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Foreigners Obliged To Sign Padrón


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All foreigners could be forced to sign on the padrón in their town if a new government ruling is approved. The ministry for the interior has proposed that even those not living legally in Spain should enter their names on the census, and their illegal status should not be grounds for their town council refusing them a padrón certificate.


Many European expatriates who, although they do not face the issue of living in Spain illegally due to their citizenship in the EU giving them automatic residence rights, avoid registering on the padrón since they fear it leaves them traceable or may prevent them claiming a State pension from their own country.


Neither of these is true, since permanent residence in an EU country does not deny a person rights to claim a pension from their country of origin.

Sol Times Almeria and Sol Times Calida are independent publications. Published weekly and produced exclusively in Almeria & Murcia. Sol Times News Group cannot be held responsible for claims made by advertisers, nor can it be held responsible for errors in advertisements caused by poor quality text, photographs or layout instructions. Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage resulting caused by any error, inaccuracy or non-appearance of an advertisement. AL-344-2005.

Signing on the padrón is a legal requirement and a civic duty. A town council needs to know how many people reside in their area of jurisdiction to be able to provide necessary services such as

DGT Changes Legislation On Spare Bulbs In Cars The law which forced drivers to carry a spare set of bulbs in their cars has now finally been eliminated by the DGT traffic authority in Spain. As car headlights got more complicated to replace even in the garage, let alone at the roadside, most drivers just carried a box of bulbs to avoid being fined. Just over a year ago the DGT announced that the Trafico Guardia would no longer impose such fines, even though in the legislation it remained as a serious infraction.

Now the DGT director, Pere Navarro, has apologised to those drivers who have been fined over the year and has said the obligation to carry bulbs is to be taken out of the 1998 rules by ministerial order. It’s removal will be printed in the BOE, official state bulletin, imminently. The traffic authority had been collecting some two million € in these fines, imposing some 13,000 every year.

Helicopter Wreckage Located Off Almería Coast A navy ship, using its sonar, has located what is thought to be the wreckage of the rescue helicopter which crashed five miles off the coast of Almería last Thursday. The remains of the Helimer 207 are lying at a depth of 85 metres; it came down for reasons which remain a mystery when returning from

routine manoeuvres. Technicians from the company AgustaWestland, the makers of the craft, have travelled to the zone and say they have located the signal from the copter’s black box. Only one of the four men on board has been rescued and is now in hospital in a serious condition.

healthcare, education, police and fire staff, and car-parking. As stated by the ministry of the interior yesterday, being on the padrón register relates to ‘factual’ information rather than ‘legal’. Therefore, it means that a person not residing legally in Spain still has the obligation to register on the padrón in the town they spend most of their time living in. This does not necessarily mean they will be reported to any authorities. The law in question does not distinguish between foreigners and Spanish citizens. If a foreign resident needed to have their papers in order before signing on the padrón, the law would say so, and it does not, stresses the ministry. Local authorities are unaware of a person’s legal residence status, and it is not in their jurisdiction to check up on this. Neither is it in their jurisdiction to inform any legal bodies, organisations or authorities in the resident’s country of origin. To register on the padrón, the resident in question does not even need a NIE – a valid passport is sufficient.

Málaga City Hall Set To Demolish Illegal Properties Reports issued today claim that the image of homes being demolished after being built illegally on non-buildable land could become a common one this year. Spanish press reports state that Málaga City Hall is to issue at least five firm demolition orders as they are obliged to do under the new regional LOUA, the Andalucía Law for Urban Ordination. The paper says that after cases seen in Sayalonga, Almogía and Carratraca, where the law has been applied inflexibly, the City Hall has decided to move forward with demolition orders which have been pending for many years, and which simply have not A robot from the ‘Clara Campoamor’ coastguard vessel on Saturday located the bodies of the three missing men. They have been named as the Captain, José Luis López Alcalá from Granada, the copilot, Kevin Holmes,

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A7 E15 JCT 547

La Alfoquia ALMERIA

been carried out before because of their unpopularity. Legally the City Hall is obliged to carry out the demolitions once there are firm orders to do so from the regional High Court. The properties concerned are reported to be in Campanillas, the northern part of Puerto de la Torre and around the Camino de Olías, and include the home built illegally by the Russian promoter, Vladimir Davidovich Beniachvili, in the Monte de San Antón. However, there are some 90 more cases in the courts which could end up with the same fate. from New Zealand and resident of Granada and Iñigo Vallejo García, from Sevilla. The operation to recover the bodies is expected to take some days.

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Spain Removes Slimming Drug From Sale The Spanish Ministry of Health, via the Spanish Agency for Medicaments and Health Products, has called on doctors to stop prescribing the slimming drug Reductil from February 1. It comes as the EU has called for the provisional suspension of the ingredient Sibutramina. They say the drug does not offer the ‘hoped for benefit’ and causes the risk of cardiovascular

problems, reaching the conclusion from a study of 10,000 patients who had been using the treatment for up to 6 years. Abbot Laboratories says it is not in agreement with the decision, but they accept it. The sale of the slimming drug represent 300 million $ a year. In Europe it is also sold under the names of Reduxase and Zelium and in the United States it is known as Meridia.

Vinyl Record Sales Soar 165% In Spain Vinyl record sales soared by 165% in Spain over 2009, albeit from a low base, to reach 106,000 units, but the sale of music as a whole fell by 17% over the year. Legal downloads saw a 10% growth, but this was not enough to make up for the fall in sales of CD’s making up only 27% of the total income for the industry. The data confirms the death of the cassette format, with less than 1,000 units sold. The International Record Industry Federation

has commented that there is tolerance in Spain towards the illegal interchanging of archives on the Internet. They also noted that in Spain there is not enough competition in the digital music market, although operators such as Spotify, Sky, Myspace and Vodafone have seen the legal market reach 3.3 billion downloads. There was an 18% increase in the number of albums downloaded legally, and a 10% growth in the number of single tunes.

British Woman In Custody Over Partner’s Stabbing A British woman has been arrested in Guardamar del Segura (Alicante) on suspicion of having beaten and stabbed her boyfriend. The 40-year-old man, also British, was taken by ambulance to Torrevieja hospital at 06.00hrs on Saturday with severe bruising to the head and a surface wound to the chest. He is thought to have been attacked with a knife

by his partner, 56, at their home in the El Raso urbanisation. Firefighters were also called out to deal with a blaze in the bedroom, which appeared to have been accidentally started when the woman dropped a cigarette end. No major damage was caused to the property.

Santander Bank Customers Can Use ATMs Free Account holders with Santander Bank can now withdraw money for free from ATM machines all over Spain. All customers who are associated with the bank will be able to use Santander’s ATM machines without paying any foreign transaction fees. Other customers who have a Zero Current Account with the bank will also be benefited by this service which will not include any authorized or unauthorized charges and offer free withdrawals from ATMs across the world.

The Zero Credit Card can also be applied for by customers having accounts or mortgages with Santander or Alliance and Leicester. The card provides an offer of no interest on money transfers for the first year and zero interest on all shopping done with it during the first three months. Director of Santander cards, Emma Roberts, said that this is a unique proposition being offered to customers across Spain and that the Zero Credit Card would be of great benefit to the customers associated with Santander.

Spain To Host European Breast Cancer Conference

The European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC -7) will be taking place for the seventh time in Barcelona, Spain, from Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th March 2010.

patients suffering from breast cancer. Over 5000 delegates are expected to attend the conference from around 90 different countries over the world.

The conference, that encourages interaction and collaboration between clinicians, scientists and patients, involves major players in breast cancer and talks about ethical, political, practical and social issues in addition to scientific advances associated with care of

The conference is expected to highlight different new things in the field such as lifestyle’s impact on breast cancer, treatment of disease and gene profiling, chemotherapy’s impact on cognitive function etc, besides covering entire spectrum of breast cancer.

Spanish PM To Visit Washington Next Month Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been invited by US President Barrack Obama to visit Washington next month and take part in the traditional prayer breakfast which is an annual event in the US capital.

or the European Union’s rotating president, diplomatic sources say that the invitation has been extended from the White House. Zapatero referred to this visit in a press conference in Vienna as a ‘significant and very unique’ event.

The prayer breakfast is a big event and is attended by political and business leaders from across the world. It is held on the first Thursday of February and the president’s support has been with the event for decades.

This is the first time the two leaders will meet this year. The last meeting was on October 13th last year when Zapatero had visited the White House for the first time. American President Barrack Obama is scheduled to visit Spain for the first time in May this year, when Spain will host the summit between the United States and the European Union.

Although it is not clear that this invitation is due to Zapatero being Spain’s chief executive

Spain’s Health Minister Looks For Consensus In New Anti-smoking Legislation Speaking on the TVE last Wednesday night, the Minister for Health, Trinidad Jiménez, tried to calm the worries of the hostelry sector in Spain ahead of the plans to ban smoking in all closed premises. The Minister said she was looking for ‘maximum consensus’ in the reform of the law which will probably be introduced in the first half of the year, but also that there was still ‘a lot of smoke’ in Spain despite the effects of the 2005 legislation.

“We have launched the idea of making public spaces free of smoke, bit by bit”, she said, but added that there was still no concrete document on the table. She said that she is talking to the political parties on the reform of the law, and that when consensus is found, the reform will be applied. When asked about the criticisms from the hostelry sector she noted that in Italy where there was recent no smoking legislation the effect on the hostelry industry had been zero.

Corneal Blindess Being Cured By Stem Cells In Spain Spanish scientists are reporting positive results in the use of a new stem cell technique to cure corneal blindness. The University Institute of Applied Oftalmolecular Biology in Valladolid, and the Institute of Genetic and Molecular Biology report a positive result in 90% of patients who have undergone the new treatment which consists is using stem

cells taken from a healthy eye. They say that cornea transplants are avoided by the technique and as many as 88,000 people in Spain could benefit. Researchers say that by using this technique they think health costs can be reduced also by applying the technique to other types of blindness.

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Ethiopian Jet Crash Bodies Pulled From Sea Off Beirut

Addis flames shortly stormy

Ababa-bound Flight ET409 burst into and crashed into the Mediterranean after take-off from Beirut airport in weather.

Rescuers are continuing to search for bodies and wreckage, as well as the aircraft’s flight recorder. But officials say it is very unlikely that any of the 90 people on board the Boeing 737800 will be found alive. Eighty-two were passengers, including small children, and the other eight were crew, Ethiopian Airlines said. This model can seat 189 passengers. Most were Lebanese or Ethiopian. The UK Foreign Office said there was one British national and one person of dual nationality. The other passengers included citizens of Turkey, France, Russia, Canada, Syria and Iraq, Ethiopian Airlines said in a statement on its website. Among them was the wife of the French ambassador in Beirut, Marla Pietton.

The plane disappeared from radar screens some five minutes after take-off in stormy weather at about 0200 local time, near the village of Naameh, about 3.5km (2 miles) from the coast. Helicopters and naval ships are searching the crash site. It is still being described as a rescue operation, although officials say that in such bad weather it is unlikely anyone will be found so long after the crash. The United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon has sent three ships and two helicopters, and a British RAF helicopter is also involved. Lebanese soldiers are also combing nearby beaches, where pieces of the plane and debris including passenger seats, a fire extinguisher and bottles of medicine have washed up. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but the plane took off in a heavy rainstorm and there has been speculation that it was struck by lightning. Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said foul play was not suspected.

Haiti Relief Lacks Leadership, Says Italian Expert

A senior Italian official has strongly criticised the Haiti earthquake relief operation, saying it could have been managed much better.

Guido Bertolaso, the head of Italy’s civil protection service, said there was a lack of leadership in the international aid operation. He also criticised US forces in Haiti, saying troops had no training in running a civilian relief operation. It is believed the quake on 12 January killed as many as 200,000 people; an estimated 1.5 million people have been left homeless. Mr Bertolaso, who arrived in Haiti on Friday, described it as “a terrible situation that could have been managed much better”. “When there is an emergency, it triggers a vanity parade. Lots of people go there

Mr Johnson refused to say it was linked to the failed Detroit airliner bombing, and said the government would not reveal specific intelligence details. The home secretary stressed there was no intelligence to suggest a terrorist attack was imminent. The decision to raise the threat level was made by the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC). Mr Johnson said JTAC kept the threat level under constant review, making its judgments based on a broad range of factors including the intent and capabilities of international terrorist groups in the UK and overseas. He said: “We still face a real and serious threat to the UK from international terrorism, so I would urge the public to remain vigilant and carry on reporting suspicious events to the appropriate authorities and to support the

P&D METALS TEL: 638 707 406

anxious to show that their country is big and important, showing solidarity,” he said. He told Italian TV channel RAI he hoped it was “the last time the world acts in this way”. Mr Bertolaso, a government minister, said it was logical and “commendable” for the US to lead the relief efforts, but “too many officers” meant they had not been able to find a capable leader. “We’re missing a leader, a co-ordination capacity that goes beyond military discipline,” he said. “It’s a truly powerful show of force, but it’s completely out of touch with reality. They don’t have close rapport with the territory, they certainly don’t have a rapport with the international organisations and aid groups.”

UK Terrorist Threat Level Raised To ‘Severe’

The UK terror threat level is being raised from “substantial” to “severe”, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said. The new alert level means a terrorist attack is considered “highly likely”. It had stood at ‘substantial’ since July.

police and security services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activity.” The home secretary said the new level meant people needed to be “more aware”. He said the decision to raise the threat level was not specifically linked to the failed Christmas Day bomb attack on a plane bound for Detroit or to any other incident, he said. Mr Johnson said: “We never say what the intelligence is and it would be pretty daft of us to do that.” He added: “It shouldn’t be thought to be linked to Detroit or anywhere else for that matter.” But the UK had not reached the highest threat level of “critical”, which would mean an attack was imminent. Mr Johnson said: “We have a very adept and very focused counter-terrorism facility in this country, which consists of many police officers as well as security officers, so the public should be reassured by that.”

Man Sentenced To Life For 1983 Murder A former youth worker has been jailed for life for the murder of a teenage girl in Nottinghamshire in 1983. Paul Stewart Hutchinson, 51, of West Bridgford, pleaded guilty to the murder of Colette Aram. He was told at Nottingham Crown Court he will serve a minimum term of 25 years. The court heard Hutchinson raped and strangled the 16-year-old before dumping her body in a field near her Keyworth home. Colette’s disappearance was the first case to be featured on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme. Hutchinson, who lived seven streets away from Colette at the time, admitted the murder when he appeared in court in December.


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At least 21 bodies of people killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash off Beirut have been pulled from the sea.


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Equality Commission Calls For Over-65s To Keep Working People should be allowed to work beyond the age of 65 and with more flexible hours, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said. In the UK, workers can see their employment end at 65 even if they do not want to retire. The commission wants ministers to scrap the retirement age, saying it is out of date and discriminates against people who want to carry on working. The government has promised a review of the law. The commission’s deputy chairman Lady Prosser said it made good business sense in a recession to recruit and retain older talent. Currently, an employer can legally sack a worker when they reach 65. But with the state pension age set to rise to 66 in 2024 and 67 a decade later, the commission says

retirement law is outdated and employers should extend flexible working. In a survey by the commission of 1,500 over-50s, 62% of women and 59% of men said they wanted to continue working beyond pension age. Two-thirds said they were fit for work and cited job satisfaction and financial necessity as reasons to carry on. Baroness Prosser said: “Radical change is what older Britons are telling us needs to happen for them to stay in the workforce. “Britain has experienced a skills exodus during the recession and as the economy recovers we face a very real threat of not having enough workers - a problem that is further exacerbated by the skills lost by many older workers being forced to retire at 65.”

Nato Forces In Afghanistan To Launch Helmand Offensive UK and other Nato troops are to launch an offensive to take back areas of southern Afghanistan, the British general in charge of forces there says.

“inevitable”. Also, the top UN envoy in Kabul, Kai Eide, called for some senior Taliban leaders to be removed from a UN list of terrorists as a prelude to direct talks.

Maj Gen Nick Carter said the operation would “assert the control” of the Afghan government in parts of Helmand now controlled by the Taliban.

Gen Carter, who took over the control of Nato forces in southern Afghanistan in late 2009 and leads 45,000 servicemen and women, refused to say when this latest operation would begin.

He told BBC Radio 4’s The World At One that Helmand was “a work in progress, with parts simply ungoverned”. There have been 251 UK service member deaths in Afghanistan since 2001.

The area likely to be targeted includes central Helmand and to the west and south-west of Lashkar Gah, parts of which have not been under Afghan government control for months or in some cases years.

Gen Carter said that if parts of Helmand were governed at all, “it’s by parallel governments provided often by the Taliban”.

Gen Carter said there were signs Afghans in the area were taking a greater role in operations.

He added: “If we’re going to win the argument on behalf of the Afghan government... then we need to assert the government’s control over those areas which are at the moment ungoverned.”

“[There has been] a transition, about the Afghans taking ‘ownership of the responsibility’. What I’ve been very struck about... is the way the provincial governor, Governor Mangal, and the Afghan army and Afghan police wish to take ownership of this problem. And when they do, there is an Afghan answer to the problem. Afghans are standing up and being counted and that makes a big difference to what happens on the ground.”

The news comes as Nato’s top commander in Afghanistan, US Gen Stanley McChrystal, said increased troop levels could bring a negotiated peace with the Taliban. He said a political solution in all conflicts was

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The number of planned affordable homes built over the next 10 years could be halved by government spending cuts, a housing campaign group has warned. The government has promised three million new homes by 2020 - a third “affordable” below market rates. The National Housing Federation said pre-Budget report figures suggested the housing budget could be cut by 17.98%. Housing minister John Healey said the government had demonstrated a long-term commitment to affordable housing. The National Housing Federation (NHF) warned 556,000 affordable homes - which are categorised as more expensive than council properties but priced below market rates - would not be built, affecting 278,000 jobs. It said 1.25 million people would join the record 4.5 million people on waiting lists for affordable housing if the target of one million homes was not met by 2020. The federation called for housing budgets to be protected in similar fashion to services such as health and education. Chief executive David Orr said: “A swingeing cut of 17.98% to the budget for new affordable homes would deepen the national housing crisis and lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and apprenticeships.

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“Reducing the number of new homes by such a huge degree would kill off the dreams of more than a million people in desperate need of decent, affordable housing, leaving many to live in cramped, unsuitable conditions for a generation. “As bad housing is closely linked to poor health, poor educational attainment and higher crime rates, ministers should give funding for the house building programme the same untouchable status as health, education and policing, and protect it from the coming savage cuts.” Shadow housing minister Grant Shapps said no previous government had a worse record of affordable house building than “this fag-end Labour administration”. “As a result there are nearly twice as many families languishing on the social housing waiting list than when Labour came to power,” he said. “With this appalling housing record, no one should take lectures from Labour housing ministers who seem to come and go faster than most people have hot dinners,” he said. The NHF based its figures on analysis of the pre-Budget report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Spanish national and MEP Marta Andreason told Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero in the European Parliament today that she was asham ed to see what is going on in Spain in relation to urban abuses. She told Mr Zapatero, who was outlining the Programme of the Spanish Presidency of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, that she represe nted constituents in the South East of England, some of whom are suffering from urban abuses and are unable to occupy their properties. She said that if a solution was not found during Mr Zapatero´s Presidency she will personally do all she can to make sure EU threats to block subsid ies to Spain are carried through. Ms. Andreasen made specific mention of the case of Mr and Mrs Prior two years ago in Vera and told Mr. Zapatero “We want a solution now. We want the people to be able to live in the houses they bought. If this is not possible they need to be granted a fair compensation.” Interventions from MEPs on the problems of urban abuse in Spain have come about partly as a result of a concerted campaign by the federation of urban abuse organisations, including AUN and AUAN in Spain. Despite three reports approved by the European Parliament urging the Spanish authorities to take action, nothing has been done so far to protec t those suffering the consequences. Other MEPs Glenis Willmott (Labour) and Diana Wallis (Liberal Democrat and Vice-President of the European Parliament) also appealed for a solution to urban abuses and land grab scandals on behalf of British victims. Michael Cashman, MEP, has already written a person al appeal to the Spanish Prime Minister stating that “It is the Spanish govern ment alone that can bring an end to these abuses”. WE NEED A SOLUTION NOW!

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If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Huercal Overa or the surrounding areas please contact us NOW! We comply to decree 218/2005 and will need a copy of your property’s legal paperwork. Specialising in selling properties in Huercal Overa are since 2005. Please come and see us in our office.

Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53 Tel/Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006



Villa For Sale ~ Huercal Overa

• 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • 1,000m2 Private Plot • Off Estate Position

• Sun Roof • Covered Porch • 2km to village • 5 minutes to Huercal Overa


For all your favourite British products & lots more at fair prices. Avda Guillermo Reyna 58, Huercal Overa 04600

Tel: 950 135 222 Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 9am to 8.30pm No siesta

We are here

3rd shop on the right

Town Centre

Bus Station

Hospital New Post Office

out & about in huercal overa A varied landscape surrounds the town of Huercal Overa; fertile, farming land alongside dry, almond-blossomed hills. With a commercial history dating back to Phoenician, Greek and Roman time, Huercal Overa now provides everything you need for modern living, including one of the most progressive hospitals in the area. An array of restaurants and bars continue to provide the core ingredients of Spanish family life and the vast market, which dominates the town every Monday, offers great bargains!

st Places of Intere , 18th century

aría de Nieva Church of Santa M century uércal, 13th to 15th Nazari Tower of H ntury Culture Town Hall, 19th ce y ur nt th ce During the war of Independence the inhabitants gained Wheat granary, 18 themselves a heroic reputation for their stamina and strength Bullring, 1901 throughout the fierce battles that raged in and around the village. During the 20th century, various conflicts and in particular the Civil War, affected the town and there are still remains in the area that show this. Religion

Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, built in 1505, is one of many notable building in the town. The Chapel of Jesús Nazareno, built in 1749, is also wor th visiting; it houses an impressive statue of Jesús Nazareno carved by Franscisco Salz illo. Huercal Overa remains a very relig ious town, with Easter a key point in their calendar. The Passion of Christ is celebrated and a procession, recently declared a Nation al Tourist attraction, commences with statues carried by floats and people bedecked in white. Conveyancing - purchase or sale Spanish Wills NIE’s & Residents Certificates Forming of companies Setting up businesses Registering with social security office Translation work Chris & Mandy have 26 years experience between them dealing with the public in a professional & helpful manner.

CAM. Concepts, S.L. C/. Montilla, 1A 04600 Huercal Overa (Almeria) Tfno / Fax 950 471 357 Email:

•P  rada, Gucci, Ray-Ban and Miu Miu Glasses with lenses only 85€ • Varifocal Glasses 2 pairs only 242€ • Contact Lenses 6 months with fluid 60€ • 2 Pairs of Glasses for only 95€ • Free Eye Tests for everyone! • Free hearing aid tests & Free trial! • Have your tests done in English as we are English spoken & happy to help

Tel: 950 135 081

Avda Guillermo Reyna, Res. Plaza Mayor, bajo, 04600 Huercal-Overa (Almeria)

The Pepper Tree Restaurant in Huercal Overa


with Karl & Patrick formally of Diva’s Bar, Albox.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Monday to Saturday 10am - 11pm Sunday 11am - 7pm Wednesdays Closed

Tel: 950 134 333

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Blaumar Estate Agents Huercal Overa

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

US Turtles Fly To UK Retirem Five severely disabled sea tu ent Home rtles have been flown from their Florida various injurie ho

s mean they me to the U to retire to a K weights st have to carr specially-built uck to their sh y home on the Dorset coast. ells with fibre enable them to glass to stay submerge The turtles, w d in water. hose injuries The team be range from hind the proj paraplegia ect hope the turtle to shells s will become damaged in collisions ambassadors with of their boats, have species, all lost educating the ability to people abou dive. t sea They have turtles by been giving forced to them the chan leave ce to their home meet the anim at The al s up Turtle Hospita close. l in the Florida Keys Sea to make Life Park room for ne di sp lays w casualties supervisor following a Fiona Smith sa recent spate id: “They of turtle strandin will need a great deal of gs in the US. ca re and attent Sharky, Gumbo ion, but will , Josie, Cracke also help us r and Ali will now be care inform visitor d for in a pu the serious ha s about rpose-built tu zards these cr sanctuar y at rtle wild, an eatures face in Weymouth Se d the reasons the a Life Park. Th why all seven eir species ar sea turtle e endangered .”


plas-tech Windows

UK Window, Doors, Conservatories, Patio Doors and Guttering Enclosures Specialist Happy in the knowledge that they didnt buy a fly enclosure because they’re nice ‘n’ warm this winter, just as they were nice ‘n’ cool in the summer

rged Double To Fly ha C rs ge en ss Pa d ie d o Wide-B ce for the first. t squeeze the full pri

s who canno Overweight passenger t are to be charged into a single plane sea France. People who double to fly with Air ard seat will be asked cannot fit into a stand or not be allowed on to pay for two seats, s”, according to the board for “safet y reason airline. n Monique Matze Air France spokeswoma e that the backrest sur ke said: “We have to ma down and that all can move freely up and fastened with a safety passengers are securely ly apply on flights that belt. The charge will on will get their money are fully booked. They ces are available.” spa back on flights where charge passengers to s The airline intend second seat on top of 75% of the cost of the

d to pay £5,00 0 Air France was ordere “humiliation” to a 27damages in 20 07 for airport check-in desk in stone passenger at an t, n Jean-Jacques Jauffre New Delhi. Frenchma nce Fra Air by red asu 43, had his stomach me he needed to buy two staff before being told seats. was told: “People as Mr Jauffret claimed he two seats.” fat as you need to buy uced the same policy United Airlines introd gers with extra-wide last year, making passen seat. bodies pay for an extra rges will apply for cha new Air France’s ir tickets from February people who book the ril 1. 1 for all flights from Ap

70mm Profiles

Internally Beaded for Security

28mm Glass Units

Pilkington Active for Hot Summers Pilkington K for Cold Winters

English Lessons For ‘Po lish’ Dog

A dog caused confusion in an animal home histor y he has come fro when he failed to respo m a Polish family. So nd to basic commands obviously we’ve gather - until staff realised ed from that he doesn he could only ’t understand Polish. understand the English language, Staff at the RSPCA so therefore he won’t un derstand centre our basic commands.” in Oldham, Greater Staff turned to the intern Manchester, et for originally thought Ce ph rases Cent could recogn nt ise the collie was deaf. although they are unsure of the But when they looked pronunciation. into his histor y the “We’ve learnt a few y basic realised he came fro on es which are sit - siad m a - and Polish family and so come - do mnie did and he not “speak” English. seems to understand what So staff brushed up we’re saying,” add on ed Ms Polish commands and, Heath. “Obviously, four maybe months on, they say Ce he’s having a chuckle bec nt is ause we re pronouncing it a bit now bilingual and rea wrong... but we’ve dy for a new home. got to work alongside “When he came in he that to teach him the wasn’t responding to English versions of the the basic commands,” m as well.” said care assistant Karen Cent has been in the Heath. kennels for about fou r months and needs a new “We couldn’t understa home. But staff have nd why at first but assured would-be ado when we’ve looked pters that they do no at his records and his t need to speak Polish.

Birth Rate of st o o B To ts gh Li ff O Officials Turn rs are being jokingly referred to as the Ministry this

nt worke South Korean governme n - go home and ctio given an unusual instru make babies. of Health will turn Officials at the Ministry lding at 7pm on bui the off all the lights in Wednesday. e staff to go home They want to encourag with their wives or n sio for an evening of pas husbands. l be repeated every The experiment wil the countr y’s bir th ost bo month in a bid to in the world. rate, one of the lowest alth, now sometimes The Ministry of He

rge of spearheading Matchmaking, is in cha ieves its staff should bel y drive, and it clearl lead by example. ers are on offer for Generous gift vouch re than one child, and off icials who have mo ses social gatherings the department organi ing love amongst its in the hope of foster say what is really needed bureaucrats. But critics e tackle the burdensom is widescale reform to ny ma ts cation that pu cost of childcare and edu a family. g rtin sta young people off

Shoot Bolt locking for even more security

Plas-Tech Guttering

We have been a FloPlast stockist for over 17 years. Nobody sells more in Spain than us. Best product, best installation, best price deal direct with the importer

! Our Promise to you

quality Nobody will beat our for like price We will beat any like ny that Plas-tech are a compa ars with have traded for 17 ye Europe. installations all over

Phone for a FREE no obligation quote

Tel. 600 320 761



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Pol. Industrial Albox, Near the ITV Garage

Walkers French Fries multi bag (10s) 2.50€ BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Energy Drink (similar to Red Bull) 50C Lloyd Grossman Sauce Mixes 2.50€ BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am- 3pm



Mosquito Screens & Blinds PULL DOWN & SLIDING BLINDS & FRENCH PLISSE ■Made to measure ■to fit any size ■door or window

Best Quality at Affordable Prices All Areas Covered Ring for VIP Service

Best Fashion & Beauty Websites



Follow directions to ITV until you pick up signs for the SUNBURNT ARMS.

Sol Passion

Gary, Sue & the Boys welcome customers old & new to Los Mellizos (Corner Bar) Alfoquia

hing Free drink with anyt menu from the breakfasr t with this vouche

Terms & Conditions apply

Open everyday 10am - late Telephone: 950 634 358

tanning & beauty studio

Look Great for Less at Sol Passion • Tanning sessions from 4.50€ • 15% off Sunjunkie Spray tanning, no streaks, beautiful long lasting tan • Lash extensions now only 12€ • Mini Facial 17€ • Manicure 12€ • Pedicure 15€


Tel: 950 473 244 Opposite El Patio 2000

The new delhi Indian Restaurant

Euro Direct Phone Cards

Banquet Menu Now only available Sunday & Monday 4 courses 9.95€ 10% discount off take away with this voucher Avda. America opposite Strictly Hair & gb Stores, Albox

Open: 7 days a week 6pm - 12pm

Tel: 950 431 705 / 639 231 507

Who wants to trudge down the high street, or even leave the sofa, when some of the best shops are to be found online? Asos has done for online shopping what Topshop Oxford Circus did for the high street: fast-moving fashion at affordable prices. Cross-referencing makes shopping for specifics easy. It often has great designer collaborations and beauty brands include Pixi and Korres The slickest fashion website in the world treats all its customers like VIPs. Dreamy dresses from Alexander McQueen and RM by Roland Mouret sit alongside cult jewellery lines like Kenneth Jay Lane. Look out for exclusive dresses from Preen and Richard Nicoll. And always keep an eye on the sales rail Even Toast’s website manages to look cosy. It’s the perfect browsing site for rainy days and we highly recommend

Mojacar Playa


meal! n i a ym th an voucher i w k is rin Internet Free d ly with th ying

fine indian cuisine

Snip & Sa e

TEL: 600 049 515

Tel. 678 248 788

mon - fri 6pm - late, Sat & sun 1pm - late




Snip & Sa e

Snip & Sa e


New Opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.30am - 5pm Wednesday 9.30am - 3pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

2 meals of our main menu for 9.50€ including a bottle of wine to takeaway. Bookings preferred.


Behind Bar International SPECIAL SPECIAL Tel: 600 707 606 PRICES PRICES Schwartz Packet Sauces ALL 1€ Walkers multi bag squares (10s) 2.50€


Snip & Sa e

Voucher valid until the 30th November. We are open Monday to Saturday 7am ‘till late Sunday 9am - 4pm Booking recommended. Spanish speaking 950 430 145 English speaking 647 730 103

If you have a full head of foils, including a cut & blow dry GET a gents cut FREE with this voucher

Snip & Sa e

per couple to take away after dining in our restaurant Mon to Sat between 7pm - 10pm

Acrylic Nail Extensions available with heidi!

Snip & Sa e


The all round entertainment bar!

Tuesday & Thursday OAPS 10% OFF !

K&J English Foods

Snip & Sa e

The Sunburnt Arms

~ Hair & Beauty Salon ~ Tlf. 950 431 501 628 669 456

Snip & Sa e

Snip & Sa e

wA Ne

enu eM t r Ca La


# with


Offex Postal Service

Gifts & s Greeting Card

Photocop Fax/Laminate

Great food Vegetarian Selection Take Away

Next door to Serendipity OPEN: Mon - Sat: 9.30am to 2.30pm

its classic-with-a-twist designs - this season the military-style navy Lermontov jacket and the Cavalry boots With the ex-Topshop brand director Jane Shepherdson at the helm, Whistles has relaunched with a desirable winter collection. Look for classic pieces to see you through this season - and beyond At Adili you’ll find Fairtrade and organic clothes, skincare and accessories. The range includes basic T-shirts, designer collections for People Tree and ethically mined jewellery from Fifi Bijoux Oxfam went all upmarket this year, and next month, as well as selling carefully edited second-hand clothes, the website will stock ethical labels like Bora Aksu and Richard Nicoll for People Tree, as well as Wright & Teague jewellery and Aura Que bags by Laura Queening

Tel: 950 431 505

ALBOX A mind-boggling array of lingerie and hosiery in all shapes and sizes - if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you’re too fussy Give a woman some Bobbi Brown make-up and her face lights up before she’s even applied it. This site sells the whole range and has a hugely popular ‘ask an artist’ feature, where users can email any questions about products. And yes, the make-up artists genuinely do answer From cotton buds to Touche Eclat, Boots stocks pretty much everything that man, woman or child needs for grooming Founded by the creator of Urban Decay, Elf cosmetics has a cult following in America - largely because it’s incredibly cheap. Each product is just €1.50. Brilliant for gifts and starter kits for teens not to mention credit-crunched grown-ups

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Snip & Sa e

Cut out the vouchers & take them to the advertised business to take advantage of excellent deals & discounts!!! Valid until 28/02/10

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

d l o T They Us So


The space within our boundary walls, which we like to call our garden, is bedrock covered with a couple of inches of gravel. This rock has probably taken a few million years to form and is not about to crumble into submission at the mere sight of a garden fork. With the aid of a jackhammer we have defied Mother Nature, dimpled the primeval surface, and inserted various plants, bedding them in with copious amounts of hope, compost and water. Whilst wandering the campo I found a delicate sprig of bamboo looking sorry for itself and in need of rescue. I took it home, we hammered out a home for it, gave it tender loving care and plenty of verbal encouragement. It responded with gusto. I know that the bamboo family in general can have aspirations towards empire building, but this one seemed bent on conquering not just our garden but the entire of Limaria, and then the universe. I think that its motto was ‘To infinity and beyond’.


By now, many of our New Year Resolutions will have slipped so why not make it easy on yourself and pick a simple resolution that you’ll be eager to keep up? Listen to a song you love every day!

It’s the easiest way to a healthy heart, according to new research from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. In their trial, people listening to music that made them happy had a 26% increase in the width of their arteries, which helps lower blood pressure and boosts circulation. Why not pick your own top 20 and play it every day to keep you happy - and dance too!

It stood about 3 foot high with an air of innocence when José and Matilde first saw it. José shook his head in despair as Matilde explained that it wouldn’t be happy until it had spread over the entire garden, uprooted our house and rendered us homeless. I said that no, it wouldn’t do that, the ground was too hard to allow it to get any further than the edges of its hammered hole. They gave us a sage look, and no more was said. It grew to be a little short of 20 feet high, with runners as thick as hawsers. Its size and speed of growth would have made Jack’s Beanstalk jealous. The bedrock parted before it, acknowledging its superior power. It had to go. With blood sweat and a bit of bad language we have ousted it from our garden. José and Matilde were right. They told us so. But, bless them, they have refrained from telling us that they told us so! By Jos Biggs Share your lessons learned with Jos by sending an email to

Rumores Cafe / Bar

NOW N OPE : RY EVE ay d Mon 10amm p 1.30

The aim of the salon is to provide a first class service from our top TONI & GUY stylist

Strictly Hair covers ALL of your beauty needs from TOP TO TOE! NEW YEAR - NEW YOU! WHY NOT TRY A BEAUTY BY MELISSA RESTYLE WITH Beat those Winter Blues with relaxing JENNY? reflexology at ONLY 17€ NEW YEAR, Winter Warmer - Hot Stone Back, NEW YOU for 22€ Shoulder & Neck Massage 14€ re ti gro nt w 35 th full € ti nt head 40 full € fo h ils ead 55 €

All Hair Prices Below Include A Cut & Blow Dry



Tuesdays & Wednesdays hair beauty & treatments holistics 15% OFF 10% OFF NOW OPEN EVERY: Monday 10am - 1.30pm Tuesday to Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

TEL: 950 439 717 / 620 447 858 21 Calle America, next to Cornish Pride, Albox


winter warmer with maz & tilly SUNDAY 31st january We know times are hard and we would like to take this opportunity to offer this low price to show our appreciation to thank you for your support over the last few months.


valentine’s evening with atlantis Saturday 13th February 3 Course Meal PLUS Entertainment

ONLY 8.95€

We serve a wide selection of food daily from 9.30am - 6pm, and from 6.30pm alongside our A La Carte menu we are serving a variety of dishes from our new snack menu. RUMORES BAR/CAFE

For further information or to make a reservation

Tel: 671 608 498




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Cube is as it sounds, one

big ice cube. Just put this iceberg in your drink and it’ll stay cold for hours. Instead of lots of small ice cubes melting in your drink just have this one big one, it will stay in your drink for longer and therefore keep it colder.

Gadgets …for the host with the most! Beer Holster ~ 19.41€

The Beer Holster is great beer drinking accessory. Useful and unique you now don’t have to be near a bar or shelf to put your beer down. Just stick your beer in its holster. Whether you’re out for a day of fishing, barbequing at home with friends and family, your hands will now be free and your beer within reach. Just slot your can or bottle into your Beer Holster, perfect for keeping your can or bottle right on your hip.

Champagne Shot Glasses ~ 11.41€ No simplistic boring old regular shaped shot glasses. These Champagne Shot Glasses add sophistication and a hint of suave rather than the usual abrupt slamming action associated with drinking shots. Just remember you don’t always have to fit in with the crowd, you can always drink less and use them as mini champagne glasses. • Situated just outside San Javier Airport (Murcia) with the latest state of the art security system, CCTV and manned 7 days per week • Unlimited free transfers • Completely legal and insured • Immediate transfer to Airport, NO WAITING, dropping you right outside departures for your convenience. On your return your car will be outside arrivals receiving a complimentary external clean

A AN NN NU UA AL L C CO ON NT T R R A A C CT T 1122 m mo

onnth thss fo for thee pprric icee ooff 1111 m r th moonnth thss

ONLY 275€

w whhic ichh in incclu luddeess UNLI UNLIM MITED ITED TRANS TRANSFFERS ERS

Aerolatte ~ 18.27€ The Aerolatte allows you to froth your milk in a way that completely transforms your coffee and turns it into a totally different drink, creamy and frothy yet intensifies the great flavour of the coffee. It works like no other milk frother and aerates the milk in such a way that a nice frothy creamy milk is developed from less than 20 seconds of use.


Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Big Diamond Ice Cube ~ 5.70€

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



HEALTH NEWS... HEALTH NEWS... HEALTH NEWS... HEALTH NEWS... ’ Strain ‘Tedracked MRSA Superbug from at samples They also look loped a technique

Researchers have deve world hospitals in several parts of the of the for precisely tracking the spread s. collected over more than 20 year superbug MRSA in hospitals. supports tly aren The rate of mutation app e Trust The team from the Wellcom in the rged eme looked at the theory that MRSA Sanger Institute in Cambridge biotic anti ad spre across 1960s at the time of wide the genomes of MRSA strains from Thailand. use. the globe and at one hospital in that ges logist chan ll sma spot to able They were Professor Sharon Peacock, a microbio back to in “The stra : the said k ge trac brid to Cam of them ty ed allow at the Universi this adds r. clea are lth hea lic pub for an individual patient. They say implications can A MRS how of potential to the understanding This technology represents the er bett to lead ld shou of MRSA spread so rapidly and to trace transmission pathways tions or treatments. more definitively so that interven UK, the in s precision The research involved team treatments can be targeted with , iland Tha and , don in Bath, Oxford and Lon and according to need.” Portugal and the United States. be too Researchers say it would oughput -thr high new ly at used wide s gy ntist Scie expensive to use the technolo compare t nex the in fall ld DNA sequencing technologies to present but the cost shou how MRSA samples from patients to show few years. y were they were genetically related. The ert in es in the Professor Mark Enright, an exp able to spot single-letter differenc erial Imp at y olog emi rent diffe molecular epid genetic code. They looked at two gave k wor the ple said , peo don College, Lon sets of samples: one set taken from how this a single researchers “a good idea as to across the globe and another from ved and evol the d has A ence MRS sequ of y particular type hospital in Thailand. The itals”. hosp of out ple. and sam in each how it behaves entire genomes of le n of sing ratio “This work is a great demonst In the hospital setting it revealed r ples nea sam the in the letter genetic changes in new, rapid DNA sequencing that e wer ns ns oge ctio infe path showing that no two future will be how important . he said. caused by entirely identical bacteria such as MRSA will be identified,” ther whe will This allowed them to discover “Such unambiguous identification ther or of ics nost diag d rapi one patient had infected ano form the basis for in from they how us tell whether the infection had come will and n microbial infectio the MRSA human another source. They found that spread in hospitals identifying each singlesion smis strain studied acquired about one tran of ns chai in host and surface ever y six letter change in its genetic code .” between patients weeks.

