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local news.. Rojales The Council for Youth is presenting a Forum for Young People in Rojales on 11th, 24th April and 9th May at the Museo Arqueológico at 18.30. The Forum is titled ‘Vente Conmigo al Museo’ and is a series of films on the theme of the problems affecting adolescents. The films shown are: ‘Hard Candy’, ‘Diario de un rebelde’ and ‘Mi Vida sin Mi’. The films are sub-titled in English, and after each film there will be a short debate on the subject matter of the film. It is hoped that this initiative will help the British young people to integrate, and to join in the debate. The aim of the Forum is to encourage young people to see and understand the many ways of spending free and leisure time constructively.

Sport Murcia

The Concejalía de Calidad Urbana y Infraestructuras has ordered the removal of the sculptures by French artist Jean Claude Farhi which were on Avenida Libertad. The decision has been made because the sculptures attracted antisocial behaviour from certain young people who were playing and climbing on the sculptures, and after a girl scratched herself on one of them. The sculpture has been sealed off, and although the Concejalía is not responsible for any misuse by the public it was decided to remove them to avoid possible accidents. This exhibition has toured several cities in Spain and Europe, and Murcia is the first town in which such an incident has occurred.

Cartagena On May 5th at the Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos El Batel de Cartagena the premiere in the Murcian region of Bollywood, the musical journey created by Indian actor and choreographer Sunny Singh, will be shown. He is known worldwide for the striking colour and rhythm of his films, and this production features a new

musical concept which involves an international cast of 14 dancers with more than 300 sumptuous costumes. The choreography, which is full of vitality has been developed by Sunny Singh from Indian dances fused with contemporary Western dance. Tickets are on sale for 30, 25 and 20 Euros. The plot is original while the songs come from the Mumbai genre, such as the easily recognisable central theme of the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire (Danny Boyle, 2008). The story goes into the magic, exoticism and colour of India through the relationship of Maya, the beautiful and humble heroine and Surya, the handsome leading man who will fight to preserve their love. As the couple enjoy their budding romance, the tyrant Tilak will use its vast power to gain the favour of the protagonist at all costs. Will power win over feelings? This is a show without dialogue that tells a story made in Bollywood with the genuine language of film, inviting the viewer to approach a fascinating culture through thrilling and hypnotic dances. The company Bailamos Bollywood was created in 2007 to introduce Indian dance to Spain and make known the beauty of their performance, thus promoting intercultural dialogue between the two countries. This is the only group led by a choreographer from Bollywood, Sunny Singh, whose long career highlights the Spanish production in 2009 of ‘India, the Musical,’ which received an excellent reception from critics and audiences, as well as in various cities throughout Spain and on prime time TV.

Teulada Moraira Mayor Antoni Bertome said that Teulada Moraira was in a better financial position than many local authorities across Spain. He was speaking at a meeting with members of his government team, also attended by many members of the public last week, and called to give the latest Ayuntamiento news. However, this comes at a price – he said that property taxes would have to rise by 10% ‘due to an order from Marino Rajoy’s government in Madrid.’ He sugared the pill slightly by saying that Teulada Moraira’s taxes are among the lowest in the Province

of Alicante, and ‘although we would be allowed to raise them, we will not do so for 2012.’ ‘We have decided to continue in the same way as we have been doing for the past few years. We will reduce expenses in all areas of the budget. As well as cutting costs, together with the increase in IBI as ordered by the government, the sale of municipally owned plots of land for housing, a refund on the overpay of taxes paid on building the auditorium in Teulada these measures will enable us to balance the budget for 2012.’ He pointed to the prompt action taken in 2009 at the beginning of the crisis when ‘we began to apply austerity measures and strict control of public expenditure to steadily move back into the black.’ However, on the subject of the future he said the Ayuntamiento was legally obliged to raise property taxes, and would have no alternative but to raise vehicle and other taxes to ‘maintain the standard of our services, improve our roads, fund projects to help residents and to boost the local economy.’

Torrevieja The Mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon, has announced that more than 850,000€ will be invested this May on works to prevent flooding, especially in the areas near Carrefour, the Torettas and the main CV905, all of which were inundated in the March floods. A Working Group has been formed to assess the whole storm drain system in Torrevieja, and to discuss short and medium term plans to prevent repetition of such incidents. As well as the Mayor, the Councillor for Town Planning and Environment, Francisco Moreno, the Director-Curator of the Wetlands of Southern Alicante, Concepción Torres, the Managing Director of AGAMED, Pelayo Mellado and the Head of Services and Infrastructure in Torrevieja, Francisco Cruz, attended the meeting of the Working Group. The aim is to implement the ‘Stormwater Masterplan’ in Torrevieja in coordination with the Valencia Government and the Ministry of Development Central Government’s Plan.

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gata de Gorgos Some drivers are going to find their drive around the Gata de Gorgos roundabout a lot less interesting! Right next to the Iceland billboard is the advertisement for an on-line strip club featuring a lovely blond, whose natural attributes have been attracting admiring glances from drivers as they negotiate the roundabout. The authorities felt that her appearance was likely to distract drivers and cause accidents, and she has been modestly covered by a square of plain white paper in the relevant area.

Javea The Ayuntamiento has warned those going to Javea’s naturist beach, Ambolo Beach, that they access the beach at their own risk. The official access road to the beach was closed in autumn 2006 after rain caused rock slides, and there have been no efforts by the authorities to address the problem and re-open the road. During the Easter break a considerable number of bathers were willing to take the risk and sample the beach’s sheltered situation and clean clear water. A spokesperson said that ‘Those wishing to access the beach must do so at their own risk. The Ayuntamiento can not be held responsible, and there is no action that can be taken, as there may well be further rock falls in the future.’

Spain up in arms over King’s elephant-hunting

To add to the scandals and health problems suffered by the Royal family in the past year, a photo of King Juan Carlos in front of an elephant he had shot in Botswana has caused outrage across Spain and reached the international media.

the picture of the King next to an elephant he had just killed, assured that the images were authentic.

The Monarch, who is now walking on crutches after having undergone a hip replacement operation last Saturday due to a fracture sustained whilst on safari in the African country is, ironically, honorary president of the WWF, which has refused to comment on the incident.

Spaniards are up in arms for two reasons – firstly, the killing of wild animals for pleasure, and secondly as the King claimed, in his Christmas Eve speech, that he ‘lost sleep at night’ over the number of young people without jobs, whilst at the same time spending 45,000 euros on a holiday.

And although sources from Zarzuela Palace claim Spain’s PP government was aware that the King was going on an elephant-hunting trip, a parliamentary spokesman says they did not know about it until they heard of the Monarch’s accident.

Queen Sofía has been in her native Greece since last week to spend the Greek Orthodox Easter holidays with her family, and is said to have decided not to return to Spain until later this week.

They claim their website is currently down due to ‘overload’ from surfers, as opposed to having been censored.

Either way, the government, too, has refused to comment. The photograph, which is on the website of a tourist firm organising elephant-hunts in Botswana, is in fact from 2006, but has only now come to light after the King once again went there on holiday to hunt wild animals for sport. Wild animal hunting in Botswana costs up to 45,000 euros for a 14-day trip, with prices varying for different species, such as lions, leopards and buffalo. The government of Botswana allows a certain number of hunting licences per species, depending upon their population and possible threat of extinction. Sources from the website for Rann Safaris, which published

Ciudad Real airport to close

Ciudad Real airport, currently in receivership and having not operated a single commercial flight since December last year, closed altogether on Friday 13th April. In an internal memo issued ten days ago, Aena, which operates the airport, told current airport users (owners and operators of privately owned aircraft) that no more flights would operate in or out of the airport from tomorrow until at least 31st May, although this deadline is expected to be extended. Whilst the airport remains closed to air traffic, the authorities in charge of the installations there will have to carry out numerous maintenance tasks, like painting the runway with the required yellow crosses, so that pilots flying over the airport will know they cannot land there. Since low-cost airline Vueling stopped operating out of Ciudad Real airport

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The Consejero de Cultura y Turismo, Pedro Alberto Cruz, today presented the image of Christ of the Isabelas, by Francisco Salzillo, to the nuns of Santa Clara, after the image has been restored by the Centro de Restauración de la Región de Murcia. The image is a wood carving in polychrome and gold, and has a rich and elaborate decoration done by the technique of scraping fine gold. The restoration works took nine months, and cost 18,000 euros. Cruz stressed that a key consideration during the restoration process has been ‘the attribution of authorship’ and the restoration works have confirmed that the image is by Francisco Salzillo. ‘The dirt and overpainting prevented appreciation of the nuances of colour, and now we can confirm that it is a work of Salzillo’ said Pedro Alberto Cruz. The image, which initially was in the former convent church Isabelas, then went to the convent of Santa Clara la Real, where it has remained in seclusion until the Confraternity of the Holy Sepulchre in Murcia joined the parade of Good Friday. The work is now part of the permanent exhibition of the Museo de Santa Clara. The image was in a poor condition with overpainting and dirt. It also had multiple patches of old stained fungal attack to specific areas of the front and around the back, irreversibly altering the polychrome. Some damage had also occurred by its processional use - a broken finger, abrasions, an opening of the union of arms to the torso. The restoration consisted of a physical-chemical cleaning to remove very old repaint, and most of the stains produced by fungi, and chromatically reintegrating those who have not been removed. After making a thorough study of the image, the Centro de Restauración, in collaboration with the Servicio de Museos, which oversees the Museo de Santa Clara adopted a series of preventive measures within their conservation work to ensure that this image does not suffer any damage from use by the Confraternity of the Holy Sepulchre.



in December last year, the only flights in and out of the airport have been private ones, bringing people into the area to hunt. The most recent data shows 407 private flights either landed or taken off at the local airport between October and February,

coinciding exactly with the main hunting season.

The closing of the runway tomorrow is another step towards the definitive closure of Spain’s first private airport, which has been operating commercial and private flights since December 2008, but which

has never had large numbers of passengers passing through its terminal. It has a 4,000 metre long runway, a 28,000 square metre terminal with a capacity for five million passengers and a cargo zone able to cope with up to 90,000 tonnes a year.

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Class size New York Times blames Germany set to rise by 20% for possible Spain bailout In an editorial entitled “An overdose of pain” The New York Times said Spain could be the next euro-zone economy to need a bailout because of “mismanagement” of the debt crisis of debt led by Germany. The article calls for fewer austerity measures and greater support for growth in the region.


The American newspaper doesn’t think that Spain is necessarily heading for a bailout, but thinks it could happen if German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her political allies inside and outside the country don’t recognise that a country cannot pay its debts by “suffocating economic growth”. The article suggests that Merkel’s “onesize-fits-all cure” for everything, i.e. austerity, is not working anywhere, and highlighs the fact that despite injections of liquidity from the European Central Bank (ECB), countries have fallen back into recession, unemployment is rising and deficit forecasts are worsening. “Bond markets are especially jittery about Spain and Italy, two of Europe’s largest economies,” the article adds. It predicts that Rajoy’s recent austerity budget, is only going ot worsen Spain’s already “depression-level” unemployment rate and says that the GDP deficit targets set for this year and next are likely to be “unreachable” even if he rigorously keeps to the punishing budgt he unveiled having his please for greater fiscal flexibility

rebuffed by Brussels. If the economy continues to shrink, as forecasts suggest, tax receipts will decrease, requiring even more savage budget cuts - “a destructive, ever downward cycle” - says the article,

The New York Times believes that each of Europe’s struggling economies has different problems, and needs different solutions. It points out that Spain has one of Europe’s lowest public-sector debt levels, but needs to work off the private debt that went bad when its housing bubble burst and its weakened banks turned to the government for support. Prime minister Rajoy recognised when that he needed to adjust deficit target levels to a more realistic 5.8% of GDP, but European finance ministers imposed a new target of 5.3% percent, which bond markets quickly realised Spain was unlikely to meet. Lenders therefore bid up interest rates for Spanish debt, making the target even more unrealistic.

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According to the New York Times article, there is “no good way to achieve the numbers” and the current round of cuts in healthcare and education spending announced by Mr. Rajoy means “shortchanging tomorrow’s work force to pay for yesterday’s housing bubble” and “makes no economic sense”.

These damaging cuts, the article argues, could have been less severe if the EU had heeded Mr. Rajoy’s plea for greater short-term budgetary flexibility and could have been avoided if Ms. Merkel and her misguided partners would finally recognize that restoring the competitiveness of Europe’s economically weakened south “requires more investment in reform and growth and less obsessive targeting of short-term deficit arithmetic”.

Spain scolds Argentina in Repsol oil row

A dispute over oil-drilling in Argentina by Repsol escalated into a diplomatic row Friday after reports that Buenos Aires planned to seize control of the Spanish firm’s subsidiary there. Spain’s government warned Argentina against taking aggressive action, following reports that it plans to nationalise YPF, the Repsol subsidiary which is the biggest oil producer in Argentina and operates half of its refineries. “Any aggression that violates the principle of legal safeguards will be taken by the Spanish government as aggression,” Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo told reporters in Madrid. “It will react as it considers appropriate and will seek whatever support it considers necessary from its partners and allies,” he added, after meeting with Argentina’s ambassador in Madrid, Carlos Bettini. There was no immediate response from Argentine president Cristina Kirchner, who reportedly met with provincial governors about the issue on Thursday. Argentine authorities accuse Repsol YPF of failing to meet commitments linked to oildrilling in the country. The governor of the oilproducing province Neuquen, Jorge Sapag, said the meeting with Kirchner was to discuss transforming Repsol-YPF into a joint state and private venture. But Repsol “has received no notification from the Argentine authorities with regard to their shareholding in its subsidiary YPF,” the company said Friday in a statement filed to the Madrid stock exchange. Some foreign analysts say Argentina is casting around for backstops as its economy slides. “Virtually every activity indicator we monitor now shows that GDP growth is slowing sharply” in Argentina, wrote economists of financial giant Citigroup in a report this week. They said the action against

Repsol YPF exemplified a trend of “hostility towards foreign investment” by Argentina, accompanied by exchange controls and trade protectionism. “The anti-market posturing of the government in response to the slowdown... does not help to improve investors’ perception that the sovereign credit is going south,” Citigroup said. The European Union on Friday sided with Spain in the dispute. The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, said its delegation in Buenos Aires had expressed its concerns directly to the Argentine government. “We hope that Argentina respects its international commitments on the protection of foreign investments on its soil and we are on Spain’s side in this situation,” commission spokesman Olivier Bailly told a news briefing. Argentina accuses Repsol YPF of not producing enough nor investing enough in Argentina. Governors in 16 provinces of Argentina have revoked petroleum concessions held by Repsol-YPF in recent weeks, including some of the largest oil fields in the country, accounting for about 88 percent of national production. Repsol-YPF has presented provincial authorities with a plan to invest more than $4 billion (3 billion euros) in 20122017, including the drilling of 2,249 new wells and the upgrading of 2,664 existing ones. Argentina spent more than $9.0 billion on petroleum imports in 2011. Its oil production stood at 796,000 barrels per day in 2011, virtually unchanged since 2009. “A breakdown of relations between Spain and Argentina would be not only a breakdown in economic terms, it would also be a breakdown of a long fraternal relationship,” Margallo said. “A breakdown is the worst scenario we can imagine.”

Education Minister, José Ignacio Wert, presented a draft bill to the autonomous communities today, which if passed by Congress on Friday, would increase the maximum number of children in a classroom by 20% and fix teaching hours at 25 for infant and primary teachers, and 20 for secondary school teachers. The draft education bill would mean that sick leave of under ten working days would have to be covered by the schools themselves; ‘intermediate’ and ‘higher’ level vocational training with more than 2,000 hours will not be introduced until the 20142015 academic year; and the obligation for schools to offer at least two of the three types of ‘bachiller’ (sixth form studies course) would be temporarily suspended. Wert made it clear that the measures were “by no means” an education reform plan, but instead were designed to improve efficiency and create the right conditions for reform to come about in the future. Currently, according to Spanish law, a maximum of 25 pupils are allowed in any primary school classroom, and 30 in a secondary school. Under the draft amendments, these numbers would increase to a maximum of 30 pupils per class in primary and 36 in secondary. Up untill now, there has been no rules from central government with regard to the number of classroom hours teachers are obliged to do, with each region setting its own norms. Neverthless, “a healthy majority” of regional educational ministries were in favour of today’s proposals, with most having raised the minimum number of teaching hours to those proposed anyway. Just a week ago, the government announced its intention to cut 3bn euros from the education budget and 7bn from healthcare.

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Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy, denied that Spain was heading for an EU bailout and guaranteed that he would continue along his “reformist path”, convinced that it is the “necessary” route for “a great nation in great quandary”. In a parliamentary meeting with fellow PP politicians last week, Rajoy started by summarising his first 100 days in power and emphasised the greatest vote of confidence the PP has ever had, with almost 11 million votes on November 20th last year, and 186 deputies in Congress. He underlined that although there were countries which had been unable to make their loan payments and had had to request a bailout, this was not the case with Spain, not now and not in the future. Rajoy explained that the government had taken a great many decisions over the past three months, acting “with great urgency” because that is what the situation

demanded. He said he was looking ahead at almost four years of “intense labour”, and that they had got to work “from day one” because “there isn’t a moment to lose nor a euro to waste”. His objective over the next four years, he declared, was to “grow, create employment and turn the situation around”. “We have taken the path we needed to take, the path a great nation takes when it finds itself in a great quandary”, Rajoy underlined, adding that the path would be “long, with historic reforms, measures that cannot be postponed, dotted from time to time with incomprehension”. Nevertheless, he gave assurances that choosing this path would allow him to build the “loadbearing beams” of economic growth, which, in the medium term, would bring “prosperity, well-being and employment back onto the horizon”.

Spain’s Elena Arzak named World’s Best Female Chef

Photo WWW.

Rajoy defends reforms and denies Spain is heading for a bailout

Spanish chef Elena Arzak has been named the Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef ahead of the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, on the 30th April. The Spaniard is the joint head chef at the Arzak Restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain, which she runs with her father and mentor Juan María Arzak. She is the fourth generation of Arzaks to work at the family restaurant and is well known for promoting ingredients local to San Sebastian. As well as training with her father, who himself was awarded the Lifetime achievement award at the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2011, Elena has worked at some of the biggest kitchens in Europe - El Bulli (Spain), Pierre Gagnaire (Paris), Vivarois (Paris), Louis XV (Monte Carlo), Antica Hosteria di Ponte Cassineta (Lugano), and Le Gavroche in London. After being told about her award, Arzak said: “It really humbles me and has come as such a surprise. I am happy for Arzak, the restaurant, my father and my family…four generations! I remember when my grandmother was cooking and how much of an inspiration she was. With this title, I think of her even more.”

Education and healthcare budgets cut by 10 billion

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has announced savage cuts to both education and the public health system with the aim of saving 10 billion euros this year. The announcement was made via a press release, after a meeting with his economic advisors and the heads of the two affected ministries. The main opposition party (PSOE) has called the cuts “outrageous” and immediately called for Rajoy to justify the decision to parliament, arguing that a press release is not a suitable channel for such an announcement. The press release referred to privatisation,

better rationalisation, the elimination of duplication and greater efficiency in the running of large public services. The 10-billioneuro cutback is equivalent to approximately 10% percent of total government expenditure on healthcare. Representatives of both the healthcare and education sectors have criticised the government’s announcement and the uncertainty that such sweeping cuts generate amongst the public and have asked Rajoy to give clear information about where these cuts are going to be made and what kind of measures are going to be adopted in order to save

such vast sums of money. José Campos, the secretary general of the Education Federation of the CCOO union described the cuts as “an outrage and an atrocity” and has demanded reassurances from the government that state education is not going to be decimated by the cutbacks. Alejandro Toledo, president of the General Alliance of Patients, expressed his concern, saying “every day we wake up to yet another disturbing piece of news” and said his members were prepared to collaborate in the sustainability of the system, “ but not at any cost”. The president of the

Greek PM announces 6 May election........

Greece is to hold elections on 6 May, bringing an end to Lucas Papademos’s technocrat-led administration. The election will be Greece’s first since the start of the debt crisis that has led to drastic spending cuts and violent protests.

Catholic Confederation of Parents (CONCAPA), Luis Carbonel, agreed that making cuts in education was “a mistake”, even in times of crisis, given that education is not an expense, but “an investment”.

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45 die on the roads over Easter

45 people have died in 37 fatal accidents on Spain’s roads over the Easter break, six more than over the same period in 2011.

According to provisional data provided by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), the fatal accidents recorded between 3pm on Friday March 30th and midnight on Easter Monday, have also left 21 people seriously injured and a further 18 with minor injuries.

Body of Orihuela’s missing Brit found

Police have confirmed that the body of a 54-year-old British man, missing from Orihuela since last Wednesday night, was found on Tuesday morning. Specialist divers with the Guardia Civil found the body at around 10am on Tuesday submerged underwater in channel diverting water from the Tagus and Segura rivers, roughly level with the town of Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante), and with no obvious signs of violence according to the initial police report. Relatives of the man realised he had gone missing from his home on the Villamartín residential estate in Orihuela-Costa, and reported his disappearance to police on Friday. Police had been looking for him since then and finally found his body on Tuesday morning. The body was removed at 12.15 hours and taken to the local forensic laboratory where an autopsy will be performed to establish the cause of death. The victim’s name has not yet been released by police, just the information that he was British and 54 years of age.

The worst day on the roads over the Easter break was Wednesday 4th April, when nine people died in four separate fatal accidents. 10% of the fatalities were not wearing their seatbelts, and one of the two children under 14 who lost their lives was not in a suitable car seat. 78% of the fatalities occurred on A and B roads, with 4% occurring on motorways and 16% on dual carriageways. 22% of the fatal accidents were head-on collisions, and 49% the result of people coming off the road, usually due to excess speed. The over 65s age group have been most affected by this Easter’s fatal accidents, with 20% of deaths coming from this group, follwed by the 45-54 year olds with 18%, 15-24 year olds with 16%, and under 15s making up just 4%. The DGT pointed out that this year’s figures, whilst worse than in 2011, equated to a 64% drop in fatalities compared with the year 2000, and that a year-on-year comparison with 2011 from January 1st until April 9th, shows a total of 373 deaths on the road, 5% fewer than the 391 recorded over the same period last year.

