150 million euros from the coffers of the town; he has been relieved of all other duties in order to concentrate on this case. An additional 23 people - made up of family members or close friends of the main ringleaders - have been cautioned and warned they will be expected to answer questions regarding their knowledge of the charges; of the ring A report from the Public Prosecutor’s office indicates that Mayor Enciso will be charged with five counts of theft, bribery, forgery, theft of public funds and abuse of office; a minimum term of 25 years will be requested. Others in the case will be charged with similar charges, as well as money laundering; jail terms of between 15 and 25 years are expected for each of the arrested leaders. However, even if found guilt on all five charges, the law says that they will only have to serve a maximum of three times the longest jail term. Mayor Enciso has now been behind bars for the last five months, and is currently in the Albalote jail in Granada. The other three men, who have also been refused bail, have been moved to separate jails. A ‘fly-in-the-ointment’ may be that statute limitations in the law allow charges of monetary fraud to be prosecuted only for the last five years; as the vast majority on the money ‘allegedly stolen’ was passed through a network of false companies, it is not known if any of the money has so far been traced or will be recoverable. Charges would only be for monies stolen or defrauded since 2002. some five years prior to the opening of the corruption case. Court sources indicate that final data is expected to exceed 100,000 pages of evidence. At the moment only a third has been submitted and read by the Courts and made public; the remaining amount is still being analysed to determine it’s suitability and acceptability as court evidence.

added. The Spanish foreign minister is due to meet Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and Middle East envoy Tony Blair to discuss economic support for Abbas’s Palestinian Authority this week: “Our first immediate, urgent objective is that in one, two, three weeks, or a month, the talks start again”, he said. He also stressed that Israeli settlement building in Palestinian-claimed territory must end: “We have to do everything to stop (it). There has to be diplomatic and political pressure,” Moratinos said. If not, “even when politicians sit around a table to define the Palestinian state it will be impossible because there will not be the territorial conditions to define a viable Palestinian state”.

Magnitude 6.2 Quake Hits Southern Spain

A magnitude 6.2 quake hit southern Spain on Monday some 24 kilometres (14 miles) to the southeast of the city of Granada, the US Geological Survey said. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties on Spanish media from the quake, which Spain’s National Geographic Institute said had a magnitude of 4.8. The quake occurred at 00:08 am (2208 GMT Sunday) at a depth of 616 kilometres near the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the USGS said.

Junta de Andalucía To Pay Compensation After Playground Tragedy 115,187€ will be paid for the death of a four year old

The Junta de Andalucía has agreed to pay 115,187 € compensation to the family of a four year old boy who died after getting trapped in a rubbish bin in the playground of a Sevilla school, Jacaranda in the East of the city, in April 2006. The Education Council considered the case showed the ‘poor working of a public service’, given that there was not enough supervision to avoid the tragedy, and that greater control would have done so. It noted no teacher witnessed the event. It was an 11 year old who raised the alarm, and he told the enquiry that he had to advise a teacher three times, the last time by shouting.


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The new airline group ‘International Airlines Group’ IAG will carry 58 million passengers a year

Eight days after their target date for doing so, Iberia and British Airways have, on Thursday, signed their merger terms and conditions document, the contents of which as agreed by the two sides in November 2009. The merger itself is expected now to take place at the end of this year, and according to a statement from Iberia to the Spanish regulatory body, the National Council for Market Values, ‘will benefit shareholders, clients, and the employees of both airlines’.


It will create one of the largest airline groups in the world, with a fleet of 408 planes flying to 200 destinations, carrying 58 million passengers a year. Under the plans both airlines will keep their names and operations, forming a new holding company called ‘International Airlines Group’, IAG, which will result in annual cost savings of 400 million € from the fifth


The merger documents allow Iberia a getout clause if the BA pensions plan implies a significant reduction in the economic basis of the projected merger.

The Partido Popular leader has made no comment about the case summary which was released last Tuesday

There are even more revelations from the Gürtel case as journalists make their way through the 50,000 pages of the part of the case summary released on Tuesday by Judge Pedreira.

The Chairman of Iberia, Antonio Vázquez, will preside the new group, while Willie Walsh will become the C.E.O.

Under the deal BA shareholders will receive one new ordinary share for each one they hold in BA, and Iberia shareholders will receive 1.0205 shares in IAG for each of theirs. The IAG shares will be traded first on the FTSE in London, and then later in Madrid.

Seats on the board will be shared equally. Walsh has commented that the resulting airline will offer a wider network to its clients, and have greater potential for future growth, thanks to the optimization of the hubs in London and Madrid.

14 Year Old Confesses To Killing Of Cristina The funeral for 13 year old Cristina Martín took place in Seseña on Monday

The judge has ordered the internment of the 14 year old girl who is now reported to have confessed to have killed the 13 year old from Seseña, Toledo, Cristina Martín. Earlier the detained youngster denied carrying out the killing. 20 minutos reports a Guardia Civil source saying the 14 year old has said she used a stone to beat her friend, whom she had arranged to meet for the fight.

Under Spanish law the 14 year old youngster will spend a maximum of five years in internment if found guilty

of the crime, and could also face a further three years of monitored release.

Nearly a thousand turned out for Cristina’s funeral on Monday. Her classmates lead the procession to the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in Seseña on Monday.

Mariano Rajoy Goes To Ground As Gürtel Revelations Continue

They have denied that Cristina was the member of any gang, as some have claimed. The local Mayor, Manuel Fuentes, has called for calm and said that he feared that there may be a witch-hunt in the town.

The Partido Popular has used the case to propose a toughening of the Ley de Menor, youngsters’ Members of the family have told the law, claiming that juvenile crime is press that they think that, given the ‘galloping’. They want to see new ferocity of the beating she suffered, measures for 12-14 year olds. But more than one single person must their comments have been attacked have been involved in the killing. by the childrens’ rights group Prodeni and Unicef España who have said you cannot legislate by following headlines. Unicef noted that the current 15 Year Guarantee law already allows for children to be interned for up to ten years.

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We now also know the then Partido Popular National Treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, traveled to Switzerland just days after being paid a 600,000 € backhander from the Gürtel companies. He left for Gineva and Zurich on March 22, 2002. Bárcenas has since resigned from the post of National Treasurer, but remains a Senator for the Partido Popular. The businessman at the centre of the alleged corruption, Francisco Correa, paid more than 7 million € into an account on the Cayman islands in less than a year from April 2005 when his initial payment was three million €. Despite the ongoing revelations and his own comments earlier this week that appearances in the party mattered, Partido Popular leader, Mariano Rajoy, was conspicuous by his absence from the media on Wednesday. Reports indicate Rajoy’s strategy is to try and encourage

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Deputy Prime Minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, commented that ‘the silence from Rajoy could be interpreted as a justification’. Some PP members have been comparing the Gürtel case to that of Filesa, which affected the Socialist party of Felipe González, but it is of note the amounts involved in Gürtel are nearly five times higher. Esperanza Aguirre, whose Madrid Government is alleged to have issued dozens of contracts incorrectly to the corrupt group, came out on Wednesday and called for firmness against those where ‘there is a reasonable doubt over their uprightness’. She said they should be suspended from their responsibilities in the party, and went as far as saying that corruption was the worst crime a politician could carry out.

Spain To Invest In Rail & Road Projects Spain will invest 17 billion euros in rail and road projects over the next two years

This massive investment will help to revive the economy and fight unemployment, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said Wednesday.

“These projects will improve the efficiency and competitiveness of our economy, reduce transportation costs and better connect markets,” he told a news conference. New passenger and freight rail projects, as well as improvements to the existing network, will absorb 70 percent of the funds which will come from state credit institutions and private banks while the rest will go towards highway

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Bárcenas to resign, as Jaume Matas has done following his implication in a separate corruption network affecting the party on the Baleares Islands. Rajoy was spotted in Sevilla on Wednesday where he met with the previous Prime Minister, José María Aznar.

construction and maintenance.

“This is the most important collaboration between the public and private sector in the history of our country,” said Zapatero. Spain was plunged into its longest and deepest recession in decades after its labour-intensive construction sector collapsed at the end of 2008 due to the global credit crisis and oversupply. The downturn has caused Spain’s unemployment rate to soar to 19 percent in February, nearly twice the 10 percent rate of the entire 16-nation euro zone.

Top Spanish Judge To Be Tried For Probe Of Franco-era Atrocities Top Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon will stand trial for abuse of power for launching a probe into atrocities committed during the country’s civil war and subsequent dictatorship Supreme Court investigating magistrate Luciano Varela will officially notify the judge, known round the world for his campaigns against former Latin American dictators, of the decision later this week. Varela ruled in February that Garzon ignored an amnesty decreed by parliament in 1977 for civil war-era crimes when he launched in 2008 a probe into the disappearance of tens of thousands of people during Spain’s 1936-39 civil

war and the subsequent dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. But Garzon appealed the ruling, denying that he had abused his power. The case against him was put forward by far-right group Manos Limpias (Clean Hands). Varela’s decision will likely mean that Garzon will be temporarily suspended as a judge on Spain’s High Court, which is responsible for crimes agaisnt humanity, organised crime and terrorism cases.

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Iberia & British Airways Sign Merger Documents

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Zapatero Presents Plan To Promote Use Of Electric Car Plan Estratégico Integral del Vehículo Eléctrico (literally, the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Electric Vehicle) details possible implementation

The president of the government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, will today present to parliament his strategy for the introduction of the electric car in Spain, a project that will receive subsidies of some 590 million euros over the next two years. The so-called Plan Estratégico Integral del Vehículo Eléctrico has been laid down in a document, that details the various stages for the introduction of the electric car, with provision for 250,000 units by 2014, including rechargeable hybrids. The draft plan proposes a new electricity

tariff, which would take advantage of the optimum hours for recharging and for a better functioning of the system. According to the outline plan, there would need to be

62,000 private recharging points (in people’s homes), 263,000 in fleet car parks, 12,150 in public car parks and 6,200 on the public highway by 2014. From 2011, it is anticipated that there would be a quickcharge point for every 400 charging stations for private cars, giving a total of 1,260 charging stations of this type by 2014. The plan to boost demand and use of the electric car has been laid out in two separate programmes in this plan, one which gives priority to fleet cars, in particular those belonging to the civil service, and the other designed t o


Spain & US To Boost Co-operation On Crime & Terrorism Spain and the United States signed an agreement aimed at boosting cooperation against terrorism & organised crime

“Our two countries have forged a tremendous partnership in recent years and this agreement will strengthen the ability of law enforcement officials in the United States and Spain to protect the security of both our nations,” US Attorney General Eric Holder said after the agreement was signed in Madrid. The agreement, which was signed for Spain by Prosecutor General Candido Conde-Pumpido, calls for an exchange of information on criminal trends and on each nation’s legal

system and legislation. It also calls for more expert-level visits to streamline the exchange of intelligence and expertise, and formalizes a joint task force that was set up informally in 2005 to deal with terrorism and organized crime. Holder was in Spain - which holds the rotating European Union presidency - ahead of a meeting in Madrid between EU justice and interior ministers and US officials.

Statue of Dictator Franco Removed

A statue of Francisco Franco was removed from the army headquarters in Valencia to comply with a law ordering the elimination of all public symbols of the regime The statue, depicting port’s central Plaza del requires, amongst other of the dictatorship still adorn the right-wing general on Ayuntamiento in 1983, eight measures, that all statues, public buildings, left-wing horseback, was wrapped years after Franco death, plaques and other symbols daily newspaper Publico in a white sheet before it and was eventually moved to of Franco’s dictatorship must reported last year, citing a was lifted by a crane onto army headquarters. be removed from public government report. More a truck which took it to a buildings. Campaigners In 2007, Zapatero’s socialist complain that the symbols than half of the symbols are military warehouse. The lifesize sculpture was removed government passed the “Law are not coming down fast on buildings that belong to from the Mediterranean of Historical Memory” which enough. Nearly 600 symbols the defence ministry, it said.

Spain’s Opposition Treasurer Tenders Resignation The corruption scandal-tainted treasurer of Spain’s conservative opposition Popular Party, Luis Barcenas, tendered his “definitive” resignation

In a statement in which he reaffirmed his innocence he said: “I have informed...Mariano Rajoy of my decision to definitively renounce my post as treasurer.” Investigators suspect Barcenas of having collected 1.3m € in kickbacks from companies led by people close to the PP; he is one of seventy people under investigation in the so-called Gurtel affair.

promote the use of the electric car around town, similar to those already being piloted in Madrid, where free parking has been granted in certain areas.


Barcenas temporarily stooddown as the PP’s treasurer after he was questioned by a judge over the socalled scandal. However, upon the release of the 50,000-page dossier on the case, fresh allegations have been made.

The fact that he has retained his senate seat and maintains an office at the PP headquarters in Madrid while other elected officials tainted by the scandal have been suspended has raised suspicions that he may have been involved in illegal financing of the PP as well as seeking personal gain. Francisco Correa, a businessman and PP event organiser,

and Pablo Crespo, a former head of the PP in the northwestern region of Galicia, were arrested in February 2009 in connection with the case.Correa allegedly held a number of secret accounts under the name “Don Vito”. The dossier released earlier this week included allegations that he served as an intermediary between real estate companies and PP legislators, handing out gifts that ranged from holidays in Polynesia to tailor-made suits, luxury cars, watches and iPhones in return for public contracts.

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He and 95 others, including many top defence officials and public figures, died when their jet crashed en route to a war memorial service in Russia.

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Russia is marking a day of mourning, as relatives arrive in Moscow try to identify the bodies of the victims. Russian investigators suspect pilot error caused the crash. They say the pilots were warned that they were flying too low just

The blast seems to have been timed to coincide with the precise moment that policing and justice powers devolved from Westminster to Stormont. It happened at about 0020 BST outside Palace Barracks, in Holywood, County Down. Police said no warning was given. The bomb went off as the surrounding area was being evacuated. An elderly man was treated for minor injuries. The bomb was placed in a taxi, which had been hijacked in the Ligoniel area of north Belfast, about seven miles from Holywood, at about 2150 BST. The driver was held hostage by three men for about two hours

“This is so very much like Katyn, where our head was cut off,” said former President Lech Walesa.

before being told to drive his taxi to the barracks. The vehicle was abandoned at the base just before midnight prompting police and security staff to evacuate the area. The bomb exploded about 20 minutes later as the evacuation was still taking place. An elderly man walking near the barracks at the time of the explosion was treated in hospital for minor injuries. There were two explosions - first the bomb and then the petrol tank, destroying the car and damaging other property. Chief Superintendent Nigel Grimshaw said the police had not received a telephoned warning about the attack.

He said the taxi used was destroyed in the “significant explosion”. Up to 60 people were moved from their homes and spent the night in a community centre. The attack appears to have been timed to coincide with the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast. Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward said this “democratic transition stands in stark contrast to the activity of a criminal few who will not accept the will of the majority of people of Northern Ireland”. “They have no support anywhere,” he added.

A wider knowledge of simple first aid techniques could save thousands of lives each year, said the St John Ambulance charity

It is focusing a new campaign on five health emergencies which account for 150,000 deaths each year in England and Wales.

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Commentators in Poland have stressed the irony that so many senior figures were killed making a visit to commemorate victims of a massacre which targeted the elite of Poland’s officer corps.

First Aid ‘Could Save Thousands’

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The Polish government plane was carrying leaders from across national public life who

In what observers see as another sign of reconciliation between Warsaw and Moscow, a Polish film about the Katyn massacre of Polish officers and intellectuals by the Soviets in 1940 has been screened at prime time on a mainstream state Russian television channel, after earlier

appearing on a minor channel only.

The Real IRA has admitted it was behind a car bomb which exploded outside MI5’s Northern Ireland headquarters


ht every friday nigner

Poland has moved to fill some of the gaps left by the disaster, appointing an acting head of the central bank, while the presidential post has been filled by the parliamentary speaker pending a new election.

had been due to attend a memorial for the Polish victims of a World War II massacre by Soviet secret police at Katyn in the Smolensk region.

Real IRA Admits MI5 Base Car Bomb

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before the plane clipped tree-tops in heavy fog, as it was coming in to land at an air base on Saturday morning.

The charity is offering a free pocket which it feels will boost the survival chances of many more patients. It believes that if confident first aiders were present on more occasions, many lives would be saved.

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This view is backed by the World Health Organisation, which also says “bystander first aid” can make a difference and should be encouraged.


Red Cross

The charity’s own poll suggests that

most people would still not feel confident attempting first aid techniques, while a quarter would do nothing and wait for other people or paramedics to arrive. Its chief executive, Sue Killen, said: “We believe that anyone who needs first aid should receive it. “Our latest research shows that’s just not happening. We can’t rely on other people to have the skills - everyone should take the responsibility to learn first aid themselves. “Around 2,500 people die each year from a blocked airway, but if someone had known the recovery position, lives could have been saved.”

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Tributes Paid To Lost President Lech Kaczynski

The body of Polish President Lech Kaczynski is to lie in state in the capital Warsaw as the nation mourns the victims of the Smolensk air crash

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Labour Manifesto

Gordon Brown Prepares For Launch

Labour is preparing to unveil its manifesto, pledging not to raise income tax and more public service reform as it bids for a fourth term in office.

It will include plans which could see underperforming schools, hospitals and police forces taken over by teams from more successful organisations.


And it will pledge English tests for more migrants in public sector jobs. The Tories say Labour is out of ideas and the Lib Dems say they cannot be trusted to reform tax and politics. Both parties will unveil their manifestos this week. Labour’s programme will be launched by Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the election campaign enters its second week. He said last week the party’s manifesto would include a pledge not to raise the basic rate of income tax from 20p. The manifesto will pledge not to “extend the scope” of the tax to items which are currently exempt, such as food and baby clothes, but it will not rule out VAT rises in future. On public services, it will say underperforming police


forces could be managed by more successful ones and chief constables could be sacked if they did not meet minimum standards within three years.

work in public sector jobs involving dealing with the public - not just doctors from outside Europe, police officers and teachers as at present.

But Labour’s manifesto chief Ed Miliband told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that would be only a “last resort if police forces are failing”.

Other developments:

More rights would be offered to parents at schools in England, including allowing them a ballot to change the ethos or leadership of a school. All migrant workers would have to pass an English language test to

UK Window, Doors, Conservatories, Patio Doors and Guttering Enclosures Specialist Happy in the knowledge that they didn’t buy a fly enclosure because they’re going to be nice ‘n’ cool this summer, just as they were nice ‘n’ warm in the winter!


...Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has been outlining how he plans to raise the income tax threshold to £10,000 ...SNP leader Alex Salmond is due to launch his election campaign in Scotland as Scottish Labour unveils its manifesto ...A 17-year-old is believed to be the youngest election agent in England

Greece Debt Deal Boosts Euro Value

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The euro has jumped sharply against the dollar and the pound after the eurozone agreed details of a multi-billion euro loan package to debt-ridden Greece The euro rose by more than 2 cents, or 1.5%, against the dollar, to $1.3672. Against the pound, it rose by almost 1 penny to 88.408p. On Sunday, f i n a n c e ministers of the 16 eurozone nations agreed to provide up to 30bn euros ($41bn; £27bn) in loans. G r e e c e hopes it will not have to ask for the emergency loans. Instead, it hopes that an extensive package of austerity measures will help to cut its debt levels and restore confidence in Greek government debt. This would mean it could raise money itself, rather than relying on financial assistance from the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is also contributing to the 30bn euro loan package. The loan deal comprises a three-year financing programme at interest rates of about 5%, based on IMF formulas. An exact interest rate for the loans will only be finalised if Greece formally requests help. The rate is less than the rate the Greek government would have to pay to raise money on the open market.

