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Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Arrives In Haiti Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, has arrived in Haiti on board a plane carrying 12 tons of medical material donated by Spain. ‘We are not going to let the Haiti people down’, she said after observing some of the destruction from last Tuesday’s earthquake for herself, and announced a further donation of five million € to finance essential public service projects on the island and to fund the dispatch of a specialised medical boat. Spanish firefighters from the specialist rescue united based in Huelva have managed to rescue three people alive from the rubble after working an initial 12 hour shift in a collapsed hotel in Puerto Principe.

44 Years Since Atomic Bombs Fell On Palomares

Photos went round the world in 1966 of the then Spanish Minister for Tourism, Manuel Fraga, and the United States ambassador to Spain, Angier Biddle Duke, taking a dip off the coast of Palomares in Almería. It was a publicity shot taken with the intention of proving that the waters were safe after four atomic bombs fell in the area, two on land and two at sea, following a mid-air collision involving a B52 bomber and a tanker plane based at Morón de la Frontera in Cádiz during a mid-air refuelling operation. The bombs fell on January 17, 44 years ago. None of the 1.5 megaton bombs exploded although two of them leaked radioactive plutonium over the area. The other two were recovered intact from the sea, one of them a month later by a local fisherman. Now a propaganda documentary made at the time on the incident has been declassified under the freedom of information law, and is available at the webpage of the United States National Security Archive, a private body based at Washington University. Despite the publicity shots it is known

that plutonium, uranium and americium were released into the sea. The documentary is called ‘Operation Headstart’, and was produced by the United States Air Force to show the viability of its strategy in the face of a hypothetical attack from the USSR. Military chiefs explain in the film how the Soviets could launch long range ballistic missiles, and that the United States response was to have a permanent presence in the air of B52 bombers, loaded with nuclear bombs, and refuelling in flight, to counter-attack. In fact the strategy was revised following two refuelling accidents in Spain in 1966 and in Denmark in 1968. Remaining radioactivity was found in earth in the area in testing carried out in 2008. That discovery resulted in the United States giving a new undertaking to remove the contamination and 1.6 tons of earth. The incident is also now being made into a Hollywood film by Miramax.

Meanwhile the body of the 53 year old Spanish diplomat, Pilar Juárez Boal, has not been found. The body thought to have been her has now been confirmed to be that of someone else according to the Spanish Foreign Office. It follows the early discovery of the death of the Spanish couple, Yves Baltrini and María Jesús Plaza. De la Vega met with President Preval and United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon on Sunday, and on Monday will take part in a reconstruction meeting in the Dominican Republic. She has underlined the commitment of Spain and the EU to continue to work in an attempt to relieve the effects of the tragedy, and said it was important tat the aid was complementary and coordinated.

P&O To Close ‘Pride of Bilbao’ Service

The ferry which has linked Bilbao in Spain with Portsmouth in England for the past 17 years is to close. P&O Ferries says that the route has been making ‘unsustainable losses’ and that it is now trying to relocate the some 252 workers from the ‘Pride of Bilbao’. The boat is currently undergoing her annual revision in the dockyards in Falmouth. Workers were informed of the decision on Friday, and given an undertaking by the company that the lowest number of job losses will be sought. The service will officially end on September 27 this year, the date when the company’s charter of the boat comes to an end. Until then normal service will be maintained. P&O ferries say they will get in touch with any people who have reservations made for after that date, to offer alternatives or a refund. The service had been submerged in controversy recently when the Partido Popular presented a denuncia over the disappearance of 35,707 tickets for the service which allegedly represent a loss of 10 million € from the accounts of the Vizcaya provincial government.

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La Alfoquia ALMERIA

Spanish Poet’s Verses Go To The Moon! The verses of the Orihuela poet, Miguel Hernández, are to be sent to the moon as part of the celebrations which are taking place this year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth. It’s his book of poems, ‘Perito en Lunas’ – ‘Lunar Expert’ which is to make the trip, in a capsule to be sent to the moon by a U.S. company, Celestis. The announcement was made last Wednesday at the presentation in Madrid of more than 500 events to be held in Orihuela, where Miguel Hernández was born on 30th October 1910, to celebrate his centenary. The presentation came on the 80th anniversary of the day the poet’s verses were first published in the press, in the 99th edition of the publication ‘Pueblo de Orihuela’. Miguel Hernández fought on the Republican side during the Civil War and wrote his last poetry from prison, dying there from tuberculosis in March 1942.

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Junta de Andalucía President Denies Receiving Letter From British Ambassador The President of the Junta de Andalucía, José Antonio Griñán, commented last Thursday that he had not received ‘any notification or letter’ from the British Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman, regarding the demolition of nine British owned properties in Albox, Almería. British diplomats are insisting that Ambassador Paxman has written and sent a fax asking for a meeting to try and find a solution to the problem, but speaking to journalists in Córdoba, José Antonio Griñán, said that the building licences for the properties had already been contested by the Junta at

the time as not being considered as legal. He insisted that the Junta had therefore met its obligations regarding the matter, and that the properties were illegal. However, also speaking on Thursday, the Junta’s Councillor for Housing, Juan Espadas, made a call for calm from the nine property owners. He said that his department would be looking at the matter ‘case by case’. He said that problem had arisen because of the ‘speculative interests of professional defrauders’ who had attracted foreign investors by offering the chance of building on non-buildable land without explaining

China To Invest 1 Billion Euros For Tourism Centre In Murcia The Chinese government and a variety of businesses from different sectors will be investing around 1 billion Euros for the development of a tourism, logistics and leisure centre in Murcia, Spain next year. The project is known as Special Zone of Chinese Investments and will include 2000 apartments, shopping and entertainment complexes, and educational facilities in addition to a theme park showcasing the Chinese cultural heritage.

The construction work on the project is expected to begin next year in the city of Lorca and likely to be completed in 2013 or 2014. The project has been made possible by negotiating with Chinese and Asian private initiatives for two years. The logistics centre will showcase Chinese monuments and have eight themes including one on Chinese culture and history. Around 187,000 square meters of area would be given to

Chinese business companies which will invest in ZEIC. A commercial area where Chinese products and services will be provided is also part of the plan. The centre will also have a business training school and the leisure zone would have a casino, food services, entertainment services, a five star hotel and a golf course. The ZEIC has been described as a ‘bridge between Spain and China’ by the Spanish government.

Mystery Benefactor Leaves Millions To The Royals Spain’s royal family have been named benefactors in the will of a multi-millionnaire whom they have never met. Investor and business tycoon Juan Ignacio Balada Llabrés, from Menorca, died in his home town of Ciutadella on November 18, leaving his fortune to the Prince and Princess of Asturias and the King and Queen’s eight grandchildren. Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia say they did not know the deceased. They had never heard of him until they were told they had inherited his multi-million-euro estate. Half of the money is to go directly to Felipe and Letizia, their

children Leonor and Sofía and the girls’ six cousins, and the other half is designated to Prince Felipe to set up a charitable foundation of his choice. The Royal Family says it is unaware of the exact sums involved, or whether there are any family members of the late tycoon who may come forward to claim the money. He is said to be the only son of pharmacist Catalina Llabrés and business-owner Ramón Balada, who are now deceased. The estate comprises both urban and agricultural land and buildings, property investments and stocks and shares.

exactly what any problems could be. Espadas also expressed his wish to halt the disordered growth and said leaving the new town plans aside he would be working with the Town Halls in the districts of the Almanzora in Almería and Axarquia in Málaga with the objective of imposing urban discipline. ‘The Junta de Andalucía does not knock down buildings, but challenges licences it considers to be illegal, and it is the judge who then decides’, he said.

High-Speed Internet For Andalucia During a conference in Almeria this week, the Ministry of Innovation promised a series of grants to extend high speed wireless internet access to the remaining 600 villages across Andalucia that currently have no access to the internet. Vodafone is expected to be the company that will build and operate most of the new antennas. Users will then be able to sign up for monthly plans to allow them to surf the web via mobile phone technology at the same price as a standard telephone line. According to the Junta de Andalucia, upon complete of the project, Andalucia will be the only place in the world to make access to the net a basic right; Finland is the only other that has so-far tried to implement a similar system, and has yet to reach 100% coverage.

Three Hour Check-In For Iberia Flights To U.S. Iberia has asked for travellers, flying with them to the United States, to present themselves at the airport at least three hours before take off time. The extra hour comes as a consequence of the extra security measures being demanded by the United States on incoming flights, which has resulted in an additional control on passengers at the boarding gate. They are also requesting that hand baggage be reduced to ‘the minimum’ and that passengers present themselves at the boarding gate earlier than before because of the extra control there.

Spain Sees ‘End Of Cycle’ In High Illegal Immigration The Spanish government have stated that they appear to have reached the ‘end of a cycle’ in high numbers of illegal immigrants arriving on its shores, as the number dropped significantly in 2009 due to the economic crisis. “It is the end of a long cycle”, Consuelo Rumi, the secretary of state for immigration said, following the publication of its 2009 immigration directory. “We are seeing a transition towards a new period that will be characterised by a slower rate of arrivals,” Rumi added, also predicting that those who did arrive would face a tougher entry process.

The number of illegal immigrants who reached Spain as a whole in 2009 halved to around 7,000 from some 14,000 last year. Unemployment, at 18 percent for the Spanish population, rises to 27.5 percent for immigrants, who continued to arrive in Spain in high numbers until the second part of 2009. Among Spain’s population of 46 million, 12 percent are from abroad, especially South America, Morocco and Eastern Europe. Over a 15-year period more than four million immigrants have arrived in Spain, attracted especially to its once booming construction sector.

Spain Opens New Airport Spain has a new airport with the opening of the Lleida facility on Sunday. It has been funded entirely by the Generalitat Regional Government in Catalunya and has an international classification. It’s forecast that some 50,000 travellers could use its facilities over the first year, a number which is forecast to reach 395,000 annual users in ten years time. The first arrival was an Airbus A320 Vueling flight from nearby Barcelona which flew over the airport several times before finally touching down to the applause of many locals who had turned out to watch. President of the Generalitat de Cataluña, José Montilla, was on board the plane with some 160 journalists. Commercial flights start on February 5 with links to Paris and Palma de Mallorca operated by Vueling.

Animal Trafficking Ring Smashed

Eighteen people have been arrested across Spain for the illegal online sale of protected species, in a Civil Guard operation which began with an investigation into an Iberian Wolf which had been put up for sale on the Web.

Wolf, a European Lynx and several birds of prey. Reports indicate that many of the animals were transported from Eastern Europe under false documentation, passing the journey in conditions described as ‘appalling’ in vans which had been rented for the purpose.

Dubbed ‘Operation Lobezno’ – ‘Wolf Cub’, a number of exotic animals have been seized, including a number of lions, three pumas, a cheetah and a tiger, in addition to an Iberian

The organisation is reported to have operated in 10 Spanish provinces where the 18 suspects were arrested. Another two people have been questioned by detectives.



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Development Minister Says Airport Body Scanners Are ‘Inevitable’ The Spanish Minister for Development, José Blanco, has held a meeting in Washington with his United States counterpart, Ray LaHood, and commented to the press afterwards that the use of full body scanners in airports is ‘inevitable’, provided that intimacy is safeguarded. The meeting was called to discuss the second phase of the

‘open skies’ agreement between the United States and Europe, and Janet Napolitano, the US secretary of security, was also present.

given an undertaking to work together to bring a more efficient response to the ‘global threat’. He said rather than any blame the meeting had served to show the wish for cooperation.

Blanco commented that after the attempt to bring down a plane over Detroit at Christmas several security faults had been detected both in Europe and the United States, and he had

He said that new technology and body scanners were inevitable despite their use being rejected by the European Parliament in 2008.