Abidal “making good progress” after liver transplant Barcelona defender Eric Abidal, and his cousin, who has donated part of his liver to the Primera Liga star, are “making good progress” according to Barça president, Sandro Rosell, who added that if they both continue to recover in the same way “today will be a great day, a fantastic day”. The president of the Catalan club did not offer any further information about the liver transplant operation the French footballer underwent yesterday, on the express wishes of the player’s family.

2.9 magnitude earthquake recorded off Barcelona coast An earthquake measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale was recorded late on the night of 11th April along the Costa del Maresme, in Barcelona, although no damage has been done according to the Geological Institute of Catalunya (IGC). The epicentre of the quake, which occurred at 23:17 hours, was out at sea, between the towns of Arenys de Mar and Canet de Mar (Barcelona), approximately 5 km below the surface. Sources from the IGC say that the tremor was felt by some inhabitants in the area,

but like the erthquake measuring 2.7 on the Richter scale, that was recorded in the same area on January 10th this year, no material or structural damage was caused. The last earthquake to have been recorded in Catalunya before last night’s was on February 2nd this year, when a 2.6 magnitude tremor hit the area of Cerdanya. So far this year, there have already been five small earthquakes in Catalunya - two in Alt Empordá (Girona), one in Cerdanya and the two more recent tremors along the coast of Maresme (Barcelona).

2,000€ a month to watch the grass grow

Describing it as “the best job offer this spring” Husqvarna is advertising for a “lawnkeeper” for a central Madrid park with a salary of 2,000 euros a month. The company, which specialises in manufacturing machinery for woodland, parks and gardens, wants to promote its latest product, a lawn-mowing robot. The robot is completely automatic and needs no manual intervention, so all the employee will have to do for his or her 2,000 euros will basically come down to “watching the grass grow” during the month of May. In order to be considered for the post, applicants have to be between 25 and 35

years old, be unemployed and resident in Madrid and be familiar with how social networks operate. This last pre-requisite is of fundamental importance, since the succesful applicant will have to narrate his or her experience on the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages. According to the ad, whoever is lucky enough to land the job will have to know how to “read, tweet, surf the Internet, check emails, sunbathe... whilst the Husqvarna Automower mows the lawn for you”. The job offer was first advertised on March 27th and over 400 people have already applied.

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Controversial bishop now Mayor of Rasquera resigns over says homosexuals can be cannabis plantation referendum “successfully treated”

The controversial Bishop of Alcalá de Henares, Juan Antonio Reig Plà, is back in the headlines again saying that people who feel attracted to those of the same sex “can be successfully treated, with appropriate therapy, especially if they are not already in the habit of performing homesexual acts”. In an interview with Religión en Libertad, the first time he has spoken to the press since his controversial Good Friday sermon, Reig Plà responded positively when asked about the possibility of changing gay people’s ways. He said that if parents detect “these tendencies” in their offspring, during childhood or adolescence, they should seek help: “With the help of the grace of God, from priests, catechists and professionals, people with homophobic tendencies can live in chastity (self-control); not without a struggle, but the life of every Christian who wants to live according to God’s will has to struggle against his own lustfulness right up until the moment of death”. He underlined the fact that the Pontifical Council for the Family makes it clear that “if parents detect any manifestation of this tendency or this type of behaviour in their offspring, from infancy to adolescence, they should seek expert help from qualified people to

give them the best possible support”, adding: “in many cases, especially if the person in question is not already in the habit of performing homosexual acts, they can be successfully treated with appropriate therapy”. Reig Plà qualified his comments by saying that he was not trying to impose his ideas on others but rather “to offer freedom, truth and hope for all those who want to escape the dictatorship of silence”. “We know that talking about chastity, or even changing someone’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, is not politically correct,” he added, “Under no circumstances do Catholics in general, nor I in particular, want to offend anyone, nevertheless we do not shy away from speaking the truth”. The Bishop said he pardoned all those who had insulted or threatened him over the past few days, saying it was something that “helped to keep him humble”. “As one great bishop, tortured in prison, said”, he went on,”men can be divided into two groups: those who are my brothers, and those who don’t yet know that they are”. In face of the criticism he received after preaching the sermon, the bishop said he had received “thousands of e-mails, letters and ‘phone calls of support from bishops,

priests, monks and the faithful across Spain and all over the world, as well as from important ecclesiastical and civil institutions”. The Bishop of Alcalá de Henares denies his words were homophobic and says the words he spoke on Good Friday correspond to the teachings of the Catholic Church, which “teaches that one has to distinguish betwee people who feel sexually attracted towards those of the same sex, sexual inclination itself and homesexual acts”. He warned of programmes designed to “desconstruct” people’s sexual identity via education, the media and in the workplace, thanks to “nefarious laws” and “powerful lobbys that decide what is politically correct and what, therefore, is socially acceptable”. Reig Plà criticised “gender ideology” saying that in his opinion, it amounted to “denying the sexual differences between a man and a woman and declaring that the configuration of a masculine or feminine sexual identity was the product of culture, a personal decision, based on sujective desires and preferences”. He concluded by warning against the modern tendency to “deconstruct human anthropology”.

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before telling the press this afternoon, ahead of a meeting with his team in the town hall, that he intended to resign to as promised, but that he would make sure the “road map” was in place to assure continuity in the anticrisis projects. Pellisa, also made it clear that as far as he was concerned, his resignation “does not mean the project won’t go ahead”. “We are not leaving the government of the village in the opposition’s hands, “ he went on, “because 56% of the people don’t want them and voted in favour of this government’s anti-crisis plan. We’ll have to see how it works out, but no-one is going to be in charge without having won the privilege

through the ballot box”. For his part, Interior Minister Felip Puig warned that a referendum on a possible cannabis plantation in Rasquera makes no difference to the law, and that if a cannabis plantation is found in any town or village in Catalunya, the regional police force will be deployed and it will be up to the courts to decide whether it is legal. Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardón commented that Rasquera’s anti-crisis plan was more likely to bring the village additional problems than solve the village’s current problems in the long term. “I know the situation is tough because of the recession, but we should not take measures we could regret once we come out of recession”, said the minister.

Sister María Refuses To Testify In “Stolen Babies” Case María Gómez Valbuena, a nun better known as Sister María, has claimed her right to remain silent after being called to testify by a court in Madrid investigating one of the infamous “niños robados” (stolen babies) cases. Sister María, wearing the nun’s habit of Hermanas de la Caridad (Sisters of Charity), arrived at the courts just before eight o’clock last Thursday, accompanied by another nun from her convent. The 80-year-old nun is the first person to be called to give evidence in the case of María Luisa Torres, a mother who has accused the nun of stealing her daughter, born in March 1982, in the Santa Cristina clinic in Madrid. Sister María was working as a helper in

the hospital at the time, and, according to the claimant, took her baby daughter away from her for being an “adulteress”, since the baby’s father was not her husband. She allegedly tried to trick her by saying the baby girl had been stillborn. Eight months ago, Ms Torres was reunited with her daughter, Pilar, after 29 years. Sister María’s appearance in court coincides with today’s meeting of associations of those affected by the “niños robados” scandal with the Interior, Justice and Health Ministers, Jorge Fernández, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón y Ana Mato, respectively, as well as the State Prosecutor, Eduardo Torres-Dulce.

Spain accused of ‘draconian’ plans to clamp down on protests

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The mayor of Rasquera, Bernat Pellisa, announced his resignation on 11th April after failing to get 75% of the votes in yesterday’s referendum on the possibility of planting cannabis on public land. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Felip Puig, has threatened to send in the police if the villagers start to plant cannabis. The mayor promised to resign if he did not get 75% of the villagers’ support for his “anti-crisis” plan of renting out public land to a cannabis users’ association in Barcelona. Nevertheless, after getting 57% of the votes in the referendum - held on 10th April - he said it would be “irresponsible” and “frivolous”, words that he then qualified this morning,


Jorge Fernandez Diaz, the Spanish interior minister announced in Congress on Wednesday that a reform of the penal code was planned to criminalise those involved in organising street protests that “seriously disturb the public peace”. Under the laws, a minimum jail term of two years could be imposed on those found guilty of instigating and carrying out violent acts of protest under a new package of measures unveiled last Wednesday. But it has raised fears that the new measures could be used to stem the wave of protests that began last summer with the birth of what has been dubbed the “indignado movement”, when tens ouf thousands of peaceful protesters camped out in squares across Spain. Protest groups were quick to draw comparisons to the fascist dictatorship of Gen Grancisco Franco. The measures come amid growing incidents of street violence in cities across Spain, most notably Barcelona where “anti-capitalist” groups were blamed for stirring tensions during last month’s general strike. The strike on March 29 was

marred by clashes between police and individuals who torched bins, threw missiles at businesses including banks and vandalised the Barcelona Stock Exchange in the Catalan capital. A Starbucks café was also torched during the protests when police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas as the protests spiralled out of control. Mr Diaz said “serious disturbances of public order and intent to organise violent demonstrations through means such as social networking” would carry the same penalty as involvement in a criminal organisation under the new reform. But he also said that the measures would extend authorities powers to deal with passive resistance as contempt of court. The measures will make it “an offence to breach authority using mass active or passive resistance against security forces and to include as a crime of assault any threatening or intimidating behaviour,” he said in Congress. In addition attempts to disrupt public services such as transportation would also be made a crime. During the recent general strike picketers blockaded bus and train stations in an attempt to bring

transportation to a halt. “New measures are needed to combat the spiral of violence practised by ‘anti-system’ groups using urban guerrilla warfare,” the Interior Ministry clarified in a later statement. The measures brought swift criticism from protest groups and became a trending topic on Twitter. The terms “#soycriminial” (I’m a criminal) and “Holadictatura” immediately became popular trending topics. Comparisons were drawn with Cuba, where peaceful protesters are routinely rounded up by the communist regime, and with Spain’s dark days of the Franco dictatorship which ended with his death in 1975: “We fought for freedom and civil rights during the dictatorship of Franco only to lose them now,” one Twitter user, @Iaioflautas wrote. Protests against the reforms of the penal code have already been called for Saturday. The new measures were announced just days after Felip Puig, the Minister of the Interior of Catalonia’s regional government, called for measures to limit “social assemblies”. They will be debated in parliament and voted on during the current parliamentary session.



Easter weekend brings more success for Murcia’s Supermoto racing brothers

The two Supermoto racing brothers from Bullas, Murcia were in action again over the Easter weekend at round 2 of the Catalan Supermoto championship at the Mora d’ebre circuit, near Tarragona. With both brothers holding 2nd position in their respective championship classes after the first race two weeks ago, it was always going to be an exciting weekend’s racing.

Anthony Ford-Dunn was first out on track for qualifying practice and immediately felt at home on the extremely fast and flowing Mora d’ebre road circuit which featured a 100 mph back straight that then had the riders flinging their bikes sideways as they scrubbed as much speed off as possible before launching themselves into the dirt section. The riders then appeared to spend more time in the

weekend was a great result for the Supermotoland team from Bullas in Murcia, with the teams main sponsors, Advance moves international removals and Stratton Motorsports being thrilled with their riders achievements as the first round of the Spanish Supermoto championship approaches at the Villena circuit in Alicante province on the 29th April.

air than on the ground in the spectacular off-road s e c t i o n of the track that featured several large jumps before the bikes leapt back onto the tarmac to complete the lap. Anthony managed to qualify his SML450 supermoto bike in 2nd position on the front row of the grid for the premier SM open class, and lined up for the first of his two races. As the lights went out the pack of riders hurled themselves into the first corner and Anthony emerged in 1st position with the rest of the pack close behind. It was the reigning Spanish supermoto champion ‘Francesca Cucharrera’ that took the fight to Anthony and the two battled for the lead before Cucharrera was able to open up a gap that meant Anthony had to settle for 2nd position at the flag. The second race for the SM Open class was very similar to the first with Anthony finishing in 2nd place to Cucharrera and taking 2nd overall for the days racing. Anthony’s older brother, Mat FordDunn was competing in the SM30






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class for riders over 30 years of age. Once again the racing was going to be close with Mat qualifying in 2nd position on the front row of the grid. For the first of Mat’s two races he was slow away from the line and then spent the race battling with the Catalan rider, Oscar Moce for 2nd position. Despite a number of overtaking attempts Mat was unable to pass Moce and finished the first race in 3rd position. For the next race, Mat was determined to get a better position and after completing the first lap in 3rd position he forced his bike up the inside of Moce’s machine at a fast right hand corner and then did the same manoeuvre a few laps later to take the lead from Joan Sanchez and then pull away to take the race win. With both brothers taking 2nd position overall in their respective classes and running a strong 2nd in the Catalan championship the Easter

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Camposol D’s Gardening & Community Group Work Carried Out and Planned for the future

Work on the Jubilee Garden continued mainly through Maureen and Clive butt he group did spend a Friday morning helping to clear a further area for gravel and weeded the next area, moving up towards C, to be improved. The Garden is now looking magnificent with its Diamond Centre of white stone and black slate, the fenced trees and the new bench and arbour erected by Clive. It is a site to be proud of and will of course feature in the Groups’ Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations on the 1st of June coinciding with our Jubilee BBQ in the Golf Club that is to be a combined function with FAST. Tickets will be on sale soon. The group started the construction of a Petanque Court on the Zona Verde opposite D10 with the full permission and backing of the only householder who overlooks the area. It must be said that Pete Bradbury has done the majority of the work with assistance from the gardening group on one Friday. To finish the project, he selflessly laid a total of ten tonnes of gravel, sand and mix over a one week period. Thank Pete. It is hoped to be fully functional by mid April. New trees have been planted around D10 D19 and D25. The Additional Memory Garden at D25 with two benches purchased by the group to commemorate our D25 Rep Linnette Sullivan and Lawrie Lewis’s husband Graham is now nearly completion and looks wonderful. Many thanks again to Maureen and Clive for their design, artistic input and creation.

Compost Site

Three of the large pits have been fired with no mishaps. Licences fully in place. The pits are two years old this month and our Pit manager has requested a BBQ to celebrate, to be held on April 20th. This will go ahead. General Our committee, volunteers and work carried out could not be done without the support of our residents and each Friday they show this support with their generous donations towards all we do for the community. Here on Camposl D we have a truly wonderful community spirit and there are numerous examples of this occurring on a daily basis. Neighbours helping neighbours, neighbours suggesting improvements to our community and a general feeling of “Glad to Live here.” Thank You to each and every one of our volunteer gardeners, concreters, bucketeers, committee members and residents. Mick Drummond Chairman, Camposol D Gardening and Community Group.

Our Concreting team have once again been busy every Thursday even the ones when we have had some rain. The team have continued repairing dangerous drain cover holes, and very badly damaged areas of our roads. They completed repairs to the road by our Jubilee Garden and have commenced on our dual carriageway. Thanks Team. Social Events and programme. The group finished work one Friday, cleaned our selves up and went to the Grande Mundo Chinese Restuarant for a meal and social gathering. 27 members had a wonderful afternoon with many finishing the day with a walk round the marina and port area. There will be a Fun Quiz on the 27th April, at a charge of 1 euro per person A double anniversary on the 1st June, FAST will be one year old and the Queen is celebrating 60 years on the throne. An extensive buffet, music with Sunflower Valley. Guests are asked be as patriotic as possible with flags, bunting, balloons etc. Dress code is red, white or blue, or all of these colours. We are hoping to be outside, so we can have a large number enjoying themselves. Christmas Dance will be l4th December and Barrington has been booked for this evening.



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It was a busy Easter for the Murcia branch of MABS Cancer Support Group, with three simultaneous fundraising events. The first of these was sponsored boat trips, organised by Alan Norwood of Costa Blanca Yacht Charters at the San Pedro del Pinatar Boat Show, which raised a magnificent 721.62 Euros. The trips were available to the public throughout the four days of Boat Show. “We had a great time taking people out for a donation of 10 Euros to MABS and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year” said Alan. Retailer, Legs & Co, hosted the third annual MABS Village Fete outside their shop in the Avda Rio Nalón, Los Alcázares on Easter Saturday. The weather was brilliant and many people turned out. Performers gave their time free of charge and included Spangles Ladies’ Harmony Chorus, Kathy and Ron, Raquel Peña’s ‘Flamenco for All’, John Taylor’s ‘Johnnie B Good’, and Lynn Preston’s Zumba demonstration, with Zigi and her ladies providing an entertaining fashion show, sporting clothes provided by Legs & Co. There was plenty of entertainment for the many children who came: AngloINFO ran their ‘Guess the Number of Balloons’ competition, Susie Long painted faces and sparkly tattoos, the Little English Cake Company sold delicious cupcakes, there was a colouring competition and a ‘Guess Peter Rabbit’s Surname’ contest. Young Shannon from Pearl’s Plaice, raised 160 Euros with some amazing singing, sponsored by members of the public, bringing the total raised on the day to 681 Euros. “It’s been a fantastic day,” said MABS Fundraiser, Janet Bell, “and I’d like to thank the retailers, performers and public for supporting this event again this year, which has become a regular feature in the Rio Nalón calendar.” MABS volunteers were also busy packing bags at Iceland Overseas in San Javier, who also ran a fundraising event as part of their 2012 sponsorship of MABS Murcia; further details of that event will be released shortly. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer.

If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: Photographer: Jill Chorley and Geoff Bell


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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cut off from the outside world for more than four million years have been found in a deep cave. The discovery is surprising because scientists had thought bacteria built up resistance to antibiotics after being repeatedly exposed to the treatment. However, the resistant bugs from Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, U.S., have had no contact with humans, suggesting the environment may be to blame. They are thought to have picked up their resistance from natural anti-bacterial chemicals in the environment. ‘Our study shows that antibiotic resistance is hardwired into bacteria. It could be billions of years old, but we have only been trying to understand it for the last 70 years,’ said Dr Gerry Wright, from McMaster University in Canada, who has analysed the microbes. ‘This has important clinical implications. It suggests that there are far more antibiotics in




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Discovery of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in ancient cave could lead to cure for superbugs

the environment that could be found and used to treat currently untreatable infections.’ Lechuguilla Cave, which reaches to a depth of 1,604 feet, is one of the largest and deepest unspoiled cave systems in the world. It is surrounded by an impermeable layer of rock discovered in 1986, and access to the cave is limited to a handful of expert cavers and researchers

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Researchers found that while none of the bacteria are harmful to humans, almost all were resistant to at least one antibiotic and some to as many

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The bacteria were collected from some of the deepest and most isolated recesses of the cave and tested for antibiotic resistance.

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as 14 different drugs. Overall, resistance was seen to virtually every antibiotic in current use by doctors. ‘Most practitioners believe that bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance in the clinic,’ said Dr Wright. ‘As doctors prescribe antibiotics, they select for members of the community that are resistant to these drugs. Over time, these organisms spread and eventually the bacteria that commonly cause these infections are all resistant. ‘In extreme cases these organisms are resistant to seven or more drugs and are untreatable using traditional treatment, and doctors must resort to surgery to remove infected tissue. ‘The actual source of much of this resistance is harmless bacteria that live in the environment.’

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manipulative and combative - they are all part of what Le Corre calls our ‘evolutionary birthright’. And if reintegrated into our lives as an exercise activities, they will lead us to optimum fitness and health through the ease, grace and power of the movements. Rather than waste time lifting dumbbells at the gym which work only one muscle group at a time, Paleo fitness has people clambering along the ground like monkeys, sprinting as if escaping from a tiger and climbing walls as part of a complete cardiovascular and strength workout. The regime can be improvised in the outdoors with trees, lakes and heavy boulders and when it is, male participants are encouraged to endure external challenges like weather and rough terrain. When New York author A.J. Jacobs decided to try it out as part of his quest to become the healthiest man alive for his new book, Drop Dead Healthy, he met the Frenchman in Central Park where he was told to take his shirt and shoes off. Describing his experience for the Daily Beast he recalled shivering at the outset and picking up splinters

from broken glass on the ground. But he also wrote how he felt ‘alive’ and ‘fantastic’ by the end of the the session: ‘I’m not trying to give you a hard time,’ his trainer, Le Corre laughed however. ‘But I am being the healthiest man alive. Not trying. Being.’ Thankfully for women, Le Corre also takes workshops around the world teaching followers how to train the Paleo way using indoor equipment...and we suspect, clothes.

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Spring is here

Abseiling summer just round the corner for Hope for Children

Age Concern has two major functions a year, our September Black and White Ball which last year catered for nearly 300 revellers at the yacht club in the port. The first big one in the year was the Spring ball, held this year on Friday 13th April at the Sensol Golf club, Camposol. It was an opportunity to dress up, to let your hair down, to enjoy yourself. The Beagles, who just get better and better provided the music and the food was a delicious carvery buffet provided by Jim Stewart. Jim and his wife have now taken over the bar, entertainment and food at the golf club, and his carvery is renowned. Four courses a real winner. May brings a second bite at the Sensol Golf. The Menu del Dia is there on the 30th May. There will be two more, June and July, and then a break in August. The same applies to the monthly free social on the first Wednesday of the month at the Cultural Centre Camposol B. They are a couple of hours of great fun, at the last the Harlequin choir performed with excerpts from Oliver. June sees a second grand auction. The first was a success with 150 spectators and bidders, and over 100 lots. Lots varied from a huge teddy bear to a tenor saxophone, golf clubs, furniture. There were some bargains and some good prices! It’s the 22nd June at Marianos. You can book in up to three items for 10 Euros any time at the usual haunts, see below. Once booked in just bring them on the day at 9AM, the public can view between 10AM and noon with the first lot sold at 1PM. Great fun and you get tio keep all the proceeds!

May at Lagarto Verde in the port, same venue as the Xmas Fair. Its easy to find, turn up onto the Via Axial at the Arbol roundabout, travel about half way and its on your left. Easy to find and park. It will be good fun, over thirty stalls, tombola, the Harlequin choir, open between 11.30 and 3.30 pm. As well as bric a brac Age Concern is looking for prizes for their tombola stall. These need not just be bottles of wine, almost any small item form tins of sweets and biscuits to alarm clocks are suitable! Please bring donations to one of the below venues. If you want more information about events please ring 634 310 215 or 634 336 484.