Pilkington K for Cold Winters

The interest rate on Greek bonds hit a record of 7.5% last week. L u xe mb o ur g Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said there were no elements of subsidy in the loan offer. Greece has to find about 11.5bn euros ($15.7bn; £10.2bn) by next month to meet its financial obligations. Its total debt stands at nearly 300bn euros. It intends to auction a 1.2bn euros package of treasury bills on Tuesday. “The amount and reiteration of support may well be enough for the markets to continue funding Greece as, in the short term, the immediate impact is to remove the prospect of a Greek default,” said Gary Jenkins at Evolution Securities. However, some observers said the loan package might not be enough to solve Greece’s debt crisis. “Greek officials themselves are reported to be saying they would need an 80bn euro package for the threeyear programme, and we know how realistic they have been with their numbers before,” Constantin Gurdgiev, an economist at Trinity College in Dublin, told the BBC’s World Service.

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Natural remedies to ease day-to-day bumps, scrapes and bruises As we rush to embrace all things pure, natural, organic, eco-friendly and generally untainted by the modern world, why leave out the first-aid kit? Everyday afflictions such as knocks, burns, colds, sickness, indigestion and verrucas can all be eased with natural remedies. They work. And it doesn’t involve boiling up evil-smelling herbs – all of these treatments are easily available online or on the high street.

Lavender Oil

A Holiday Myster y

To me, many things in life are a mystery and I am happy for many of those mysteries to remain mysterious – like, for instance, the internal combustion engine. I want my car to work when I turn the key, but how the electrical charge ignites and explodes, thus initiating engine life, which is itself a series of explosions is something that I feel I am better off not knowing. There is, however, a particular mystery regarding holidays which I would like explained. It is not a singularly Spanish phenomenon, it also happens in England, and in both countries it peaks at Bank Holidays. It is first to be noticed on the roads; they become jammed full by cars loaded beyond capacity with enough lumber to cause even the fairly laid-back Noah to enquire whether all that luggage was truly necessary, and to point out that even the elephants had only brought the one trunk each! A goodly proportion of that luggage is certain to be food. So why, having brought enough food to enable Napoleon’s army to advance, do the bringers of such bounty then have to go shopping, to buy yet more food? Perhaps to cover Napoleon’s army’s retreat? But the nub of the mystery is: Where do all these people come from? If there are so many thousands more of them here, then presumably where they come from must be empty? For instance, when living in Devonshire I noticed how many holiday North Country accents I would hear. So was the country deserted north of, say, Bristol? Not a bit of it! It was just as crammed as the south! It seems reasonable to assume that the population would even itself out, those holidaying in one area would balance out against those holidaying elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be so – there seem to be more people everywhere! Where do they all come from? And how do they manage to eat so much? It’s a mystery to me! Until it is solved, I will stay home on Bank Holidays, and certainly go nowhere near Mercadona!

By Jos Biggs

…any mysteries you would like explained, then email and we’ll do our best to uncover them for you!

The burn-healing power of the essential oil of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) was discovered by French perfumer René Maurice Gattefosse in the 1930s. Working in his lab, he burnt his hand and plunged it into the nearest container of liquid, which – luckily for him – was lavender essential oil. He was amazed at how it healed his hand with no scarring. With its lovely herby, floral aroma (reminiscent of grannies, but in a good way), it’s now one of the most-used oils. Whether you’ve caught yourself with the edge of the iron, or fallen asleep in the sun, apply a couple of drops to burnt or scalded skin (dilute in a vegetable carrier oil for babies). Don’t apply it to broken skin, or during pregnancy without expert advice. Lavender oil is very widely available but make sure you buy an oil labelled as ‘essential oil’. Little brown bottles labelled ‘aromatherapy oil’ or similar may contain just a small amount of the pure essential oil.

Tea Tree Oil

Peppermint Oil A hybrid of watermint and spearmint, peppermint (Mentha piperita) was first cultivated in 1750. Its essential oil is proven to ease a tension headache; just rub a couple of drops onto the temples. It feels cold, hot and tingly and is thought to work by dilating local blood vessels. It has also been shown to relax muscles, part of the cause of a tension headache. The clean, fresh smell (which comes from the oil’s active ingredient, menthol) also feels like it’s clearing your head. Again, make sure you buy an oil labelled as ‘essential oil’.

The oil from the Australian shrub Melaleuca alternifolia has been used by the Aboriginal peoples for centuries, and its powerful antiseptic properties have been documented since the 1930s. It’s also antiviral, which means it can help with verrucas, and antifungal so it’s great for such everyday It’s the best-known of the Bach remedies, and unpleasantness as thrush, ringworm, athlete’s foot that’s pronounced ‘batch’ – flower remedies and fungal nail infection. Use a few drops in a bath or weren’t a sideline of Johann Sebastian. one drop on a tampon for thrush, and apply one drop This is a blend of five of the remedies (cherry neat to the affected area for the rest. plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and Star of Bethlehem) homoeopathically prepared from flower extracts by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s.

Bach Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is useful when you’ve had a shock, like falling over and hurting yourself, and is also useful for facing difficult situations such as a driving test, exam nerves, speaking in public, after an accident or an argument, a trip to the dentist, at the end of a relationship or redundancy.

Aloe Vera It’s now added to everything from baby oil to hair remover, but aloe vera has been used for several thousand years for burns, scalds and sunburn. Aloe vera gel, found inside the leaves of the Aloe barbadensis plant, helps heal the skin. If you have this as a houseplant, cut off the end of a leaf, and squeeze the colourless gel-like sap from the inside directly onto the sore area. It also helps moisturise dry, rough, chapped skin. You can also drink aloe vera in liquid form to soothe the digestive system; swallow it straight or buy it in flavoured drink form.

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Alternative First-Aid Kit

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• Digital Hearing Aids • Various Models & Colours • Adjustments, Parts & Repairs • Moulds & Batteries

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Bee-eaters are one of the few European species in which the young in the nest are fed, not just by their parents but also by additional ‘helpers’. Genetic studies have shown that these ‘helpers’ are invariably the brothers and sisters of the birds being fed, usually the offspring from a previous brood. If nest sites are limited by the size of the sandbank, then helping their siblings to survive is the most useful thing that young Bee-eaters can do until they can claim a nest-site of their own.

Vera Branch Office: Ronda Las Buganvillas Local 24, 04621 Vera (Almeria, Spain)

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Pol Ind El Real de Antas, C/ Interior, Nave 9, 04628 Antas (Almeria)

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To Cartagena From Almeria Junction 534A From Murcia Junction 534 To Vera


To Antas Exit 534

Cepsa Petrol Station


Mon & Fri: 10am - 2pm Tues - Wed - Thurs:10am - 5pm

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darting in and out as they feeds in open or at least semi-open country.

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Salas Opticos

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Bee-eaters, with their fantastic combination of rainbow colours and streamlined shape, are virtually unmistakable, especially when seen in full flight. Reports are coming in from readers to say they are back here in Spain after their winter migration to warmer climes! Winters are spent almost exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa although some will winter in India. In these wintering grounds they are regarded as pests by bee-keepers and culled by the thousands. At the moment, Bee-eaters will be migrating by day in small flocks, especially along the Black Sea coast and over the Straits of Gibraltar. They breeds in holes in sandpits, riverbanks and quarries – you’ll see them




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! G N U R P S S A h G sPRIN HEAT YOUR SWIMMING POOL FOR AS LITTLE AS 1€ A DAY! Enjoy your heated swimming pool all year round

Specialising in Card Making, Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts

Winter months in Spain are often sunny but the pool is too cold to use. By installing one of our Air Source Heat pumps you can use your pool all year round. ● Air Source Heat Pumps ● Low Running Costs ● Zero Carbon Emissions ● Pool Covers Increase your rental income from winter lets. It is proven that property owners in Spain with a heated swimming pool receive more rental bookings especially in the winter months when properties are often left empty.

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Whether you are an expert or complete beginner, why not come on one of our friendly workshops for a fun-filled day of making cards and new friends or join us on our scrapbook club. Next workshops Sunday 26th April 11am to 4pm Monday 27th April 10.30a to 3.30pm Tuesday 28th April 10.30a to 3.30pm Booking essential so call for details

Tele: (0034) 950 39 12 26

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cted Up to 30% OFF sele & ranges of kitchens appliances


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Come and see our handmade Browse our website to see these furniture from India & Thailand! and over 100 more UK shops UK shopping in Spain gets the Manly Mushrooms: we now products you want from the UK stock hand-made, painted and delivered to you in Spain non painted garden mushrooms 259 Paseo del Mediterraneo next to Hotel Puntazo and Harmony Gym Open: 10-6pm no siesta Mon - Fri and 10-3pm Sat & Sun

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“Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.” Jawaharal Nehru


vivadent centro dental



EXAMINE YOUR MOUTH Nowadays, with people paying more attention to their teeth, there has been an increase in malignant tumors discovered in the mouth. Although progress has been made in the treatment of such cancer, there’s been a progressive increase in the mortality rate registered in Spain.

inspection, all indicating a depth in the lesion. At the beginning, oral cancer can appear without symptoms, thus causing a delay in the patient’s visit to the specialist. Once the patient feels pain, bleeding, tooth mobility, or difficulty in opening his mouth, the disease has progressed and the prognostic worsens.

What kind of lesions are found in the mouth and how can they be treated?

End Of The Hourglass

In the 1950s, the heyday of screen goddesses Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, the average woman had a curvy but slender figure, with a 27.5in waist. Since then, our waists have widened to an average of 34in, and a predicted 42in in 50 years!

The size increase has occurred for many reasons. Women are not as fit as they were 50 years ago, and have less lean muscle mass, so the extra weight today has to be fat. This is backed up by

looking at where most of the extra weight is distributed. There’s a slight rise in bust and hip size, but the most significant rise is in the size of women’s waists.

We tend to think of women being ‘pear shaped’, meaning they hold their body fat around the hips and buttocks; men, on the other hand, have more ‘apple-shaped’ bodies, with fat collecting in the abdomen, and this is the fat that causes heart disease and type 2


The changes in women’s waistlines mean that we are now seeing more ‘apples’ than ‘pears’, and this means they are at greater risk of fat-associated diseases. If the trend continues, and Government research suggests it will, we can expect the women of 2058 to be even bigger than today; the typical woman’s shape will be much more round in the middle! Unless, of course, action is taken!

Early detection is the key to survival in oral cancer diagnosis. About 30% of the cancer cases diagnosed could be cured if they were caught in the beginning stages. There four main causes of oral cancer are alcohol, tobacco, sun, and poor dental hygiene. As it’s difficult to avoid all of these factors, it’s important to examine your mouth regularly, and consult a specialist without delay if you notice any alteration in colour or form.

When do I need to see a specialist?

The majority of tissue lesions are difficult to diagnose as malignant or benign without a biopsy. Any buccal lesion evolving over 15 days should be inspected by a specialist. There are a series of warning signs of malignancy, such as irregular lesion borders, hardness or difficult mobility upon

Firstly, there are benign lesions, such as ulcers, which can be caused by a tooth or prosthetics rubbing against a certain area. Ulcers will disappear on their own accord once the friction is resolved. Other benign lesions, such as fibromes caused be irregular bites, require surgical removal. There are lesions which fall into the category between benign and malignant, such as leucoplasia. Theses lesions are white and can appear anywhere in or around the mouth . They are considered premalignant, and should be removed by the specialist. The area should then be carefully examined over the years to ensure no reoccurrences. At this stage, it is of vital importance to avoid the main causes of oral cancer previously mentioned. There are a broad range of malignant tumors, but the most common is the carcinoma epidermoide. It can appear inside the mouth or on the lips. The surgery involved in the removal of these tumors is more invasive, sometimes requiring treatment of the neck ganglios to avoid metastisis. Early detection of tumors is of vital importance. The earlier the lesion is diagnosed, the easier the extraction of the tumor. If the tumor is still small, it can be removed with laser treatment under local anesthetic, thus reducing postoperatory discomfort. Examine your mouth and visit your dentist regularly to guarantee good hygiene and proper revisions.

Specialising in: • Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry • Prosthetics • Orthodontics C/Alfarero S. Hernández 10, Vera. Opposite Health Centre, Vera

Tel: 950 390 655

Monday to Friday: 10am - 2pm & 5pm - 8.30pm


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Spring cleaning has its origins in ancient history. Back then; with no labour saving devices and no electricity, Spring marked the start of the season when the weather allowed a complete cleaning of the cave or house.


Almeria Angels

Making your Life Easier

Tel: 665 017 950

Since then, the tradition has been maintained but now there is a new angle. It is called life coaching and it is, in effect, spring cleaning for your life.

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Life coaching is one of the most effective ways of staying green and growing instead of becoming ripe and rotten. It is simply a way of looking at where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how you are going to get there.

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Caring in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

A few people are able to do this for themselves but the vast majority find that having an outside like a life coach to keep them on course is a vital ingredient in their life spring cleaning. Even a Life Coach has their own coach. The only place you can start to change your life is here and now. So focus totally on the future and the actions that will lead to the positive results that you desire.


Sol Passion tanning & beauty studio

• Facial • Pedicure • Manicure • Waxing • Threading • Electrolysis • Swedish Massage New • Indian Head Massage Microdermabrasion • Reflexology Introductory Offer • Eyelash Extensions • Horizontal & Vertical Tanning Beds • Acrylic & Gel Nails • New Ice-White Teeth Whitening ...and much more!


Sunjunkie Spray Tanning Long-lasting Natural Tan


Botox & Restylane Clinic with Linda Gibson Thurs 27th May Tel: 950 473 244 Opposite El Patio 2000, Mojacar Playa

In the same way that our homes can become musty during the winter months, and often look in need of a new lick of paint, so our lives can become a bit tattered and full of mental junk that no longer serves us well. We all, without exception, carry a load of excess baggage in the form of worry, guilt, fears and false beliefs or expectations. I am a great believer in the power of a positive mental attitude and very few of us ever achieve anything approaching our full potential.

You can easily let go of this baggage to create room in your life for new and exciting challenges. My clients are amazed at the positive impacts that even a small change or shift in attitude can produce; this really is spring cleaning for the mind! In the same way that the onset of Spring is often the catalyst that triggers a burst of domestic action, so a life coach can be the catalyst that allows amazing and positive changes to happen. Your emotional and mental spring cleaning can be like a weight being lifted from your shoulders. The joy is that you can do it all yourself, a life coach is just there to show you how.

Elizabeth Sanderson is a qualified Life Coach and Performance Coach and is always happy to discuss this or other aspects of Life Coaching absolutely free of charge. She can be contacted in confidence by email on

r i a H r e m m Sexy, Su

Summer is here ladies and that means it’s time for a fresh change! There’s nothing more I love than soft, feminine tresses that frame the face, so I found the perfect how-to on getting soft and flirty tresses without all the hard work.

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist full head foils only 45.00€

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s e m o C e r e H un ! The S

Pedicure & 1/2 leg wax


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cap hi lights Cut & Blow only 39.95€ Perm, cut & blow dry only 49.95€ tint, cut & blow dry only 39.95€ cut & blow dry only 19.95€ Becks - UK trained fully qualified Sports Masseuse

Full 1hr Body Massage 19.95€

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Step 1

Lois the podiatrist Full Podiatry Treatment. nails, hard skin, calluses 23 € Nail cut & medical check ONLY 15 €

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.

Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta

950 633 086

Shampoo your hair with a non-straightening shampoo such as Herbal Essences Toussle Me Softly Shampoo and Conditioner. Step 2 Apply a volumizing waveenhancing mousse at the roots and work through to the ends on damp hair. Tilt your head to each side as you blow dry your locks using a diffuser. Step 3 Using a medium-sized barrel curling iron, curl random sections of hair, leaving the front of the hair smooth for face framing. Finish each curl 1.5 inches from the roots. Step 4 Using your fingers, brush out your hair and mist with a flexible hairspray.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:




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For Her & Him

Co-ordinate your own ‘Look’ from eye catching summer collections Natural fabrics, unique designs in flowing forms of cottons, linens, silks, allow versatile combinations for any occasion.

Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa OPEN: Monday-Friday 10am - 1.30pm & 5pm - 7.30pm Saturday: 10am - 2pm email:

Children Speak The Truth

Gold & Antique Exchange We buy, sell or exchange Gold, Antiques & fine China English JewellerY Repairs Gold & Silver Watch Straps & Batteries

Why not have a GOLD PARTY & earn some commission. Call for details.

Cleaning, Polishing Rings cut off, Rings re-s ized


Open Tues - Fri 10 - 4pm, Sat 9 - 2pm.

Home visits or outside appointments can be arranged. Call for more details.

Inside Atalaya building between Chillout & Sophia Wellness

T: 950 449 565 or 666 369 131

Valle deL Este Golf Spa & Beach Hotel, Vera


A Mind, Body 22nd april & Spirit Event 10am - 7pm

Doors open 9.45

Guest Speakers and demonstration every 1/2 hour during the day

Therapists in all areas of wellness will be available on the day. Treatment sessions available from 10am

• Sports Fitness • Reiki • Massage • Reflexology • Psychic Drawings • Acupuncture • Yoga • Skin Care • Health Care • Hair & Makeovers • Cosmetic Procedures • Aesthetic Procedures


driving range

125 balls for only


10% OFF entrance to spa! Vouchers available on the day Booking Essential

Win a bottle of champagne and free therapies

on Thursday 22nd april at 10am ... are welcome to the first Mind Body Spirit Event. Held at the fabulous Valle Del Este Golf Spa Hotel at Vera, Almeria. This is an ideal opportunity for you to experience a whole range of healthy and uplifting treatments, and workshops under one roof! Unique to the area, this event will provide you with everything from yoga to crystal healing, trade stands with aromatherapy crystals, vitamins and health foods.

Interested in Golf? Why not try out the fantastic driving range or putting green?

• Psychic Mediums • Spiritual Mediums • Tarot Card, Angel, Palm Readings and Rune Stones •C  rystals, Jewellery, Linen, Health Foods & Vitamins, China • Aromatherapy Oils •P  ainting / Art Workshop

special offer

Mind, Body & Spirit

Feel free to have a look around the Spa facilities and Gym. Thinking of joining the spa or even just treating yourself to a Spa Day? Prices start from

as little as 20€ per day and if you book on the day of this fabulous event you’ll get 10% discount too! The restaurant will be open serving a range of superb food and drink; alternatively, lounge around in the coffee bar overlooking the spectacular golf greens! Remember to come in casual clothing if you wish to join in one of the free demonstrations or talks taking place throughout the day or just while away a little time with a drink overlooking the Olympic-sized swimming pool. We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Talks & demo’s every 30 minutes throughout the day include: Pilates with Vivienne from Tara’s Retreat

Reflexology, Hopi Ear & Hot Shell Massage with Diana Dudas

A range of bed linen and curtains from Hazel at the English Rose stand

Safe Spray Tanning with Yvette

Past Life Regression with Tina

Botox with Linda

Life Coaching & Massage with David Millner

A one stop health check, blood pressure etc, from Almeria Angels

Mosaic Art with Dan Rust

Restaurant lounge, bars, pool bar, spa, gym, golf course

in our Charity Draw. Proceeds to Vera Orphanage Therapists & local businesses that would like to take part please contact Becks on 671 433 896 or email: Golf Spa & Beach Hotel, Urbanización Valle del Este Autovía E-15 Salida 529, 04620 VERA Almería Tel. 950 548 600

2€ on the door

Personal Training & Various Massage with Becks Tarot Card Reading & Mediumship with Barbara Clarke Threading & Mycrodermabrasion with Sharon

Tai Chi Demonstration Tarot & Psychic Art with Rosa Hypnotherapy with Pauline Massage with Jaki Tagg Pilates with Sharon

Yoga with Sharon Fisher Colonic Hydrotherapy with Sharon Acupunture & Readings with Shona Jewellery from Ruth Reily Crystals from John Copeland

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Tel: 950 478 320

One day a little girl was sitting and watching her mother do the dishes at the kitchen sink. She suddenly noticed that her mother had several strands of white hair sticking out in contrast on her brunette head. She looked at her mother and inquisitively asked, “Why are some of your hairs white, Mum?” Her mother replied, “Well, every time that you do something wrong and make me cry or unhappy, one of my hairs turns white.” The little girl thought about this revelation for a while and then said, “How come ALL of grandma’s hairs are white then?”