Plasma ‘Could Cut Dentist

People who live in fear of the den tist’s drill could be in for a more comforta ble future - as new plasma technology arriv es. “Plasma jets” could one day be used to clean out bacteria from tooth cavities, say researchers from Saarland Universit y in Homburg, Germany. Tests found the plasma destroyed bacteria in infected teeth. They say plasma dentistr y may be available within three to five year s. Mat ter can be either solid, liquid, a gas or a four th type, plasma, which is actu ally the most common in the universe. While there are many natural forms of plasma, including the contents of our sun and lightning, modern technolo gy relies heavily on plasma technology - for example in fluorescent lighting and the man ufacture of semiconductors. Artificial plasmas can be created when energy is added to a gas, perhaps using an electrical field or a laser. The resulting mat ter can behave


differently when it comes into cont act with other particles. While many artificially-created plasmas are extremely hot - for example, the flame on an arc welder - advances in rece nt years have allowed the creation of muc h cooler plasmas. This, in turn, has opened the poss ibilit y of using them on the human body, whe re they could offer a very precise way of targeting tiny areas. In this case, the properties of the plasma are harmful to bacteria, without affecting the surrounding tissue. Normally, a dentist’s drill is used to clean out bacteria from a cavity, before the filling is inserted. The German team used a plasma jet to do the same job and found that it was able to do this quickly and efficiently, even where the bacteria were arranged in resistant “biofilms” on the dentine - the main part of the tooth under the enamel.

men’s brains’ Bed sharing ‘drains - at least if porarily reduce your brain power

d tem Sharing a bed with someone coul suggest. s ntist scie you are a man - Austrian , whether they a bed mate their sleep is disturbed When men spend the night with lack of sleep the day; t their mental ability the nex make love or not, and this impairs one levels. also increases a man’s stress horm better because y, women who share a bed fare According to the New Scientist stud they sleep more deeply. not surprising the University of Surrey, said: “It’s Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert at ping together. that people are disturbed by slee each other. It is meant to sleep in the same bed as “Historically, we have never been it’s vital for good most selfish thing you can do and a bizarre thing to do. Sleep is the physical and mental health.”

Hope for MS pill

Oral drugs to treat multiple sclerosis could become availab le in 2011 after promising results in tw o trials. Drug licences have be en applied for and the MS Society said it was “great news” for people with MS current treatments involve injections or inf usions. The trials of the dru gs each involved 1,000 people in ove r 18 countries, the New England Journal of Medicine says. Cladribine and fingolim od, which come as tablets, cut relapse rates by 50-60% over two years compa red with placebos. Fingolimod was also tested against the widely used injection, beta interferon 1a. The trial showed the new drug was twice

as effective in reduci ng the number of relapses over a year.

Multiple sclerosis is the most common disabling neurologica l disorder affecting young adults. It aff ects more than 100,000 people in the UK and 2.5 million worldwide. Symptoms include mo bility problems, lack of bladder and bowel control and blurred vision. The downside of cur rent treatments is that they have to be injected or given by infusion. MS suf ferers have long hoped a pill would be develop ed. Pharmaceutical companies have been competing to get there first.

Gold & Antique Exchange We buy, sell or exchange Gold, Antiques & fine China English JewellerY Repairs Gold & Silver Watch Straps & Batteries Cleaning, Polishing Rings cut off, Rings re-s ized


Open Tues - Fri 10 - 4pm, Sat 9 - 2pm.

Home visits or outside appointments can be arranged. Call for more details.

Why not have a GOLD PARTY & earn some commission. Call for details.

Inside Atalaya building between Chillout & Sophia Wellness

T: 950 449 565 or 666 369 131

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist full head foils only


tint, cut & blow dry

(cut & blow dry not incl.)



cap hi-lights Cut & Blow only


Perm, cut & blow dry only


cut & blow dry only



SPEC Tuesday s & FridaIAL ys M

s& Tuesday

anicure & Pedicu re

al 1Hr Faci re u & Manic

25 SAVE€8€

40€ € SAVE 10

Becks - UK trained fully qualified Sports Masseuse

Full 1hr Body Massage


Call to book your appointment!


Dr. Helena BENSOn

Wednesday 10th February For: • BOTOX • WRINKLE FILLERS • Semi-Permanent Make Up • laser teeth whitening

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Sol Passion

Life Optimisation - Part 1

I am in the process of having a website made and I am discovering ‘search engine optimisation’. It occurred to me that it works in a similar way to life. Indeed if people put as much time, energy and money into their lives as they put into their websites I am sure they would have much more successful lives and so be a great deal happier.

tanning & beauty studio • Look Great for Less

at Sol Passion

• Tanning sessions from 4.50€ • 15% off Sunjunkie Spray tanning, no streaks, beautiful long lasting tan • Lash extensions now only 12€ • Mini Facial 17€ Tel: 950 473 244 • Manicure 12€ Opposite El Patio 2000 • Pedicure 15€

Mojacar Playa

It is vital to have a clear idea of the message you want to convey on a website and the most effective way to achieve it. Yet so many people go through life with no clear idea of what they want or whether their life is working as well as they would like it to. They just drift along, moaning and putting up with a life that doesn’t work because they haven’t taken the time to get their thoughts in order. Begin by asking yourself some basic questions •D  oes your life currently make you as happy as you would like? • What sort of life do you want?

Does your wardrobe reflect the real you and work for your

• Do you want to optimise your life?

Almeria Angels

Making your Life Easier


There are three key elements to a successful website and also a successful life.

Tel: 665 017 950

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Carin g in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

life fit together well? Does your environment inspire you?

3. Visibility – do you project success and happiness to yourself and others?

1. C  ontent – all the different parts of your life that contribute to the whole. If one part isn’t functioning as effectively as it can then it will adversely impact the other parts.

backlinks. In the meantime, start thinking about your life -

2. Design – this has many aspects. Do all the parts of your

which parts work well and which need some redevelopment.

Next time we will look at key words and phrases and

Sue Courtney is a Personal Success Coach and Stylist. If you would like to explore how coaching with Sue can help you achieve happiness then email her at to book a free, no-obligation chat to discuss your needs.

There are a lot of myths around pain, who has it and why, and how we cope with it. Here we shatter some common misconceptions... MYTH 1: You’ll become addicted to painkillers

Five Myths About Pain

Use even small amounts of the opiate-based types (the group that includes codeine, co-proxamol (which has recently lost its licence), tramadol and morphine) when you’re not in pain and, it’s true, you may become addicted. But use them when you are and addiction is virtually unheard of, no matter how big the dose. This is because being in pain changes the way your body responds to these kinds of drugs. MYTH 2: Some people are complete wimps

We’re all different in our perception and expression of pain, and in our reactions to pain relief. Use of Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) machines in hospitals has revealed that people discover a level that’s ‘right’ for them and that there’s a fourfold difference in ‘right’ levels between individuals. This isn’t related to body weight, age, nationality, sex or to the cause of the pain. MYTH 3: You have pain for a reason

Not always. If you put your hand over a flame, then of course pain insists you withdraw it. If you sprain an ankle, the lower limb (not just the foot) becomes tender, forcing you to stop using it. But in chronic conditions, pain is a bit like a fire alarm going off when there’s no fire. It no longer has a purpose. MYTH 4: It’s better to do without painkillers if you can

Acute pain, such as toothache, can make you frightened and miserable, prevent sleep and delay recovery. So don’t deny yourself painkillers. But you need to balance short-term pain relief with side effects (constipation with codeine, stomach upset with anti-inflammatories). For longer-term pain, analgesics are important but they should only be part of how you get your pain under control. MYTH 5: If you take painkillers too often, they won’t work when you really need them

If you regularly take morphine-based drugs, your body does develop a tolerance. But other painkillers don’t induce tolerance in the same way.

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Taking The First Step Is something stopping you from trying new things?



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Avenida 28 de febrero, albox (next to Sol y mar) Is something stopping you from trying new things? You’re right this is a closed question: there are only two possible answers – yes, or no, and both of them really depend upon your level of self-esteem. Esteem, comes from the Latin word to estimate and is the standard mechanism that is used to estimate our selves and our abilities, so it follows that those with low self esteem will have difficulty in trying something new. So how do I know if I have low self esteem? The following are aspects of low self esteem: • Social withdrawal • Anxiety and emotional turmoil • L ack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness

Discipline - sense of control – very often it’s the feeling of being out of control that cause issues The need for a sense of safety and security – if your level of income is low and your home is at risk you lose your safety net and will feel at risk. Ask for help. If low self esteem is not the issue; there could be a number of reasons that will potentially stop you trying something new. You may feel fear of the unknown: who’s going to be there, of failure – will I be able to learn, perhaps I shouldn’t chance it, of making yourself look a fool, of getting lost, what if I cant find the venue, of the facilitator/ teacher – what will they be like - will they like me, fear of not being able to communicate - My Spanish is awful will I be able to understand/make myself understood

• Eating disorders

Other things to people ask themselves:

• Inability to accept compliments

Can I find someone to go with?

• A n Inability to see yourself ‘squarely’ - to be fair to yourself

Am I going to make myself look really stupid?

• Exaggerating the negative

What about my learning style.... will I be able to learn?

• E xaggerated concern over what other people think • Self neglect • T reating yourself badly but NOT other people

What if it turns out to be different to what I expected - so don’t go and then and wonder what you’re missing.

• Worrying whether you have treated others badly

Be clear about what you want to do: set yourself goals. Why do you want to do it?

• Reluctance to take on challenges

Excel – you need to find something that in time you will be really good at. So what is holding you back? What are the limiting factors that are stopping you? If you really don’t know try the following technique. Take a deep breath hold it for as long as its comfortable and then blow it out thoroughly, breathing out all of your tension; take another deep breath and repeat then take a third deep breath – you will find yourself entering a different state – one of relaxation – now let your mind run free and don’t concentrate too hard on what it is you want to know. The answer will just pop into your head.

• Reluctance to trust your own opinion • Low expectations of life for yourself Do any of the above sound like you? Would you like to boost your self esteem? Firstly do you want to work on it on your own? If so there are lots of techniques for self-help. And there are lots of courses for groups. Whichever you decide to use the following tips should help! You should build on solid foundations such as: The need to give and receive attention – this can include pets as well as family and friends Taking care of both your mind and body – pamper yourself when you need to and take time out to have fun. Having purpose and goals in your life. These provide structure and help you measure yourself Making something using your skills for creativity and stimulation The need for intimacy and connection – we all need a hug sometimes.

Go on take a deep breath and pick up the phone. You are just one stop away from success:

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done, But he with a chuckle replied That maybe it couldn’t, but he would be one Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried. So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn’t be done, and he did it. – E A Guest

Christine Hargan BSc (Hons) Psychology Do you need help to free you from pain and anxiety so you can live the life you’ve always wanted? Contact me today Christine Hargan, BSc (Hons) Psychology on 950 069 238 or


Meningitis Part 1

Meningitis is an infection of the meninges, the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Infection can cause the meninges to become inflamed and swell, which can damage the nerves and brain. This can cause symptoms such as a severe headache, vomiting, high fever, stiff neck and sensitivity to light. Many people (but not all) also develop a distinctive skin rash. The best way to prevent meningitis is to ensure that your family’s vaccinations are up-to-date Meningitis can be caused by: - bacteria, such as streptococcus pneumoniae, the bacteria also responsible for pneumonia, which usually live harmlessly in your mouth and throat - viruses, such as the herpes simplex virus. Viral Meningitis Viral meningitis is the most common and less serious type of meningitis. Experts believe the true number of Viral Meningitis cases is much higher than actually reported. This is because in many cases of viral meningitis the symptoms are so mild that they can often be mistaken for flu. Viral meningitis is most common in young children and babies, especially in babies less than one year old. Viral meningitis usually gets better by itself within a couple of weeks, without the need for specific treatment. Bacterial meningitis Bacterial meningitis is extremely serious and should be treated as a medical emergency. If the bacterial infection is left untreated, it can cause severe damage to the brain and infect the blood (septicaemia), leading to death. Treatment requires a transfer to an intensive care unit so the body’s functions can be supported while antibiotics are used to fight the infection. The number of cases of bacterial meningitis has dropped sharply in

recent years due to a successful vaccination programme that protects against many of the bacteria that can cause meningitis. The treatment for bacterial meningitis has improved greatly. Several decades ago, almost all people with bacterial meningitis would die, even if they received prompt treatment. Now deaths occur in one in 10 cases, usually as a result of a delay in treatment. Bacterial meningitis is most common in children and babies under the age of three, and in teenagers and young people aged 15-24. Symptoms of meningitis A number of early warning signs can often occur several hours before the other symptoms of meningitis, so they can serve as an important warning sign. These early warning signs occur in cases of meningitis that are caused by the bacteria neisseria meningitis, when the bacteria can also infect the blood, leading to symptoms of septicaemia and septic shock. (The combination of meningitis and septicaemia is known as meningococcal disease). Be alert for the symptoms of fever and any of the following symptoms: • t he child complains of severe pain in their legs or hands, • t heir hands and feet are unusually cold, and/or • t heir skin becomes pale and their lips may appear blue. The presence of fever and any other of the above symptoms should be taken extremely seriously. Phone 112 and ask for an ambulance.

Nicki Wakeman, RGN, DIP H.E in Nursing ~ Almeria Angels call: 665 017 950


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We all know that having the right tools is critical for success in any endeavour. When you travel or live overseas though, having the right tools becomes essential to completing your daily tasks. While you may be familiar with more traditional resources like guide books and maps, today I’d like to educate you on how to leverage up-and-coming technology to smooth out those rough points in your overseas adventures. The technology that I’m referencing is Apple’s IPOD applications (apps) for the Iphone and Ipod Touch. These revolutionary tools can do it all if you know how to make proper use of them. But with thousand of applications available to download, the task of finding the right apps can be daunting. That’s why I’ve spent the time and energy researching them all and have consolidated my recommendations into a Top 10 list of Essential Apps for any traveller. Before we start though, here’s a little background on Itunes for those who are not familiar.

Background on Itunes Apps... The applications referenced can be uploaded to any Ipod Touch or Iphone. Traditional Ipods like the Basic, Nano or Shuffle do not use applications unfortunately. All applications can be downloaded from the Itunes store. Itunes must be installed on your desktop to download the applications. Apps typically range in price from FREE to 5€, although there are a few I will be suggesting that go as high as 12€. All transactions are processed via credit card through Itunes and delivered instantly.

1. iMetro This App provides metro maps for 28 cities around the world, ensuring that you don’t need to waste your precious money on taxi fares. The metro maps are scalable, so you can zoom in or out to find your way. There are quite a few metro apps out there, but I like this one best because of the large number of maps that you get for the low cost.

2. Sit or Squat This user-maintained database identifies free toilets that you can use around the world. To date, over 65,000 toilets have been identified by users. All you need to do is enter the nearest address, city, zip code or intersection and it will pull up a list of the nearest toilets. Note: Please make sure and check out the great reviews and comments for each toilet at!

3. Gate Maps This app provides airport terminal layouts for over 30 International Airports. It is an application that runs offline, which means there won’t be any charges for uploading data overseas. Savvy travellers know to check the map of their arrival airport inflight so that they can speed off to their destination upon landing! There’s nothing better than knowing where you’re going in advance, huh?!

4. Flight Track Pro This Application integrates with TripIt, saving your flight itineraries to the app. Flight Track Pro then keeps you up-to-date on delays, gate changes, cancellations and more. The offline mode allows you to check your most recent flight details without the use of wi-fi. A bit expensive for an app, but just think of the headaches it could save you! Well worth it, in my book…

5. Packing Pro This handy packing check-list will make sure that you don’t end up in the Caribbean without a swimsuit! Create your own list from scratch or work from one of several custom templates.

6. Spend Love, love, love this app! It absolutely solves the problem of how to keep track of all the daily cash transactions that occur on vacation or in everyday life overseas. Now you have a top-notch tool not only for accounting but for budgeting as well!

7. WifiTrak This handy app locates free wi-fi signals nearby. Perfect for the traveller on the move!

8. HiConverter This fantastic conversion tool incorporates all the usual bells and whistles such as

Sarah Novak, MBA, CPCC is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of Envision Life Coaching. As a Global Lifestyle Designer, Sarah helps accompanying spouses of ex-pats and diplomats create portable careers that complement their overseas lifestyle. Sarah authors a ‘blog’ entitled Inspired Overseas Living that is full of resources, tools and inspiration for ex-pats and diplomats. Connect with her online at:,,,


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The 10 Must-Have i-POD Apps for Travellers & Ex-pats

The Top Ten...

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temperature, currency exchange rates, distance, etc. It also includes the features of the popular App Tipulater which allows you to calculate the tip on a bill. Oh wait, did I mention that it also includes a few surprises like Clothing and Shoe size conversions? Pretty great, huh?!

9. Lingolook Flashcards These fabulous flashcards list 500 translations of the most common words travellers need to know to get around, all in an easy-to-use flashcard format (100 actual cards). Bonus: 300 of the translations come with an audio clip from a native speaker to help you perfect the pronunciation! The cards are available in 7 languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and German. The hands-down best part of this app is that it lives in the phone and requires no data transmissions overseas (saving you BIG MONEY)!

10. Lonely Planet City Guides Just in case you don’t feel like lugging the big guide book anymore, feel free to download a Lonely Planet City Guide instead! You can access 1 of 20 major cities. Designed as a stand-alone application, this program does not require a data download, saving you roaming charges. It is GPS-enabled though so you can find your location on the application’s city maps.

Amazing what innovation can do, huh?


conditions apply

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Using Biological Renewable Fuel

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different models available free standing stoves or insert fire places



15 Year Guarantee


1. LIFE INSURANCE is for a fixed amount of cover for the full length of the policy.

for the first year, after 10 years the outstanding mortgage would be 46,265€ and the premium would be 259.19€.

With this type of policy you can leave money to loved ones, provide for funeral costs or simply to cover any debts.

There is also the single premium mortgage protection policy – again this policy is a life insurance to cover the value of the mortgage but instead of paying an annual premium you would pay a one off premium at the start of the policy.

If you have a mortgage you can include the mortgage lender as beneficiary and upon death the mortgage provider applies for the outstanding amount and the balance is then paid to your loved ones. There are many life plans available although usually they only run until the insured reaches 70 years of age. There are also senior life insurance plans that are for FULL LIFE. These are fixed premiums and the cover provided would depend on the age at which you take out the policy.

2. MORTGAGE PROTECTION is a life insurance to cover the value of the mortgage only. The amount of the cover reduces as the mortgage value reduces. Example 1: the mortgage value is 100,000€ on the first year and the life cover is for this amount. After 15 years the mortgage value may only be 50,000€ so the life cover is only for 50,000€. This type of policy is perfect for anybody that simply wants to cover the value of the mortgage as the premiums will reduce as the value of the mortgage reduces. Example 2: a 40 year old male with a 100,000€ mortgage for 15 years and interest rate of 3.5 % would pay 291.84€

Example 3: a 40 year old male with a 100,000€ mortgage for 15 years and interest rate of 3.5 % would pay a one off premium of 2,985.57€. The benefit of this is that the cost of the insurance is much less and the premium could be included in the amount of the loan

Construction of Swimming pools, renovation and decoration of your pool environment

3m x 6m pool - 8500€ 4m x 8m pool - 10,500€ 5m x 10m pool - 12,500€

Includes: Architects Project, Licence, Excavation, Projected damp cement (H-400), Roman Steps, Auto Filler, Lights, Shower, Reviglas Tiles, Decorative Border and Astral Filtration & Pump. All our swimming pools are built with the best materials on the market and all the latest technologies are used.

Both of these types of insurance can be tailored to each clients particular needs and offer easy payment options.

NOTE: if you have a life insurance or mortgage protection via you bank or mortgage provider check your policy carefully as they are usually not only more expensive but also have exclusions to the cover. If you would like more information regarding these policies or any other insurance cover please do not hesitate to contact Philip Rayner at AJB C O N S U LT A N T S for a personal service.

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A history of Australia Day

Australia Day Today

The tradition of marking 26 January began early in the nineteenth century with reference to the ‘First Landing Day’ or ‘Foundation Day’; the day in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the First Fleet of eleven convict ships from Great Britain and the first governor of New South Wales, arrived at Sydney Cove. The raising of the Union Jack there symbolised British occupation of the eastern half of the continent claimed by Captain James Cook on 22 August in 1770. Some immigrants who prospered in Sydney, especially those who had been convicts or the sons of convicts, began marking the colony’s beginnings with an anniversary dinner - ‘an emancipist festival’ - to celebrate their love of the land they lived in. Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the emancipists’ friend, made the thirtieth anniversary of the day in 1818 a public holiday, thirty guns counting out the years of British civilization, a tradition Macquarie’s successors continued

1888: Centenary

The tradition of having Australia Day as a national holiday on 26 January is a recent one; it was not until 1935 did all the Australian states and territories use that name to mark that date and not until 1994 did they begin to celebrate Australia Day consistently as a public holiday on that date.

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By 1888, Australia Day was celebrated with representatives of the Australian sister colonies, now five in number, travelling to Sydney to celebrate with New South Wales in 1888. New Zealanders were also there. Victoria had separated from New South Wales in 1851, and Queensland in 1859. (In 1863 control of the Northern Territory passed from New South Wales to South Australia.) Only Western Australia was not self-governing by 1888, having a smaller population and developing more slowly, even after taking convicts between 1850 and 1868. Essentially transportation to New South Wales had ended in 1840. Van Diemen’s Land, with self-government by 1856, had gained a new name, Tasmania, having ended transportation a few years before. Attitudes towards celebrating 26 January were mixed and would mar the celebrations for many years to come with discussion based around what constituted a ‘true’ Australian, worthy of such a celebration. For many, the 26th January did not make ‘any sense’, predominantly due to it being too closely linked to ‘the unpleasing circumstances of its early occupation’. Why would a population wish to commemorate its rather shady beginnings? By 1888 more than 60 per cent of the continent’s population was native-born, a contrast to some 20 per cent in 1838. The colonies beyond New South Wales acknowledged the significance of Anniversary Day in 1888 though this seemed to be due as much to their British background as to their feelings for the continent they shared.

Each year, Australia Day celebrations across the country have continued to grow in number and stature and ceremonies have become increasingly appealing to a broad community audience. Nationally, Australia Day celebrations are growing each year. In 1996, an estimated 6.5 million Australians participated in Australia Day activities and recent polls show an overwhelming proportion of Australians now view the celebration of our national day as a significant and important event. In 2002, 7 million people participated in Australia Day. Australia Day marks both the past and the future of Australia. Direct celebrations of the past have subsided and there are fewer reenactments of Phillip’s landing. In 1993, the Australia Day celebrations were closely linked to Sydney’s bid for the 2000 Olympics and in 1994 the devastating January bushfires were very much a current issue. In that year, the official Australia Day ceremony at Darling Harbour honoured representatives from all the relevant bushfire brigade regions throughout New South Wales allowing Australians to say ‘thank you’ to their fire-fighting heroes. While 26 January has remained the national day from the time of Phillip’s landing, much discussion has taken place since the 1800s on the pros and cons of this particular date. The reasons cited for a change of date have been varied - historical, practical and most recently, the desire for reconciliation with the indigenous population. At the time of writing, the date remains 26 January and the discussion continues. Australia Day has become a community day. There are still formal ceremonies throughout the country - flag raising, citizenship ceremonies and the presentation of important community awards such as Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year, but 26 January has become much more for the average Australian. Celebrations now include a strong festive aspect with special events encouraging the participation of the entire family and all members of a community. Australia Day Committees involve their ethnic and indigenous communities, service clubs, sporting and cultural organisations while local government has become increasingly supportive. Theatrical performances, music, sporting events, speech days, multicultural and indigenous performances are all a major part of Australia Day. It has been a great innovation that people and communities get together with government bodies to make it a specific celebration. There is a greater awareness of the need to celebrate modern Australia - a land of diverse ethnic makeup, a country working towards reconciliation with its indigenous people and a nation gearing itself for the challenges of globalisation, the removal of previously safe assumptions regarding national identity, and the uncertainties of a new century.

Australia Day is the centre of a still evolving nation.

swimming pools

pool sureste sl made with “Gunite” FREE Dolphin & Seal Mosiac Design on base of pool. Ask for details.


l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

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Celebrating Australia:


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Florals, vintage fabrics and soft pastel colours have taken the fashion world by storm - and all the signs are that this look is set to take over our homes too. After the trend in recent years for neutral, minimalist interiors, this refreshing return to colour, texture and comfort is likely to be embraced in homes everywhere. Vintage-style decorating has the potential of bringing you back to your grandparent’s home; your furniture may be well-loved and well-used with peeling paint and many dents and scratches.


Fabrics Fabrics are an important ingredient in creating this style. If you love the old cabbage roses of the 40’s you are well on your way to enjoying this style. Calico prints from the 30’s and 40’s are also used extensively. In the kitchen, oilcloth tablecloths were often used – and prove extremely practical in the modern home today. Another kitchen staple was the terrycloth towel with the crocheted buttoned handle that could be attached to a drawer knob or the oven door handle. During wartime when fabric was scarce, grain bags were printed with patterns so women would have access to fabric they could use. Often bags were sewn from these to keep dry goods in the pantry. Beans, rice, pasta were stored in these homemade bags made from the grain bag fabric. Since many women canned in those times and many gave their specialties as gifts, jar toppers were also made from these bags. Many of these grain bag patterns are avidly sought for by collectors today.

Kitchen Enamelled pots are to be found in abundance in vintage kitchens. The variety of tools used is extensive huge and great fun to look for at markets; look for gallon butter churns, butter moulds, wire egg baskets, rug beaters, a display of old keys, coloured jars, milk bottles, antique cookbooks, vintage pottery and canisters, tin breadboxes and vintage salt and pepper shakers If you have a laundry area, a washboard could also be hung on the wall.

To go along with that, everyone had clothespin bags that were hung from the clothesline, keeping the pins handy for use.

Ironing boards were often covered with colourful calicos or cotton floral prints; ticking was also a favourite fabric for covering ironing boards.

Living Room If you have a living room with a fireplace, you can use an old trunk, wooden tool box or toy chest for a wood box. A basket piled high with pine cone starters along with some vintage fire andirons and hand wrought tools will complete the picture.

Bedrooms In the bedroom you can transform your linens by sewing crocheted lace to your sheets and pillowcases. Be sure to pile plenty of pillows covered with vintage pillowcases on the bed; quilts and comforters will also help you create the vintage style look. Shop at markets for some vintage lamps and lampshades. Beautifully shaped lamp shades fit this style as do padded hangers covered in vintage fabric, hang scented packets of potpourri from the hangers too Antique water pitchers with matching bowls are highly sought for this style of decorating. Even chamber pots are used for an authentic look here! Antique jewellery placed in a vintage jewellery box is another way to add character to a vintage-style bedroom. Look for some old heavy glass vintage candlesticks for added romance.

Vintage Style Decorating Tips • A collection of shaving mugs with brushes would look good in the bathroom •A  long with the shaving mugs would fit a razor strop used to sharpen straight edge razors • Place a wooden peg rail in the entryway for hanging hats •An umbrella stand would be appropriate in the front hall • Antique glass jars could hold bath salts and bath oils •V  intage frames holding a collection of old family portraits would fit in almost any room.

Whatever you choose, keep the emphasis on craft-based and home-made, battered and worn, definitely not new and shiny!

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v Vintage

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Market Commentary 21st January 2010 Sterling is continuing its rally against the euro but has fallen back against other major currencies. GBP/EUR is pushing up and has already hit the key 1.15 level in trading yesterday as the euro is pummelled against the major currencies. The move higher for sterling is more related to euro weakness as risk aversion is back in play on further concerns surrounding Greece. The failing on the sterling Bull Run against the USD was fuelled by renewed concerns raised by Fitch the credit rating agency on the UK’s fiscal deficit coupled with a blunt warning from Mervyn King on the health of the UK economy. Alistair Darling again retorted the need to cut the deficit but the rating agencies are focusing on changes introduced and not to be introduced- the general feeling is that the prebudget has not gone far enough. Focusing on UK data we have seen jobless claims come in better than expected and the official unemployment rate has fallen to 7.8% from 7.9%- very good news. No surprises from the BoE in their minutes as the MPC voted to keep rates and QE on hold with a 9-0 decision. They also indicated that Tuesdays surge in CPI is most likely a blip and CPI levels should wind lower in 2010 and the February inflation

report will offer more clues on the real status of inflation. So it is fair to say that the euro has been well and truly smashed over the last few trading days and is on the ropes. The 1.40 level on EUR/ USD is today in sight which is a 7% fall from the December highs. Concerns are increasing on the maintainability of the ever expanding growth in China and fears that China will act further to slow the rampant growth by raising rates. This has taken a lot of risk off the table in the Far East and Australasia and we have seen weakening of the commodity currencies to tie in with this- in particular the Aussie dollar. So GBP/EUR is hovering around the 1.15 level- a further fall in EUR/USD would lead it cleanly through the 1.15 level. The euro will not be helped by slightly weaker than expected Eurozone PMI this morning. The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email


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Are you buying or selling a property? Coles of Andalucia have a wide range of legal properties at market adjusted prices. Resale, new build and bank repossessions.

Get yourself a bargain 3 year old villa on the outskirts of Turre

Detached villa for sale in Oria. 900m² plot with self contained detached wooden cabin. Full paperwork. For quick sale 139,000€ ono. Tel: 699 483 438.



VIP Almeria

Key Ready & Resale Properties Repossessions Distress Sales

Mojacar Playa Tel: 902 887 254 Mobile: 617 587 903 email:

Tel: 647 730 103


Family run bar for sale with two bedroom accommodation. Low rent ongoing lease. Good English & Spanish trade. Situated in Cuaves De Rellyo Five mins Fuente Alamo. Reason for sale retirement. Priced accordingly.

Tel Christine on 663 036 208

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Sterling Is Continuing Its Rally Against The Euro

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spanish property news... spanish property news... spanish property news... spanish property news...

Sol ’ on the Costa del standstill a ‘at urism l in 2009. Residential To still on the Costa del So almost complete stand

to an re sold on the Residential tourism came some 12,400 homes we en wh 05 20 in ak pe s hit its recession and almost cero given the The sale of second home to wn do s wa t tha ar but last ye Costa worth 2.3 billion, d against the Euro. un po the year there were only the weakness of moters, ACP, says last Pro d an s tor ruc nst Co of do, told La Opinión The Málaga Association ent of the ACP, José Pra sid Pre o. ag ars ye r fou wn on ss of the pound and some 100 sales, 99% do because of the weakne w no rs ye bu h tis Bri no o notes that the de Málaga that there are overing this year. He als rec e lik ks loo ich wh y rman t offering judicial that the only hope is Ge hold and that Spain is no on ain rem es liti ipa nic ny mu n in Carratraca where PGOU urban plans of ma events such as that see t tha d an or, est inv ate good message. security to the real est litions, does not send a mo de use ho of se cau yor be e properties plummeting nobody wants to be Ma t current prices on som sen s ha s me ho d on sec on such property in the The lack of demand for Obser vatory say prices nt me on vir En n ba Ur end of last year. by 90,000 €. The OM AU the end of 2007 and the n ee tw be % 27 y arl ne province has fallen by

alleged Town Hall corruption in Alcaucín More details about the Arcos real estate corruption case based in the Axarquía village of Alcaucín have been released. Recent press reports indicate that investigations have revealed that the exMayor of the town, José Manuel Martín Alba, and the ex assistant architect in the provincial Diputación government, José Francisco Mora, both received backhanders for granting favours to real estate developers and promoters. The case summary describes the relationship between the two men as ‘special’, and notes that one did not act without counting on the other. Fake reports were drawn up to allow the building to proceed. Part of the case summary says ‘The Mayor of Alcaucín frequently visited the professional offices that Chiqui Mora had in the Diputación de Málaga’. It was here that the fake reports were made allowing the Mayor and others to ignore the legislation which should have been applied in the cases of the illegal constructions in the municipality. we want to hear your property news! email editor

Front Line Urbanisation in Mojacar Playa Property of the Month


Incredible offer for a three bed roomed one bath apartment in a front line position on Mojacar Playa. This property has been fitted with a new designer kitchen with Bosch oven, touch hobs and fridge freezer and has been reformed with new painting, tiles, and Bathroom for presentation of sale. The property was rented out constantly for five consecutive years. Properties of this location rarely come onto the market and at this price. This is a ground floor apartment in a secure gated community which has an impressive communal pool and gardens. The apartment has a large private terrace which also has a nice touch of plantation and charm. From the entrance, you would have a 30 second walk to the front of Mojacar playa beach side and the bustle of bars and restaurants that are held in the highest regard in the Playa. The interior of the property consists of three double bedrooms and one bathroom, a separate kitchen and good sized lounge. English Satellite is installed and the property will be sold partly furnished.

V.I.P Almeria established in Mojacar in 2005 are now operating to the general public for lifestyle and investment properties after having worked previously and currently with various contracts such as Hestiun (The official leisure property development partner of Manchester United PLC 2008/2009) and are promoting exclusively the Miramar de Marina Golf development in Mojacar with Grupo 2002.

22 New Key Ready Apartments A tidy new development of 22 apartments that are priced 30% below January 2010 Valuation of €178,800 and are located central to Mojacar Playa behind the Pueblo Indalo. The Properties are North Facing and enjoy generous terrace space with each property have two to three private terraces with most having sea/ costal views. These semi detached properties are available on a good finance package and would be suitable for all aspects of purchase including rental due to the location to beach and amenities. Each apartment is new key ready and a purchaser has a choice of one of 12 kitchen options to choose from to be included in the sales price, an off street parking space, private 20m2 storeroom all in a central Mojacar Position. Open days on this Development will begin in Feb. so contact us for more information.” 2 Bed Rooms €130,000 - 3 Bed Rooms €135,000

Through its association with the banking sector locally and international, VIP Almeria can also offer all of their applicants excellent financial options and assistance together with property portfolios that were not always available to the public. Please check out our website for additional distress and repossession portfolios.

Fed up with high Estate agents fees? Prefer to have the buyers deal direct with you? Solo Mojacar will give you that opportunity 1. Display your property with your details on a digital screen in a prominent place on Mojacar Playa 24 hours a day 2.We enter your property, your price and your details on our website so that potential clients searching the web contact you direct 3. Produce professionally printed sales sheets with your details that can be picked up from our office in Mojacar 4.Advertise your property with your details in the local press

Save thousands!!!

Telephone: 950 102 006 617 587 903 or visit

All this for onl y 250€ a one off fee th at guarantees your property stays displayed until your property sells

Just think an Estate Agent charges you a minimum of 3% work this out on your sale price and the only difference is that the agent brings the client to you and try’ to sell your property. If a potential client likes your property they will contact you, it’s their choice not the agents.

I am sure you could arrange your appointments yourself and for certain you know more about your property than any agent ever could. This service is going to start in February so why not be one of the first to sign up and hopefully sell your property at your price - below what an agent would sell for but still giving you more money in your pocket

Our new office is on Mojacar Playa near The Irish Rover. Call now on:

950 472 527 or 664 040 928


We are looking for three bedroom properties with pools! WE ARE NOW OFFERING A NEW SERVICE If you have worries regarding the paperwork for your property please come and see us. We will check through the paperwork you have, and tell you if you are missing anything, and where and how to get it. We do this anyway for customers that want to market their properties for sale, but we do understand, there are a lot of people worried about the legality of their properties. We do charge a small fee for this service, but only for our time.

TEL: 958 003 391 or 676 604 008



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Frankie’s Garden

Question 1

Answer 2 If you are a bit

scared of planting big conifers try some of the dwarf ones - they don’t get the same bad press as their big co usins. Plant several in a small spac e and give the illusion of a small wo od in no time without ta king up so much space and light. They can st op growing at 3 feet and come in many shapes - round, pyramid, weepi ng, spreading, vertical – and colou rs as they can be light green, dark green , blue, bronze, yellow and even variega ted. Just be su re you only buy the dwarf varieties or you could be sorry at a later date! Email your gardening questions to Frankie at editor@soltim

O T P U % 25 F OF

Question 2

Do you recommend the use of conifers? I’ve heard they can be thugs.

We are always having it drummed into us that we must eat our 5-a-day vegetables to stay healthy. Which are the best ones to plant when the weather warms up a bit?

you are Good question and while nt idea planning it is an excelle getables to bear in mind which ve nu tritious are naturally more vitamins than others. The fibre, icals in and antioxidant chem t to help food plants are though ailments protect you from many d heart including cancer an disease! definitely Some which I’d carrots, recommend are broccoli, let tuce, chard, kale, dark leaf tomatoes, peppers, melons, rawberries sweet potatoes, st u can buy and squash. Most yo

Amber Pools

The Swimming Pool Specialists

Relaxation with peace of mind Is your pool over 3 years old? Has it lost its sparkle? Perhaps you need a sand change?

Our teams of highly qualified professionals also offer the following services: • Pool Construction & Maintenance • Pool Covers • Heat Pumps • Jacuzzis

Contact Us: Steve: 672 222 536 or 672 222 537 H2O Solutions • The Community Pool Specialists • Fully Certified

Tel: Richard 966 763 719 or 968 986 715

Answer 1

growing as small plants or try from seed. ma ke As with other crops soil well su re you prepare the you live beforehand and if lihood of where there is any like e to dig frost now is a good tim able the the patch over to en n further. frost to break it dow organic Incorporate as much lay your matter as you can into the hands on and dig it se tender soil before you buy tho t stalls plantlets from the marke in spring.



GRAHAM - 606 156 151

PAUL - 661 147 689

NEW YEAR Sale – 10% off timber & items below on presentation of this advert Valid until 31st January 2010

sheet material in stock

• 9mm Waterproof OSB (1196 x 2700) - €18.00 • 18mm Waterproof OSB (1220 x 2440) - €33.00 • 18mm T&G OSB (1220 X 2440) - €25.00 • 12mm MDF (Int Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €20.00 • 15mm MDF (Int Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €21.00 • 22mm MDF (Int Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €30.00 • 3.6mm WBP Ply (Ext Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €16.00 • 9mm WBP Ply (Ext Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €23.00 • 12mm WBP Ply (Ext Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €25.00 • 18mm WBP Ply (Ext Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €34.00 • 25mm WBP Ply (Ext Grade - 1220 x 2440) - €46.00 • Plasterboard (1220 x 2440 x 12.5mm) - €10.00 • Thistle Multifinish 25kg Bags - €10.00 • Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets (2440 x 762 x .8) - €13.00 • Clear Plastic Roofing Sheets (1830 x 762 x .8) - €10.00 Above prices are exclusive of IVA. Cutting service available at no extra charge.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9.30am -2pm then 3.30pm - 6pm Saturday & out of hours contact Paul’s mobile El Poligono Industrial, 60,Velez Rubio. Exit at junction 108. Tel/Fax: 950 614 050 Out of Hours: 661 147 689 All major credit cards accepted

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Live Entertainment Every Saturday AT

The White Horse Community Inn Cucador

Serving Food All Day Everyday menu del dia 6.50€ for 3 courses Sunday Roast 11.50€ for 3 courses from 12pm - 4pm

Non Smoking Restaurant Now Available in our snug!

Live Entertainment:

Saturday 30th Jan: Mel Jay ~ Saturday 6th Feb: Lorraine Saturday 20th Feb: Brian Dee ~ Saturday 27th Feb: Ed Stacey


Free Transport - Call for more details

Dance Classes with Trevor & Suzie

Starting Mon1st Feb From 7.30pm - 10.30pm 3€

VALENTINE’S DINNER DANCE 13th Feb: Matt Black Champagne Reception 3 Course Meal Gift for The Ladies FOR JUST 25€ PER COUPLE

VALENTINE’S DINNER DANCE MENU Champagne Cocktail on Arrival Starters Moules Marinieres ~ Mussels steamed in a white wine, onion and garlic sauce with a splash of cream Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup ~ serv ed with fresh, crusty bread Warm Cajun Chicken ~ served on our hou se salad Main Course Chicken Breast ~ in a creamy white wine, mushroom and tarragon sauce 8oz rump steak ~ cooked to your liking, serv ed with roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. (3€ surcharge) Tuna Steak ~ in a sweet chilli and lime sau ce All main meals served with potatoes and a sele

ction of seasonal vegetables.

Desserts Baileys Cheesecake ~ Death By Chocolate Mousse ~Individual Apple pie and Custard - All of our desserts are hom emade on the premises.

Opening Hours: 11am - Late. All day every day Avenida Europa, Cuesta de los Pinos

Tel: 667 273 936 / 697 506 772

Venue available for private hire. All occassions catered for.




CUCADOR Nr Alfoquia E15



➙ Cucador


Huercal Overa

Albox La Alfoquia

➙ ➙



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2 Wanderer (5) 4 Continent (4) 6 Lowest point (5) 8 Amalgamates (7) 9 Musical exercise (5) 11 Resent (8)






13 Fued (8) 16 Frighten off (5) 18 Clothing (7) 20 Student (5) 21 Heroic tale (4) 22 Council (5)

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 1 French revolutionary with sweetheart in battle (8) 5 Texas city in which everything is grabbed by lawmen? (6) 9 Form of licit sea salt (8) 10 Regard wise man, reportedly, in cold spell (3,3) 12 Singers in a special Tosca production (5) 13 Writer producing page behind a king (9) 14 Great detective finding second of clues in accommodation (6) 16 Fish or insect for captain (7) 19 European nation curtailing an American test (7) 21 Sort of wet? Ay, that’s about right (6) 23 One giving evidence, if ignored, would be more snappish (9) 25 Irene’s new name (5) 26 Capone deceives colleagues (6) 27 Understand about language spreading out (8) 28 Player one’s seen in new boots (6) 29 Through this you may see a star, perhaps (8)


1 2 3 5 7 8

Caution (8) Approaching (7) Contrivance (5) Snow runner (3) Circular (5) Exhorted (5)

10 Praise (5) 12 Seize control (5) 14 Revealed (7) 15 Young trees (8) 17 Varieties (5) 19 Shred (3)

legislature (8) 11 Goddess - one with little sister (4) 15 Strait men may be strict disciplinarians (9) 17 Pop not buying mom and pop art? (9) Down 18 Wild goats in a capital city (8) 1 Accident caused by masthead on a ship at sea? (6) 20 Eager prima donna turns up (4) 2 Family accounts (9) 3 They secure money for the government, so we hear (5) 21 Dionne’s place in England (7) 22 The importance of delay for a listener (6) 4 A month’s work for a denizen of the deep (7) 24 Round of fire involving Vietnam’s leader in Laos 6 St. Michael transforms metal transformer (9) 7 King John’s last to find out (5) disturbance (5) 8 Audio equipment for presiding officers in the 25 Messages transmitted about a mile (1-4)



Sudoku is a placement puzzle where the aim of the game is to enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids (they call them regions). The catch is that each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



entertainment news... entertainment news... Ronan Keating Auditions For ‘Hobbit’ Role Ronan Keating has revealed that he has auditioned for a part in the Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit. The Boyzone singer, currently on tour in Australia, confirmed that he is moving to Hollywood with his family to actively pursue his acting ambitions. “We are going there in July, Yvonne and the kids. We’ll get the kids enrolled in school there,” he said. or we could even give it a year. We’ll see what happens. “It may be for six months done an audition for The Hobbit. That starts shooting in I’ve castings, of couple a I’ve done of LA if it happens.” New Zealand in July so we’d be based there for quite a while instead has been delayed until epic fantasy t two-par the of release the reports, recent to ng Accordi 2012. Boyzone release new single ‘Gave It All Away’ on March 1..

Corrie Star Encourages ActionAid Support Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly has encouraged public donations to ActionAid after travelling to India to see how the charity’s funds are spent. The actress, best known for her role as Weather field’s Becky McDonald, recently visited slums in Delhi, where she met locals who were fighting AIDS. Speaking to a UK newspaper, Kelly explained: “AIDS and HIV is a problem we all face and we all need to deal with. When people think of the disease they think of Africa, but India is the third largest region affected by AIDS. And it’s so often women who are suffering. I turned 30 and wanted to do something significant to mark the occasion. The battle against HIV and AIDS is something I have always been interested in. I wanted to find out first hand what it means to people on the other side of the world.” Kelly also visited Bangalore, where she was shown a centre which uses meetings, discussions and counselling to support families who are living with AIDS. She said: “Seeing the things that I did over there has made me realise how fortunate I am and how much our money helps. I know money is tight for everyone at the moment, but if you can spare £15 then you can really make a difference to someone’s life. “And if you can’t, then just click on to ActionAid’s website and have a look. Rather than click on Facebook, click on to their site and see the great work they have done.”

3D ‘Gremlins’ Sequel In The Works?

Gerard Butler To Bare All As Scottish Poet

Gerard Butler will reportedly bare all in an upcoming film. The ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ star has been lined up to portray Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns in a racy new movie directed by Vadim Jean. Speaking to a UK newspaper, Jean said: “Gerard and I are both totally committed to the film. There’s plenty of sex and nude scenes in it…[Burns] was a notoriou s rake of his time. We are not whitewashing Burns by any means. He was a complicated characte r and to do justice to his story is not a simple thing.” Scottish actors Brian Cox and John Hannah have also been tapped to appear in the film, but there has been no decision made as to who will play the lead female role of Burns’s love Jean Armour.

Tesco Confirms Plans To Release Movies

Tesco has confirmed plans to move into the film business by releasing a series of DVDs based on best-selling books. Under the agreement with Amber Productions, the supermarket chain will sell and market novel adaptations exclusively before they are made available to other retailers. The first DVD, Paris Connections, will hit stores in May and is based on Jackie Collins’s raunchy LA Connections mystery series. Collins, who has sold with Tesco, while other more than 400 million books worldwide, has a four-movie contract r are reportedly in Slaughte Karin and Wilson ne Jacqueli , Pullman Philip authors popular discussions about joining the venture. a standard “Partnerships such as this enable us to offer customers even more than Salter. Rob director entertainment retailer,” said Tesco entertainment

Pitt, Jolie ‘Still Hope To Save Romance’ A third instalment in the Gremlins series is reportedly in the works. The new movie which is being touted as a 3D production - is in the early stages of development, according to Market Saw. The original 1984 Gremlins centres on a boy (Zach Galligan) who buys an exotic pet from a Chinatown store that reproduces rapidly when exposed to water. The creatures also transform into aggressive green monsters after midnight. Joe Dante directed Gremlins and its 1990 sequel, while Steve Spielberg and Harry Potter’s Chris Columbus were involved as producer and screenwriter respectively.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have vowed to work hard to save their romance, according to a report. Yesterday, it was claimed that the Hollywood couple had signed a £205m split deal following a recent relationship crisis. A source stated: “Brad and Angelina have been pretty miserable for some months now. Its one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets. To all intents and purposes their relationship has turned into one of convenience, principally for the kids’ sakes. “But they still love each other and they will always put the children first so it seems unlikely they will separate any time soon. They would rather just muddle along.” The couple have been together for the past five years after meeting on the set of actioncomedy film Mr and Mrs Smith.

Cheryl Cole In ‘Bigger Lips’ Mystery Cheryl Cole has sparked a wave of gossip over her lips after being spotted with a plumper mouth. The X Factor judge appeared to have more pronounced lips as she arrived at London’s Heathrow airport for a flight to Germany, where she is promoting her solo album 3 Words. One onlooker told The Mirror: “Cheryl’s lips looked completely different. If it was just gloss, her female fans would love to know which one because they seemed plumper and fuller. It’s a real mystery

how she managed to change her look virtually overnight.” At one point, Cole was pictured with her hand over her mouth in an apparent attempt to hide her new look. The pictures have sparked speculation that the Girls Aloud star has used collagen injections. However, a representative for the singer insisted that this was “definitely not” the case.

I had a moment of deep reflection yesterday as I stood in the kitchen, sadly surveying the tomato sauce Morse-coded across my recently washed and ironed Zara polo shirt.

Gismo’s a n End of the d The World!

I was thinking of 2009 which saw the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing, when Neil Armstrong declared “One small step for . . . . .”, well whatever it was he actually said….and in the same vein when there was much talk about a future Mars mission, which apparently is in an advanced stage of planning at NASA. I thought about my new supa-dupa, state of the art 160-gigabyte iPod, which will take all of my 500 plus CD’s, and then some, all in a pocket sized stainless steel case. And I wondered why, with all this advanced science somebody does not come up with a ring pull can, that even with the greatest care, doesn’t go “boing” as it comes away from the tin and splatters – in this case sardine flavoured tomato sauce – across me, the ceiling and next doors Toyota! Someone get onto it, please!

There has been a lot of talk about 2012 and the impending end of the world, especially on the History channel . . . I tell you, watching it gives you an overwhelming urge to go and top yourself sometimes. And as if by way of confirmation, the weather has gone stark staring mad and earthquakes and other disasters dominate the headlines on an almost daily basis. My dear old Mum always blamed the planet’s ills on the scientists. Bad weather – “That’s the atom bomb!”, she’d say. A plague of greenfly – “It’s sending all them rockets up into space!”, she would solemnly declare. Everything from boils to late coal deliveries would be blamed on the blokes with frizzy hair, thick glasses and white coats. And I am beginning to think she may have had something after all, because I blame those same frizzy haired types for the red stains on my shirt . . . God knows how I am going to explain it to my wife though!

By Colin Bird Share your deep reflections with Colin c/o:


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Crab & Chilli Toasts

starter Ingredients: 200g (7oz) white crab meat ½-1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped (depending on how spicy you like it) Finely grated zest of 1 lemon 2tsp ground coriander 2tbsp chopped flat-leaf parsley 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling 4-8 slices of rye bread (depending on the size) Watercress/rocket leaves to garnish


Place the white crab meat into a bowl and break up any chunks with your fingers or a fork. Add the chilli, lemon zest, coriander, flat-leaf parsley and olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Keep in the fridge until needed. Lightly toast the bread, and drizzle with olive oil. Divide the crab mixture between the toasts, then serve with a little watercress or rocket to garnish.

TOP TIP: Fresh or frozen white crab meat is best, although tinned will also do the job

Garlic & Mustard s ean B n e e r G d e r e tt u B

side dish Method Trim the beans and then cook in boiling salted water, or steam, until just tender. While the beans are cooking, mix together the garlic, mustard and butter. Season with salt and pepper. Once the beans are cooked, gently stir into the butter mixture and serve straight away.




Ingredients: 400-500g (14oz-1lb 2oz) green beans 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed 2 tsp wholegrain mustard 50g (1oz) butter, softened

FOR THE PORK 1.3-1.5kg (3lb-3lb 5oz) boneless pork belly (see tip below) Olive oil for drizzling 2tsp flaked sea salt 2 large onions, peeled and thickly sliced 2 stalks of celery, thickly sliced 1 large carrot, thickly sliced 2 stalks of thyme 400ml (14fl oz) cider ¼tsp chilli flakes 2tbsp runny honey

k r k o r p o y p p y is p CCr ris ith with yw b beelllly n a n e b a e r e b r e tt u tt b bu ee l p p l p a p d a n d a an icy ssp icy p & & sh a sh m a m y v y a v r a g r r g e r d e ci d ci


25g (1oz) butter 2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped 2 medium cooking apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped 3 cans of butterbeans, drained 200ml (7fl oz) double cream

Method Pre-heat the oven to 180C/gas 4. Place the pork, skin side up, in a roasting tray. rub a little olive oil over the skin, and then rub in the salt, making sure it goes between the score lines. Place in the oven for 1½ hours. Lift the pork from the tray and scatter in the onions, celery, carrot and thyme. Sit the pork on top. Return to the oven and cook for another hour. By now the meat should be meltingly soft and the skin wonderfully crisp. You can continue to roast the pork if you want the skin even crispier. To make the mash, melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the garlic and apples and cook gently for about 5 minutes until the apples are soft. Add the butterbeans, cream and season. Heat gently until the beans are hot. Transfer to a food processor and briefly

blitz to a mash as chunky or smooth as you wish. If you need to loosen it, add some more cream or even a little water. If you are not serving it straight away, return to the saucepan and gently heat when needed. Transfer the pork to a board to rest, covered with foil. Spoon any excess fat from the roasting tray, and place the tray over a high heat on the hob. Add the cider, chilli flakes and honey and bring to the boil, scraping any sticky residue from the base of the tray. Season to taste and strain through a sieve, pushing it through with the base of a ladle. Cut the pork into four pieces, and serve with the mash, gravy and the garlic and mustard buttered green beans. TOP TIP: The fat needs to be scored every 1cm (½in) or so with the tip of a very sharp knife. If unsure, you can always ask your butcher to do it for you

TOP TIP: Tenderstem broccoli, mangetout,

For the jellies:


If any scum rises to the surface, skim off with a metal spoon. Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for about 5 minutes until soft. Strain the wine through a fine sieve into a clean saucepan. Top tip: To create a non-alcoholic version of this jelly, you can use a combination of apple juice and cranberry juice instead of red wine

Ingredients: Makes 6-8, so plenty for seconds

sugar snap peas or even frozen peas are good alternatives to the green beans

Place the wine, cinnamon stick, cloves, orange zest, juice and bay leaf in a saucepan, and gently heat until it is just below boiling point. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 15-30 minutes.

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Mulled red wine j ellies with vanilla cre am

750ml bottle Medium-bodied red wine, such as Merlot 1 cinnamon stick 1tsp cloves Zest of 1 orange, plus 100ml (3½fl oz) freshly squeezed juice 1 bay leaf 225g (8oz) caster sugar 8 gelatine leaves

For the vanilla Cream: 150ml (5fl oz) double cream 1 vanilla pod 2tbsp sieved icing sugar Ground cinnamon, for dusting

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First, allow yourself to be inspired by soups from around the globe, from the homespun Jewish chicken soup, to the gumbos, made from okra, chicken, seafood or meat, of the American South. India has countless dahls (lentil soups); Middle Eastern Muslims break their Ramadan fast with harira, made from lentils, chickpeas, and lamb; and Japan is famous for soups based on miso (fermented soybean paste). Eastern Europe boasts goulash (a beef and paprika stew that started life as soup) and borsch (beetroot and meat soup). Spanish gazpacho is always fashionable; Greeks love avgolemono (egg and lemon soup); and Italy has numerous bean and pasta soups, such as minestrone.

Soup Specifics The word ‘soup’ comes from the Latin ‘suppare’, which means ‘soaking’, and once described a dish of meat or vegetables that was soaked in the liquid in which it was cooked. In ancient times, soup was referred to as either broth (meaning ‘brewed’) or pottage (‘cooked in a pot’). Bouillon, from the French word for ‘boil’, simply means stock. Consommé, a French word meaning ‘consummated’, describes the process in which an ingredient is simmered for a long time to acquire a concentrated flavour; its modern meaning is ‘clear soup’.


Celebrate Soup! Few things evoke home and hearth as soulfully as a bowl of soup. Soup is grandma’s hugs, gossip with a best friend, and therapy all rolled into one. So how can you make better, more flavourful soup?

Chowder, which comes from chaudrée, a Breton word for cauldron, is a thick soup that’s associated with New England and the American north-east. Depending on where it’s made, it can have clear stock or a tomato base, or a creamy milk base, into which seafood (usually clams) are added. Possibly originating in the Bay of Biscay near Spain, bisques are rich, thick soups that were once made from poultry and game birds, but are now normally cooked with crustaceans. Velouté, literally ‘velvety’ in French, is soup that’s thickened with cream, egg yolks, flour and butter.

Making Stock To make a good soup, it’s essential to use good stock. It’s fine to use stock cubes in a pinch but for the best-flavoured soups, it’s best to make your own. Use fresh vegetable trimmings or frozen peelings - you can accumulate these in freezer bags and use them as needed. Dried or fresh mushrooms, carrots, celery, pumpkins, corn cobs, meat bones, inexpensive cuts of meats or unused ingredients (such as chicken carcasses or shells from shellfish) make excellent bases for stock. For flavouring the stock, herbs such as parsley and thyme add depth. Bay leaves are practically a must, because they add a haunting background flavour. Asian-style stocks can be made from miso paste, dried bonito fish flakes or seaweed and flavoured with fresh ginger and lemongrass. Brassicas (the cabbage family, including broccoli and Brussels sprouts), spinach, artichokes, and asparagus can leave a bitter, metallic taste, so it’s best to avoid using these as the basis for your stock. Likewise, onion skins and strongly flavoured herbs and spices will overwhelm. Vividly coloured ingredients such as beetroot, turmeric, saffron and soy sauce, while fine in a soup, are best left out of a stock. For an extra depth of flavour, sauté or roast the vegetables or meat before use. Put the ingredients in cold water (half solids to half water is a good ratio), bring to boil, and simmer. Vegetable stocks takes 30min-1 hour to cook, while chicken and meat stock take between one and five hours. Skim off the whitish foam that appears on the surface regularly, and strain as soon as possible after cooking. Once you’ve mastered the art of stock-making, you’ll be making soup regularly. But what if your soup is too thin? The best remedy is to thicken the soup with the purée of a central ingredient you’re using in the soup. Root vegetables, tomatoes, beans or lentils are particularly good for this.

ALLBITES La Alfoquia


Thickening Soups

Alternatively, you can use cornflour, arrowroot, rice, tapioca, semolina, cornmeal, bulgar wheat, breadcrumbs or crushed nuts. Egg yolks, milk, cream, yoghurt, crème fraîche or béchamel sauce are also suitable.

Garnishes & Accompaniments In addition to using croutons, chopped fresh herbs or a swirl of cream, you can decorate soup with finely diced or shredded vegetables, deep-fried wafer-thin vegetable slices, deep-fried herbs, toasted nuts and seeds, cooked quail’s egg, or a spoonful of caviar. Serve your soup creations with crusty breads or elegant grissini, float croûtes (largish bread slices) on top, or serve with fritters or savoury biscuits and muffins. Most Asian soups are served with rice and pickles. As ever, experimentation is the key, and with the wealth of local ingredients here, you can create your very own taste of Spain!


Bar & Restaurant

Now Open

Come Along to The Trinidad and Enjoy Good Food & Service with a Smile TRADITIONAL SUNDAY ROAST Starters from 2€ Sunday Lunch 6€ Desserts 2€ Booking Essential

evening meals All Starters 2€ All Main Courses 5€ All Desserts 2€

Mon - Sat 12 noon - late (Kitchen Closes 9pm) Sun 12 noon - Midnight (Kitchen Closes 4pm) Located on the road behind Arboleas towards Los Carrascos

Tel: 678 160 806

end of january sale Fryday 29th & Saturday 30th January ONLY K




y Every Sunda h Karaoke wit m Gilly from 8p



To avoid lumps or curdling, add your chosen ingredient first to a ladleful of soup in a bowl, amalgamate well, and then pour the mixture back into the soup pot.


COD , ROCK or ONLY 3.95€ 12pm - 3pm HADDOCK & CHIPS Fri: & 6pm - 10pm ONE WEEKEND ONLY

Sat: 6pm - 10pm

Only valid with this voucher

Tel: 666 032 776


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email your announcements to


Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary

500€ Reward...For the capture and safe return of our German Shepherd. He answers to the name of “RAV”. He left home on Tuesday 15 December. He is chipped and has a tag with his name & our telephone number. Tel: 658 576 777/950 121 990 Email:

Happy Anniversary

Sharon & Stephen

Love from all of your friends at Sol Times XX X

Happy Birthday Miss. Fatha… or Stubbs!!!

Dad & Pam

Love Jodie, Alex & Fiji xxx

Congratulations Natalie and Carl on the birth of

Jasmina Florentine

born on Sunday 17th January at approx 6.45pm, weighing in at 2.9kg! From all of your friends in Spain xxxxx Exhibition Olive Museum

Sorry I missed it! Lotsa love Miss. McGrath xxx

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Wish I was there! All my love Claire xxx

Every Mon - Sat Permanent exhibition at the museum, showing old and new techniques to produce olive oil. Visitors are also able to sample the local produce at Calle Real 15. Open Monday to Friday 10-1pm and 5:30-8pm Saturday 10-1pm ~ Admission 3€ and free to children. For more information call 950 620 002


cancer support group

English & Spanish Speaking Care Line Phone Number

634 656 555

Other enquiries

607 598 470

to Clare and Carl – parents to be! Enjoy Australia! With love your friends in Spain xxxx


needs volunteers The APSA shop in Tijola you consider to help run the shop. Could a week? ng rni helping on just one mo and ring g rin tee Please think about volun 0 32 9 30 4 Jackie on 63 has a sale on with The APSA shop in Albox good quality clothes from €1, many are hold items and makes. We also have house ment. lovely curtains at the mo hundreds of Bored at home? We have Ds DV and jigsaws. good quality books also animals in our Please help us to help the d bagging a an p care by visiting the sho open 10 - 2 are We bargain for yourself. lle Ancha which Monday to Saturday in Ca nk Santander. is just up the road from Ba people for the APSA would like to thank thes, jewellery generous donations of clo ly received, and household items recent to help the e tim thank you for taking the y! wa s charity in thi

The Royal Branch of ojacar M The at the Annual British Legion were held in Alicante Conference from Tim Burdon presented by , Branch R to ita Sneddon ,a London HQ Branch Mojacar of irman . Cha ion of Appreciat Certificate ise the was to recogn The Award record the having held ip Branch as embersh M and itment ecru er R v o for ion DDSP Registrat & ion the Retent years throughout . the past three North Spain ict Distr

We Need Your Help? We are trying to locate the whereabouts and contact details of the Albox Orphange. If you can help us please email editor@soltimes. com

Los Terreros Carol Singing A group of

Ladies from San Juan Los Terreros originally started a slimming club and this soon developed into the “Terreros Ladies Club”. The Ladies meet every Thu rsday for coffee mornings and arrange soci al events, dances, and more. Once a year they put on a Carol Service and any proceeds collected are given to a charity. This year the charity chosen was MACS Cancer Support Group. The Carol Singing took place, in the run up to Christmas, on the terrace of La Venta Bar/Restaurant, which was packed with wellwishers. For the first time the men joined the ladies choir and it turned out to be their best Carol Service ever. Also the music was supplied by one of the husbands who plays the organ and the music was reco rded onto a C.D. for the carol service which pro vided the background music to sing a long too . The Ladies donated and collected raff le prizes, made a cake and they all brought foo mince pies & sausage rolls which wer d of e handed out during the Carol Singing. A total of 500 € was collected of which 300 euros came from the raff le prizes alone. Here you can see Sue Clark & som e of the ladies from Los Terreros presenting the total amount collected to Dave Brown from MACS. Dave Brown thanked the Terrero s Ladies Club and said that donations like theirs is very much appreciated, and this enables MACS to continue in their work in helping cancer sufferers. Thank you. MACS Mojacar Cancer Support Gro up MACS HELPLINE Tel: (0034) 634 656 555 GENERAL ENQUIRY LINE Tel: (00 34) 607 598 470 E-mail uk

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



YOUR EVENTS... YOUR LETTERS... YOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS... YOUR EVENTS... The Mojacar Branch of The Royal British Legion

at the Annual Conference held in Alicante were presented by Tim Burdon from London HQ to Rita Sneddon, Branch Chairman of Mojacar Branch, a Certificate of Appreciation. The Award was to recognise the Branch as having held the record for Recruitment and Membership Retention & DDSP Registration over the past three years throughout the District North Spain.




Mojacar Bridge Club Wednesday 7pm Contact Les 950 163 524


January Events 25th Januar y - Talk by Angela on ‘Life as a Bluebell Girl in Paris’

22nd February - Talk by popular author Freda Lightfoot.

Lorca Castle and afternoon at the shopping centre in Lorca Members and Guests welcome to all meetings and trips!

For more information email

Dear Sol Times, speaker Dames in Spain held their first meeting in 2010 with their guest Alison Bramwell, Fitness Instructor. ses, which Alison put the Dames through their paces with various exerci , to much could be performed without leaving the comfort of their chairs r session hilarity. Alison then followed up with a question and answe . raising the awareness of certain food items as well as drinks Forthcoming events: r February 15: Lenox Napier/Angel Medina on the History of Mojaca of Dames the with ction March 8: Internationa l Women’s Day in conjun Turre March 15: Green Fingers & Bring & Buy a March 24: Trip to Cartagena & The Monastery La Santa Eulali 475 863 For further information please contact Iris Hamilton on 950 Kind regards Dames In Spain

s sy ye ed dp pu ur r Indian


syedpur are pleased to announce their


all you can eat buffet every thursday

market day special tuesdays & wednesdays daily special main meal

10% off all takeaways

Dames in Turre

23rd February - Guided tour of


only 5€ call for more details

as ‘The Usual Suspects’ of Monika’s Bar in Palomares Bajo held a Christm December. sing-along and charity auction and raffle in aid of MACS, on 23rd ped develo bar; the at carol a The idea grew from our ‘singing chef’ singing selling MACS for 50€ into a carol sing-along and then the possibility of raising generously carol sheets, and from there, snowballed as people and businesses p, from donated gifts and services – from a flying lesson to a computer tune-u g caravan!) to a food hamper, from a tourin their in family a by won a catered gourmet meal for 4 (which was - we had so many things, we decided to run Nao porcelain figurine to an original Indalo painting and much more wine, non-alcoholic Christmas punch and a raffle as well as an auction and Monika, bountiful as ever, gave mulled the patio and creating a great atmosphere. We mince pies. About 120 people turned up, overflowing the bar onto you to everyone who contributed goods and eventually raised an amazing 1332.30€! We wish to say a big thank who rattled buckets and helped organise such services, everyone who bid and bought raffle tickets and everyone annual event, so put it in your diaries for this a very successful and enjoyable evening. We hope to make this an bar and ‘The Usual Suspects’ for this fabulous coming December! MACS would like to say thank you to Monika’s sufferers. Pictured: Presentation of the money donation which helps MACS continue to work and support cancer Group. raised from Monika’s Bar to Dave Brown of MACS Cancer Support

r President Joe Spicer of The Mojaca , Branch of The Royal British Legion along with some Members from the Branch, were pleased to be able to ladies thank and to present Paco and his Red from The Pharmacist opposite The ha Cross building on Mojacar Playa wit g chin rea of n atio Certificate of Appreci € 100 r ove once again the amount of which they had collected during the 2009 Poppy Appeal Campaign. The Branch would also like to take this opportunity of thanking all those from restaurants and businesses and the kind people who issued tins which contributed to the total 9,000€

email your local events to


S ‘The Usual Suspects’ Raise Money For MACcarol

The Mojacar Branch of The Royal British Legion


Valle del Este Hotel

limited period only

Tel: 950 120 606

Danza, Danza, Dance MUSIC & MOVEMENT CLASSES for children 1 to 3 years. Singing, Dancing & Playing Instruments in Spanish & English.


Every Tuesday & Thursday Tues 19th Jan - 11am at Escape Para Ninos Thurs 21st Jan - 11am at Girasol, Albox.

Tel: Lesley on 649 647 310 or 620 676 833

Children must be accompanied by an adult


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


for sale



animal rescue



Multi-skilled handyman

Exotic Pet Rescue


CALL 645 094 339 or 950 064 763


Property Care Service, Key Holding, Holiday Change Over Cleaning. Let us take good care of your property!

Tel: 627 279 584


requires work, over 30 years experience. Anything considered, driving, painting, property repairs etc. Call Dave: 950 64 34 42 Mobile: 617 621 729


600 007 175 950 064 576

Curtains, & Soft Furnishings. Made to measure curtains & blinds. Cushions & accessories. Also Roman, Roller & Vertical Blinds Tel: 968 959 632 Mobile: 686 377 172


damp proofing

alternative energy

Damp Proofing

Solar Panels

24volt, 4.4KW invertor charger, battery charger, 25amp, 12volt 1000W inverter 12volt Gas 5kva Honda Generator

Tel: 600 760 057





Approved Installer English / Spanish 14 years in Spain Tel: 958 656 560 or 619 666 363 or Email:

No.1 for Plumbing & Electrics. Incl. Central Heating, Solar Electrics PAINTING/DECORATING & Hot Water Office: 950 137 197 Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator Plumber: 606 807 797 Electrician: 638 010 691 Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. No payment until complete satisfaction.

TEL: 617 904 774

Removals UK France & Spain Competitve Rates

651 519 307




Ashlove’s Pet House

City & Guilds,Spanish Qualifications. Installations, Rewiring, Repairs. Emergency call out available.

Everything your pet needs

Special offer: 10% off

all accessories in February Doggy Day Care, Cattery, Cat Bathing & Grooming Dog grooming & clipping

Tel: 950 475 502 Open all day: Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm, Sat 10am - 3pm Multicentro Mojacar Playa (The old square behind Sol Bank)

677 114 576 FOR ALL YOUR Call or 950 135 564 BUILDING NEEDS at credit crunch prices. FREE estimates and gardening advice, call Ian & Roy Home Services. Ian: 950 064 301 Mob: 687 313 451 Any small building jobs including Patio’s, Brickwork, Rendering, Custom Made & Fitted Rejas and more... Tel: 950 067 943 or 676 389 592

Potty Finca Services

Professional Tree Felling, Pruning, Strimming & Hedge Cutting Small cut logs ready to burn available NOW Ring John on 950 163 930 or 616 855 294

to & from the UK once a week Call: 680 742 011 0044 7970 722 744 0044 1443 670 031

Reliable and energetic agents to sell advertising space in well established magazine. 30% commission. Phone Naresh: 616 493 487

seeking work Hard Working Man

Looking for Work Labouring, Gardening, Driving Anything considered

Call Stephen 655 772 127


667 235 205

For Sale Cafe & Bakery Business



That used to be our name and venue...

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to vacate our original premises and we are now looking for a new home. If anyone knows of, or has an approximate 11m x 6m space in a unit or similar in the Albox/Arboleas area please let us know!

Call Adrian on 671 947 880

windows & doors


The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket!

Windows • Conservatories • Doors • Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality windows, doors, conservatories, patio infills & garden rooms. All with a 10 year guarantee. • Aluminium, UPVC or wood. • Free home survey & Professional advice for your complete peace of mind. • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed. • All types of building work undertaken. No job too big or small. email:

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311


in Huercal Overa main road position, Established 3.5 years. Fully licenced by the Junta. Please make in the Albox area us an offer! Certificates available Incl. all fixtures and equipment. Fully for inspection. Genuine fitted commercial enquiries only. kitchen. Ill health forces sale.

Tel: 618 864 507

Tel: 661 827 723

Shandy’s Bar for sale

Prime position in centre of Cantoria. Very popular with English & Spanish customers. Genuine reason for sale. Bargain at


including all fixtures & fittings


In busy Mallorca coastal resort on main tourist strip in Santa Ponsa. Fully equipped, turn key operation, large terrace area. Would consider a swap.

For all information and photos go to:



Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no obligation quote

7.5 Ton Lorry


Tel Spain: 634 960 115 Tel: 670 309 878 Tel: UK 07961 563 263



James & Son


situation vacant

Knowles & Abbott We want You!

Competitive Prices Telephone Workshop:


abel decor

Loving home at Little Zoo awaits Reptiles, Fish and Birds. Unwanted, unused cages and aquariums gratefully received.


business for sale

For all of your interior/exterior decorating needs. Business For Sale Only top quality materials used, Serendipity Crafts no fuss just a quality finish. And Gifts, Albox We all know times are hard. Established 4 Years, Genuine Reason Worried about cost? For Sale. Serious Enquiries Only Please. Why not try me on 673 421 503 Price reduced for quick sale - Owners moving to new zealand At least the estimate is free. Tel: 617 588 417 or 950 431 502 35th year of trading in the UK & Spain. email:

Tel: The Little Zoo 667 865 563

Soft Options

Want all of your unwanted items! Call

van hire EMAIL: OR call: 679 017 931

business opportunity

ex gift shop (carola) stock for sale All brand new from children’s toys, to jewellery, to gifts for all the family. IDEAL FOR BUSINESS VENTURE JOB LOT ONLY due to current climate offers in region of:


call: 661 827 723 building & maintenance


ross regan s.l

Creative Landscapes, Building, Reforms and General Maintenance A fully legal Spanish company, we provide our clients with top quality workmanship completed with style and imagination Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222 Email:

pet sitting


Dog & Horse Sitting Service Ex RSPCA Inspector. Experienced with dogs for 50 years. Experienced with horses for 30 years. Going on holiday let us take care of your pets, either at your home or at our home. Just outside Albox town. References available.

Tel: 607 554 984 house clearance


* Are you returning to the U.K.? * * Moving House/Downsizing? *


* Need extra cash? * * Have unwanted items? * * Immediate Cash Payout *

If so – call us on 686 140 034 For a no obligation appraisal - all items considered

mosquito SCREENS


TEL: 600 049 515

Mosquito Screens & Blinds PULL DOWN & SLIDING BLINDS & FRENCH PLISSE ■Made to measure ■to fit any size ■door or window

Best Quality at Affordable Prices All Areas Covered WI Ring for VIP Service TH THIS AD

20% OFF

property for sale please see page 22

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



Call Lynn or Paulette on 950 430 820 TO PLACE YOUR ADVERT: email vehiclES


for sale

Learn to Play Piano




TEL: 634 319 917


Top prices paid. DVLA notified. Also 4x4s breaking. All parts available. Distance no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers of all metals - Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminium and top prices paid for Gold. Tel: 645 094 339 or 687 314 775


Piano Lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced. Children and adults welcome for fun, relaxation or examinations Based in Mojacar.


Please call Diane 664 246 728, Tracy 649 237 582 or Ruth 637 817 982 or visit if you can offer any of the animals at PAWS shelter a foster or permanent home.


If you are interested in either of these dogs or would like to see the other dogs that need homing please call 663 762 642

Call Alison for an informal chat & more information: 950 069 803 / 667 408 941 Email:

Get your message out to 22,500 readers every wednesday by advertising here for as little as 9 € per week for a box advert. For more information call Lynn or paulette on 950 430 820

LOCA L M A R K ETS ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

Monday: Antas, Huércal Overa Tuesday: Cuevas, Albox, Los Gallardos Wednesday: Mojácar, Bédar, Lubrín, Velez Blanco Thursday: Cuevas, Lorca, Carboneras, Sorbas, Roquetas de Mar, Olula del Río Friday: Garrucha, Turre, Puerto Lumbreras,Zurgena, Chrivel Saturday: Vera, Aguilas, Velez Rubio, Arboleas Sunday: Villaricos, Fines, Oria, San Juan de los Terreros (Summer only) Car Boot Sales: Bar International, Albox, every Saturday. El Rancho, Situated on the Huercal Overa/Taberno road, every Wednesday. Normal market hours are 9am - 1.30pm

FLYNN... a male ginger tabby, neutered, fully

vaccinated, DOB: 19 May `09. Flynn was one of five kits born to mum Bonnie. All the kits had very attractive markings and inherited their mum´s fluffy coat. Flynn and his sister Tia were homed together but unfortunately were returned to us when the owner had to relocate due to work commitments.

Socks has been in kennels all his life, he is a big dog who loves to play. With training he would make a loyal and loving pet. A great dog!


If you can give any of our dogs a good foster or permanent home please ring 667 623 254 FAITH... Born 31/10/09, she was found in a box by the bins only a few days old. She is now or email: about 5kg and will grow to about 15kg. Faith is adorable, loving, trusting and very playful, loves to go for a walk. In a foster home at the moment but needs a permanent home

PROPERT Y for rent


property for rent Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and stunning views available for rent in the sort after urbanisation of Retamar, Partaloa.







634601602. Apartment El





Tel: 678 554 755

in Puerto




Bedrooms, Lounge/Diner, Kitchen with white goods, Communal Pool, parking space, long term rental

2 Bed Apartment in Palomares Long term let. secure parking, large terrace, swimming pool, heating, sat TV and sea views. 325€ per month + bills. Tel: 620 190 931

LARGE FAMILY HOUSE IN LOS GALLARDOS PUEBLO 3 double beds, large family bathroom, separate shower room, big fitted kitchen, large lounge, integral garage, balconies etc... Quiet road, furnished, sky dish erected. 5 years old.

450€ PCM + BILLS 155,000€ TO BUY TEL: 673 421 503

325€ pcm + bills Tel: 968 199 325 or 680 913 840

property wanted Urgently


All types of properties for sale in Huercal Overa,

for property for sale please see page 22

Rental Properties

available now if you have

Two bedroom apartment, a Guaranteed Income fully fitted kitchen, large or UK Pension Furnished & Unfurnished bathroom, comfortable Short & Long Term Lets living space. Good location All areas covered Call: 638 849 254 – country setting 5 minutes More rental away from Cantoria. properties needed 225€ PCM Contact Sam 679100048

the immediate villages &

Available Now ! €450 per month Other rentals available from 280€ per month. Urgently required other rental properties, clients waiting.

Arboleas Property Sales SL

countryside. Call Andy on: Tel: 950 449 647 / 637 909 800 Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm, Sat 9.30 - 1.30pm 678002006 or 950135512


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


ADVERTISE FROM AS LITTLE AS 20€ A WEEK AND REACH OVER 22,500 READERS... Call: 950 430 820 or email

Anglo Espanol Transport

Have you got the factor?


Full loads or part loads Spain-UK-Spain

We are looking for a star to join our sales team

Can you sell?

Tel: 619 052 426 or 0044 7598 184 023

ARE YOU: • Confident & energetic? • Able to work to deadlines? • Able to keep your smile when the pressure is on? • Well organised and able to work on your own initiative? • A team player with the ability to work with existing clients but also generate new business? Then we want to meet you! Experience is not essential as full and on-going training is provided. In return we offer: A high commission package, mobile phone & expenses. For more information please call:

Team of two hard working strong lads avaiLable for all types of: • building work • garden clearing & maintenance • ponds

Reasonable rates. References avaiLable.


647 379 795

Euro Painters

Recession Busting Offer!


Average 2 / 3 bed Villa

incl. all minor repairs & 10 rejas!

only 1,000€


We only use quality materials Spray Painting and Textured Finish our speciality! References Available

Tel: 648 898 719 or 677 557 190


email us with your requirements


619 070 839


about your business “Did you know Sol Times has over Distribution Points?”


Sol Times Newspapers is distributed every week to over 450 drop off points including: shops, garages, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and other businesses throughout Almeria and Murcia conurbation.

PART TIME TELEPHONE SALES REPRESENTATIVE REQUIRED Would you like to join the successful team at Sol Times?

If you have an excellent telephone manner, are organised and work well as part of a team, we would like to hear from you. You will be based at our head office in Albox. Experience is not essential as full ongoing training is provided

NEWSPAPER GROUP For more information please call Rosemary or Chrissie on 950 430 820 or email your CV to:

Chrissie on 950 430 820 or email your CV to:

NEWSPAPER GROUP have a vacancy for a

graphic designer You will be part of our production team dedicated to bringing out two great weekly newspapers! We are looking for someone special: Are you a creative and experienced graphic designer looking for an exciting opportunity? The ideal candidate will be proficient in the use of Photoshop, Indesign & Quark. Able to work on your own initative. Used to working under pressure and to tight deadlines on a daily basis. You will need to have an eye for detail and be able to prioritise your workload. Web design experience an advantage. Working from our head office in Albox. For more information please call:

Chrissie on 950 430 820 or email your CV to:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:

email: sales@ for sale Cash Register, like new, Sigma CR2000 €45 Tel: 968 448 163 Suit for man. CERRUTI 1881 suit. UK size 42 100% wool. Made in Italy. Grey, Worn once €40 Tel: 968 448 163 Table and chair set, brand new, in box. Round table (60cm) 100% acacia wood. 2 chairs with seat & back cushions €40 Tel 968 448 163 Strimmer for sale: 2 stroke engine. 70€ Tel: 679 846 941 Patio Heater (Large) in good serviceable condition with a few dents! 70€ Tel 679 846 941 Whirlpool Tumble Dryer 50€ Tel:679 846 941 Books: Selection of novels (75), Tom Clancy, Craig Thomas, Ian Rankin, Josephine Cox, Marcia Willett plus others. €0.50 each.. Tel 966 713 297. Mobile radiator, DēLonghi Stretto slim line 2500 watts oil filled radiator (3 power settings) as new €40. Tel 966 713 297. TV 32" Sony, including Sony DVD surround system 150€ ono Tel 638 358 508 Printer / scanner / fax /copier. All in one. 1 year old 80€ ono Tel 638 358 508 Large Portable Air Conditioning Unit 60€ ono Tel 638 358 508 GHD hair Straightners, unwanted xmas gift, new, rare, in gift box, unused, new RRP 145€, offers please Tel 662 402 903 Ski suit, Childs age 8 years, two tone blue, with boots size 34 and gloves 20€ Tel 663 261 152 Ski suit, Childs age 8 years, two tone purple, with boots size 34 and gloves 20€ Tel 663 261 152 K e y b o a r d , electronic, Casio CTK -120. €40 Tel 663 261 152 Bed, Silver, metal high frame, with desk and chair underneath with mattress Tel 663 261 152 1 off Portable Aircon unit as new 19 months old 275€ Tel. 950958162 Satellite System including Dish 1.32m with pedestal and high gain LNB, Pace Digibox with blue sky card, BBC 1,2,3,4, ITV1,2,3, Ch4 & 5 plus many more channels. Wall


SOL CLASSIFIEDS Any item for sale UNDER 300€ is FREE to advertise here

mounting brackets and cable.160€ Tel: 610 803 904 Kayak XT2.85 with double paddle. As new, hardly used. Very strong polyethylene. Similar in decathlon €499. Sell for €250. Tel. 950 466 396. Tropical fish tank plus accessories €15. Call Paul on 681167837 2 x 2 ton Draper trolley jacks. Brand new boxed €25 each or both for €40. Call Paul on 681167837 Wooden tables (4 square, 1 rectangular) €10 each. Call Paul on 681167837 Sony PSP in black, with carry case, charger and games Excellent condition 100€ Sony play station 2 in black, comes with controller and 16 games 8mb memory care Excellent condition 100€ Tel 697705421 2 Oil-filled radiators, an Orbegozo 1500 watt & a Farelec 2000 watt, hardly used, 20€ each or 30 for the pair. Tel: 968 199 726 or 659 009 506 Baby Cot and mattress Varnished Pine. Excellent condition 45€ Baby Car Seat 0-4 yrs. Excellent condition 40€ Tel: 968 448 163 Child seat for adult bike with attachment kit. Model Hamax Siesta Age: 9mths up to 4/5 years (22kg) Like New 40€ Tel Johnny: 968 448 163 2 Seater & 3 Seater Settees, Solid Oak Frame, Brown / Beige Cushions, VGC 100€ Tel:950 069 350 or 696 171 812 Approx. 1,000 Books; hard back & paper backs for sale. No reasonable offer refused Tel: 679 846 941 Whirpool double oven, very dark green finish. Only used for 10 months. Requires housing cabinet. 295€ Dishwasher for Sale. Full working order 60€ Tel: 679 846 941 2 Charcoal grey Butane gas heaters, good condition, complete with regulators & piping 110 euros the pair. Solac 7 section oil filled electric radiator with thermostat 20€ Tel: 950 523 365 Golf Clubs lefthanded. Full set with new grips, including golf bag. €35. Tel 610054549.

Golf clubs, Brand new, ladies full set (right handed) (Texan Classics graphite shafts) Including bag Bargain 100€ Tel 950468459 or 616351954 Two Sky Digi boxes for sale. Pace DS430N and remote, 60 Euros. Pace Sky+ HD box and remote, only 120 Euros. Both excellent. Yellow House or new White viewing card also available. Tel 676 899 730 7kw, Generator, petrol, 1200€ Tel: 697 625 545 Pine Dresser. Base unit has three drawers and cupboards. Top unit has one cupboard with a glass door, cupboard with double doors and an open shelf. Very good condition. 146cm(w) x 42cm(d) x 213cm(h). 100 Euros. Tel. 667293485 Cherry Wood Cabinet. Double glass doors, three shelves. Excellent condition. Size 120cm(w) x 48cm(d) x 204cm(h) 100Euros. Tel. 667293485 Golfset, 14 golfclubs with golfbag v.g.c.90€ Tel.617 297 304 Windscoop for BMW convertible (mod.E30) 80€ Tel.617 29 73 04 Brother Knitting Machine with ribber. Many attachments, patterns and yarn. 50€ the lot. Tel. 628 006 197 Shop Rider electric scooter, only 250€ call Harry 950 469 614 Oil filled radiator, De Longhi, rapido. 3 settings and temperature control, on wheels. Width 60cm Height 65cm. Only month old, genuine reason for sale, cost 149 euros, sell for 100 euros ono. Please telephone 96 532 1637. Fujitsu Scenic Desktop E600 Computer P4 2.6 GHz - 512Mb - 40Gb - DVDROM - XP PRO fully licensed, NEC LCD Monitor 18 Inch, Keyboard, Mouse, Excellant Condition. €145 ono Tel. 950 064 515 Windows 2x1m x 120 wood windows 30€ each, 1x1m x 1m wood 30€, 1 front door wooden 90x210 40€, 1 wood burner round with flu 80€, 1 four door wardrobe in light coloured wood 75€ Tel: 699 483 438 Extending Dining table & 4 chairs € 200 ono Tel Harry 950 469 614

S w a r o v s k i Crystals various limited edition, annual collectors pieces, boxes and certificates. Tel: 617 588 417 Hand Carved Antique oak wooden dresser. Must be seen. First to see will buy. 650€ Tel: 650 599 739 T h e r a p y / Massage Chair 15 settings, ideal for therapy treatment or hairdressing salon. 450€ 2 Boxed Fisher Price car safety seats suit 4 – 11 years 100€ (used once, will separate). Call: 678 050 359 Pony for sale 11hh coloured, excellent first pony. 300€ Call Jay on: 678 838 547 6 white moulded panel doors, size 76cm x 198cm 275€ the lot or will separate; 1 double glazed window size of 204cm with 3 openings 2 side, 1 top white pvc 200€ Tel: 699 483 438

wanted Running machine / tread mill required. Tel: 696 792 747 All types of solar equipment, panels, convertor, batteries etc… Tel: 619 744 516 AA Auctions want all of your unwanted items! Call: 600 007 175 or 950 064 576 World War 2 and onwards, military Memorabilia, cash paid. Tel: 950 469 540

SERVICES accountancy SR Accountancy offers Completion of Non-Resident Tax returns, Renewals of Residencia, European Health Cards and Registering of E121 etc. For more information, call 685 248 999 or email sharon@

air conditioning S a l e s , installations & service. Re-gassing and leak detection - free onsite surveys for new equipment. Tel: 950 459 007 or 647 587 855 MD AirConditioning & Refrigeration S.L. Sales, service, installation, fully certified & legal. Tel: 950 432 110 or 607 364 917 md_ aircon@mobileemail. md_ e l a i n e s w o o l s @ Partaloa. One to g m a i l . c o m one or group lessons, latest EN standard airport transfers provided. MINI digger hats Escorted hacking and Mini Digger and treks. Qualified BHS Driver Hire. Tel: 610 Instructor. Call Erika 345 725 Drew on 678 838 547

Airport Transfers Taxis - Minibuses - Coaches Book online at


610 611 619

B e s p o k e c u r t a i n s , Almeria - Murcia - Alicante Valencia - Barcelona - Girona alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & mosquito nets. Tel: 649 503 875

Alternative Energy

Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www.carlossaliente. com Tel: 950 121 918 Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil. Tel: 636 261 240 www. Solar Panels For Sale 24 volt inverter/ charger 4.4KVA 24 volt. Inverter 12 volt 1000. Tel: 600 760 057

auctioNS At Location Auctions, Antas El real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 27th Jan. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon/ Tues and all day Wed. House clerances speciality. Tel: 667 698 795

carAVANS C a r a v a n s Wanted: Caravans, boats, trailers, delivered to and from the UK. American Trailers moved and resited. Tel: 600 760 057




Alternative Power Supplies – supplying generators for all electrical needs. Autostart generators for solar systems. Also supplying solar systems from 11,750€ fitted. Tel: 606 619 095 or 618 236 957

Real Steel for all quality metal work, rejas, gates etc, and chain link fencing. Call: or 689 524 024 P&D Metals All aspects of metal work undertaken. Specialists in O r n a m e n t a l Gates, Rejas. Tel: 638 707 406 The Metalworks -Grills, railings, gates of all types, security/ sliding/roller, rejas, concertina doors etc. Made to measure. Tel: Keith Wood on 600 438 436

haIRDRESSING ELAINE Fully qualified, awardwinning mobile English unisex hairdresser, Albox & surrounding areas, Call today for your appointment! 618 427 103


Boot Sale at El every Rancho Wednesday, pitch only 2€, lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie 646 675 297

Multi-skilled Handy Man, requires work. Over 30 years experience. Anything considered, driving, painting, property repairs. Call Dave on 950 064 342 Hard Working Man, looking for work, labouring, gardening, driving, anything considered. Call Stephen on: 655 772 127

W i l d w o o d Bespoke Joinery – High quality made to measure carpentry & joinery. Reliable & professional service at a competitive price. Avoid disappointment, call James on: 950 067 011 or 685 955 768 jame s@w ild wo o d. es

craft & hobby

House painted outside villa to include minor repairs plus 10 rejas. Quality product. Ref available. 648 898 719 or 677 577 190 europaintersspain@

Andrew Morrison insurance All electrical work undertaken. Boletin K n i g h t s available. Tel: 627 Insurance. Motor, 250 204 house & contents, life & health, public liability, pleasure for hire boat, quads, jetski & The Baby Hire more. Tel: 950 121 Centre Professional 943. Baby Equipment Hire. FREE delivery ironing & collection. Tel: 649 332 134 Do you hate Email enquiries@ ironing? Are you thebabyhirecentre. hard pressed?! Give com Website: www. me a call - same day thebabyhirecentre. collectionanddelivery. com Tel: 697 559 367

car boots


HOuse painter

heating Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 950 121 918

Elaine’s Wools, HORSE RIDING quality UK wool & accessories. Rancho Luz Del Call: 667 273 889 Sol, Retamar,

locksmith Phil the Pick Locksmith 24 hours. Locked Out? Locks fitted/upgraded house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. Special weekend rates. Tel: 697 243 181


Call Lynn or Paulette on 950 430 820

Sunday Night is Singles Night at Bistro Bonita in Cerro Gordo. Call Chris for more details 650 599 739 bistrobonita1@ Elegant lady (30) fulfils your erotic wishes on her private finca near Albox. Enjoy my different services daily by appointment. Phone: 669 101 316 Attractive Couple offers exclusive eroticservice for women, men, couples. Phone 629 483 618 www. Pretty Woman, sensual and tender, spoils you daily discreet in her private home. Tel: 676 565 128 Male Masseur – Men ONLY Relaxing & affordable. Tel: 676 902 388

pets Abandoned dogs looking for good homes. All vaccinated & health checked. Call: 619 306 870 Hilton Cattery the best care for your cat. Tel: 950 163 489 or 637 546 590 Pet Sitting, Animal Lover, Call Lorraine 696 146 458 Animal Hotel – Aquilas, every Saturday afternoon, dog training courses. Twice weekly obedience classes, Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Call: 639 722 197 Puppy Rescue if you would like to help in any way, phone us on: 950 431 435 or 667 623 254. www. puppyrescueinspain. com

plumbing Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www. Tel: 950 121 918 A&E Taylor – Gas boiler & Plumbing repairs. Tel: 618 062 080

Logs from 90€ delivered. Call Logon-Tommy 619 070 839

Satellite systems

Full load of olive 160€, Full load of eucalyptus 160€, or half loads 100€

Satellite TV installations, alignment of dishes etc. All areas covered. Tel Dave: 628 607 778

A1 Sky Television Systems logs for sale

Tel: 660 903 158 personal Amy offers relaxing massage, in private discreet luxury villa in Albox. App only. Tel: 627730818


Sky Digi Box, PACE with blue sky card BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV1, 2, 3. Ch4 & 5. 79€ Can deliver. Tel: 667 235 205 or 657 478 771. Skystars – satellite installations, relocation & alignment

of dishes, all areas covered. Tel: Paul 687 042 335. Ref 11386

storage Caravan & boat storage & sales, Antas Tel: 661 508 776

Swimming pools Tropicana Pools Construction & Repairs. Tel: 661 508 776

tiling Floor & Wall Tiling Specialist Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman: 697 678 708

water softener New water softener cost 1000€ bargain at 470€ delivered & installed. Tel: 667 910 842

vehicles cars for sale Opel Astra 1.6GL 1995, petrol, LHD, A/ C, PAS, ITV Oct 2010, 115,000km. Relaible car. Only 2,000€. Tel: 697705421 Ford Orion. Spanish car. 1.9 Diesel, LHD, A/C, Taxed & ITV. Very good condition. 1,175€. Tel: 968 438 478. Mercedes 190 Diesel, auto, LHD, Spanish Plated, No ITV, reliable, 300€. Tel: 667 961 244

motorbikes for sale Honda Innova 125ccOnly1,500km, excellent condition 1,100€ Tel: 950 472 802 or 667 807 221

car body repairs AS Auto Shine Body repairs Panel beating, Paint spraying & more. Call Mark on 607 324 623

mechanical services Mikes Mobile All Mechanics. types of service, repair and ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 or 636 824 974

tyres Pit Stop – Oria for all of your tyres, servicing and repair requirements! Fixed price servicing! New & part-worn tyres! Call 950 124 828 or email pitstop-oria@


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Tel: 950 124 828

New Mazda5 Revealed

Re-designed MPV given fresh new look and cleaner engines

TYRES SERVICING REPAIRS Part Worn Tyres FROM 20€ New Tyres from 30€ ...Includes fitting, balancing & IVA

Tracking from only 15€ Fixed Price Servicing • Petrol up to 2L – 85€ • Diesel up to 2L –



...All makes and models

Free safety/ITV check with every service

Find us on the Partaloa to Oria road (A399) 1km outside of Oria on the right Carretera Autonomica A-399 c/. Paraje el Puente Sin 04810, Oria, Almeria

Auto Shine

Give a wave to the all-new Mazda5! As part of the firm’s new design language, known as ‘Nagare’ or flow, the refreshed MPV comes complete with a set of wavy ridges on each side. But, according to Mazda, they’re not just for show- the new lines reportedly improve fuel efficiency by reducing drag. Elsewhere, the newcomer has adopted the smiley-mouth shaped grille from other members of the Mazda family. Under the bonnet, there’s an all new fuel-

injected 2.0-litre engine which, when paired with Mazda’s stop/start system, reduces CO2 emissions by 15 per cent. There’s also a 1.8litre engine available and a diesel unit will likely be announced soon. The Mazda5 is practical too. A seven-seat layout and sliding rear doors make it a good family choice. The newcomer will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with sales starting some time in Autumn.

Body Repairs

○Panel Beating ○Paint Spraying ○Welding ○Bumper Repair ○Windscreens ○Alloy Wheel Repair ○Plastic & Fibreglass Repairs CARS ~ MOTORBIKES ~ MOTORHOMES

Call Mark on: 607 324 623 or 607 324 624





Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628 Tel: 950 459 136 servicing car hire



Easy monthly payments from €12.50, that’s less than 45c a day! Now available our new fixed price 2 year servicing plan! - 1 x A Service (oil + filter, full vehicle check) - 1 x B Service (as above + air and fuel filters) - 1 x ITV (Spanish MOT) - 2 x 6 month vehicle inspections All paid for over a 2 year period by standing order from as little as €12.50 per month INTEREST FREE! (Conditions apply)

NEW FOR 2010

Our Workshop is expanding!

TYRE Centre

- Tyre fitting and balancing at very competitive prices! - Laser tracking to keep you heading in the right direction. - Latest Diagnostic equipment

STILL AVAILABLE ~ OUR FIXED PRICE DEALS ‘A’ LEVEL SERVICE INCLUDING ITV TEST Up to 1.4 litre 1.4 - 2 litre Over 2 litre Petrol Engine 149,99€ 159,99€ 169,99€ Diesel Engine 164,99€ 174,99€ 184,99€ FIXED PRICE SERVICING A’ SERVICE Up to 1.4 litre 1.4 - 2 litre Over 2 litre Petrol or Diesel 99,99€ 109,99€ 119,99€ ‘B’ SERVICE Up to 1.4 litre 1.4 - 2 litre Over 2 litre Petrol or Diesel 119,99€ 129,99€ 139,99€ Most servicing done while you wait, or rent one of our hire cars and do your shopping! Rates from 5€ per hour.

Our new Mojacar office is now open on the Playa opposite Neptuno’s Beach bar.

This year there will be twice the cars, vans and minibuses available so our clients won’t be caught out with the Rental Rush this summer. Don’t forget our budget cars available at only €15 per day.

Group day€ week€ car BUDGET 15 75 MAREA/POLO A 20 100 DEMIO / KA B 30 150 AGILA / CLIO C 35 175 MEGANE / FOCUS / BMW D 45 225 TRAFIC VAN E 55 275 TRANSIT VAN F 60 300 MINIBUS 9 SEATER / 7 SEATER

OPEN Monday ~ Friday 9am to 6pm ~ Saturday 10am to 2pm

Tel: 950 459 136

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

Pit Stop

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

MINI reveal official pictures and details of upcoming 4x4 crossover It’s the 4x4 MINI that wasn’t supposed to be revealed until next month! MINI has decided to release official details and pictures of the newcomer- now known to be called the MINI Countryman. With four-doors and an optional fourwheel drive system, the new car is taking the MINI brand into previously unexplored territory. But the BMW-owned company are keen to show that the essence of MINI hasn’t been lost. Despite its chunky off-road design, styling elements of the firm’s smaller cars are clearly noticeable, including the high-window line, large headlamps and upright tail-lights. On top of that, engineers have also done their best to maintain the go-kart style handling that has characterised MINI cars in the past. The familiar variant naming scheme is also carried over. The entry-level MINI ONE Countryman is powered by an 89bhp engine while the range-topping Cooper S model is powered by an 181bhp turbocharged 1.6litre engine. Engines are mated to a sixspeed manual gearbox as standard but all petrol models are available with an ultraefficient six-speed automatic gearbox with steering-wheel mounted paddles. Other fuel-saving additions include brake energy recuperation, a stop/start system and a gear-change indicator.

MINI’s new four-wheel drive system, known as ‘All4’ is optional on the flagship Cooper D and Cooper S models, while all other variants will be front-wheel drive only. MINI claims that under normal conditions the ‘All4’ system divides power equally between the front and back wheels. However, in extreme conditions, the rearwheels can deliver as much as 100 per cent of the car’s power. Inside, the Countryman has room for four adults and includes a centre-rail which runs the length of the cabin and allows rearseat passengers more space and comfort. An optional three-seat arrangement in the back is available at no extra cost. Depending on how the seats are arranged, boot space can be increased from 350 litres to a cavernous 1150 litres. The cabin is crammed full of kit too. On top of the standard air-con and built in CD player, buyers can opt for a panoramic roof, adaptive headlights and high-end audio and navigation systems. Exterior additions include alloy wheels ranging from 16 to 19 inches and lowered sports suspension. The Countryman will go on sale in September, with prices starting at around £17,000.

n a m y r t n u MINI Co - Official!



Toyota’s Baby Prius Is Ready To Clean Up Wraps come off five-door hybrid stunner due in 2011 The Prius is getting a baby brother! Toyota revealed the FT-CH, a smaller and cheaper alternative to the pioneering hybrid at the Detroit Motor Show. Although officially a concept, the striking petrol-electric model will inspire a Prius-badged hatch, on sale in 2011. It’s been styled at Toyota’s French development facility in Nice, and is tailored to appeal to younger drivers. Most importantly, it will cost around £5,000 less than the current £19,504 Prius – and is set to be more fuel efficient, too. Eco tweaks include an advanced stop-start system and brake energy recuperation, all of which should enable the FT-CH to return around 120mpg and emit only 80g/km of CO2. Toyota has replaced some of the Prius’s hydraulic and mechanical parts with a drive-by-wire set-up, which reduces weight and boosts economy further. Plus, as the car is lighter, it promises to be more nimble and responsive. As with the Prius, the FT-CH will have

the potential to run on battery power alone – albeit for only a couple of miles and at a limited top speed of around 40mph. Even though the car is 22 inches shorter than the Prius, it loses only an inch in width, so the interior will be spacious and comfortable. Toyota has also ensured it’s crammed with technology, including a head-up display. Bosses have yet to release official details of the FT-CH’s drivetrain, but it’s expected to mate a 1.6-litre petrol engine to a 60kW electric motor. Both will run through an ultra-efficient CVT transmission. Toyota’s plans for the Prius family don’t stop there, though. The firm has announced that eight new hybrids – not including updates of current models – will join the range in the next few years. The line-up is likely to include executive saloons and large family models as top brass aim to sell more than a million hybrid cars a year. On top of that, Toyota has confirmed a fully electric car will launch in 2012, with a fuel cell model following in 2015.

Skoda Expands Octavia Choice Interesting things are going on at the lower end of the Skoda Octavia range. First of all, the 105bhp 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine (whose first Skoda application was in the Yeti) has been added to the line-up, giving the Octavia hatchback a 062mph time of 10.8 seconds - not bad for such a small unit, albeit turbocharged, in such a large car - and combined economy and CO2 emissions of 49.6mpg and 134g/km. The equivalent figures for the Octavia estate are inferior to these, but not by much.

The 1.2 TSI engine can be specified with either a six-speed manual or sevenspeed DSG transmission. And that brings us to the other piece of Octavia news, which is that the same DSG is also now available with the 105bhp (yes, again) 1.6 TDI CR turbo diesel engine. As with the 1.2 TSI, the 1.6 TDI comes in hatchback and estate body styles and in the S and SE trim levels, though unlike the TSI you can also have an Elegance version. Prices for the 1.2 TSI range from £12,935 for the manual S hatch to £15,995 for the SE DSG estate. The 1.6 TDI DSG costs between £16,495 (S hatch) and £19,460 (Elegance estate).


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Winter motoring requires special care and a little preparation if you're to avoid a breakdown or accident

Battery/electrics Lights, heaters and windscreen wipers put high demands on the car battery. If the car is driven mainly in dark rush-hour trips, the battery will give out eventually. Batteries rarely last longer than five years, so replacing them near the end of their life can save a lot of time and inconvenience at the side of the road when they finally fizzle out. Avoid running car electrics any longer than necessary – turn the heater fan down and switch the heated rear window off once windows are clear. If the car stands idle most of the weekend a regular overnight trickle charge is a good idea to give the battery a chance to revive. When you're starting up the car ensure that non-essentials like lights, rear screen heater and wipers are turned off. Use the starter in short five-second bursts if the engine doesn't start quickly, leaving thirty seconds between attempts to allow the battery to recover.

Antifreeze Antifreeze costs only a few euros, but a cracked engine block will cost hundreds to repair. The majority of modern cars use long-life antifreeze, and it is absolutely essential that you don't mix these with other types as this can cause sludge to form in the engine. If you're not sure what type of antifreeze is in your car, take it to a dealer. Traditional glycol-based antifreeze should be changed at least every two years. A 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water in the cooling system is needed in winter. This gives maximum protection down to 34° centigrade, and without it, severe engine damage costing hundreds of pounds can occur. If the fan belt squeals continually as soon as the engine is started, that is a sign the water pump is frozen. The cylinder block could be frozen too. Stop the engine immediately and allow it to thaw out. This may take several days unless you can get the car moved to a heated garage. Most commonly, it is just the radiator that freezes. The car will


begin to overheat within a few miles of home, as the coolant is unable to circulate. Stop the car immediately and allow the radiator to thaw.

Vision Through the winter months dazzle from the low sun can be a particular problem. Improve vision significantly by making sure that the windscreen is clean – inside and out. Scratches, abrasion and chips on the outside can also worsen the dazzling effect of the sun. Use air conditioning for faster demisting and to reduce condensation on cold windows. Keep the windscreen and other windows clear. Check windscreen wipers and replace if necessary. Make sure that wipers are switched off in the park position when leaving the car, when there's risk of freezing. If you don't and the blades freeze to the screen, you could damage the blades or wiper motor when you turn the ignition on. Windscreen washer fluid should be topped up and treated with a proprietary additive to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather. Don't use ordinary engine antifreeze as it will damage paintwork.

Generator Servicing and Motorbike repairs also All work guaranteed, and can be done on-site whether available. Competitive Prices on Services at home, on beach, at work. All aspects covered. We will beat any genuine written quote.

save this number: 678 487 689 THE GARAGE THAT COMES TO YOU

Driving in snow and ice

Stopping distances are 10 times longer in ice and snow. Gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving. Wear comfortable, dry shoes: cumbersome, snow-covered boots will slip on the pedals. Select second gear when pulling away, easing your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel-spin. When climbing a hill it's important to avoid having to stop on the hill by waiting until it is clear of other cars or by leaving plenty of room between you and the car in front. Try to maintain a constant speed, choosing the most suitable gear well in advance to avoid having to change down on the hill. When driving downhill, reduce your speed before the hill, use a Visibility Check that all bulbs are working and that headlights are clean low gear and try to avoid using the brakes. Leave as much room as and aimed correctly. You must use headlights when visibility is possible between you and the car in front. Always apply brakes gently. Release them and de-clutch if the car seriously reduced. You may also use front or rear fog lights but these must be switched off when visibility improves as they can skids. dazzle other road users and obscure your brake lights. If you have an automatic, then under normal driving conditions Keep the number plates clean too, as you can be fined if they are (motorways, etc) it's best to select 'Drive' and let the gearbox do the work throughout the full gear range. In slippery, snowy conditions dirty and illegible. you can make driving much safer by selecting '2', which limits the Tyres gear changes and also makes you less reliant on the brakes. Many Check all tyres for condition, pressure and tread depth. At least modern autos have a 'winter' mode which locks out first gear to 3mm of tread is recommended for winter motoring, and certainly reduce the risk of wheel spin. no less than 2mm. If you do get stuck, straighten the steering and clear the snow Don't reduce tyre pressures to get more grip – it doesn't work, and from the wheels. Put a sack or old rug in front of the driving reduces stability. wheels to give the tyres some grip. Once on the move again, try Check you have a working jack and wheel brace, and that you not to stop until you reach firmer ground.

Association de los Coches Clasicos del Levante

One of the few LEGAL mobile mechanics

+ Breakdown + Servicing + ANY AREA + ANY TIME + Diagnostics ANY CAR English Run Family Business + Repairs Est. 6 years - Spanish Spoken deals in these hard times, no call out charge & free + Insurance Work Special fitting on: Batteries, Brakes, Exhausts & much more.

know how to change a wheel if necessary. It's rare to need snow chains unless you live in an isolated area hit with heavy snow, and where the roads are not cleared. They must be removed to drive on a metalled road without a reasonable covering of snow. Consider changing to winter or all season tyres – these have higher silicone content in the tread which prevents it hardening at lower temperatures, and therefore gives better grip in cold wet conditions.

Cars available from Mojacar & Velez Rubio supplying Mojacar, Albox, Los Velez, Baza, Vera, Puerto Lumbreras and surrounding areas... Mojacar Office 950 473 157 Mob: 637 545 817 Or Los Velez Area 630 149 622

AAParking & storage

• Almeria • Murcia • Alicante Indoor long and short term airport parking. • Valeting • Repairs • ITVs

Tel: 639 081 067

If you've got a Classic Car or would like to join us, our next meeting is Thursday 4th February at 3pm. For more information: Tel 968 419 256/629 529 656 or visit our website:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... almeria bowling club

2010 Drawn Rinks Winners

cortijo grande golf

2010 Los Gallardos Open Winners


John Hill also 32 points.

Wednesday 20th January and two divisions. Our winner of the first division with 39 points Frank Button, second with 38 points John Park and third with another 38 points Neville Pye.

Second division winner with 33 points Alan Woodward from another 33 points Linda Bawden and in third with 31 points Bill Churchill.

Second division winner with 33 points Peter Morse from wife Margaret with 32 points and third with another 32 points Frederiqua Baird. Ball sweep winners: Brian Harwood, Frank Button & Frederiqua Baird.

Drawn Rinks Runners-Up 20102010Drawn Rinks and Los Gallardos Open Welcome to all our readers and a Happy New Year. I will as usual concentrate on our club activities and report on others when I think they will be of any interest. The first club competition of the year took place on Monday 11th and Friday 15th January ALBC Draw Rinks. Fourteen teams took part in this knockout competition reaching the Final on Friday afternoon. Winners were Brian Lovett, Mal Fritchley, John Mannal and Ray Herrity against Brian Saunders, Graham Patrick, Par Beattie and Chris Summers. The game was nip and tuck until the fourteenth end when Brian Lovett’s team took six shots to go in the lead by five shots and although Brian Saunders team took five shots on the sixteenth they were unable to reach a winning score, leaving Bran Lovett and team to take the first trophy of the year. Our first open competition, the Los Gallardos Trophy, was played on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January, involving twelve teams of fours, including two teams from La Mata and one from Cabrera

2010 Los Gallardos Open was Runners-Up Bowling Clubs. This played over two days and was played in a ‘Round Robin’ format. Five timed games of up to ten ends were played resulting in the first and second of the two teams in each group playing semi-final and final. Both semi-finals were close games.

Thanks to Anthony and Shirley Jackson who sponsored the competition finalists. First prize 100 Euros and runner ups 50 Euro. Special thanks to Maureen Atkins who helped me with the ‘round robin’ format and prepared all the score cards. It was good to see once again many of our members and a group from La Mata bowling Club staying behind to support the final. Prizes were then announced by our illustrious Capitan Jim Pike and presented by one of our members, Christine Fitzgerald. Vic Parsons ALBC Press Officer

Division One ~ 2009/2010 Winter Season ~ After Week 14 19th Jan Legs Legs Matches Matches Matches Won Lost Won Lost Drawn 74 38 10 2 2 61 51 8 3 3 70 42 7 2 5 59 53 6 4 4 56 56 5 5 4 52 60 3 7 4 37 75 3 9 2 39 73 1 11 2

Division Two ~ 2009/2010 Winter Season ~ After Week 14 19th Jan Points The Pub 28 Bar International 22 Terca Edad 17 Bar Andaluz 14 Catalan 14 Castillos 2 10 Meggies Bar 8

Legs Legs Matches Matches Matches Won Lost Won Lost Drawn 56 40 9 2 1 52 44 6 2 4 46 42 5 4 2 49 47 3 4 5 45 51 4 6 2 43 53 2 6 4 37 51 2 7 2

Highest Checkouts Chris Castillos 1 Dave Rumores 1 John W Pablos 1 Marion Sunburnt Barry Bruley Sopranos Dave Rumores 1 Trevor Sunburnt Matt Sunburnt Keith Carrillo Matt Sunburnt

140 127 112 110 106 103 90 90 88 87

08-Dec 08-Dec 08-Dec 12-Jan 08-Dec 04-Nov 13-Oct 10-Nov 06-Oct 20-Oct

180s Dia Rumores 2 Tony Sunburnt Tony Rumores 1 Anthony Bowen Corner Bar Jesus Pablos Keith Carrillo's Dave Rumores 1 Keith Carrillo's Barry Bruley Sopranos

06-Oct 20-Oct 10-Nov 27-Oct 03-Nov 10-Nov 17-Nov 01-Dec 01-Dec 12-Jan

A clean sweep for the ladies! Ball sweep winners: Derek Collins & Mick Coulson. Dates for your diary We are away for 2 days 10/11 March for our Green Jacket trophy. To book for this or any other Wednesday or Sunday please call 950 475 509 Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome. MP

mojacar angling club all fish caught no matter how small they are but someone told me there was another view to be considered.

The Final played between teams made up of married couples. Alan, Pat Deacon, Ken and Viv Sykes against Tony, Mary Mullen, Rod and Linda Band. Unfortunately for Alan’s team, the latter were on fire and won comfortably.

ALBOX DARTS LEAGUE Points Rumores 1 32 Sunburnt Arms 27 Corner Bar 26 Pablos 1 22 Carillos 19 Castillos 1 13 Sopranos 11 Rumores 2 5

Sunday and a full house for the shotgun start. A very close result in all divisions although the scores were not big. The first division winner with 33 points Chris Astheimer, second with 32 points on countback Mick Coulson from

Third division winner with 32 points Jean Lentern from Frederiqua Baird with 30 points and Ursula Lade with 28 points.

Captain ‘Duncan’ Sunshine and Captain ‘Graham’ Gnome have been catching a few fish but nothing big. ‘Captain Mel’ has also been out and caught one or two. Fishing isn’t good at the moment and we await the new moon in March. (As I keep saying because I haven’t got much to write about!) Heard some bad news that Captain ‘Brian’ Cuba’s” return date to Mojacar has been delayed and we don’t expect him now until mid-March. ‘Admiral Phil’ will hopefully come back with him. I can’t wait as I want to get out 20 mile and have a go at those pelagic shoals heading up the Med from the Atlantic. See photo of the last trip out 18 miles on Brian and Phil’s boat. From left to right, “Birds Nest Phil”, “Catmanden”, Admiral Phil” (Back) Me, “Beachcomber John” and “Farmer Rory” I’ve been invited out for a day out on ‘Miraflores Benji’s’ Garruchamoored boat in a week or two and will look forward to that. ‘London Bill’ has caught a few fish from the shore but again nothing much. I didn’t do any better the other day when I fished Macenas rocks and beach for a few hours. Just one Atlantic Scad plus a good fish lost close in on a wave. It was either another Scad or I’d like to think it was a good Sea Bass. ‘Baza Barry’ says Negratin is fishing slow because of cold water and is continuing to make the long journey to Murcia where the fishing is much better, both to the lake he has been regularly fishing lately and the River Segura. Greenpeace are having a £14 million flagship built mainly for searching the Med for illegal fishing vessels and tactics. The new Rainbow Warrior will bring the Greenpeace fleet to six ocean-going ships. I’m always moaning about the Spanish catching and taking home

“You only have to walk down to the harbour of any fishing village when you are on holiday anywhere in the Mediterranean to see the catches that are landed by the local fishermen and which are all purchased by local housewives and restaurateurs. Some of the fish are so small but they are landed and all are eaten. This does not happen in the UK where our fishing fleet, obeying their stupid rules, prefer to throw those which are too small and anything over their allowed quota back into the sea, dead. This means that these fish are not given the chance to grow to maturity and we wonder why some species are being fished to near extinction” I would agree with that too! Checkout Mojacar’s weather and sea conditions here on the Beachcomber’s webcam:www. For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see me at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or call 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. Tight lines, Beachcomber John

the grumpy old men of los gallardos Greetings from God's little waiting room, where this week has been very quiet, most of the men folk being confined to barracks because of the football matches. The results of the games have produced varying reactions ranging from suicidal to euphoric. At time of going to press, Trucker Tel and Loose Lips are on special watch, Ken the Cook is on Valium (Replay) and Microwave Mike is on throat lozenges. As for my team, an easy fixture away to Chelsea should be a stroll!!! All has been very quite in "Sleepy Hollow" of late, but that changed on Sunday night, when Rab C and Catweasel arrived for some R & R. They started their journey on Wednesday, but missed their flight - they say because of a car accident in which they weren't involved! Nothing else was forthcoming because they only had two hours ‘gargling’ time left that evening and, therefore, had to prioritise their time. I'm on the case though! In one of my more lucid moments, I have been watching a little TV, well the adverts at least. One that took my eye was the one that dealt with organ donation; it stated that people were pleased to receive a transplant, but very few in actual fact carried a donor card. Volunteering to donate an organ, preferably after your death, to my mind is a very noble gesture. I then started thinking about my own lithe and supple body; at the moment, there is not one part of it that will work without the aid of some pill or potion. As for the lungs, well they have to be kickstarted with a fag every morning, so I don't think I will be joining the ranks of the card carriers, in fact I would be in line as a recipient probably. Bob the Boat (he of the bad chest) has returned to the UK. Many years ago he was diagnosed, by his G.P., as asthmatic. After his recent admission to hospital here, he decided to have a check-up back home. They found that he was not, in fact, asthmatic; the trouble was his heart function was irregular, which for the medical profession was close, as they are both in the same cavity! That's all for this week Until the next time Tight lines Uncle Albert

ALMERIA GOLF LEAGUE We are now at the half-way stage in the season and the leaders have opened up a bit of a gap, but 4 of the six teams are within ½ point of each other. With all the results to date it does appear that home advantage is making a difference. Latest Results 15th Dec - Media GS 2½pts V Boxers GS 2½pts, played at Valle del Este 8th Jan - Forum GS 3pts V Aguilon

Members 2pts, played at Marina Golf 14th Jan - Cortijo Grande 3pts V Media GS 2pts, played at Cortijo Grande 20th Jan - Marina Members 4pts V Boxers GS 1pt, played at Marina Golf

For league information contact Les Raufer on 950 619 273 or 634 641 199

LEAGUE TABLE ~ As at 21st November 2010 Marina Members Forum GS Cortijo Grande Media GS Aguilon Members Boxers GS

P 5 5 5 5 5 5

W 4 3 2 2 1 1

H 0 1 0 1 1 1

L F 1 244 1 232.5 3 222 2 217 3 228.5 3 206

A 206 217.5 228 233 221.5 244

PTS 18 14 11 11 10.5 10.5

Diff +38 +15 -6 -16 +7 -38


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SPORT Beckford Does It Again! A REVIEW OF SATURDAY’S FA CUP MATCHES Leeds striker Jermaine Beckford was the FA Cup hero again as he slotted home a last-gasp penalty at White Hart Lane to earn a fourth-round replay against Tottenham after a 2-2 draw. Casper Ankergren will also take the plaudits after saving Jermain Defoe's first-half penalty but it was Beckford who twice equalised to add to his strike in the previous round when he netted the winner against Manchester United. Peter Crouch grabbed the opener but Beckford replied after the break, then the Leeds striker won and scored his stoppagetime spot-kick after Roman Pavlyuchenko looked to have earned Spurs the win.

Reading produced another upset as Gylfi Sigurdsson's late goal gave them a 1-0 victory over Burnley at the Madejski Stadium. The Royals had won a replay at Liverpool in the last round, and added another Barclays Premier League scalp after a battling second-half display. Sigurdsson, who had been a doubt because of a foot injury, latched onto a long ball into the penalty area with just three minutes left to send the Coca-Cola Championship side into the fifth round. The result was no more than the hosts deserved for their efforts, as Brian Laws' side were made to pay for a lack of any real ambition. Elsewhere, a late goal from Ben Watson denied Notts County a famous win over Wigan. The League Two side, who have been hit by financial problems throughout the season, went ahead thanks to Lee Hughes' 20th goal of the season. Ben Davies' stunning free-kick doubled County's advantage

Chelsea booked Holders their place in the last 16 of the competition with a comfortable 2-0 win at Preston. The Blues saw off the threat of an upset despite a spirited effort from Darren Ferguson's side with the goals coming from Nicolas Anelka and Daniel Sturridge.

Wolves' Ronald Zubar struck late on to ruin Crystal Palace's chances of a shock at Molineux. Darren Ambrose played Alan Lee in for Palace's opener before Mick McCarthy's side drew level with a long-range strike from David Jones eight minutes before the break. Ambrose's excellent free-kick put Palace back in front but Zubar's 25yard effort earned a replay for McCarthy's side. Fulham had to work hard to beat 10-man Accrington Stanley at the Crown Ground. Accrington, who sit 70 places behind Fulham in the league standings, went behind to an Erik Nevland goal before Michael Symes turned home an equaliser. The home side's chances of a shock took a blow just before half-time when Darran Kempson was sent off and Fulham took advantage of their numerical superiority by taking the lead through a well-worked Damien Duff goal. Bjorn Helge Riise then crossed for Gera to seal the Cottagers' 3-1 win.

Portsmouth ended a miserable week on a high with a 2-1 win over Sunderland at Fratton Park. The home side, beleaguered by financial problems, went behind to a Darren Bent strike before John Utaka's double put Avram Grant's through. Aston Villa survived a scare to beat League One side Brighton at Villa Park. Nathan Delfouneso gave Villa an early lead but Tommy Elphick's goal pegged them back before Ashley Young and Fabian Delph handed Martin O'Neill's side a 31 lead. Nicky Forster pulled one back for Brighton but Villa held on for the win. Birmingham secured a 2-1 win over Everton in the allPremier League tie at Goodison Park. Goals from Christian Benitez and Barry Ferguson put Birmingham 2-0 up before Leon Osman gave the home fans some hope with a welltaken header in the second half. League One side Southampton overcame Championship Ipswich at St Mary's. Strikes from Wayne Thomas and Michael Antonio gave the Saints the lead before Pablo Counago pulled


West Brom also booked their place in the fifth round with a 4-2 win over Championship promotion rivals Newcastle. West Brom went in at the break 2-0 up with a Jonas Olsson strike and a Graham Dorrans penalty before Andy Carroll's second-half volley gave the travelling Toon Army hope. But Ryan Taylor was then sent off after pulling down Jerome Thomas in the box before Dorrans converted the penalty. Thomas made it 4-1 before Carroll pulled one back for Chris Hughton's side but it was the Baggies who went through. Gretar Steinsson and Johan Elmander scored second-half goals to see off Sheffield United and give Owen Coyle his first win as Bolton manager. And two late goals gave Cardiff a 4-2 win over Championship rivals Leicester. Jay Bothroyd broke the deadlock for Cardiff before Michael Morrison and Dany N'Guessan put Leicester 2-1 ahead.Peter Whittingham's free-kick put Cardiff level before Chris Burke and Ross McCormack sealed the win for the Bluebirds. In the day's other game James McEveley snatched a lastgasp winner for Derby against Doncaster.

A REVIEW OF SUNDAY’S FA CUP MATCHES Two goals from Ricardo Fuller and a late effort from Dean Whitehead secured a 3-1 victory for Stoke against Arsenal in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Sol Campbell's comeback day. Inside two minutes Fuller headed home a Rory Delap long throw, and with 12 minutes left the big striker got on the end of a Mamady Sidibe cross after Denilson's deflected strike had sent the Gunners in level at half-time. Dean Whitehead clinched victory for Stoke with a third four minutes from time. The Potters will now face Manchester City in the fifth round after Robinho apparently signed off as a Blues player by securing the Eastlands side's path into the fifth round with a late strike in the 4-2 victory against Scunthorpe. In what could be the Brazilian's last game for the club after Robinho revealed before the game he is set to join Santos on loan, he lifted the ball into the roof of the net to end Scunthorpe's hopes after Cliff Byrne had reduced the deficit to 3-2 with the aid of a deflection off FA Cup Fifth Round draw in full: Dedryck Boyata. Martin Petrov Wolves or Crystal Palace v Aston Villa had given City a third-minute lead before Paul Hayes equalised on 29. Nedum Onuoha and Sylvinho with a stunning long-range strike put City back in command at Glanford Park.

Manchester City v Stoke Derby v Birmingham Bolton v Tottenham or Leeds Chelsea v Cardiff Fulham v Notts County or Wigan Reading v West Brom Southampton v Portsmouth

Ties to be played on the weekend of February 13 and 14.

title, has now been replaced by Mercedes' traditional silver. Manufacturing giant Mercedes completed a takeover of the Brackley-based team in November, with Brawn then luring Schumacher out of his three-year hiatus following Button's defection to McLaren. Schumacher had planned to return with Ferrari for the European Grand Prix in Valencia last season, only for a neck injury sustained in a motorbike accident last February to scupper those plans.

Schumacher Revels in ‘Great Feeling’ Michael Schumacher stepped back into the full glare of the Formula One spotlight as he was officially unveiled by Mercedes GP on Monday. After announcing his return to the sport just before Christmas, the seven-time world champion joined teammate Nico Rosberg, team boss Ross Brawn, chief executive officer Nick Fry and Mercedes motorsport head Norbert Haug in an official presentation of the team in Stuttgart.

one back for Roy Keane's men.

The new car is poised for its debut on the opening day of the test session in Valencia next Monday, leaving Schumacher, Rosberg et al to stand alongside last season's double championship-winning model. The obvious difference, however, was the white, yellow and black of the Brawn GP car that carried Jenson Button to the

But the enthusiasm he received on that occasion encouraged him to consider a full-time return. Speaking at the Mercedes-Benz museum on his first public appearance for the team, Schumacher said: "We saw it (the enthusiasm) in the summertime and I was hugely thrilled." With Schumacher's eagerly-anticipated return just 48 days away in Bahrain, the German added: "Being part of this team is a great feeling, a great emotion. Assessing the year ahead, Schumacher added: "Finally the 2010 Formula One season is firing up. "I have to say I am totally committed to this new challenge. This season feels like a restart for me and I am so motivated. "We have a very exciting combination here. We have a world champion team in every sense of the word, and I cannot wait to get into the car for the first time in Valencia. "I am convinced the team will be in a very good position to fight for the championships this season and I will definitely give it a go. "Driving for Mercedes-Benz again is like the closing of a circle for me as I started my racing-driver career (in sports cars) with the three-pointed star on my helmet. This is another reason why I cannot wait for the competition to get under way."


...Valencia forward David Villa has given the clearest indication yet that he is prepared to move to the Premier League. Manchester United and Liverpool have both been linked to the Spain striker...Manchester City have made a bid of about £15m for Real Madrid’s Argentine midfielder Fernando Gago...Robinho says he is leaving Manchester City to return to Brazil in an attempt to save his World Cup dream... Manchester United are set to make Wayne Rooney their highest-paid player on £150,000 a week to fend off interest from Spanish sides Barcelona and Real Madrid.


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before Jason Scotland pulled one back for Roberto Martinez's side. County could not hold off a late Wigan onslaught though, and the Latics drew level through Watson's cool finish with seven minutes left.

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 221 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 221 Costa Almeria Edition

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 221 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 221 Costa Almeria Edition