Tickets can be had from outside the Salud bar on Camposol B on a Friday morning, or in the Bar Peyma just by the tourist information bandstand on a Thursday morning. They can also be had from the main office, 968 970 687 Calle Retama No 29, on C5 turn right after bridge and follow road round. On Monday, Wednesday mornings, 10AM while 2PM. The office is also open for advice and information at these times, and also on a Friday morning.

Sarah, who, by her 30th Birthday, plans to raise as much money for the charity Hope for Children as possible. Taking on 30 challenges before she is 30! The challenges include skydiving, cycling from London to Paris, runs, swims and many more all for Hope for Children. She would be happy for anyone to take part in the challenges alongside her, in fact she is asking for team members and volunteers, and would like sponsorship in order to raise as much money as possible between the 11th May 2012 and when she turns 30 on the 10th May 2013.

Sarah has support from celebs such as Gino DeCampo and now Challenge 30 has set up an online campaign to get celebrity Georgie May to Abseil down the Harlequin shopping centre in Watford. They are asking 50 of you to tell her to take on the challenge by posting in the Facebook group ‘Get Georgie May Down The Harlequin’ or by trending #GetGeorgieMayDownTheHarlequin on Twitter. Always trying to help charities as much as possible, our local celebrity has said yes to the proposal and the Abseil will take place August 12th, so get online and get voting! You can get involved and donate online at www.challenge30.

Age Concern Summer Fayre is on the 12th

BBC1 BBC2 ITV1,2,3,4 C4 Sky News + more. No monthly subscriptions direct from satellite. Full Installation Including receiver from...

One off price €195 ITV BBC CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5

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Free landline to UK, Europe, America, etc Call for installation quotations in your area 606 297 825 or see our website for more information. or email:


The popular series of “Music in Quiet Place” returns to El Pinar de Campoverde church on Wednesday 18th April, with a mixed programme of choral and solo songs. Local chamber choir “CHORALE” directed by Christine Eames will sing two madrigals, “April is in my Mistress’ face” and “My Bonny Lass” by Thomas Morley, alongside William Byrd’s “Non Nobis Domine” and Richard Farrant’s “Call to Remembrance”. Soloists on the bill include Jennifer Morton,

Alicia Muddle, Wim van Hugten and Jo van Bentham, with a trio item from Eva Olsson, Helen Baines and Kirsten Hollander, “Lift Thyne Eyes”. The choir’s final items will be “Locus Iste”, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and John Rutter’s “I will sing with the Spirit”. There will be a collection at the end of the concert for church and choir funds. More information from Roger Eames 966 762 308

Freewheelers at ANTIC AUTO

Saturday saw a good number of Freewheelers attend the 9th annual International Classic Car Show at the IFA in Alicante. Some met in La Marina playa and drove to the show together where they met up with those who had gone direct. Although there seemed to be fewer exhibitors this year than in the past there was still a good array Vehicles on display ranging from a very modern Rolls Royce to the humble 2CV. Some of the vehicles for sale seemed a tad expensive even with a claimed discount for the duration of the show. A good selection of tools and associated equipment was of more interest to some and the odd moth could be seen escaping captivity. After a couple of hours the Freewheelers traveled back down the N332 and enjoyed a excellent if some what leisurely 3-course lunch at La Tabernita in the Urbanization La Marina. The next Freewheelers event is the Concentration of Classic Cars and ‘Bikes in conjunction with Marjal Luxury Camping on their site in Catral on the 13th May. This promises to be a very large event with many clubs having been invited. If you require further details contact Freewheelers on freewheelers08@yahoo. The Walking With The Wounded team have been practising some of the skills they will need to climb Mount Everest. They tested crucial kit such as harnesses, crampons and safety clips, and it was a chance for one of the injured soldiers to try out his prosthetic ice axe for the first time. Private Jaco van Gass, (pictured) who lost his left arm in a rocket blast in Afghanistan in 2009, put his own invention through its paces, and realised it needed some minor adjustments. “It’s good to get back on the ice,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve tested the arm. There are various bits we can change. A spike would work much better, or even just changing the angle of the axe. “It’s great to start practising and getting into it.” Four of the five injured servicemen in the team hoping to reach the 8,848m summit made the short walk from Mount Everest Base Camp to a training area two mountain guides had created. Former British soldier and mountaineering expert Harry Taylor, 53, and Everest legend Mark “Woody” Woodward, 48, from Queenstown in New Zealand, set up a 10m vertical ice climb as well as a fixed rope course. Although the conditions will not be identical to those further up the mountain, it was an opportunity for Pte van Gass, 25, Captain David

SOLTIMES APRIL 2012 Wiseman, 29, Captain Francis Atkinson, 31, and Karl Hinett, 25, to practice some of their skills. After tackling the wall of hard, scratchy, glacial ice, South African-born Pte van Gass, said: “We’ll be facing some stuff like this on the Hillary Step, so it’s really good. “The guides know what they’re talking about, and I’m taking in every word they say.” Mr Taylor, who served in the Royal Marines and the SAS, said the ice wall exercise was designed to focus on the team’s footwork. “We’re going to do more and more of this,” he said. “It’s steeper than most of the stuff they’re actually going to do on the South Col route (to the Everest peak), but they will get some sections where it can be bullet-proof ice. “The Lhotse Face is one point where they might encounter that.” Mount Everest is rigged with a fixed rope that climbers use as both a guide and a safety measure on the arduous ascent. Eight-time Everest summitter Woody put out a line of around 30m to simulate what the team will encounter on the Khumbu ice fall, which is right next to Everest Base Camp. Mr Taylor, who summitted Everest in 1993 without oxygen, said: “This piece of terrain here is exactly like the ice fall. “They are going to go from 5,300m to 6,100m through


Private Jaco van Gass tries out his prosthetic ice axe for the first time, while testing equipment before his team begin their climb of Mount Everest. Private van Gass, who lost his left arm in a rocket blast in Afghanistan in 2009, put his own invention through its paces, and realised it needs some minor adjustments. Picture: David Cheskin/PA

Walking with the Wounded disabled soldiers prepare to tackle Mount Everest the ice fall, so there’s 700m or 800m of travelling, on ladders as well, following a rope. “There will be difficult lefts, rights, ups, downs, back-tofronts, squeezes, chimneys - the whole nine yards. “So all this is totally relevant to what they need to do, and we’re going to do a lot of it. “The guys who have got bigger challenges with an arm missing or a hand that hasn’t got full motor function, they’re doing great. They’re working

round it.” Capt Wiseman used the training session to test out his new kit. He said: “We’ve got brand new equipment for Everest, so I’d rather test it out now in a safe environment, than discover I’ve got a faulty carabineer halfway up the Khumbu Ice Fall.” The team will cross the treacherous section at night, because during the day the vast glacier is more likely to

melt and move around. “Some of these blocks of ice are the size of cathedrals,” said father of two Capt Wiseman, “So you really don’t want to be underneath one when it’s starting to shift.” Martin Hewitt, 31, the Walking With The Wounded expedition manager from Widnes in Cheshire, chose not to take part in the training session. He will join Capt Wiseman from Tadcaster in North

Yorkshire, Capt Atkinson from Swindon in Wiltshire, former Private Karl Hinett from Tipton in the West Midlands and Pte van Gass from Middleburg in South Africa to attempt to reach the peak of the world’s highest mountain in May. Walking With The Wounded aims to raise money to help other injured servicemen and women readjust to civilian life after they leave the armed forces. Prince Harry is the charity patron and last year he walked for the first four days of their successful trek to the North Pole.


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Q. I have sold my house. I was under the impression that I was a resident and that the 3% retention for non residents would not be applicable, but the notary said that my residence certificate was not proof of residency and that he had to treat me as a non resident which means that 3% of the sales price was retained and paid into the tax office . How can the resident certificate not be proof of residency? A. What the notary is saying is correct. It is a common nasty surprise at the notary lately suffered by sellers that are not getting the correct advice prior to selling . The new resident certificates with ought photograph issued by the police do not state you are a tax resident of Spain. What it says is that you are a resident of Europe. To be able to be treated as a tax resident of Spain at the moment of sale, you need to provide the notary with a certificate issued by the tax office in Spain stating that they consider you a tax resident of Spain. This needs to be requested in advance of going to the notary by your solicitor or yourself to avoid the 3% retention. Some notaries will also accept as proof of residency your Spanish tax returns. If you are thinking of selling, it is important to find out from the tax office well in advance if your status is that of a resident or non resident, and the certificate issued by them needs to be taken to the notary the day of signature. P.S. If you are a non resident, do not forget it is obligatory to file a non resident tax returns, and that the tax man has created a task force to go after those that have not been paying. (and they are sending out letters since November 2011) Michael Davies is a Spanish Abogado and has been practicing law in Almería since 1993. He is member of the Law societies of Almería and Madrid and has offices in Mojacar and Almeria High Street.


Detached villa shell built up to - and including roof - 125m2 as a completion project. Secluded position, unspoilt countryside with views across orange and lemon groves to front and rear.

priced to sell Front View

75,000 euros

Rear View

Fully Legal & Escritura

• 3 beds / 2 baths - Size 125m2 • Space for pool (12m x 6m) with open views • Exceptional, uninterrupted views of orange and lemon groves to front & rear • Situated between Almanzora & Arboleas, overlooking Almanzora valley • 10 minutes to nearest town with all amenities • only 30 minutes to coast • Ideal for builder to complete internals

Must be viewed to appreciate this golden opportunity

75,000 euros

Tel: 609 199 394 / 647 379 878 / 950 064 801

Millionaires Choose Spain for Holiday Homes In the last five years, property consultants Knight Frank and the City Private Bank have been producing the Wealth Report, a report on the investment trends of the largest fortunes in the world; London, New York, Beijing, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore are the cities considered by the richest as the most attractive investment destinations, as well as the major centres of economic and political power both now and during the next 10 years. The UK, United States and China remain the most important countries for millionaires. In the 68-page report, Spain is highlighted as one of the most attractive places, amongst the wealthy, to buy a home in which to spend their holidays. The study distinguishes between the options for investing in second homes among wealthy Americans, Latin Americans, Europeans (including Russians), Africans, Arabs and Asians. Among the world’s wealthiest, Spain comes out as the fourth preferred country to buy a holiday home in, after the United States, the UK and France. Among Latin America’s richest, Spain is the second favourite, only behind the United States, and the fourth best destination for European millionaires’ holiday investments, after the UK, France and the United States. The Wealth Report for this year includes the cities which cost most per square metre. Monaco is at the top of the list, with a price of 45,000 euros per square metre, followed by Cap Ferrat (France at 40,000 euros), London (37,800 euros), Hong Kong (36,700 euros) and Courchevel (French Alps at 34,000 euros). The first Spanish cities in the ranking, out of a total of 63, are two popular holiday destinations – Mallorca is ranked at number 32, with a price of 9,200 euros per square metre, two places above Marbella (34), with 9,000 euros per square metre. Behind these Spanish entries are such places as diverse as Venice (Italy), Miami, Milan (Italy), Bangkok (Thailand) and the Cayman Islands. Other Spanish cities listed in this classification are Madrid (ranked 41, with a price of 7,800 euros per square metre) and Barcelona (ranked 56, with 4,100 euros per square metre). Cinco Dias reported that the millionaires surveyed for the present edition of the report were also asked what the most important factors are that influence their decision to purchase a second home in a particular country. The majority of them, 67%, placed more importance on lifestyle, rather than the possibilities of investment, education or tax incentives. (


Economic boom draws Brits towards the Far East There is an increasing demand for expat professionals in the tiger economies, as a poll notes more expats in the East and less in Western Europe and the US, according to a report in the Telegraph

The number of people looking to move to Western Europe and the US is declining, according to the fifth annual NatWest International Personal Banking (NatWest IPB) Quality of Life Index, while demand for British professionals in the tiger economies is growing. The NatWest IPB research noted an 18 per cent increase in the number of expats working in China and Singapore compared to five years ago, while those working in the US have decreased by 11 per cent. There is an increasing number of UK escapees in South Africa, the poll found, with an estimated 237,000 British expats now living there - higher than the number resident in France and New Zealand. The NatWest IPB Quality of Life study in conjunction with The Centre of Future Studies also chronicles the evolution of Brits abroad in terms of personality traits and lifestyle. Their report divides the modern expat into five categories: Lifers; Professionals; Globetrotters; Commuters and Silver expats. With the Lifers, the majority (78 per cent) move to English speaking countries – such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US. Their ages range from 2545; mostly (68 per cent) skilled or semi-skilled workers. Interestingly, Lifer expats still consider themselves as “expats” even though almost a third who answered the poll (32 per cent) said that they have been living and working abroad for 10 years or more. According to the survey results, the typical Professionals spend on average three years abroad on assignment. Their ages range from 25-45; and they are in the majority (87 per cent) senior managers and professionals. Globetrotters are also mainly professionals (78 per cent) and are aged 45-60. Over half (53 per cent) intend to return to the UK at some point. Commuters, meanwhile, keep one foot in the UK but work abroad for their UK based company for limited periods of time in various countries around the world, generally for a few months. They are mostly (79 per cent ) senior executives aged 35-45. Compared to previous studies, people working on temporary assignment abroad increased from 32 per cent to 43 per cent over a five year period. Silver expats are those who sell up to retire abroad, usually in Western Europe. “The image of a traditional ‘sunshine retirement’ expat has evolved to one that moves abroad primarily for career progression and challenges – with lifestyle as a secondary factor,” said Dave Isley, Head of NatWest International Personal Banking. “It is particularly interesting from the typologies that 78 per cent of Lifers move to English-speaking countries, highlighting a need for ‘Britishness’ and perhaps ease of living.”


Investors run scared of Spain’s battered banks

Spain’s banks are fast joining the ranks of the most unloved in Europe just as many need to raise capital urgently, deserted by investors who believe the country is on the brink of a recession that many lenders will not survive, according to a report from the Reuters news agency. The government has ruled out more state aid for a sector that comprises a motley mix of international lenders and heavily indebted local savings banks. That leaves two options: raising private capital or turning to the EU for bailout funds. Prospects for a private sector solution are poor. Nothing on the horizon looks likely to persuade foreign fund managers to invest, such is the fear of the banks’ growing bad loans, their holdings of shaky sovereign debt and the worsening economy. Already battered by a property market crash that began four years ago and continues unabated, few Spanish banks are able to borrow funds on wholesale credit markets and the majority are instead relying on the European Central Bank. “Most are currently on liquidity life support from the ECB but asset quality continues to deteriorate as house prices keep falling and unemployment is still rising,” said Georg Grodzki, head of credit research at Legal & General Investment Management. “Their funding remains constrained and competition for deposits intense,” he told Reuters. Economy Minister Luis De Guindos told Reuters last week that all Spanish banks had met capital requirements set by the European Banking Authority under a 115-billion-euro recapitalisation plan decided by European Union leaders in December. But fund managers remain sceptical due to the slowburning property crash. They include Mark Glazener, head of global equities at Dutch asset manager Robeco, who sold off his exposure to Spain at the end of last year. “Given the scale of over-building over all these years, the present provisioning that the banks have made does not appear to be enough,” he said. Central and commercial bankers admit that more capital may be needed with the banks facing further defaults by businesses and mortgage holders as the economy slips into its second recession in three years and unemployment is forecast to hit 24 percent this year. “If the Spanish economy finally recovers, what has been done will be enough,” Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez said on Tuesday, insisting that no talks

were underway about any possible bank bailout. However, he added: “If the economy worsens more than expected, it will be necessary to continue increasing and improving capital as necessary in order to have solid entities.” Markets are showing the strains. The cost of buying protection against a default on bonds issued by the two biggest banks, Banco Santander and BBVA, has risen sharply in the past month as Spain takes over from Greece as the euro zone’s biggest headache. Santander Chief Executive Alfredo Sáenz said the ECB had helped by injecting more than 1 trillion euros into the euro zone financial system in recent months, supporting banks as they try to cope with losses inflicted by the sovereign debt crisis. Nevertheless, Spain still needed to speed up its banking sector restructuring and recapitalisation, push ahead with auctioning two remaining nationalised savings banks and cut the number of institutions operating in the country, he said. “Above all what we need is a more stable economic and financial market environment in the euro zone area that would allow the institutions a better access to the wholesale markets,” he said. “The cheap financing provided by the ECB´s three-year liquidity funds has been a positive step. It´s a beginning but that is clearly not enough.” Spain’s problems have the power to shake global markets. Investor confidence in the euro zone took a hit last week when a Spanish bond auction drew poor support, wrenching high-flying stocks and asset values down. Spain is already being compared on markets with the three euro zone countries which have been forced to take international bailouts. European money market funds rated by Fitch already added Spanish bonds to a blacklist of unappealing creditors comprising Greek, Irish and Portuguese names in the final quarter of 2011, the ratings agency said last week. As the conservative government sets about slashing the budget deficit, it has rejected a state-funded rescue. It also insists it will not follow the other troubled euro zone states by turning to the “troika” of the European Commission, ECB and International Monetary Fund for a bank bailout.

Simply Doors Espana (Quesada)

Simply Doors España have been established on the Costa Blanca for 5 years. In that time Simply Doors have built a fine reputation, as the Costa Blanca’s number one supplier and installer of UK manufactured, made to measure, composite and PVCU doors and windows, all of which come with a guarantee of up to 25 years. Visit the Simply Doors showroom in Ciudad Quesada, where Gary and Maureen will be happy to offer you advice to ensure that you get the door you need.

Suffolk Brilliance


Surrey Red Fusion Tiles Opening Hours Monday – Friday 10am to 2.30pm Saturday 10am to 1.30pm

Kent Solid

OVER 40 STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM with colour options on composite doors €595 €595 €595

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TEL: 966 718 738 or 671 260 204 Email:

Blue Suffolk Royale

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quesada showroom Calle Azul

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Simply Doors Gama

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Property Sales • Property Management • Long & short term rentals • Insurance

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This fabulous restaurant in a great location which has been trading successfully for 10 years. The business , good will, client database and all fixtures and fittings and stock are being sold. It has a very competitive rent and very low running costs. 49,950€

Properties to Rent in Arboleas, Los Carasoles & Cucador Areas from €300 per calendar month

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We Urgently Need Quality Properties Both For Sale & Rent We Have Clients Waiting... 309 Paseo del Mediterraneo, Mojacar Playa (50m from Ferreteria Lopez)

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Apartment For Sale We are running out of realistically priced country properties with land in Huercal Overa and the surrounding areas. Please contact us now if you want to sell yours.


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Featured Villa

Here we offer a beautiful detached villa on the outskirts of Sorbas. The villa is a generous 126m2 and sits on a plot of around 500m2. The build quality is superb and all materials used are of a very high quality finish. The villa sits in a small hamlet called El Puntal and offers impressive rural views. The villa was constructed in 2007 by a well respected local builder.

The layout includes a lounge / diner, luxury fully fitted kitchen with all appliances included, larder room with another row of fitted units, utility room with rear outside door, master bedroom with en-suite and built-in wardrobes, bedroom 2 & 3 are both doubles again with built-in wardrobes and a family bathroom with full bath and vanity unit. This property sits in a small cul-de-sac situation with a few neighbours and a bar / restaurant just a few minutes away. The main town of Sorbas is under a 10 minute drive. The villa includes an 8x4 m private pool, Air-con to the lounge & master bedroom, Electric radiators throughout, ceiling fans, mosquito blinds, open feature fire, security rejas, Sat TV and all furniture can be included by negotiation. A stunning high quality home recently listed and sure to impress anyone looking for that something special!

For more information or viewings please contact us on the details below Legal inland villas urgently required for listing please contact us for more information Tel: 950 469 592

Mobile: 697 640 681


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update your kitchen

Most of us spend hours each week in kitchens we love, preparing delicious dinners, tasty snacks and on-the-fly breakfasts. But what do you do when a style craving strikes your fancy? One way to satisfy your design ambitions (as well as your budget!) is to use paint to update your kitchen. Slathering a rich coat of colour onto walls, ceilings and chairs is an affordable way to decorate with paint, but paint can be used to cook up all sorts of other kitchen design possibilities too!

Painting kitchen cabinets Next to walls, kitchen cabinets are the most obvious element to tackle to refresh your space with paint. Begin by removing all hardware and hinges on your cabinets, or at the very least, carefully tape over them, to protect from any rogue splattering. While painting outside on a

tarp is preferable, you can complete this project inside as well; just be sure to cover your appliances, floors and furniture. Wipe down your cupboards with a mild degreasing solution (dish soap and warm water will do!) and gently sand them so that the paint effortlessly grips the surface. Then prime and cover with colour, using an oil-based or latex paint. Renting a sprayer can speed up this kitchen makeover, but there is nothing wrong with painting by hand either, as long as you have the right brushes for pesky edges and a roller for larger surface areas.

Painting your kitchen backsplash Make a splash with your kitchen backsplash! Installing a new backsplash can be pricey but if you’ve got a spare weekend, you can update your existing tile backsplash with a coat of paint. Simply tape off all cabinets, electrical outlets and counters, and wipe down to remove any lingering grime. Using light-grit sandpaper


on the backsplash will also help the paint connect smoothly with the surface. If painting over tile, be sure to use a ceramic primer and paint for the best results, and apply in thin layers with a roller. You will be amazed by the difference a subtle hint of colour can make to your kitchen!

Painting kitchen cabinet hardware Great design is in the details, making a hardware pickme-up a fast and simple way to uplift any kitchen’s look. You can easily paint your cabinet hardware for an inexpensive update. Remove all hardware from your kitchen cabinetry and scrub clean. Be sure to take note of the type of material you are working with; for example, metal handles should be treated with metallic primer. Spray painting is the most efficient way to achieve even coverage and two to three coats should usually do the trick. Allow a day for drying so the paint really hardens. Then reattach, stand back and admire.

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We are looking for someone special to work with local businesses to help them create more business from the large weekly distribution and readership of Sol Times � Are you local to the Costa Calida area and enjoy meeting new people? �C  ould you sell advertising to new business owners whilst looking after our loyal base of regular clients?

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office in Bolnuevo (near Farmacia) next to Cafe Colonia


Home Sales Decline Accelerates in February

According to a report published by, sales of homes fell 31.8% in February, over the same month in 2011, to a total of 30,745 transactions, of which 53.5% were for new homes and 46.5% for second-hand properties, the National Statistics Institute said last

Tuesday. The year-on-year decline in February is higher than that of January, when the sales of homes fell by 26.3%, marking 12 consecutive months of declines year-on-year. Cinco Dias reported that in February, sales of new

Mother and two-year-old daughter perish as ceiling of family home caves in

A 34 year old woman from Tarragona and her two-yearold daughter were killed when part of the family home caved in at 01.05hrs this morning, fire-fighters reveal. The child’s twin sister and father, 32, were rushed to hospital with injuries that are said to be ‘very serious’. A relative has taken in the couple’s other six children, who were discharged from hospital this morning after being checked over. Shift manager of the fire brigade for the province of Tarragona, Jordi Guarque, says the collapse of the ceiling could not have been predicted, but recommends that the rest of the property, which is close to the N-240, be demolished. It is thought that the general state of wear and tear of the house, together with rainwater ingress through the roof which had gone undetected, could have led to the general deterioration of the property and provoked the tragedy. The ceiling of the ground floor and the floor of the first storey came down directly above the rooms where the couple and twins were sleeping, but narrowly missing the rooms occupied by the other five children. Council technicians are blocking up all access points to the property to prevent anyone from entering before it is finally demolished. Local authorities will bear the basic costs of the funeral for the mother and daughter, since the family are on a very low income.

homes fell by 26.5% over the same month the previous year, amounting to 16,447 transactions, while sales of second-hand homes contracted by 37.1%, with 14,298 transactions. Most of the homes passed for purchase during the second month of the year, namely 85.6%, were free housing. In total, the sale of such homes fell by 32.4% to 26,304 transactions, while public housing transactions totalled 4,441, down 28.6%. Month-on-month, sales of homes fell by 7.1% in February, compared with the 42.3% upturn experienced in January. In February, the highest number of house sales per 100,000 population occurred

Banesto profits hit by Spanish property losses

Banco Espanol de Credito SA (Banesto) - which is controlled by Santander - has announced profits fell sharply during the first quarter of this year. The domestic financial institution has been hit particularly hard by the rules introduced by the Spanish government earlier in 2012 requiring all banks to increase their provisions against bad real estate loans. Banesto’s net profit dropped 88 per cent year-on-year to stand at €20.2 million (£16.7 million). The organisation revealed it has set aside €475 million to help cover its Spanish property assets, which is approximately half the amount required by the end of 2012. Lending by the Spanish bank also fell during the first three months of this year,

Rising Icelandic house prices hold a lesson for bankrupt Greece and Portugal

photo: layne kennedy

The cost of property has long been cheaper in France than in the UK - but the gap is closing. A European house price league table this week revealed last year’s losers – Ireland, Spain and Cyprus – and the winners – Germany, France and Norway. Most startling, however, was 2011’s outright winner – Iceland, where prices surged 8%. There could be a lesson in this. Just three years after the country went bust, in the eye of the global financial storm, it’s economy is growing again, at a faster rate in 2011 than in Britain - an estimated 2.6% for Iceland versus 0.8% here. Inflation, as high as 20% a few years ago, bottomed out at 2% last year while unemployment - at 7% - is lower than the UK’s rate of 8.4%. And wages grew at 9% in 2011 - the feel good factor must be returning for the people of Iceland. [Source:] The country even regained an acceptable credit rating, recently moving back from ‘junk’ to ‘investment grade’. Greece, in contrast, saw its unemployment rate rise from 14% to 19% last year and its economy shrink 7%. Its house prices, acccording to the

in the Balearic Islands (104) and La Rioja (100). 59.5% of house sales made in the second month of 2012 were in Andalusia (with 5,562 transactions), followed by Catalonia (4,360), Madrid (4,334) and Valencia (4,041). The communities which had fewer house sales in February were La Rioja (258 transactions), Cantabria (373) and Navarre (479). The total number of rural properties transacted in February was 150,422, which is down 8.7% over February 2011. According to the National Statistics Institute, the number of sales of rural properties increased by 9.5% in February, to 9,468 transactions, while sales of urban fincas shrank by 26.2%, to 57,749.

RICS league table, fell 4%. Now these cases are, of course, different. Greece has a far larger economy - with far larger state debts, equivalent to 160% the size of the economy compared to Iceland’s which were 115% at the peak. It is also under enormous political pressure - internal and external - to remain in the euro. But still, should Portugal and Greece, both surviving on bailouts, follow Iceland’s example: bite the bullet and go for full default - and leave the euro? The idea is that a country’s currency plummets and foreigners become far more keen to buy its goods which seem far cheaper - or maybe visit for a cheap holiday. The man who predicted the credit crunch, Dr Nouriel Roubini, was ignored by European leaders when he suggested Greece should do exactly this last autumn. But the example of Iceland’s ongoing economic thaw - and the case history of Argentina’s 2001 default - adds tremendous weight to his argument: bankrupt nations are not left out in the cold for long.

declining by 8.3 per cent - a move designed to improve the organisation’s capital ratio. Fitch Ratings recently predicted all the major Spanish financial institutions will report lower earnings throughout 2012, largely as a result of the new provisions required for bad real estate loans. In addition, smaller, domestic banks may post losses if they are unable to generate revenue from asset sales, the agency stated. (


High taxes and red tape for business to drive 250,000 wealthy Brits abroad More than half a million wealthy Britons are expected to move abroad in the next two years amid concerns about crumbling road and rail networks, crime and high taxes, a survey reveals today. Some 19 per cent of people with savings and investments worth more than £250,000 are considering a new life overseas, which is up from 17 per cent six months ago and 14 per cent a year ago. The figures suggest that at least 500,000 people with that level of personal wealth may leave the UK in the next two years. Investing in improving the infrastructure, such as roads, railways and communications networks, is seen as the most important way to make the UK a more attractive place to live, with 61 per cent of wealthy people choosing this option. But cutting regulatory red tape for businesses, lowering taxes and improving public services such as healthcare, education and the police were all high on the agenda. Nicholas Boys-Smith, director at Lloyds TSB International Wealth, which carried out the survey, said: ‘While the figures strongly suggest we won’t see a mass exodus, it is clear that a significant and growing minority see opportunity and a better quality of life overseas.’ Crime and anti-social behaviour is the most popular reason for people to contemplate leaving the UK, chosen by 56 per cent. While the figures do reveal that a minority of wealthy people are discontent about life in the UK, a majority of 62% said they are currently happy with the UK as a place to live. Some 42% of wealthy Britons think the UK offers a worse quality of life than other developed countries, while 41% think life in Britain is generally more stressful than life overseas.

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Article by Andrew Oxlade

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a range of other accidents. The application of our anti slip product is quick and easy – we even have DIY kits available if you’d like to carry out the application yourself. Once the treatment is complete all you have to do is keep the surface clean using good housekeeping procedures, normal cleaning agents will not affect the performance of the product. If you own or are responsible for a business in Spain you are legally obligated to protect the safety of your customers and staff. If an accident should occur and you have not taken reasonable steps to make your business safe you can be prosecuted. Why not give us a call NOW to find out how to make your home or business a safer place and to receive a free no obligation quote and demonstration.

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Bank bonus clampdown threatened European Commission

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Europe’s Internal Markets Commissioner, Michel Barnier, has said that “tougher action” is needed to curb bank bonuses. He said that he was “seriously worried” by the proportion of pay awarded as bonuses in some countries, and said it encouraged excessive risktaking. It follows a report from the European Banking Authority that said existing bonus rules were not being implemented consistently by different EU countries. Mr Barnier said parts of the report made for “startling reading”. “I cannot see how some of the ratios [of bonuses to base salaries] included in the report... can ever be considered justifiable or a sensible way to manage risk and long term interest,” he said. According to the EBA report, the average bonuses paid to bank executives across the EU as a whole was 122% of basic pay, and for other staff (mainly traders) it was 139%. However, in one unnamed EU country, the averages were 220% and 313% respectively, and in one individual case a bonus of more than nine

times basic pay was reported.

Mr Barnier also criticised the tendency of some banks to apply existing bonus restrictions only to a small proportion of staff - another inconsistency between EU member states highlighted in the EBA report. The pan-European rules, which came into force at the beginning of last year, require that the top executives and traders at a bank receive only about 20%-30% of their bonuses in upfront cash. Half of their bonus should be paid in shares, and about 40%-60% of their total bonus should be staggered over three-to-five years, according to the rules. Banks are also required to cap bonuses as a percentage of an employee’s basic salary. The new regulations have been criticised for focusing excessively on the ratio of bonuses to basic pay, instead of the actual value of bonuses. Many banks have responded to the new rules by raising the level of basic pay awarded to staff.

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UK trade gap widened in February

The UK’s trade deficit widened in February as exports of goods to non-EU countries dropped, figures have shown. The deficit on the trade in goods and services increased to £3.4bn from a revised £2.5bn in January, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. The decrease in exports was driven by lower sales of cars (down £400m) to countries outside the EU, including the US, Russia and China. Total exports of goods fell 3.4% in February while imports were unchanged. The UK’s goods trade deficit increased to £8.8bn in

February from £7.9bn in January. The services surplus was unchanged at £5.4bn. Lee Hopley, chief economist at the EEF manufacturers’ organisation, said the figures added to the “ups and downs” of recent manufacturing data. “Whilst the drop in exports in February was driven by weakness in non-EU demand, this contrasts with the underlying trend of strong growth to these markets over the past two years,” she said. Last week, ONS data showed a surprise 1% fall in UK manufacturing output in February, but other surveys have suggested the sector is growing.


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Charity tax row: We will stick with policy, says Danny Alexander

The government will stick to its controversial plan to cap tax relief on charitable donations, the chief secretary to the Treasury has said. Danny Alexander told press sources there were “very good reasons” for the cap - to ensure the very wealthy were paying a slice of their income to the exchequer. Charities say the cap will hit big donations and have urged a rethink. Some Tory MPs and Vince Cable have concerns while Labour has accused the government of “incompetence”. Under current rules higher rate taxpayers can donate unlimited amounts of money to charity, and offset it against their tax bill to effectively bring the amount of tax they pay down, sometimes to zero. Although they are not benefiting financially, they choose where their money is spent - unlike most taxpayers, whose cash goes to the government. Last month Chancellor George Osborne said that, from 2013, previously uncapped tax reliefs - including those on charitable donations - would be capped

at £50,000 or 25% of a person’s income, whichever was higher, citing the US presumption “that all taxpayers should contribute to government costs”. Mr Alexander, in an interview for BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, stated that the coalition was having to take difficult decisions to deal with the “enormous economic problems we inherited from the previous government”, which were bound to prove controversial. Asked if there would be a climbdown on tax relief on donations, he said: “We have put in place a cap on unlimited reliefs, we have done so for the very good reason that everyone should pay a decent proportion of their income in tax and that is a policy that we are going to stick to.” But he said the government would work with charities and philanthropists “to ensure the removal of the tax relief does not have a significant impact on charities which depend on large donations”. He added that he did not see philanthropists as “tax avoiders” and argued that most did not give money on

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the basis of tax relief. Charities have been annoyed by suggestions that charitable giving is a loophole being exploited by tax avoiders - and point out that wealthy benefactors give away far more than they ever get back in tax relief. Philanthropist Marcelle Speller, who set up the website, stated she had put £2m into the project adding: “I think it’s rather galling to feel that the last four years and that money has now been seen as a tax dodge.” The chair of Arts Council England, Dame Liz Forgan, said: “We think at least £80m worth of regular donations to some of our largest organisations could well be at risk.” Business Secretary Vince Cable’s spokesman told the BBC that the Lib Dem cabinet minister “fully supports the need to clamp down on abusive tax avoidance but this should be separated from genuine charitable giving”. Mr Cable was “sympathetic” to concerns raised by universities his department has responsibility for higher education.

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Second Roman Craft Fair

a i c r u M e d a m in Alha

On the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 April, Alhama de Murcia will be holding a Roman Market in the Plaza de la Constitución, in front of the Town Hall. As the Market has “a touch of Asterix and Obelix”, there will be apart from the Romans Gauls, druids and slaves as well as a complete Roman market with stalls selling foods, trinkets and all that is necessary for the most refined Roman household. The stalls open on the Friday afternoon at 6 pm. As Amata (the same association that was in charge of the Medieval and Roman markets held in previous years) is organising the whole event, visitors can be sure that all the merchandise is made by hand by the people at the stalls. Wonderful presents for the next dinner party or seminar, just the thing to bribe a senator or two or obtain the favours of a noble lady. Silver, glass, wood, ceramics, leather, fabrics - all beautifully crafted to suit the refined taste of any patrician. About 35 real craft people are expected, some of them really special: Jano makes (and sometimes even plays) beautiful “konkovkas” and “fujaras”, the traditional sheperd’s flutes from the Carpathian Mountains in his native Slovak country. Chema is a true prefectionist in the binding of books, using authentic medieval methods, and Pablo makes his own incense. Local girl María-Luisa makes all sorts of different cheeses of the milk that her own goats produce. The table lamps from Silvia could come straight from a fairy tale and Tony’s leather hand bags are not only very original, but made to last. Patricia sells the work of her husband wood turner, Almudena makes handpainted cushions and curtains (also to order) and several stalls offer design jewellry in macramé, silver, glass and other materials.

And then there are stalls with food to suit the most jaded appetite. Perhaps no lark tongue paté or wolf nipple crackers, but noble cheeses (from MaríaLuisa!), delicious sausages and dried fruit for those long journeys into the barbarian lands as well as beer, wine, pancakes and sizzling barbecued meat to restore the inner man or woman. Drink from beakers and eat with your fingers - the Romans had no table manners and nor do we, but we do provide paper napkins. Sit down at one of the rude benches and enjoy the spectacle of Gaulish soldiers and musicians, a Roman priest making an offering at mid-day, beggars, thieves and a senator or two. You might even encounter Asterix and Obelix. There will also be a man-powered merry-go-round, old fashioned table games and some workshops for the children. The Market opens on the Friday from 6 till 10 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am till 2 pm and from 5 till 10 pm or so (on Sunday it closes earlier, say 9 pm). The organisers can be contacted by ringing 639 979 678 and they speak most of the languages of the Roman Empire (including Anglic) and some will even make a stab at Latin. Alhama de Murcia is a small town on the motorway A7, 35 kms from Murcia in the direction of Granada, exits 627 and 631. If the market has to be postponed because of bad weather, the organisers will publish this as soon as possible in their web page under “coming events”. Visitors are encouraged to come draped in a simple toga (use an old bed sheet) and instructions on how to drape this elegant garment can be found on http://www.; photographs of previous markets organised by Amata can be seen at html


First Aid Support Team

(First Aid Support Team Camposol) resuscitated the Easter Bunny (Local Artist Paula Klages) in a lifesaving demonstration at their Easter Fayre in Mariano´s Restaurant on Easter Saturday when over 500 people visited the event that raised €1800 which will go to fund another Oxygen and Defibrillation Course, keeping FAST at the top of their field in Spain. There was an eclectic mix of stalls from remote control camera systems that beam images direct to your personal mobile phone, to home baked cakes and jams, hand made jewellery to artist demonstrations and equipment. Glen Ford the Secretary of FAST said, we continue to be overwhelmed at the support given by both residents and stallholders and also our non operational support team that help organise the event and run the tombola. We could not survive and provide this unique & totally free service without them. At the the Christmas Fayre we were asked if we could run and Easter Fayre so we gave it a try and it was a huge success. A Big Thanks to our volunteers and everyone involved. The service has been running now for nearly 11 months and has responded to over 120 call outs in that time at an average of around 12 per month where interestingly more call outs occur in daytime hours rather that night time as was expected. Recently FAST responded to a gentleman who was choking when the seal from a tomato sauce squeezy bottle that had stuck to the bottom of his “chip buttie” lodged in is throat! Luckily FAST train regularly with a

special Heimlich Manoeuvre Training vest to help dislodge blockages from the airway. and the gentleman survived. FAST would like to remind residents that 112 must always be called before calling FAST on 968 970 626 to ensure that the professionals are already on their way, that allows FAST to bridge the gap between calling 112 and their arrival. No time should be wasted in calling either 112 or FAST as every minute counts in emergencies, there should be no concern at wasting time especially if a casualty is unconscious, have breathing difficulties or a major bleed. FAST have also re printed their information leaflet to include a section to record the Polygono number, address and telephone number as although people may well know and remember this when all is calm, it can be so easy to get in a muddle or forget key information when in a panic. These are available from the Compusurf shop on B Sector or at the Tea Pot Cafe in the Puerto De Mazarron free of charge although small donations are always welcome! FAST are always looking for new volunteers, so if you are fit and healthy and hold a valid driving license why not give them a call? Fast: Making Camposol Safer For All! FAST Camposol (First Aid Support Team) FAST is a registered charity number G30863658 Contact us Kaz Moore 626 823 081 Glen Ford 634 313 572 Facebook fast camposol


Crescendo International choir will be one of the choirs taking part in the fundraising concert for Manos Unidas, contra el hambre (united hands against hunger) This concert is on April 21st in TEATRO CIRCO de Orihuela. Check the choir web site for last minute details.

B EATEN . . . . . . . . .


Sierro, Spectacular and Steep are all words that belong in the same sentence. I love the tiny, homely but vertiginous village of Sierro, especially when on a hike in the company of 73 very cheerful Spaniards. I listened with both ears and all my brain cells to the words of wisdom that spilled in a torrent from the mouth of our guide, so when he said that we were now going to ascend the zigzag path to the highest point in the comarca, I engaged low range gear and went into plod mode. I plodded round one zig, then the next zag, and ever upward, zig after zag, until suddenly I knew that I had to sit down and have a drink, right now! The mountain had me beaten! Before my rucksack was even halfway off my back a Marshal was semaphoring the support vehicle to my side, the driver was out of his seat and opening the door to


scoop my rucksack and me into the safe haven of his Land Rover. Unfortunately, in his haste he forgot that he was parked on a slope, and as he opened the rear door half a dozen rucksacks, entrusted to his safe keeping by the wise at the beginning of the climb fell out and rolled off with glee back down the mountainside. With touching but emphatic concern he installed me into the Land Rover, adjusting the seat for my ultimate comfort while the Marshal rounded up the stray rucksacks. With the rucksacks returned and me seated in stately majesty, we set off for the next zig, or maybe zag, about 50 yards away up the mountain. Cautiously we rounded the bend to find ourselves at the top of the ascent! Oh embarrassment! I could have crawled that far! I was for getting out and walking, but he was having none of it – I had to rest. I suppose, having taken so much trouble to get me comfortable, he wanted to make his effort worthwhile, so I stayed as we zigzagged down the other side of the mountain. However, pleasant though his company was, I came to walk, and as the merry band halted on its downward path I assured my saviour that I was OK now, and exited the Land Rover to rejoin the gathered throng. As I returned to the fold they broke into spontaneous applause and glad cries of La Inglesa! I was back-patted and greeted as if I were the Prodigal Daughter! I may have been beaten by the mountain, but the day was a triumph!

By Jos Biggs

A Taste of Honey . . . But for How Long?

We were so engrossed in a television programme the other night that we had forgotten to switch on the table lamp and were illuminated only by the light from the screen. Our heads snapped round, as a light suddenly came on in an adjoining room. Burglars! I swiftly glanced around for a weapon, then with a certain amount of trepidation I have to admit and armed with my deadly slipper, I advanced on the open door. Peering around the door frame, there was our youngest rescue cat Woody having a high old time swinging on the overhead light cord. It’s one of those combination light/fans and much to Woody’s delight, he had started the blades rotating. It made me wonder where we would be without animals. There is no doubt in my mind that without our furry and feathered friends, the world would be an even sadder place than it is now. And although the scaly and slithery species may not be as endearing as the cuddly wuddly ones, each has its place in the scheme of things and plays its part in the circle of life. Alright, it’s hard to

understand why some of the creepies were put on the earth - we are hardly going to offer tea and biscuits to the occasional cockroach that puts in an appearance in our galeria and the annual plague of flying ants has us cursing and running for the insect powder. But who knows, perhaps even they have some secret purpose. All this was going through my mind, having recently read that the bee population of the UK is diminishing at an alarming rate, with some species having already become extinct. They may not be huggable, but Albert Einstein once predicted that if bees disappeared, then the human race would last just four years without them. Well I don’t know about that; after all there would still be KFC and Pizza Hut and other such appetising stuff, but because of the pollination that these little insects carry out, their very existence ensures that our agriculture remains in a healthy condition and we keep getting our five a day. And the same goes for flowers and other flora that brighten up gardens and our lives in general. Researchers at Reading University have estimated that losing bees and thereby necessitating hand pollination of crops, would cost Britain 1.8bn every year- the equivalent of employing an extra 60,000 nurses or teachers. Mind you, I suppose it would give the government

By Colin Bird

another excuse to import yet more cheap foreign labour. In the same newspaper that covered the bee story, there was a disturbing piece dealing with the treatment of stray dogs on the so called paradise island of Mauritius where some 20,000 pet and stray dogs are brutally killed each year. The pound where these unfortunate creatures are kept prior to being put down and buried in mass graves, has been described as a concentration camp for dogs. Contrast that with the tireless work that animal shelters carry out to save and rehome animals that, through no fault of their own, are dumped and have to fend for themselves on the streets. Then of course the millions of people in many countries who take in those waifs and strays and show genuine compassion for their fellow creatures and would no more think of gratuitously harming an innocent animal than take a Costa cruise. These extremes are so stark, that it makes me wonder if the human race itself consists of not one, but two distinct sub species. It is said that you can judge people by the way they treat animals, but I am not sure that is altogether true. I mean, Hitler loved his German shepherd dog Blondi, but you would hardly regard our Adolph as one of life’s gentlemen. And it always amazes me when I hear livestock farmers talk about their pigs or their cows with what appears to be genuine fondness, but seem to have no compunction about packing them off to the

slaughterhouse. Yes of course, it’s their livelihood, and where would our traditional Sunday lunch be if they did not exist? But I couldn’t do it. There is a massive contradiction here however, because it leaves me open to the accusation of hypocrisy, not having taken the step of committing myself to a vegetarian diet. But in slight mitigation, I would refer to myself as a moderate meat eater with a severe conscience. The one quality that animals possess above all others that distinguishes them from Homo sapiens could be defined as: What you see is what you get. They may be forced to live under the sometimes harsh regime of the rule of the jungle, but man is still the most brutal, duplicitous and violent species on planet Earth.



oh, by the way....

Miss Universe is a man; anyway she embarked on life as a male. The world’s top lingerie model is a man; he still is. Women all over the world are trying to look like them. Is it a sign that the female ideal is created by men, for men? Certainly seems that to be a beautiful woman, you’ll have to shave both your face and your armpits. I’m back on the barricades! I demand equality! I demand women to be women, and men to be men! In Spain it is self-assessment time (renta). That’s the only time of the year that you feel you have a considerable income. A man went berserk in a Moscow car dealer shop because he had waited 20 minutes for his car. He drove the car he had arrived in, through the doors of the showroom and continued to smash it into the new cars on show. I just wonder, how he responds to waiting 30 minutes for his wife to get ready for a night out? Patience is a virtue. Possess it if you can. Seldom found in woman. Never found in man. “Women and children first” is by most of us associated with a sinking ship. We all saw it in the film Titanic; saw how the men gallantly took a step back and like true gentlemen helped the women and children to embark on the lifeboats first. Ladies and kiddies! Listen up! It is all a myth, so don’t stand waiting for the blokes to allow you to be saved first – you’ll be waiting forever. Two Swedish economists have – for reasons unknown – studied some of the world’s most famous maritime disasters, and found out that men have close to double the chance of surviving a ship wreck than women. So, the truth is: Every man for himself – and sod the women and children! In Spain they believe strongly in ‘videntes’ – clairvoyants. Its big business here, and there are tele-channels dedicated to Tarot reading, horoscopes and the like. Late evening and until dawn, clairvoyants and sex programmes are fighting fiercely for the airwaves (the mind boggles thinking of the nocturnal activities of the Spanish). Some of the clairvoyants are more popular than others, and they are so ‘amazing’ that they have to restrict the callers to one, precise question. I’m a night-owl and one late evening, when zapping through the cannels, I happened to stumble over a conversation between a female caller and a ‘vidente’. The woman was asking the clairvoyant about the future of her daughter, Adriane. The clairvoyant/ psychic exercising his amazing skills, asked the woman: And what is your daughter Adriane’s name????? The Spanish royal family is falling apart. The king’s eldest grandchild shot himself in the foot – literally – last week, and the king himself currently recovering from a hip surgery after a fall during a safari in Botswana. His son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarín, is under investigation by the Mallorca courts, so Iñaki and his family are banned from the royal court – one court is apparently enough for him. Guess that whether the state is paying you grants-in-aid or dole money, we all have our problems. Actor Hugh Grant has reputedly said that he hates acting. Grant said: I’m pretty much finished”. Hm, only discovered that now, Hugh? The rest of us have been aware of that for years. Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to open it and prove that you are! Eva Longoria decided to demonstrate her command of foreign words, when she related about her ideal man that she loves a good sense of humour, but misogyny (hatred of women) doesn’t bode well with her. Biggy is an independent advisor, translator/interpreter and professional writer. She has lived in Spain since 1992 and has aquired indepth knowledge of Spanish law, administration and culture - Email: DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

968 461 404 - 630 810 299 E-mail:

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1 Foundation (5) 2 One who does not believe in God (7) 3 A city in Ontario Canada (7) 4 Placed in folders (5) 5 Profitable (9) 6 Splash or sprinkle (7) 7 Alternatively (7) 8 A sedimentary rock (9) 13 A woman priest (9) 14 Perverse (9) 17 Mountainous wild sheep (7) 18 Extreme gluttony (7) 20 Heathen (7) 21 From Italy (7) 23 Locate and correct programming errors (5) 24 Examinations (5)

6 Nearly dress beneath container with which you might wash or dry (9) 7 Element of witchcraft in polonium, with half gone missing (7) 13 Overthrow of French central state following a masterstroke (4,5) 15 Loud and long complaint is very bad (7) 17 Try to win the support of the French, wearing Liberal new garment (7) 18 Weakness of 22 going wrong in the outskirts of Filey (7) 19 With regard to man, one governing temporarily (6) 22 Attempt to get King and Emperor in most of story (5)

Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword



1 Few find car at start of road, wrongly positioned, but this person might! (7,6) 8 Failed on entry into ‘German Energy’ (4) 9 Do less damage in church work, where you need to be in union (6,4) 10 Narrow strip of water with second identifying feature (6) 11 Intended to teach a court, in charge after policeman finally died (8) 12 Being in a dazed state at intervals? (6,3) 14 State of mind over inescapable ruin (4) 15 Enjoyment without a mythical creature (4) 16 Crooked w-when nearly shifted into small boat (4-5) 20 Agonised about city (3,5) 21 Horrible lout with a Welsh criminal (6) 23 Waste outside of Thailand cut and left to be unorthodox (3-3-4) 24 Python not in use (4) 25 Unit lay about with tidal lake parallel to the equator? (13) Down 1 Dance that sounds overly plain (3-4) 2 A headless bird at a place of great activity (5) 3 Cut a jewel to confront Edward (7) 4 Tastelessly bright bird in one’s family - note, that is where you’ll find over-optimistic people! (5-6-4) 5 You must make this to compensate (6)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

1 Gorgeous (9) 6 The air above us (5) 9 Perfect or symmetrical (7) 10 Make rough (7) 11 Peeled (7) 12 Uncultured (7) 13 Assortment (9) 15 Cowboy sport (5) 16 Permeate (5) 19 Steep cliff (9) 22 A very large cactus (7) 23 Boldly resistant (7) 25 Strange or rare objects (7) 26 Hens (7) 27 Pale yellowish hair color (5) 28 Egg-shaped vegetables (9)





To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France






Enjoy the best TV At the best price Take the opportunity, now

UK-based trombonist Rob Wiffin returns to Spain for a one-off performance, backed by Christine Eames (keyboards) and Roger Eames (string bass), next Monday evening (23rd) at the “El Pescadito” restaurant in Mil Palmeras. The brass maestro will be performing jazz ‘classics’ from every era of the music from Traditional and Mainstream, via Big Band to modern jazz, with additional vocals from Eve Suffield. More info: 966 762 308, table bookings: 965 320 071


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All calls to fixed landlines, 24 hours a day to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland,Iceland, Holland, Portugal, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

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at the gre n n i The SUMMER SPECIALS en

Ex-La Liga football team Real Murcia signs young football star from Orihuela Costa. Rico Finnas is the most accomplished player to come from the Costa Blanca and now turns out regularly for Real Murcia’s youth teams. Tony’s Soccer School has played a large part in his rise to fame when he started with them 5 years ago, and still continues to enjoy his success with the Soccer School playing regularly in the Vega Baja league which is designed to prepare the players for full federation football. Federation football is the pinnacle of a young players life and our aim at Tony’s Soccer School has always been to be a preparatory football club for children to progress there football career in the Costa Blanca. Rico Finnas was originally coached by Tony Pickford at the tender age of 6, at the Official Charlton Athletic Football Academy, before continuing onto the Tony’s Soccer School Academy. Rico is soon to be 11 years old and after progressing through the ranks enjoyed spells at Sheffield United Spain, before a short spell at CF Torrevieja. Whilst enjoying the experience of the higher League football Rico has always remained true to Tony’s Soccer School, and that hard work and 1000’s of coaching hours with us earned him the chance to try out for Ex La Liga team Real Murcia. Rico’s parents have been extremely supportive and jumped at the chance when he was asked to Sign for Real Murcia at the start of the current league season. We have high hopes for Rico, and was proud when he was recently handed the Captains armband. Rico who originates from Finland, and speaks many fluent languages has flourished whilst here in Orihuela Costa. We have no doubt the opportunity for success was giving him the opportunity to play higher League Federation Football, and we continue to nurture players and encourage them to further there careers when they have learnt there trade. Higher level football is difficult and some players have been mis-advised and move onto federation football a little too early, but Rico is one of the success stories. We have others who we are proud of currently at CF Torrevieja, Montesinos, Pilar, Torre Pacheco, Cartagena and CF Elche. Our football club is proud to produce good, high quality players and encourage them to further that development at other Federation Clubs. Rico Finnas is one for the future and Costa Blanca and should be proud to have produced one of the best.

1. Bottle of Tropical - From Canaria Only €1.00 11am close 2. Glass of wine Montepalacio or Don Leon Only €1.00 11am close 3. San Miguel 33cl from 11am till 6pm Only €1.20 4. San Miguel 33cl from 6pm till close Only €1.40 5. Local Vodka & Cranberry juice from - 6pm till close - Only €2.20


Friday 20th april

race night 9pm


From 9pm The fabulous


Breakfasts from€2.00 Daily Specials 3 courses €4.95 Sunday Lunch from€4.95 san miguel de salinas


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inn at the green

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ap-7 los montesinos


Tel: 639 969 347 / 677 617 434 w w w. t h e i n n a t t h e g r e e n . c o . u k


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! s s le r o s in m 5 1 in y d ...rea

Italian-style steak salad Mesón de

an unmissable offer!




Free Bottle

of Ribera del Duero red wine per couple to take away with any of our night menus

Valid only with this voucher Mon - Sat: 19.00 - 22.00



Café Bar

INGREDIENTS 2 x 250g (9oz) rump steaks, fat trimmed 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus extra to drizzle 2-3tbsp fresh pesto, to taste 110g bag salad leaves 250g (9oz) cherry tomatoes 100g (3½oz) marinated artichoke pieces from a jar, drained 50g (2oz) toasted pinenuts 25g (1oz) Parmesan cheese shavings

Armed with a little know-how, a few sneaky shortcuts and some nutritious, qui ck-cook ingredients, you really can prepare dinner in a dash. Stopwatches at the ready and get cooking!



New Sunday Lunch menu del dia 3 courses €6.00

Pat the steaks dry with kitchen paper, then season well on both sides. Next, heat the oil in a large frying pan over high heat and fry the steaks for 5min, turning once, for medium rare meat (cook for longer or shorter depending on your preference). Meanwhile, in a small bowl stir together the pesto, some freshly ground black pepper and enough water to make a loose dressing. Put the salad leaves, tomatoes and artichoke pieces into a large serving bowl, then pour over most of the pesto dressing and toss to combine. When the steaks are cooked, transfer to a board and leave to rest for 5min before slicing into strips. Add the steak strips to the salad, then drizzle over the remaining pesto dressing and some extra oil, if you like. Garnish with the pinenuts and Parmesan shavings. Serve immediately with crusty bread.

New Weekday menu del dia 3 courses €6.00


New Burger & Pasta Menu PLUS Kids Menu

The best Pizzas in town Open Monday - Friday 8am til late Saturday & Sunday 9am til late

Courgette and goat’s cheese spaghetti INGREDIENTS 350g (12oz) dried spaghetti 1tbsp olive oil 1 garlic clove, finely chopped ½-1 red chilli, to taste, deseeded and finely chopped 2 medium courgettes, coarsely grated Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon 75g (3oz) soft, crumbly goat’s cheese Small handful fresh mint, finely shredded Cook spaghetti in a large pan of boiling water according to the instructions on the packet. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the garlic and chilli for 30sec, then add the courgette and fry for 1min. Set aside. When the pasta is cooked to your liking, reserve a cupful of the cooking water before draining. Add the drained pasta to the courgette pan, together with the lemon zest and juice. Crumble in most of the goat’s cheese, then toss to combine, adding some of the reserved pasta water if the mixture seems dry. Check the seasoning, then divide among four bowls. Sprinkle over the mint, remaining goat’s cheese and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Serve immediately.

Chicken fajitas

INGREDIENTS 4 large flour tortilla wraps 2tsp oil 1 garlic clove, crushed ½-1tsp smoked paprika, to taste 2tbsp tomato purée 1tsp runny honey 4 cooked skinless chicken breasts, cut into finger-sized strips 125g (4oz) roasted red peppers from a jar, drained and sliced Large handful fresh coriander, chopped to serve, optional Guacamole, Sour cream Grated Chedder cheese

Stack the tortillas, then wrap in foil. Put into the oven, then turn the oven on to 200°C (180°C fan) mark 6 (no need to preheat, as you’re just warming the tortillas). Alternatively, wrap tortillas in clingfilm and microwave on full power for 30sec bursts until warmed through. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the garlic and smoked paprika for 30sec, then stir in the tomato purée, honey and 4tbsp water. Add the chicken and sliced peppers and simmer for 5min until piping hot. Stir in most of the coriander and check the seasoning. Spoon the chicken mixture into a dish and garnish with the remaining coriander. Serve the mixture with the warmed tortillas, the guacamole, sour cream and grated cheese and let everyone tuck in.

Eudoxia Greek Restaurant Book for a tasteful experience with us Tel: 663 314 445

paseo del med, 85, Mojacar Playa 200m from Best Indalo Hotel find us on

Eudoxia gastronomy

open everyday

One-pan zingy fish

INGREDIENTS 125g (4oz) tenderstem broccoli, halved lengthways 250g (9oz) fine asparagus 4 x 125g (4oz) skinless and boneless white fish fillets, such as haddock, pollock, cod or coley 50ml (2fl oz) white wine 1 orange, cut into 8 wedges 75g (3oz) sourdough bread, torn into pieces 2tbsp olive oil

Preheat oven to 220°C (200°C fan) mark 7. Spread the broccoli and asparagus in an even layer in a medium roasting in. Lay the fish fillets on top and pour over the wine. Tuck the orange wedges and bread around the fish. Drizzle over the olive oil and season well. Cook in the oven for 10-12min, or until the fish is cooked through and the vegetables are just tender (they should still have bite). Serve immediately with some boiled rice or salad.



Jean Paul Gaultier’s design debut for Diet Coke unveiled French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier has given the soft drink’s bottles an haute makeover No, your eyes are not deceiving you; we reported last month how French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier is this year’s creative director for Diet Coke, and here are the fruits of his labour.

The enfant terrible of Paris Fashion Week has conceived two bottle designs, named ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ - which harbour all the design elements of his famous fragrances. The feminine corsets are there in the ‘Night’ design, while ‘Day’ features the Breton stripes Gaultier has spent 35 years making his signature. Fashion fans will be able to snap up the stylish beverages from Harvey Nichols stores nationally from April 16, but look out for the chic collector’s set - which includes a limited-edition iconic Diet Coke glass featuring a blue and white stripy motif. A third bottle, entitled ‘Tattoo’ and inspired by Gaultier’s love of body art, will be released later in the year. Gaultier follows in the footsteps of maverick Karl Lagerfeld, who was Diet Coke’s designer-in-residence last year, as well as designers Matthew Williamson, Gianfranco Ferrè, Marni, and Roberto Cavalli.

Doctors unite to combat obesity

Organisations representing nearly every doctor in the UK have united in a single campaign to tackle rising levels of obesity. The campaign will start by reviewing the case for fat taxes, promoting exercise, restricting food advertising and other measures. They criticised sponsorship of the Olympics by fast food firms as sending “the wrong message”. The Department of Health said it was taking action to combat obesity. A spokesman for the campaign, Prof Terence Stephenson, said the government’s current strategy of “partnering” food firms in order to tackle obesity “might be seen as counter-intuitive”. Almost a quarter of adults in the UK are thought to be obese and some predictions suggest half of children will be obese or overweight by 2020, with Prof Stephenson saying they were “storing up problems for the future”. “This is a huge problem for the UK. It’s much bigger than HIV was, much bigger than swine flu.”

Bakers in China create ‘world’s longest ever doughnut’ ...but could you eat it all 11.1 feet of it without licking your lips?

Eating this giant snake of a doughnut without licking your lips may be hard going. In fact eating it at all may take some doing. Such trivialities didn’t deter a group of bakers in China, who are claiming a new world record after creating what they say is the world’s longest ever doughnut. The 11.1 foot-long creation - whipped up by fast food experts Yonghe King in Shanghai - has already been registered as a record breaker in China. ‘We wanted to make something that was unique and healthy. So there are no additives or cheap ingredients - just high quality flour and fat,’ a spokesman said. After official measurements had been recorded, the giant snack was cut up and given away to customers. The doughnuts - known as Oil Ghosts - are a popular breakfast bun throughout China.

Is the Chork the future of eating?

Los Gallardos Tlf 950 398 799 Ali & Mick welcome you! FREE WIFI

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new winter warmer menu now available

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4 courses including wine and coffee Everyday Monday - Saturday 7pm - 11pm

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The ‘Chork’ finally ends the East/West dinner-time conflict - and one writer even believes it will prevent World War III. That may be stretching things a bit, but this new kid on the utensil block is certainly proving a hit with diners. The Chork is a cross between the fork and chopstick and has been designed to keep users of both equally happy, but with less clutter on the table. It’s hoped, also, that much like stabiliser wheels on a bike help learners to ride, it’ll help chopstick novices to practise the notoriously tricky art of eating with sticks. The makers, Salt Lake City-based Brown Innovation Group, say: ‘The Chork can be used as a standard fork for those that desire the precision and effectiveness the fork provides. Just grab the two sticks and hold it like a fork! ‘For those who want to venture out of their comfort zone and try something new. Use the sticks while adjoined together to practice

with the trainer function of the chork. You will be a pro before you know it!’ Experts, meanwhile, simply snap the sticks apart for the full chopstick experience. Various testimonials on the Chork website give the invention the thumbs up. One says: ‘That’s great, now my husband can use chopsticks with me and still be able to poke at the hard to pickup scraps.’ Another writes: ‘Yay! I don’t have to fumble with chopsticks or ask for a fork!’ Silla Bjerrum, MD of the Feng Sushi group of Japanese restaurants, agreed that the Chork is a winner. She told MailOnline: ‘It’s brilliant! This would be perfect for our Feng picnic box, great fun and perfect to eat both salads and sushi with. Perhaps the next step could be to make them with bio-degradable products?’ However, Gizmodo writer Casey Chan goes even further with her praise, claiming that ‘the chork, instead of pandas, could be used to maintain US/China relations’.

4 courses with bottle of ESTE wine per couple & coffee included

Lunch 1pm - 4pm Roast Lamb Shoulder & Pork Knuckle, 12oz Entrecote, 20oz T-Bone, 10oz Pork Tenderloin, Roast Potatoes & Fresh Veg. Freshly Baked Bread

Daily roast cooking

Mon: Roast Lamb Shank Wed: Roast Pork Knuckle Fri: Roast Lamb Shank

Tues: Rabbit in garlic & beer Thurs: Roast Pork Loin Sat & Sun: Roast Lamb Shank & Pork Knuckle

all nights

Grilled 14oz Entrecote Beef Steak Grilled 20 oz T-Bone Beef Steak Slow roast shoulder of Lamb or Knuckle of Pork

new smoking conservatory now open

Open Mon - Sat 8am - 24pm,Sun 10am - 17pm Spanish Tel: 950 430 145 English Tel: 647 730 103

Poligono Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage


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sport continued p37

SAILING ASSOCIATION MAR MENOR............................................ The Second Race Day of the SAMM Spring Series on Sunday April 15th was postponed due to extra strong winds. This will now be held

on Sunday April 22nd. If you would like more information please go to w w w. s a i l i n g m a r m e n o r. com or email sammracing@

Fairwayz Golf Society

ST JAMES’S GATE AT VISTABELLA MAZARRON BOWLS CLUB........... Mazarron “Miners” are on half way through and apart

TUESDAY 10TH APRIL We played this re-arranged course and I must say it is now a better lay out, and we seemed to get round quicker. Ron Chambers took the course apart having 23 points on the front nine to finish with 39 points. The nearest one to him was 29 points. Welcome to your new handicap Ron!!. In Category One the scoring was very low being won with a score of 23 points. All results can be seen on our

website in full Tuesday 24th April our away day is at El Plantio with a 12.00am start. Start sheet on website and anyone who cannot play please let me know. After the game we returned to the St James’s Gate pub for presentation and refreshments kindly supplied by the management. Anyone who would like to join our Society or just want to play a game with us give me a ring on 678-849-142. See you all at El Plantio. Photo Cat Two Winners.

a mission again having had a brief time out after their great success in winning the CBBA Winter League. This time their quest is to achieve a similar result in the SABA Spring League. Unfortunately the “Miners” first match on their crusade was lost away to La Siesta “Hornets”. Their 2nd match of the season, again away, was against Greenlands “Lightnings”. Now the fact that they were playing on Friday 13th wouldn’t have held much credence as an excuse should they have lost but I dare say someone might have been willing to give it a try, fortunately Mazarron Miners didn’t need any excuses as they won 4 rinks to 2 and 121 shots to 78. Well done to all players it was a good win. The next match will be on Mon 23rd April at home against Vistabella B. The Clubs Spring Triples League is already more than

Motoring............ Mazda 6 Venture Edition

Mazda 6 Venture Edition announced with standard satellite-navigation

The new Mazda 6 Venture Edition has been announced, hot on the heels of the Mazda 2 Venture Edition. The special 6 is based on the TS model, but adds a sports grille, 17-inch gunmetal alloy wheels and privacy glass, while Dolphin Grey Mica paint is available exclusively to the Venture Edition. Inside, there’s a TomTom satellite-navigation system, an integrated Bluetooth system, plus heated front seats with part-leather trim. As it’s based on the TS model, the Venture Edition also gets front, side and curtain airbags, parking sensors front and rear, auto

wipers, a leather multifunction steering wheel and a six-speaker stereo with six-disc CD changer and Aux jack. Only 257 Venture Edition models will be made, and it will be offered in either hatch or estate bodystyles. Two engines are available: a 161bhp 2.2-litre diesel which returns 53.5mpg and 140g/km of CO2, or a 153bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine returning 40.9mpg and 159g/km of CO2. The Mazda 6 Venture Edition is on sale now from £21,000, with prices ranging from £340 to £480 over the equivalent TS model.

from team “Rich Birds” who have held the top spot for 3 weeks the rest are shuffling around like a Paul Daniels pack of cards. Can “Rich Birds” keep their top post this week after playing the 2nd position team “Mac Pack” their next opponents on Tuesday, it will be tough as will the match be for team “Bowled Over” trying to cling to their 3rd position, watch this space. If you would like to come along and give bowls a try, we have sets of bowls you can borrow and fully qualified coaches who will give any tuition required or if you have been a bowler and thinking about playing again we would make all very welcome. For more information check our web page :- mazarronbowlsclub. Or tel :- Club Secretary 968131619 Club Captain 637461038 Report by Wendy Reynolds

Altorreal Thursday 12th. April Despite gloomy weather forecasts for the day predicting some rain,we all managed to finish our rounds of golf before the rain eventually arrived in the evening. 30 golfers turned out for this second years Pedro Oversfield Memorial Trophy event.Overall the course was in excellent condition,and despitethe fact that the greens had just been hollow tined and fertilised even they were running reasonably well,if a little on the slow side. Competition for this trophy was extremely fierce,and I have to say that it looked very much that it would be won by last years winner and my playing partner Bill Elrick,with a very consistent 34 points. Not bad for our oldest member to show the younger ones how to do it. Unfortunately for Billy,however,his score was later beaten by a single point,when Gerry Williams came in with an excellent 35 points.The picture below shows Gerry receiving his prize from Pedro’s wife Peggy and our Society captain Tony

McMillan. Apart from the competition for the trophy,we also played our normal individual Stableford format,and the results were as follows: Gold Category winner with 30 points was Tony Mc.Millan,with Alex Duchart and Peter Jones in second and third places respectively with 29 points each. Best front nine was Colin Pepperday with 15 points and best back nine with 16 points was John Pedderson. Nearest the pin was Fran Cummins and longest drive was Alex Duchart. Silver category winner was Gerry Williams with 35 points,with Bill Elrick second with 34 points and Dave Bishop third with 33 points. Best front & back nines were Barry Wood and Phil Bowditch with 18 & 17 points respectively. Barry Wood won the nearest the pin and Dave Bishop the longest drive. The 2’s competition was shared between Dave Harwood and Graham Butterworth. Our next outing will be Vistabella on 26th.April.First tee off at 0930

Mercedes A25 AMG spotted

New Mercedes A-Class AMG is set to rival Audi RS3 and BMW M Coupe for performance

The Mercedes A25 AMG has been spied outside AMG HQ in Affalterbach, Germany. These images show that the AMG version of the A-Class will get new bumpers and more aggressive side skirts, with the front-end’s larger air intakes designed to cool a much larger braking set-up. There’s also AMG alloys and a much lower ride height, while at the rear there’s a set of rectangular exhausts replacing the regular A-Class’s round versions. The A25 AMG will have four-wheel drive, with a dual-clutch gearbox transferring around 350hp from the 2.0-litre turbocharged

four-cylinder engine. That’s more power than the Audi RS3 and BMW 1 Series M Coupe, which both produced 335bhp. The A25 should beat both in the sprint from 0-62mph, with an estimated time of 4.5 seconds, while top speed will be electronically limited to 155mph. In terms of handling, the A25 AMG has a wider track front and rear to boost grip, while revised suspension settings and standard-fit adaptive dampers will be used. The A25 AMG will go on sale in 2013.




At the Welcome Meeting on 31st March Welcome were pleased to present MABS with a cheque for 300€ which was from the 50cents collected at their book club and made up to 300€ from Welcome events. They also presented Age Concern with a cheque for 500€ which is to help Age Concern towards the fixture and fittings needed when they open their shop. Welcome continues to offer excellant artists at their dances with any excess money given to MABS, Age Concern,AECC Murcia and FAST.


A FUNDRAISER FOR JJ.s PUPPY RESCUE ASSOCIATION FRIDAY 1st JUNE 2012, 7.45pm At MARIANOS RESTAURANT, CAMPOSOL Supper of Sausage & Mash Dancing to the Music of JOHN SLOMAN Tickets 10 Entrance on the door 5€, no food! Contact Christine 603 127 984 (Camposol), Mike 634 143 242 (Port) JJ’s shop Monday to Saturday 10.30 to 2.30pm


Events for our readers If you own a bar or restaurant then let SOLTIMES know what events you have coming up...

BINGO-MUSIC-COMEDY QUIZ-CHARITY-DISCO We want you and so do our readers

Tel: Rosemary now on 647 379 795 or email:

Welcome Events.................

Welcome Trips to Benidorm

From Mazarron on 15th October,by coach, 4 days, 3 nights staying at the Hotel Helios on half board, including trip out on Tuesday and usual Welcome trimmings 130€ Also from Mazarron on 23rd December by coach, 5 days, 4 nights staying at the Hotel Helios on Full board including Gala Christmas Lunch 220€ A few rooms left for both trips. Call Rosemary on 620 105 179

PALS EVENTS 2012 BBQ on the Beach – 1st May Bolnuevo. Our favourite; masses of drinks and food included. Including a boules contest. May Day. Bring your own chairs. Still only 13 euros. Booking essential Summer Jubilee Ball –3rd June Superb menu, wine and beer included. Dance the night away at the Costa Costa Hotel. With The John Lindo Trio Still only 27.50 Euros per head. Coaches available for an extra 7 euros. This promises to be a very pleasurable evening BBQ on the Beach friday 29th June bring the kids. An evening event from 6 till 9 food and drink included 13 Euros Sponsored Bike Ride – 22nd to 30th September TJ’s bar are organising a bike ride from Camposol to Madrid and back. All proceeds to PALS. Forms in TJ’s or from PALS



Cruise – 20th to 27th October 7 nights, 8 days FULLY INCLUSIVE from Camposol to Valencia, then Malta, Sicily, Naples, Sardinia, Palma de Mallorca. Pullman tours from 600 euros per person sharing. Tickets going fast. Please ensure you GET YOUR tickets early... For more info: or call 626 460 465

Fun fitness for those with reduced mobility Want to exercise buit don’t feel that you can? Non weight bearing exercises in a chair - includes dance moves, arm workouts and stretches all to great music. Use it or lose it! Keep what mobilitiy you’ve got! Classes every Friday...

at Mariano’s, Camposol A, 10.30am - 11.30am

For more informations call Annette on 649 647 467

(qualified and experienced teacher)

Camposol sector a tel: 699 518 535

entertainment quiz mon from 9pm

mabs events.........................

Tuesday 24 April VOLUNTEERS MEETING - Trevi Bar, Camposol Sector B – 11.30 am If you would like to find out more about how you can help MABS come along to our meeting. For further information please ring Bev on 693 362 823 Thursday 26 April - COFFEE MORNING - Neptuno 951 C/ Cazorla sector C 15 Camposol 10.30 am Tel 620 582 418 for details Friday 27th April- JIGSAW BEREAVEMENT GROUP- Cats Bar Camposol sector A – 2.00 pm The MABS Mazarron bereavement group meets on the last Friday of the month at Cats Bar, Camposol Sector A, Mazarron. Call 620 582 418 for further details. Keep watching the press or visit our website for more events For further details, please call 620 582 418

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Dance Night with Trev & Suzie

Every Thursday at Mariano’s Restaurant Camposol Sector ‘A’ - 8pm - €5 pp Can’t dance or a little rusty and want to learn or practice in an informal FUN atmosphere? Learn Basic Steps... Absolute Beginners usually dancing by the end of the first session... Practice what you already know... A partner is helpful but not essential!

Everyone welcome

...and Dance the night away to your favourite R‘n’R songs


Friday 20th april


general knowledge quiz tues & thurs from 9pm mon from 9pm

Sunday Lunches from 12.45pm onwards 2 menus 4.50€ or 6.50€... Booking Advisable

Thursday Market Day Special

Sausage or Bacon Sandwich plus Tea or Coffee only 3€ Beefburger plus Tea or Coffee only 3€

Homemade Pies Full english breakfast & Full menu also includes bread & butter or toast & available 50 tea & coffee. Mon - Sat 10 - 3


R a o y l w e N Friday 20th april fun quiz

with Cod & chips




Wednesday 25th April - Race night at Trevi Bar, Camposol B. Tickets €3. Proceeds to go to MABS. Wednesday 23rd May - Comedy night with Alan Wallace from the Costa Del Sol. Also the lovely Lucinda. A night of laughter and plenty of dancing. €9 only. Wednesday 13th June - Ladies Day at Mariano’s. Entertainment by Pat Martin. Also fashion show, raffle, bingo, buffet and drinks. Just €12. Ladies, don’t miss this one. Wednesday 20th June - Summer Ball at Pinoto De Oro, Aledo. Champagne reception, 6 course meal, all drinks, entertainment by Pat Martin plus mystery guest. €29. Coach available at €6. Welcome Benidorm trips : 15th October - 4 days 3 nights at Hotel Helios, half board, including trip to Guadalest. €130. 23rd December - 5 days 4 nights at Hotel Helios, full board, including gala Christmas lunch. €220. Second coach filling up fast. For more details and to purchase tickets, call Rosemary on 620 105 179.

Bar & Restaurant

Saturday 21st April

martin ross

For More Information Call: Trevor Mob: 689 892 745 Suzie Mob: 662 607 371

El Alamillo Plaza ~ Pto de Mazarron Details & Reservations 968 595 864

find us on

New royal costa calida


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to place your advertisment....

Furniture first

ALL SEASONS I Fully fitted by R C City & Guilds O Trained Installation team N Fully Legal & Insured S.L. company

WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923

building services


• Vertical Blinds • Window Blinds • New Covers • Repairs

At least 150 Colours To Choose From

Tel: Mick 676 583 246

from la Marina to San Javier



Sweet Dreams

BOATIN G LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL REQUIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Sailing RYA Training Centre, Competent Crew to Yachtmaster, VHF & ICC. Own-boat tuition on sail and power. If you have a yacht or powerboat get qualified and certified. Contact Richard +34 638 056 224 Email: e n q u i r i e s @ serenitysailing. com or visit: www.

See our Advertisement on page 13 for more information

Centro Commercial, Flamenca Beach, La Planta, Playa Flamenca

Tel: 965 321 701 businesses for sale

Mañanas Popular Cafe Bar in Algorfa ‘Mananas’ Traspaso/Lease full legal license for sale

Please contact Tel: 966 781 307

businesses opportunities


house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE


50% off all matresses

est 2006


Prices from as little as 349€ supplied and fitted Free no obligation survey and quotation AUTHORISED INSTALLER FOR SIMULSAT TV Call John on 608279075

• Retractable Awnings Plano • Toldo  (Glorieta) • Balcony Blinds

Costa blanca areas christine 966 718 979 Costa calida area lesley 902 750 190 ext 334


car hire

air conditioning

By PERSON: Quesada business centre, calle los arcos 7, quesada

Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email them to:

A1 Constuction for skip hire, tipping, digging, rubbish removal & all building work, Tel: 628 505 733 or 608 179 450 (tc)


health & beauty Jane Salon in Bolnuevo for all health & beauty treatments including hair, nails, massage, skin care & much more. Tel: 968 158 433 or 611 611 858 (tc)

heating NEATER HEATER See our mail advert on Page 5

insurance asssa medical insurances Asssa Mazarron, Diane Nolan, Tel: 968 153 396, mazarron@asssa. es




qualified UK Care Home Manager available for caring, cooking, cleaning,shopping etc. Husband also available for any DIY tasks, gardening, decorating etc, Reasonable Rates Contact Jennifer: 965 008 495 or 634 332 682


no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con, electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal


Locks r us 24hr emergency locksmith, tel: 653 145 300, see main ad on front 10Mbps Internet page. ANYWHERE in Europe. Phones limousine for immediate installation from less than 1 cent Electrician ELECTRICITY, PLUMBING, for sale minute, no monthly AIR-CON available for all No Rust.Call Tracy on fee. Computer in Torrevieja & surrounding works. sales and repairs 966 726 891 areas. Denia to Mazarron. Small or large. No call out fee Pet Beds from €7.95 Call Clive 966 260 Call Dave Tel: 622 381 979 Linen Mills, Calle Los 403 or 648 883 Tel: 658 632 056 Arcos, Quesada Tel: 202 www. clivegray 693 251 562. Tel: 968 969 648 620 582 063 Gran

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487


for sale

Simply Doors Espana

Receiver if required, extra. view Villa Martin area. 693 937 769. gents as new m&s dinner suit. 38” waist, 33” leg. 25€ 2 100% white cotton dress shirts 16” & 16 1/2” collar6€ each torrevieja/rojales 966 792 485 Oval shaped walnut table , length 130cm, extends to 204cm, width 100cm. 4 chairs included. VGC. 150€. Tel: 966 774 114. Villamartin area, buyer collects. Over 40 composite and PVC doors, fully installed from only €595, Tel: Simply Doors on 966 718 738, or call at our showroom at Calle Azul, Ciudad Quesada Pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, darts. Tel:666 933 726 Aluminium Gates, Double and Electric Sliding. Guaranteed


uk manufactured, made to measure, composite & pvc doors & windows with up to 25 years guarantee over 40 styles to choose from with colour options on composite doors from €595 fully installed

businesses opportunities

for sale

Office to Rent

14 railway sleepers, great for garden project. 100€ ono buyer collects. los montesinos 966 720 640

Self contained office in Los Carasoles Fully Equipped Good Parking 5 minutes off motorway (Albox turning) 50€ per week includes utilities

tel: 647 379 878 urgently wanted

beautician self-employed room & treatment bed available at

Kelly’s kutz

Altos Del Limonar, Torrevieja

Tel: 965 501 937 Mb: 607 528 443

Double Bed Settee, good condition 50€. Telephone Evenings 654 666 686 Very large satellite dish, very heavy duty stand (can be wall or Floor mounted) both as new condition, cost over1500€. 200€ will split. also LNB &

Alicant Tel: 865 663 333 Memory Foam €14.95 Pillows Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Quesada Tel: 620 582 063 Gran Alicant Tel: 865 663 333 Cushions from €3.95 Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Quesada Tel: 620 582 063 Gran Alicant Tel: 865 663 333 Cushion Cases from €1.95 Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Quesada Tel: 620 582 063 Gran Alicant Tel: 865 663 333

618 315 933 (eng) 634 321 024 (esp) www.



English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths


.Pillows from €4.95 Lenny Mitchell, guitarist singer, international, Linen Mills, Calle Los professional, solo act. Arcos, Quesada Tel: lenny Mitchell & his musical time machine 620 582 063 Gran invite you on a trip back to the 60’s & 70’s. Available to play in any venue. Alicant Tel: 865 663 tel: 658 321 891 or 333 email Sheets from €2.95 photography Linen Mills, Calle Los Arcos, Quesada Tel: 620 582 063 Gran Alicant Tel: 865 663 333

hearing aids

Digital hearing calle los arcos 7, quesada business centre

digital hearing aids

‫٭‬30 day free trial-money back guarantee ‫٭‬free no obligation hearing tests ‫٭‬fully qualified UK dispenser 95 4 ‫٭‬Michael Burke RHAD MAHA € m fro

Tel: 698 418 642

plastering English Plasterer internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. Call Chris 671 444 246 email:


property for sale


Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, Costa Blanca 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings Spacious apartment overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, views of the church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course

removals VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any handyman & van service Also Spain-UK Tel: 693 251 562

See our main advert on page 5

E MAIL: davendonc@aol. com

Tel: 968 654 667

LWB Sprinter

simply removals

van going from south to North

Spain ‹ UK › Spain

of the UK & back

• Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

every 2 weeks,

Price (Private Sale)

€ 79,950

based near Murcia Airport. Tel: 610

Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607

846 260/ 0044

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978

for SALE

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON

7519 186 355. or email:

massive detatched cortijo with 50m2 workshop 20mins from mojacar

Linen Mills

For Sale

1 bedroom apartment on This is a unique spanish country cortijo Cortijo Grande with 4 beds, 2 bath, Open plan living areas, Golf Course. kitchen & dining room as well as a workshop, New kitchen & white goods courtyard front & back & room for a Lovely views. pool. Mountain views. Parking. possible B& B Close to Mojacar. All legal with Build 256 m², Terrace 100m², Plot 1200 m² paperwork. Telephone 649 186 107

email for more info at

€59,950 o.n.o


an absolute bargain! 664 291 793 only €150,000 ono


removals low cost spain - uk - uk - spain local moves full or part loads pets welcome


tel: 699 036 922 property wanted

satellite tv


R a i n b o w Satellites


all your TV needs with clients all over

We have clients enquiring in this area the Murcia Region.




Alan 686 358 475 or

Spring cleaning, decluttering, moving or just have too much.

items for auction

we are interested in your unwanted items including bric a Brac electricals and small furniture. Also Light Removals.

(follow Daya Nueva road behind Fajovi)



Ring Bill 676 527 348 or Rita 676 527 186

• airport collections • proprty cleaning/changeovers • regular checks & key holding

don’t i’ll tch uck a k e it it


Sally at

Contact CASASOL REAL ESTATE tel: 965 325 601 Email:

dea d or alive

ed want

brian Playa Flamenca Tel: 9 65 326 920 666 847 648 email:

property services

in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida



Scrap Gold

Cash paid for all gold jewellery or exchange for new

The Treasure Chest: 966 718 100 / 966 765 374

held every friday 5pm at British Indoor Market, La Daya, La Fabrica Industrial near Almoradi

weekly service 620 582 063

Transport available Pick up & Drop off service

Tel 669 723 709 Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair/wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion/ festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.

From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it’s under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge in the


we have clients waiting to purchase realistically priced properties in all areas of Costa Blanca / Costa Calida RING NOW 0034 966 733 079 Only 2% Selling fee

UK Spain Uk




swimming pools

Swimming Pool Maintenance • weekly cleaning visits • private & communal • repairs & re-grouts

661 208 917 watermaid europe swimming pool maintenance, heat pumps, saltwater & Filter system. instualtions

tel: 636 698 501


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body repairs

Vehicles wanted

cars for sale



Looking for an automatic?

Vehicles registration



Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle away from you and re-register your vehicle on to Spanish plates 490€ plus Road Tax plus CO2 emission if applicable WE PROMISE TO BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact:

Alan 662 249 159

vehicle imports & and competitive rates. call 687 845 730

For re-registration of cars, motorbikes and motor homes contact Graham Shelton Who after re-registering over 1000 vehicles will put you on the right side of the road.

605 319 889 or 966 753 375

car parts

Car parts

Need a part for any car

for sensible prices on all parts

Clutches, Brakes, alternators, service kits Starter Motors, headlights

Free quote go online or phone

or telephone 692 930 326



Behind the Sunday Zoco Market CV940 Benijofar • San Miguel Finca Garroferos • Nave 8 • Algorfa 03169 Email:

vehicles wanted


Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility. We also take Certificates issued House & garden fridges, washing cle arances machines, , skips supp lied microwaves, CARS, VANS, LORRIES, TRACTORS, all electrical TRAILERS, PLANT MACHINERY appliances



TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763 JCB’s, Mini-Diggers (All Makes), Tractors, Trailers & all other types of plant machinery. Any age, any condition.

Cash buyer All 4x4 vehicles

Urgently Required

ALL Mitsubishi Shogun, Monteo, Pajero, Landrover & all other makes

collect from anywhere

Vehicles wanted


TEL: 966 877 145/618 547 491 EMAIL:


All vehicle repairs, servicing, small bodywork repairs, ITV and paperwork needs. Ken Sherwood, British Mechanic Tel: 679 646 859 (Costa Calida area only).

Approved Insurance Repairers

Ken brooks: 645 162 808/654 907 247

Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 763


We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!

jig facilities




Cars, Vans, Bikes Damaged or Scrap Reliable Cars Bought For Cash

603 100 692



Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

wanted cars for cash

Best prices paid Spanish English Anything considered


Tim on 662 211 993



902 750 190

699 805 995

ext 330


Same day collection

From 1€ to 10,000€

Call Phil: 607 848 332

RIGHTHANDDRIVE July ‘02 - Cabriolet 3.2S Flat Six (252bhp) Auto/Tiptronic 84,000 kms 2 owners Full Porsche history A/C (Climate), Alarm Multi-spoke alloys Navy Power Hood Met silver + navy leather Spanish Registered Reduced from €13,950!


600 726 221 965 687 976

FordFocus 2005 - 5 door hatch 2.0 TDCi 6-Speed 140,000 kms, 1 owner Full service history A/C (Dual Climate) Multi-spoke alloys PAS, ABS, Cruise Front fog lights, CD E. windows/mirrors On board computer High spec model Mid metallic blue


All the following vehicles listed are automatic LHD. BMW X1 2.0 xdrive 2010...............................€32950 Mercedes A180 cdi 2010...............................€18750 Mercedes E320 cdi 2005...............................€17950 Chevrolet Captiva 7 seater 2.0 vcd 2007.....€16950 Porsche Boxter 3.2s 2002............................€13500 Peugeot 308 1.6 tiptronic sport premium 2008...POA Lexus RX300 4x4 3.0 v6 2003.......................€11950 Mini Cooper, 1.6 2004...................................€11450 Opel Zafira 1.9 cdti 2007.................................€9950 Ford Focus, 1.6 2008......................................€9750 Ford Focus 1.6 2007.......................................€8750 Kia Carens 2.0 crdi 2005.................................€8250 Ford Focus Estate 1.6 2005............................€695 Citroen C2 1.4 hdi vtr 2007..............................€625 Smart Passion Fortwo 2005...........................€4650 BMW 316i 1994...............................................€1750 We also have in stock a good selection of RHD automatics. Telephone Frank or Keith on

600 726 221 / 965 687 976

Or simply view our easy to use website

Citroen Xsara 1.9 Turbo Diesel LHD Spanish reg, Manual, ITV 03/13, all taxes up to date, Aircon, EW, PAS,CL, good clean condition


600 726 221 965 687 976

Advertise your

2500€ (transfer tax/fees inc) Tel 661 136 136


business in this space

forand reach only 10€ over 35,000 potential customers. call soltimes on 902 750 190


sell, buy & repair

transfer on Spanish reg home service pickup

Call Marcel 644 166 347 Guardamar



field SALES represensitive

“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive”

required To continue the success of

SOLinTIMES this area

We are looking for someone special to work with local businesses to help them create more business from the large weekly distribution and readership of Sol Times � Are you local to the Costa Blanca area and enjoy meeting new people?

� S ol Times needs an outgoing friendly professional….could this be you?

�C  ould you sell advertising to new business owners whilst looking after our loyal base of regular clients?

�A  re you able to work to deadlines? � Are you well organised and able to manage your own territory?