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Recipes For The Soul...

SOLTIMES APRIL 2010 The divinity inspired mystical poet Kabir told us in one of his beautiful poems: “The Flute of the Infinite is played without ceasing, and its sound is love: When love renounces all limits, it reaches truth, How widely the fragrance spreads! It has no end, nothing stands in its way. The form of this melody is bright like a million suns: Incomparably sounds the vina, the vina of the notes of truth”. For the true yogi, true religion is love for all; cosmic love is all-embracing and all –inclusive. In pure love, no one is shut out from its warm embrace. It is wide enough to include the humblest of us, from the tiny ant to the mighty elephant, from the condemned prisoner to the mighty emperor. Hatred separates man from man and nation from nation. Pride and egoism divide man from man yet hatred, pride and egoism are mental creations; the product of ignorance only.

by Sharon Fisher Sharon Fisher is a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. for information about her classes’ call 950 469 122


Hatred breeds hatred whilst love begets love and fear breeds fear; this is the immutable psychological law. It is the natural right of love to prevail upon this earth, conquering all the forces of hate and evil. In love lies the salvation of all beings, the hope of

Too High A Price?

Now I may be missing something here, but we are constantly hearing from politicians of all persuasions, how advantageous it is for Britain and the British people, to be a part of this great institution called the European Union. This has been drummed into us since those far off days of the Common Market, when we were told – hand on heart – that free and open trade was what it was all about. Where each nation would retain its sovereignty in all things, make its own laws as it always had, and keep it’s own national identity.

Then via the European Economic Community, we arrived at the present state of play with the all powerful EU, with its laws, directives and unelected Commissioners making decisions that effect the way we eat, sleep, breath, and soon I suspect, think. We all have our opinions about Europe, and I certainly have mine, and whilst I concede that occasionally a minority will make a judgement based on sound logic and reason, I firmly believe that the rest of us make our decisions based on the following criteria: 1) Whether or not we believe what we read in our newspapers, or see on our TV screens. 2) How it all affects us personally in our day to day lives, and the degree of comfort that we may or may not enjoy. That may sound cynical and simplistic, but we have been seduced by aggressive advertising and tutored by successive governments over the years to such an extent, that we now live in an insular, selfish and self-centred society. The lure

of prosperity and the promise of yet more material trappings on an on-going basis, is the greatest means of control that any government can have over its people. But I believe that we should be looking further than self-interest here, and take a large step back to look at the overall picture, and ask ourselves a number of questions: Is our economy booming? Is crime – particularly violent crime – sharply decreasing? Is our health service still the best in the world? Are our city streets cleaner and safer than they were? Is immigration sensibly regulated so that integration can successfully take place? Does the welfare state function efficiently with only the genuinely needy taken care of? Are pensioners better off and living comfortable retirements after a lifetime’s contributions to the system? Is our education system working efficiently and has illiteracy been banished? Is there more equality? Do we enjoy more freedom than we ever did? Is our criminal justice system still the envy of the world? Are we taxed less? And are we as a people, HAPPIER? As I said at the beginning, I may genuinely be missing something, but it seems to me that there is only one answer to all of the above. So I have to ask how in the name of all that is sensible, are we better off within the EU? That’s not a rhetorical question, or a deliberate attempt to promote argument. Just somebody please tell me, because if this is as good as it gets, I want out! Membership of the EU at the expense of our traditional way of life, the surrender of many of our hard fought for freedoms, and our right to self-determination is, in my book, far, far too high a price to pay.



Congratulations on opening a political debate! However, I found a lot to disagree with in Colin’s article. First, it repeats “what everyone is saying” about the EU. The poor old EU gets the blame for everything, mainly because people don’t understand what it’s about, and can’t be bothered to find out. This is why we elect such clowns to the European Parliament, like Nigel Farage of UKIP, who hardly did Britain or us expatriates any sort of good turn by his oafish behaviour, which included abusing the EU President because he happens to be a Belgian (one could hear the curl of the lip as he said that). From what Colin says, I assume that he supports Farage’s policy of withdrawal from the EU, without giving any thought to what we expatriates could lose as a result. To see the EU as “all-pervasive” is just a sort of persecution mania. Colin also wishes we had another Churchill at the helm. While Winston was a great war leader, his perfomance in peacetime was really not that inspiring. His failing leadership let us pass up the chance of a much more advantageous entry to the European Coal and Steel Community in the 1950’s, and avoiding the humiliation of being refused entry

by General de Gaulle. I agree that we need leaders who can speak with confidence, but this means that they must not be afraid to tell us things that we do not agree with. This is difficult these days, because of the enormous influence of the tabloid press. It is this press, not the government, which talks in soundbites, because it deals in banner headlines, not in-depth articles. Our Government knows that the tabloids won’t print anything longer than a sentence, and therefore reduce everything to verbal shorthand. It is very sad that the Government of Britain should have to tailor its speech to the requirements of people like Rupert Murdoch, and if we want our leaders to stop doing that, we should stop buying tabloids. How could it have come about that because the tabloids made us all so weepy about poor Jade Goody, the Prime Minister of Britain felt that he had to say how sorry he was, for fear of seeming out of touch? He should have refused, as he has plenty of better things to do. Anyway, I hope there will be plenty more debate, Yours sincerely, B Campbell”


this dark and lonesome world. This world needs and cries out for leaders filled with sympathy, co-operation, love, sacrifice, compassion, and tolerance. In the cultivation of this cosmic love is individual spiritual progress, the welfare of the community, and the peace of the whole world. Indian philosophy and, indeed, all the world’s major religions teach us that love is our highest duty. The greatest spiritual giants encouraged us to Live in Love. Breathe in Love. Sing in Love. Eat in Love. Drink in Love. Talk in Love. Pray in Love, Meditate in Love, Think in Love, Move in Love, Die in Love. We can all purify our thoughts, speech, and action in the fire of Love. Take the honey of Love and become an embodiment of Love.” Kabir again: “Open your eyes of Love, and see Him who pervades this world! Consider it well, and know that this is your own country. When you meet the true Guru, he will awaken you heart; He will tell you the secret of love and detachment and then you will know indeed that He transcends this universe”… Love and Peace to all living creatures!

Mr DIgItal

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A family has been reunited with its long lost pet cat six years after she went missing. Saffy vanished from the Skillen’s home in Torrance, near Glasgow, in 2004.

After extensive searches Susan Skillen and her daughters, Nicolle, 21, and Kelsie, 12, had given up all hope of ever seeing the animal again. They were shocked to receive a call from the Scottish SPCA telling them their cat had been found half-starved in the Drumchapel area of the city. The SSPCA said

Saffy’s amazing reunion with her owners after so many years apart had only come about because the cat had been fitted with a identity microchip. Ms Skillen, 44, who runs a cat and dog grooming business, said: “Saffy just wandered off one day and didn’t come back. “I gave up all hope of ever seeing her again years ago. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know whether she’s been living rough or been taken in by someone else.” The plucky puss is now settling back into life with the Skillen family. The only physical sign of her wanderings is a chunk missing from her tail. Ms Skillen added: “She remembered me straight away because as soon as I said her name she came running over to me. I think she’s really happy to be home because she hasn’t made any attempt to leave the house and she’s staying close to me all the time.”

Pause For Thought... This Easter, I’ve particularly noticed the number of times the Bible speaks of close friends meeting Jesus without recognising him. The first, and best known such account is of Mary Magdalene, who having found the stone rolled away from the now empty tomb where Jesus had been buried, turns away in tears, distraught that anyone could have desecrated his grave, and seeing Jesus, doesn’t recognise him, but presumes him to be the gardener until he speaks her name. The second such account concerns two of his friends walking home from Jerusalem to Emmaus, who meet Jesus on the way and continue their journey together for several hours, discussing recent events, unaware of who he was until after he’d left them. And then later, although they’d all seen Jesus on various occasions after his death, his disciples on a fishing trip failed to recognise the figure cooking food by the lakeside, until his called instructions resulted in a huge and miraculous catch of fish. How strange, and unlikely these stories seem. Surely Mary and these others would have known him immediately? How odd that these incidents are included in the gospels! Yet their very inclusion, I believe, gives credence to these


writings, for no-one would invent them as they seem too far-fetched and add little to the gospel story. But they are in fact so very human, for how often have we failed to recognise someone we meet in unusual circumstances. I’m dreadful at this, and recently spent several minutes discussing with a vaguely familiar figure to whom I’d been introduced at Church, whether perhaps we may have met before; only to discover we’d occupied adjacent offices at work and actually knew each other quite well, but only in that entirely foreign context, so meeting in such different circumstances had somehow confused our memories. So how difficult must it have been for Mary and the others to accept that the person they knew was dead and buried was now alive and talking to them? Small wonder they struggled to recognise him! Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the

Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida ~ There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship. For further information about the Anglican Church, the service of Communion held in Albox on the last Thursday of each month and of forthcoming events go to

Homework... Does the word look and sound threatening? For some of us it may indeed strike dread into the heart. For most of us, the days when that word could provoke an anxiety reaction are thankfully far behind us. But, on the plus side a bit of pressure and ‘positive stress’ can enhance our skills and provoke us into performing even better than usual. It may be a long time since you had to produce your homework for the scrutiny of an eagle-eyed teacher with a distinct penchant for the red pen. Some of us have been put off further studies for life because of this heavy handed approach. I’m still taken by surprise sometimes when a new group member arrives with a clear phobia about handing in their written work for my approval (or disapproval!). Well, let me assure you, I don’t do disapproval. Nor do I own a red pen. At the write thing we have a policy of positive reinforcement; it’s all about constructive criticism. Most of fear criticism of the negative variety and even those with highly developed writing skills can feel nervous about exposing their work to the public gaze. Self-esteem is hard won and easily lost. But it is important to get feed-back for our work for how else can we expect to improve? Nor do we need shallow praise that means little if it is not sincere. We aim for a trusting environment based on openness and mutual interest in the craft of writing as a means of expression. It is my belief that everyone has a story to tell (or, several). All you need are the basic tools and you can begin. You don’t need to worry too much about t h e finer details such as spelling, punctuation and so on – you can always get help with such things and if you have a pc you can access tools to do this sort

of stuff for you automatically. The main thing is to get your story out and onto paper - and, in the process to find your ‘voice’. The writer’s voice is unique and individual. It is your own special way of expressing yourself. It doesn’t have to be grand or formal, it can be articulated any way you choose. But it should be honest and it should come from a place of truth. That may sound strange if you think of yourself as a fiction writer – but what is fiction, after all? Even fiction is based upon our own experience. A writer is an observer, first and foremost. Even if all you observe are the workings of your own imagination – where did that imagination spring from? Just as a beautiful flower springs from a small seed your imagination grows from your everyday experiences. So, you would-be writers, don’t be shy. Come along and join the fun and friendly atmosphere of our writers group. We meet every Wednesday morning in Los Gallardos and you are guaranteed a warm welcome and the company of like-minded people. For further details phone Kate: 950 469 540 or email:

The Write Thing



Due to ill health of one of the partners MEAN MACHINE is for sale. have a loyal customer base for bike sales and repairs. The shop has a new opening licence and is 140m² plus a rear terrace. The rent is very economical, with very few other overheads. The asking price of ONLY 10,000€ includes all stock and fixtures. (NB. All new models are provided SALE OR RETURN from national distributors.) The shop is now un-opposed in the English community, with very good margins.

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Family reunited with missing cat after six years!

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Sales: 950 430 820 email:

tips for today’s home... Polished wood furniture can be buffed as often as you like but apply a good beeswax polish just two or three times a year - and never use silicone-based spray.

White spirit is more effective in removing the sticky residue that is left on containers after labels have been removed than some products made specially for the job. Cut flowers last longer if you add a soluble aspirin and a spoonful of bleach to the water in the vase. To make a radiator fade into the background, paint it the same colour as the walls it stands against. If the wall is papered, use a paint that matches the background colour of the design. An eggshell or a flat oil finish will further help the radiator to “disappear”. When space is tight, it’s sometimes good to think big. A significant piece of over-sized furniture can deliver drama and gravitas to a small room. If windows enjoy a beautiful view, choose curtains or blinds that provide a frame rather than needless competition. You can extend the burning time of beeswax candles by keeping them in the fridge for at least 24 hours before you use them. When choosing a carpet from sample pieces, always put the samples on the floor to see how they look rather than choosing the one that looks best when held in the hand. If your cat (or dog) sleeps on the sofa, the quickest way to remove any hairs is to put on a dry rubber glove and use it to brush the fabric in one direction. The hairs will gather into a neat little pile

Halley’s Comments . . . Hello and welcome to the second in our series of fortnightly articles, covering all topics relating to Property, Regulations and Tax in this part of southern Spain. Today I am going to go over questions that have been asked many times by different people, who have either telephoned or emailed me since our last article. They cover points that are of interest to people already owning property or living here and to those thinking of moving or buying property in this wonderful part of Spain. Two of the most commonly asked questions are: Is it still a good Idea to buy property in Spain ? To which I must reply a resounding...YES ! Absolutely, there are always property bargains to be had in the type of financial climate that the world is currently experiencing. For example, we have even allocated a specific section on our web site to deal with nothing but “Bargain Properties” and of course not forgetting the Fantastic Lifestyle to be enjoyed in this part of Southern Spain. With the cheap cost of living, eating and dining al fresco, the Sun, Café society etc. It’s truly a Wonderful life. The next most commonly asked question is: What about all the problems relating to property that are highlighted by the media? Well, There have been problems for some people, but not for the majority of people who currently enjoy a wonderful and happy life here in Almeria, most of these problems that you hear about, can be resolved quite easily, if handled by the correct people with experience… But having said all this, I would like to point out that The Spanish authorities have changed dramatically over the last 2-3 years, with most Builders, Lawyers and Estate agents acting far more diligently, than they may have done in the past. For further guidance on this or any other Property/Tax related subject please contact Brian Halley of Spain Assured on 950 397 320 or email



Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53

Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

If you have a property to sell in Huercal Overa or the immediate surrounding villages & countryside, contact us NOW!

Village House Huercal Overa €99,000

• Habitable / needs modernising • 3+ bedrooms / poss 2 baths • 127m2 house / 548m2 garden • Walk to bar & shop • Mains elec & water • 2 mins to motorway • 8 mins to Huercal Overa

Villa - Huercal Overa €119,950 • • • • • • •

2 Bedrooms / 1 bathroom 600m2 private walled plot Edge of village Walk to bars, shops, doctors Great views 3 minutes to motorway 8 minutes to Huercal Overa

Repossessed Cortijo - Huercal Overa €149,950 • Mostly renovated • Currently 3 bed / 1 bath • Room for 2 more bedrooms • 12,000m flat land • Mains electricity • Many out-buildings • 5 minutes to Huercal Overa



Gleaming Glassware

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useful tips to help you care for your antique or modern glassware

1. Avoid putting glassware into direct sunlight or near any other heat sources such as radiators. 2. Avoid slippage by using two hands when carrying delicate items. Remove lids and stoppers to be safe. 3. Avoid stains in vases by changing the water every two days and removing any flowers or leaves before they dry onto the vase. Keep in mind that any liquid will stain glassware if it remains over a period of time. 4. Avoid temperature extremes. Very cold or very hot water is too taxing on antique glassware. Sudden temperature changes can stress the glass. 5. Avoid the dishwasher; it is too harsh on fragile glassware. Fill a plastic bowl with warm soapy water in the sink to wash glassware. The plastic bowl protects the glassware from the hard stainless sink. 6. Wash items one at a time to avoid any in-water collisions. 7. Use a soft bristled brush made of nylon or plastic to wash glassware. 8. Line the drying area with towels in case of any tumbles. 9. Gently dry glassware with lint-free cloths. 10. During storage, remove decanter stoppers and lids. If there is any dampness, the lid will trap it in and cause cloudiness.

For many people the creation of a luxurious, tranquil space which to escape from the world, if only for a while, is the ultimate aim of their bathroom design. The actual design, of course, depends on the size of your bathroom – or on the size of your house if y are considering a wet room for example, as an ensuite or seco bathroom – and your budget but there is any number of designs you to choose from.



All b turn a “pl years goes


Just may a few can Use g chart some for s fresh

Sales: 950 430 820 email: If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, or a room suitable for a second bathroom, you might like to choose a true wet room – a fully waterproofed or “tanked” room tiled and with an open shower area – in which underfloor heating is a possibility, if you want to take advantage of green energy. The addition of a wetroom can add value of a property in the best cases, but at the very least will add value and appeal to your home if you want to sell it. If your space, and your budget, is a little more modest a fitted bathroom can still be a beautiful bathing space. A bath may be the focal point of your bathroom, so whether you opt for a traditional rectangular bath with paneling or a freestanding bath tub, you do need to think about styles and materials to suit your overall design. If space is at a premium, storage needs to be well planned, but bathroom cupboards do not need to be very deep as their contents are generally small and narrow. A wall-mounted towel rail can not only be functional in terms of providing warmth and, of course, holding your towels but can have significant aesthetic value too.



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Los Geranios 2 Bed Apartment 89,000€

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space in timate depends you ond ns for

tting Your Home Ready For Summer!

eate A Shady Spot...

by itself, a simple canopy can an empty space outside into lace.” Although trees might take s to grow, an expanse of cloth up in minutes

tch Your Garden...

Create Festive Decorations...

With a few snips and folds, and a little imagination, you can turn humble paper into party-perfect decorations.

t as a favorite chair’s upholstery inspire a room’s colour scheme, w dominant hues in your flora anchor an area’s composition. green-glazed pots and mix with treuse-greensquare pillows. Add in e tones of blue and aquamarine seat cushions too for a really h feel!

Opposite the Dia Supermarket, Albox REHABILIT ANTIMOHO Perfect for damp proofing & mould. 15lt

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KENIA Plastic paint for the interior & the exterior of the house.

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1 POT: 18.95€ each 5 POTS: 16.95 each NEPAL Plastic paint for the exterior of the house.

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always bear in mind that they are speaking very much from personal experience – yours could be completely different! Also, you should make two or three visits to your chosen area at different times of the years – this will allow you to see the area during the peak and low season. Remember, “..fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” (Alexander Pope)

Where do you want to live? You know the famous saying about the three most important things when it comes to buying a property - location, location and location! Don’t let yourself get carried away on a wave of sun, sangria and a pushy sales pitch from a local estate agent, too many people rush in to buying their “dream home” only to find it’s in a completely inappropriate location for their needs – if you are in your ‘twilight’ years, you have to think about the practicalities of access to doctors, hospitals etc. as well as the basic amenities; in rural Spain, buses are few and far between so you cannot always rely on public transport to get you where you want to go. DON’T make an offer after your first viewing of a property - take lots of photographs and notes and then go away and think about it with a cool head. Only then will you be able to think clearly about the potential drawbacks. Armed with all of your queries you can then visit the property again; whilst asking other expats who live in the same area can prove useful,

Is there money to be made from renting out a property in Spain? If you’re buying a Spanish property as an investment, rather than as a permanent home, you’ll probably be looking for a villa or apartment with good letting potential. A sure way to success is to purchase a top of the range, luxury villas which are beautifully furnished and exceptionally well equipped complete with all of the extra comforts such as central heating, log fires and sumptuous soft furnishings However, as this is not always possible, purchase the best that your budget will allow and if you are hoping to rent to tourists, once you have carefully chosen your location, found the perfect property – whether it’s an apartment or villa – don’t cut corners with the furnishings – the finishing touches will be noticed and can determine whether people return and tell their friends! Little things like offering a welcome pack complete with helpful information, a bottle of wine in the fridge and some luxurious (travel-sized) toiletries in the bathroom all make a huge impression on people (especially women!). If you put the effort into providing the perfect environment, you will find that your ‘tenants’ will treat the accommodation with respect – if you offer ‘cheap and cheerful’, not be surprised if you attract the ‘cheap and cheerful’.

Mon - Fri: 9.00 - 4.30pm

A private or communal swimming pool is essential for successful letting as is easy access to the beach, shops and nightlife; it will also need to be within easy reach of an international airport with regular charter flights for maximum tenancy.

Saturday: 10.00 - 2pm

Remember, a lovely little mountain hideaway in the back of beyond will bring in the more “discerning” holidaymaker...but this time next year, you won’t be a millionaire!

For more information or a free quotation call:

630 231 644 636 838 484

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

n i a p S n I y t r e p o r P g Buyin

Spain remains one of the best places to buy your dream home! With such a variety of properties available from coastal apartments to cortijo’s in the mountains, the weather is fantastic and the cost of living and subsequent lifestyle is better than most places in Europe! However, you do need to arm yourself with plenty of ‘common sense’ – something that will see you through most of the pitfalls than can await you as you encounter pushy estate agents and dodgy documentation. Make your priority finding a reputable solicitor – they do exist – and ask lots of questions!

Sales: 950 430 820 email:




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…tips from the compost heap! Well, here we are….the clocks have jumped forward. It’s spring and gardening is my thing….I hope that it’s your thing too because there is such a variety to plant in your plot and seed trays at this time of year. The carrots I planted in November are big and sweet, lovely lightly boiled with a bit of butter! Her indoors also adds some to her lemon marmalade…old family recipe! Broad beans are ready to shell and put in the freezer for later in the year, and peas will be ready later in the month.

APRIL… IN TRAYS, plant tomatoes (why not try some different sorts than last year), mangetout,

aubergines, water melon and sweet melon, courgettes, and onions.


DIRECTLY INTO PLOT, French beans, runner beans, leeks, plugs of lettuce, Swiss chard, and tomatoes. Buying plugs from the market saves time and takes away some of the guess work, giving you an earlier crop. Leave room between rows to hoe regularly and make sure that all young plants are kept watered but NOT drowned. If you live in a windy area as we do, make some wind breaks to protect your small plants. Keep ‘earthing up’ around the potatoes to stop them from becoming green from exposure to the sun.

What vegetables do you recommend growing here and what advice can you give on growing them?


I am possibly not the best person to ask, considering the many failures I’ve had here!

GOLDEN RULES TO REMEMBER: Your hoe is your most important tool, keep it busy! Wasps are beginning to make nests so be wary of them. Water young plants early in the morning or in the evening. Happy Gardening! Till next month, GRAMPS

Jardin Rural s.l. Building & Construction Services

Construction, Reforms, New Builds, Casitas, Garages, Patios, Insurance Work, Fully Registered Damp Proofing Injection Systems for all Red Bricks & Ceramics

tel: 607 472 802

The main thing I have learnt is to prepare the soil well before you plant anything. Remove any builder’s rubble, large stones etc. and then dig in as much compost and well-rotted manure as you can get your hands on! Goat, chicken, horse, donkey - it doesn’t matter providing it is well-rotted or it will burn anything you plant. Try and dig down to a depth of at least a foot to eighteen inches - this may mean hiring a small rotavator to do the job, but it will be well worth the effort and expense. Once the ground is prepared you are spoilt for choice, but I suggest you plant potatoes as they will help to break up the ground. In the UK, I used purpose-bought seed potatoes but the Old Fellas appear to just use ordinary spuds which have gone to seed. They cut the potato into however many chits there are on it (places it has sprouted) and plant these individually. If you can find proper seed potatoes use these as they will produce a better spud. Make sure you bank the soil up around them and keep covering the new leaves as they grow or you will have green potatoes which are inedible. Water into the troughs either side of these banks so the roots obtain the most benefit from the water. Tomatoes are a must and even though they are cheap to buy there is nothing like picking and eating a tomato which you’ve grown yourself. Pinch out all the growing

shoots at the leaf axles, although the Spanish tend not to bother and let them grow as large bushes. Once the flowers appear, feed with a weak solution of liquid tomato fertiliser (I get friends to bring mine from the UK - much cheaper!). Make sure you stake your tomato plants firmly or the winds we get here will snap them. I like to grow several varieties i.e. large Spanish ones, small cherry, Italian and good old Gardeners delight! Beans and peas do well here. We are used to growing them up canes but the Spanish let them scramble over twigs at will. I sometimes have to water the plants in the evening with a sprayer in order to pollinate as there may not be sufficient bees to do the job! Melons and cucumbers are also a must. I’d tried melons in UK but had never succeeded in actually eating one! Here they are easy. Mine are usually very small for some reason but sufficient for one person and very tasty and juicy. In UK I grew cucumbers in the greenhouse and the thrill of growing them outside in the Spanish sun hasn’t worn off for me. They certainly taste better ripened here. Last year I experimented by growing tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and courgettes in large pots but it wasn’t really a success. The main problem was that they all dried out so fast and I was unable to keep up with the watering. Far better to plant in the ground and if possible, use an automatic irrigation system!


swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

s ’ s e ’ i e k i n k FFrraan n e n d e r d a r a G G

Gramp’s Veg Garden

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Gardening With Children & e m o h 1 . o n ur Yo e r t n e c n e d gar fare, the main thorough bout on , tas an , nda rou on el real after the wheel on the left just

Gardening with kids of any age encourages their interest in nature and enthusiasm early on in life, and will give them invaluable basic skills and an understanding of how the whole of the eco-system works. Children have a innate interest in all things natural. They love playing with mud, planting seeds and watching them grow... ...watching caterpillars and butterflys at close quarters on the window sill or in a wildlife garden... ...digging up buried treasure in the form of carrots, parsnips or potatoes...


...working out a clever defences against slugs and snails... ...the joys and adventures involved in gardening just carry on and on! Make your children’s first gardening experience positive and fruitful as they can easily become discouraged. Try these easy-to-grow plants as a starting point; you never know, you may inspire the ‘Capability Brown’ of the future! • Primrose (Primula vulgaris); great for planting in pots and containers. • Wild Strawberry (Fragaria vesca); children will love hunting for the small, sweet, delicious fruit. • Bellflower (Campanula medium) ‘Canterbury Bells’; a blue, white or lavender, summerflowering plant. • Pansy (Viola); the cheery face of the pansy is a popular choice for an abundance of both summer and winter colour; ensure you deadhead them regularly. • Crane’s-bill Geranium; grown for its white, pink, blue or purple saucer-shaped flowers and its dense foliage, which is great for keeping down the weeds. Not to be confused with the summer-bedding plant pelargonium, which is often referred to as geranium!

SPECIAL OFFER: Willow 3 piece set only 99€

f range o orget f & gates Fit ium Electric alumin

• Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina); grown more for its foliage than its flowers, as its name suggests, its downy leaves resemble the ears of a lamb. • Houseleek (Sempervivum); a rosette-forming succulent that produces flowers on long stems; a great plant for dry areas of the garden. • Lavender (Lavandula); a familiar garden favourite, producing white, pink, blue or purple aromatic flowers during the summer months and the flowers and foliage can be used for making pot-pourri. • Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis); produces greenish yellow flowers from June to August; provides good ground cover. • Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis); pretty clusters of small flowers in either blue, white or pink; they love well-drained soil.

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL • A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm


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Beautiful range of Artificial flowers cover Garden centre by ground , advice for all your garden plants and shrubs.

now working with steelwork for all your bespoke iron work:

Windchimes H20 water filters

Gates, Railings, Security, Door Grills.

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Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

El Real Ind. Estate, Antas, Almeria Open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. Sat 10am-2pm

DEAN: 696 562 662

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Fines, Nr Albox

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STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 1Block out (4) 3 Amaze (8) 8 Article of clothing (7) 9 Meaning of a word (5) 10 Board game (5) 11 A  n extreme attainment (6)

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 6 Result of cute mood, mostly upset (7) 7 Love chap’s signs (5) 9 N othing in freezer outside (4) 10 Fenced in, dudes run or change (10) 11 Tiny creatures notice European going into Time Square at first (8) 13 Ask for fashionable tie to be produced after 5 (6) 15 The French sailor comes first and is competent (4) 17 Ladies mostly becoming perfect (5) 18 The source of a minute life form? (4) 19 Man caught by snake is deceased (6) 20 Title award on the radio for unexpected event (8) 23 Jagger, universal nut, could be an overpowering force (10) 26 Soldiers out of ammunition? (4) 27 Double time, with one church (5) 28 Put a ring round 10 (7) STANDARD SUDOKU





13 To the opposite side (6) Down 15 Upper deck of a ship (6) 1 Prestidigitator (8) 18 Reptile (6) 2 Tennis stroke (5) 20 Thick (5) 4 Planet (6) 23 Nimble (5) 5 Disregarded (7) 24 Look over carefully (7) 6 Pay close attention to (4) 7 Periodic population count 25 Got back (8) 26 N  otable achievement (4) (6)

9 Pouch (3) 12 Vanquished (8) 14 Precipitating (7) 16 Pungent edible root (6) 17 Look up to (6) 19 Simian (3) 21 Female relative (5) 22 Impartial (4)

8 With more honey, perhaps, dessert comes before queen (7) 12 Sources of river, flowing backwards on board ship (5) 14 In a robust way, US virology is adapted (10) Down 1 Postman nearly collapses in this place, for pressure unit 16 Snack that might be taken to be worse than anything (7) (10) 17 Brought in what’s left in one sea (8) 2 A bit of code left (6) 21 Come back from spin again? (6) 3 Iron - a redhead’s concern (4) 4 Mountain pass on island, with a litre of ants, perhaps (8) 22 Observed food in extremely sad surroundings (5) 5 List containing little excess (4) 24 King George: “I’m dark” (4) 6 Game-playing follows love letter (5) 25 Head shape (4)



Sudoku is a placement puzzle where the aim of the game is to enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids (they call them regions). The catch is that each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

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Sales: 950 430 820 email:



entertainment news... Cole ‘Drives Geordie Sexiest Accent Win’

The Geordie accent has been named the sexiest in the UK in a new poll. The survey of 5,000 people from hotel chain Travelodge put the Tyneside dialect in first place, followed by Edinburgh, Belfast, London and Liverpool. Company spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said: “It’s interesting that for the first time the Geordie accent has topped the poll for the UK’s most appealing accents. “Although it’s considered to be a friendly, honest and attractive accent it normally ranks within the top three favourite regional accents.” She added: “No doubt, the nation’s sweetheart Cheryl Cole has certainly helped to place the jolly Geordie accent as top of the UK’s regional accents listing as we cannot get enough of her.” The five least-attractive accents were judged to be Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Wakefield and Coventry.

Jude Law, Sienna Miller Engaged Again?

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have reportedly become engaged for a second time.

The couple’s original engagement was called off in 2005 after reports that Law was having an affair. The couple reunited in 2009. Miller has now been seen wearing the same engagement ring that Law gave her in 2005, reports the Daily Mail. However, the actress is wearing the ring on her right


“They do not want to make the engagement official which is why Sienna is wearing the ring on the wrong hand,” said a source. The insider added: “They are keeping it secret, but are very happy and really hope it’s going to work out.” The couple are expected to make an announcement about the engagement in the summer.

Martial Arts Training For Church

Charlotte Church has reportedly been taking lessons in a range of martial arts.

They added: “Charlotte’s trainer is a martial

Plane Parking was set up with you, the customer, in mind, to provide you with total peace of mind that whilst you are away on your travels your car is secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Since opening 9 in August 200 we have had y over 3000 happ clients

Our Parking facility caters for both long term and short term Car Parking. We have Parking spaces for up to 500 cars. Our parking compound is completely secure with the latest state of the art, 24 hours a day, surveillance and monitoring, giving you the assurance that, whilst you are away, your vehicle is secure at all times. We offer a full range of services, so let us take the pressure off you. If your car needs an ITV, oil / filter change, or any work, we can do it for you. We have a wide range of qualified engineers and mechanics available, so whatever the job, give us a call and we would only be too happy to arrange it for you. Take advantage of our Valet service whilst you are away. Internal, Engine and Underside Valets available, so don’t forget to book your Valet when arranging your trip. We also offer competitive insurance quotes

According to sources, the singer and ‘Over The Rainbow’judge, has been training in Wales’s Brecon Beacons in a bid to get as fit as her rugby-playing boyfriend Gavin Henson. A friend said: “Charlotte’s learning karate and jujitsu as well as having boxercise lessons. It’s not the soft stuff, she’s insisted on a hardcore regime. You often get people doing it for fun, but she’s really determined and takes it to the extreme. She’s always had the voice of an angel, now she’s got the moves of the Karate Kid too.”

Welcome to Plane Parking the Number 1 Parking solution specialist in Murcia (Spain).

Some examples of our parking prices:

arts expert who was with the Parachute Regiment and the French Foreign Legion. He also did freelance bodyguarding work and was in Africa five years - so he knows his stuff. Charlotte isn’t one of these pampered stars She’s really tough. She might be gobby, but she could back it up without a doubt.”

1 Week - 35€ 2 Weeks - 50€ 3 Weeks - 55€ 1 Month - 65€ 12 Months - 300€ which includes unlimited transfers All transfers to and from San Javier Airport are free

TV Executives Lament ‘The Bill’ Axing A number of television executives have today expressed concern and disappointment over ITV’s axing of The Bill, claiming that the industry will suffer following the loss of the show.

Last month, it was announced that the police drama is to be dropped after 27 years on the air. Declining ratings were blamed for the decision. The controller of BBC drama production, John Yorke, questioned how new writing talent can be developed without ongoing serials like The Bill. Yorke commented: “Five years ago it was possible for talent to cut their teeth on Brookside, Dream Team, Family Affairs, Grange Hill. The last ten years you’ve seen us move from continuing drama reigning supreme to a time where it’s had to accept reality and The X Factor - and realise that means we all have to work much harder.

“The loss of The Bill will have a dreadful effect on the ecosystem of drama. It leaves

almost all of the training of new talent in the hands of the BBC through EastEnders, Holby and Casualty.”

Channel 4’s head of drama Camilla Campbell argued: “We have a new talent scheme but you can’t only have raw teenagers writing for Skins. You need expert script editors, producers, writers - and they have always come from continuing drama. If you didn’t have any of those shows, I don’t know how you’d get a job in television.” Left Bank Pictures executive Francis Hopkinson, who worked on The Bill in the ‘90s, also lamented the programme’s fate, claiming that “there’s nowhere better to try stuff out”. Meanwhile, The Bill’s series producer Tim Key claimed that serials deserve more recognition because they “have to tell stories rooted in reality to a mainstream audience”. He added: “That seems to be fading away.” • S ituated just outside San Javier Airport (Murcia) with the latest state of the art security system, CCTV and manned 7 days per week • Immediate transfer to Airport, NO WAITING, dropping you right outside departures for your convenience. On your return your car will be outside arrivals receiving a complimentary external clean • Unlimited free transfers • Completely legal and insured


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Come and enjoy a superb lunch with beautiful views. Matt and Carol are waiting to welcome you.


607 364 875 CLOSED MONDAYS

sh Sandwiches i Jack l g n E et P Full ota Hom to emad e Pie kes a C e n s g Lasa Hot Pot

New Year New Chef New Menu Enjoy freshly prepared food using only the best ingredients at affordable prices!

Specialists in Fine Dining including: Steak Diane, Tornedos Rossini, Stroganof, Sole Bonne Femme and much much more!

Fairways Restaurant The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe ?

NO ! Only 5 mins from Vera, 10 mins from Garrucha, 15 from Mojacar !!!

Tel: 950 461 102

Sunday Roast

Served all day 3 courses including bottle of wine for 2 people


Centro Comercial Loc 15/16 - Valle del Este Golf Resort, Vera (Almeria)

Open Tuesday - Sunday from 12pm until late (Closed Mondays)


Wonderful Ways With Eggs

In Britain, the average person eats 172 eggs a year. Fortunately, they are very nutritious, and are also low in calories - a medium egg contains fewer than 80 cals. STORAGE: Eggs will age more in one day at room temperature than in one week in the fridge. Take them out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before you need them to get them up to the right temperature. When storing, keep away from strong-smelling food - the shells are porous and so can absorb aromas. COLOUR: White and brown eggs are no different when it comes to quality, nutritional value, flavour and cooking characteristics!


SERVES 4 - TAKES 15 MINS Beat 3 large eggs in a shallow bowl. Slice 4 thick slices of white bread, remove the crusts and cut in half. Dip the bread in the beaten egg. Heat 15g (½oz) butter and a drizzle of oil in a large frying pan, until the butter foams. Add the eggy bread and cook for 2 minutes on each side, making sure all the edges are golden brown. Mix together 2tbsp golden caster sugar and 1tbsp ground cinnamon. Sprinkle the sugar over SERVES 4 ~ TAKES 40 MINS the eggy bread. Serve with Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. blueberries. Roll out 250g (9oz) shortcrust pastry, cut out 12 discs, and use them to line 12 muffin moulds. Brush with SEND US a beaten egg, and prick the base. Bake blind for 10 E IT minutes. Turn the oven down to 170C/gas 3. UR VO YOUR FA Bring 300ml (½pt) single cream to a gentle simmer. EGG RECIPES Whisk together 2 eggs and 1 egg yolk, ¼tsp ground EDITOR@ nutmeg and 25g (1oz) caster sugar. Pour the hot cream over the beaten eggs and whisk briefly. Pour into the SOLTIMES. pastry cases and scatter with nutmeg. Bake for 10-15 COM minutes, until the filling is set and golden.



SERVES 4 ~ TAKES 20 MI NS Preheat the oven to 180C/ga s 4. Peel and cube 250g (9oz) potatoes. Boil for five minu tes, or until just under cooked Drain the potatoes. Heat 3tb . sp oil in a 25cm (10in) ove n-proof frying pan. Add 1 sliced onion and cook until soft and slightly golden. Wh isk 6 eggs and 1tbsp chopp parsley. Add the potatoes and ed 125g (4½oz) cubed chorizo to the onions. Pour in the egg mixture, and shake gen tly to distribute evenly. Sprin kle on 125g (4½oz) crumb feta. Cook ver y gently for led 5-7 minutes, or until the cen tre of the mixture has set. Place the frittata under a pre heated grill and cook until lightly golden brown.



Serves 2 ~ Takes 40 minutes Preheat the grill to medium. For the hollandaise Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. Brush a sauce, place 75g of butter into a small saucepan non-stick 4-hole muffin tray with olive oil. and melt slowly over a gentle heat. Once Cut 6-8 slices prosciutto in half lengthways. melted, remove from the heat and set aside. Line each hole with prosciutto, making sure Place 2 egg yolks into a bowl set over a pan the base is completely covered. Break an of gently simmering water (take care not to egg into each hole, season and bake for let the bowl touch the water) and beat until 12 minutes, or until just firm. Ease the pale and thickened. Add ½tbsp cold water, basket out of the tin and serve with griddled ½ tbsp lemon juice, salt and freshly ground sourdough bread and a drizzle of olive oil. black pepper to the egg yolks and beat for another 30 seconds. Add approx. 12g of cubed butter to the egg mixture in the bowl and stir for 1-2 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Remove from the heat and beat further 12g of cubed butter. Slowly pour in the melted butter, whisking constantly, until the sauce reaches the consistency of double cream. Place 2 English muffins, split in half horizontally & buttered onto a baking tray. Arrange 2 large handfuls baby spinach, steamed on top of the muffins, top with 2 poached eggs and pour the hollandaise sauce over the top Place the tray under the preheated grill for 1-2 minutes, or until the top is bubbling and just turning golden-brown. Transfer the eggs Florentine onto two serving plates and serve immediately.


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FINCA LISTONERO, CORTIJO GRANDE Have now opened (after the fire) their Bar & Restaurant by the poolside.

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How the housewives on the Kitchen Front kept a hungry nation fed on nothing but rations! The Blitz was intended to weaken morale, but the Nazis had already launched an arguably more devastating war on the nation’s spirits. Before the conflict, Britain imported around 70 per cent of its food, so by targeting supply ships on their way to the UK, Hitler hoped to starve us into submission. In response, the government introduced rationing. Meat, fat and sugar were available in strictly limited quantities. Whale meat replaced steak, eggs came powdered in tins and even marmalade had to be made with carrots. In many ways, rationing came to be seen as one of Britain’s wartime triumphs. Nobody starved - in fact, since everyone was forced to eat a low-fat diet and plenty of vegetables, the nation actually became healthier than before. But coping with such a restricted diet added an extra level of grimness to the war years. When rationing began on 8 January 1940, bacon and ham were initially limited to 4oz a week, sugar to a more generous 12oz and butter to 4oz. Meat was later rationed by

Perfect Accompaniment These are so tasty and add a hint of luxury to a baked potato… when you’ve mixed the butters, place in ramekins, cover and refrigerate until needed – keep back some extra herbs, almonds and fruit zest to use as decoration when serving. Each butter serves 8 and will take about 5 minutes to prepare.

price rather than weight, so if you bought cheaper cuts, you could have more of them. The allowance was one shilling and ten pence (1/10d) at first, which could buy you almost 3lb of beef, pork or mutton, but that went down to ½d in 1941. Cooking fats were rationed in July 1940, as was tea (2oz), while preserves and cheese were added to the list of rationed goods the following year. “People didn’t go hungry, but the diet was relentlessly dull,” says James Taylor, a historian at London’s Imperial War Museum, where a Ministry of Food exhibition is on until next January. “They did it, though, because they realised it was for a higher cause.” Even onions were all but impossible to find - a single specimen was raffled for an appropriately eye-watering £4 in London during 1941. In an effort to vary the monotony, housewives relied on their imagination, creating recipes like ‘Mock Goose’ - a concoction of apples, sage, cheese and potato, baked in the oven. This was doubtless to be followed by mock apricot (i.e. carrot) tart with mock

PARMESAN & CHIVE BUTTER Combine 125g (4.5oz) softened butter with 30g (1oz) finely grated parmesan cheese (buy it fresh and grate for the best flavour) 4tbsp finely chopped chives and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

SUN-DRIED TOMATO PESTO & BASIL BUTTER Combine 125g (4.5oz) softened butter with 1tbsp finely shredded basil leaves, 50g (2oz) sun-dried tomato pesto and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

sight (or so people thought in fact, meat didn’t come off ration until 1954), coupons were spent recklessly to ensure an unforgettable afternoon. As sausage meat was never rationed, sausage rolls were popular party fare. Cakes might be iced with a mixture of dried milk, sugar and water, and gravy browning added to fruit cakes to hide the lack of raisins and sultanas, which were also in short supply.

That most classic of British puds, the crumble, was created for cooks who couldn’t afford to use up too much butter and flour with a traditional pastry lid. And while carrot as a substitute for apricot may not be too successful, it’s a rare and churlish soul who can’t see the point of carrot cake.

For the grown-ups, there might have been a savoury stew, the small quantity of meat eked out with plenty of root vegetables and potato, or perhaps a cheese pie if meat was unavailable.

A shortage of ingredients was not the only difficulty faced by the domestic cook. Much of the day could be spent joining one queue after another, outside the butcher, the baker, the greengrocer... and this was an almost daily occurrence, since households were without fridges or freezers.

And the crowning glory of any VE day feast would have been a noble trifle, decorated with glacé fruit and permeated with a warming shot of sweet sherry. Yes, it would have been made with tinned fruit and probably stale cake; there would have been dried eggs in the custard and the ‘cream’ would have been made from whipped, evaporated milk. Nevertheless, it would have delivered a powerful message to the celebrating crowds: happy days are here again!

When it became clear that the Germans were losing the war, housewives all over the country began to save up their coupons for the celebration that was sure to come, and VE Day - 8 May, 1945 - saw the UK transformed into a giant street party. With the end of rationing in


LEMON & HERB BUTTER Mix 125g (4.5oz) softened butter with 1tbsp finely chopped chives, 1tbsp finely chopped flat-leaf parsley, 1tbsp finely chopped tarragon leaves, 1tbsp finely shredded basil leaves, 1tbsp lemon thyme leaves, 1 tbsp finely grated lemon zest, 2tsp lemon juice and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

cream (marge, whipped up with vanilla). While these creations survive only in the wartime cookery pamphlets, some of our most cherished dishes also owe their existence to the privations of rationing.


ith sean grew live music w ay & sunday night! every saturd


All Football Rugby and Gaa show on big screen

Saturday 24th April


O OPE W N!!!

Karaoke & Party Night


with DJ Steve King!

Guinness on draught

SMOKED PAPRIKA & ALMOND BUTTER Open: Mon to Fri 6pm till late Sat & Sun 2pm till late

For more information:


to Hotel Indalo



697 224 283


to La Parata

Mix 125g (4.5oz) softened butter, 1tsp sweet smoked paprika, 3tbsp toasted flaked almonds, roughly chopped, and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.




Pasao del Mediterraneo 113 Mojaca Playa


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Sunday 9th May ~ 2:30pm to 6:30pm

Entry to all gardens is by ticket 5€ per person, Children Free ~ Tickets on sale at the Arch 9 gardens will be open in this truly unique haven in the mountains of the Sierra Cabrera. Each garden is totally different and offers superb views of the mountains, sea and valleys. There are 3 tea outlets, where you can rest and be refreshed with teas etc. and delicious homemade cakes. This makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon out. All ticket proceeds in aid of MACS Cancer Support Group, who will be represented. A truly worthwhile cause, whilst enjoying yourselves too!

Dear Sol Times SCRATCHCARD SCAM – BE WARNED! ls to the I’ve just the unpleasant experience of meeting three new arriva ing in operat be to due are and scam playa who have set up a scratchcard a you’re and hcard scratc free a this area soon. Apparently you’re offered by be to ed (believ office their winner of a holiday. They then take you up to They have the Parque Comercial) where you are put through a hard sell. 3000€ a to up make just arrived from Nerja and were bragging they can week from trusting holiday makers. and, as I I did a quick ‘Google’ search on their company name and Nerja already. suspected, there are many disgruntled holiday makers out there interest to There are a few links attached below. Just thought might to of you to warn the public that this is a scam. Thanks, Sarah (Concerned Mojacar Resident) e/ 88211 dID=18 ?threa ad.jspa e/thre tial-tr avelforum .holida ain-eu romarketing-essen reclaim-t106007-Page-1.html



RRP PVP £249..€280 ARGOS £198 OUR PRICE 150€



With love from all your family and friends here & in the UK!! XXXX

FLYSLAYER MAXI €89 MINI €59 €10 OFF WITH THIS AD We are based in the pretty village of Partaloa, 10 mins from Albox


692 285 129

Calle Las Ramiras 3, El Real Polig Ind, Antas - Last street on the right.

• 1/2 Hour Private Lesson 12€ • 1 hour trek 20€ • Weekend Pony Clubs 20€ per child (includes: 1.5 hours of riding) • Ride & Lunch 40€ per person (includes 2 hours riding & 3 course lunch with drink at Bistro Bonita) • Livery & Loan Available • BHS Qualified • EN Standard hats supplied

Contact: Erika Drew (+34) 678 838 547 We are also now on Facebook

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Open Gardens - Sierra Cabrera

Sales: 950 430 820 email:





A visit to Lucainena by the Mojacar Branch of The Royal British Legion included a visit to the Olive Mill at Tabernas. On arrival at Lucainena the members were given some of the history by Damien & Lonny who led the group through the village to the beautiful Church which all agreed was a truly worthwhile visit. Tapas followed and offered the opportunity for sitting out in the sunshine not so evident of late in Spain. Tables had been set up ready for the 40 members in the local restaurant for a typical Spanish lunch A much needed walk after lunch in the countryside to a local Farm was next and members were able to wander round before the tea & cakes were produced and then it was home back to Mojacar. You do not have to have served in the armed forces to join TRBL who meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 11.30 am in the Artisan Centre (aka the Multi-use Building) where you will find a welcome. Our next meeting is on the 15th April when a production of “Heavens Above” by a local drama group will be given.


Blues, Country etc...... seeks work in bars, clubs & parties.

Charlie: 691 622 804


Mojacar Cancer Support Group



(Full Gospel Businessmen´s Fellowship International) HOSTAL FLAMENCO (opposite Mariela´s Bar, Mojacar Playa) SATURDAY 17 APRIL ~ SATURDAY 15 MAY ~SATURDAY 19 JUNE

All at the Hostal Flamenco, all at 10am. Breakfast costs 4€; those coming for the first time are free of charge. A firm booking is required for catering purposes. Come and hear some GOOD NEWS of how God changed a Man´s life forever. You will be made very welcome. Tickets available from Geoff on 950 615 068 or David 950 168 349


Calle Alberquillica, Avda de Almeria. Sunday services at 11am followed by tea/coffee Ladies Sewing Circle Wednesdays at 10.30am to 1pm Mums & Toddlers ~ Fridays 10am to 12pm Prayer Meeting on Wednesday 8pm, Bible study on Wednesdays. Call 950 617 549 or 950 472 349 or 686 833 444 surprise your friends and fam ily with an announcement online at www ~ email all the details & pho tos to

The Divine Life Society, Almeria

An Evening of Spiritual Cinema The Movie ‘Wisdom of the Masters’ Friday 16th April at 7:30pm At the Lotus Yoga Centre in Mojacar Entrance by donation All Welcome For information call Sharon 950 469 122


EVERY Wednesday

Pitch Only 2€ Wonderful drive out from Albox to Taberno then drive 5KM further on to a fabulous Bar & Restaurant, from Tapas to Menu Del Dia - excellent value! Outdoor swimming pool makes for a great day out.

Kimmy the Cat

Fully neutered, injections and passport. Desperately needs a new home! Just wants cuddles and love. Doesn’t eat much and very clean. Call 606 656 976

Lots of stalls and bargains to be had

Open to stall holders from 8am onwards Open to the public from 9am - 2pm Situated on the Huercal Overa/Taberno road at the junction of Los Llanos & Santopetar crossroads. For further information contact Julie on

646 675 297

s sy ye ed dp pu ur r Cantoria

Teatro Saavedra Fri 23rd April Sat 24th April


Teatro Gilabert Fri 30th April Sat 1st May

Doors open 7.15pm Curtain up 7.45pm

250 lots of quality household & general effects

Viewings Tuesday 10am - 2pm & Wednesday all day on the week of the auction

Tel: 617 029 645


syedpur are pleased to announce their


all you can eat buffet every thursday

market day special tuesdays & wednesdays daily special main meal only 5€- 07/01/2010 call for more details 23/04/1938 SELECTED MARKET DAY DRINKS ONLY 1€ Passed away peacefully at home 10% offtoall takeaways Deepest sympathy all of his family - from limited period only your all your friends at the Travellers. Adiós Amigo, Hasta la Vista

Tel: 950 120 606



Auctions held every 2 weeks on Wednesday evening 5pm

Tickets 7.50€ Available from:Girasol - Albox Albox Rugs - Albox Shandmade - Bar International Car Boot Essentials - Arboleas


Items now being accepted Tuesday - Friday 10am - 2pm for forthcoming auction on

21st April

Terms & conditions apply Large quantities or awkward items now collected free of charge!

Tel: Jayne & Mike 950 432 517 Mobile: 667 698 795

El Real - Antas Industrial Estate, Junction 534

Turn your old broken or unwanted gold into cash Appearing at the following venues: BLUE PARROT, Vera 14th April ~ 11am - 3pm CASA MARIA, Bedar 15th April ~ 12pm - 4pm PIANO BAR, Turre 17th April 1pm - 4pm The white Horse, Cucador 19th April 12pm - 3.30pm bar la montana, el campico 21st April 12pm - 4pm

Now open daily at Rohha, Mojacar Playa, near Harmony Gym

For further information or to arrange a valuation please call

634 317 401


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for sale 3sq mtr Timber Shed cost 1800€ selling for 750€. 29sq mtr non slip pool terrace tiles cost 150€ selling for 40€. 16sq mtr terrace tiles 40€. 370 white wall blocks (approx 5 pallets) 225€. Various fruit trees 10€.

Tel: 677 365 587 WANTED

Summer’s coming

Any small building jobs including Patio’s, Brickwork, Rendering, Custom Made & Fitted Rejas and more...

Tel: 950 067 943 or 676 389 592




Want all of your unwanted items! Call


Tel Spain: 634 960 115 Tel: UK 07961 563 263


ENCLOSURE SPECIALISTS GLASS SCREENS Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no obligation quote

Call 677 114 576 or 950 135 564

Call Dave: 950 064 342 Mobile: 617 621 729


art & craft

Fantastic New Price List Beauty Treatment, Waxing, Nails, Massage etc. Ladies & Men’s Pampering Tel: 673 943 705 or 950 634 369

Arts & Crafts


For card making, drawing or painting

air con

air conditioning supplied & fitted call 678 813 505


Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote Tel: 627 907 207 Email:

Tel: 958 656 560 or 619 666 363 or Email:

For Hire - All types of building work - References Available. Call: Kevin 610 926 833

Murcia Alicante Tel: 639 081 067 number one broadband internet provider in the area from 17€ for a 256 kbps connection per month call 678 813 505

cheap calls

Neil Bates Builder

City & Guilds Qualified

All aspects of building work

Tel: 950 137 621 or 639 435 141 Competitive Prices

Tel: 692 285 129 ABBOTTS


Regular runs to and from Spain – UK – France – Ireland Full and part loads Collections and deliveries within Spain Phone for best service & price Tel: (0034) 689 886 042 or 628 856 554 E: W:

Pet Transportation

Calls to all european landlines for 1.4c per minute? call 678 813 505


Preparatory courses for the Official Diploma in Spanish Foreign Language, GCSE & A Level


chest freezer For home use

call terry: 676 381 917

seeking work Hard Working Man Looking for Work Labouring, Painting, Gardening, Driving, Anything considered

651 519 307

Call Stephen 655 772 127


sits vac

WE WANT YOU! Enthusiastic and committed sales people wanted to work on commission only basis, must have own transport, if you can close a deal and have a desire to work for an established company. Call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487

TEL: 617 904 774 AAParking & storage Almeria broadband



House Clearance Man with a van

Removals / Storage


Call Tomas 600 339 694

until complete satisfaction.

damp proofing English / Spanish 15 years in Spain

In trouble with your Spanish?

Call Victoria 950 472 590

UK, France & Spain

electro-os s.l.






For All Levels.

James & Son




cleaning for all your cleaning needs. From homes, PAINTING/DECORATING offices, bars and windows. Pool Interior cleaning from 15€. &Experienced Exterior Decorator No contracts. You Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and ring, we clean. efficient service will never be Tel: 606 014 099 beaten on price. No payment


Conversation & Pronunciation

Multi-skilled handyman Requires work

Over 30 years experience. Anything considered, driving, painting, property repairs etc.

appliance repairs


Going back to the UK? We will sell your second hand goods!


Tel: 659 555 323

667 235 205


600 007 175 950 064 576

• 104cm x 7cm large sheets of cream raised embossed card. • 100cm x 72cm large sheets of polar white thick paper. • 64cm x 45cm shiney paper. Just 1€ per sheet • 40 polythene bags for cards, assorted sizes 1€ • 20 envelopes - good quality pink & white assorted sizes 1€. • 20 inserts - Lemon or purple 1€



spanish lessons SPANISH LESSONS Bilingual Teacher

Beginners & Intermediate SMALL GROUPS & 1-2-1 TUITION Arboleas & Zurgena Area Call Vera 690 375 546 90 minutes lesson, including printed material, 10€ Old School, Llanos del Peral

DOMESTIC APPLIANCE ENGINEER for all of your repairs of Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Cookers & Tumble Dryers

business for sale

RESTAURANT LEASE FOR SALE ~ majorca In busy tourist area of Santa Ponsa, Majorca. Fully equipped, large restaurant & terrace, turn key operation, full restaurant & drinks license. Would also suit bar or cafe operation 10 lease, low rent, seasonal turnover in excess of 220,000€. Would consider part exchange. Price negotiable. For all information and photos go to: EMAIL: OR call: 679 017 931

The people you can trust

Windows • Conservatories • Doors • Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality windows, doors, conservatories, patio infills & garden rooms. All with a 10 year guarantee. • Aluminium, UPVC or wood. • Free home survey & Professional advice for your complete peace of mind. • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed. • All types of building work undertaken. No job too big or small. email:

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311

the gallery

135 C/Mayor, Garrucha/Mojacar

building & maintenance


ross regan s.l.

Creative Landscapes, Building, Reforms and General Maintenance

near to the Guardia

Tel: 664 619 819 pet sitting


Dog & Horse Sitting Service

get your property ready for summer! bbq areas, patios, gardens - no job too small Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222 Email:

Ex RSPCA Inspector. 50 years experience. Going away? Let us take care of your pets, either at your home or ours. Dogs kept in house or kennels. Pet passporting service. Just outside Albox.


Tel: 607 554 984

house clearance

House Clearance

And we mean total!

From Car to Caravan, Cats to Dogs, Fridge to Cooker, Curtains to Carpets

Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman Tel: 697 678 708

Prices to suit your pocket!