Juan Antonio Roca Sacking ‘Was Justified’ The judge in Social Court 11 in Málaga has ruled that the sacking of Juan Antonio Roca from his post as Municipal Real Estate Assessor at Marbella Town Hall was justified, and that the man who is at the centre of the Malaya corruption allegations has no right to his job back or any compensation. Marbella Town Hall had sacked him because of absence from his post after he was first imprisoned on remand when the Malaya case broke in March 2006, but Roca had claimed unfair dismissal. Carlos Rubio, the councillor for personnel in Marbella Town Hall, said that common sense

had triumphed, underlining the lack of morals and the cheek of Roca for challenging his own sacking. Roca’s lawyers declined to comment to the La Opinión de Málaga newspaper as they said they had not been officially informed of the verdict. Roca had been working at the Marbella Town Hall since May 1992 and had been earning an official wage of more than 9,000€ a month. If his claim for compensation had proved successful, experts say he could have been awarded some 300,000€.

Spanish Politician May Sue FBI Over Osama Bin Laden Photo FBI, the coveted investigative and intelligence body of USA, has recently been at the receiving end of Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares tongue (spokesman for the United Left Coalition), for using upper part of Llamazares’s face in digitally enhanced photos of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin laden in the recently updated photos on its website. Llamazares, asserting that the matter affected the safety and freedom of innocent citizens, described it as very serious and did not deny taking a legal action against the US authorities. He also stated that the matter showed the low level of intelligence of U.S authorities. FBI spokes person, Jason Pack, acknowledged using the politician’s picture and said that they are aware of the similarities in the characteristics of an older Osama bin Laden and that of an existing picture of Llamazares. Pack explained that to produce the subject’s photo in advance years, a database of photographs is used by Forensic artists as a reference. In this case, the artist, not able to find the characteristics in the database took the characteristics from the photo of Llamazares on the internet, unaware of his identity.

Alicante - Most Profitable Airport In Spain Alicante’s El Altet is the most profitable airport in Spain, ending 2009 with operating profits of 43.5 million €. The results for Spanish airports revealed by the Development Minister, José Blanco, last Tuesday showed there to be only nine profitable airports in the country, with Alicante well-ahead of the airport which came out in second place, Palma de Mallorca. The profit there in 2009 was 37.8 million €.

by José Blanco to share their management between central and regional administrations and private investors. It’s understood that Valencia’s Manises Airport, which lost 1.2 million last year, is also out. Capacity at El Altet will almost double when work on building the new terminal is completed, increasing annual capacity up from 12.2 to 20 million users. It’s expected to open at the end of next year.

El Altet, however, will not be included in the plan for a new Spanish airports system announced

Moorish City Unearthed In Murcia To Be Protected The remains of a Moorish city discovered in Murcia, under threat until a month ago by a controversial project for a new underground car park, are to be protected as a BIC cultural asset and an archaeological site.

de San Esteban in Murcia city centre is the remains of more than 50 houses, 7 palaces and even a small mosque, which are believed to date from the 13th Century during the time that Murcia was occupied by the Moors.

The regional government took the decision last Monday after a meeting with experts who have been advising on how best to preserve the site. The regional councillor for culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, commented that a new foundation is to be set up, the Foundation for Mediaeval Murcia, to oversee and seek funding for the San Esteban dig and conversation project.

Work on the car park was only halted after weeks of protests over City Hall’s plans to remove the remains and reposition them above the car park once construction was completed. News of the BIC declaration was greeted by a member of the platform which has defended the site’s protection with the words, ‘We have won every battle and also the war’.

The find beneath the 17th Century Palacio

Sources knowing Llamazares have affirmed the solidarity of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on the issue.

Arctic Monkeys’ Free Concert Set To Attract Millions!

BRITISH band The Arctic Monkeys will be joined by supporting acts Lightspeed Champion and Fuzzy White Casters during their free concert in Valencia next month.

The former, a newly-formed group, has held concerts in Valencia and London and they describe themselves on their MySpace page as ‘frenetic and colourful’.

The UK rockers are due to perform on February 13 at the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia’s futuristic exhibition complex.

Lightspeed Champion is headed up by Texan Devonte Hynes, and are established artists in the States.

It forms part of the city’s annual MTV Winter festival, which attracted 38,000 spectators last year with The Cure and a similar number in 2008 with Franz Ferdinand. On both occasions, the MTV Winter festival was aired on live television in 47 countries and netted 134 million viewers around the globe. In addition to The Arctic Monkeys’ own show, tracks will be performed by Valencian group Fuzzy White Casters and US-based band Lightspeed Champion.

The British group, led by Alex Turner, will perform in Madrid and Barcelona before heading to Valencia. Their tour is to promote their third album, Humbug, but they will also perform some of the much-loved tracks that made them famous back in 2006, when they were just 20 years old. The Arctic Monkeys will follow UK band Mystery Jets onto the stage, as well as the aforementioned supporting acts.

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Fallen Trees & Power Cuts As Winds Whip Across Country

Winds of over 100kmph across the country recently caused widespread damage to buildings and trees and left a number of people injured.

Galicia saw gusts of up to 120kmph both along the coastline and inland, which swept down trees, power cables and telephone lines and left three people injured. The Basque Country was also affected by the violent gusts of wind, with three people being injured in San Sebastian, and road, rail and air travel all suffering delays. The high winds in the Comunidad Valenciana, especially in the province of Valencia where they reached 113kmph, left

at least ten people with various injuries and 23,000 pupils without lessons. According to the weather service in Valencia, these winds were the most severe since February 1989, when five people died. Two of the injured were children, who were kept in hospital overnight under observation. One was hit by a falling lamppost and the other by the cornice from a building.

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In Alicante, two firefighters were slightly injured in Cocentaina when an advertising hoarding collapsed.

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UKIP Chief Calls For Burka Ban

War Rules Rewritten, Says General The rules of war have been rewritten by the challenges of Despite the need for hi-tech equipment, he also insists more fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the head of the Army Army manpower is necessary. has said. Gen Sir David Richards called for more investment in However, Gen Richards expects significant spending cuts in the hi-tech equipment such as spy planes and cyber-defences to shift upcoming defence review and says that while Britain still needs away from “old war fighting”. ships, aircraft and tanks, there may have to be fewer of them. His views come amid the backdrop of a defence review after BBC defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt said: “Gen Sir David the general election and potential spending cuts. Gen Richards Richards says the UK has been in denial ever since the end of the is expected to elaborate on these ideas in a speech later. He will address the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Cold War on how future wars are likely to be fought. “He believes Britain’s enemies will have seen from Iraq and London. He is thought to believe future conflicts will be fought in increasingly Afghanistan that for relatively little cost, opponents with cheap hi-tech ways and that the threat of cyber-attacks against Britain’s weaponry can pose a deadly threat - with future opponents likely to use similar tactics.” infrastructure mean radical change is unavoidable.


Gen Richards has compared it to the moment British forces She added that all three service chiefs will be outlining their realised they had to phase out cavalry on horseback in favour of different visions for the future as the defence review draws closer using tanks in World War I. and the battle for resources intensifies.

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But Schools Secretary Ed Balls said it was “not British” to tell people what to wear in the street, and accused UKIP of indulging in “unpleasant politics”. Some European countries, including France, are debating banning the burka, but the issue has sparked controversy when it has been raised in the UK. UKIP is the first British party to call for a total ban, after the BNP called for it to be banned in Britain’s schools.

Haiti Quake: Death Toll May Be 200,000 The leading US general in Haiti has said it is a “reasonable assumption” that up to 200,000 people may have died in last Tuesday’s earthquake.

Rescuers pulled more people alive from the rubble at the weekend, but at least 70,000 people have already had burials.

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Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who leads UKIP’s 13 MEPs in Brussels, told the BBC’s Politics Show they were a symbol of an “increasingly divided Britain”. He also said they “oppressed” women and were a potential security threat.

Lt Gen Ken Keen said the disaster was of “epic proportions”, but it was “too early to know” the full human cost.

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The burka and other face-covering veils worn by Muslim women should be banned, the UK Independence Party says.

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Relief efforts are being slowed by bottlenecks, and many thousands of survivors are fending for themselves. Many Haitians are trying to leave the devastated capital city of Port-au-Prince, and there are security concerns amid reports of looting and violence. More than 2,000 US marines were expected to arrive in the region this week to bolster US

troops and UN peacekeepers already on the ground. On Monday, European Union nations pledged 200m€ ($287m; £176m) from the EU budget to help rebuilding efforts in Haiti. Ministers were also discussing deploying a security mission to help maintain law and order. On 17th January, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appealed to frustrated Haitians to be patient over efforts to bring them relief. Gen Keen, running the US military relief effort, when asked about death toll estimates between 150,000 and 200,000 people, said: “I think the international community is looking at those figures, and I think that’s a start point. Clearly, this is a disaster of epic proportions, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.”

UK Government Plans To Aid Social Mobility To Be Unveiled Labour is promising to help up to 130,000 Labour’s plans for social mobility - which of the “brightest” young people from would depend on it winning the general poorer families with getting to college and election - were part of Gordon Brown’s university. attempts to “portray Labour as the party of Prime Minister Gordon Brown said they aspiration”. would get a “structured package of support” Meanwhile, as the two main parties battle to from 2012, to help break the “glass ceiling of win the middle-class vote ahead of the election social mobility”. expected in May, the Conservatives are calling He also pledged to set up a Social Mobility for teaching to become a “brazenly elitist” Commission, to report later. profession, restricted to the best graduates. Labour says it wants to encourage top professions and universities to attract more In his response to Mr Milburn’s report, Mr Brown said: “My mission is to ensure that all of people from deprived backgrounds. Its proposals follow a report by former Britain’s people, from every background, are cabinet minister Alan Milburn’s report saying given the opportunity to develop their talents areas like medicine and law were dominated and learn the skills which will transform their by people from affluent families. lives.”

UK Economy Faces Decade Of ‘Painful Readjustment’ The UK economy faces a decade of “painful readjustment” as it refocuses from debt-led consumer spending to increased exports, a study has warned. That is the conclusion of the latest quarterly report from the Ernst & Young Item Club economic forecasting group. “After a decade of relying on the domestic consumer, firms have to start chasing overseas customers,” said Peter Spencer, its chief economic adviser.

on a sustained upturn in the world economy, and upon the energy and enterprise of UK exporters of our prized goods and services.” He added that this need for the economy to refocus from the domestic consumer to increased global trade was going to be “very challenging”.

The Item Club warns UK economic growth will struggle to hit 1% this year.

To help drive exports, Prof Spencer said the UK needs to focus on China “where we have an exceptionally low market share compared to our leading competitors”, and other Asian countries.

“The consumer is completely cashed out with consumer spending likely to increase by just 0.4% this year,” said Professor Spencer. “[Economic] growth is almost totally dependent

However, on a positive note, the Item Club sees exports starting to pick up in 2011, when it predicts they will grow by 9%, rising to 10% in 2012.

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Blair To Face Iraq Inquiry Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will give the former defence secretary Geoff Hoon and evidence to the Iraq inquiry on 29 January, it Justice Secretary Jack Straw, who was serving as foreign secretary in 2003. has been announced. Mr Blair, the highest profile figure to appear The ballot for the appearance by Mr Blair is before the panel, will face six hours of for 60 seats, with a third of the places being set aside for bereaved families of service questioning. A public ballot will be held for people wanting personnel or other Britons killed in Iraq.

Last week Mr Blair’s former director of communications Alastair Campbell appeared Mr Blair, prime minister during the Iraq war before the panel. in 2003, is expected to answer questions about the build-up to war and planning for He said he defended “every single word” of its aftermath. His former Downing Street the 2002 dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass chief-of-staff Jonathan Powell will face the destruction. seats to watch his evidence session.

committee, chaired by Sir John Chilcot, later The inquiry is looking at UK policy before on Monday. He will be followed this week by and after the 2003 war.



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Police Reopen 1974 Murder Case Cold case detectives are re-investigating a 36-year-old unsolved murder using the latest scientific forensic DNA techniques. Twenty-year-old student Glenis Carruthers was found strangled outside Bristol Zoo on 19 January 1974. Evidence from the crime scene including her clothing is being re-examined in Forensic Science Service laboratories. Avon and Somerset Police’s major crime review team are also making a new appeal for information. Television presenter John Craven, who reported on the case for BBC Points West news at the time of the murder, has returned to the scene of the crime to investigate for the BBC programme Inside Out West.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Carter told him: “Forensic advances have moved on so much that we are hoping to get a profile which we will then compare with those on the national database. “The person who murdered Glenis Carruthers may have thought he had got away with this after all these years but we are determined to try to track him down.” Dr Colin Dark, senior forensic scientist, said: “In 1985 when DNA was first introduced as a technique we had to deal with body fluid material but there have been significant advances in the sensitivity of the processes. “Now we can get DNA profiles from stains that we can’t even see and we can also look for contact-style DNA where someone has just touched an object.”

‘Bleak Future’ For Universities

The UK’s universities are facing the “bleakest time since the Thatcher cuts of the 1980s”, warns the chairman of a group of leading institutions.

Leeds University vice chancellor and Russell Group chairman, Michael Arthur, said universities could be forced to close, along with many courses.

Higher education minister David Lammy said spending on frontline teaching would be protected by savings on buildings and making efficiency measures. “The suggestion that the savings we have asked from universities will bring higher education ‘to its knees’ is as surprising as it is misleading,” he said.

Universities are facing cuts of more than £900m over the next three years and higher education groups have used forecasts from the Institute of Fiscal Studies to argue that they are likely to suffer from even deeper public spending cuts in the future.

Currently around £15bn is invested into higher education every year, he said. He added that teaching and research funding even after the £180m efficiency savings and the reductions in December’s grant - would grow between 2009/10 and 2010/11.

TV presenter Myleene Klass has said she has “no regrets” after being warned by police for waving a knife at youths who entered her back garden. The former pop star was in the kitchen when she spotted the teenagers and grabbed a knife and banged the windows in an effort to get them to leave. She says Hertfordshire Police officers told her that brandishing an “offensive weapon” was illegal. But a police spokeswoman said that “at no point” were any warnings given. The 31-year-old was at her Potters Bar home on Friday with her daughter upstairs when she spotted the youths peering into the house. Klass said: “It was a scary incident but I’ve got no regrets as to how I reacted. I think I did what any other mother would do. This is my house and that’s my daughter up there and I will do anything to protect my daughter and my family. That’s what I did.”

Tel: 950 135 081

Avda Guillermo Reyna, Res. Plaza Mayor, bajo, 04600 Huercal-Overa (Almeria)

There have been reports that up to 30 universities could face closure as a result of a series of cuts announced before Christmas.

The lecturers’ union, the UCU, said the cuts could mean 9,000 job losses by 2013 and far bigger class sizes.

Klass Has ‘No Regrets’ Over Knife Incident

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Revenue & Customs ‘Missed 44m Calls’ HM Revenue and Customs failed to answer about 44 million phone calls last year, Whitehall’s spending watchdog says. The National Audit Office called the performance of 31 customer “contact centres” during 2008/09 “unacceptable”. Despite employing the equivalent of 10,500 full-time staff at a cost of £233m, it still failed to pick up 43% of the 103 million calls received. HMRC said its performance had improved in 2009-10 and that it was “committed” to providing a better, cheaper service. During the busiest periods of the year - such as the tax credit renewals peak in July - just one in three calls was actually answered, the National Audit Office (NAO) said. Callers who did get through had to wait an average two minutes for a reply - or almost four minutes if they were ringing at peak times.



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AUAN press release


12th January 2010: A ninth demolition order was received by a family in the La Aljambra area of Albox today in a case completely unconnected with the “Albox 8”. How many more can we expect to come out of the woodwork? When will they learn that this is the road to ruin for everybody?

Public Protest The demonstration in Almería yesterday was a great success and we would like to thank all 700 who turned up to support us. It was especially good to have our numbers swelled by groups from Levante, Valencia, Catral, Axarquia and Malaga. We attracted a lot of sympathetic press coverage here in Spain, and in the UK the Daily Mail, the Express and the Daily Telegraph continue to cover the story. Publicising our plight is one of the most effective ways we have to get the politicians and bureaucrats round a table to sort out a solution to this scandalous situation. All we ask is that those who bought property here in good faith be treated justly. Politics and Diplomacy The British Ambassador has written to the regional president to express his concern and the British Consul (Steve Jones) is planning to speak to the victims personally. The Izquierda Unida (United Left) party has kindly facilitated a meeting with the Defensor del Pueblo (Spanish Ombudsman) in Seville on Friday. The Defensor del Pueblo supervises the activities of public administrations and reports to Parliament. We will present up-to-date information

about the extent of the problem here and ask for an independent view.

Our current aim We believe that the only way to sort out this mess is for a working party to be set up involving political parties, associations and those involved in the property market to analyse the perilous state of Spanish property, the environment and urban planning. This working party should propose a framework law to clean the mess up. We will ask the Ombudsman’s help in this. We believe that this is the only way to get to the root of the problem, which will otherwise go on for years, with many, many more victims on the way. We will press for this law to be in force prior to the next local elections in 2011.

Junta de Andalucia The regional government have been largely silent on the issue passing the hot potato to the provincial delegate for Housing and Territorial planning, Luis Caparrós whose best effort is to suggest that the demolition notices in Albox could be delayed using the same legal argument applied in Vera to temporarily suspend the demolition notice which was due for execution on the 12th of January. With this faint advice he went on to abandon

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the fate of the 8 (now 9) houses in Albox to the town council who must find a solution through the town plans and to the AUAN who must find a solution through the courts. This is called “passing the buck”. A very small response to a very big problem! Clearly, the Junta are not listening. It appears that they insist on ruining the whole area. For the sake of everybody who lives here, we cannot, and must not, accept this. If they are not listening we must shout louder. Contact

or call 646 506 943

AUAN LATEST NEWS... 15th January 2010: Response of HM Government to questions raised in the House of Lords. In response to submissions from the AUN to the House of Lords, Lord Burnett, Vice-chair of the Legal and Constitutional affairs group raised questions to the House of Lords on the 28th October with respect to urban abuse in Spain. 15th January 2010: Open Letter from Michael Cashman MEP to the President of Spain Go to to read both articles in full.

A Supreme Ruling

By Howard Brereton

The Spanish Supreme Court considers that real estate development in Spain has become a disaster

An interesting sentence in the Supreme Court this week which considered that in the face of the ‘lack of action and discipline from the administration’, penal law can be turned to against the ‘town planning disaster’ which is destroying Spain. The statement came as part of the proceedings against the ex Mayor of Andraitx on Mallorca, Eugenio Hidalgo, who claimed at the time, that he did not know that his own home was illegal, but whose four year prison sentence has now been confirmed by the upper court. Many people will consider the recognition that so much real estate development is indeed a disaster has come too late for Spain, but it surely is a landmark for the court to consider that as the administration has not acted, penal law can. There are items in the Spanish Constitution which protect natural resources and the environment, with the idea of protecting and improving the quality of life, and they note that penal charges can be brought against those who do not respect this. Now the Supreme Court considers that citizens in general are ‘victims’ from such developments, noting that one single building can represent a grave attack against the landscape. It was beyond the remit of the Supreme Court however on this occasion to consider the rights of the individual who, though poor legal advice or none at all, has been duped into buying property in such an illegally-built development. The case of Len and Helen Prior in Almería immediately comes to mind, and note here too the Constitutional

Court has ruled that the order which led to their home’s demolition was itself an illegal one. The Priors were denied their right to effective judicial protection. And remember too the damning EU report from Danish Green Euro M.P., Margrete Auken, who has made it more than clear just how extensive a problem real estate irregularity is in Spain. We can only lament that the call in her report for EU funds to Spain to be frozen until something is done was not a legally binding one. Three different sources then, all agreeing that things must change, but meanwhile the local and regional administrations appear to go their own merry way doing little or nothing, or, perhaps worst still, cheery picking which buildings should be pulled down. Meanwhile judges at a local level still fail to stop even more illegal building and different levels of government disagree about what is or is not illegal anyway. While this mess continues more and more foreign investment in property will move elsewhere, faced with the legal uncertainties and bad press left by the building bubble burst. Clear general and well explained actions are urgently needed and then must be enforced, but I fail to see how such actions will ever be coordinated across all the bodies involved. It would be nice to think that the Supreme Court statements this week will lead somehow in the right direction, but I somehow doubt it. At least admitting the problem exists must be on the way to doing something about it. Could a development ombudsman be appointed I wonder?

article courtesy of - dec ‘09

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Hidden within the impressive canyons in ‘Las Hoces del Río Duratón’ National Park, Sepúlveda is one of the prettiest villages in the province of Segovia with just one thousand inhabitants. Easily accessible and in an extraordinarily beautiful setting, Sepúlveda is an ideal location to spend a day or even a weekend. There are a number of accommodation possibilities from small hotels to rural houses; retaining its authenticity, the village, so far, remains unaffected by tourism yet there’s great restaurants, local crafts shops and even a museums to occupy your time. Sepúlveda is home to the largest colony of vultures in Europe. Almost 600 pairs of these birds have found a home in its rocky canyons which provide an ideal habitat for them to build their nests in. The birds form part of the attractive panoramic views and can be seen flying over the village.

Iglesia de la Virgen de la Peña This church dates back to the 12th century and is located in the highest part of the village offering panoramic views of the canyons. There is a park next to the church.

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Iglesia del Salvador 11th century church with a Segovian facade. Iglesia de los Santos Justo y Pastor This church has recently been repaired. National Park of the River Duratón Situated only 13kms from Sepúlveda, this is made up of ‘las hoces’ (canyons) some measuring more than 70 metres which follow the river for 25kms. This national park takes

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Shoot Bolt locking for even more security What to see & do… Centro de Interpretación de las Hoces del Río Duratón Located in the old Roman church called Iglesia Santiago, this centre has an excellent exhibition, appealing to both adults and children, on various aspects of the national park. The renovation work that has been carried out on the church in order to adapt it for use as an exhibition centre has been very tastefully done by retaining the Roman arches and beauty of the original building. The exhibition has a webcam and a screen where you can see close ups of the vultures’ nests. If you are lucky you can even see eggs hatch if you visit from December-February. The staff at the centre area very helpful and can offer advice on routes and itineraries to follow in the Park

part in the LIFE scheme run by the EU aimed at conserving and promoting natural areas of special interest. Where to eat… The village has various bars and small restaurants where you can get traditional dishes especially roast meat (usually lamb) and stews. Recommended are Restaurante Cristóbal, Conde Sepúlveda 9, and Fogón de Azogue which is part of Hotel Vado del Duratón. There is a magnificent restaurant just half an hour’s drive away in Torrecaballeros called La Portada del Mediodía too. Fiestas in Sepúlveda The village fiestas take place on the 29th and 30th September also the last weekend of August they have bull running and bull fights very typical to this part of Spain.

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Sales: 950 430 820 email:


I have discovered some unique, subtle ailments, specific to Spain. They are not mentioned in any Development Company brochures, which only extol an idyllic lifestyle in a land of permanent sunshine.

Olive bow l E s ’ Picker

Nor will any health booklet even hint at them, preferring to terrify us with the Spanish for Gastroenteritis, and how to insist on a bed-bath before breakfast in a foreign language. Lifestyle publications are equally silent on the subject; they are heavy on advice on Fiestas and Siestas, but woefully lacking in information about the Perils of Provincial Life.

But I speak with the voice of experience, which started with Cactus Finger. This incredibly painful condition afflicts anyone who wishes to eat a Prickly Pear without due caution and a pair of tongs. It is not the spikes you see that cause the damage, it is the ones you don’t see!

Then there is Almond Harvester’s Neck. Several hours of looking up into the tree, whilst simultaneously beating the


branches with a long cane to dislodge the almonds, will certainly cause this in the unsuspecting. Just when you have recovered full mobility in your neck it is time for Fig Back. Fig trees are big and figs are soft, so there is no other way to collect them other than to wait for them to fall and then pick them up off the ground. By now, however, you should have laid in a good store of Ibuprofen, so you will have the remedy to hand. But the most unexpected ailment was Olive Picker’s Elbow. Olive trees are just the right height, not too far up, not too near the ground. It is a peaceful job, standing upright and chatting pleasantly in the sunshine whilst gently combing the branches with the purpose-built tool for the job. The olives give in with grace, falling obediently onto the nets spread beneath the tree. But don’t be fooled. Next morning you will have an entirely different form of Repetitive Strain Injury! Now where did I put the Ibuprofen? By Jos Biggs

Share your ailments with Jos by sending an email to editor@

…and in light of ‘Olive Picker’s Elbow’, is it all worth the effort? Well, YES! The greatest exponent of monounsaturated fat is olive oil, and it is a prime component of the Mediterranean Diet. Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as it is - freshly pressed from the fruit. The beneficial health effects of olive oil are due to both its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of anti-oxidative substances. Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels. No other naturally produced oil has as large an amount of monounsaturated

as olive oil -mainly oleic acid. Olive oil is very well-tolerated by the stomach. In fact, olive oil’s protective function has a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis. Olive oil activates the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones much more naturally than prescribed drugs. Consequently, it lowers the incidence of gallstone formation. Olive oil & heart disease Studies have shown that people who consumed 25ml - about 2 tablespoons - of virgin olive oil daily for 1 week showed less oxidation of LDL cholesterol and higher levels of antioxidant compounds, particularly phenols, in the blood. But while all types of

olive oil are sources of monounsaturated fat, EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, from the first pressing of the olives, contains higher levels of antioxidants, particularly vitamin E and phenols, because it is less processed. Olive oil is clearly one of the good oils, one of the healing fats. Types of Olive Oil Generally, olive oil is extracted by pressing or crushing olives. Olive oil comes in different varieties, depending on the amount of processing involved. Varieties include: Extra virgin - considered the best, least processed, comprising the oil from

the first pressing of the olives. Virgin - from the second pressing. Pure - undergoes some processing, such as filtering and refining. Extra light - undergoes considerable processing and only retains a very mild olive flavour When buying olive oil you will want to obtain high quality EXTRA VIRGIN oil. The oil that comes from the first “pressing” of the olive, is extracted without using heat (a cold press) or chemicals, and has no “off” flavours is awarded “extra virgin” status. The less the olive oil is handled, the closer to its natural state, the better the oil. If the olive oil meets all the criteria, it can be designated as “extra virgin”.

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Maybe you spent your working years in a job or profession that demanded all your time and energy. Now, at last you have the time – and hopefully the energy – to fulfil your dream of being a writer. But where do you begin? Well, it’s always a good idea to begin at the beginning! This means making a conscious effort to understand the craft of the writer and how better to do this than to read? We read purely for pleasure most of the time, it’s about getting lost in the plot and enjoying the escapism. Yet if we read with purpose and attention we begin to recognize literary devices and the personal style or ‘voice’ of the author.

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Another Year of F aith or F ear A

nother year slipped down into the numbered pool of days Eased in with tears and laughter, with crushed dreams and hopes ablaze, All nestled in the bottom of a past that cannot change And fear and faith on tiptoe face a year both new and strange. The fearful see more darkness for the past has taught them well, The problems will remain the same and life will still be hell, Because, for them, there is no God with arms held open wide Who promises to heal their hurts and be their trusted guide? He isn’t real or relevant to anything today And so the New Year will repeat the wounds of yesterday.

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Writers are not necessarily born, though having a natural talent and developing it is the most obvious way to authorial success. However, there are many of us who have long nursed a secret desire to write and who come to writing later in life. It is not impossible to become a published author even if you feel you’ve left it a bit late in the day. Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to be shown a newspaper cutting about a ninety three year old lady who had just had not only one but two books published simultaneously! This lady had found herself in a care home and had passed her time telling stories to a lady who was losing her sight and could no longer read. I found this very encouraging and inspiring.

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Should death occur in Spain - would you know what to do?

The faithful celebrate the day - they know that God is there And anything that needs to change, they’ll give to Him in prayer And He will help them sort the things they could not sort alone, So they rejoice to face a year of reaping what they’ve sown. They’re looking up expectantly because they know it’s true

y r t e o P Corner

That one day He will come again and just make all things new, To them it’s not a pipe dream or a fantasy or such They’ve seen Him take the hopeless things and change them with a touch.

They know the word ‘impossible’ no longer means a thing Because their lives are in the Hands of Heaven’s mighty king So will you face this year with faith? Or will it still be fear? Are you excited waiting for His coming to draw near? Or do you see the endless days repeating what they’ve done, With all the worries that you could have cast upon God’s Son? Stop marking time until the day there is no year ahead, Don’t make it count for nothing till you face the day you dread, There is a great adventure just for you to take in hand And awesome things you can achieve with what the Lord has planned. There never was a soul like you; and never this New Year But as it spreads before you, you must choose with faith or fear.

By Annette Keeble Martens

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Wellness Centre

Burns Suppers have been part of Scottish culture for about 200 years as a means of commemorating the birth of Robert Burns. Burns Suppers range from ostentatiously formal gatherings of aesthetes and scholars to uproariously informal raveups of drunkards and louts. Most Burns Suppers fall in the middle of this range, and adhere, more or less, to some sort of time honoured form which includes the eating of a traditional Scottish meal, the drinking of Scotch whisky, and the recitation of works by, about, and in the spirit of the Bard! And when Burns immortalised haggis in verse he created a central link that is maintained to this day.

BIOGRAPHY Robert Burns was born at Alloway, near Ayr, on 25 January 1759. His father William was a gardener to the Provost of Ayr. Robert was educated briefly at John Murdoch’s school in Alloway and later in Ayr. Family financial worries forced Burns to work as a farm labourer, and it was while thus occupied that he met his first love, Nelly Kirkpatrick. She inspired him to try his hand at poetry, a song entitled “O, once I lov’d a bonnie lass”, set to the tune of a traditional reel. Burns worked at a succession of labouring jobs, including flax dressing, and began writing poetry regularly. When his father died in 1784, Burns and his brother Gilbert rented a farm near Mauchline. Burns spread his affections freely, and the next decade saw 8 illegitimate children born to him through 5 different women. One of these, Jean Armour, became Mrs. Burns in 1788.

SUCCESS The first published work of poetry by Robert Burns was “Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect” which saw the light of day on 31 July 1786. This collection of verse contained many of Burn’s best works, including “To a Mouse”, and “The Holy Fair”. The success of “Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect” convinced Burns to abandon plans to emigrate to Jamaica. Buoyed by his burgeoning reputation as an unschooled “ploughman poet”, Burns moved to Edinburgh and became part of the thriving cultural scene there. He was unable to find a patron to support his writing, but publisher James Johnson gave him work editing a collection of Scottish folk songs. This work, titled “The Scots Musical Museum”, was published in 5 volumes over sixteen years. Burns himself contributed over 150 songs, including “Auld Lang Syne”, a reworking of an earlier folk song of unknown origin. Burns and his wife Jean moved to Mauchline, where in 1790 he produced “Tam o’ Shanter”, which was first published merely as an accompaniment to an illustration of Alloway Kirk, in a volume of “Antiquities of Scotland”. The growing Burns family moved again, this time to Dumfries. Burns contributed 114 songs to “A Select Collection Of Scottish Airs” by George Thomson, but he received very little payment for his efforts. In 1795, Burns was inspired by the events of the French Revolution to write

Address To A Haggis! Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o’ the pudding-race! Aboon them a’ ye tak your place, Painch, tripe, or thairm : Weel are ye wordy o’a grace As lang’s my arm. The groaning trencher there ye fill, Your hurdies like a distant hill, Your pin wad help to mend a mill In time o’need, While thro’ your pores the dews distil Like amber bead. His knife see rustic Labour dight, An’ cut you up wi’ ready sleight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright, Like ony ditch; And then, O what a glorious sight, Warm-reekin’, rich! Then, horn for horn, they stretch an’ strive: Deil tak the hindmost! on they drive, Till a’ their weel-swall’d kytes belyve Are bent like drums; Then auld Guidman, maist like to rive, Bethankit! hums. Is there that owre his French ragout Or olio that wad staw a sow, Or fricassee wad make her spew Wi’ perfect sconner, Looks down wi’ sneering, scornfu’ view On sic a dinner? Poor devil! see him owre his trash, As feckless as wither’d rash, His spindle shank, a guid whip-lash; His nieve a nit; Thro’ bloody flood or field to dash, O how unfit! But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed, The trembling earth resounds his tread. Clap in his walie nieve a blade, He’ll mak it whissle; An’ legs an’ arms, an’ heads will sned, Like taps o’ thrissle. Ye Pow’rs, wha mak mankind your care, And dish them out their bill o’ fare, Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware That jaups in luggies; But, if ye wish her gratefu’ prayer Gie her a haggis! “For a’ that and a’ that”, his cry for human equality. One year later, on July 21, 1796, Burns was dead of rheumatic fever. He was buried in the churchyard of St. Michael’s in Dumfries, even as his wife Jean was in childbirth with their ninth child.

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KITCHENS EXPERTLY DESIGNED & FITTED including tiling, electrics, plumbing & appliances



• Mosquito Screens • Shutters & Rejas Extra • Internal Window Blinds discounts • Garage Doors on all our • Toldos - Sun Awnings pro • Enclosures ducts in • Interior Window Blinds JAN & FEB All Construction Works & much, much more!!!

LEGACY Robert Burns gained more fame after his death than he ever did during his lifetime. Many of his songs and poems have become international favourites - even among those who find his use of Scottish lowland dialect difficult to decipher!

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Beauty Buy’s For 2010

Lash fantastic… We all want something different from our mascaras be it volume, length, definition or a waterproof alternative. Fortunately Max Factor’s Masterpiece mascara has a version for each and every one of these requests and at a price that won’t break the bank either. The specially designed IFX wand coats each lash individually, framing the eye beautifully, and the results won’t budge all day. Max Factor Masterpiece mascara, £8.99 available on-line from

A helping hand… L’Occitane’s bestselling Shea Butter hand cream is a godsend. It manages to be both thick and creamy, as well as being easily absorbed. We love the oil-paint style tubes and the sweet smells of honey, almond and coconut, but most of all we adore how soft this cream leaves our hands however hard we’ve worked them. Shea Butter hand cream, £16.50, available online from or Anti-aging wonder… Designed to target the three areas of the face most affected by ageing, the eyes, jaw-line and neck, Olay’s first super cream has proven incredibly popular and with good reason. Easily used night or day, the cream produces noticeably younger-looking, softer skin quickly. A classic in the making. Olay Regenerist 3 point treatment cream, £29.99 available online from All-purpose cream… The original multi-tasking beauty product, Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, remains a staple of many a makeup bag. Just a small amount of this soothing cream is required to ease dry, chapped skin all over the body, making it a winter must-have that continues to be useful all year round. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream Skin Protectant, £22, Elizabeth Arden available online from com

Sol Passion Wellness starts from within tanning & beauty studio • Look Great for Less

at Sol Passion

• Tanning sessions from 4.50€ • 15% off Sunjunkie Spray tanning, no streaks, beautiful long lasting tan • Lash extensions now only 12€ • Mini Facial 17€ Tel: 950 473 244 • Manicure 12€ Opposite El Patio 2000 • Pedicure 15€

Mojacar Playa

Try Electronic Cigarettes

a tobacco free - tar free - carcinogen free smoke free - odour free alternative to cigarettes can be smoked anywhere its much cheaper than smoking real cigarettes Mob: 639 219 333 Tel: 968 438 478

Sophia Wellness Centre Arboleas is gearing up for a busy start to the year with some exciting new editions to the business.

With many years experience in her field of work, Clare Gale from the Natural Health Centre really helps people with a wide range of health problems, including, IBS, Joint pain, Hormonal imbalances, Skin Conditions, Headaches, Migraines, Weight Loss and much more. Clare Gale is now working in association with Sophia offering services including Food Intolerance Testing, Nutritional testing, Hormone balance and much more. Specialist in areas like digestive problems, Clare now has 8 clinics along the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, and has for 2 years running won the award for Best Holistic Therapist. Clare gave a talk at the Sophia Wellness Centre on Tuesday 12th January to kick start the New Year. Clare gave free nutrition tests to those who came along and listened to a very informative talk on her work. Explaining about exercise

and the metabolism, nutrition and food intolerances, Clare can advice on what we should be eating in order to help with particular issues that we may face. Many people know they have health problems and often put off going to find out what could be the cause. When we look at the individual and see what imbalances there are, we can bring about changes that can eliminate symptoms. It might be that changes in diet or maybe supplementation maybe needed. Deficiencies are common place, we may eat a good balanced diet, but often many of us become deficient due to stress, ill health or medication that can cause our bodies to not absorb the nutrients correctly or go on to cause side effects that are equally as troublesome. Working with state of the art computer analysis equipment, the results are instant and painless.

If you are looking to improve your health for 2010 and would like some advice please call Sophia Wellness Centre Arboleas on 950 44 94 51

Almeria Angels

Making your Life Easier

Tel: 665 017 950

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Carin g in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS Although it seems like there are never-ending sales on these day’s there are always genuine bargains available in the sales after Christmas - as long as you are prepared in advance. Here are 5 tips to help you. 1. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation Spend at least half an hour reviewing your current wardrobe. What will see you through to the end of Winter? What needs to go right now? How can you update for Spring? Make a list. Stick to it! Oh yes and remember those vouchers you had as presents. 2. Scoring System Not sure if it’s quite what you want? Get into the habit of giving prospective purchases marks out of 10. Walk away for a minute. Anything below an 8 isn’t worth your hard-earned cash or those vouchers. Keep looking till you find your 10/10. 3. Classical Looks Now is not the time to stock up on gypsy skirts and knitted shrugs. Avoid current or passing trends in favour of classic, timeless pieces. Use your vouchers but don’t be afraid to add some extra out of your hard earned

cash it you think it scores 10/10. 4. Success in Shopping is No Shopping! Can’t find anything on your list? Resist the temptation to buy items just for the sake of having a bag to take home. If you really can’t stand the idea of leaving empty handed, allow yourself a small treat, such as an accessory. Have a budget in mind here, too. Don’t waste your vouchers. 5. Be a Smarty Pants Remember that a bargain is only a bargain if you use it! That full-length evening dress may look divine on the hanger, but how many Black Tie functions do you actually attend? Make sure your purchases fit your lifestyle, personality and figure. Lots of shops have an exchange-only policy on sales purchases, so shop wisely. To indulge your extravagant side, leave your purse at home and do some serious fantasy shopping.

Happy Shopping and let me know of your good purchases and your white elephants.

Elizabeth Sanderson is a qualified Life Coach and Performance Coach and is always happy to discuss this or other aspects of Life Coaching absolutely free of charge. She can be contacted in confidence on 965 725 695, 630 752 473 or by email on

Row Yourself Into Shape Build full-body muscle and blast away fat on the rowing machine. fast you are going – essentially how hard you are working – and can measure your progress and see how you are improving from week to week. As your endurance training improves you’ll start to see peripheral aerobic adaptations such as increased capillarisation (meaning an increase in the rate at which blood and oxygen can be transported to and used by the muscles) and increased blood volume (which also improves oxygen transport to the muscles). Together, an increase in capillarisation and blood volume means that muscles can work harder for longer. Total-body workout Looking for the best way to kick off your 2010 fitness regime? The unlikely answer may be to sit down in a corner of the gym. Rowing is a total-body workout; you are working all of the large muscle groups (legs, back, arms) and you can really push your body to the limit as there’s very little impact on your joints. Work up to 12km For blitzing winter weight, endurance training beats a short intense row. You can burn approximately 900 calories per hour during a steady state training session. Twelve kilometres is a good distance to build up to – though you should start off slow. Kick off at two kilometres and building up incrementally from there. But beware of injury; if you don’t row properly it can put a strain on your back, so for the first couple of weeks I’d advise doing short sessions working on getting the proper technique. Great motivator Another reason why the rowing machine is the perfect place to begin your journey toward a fitter, leaner body in 2010 is the regular indications of progress. The great thing about the rowing machine is that it gives you 500m splits so you have a constant measure of how

Nutrition As ever, what you consume – and when – is every bit as important as how intensely you train. Aim to have 1-1.2g of carbohydrate per kg of your bodyweight immediately after training and repeated at regular intervals until a meal is eaten. And if you can’t stomach solids, there’s always the white stuff! Milk or yoghurt-based drinks are convenient post-training and will provide protein as well as some carbohydrate. Research has shown that the mixture of whey and casein protein in milk can help rebuild muscles and promote efficient adaptations to resistance training. The effects of milk have also been shown to aid recovery from endurance exercise. Stroke for Stroke A further incentive to get rowing comes in the shape of the third annual Stroke for Stroke campaign, run by Siemens and The Stroke Association, which encourages members of the public to undertake a sponsored 10km row. The initiative will run from January 25 to January 31 and to date has raised over £70,000 to support stroke research. So get yourself a seat in the gym as soon as you can and row your way to a healthier 2010!

ncy “Life expecta y leaps & would grow b vegetables n e e r g if s d n bou as bacon.” d o o g s a d e ll sme on Doug Lars

Pause For Thought... One of the problems of living in this beautiful area of Spain is that there are just too many of us. Not wishing to complain of course, but there are so many of us here that we don’t need to try to integrate with the local community. We have so many British friends in the locality and at Church, and so many Spanish are anxious to learn and practice their English that we have little need to learn the language or to socialise with our Spanish Hosts. Unfortunately I remember all too well how I used to criticise the many immigrants who came to reside in my neighbourhood back in Lancashire for not learning English and for keeping to themselves rather than trying to integrate into our society, and I can’t help wondering just how much of that criticism could now be justly levelled against myself. So in an effort to make some attempt, when I saw a notice advertising a Mass for Christmas in Aljambra, near my home in Albox, in spite of the differences in culture, language and denomination, I felt constrained to attend. And what a joy it was. Surprisingly to me, I was the only foreigner there and tried vainly to slink quietly and unnoticed to the back. But no chance. In typical Spanish style I was truly made welcome, with everyone trying their best to communicate. That I was Anglican rather than Catholic proved no barrier either, as Priest and congregation joined in celebrating our common faith in Jesus, the eternal Son of God, rather than focus, as can so often happen, on our differences. What a lesson this was, and how important that we should learn from it and try at every opportunity to mix with our Spanish neighbours, enjoying their culture, which doubtless is one of the reasons we’ve come to live here anyway. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship. Further information about the Anglican Church, the service of Communion held in Albox on the last Thursday of each month and of forthcoming events may be seen on the website



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Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is commemorated internationally on 27th January each year. This date was chosen as it is the anniversary of the day in 1945 on which the Soviet Army liberated the largest Nazi concentration camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau. Each year, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust urges everyone to pause and reflect on what can happen when racism, prejudice and exclusionary behaviour are left unchecked. On HMD we take the time to see how the lessons of the past can play a part in our communities today. This year, Holocaust Memorial Day marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. On 27th January, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust is challenging everyone to become part of a Legacy of Hope.

HMD was established at a meeting on 27 January 2000, when representatives from forty-four governments around the world met in Stockholm to discuss Holocaust education, remembrance and research. At the conclusion of the forum, the delegates unanimously signed a declaration. This forms the HMD Statement of Commitment which is used a basis for events and commemorations. Statement of Commitment We recognise that the Holocaust shook the foundations of modern civilisation. Its unprecedented character and horror will always hold universal meaning.

discrimination and racism. We value a free, tolerant, and democratic society. Many organisers have incorporated the Holocaust Memorial Day Statement of Commitment into their remembrance events, reminding everyone attending of the principles behind HMD and why we commemorate the Day. HMD remembers the victims and honour the survivors of state-sponsored hatred in Nazi-occupied Europe, in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. HMD also pledges to make a stand – that the atrocities of the past should not happen again and renews a commitment to tackle hatred and exclusion head on in order to create a safer, better future for all. Holocaust survivors play an immense role in drawing our attention to the lessons of the Holocaust. They speak of pain and loss, of strength and survival, of despair and their wish for a Legacy of Hope. They encourage every one of us to look within and be sure of our moral compass; to be certain of our choices and to use our voice, whenever we can, to speak out. These survivors have translated difficult experiences in order to create a future that is free from the dangers of exclusion and persecution; they have passed a message of resilience and hope to our next generations. It is our responsibility to remember those who were persecuted and murdered, because their lives were wasted; to make the experience and words of victims and survivors of the Holocaust, and subsequent genocides, a meaningful part of our future.

We believe the Holocaust must have a permanent place in our nation’s collective memory. We honour the survivors still with us, and reaffirm our shared goals of mutual understanding and justice. We must make sure that future generations understand the causes of the Holocaust and reflect upon its consequences. We vow to remember the victims of Nazi persecution and of all genocide. We value the sacrifices of those who have risked their lives to protect or rescue victims, as a touchstone of the human capacity for good in the face of evil. We recognise that humanity is still scarred by the belief that race, religion, disability or sexuality make some people’s lives worth less than others’. Genocide, antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination still continue. We have a shared responsibility to fight these evils. We pledge to strengthen our efforts to promote education and research about the Holocaust and other genocide. We will do our utmost to make sure that the lessons of such events are fully learnt. We will continue to encourage Holocaust remembrance by holding an annual UK Holocaust Memorial Day. We condemn the evils of prejudice,

The aspirations of those who have suffered from the effects of the Holocaust and of genocide around the world, should inform our lives today. Their words can make us think about our own attitudes, our behaviour, our choices, the way we vote, the way we interact with one another, the way we respect and celebrate the differences between us and the way in which we build a safer future together. It is their example that can inspire us to greater action and ask ourselves what we should be doing today to build a safer, stronger society so that the risk of the building blocks of genocide ever being laid is removed?

For more information go to:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


27th January

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



your winter photos Dear Sol Times You requested winter in Spain photographs so I have attached a couple I took at a motorway services about 40 kilometres north of Burgos (E5, E80, AP1) on 17th December 2009 whilst on route to the Bilbao ferry port. My car is shown in one of the photographs and as you see it was not parked in the conventional parking area due to the main parking area being virtually unusable due to the amount of snow. Regards, Rod Spencer, Puerto de Mazarron, Murcia


conditions apply

2 YEARS FREE MAINTENANCE State of The Art Programmable Remote Controlled Fires

second to none after sales service & support

Take Advantage of The Junta de Andalucia Incentive Project (See our website for more info)

Using Biological Renewable Fuel

Cost: 3,272€ Less: 1,963

(EEC/Junta incentive)

Customer pays 1,309€ (for unit) inc. IVA plus installation fees from 350€

different models available free standing stoves or insert fire places


Every winter, his face away, ed n r tu s a h n su t When the grea to a vale of grief, in n w o d es go h rt The ea s herself in sa bles, d u o r sh d n a s, p ee And fasts, and w lands to dec ay r ga gin d ed w er h g Le avin urning kisses. et r is h o t g in r sp Then le aps in Charles Kingsley • Situated just outside San Javier Airport (Murcia) with the latest state of the art security system, CCTV and manned 7 days per week • Unlimited free transfers • Completely legal and insured

Hi Ed on Dec 31st This picture was taken at Cabo de Palos h, about lunc sant (New Years Eve 2009) after a plea ing! 3.30 pm. Hope you find it interest Terry (Fuente Alamo)

• Immediate transfer to Airport, NO WAITING, dropping you right outside departures for your convenience. On your return your car will be outside arrivals receiving a complimentary external clean

A AN NN NU UA AL L C CO ON NT T R R A A C CT T 1122 m moonnth th

ss fo for thee pprric icee ooff 1111 m r th moonnth thss

ONLY 275€ w wh hic ichh in incclu luddeess U UN NLLIM IMIT ITE ED D TTR RA AN NS SFFE ER RS S



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Vera Branch Office: Ronda Las Buganvillas Local 24, 04621 Vera (Almeria, Spain)

TEL. +34 - 950 617 017 / FAX. +34 - 950 133 342

E-MAIL: or

Yes it’s loud and yes it sounds like an old fashioned Fire Bell! If this does not wake you then check your pulse! Designed not only to look like a real fire bell, it’s got very similar decibels with a digital time display and three alarm settings. If you need just a couple more minutes, simply hit the big white snooze button and you’ve got 8 minutes before the next noise-fest kicks in!


FLYING ALARM CLOCK ~ 16.84€ The Flying alarm clock is pretty much as it sounds - an alarm clock which makes alarm noises and a flying bit which comes to life when the alarm goes off. All you have to do is set the alarm as you normally would. When it’s time to get up the helicopter bit of the clock will fly off, and the only way to switch the alarm off is by sticking this back in the base. We do set the alarm to get our lazy bums out of bed and this will do exactly that!

MP3 ALARM CLOCK ~ 21.34€







combined with new, the Wiki MP3 Alarm Clock might look old fashioned but contains the latest technology to allow you to wake up dancing to the tune of choice. Browse, select and use sounds from a Sound Bank or download your favourite songs through a PC You can also arrange the sequence, set for repeat or insert silence, then record into the alarm clock.

ANIMAL SOUNDS ALARM CLOCK ~ 16.28€ Choose from one of six clocks. Available there is a Cat, Cow, Frog, Pig, Duck and Rooster. We could also explain what each clock sounds like, but with any luck you might just have heard what each animal sounds like. The sounds are very realistic and the clock and alarms are set in the normal way, but instead of a loud ring you’ll be awoken by your favourite animal! Just like being on a farm eh?


Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:




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! e m o H r u o Y e s i r e t n i W m r a W p Slee

It’s likely that our houses will soon feel the full force of the Spanish winter with bitter cold wind, heavy rain and possibly even snow. Here are a few jobs that you’ll want to get out of the way as soon as possible! Service your boiler… Now is the time to check your boiler is working fine and doesn’t let you down when you most need it. Gas Safe Register recommends you get your boiler checked annually by a registered engineer. This is mainly to protect you and your family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which every year claims lives and in less extreme cases ill health too. This may be a good time to replace an old boiler for a newer model. If your boiler is over 10 years old you could be wasting up to half the gas you buy!

gaps in your windows and doors. Around a fifth of heat lost from the home is due to draughts; this can be fixed simply by locating draughts and sealing them and is often a much cheaper solution than replacing old windows or doors. There’s a wide range of draught proofing available from local hardware stores (Ferreteria) in the form of brushes, foams and sealants in strips or shaped rubber or plastic. Inspect your roof and chimney…

Spain! In this case it’s advisable to check from a ladder around the perimeter from the eaves. Always make sure you are using an appropriate roof ladder that is securely fastened at the top and bottom and have someone with you for safety. Here are some checks you should make and replacements where necessary: Look for missing, cracked, curled, broken or rotted slates or tiles. These will need to be replaced and old nails removed.


Your roof is the first point of contact between your house and rainfall or snow, so now is the time to check that your roof is weatherproof.

Check for any broken or missing points where the roof meets chimneys, walls, vents, dormers, or skylights – roofing cement can fix problem areas.

It’s no good having a boiler in tip top order if the heat it’s pumping out is leaking through cracks and

Steep roofs or roofs covered with slate or tiles shouldn’t be walked on – that’s most roofs here in

Check your chimney is free of any unwanted guests!

Seal draughts doors…



Mon & Sat:

For more information or a free quotation call:

630 231 644 636 838 484

Sleeping warm an When you go to bed, the shee re

First, use flannel sheets on your bed. They make a bed instantly warmer than cotton or satin which will freeze you! But flannel will be warmer to the touch instantly and hold your body heat all night. Next, use a down comforter! They are so, so warm that you will think you have an electric blanket. Down feathers insulate and therefore you stay extra cozy under a down comforter on your bed. Reconcile temperature preferences by giving the colder partner a fleece blanket. Use a twin size fleece blanket on one side of the bed so that the colder partner does not suffer from a lack of covers or make you sweat with comforter overkill. This way, you two can sleep happily side by side even if

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



n o i t a x a l Re e d Perfect Firesi & Cozy

nd cozy is sometimes hard to do in the cold of winter! ets are so cold you just about jump back out, but there are ways to emedy this and stay warm all night! your temperature preferences are very different. Replace your mattress if it is more than 10 years old. The average mattress lasts for around 10 years. After that it starts to break down and no amount of attention can make it comfortable again. Pick the right size mattress to make you cozy. A mattress that is too small leads to feeling crowded; if it is too large you can feel lost inside the bed with too much space. Lay down on the bed and extend both arms out to your side. Where your fingertips extend to is the ideal size for you. If you have a partner in bed, you should both be able to extend your arms. Additionally, put a comfortable mattress pad on

top of the mattress. For extra comfort, consider putting a foam pad on the mattress underneath the fitted mattress pad. Be sure to put a mattress pad with deep enough sides to hook firmly over the mattress so it doesn’t pop off and create uncomfortable bunches under your sheets. Replace hot water bottles with herbal neck and foot wraps. You can put them in the microwave and warm them right at bed time. Then take them to bed with you and put them at your feet and neck. Now when you talk about comfort, this is it. And since they are herbal wraps, they will have a wonderful smell when you heat them. Aroma therapy and warmth lead to restful sleep. How much better does it get?

The weather outside may be frightful, but your fire can be oh-so delightful with a few key tips… Keep Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Clean You should get your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney specialist every year. Be Cautious and Conservative with Burning Fuels Don’t use lighter fluid to start a fire, keep a wire grate in front of the fireplace, and remove any decorative and flammable materials far away from the hearth. Never leave a fire unattended, and extinguish the fire before you go to bed or leave the home.

the outside of your home, and cover the top of the chimney with a mesh spark protector

Protect the Inside of your Home Install smoke alarms and check them monthly. Make sure there is proper ventilation around the fireplace and throughout the home.

EDUCATE YOUR FAMILY: Make sure everyone in the home knows where the fire extinguisher is and knows an evacuation plan in case things go wrong.

Protect the Outside of Your House

As long as you practice fire safety, there is no reason

Keep your firewood at least 30 feet away from

to fear this beautiful home heat source!

Front Line Urbanisation in Mojacar Playa Property of the Month

Telephone: 950 102 006 617 587 903 or visit Incredible offer for a three bed roomed one bath


apartment in a front line position on Mojacar Playa. As of January 1st this property is been fitted with a new designer Kitchen with Bosch oven, touch hobs and fridge freezer and has been reformed with new painting, tiles, and Bathroom for presentation of sale. The property was rented out constantly for five consecutive years. Properties of this location rarely come onto the market and at this price. This is a ground floor apartment in a secure gated community which has an impressive communal pool and gardens. The apartment has a large private terrace which also has a nice touch of plantation and charm. From the entrance, you would have a 30 second walk to the front of Mojacar playa beach side and the bustle of bars and restaurants that are held in the highest regard in the Playa. The interior of the property consists of three double bedrooms one bathroom, a separate kitchen and good 2 BedandRooms €130,000 sized lounge. English Satellite is installed and the property Rooms €135,000 will3beBed sold partly furnished.

A Bargain House in an Exclusive Community

22 New Key Ready Apartments A well positioned small development of 22 new key ready apartments that are priced to sell below market Value. Positioned and located central to Mojacar Playa. The Properties are North Facing however all properties enjoy generous terrace space with most having sea views. These properties are available on a good finance package and would be suitable for all aspects of purchase including rental due to the location to beach and amenities. Priced includes a choice of one of ten Kitchen models and a 20m2 storeroom. DIRECT FROM THE PROMOTOR V.I.P ALMERIA.

2 Bed Rooms €130,000 3 Bed Rooms €135,000

Bank Repossession: Semi-detached modern villa

Located Second Line from Mojacar Beach, type 2 bed / 2 bath bungalow . This property is in a neat and small community that is very sought after area at a bargain price. It comprises of two good sized bedrooms an open lounge and terraces to the front and back with a staircase to a solarium looking over the pool and to Mojacar Beach. The entrance can be from the back beside the kitchen or via the communal garden to a large partly covered terrace. There are fantastic views from all parts of this property. This is an excellent chance to purchase a bungalow in this very sought after area at a bargain price. The property is sold partly furnished but will include a fully fitted Kitchen.

Price €159,900 reduced from €210,000 for a deal

V.I.P Almeria, established in Mojacar in 2006, are now operating to the general public for lifestyle and investment properties. With various contracts in place, including Hestiun - the official leisure property development partner of Manchester United PLC 2008/2009 - V.I.P. Almeria are exclusively promoting the Miramar de Marina Golf development in Mojacar with Grupo 2002.

Spacious semi-detached modern house within 200m from the sea, In a sought after / very residential area, on the grounds of a gated private community with a private road which can be accessed via two different routes. It has lovely communal lawned gardens & large swimming pool. The 157m property consists of: Ground floor: Porch, large entrance hall, kitchen, cloakroom, large dining / living room with open fire place, private terrace overlooking the gardens, swimming pool and sea. Upstairs: master bedroom with its own terrace overlooking the communial gardens and the properties own 165m2 garden, swimming pool and with great views of the sea. Family bathroom and 2 further bedrooms both have distant views of picturesque Mojácar Village. The basement can be accessed via the Lounge staircase and is ideal as an open plan office, bedroom or chill out “big boys room” room for the man of the house. This can be used as a permanent home or holiday / investment property.

Was €285,000 now offers in Excess of €225,000

Through its association with the banking sector, local and international, VIP Almeria can also offer all of their applicants excellent financial options and assistance, together with property portfolios that are not always available to the public. Also please check our website for our distress and repossession portfolios.


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Established for 47 years.

Fed up with paying too much for insurances? talk to us


Example 1

Funeral & Medical

• A couple aged 55 & 60. • Full coverage for your funeral right down to the flowers!! • Whether you want to stay in Spain or be re-patriated. • Plus discounts on all your private medical All for Example 2

ONLY 40€ per month, per couple

Building & contents insurance for a house of 135m2

ONLY 210€ per year!!

We also cover houses in the Campo. You can’t afford not to call us really...

950 616 010 or 617 456 335 Office hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm & 4pm - 7.30pm



Family run bar for sale with two bedroom accommodation. Low rent ongoing lease. Good English & Spanish trade. Situated in Cuaves De Rellyo Five mins Fuente Alamo. Reason for sale retirement. Priced accordingly.

Tel Christine on 663 036 208

Advertise your property... full colour, with a photo and copy for only 20€ and get an extra week free! Call Lyn on 950 430 820 for more details

property for SALE Lease & stock for sale

Small stationary shop in the village of Tabernas. Open lease. £5000.00 Good potential. Genuine reason for sale

Inmobiliaria Blaumar Estate Agents

Tel / Fax: 950 135 512 Mobile: 678 002 006

Cortijo / Villa Huercal Overa


€198,000 Tel: 950 069 660


Phone 950 611 846

sale properties wanted Is yours Fully Legal & Sensibily Priced? If so, we have Cash Buyers waiting. All areas covered All property types needed

Old Cortijo ruin in La Perulera (Huercal Overa). Electric & water connected. 1,670m2. land/plot cortijo is 60m2. Escritura of land and cortijo available. (Looking to buy? Then call us also) Tel: 950 469 592 Mob: 697 640 681 or 644 350 361

2 bedrooms, Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Shower room, 9x4 pool, Mature gardens, All paperwork 400sqm plot

• Detached • 3 Bed / 1 Bath • 1,592m2 flat plot • Needs modernisation • Mains Elec & Water • Work shop

Call: 638 849 254

Are you buying or selling a property? Coles of Andalucia have a wide range of legal properties at market adjusted prices. Resale, new build and bank repossessions.

Get yourself a bargain 3 year old villa on the outskirts of Turre

Avda. Guillermo Reyna 53, Huercal Overa, Almeria






950 430 820


Key Ready & Resale Properties Repossessions Distress Sales

Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 102 006 Mobile: 617 587 903


Tel: 647 730 103

Located in a quiet street with lovely views. 3 Double bedrooms, large living room, light and airy hall and landing, fully fitted modern kitchen.large bathroom, downstairs WC, patio ,terrace, front garden and drive. A must see property! Different forms of payment accepted. For more information contact - Sam 679100048

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



Domestic • appliances shower screens • vertical blinds • safes •

• Sofas • beds • tables and chairs • wardrobes

all delivered and fitted furniture packages with the personal touch

ONZE BR package

gold package 2 bed

2 bed


1995€ silcver kage

kitchen packages

pa 2 bed

from 199€ linen packages


from 179€

Prices include internal lights (with eco bulbs), full installation & IVA (VAT)


3 seater leather E 599€ C I R P 1/2

3 + 2 sofas leather 995€ wardrobes supplied and fitted

shower screens supplied and fitted


vertical blinds supplied and fitted

Pol Ind El Real de Antas, C/ Interior, Nave 9, 04628 Antas (Almeria)

Tel: 950 459 017 Fax: 950 459 018

• Washing machines • fridge-freezers • dishwashers • tumble dryers • chest freezers • ovens • hobs • hoods To Cartagena From Almeria Junction 534A From Murcia Junction 534 To Vera

Contact Roy on 661 671 176 or Graham on 678 655 453 9am - 8pm Email:


To Antas Exit 534

Cepsa Petrol Station


Monday & Friday: 10am - 2pm Tuesday - Wednesday and Thursday 10am - 5pm



Showroom hours

100’s of colours ~ Different styles Cloth or leather


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Wisteria is one of the prettiest climbing plants you can put in your garden. The ideal soil for them has to be moist, rich with plenty of space for the roots to develop and grow. They will flower between May and June and you’ll be treated to a beautiful show of colour and lovely fragrance. Wisteria plants originally grew on trees with the roots embedded in the forest floor in the rich organic matter of the leaf litter created by autumn leaf falls. The top growth of the plant grows strongly upward to reach the light. To grow wisteria successfully you need to re-create these conditions in the original planting and the yearly maintenance. When planting you should select a position that has the roots in a shaded spot, but will allow wisteria’s top growth to find the sun against a wall or fence. Dig a large hole and fork the base, incorporating large amounts of organic matter, such as garden compost, farmyard or stable manure. Make sure that you only use wellrotted manure and compost, as freshly made can burn the roots of the new plant. With the yearly maintenance of the wisteria you will need to add additional organic matter by top dressing the plant’s base in the spring. Feeding with a general garden fertiliser can be carried out in the spring followed by feeding with a liquid tomato feed every 14 days after the end of May.

ria e t s i W r o f s i W

Wisterias flower from flowering spurs that form on the stems. The best way to encourage the development of the spurs is to train your wisteria so that the side shoots and branches are horizontal. The best form of training is on a wire secured to a wall or fence using wine eyes and galvanised wire. Naturally wisteria plants climb by sending out shoots that look for tree branches to climb on. Once a branch is located the wisteria stem starts turning clockwise in a circling motion resulting in a coiling to secure its new position. This fact is worth remembering when training your plant to a new wire as twisting the stems in a anti-clockwise direction

will cause the plant to waste a great deal of energy and time untwisting and re-twisting itself. With your wisteria trained, light summer pruning should take place during the first three summers to control any wild side shoots that you do not wish to tie in and to reduce any excessive foliage. If you have had a wisteria for a number of years that has failed to flower, it is time for some drastic measures. In late autumn, after the leaves have fallen, you should prune the plant back by 50% removing all the thinner stems, only leaving the main plant structure. Test the soil to see if it is alkaline and if it is add a small dressing of iron sulphate to help counteract this and help turn the soil slightly acid. Finally, top dress with some organic matter around the base. In some cases you will find that even this drastic pruning will not result in flowering because the plant has been planted incorrectly in the first place with no organic matter, or it had been propagated from a parent plant that also lacked flowers. The only solution at this stage is to re-plant with a new plant, which you know to have been propagated from a prolific flowering parent

Recommended Varieties Bristol Ruby - has lovely little red fragrant flowers. Lyoth Gold - is a really nice plant which has a beautiful orangey golden flower and brightens up any small garden or covers any unsightly wall. Wisteria sinensis - has pretty little purple fragrant flowers Don’t forget to send your gardening questions to

s in a g r a B r a e Y w e N Come And See Our ! t s a L s k c o t S e il h W y l On Bar Gazebo

8 Piece WAS 450€ Patio Set


25€ Sunloungers

Ca ll N o w ! N o de po sit re qu ire d Calle Las Ramiras, El Real Ind. Estate, Antas, Almeria


Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. Sat 10am-2pm

Sales Hotline

WAS 599€

NOW 199€

NOW Designer € Suite 899 PARQUE IND. EL REAL

637 637 259 259 033 033

Why not order online?


Cepsa Garage

E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534

We Are Here

Order by email - - and pay on delivery

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

A-Z of Plants... A-Z of Plants...


Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Live Entertainment Every Saturday AT

The White Horse Community Inn Cucador Serving Food All Day Everyday

from menu del dia to a full a la Carte menu

6.50€ for 3 courses Sunday Roast from 12pm - 4pm. See your steak cooked to perfection

Live Entertainment:

Saturday 23rd Jan: Brian Dee Saturday 30th Jan: Mel Jay Free Transport - Call for more details

Non Smoking Restaurant Now Available in our snug!

Bingo, Quiz Night, Coming Soon Golf Society, Darts League, Sky Sports, Race Nights

Coming Soon

Opening Hours: 11am - Late. All day every day Avenida Europa, Cuesta de los Pinos

Tel: 667 273 936 / 697 506 772

Venue available for private hire. All occassions catered for.




CUCADOR Nr Alfoquia





➙ Cucador


Huercal Overa


Albox La Alfoquia

➙ ➙



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STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 1 Ploy (6) 4 Requiring secret knowledge (6) 9 Disapproves (7) 10 Angry (5) 11 Land measure (4) 12 Perplexing (8) 14 Disney cartoon character (5) 16 Mournful poem (5) 20 Scorn (8) 21 Fencing sword (4)


Down 1 In part of the Czech republic I’m held up by tea (7) 2 A fellow’s legs may be protected by these (5) 3 Simple addition in cult film (4,5) 4 Irish terrorists meet queen - one from Baghdad, perhaps (5) 5 Free pile designed for a member of the House of Lords (4,4) 6 Painting surface covered in stages sometimes (5)






Down 1 Worldwide (6) 2 US military officer (5) 3 Unit of length (4) 5 Precipitation (8) 6 Astounding (7)

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 1 React badly when embraced by one scientist or another (14) 9 Capital investment producing hard faces (9) 10 Monsieur is immersed in unspecified French river (5) 11 Scrooge in film is erratic (5) 12 I’m ready to attend university without preparation (9) 13 Gold ordered for a piece of music (6) 15 A rock star baked food ... (4,4) 18 ... before actual team of stars (8) 19 Going up a track (6) 21 Empty cell on mountain? Most ingenious! (9) 24 Excuse for boxer beginning to box on island (5) 26 The sound of a piano is excruciating (5) 27 Exercising self-control in Europe, for example (9) 28 This chair is carved in stone for a mystery writer (6,8)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle where the aim of the game is to enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids (they call them regions). The catch is that each row, column and region must contain only one instance of each number.

24 Female relative (5) 25 Pills (7) 26 Unmarried (6) 27 Precious stones (6)

7 Come out into view (6) 8 Ordinary (5) 13 Celestial (8) 15 Lamp (7) 17 Parts of a play (6) 18 Catches sight of (5) 19 Creatures (6) 22 Fragment (5) 23 Woodwind instrument (4)

7 Signal given more shape at sea (9) 8 Check polish again (6) 14 Bugging two items of personal adornment (9) 16 Conductor of opera rising in encore (9) 17 Naval ice breaker in Spanish city (8) 18 Not the first time (6) 20 This’ll sound like a Scottish emblem (7) 22 Chris, the tennis player, is always on time (5) 23 A number going to church for fish (5) 25 Sluggish trainer takes part (5)

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



entertainment news... entertainment news... Whittle Pleads Not Guilty To Driving Charge

Ricky Whittle has pleaded not guilty to a charge of dangerous driving at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.

The Strictly Come Dancing and Hollyoak s star was arrested on suspicion of assault on November 27 following an incident on Duke Street in Liverpool when his vehicle allegedly collided with a freelance photographer. The 29-year-old was released on bail later that day. Steve Farrell has claimed that Whittle “took objection” to him taking a picture of him and two girls through the car window. Earlier, Whittle had been at leaving parties for two of his soap co-stars at Parr Street Studios. Whittle only spoke to give his name and address today, but will reappear at the court on March 12 when the case is expected to be committed to Liverpool Crown Court.

Tan Ban Girls Aloud Star Backs Under-18 Nicola Roberts has joined

Girls Aloud star the government in calling for a ban on under18s using tanning salons. The singer spoke at the launch of the private members’ bill, which was brought forward by Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan. Roberts, who is making a documentary about “tanorexia” for BBC Three, said that there is “unbelievable pressure” on young girls and women about how they look. The 24-year-old claimed that she was shocked on a recent trip to her home city of Liverpool when she realised how many young girls used sunbeds. “Going into the streets of Liverpool and interviewing the young girls who are obsessed with having a tan and feeling like they had to be brown to be seen as attractive, that whole mentalit y that they had gathered was just a bigger problem than I ever thought it was,” the BBC quotes her as saying. Roberts added that she had “learned to love” her pale skin after years of using fake tan.

Singer Bobby Charles Dies, Aged 71

American singer Bobby Charles has died at his Louisiana home at the age of 71. Charles was in remission from kidney cancer and suffered from diabetes. However , the cause of death remains unknown. The star helped pioneer the south Louisiana musical genre ‘swamp pop’ and penn ed songs including ‘Walking to New Orleans’ and ‘See You Later Alligator ’. “He is a classic American song writ er. His songs are real American songs,” publicist

Karen Johnson said. Long-time friend and music colla borator Dr. John said: “We were very close for 40, 50 years. We started writing stuff together in the ‘70s. He was very easy to work with and a special guy.” The pair had recently completed an album together titled Timeless, whic h will be released next month. Charles is survived by four sons.

ntary Spielberg For Ground Zero Doctheume reconstruction of New

Steven Spielberg has signed to produce a documentary about York City’s former World Trade Center site. The Oscar-winning filmmaker will also act as advisor for the project, titled Rebuilding Ground Zero. “The rebuilding effort at Ground Zero is a compelling story of remembrance and renewal,” said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a statement. He added: “The fact that Steven Spielberg - one of the great filmmakers of our time - will produce a documentary on it ensures that the story will be brought to life for people around the world for generations to come.” The six-part series is slated to air in 2011, two years before the site’s Freedom Tower is expected to be completed.

o Barlows Celebrate Anniversary With Bing The couple

anniversary. Gary Barlow and his wife Dawn have reached their tenth wedding celebrate the special could they that so Hotel Oriental n Mandari s threw a bingo party at London’ day with their friends. sure Dawn had a party One of the guests commented: “[Gary] spent a lot of money to make s suite. Gary hosted luxuriou most hotel’s to remember, treating her to a couple of nights in the tables and they all their on were dabbers and cards the All out. the bingo, calling the numbers got into the spirit of things.” ’s, included Cheryl Celebrity guests at the event, which raised money for charity Barnardo Take That Barlow’s Dixon. Alesha and Ashley Cole, Fearne Cotton, Denise Van Outen and party. the at speech a gave also Owen Mark bandmates Howard Donald and

Coleen Nolan: ‘Beckham Needs A Hob by’

Coleen Nolan has urged Victoria Beckham to “get a hobby” and stop worr ying about her breasts. The Loose Women panellist spoke out with words of advice for Beckham following recent press attention surrounding the star’s seemingly smaller assets. Beckham sparked the scrutiny by wearing a low- cut top earlier this week. She is thought to have had a breast reduction operation last year, reducing her bust size from a 34D to 34B following two previous enlargements. Writing in her column for The Mirror, Nolan remarked: “Where have they gone, Posh? Your boobs! What have you done with them? One minute they were there all there, bursting out the top of your

frocks. Now it look s like someone has nicked them. “Posh’s boobs have been up and down more times than a window cleaner’s ladder. But maybe it is part of being super-rich that your boobs change as often as the rest of us change our hairstyle.” Addressing Beckham directly, she continued: “Forget about them, love. Get a hobby, watch a bit more daytime telly - I can recommend Loose Women - do some voluntar y work. Anything. Just stop thinking about boobs because life is way too shor t. Let’s leave obsessing about breasts to the men.”

Will Be Fabulous’ s” rock Ray Winstone: ‘Cleo star in Steven Soderbergh’s “fabulou to wait

Ray Winstone has admitted that he can’t musical Cleo. The British actor, known for appearing in tough-guy movies such as Sexy Beast , said that he hopes the project, which will seem him play Julius Caesar opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Egyptian queen Cleopatra, materialises this year. “It’ll be great! We were supposed to do it last year, but Steven had something else to do, which he’s done now, but I haven’t heard anything more about it. It would be great to do it this year, but if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” he said. Asked if he has any trepidation about changing career direction to star in a song and dance film, Winstone replied: “Nah! No way. I’d love to. Me with the Tony Curtis haircut, too.” giving it large? It’ll be great. No, it’ll be fabulous! I look good in a skirt,

‘Enders Jo Joyner Gives Birth To Twins

EastEnders star Jo Joyner is reportedly ‘thrilled’ after giving birth to a baby girl and boy. The actress, who plays Tanya Branning in the soap, announced that she was pregnant with twins last July. Joyner was forced to undergo fertility treatment after strugglin g to conceive with actor husband Neil Madden for four years. Reports indicate that the 31-year- old is to present her new son and daughter in a magazine deal. Joyner’s agent would not disclose any further details about the twins, saying that it was “too private right now”.

REVIEWS By Simon Lewis


Hell’s Angels by Hunter S Thompson

The Hell’s Angels seem like the perfect subject for one of journalisms most extreme advocates. Thompson likes nothing more than a bit of journalism on the edge and here he goes in search of the awesome and often frightening biker gang in California. Like any production from Thompson the writing is insightful and detailed but with real humour and exact observation of the subject. He really gets to the depths of the characters he encounters and does much to both enforce and debunk some of the myths and stories that follow this particular group. It’s a great read being both informative and edgy and Thompson as ever captures the essence of something in a fresh and exciting way that many other writers fail to do. The events, characters and sheer intensity make this a great non-fiction read on an under investigated subject.


Paolo Nutini Sunny Side Up

Paolo Nutini’s second album might come across as a bit of a shock to those who bought and loved his debut These Streets. The same song writing quality is clearly present but the genre is harder to pin down. The Scottish artist has really gone to town with influences and genres on his second album. As you go through the songs you’re transported from reggae on 10/10 to soul music on Coming Up Easy. There is some rock and folk music thrown in too for good measure. It shouldn’t work but strangely it does. The strength of Nutini’s voice coupled with the song writing talent he possesses means that although you’re never sure what will happen next when it does you can’t help but be captivated. Songs like the beautifully catchy pop of Candy are a welcome distraction to the cold nights!


Push (12) 107 mins

What we have here is yet another superheroes type offering much akin to the TV series Heroes that has proven so popular. The film follows ordinary people that have psychic abilities that they can use for a range of skills. Chris Evans plays the lead as a “mover” a person who can move objects simply with the power of his mind. There are also people who can see the near future, people who can change shape and ones that can even use smell to know about a recent event. Imaginative it might be and the effects that the director puts into action around Hong Kong are certainly impressive. It’s a good action film but it feels too much like this is setting up a franchise for the future, a bit like watching the pilot to a new TV show. It’s exciting and well shot but leaves you wanting a bit more than what is eventually offered.


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Sea Bass with Chorizo & Potatoes


tatoes, thickly sliced 70 0g (1½lb) wa xy po 1 tbsp olive oil s fillets, skin on Staying in needn’t mean dull dinners! Re-create restaurant4 x 125g (4oz) sea bas ed style dishes at home with these mouth-watering meals. 150g (5oz) chorizo, slic wine ite wh dry oz) l (5f From Fillet Steak with Madeira sauce to a steaming plate of l 150m ser ve lemon, quartered, to mussels, get cooking! Note: All recipes serve 4 people Zest of 1 lemon plus 1 y, freshly chopped 1tbsp flat-leafed parsle Method boiling water for a pan of lightly salted Cook the potatoes in leave to steam and er Drain in a coland 8-10min until tender. Ingredients: dry for 2min. t. Fry the fish ls pan over a medium hea 2kg (4½lb) fresh musse Heat the oil in a large and cook for n tur in until golden, then 2tbsp olive oil skin-side down for 3m with foil and y sel loo warm plate, cover ped 30sec. Transfer to a 3 shallots, finely chop ely move keep warm. 1 stalk lemongrass, fin 2min until golden. Re chorizo in the pan for the Fry heat, h hig a d r pe ove chop Ingredients: potatoes and fry a slotted spoon. Add to rings h o wit rizo int cho ed slic the , n illi tur ch Re . 1 red den 1tbsp sunflower oil gol il unt in 3m htly turning often, for ite wine zest. Bubble, until slig on 150ml (5f l oz) dry wh lem 4 fillet steaks - about 15 and e win the 0g (5oz) each the pan, with lk 165ml tin Coconut Mi 15 0ml (5f l oz) Madeira . upy the h syr wit top , , tes der rizo among four pla 20g pack fresh corian 20 0ml (7f l oz) hot bee Divide potatoes and cho and ser ve f stock d pe Garnish with parsley, op es. ch juic ly h gh rou 10 0ml (3½fl oz) doub fish and drizzle wit le cream r. ove to squeeze 1 lime, quartered 1tsp Dijon mustard with a lemon quarter

Thai-Style Mussels


removing any beards Scrub the mussels in cold water, damaged shells or that or barnacles. Discard any with ed. stay open when lightly tapp enough to hold the Heat the oil in a large pan deep ngrass and chilli and fry mussels. Add the shallots, lemo gently for 3min. and simmer for 1min, Add the white wine to the pan er for a further 5min, then add the coconut milk. Simm pan tightly with a lid and then add the mussels. Cover the are opened. Discard any cook for 5min until the mussels that remain closed. mussels among four Stir in the coriander and divide the e and serve with a warmed bowls. Pour over the sauc crusty bread to and quar ter of lime for squeezing over mop up the juices.

Fillet Steak With Madeira Sauce

ALLBITES La Alfoquia




Heat the oil in a pan over a medium to high heat and fry the steaks for 2¼min on each side for rare and 3¼min on each side for medium rare. Set aside on a warmed plate and cover loosely with foil. Leave to rest for at least 10min while you make the sauce. Pour the Madeira into the same pan and simmer rapidly until syrupy, scraping the crusty bits from the base of the pan these contain lots of flavour. Add the stock and simmer for 4-5min. Then add any juices from the resting steaks. Add the cream and bubble for 1-2min until thickened. Stir in the mustard and check the seasoning. Serve the steaks with seasonal vegetables and a little of the sauce drizzled over. COOK’S TIP: This versatile sauce is also excellent served with pan-fried lamb, pork, pheasant or chicken breasts - simply replace the beef stock with lamb or chicken stock.

Wild Mushroom Risotto





Put dried mushrooms into a bowl. Add 250ml (9fl oz) boiling water and soak for 20min. Strain mushrooms, reserving 150ml (5fl oz) of the soaking liquor, then roughly chop. Heat half the oil in a large pan and gently fry the leek for 10min until softened. Add the garlic and fry for 1min. Add rice and cook for 1min, stirring well. Pour in the wine and simmer until evaporated. Then add the mushroom liquor and cook until absorbed. Add the dried mushrooms, then add a ladleful of stock and simmer until the liquid has been absorbed. Continue adding the stock, ladleful by ladleful, stirring continuously until the risotto is cooked 15-20min. For the garnish, roughly chop the fresh mushrooms, keeping any smaller ones whole. Heat the remaining oil in a small pan and briskly fry the mushrooms until golden and cooked through. Stir three-quarters of the herbs into the risotto, check the seasoning, then divide among four shallow bowls. Garnish with the mushrooms, cheese and remaining herbs. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: 2tbsp olive oil 1 small leek, finely sliced 1 garlic clove, crushed 400g (14oz) risotto rice 150ml (5fl oz) dry white wine 1.6 litre (2¾ pints) hot vegetable stock For the garnish 125g (4oz) fresh mushrooms, e.g. crimini or portabellini ½ tbsp each freshly chopped sage and curly parsley 75g (3oz) taleggio or gruyère (vegetarian), cubed Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling

~ Cocina Francesa - Creperie de Bretana - Chef Frances



You buy the fish & we will give you the chips for FREE! EAT IN OR TAKE AWAY!

Tel: 666 032 776

French Restaurant & Creperie Reservations: 950 478 008

Open: Friday & Saturday Evenings, and Sunday Lunchtimes Paseo Mediterraneo 83 (cerca Hotel Indalo), Mojacar Playa

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



h is w to e k li ld u o w le ro a C d n a John all their customers a Happy New Year!

Famous Hog Roast

Saturday 6th february Live Entertainment Doors open 7.30pm


Ceroc Dancing

every Tuesday 7.30pm for 8pm start

Texas Hold ’em

every Tuesday 7.30pm - late

Yogas Class for Seniors 10am

with Edna Freeman. Every Thursday

Crooners & Spooners

very Valentines cabrru ar y

Talent Competition

Sunday 14th Fe

Over 60s only: Heat 1. Mon 25th Jan 9pm 5€ Entry Fee. Cash prizes in aid of M.A.C.S Gotta be in it to win it!

dies Free Cava for the la


is back


y a d i r f y Evecr 7.50€ k c o d d a h , od

fresh bleeaass a l i a v a y a w Aw uush shyy ppe m m e tTake lea e d d a a m e m e m o m h o ithh h w wit ipss A ddee cchhip Allll aavvaaililaabbale a a m e m e m o m h o h d n d n a

Starters from 1.50€ special desserts from 1.50€

Glass of W ine 1.50€ Bottle of House Wine 5.50€

if booked in advance or 6€ on the day!!

Our carvery includes:

Glass of W ine 1.50€

Pint f o Lager 2.50€

ouse Bottle of h from 5.50€

Pints 2.50€


per person

Tel: 950 475 198 / 606 656 976

Selection of 5 Fresh Seasonal Vegetables Mashed Potatoes - Roast Potatoes - Stuffing Yorkshire Puddings Gravy - All the Sauces

wine Serving Food 1pm - 3pm

our delicious desserts starters & 1.50€ start from

Opening Times: Tuesday - Friday 5pm - Late Saturdays - