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31 MAY - 6 JUNE

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PREMURSA announces the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the Paramount Park and LifeStyle Center Project

Jesús Samper, President and CEO of Proyectos Emblemáticos Murcianos (PREMURSA) will be hosting the ‘foundation stone’ ceremony for the Paramount Park and LifeStyle Center in Alhama de Murcia on May, 31st.

Located in Alhama de Murcia Mr. Ramón Luis Valcárcel, President of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia; Mr. Alfonso Fernando Cerón, Mayor of the Town Hall of Alhama de Murcia and Mr. Michael Bartok, Executive Vice President of Paramount Licensing Inc. will also be in attendance. This event marks the starting point of a project that will house the first Paramount Park in Europe and the LifeStyle Center: a social and economic complex that is expected to receive more than 3 million visitors per year and will generate more than 22,600 jobs.



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local news.. Murcia

The Consejo de Gobierno has approved a total expenditure of 11,324,173 euros for the centralised purchase of medical equipment through the Unidad de Aprovisionamiento Integral del Servicio Murciano de Salud (SMS) so as to guarantee sufficient supplies for the next two years. The centralised purchase of these materials will save 2,412,525 euros and is part of the cost optimisation policy of the Comumidad. Specifically 4,977,800 euros is earmarked for the purchase of pacemakers and electrodes, giving a saving of 743,161 euros, while the purchase of volumetric infusion pumps and syringes at 3,625,158 euros will yield a saving of 969,051 euros over 2 years. The 1,897,270 euros for intraocular lenses will save 296,074 euros, while the remaining 823,942 euros will be for the purchase of thermal blankets, compression stockings and sequential compression sleeves, which will save 404,239 euros. All ten hospitals in the Region, the 061 emergency services, the psychiatric hospital Román Alberca and the Centro Regional de Hemodonación will all be supplied in this way. The Ejecutivo Regional has approved the allocation of nearly one million euros to cover over 117 people in a situation of dependency in the towns of Ceuta, Fortuna, Mula, Puerto Lumbreras and Totana.

Sport Lorca

The Concejal de Servicios Sociales del Ayuntamiento de Lorca, María del Carmen Ruiz, has announced that aid granted by the Mesa Solidaria for the city and people of Lorca at their last meeting would be 23,200 €. 10 applications for rent payment aid to families affected by earthquakes would be 18,400 euros. The official figures include: Aid for basic needs - 690 applications approved, or 2,049 beneficiaries. Aid for repayable advances for rent review - 595 applications approved. Financial assistance to families displaced because of earthquakes – 554. Exceptional aid to families affected by the earthquake6 Other expenditures include - Financial Assistance to boost trade. Financial assistance for upgrading the new headquarters of the food market. Economic assistance for the rehabilitation of housing in Calles San Pedro,

Quincalleros, Rincón de Macho y Álamo.


The Consejo de Gobierno of Murcia has given the green light to the investment of 330,000 euros towards improvement of the paving of lanes, sidewalks and roads, and for the strengthening and improvement of public lighting in a total of seven districts of the municipality. The total amount, 333,211.59 euros is available for works to take place within three months. The works are part of a collaboration agreement signed with the autonomous community of Murcia and focuses on improvements to surfaces in La Raya, La Arboleja and El Raal, as well as strengthening and improving the lighting in Rincón de Seca and Los Torreagüera Garres.

Los Alcazares

Spain’s best known heartthrob singer, Julio Iglesias, will be performing in Los Alcazares in the Pabellon Deportivo on Saturday 4th August. 4,000 tickets will be on sale from 35€ upwards, with a further 8,000 tickets available, but at a sliding price scale according to position. For instance, 50€ will get you a spot on the astro turf towards the back, for 80€ your space will be on the grass in front of the stage. For three figures, (120€) you will get a ticket classed as Silver VIP; for an extra 30€, bringing the price up to 150€ you will be classed as a Gold VIP, but the ultimate is the Gold ticket, 295€, and for that you not only get the best seat, but also a Gift bag including in it a CD. Tickets are on sale from Cortes Ingles, or are available on Ticketmaster or similar websites. Doors will open at 21.30, but the great man is not appearing on stage until 23.00. Mayor of Los Alcazares, Anastasio Bastida, suggested to Julio that he stage a concert at the Pabellon, and he said that the singer ‘jumped at the chance.’


Murcia’s exports grew for the third consecutive month, reaching a figure of 59.8 per cent per annum. According to data released by the Centro Regional de Estadística de Murcia Regional exports reached 791.6 million euros, representing growth of 59.8 % over the same period last year. Growth remains highest among energy products, accompanied by the traditional products of the region, such as animal exports (83.6 %), vegetable products (10.6 %), footwear (40.8 %) and metals (22.8 %). The expanding Repsol plant contributed to the regional energy coverage rate going from 0.8 % in the first quarter

of 2011 to 42.3 % in the first quarter of this year. The non-energy trade has also seen an improvement, an increase of 0.9 % in the first quarter, while non-energy imports fell by 1 %. In the whole of Spain, foreign export sales in March reached the 19,888 million euros, 1.2 % more than a year ago, while purchases stood at 23,134 million, 4.6 % lower than March last year. In the first quarter of this year exports increased by 3.2% while imports fell 0.6% which has helped reduce the trade deficit by 16.5%.


The Young Art Laboratory (LAB) is continuing its schedule of artistic workshops through June. Cartagena is the venue for ‘Geocaching: Another way of seeing the world’ on between 26 May and 2 June in the Muram. It is an adventure game for finding objects and places through geolocation, and links to the online project ‘Beltripedia’. On 22 and 23 June ‘Project Management and Independent Cultural Initiatives’ covers an exchange of management experience and self-management abilities. Following the working sessions, ‘The Athenaeum Birds’ will offer a concert to attendees, and other artists will be invited, to be disclosed at a later date. Music, performance and polypoetry will be held from 26 to 30 June. This is a multidisciplinary theatre workshop, concentrating on using the body as an essential tool to create a language of expression and communication by visual and audible means such as voice, body, movement, music or text. This workshop will feature various techniques used in actor training, such as establishing characters, situations and dramatic action. This workshop will conclude on June 30 at 20:00 pm with a polypoetry session. Past workshops included ‘Microguiones’ based on the creation of scripts for publication on the Web, taught by Juan Carlos Martinez, director, writer, photographer and producer of documentaries and short films. Also, dancer Alicia Bernal held a training session of contemporary dance. Exhibitions of photographic works by students of the School of Art, Murcia, under the title ‘ Abstract Murcia ‘, will run from May 28 to June 14. For further information go to: laboratoriodeartejoven@


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Volunteering rates have gone up in recent months. Assisting a person in the process of detoxification, assisting the elderly or hospital visiting are some of the activities undertaken in the last 4 months by 25 volunteers who have joined the project ‘Voluntariado Social Municipal’, put into action by the Concejalía de Voluntariado del Ayuntamiento of San Javier. These 25 volunteers, plus many others who participated on a part-time basis walked, talked and did errands for the elderly in Nursing Homes and Centres. They collected prescriptions, accompanied patients to medical appointments and undertook hospital visits. Specifically, they provided educational support for three children from a family with limited resources, collaborated with Caritas socio workshops, taught Spanish to foreign mothers, and conducted various workshops for older people. The majority of the volunteers are women aged 40-50 years, although more and more male volunteers are coming forward. The Programa de Participación Social y Voluntariado reported the gradual increase of young people who want to volunteer, probably due to the current crisis environment, and the social and educational importance of becoming volunteers. The Concejalía has put together a Reglamento de Voluntariado Social, (Volunteer’s Regulations) which is pending final approval. It will stipulate, among other things the rights and duties of volunteers and the City of San Javier, and establish mechanisms for recognition, measurement and development, and recognising the distinction of the altruistic volunteer efforts made towards contributing to the achievement of a better society. The Concejal de Educación, Participación Ciudadana y Voluntariado , Cati Pérez praised the volunteers, and pledged the support of the Department, while encouraging citizens to join this project ‘because right now more than ever, volunteering is of particular value.’ Alcantarilla The Alcantarilla UPyD hailed as ‘crazy’ the plan by the Consistorio to spend more than 11,000 euros to hire DJ Francisco Rivera, ‘Paqurrín’ and three assistants. Head of UPyD Organization in the Region of Murcia, Alvaro Fernandez, said that, after borrowing 23 million euros from the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO), the plan by Mayor Lázaro Mellado, was a ‘frivolidad.’


The Consejería de Educación, Formación y Empleo has launched an information campaign to raise awareness of the risks arising from the high temperatures recorded in the region in the summer months. For this reason the Director de Trabajo, Fernando Vélez, and the Director del Instituto de Seguridad y Salud Laboral (ISSL), Tomás Pérez have held informational meetings with union and business organisations from the agricultural and construction sector. The Consejaría urged all social organisations and business representatives to take preventive measures to avoid the risk of over exposure of their workers to sunlight or heat, and to implement specific measures to ensure their health. The campaign will provide a training seminar to disseminate knowledge of risk assessment forms, how to deal with heat stress, and how to calculate the metabolic load of the various professional activities. The Seminar will be held on 19 June at the ISSL (Instituto de Seguridad y Salud Laboral). The Department will distribute further information pamphlets in Spanish and Arabic aimed at workers who work outdoors or in contact with heat sources, and disseminate recommendations and scientific studies through the Institute’s website ( This campaign is part of the Regional Plan IV Occupational Health and Safety 2008-2012, aimed at improving the workplace accident record of the region of Murcia. According to the ISSL, last year there were three minor accidents due to heat stroke, two of them in the construction sector and one in the hospitality sector. Measures to prevent heat stress in the workplace include: Maintaining the work environment as cool and dry as possible. Decreasing the intensity of work during the hottest part of the day. Conducting periodic breaks. Wearing suitable light clothing. Drinking fresh water (12 ° C) frequently and in small amounts (one glass every 15-20 minutes). Workers should know the symptoms of heat stress and ways to combat it. Workers must be ‘acclimatised’ to the heat – i.e. should not have health problems that enhance the risk (cardiovascular or circulation problems, be overweight, elderly, alcohol or medication contraindicated, etc.). Symptoms of heat stress include the following: Accelerated heartbeat, elevated body temperature, strong, sudden fatigue, nausea, vertigo or dizziness, a feeling of illness, disorientation or confusion, cramps, cessation of sweating, with the skin becoming hot and dry.

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Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo and will compete to host the 2020 Olympic Games after Doha and Baku were dropped from the list of applicants. The International Olympic Committee announced the shortlist yesterday at its executive board meeting in Quebec City. The winner will be elected on September 7th 2013 in Buenos Aires. The three remaining candidates have 15 months to lobby for votes and impress the IOC’s evaluation commission, which will compile a detailed technical assessment and report on each bid for IOC members to review in July next year. Tokyo, which is bidding for the second time in a row, is the only shortlisted candidate to have hosted an Olympic Games, in 1964. Madrid, which lost out to Rio de Janeiro in the final round of voting for the 2016 Olympics, is bidding for a third consecutive time and Istanbul

a fifth time overall. Doha, the capital of Qatar, and Baku in Azerbaijan were rejected for a second straight time after failing to make the final list of contenders to host the 2016 games. In 2010, Qatar won the bidding to stage the 2022 soccer World Cup. The IOC’s working group report on the five bids concluded that Baku’s infrastructure and experience in hosting major sports events “are not sufficiently developed at this stage to deliver a successful Olympic Games in 2020” and that Doha’s bid to host the Olympics two years before the soccer World Cup “presents significant challenges and risks”. The IOC said the three candidate cities will need to submit a new file with an “in-depth description of their Olympic project” by January 7th and prepare for visits by its evaluation commission starting in February.

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Eight out of ten Spaniards against a return to smoking in public places

Almost eight out of ten Spaniards (78%) are against a return to smoking in bars and restaurants and 82% feel it was the “right” decision to ban smoking in enclosed public places. These are just some of the findings of a survey conducted by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc) on over 4,000 citizens in health centres across Spain, some of them smokers, some non-smokers and others former smokers.

The data contrasts with recent calls for the relaxation of the smoking ban, “especially for revenue purposes,” said vice president of Semfyc, Ana Pastor, who has called

on governments to “listen to the people”. The survey also showed that 37% of Spaniards believe that generic packaging - a simpler packet, without colours, logos or distinctive features - could decrease the attractiveness of cigarettes among adolescents. By contrast, a large majority (62%) of respondents believe that it would have little or no deterrent effect. 26% of those surveyed also wrongly believed that “roll-ups” were less harmful than regular cigarettes, a percentage that rises to 32% amongst the under-30s. The survey also explores how smokers’ habits have changed a year and a half since the laws banning smoking in public places came into force. A massive 90%

said they were “as likely” or “more likely” to go to public venues despite not being able to smoke there. Meanwhile, 20% say they smoke less at home, and smoking in the car has seen a similar drop (15%). 9% of smokers said they now smoked more often, and 46% said they smoked as much as before. Dr. Pastor said a decision to extend the smoking ban to private cars would be “a breakthrough” in terms of passive smoking, but “quite risky in terms of personal freedom”. The survey shows that 35% of smokers had tried to give up cigarettes in 2011, compared with 31% in 2010 and 25% in 2009.

Miracle escape for boy who Rajoy meetS with Hollande in Paris falls from 9th floor

A four-year-old boy has escaped practically unharmed after falling from a 9th floor flat in the district of La Coruña de Fuenlabrada in Madrid after the branches of a tree broke his fall and probably saved his life. Relatives explained how they think the little lad, who was at home with his family, clambered out onto the terrace to try to reach something and then fell into the tree below at around 3.30pm yesterday. Several witnesses have confirmed that the branches of the tree broke the child’s fall, and the emergency services have reported

that the child “appears” to have escaped with nothing but a slight head injury after his dramatic fall. A neighbour said he heard a Nigerian woman shouting and then saw the woman’s child lying in the garden adjacent to the block of flats. The child was conscious, but “with a glazed look in his eyes” and was crying and complaining of a pain in his side, so the neighbour called 112. Sandra, a friend of the little boy’s parents, said it was “a miracle” he had escaped almost unhurt.

Immigrants in Spain feel more integrated than those in Northern Europe

According to the latest survey of immigrants carriedou by the King Balduino Foundation and the Migration Policy Group, legal immigrants in Spain feel more integrated than those in Northern Europe thanks to the ease with which they can handle bureaucratic matters, like requesting residence permits or family reunification; find work and learn the language. Despite the recession, between 65 and 70% of immigrant surveyed in Spanish cities have jobs, but most say they are over-

qualified for their position, but working conditions make it hard for them to improve their training. The survey was carried out in 15 cities in seven European countries Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy and Portugal - to investigate what kind of problems immigrants face when trying to integrate in their adopted country. Although immigrants in Spain were positive about their experiences in finding work or applying for a resident permit, and said they came across very little

discrimination, they did complain about only being given temporary contracts. They said the language was easy to learn and particularly valued the Spanish classes available through integration programmes. On a Europe-wide basis, the survey showed that the most frequent problems in relation to the labour market were the amount of illegal work on offer in Southern Europe, and discrimination and lack of confidence in qualifications in Northern Europe.

Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy was in Paris last week to meet with France’s new President Fraçois Hollande to work out ways of guaranteeing financial stability in the eurozone. He is expected to ask the European Central Bank (ECB) to take measures to ease debt. Just a day after returning to Madrid after taking part in the the NATO summit in Chicago, Rajoy is having lunch with Preisdent Hollande in the Elysée Palace. Mariano Rajoy is the first head of government Hollande has received since taking over from Nicolas Sarkozy on May 15th. Rajoy, who had enjoyed good relations with Nicolas Sarkozy, will have to get along with Hollande, with whom he has already had a brush. At the most recent G8 summit, Hollande suggested that Spanish banks needed to be recapitalised using European

funds, a suggestion that Rajoy objected to. With Rajoy favouring austerity measures and Hollande winning the recent election largely on his rejection of austerity measures in favour of growth-creation measures, the two heads of state will have much to discuss.

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Gibraltar authorities and Nissan announces electric Spanish fishermen clash again van production from 2013 Nissan Motor Co. announced Wednesday it will launch global production of an all-electric van, the e-NV200, as early as next year in the Spanish city of Barcelona, creating 700 jobs.

T h e Japanese carmaker said it would invest 100 million euros ($126 million) in Spain to start production in its 2013 financial year at its Barcelona plant, which already makes the fuel-powered NV200. “The e-NV200 represents a genuine breakthrough in commercial vehicles and further underlines Nissan’s leadership within the electric vehicle segment,” executive vice president Andy Palmer told reporters at the plant. The new model is Nissan’s second allelectric vehicle after the LEAF passenger car and the manufacturer said it expected to create 700 jobs at the plant and among local suppliers. Barcelona will supply the e-NV200 to the global market, said the Yokohama, Japan-based firm. Nissan said range and performance would be similar to that of the LEAF,

which boasts a top speed of over 145 kph (90mph) and range of 175 kilometres (109 miles) per full charge with the air conditioning off. The carmaker said an electric prototype of the NV200 was being evaluated in Europe and trials would continue in the coming months to get “real-world feedback from the most demanding usage”. Nissan employs 4,800 people in three production centres in Spain: Barcelona in the northeast, Avila in the centre and Cantabria in the north, making all-terrain vehicles, vans and lorries. Though Spain has no national car manufacturer of its own -- SEAT is owned by Germany’s Volkswagen Group -- Spain is the second largest car producer in Europe behind Germany and 90 percent of output is for export.

There was renewed conflict in the waters around Gibraltar last night as boats manned by the Royal Gibraltar Police and the Royal Navy followed fishing boats that had set sail from Algeciras port, to stop them casting their nets near the British colony, provoking a confrontation with the Spanish Guardia Civil who were protecting them. Three boats put out from Algeciras port at around 9pm and headed towards an area south of Gibraltar port, with the intention of casting their nets.

According to the fishermen, as they switched on their lights to light up the seabed before casting their nets, a number of Royal Gibraltar Police boats approached, zooming past them time and again at high speed, creating tension and danger. Several Guardia Civil boats and a helicopter responded immediately

to protect the fishermen, as had been agreed by the Spanish government.

A Royal Navy boat also came to the scene, and its captain had a number of radio exchanges with the Guardia Civil boats to try to get them to leave the area.

only to use longline hooks and to not contravene Gibraltarian law until a committee of experts have analysed the type of fishing equipment that can be safely used in the area, as the Spanish fishermen allege that their methods are legal in the EU.