If you can say yes to the above, then we want to meet you! We provide on going training. We offer a good package, including commission, petrol allowance and mobile phone plus the opportunity to work for the best weekly Newspaper in the area.

Please send your CV to

elegant Slim, sexy italian lady available home/house visits. Torrevieja, La Manga, Torre pacheco & Mazarron. Escort available, home & house visits Tel: 693 357 526 Spanish lady Playa Flamenca near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, prices from 40€. Full discretion. Tel: Ana 680 735 412


Is it all just too much? Too much information being thrown at us from all directions, the news, the internet, SMS, Twitter...we are available for this bombardment 24/7. I get up in the morning, have a mug of coffee and put on the news, Spanish first and then the BBC. Throughout the day i’m then logging on, picking up the paper, hearing the radio, reading a blog, forum, Twitter etc. and my mind races. What did we do before all of this technology? I really enjoy reading my book at night but it seems that during the day I have an addiction for information, and most of it seems trivalous if i’m being honest. It’s all doom and gloom...the economy, the CRISIS, lack of rainfall causing a drought or a flash flood somewhere, a war here there and everywhere. I’m beginning to miss my childhood of running around outside in the garden playing and then waiting for the Top 40 Chart on Sunday to get to hear who was Number One. We didn’t need this much information then so why have we become so addicted to it? I worry that on so many of the forums here in Spain that people are just pretending to be one thing when they are another? Are we not really prepared for this cyber world where we trust people just because they speak the same language? Maybe it should all be taken with big pinch of salt? Maybe therefore I should just chill out, take a note out of my childrens’ books and just pay attention to the important things in my life. The world wide web of information can take a backseat and real life can take centre stage. What is important, a distant event somewhere, a Facebook joke photo or the who, where, what and why’s that are important to me and my family in our real face to face daily lives. I’m going to start calling to speak to a real person rather than just typing. Our flat/your property will sell one day, the Paramount Park might be built soon, the AVE will one day pass by, they might get around to sorting out local politics or at least some parking spaces in our town, the crisis will end at some point, so we should all just get on and do something positive in the meantime? If you’d like to share your thoughts with Lucy - our Spanglish Mum - email and we’ll pass them on!

An internal audit found that the insurer has offset 6,224.69 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere during 2010 The Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES) has presented the group with the CeroCO2 Seal certifying the offset and the company’s commitment to reducing its emissions in 2012 Natural disasters generated a total loss of 81 billion euros for the insurance sector

Alqueria Matas ¡Viva la Republica!

The women of the village saw the new crater as divinely created and prepared elaborate offerings to be left at the village shrine. The shrine happened to be below the cliff face where Matas lived as a recluse in his cave. He believed the Civil War to still be on and was hiding from imaginary foes. The offerings left at the shrine he took to be from Republican sympathizers in the village and carried them off to his lair. The women folk saw this to be yet another sign of divine intervention and duly gave thanks. That was a week ago and Matas felt the need to commune with his peers. With an agility the belied his years Matas moved from rock to rock as he made his way down the cliff face. There was little moonlight just a thin crescent, the route was familiar so it was adequate. Across the Calle Huella Viejo then making his way through the olive

John MacDonald (El Sordo)

It was a long shot from the entrance of his cave. Despite advanced years his eyesight was still near perfect and his hand steady. He squeezed the trigger of the old Mauser. A puff of whitewash h u n g momentarily in the still morning air as the bullet stuck. The bullet flew true and hit the gable end of the church joining the other pockmarks which had accumulated over the years. Matas celebrated the declaration of the Second Republic in this way each year.

trees between the Río Verde and the Avenida El Raro Matas soon caught sight of the Cypress Trees of the cemetery. Here he found the headstones of his friends. Although no more than a boy, he remembered the day the King left for Italy. He remembered his compañeros their faces, their voices, their sacrifices. Matas was lost in his own thoughts, of his youth, of the struggle. It was he alone carrying on the fight now. Matas froze, footsteps. He made out the form of a young woman, long black hair flowing as she ran between the headstones. He recognised her as the girl who always seemed to have a policeman either following her, handcuffed to her or waiting for her. She was breathing heavily and carrying most of her clothes. He watched her pass, was she in trouble? Did she need help? He erred on the side of discretion. At his age he would settle just for the memory of a half naked girl. What was Manuela doing in the graveyard in the early hours? What did require so much energy and so few clothes? Perhaps something we should draw a veil over for the time being.


Liberty Seguros Group, Once Again, Offsets 100% Of Their Co2 Emissions

spanglish Mum


The Liberty Seguros Group has received, for the fifth consecutive year, the CeroCO2 seal attesting to its commitment to the environment for its work in offsetting 100% of the CO2 emissions produced. Following the internal audit conducted by ECODES, Cecilia Foronda, head of climate change and energy at ECODES, presented the insurer with a diploma certifying receipt of the seal. The Liberty Seguros Group has offset a total of 6,224.69 tonnes of greenhouse gases generated during 2010 through its consumption of energy, paper and transport. Enrique Huerta, CEO of Liberty Seguros Group received the CeroCO2 Seal accrediting that the 4 buildings in which the group is present (two in Madrid, one in Barcelona and one in Bilbao) are CO2 neutral, i.e. all emissions generated are offset. As part of the offset scheme, Liberty Seguros will be supporting an initiative to prevent deforestation in the Amazon. The initiative protects 100,000 hectares of rainforest from deforestation in the Madre de Dios region in Peru. “In 2011, natural disasters generated a total loss of 81 billion euros for the insurance sector, which indicates that caring for the environment is an investment for our business that we cannot ignore. Although the topic of CO2 emissions is usually related to energy companies, at Liberty Seguros we understand that the environment is everyone’s responsibility”, said Mr. Huerta. Since Liberty Seguros began its collaboration with ECODES in 2005, the insurer has offset a total of 25,247.52 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This reflects the company’s commitment to helping the environment and its concern about climate change. According to Ms. Foronda, Liberty Seguros is a pioneering example of how a low carbon emission business model is possible and can help companies improve management, reduce costs and serve a growing majority of customers concerned about the environment. In addition, the offsets in developing countries allow companies to contribute not only to climate change but also to the eradication of poverty.

For more information about Liberty Seguros or for a quotation, call or click now: 902 255 258

About Liberty Seguros: Liberty Seguros is the leading expatriate insurance provider in Spain with over 150,000 international clients, committed to providing high quality, competitively priced insurance products and services to both personal and business users. Liberty Seguros has been in operation since 2001 and is one of the top 10 insurers in Spain with a total of 1.5 million customers. It is part of the Liberty Mutual Group of Companies, the 5th largest property and casualty insurance company in the US with more than 90 years experience in the sector. About CeroCO2: The CeroCo2 initiative was created in order to contribute to the sustainable development of populations in developing countries. This allows for the protection, preservation and improvement of their biodiversity and natural heritage. As a result, this mitigates climate change.


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pause for thought

Before I retired, I at one stage in my career had to attend a succession of Management Courses. These varied slightly in emphasis, jargon and technique depending on current fashions, but most seemed to include such glib phrases as 1 There’s no such thing as a free lunch... and... 2 All members of any organisation should be personally convinced of what is special about their products, making them superior to any competition. One particular trainer, went further, asserting that this approach could usefully be applied to every aspect of life. So, in an effort to drive his point home, and guessing from my demeanour that I was probably a key sceptic, he turned his attention my way and enquired ‘Duncan, you claim to be a Christian, so what’s so special about Christianity that makes it better than other religions?’ My reply of ‘It actually does guarantee a genuine free lunch’ doubtless confirmed his misgivings about my suitability for the course, and the consequent laughter at least succeeded in bringing about a much-needed early break. But that’s the whole wonder of the Christian faith. It costs me nothing at all. I could never earn God’s favour. The unique thing about Christianity is that Jesus has done everything, and requires absolutely nothing of me other than to simply accept his death as the undeserved, free gift of God. And the silly thing is that for a lot of people, that is the hardest part of the Christian faith to accept. Pride makes it difficult for us to accept God’s ‘free lunch’. We naturally want to do something to earn our passage so that God will be able to say to us ‘Well done, you’ve earned your place in heaven.’ But I could never be good enough to achieve that. Indeed, there’s only ever been one person who was good enough – Jesus himself, and in his death, which we’ve been thinking about these past few weeks, he paid the penalty for everything I’ve ever done wrong. The ultimate free lunch, I’d say! Details of a number of English Language Churches are given in Sol Noticeboard for any who wish to Worship, but further information about the Anglican Church and details of forthcoming events may be seen on the web site Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at

In Albox recently I spied someone throw an empty water bottle into a road side bin; all well and good apart from the fact that next to the bin was a yellow recycling bin for plastic. I reckon the man simply did not realise what the colour coding meant. With friends and family visiting during summer, why not let them know just how easy it is to recycle in Almeria having the colour coded road side bins all over the place. Blue is paper/card, green for glass and yellow for the plastic and cans. There are even used battery collection points in many shops including Lidl and Maxi Dia; some places have collection points for waste cooking oil. Glass recycling in Andalucía is the highest in Spain, very possibly due to the amount of us ex-pats that have a higher environmental awareness than many locals and so are more likely to do the walk of shame with a collection of empty beer and wine bottles to the local bottle bank; where they make such a clunk and crash that every neighbour for yards around thinks we are hopeless boozers. Andalucía is currently in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons as it’s the largest region in Spain and it’s emerged that instead of reducing its financial deficit last year as it and all 17 regions were ordered to; the opposite happened meaning the central Govt. had to borrow 17€ billion more from the ECB. Spain already has the highest unemployment rates in Europe and there are fears it could turn into the next Greece, Portugal or Italy and need a financial bailout. Doing our bit to save money and eat healthier we bought a bread maker a few months ago and have not bought a loaf since. Instead the likes

boiled egg & soldiers

be healthier and save money of Girasol and Home Sweet Home in Turre which both stock a superb selection of flours get our business and 2-3 times a week the delicious aroma of freshly made bread fills the house. Both shops also sell free range eggs as do Los Rizos in Albox, meaning my perennial favourite of boiled egg and soldiers is a weekly treat. Having a passion/addiction for drinking fresh fruit smoothies I used to spend a fortune buying 250ml cartons from Murkys each week. Now I have a smoothie maker and buy fruit to make my own which are fresher, better tasting and of course cheaper. Buying locally grown fruit means less food miles too and every little helps!

Stephen Amore has lived in Almeria since July 2006 and owns Findmeahome estate agency. Writing on a variety of topics close to his heart such as environmental issues, animal welfare, food and drink, music and travel, as well as commenting on the absurdities of living in Spain! email: -

Cornish town enjoys a Monopoly

A picture postcard Cornish village has become the smallest place in the world to get its very own version of the iconic board game Monopoly. St Mawes, which has a population of 1,000, received its very own limited edition Monopoly board after locals Amelia and Tim Whitaker got in touch with the game’s makers. Rather than Oxford Street and Bond Street, the St Mawes version features local landmarks such as the lighthouse and 16th century castle. While the rules are the same as with traditional Monopoly, the game has a number of local twists. For example, rather than pay a luxury tax, players are charged a mooring fee. They can also be charged £50 for driving off the harbour wall. And rather than the normal red houses, it boasts white seaside cottages. Amelia and Tim joined forces with local hotelier Olga Polizzi to get the game made. They appealed to UK manufacturer Winning Moves, which produces Monopoly boards in Britain under licence to Hasbro. Before the company agreed to make their design, the trio had to promise to sell 1,000 of the boards within a year or pay back the rest of the money.


Reservations: 966 840 289 / 65 65 32 490 24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email:

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VEGA BAJA..................................... PROMOTION HOPES DENTED!!.... VEGA BAJA PREMIER & points to TOFFS G S and La CHAMPIONS GOLF LEAGUE EL PLANTIO GOLF – 6th and 13th APRIL 2012 KAMEELEON PREMIER DIVISION & COY’S RENT A CAR CHAMPIONS DIVISION The League fixtures are getting back to normal following the re-scheduling of the fixtures and venues, forced as a result of a prominent golf group’s mismanagement of the Leagues bookings. April should have seen the climax of the matches; the final games will be played in May at Altorreal Golf.

Manga RGA The final matches are as follows: Re-arranged from November due to bad weather: Premier Division May 4th Peraleja Golf. Premier Division May 18th May Champions Division May 25th at Altorreal Golf You will also be able to see updated Vega Baja Premier Golf League fixtures, tables, and news on the website www.vegabaja and on FACEBOOK throughout the season.


3½ (45 holes) 3½ (41 holes) 4 (40.5 holes) 4 (43 holes)

The three bonus points went to La Zenia G S, Las Ramblas G S Rocajuna G S and Team Torre G S.

vs vs vs vs

Eurogolf G S ½ (27 holes) La Manga N G S ½ (31 holes) Don Cayo G S 0 (31.5 holes) Club 25 Serena G S 0 (29 holes)

For more information on the Vega Baja Premier Golf League, contact The Secretary Ivie Davies


½ (29 holes)

vs Claptons G S 3½(43 holes)

St James’s GS 0 (23 holes) vs La Manga RGA 4 (49 holes The two other matches were walkovers. Bonus

CDM Team: Cubano, Fernando, Becker, Johny, Sanchez, M & A, Andres, Montalvo, Macan, Edu and Vazquinho Subs: Simon, Lopez, Chulo Despite a massive away following, CD Montesinos fell to their second defeat of the season, away at league leaders, Dolores, and in doing so will almost certainly have to try and gain promotion via a second place finish. As you would imagine with a match involving the top two sides in the division, chances were few and far between, and Monte knew they had to win this game. Manager, Juanpe, started with an attacking formation which saw them have most of the play, although neither side created too many chances throughout the whole 90 minutes. The winning goal came in the 40th minute of the game with one of the few break-away chances by Dolores, who scored what turned out to be the only goal of the game. It is clear to see why Dolores are still unbeaten this season

as they defend very deep and in numbers, clear the ball at every opportunity and rely on the break-aways. Although this defeat dents the chances of CD Montesinos ending the season as Champions, there is still every chance they will gain promotion by finishing in second place. For that to happen they will need to win all four of their remaining matches this season. Next week’s home fixture against Todo Deporte Montesinos will be on Sunday 22nd of April with a 5pm kick off. For additional information about CD Montesinos and their Internacional supporters’ club, The Full Monte, go to the website www.cdmontesinos. com. email thefullmonte2011@ or telephone 637 869 602. In association with CajaMurcia Photos by Malcolm Byrom VAMOS MONTE!!!

669 211 410 or email:

LEAGUE TABLES PREMIER DIVISION TEAM PLAYED WON DRAWN LOST BONUS POINTS LA ZENIA G S 20 13 4 3 15 58 ROCAJUNA G S 20 12 4 4 9 49 LA MANGA NORTH G S 20 9 3 8 9 39 TEAM TORRE G S 20 9 5 6 7 39 LAS RAMBLAS G S 20 8 2 10 6 32 CLUB 25 G S 20 8 1 11 6 31 DON CAYO G S 20 7 0 13 3 24 EUROGOLF G S 20 4 2 14 4 18

CHAMPIONS DIVISION TEAM PLAYED WON DRAWN LOST BONUS POINTS CLUB 25 GOLF G S 24 20 2 2 12 74 CLAPTONS G S 24 11 5 8 12 50 St. JAMES’S GATE G S 24 11 1 12 9 43 LA MANGA RGA 24 11 4 9 6 43 TOFFS G S 24 12 3 9 0 39 LO MARABU G S 16 10 2 4 6 38 MAR MENOR G S 20 5 4 11 4 23

Redovan C.F. 2 V’s Orihuela Costa F.C. Cadete 0.............................. Sponsored By : Morgans Bar - Amber Pools - The Shandon Bells Bar Sunworld Properties The Central Grille Restruant - Specsavers - Blue Hill Security Grilles - Morgans On the Plaza. After a couple of weeks off Costa Cadetes were back in action away to Redovan. This has to be the home of the worst pitch in the league which was made up of hard mud with the odd piece of grass which made it extremely difficult to pass the ball without it being affected by the the uneven surface. This week Costa had to make several changes to the side due to injuries & players away on holidays but the players who came in & the players being asked to play in unfamiliar positions did not disappoint. A new look midfield with Glen Lawton & Scott Brunton being added to Josh Fazzino worked well in the absence of injured Charlie Frost. In

the opening half hour it was a evenly fought contest with some of Costa’s best chances falling to Alex Cope who tormented the home defence. Patrick Bass playing at right back for the first time linked well with Sam Broadway to cause continued pressure down Costa’s right side while being outstanding in his defending duties. Unfortunately for Costa on 30 mins the referee handed a generous free kick just outside of Costa’s area which saw a cruel deflection when the ball bounced of the mud surface to just slide pass Costa keeper Jordan Marshall. Things got worse when Costa captain Jamie Cockroft was stamped on and couldn’t continue with a damaged ankle. Adam Bullock came on and played along side Liam Nicholas in the heart of Costa defence which proved to be a terrific partnership through out the game. Just before half

time the referee handed a penalty against Jordan Clayton although it was clearly ball to hand due to the terrible playing surface. Redovan converted the gift to take a 2 - 0 lead at the break. Second half saw Costa try and get the all important next goal with Cope, Broadway & Fazzino all creating chances to test the home keeper. At times Costa were being caught on the counter attack but Bullock & Nicholas were in outstanding form & with Lawton & Brunton working there socks off in midfield Redovan couldn’t find a break through in open play. Nathan Mayfield came on in attack for Costa and created problems for the home defence which led to the sending off of a Redovan defender who made no attempt to play the ball just outside the box. This led to hostile abuse for the referee & away fans and Costa player’s in the final

minutes. Final score saw Costa lose 2 - 0 and some ugly scenes from the home sides players & fans which led to the referee needing a police escort and Costa players being threatened which seems to be all to common in the outback spanish villages who participate in childrens football. Next week Costa are away again to top of the table & unbeaten Benejuzar, but with the passion and heart shown today Costa go into the game hoping to cause an upset. For more information on training & joining Costa visit : www. or contact Club Secretary Georgeon: 679 77 44 88. We are now looking for new players for next season for our Cadete & Juvenile teams, training takes place Tues/Thurs 18:30 - 20:00. @ C.D.M. Playa Flamenca Sports Center.



San Fulgencio Vs CF Ilicitana CD

Is this the end of our promotion hopes? Well the game started promptly at 12:02 and you could tell by the swirling winds that the game was going to be difficult for each team as both sides needed a result desperately as promotion would still be possible for the winners. C F Ilicitana U D. started briskly and it was nearly one way traffic for 15 minutes but then The Saints started to settle but after 20 minutes a silly mistake let the away team into a great position and a goal was on the cards for them but they hadn’t reckoned with Jovi, The Saints goalkeeper, who palmed the ball away but with no defensive cover he couldn’t stop the 2nd shot, Saints 1 nil down. After the kick off the Saints immediately pushed forward and a bad tackle on Samu led to a free kick for the Saints and Samu stood up and placed the ball and with a pin point cross Bonmati scored and it was now 1-1. The wind was hazardous for both teams and Sergio crossed the ball into Ilicitana’s goal area and the wind nearly put the ball into their goal. Fernando had a shot after that but Giaco was lucky not to be booked for a push on their full back. Ilicitana broke again, the Saints had no cover as they broke into the Saints penalty area, a shot was taken and the ball was heading straight into the goal but hit Fernando on the arm and a penalty was awarded. Up stepped the penalty taker for Ilicitana and he hit the ball low and hard but again he did not take Jovi into account, Jovi dived to his left guessing correctly and pushed the ball away for a corner with a fantastic save, still 1-1. After 40 minutes again the opponents attacked and a silly mistake let Ilicitana in again but again Jovi came to the Saints rescue, he was holding off Ilicitana on his own. Kiki crossed the ball to Bonmati after 42 min who nearly scored again, the end of the first half all square. It would have been good if that was the end of the game as straight from the kick off Ilicitana attacked again, the ball coming in from the left and Jovi came to the rescue again saving two point blank shots then he had to deal with a lob on goal. Then completely out of nowhere after 6 min gone the ball landed at Samu’s feet, he looked up and from just

outside their penalty area he saw their goalie off his line and just chipped the ball into their net, 2-1 to the Saints. Then it went downhill, Sergio was booked for a bad tackle, and again they attacked on force, Jovi coming to the rescue again, then Victor was booked for a silly tackle, then another shot by them just off target. Silly tackles led to Victor and Samu being booked, then on 35 min their full back crossed the ball and up jumped their centre forward, now 2-2 in a game that both teams needed to win. Then on 40 min Giaco was booked, the wheels were coming off, minutes after the away team attacked again and Jovi dived to his right and saved a certain goal but all he could do was parry the ball, their forward hit the ball and it was going into the goal but Foxy saved with his hand and was Red carded and off he went, another penalty against the Saints, before the penalty could be taken a fight started in the Tunnel between both sets of players, which thankfully the managers sorted out. The players came back on the pitch and order was restored, the penalty taker walked into the box and Jovi stood tall again but he could not stop the shot, 2-3 now. In the dying seconds the Saints got a corner , could it be 3-3 , unfortunately not , the cross came in and landed at their full backs feet he passed to their right winger and it was now 4 of them versus our 2 defenders , they pushed the ball into our penalty area and took the goal that completed the defeat of the Saints leaving them the game and the final result was 2-4 , promotion now looks like it’s impossible. A warm welcome to our new trainer Francisco Rodriguez Rodriguez who is a personal trainer and a ‘Entrenador de Futbol nivel 2. And a “national trainer of swimming”. He has played and trained at various clubs mainly in the Valencian and Murcian regions , hopefully he will enjoy his time with the Saints. Thanks again to all out sponsors who can be checked out on our website at “ sanfulgencio/” Steve Fitzgerald


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES



MAGGOTS END............................................................