Get your message out to 22,500 for the best framing service at low prices readers every wednesday by U NAME IT! WE FRAME IT! advertising here for as little as Plus a unique collection 9 € per week for a box advert. of paintings For more info call Lynn on Visit Our Showroom 950 430 820

Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist



Tel Rod: 687 261 280


windows & doors

abel decor

For all of your interior/exterior decorating needs. Only top quality materials used, no fuss just a quality finish. We all know times are hard. Worried about cost? Why not try me on 673 421 503 At least the estimate is free. 35th year of trading in the UK & Spain. email:

We want all of your Best unwanted items! s price All areas paid covered


P&R Direct

Made to Measure & Pre-made Rugs

Complete new range of hand made pure wool rugs now in stock. EXTRA 10% OFF with this advert. Available every Saturday at Arboleas Market

Tel: 950 064 306 or 678 048 808

Just call Mr Cash Man on: 636 411 540 or 679 207 545


* Are you returning to the U.K.? * * Moving House/Downsizing? *


* Need extra cash? * * Have unwanted items? * * Immediate Cash Payout *

If so – call us on 686 140 034 For a no obligation appraisal - all items considered

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Call Lynn or Paulette on 950 430 820 email pool cleaning



for sale

for sale FORD FUSION

Complete pool maintenance, professional reliable service. Take advantage of 2000 opel tigra 1.4I our unbeaten Metallic Silver, 116.000km, Petrol, Elec windows, A/C, PAS, CD Player, Alloy wheels, 4 new tyres, new exhaust, new windscreenTax up to date and Summer offer. ITV July 2010. Excellent runner and very tidy car. 3,500€ ono WEEKLY POOL CLEAN Call Steve on 697705421 or 950618634 (inc all chemicals) cars wanted 65€ pcm Also offering pump ENGLISH CARS/VANS WANTED With or without MOT - Must repair & services. be able to be driven and FULL SAND CHANGE roadworthy Call John on 647 011 084 ONLY 95€ Call: 689 200 671 ADVERTISE HERE - CALL LYNN 4yrs established in Albox area.

or PAULETTE 950 430 820



Jaguar XJ8

2002, 1.6 petrol, LHD, manual, slate grey, ITV & Taxed until Sept 2010, 73,000kms. Valeted & in good condition. Full service history. 3,500€

3.2 V8 Sport, Black, 4 doors,1999, Spanish Registration Plates, All Jaguar refinements. Alloy wheels, ABS Brakes, 6 - disc CD changer, twin air bags, electric windows front & back. Good condition ITV March 2011

Tel: 664 540 730

Tel: 950 064 844 Mob: 634 316 230

scrap cars

van hire

4275€ or very near offer


Top prices paid. DVLA notified. Also 4x4s breaking. All parts available. Distance no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers of all metals - Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminium and top prices paid for Gold. Tel: 645 094 339 or 687 314 775


Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility. Certificates issued CARS, VANS, LORRIES, TRACTORS, TRAILERS, PLANT MACHINERY



TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763

SHOUT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS Ralf motors levante s.l Stonemason Stonemason

ADVERTISE FROM AS LITTLE AS 20€ A WEEK AND REACH OVER 22,500 READERS... Call: 950 430 820 or email

opp. Mi Case Antas, Cuevas Almanzora Road

Restoration / Rebuild of Historic Buildings, Fincas, Cortijos, Stone Carvings, Design, New Build, Walling, Paving 20 Years Experience

Tel: 652 294 131


Tlf: 950 393 776 • Vehicle Sales • Air Conditioning • Re-Registrations • Full Diagnostic Service • Servicing & Repairs • Pre ITV Checks


LOCKSMITH & CARPENTRY SERVICES Over 25 years experience in the trade 24 hour service

Euro Painters

Recession Busting Offer!


Average 2 / 3 bed Villa

incl. all minor repairs & 10 rejas!


only 1,000€

We only use quality materials Spray Painting and Textured Finish our speciality! References Available

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Tel: 648 898 719 or 677 557 190

Team of two hard working strong lads avaiLable for all types of: • building work • garden clearing & maintenance • ponds

Reasonable rates. References avaiLable.


MLA registered City & Guilds Advanced Carpenter All types of carpentry undertaken CALL US: 608 673 086 Email:

647 379 795

domestic & commercial supplied & fitted many colours & styles all areas covered free quotations signwriting service FOR COMMERCIAL

Tel: 627 907 207


Exotic Pet Rescue 4 Blocked toilets sinks & baths 4 New showers, baths & toilets 4 Blocked drains & pipes 4 Turbine root cutting 4 CCTV surveys & inspections 4 Blocked cesspits 4 Drain tracing All domestic and commercial work carried out All work guaranteed Call out within 1 hour when possible All areas covered

Tel: 648 768 587 / 950 069 186

Loving home at Little Zoo awaits Reptiles, Fish and Birds. Unwanted, unused cages and aquariums gratefully received.

Tel: The Little Zoo 647 379 795


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



We are the first local paper out every week and the first as a web resource. See us at Villa to sell? Reach 22,500 readers every week. Advertise from 9€ per week. Call Lynn on 950 430 820

Are you looking for a house to rent? Advertise for as little as 3€ and be seen by 22,500 readers Call 950 430 820

PROPERTY for rent

property for SALE Detached villa for sale in Oria. 900m² plot with self contained detached wooden cabin. Full paperwork. For quick sale 139,000€ ono. Tel: 699 483 438. mariaga@

Harbour lights Urgently Wanted: All types of properties for sale in Huercal Overa, the immediate villages & countryside. Call Andy on: 678002006 or 950135512


2 bedroom apartment overlooking pool. At 126,000€ this apartment even undercuts the developer. Be apart of this prestigious development. Contact Steve on 950 618 054 or 628 463 656

Want to sell your property with an estate agent that cares? Then phone us today for a quote Our fees are a set price - for example10k to 50k the agency fee would be a standard 1750€ For further infomation please call Carlos 958-710-038 mobile 678-603-178

PROPERTY OF THE WEEK Bargain resale on Cortijo Grande. 2 bed 2 bath townhouse now reduced even further. Stunning frontline golf and mountain views. Includes aircon, sat tv and off road parking.

Offers invited around 119,950€ 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 or 644 350 361

Two bedroom apartments starting at an amazing 67.000 Euros

Included are a fitted kitchen and white goods, communal pool, underground parking and storeroom. Contact Steve on: 950 618 054 or 628 463 656

Old Cortijo ruin in La Perulera (Huercal Overa). Electric & water connected. 1,670m2. land/plot cortijo is 60m2. Escritura of land and cortijo available.


Tel: 647 730 103

HOUSE FOR SALE IN REAL DE ANTAS on small duplex of 4 houses. Shared pool, 3 bedrooms, 1 en-suite, bathroom, lounge, kitchen with dispensary behind, garage, patio and bedroom terrace. Sold part furnished. 175,000€ Tel: 950 453 161

Linked House for sale in Villaricos Set in beautiful gardens with shared gated pool. 5 mins walk to beach

€145.000 Tel: 659 146 134

Wanted We buy, sell and remove mobile homes &twin units Having problems with the campsite? Struggling with the rent? Don’t risk losing your home. We can remove and store your home for you. Transport to France or UK arranged Tel: 616 250 727

Email: We can help !

FOR SALE Property Management & Rental company

Long established & very profitable business. Beach front location Mojacar Playa. Owners relocating.


TEL : 662 459 048

Urcal, 1 bed Casita, fully furnished with large Fly Free Patio. Fully equipped kitchen with Sky & Wi-Fi connection. 250€ per month. Tel: 666 281 323 For long term rental - Mojacar Beach Spacious, furnished front-line apartment. 3 double bedrooms, large sunny terrace looking out to sea. No stairs. Rent - €400 pcm + electricity and Water bills. Tel 950 478070.


Two bedroom apartment, fully fitted kitchen, large bathroom, comfortable living space. Good location – country setting 5 minutes away from Cantoria. 225€ PCM Contact Sam 679100048

Rental Properties

available now if you have a Guaranteed Income or UK Pension Furnished & Unfurnished Short & Long Term Lets All areas covered

Call: 638 849 254

More rental properties needed

Email abuelitaanne@ Nice 2 bedroom. 2 bathroom, townhouse on Valle del Este Golf, furnished, €400 per month. Plus water and electric. Call Graham on 678 655 453 Apartment in El Faro Puerto de Mazarron, 2/3 Double Bedrooms, Lounge/ Diner, Kitchen with white goods, Communal Pool, parking space,

Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and stunning views available for rent in the sort after urbanisation of Retamar, Partaloa. 450€ per calendar month. Call 634601602. Olula del Rio, 1 bed apartment, sun terrace, spa, satellite TV and internet. 200€ + bills pcm. Tel: 678 554 755

Luxury 2 and 3 bedrooms (2 bathrooms) apartments in the centre of Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance, lifts to all floors, underfloor heating, roof top pool, next to supermarkets, stunning view from 385€ per month. Tel: 965 720 817 or 616 493 487 Cherribar Park Homes Camping La Hierbabuena Los Lobos

2 Bed Apartment in Palomares Long

term let. Secure parking, large terrace, heating, Sat TV, swimming pool and sea views. 325€ per month + bills. Tel: 620 190 931

long term rental 325€ pcm + bills Tel: 968 199 325 or 680 913 840

Special Offer

Car, Caravan, 2 people, Electric, more than 28 days... 7€ per day Park Homes from 29,000€ Tel: 629 688 153 / 950 396 908


Wanted to Rent

3+ bed Villa with pool long term unfurnished near Albox for non smoking, no pets mature family

Tel: 664 770 610

!only 250€ pcm!

2 bed furnished ground floor apartment. Easy access off Albox / Taberno road, near Travellers. Own parking & small garden Call: 697 772 941 or 617 179 102 or email:

One bedroom 1st floor apartment with roof terrace. Between Buganvillas roundabout & beach. Shared pool, 2 mins from beach. Aircon + Sky TV

225€ per month Tel: 696 932 763

REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE We are online at Spread your advertising by appearing FREE online with Sol Times

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:

email sales@ soltimes .com for sale Probably the best stocked English Health Food Shop in Spain! Sunshine Wholefoods, Turre (inside HSH – next to DIA) Huge range of international Fine Foods including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japaenese, Moroccan etc. The best selection bar none. H.S.H., Turre (on main road next to DIA). Organic herb & vegetable growing kits and organic fertilisers and pest control now in stock. HSH, Turre, White emulsion paint at Bargain Prices! Berger 5 litre 14.99€, Dulux Heritage 5 litre 16.99€, Crown 5 litre 18.99€, Dulux 6 litre 19.99€ ! HSH, Turre. Huge range of Bedlinen in stock. Pillows from only 4.50€ ! HSH. Turre. Probably the largest variety of English goods in Almeria! Our 4,000 sqft store is packed with thousands of items you cant find elsewhere. HSH, Turre. Tel: 950 479 487. Open Mon-Fri 9.30 – 8pm (no siesta), Sat 10am – 6pm (no siesta). H.S.H Turre bedlinen specialists. Fitted percale sheets 6€,8€,10€! Pillowcases from 1.99€, pillows from 4.50€, High quality duvet coverssingle 14.99€, Double 19.99€, king 24.99€. 500gsm: towels hand 5€, bath 10€, sheet 16€. Choice of 10 colours in stock now. Duvets, curtains, mattress protectors, cushions, etc, etc. We have the best variety at the best prices! Tel 950 479 487. Solid pine bunk beds with 6ft x 3ft mattresses in good condition. Can be used as 2 separate single beds. Come apart for easy transportation. Only 60€ (Local delivery possible) Tel : 634 455 628 (San Juan de Los Terreros) (ref:235) 24” Toshiba TV excellent condition complete with manual and remote 50€ ono. Tel 663 440 259 (ref:235) Telephone Stool with table in yew and green fabric seat. 25€ ono. Tel: 663 440 259 (ref:235) Sewing Machine make Stella rsp Air Electronic in cabinet, many extras, excellent condition 99€ o.n.o. Telephone 663 440 259 (ref:235) Motorcycle helmet Brand new Shark RSX full face helmet. Silver colour. Size small (55). Never used or worn. 5 year manufacturer warranty. Mojacar. 654 170 748. (ref:235) Small music centre. 2 speakers.


SOL CLASSIFIEDS Any item for sale UNDER 300€ is FREE to advertise here

(one each side of unit) There is a CD / radio / cassette player/recorder Disc compatible. Brand New unwanted gift. 34€ Baza. 647 266 344 (ref:235) Brand New Car Battery suitable for 4x4 or large vehicle. Magneti Marelli 12V, ETS 92ND, 92AH, 720A (EN) Still in original packaging, never been used Cost 115€. Will sell for 85€ Tel: Chris 617 528 737 (ref:235) Travel cot as new 40€ Tel 676 572 791 (Chirivel area) (ref:235) Mattress 130cm wide x 178cm long x 10cm deep never used still in wrapping. Offers invited. Buyer collect. Tel: 950 453 161 (ref:235) Technics electric piano sx-px664 249€ Tel:696 932 763 (ref:235) Office Bookcase 40€ Tel:696 932 763 (ref:235) L-Shaped office desk 40€ Tel:696 932 763 (ref:235) Clearance panel doors 2 meters by 76cm wood or white 50€ each Tel:699 483 438 Rocker / recliner Lazyboy armchair, beige dralon, very good condition €75 ono. Tel 966 719 908 or 680 386 514 80w BP Solar panels new in box 280€ Tel 619 744 516 (ref:236) Deep cycle Batteries for solar power 60€ Tel:619 744 516(ref:236) 50w Solar panels new in box 160€ Tel:619 744 5165(ref:236) Garden swing ,slight damage to canopy frame due to the heavy winds, all covers as new. 25€ or reasonable offer. contact Sheila on 680122760. 1996 Ford Courier van, breaking for spares. 1.8 diesel 75,000km. any offers contact 644569693 Diving: Wet suit medium size, and fins (flippers) / boots size 7 - only worn once. Offers accepted. Tel: 664 291 793 Inshore Disress Flare Kit 25€ Tel: 644569693 Life jackets, various sizes from 5€ plus 5 brand new 100 newton life jackets 20€ each contact 644 569 693 Boat Accessories: Two seater Ringo, brand new, cost 200€, sell 70€, 2 seater banana 90€, loads of other boat stuff Tel: 687 226 419 (ref:232) Boat Accessories: VHF radio 70€, Mariner 25 litre fuel tank 40€, 2 pairs combo skiis 40€ each, various new lifejackets 15€ each. 687 226 419. (ref:232)

Mexican Pine 3 Door Wardrobe For Sale, 2 Draws Underneath Only Used For 2 Weeks New House Forces Sale, Email lyndabmack@ for photos or call 638546440 it is in Turre Collection only.(ref:233) Log effect gas fire including flue inserts H650cm x W80cm x D45cm 1800€ when new Now 250€ Tel 600 094772 (ref235) Mobile Air conditioner/ Dehumidifier 60€ Tel: 950 132 450 (ref:234) Mobile Air conditioner Hot/cold 60€ Tel 950 132 450 (ref:234) Washer/dryer combo Low voltage (ideal for solar system) as new used 5 times only 120€ Tel:600 760 057 (ref:234) Mans Wet Suit inc boots gloves 100€ Tel: 600 760 057 (ref:234) 6x Ifor Williams Trailer tyres 195/ R13 25€ each Tel: 600 760 057 (ref:234) Windows White UPVC x3 130 wide x 122 deep open inwards 150€ for the 3, or will split. Tel 659 089 658 or 950 390 964 Job lot of ladies cosmetics, lip stick, lip / eye liner, eye shadow nail polish etc over 100 items (suit car booter) 50 € Tel 659 089 658 or 950 390 964 Sony FD Trinitron Wide Colour TV. Model KV 28LS36S with matching glass fronted video cabinet. Can deliver. €70. Mob: 699244779 Konica Minolta Dimage Digital Camera complete with installation cds, cables and additional 128mb card. €50 Mob: 699 244 779 2 x Goodrich P205/70 R 15 tyres 30€ each Tel: 950 46 95 40 (Los Gallardos) 2 x Bridgestone 215/60 R 15 TYRE 30€ each Tel: 950 46 95 40 (Los Gallardos)

restaurant for sale Bar Lease For Sale, Majorca. In

busy tourist area of Santa Ponsa, Majorca. Fully equipped, large restaurant & terrace, turn key operation, full restaurant & drinks license. Would also suit bar or cafe operation 10 lease, low rent, seasonal turnover in excess of 220,000€. Would consider part exchange. Price negotiable. For all info and photos www. restaurantforsale email: raf ters3 8@hotmail. com Tel: 679 017 931

wanted All types of solar equipment bought & sold Tel: 619 744 516(ref235)

We buy quality used furniture and white goods to furnish our own rental apartments. Tel: 965 720 817 or 966 723 437 Dog Cages or crates all sizes needed Tel 950163489 Old roof tiles wanted approx, 1,000 Tel 618 244 765. (ref 229) Old roof beams wanted approx 5mts long Tel 618 244 765 (ref 229) Table Tennis Table, Full sized Outdoor, Contact Tel: 950 634 431 (ref:229) Dehumidifier in good working order. Tel: 950 124 835 Table Tennis Table Must be Outdoor type. Tel:Peter at 651 345 701” (ref: 224) Running machine / tread mill required. Tel: 696 792 747 AA Auctions want all of your unwanted items! Call: 600 007 175 or 950 064 576 World War 2 and onwards, military Memorabilia, cash paid. Tel: 950 469 540

SERVICES accountancy SR Accountancy offers Completion of Non-Resident Tax returns, Renewals of Residencia, European Health Cards and Registering of E121 etc. For more information, call 685 248 999 or email sharon@

air conditioning MD Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 or 607 364 917 md_aircon@

Alternative Energy Complete solar system good quality enough for lights & TV etc 1,700€ Tel 619 744 516 (ref235) Complete solar system top quality enough for full house 5,500€ Tel: 619 744 516 (ref:235) Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www.carlossaliente. com Tel: 950 121 918 Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil. Tel: 636 261 240 www.

auctioNS At Location Auctions, Antas El real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 21st April. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon/

Tues and all day Wed. House clerances speciality. Tel: 667 698 795

plumbing. Re-wires, free to air UK satellite systems. Tel: 950 137 208 or 638 010 691


for hire

Internal & External Blinds. Call Justin at Sol Shaders for a free no obligation quote on 627 907 207

The Baby Hire Centre Professional Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery & collection. Tel: 649 332 134 Email enquiries@ t h e b a by h i r e c e n t r e. com Website: www. Everything for the visiting baby. Car seats, high chairs, stair gates, cots etc. Tel 950 436 581 or 666 375 688 expectingbaby@

boats XT 2.85 kayak with double paddle. As new hardly used. Very strong polyethlyene. Similar in decathlon € 499. Sell for € 250. Tel. 950 466396.

builders Ross Regan We cover all aspects of work from total reforms, new builds, interiors, exteriors design & build Call for a free no obligation quote 671843155 / 646234222


Caravans Wanted: Caravans, boats, trailers, delivered to and from the UK. American Trailers moved and resited. Tel: 600 760 057 (0044) 7851 752 242

Hard Working looking for Man, work, labouring, gardening, driving, anything considered. Call Stephen on: 655 772 127


Boot sale at El Rancho, Taberno. Every Wednesday, pitch only 2€ lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie 646 675 297

Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. c ar l o s s a li e nte.c o m Tel: 950 121 918



W i l d w o o d Bespoke Joinery – High quality made to measure carpentry & joinery. Reliable & professional service at competitive prices. Avoid disappointment, call James on: 950 067 011 or 685 955 768 james@wildwood. es

Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

craft & hobby

House painted outside villa to include minor repairs plus 10 rejas. Quality product. Ref available. 648 898 719 or 677 577 190 europaintersspain@

Elaine’s Wools, quality UK wool & accessories. Also available near Mazarron. Call: 667 273 889 elaineswools

DRESSMAKING Bespoke curtains, alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & mosquito nets. Tel: 649 503 875

MINI digger


Lock, Stock and Barrel, Fully qualified locksmith. Change any lock, upgrade, breakin or lockout. 24 hour service. No call out charge. Tel Dave: 608 673 086 Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/upgraded house safes. Arboleas haIRDRESSING & surrounding area. Special weekend Fully rates. Tel: 697 243 181 ELAINE qualified, awardwinning mobile English loGS unisex hairdresser, Albox & surrounding logs for sale areas, Call today for Full load of olive your appointment! 160€, 618 427 103


car boots

-Grills, railings, gates of all types, security/ sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Made to measure. Tel: Keith Wood on 600 438 436

HOuse painter

insurance K n i g h t s Insurance. Motor, house & contents, life & health, public liability, pleasure boat, quads, jetski & more. Tel: 950 121 943

ironworks Mini Digger and Driver Hire. Tel: 610 Real Steel for all 345 725 quality metal work, gates etc, and ELECTRICAL rejas, chain link fencing. Call: Andrew Morrison 689 524 024 Metals All All electrical work P&D undertaken. Boletin aspects of metal work available. Tel: 627 250 undertaken. Specialists in Ornamental Gates, 204 Knowles & Abbott Rejas. Tel: 638 707 406 no.1 for electrics and The Metalworks

secure countryside environment. Call 619 306 870 or 950 057 051 www.palominokennels. com Abandoned dogs looking for good homes. All vaccinated & health checked. Call: 619 306 870 Animal Hotel – Aquilas, every Saturday afternoon, dog training courses. Twice weekly obedience classes, Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Call: 639 722 197 Puppy Rescue if you would like to help in any way, phone us on: 950 431 435 or 667 623 254. www. puppyrescueinspain. com


Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. c ar l o s s a li e nte.c o m Tel: 950 121 918 Full load of eucalyptus 160€, A&E Taylor – Gas & Plumbing or half loads 100€ boiler repairs. Tel: 618 062 080 Tel: 660 903 158 Knowles & Abbott no.1 for plumbing and personal electrics. CH, solar hot water and water Attractive couple deposits. Tel 950 137 (m42/f29) offers 197 or 606 807 797 exclusive erotic services for women, pools men and couples. Also house and hotel visits Start your summer possible. Tel: 629 483 season with a complete 618 sand change 95€ inc Sensual, tender sand up to 5 sacks Tel woman (30) with sexy curved body 950 104 345 / 637 582 spoils you daily on her 696 & Clear private, descreet finca Clean Pool near Albox. Enjoy the Complete different services in maintenance. Weekly luxury rooms, in the pool clean including Jacuzzi or outdoor at all chemicals, only 65€ the pool. Tel: 669 101 per month. (equivalent to only 15 per week). 316 Sexy German Call: 689 200 671 beauty, busty and Satellite systems shaved, enjoys to please you with arousing massages A1 Sky and more. Affordable Television rates. Call 676 565 128 Sunday Night Systems is Singles Night at Satellite TV installations, Bistro Bonita in Cerro alignment of dishes etc. Gordo. Call Chris for All areas covered. more details 650 599 739 bistrobonita1@ Tel Dave: 628 607 778 Elegant lady (30) Sky Digi Box, PACE fulfils your erotic with blue sky card wishes on her private BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV1, 2, finca near Albox. Enjoy 3. Ch4 & 5. 79€ Can my different services deliver. Tel: 667 235 daily by appointment. 205 or 657 478 771. Phone: 669 101 316 Skystars – satellite Attractive Couple installations, relocation offers exclusive erotic- & alignment of dishes, service for women, all areas covered. Tel: men, couples. Phone Paul 687 042 335. Ref 629 483 618 www. 11386 Pretty Woman, stonemason sensual and tender, spoils you daily R e s t o r a t i o n / discreet in her private Rebuild of Historic Fincas, home. Tel: 676 565 128 Buildings, Stone Male Masseur Cortijos, – Men ONLY Carvings, Design, New Relaxing & affordable. Build, Walling, Paving. Tel: 676 902 388 20 years experience. Tel: 652 294 131


Palomino Kennels – exclusive boarding kennels / cattery. Warm, friendly


Call Lynn on 950 430 820 Swimming pools Tropicana Pools Construction & Repairs. Tel: 661 508 776

tiling Floor & Wall Tiling Specialist Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman: 697 678 708

vehicles cars for sale Honda Civic, New ITV, 750€ Tel: 610 675 253 Ford Fiesta 1.8 Diesel ITV, Tax, White. 1,200€. Tel: 606 656 976 Mitsubushi L200 2.5 diesel, 1999, LHD 4 seater pick up, full ITV. Towbar, new tyres, 183km. Excellent condition, drives well. €6500 Tel 950 477 205 or 664 327 898 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0 GL hatchback. UK "M" Reg. s/r, t/b, e/w, £299 ovno. (Arboleas) 620 271 345 (ref:227) Ford Escort/ Orion Estate 1800 petrol, new catalytic converter, full year ITV & Tax. 1,200€ Tel: 606 656 976 Renault Clio 1.2 silver, 2001, low miles, ITV Nov, AC, 6CD, EW, EM, C/L, clean & reliable Tel: 617 708 435

car wanted Renault Laguna Wanted from 1996 to 1999 years. ITV failure for body and parts, engine not necessary. Phone 610 006 432

trailer for sale Ifor Williams flat bed 14’6’long 6’6’wide drop sides and ramps will take 4x4 or mini digger 5 new tyres V.G.C. 1995€ Tel: 600 760 057

digger for sale Komatso, 3 ton, Track Digger and a Bobeat Mini Shovel. (engine wont start!) Offers.Tel:629 688 153

car body repairs AS Auto Shine Body repairs Panel beating, Paint spraying & more. Call Mark on 607 324 623

mechanical services

For vehicle sales, servicing and repairs, full diagnostic service. Call Ralf Motors Levante 950 393 776 Mikes Mobile Mechanics. All types of service, repair and ITV testing. Fully storage qualified and legal with over 35 years Caravan & boat experience. Ring Mike storage & sales, Antas or Chris: 628 350 178 Tel: 661 508 776 or 636 824 974


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The fact Files

Dog Day After noon

I have no argument with time switches perse, but this one was behind the door and half a kilometre away from where I needed to be in order to discharge my duties. We all spend differing lengths of time in these places - depending how many beers or glasses of vino have been consumed – but a mere 35 seconds is just unreasonable. And given that it was suspiciously just enough time to walk across the room and make a start, it all seemed too perfect for it to be anything other than a deliberate ambush. I could imagine a sadistic waiter with a warped sense of humour, chuckling to himself somewhere, as yet another unsuspecting customer fell into the trap. And how much worse it would have been if I had been a smoker with a freshly lit Marlboro? I don’t intend drawing you a picture here, but what would I do first? I couldn’t waste the ciggy – not even at Spanish prices! As it was, my internal gyroscopes did not

AOL plans to sell or shut down Bebo Internet company AOL has announced plans to sell or shut down the social networking site Bebo. The company said it was unable to provide the “significant investment” Bebo needed to compete with its social networking rivals. The news comes just two years after AOL bought the site for $850m (£417m at the time). A strategic evaluation of the company is expected to be completed by the end of May. Buyers will be sought for the company, but analysts expect the selling price to be significantly lower than the price paid by AOL. Bebo has been struggling against more popular rivals such as Facebook, AOL said. “Bebo, unfortunately, is a business that has been declining and, as a result, would require significant investment in order to compete in the competitive social networking space,” Jon Brod of AOL Ventures told employees in an e-mail. “AOL is committed to working

quickly to determine if there are any interested parties for Bebo.”

Mission Commander Alan Poindexter finished the eightminute link-up manoeuvre 215 miles (344km) over the Caribbean, Nasa said. The 13-day mission is one of the last before the shuttle programme ends later this year. The crew had to dock without the use of radar, because of the failure of a communications antenna. Nasa said that the crew had been trained to dock without radar and were able to use an “array of other navigation tools to precisely track the space station”. The shuttle, which is carrying equipment and supplies for the ISS, blasted off on Monday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Its mission puts more women in orbit at one time than ever before. On board Discovery are Nasa

By Colin Bird

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Bebo employs about 40 people, mostly in the US. Although founded in San Francisco, Bebo has failed to make up any ground on rivals within the US, despite being more popular in other markets, including the UK. According to figures from research company ComScore, Bebo has 5.1 million users in the US. That is down from 5.8 million this time last year, and compares with the massive 210 million users of market leader Facebook. The planned disposal of Bebo is a sign of AOL’s attempts to streamline its business since its demerger from Time Warner last year. AOL itself struggling to compete against the increasing number of internet companies, after establishing itself as a pioneer of early dial-up internet in the 1990s.

Space shuttle Discovery docks The space shuttle Discovery has successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS).

let me down – keeping my aim perfect – and I managed to find my way back to the door without slipping on the tiled floor which resembled the Mar Menor minus the scenery. Another cunning trap? Anyway, we had taken time out during another bout of . . . sorry, I’m finding this hard to say . . . s h o p p i n g. We had gone our separate ways as usual; had just met up for lunch, and now off we were going again for more of the same. This for me was as enjoyable as eating razor blades, and would leave me contemplating the quickest and most spectacular way of topping myself. This would be preferable to traipsing around those cloned shops for the umpteenth time, or staring yet again into the pet shop window like a saucer eyed zombie, wondering how some yappy little scruff bag that resembled a Brillo pad on legs, could be worth 800€. I could find myself another café I suppose, but how much coffee can one man drink? So I decided to look for a shirt. Simple, right? No, absolutely wrong! Searching for something that I even remotely took a shine to, was like trying to find a hooker in a monastery. How can there be so many shops and so few shirts that were not drab/garish; too young/too old or just too darned expensive? Then I saw one on a dummy in the window . . . and I want no comments from the back! It was exactly ME – stylish, bold, with a touch of sophistication. And under 90 €! I won’t bore you with the details, but why is it that the one size that these places never have, is YOUR size? Too large, too small . . . and by the way, large in Spain, seems to mean it would fit a well-built Action Man, but certainly not a human being! It turned out that the one on the dummy was exactly my size – I won’t tell you again about that giggling! But oh no, they were not prepared to sell me that one. So we returned to the car, with me floating on a caffeine cloud; bagless, and thoroughly brassed off.

a s t r o n a u t s Dottie MetcalfLindenburger and Stephanie Wilson and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) astronaut Naoko Yamazaki. They join Flight Engineer Tracy Caldwell Dyson, who is already aboard the ISS. Naoko Yamazaki is the second Japanese woman in space. At 0911 GMT, the crews opened the shuttle and station hatches. Discovery’s seven-person crew then joined the six people aboard the space station to begin more than a week of work together. The astronauts are due to carry out three spacewalks, to make repairs on the station and retrieve an experiment that was placed on the exterior of the Japanese laboratory, Kibo. Discovery is also carrying an exercise machine to study the effects of weightlessness on the body’s musculoskeletal system.

Leaked patent office pictures show final cars will closely resemble Frankfurt stand stars; two-door could revive legendary Broadspeed name!

From concept to reality – it turns out the coupé and roadster versions of the MINI will look virtually the same as the cars revealed at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show! Bosses have confirmed that unearthed patent drawings show the production cars – so the twodoor retains the concept’s dramatic cutaway roof and Le Mans stripes. But BMW has been in secret negotiations with the owners of the Broadspeed trademark with a view to using the famous race team’s name – inextricably linked to Mini – on the 200bhp-plus coupé. The patent drawings reveal subtle differences between the two concepts and production cars.

Most noticeable is that the retro chrome petrol cap has been ditched in favour of a more conventional cap and flush-fit flap. And where the radiator grille was barred, it now uses the same honeycomb design as the Cooper S. Also, differences between the coupé and roadster – which could be called the Speedster – show both will be offered in Cooper S and John Cooper Works specs. The two-door is pictured with the hot Works’ black foglight surrounds; the soft-top is dressed from the grille down in Cooper S spec. Works cars will feature an uprated version of the hatch’s 211bhp 1.6-litre turbo, while the Cooper S won’t trail by much, with the three-door’s 175bhp unit being tweaked. Prices are likely to start from close to £20,000 at launch in the second half of 2011. The Broadspeed name would link the coupé to a Mini fastback produced by Ralph Broad in 1965. The Birmingham-based touring car engineer raced Minis in the Sixties, regularly beating the works Cooper cars.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Being alone in a strange place in the pitch black is disorientating and scary. Being thrown into complete and utter darkness, in a windowless, odoriferous toilet, is even scarier! I wish all restaurant loos would have normal light switches installed, so that you can simply flick them on, and then when you leave – however long it may have taken – you can just as simply flick them off. We all appreciate the need to conserve energy, but come on, let’s be sensible about this – we had just paid good money to eat their hake and chips for goodness sake.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628

Tel: 950 459 136

2008 toyota yaris

2005 peugeot 307

2007 ford focus

2004 kia sorento ex

1.4 D4D, Black, 1 Lady owner, Top spec, 15,000 kms, E/W, PAS, A/C. Radio/CD player, TomTom €10,995

2.0 HDi, silver, C/C, E/W, PAS, Radio/CD player, 41,000kms €8,495

Auto, 1.6 petrol, ice blue, A/C, PAS, E/W, RCL, 5 door, 38,000 kms €10,995

2.5 Automatic, diesel, silver, E/W, RCL, PAS, Radio, Leather upholstery, Towbar. €12,995

2007 ford focus


late 06/07 citroen berlingo


1.6 petrol, in silver, 5 door, one owner, PAS, EW, A/C, RCL, 57,000 kms €9,995

1.5 DCi, 105BHP Eco, Climate Control, Radio/CD player, PAS, RCL, E/W, Alloys, 6 speed €9,295

Combi 2.0, HDi Collection, in mink, A/C, PAS, RCL €7,995

Dynamic Luxe 1.9DCi, climate control, six speed, alloys, E/W, RCL, Radio/CD, 1 owner €10,995

2007 ford fusion

2008 kia picanto

2001 hyundai elantra

2006 kia cerato

1.4i Newport MPV, 5 door, A/C, PAS, E/W, RCL, 52,000 kms. €8,995

1.1, 36,000 kms, Blue , One English owner, A/C, PAS, E/W, Radio/CD player €7,995

1.6, Automatic, Silver, 30,000 kms, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, 1 English owner from new €4,995

2.0 CRDi, in silver, one lady owner, 5 door, A/C, PAS, RCL, E/W.


Coming In: 2005 Peugeot 307 2 litre HDi Estate, 2005 Opel Meriva Diesel, 2005 Ford Fusion Diesel 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0, 54,000 kms, A/C, heated windscreen...........................€9,995 2007 C  itroen C3, 1.1 Furio, 5 door hatchback, A/C, PAS, CD/radio, E/W,...................€8,995 2006 C  itroen C2, A/C, PAS, on board computer, remote central locking, E/W, CD/Radio, one local English owner.............................................................................. €7,995 2006 C  itroen C1, 1 English owner, black, A/C, E/W, less than 49,000 kms, 3 door hatch....€6,995 2007 Kia Picanto 1.1, green, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, C/L ......................................................€6,995 1997 VW Sharan 1.9 TDi, 7 seat, white, C/L, A/C . ..............................................................€6,995 2005 Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi, Silver, A/C, PAS, RCL, E/W, Radio/CD.................................€6,995 2006 Fiat Panda 1.2, 5 dr, E/W, CD/Radio, A/C, Blue ........................................................€6,795 2003 Kia Carens 2.0 CRDi, Met Green,A/C, PAS, E/W, RCL, Alloys, Tinted Windows, Detachable Tow-Bar.......................................................................€6,495 2004 Opel Corsa1.3 CDTi, 23,000 kms, A/C, PAS, E/W, RCL ...........................................€6,295 2005 Ford Fusion 1.4, dark blue, E/W, PAS, RCL, Radio/CD, 80hp................................€5,995 2005 Fiat Panda 1.2, 5 dr, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, CL, yellow . ............................................€5,995 2005 Fiat Panda 1.2, red, E/W, PAS, RCL, A/C, Radio/CD, 74,000kms..........................€5,495 2004 C  itroen C3 1.1L, Met blue, E/W, PAS, C/L, A/C, Radio/Cassette, 70,252 kms.....€5,495 2003 Hyundai Trajet 2.0i, met light blue, E/W, PAS, A/C, RHD Spanish reg, 7 seats....€4,995 2004 Kia Picanto, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, C/L, E/W, green ................................................€4,995 2003 Renault Clio 1.4 16V, 5 dr, A/C, E/W, CD, maroon ...................................................€4,995 2001 Fiat Marea Estate 1.9 JTD, 1 owner, A/C, E/W, PAS . ...............................................€4,595 2001 Citroen Xantia 2.0HDi 90, diesel, E/W, PAS, A/C, 110,000kms.............................€3,995 2001 Renault Clio 1.9 Diesel, A/C, Alloys, 5 dr, blue .........................................................€3,795 2001 Citroen Berlingo Combi 1.9D, white, A/C, PAS.........................................................€3,495 1997 Citroen Saxo 1.6i automatic, white, E/W, A/C, C/L ................................................€2,995


■A  ll cars advertised are in stock at the showroom ■ The year of manufacture/date of registration is stated correctly ■ Our price includes warranty, minimum 12 months ITV and all transfer fees including road tax ■ All warranties are carried out at our own workshop by dealer trained mechanics WE ARE HERE Petrol Station E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534



2001 Fiat Punto 1.2 petrol, 5 dr, PAS, A/C, E/W, Radio/cass . .........................................€3,495 2000 Ford Ka 1.3, silver, E/W. PAS, A/C, Radio/CD player ...............................................€3,295 1998 BMW 520 Estate, burgundy, E/W, A/C, RCL, PAS......................................................€2,995 2002 Hyundai Coupe V6, rhd, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD Player, E/W, CL & alarm, 6 speed, alloys, leather interior ....................................................................................€2,995 1998 Daewoo Nubira 1.6, PAS, A/C, E/W, C/L .....................................................................€2,995 1998 VW Polo 1.9 Diesel, PAS, A/C, E/W, CD/Radio ..........................................................€2,995 1998/9 Nissan Micra1.0 16v, 5 dr, silver, A/C, Radio/CD . .................................................€2,695

NOW IN OUR NEW SHOWROOM BETWEEN 2005 nissan almera FIAT & 1.5 DCi, in charcoal, A/C, PAS, OPEL IN RCL, E/W, 5 door €6,995 VERA

2003 Ssangyong Musso 4x4 Wagon, silver, E/W, PAS, RCL, A/C, Alloys, CD/Radio....€7,495 2005 F iat Stilo JTD, silver, E/W, PAS, RCL, A/C, Radio/CD...........................................€6,995 2002 Citroen C5, 2.0 HDi, 4 door saloon, A/C, E/W, RCL, locally owned.............€5,295 2000 Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi, A/C, PAS, E/W, C/L.............................................................€4,995 2001 Citroen Saxo 1.5D SX, PAS, A/C, CD/Radio, E/W. C/L ....................................€3,495 MOTORBIKES: 1997 Suzuki GSXR 750cc; 1992 Kawasaki ZZR 600cc


YOUR 2000 ONWARDS 5 DOOR HATCHBACKS, MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, PLUS 1998 ONWARDS 4x4 DIESEL OR PETROL!!! We are always buying vehicles, low kms examples are preferable with service history.

OPENING HOURS: Mon ~ Fri 9am to 6pm Saturday 10am to 2pm


Ask about our Sale or Return service and let us sell it for you.

Car Sales: 950 459 136 Workshop: 950 459 209 Car Hire: 950 459 208



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mojacar angling club

boxers Golf society

Our visit to Sensol saw the Boxers GS coach arrive to overcast breezy conditions.

A field of 32 players battled around the course with the strengthening wind creating added problems to some non receptive greens. One of the trickier greens being the short par three, 13th hole, played from one hilltop to another, barely 100 metres long, that turned out to be a real test with the surrounding rough eagerly awaiting. None-the-less an enjoyable day out for all. The scores were a reflection of the conditions with 35 points carded by our guest on the day Mark Newell. The overall Boxers G.S winner was Adrian Lawrence carding a useful 33 points. Nearest the pin prizes were a free round of golf each, generously supplied Captain ‘Duncan’ Sunshine took some friends out for a fishing trip and as usual had lots of dolphins following him. There must be something special about his boat or engine, they just love it. (See photo Duncan took of two dolphins escorting his boat). I have a contact that might be able to help with the new marina boat moorings in Garrucha, see me for more details, rental prices are surprisingly cheap. ‘London Bill’ has been taking advantage of the rough seas to catch a few small sea bass from the surf. He lost a big fish he thinks was a palomete, they have been caught to 10lbs on Macenas Beach and 17lbs at the Villaricos river. ‘Baza Barry’ has been fishing his favourite Murcia lake and says fish have started to feed now the water is beginning to warm up. They will no doubt be getting themselves fit and fat, ready for the spawning season which isn’t far away. Grumps ‘Forty Watts’ says the Lorca lake is full of water right now. I remember a couple of years ago the authorities stocked it with 1lb fully scaled mirror carp and if there has been enough natural food in the lake they should be weighing up to 5lbs by now. The lake has usually refused to give up its biggest fish because I’ve never managed to land one bigger that 5lbs but have seen and heard some monsters in the flooded bushes area. There will be another fishing

meeting at the Beachcomber on Tuesday 27th April between 7 and 9pm. I hope to organise a questions and answers panel of four anglers covering coarse, shore, boat and game fishing and I’ll be there to answer questions about fishing licenses. I hope that our resident fly tiers will attend again and it will be an opportunity to have a bring and buy sale of fishing tackle. “Inflatable Andy” will no doubt bring his collection of British design sea leads for sale too.

Checkout Mojacar’s weather and sea conditions here on the Beachcomber’s webcam:

Welcome to Valle del Este’s new

Tight lines Beachcomber John


2’S WINNERS WERE;-DAVE FRANCE, TOM HARRIS AND ADRIAN LAWRENCE. Our next two events are Alboran on Monday 19 April and Playa Serena on Tuesday 4 May, coach available. If you would like to join, book a Boxers event, or would like further information on Boxers Golf Society, you can find us every Saturday morning at the Why Not bar in Albox between 10-11am or you can contact Brian Mayhew on 649 202 198, for booking or cancelling any golfing event, Malcolm Nicholls on 600 080 860, or any Committee Member, anytime. You can also find up-to-date Boxers information online on the Arboleas Forumwww.

valle del este golf

The silverware shone on the 1st tee before the annual 4Ball Better Ball competition began on Friday 9th April, as 24 (-1) members started out, with all to play for. There was a mixture of scoring - from the very good, to the ‘I’m never playing this game again’ sort. But either way the day was enjoyed by all, was played in great spirit and lovely sunshine. The winning pair was Mike Matthews and George Crichton with a score of 45 points.

For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see met the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or call 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number.



media golf society

My friends Earl and Bubba were quietly sitting in their boat fishing, drinking beer when suddenly Bubba said, “I Think I’m going to divorce my wife, she hasn’t spoke to me in over 2 months.” Earl thought for a while, slowly sipped his beer and said, “Better think it over Bubba women like that are hard to find.”

w w w. a l m e r i a f r e e a d s . c o m / webcam

by Sensol Golf Club. The final placings were as follows:-

Runners up were Alan Diskin and John Keogh with 42 3rd were Hazel Stewart and John Sunstrum with 41 (back 6) 4th were George Manus and Colin Floyd also with 41

On the weekend that Tiger makes his return to golf at the masters, we have a couple of tigers in our society and sharks, who seem to feature every week. Tuesday 6 April 1st Mark Newall 36pts 2nd Dick Hull 34pts 3rd Phil Prichett 33pts Friday 9th April 1st Ray Mc Hale 36pts 2nd Mark Newall 33pts 3rd Sean Halligan 32pts Nearest the pins - Sean Halligan and Richard Fahey We play every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at Valle de Este - visitors welcome. Call Alan Townsend on 950 591 991 early to secure a tee off time. Well done tigers and sharks! Enjoy your golf at Valle de Este

course marshal Nick, who will be keeping play moving along smoothly. Next Tuesday’s roll up reverts back to the usual time of 1.06 and Friday at 8.45. (Don’t forget to let John - 950 477347 - know if you are playing on Friday)

badger’s golf society On Wednesday 7th April, the Society played an Individual Stableford competition at Macenas; it was supposed to be at Marina but was cancelled at the last minute due to work on the greens. The course was in great condition with very good greens and the weather the best of the week. 19 players enjoyed a wonderful

day’s golf and the winner with 34 points was Ken Dawkins, 2nd with 33 points was Frank Smith, & 3rd with 33 points on countback was Alan Thomas. There were 4 nearest the pin prizes. On the 9th Gerry Stewart was successful, on the 13th Dave Johnson the 14th saw Phil Kirby closest and Brian Lowden on the 18th were also successful. Next

week’s competition will be at Valle del Este & the following week at Macenas. A competition is held every Wednesday starting at 10am. New members & guests are very welcome, contact Keith Bradley at Badgers Bar Restaurant in Mojacar Playa, telephone number 950 478 525, or mobile number 607 305 339.

INDALO CAR REPAIR & SERVICE CENTRE ALBOX “Our service Free diagnostic testing

makes all the difference.”

• Diagnostics • Auto Electrics • Complete Engine Re-Builds • Pre ITV & ITV • Clutches • Brakes • Timing Belts • Wheel Bearings • Full Service

SERVICE 1 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre............... €95.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€105.00 Over 2 litre.................. €115.00


We repair Scooters, motorbikes & quad

OPEN: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm


Angel Oller

< Albox

Piman /Corivan Arboleas >




SERVICE 2 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre.............. €115.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€125.00 Over 2 litre..................€135.00 includes ITV inspection


Generator repairs mechanical or electrical

Tel: 696 692 053 OR 610 311 511

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news...

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... cortijo grande golf

marina members golf club Monday 5th April In chilly golfing conditions the members enjoyed the luxury of eighteen holes at long last. Quite a contrast between the men and the ladies scores with the first three ladies beating par and none of the men reaching par. In the Ladies division the results were: 1st Dot Harris 39 points 2nd Nuala Hare 38 points 3rd Miriam Staunton 37 points In the Men’s division the results were: 1st Andrew Markham 34 points 2nd Jarlath Staunton 33 points

3rd Frank Varey 31 points Three players managed to hole out in two shots. Nuala Hare on the 5th Frank Varey on the 13th (a par four) June Humphries on the 2nd Thursday 8th April Coming towards the end of their winter stay Alan and June Humphries organised a closely contested Texas Scramble in randomly selected teams of four. The results were: 1st Dot Harris, Sandra Edwards, Tony King and Frank Varey 2nd Val Cooke, Jarlath Staunton, Jim Laird (Guest) and John Pickbourne

forum golf society

Forum Golf Society’s first visit of the year to the long & challenging Hacienda del Alamo course in Murcia for an Individual Stableford Competition saw Derek Manning recording a very impressive performance to claim both first place overall with 39 points and nearest the pin in two on the Par 4th hole. Adrian Lawrence continued his run of good form with 35 points to take second place on countback from Mike Doyle, just one point better than wife Ann Lawrence (4th), Ian Whitby (5th) & Frank Varey (6th), all of whom scored 34 points. Other nearest the pin prizes went to Richard Swaine (12th hole) & Dave Sharp (nearest the 18th in 3) The overall results from the competition saw some changes to the first. twenty places in Forum’s

“Ryder Cup” standings, with leader Fran Elam strengthening her position at the top with a total of 67 points, 4 ahead of John Farley in second. Slightly further down, the week’s biggest movers were Derek Manning (up 13 places to 10th), Ann Lawrence (up 21 places to 18th) and most impressively Mike Doyle, up 23 places from 40th to 17th. Upcoming Fixtures April 23rd - Pairs Betterball Strokeplay at Marina May 7th - Stableford at Playa Serena (overnight stay available) May 8th - Stableford at Almerimar May 11th - Almeria League away to Aguilon For further information contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 /, or see

3rd Margaret Wade,Linda King,Brian Couper and Terry Oliver. Nearest the pin on the 17th hole was won by Val Cooke for the ladies and Geoff Paddock (Guest) for the men. Friday 9th April Marina Members league team entertained Aguilon golf club for the penultimate match of the season and emerged victorious once again (3 1/2 to 1 1/2) thus maintaining their position at the top of the Table. Visitors are very welcome to join our Thursday competitions for a total of 30€ including the green fee, contact Jim on 950 162 727 or Sandra on 950 065 438 (BT)

Wednesday 7th April and we are starting to lose our north European members who sneak back home; they do not understand how good it is here in the summer! We look forward to their return next autumn. Our winner with 35 points Cathal Higgins, second with 33 points Linda Bawden and third with 31 points John Park. Ball sweep winners - Neville Pye & Frank McGovern. Sunday 11th April and two divisions. The first division winner with 35 points Frank McGovern

Almeria Darts TOURNAMENT

The 1st Almeria Darts Tournament took place at The Irish Rover in Mojacar on Saturday 27th March. The competition started at 11am and was concluded at 10pm with the Grand Final. A great day was had by all those who attended & took part. There were some excellent darts played through-out, as players from Albox, Mojacar, Oria, Turre and Vera battled there way through to the Final. This was contested by John Walker and Ant Bowen who both play for Pablos One in the Albox Darts Lge.

from Derek Thompson and Leif Mhyre both with 35 points and back 3 need to split them. Second division, the same problem; Alan Woodward with 33 points, David Hardy with 33 points and Colin Stacey also with 33 points back 6 to decide who won. Ball sweep - Malcolm Cleif. We are at Aguilon next Wednesday with a super price and a good turnout. Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome. To reserve your tee time call 950 475 509 MP

Sol Times Almeria and Sol Times Calida are independent of political parties, private investment and government. Our policy is to provide readers with a news and information service that is fair, accurate and balanced.


John ran out a worthy winner, beating Ant 60, but the contest was closer than the score line suggests. John also scored the only 180 of the day in the final. A big thank you must go to Martin Turner (Scorer), Chris Weir (Caller ), Phil Davis & his staff from the Irish Rover who all worked through-out the day, Peter Taylor (Main Organiser) and John Walker who all helped to make the Tournament a great success. For more information contact Chris on 652 580 695.

Tel: 950 430 820

OPEN: Mon to Thurs 10am - 5pm Friday 10am - 4pm

EL REAL, MOJACAR Claire: 677 993 717 ALBOX, ARBOLEAS, ALFOQUIA: 950 430 820 TURRE, GARRUCHA & SURROUNDING AREA Pat: 677 993 719 CLASSIFIEDS: Lynn: 950 430 820 EDITOR - ADVERTISING - DESIGN - POSTAL ADDRESS: ROC PUBLISHING S.L., APDO. 242, 04800, ALBOX, ALMERIA Sol Times Almeria and Sol Times Calida are independent publications. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria & Murcia. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement. AL-344-2005.

MotoGP 2010: Q&A with Valentino Rossi

The MotoGP World Champion was interviewed by www. as he prepared for the start of the 2010 season, when he will attempt to defend his title.

What have you been doing during the off-season? How much training and how much holidaying? It’s been split 50/50 between holidaying and training. The training during the winter is different compared to the summer, but it’s best not to stop training – it makes it more difficult to restart if you do stop. How do you prepare for a new season? Is it more important to work on your fitness these days? The physical preparation is very important for MotoGP, because you need power and resistance for the 45 minutes of the race, so I train at the gym as usual but at the same time I also try to train with the bike, or motocross or supermotard so as not to lose the feeling with the throttle or the brake. At almost 31 years of age, do you think you’re still improving as a racer, or do you think you have reached the peak of your talents? On February 16 I will be 31 years old! If you think you are at the top you have a big problem, because you always need to improve your style and speed, and try to adapt to the new bike, new tyres and new regulations and try to be that little bit faster than the year before. Who do you think will be tougher to beat this season – Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner or Dani Pedrosa? Why? It’s very difficult to understand who will be the main rival in 2010, because Jorge, Stoner and Pedrosa have all demonstrated in the past that they’re able to win Championships, are fast in all conditions at every track, and throughout the season. We also need to wait to see what level the bikes are at in 2010, but I think all three riders will be very difficult to beat.

had eight, or ten, it would be easier and less risky. But this is the rule, so all the manufacturers have to adapt to this rule, and also all the riders have to pay attention and try to save the engines throughout the end of the season.

Last year you made more mistakes than we’ve become accustomed to seeing you make. Do you think this was to do with the level your rivals pushed you to? In 2009 I made three mistakes in races. That’s a lot, but two of them were because I had slick tyres in wet conditions. After the mistake in Indianapolis, which was the worst of the season, we will try and do much better in 2010. What developments have you personally asked to be made to the M1 this season? We’ve tried to improve the M1 in two ways. Firstly the chassis: we’ve tried to improve the stability of the M1 and create better grip. The second improvement is the engine, because we need a little bit more horsepower. At the same time we need to adjust to working with six engines for 18 races. So we need a little bit more horsepower but at the same time longer life for the engine. What’s your opinion about Ben Spies? Do you think he can be a threat to the current ‘Big Four’ as many people say he will be?

You have made no secret of the fact that you’re not happy about the new engine rule restricting the amount of engines that can be used in a season. How would you change it if you could?

A lot of people are waiting to see Ben Spies, to see his level. He’s the world superbike champion so it will be very interesting to see him in MotoGP. I think Ben has great potential, is a good rider, and is fast and brave. But I hope he will be a little bit slower compared to me, Jorge, Stoner and Pedrosa because four of us is already a lot!

I think it will be a difficult rule or everybody because only six engines for one season is not enough – it’s very tight. If we

What are your thoughts about the news of 1000cc engines returning in two seasons’ time? Is

that an exciting prospect that makes you want to commit to MotoGP for even longer?

It will be interesting, and I’m quite happy because I liked 1000cc in the past. Now we have to understand the rules of these new bikes and new engines, and see if it’s possible to build an engine that is fast and fun to ride like in 2006. Following your recent Ferrari F1 test, people are asking once again if you will move to F1. What do you say about this and how do you expect Ferrari to do this year? I completed another test with the Ferrari F1 in Barcelona, and it was great. I enjoyed it a lot and did some quite good lap times, but I think it will be very difficult to see me in F1. What do you think about Schumacher returning to F1? I think it will be interesting to see his speed, after three years out. Is what Schumacher is doing something you could see yourself doing: that is, leaving MotoGP for a few years and then returning, or do you think that when you do decide to retire it will be for good? It’s a difficult question, I don’t know. A lot of great sportspeople come back, like Michael Jordan or Lance Armstrong. When do you expect to make a decision about your future? I think more or less during the summer. It’s possible I’ll decide what will happen with me in 2011 then. Can you shed any light on what you’re planning? On my future, I haven’t decided yet.


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triggered. Before that Pompey face Wigan at the DW Stadium on Wednesday in the Premier League. “We seem to have everything under control at the moment and will, as usual, put out a strong team against Wigan on Wednesday,” Andronikou said. “The issue was regarding FA Cup appearances. Now we have another problem, albeit a very welcome one, for the final. I’m sure we’ll have a full squad to play against Chelsea in May.” Reaching the FA Cup final has sparked interest from new potential buyers.

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“We had one party who had shown interest, they were hovering, a real significant consortium with sporting interests, and this morning they came to step up their interest.”


just 0.011 seconds right on the finish line.

Having started from pole, Stoner slipped back at the start but soon regained the lead and seemed in command of the race when he unexpectedly slid off on the fifth lap.

Rossi’s victory was the 104th of his career, and he admitted it had been hard work.

Rossi then moved into the lead but could not shake off Dovizioso in second place.

Defending world champion Valentino Rossi won the opening race of the 2010 MotoGP championship in Qatar after Casey Stoner crashed while in the lead. Stoner, who had won all three previous races at the venue, crashed out on lap five when well clear of Rossi. The Italian held off Andrea Dovizioso’s challenge to break clear and win by more than one second, so the real drama was in the battle for second and third. Jorge Lorenzo came second and Dovizioso edged Nicky


Eventually the world champion managed to open up a decent gap on the field, and Dovizioso’s attentions turned to holding off the challenge of Hayden in third. Lorenzo, who admitted he had come into the weekend still not fully recovered from a pre-season hand injury, had a quiet race until he suddenly leapt into contention with two laps to go, bursting into second place. Hayden and Dovizioso then had a fierce battle for third, with the Italian edging out the American off the podium by

“It was a tough race, very, very difficult,” he said afterwards. “Stoner was incredibly fast and I thought he was going to win so when I saw him make a mistake I knew we had to continue to push. It was tough because we struggled with the engine and we were slow on the straights.” “Dovizioso was taking half a second a lap from me on the straight so I had to ride very hard on the infield. “It is a bonus 25 points with Stoner not finishing and it is a great start to the season for us.” Lorenzo, who finished runner-up to Rossi in last season’s championship, was thrilled with second place after his injuryblighted pre-season. “I feel so happy with second, more than some victories in the past,” he told BBC Sport. Japan’s Shoya Tomizawa won the inaugural Moto2 race, ahead of Alex Debon and Jules Cluzel, with Great Britain’s Scott Redding back in 23rd, and the 125cc race was similarly disappointing for the British riders. Bradley Smith could only come home in eighth place and Danny Webb 11th, as Nico Terol, Efren Vazquez and Marc Marquez ensured an all-Spanish podium.

phil mickelson dedicates masters win to wife amy An emotional Phil Mickelson dedicated his third Masters win to his wife, who has been battling breast cancer.

The left-hander became overcome with emotion and shared a long embrace with wife Amy just off the 18th green.

“It feels incredible. I could go on and on about why but to win this tournament is a special, special day,” said Mickelson, who won by three shots.

“I was just really glad she was there - I wasn’t sure she was going to be - and it’s something that I’ll look back on and just cherish,” he revealed.

“It’s something I’ll always cherish. It’s been an emotional year. I’m very proud of my wife and the fight and struggle she’s been through.

“To have Amy and my kids here to share it with, I can’t put into words. It just feels incredible, especially given what we’ve been through in the last year.”

“This win has been one of the best things we’ve been through.”

It has been almost a year since Amy has been battling breast cancer and in that time Mickelson has alternated between playing golf and taking time off to be with her and his mother who was diagnosed with the same condition.

Mickelson’s closing 67 gave him a 16-under-par aggregate of 272 and it was the first of his four majors - he also won the 2005 USPGA - where he has come from behind on the last day to win. The deficit to Lee Westwood with 18 holes to play was only one but Mickelson produced a bogey-free round with five birdies to usurp the Englishman at the top of the leaderboard and seal the title.

His form subsequently dipped and, coming into the Masters, he had failed to win a single tournament this year. The American, who was dressed entirely in black with a pink ribbon stitched on to his cap to promote breast cancer awareness, added: “To be able to share this kind of joy means a lot to us.


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