It was one of the most serious incidents since the conflict over fishing in waters close to the Rock erupted in March. the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, maintains that the 1999 agreement, on which the Spanish fishermen are basing their right to fish around the Rock, is illegal because it contravenes a local environmental law passed in 1991 that prohibits wishing with nets in the area. The incident come a day after Picardo and the fishermen’s guild signed a “memorandum of understanding” in which the fishermen agreed

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A third of Spaniards take their mobile everywhere even to the bathroom!! One in three Spaniards say they’d rather miss a flight or lose a gift for a loved one than lose their mobile ‘phone, and admit to taking it everywhere with them, even to the bathroom according to a recent survey by insurance multinational, CPP. The results, published today in a press release from the company, are just a sample of an indepth study on mobile ‘phone addiction and dependence carried out by CPP and due to be published in full in June. Over 1,500 Spaniards from all over the country took part in the survey, which asked people about their mobile habits, the level of security on their mobile ‘phone and what their reaction would be to losing it. A test was devised to ascertain the level of mobile use and a person’s dependence on their own mobile. The results show that more than half of Spaniards use their mobile as a laptop and only 25% turn it off during intimate moments with their partner. 20% of Spaniards leave their mobile on the table during mealtimes, and

over 36% keep it switched on and read messages they receive while they are in the theatre or the cinema. It seems that even at nighttime it’s ever present, with 58% using it as an alarm clock and 5% waking up during the night in order to use it. Although 2% of those surveyed admitted to using applications (sending messages, checking social networks, etc.) whilst driving, 28% said they either turn it off or switch it to silent whilst behind the wheel. Only 1.5% of Spaniards said they would leave their mobile behind when they go on holiday, and half of those surveyed said they carry it at all times in case of an emergency or to be able to contact their family. The analysis of people’s levels of dependence on their mobile showed that a third of those surveyed would sooner lose a day’s holiday than lose their ‘phone and 1% actually said they’d rather their partner was unfaithful to them than lose their mobile.

Spanish companies secure half a billion Slippery euros worth of Floors? business in China

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Spanish and Chinese businesses have taken another step along the road of business cooperation today with the signing of five new agreements on collaboration and nine sales contracts for Spanish products to the value of some 500 million euros. The signing ceremony was presided over by Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, and the President of the Chinese National Popular Assembly, Wu Bangguo, who met to discuss the Spanish economic situation and the eurozone crisis. Sources say that Rajoy expressed his gratitude for China’s support - it is one of the main holders of Spanish debt - and Wu reiterated his confidence in Spain and his desire to see the eurozone economies back in a stable position.

Contracts worth in the region of 500 million euros were signed today, the most valuable of which being the one signed between Telefónica and the Chinese company ZTE, which will become the Spanish firm’s exclusive provider of visual control equipment for the next few years. The sales contracts signed involve a number of different industries, including food, wine, textile, metal

and stone.

China National Pharmaceutical Group will import oil from Borges, Migasa and Sovena España; San Valero vineyards have closed a deal to sell Spanish wine in China; the Pascual Group has signed a contract to export 200 tonnes of yoghurt from Spain; Jaime Llorca will be selling seafood to the China Agricultural Development Group. Concept Class will be exporting Spanish wool to the China Hengtian Group and Chinatex will be importing 20,000 tonnes of Spanish cotton via the English company Liverpool Cargill Cotton Limited. The export of copper to China will be handled by Trafigura; whilst Anrucasol has signed contracts to export Spanish marble and other natural stones. According to the government’s press statement, these contracts reinforce bilateral cooperation in the field of commerce and promote business between the two countries, which was worth 22 billion euros last year. Over the past two years, exports from Spain to China have seen a 30% annual growth rate.


New protests in Spain against labour law reform

Protesters took to the streets of Madrid and several other Spanish cities on Thursday against a government reform of the labour code that makes it cheaper and easier to fire workers. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered near parliament in the Spanish capital as lawmakers inside debated proposed amendments to the reform, which was passed by decree in February. Some were holding signs including “No to junk contracts” and “No to a labour reform that is unfair to workers.” The protests were organised by Spain’s two main unions, the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) and the Union General de Trabajadores (UGT), which in March staged a general strike in protest at the labour market reform. “This reform will provoke an acceleration in the pace of

the destruction of jobs in Spain,” said CCOO head Ignacio Fernandez Toxo at the Madrid rally. UGT leader Candido Mendez said unions “will not stop denouncing this law and demanding that it be changed in depth.” Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government says the labour law reform, which reduces severance pay, is needed to attack Spain’s 24.4 percent jobless rate, the highest level in the industrialised world. But critics say the reforms unfairly favour employers and destroy hard-fought rights. “They are making fun of us. This reform destroys all rights which workers had,” said Luis Lopez Garcia, 37, who works for Madrid city hall.

Spain to close up to 30 state-run airports

According to a report in the Telegraph, some of the airports have no scheduled flights yet are fully staffed and operational in what has come to symbolise the reckless public spending projects that have left Spain crippled with debt. Now the ministry of industry and AENA, the staterun company that controls the nation’s airports, are considering plans to reduce operating hours at three quarters of the airports to include only those when flights are due or with a skeleton staff to operate in an emergency. Among the worst performers are Badajoz airport, near the Portuguese border in western Spain, which saw its last commercial flight take-off in January. In Huesca, a town in northern Spain billed as the “gateway to the Pyrenees”, local authorities have subsidised the rare passengers flying in, just 2,781 of them in the whole of 2011, spending an estimated

€1,600 on each traveller through its terminal last year. The fully staffed terminal in Huesca, including numerous restaurants, are open year-round even though the commercial flights bringing skiers to the region only operate during the winter months. In all, there are 20 airports that handle fewer than 100,000 passengers a year, well below the estimated half a million they need to be profitable. The nation’s two private airports are faring no better. Ciudad Real, which opened in 2008 with the expectation of becoming the capital’s second airport to rival Barajas to the north, was cut from scheduled routes in October last year due to a lack of demand from passengers. To the east of the country in Castellon, the town’s airport inaugurated in March

T he

Spanish doctor ordered to pay child monthly maintenance after botched abortion

A judge on the island of Majorca ordered the unnamed gynaecologist to pay the mother 150,000 euros (£120,000) in “moral damages” for his negligence and a monthly maintenance of 978 euros (£780) until the child reaches its 26th birthday. The court in Palma heard how the woman had sought to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at a clinic in April 2010 when she was eight weeks pregnant but, unbeknown to her at the time, the procedure failed. She returned to the clinic three months later seeking another abortion because she believed that she had fallen pregnant again. But an ultrasound revealed she was five months pregnant and she was refused a termination because it was over the legal time limit of 14 weeks. She was offered a refund of the £320 she paid for the initial procedure and referred to a clinic in Barcelona, which, it was suggested, might have performed a lateterm abortion, but doctors there also refused. She later gave birth to a healthy son, who is now 18

months old. Judge Jose Perez Martinez, in a written ruling ordered the gynaecologist and the private clinic he worked at to pay compensation to the woman. He also ordered the doctor to foot the bill for the upkeep of the unwanted child until he turns 26. The woman, whose identity has been kept secret, spoke through her lawyer of her happiness at the sentence and how she had no regrets about having the child. “I’m fine now and have accepted things, I haven’t any other choice,” she said. “When the day comes for me to explain to my son what happened I will tell him hoping he understands. “I didn’t want him when I went to have an abortion but that’s not the case now.” Her lawyer Eva Munar, admitting the sentence was a legal first in Spain, added: “It’s a fair sentence for what is medical negligence.” The doctor will launch an appeal to have the sentence overturned. Spain reformed its abortion laws under the previous socialist government of Jose

Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in 2010. Under the new law, women have the right to choose an abortion on demand after up to 14 weeks of pregnancy in public hospitals. Under previous legislation, abortion was illegal across Spain unless in the case of rape, serious deformity or if the woman’s health was at risk. More than 100,000 abortions were carried out annually under the old legislation, the vast majority in private clinics and under the justification that the pregnancy posed a “psychological risk” to the mother. The relaxation of the laws was meant with fierce opposition from conservative elements within Spain and especially the Roman Catholic Church. Spain’s new conservative government of Mariano Rajoy, which came to power in December, has suggested it may overturn the reform – provoking a backlash from women’s groups.

Cl ub

Bank robbery shootout leaves passer-by dead A woman has died during a shoot-out after police surprised two robbers holding up a bank in San Juan de Aznalfarache (Sevilla). According to local sources, the shoot-out began just before 9am and the woman, thought to be about 50, died out in the street after getting caught in the crossfire. It appears that two men were trying to rob the branch of Banca Cívica in Calle Antonio Machado in the San Juan Bajo district of San Juan de Aznalfarache, one of the towns on the outskirts of Seville, and were caught in the act by a pair of local police officers on patrol. The same sources have confirmed that one of the would-be robbers has been detained, but the other managed to escape the scene. There is a police manhunt out for him. Although the exact circumstances surrounding the woman’s death have not been established, it appears that she was hit by a stray bullet whilst waiting at a bus stop opposite, about 15 metres away from the bank.

Spain is to partially close 30 of the nation’s 47 state-run airports in an attempt to reduce the costs of its “white elephants” built throughout the nation during the boom years. 2011 at an estimated cost of €150m (£130m), has yet to have a single plane touch down on its runway. “We are analysing each one, airport by airport, to find where we can make cost-cutting,” said a spokesman from AENA. He went on to warn that it was not a simple job and that three quarters of the airports could face being partially closed.




Bowling ∙ Snooker Quiz Nights ∙ Darts Pool Table Social Dancing Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Open 10am - late

Late licence (3.30am) if needed

All you need in one place: monday

T  he Cadillacs 4.30pm to 6.15pm , Entry 5€ tuesday Ballroom Dancing 8pm to 10pm Wednesday Live music from 9.30pm Friday Closed from 6pm for private parties Book yours NOW! Saturdays See guide below Sundays Happy hour 8 - 9.30pm PLUS Karaoke 9pm

saturday 2nd june BARDOI 3 PIECE IRISH BAND plus DJ HELEN

2 course meal + show 8pm 10€ Show only 9.30pm 3€

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2 course meal + show 8pm 10€. Show only 9.30pm 3€

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From 9pm every sunday Karaoke

happy hour

from 8pm-9.30pm

966 717 028


With Vibe FM’s


Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada


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“Allo, Allo” Adhoc Go All Rock’n’Roll Following the astounding success of the “Rock With Adhoc” show where 190 people filled Los Rosales in Guardamar, Adhoc Theatre Company will be holding another fundraising show. The last show raised much needed funds for the theatre company for their sell out comedy “Sex Please We’re Willing”, which raised €1500 for ADMISON charity. Adhoc are now in the process of casting for their next production of “Allo, Allo”, which should take place at the end of the year. Rock’n’Roll with Adhoc will be held on Tuesday June 19th at Los Rosales Restaurant in Guardamar. Doors open at 7.30pm. Starring the fabulous “Cadillacs”, and hosted by “Mr Entertainment” Andy Jones the live music show promises to be another runaway success. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice your jiving skills or just freestyle to all your rock and roll favourites. Tickets are just 5 Euros for the show, and there are also supper tickets available for 5 Euros. To get your tickets, jive on down toThe Postroom, Benijofar, Kennedy’s Supermarket, Los Montesinos,Los Rosales Restaurant, Lemon Tree Road, The Card and Gift Shop, Quesada, Cards and More, La Marina, The Card Place, Benimar Or call 677 600 809 Email – www.

Linen Mills

The Linen Mills Stores are an absolute treasure trove of high quality beds, bedding, mattresses and household linens and so much more …. All stocks are brought over from the UK, directly from the manufacturers and the savings are passed on to the customer. Whatever you need, from a

tea towel or pack of dusters, a new pair of oven gloves to a luxurious leather bed, you will find it a Linen Mills and the prices are incredible. For a great nights sleep,

look out for their superb range of mattresses with prices from just €49 and complete the set with a bed base from an amazing €35. With pillows from €4.95 and sheets from an incredible €3.45, together with a huge

Melody Makers International present their major summer concert Following the great success of both ‘An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber’ and more recently ‘An Evening with Disney’, Nigel Hopkins announces the next major concert which will take place on Saturday 30th June at the Orihuela Costa Hotel Resort at La Zenia. The concert is entitled ‘The Magic of the Musicals’ and will again feature both Melody Makers International and Cantemos! Children’s Choir. There will again be two performances on the day ... in the afternoon at 2pm ... and the evening performance at 8pm. Tickets remain at 10 euros each and may be obtained from the O.C. Resort Box Office (Tel: 966 760 800) or if more convenient at CALLNET - next to Paddy’s Point, La Zenia - (Tel: 966 761 171). The newspapers will be informed next week, which gives members of our Mailing List the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general audience is made aware. The concert will include numbers from very popular musicals including:- Fiddler On The Roof, Blood Brothers,

Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Showboat, Chess, Oliver, We Will Rock You, Camelot, Mamma Mia!, and many more. The concert will be accompanied by our professional band made up of both professionals from the UK and locally. The whole production is directed and conducted by Nigel Hopkins.

This promises to be our best yet, and it is highly commended to our special friends and supporters. We do hope that you will be able to join us, and we will do our best to make your evening at the Musicals a memorable one. Please note that the seats/ tickets are not numbered, and apart from wheelchair carers, prior reservation of seats will not be allowed, so please arrive early if you wish to sit near the front. Please contact Linda Harris (Front of House Manager on 966 764 479 or 646 784 261 ) who will arrange to reserve an aisle seat for each wheelchair carer.

Call into the Linen Mills Store in Quesada on Calle Los Arcos or their Gran Alicant store on Calle Finlandia 7, Commercial Centre and grab yourself a bedding bargain today!

range of bed sets and quilt covers, you can give your bedroom a whole new look this spring at prices that you won’t lose sleep over. Just arrived is a range of towelling bathrobes, in a great choice of colours and a superb selection of rugs.



Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital.

Welcome GO SATELLITE! Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome GO SATELLITE! GO SATELLITE was set up 6 years ago by husband and wife team Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than 20 years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´S Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the “stars”, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving SKY, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before moving to Spain. GO SATELLITE is based in Ciudad Quesada and covers most of the Costa Blanca. Over the past 6 years the company has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities.

The Go Satellite system uses highest quality Portuguesemanufactured dishes and requires NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. GO SATELLITE offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. Ian said “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It’s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing. We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their

needs”. Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the service. Added to that is the fact that GO SATELLITE is a fully legal, Spanish registered business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free no obligation site survey. Go Satellite is going from strength to strength! They have now opened a new office in the Business Centre Calle Los Arcos No7 Ciudad Quesada. So you can now come and meet us and we will endeavour to help you with all of your TV queries. Go Satellite not only provide television but are also able to provide internet and telephone services. Packages are

available to suit all with a switch on/off service available for non residents. If you previously did not h a v e room for a “ b i g dish” th en t h i s problem has also been solved by now being able to receive UK TV on a dish as small as 1metre...with prices starting from only 199€ with NO MONTHLY subscriptions received directly from the satellite, what better way to review your current system. So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or

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Look Good Feel Great Colour-changing contact lenses could replace painful skin prick tests for diabetics

Millions of diabetes sufferers face the daily grind of frequent skin prick tests to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Now researchers have developed an innovative alternative that could reveal the same information in the blink of an eye. A team from The University of Akron have developed a contact lens that senses glucose which is the blood sugar in tears, the natural fluid that bathes the eye. If sugar is not being metabolised properly and glucose concentration builds up in the body, the contact lens will detect a problem and change colour. ‘It works just like pH paper in your high school chemistry lab,’ said Dr Jun Hu. ‘The sugar molecule literally acts like the proton in a pH test, displacing a colour dye embedded in the lens, and the lens changes colour.’ Usually when you dissolve sugars in water you can’t see them. Dr Hu has used a molecule, called a probe, that binds well to sugars that they then combined with a dye. When sugar concentrations rise the sugar binds to the probe and knocks the dye loose, causing a colour change. The person wearing the lens wouldn’t notice the change unless they looked in the mirror, so the team are now designing an app that will calculate sugar levels from a camera phone snap of the eye. Dr Hu said: ‘This device could be used to detect subtle changes in blood sugar levels

for tight management of diabetes. It can also be used to identify patients with prediabetic conditions, allowing early diagnosis that is crucial for preventing diabetes from advancing. ‘The convenience of contact lenses could boost patient compliance to blood sugar testing, as it will reduce discomfort, inconvenience, and even cost. ‘In addition, blood sugar also changes rapidly throughout a normal, active day, so a device that can monitor glucose many times in a day will provide diabetic patients with a very powerful tool in combating such a damaging condition.’ The lens is currently at the prototype phase but scientists say they could be commercially available within three years if all goes well. The next step will be to check that the dye binds completely to the contact lens and does not leach as this could be dangerous to the eye.

KUTS & KLAWS Hair, Hair, Nails Nails & & Beauty Beauty

Karl & Karen

would like to introduce their new beautician kadie

mobile: 667 373 565

We offer an extensive range of treatments for hair, nails including “BLIXZ” toe nails, “Ce Chic” two week nail polish & much more... We are situated just up from Gama in Quesada Town Tel: 966 716 602 - Karl Mobile: 644 125 940 Karen Mobile: 644 125 994

More of us than ever are turning to dieting in a valiant effort to beat the bulge for the summer. But we are mainly doomed to failure, with the average British person spending 14 years of their life counting calories. That adds up to a gutbusting four or five months out of 12 of attempting to stick to a strict healthy eating regime - and beating ourselves up as we fail. One in four people said images of super-thin celebrities made them want to diet, according to the survey of 2,000 people by Philips. A huge 66 per cent said it was the thought of wearing skimpier clothes in the summer that motivated them to get into shape. If the trend continues, as many as one in ten women will spend 18 years of their lives on a diet in the future, the reported concluded. It is not just women who are obsessing about staying thin, either. One in three men are now spending around two to three months

Is your diet doomed to fail? Brits spend 14 YEARS of their lives counting calories

a year trying to lose weight in time for summer. But male dieters are far more likely to stick to their guns, as only one in four ditch their diet before they reach their target weight, compared to one in three women.


A third of dieters said they gave up healthy eating plans out of boredom when one in five blamed lack of discipline.

Miss Hill added: ‘The problem with fad diets is that they are not sustainable, which can lead to people failing and having continued problems with their weight. Taking a long-term view and having a healthy eating plan that can easily be incorporated into your own lifestyle will be much more successful in the long run.’

A huge 66 per cent said it was the thought of wearing skimpier clothes in the summer that motivated them to get into shape. Diet & Nutrition expert Rachael Anne Hill said: ‘It’s clear that the arrival of spring also brings pressure for people to shape up for summer. ‘People would be much better adopting a healthy lifestyle all year round, without concentrating their efforts on a few select

Londoners are the most desperate to diet, with one in three confirming they are swayed by celebrity fads such as Beyonce’s maple syrup diet or Kirsten Dunst’s ‘alkaline diet’.

The top three difficulties those surveyed said they faced were the time a healthy meal tales to prepare, the added cost of eating healthy food and not feeling full after eating a healthy meal.

Sales of dry shampoo rocket

It promises to give you big hair but requires little in terms of time, money or effort. So it’s little wonder that the popularity of dry shampoo is soaring as shoppers try to emulate celebrities such as Cheryl Cole. Sales of the product have rocketed in the past year, and industry analysts estimate one in four women now has a can of the spray on their shelf. Dry shampoo has long been the busy woman’s beauty secret, with a quick spray making hair appear greasefree when there isn’t time for a wash and blow dry. Once used to achieve the big hair look beloved of 70s and 80s style icons such as Joan Collins, it became less fashionable in the 90s as hair styles changed. But more recently, dry shampoo has gone from a niche product bought by festival-goers to one of the most popular hair products on the market. And as big hair comes back into fashion, millions are buying the spray to create the highvolume look favoured by the stars. It achieves this by coating each strand in a talc-like powder, giving it more body and strength. Sales have rocketed by 140 per cent year on year, and research by industry analysts Mintel found 23 per cent of women and 13 per cent of men own a bottle. It is especially popular among younger women, with nearly four in ten of those aged 16 to 24 using it, compared to one in ten of the over-55s, Mintel found. They predict sales will add up to £17million this year. A spokesman said: ‘In addition to cleansing hair, dry shampoo may also be used as a styling product as it creates volume, texture and hold, which allows hair to be moulded more easily into shape. ‘The dry shampoo category has been reaping the rewards of delivering on the lifestyle factor of time pressure.’ The popular Batiste range of dry shampoos extends to 16 different products, while top salons such as Trevor Sorbie and Toni & Guy have created their own versions.

Timeless Fashions FASHION SHOW RAISES 840€ The Fashion Show held by Timeless fashions, on Thursday 17th May, raised a tremendous 840€ for Help At Home Costa Blanca. Tony and Diane, of Timeless fashions, would like to thank The Phoenix Concert Band, The Rascals Theatre Group, all the models and everyone else who worked so hard to make the day a success and raise much needed funds for this very worthy charity.


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Samaritans in Spain – UPDATE

Samaritans Annual Golf Day at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Supermoto comes to the Costa Blanca

Sunday 3rd June will see some of the countries best supermoto racers arrive at the Oliva Kart circuit, near Denia for the second round of the Valencian Supermoto championship. Murcia’s British expat racer Anthony Ford-Dunn will be lining up on the grid alongside his brother Mat for what promises to be a spectacular days racing. Anthony has just come back from a double victory in Portugal that sees him leading the Portuguese Supermoto championship, and he is currently running 3rd in the Spanish, and 2nd in the Catalan championships. So far this year he hasn’t finished a race off the podium! The Oliva Kart circuit is situated at km206, on the N332 between Oliva and Denia. The circuit is easy to find as it runs alongside the N332 with easy parking and a restaurant on site. Directions to the circuit can be found at: Entrance to the event is free and the first of the two races starts at 11.30 am. As usual the brothers Supermotoland team sponsors, Advance Moves International removals and Stratton Motorsports, will be in the Paddock to welcome anyone attending the event to support Anthony and Mat in what should be a great days racing.

DANCERS’ CHEQUE for HELP MMM The Arches Line Dancers presented a cheque for the remarkable sum of €1551 to Bernard Ash, president of HELP Murcia Mar Menor in the entertainment room of the Arches Cafe/Bar on Wednesday, 23rd May. After the presentation the members gave an exhibition of their Line Dancing before enjoying a very nice buffet, provided by Alison Chaplin. This money was collected over this last year, with each member contributing €3 per session. Ray & Lin Chitty, who run the team, said that it as much a social get-together and exercise for all ages as it is a dancing experience. They have donated to other charities in the past and with HELP MMM paying for the buffet, €80 will be donated by Lin to “Help for Heroes Holidays” This has been an exceptional week for HELP MMM, with income from this, the Car Boot stall and an Auction giving our charity the opportunity to donate money to other good causes in the community.

Samaritans in Spain are delighted to announce the following sponsorship for their Annual Golf Day to be held at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club on Saturday 16th June 2012: From John Williams, of the Rental & Sales Centre, Los Dolses, the first prize of four flat screen TVs, and from Violetta Kolodziejczyk of the Rental & Sales Centre, Villamartin, the second prize of four sets of travel luggage. Other sponsorship is being provided by Gavin and Paula of Albatross Golf Tours, Los Dolses; Ann and Richard of Munchies; Ted and Ann of Chemies Bar; and Cameron and Simon of The Hub. (All located in Villamartin Plaza). The golf day is already looking close to being a sell-out, but there are still a few places left. Please contact: Las Colinas Golf & Country Club or John Stephenson on 679 871 156. The Evening Dinner & Dance, also at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club on 16th June, is attracting a lot of interest in the local community with tickets priced at 45 Euros. This includes a cava reception at 7.30pm followed by a four-course meal with wine, beer, soft drinks and coffee. Music throughout the evening will be provided by Paul Allan. For further information please contact Denise on 966 764 279/699 416 819 ...however, they need additional help and are requesting volunteers to assist them on June 16th during both the day and the evening to carry out certain duties (i.e., selling raffle tickets, delivering spot prizes to the venue, and the myriad of other duties that it takes to make a big event like this a successful one). If you can spare a couple of hours on June 16th or if you can help sell raffle tickets in advance, please contact Denise: denise1sams@

Samaritans North Branch, leading the way with a New Exciting Project

Enthusiasm and excitement abounds among our Samaritans Volunteers in the north Costa Blanca as they prepare to take on a new project entitled “Samaritans in the Community”. This talented group of Volunteers brainstormed amongst themselves to come up with the idea and how best to deliver this new service to their community. A chance conversation by one Volunteer with an executive of her local council responsible for foreign residents in her home town provided an opportunity to explain what the Samaritan organisation is all about, and how they could work more closely to serve the community. This resulted in the executive offering a number of locations within the town where “one-toone” private emotional support could be delivered to individuals. This development was discussed at their Listeners’ monthly meeting in March and the idea of reintroducing a Drop-in Centre, offering daytime listening services and face-to-face sessions by appointment, were all added into the melting pot and the project was born. As ideas were thrashed out, it soon became known that other charitable groups in the area had been exploring similar possibilities as to how listening services could best work in conjunction with other organisations and local councils. Realising that the team had a very exciting proposal on its hands, it concentrated on what services it could offer, who they would be co-operating with, how it would operate and when it would commence. After much discussion it was decided that starting in May, a weekly Drop-in Centre would open in Calpé on Monday mornings. This will be followed by the La Nucia Drop-in Centre opening in June, and hopefully another in Alcalali later in the year. Each centre will be manned by at least two Listeners each week. They will also have a mobile phone in order to offer a daytime listening service, which will be available on the normal Samaritans in Spain number - 902 88 35 35 - whilst the centres are being manned. This pilot scheme will be monitored for a three-month period and if the project proves to be successful, the Samaritans are keen to replicate the model in other areas of Spain as soon as practicable. The Trustee Board fully supports this initiative, applauds the team’s proactive approach and forward-thinking, and wishes them every possible success.


Open every Monday morning 10am to 12noon Casal de las Asociaciones, Plaza de la Constitución, at the top end of Gabriel Miro (Most people know it as the old pensionista bar).

********************** HELPLINE - 902 88 35 35

Open 8pm – midnight every evening and 10am – 12noon every Monday.



READER Buzzard capture plans condemned REPORTER

Your recent edition of SolTimes asked for pictures of Bee-eaters...I have attached one I took recently, together with one of a European Roller... another Summer visitor… took these in the Rambla Nogalte which runs between between Puerto Lumbreras and Velez Rubio… and some Griffon Vultures taken by the Muela in Los Velez Natural Park Damian Kampesan

Conservationists have condemned a plan that would allow buzzard nests to be destroyed and enable the birds to be captured to protect pheasant shoots. The UK Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is to research ways of keeping buzzards from targeting the game birds. Defra says it wants to maintain a balance between captive and wild birds that allows both species to thrive. The study is to last three years and could cost up to £375,000. The RSPB said the idea of taking wild buzzards into captivity or destroying their nests was “totally unacceptable”. The bird protection society criticised Defra for spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on the project when money was tight for conservation measures. The RSPB’s conservation director, Martin Harper, said: “We are shocked by Defra’s plans to destroy buzzard nests and to take buzzards into captivity to protect a non-native game bird released in its millions. “Destroying nests is completely unjustified and catching and removing buzzards is unlikely to reduce predation levels, as another buzzard will quickly take its place. “Both techniques would be illegal under current wildlife laws.” A Defra spokeswoman said: “The buzzard population in this country has been protected for over 30 years, and as the RSPB says, has resulted in a fantastic conservation story. “At the same time we have cases of buzzards preying on young pheasants. We are looking at funding research to find ways of protecting these young birds while making sure the buzzard population continues to thrive.” In a document setting out plans for the research project, Defra said the 2011 National Gamekeepers Organisation survey found that three-quarters of gamekeepers (76%) believed buzzards had a harmful effect on pheasant shoots. Buzzards are thought to target pheasant release pens if they find there is a readily available source of food, and the government’s conservation agency Natural England has received a number of requests to license the killing of the birds of prey,

which are a protected species. In one case it was claimed that 25% to 30% of young pheasants were lost to buzzards, making the shoot unsustainable. Buzzards have seen numbers increase by 146% between 1995 and 2009, although the increase appears to have levelled off between 2009 and 2010, according to the British Breeding Bird Survey. But the RSPB said buzzards were eradicated from swathes of Britain by persecution and were only now recovering, as a result of legal protection and changing attitudes by many lowland land managers towards birds of prey. The government’s document said the impact of buzzards on pheasant shoots had not been investigated in detail, and the extent of the issue was unclear. But it said there were a number of sites where buzzards could be contributing to losses, and that there was an urgent need for management measures to reduce the impact on pheasant shoots. The Countryside Alliance welcomed the government’s study, saying it showed the issue of predation by buzzards was being taken seriously. But David Taylor, shooting campaign manager for the group, added: “It is a shame the government have had to commission this expensive exercise simply to appease a group of people who believe that raptors have a greater significance than any other bird. “Such a mentality is dangerous for conservation and scarcely justifies the large cost to the taxpayer.” Tim Russell, director of conservation at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (Basc), said: “In recent years there has been growing concern amongst some gamekeepers that buzzards are causing serious damage around pheasant release pens. Basc believes that good scientific research is essential when making decisions about wildlife management and so we welcome this research.” Nigel Middleton, of the Hawk and Owl Conservation Trust, said destroying the nests of buzzards was tantamount to persecution. “We believe that alternatives should always be sought to lethal control where the commercial interests of humans come into conflict with birds of prey,” he explained.


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Government Has No Plans To Increase VAT In Tourism Sector

At a luncheon organized by KPMG and Europa Press, the Spanish Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, said that “there is no provision” on the table of the Government for a VAT increase for the tourism sector next year. Soria explained that if a tax increase were to be carried out, they would have to consider the impact it would have on all sectors of the Spanish economy, including tourism. He insisted, however, that at this time this measure has not been raised. Continuing on the subject of taxes, Soria acknowledged that, although there was a Government commitment to reduce taxes in the tourism sector, the current situation does not permit this measure to be carried out. In relation to some of the problems facing Spain, the Minister of Industry indicated that the rise in the risk premium, and even the evolution of the stock markets, are more affected by what is happening with Greece than by the adjustments undertaken by the Spanish

Government. In addition, Soria said that while the evolution of the stock markets and the prime risk are “relevant” indicators, they should be of concern in “relative” and not “absolute” terms, and he is convinced that the situation will improve as soon as the ongoing reforms begin to take effect. With regard to the European environment, Diario Sur reported that Soria warned that the departure of Greece from the euro would be, in his opinion, “extremely damaging”. The Industry Minister said that the Government of Spain has made a “commitment to the euro”, which involves “significant” budgetary discipline, macroeconomic stability and structural reforms, and which can place Spain as a “paradigm”. In addition, the Minister has asked the ECB to play a more active role as the monetary authority, in order to resolve the crisis. Soria, while stating that the Spanish Government has taken charge of the situation, stressed

that the Government knows the “recipes” which need to be applied though, he pointed out, they would have no immediate effect. “The only way back to the path of growth, prosperity and employment is that of fiscal consolidation and reforms,” Soria added, and described the challenges facing Spain as “colossal”. “The dimension of our challenges as a country and as a nation is only comparable to the political and economic transformation that Spain lived through in the transition,” he said. Soria clarified that the initial situation was not “as expected”. Thus, compared to the former government’s projected deficit of 6%, the final figure was 8.9% in 2011. “Having met the budget deficit target, with the adjustment approved in December by 15,000 million, it would have been enough to meet the target of 4.4% originally planned for 2012,” he added.


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EXTENSIONS AND/OR SWIMMING POOL IS NOT ON OUR TITLE DEED AND WE ARE TOLD WE CAN NO SELL. WHAT CAN WE DO? Q: We Are Going To Sell Our Property And The Estate Agent Has Told Us That Our Deed Only Contemplates Two Bedrooms,120 M2 And No Swimming Pool , When In Fact Our Property Has Three Bedrooms, 150 M2 And A Very Large Pool. He Has Told Us That He Cannot Market The Property Until This Is Sorted Out. Can This Be Done? A. The normal solution to this, is to gather the documentation to the extension and pool (i.e., building licence, and certificate of end of work from the arquitect with description), and to go to a solicitor, who will prepare a new description to the property and organize for the signing of a new title deed (escritura), the payment of a document tax, and then present the new deed to the property register for registration. When all is finalized (a couple of months) a search certificate should be requested to make sure the registrar has taken note of the new description. What happens when the extension was built many years ago (no less than four in any case), and paperwork cannot be found or never existed?

In this case their is a procedure called “Obra Nueva por Antigüedad” - a rough translation would be declaration of build by antiquity - which will permit you to create a new deed to the property with a correct description. This procedure involves a solicitor, an arquitect, the town hall, the tax office and the property register. This procedure is not possible if the town hall or other urbanistic institutions have questioned the legality of the work within the last four years. It is also not possible when the extension or pool ha been built in one of the areas contemplated in article 185 of the LOUA (essentially beach front and other protected area like for example natural or national Parks). This procedure is not always possible, and the exact requirements and exceptions vary slightly depending on the approximate year that the building took place. The above procedures are not possible when you are part of a División Horizontal (part of a complex), as it would require the previous agreement of all the owners with changes to the original title from which all the deeds derive with changes to the percentages of participation etc. (in other words all but impossible in practical terms). Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.



The Brothers of the Patience Lodge No.2177 Grand Council ...would like to thank Charlie Dimmock for helping to promote the R.A.O.B. here in Spain, when she stopped by to have a cup of tea and a chat with us. Whilst she was at the Homes and Gardens Show San Miguel

Meet the Munchkins of LOZ MontesinOZ


AECC was presented with €820 by the owners of Bar Kenz in San Luis as a a result of their recent comedy fun night, which included Karaoke with DJ Leezy and Dodgy Diva Carolyn performing live. Bar Kenz owners Ken and his wife are shown presenting the money to Maria Wilson of AECC and longtime AECC supporter Debbie Weedon. Ken said afterwards that he thanked all his customers for their fantastic efforts in raising the money and hoped that they enjoyed the evening as well.

On Thursday 31 May,Friday 1st June at 7.30pm and on Saturday 2nd June at 2.30pm. In the Escuela de Musica in Los Montesinos. The Rojales Pantomime Group are presenting their first ever Summer Production which will be The Wizard of Oz.As you may be aware,the Group were thrilled to recieve Sponsorship from Local Spanish buisnesses and rehearsals are going like a Tornado.The Group encouraged by the town hall in Los Montesinos also got the Carmen Lorente Dance school involved and so we’d like to introduce you to these delightful Munchkins of LOZ MontesinOZ along with their proffesora of Dance, Carmen Lorente. The Wizard of Oz has been written in a pantomime style by Barry Cox who also directed the production and will also feature explanations in Spanish to help our Spanish friends follow the action .Along with colourful costumes by Christine Smith and Tina Sinclair and a host of foot tapping songs,this promises to be a real summer spectacular, and you are actively encouraged to participate in true pantomime style and help show our international friends what british panto is all about. We hope to raise as much money for the childrens band in Los Montesinos and to CARITAS as we can. So put on those Ruby slippers and follow the yellow brick road to LOZ MontesinOZ. Will you be off to see the Wizard? Tickets are priced at 7 euros adults and 5 euros children if bought in advance. If any tickets are left they can be purchased on the door but an Adult ticket will cost 8 euros. Children at 5 euros Tickets can be purchased at Bargain Books Torrevieja and San Miguel.The Hire Centre San Luis, Acadamia de baile de Carmen Lorente Los Montesinos (after 4pm weekdays) BJ’s Los Montesinos, Quesada Fish and Chips. Halfway House Quesada. La Marina Fancy Dress,Cards4U La Marina. The Rojales pantomime groups next production will be the ever popular Dick Whittington and the group would love to attract new members,If you would like to recieve more details then they would love to hear from you. For more info please contact Chris at or Barry - the Photo shows Carmen Lorente with the LOZ MontesinOZ Munchkins.

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the spirit of england

CANTABILE SINGERS are pleased to announce their forthcoming concert, ‘The Spirit of England’ – Gala Olímpica – in aid of the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association. The ladies of Cantabile will be joined in this major concert of English music and dance by their guests, the phenomenal JUST BRASS and the colourfully spectacular TERRI HORVATH MORRIS dancers, at the Municipal Theatre, Torrevieja, on Saturday June 2nd at 7.30pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT GENTLEMEN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN IF WEARING SHORT TROUSERS: Inspired by Britain’s celebration of the Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne, the programme will consist of songs, instrumental and Morris dance music, written by English

composers throughout the centuries: from Purcell to John Rutter; from ancient traditional ditties to the big classical guns such as Elgar and Vaughan Williams, from the spiritual to the nostalgic, and will include Paul Mealor’s brand new 2011 composition, ‘Wherever You Are’. The programme will be compèred by Jeff Hyde. Tickets for the event cost 5 Euros and may be purchased in advance from the Municipal Theatre box office, Plaza Miguel Hernández, Torrevieja, or ‘Servicam’. Please contact Chairman Phyl Webb on 965077457 or MD Jen Morton on 966796866 or e-mail for further information.

CRESCENDO OCTOGENARIAN Crescendo had already arranged a menu del dia social lunch at their rehearsal venue for May 16th when they realized that the date picked coincided with the 80th birthday of one of their members, Around forty members and friends of the choir gathered at El Paraiso in Jardin del Mar for a very festive lunch. GERRY SMITH, the birthday ‘boy’ and his wife Rhona sat at the head of the table with a birthday cake made by Jean Wallace and several cards. Gerry is a popular member of the choir, which he joined in Sept 2005, singing bass. After the meal, John Dunkin played the keyboard for a sing-along session till the rest of the choir arrived for rehearsal. Gerry then produced champagne and small iced cakes for everybody. MANY HAPPY RETURNS GERRY!


In aid of EMAUS (Childrens Orphanage in Elche)

Saturday 9th & 10th June ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT, to get your entry in for the ´MY SPAIN¨Art Competition that is being held at Casa La Pedrera, in conjunction with the Music, Arts and Craft Festival on the 9th & 10th of June. The competition closes on the 31st of May and if a fantastic opportunity for budding artists, to display their Work. There are children and adult categories with fabulous prizes to be won. The exhibition is open to the public from the 1st of June - 10th of June and is being held inside the Grand Design House, just off the CV95, between San Miguel and Bigastro. Not only does the public have the opportunity to bid on the paintings that have been donated by the artists, but they will be able to nominate their favourite, which will receive a special prize. Entry is only a euro, and all proceeds are for EMAUS Winners of the competition will be announced at the Festival on Sunday the 10th with a special prize giving. There will be plenty of entertainment over the weekend including music from Just Brass, young singer Emily Hullman, Dancing from Footwork Dancers, StageStruck Morris Dancing and many more. Fantastic Artisan Craft Stalls, plus an all day BBQ and a wood fired paella will be available. So don´t miss out! Get your entry forms by calling Jenni on 660816620 or email More information can be found on the website at which has a link to the Face Book Page.

The Wiz

! d e d n a L s a H d r a

For a Fun-filled show packed full of Entertainment,why dont you head off to LOZ MontesinOZ on Thursday Friday and Saturday 31 May and June 1st and 2nd. Why? Because, because, because, because, because....the Rojales Panto Group are performing their summer spectacular The Wizard of Oz! Written in a pantomime style by the shows Director Barry Cox; Barry was asked by the town hall in Los Montesinos after their last production if they could somehow involve the Spanish community. The Panto Group responded and rose to the challenge. Barry and his partner Donald went to seek help from various local spanish companies and in the interest of intergration they were able to sponsor this production. Mandy o Hagan who runs the entertainment agency Stars in Bars organised a very Successful charity evening to

raise money for the group who are in need of sound equipment,and Carmen Lorente one of the best flamenco dancers on the costa blanca who runs a dance school in the town, agreed for her students to take part, and hey presto, The Wizard was starting to take shape. With colouful costumes by Chrisine Smith (who directed the very popular Aladdin last December) and Tina Sinclaire. Catchy Songs guaranteed to have your feet tapping,some talking trees and a couple of Skeletons thrown in for good measure. Why dont you follow the Yellow brick road to the school of music in LOZ MontesinOZ to meet Dorothy,The Scarecow,Tinman and the Funniest Lion You’ll ever meet. Tickets will be available on the door priced at 8€ Adult and 5€ Child. The performance times are Thu 31 May and Fri 1 June at 7.30pm and Sat 2nd June at 2.30.

Doors will be open 30 minutes before each performance. The Wizard Has Landed. Photo shows members of The Panto Group





JUBILEE SPECIAL y the capital has ever rt pa t es gg bi e th be to s It promise geantr y and fest ivities pa p, m po of ys da ur Fo witnessed. people taking to the of ns io ill m e se to y el lik that are cu lar Diamond Jubi lee ta ec sp e th ith w in in jo streets to hout the weekend. ug ro th e ac pl ng ki ta ns tio celebra

As well as the more traditional events, such as a Service of Thanksgiving and formal receptions, there will be incredible spectacles such as the 1,000-strong flotilla along the Thames and the Diamond Jubilee Concert in front of Buckingham Palace. There will be more informal affairs, too, like the Big Jubilee Lunch with 10,000 street parties planned across Britain – double the amount held to mark last year’s wedding of Kate and William! A magnificent flotilla of boats along the River Thames will provide one of the most spectacular Diamond Jubilee sights. The Queen will be joined by members of her family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as she and the Duke of Edinburgh travel on the Royal Barge. Other senior royals will board different vessels for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, which will consist of up to 1,000 boats, many of them historical in nature to reflect Britain’s unique maritime heritage. At seven miles in length, the flotilla will pass by London’s key landmarks and take an estimated 75 minutes to complete the route. On Monday 4th June, a special concert organised by the BBC and singer Gary Barlow will be held at Buckingham Palace. It will be attended by the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family in the surroundings of the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace. Guests, who were granted tickets by ballot, will also be invited to attend a Jubilee picnic in the Buckingham Palace Gardens. The concert will begin at 19:30BST. Headline acts include classic hits and one-off collaborations from artists including Shirley Bassey, Alfie Boe, Jools Holland, Jessie J, JLS, Elton John, Tom Jones, Lang Lang, Annie Lennox, Madness, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard and Ed Sheeran. When the concert ends at 22:00BST, more than 4,000 beacons will be lit in the UK and around

the world to mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign. Beacon lighting takes place between 22:00 and 22:30BST in the UK and 22:00 in other countries. The Queen lights the UK’s last beacon - the National Beacon - at about 22:30BST. Then there will be a firework display at Buckingham Palace. Religious buildings are also being encouraged to light a church tower beacon to mark the occasion. Many communities are organising special events around their beacon lighting, with fireworks and music. The final day of the Diamond Jubilee weekend - Tuesday 5th June - will be marked by a national service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. There will be a special prayer for the Diamond Jubilee. This will be followed by two receptions, a lunch at Westminster Hall and a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace, with a balcony appearance and a fly-past.


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Sport Moncayo Market are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with a spectacular 2 day event on the 1st and 2nd June Friday and Saturday. Lots of entertainment on both days, including a royal lookalike competition, live entertainment, Right Royal Quiz, Prizes for tombola’s and raffles throughout both days. On the Saturday there will be a Classic Car and Bike Rally queens diamond jubilee

bbq & curry feast saturday 2nd june 2012. from l2 onwards.

food, beer, wine, tea call or ask at bar for details

menu includes, hot dogs, ¼lb burgers, ribs la boheme style, pork chops, sardines, sausages, coleslaw, chips etc

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Plaza tolosa no.22 - san luis Tel: 966 189 868

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It’s A Right Royal Weekend! at

Moncayo Market

Retail Village and Re-Sale Market We are going all out to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd June • • • •

Live Entertainment Live Broadcast from Vibe FM A Right Royal Quiz A Right royal Lookalike Competition if you think you can pull off a Royal Lookalike – then come on down!

Loads of prizes to be won, tombolas, raffles and much more.

Classic Car Show & Auto Jumble (sponsored by AST Automotive Tools) on Saturday 2nd June Don’t forget the famous Moncayo Re-Sale market and of course the fantastic Retail Village and Regular Market. A great day out for all the Family

Tel: 966 726 891


goods, hand made cards, home m pies and cakes. Raffle and a priz most appropriately dressed pers Janine 966 261 359 or Maddie 966 0 663 669 870 for details.

Mr. Smiths Bar and Restaurant, in are holding a Diamond Jubilee Tuesday 3rd June. Fun for all the fa BBQ and live entertainment all da

SIDNEYS BAR will be providing an incredible – all you can eat and drink buffet at just 1€ per person – when it’s gone, it’s The Inn at The Green, Entre gone so make sure you get there early. And Diamond Jubilee celebrations kic of course the regular Market, Re-sale market 4pm on Sunday 3rd June. The day of some unfortunate neighbours and Retail Village will be in full swing. Montesinos. It promises to be a fu day with prizes for the best decora Ladies Who Lunch, who support Paul Fancy dress (adults and children) Cunningham Nurses are organising a can pre-book your party platter at ROYAL GARDEN PARTY on Saturday kitchen – Tel: 639 969 347. You wi 6th June in Quesada. Bucks Fizz followed bring your own tables and chairs by a traditional English afternoon tea. Live can be set up anytime after 12 noo entertainment, stalls – ladies fashions, fancy day. In addition there will be Bingo Here is our run-down of events over the Diamond Jubilee weekend, including approximate timings: Saturday 2 June, 2012

16:15BST – The Royal Barge alongside HMS President (Royal Reserve Unit), near Tower Bridge

The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby. Sunday 3 June, 2012 The Big Jubilee Lunch: Building on the already popular Big Lunch initiative, people will be encouraged to share lunch with neighbours and friends as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The Thames Diamond Jubilee Approximate timings are as follows:



14:30BST – The Queen embarks the Royal barge, Dr Hans C. Madsen Laser Specialist

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the Spirit of Chartwell, near Bridge

10am-1.30pm & 3pm-6pm No.90 –L8, 03178, Benijofar (Opposite the Citroen 3pm-6pm Garage) 10am-1.30pm & 3pm-6pm 966 185 242 3pm-6pm 693 371 616/617 10am-1.30pm

Monday 4 June, 2012

BBC Concert at Buckingham Pal

followed by The Queen’s Di Jubilee Beacons - a network of Beacons will be lit by comm and individuals throughout the Kingdom, as well as the Channel I the Isle of Man and the Commonw As in 2002, The Queen will lig National Beacon. Find out more

Approximate timings are as follo

19:30BST – Diamond Jubilee C at Buckingham Palace begins

After 22:30BST – The Queen lig National Beacon outside Bucki Palace Tuesday 5 June, 2012

On Tuesday 5 June, the Di Jubilee weekend will culminate day of celebrations in central L including a service at St Paul’s Ca followed by two receptions, a lu Westminster Hall, a Carriage Proc to Buckingham Palace and fin Balcony appearance, Flypast, and Joie.




Quiz, Pool Competition and games for the young ones. There will also be a raffle with all proceeds going to the unfortunates in Los Montesinos together with any unperishable foods, washing powder, nappies etc, which you can bring along on the day.

n Quesada Party on amily with The Rojales Steak House is holding a Charity Fish and Chip Supper on Friday ay. 1st June to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. There will be live entertainment Naranjos ck off at and tickets are just €8.50 and are available y is in aid from the restaurant or the bar. There will be s in Los a raffle on the night and all proceeds will go un packed to The Butterfly Children’s Charity. ated table, ) and you t Emma’s Billy and Christine of The Thistle and ill need to Dragon, on Benimar II welcome everyone to and they join them for a Jubilee Party and Community on on the Get Together on Sunday 3rd June. There o, a Table will be a BBQ and Live music from 3pm. Albert

Enjoy a BBQ and Curry feast and join La Boheme Bar Resaurant in San Luis for a Jubilee Celebration on Saturday 2nd June, starting at 12 noon. Food, beer, wine,tea and a bouncy castle for the kids. Tel: 966 189 868 or call at the bar for details. The So Bar has now re-opened and is celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee, with a Red, White and Blue Theme Party, with music supplied by Ken the Comet – it all takes place from 5pm on Saturday 2nd June – don’t’t miss it!

50% off all matTresses

Approximate timings are as follows:

See our Advertisement on page 13 for more information

12.30BST – The Queen travels by car from Mansion iamond House to the Palace of Westminster f 2,012 14:20BST – Carriage Procession from Westminster munities Hall to Buckingham Palace commences United Approximately 15:25BST – Royal Family appear Islands, wealth. on the Balcony at Buckingham Palace ght the

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10:15BST – The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace comes by car l Naval 10:30-11.30BST – Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s


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Entries are coming into the ´My Spain´¨ Art Competition and it is a thrill to see the pictures coming in. I have always said there is a huge wealth of talent on the Costa Blanca, but what I am finding interesting is, that a lot of people are new to art, and have only taken it up drawing or painting recently. I suppose this has given me some hope in that one day, I might just find the time, and progress beyond drawing childish stick men. Even though I cannot draw, I do find art exciting and enjoy the diversity especially when each one interprets the same subject differently and makes it their own. There is one particular painting in the competition that in essence is very simple, it is a picture of a Hibiscus Flower. On closer inspection however, the artist has painted the petals, to look like a flamenco dress, the edges being the ruffles. Art it is subjective and what I find attractive or inspirational, will leave someone else cold. For example, who in their right mind would ever have thought that Tracey Emin´s ¨My Bed, would reach such heights? It essentially was her bed that she presented as it had been when she had stayed in it for several days, feeling suicidal because of relationship difficulties. One lady came to the exhibition with cleaning materials and had to be stopped from tidying it up. She certainly did not think it was art! Another British Artist who constantly challenges boundaries is Damien Hirst. His central theme of Death, and his most famous work being animals preserved in formaldehyde.have made him a very wealthy. He is internationally renowned and is reportedly Britain’s richest living artist, with his wealth valued at £215m in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. What I find quite funny, is that in 1993 Emin opened up a shop in Bethnal Green, where she sold her paintings and T-Shirts, including ash trays with Damien Hirst’s picture stuck to the bottom. What Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin have achieved is what art sets out to achieve. It is to challenge, to evoke strong passions, to record history, time, places and events. It is also their work, in that it is so different, so controversial, that catapults them into the media spotlight and then into the public domain. The first such artist however to enjoy the obsessive attention of mass media, was a Spaniard, born in Malaga, and his name was Pablo Picasso. Had it not been for his restless changes of style, his constant pushing of the envelope, would not have created such controversy - and thus such celebrity. Way back in 1961 he was already an international star, the world’s most famous living artist

Awnings direct

• Retractable Awnings • Toldo Plano (glorieta) • Balcony Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Window Blinds • New Covers • Repairs at least 150 colours to choose from

Tel: Mick: 676 583 246 From La Marina to San Javier

with paparazzi chronicling his every move. He is one of the most recognized figures in 20th-century art. He is best known for co-founding the Cubist movement and for the wide variety of styles embodied in his work however it is his work Guernica (1937), his portrayal of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War that had the effect of bringing the Spanish Civil War to the world´s attention. It´s powerful images had a massive impact and changed peoples lives directly as a result. It was created in response to the bombing of Guernica, Basque Country, by German and Italian warplanes at the behest of the Spanish Nationalist forces, on 26 April 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. The Spanish Republican government commissioned Picasso to create a large mural for the Spanish display at the Paris International Exposition at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. Picasso said as he worked on the mural: “The Spanish struggle is the fight of reaction against the people, against freedom. My whole life as an artist has been nothing more than a continuous struggle against reaction and the death of art. How could anybody think for a moment that I could be in agreement with reaction and death? ... In the panel on which I am working, which I shall call Guernica, and in all my recent works of art, I clearly express my abhorrence of the military caste which has sunk Spain in an ocean of pain and death. While living in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II, Picasso suffered harassment from the Gestapo. One officer allegedly asked him, upon seeing a photo of Guernica in his apartment, “Did you do that?” Picasso responded, “No, you did.” The painting went on tour and was shown in many places all over the world. During the Vietnam War, the room containing the painting became the site of occasional antiwar vigils and was used amongst other things to raise funds and support for Spanish refugees . After Franco’s death, Spain was transformed into a democratic constitutional monarchy; the painting finally returned to Spain in 1981 and it now displayed in the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid During the 1970s, it was a symbol for Spaniards of both the end of the Franco regime and of Basque nationalism. Hopefully you have become inspired to pick up the paint brush, or to perhaps look at art in another way, I however have become placated from a quote from Picasso where he said All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up¨ - So maybe my stick men are not so bad after all. Please come and show your support for the local artists and visit the exhibition at Casa La Pedrera which takes place from the 1st to the 10th of June from 11am - 6pm daily. Entry is a euro which goes to EMAUS. I do hope to see you soon, canvas in hand perhaps?...... Jenni

Casa La Pedrera

Casa La Pedrera, Outdoor & Activity Centre ~ POOL RE-OPENS 1st JUNE

With Family & Friends Visiting keep them entertained! We offer Quad Biking, Horse & Pony Treks, Archery, Air-Rifle, Fishing & Canoeing.for all ages. Call 660816620 to book or check the website at which has a link to the Facebook Page. Next Event: Music, Arts & Craft Festival 9th & 10th June

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For all your needs swimming pool

chemicals, pumps, cleaning equipment, and more! Bring this advert for a 10% discount on all chemicals and a free pool water health check!