EUROGOLF SOCIETY The April Monthly Stableford and Easter Cup competition, was played by the Eurogolf Society on Thursday 12th April 2012, at La Marquesa Golf Club, Rojales. It was a little on the chilly side to start and overcast most of the day but at least the rain held off to allow everyone to play a full round of golf. There were some excellent scores but our April Monthly Stableford winner and winner of the Easter Cup, with a great score of 39 pts, was Mary Sanderson. Full results were as follows:Gold Division 1st Nico Baken 37 pts 2nd Lew Joss 36 pts 3rd Alan Bridges 35 pts Silver Division 1st Bryan Fenwick 36 pts 2nd Alan Venables 35 pts

(c/b) 3rd John Holland 35 pts Bronze Division 1st Mary Sanderson 39 pts 2nd Phylis Venables 37 pts 3rd Cindi Green 36 pts Nearest the Pins 5th: Pino Perito, 11th : Margaret Richings, 12th : Marylin Eckersall, 15th and 17th: Dave Nicholls Best Front 9:- Orlando Ferrol – 22 pts Best Back 9:- Tom Corbett – 19 pts This month’s winner of the Buddha Award, for the lowest score of the day, was John Jones, with 22 pts. Many thanks go to the sponsors of the competition El Corazon Hotel & Restaurant, Lo Marabu Restaurant & Bar, Super Valu - supermarket, Le Tournesol Restaurant and Manolo’s Restaurant. TOFF’s Stableford results,

on Tuesday 10th April, were as follows:Gold Division 1st David Blanchette 38 pts (Overall Winner) 2nd Stan Low 37 pts 3rd David Gray 33 pts Silver Division 1st Debbie Weedon35 pts 2nd Ken Brett 34 pts 3rd Peter Sanderson34 pts Bronze Division 1st Bev Fairhurst 36 pts 2nd Orlando Ferrol32 pts 3rd Alex Relph 31 pts Nearest the Pins 5th – Sue Gillett, 11th – David Blanchette, 15th – David Gray and 17th – Malc Foskett Diary Dates: Friday 27th April – 60’s & 70’s Disco Dinner& Dance at the Sierra Golf Restaurant w w rogol f- q u es a d a.

RODS AND REELS This weeks competition was the final round of the Gary Smith Challenge Cup. The venue being the Rio Segura at Murcia. The river was in fine form, with the grey colour gone and back to the greener colour of last year. The river didn´t disappoint, as can be seen from the results some good weights were achieved. The majority of fish were on the small side as with Dave Hutchinson having 88 fish and myself with 106 fish. Still, do not know when the dredging is going to start, but if the fishing stays as it, is the longer the better. Top rods on the day 1st Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson fishing the pole using pellet with 27.96 kilo´s. 2nd Dave (Yours Truly) Hoare fishing the pole using bread with 22.60 kilo’s. 3rd Doug (Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow fishing the pole using corn with 22.28 kilo’s. TEAM RESULT Abbey Anglers with 78.36 kilo´s Rods and Reels with 93.54 kilo´s Therefore points after 4th round Abbey Anglers 27 points Rods and Reels 30 points. Well done to Rods and Reels PLEASE NOTE The club has some vacancies at present, if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966 729 293 or 603 535 771. CHARITY MATCH As you have read over the past years, the club holds an annual charity match for a different charity each year. Now I know all charities are deserving but, there

are some that are more deserving. This years charity is one of them. The charity is ASOCIACION EMAUS founded in 1979. This charity looks after children from the day they are born up to the age of 6 years, where they move to a further Asocicion. The government, due to the austerity measures, have cut all funding and the charity is now struggling with utility bills and basic items. Within the club on a weekly basis ,we are providing some basic items e.g. Toilet rolls, soap powder, shampoo, soap, shower gel, tooth brushes , tooth paste, nappies, baby milk etc. If you feel that you could help, even if it is only one item to give to the above charity, please see Web site who will give you the nearest location for this charity. Thanking you in anticipation. ABBEY ANGLING RESULTS Supplied by Terry Screen The 10th April saw our first visit of the year to the Embalse Argos, this was the fourth round in our spring series of matches. There was some colour to the water and it was high, backing right up into the tree line. This is a venue that some four years or so ago would produce many catches of 100+lbs, but now a-days, I’m afraid weights are much lower mainly because of the number of anglers that consistently take large amounts of fish allegedly for the table, which are probably caught illegally I.e.; with more than two rods, long lining and also by anglers with no licenses. While we were there on this visit I was pleased to see

the Guardia come down and check the licenses of anglers that were there, and presumably because they had no licenses, told them to leave, they also came back later in the day to check if they had returned. 1st Doug ( Welsh Goldminer) Hornblow fishing the feeder using pellet with 34.18 kilo´s. This was nearly all barbel. 2nd Lennie (Ex Cultural Attaché) Bolton fishing the feeder using maggot with 32.16 kilko´s. 3rd Dave (The Sweetie Man) Hutchinson fishing the pole using paste with 17.66 kilo´s. All details are available from our website www. or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368 ANGLERS TOGETHER The objective of Anglers Together has been reached ( which was to introduce anglers to each other ). Now that newcomers to Spain are few and far between, we have decided that monthly meetings are serving no useful purpose and the friendships that have been made over the past 4 years are now firmly established. We will continue to provide information through our email address if contacted but there will be no membership renewals in May. Thanks to all past members for their support. Email : anglerstogether@ TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

Los Amigos de Mazarron FC............................... Large Stock of Bikes, Scooters & Accessories Servicing & Repairs

cabo roig la zenia n332 Orihuela Costa bad boyz


Repairs & Mechanics Lee 693 862 729

Sales & Service Bernard 965 996 594 693 862 740

Unit 1 Centro Comercial Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa

Los Amigos de Mazarron FC is holding an Awareness Week next week in order to promote awareness of both Los Amigos and Mazarron Football Club. It is offering free tickets for the Mazarron FC v UCAM Guadalupe game due to be played on Sunday 29th April at the Estadio Municipal, Mazarron. These tickets will be available from the Trevi Bar, Centro Commercial B Camposol on Thursday 26th April 2012 between 2 pm and 4 pm, and on Friday 27th April between 10 am and 1 pm. Los Amigos de Mazarron FC merchandise, including football shirts, scarves, hats etc will also be on sale. In addition, anyone taking out Los Amigos membership for €10 on either of those days will receive membership for the remainder of this season and all of next season, i.e. to 31 July 2013. Members of the Los Amigos de Mazarron FC Executive Committee will be distributing leaflets advertising this promotion and will be available to answer questions and

enquiries. If you are unfamiliar with the stadium, a map showing its location will be on display in the Trevi Bar. If you do not have transport to the game, this can be arranged for you on request. Mazarron games are normally played on Sundays with varying kick off times. Home games are played at the Estadio Municipal, Avenida de Juan Carlos 1 in Mazarron. There is ample street parking and there is also a parking area opposite the main entrance to the stadium. Full details of all games, both home and away, are announced on the Tuesday before the weekend on which the game is to be played and announced via the local media, our website www. losamigosdemazar and on posters at various points throughout Camposol and Mazarron. Provisional fixtures for the remainder of this season are:Sunday 29th April UCAM

Guadalupe (HOME) Sunday 6th May FC Puente Tocinos (AWAY) Sunday 13th May UD Los Garres (HOME) Sunday 20th May Thader Murcia CF (HOME) Sunday 27th May Ceuti Atletico (AWAY) Admission to home games is just €5. Los Amigos de Mazarron FC organise coaches to all away games and the cost of a coach ticket is €7. The next game for Mazarron FC is away to Ciudad de Cieza, scheduled for Sunday 22nd April. Coach tickets can be purchased at this week’s meeting at the Trevi Bar, Camposol (Thursday at 4 pm.) If you are interested in football and would like to take part in Los Amigos de Mazarron FC activities, please join us for our weekly meetings, every Thursday at the Trevi Bar, Sector B Camposol at 4 pm. Membership of Los Amigos is just €10 and all funds raised are in support of Mazarron Football Club.


LAS SALINAS PETANCA LEAGUE From Roger Seymour LEAGUE K O CUP The draw for the ¼ Final was as follows. 1 Los Balcones v Dominós Red. 2 Castillo 3 v Rocajuna. 3 Lakeside v XPS 4 Castillo 1 v Torre Bears. The draw was made at Laguna Vista . DANISH DISPLAY OPEN With all pairs playing five games it was the Norwegian pair of Tove and Ornulf Johanssen , of Torreta who were the winners with 5 wins, they received 70e and the Gold medals. Runners up were Wyn Surridge , and Roger Seymour from Lakeside, who missed out by just 1 point. , they won the silver and 50e. Third place went to Lina Persson and Larry Axelsson, of Torreta . ALTOS del LIMONAR This new Petanca center will be the new home This Autumn for the Torre Bears, and Torreta 3, the club have been waiting to be housed from the existing site which has been home for over

ten years. This new site has 18 pistes and is used by Torreta on Monday at 1pm, a number of competitions are already being arranged. XPS PETANCA Now playing back at La Siesta they have secured a Shirt Sponsorship from the Washington Bar in La Siesta. XPS play in division one of the Las Salinas League, new members are very welcome, if sufficient support comes in a second team could be formed which would give the club more stability. FAIRPLAY SHIELD A new feature this season aimed at getting all teams to be more efficient, friendlier and judged on good sportsmanship, resulted in Laguna Vista being declared the first holders. AMIGOS BELGAY SAN LUIS The club have made some big improvements to their site in San Luis, a new perimeter wall has been built in a very attractive cream stone.

sport XPS Petanca................................ FC TORREVIEJA............................. New team photo of the XPS Petanca squad , seen wearing the new shirts kindly Sponsored by Washington Bar in La Siesta. They play on

Tuesday and Saturday start time 11am and evenings during the Summer. Roger Seymour

TORREGOLF.EU at Altorreal....

Lime Bar Golf Society............. Los Altos, Orihuela Costa The golf society’s venue for the 11th April 2012 was held at El Valle Golf Course. Once again the weather can only be described as perfect for golf, the course was in good condition. For most of the 23 players it was their first time on the course and proved very testing for the high handicappers. This resulted in fairly moderate scores but did not diminish a very enjoyable day. The competition was in the stableford format, and the scores were recorded, as follows:Nearest the Pin on the 6th was Dave Kirk. Nearest the Pin on the 9th was Nev Greenwood. Nearest the Pin on the 12th was Tony Whyatt. Nearest the Pin on the 15th was Stuart Coleman. Silver Class runner up was

Nev Greenwood with a score of 26 points. Silver Class winner was Barry Shawyer with a score of 27 points Gold Class runner up was Damien Stead with 33 points. Gold Class winner was Steve Cottle with a score of 31 points on the count back better back 9. Best score of the day was Mick Slater with 33. Yet again a very enjoyable days golf in pleasant company, thank you to Norman Dobson who managed this event for us and also thanks to the Staff at The Lime Bar for a most enjoyable meal. Anyone wishing Join our friendly society just need to phone George on 693 789 082 or the Lime Bar at Via Park III Los Altos.

Lo Crispin Golf Society.......... Lo Crispin Golf Society at La Tercia Golf Course – 11th April 2012 32 Players attended our first visit to La Tercia since 2009, the day started well with the sun beaming down for our early set off. The course was in good condition albeit the greens had been recently treated which had some influence on the day’s scores. Following the game we returned to the Lo Crispin Tavern for the presentation. Gold Category 1st Tom Johnson 34 pts C/B 2nd Brian Coultate 34 pts C/B 3rd Carl Peden 34 Points C/B

Silver Category 1st Malcolm Morrison 29 pts 2nd Alan Crain 28 pts 3rd John Sanchez 27 pts Bronze Category 1st Scott Blair 32 pts 2nd Don Oliver 29 pts 3rd Chris Neild 28 pts Nearest the pins Hole 4 in 1 – Carl Peden Hole 6 in 2 – Malcolm Morrison Hole 14 in 3 – Norman Potter Hole 18 in 2 Carl Peden There were 3x 2’s’on the day -Dave Lewis / Colin Ranson / Bob Berry Our thanks go to David and the staff at the Lo Crispin Tavern for the after game refreshments



TEL: 966 877 145/618 547 491 EMAIL:


Thursday 5th,April saw us back to Altorreal and this time with a little twist to add to our normal Stableford Competition yes in addition we had 1. Catch the Bunny i.e nearest the Bunny and 2. Bunny and Fox competition where you must not find the Fox in a designated hole to claim double points. All great fun!. The winners for these 2 extra events were Nearest the Bunny. Hole 2. Brian Coombes. Hole 4. Bojangles. Hole 12. Malcolm Cambell and Hole.14. Mick Wells. Our Bunny/Fox competition resulted in 1st. Roger Twigg 32 points 2nd. On countback from 3 others Christopher Rose., 3rd. Sandra Twentyman & 4th. Tony Mackman all with 29 points. Our main competition showed overall to-day that it was not going to be a high scoring day with only 4 players breaking 30 points and this resulted in the winners being, Category 1. 1st. Mick O’Brien 31 points 2nd.Mick

Gossage 30 and 3rd.Roy Middleton 29. Category 2. 1st.Alan Darby 36 points 2nd.Peter Kerr 32 and 3rd. Tony Mackman 29. Category 3. 1st.Sandra Twentyman 26 points on c/b 2nd. Chris Rose and 3rd. Bojangles 25. It was great to get round and finish before the rain came. Our next outing is returning to Hacienda Riquelme on the 26th. April to catch up on our earlier washed out day that should have taken place on the 20th.March and this is followed with a return to Alenda on the 15th.May. If you are interested in Budget Golf and great deals and at the same time hopefully support our local football team CD Montesinos then contact David Winder on 626 774 157 or email him at davidwinder.torregolf@ and if you would like to join us then for 10 Euros you can now become a member till the end of July 2013. The picture shows some of the winners at Alrorreal just as the rain came.

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MIXED FORTUNES FOR TORRY Last Wednesday evening made the long journey to Castellon to take on fallen giants CD Castellon and played in front of a crowd of over 2,000 spectators. We wish …..Torry had a full squad to select from except for Corella who was still nursing an injury. While Torry were still chasing a play-off place, Castellon were playing for pride. The Torry Starting Line-Up was: Manolo; Vicente Boix, Jorge, Rafa, Cristian Vidal, Burguillos, Abel, Manu, Manu Amores (Victor, min. 64), Juande, Ramiro (Córcoles, min. 84) The game was not that eventful with neither keeper being troubled too much. It was a midfield battle with Torry getting men behind the ball and breaking up play. Castellon had a man sent off as early as the 36th minute for a second yellow card. Torry couldn’t make their numerical advantage count and the game was heading for a 0-0 draw when in the last minute of injury time, Jorge conceded a free-kick in a dangerous position. The free-kick was struck round the Torry defensive wall into the bottom corner of the net at the near post for a GOALLLLL to Castellon 1-0 and a dramatic winner to deny Torry at least the point they came for and should have taken away. Yellow Cards were shown to Ramiro, Burguillos and Jorge. On Sunday Torry entertained mid-table side Athletico Saguntino and needed a win to keep their fading hopes of a play-off place alive. Torry were without the suspended Jorge and Corella was on the bench although not fully fit. The Torry Starting line-up: Manolo, Vicente, Abel, Rafa, Vidal, Matías (Corella, min. 75), Burguillos, Manu, Ramiro (Victor, min. 84), Juande, Córcoles (Manu Amores, min. 46) Another dis-appointing gate of 300 + gathered at the Vicente Garcia for the game with some obviously being put off by the inclement weather. It was a bit like being back in the UK with “April showers” and a swirling wind throughout the game. The game was a bit scrappy with Torry getting the upper edge Hello

as the game progressed. After 29 minutes a cross in presented Corcoles with a clear header from a central position but his bullet header was well off target. A minute later the Torry pressure paid off when Burguillos prodded home from a corner, which wasn’t dealt with by the opposition defence, for a GOALLLLL to Torry 1-0. After 41 minutes Torry went down to 10 men when a straight red was shown to Vidal for an adjudged elbow. Yellow Card warranted maybe but not a straight Red Card. There was then a bit of hand-bags between Ramiro and an opposition player and the referee lost the plot and cautioned a number of players in quick succession. Torry replaced the ineffective Corcoles for the second-half with the fresh legs of the speedy Manu Amores. Torry sat deep and relied on the counter attack. Saguntino had some joy down the Torry right and wasted a couple of chances. As the game wore on Saguntino pushed forward more but Torry defended resolutely. On 66 minutes Ramiro won applause for beating 3 players in a tight position and cutting inside and shooting just over the top. On 79 minutes Torry broke clear through Manu Amores who found Ramiro who advanced down the left channel and the cut inside and struck the ball hard and low to the back post where Manu Amores got to the ball before their keeper and struck it into the back of the net for a GOALLLLL to Torry 2-0. In the last 10 minutes, with the Torry players tiring, Saguntino created a couple of good chances with one effort striking the foot of the post and another going only just wide of the far post. Yellow Cards were picked up by Matias, Abel and Ramiro. Torry now lie in 7th place still only 4 points off the 4th and final play-off spot. On Sunday they travel to 3rd placed Alzira for what will be a tough game. A happy Darrylldinho following his adopted team in Spain keep their slim hopes of making the play-offs alive...

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citroen c5

volkwagon golf

estate, 2008 Auto, diesel, 136 BHP 32,000kms €18,950

mercedes a180

1.8 CDi, Diesel, 2010, Metallic Black €17,950

Chevrolet Captiva

2.0VCDi, 2007, 7 SEATER, AUTOMATIC, DIESEL, 113,000 kms €16,950

audi quattro

Auto, Diesel, July 2003 2.5TDi, 96,000 kms €12,950

Mini cooper 2004, automatic 91,000kms €10,950


2005, 2.0 Petrol 38,000 kms €10,950

Peugeot 308

1.6 HDi, SW Estate, 2009 premium 150,000kms €9,950

Renault Megane Cabriolet Dynamic, 1.6 Petrol, 2005, 40,000kms €8,950

2.0, FSi, 2005, 28,000kms



2005, 1.4 HDi 58,000kms €6,950

Ford Focus Estate

2005 2.0L CRDI Diesel 108,000 kms €7,950

1.8 TDCi, 2007, 116,000 kms €7,950

• HYMER  B640 STARLINE MOTORHOME, 2001, Automatic, Diesel …................................................ €29,950 •M  ercedes ml, 320 cdi, 2006, automatic, diesel, 124,000km ........................................…..............................................€29,950 •P  ORSCHE CARRERRA 911, 1999, 92,000km, Full Options …................................................................ €24,950 •2  011 FORD FOCUS Diesel, 1.6 TDCI TREND KM0 BRAND NEW CAR ......................................................................€17,950 • FORD  TRANSIT, 2.6 DIESEL, 2008, 28,000 KMS...€11,950 •A  UDI A4 2.0L Diesel, 138,000kms …..................... €10,950 •O  PEL CORSA 1.5CDTI, DIESEL, 2010, 17,000KMS. €8,950 •P  EUGEOT 1007 DIESEL, 2006, 1.4HDI, 112,000kms......... ......................................................................................€7,950 •O  PEL CORSA 1.4 PETROL, 2007, 69,000KMS, AIR CON …. ....................................................................................…....... €6,950 • FORD FOCUS GHIA, 2L TDCi, DIESEL, 136 BHP, 140,000 KMS …....................................................................... €5,950 • RENAULT  MEGANE, 1.5DCi, 2005, 142,000KMS....€5,950 • TOYOTA  COROLLA, dIESEL, 1.4 D4D, 2005,150,000 KMS .. ............................................................................................€5,950 • RENAULT  MEGANE ESTATE, 1.5 DCi, DIESEL, 2005, 145,000kms …............................................................€5,750 • RENAULT  CLIO, 1.4, 16v, PETROL, AUTO, 2003, 102,000KMS, CLIMATE CONTROL …………………... €4,950 • ford focus 2002 1.8 TDCi, Diesel, 87,000kms,,..... €4,950 • Honda hrv. 1.6 petrol, 1999...................................€3,950 • Renault Megane scenic 1.9, diesel 2001........ €2,950 • Mitsubishi Carisma 2000, a/c ............................... €2,950 • FIAT BRAVA dIESEL,1.9JTD, 2000...............................€2,950 • RENAULT CLIO DIESEL, 1.9D, 2000, 134,000 kms...€2,750 • MITSUBISHI PAJERO 3L, V6, PETROL, 1996..............€2,450 • HYUNDAI ATOS, 1L, GLS PETROL, 73,000KMS........ €2,250 • NISSAN  PRIMERA ESTATE, 2L, PETROL, AUTOMATIC, 2000, AUTOMATIC, 130,000KMS, CLIMATE CONTROL …… ...............................................................................................€1,950

Right hand drive vehicles

•r  olls royce silver spirit, rhd, 51,000 miles..€13,950 •O  PEL ZAFIRA, 1.9 CDTi, DIESEL, 2006, 7 SEATER, 75,000 MILES..............................................................€7950 • SAAB  , 1.9TDi ESTATE, 85,000 miles...........................….. €7,950 • CITROEN  PICASSO DESIRE, 1.6 HDi, DIESEL, 49,000 MILES …............................................................................................... €6,950 • FORD  MONDEO ESTATE, 2005, 2 litre TDCi, diesel, 62,000 miles …..................................................................... €5,950 •K  IA CARENS 2L CRDi, DIESEL, 2005, 90,000 MILES …. ... ...................................................................................................€5,950 •N  issan Primera 2.2, DCi, 2004, Diesel, Taxed, MOT, 42,000 miles, FSH.........................................................€4,950 •H  yundai Matrix 1.6 GLS, 2004, Taxed, MOT, 70,000 miles.................................................................................€2,950 • FORD  GALAXY LX, 2.3 PETROL, 1999, 116,000 MILES, MANUAL, 6 SEATS................................................... €1,950

Right hand drive - spanish reg.

• VAUXHALL  ASTRA, 2002, 1.4 petrol, RHD, 119,000 miles, Spanish Plates ….......................................... €2,250 •V  W GOLF CABRIOLET, 1995, 1.8 petrol, RHD, Spanish Plates …........................................................................ €1,950

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peugeot 1007


L4 PETROL, 2007, 49,000 KMS, 5 DOOR, CLIMATE CONTROL €6,950

opel combo 2005 1.4 petrol 87,000kms €6,450

CITROEN C3 1.4HDI, 2005 €5,450


2000, 2l PETROL A/C, ELECTRIC WINDOWS 116,000kms €4,950




CLASSIC, 1.9D, DIESEL, 1999, 132,000KMS €1950

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Sol Times Newspaper issue 224 Costa Calida Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 224 Costa Calida Edition