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The first half of the May meeting was a very interesting talk about ALOE VERAS by INGE WIESCHALLA who has been growing them and working with them for several years. She explained the health giving properties of this plant, used both externally and internally to keep skin healthy and also as a tonic. Inge has a web site www. yo-soy-aloevera. de which is full of information. The second part of the meeting was the annual rose competition. There were two classes to be judged by club experts Ron Harris and John Howes….a single stem rose and a floribunda. After they had chosen their winners, every member of the club (almost a hundred at this meeting) were asked to judge the best perfumed rose. All three winners received a certificate and a small vase. Next meeting is on Mon June 4th from 2-4pm at Los Rosales

on the Lemon Tree Road, Guadamar. Speakers will be club members John Howes and Mitch Fell talking about flowering plants for the garden including daturas and agapanthus. Also there is the photo competition,

this year “Wildlife in your garden” so dig out that photo you took of the giant caterpillar or the kestrel on the fence, we would love to see them. All inquiries to Val the chairman on 966 716 527


STEELWORK DIRECT Manufacturers of high quality security grills and ornate iron work

covers all areas from Quesada Trade and Community Enquiries welcome •Security Grills/Handrails Arches •Electric and Manual Gates •Decorative Fencing •Garden Furniture •Gazebos, Car Ports, etc Calle Heredades, Almoradi

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Ballroom & Latin American Dancing The History History Of Of The The Quickstep Quickstep The

There are several dances thought to have been the influence into the development of the Quickstep. During the 1920s, as Ragtime music evolved into Swing, new dances such as the Charleston, the Shimmy, and the Black Bottom became popular. The Charleston was said to have originated in the Cape Verde Islands. It evolved into a vigorous round dance done by Negro dock workers in the Port of Charleston. It was first performed on stage in New York in 1922 in a black revue by George White and became popular in white society in 1923 after appearing in the stage show ‘Running Wild’ by the Ziegfeld Follies, which toured the USA. It became popular in Europe in the 1920s by Josephine Baker in Paris. It was danced with wild swinging arms and side kicks to music at 200 to 240 beats per minute. It then became very popular worldwide, but the wild character of the dance meant that many ballrooms either banned it altogether, or put up notices stating

simply ‘PCQ’, standing for “Please Charleston Quietly The Black Bottom presumably originated in the suburbs of Detroit of that name, although it has also been said to have come from New York or New Orleans. The dance became popular after its inclusion in the stage show of 1926 George White’s “Scandals”. It was done to music at 140 to 160 beats per minute, and involved swaying the torso, bending the knees and short kicks. The Shimmy was probably derived from a Nigerian dance, the Shika, taken to America by the black slaves. It was mentioned in the song of 1909 ‘The Bullfrog Hop’ by Perry Bradford. It became very popular in the USA between 1910 and 1920, and became a national craze in 1922 after Gilda Gray introduced it in the Zeigfeld Follies. She claimed the name comes from “chemise”, having been asked by a reporter what she shook when dancing it. However in 1919, Mae West claims to have done it earlier, in the

show ‘Sometime’, although she was arrested for it only in 1926 in her stage show “Sex”. Mae West’s Shimmy was described by the singer Ethel Waters saying “she put her hands on her hips and worked her body fast without moving the feet”. Today, the word means to shake the shoulders or hips rapidly, rotating them alternately left and right forward and back about a

vertical axis. All of these dances became absorbed into a faster version of Foxtrot after a visit in 1923 by Paul Whiteman’s band to the UK. During the 1920s many bands were playing the Slow Foxtrot too fast and eventually they developed into two quite separate dances the Slow Foxtrot and the QuickTime Foxtrot. The Quickstep as we know

it is English in origin and it is through the change in tempo played by the bands, and the Charleston influence of the 1920’s that was responsible for the evolution of the Quickstep. The English developed the Quickstep from the original Charleston as a progressive dance without kicks and mixed in the fast Foxtrot. They called this dance “the QuickTime Foxtrot and Charleston”. The Charleston was originally a dance for individuals but in 1927 at the ‘Star Championships’ an English couple Frank Ford and Molly Spain performed a version of the QuickTime Foxtrot and Charleston without the Charleston knee action and turned it into a dance for couples instead of individuals. The Charleston step and the Scatter Chasses were introduced into the Quickstep by Wally Fryer and Vi Barnes in London in the 1940’s. It is not known for sure, but it is thought that the Quickstep became so popular in Britain as a way to keep warm indoors during the cold Winter weather. It is a proven fact that the energy exerted performing a 60 second Quickstep is equivalent to

By Lyn Aspden of ‘Strictly Dance’ MUKA (class details 635 584 431) running a mile in record time. (Which would you prefer!!) The Quickstep gradually evolved into a very dynamic one with a lot of movement around the dance floor, with many advanced patterns including hops, runs, quick steps with a lot of momentum, and rotation. The tempo of Quickstep dance is rather brisk as it was developed to ragtime era jazz music which is fast-paced when compared to other dance music. By the end of the 20th century the complexity of Quickstep as done by advanced dancers had increased, due to the extensive use of syncopated steps some being as quick as an eighth of a beat duration. While in older times quickstep patterns were counted with “quick” (one beat) and “slow” (two beats) steps, many advanced patterns today are cued with split beats, such as “quick-andquick-and-quick, quick, slow”, with there being further steps on the ‘and’s. Next week we will look at the characteristics of the Quickstep and what makes a good Quickstep.


Moncayo Market is looking for serious retailers and service people! If you are looking for a business opportunity, or you already have a business, but are finding it difficult to meet the monthly costs – We may have the answer you are looking for! For as little as 120€ a month you could have your own sales outlet with massive, guaranteed passing trade. The Moncayo Retail Village is up and running and we are looking for people with a positive attitude, who would like the

opportunity to trade within our Retail Village, which is situated alongside the busy Moncayo market which is currently open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. With over 20 units already let and another 20 reserved, there is limited space available within this unique marketplace – but you need to move quickly! Anyone interested should either come along to the Moncayo Market, which is situated behind the Procomobel Home Centre or call Paul on 660 249 876


Should you ever be in Cádiz and be inclined to visit the Holy and Apostolic Cathedral I have some experiences that I feel I should share with you – forewarned is fore armed, they say. The Cathedral is easy to find; indeed it would be hard to hide such a thumping great building in such a flat city. Having found it the exterior, in my opinion, is very impressive, and the square in which it stands is lovely. Feeling inclined to see if the interior was as pleasing as the exterior, I poddled through the door, undaunted by the proclamation announcing that pensionistas would have to pay 3€ to proceed further, but that the rest of the world would have to stump up 5€. Confident in the knowledge that I had a magic card proving that I was of the reduced entry fee age I approached the desk behind which a bearded gentleman of clerical appearance was piously reading a book, probably about the life of a Saint, or something equally improving. As I approached he glanced up from his studies, and with certainty but without pause said ‘Tres euroes.’ if I Even

By Jos Biggs


did look my age I felt he could have been a little more tactful, but I decided that rebuking a man of God, especially in God’s own house, was certain to end in hell fire and brimstones. I circumnavigated the interior, suitably impressed, then noticed the Crypt. Aha! I thought, as I descended into its dimly lit interior, ready to meet its silent inhabitants. I stepped into its circular stone atrium, which is topped by a huge stone dome. As I walked forward to admire its beautiful symmetry hundreds of small hands softly and reverentially applauded my every step from all around the atrium.



footsteps echoing from the round dome! But for a second there, it had me going! Emerging once more into the sunlight I headed for the port, passing the Casa Consistorial (Town Hall) on my way. It’s not a shy building – above its front door is the message that it is the Casa Consistorial of the Very Noble, Very Faithful and Most Heroic City of Cádiz. Funny, I don’t remember ever seeing such an inspiring inscription above Axminster Town Hall!

I paused. Were the long-dead Archbishops and nobles buried here pleased to see me? Would they emerge from the walls to take me with them to a better place? Or was I about to vanish without trace from this earth, to reside forever with the blesséd dead behind the stone walls? No, it was my sandaled

Life’s a lottery for Forgotten Causes....

With the exception of those people who have the emotions of mosquitoes and are as hard hearted as Cinderella’s step mother, it would be impossible not to be moved by the National Lottery advertisement on television, currently being shown. It features a Second World War veteran who, with the aid of lottery money, was able to return to the Far East where he spent time as a prisoner of war under the harsh regime of his Japanese captors.

The old soldier’s name is Jack Jennings. The ad features harrowing flashbacks of his experiences there and the camera close ups show Jack visibly affected as he visits the war graves of his dead comrades in Thailand. It’s a brilliant piece of filming designed to underline the good causes to which lottery

money has been put and of course to sell yet more lottery tickets to you and me.

I have listened to Jack on YouTube and it is heart warming to hear that his haunted dreams of the last sixty seven years have been finally laid to rest, having now re-visited the country where he experienced so much brutality and suffering. Jack is one of many who have been helped under the Heroes Return scheme and if ever there was ever a good example of a worthy target for lottery grants, then this is it. But what constitutes a good cause? Well if you are a cross dresser from Accrington who feels that there are no facilities in the area where others of a like mind can meet and swop fashion tips, then for you this is a good cause. Likewise for basket weavers in Uganda and devil worshippers in Henley-on-Thames. Each could make a case for receiving a slice of the action because to them, what they do is a worthy enterprise. Extreme examples perhaps, but some of the recipients of lottery cash down the years have been questionable to say the least.

By Colin Bird :

There are without doubt thousands of deserving organisations, individuals and laudable projects, but even with the vast resources of the lottery fund it can only be a selection that will actually receive backing. Therefore it has to be a simple case of priorities and this is where I have the biggest problem.

Grants are divided into four main categories – The Arts, Sport, Heritage and what is known as: the Big Lottery Fund, so named because it receives around 50% of the total allocation and covers health, charities, education and the environment. Over 15million has been pumped into exploring faiths and religion for example. But what the hell does that mean. Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons operate a door to door service completely free of charge and usually when I am in the middle of lunch. But if I want to explore these subjects more deeply, I am well equipped to do so under my own steam and surely faith by definition means that this is a highly personal matter and has come about in a natural and organic way. And the worryingly termed

‘exploration of religions’ is usually carried out at

the exclusion of our own Christian heritage. If the powers that be are so keen to promote this philosophy, then let’s bring back Christianmorning assembly in the schools where it has been banned in case it offends members of other faiths and castigate those politically correct morons who have bent over backwards to denigrate Christmas and Easter. The point is if I choose to ‘explore’ the religion of those Satanists in Henley, I can do so without the aid of lottery money. Nearly 16million has been earmarked to re-generate town centres up and down the country, but what’s the point. Town centres have been dying, largely due to the granting of licences and planning applications to the likes of Tesco and Primark to build humungous supermarkets

and shopping malls on out of town sites. Reverse this trend and we will be on the way to solving the problem – no lottery grants needed. Then there is the 1.4billion to museums and galleries. Don’t even get me started on this one. With some of the garbage that is passed off to the public as art and the millions that the perpetrators of such works as dirty laundry, dead cows and, now we hear, empty rooms rake in, it’s as obscenity that any amount of money can be spent in such a

way. And although I am an advocate of the conservation of our historic buildings, I have personally never seen the sense of preserving Battersea power station – possibly the ugliest building since the invention of bricks. Yes it’s all about priorities, but it’s not hard to find forgotten causes where a couple of well aimed billions would bring spectacular and lasting benefits to the whole of our society.

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

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1 Pottery oven (4) 2 Become more extreme (8) 3 One who is absent without permission (6) 4 Where you live (7) 5 Hiccup (8) 6 Sensual (6) 7 Loyal (archaic) (4) 14 Twisted and tight (5) 16 A literary style (5) 18 Digitalis (8) 20 Bum (8) 21 Elongated squares (7) 23 One of the Gorgons (Greek mythology) (6) 25 The gas we need to live (6) 27 At one time (4) 29 As well (4)

surrounding diagram (10) 7 Tangy pie cooked from an African country (8) 8 Large numbers shudder all over the place, taking in new leader (8) 13 Enough ribs to change those living nearby (10) 15 Switch former partner’s money? (8) 16 Snaring and bugging without redhead (8) 17 Dens duly collapsed without warning (8) 21 Holds on tight to China’s first adapted sling (6) 22 The East part of Bangor I enthralled (6) 23 Half of soap covers shapes (6) 26 Smooth element (4)

Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword



9 Country morning girl (7) 10 Relative to a thousand thousand before Asian leader (7) 11 Took a photo of Shanghai initially, then had a short sleep (7) 12 A nest lies disturbed, as is vital (9) 14 Lift more money? (5) 15 Incomings of headless guards (7) 18 Counts on parts of swimming pools lacking extra opening (7) 19 Train manager? (5) 20 Choices made by icon’s side? (9) 24 Sanction a very soft wander (7) 25 First in Italy, almost - I moved around (7) 27 All-purpose military man? (7) 28 Good start, way to go outside - northeast complained (7) Down 1 Complication of Taiwan’s first fish (6) 2 Came across Alex’s substances (6) 3 Bound to be on the same score (4) 4 Starts to help animal with an increasingly irate state (6) 5 Card game came first, and made a shrill sound (8) 6 Parts of a text are standard, as


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

8 An indefinite period (4) 9 Diameters (5) 10 Assist (4) 11 Riddle (6) 12 Lately (8) 13 Stirs up (8) 15 Loss by evaporation or leakage (6) 17 Appear larger (7) 19 “The whole ________” (7) 22 Culmination (6) 24 Spots (8) 26 House of ill repute (8) 28 Flunky (6) 30 Freezes (4) 31 Current popular taste (5) 32 Plate (4)





“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Charles Spurgeon




Rosemary Hume’s coronation chicken The original coronation chicken

food news

recipe, conceived by Rosemary Hume for Elizabeth II’s Coronation lunch in 1953. The famous coronation chicken served at the Queen’s coronation lunch is usually attributed to Constance Spry. Popular lore has it that Spry based the recipe on its similarly rich and spicy royal relation, jubilee chicken, prepared for the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935, which mixed the chicken in mayonnaise and curry. However, it was Rosemary Hume who was actually behind coronation chicken, the recipe for which went on to appear in the first edition, in 1956, of The Constance Spry Cookery Book and is indeed still to be found in the modern edition. Serves 6-8 “One would not venture to serve, to a large number of guests of varying and unknown tastes, a curry dish in the generally accepted sense of this term,” wrote Spry. “I doubt whether many of the 300-odd guests at the coronation luncheon detected this ingredient [curry powder] in a chicken dish which was distinguished mainly by a delicate and nutlike flavour in the sauce.”

RECIPE - INGREDIENTS & METHOD Poach two young roasting chickens with carrot, bouquet garni, salt and peppercorns in water and a little wine, as well as enough barely to cover, for about 40 minutes or until tender. Allow to cool in the liquid. Joint the birds, removing the bones with care. Cream of curry sauce: Ingredients 1 tbsp oil 50g/2oz onion, finely chopped 1 dessert spoon curry powder 1 good tsp tomato purée

1 wineglass red wine ¾ wineglass water A bay leaf Salt, sugar, a touch of pepper A slice or two of lemon and a squeeze of lemon juice 1-2 tbsp apricot purée 450ml/¾ pint mayonnaise 2-3 tbsp lightly whipped cream • Heat the oil, add onion, cook gently for 3-4 minutes, add curry powder. Cook again for 1-2 minutes. • Add purée, wine, water and bay leaf. Bring to boil, add salt, sugar to taste, pepper, and the lemon and lemon juice. Simmer with the pan uncovered for 510 minutes. •Strain and cool. Add by degrees to the mayonnaise with the apricot purée to taste. • Adjust seasoning, adding a little more lemon juice if necessary. Finish with the whipped cream. Take a small amount of sauce (enough to coat the chicken) and mix with a little extra cream and seasoning. • Mix the chicken and the sauce together, arrange on a dish, coat with the extra sauce. Rice salad The rice salad which accompanied the chicken was of rice, peas, diced raw cucumber and finely chopped mixed herbs, all mixed in a well-seasoned French dressing. For convenience in serving at the Coronation, the chicken was arranged at one end of an oblong dish and a rice salad at the other.

As WE prepare for the barbeque season, homeowners have been warned to watch out for a new breed of social menace...

the drunk barbecue chef!

A quarter of people admit to being drunk whenever they take charge of the family barbecue, according to new research. Men may like to think of themselves as experts of the outdoor grill but they are responsible for eight out of 10 accidents, causing an average of £383 of damage. Flammable garden features such as gazebos, wooden furniture, sheds and trees, safety experts are commonly accidentally set alight. Women have fewer accidents, but when they do have one they cause more damage with a typical bill of £525. Careless behaviour by tipsy grillers has caused fires in almost one garden in every 30 in Britain, according to the findings from insurance company More Than. With the Jubilee, the European Football Championships and the Olympics this summer, experts are warning that barbecue-related accidents will increase. Based on analysis of past figures, More Than estimates that there could be 900,000 garden fires before the end of August. Retailers are preparing for this weekend to be the first “barbecue weekend” of the summer. However excitement brought on by a combination of warm sunshine and cold beer can lead to Britons failing to take basic precautions when it comes to barbecuing. Janet Connor, More Than’s managing director, said: “For many, firing up the barbecue is a symbol that summer has finally arrived, and with the UK’s sketchy weather it’s no surprise that we want to

make the most of these outdoor occasions by enjoying a few drinks. “However, as this research shows, it doesn’t take much for a pleasant barbecue to turn into a smoky disaster.” Barbecue-related injuries have also risen in recent years. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), almost 2,000 people are rushed to A&E units each year having had an accident involving a barbecue. The most common types of injuries are burns or scalding relating to the flame. Hundreds of people also go to hospital each year with injuries inflicted by the sharp edges of knives and other barbecue implements. Sheila Merrill, public health advisor at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), urged people to take “a few simple precautions” to protect themselves from barbecue injuries this summer. “With the arrival of warm and sunny weather and the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations, we’re expecting barbecues to be the order of the day for many people. “By taking a few simple precautions people can ensure that they have fun, eat well and stay out of A&E,” said Ms Merrill. RoSPA’s tips for barbecue safety include ensuring that the device is stable, never using it in an enclosed space and never pour petrol or mentholated spirits on it.


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spending spree on food, drink, celebrations and souvenirs

Celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are set to spark a spending spree, with people spending £40 on average on jubilee purchases. That’s according to research from which predicts Britons will spend £823 million celebrating over the long bank holiday weekend coming up. An estimated 40 per cent of the population plan to celebrate the event in some way, with 44 per cent of


Every week 2 lucky couples can win a fabulous, 3 course meal from our Summer Specials Board menu, (served til 5pm) with a Carafe of Wine… AND...1 couple can win a delicious, 9 item English breakfast, including tea or coffee (between 9.30am – 5pm)


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women expecting to mark the occasion compared with 40 per cent of men, a poll for. The survey found 21 per cent plan to buy extra food and snacks and 17 per cent will buy extra drinks, while seven per cent will buy decorations and eight peer cent will purchase souvenirs. Of those planning to watch the celebrations, the most (25

per cent) will stay at home, eight per cent are expecting to party with family and friends and six per cent will attend a street party. Four per cent will watch events from the pub and three per cent plan to travel to London. The predicted spending of £823m compares to the £480m which 34 per cent

La Sidreria

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May Madness ~ 2 Steak Meals €14.95 per couple At the Cultural Centre of Rojales, Cafe Plaza, (near the museum) Avda. Vega Baja 6, Los Palacios, 03179, Formentera del segura

For Advance Bookings Call: 693 813 430

said they planned to spend celebrating the royal wedding last year. MoneySupermarket spokeswoman Clare Francis said: “Our research has shown the British public is gripped by jubilee fever. “With an extra day off work for most, it makes sense that people want to mark the occasion with a celebration of their own and that many plan to buy a keepsake.” British Retail Consortium economist Richard Lim said: “After a battering from bad weather and household finances squeezed by low wage growth and high inflation, retailers are looking for a much-needed boost. “The jubilee has the potential to create a feel-good factor that lifts consumer confidence and persuades people to put their concerns to one side, even if only temporarily.” He added: “Perhaps most importantly, the extra bank holiday will give many people an extra day to shop for goods, whether they’re related to the occasion or not. “The royal wedding played a part in making April 2011 the best month for retail sales growth last year. Retailers will be hoping for something at least as good this June.” The restaurant at the Rojales Steakhouse is situated through either the front bar entrance or through the rear entrance which takes you through the small walled seating area. The new owners Chris and Michelle have teamed up with the previous owners of the Captains Restaurant and Bar Benimar, Stuart. Michelle mother of Dillon and Keaton, has worked both in pubs and restaurants in the UK and also in Spain and her husband Chris works as a painter and decorator. which leaves him time to live his passion of Kite Surfing. Stuart the Chef is well known for his excellent food preparation and presentation skills, having trained for various companies within the UK including the Trust House Forte Group One of Stuarts well known signature dishes is Large sea cod in a beer batter & served with chunky seasoned fries, mushy peas or salad leaf garnish and minted tartar sauce on the side. Customers have been known to come from far and wide for the Fish and Chips as well as our Steaks, Burgers and onion rings. The Restaurant is also now doing a Midweek Carvery and Sunday Carvery both with a selection of meats and fresh vegetables. Deserts of the day include Chocolate pudding. Home made Apple Crumble and Custard and Home made cheese cake . To make a reservation or for further information, call Michelle on 693 815 430.



DIAMOND JUBILEE BAKING SPECIAL INGREDIENTS 225g/8oz caster sugar 225g/8oz softened butter

Vanilla fairy cakes

Preheat oven to gas mark 5/190°C (170°C in a fan oven). Add butter and sugar to bowl of INGREDIENTS 4 eggs, lightly beaten a food mixer and using beaters, beat until pale 125g/4oz softened and creamy, about 5 mins. 225g/8oz self-raising butter Add vanilla extract and one egg along with flour 125g/4oz caster sugar 1tbsp fl our (to stop it curdling) and beat until 1tsp baking powder 1tsp vanilla extract combined. About 400ml/7fl oz 2 eggs Add other egg and a little fl our and beat double cream again. 125g/4oz self-raising handful of strawberries Fold in remaining flour and baking powder flour until all combined, then gently stir in yoghurt. or raspberries, sliced 1tsp baking powder It should be dropping consistency. Spoon equal punnet of blueberries 2tbsp natural yoghurt amounts into paper cases. punnet of raspberries 75g/3oz icing sugar If you wish to make smaller cakes, use another 1 pack red and 1 pack tray and more cases. blue ready-to-roll icing Put in oven to bake for about 20-25 mins until cakes are golden and springy to touch. paste Remove and leave for 5 mins, then remove from tin and sit on a cooling rack and leave to cool completely before icing. For white topping, add icing sugar to a bowl and drizzle in a little warm water and beat until smooth and fairly stiff, adding more water as needed (don’t make it too runny or you not, give it a couple more mins). won’t get good coverage). Remove from oven and leave to Spoon over a few cakes, or for a neat topping, hold cake upside down and dip into icing, cool for 10 mins, then release from swirl to cover then lift it away. Roll out coloured paste using a little icing sugar to dust, so it doesn’t stick. tins and sit on a cooling rack to cool Then cut out circles using a round cutter and top sponge cakes so you have an equal number completely. of red, white and blue.

Jubilee sandwich cake

Preheat oven to gas mark 5/190°C (170°C in a fan oven). In bowl of a food mixer add sugar, butter, eggs, flour, baking powder and milk, and using beaters, beat to a smooth and creamy batter, about 5-6 mins. Using a spatula, divide mixture evenly between tins and smooth tops. Put in oven to bake for about 2545 mins or until golden on top and bouncy to touch – or insert a skewer and if it comes out clean it is ready (if

When ready to serve, whisk cream together for filling and topping until it forms soft peaks. Spread half onto base of one sponge, top with strawberries or raspberries and sandwich together.

Top sponge with remaining cream, then decorate with raspberries to form a cross, then


9 Item English Breakfast


Served 9.30 till 5pm (Sunday till 12)

5 C hoice of 2 RSES MAIN COU 0 C hoice of 2 DESSERTS

Quality HomeFood Restaurant “The best kept secret in Cabo Roig”

Hidden Within La Rotonda Aparthotel Cabo Roig

Changed twice weekly

Available till 9pm

s exciting, y a lw a , h s e r f s y Alwa value! always incredible

Truly Fabulous

Homemade food at pocket

Real Hand Cut Chips  Delicious Homemade Pies  Mouthwatering Steaks  Fabulous Homemade Desserts Finest Teas & Coffee  Homemade meals from €4.50


Fantastic summer SPECIALS BOARD €4.50

friendly prices 3 course HOMEMADE Menu del Dia €7.95 served 12 till 5pm

Magnificent Manhattan Tel: 966 111 605 Sunday Roast

Food orders: 9.30am - 9pm Mon - Sat Sunday 9.30am - 7.30pm

1 course €5.95 2 course €6.95 3 course €7.95


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Hamelin needs new Pied Piper

Due to the recent success of our drive to raise funds, we held a Spring Fair and other activities held by various Bars and Restaurant’s around the area, their fundraising helped the awareness of Alzheimer’s in the area. Due to this our shop has been particularly busy. To enable us to keep fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Centre, we always welcome muchneeded DONATION’S. Our shop is located at Calle Maestro Feo Vallejos Torrevieja (to the right of the church in Plaza de la Constitution). Where people can bring their DONATION’S of clothes, shoes, handbags and any unwanted goods. You are welcome to come along and find out more about Alzheimer’s. Contact details: Torrevieja area:

Jose 676367081

Orihuela Costa area: Rosa 677015298

Strictly Dance

Every Monday & Tuesday at The Club, Quesada 8:008:45pm Ballroom & Latin Tuition 8:45 10:15 Social Dancing Every Thursday at El Paraiso (Near Carrefour) 8:008:45pm Ballroom & Latin Tuition 8:45 10:15 Social Dancing advertising feature

The German town of Hamelin is in need of another Pied Piper after a fresh infestation of rats. According to the fairy tale, the Pied Piper of Hamelin lured rats away from the town to their death in the River Weser with his magic pipe. Town council spokesman Thomas Wahmes said the town was now suffering from a new rodent problem. A growing legion of rats had “chewed through electricity cables” knocking out the fountain outside of the town’s railway station, he said. The rats’ fondness for gnawing on cables had also led to occasional problems with traffic lights near the fountain. Ironically, the tourists who visit the town because of the legend have contributed to the latest problem. Gunter Loschner, Hamelin’s official rat catcher, told the local Deister und Weser Zeitung newspaper: “The human factor plays a big role. “Visitors sit around the fountain and throw bread to feed the birds. At night the rats come out and take any leftovers. They dive into the cable ducts because they can eat undisturbed.”


Dog follows cyclists for 1,100 miles

A stray dog has become an internet star after running for 24 days to keep up with a 1,100-mile bike race across China. Xiao Sa’s incredible journey started when one of the cyclists, Zhang Heng, 22, gave her some food on highway G318 in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Since then she’s become a celebrity in her homeland and a micro blog recording her life online has attracted more than 37,000 followers in two weeks. Mr Heng, a student in Wuhan, Hubei province, had decided to cycle to Llasa as a graduation trip with friends when he met the lonely dog. “She was lying, tired, on the street around Yajiang, Sichuan province,” he told China Daily. “So we fed her, and then she followed our team.” During their journey, Xiao Sa, Zhang and his team covered 1,138 miles and climbed 10 mountains higher than The local pet hotel where your beloved pet 4,000m. goes when you are on holiday or just away... “Many people Domino Pet Hotel offers cattery with warm and cosy beds, stopped cycling in daily grooming guaranteed! Large comfortable dog kennels, large exercise park, doggie wellness weekend Fri - Mon 25€ incl. some sections, then Wellness bath, Short / long term stay. Professional trained team took the bus, but the • Professional Pet Shipping Worldwide dog made it,” Mr Heng - UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand… added. • We take care of all documentation “I would like to take • Travel Crates in all sizes from small up to the dog home and extra large (best Price guaranteed) take care of her. She • IPATA Member has been a stray on the road for a long time. She needs a home.”

Domino Pet Hotel

Tel: 654 168 366

PET chauffeurs Pet Transport

Defra Compliant to & from England/Wales, by road in 48 hrs

Any size dog or cat Door to Door

£375 NO EXTRAS TO PAY Tel: 0044 (0) 1323 301 991 or 0044 (0) 7830 137 147

We formed Casas Espania in 2012 after splitting from another very successful real estate company, between us we have worked in the Spanish real estate sector for more than 50 years and so have a wealth of experience to offer our clients. We pride ourselves on finding and selling the best, most cost effective, cheap, bargain properties available, both new and resale, properties to meet our client’s needs and all our clients, old and new, remain part of the Casa Espania family, so you are always welcome to come to the office should you ever need our helpful, friendly advice. Our property services are designed for the discerning client who wants solid advice from knowledgeable mature people with integrity and a commitment to a professional customer service. Here at Casas Espania we adhere to the key principles of simplicity, integrity, professionalism and transparency, we operate a no pressure policy and work on your behalf to find the right property or investment for your specific needs wherever you wish to purchase a property in Spain. When you choose a suitable property we will work with you through every step of the purchase process to ensure you fully

understand everything. We will explain ALL of the costs associated with purchasing in Spain and, if you wish us to, we will represent you at the notary or accompany you to the notary on completion to provide you with a translation. We have Spanish contacts to help with anything you might ever need, before, during and after your purchase and all issues will be handled efficiently in a manner you would expect from a professional real estate company that makes customer service our highest priority. From our office in La Siesta and Benimar we can offer a complete currency transfer service, to or from Spain, a full building refurbishment/alteration service, a comprehensive range of insurance products and car hire at highly competitive prices all designed to meet your needs. For details of the services that we offer, or to buy or sell your house here in Spain, please contact us on one of the numbers below: Telephone La Siesta on 0034 966 785 202 or Benimar on 0034 966 715 680

Your Real Estate Professionals in Spain Are pleased to announce the opening of our second office in Benimar Commercial Centre (opposite the Yellow Rose of Texas) Both are open every day including Saturday & Sunday morning. We are looking for good price properties - customers waiting.

We have lots of low cost below reposession prices.

Contact us at

La Siesta: Tel - 966 785 202 Benimar: Tel - 966 715 680

We speak English, Spanish, German, French, Scandinavian and Irish!





E M A I L E D I T O R @ S O LT I M E S . C O M

soldiers off the streets Free Diabetes Club...................... Strictly Dance Classes............. Dance Classes and practice at The Club Quesada every charity.......................................... Living with diabetes can be difficult – especially when you Strictly Monday & Tuesday 8pm-10:15pm. Have you learned the On 5 June the Queen will be on parade with her soldiers to celebrate a special day. There are many ex military recently out of the forces for various reasons living in appalling conditions with no jobs, no homes or money - no hope. is a registered charity that volunteers to help these people. Many people will be having parties to celebrate this special day and i thought that if people wished, a collection box could be handy for people to put 50 cents into the box - this is not a lot of money to us but each 50 cents will help these volunteers to assist these people, soup kitchens to feed them, clothe & talk with them and find out their needs and then help them. Their address is on their website or contact 966 789 063 for information.


Talks about how to take preventive measures against con tricks and frauds, organised by the Rojales Town Hall, will be held in the following dates and venues: Thursday, May 31st, in the Cultural Centre of Heredades at 6pm Friday, June 1st, in the Social Centre of Rojales at 6pm Looking forward to see you there ~ José Ramón García, Ayuntamiento de Rojales, Rojales Town Hall

THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION..................................

THE ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION, Torrevieja Branch, meet at 1700 on the first Wednesday of each month at La Rustika Restaurante (formally Los Arcos Restaurante), Avenida Baleares, Torrevieja. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 188 701 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996.

PHEONIX SOLOS CLUB...................

meet Mondays 11.00-13.00 at the International Marina Club, Torrevieja. Join us for Sunday lunches, 10 pin bowling, holidays, and various other social events. Anyone welcome but very popular with the over 50’s/60’s. Please contact Kitty 96 5328 557.

THE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, QUESADA.........................................

Meets at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30 a.m., a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30 p.m. And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30 p.m. Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Debbie Blevins will take the Divine Service on Sunday, 3rd June.. On Tuesday 5th June there will be an Evening of Mediumship with Shirley and Jacqueline. The Divine Service on Sunday, June 10th will be taken by Ray Bailey. Please support your church. Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028. www.

are in a foreign country and may not know where to go for help and support. That is why Medcare holds a free diabetes club, run by a British nurse specialising in diabetes care. The friendly club allows people with diabetes, their families and carers a forum to share any concerns and experiences. At the same time, the diabetes nurse is able to answer questions, hold seminars on various aspects of the disease and make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information on dealing with the diabetes. The club’s next meeting is at the Medcare surgery in Benijofar on April 30 at 12.30pm. No need to book, just turn up. For more information call Medcare on 966 866 258 or visit

PASO A PASO CerocStyle and Line Dance CLUB...........................

Summer 2012 times and venues. CerocStyle Classes with Adam and Maxine Mondays 7pm-9pm Beginners at Breakaways, Pueblo Principe (new class and venue commences 21st May) Wednesdays 7pm -10pm Beg / Int at Don Decades, Le Reigia, Orihuela Costa. Thursdays 7pm-10pm Beg / Int at Los Rosales Restaurant, Lemon Tree Rd cv895, Guardamar. No partner-Never Danced-No problem. Its the easy jive with latin style. LEARN TO LINE DANCE WITH ADAM: Mondays 10.30am at The Sportsman, Quesada. (new class and venue commences 21st May) Wednesdays 5pm at Don Decades, Le Reigia. (same place, note new time) MAXINE TRUDIE ENTERTAINS AT LOS ROSALES RESTAURANT, LEMON TREE ROAD, CV895, GUARDAMAR. Every other Sunday from 13th May, 1pm-4pm. FREE ENTRY EVENT. BBQ AVAILABLE TEL 670711408

How about volunteering for HELP VEGA BAJA?...........................

We at HELP VEGA BAJA are looking for volunteers to help us...Would you like to get involved? Can you spare a few hours a week? Why not come along and see what we do ? Please contact our office in San Miguel de Salinas for more information - Telephone 966 723 733

Congratulations to


for being our winner in the

wordsearch competition

space for a little one?

Do you have any fundraising ideas? Would you like to organize or hold an event for APAH. If you have some great ideas and have some free time please contact Natasha on 616 210 850 or visit

Benny is a year old, a pedigree Shar-Pei . He had been seen wandering in Campoverde but then made his way on to the busy road. He was in very good condition when found and no problem to catch. He has fitted in very well and has been no trouble at all. He has been chipped, castrated and vaccinated.

We currently have 15 beautiful kittens looking for homes, they are aged between 5 and 8 weeks. If you can give a home to a little girl or boy please contact Natasha on 616210850 or please see our website APAH IS MOVING TO A NEW SHOP IN PILAR DE LA HORADADA. Do you have a few spare hours a week to work in our shop. Our opening hours are 10.00 – 13.30 and 17.00 – 19.30 maybe you could even come with a friend. If you are interested please contact Natasha on 616210850. Please visit our website under urgent appeals to see our other dogs in need of finding a foster home.

brand new Argentine Waltz yet? Its the latest craze. Come and join us for more details contact Lyn on 635584431

Rojales Neighbourhood Watch ............................................

is holding its quarterly meeting at 11.00 on Monday 4th June in the Municipal centre in Ciudad Quesada. The meeting is open to all people living in the 03170 postal area and we look forward to welcoming you. If you would like more information about Rojales Neighbourhood Watch please refer to our website: www. or contact David East david.east82@gmail. com or Helen Tudor

50+ solos lunches.......................

If you are on your own and would like to have lunch and a chat with people in similar situations read the following and if it appeals to you join us at one of our lunches. FRIDAY 25 May 13.00 for 13.30 meet for lunch at Chulletin Washington Square San Luis. Perhaps Menu of the Day or they will give us a couple of choices. Please contact Ruth 966789063 to book Price is 8.50 euros and lovely SATURDAY 2 June Crazy golf and lunch at Quesada. Great fun and lovely lunch after. we meet 11.30 approximately. The menu can be chosen when you contact Ruth 966 789 063 to book.

CASTILLA AMIGOS..........................

We are a friendship group for single people, meeting every Wednesday afternoon from 3 p.m. at RUBY’S BAR on El Raso (off the Lemon Tree Road) Guardamar. New friends are always welcome. ANN - 965 070 247 - 666 747 398 or BERNIE - 966 849 057

Welcome Events..........................

Wednesday 13th June - Ladies Day at Mariano’s, with fashion show, raffle, bingo, buffet and drinks. Entertainment by Pat Martin. Ladies, don’t miss this one. Just €12. Wednesday 20th June - Summer Ball at Pinoto De Oro, Aledo, with 6 course meal, all drinks, champagne reception, entertainment by Pat Martin plus mystery guest. €29. Coach available at €6. Both the October and Christmas trips to Benidorm are now sold out. For more details plus ticket sales, call Rosemary on 620105179.

FRIENDS 4US...................................

meet in Quesada area every Friday from 11am. Social and support network. Help with Spanish. Call Lynda for details 965 501 550

Torrevieja Christian Fellowship Services...................

Torrevieja Christian Fellowship Services are held each Sunday at 10.30 am. when Communion is served and children’s Sunday School, plus Wednesday at 6.30 pm. at Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68, (between Iceland and the Needle - opposite Maxi Dia) Torrevieja. A warm welcome awaits you!”

Pilar Christian Community Church ..........................................

Calle Canalejas 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am, and Thursday at 5pm for Bible study and Prayer. Home groups meet during the week. All welcome from any church background or none. For further information contact PilarChristian.CommunityChurch@gmail. com or contact Reverend Eddie on 966 769 300 or 650 509 606. Reg No:2009-SG/A

BADMINTON AT PILAR DE LA HORADADA......................................

On Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 10.00 To 1.00 For information tel: John McGilvray 966 786 774 OR email carolejohn_3@




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SOL CLASSIFIEDS air conditioning

ALL SEASONS I Fully fitted by R C City & Guilds O Trained Installation team N Fully Legal & Insured S.L. company Prices from as little as 349€ supplied and fitted Free no obligation survey and quotation AUTHORISED INSTALLER FOR SIMULSAT TV Call John on 608279075

building services


Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email them to:


Furniture first

est 10Mbps Internet 2006 ANYWHERE in A1 sl Europe. Phones Constuction for ROJALES SPECIALIST OF PRE OWNED immediate FURNITURE & AccESSORIES AT SENSIBLE PRICES installation from for skip hire, house clearance specialist tipping, digging, less than 1 cent FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE minute, no monthly WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE rubbish removal fee. Computer QUALITY FURNITURE sales and repairs & all building Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 Denia to Mazarron. C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales work, Tel: 628 Call Clive 966 260 PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 505 733 or 608 403 or 648 883 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923 202 www. clivegray 179 450 (tc)





• Retractable Awnings Plano • Toldo  (Glorieta) • Balcony Blinds

to place your advertisment....


no job too small & free estimates!

• Vertical Blinds • Window Blinds • New Covers • Repairs

specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

At least 150 Colours To Choose From

Tel: Mick 676 583 246

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

from la Marina to San Javier



Electrician available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562.

ELECTRICITY, PLUMBING, AIR-CON in Torrevieja & surrounding areas. No call out fee Tel: 622 381 979 Tel: 658 632 056

for all your beauty needs, Call B O A T I N G Jan on 672 880 353 LICENSES ARE beds NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, doors Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Own-boat (Quesada) tuition on sail and uk manufactured, made to power. If you have a measure, composite & pvc See our Advertisement on yacht or powerboat doors & windows qualified and with up to 25 years guarantee page 13 for more information get certified. Contact Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, Richard +34 638 over 40 styles to choose from with colour options on composite doors La Planta, Playa Flamenca 056 224 Email: e n q u i r i e s @ from €595 fully installed s e r e n i t y s a i l i n g . Calle azul, cuidad quesada tel: 966 718 738 com or visit: www. businesses for sale see our main ad on page 17

Sweet Dreams

50% off all matresses

Simply Doors Espana

Tel: 965 321 701


cement paving

Over 40 composite and PVC doors, fully installed from only €595, Tel: Simply Doors on 966 718 738, or call at our showroom at Calle Azul, Ciudad Quesada, see our main ad on page 17 Pool tables, snooker table tables, tennis tables, darts. Tel:666 933 726 M attresses , brand new from 49€ Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Ciudad Quesada Tel: 653 634 714


The ultimate in concrete design

Popular Cafe Bar in Algorfa Traspaso/Lease for sale full legal license 40 covers inside 20 covers outside Fully stocked Existing business ready for immediate takeover

Please contact Tel: 966 781 307

for sale

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Low maintenance Weed Free ~ Non Slip Matt or Gloss finish Wide variety of colours & patterns

Free survey & quotation Tel / Fax 966 797 651 Mobile: 606 869 121 email:



TEL: 902 750 190


Norway’s answer to heating your home in see our main ad on Spain the news pages

Tel: 634 312 171

for sale Mobility Scooter from Sunshine Mobility, Royal Blue, hardly used as new, With Basket

495€ o.n.o.

Tel:966 717 147

By PERSON: Quesada business centre, calle los arcos 7, quesada Costa blanca areas christine 966 718 979 Costa calida area lesley 902 750 190 ext 334

health & beauty Jane Salon in Bolnuevo for all health & beauty treatments including hair, nails, massage, skin care & much more. Tel: 968 158 433 or 611 611 858 (tc)

heating NEATER HEATER See our mail advert on Page 5

insurance asssa medical

ins u ran c es Sheets from 3.45€ Asssa Mazarron, Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Ciudad Diane Nolan, Tel: Quesada Tel: 653 968 153 396, 634 714 mazarron@asssa. Denon Music es System, Amplifier, Tuner, Tape deck locksmiths and CD player together with two Locks r us 24hr emergency locksmith, box speakers. 30€ tel: 653 145 300, see main ad on front euros. Tel 647 101 page. 663 jewellery Dog kennel, wooden, large 60€, Tel 634 325 508 I nflatable English jeweller wishes to buy boat, 8ft J-Z excellent condition broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, 299€, Tel 634 325 silver and coins 508 IMMEDIATE CASH Wilson staff PAYMENT clubs and bag 60€ Tel 634 325 508 Call Peter Lalizas Inshore sailing jacket, Member of the Yellow/blue adult size S reasonable National Association of Goldsmiths condition. Photo available 35€Tel: musician 966848086. Television, 42” Sharp LED. Excellent condition. Superb or picture, little used musicians wishing to form a band 220€ ono Tel: 868 181 188 Camposol contact mick area, can deliver. tel: 965 701 525 or 676 122 051 Pillows from 4.95€ Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Lenny Mitchell, Ciudad Quesada Tel: guitarist singer, international, professional, solo act. 653 634 714 VHS Videos, lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine Brand New, 4 Sets invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. of 6 ER’s, 4 Sets of tel: 658 321 891 or Cold Feet, 2 Sets of email Friends, and three Sets of Sex in the photography City. Tel Evenings: 654 666 686 Martial Arts Equipment – 6 Mats, Punch Bag with Gloves, Rubber Knives and Batons plus pads. Tel evenings: 654 666 686 Bed bases from 35€ Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Ciudad Quesada Tel: 653 634 714 Phone, fax, answer phone, piano tuner olivetti ofx 121 in good working order, 15€ Tel 661 016 295 Quesada area


664 890 990

drummer seeks a band 50’s, 60’s, 70’s

Piano Man

hearing aids

Digital hearing calle los arcos 7, quesada business centre

digital hearing aids

‫٭‬30 day free trial-money back guarantee ‫٭‬free no obligation hearing tests ‫٭‬fully qualified UK dispenser 95 4 ‫٭‬Michael Burke RHAD MAHA € m fro

Tel: 698 418 642

Qualified piano tuner & technician-piano man

607 346 658 + 665 786 226 plastering

English Plasterer internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. Call Chris 671 444 246 email:


property for sale

removals cont...



Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, Costa Blanca 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings Spacious apartment overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, views of the church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course

3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service Also Spain-UK

See our main advert on page 5

Tel: 693 251 562 E MAIL: davendonc@aol. com

Tel: 968 654 667

LWB Sprinter

simply removals

van going from south to North

Spain ‹ UK › Spain

of the UK & back

• Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

every 2 weeks,

Price (Private Sale)

based near Murcia

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978

7519 186 355. or

Airport. Tel: 610

€ 79,950

846 260/ 0044

for SALE

For Sale

1 bedroom apartment on Cortijo Grande This is a unique spanish country cortijo Golf Course. with 4 beds, 2 bath, Open plan living areas, New kitchen & kitchen & dining room as well as a workshop, white goods courtyard front & Lovely views. back & room for a Parking. pool. Mountain views. Close to Mojacar. possible B& B All legal with Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200 m² paperwork.

Telephone 649 186 107

an absolute bargain! only €150,000 ono

664 291 793

SALE & RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

We have clients enquiring in this area

Contact CASASOL REAL ESTATE tel: 965 325 601 Email:



902 750 190

ext 330


International relocation & storage specialists

UK Spain Uk


property wanted


Linen Mills

€59,950 o.n.o

email for more info at


Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON


massive detatched cortijo with 50m2 workshop 20mins from mojacar




LowCostaMoves UK and Spain

we shift most things

Anthony Foster Local moves & deliveries Playa Flamenca

Mob: 616820232 0044 7976367559

• International relocation & storage specialists • Professional family run business for over 35 years with prestigious trucks • Door to door - UK - France - Spain • All year service • Secure storage in UK and Spain • All areas covered - Export packing service Internal Removals available • Part / Full loads - Free in-transit insurance • Cars and motorcycles transported

weekly service 620 582 063

Export Packaging Service

Spain: 968 432 599 / 646 600 898 UK: 0044 1295 275074


Watch in


Contact & information on our website www. nhwinspain. com or Geoff Salter

Telephone 620417777

removals low cost spain - uk - uk - spain local moves full or part loads pets welcome

brian Playa Flamenca Tel: 965 326 920 666 847 648 email:

professional& experienced man & large van

for hire

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The Riverside Holiday Village, Alqueria - part 3 The mood in the village was ugly. The Rattlebag family of Rotherham had failed to return from a pony trek in the Sierra Alhamilla. Their relations in Yorkshire had received a ransom note from El Tonto, a local petty criminal demanding a ridiculous amount of money for their freedom. True to his name he had put a return address on the envelope. The Guardia Civil swooped on his hideout arresting him and freeing the family. The Rattlebags said they preferred life as a captive rather than in the Riverside Holiday Village and thanked El Tonto as he was led away. To try and avert an uprising amongst the holiday makers Manuela was ordered to bring some fun into their daily lives. Unfortunately, she took this entirely the wrong way and was arrested for corrupting morals. The Río Verde situation was desperate. Of the eight children that entered the ‘Little Dolphins’ Fun Race’ only two left the water unscathed. Three had to be rescued from the River’s evil slow moving slime. Two developed a disgusting foot fungus with the most foul odour and one barely survived a tugof-war between his Mother and some unidentified amphibious creature unknown to science. Ambulances ferried the sick, injured and chronically depressed to the Hospital Santa Maria Magdalena in Almería thinning out the residents of the Holiday Village. One of the holiday chalets collapsed putting a further four in the casualty department. The weight of a glider they were constructing in the roof space


Elton John cancels Vegas shows on doctors’ orders Sir Elton John has pulled out of three performances of his current Las Vegas residency, after being taken to hospital with a respiratory infection. The singer was admitted to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre on Wednesday, but released the same day. Doctors have advised the 65-year-old star against working while he completes a course of antibiotics. The remaining 11 concerts of his Million Dollar Piano residency at Caesars Palace take place in October.

“Elton developed a serious respiratory infection last weekend while performing at The Colosseum on Sunday, May 20,” said a statement by his publicist, Fran Curtis. “This week the condition worsened, even with medication and rest, resulting in Elton being hospitalised.” The statement added that the singer underwent “extensive tests” and was recommended to take “complete rest” for “approximately seven days... to cure his respiratory infection and prevent any

John MacDonald (El Sordo)

We’ve had a hectic few weeks what with Holy Communions for various cousins and my Dad moving back to Ireland. Dad is one of the many who moved down to Spain with the dream of his place in the sun and it unfortunately turned sour. I feel very much to blame for inviting him down to be near us, but as it has sadly happened to so many people I really hope that slowly but surely the system here does get better to enable those who wish to live here can do so with confidence. It just means that typing this is quite difficult with my sore hands after spending the weekend lugging boxes, bags and bits to pack into the car. “It’ll all go in” Dad had said... ha ha, that was until things kept on appearing that needed to fit in. Off they went yesterday with the car weighted down and my fingers crossed that they’ll make it up to Santander for the ferry. After we waved them off I then started a marathon cleaning session in our friend’s house where Dad had been staying. My two boys were so well behaved, even with no telly, and actually played nicely together in the garden for the whole time. Maybe that is an example of physically taking the tv out of the house that can turn out be a good thing. Both though were sad to say goodbye. They have seen him every day for over nine months and being little they don’t really understand the problems experienced here. I guess it is the same for so many people at the moment. Times are so tricky and especially if you are of working age. There is no work, or if there is there are hundreds of people applying. I’m really thinking that soon there may have to be a charity set up for Brits in trouble, the red cross of the St George flag has been nabbed already but being serious, I really think that there are British people here struggling and have nowhere to turn. Maybe let’s start the conversation to find out how many people are trying to get by with children, or without, on 300 euros with mortgages to pay (and those who then have that payment stopped and have nothing). We are a generation who are depending on our parents, and that is the guilt we suffer from as our parents should be enjoying their retirement. Spain is a lovely country but it’s burnt so many fingers that they really have to sort things out from top to bottom. There are so many well priced properties for people to make a good buy and live happily here but buyers need to do their homework first.


was the cause. Other bids for freedom included a tunnel which accidentally came out under the main drain and four people who almost asphyxiated after climbing inside a vaulting horse. Then the beer ran out. Unable to pay the wholesaler all supplies were stopped. The holiday makers took over the camp driving out the staff. This was counterproductive as the only beer within ten miles was in the bar La Casa Devante and the Golondrina Verde both in Alqueria. As dawn broke it was obvious that The Riverside Holiday Village, Alqueria was empty, completely deserted. Where the holiday makers went is a complete mystery. No enquiries have ever been made into their fate, no one has complained about missing kith and kin. The SPLAT charter-flight never made the UK bound leg of its journey. In yet another unusual show of village unity it was decided never to mention the enterprise again. Rodriquez piled kindling against the chalets’ walls and set fire to the complex. He successfully claimed the insurance making five Euros and 45 cents profit on the venture. damage”. Sir Elton added his own apologies: “All I can say to the fans is ‘sorry I can’t be with you’.” “I love performing the show and I will be thrilled when we return to the Colosseum in October to complete the 11 concerts.” Sir Elton was previously forced to cancel two concerts in February, after he came down with food poisoning. The singer, whose hits include Your Song and Candle in the Wind, began his threeyear headlining stint in Las Vegas in September last year. Earlier this week, he dedicated his track Don’t Let

the Sun Go Down on Me to Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb, who died at the weekend. “The Bee Gees were part of my life when I was growing up; they were a huge influence on me as a songwriter,” he told the audience. “Travel well Robin - you were amazing. God bless you.” The singer is expected to perform at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace on 4 June, before embarking on a tour of Europe in June and July. He returns to the United States and Canada for a series of concerts in September, before completing the Las Vegas residency.


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pause for thought

Back in the 80’s when such technology was fairly new, we had a secretary at work who absolutely refused to exchange her typewriter for one of those ‘new-fangled word processing things’ and eventually left, rather than accept the inevitable. A shame, as in all other respects she was a brilliant secretary, but her refusal to accommodate change rendered her effectively unemployable in a modern and competitive society. I suspect that many of us may have some sympathy with this secretary, as change can be very daunting and most of us prefer to cling to what we know. In this regard many doubtless regard the Church as the epitome of stability, as represented by the phrase “As it was, is now and ever shall be, World without end”, with which it is so often associated. But whilst God himself may be unchanging, we Christians actually need to be ready and willing at any time to face the most challenging of changes if we are truly to be led and inspired by his spirit. This of course was a lesson the disciples learnt very quickly when the Holy Spirit first came, as celebrated by the Church this past Sunday. In that instant they changed from frightened outcasts, concerned for their lives, to outspoken evangelists, criticising and challenging the very leaders they had but minutes earlier, so feared. And they’d found a new direction, a new confidence, a new authority and a new purpose in life, which quite literally enabled them to change the World, as they gained linguistic ability enabling everyone to understand them. And that should be the common experience of all Christians today, but too often we find ourselves, like the disciples before Pentecost, merely keeping our heads down; disturbed by the continuing degradation of our culture, but doing and saying little. How desperately society today needs Christians entirely filled with God’s Holy Spirit, having that new direction, confidence, authority and purpose that, as the early Church, we may have courage to publicly challenge our nation’s drift from faith. Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard for any who wish to Worship, but further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

Party games that go wrong

When I was little, a popular party game was ‘Stick the Tail on the Donkey; a similar game involving being twirled around blind folded and then trying to hit something soft hanging from a tree. I made up my own version aged 9 years old with almost tragic consequences for my 3 year old brother Justin. We had a hexagon shaped climbing frame that had a T-shaped steel bar hanging as a swing in the middle. One fateful day I removed the 6 foot long bar and as the oldest kid in the street I manage to persuade friends and my 2 brothers to stand in a circle whilst standing in the middle I slowly swung it round me with all ducking as it came towards them. Everyone thought it great fun and ducked in time except unfortunately Justin who was a bit slow off the mark and I managed to hit him slap bang in between the eyes with what now looking back on it was a pickaxe with a 6 foot long handle. Parents came screaming out of the house as Justin laid there out cold with blood pouring; I cried out the catch- all excuse ‘it was an accident!’ I think my parents with 3 energetic boys thought that when we had moved home a few years before; that it would be a good idea to live within a 5 minute drive of the The 3 boys on the climbing frame local casualty department where we sensibly held a season ticket anyway. Justin was fine but to this day has sinus problems. July 1971 Years later overnighting at a girlfriends house, I woke in the middle of the night with a searing pain between my eyes and my face felt strangely wet. The bedroom was pitch black and so I woke my girlfriend up and she sympathetically told me to ‘shut up its nothing go back to sleep!’ So I did. At daylight my pillow and face looked like a scene out of the movie starring Vincent Price and Kenny Everett Blood bath at the house of death. There was a massive gash on the bridge of my nose which had been caused by the steel lampshade of a Directors lamp; the clamp had failed so it had fallen at speed onto my bonce. The scar is still there from the moment I fondly recall as the time God got me back. Anyway back to donkeys as I like donkeys, instead of playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, I now have a new and safer version that does not involve swinging a steel bar around my head. No instead each morning and evening I venture out armed with nothing more sinister than a couple of pieces of fruit and vegetables and play look for the donkey as everyday he mysteriously gets moved to a new spot in the valley. I say strangely as in 2 summers now I have never seen anyone untie him and lead him to pastures new. Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July 2006 and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain! email: -


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Sponsored By: Morgans Bar - Amber Pools - The Shandon Bells Bar - The Central Grille - Sunworld Properties Specsavers - Blue Hill Security Grilles - Morgans On The Plaza. This week Costa traveled away with a late Saturday evening kick off with the temperature in the 80’s and looked to continue their recent good form. Costa settle quick and much of the opening half played in the home sides half. Gummi Gudmundsson on Costa ‘s right wing was in devestating form and constantly closed down the Formentera players which led to miss placed passes for Costa to pick up and constantly pressure the home defence and keeper. Patrick Bass had his hands full at right back against a very large & over aged opponent but handle him well while Luke Deegan in center midfield for Costa was causing all sorts of problems with his good ball control and passing. Formentera could only play counter attack with long balls up to their forwards which Jamie Cockroft & Liam Nicholas dealt with well. Finally on 28 minutes Costa got the break through with Alex Cope linking up well with Gummi Gudmundsson to slide the ball past the keeper with ease. Costa however shot themselves in the foot when a long ball down the left wasn’t dealt with on 39 minutes which resulted in players being left on the



floor and with Scott Brunton having to come off his line only to see the shot lobbed over him into an empty net. 1 - 1 at half time and some work left to do. Second half and Costa carried on from the first period with a lot of possession and contined to press closer to their opposistion player and force Formentera on the back foot. This style of play & pressure paid off on 44 minutes and Sam Broadway latched on to a great pass from midfield and calmly dribbled the ball round a defender & keeper to hit the target and give Costa a well deserved 2 - 1 lead. Costa had several other great efforts which saw Victor Brooks hit the post & Cesar Augusto an Infantil player going close. 2 - 1 to Costa in the end and another 3 points which see ‘s them move up the table. Next week is Costa’s last home game of the season against Benferri with an incentive to narrow the gap on them who are one place above the Costa. For more information on Orihuela Costa call Club Secretary George on: 679 77 44 88 or visit www. We train every Tuesday & Thursday 18:30 - 20:00 @ C.D.M. sports center Playa Flamenca on Astro Turf pitch and the club is currently looking to add to their squad for next season playing in the Valencian Federation League.

EUROGOLF SOCIETY......................

On Thursday 24th May, 2012, the Eurogolf Society played for the Ken Wilson Memorial Trophy, at the La Marquesa Golf & Country Club, Rojales. Ken was a founder member of the Eurogolf Society, who sadly died in August last year. There was a 40 minute delay due to fog! but the weather conditions were eventually perfect for most of the field. However, because the course was on temporary greens, scoring was to say the least a little erratic – putting, chipping and pitching to the green was more down to luck than judgement! Despite all of that, there were some excellent scores, with the winner of the inaugural Ken Wilson Memorial Trophy going to Marilyn Eckersall, with 11 points. Full results were as follows:Gold Division 1st

Bill Martin


2nd Malcolm Foskett 16 (c/b) 3rd

Lew Joss


Silver Division 1st

Pam Davidson

12 (c/b)


Gloria Manning 12


Peter Sanderson 15

Bronze Division

Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM)

The fifth Race Day of the Spring Series for SAMM was held on Sunday May 27th. The race took place from the CAR Sailing Centre at Los Narejos on the Mar Menor. There was an easterly wind of 10 to 11 knots. The first race was three laps and started at 11.30am with 12 boats participating. It was an exciting day’s racing with John and Doreen in their Miracle beating Tug Wilson and Peter Cadwell in Shoestring Cuatro (a Laser) by 1minute 18 seconds in the first race and Tug with John Down in Shoestring Tres (a Laser) by 36 seconds in the second race. Mike Blewitt in his Laser single hander came third in both races. The results on corrected times were: First race: Place

Boat Helm Crew

First Miracle

John Clarke Doreen Squires


Shoestring Cuatro Tug Wilson



Peter Cadwell

Single hander - Mike Blewitt

Second race: The second race started at 14.40 hrs with 11 boats completing 2 laps in winds of 7.5 knots. Place

Boat Helm Crew

First Miracle

John Clarke Doreen Squires

1st Marilyn Eckersall 11


Shoestring Tres Tug Wilson

2nd Orlando Ferrol




3rd Connie Parker


There was a protest, after an enquiry the Sailfish Sorocco was Disqualified.

Nearest the Pins: 5th – Gina Ashworth, 11th – Robin Richards, 12th – Bill Martin, 15th – Liz Menzies and 17th – Bob Shorley Many thanks go to the sponsors of the competition – Manolo’s Restaurant. TOFF’s Stableford results, on Tuesday 22nd May 2012, were as follows:Gold Division 1st

Jill Young

44 pts Overall Winner


Pam Davidson

40 pts


Graham Cheetham 39 pts

Silver Division 1st

Julian Frutos

43 pts


Bryan Fenwick

42 pts

3rd Chris Stanley

41 pts

John Down

Single Hander - Mike Blewitt

The next race will be Sunday (June 10 ). For more information go to www.sailingmarmenor. com or email THE BALATON GROUP The Balaton Group is the most recently formed (September 2011) and fastest growing group within SAMM. It owes it´s existence to the generosity of a past SAMM member Peter Sharpington who offered a boat to SAMM for a modest sum, which included a payment of 500€ to the Paul Cunningham Nurses charity. A waiting list for potential new members soon developed and when, in February 2012, another two boats, both Sailfish 18’s were offered to the group it was decided

to purchase both and enlarge the membership. The Sailfish is similar to the Balaton but has a transom fitted main sheet which makes the larger cockpit very spacious plus a lifting keel so the boat can be easily trailed and beached. Both boats again needed refurbishment and the members decided to do this themselves. The first to be renamed “Sirocco” was repainted inside and out, antifouled, all the woodwork striped back, stained and varnished, new windows for the cabin plus many

other small repairs to the hull, deck and rigging. A new swinging mooring was laid and the boat was launched on the 14th March, a fantastic team effort by the members. Work on refurbishing the second Sailfish will commence as soon as possible. The group members now look forward to some great sailing and racing in the 2012 series. A waiting list for potential new members is available and interested parties should speak to one of the members or can email to


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BY STEVE HIBBERD Prior to this final home game of the season, Cartagena had not scored more than 3 goals in a match (and that was only once), then when there was nothing to play for, they go and hammer in half a dozen. Against another relegated side (albeit by default), they played some of their most entertaining football of the season, in front of the lowest crowd (2,383). Earlier in the season, they drew 0-0 against a young Villarreal ‘B’ side, but from as early as the 8th min, when Braulio tapped in the opener, you just knew that this very open game would produce a goals feast. From the restart, the ball was played to Bordas, who unleashed a screamer from fully 30 yards, to square the proceedings. On 13 mins, a Collantes strike rattled the visitors post, before a brave Josemi header 10 mins later, again put the hosts ahead. A glorious Collantes assist, provided crowd favourite Toni Moral, with the opportunity to score, to which he duly obliged, when he rounded keeper Jorge before stroking the ball home. Towards the end of the 1st half, Braulio had a goal bound effort well saved,

before Cartagena deservedly left the field 3-1 to the good at half time.

On the hour mark, Braulio was not only brought down for a clear cut penalty, he then coolly dispatched the resultant spot kick (if only the numerous other penalties awarded this season, had been executed in such a manner - at least 6 have been missed!!). Los Albinegros kept up the pressure, and only a superb save by Jorge, denied a powerful header by Braulio completing his hat trick. Not for the first time this season, poor linesmanship gifted the opponents with a 2nd goal, as Bordas was allowed to convert when clearly in an offside position. The remaining 5 or so mins belonged to Cartagena sub Chamorro, who opened his account courtesy of a Font pass, which he dispatched with ease. Inside stoppage time, twas Collantes who was the provider, allowing giant striker Chamorro to expertly chip the ball over the keepers head and into the net. Recreativo Huelva v Cartagena on Sat 2 Jun ko 6pm, will be the last div 2a fixture for the men in black & white stripes for at least a year, so let’s hope that they can go out with a bang.

Thursday Altorreal



with 30 points on c/b was Colin Pepperday

It would seem that summer has arrived early this year.The temperature was just about bearable,(are we ever satisfied ?),and the course was in great condition,albeit the greens were a little on the speedy side,but in fairness could not really be faulted.Whether it was just our fourball or not,I am not certain,but I don’t think I can ever remember a game over the years when so many 3 and even the occasional 4 puts were in evidence.

Best front and back nine winners were Stuart Taylor and Tony McMillan with 18 & 16 points respectively

That said,as usual.there will always be one or two individuals who step up to the mark,and show the rest of us how the game should really be played.Today,those individuals were :Gold Category Winner with 36 points was Dave Harwood.Runner up

Servicing & Repairs

bad boyz


Winner with an impressive 39 points was Steve Cleaver,with Harry Hunter in second place with 31 points Best front nine was Barry Wright with 18 points and best back nine was Phil Bowditch with 14 points on c/b Nearest the pin was Bill Howie and longest drive was Barry Wright. The 2’s kitty was won outright by Bill Howie. In 2 weeks time we will be back at Vistabella for a 0930 tee off.

This week our society game was held at Hacienda Riqueime and what excellent condition the course was in for our Individual Stableford.. I must say this was the best course i have played for condition of greens they where like velvet. I would like to thank everyone at the course for there hard work. After the high winds of Monday and Tuesday it had drop a lot by Wednesday but it was still testing.We had some new and old faces coming out on top with the scores all being fairly close across all 3 divisions The top division seen Glen Macrae win for the first time with 33pts with Bob Gallard in second on 32pts. In division 2 Barry Butterworth made a welcome return to the top with the best score of the day 35pts and George Stein took second on 33pts a bad last hole costing him top spot. Division 3 was an all ladies affair with the men left in there wake winner was Joan Williams on 31pts and Lyn Gallard in second on 30pts well done ladies. Mare of the day went to Dave Archer who scored 7pts on the first two holes and then only got another 9pts o the next 16 holes. Next society game is at Mar Menor Golf on the 4th June 2012.

Large Stock of Bikes, Scooters & Accessories

Repairs & Mechanics Lee 693 862 729

Silver Category


cabo roig la zenia n332 Orihuela Costa

Nearest the pin was John Saunders and longest drive was Dave Harwood.

Sales & Service Bernard 965 996 594 693 862 740

Unit 1 Centro Comercial Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa


Ceuti 3 Mazarron 1 On a perfect pitch and in wonderful weather conditions Mazarron´s season petered out with another defeat. Due to work and other commitments only one senior player was available and with ten juvenile players in the starting line up and only one substitute (the reserve juvenile goalkeeper) tiredness once again become a problem in the closing stages. All four goals came in the last 15 minutes and Jose scored for Mazarron for the third week running in injury time. Had he taken a far easier chance some 30 minutes earlier who knows what the final score might have been? In the first half Mazarron were perhaps the better team and had a succession of chances which came to nothing but at the other end only a last ditch tackle by Ahmed kept the scores level. The only other highlight in the

RODS AND REELS This weeks competition was the 5th round of the Summer Championship. The venue was the Eden Canal stretch of the Rio Segura. This was the first time for sometime, since we have fished it, and the bamboo reeds are desperately trying to take back the areas that we have cleared to fish. Virtually all pegs needed some T.L.C. although they are continually fished. The water level was down some 18 inches to 2 feet but with a slight flow. The weights were not as good as some previous matches, and quite a few anglers lost big fish. Top rods on the day 1st Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the pole using bread with 9.40 kilo’s; 2nd Lenny (Ex Cultural Attachee) fishing the pole using pellet with 7.96 kilo´s. 3rd Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow fishing the pole using pellet with 6.42 kilo’s. PLEASE NOTE: The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 603535771. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 10th and penultimate round of the Spring Series was fished on 22nd May at Blanca, which is aptly named because of all the blanks that occur. Today there were five dry nets and there would have been more if it had not been for the Bleak. When you think that some of the top anglers in the area are struggling for bites, but the “Sweetie Lady” showed these anglers the way home winning the match with 9kgs. I have been reading a report in one of the local freebie papers that the Reservoirs are only half full, but the three large ones that are used for match fishing i.e Beniarres, Argos and Pedrera have just started to recede from being brim full. I have not seen any of these three Reservoirs half full for 6-7 years. The road over the broken bridge at Pedrera was always accessable until 3-4 years ago, and is now flooded to a

depth of 5-6 feet, this has made fishing Pedrera almost impossible to fish in many places. 1st Marlene (The Sweetie Lady) Hutchinson with 9kgs fishing the feeder and using corn 2nd Ian (The Irish Wizard) Dalzell with 4.360kgs fishing the feeder and using pellet 3rd Mick (The Arsenal) Hill with 3.300kgs fishing the feeder and using corn All details are available on our website or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965328368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached (which was to introduce anglers to each other). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email : anglerstogether@hotmail. com CHARITY MATCH This charity is ASOCIACION EMAUS and was founded in 1979. This charity looks after children from the day they are born up to the age of 6 years, where they move to a further Asocicion. The government, due to the austerity measures, have cut all funding and the charity is now struggling with utility bills and basic items. Within the club on a weekly basis ,we are providing some basic items e.g. Toilet rolls, soap powder, shampoo, soap, shower gel, tooth brushes , tooth paste, nappies, baby milk etc. If you feel that you could help, even if it is only one item to give to the above charity, please see Web site who will give you the nearest location for this charity. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

first half came when a helicopter landed near to the pitch and caused a minor sand storm. Unfortunately it was not bringing Edin and the other missing Mazarron players. At the start of the second half, Ruben made the first of many good saves which kept Mazarron in the game. Then a lovely through ball from Jose Da found Rollon, who had been moved forward from right back for the second half, and, from his excellent cross, Pepsi only just failed to turn the ball home. Ruben was finally beaten when

Ceuti were awarded a very dubious penalty for a tackle by Jaguar in the 75th minute and took the lead. Tiredness then set in and with the marking in disarray Ceuti scored twice more in quick succession before Jose scored his consolation goal. A 3 – 1 defeat was certainly not justified but perhaps not surprising in view of the inexplicable number of key players absent. Team: Ruben, Rollon, Alfonso, Victor, Dani, Martin, Ahmed, Jose Da, Jose, Pepsi (Edu), Jaguar. Man of Match: Ruben.


PETANCA PRESENTATIONS......... FC TORREVIEJA – LOOK BACK PART 2.................... LAS SALINAS PETANCA Rocajuna are holding an Open Doubles on Sunday June 3rd, start time is 10am. Entries can be made to Jackie on 663 144 093. LA DOLORES PEACOCKS Are holding a mixed triples competition, with entries from all clubs welcomed. With 12 pistes now completed this will be a popular venue. Please contact Nancy on 966 199 288. SAN LUIS Will be playing on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at 12am, guests are very welcome to join in Roger Seymour

After the long Christmas break Torry re-newed their league programme on 7 January 2012. During the Christmas break news emerged from the club that the revenue for the season was well under that which had been anticipated or should I say “hoped for” and that the council had substantially reduced their subsidy to the club for the season. Action had to be taken to reduce expenditure and the President took decisive action and met with the players and informed them of the position and said that if any player wanted to leave then they could. The first to go was Nico followed by Carrasco and Prior and then Petu. Mendez and then Meijide left later. The heart had been ripped out of the side. Torry were left with a depleted squad and in

some games supplemented the squad with players from the 1st Regional Torrevievija CF team and also the Torrevieja CF Juvenile team. With the small squad the side appeared to become more united and took to the field with a “we are in it together” mentality. The football was not as slick as before but the passion and determination never waivered and between the start of the year and the end of the season the team remained in contention for the play-offs until the final 2 or 3 games of the season. In the second half of the season Torry won 10, drew 5 and lost 6. At one point they climbed to 5th spot but the challenge faded and Torry eventually finished a very creditable 7th only 5 points off a play-off place. The positives from the loss

TEN PIN BOWLING........................

CORNISH PRIDE (LOS DOLSES) Ten Pin Bowling League Matches played on May 22nd: It was the last week of the season for the Cornish Pride league, and there were still two trophy places to be decided. They were for 2nd & 3rd positions, and which team would end up at the bottom. Last years champions MIXERS still had a chance of second place, so were disappointed to loose their first game against BAR MOSQUITOS. They went on to win the last 2 games, and a 6-2 win, their top scorer was Bosse Soderstrom (626). So now they had to wait for the result of the other team fighting for second place. That team was TEAM FINLAND, who were at the top of the league for most of the season, they were playing ODDBALLS. T.F. were determined to make up for a poor second half of the season, and put in a strong team performance to beat Oddballs 8-0, top scorer was Olli Leppanen (632). Those points guaranteed

of some of the better quality players was the emergence of youngsters Manolo between the “sticks” and Manu Amores on the right–side of midfield. They got their opportunity and took it well and impressed. After the departure of Meijide, Jorge took it upon himself to be the defensive leader and towards the end of the season with the added responsibility performed magnificently. Abel got more games and proved his versatility as a central defender or holding player in midfield. Ramiro had a great season and entertained and played for the “Badge” and Juande had his moments as did Manu. Juande for me was the best player “technically” I have seen in the league in the season but unfortunately this ability was not always used effectively as he went to ground



to easily or held on to the ball too long. Young Burguillos and Corella performed well and the former should develop into a fine defensive player with more experience. Vicente had a better second half to the season and young Rafa didn’t disappoint when called upon. The veteran of veterans Corcoles made a few appearances and made an emotional farewell in the last game and fittingly found the back of the net. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable season, full of incident and ups and downs and whether Torry would have made the play-offs if there hadn’t been the player departures we will never know. A reflective Darrylldinho looking forward to following his adopted team in Spain again next season.

T.F. second place, and left Mixers finishing in third place. The team in bottom position SUNRISE COLEGAS were 5 points behind their rivals, they managed to get a 6-2 win against BANDOLEROS, with Jackie Priest top scoring with a (569) series. That left S.C. awaiting the result of the team above them, LUCKY STRIKE, who were playing LOS LOBOS. Not wanting to end up, ‘bottom of the pile’ L.S. dominated their match and eventually won 8-0. Which left Sunrise Colegas with the ‘strongest team in the league’ award. Other results on the night were SPLASH 8 – CORNISH PRIDE 0, CARP-R-US 0 – HALL y DAY 8, LOS BANDIDOS 2 – RIOJA ROLLERS 6 - That just leaves us to hold our presentation night at Bar Catorce, Benijofar on June 2nd.


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SPECIALISTS IN SUPPLY OF LHD HEADLIGHTS & RESTORATION OF LHD HEADLIGHTS AT LAS RAMBLAS 23RD MAY,2012 We must, all 63 of us, applaud Las Ramblas for the excellent hard work that had been done throughout the golf course, making it probably the best one around, with perfect fairways, slick fast greens, that made you hold your breath, while waiting to see if your ball was going to stay on the green, then sighed when it ran off. On hole 11(that’s the one where every one’s ball ends up running off to the right) now they have kindly put a mountain of sand all along the side of the path, which stops the balls from disappearing into the rubbish and if you are lucky enough for the ball to have stopped on the path, and with ground under repair on the other side, you get your free drop, which certainly helped some with their approach shot to the green. Today we played the 5th Round of the Presidents Trophy, it being the last one this season, but not the last trip to Las Ramblas. With this being the biggest turn out we have had, it really did surprise us, as in the past it never showed much of interest to our members to play here, now after a few games, the turnout says it all, even with the low scoring, in some cases, they still want to come back! There were 6 prizes given out to winners in each category, plus nearest the pins. For all of those going on the away day next week, PLEASE would you be early for the coach? Full Competition Results and photos can be found on our Website. Anyone is more than welcome to join us for a game any Wednesday whether you wish to become a member or not. We’re a friendly bunch so even if you’re just here on holiday and you want to squeeze a game in, give us a call and we’ll do our best to oblige. More society info is available by emailing, visiting or calling the match sec. on 966719604.


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Sol Times Newspaper issue 230 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 230 Costa Blanca Edition

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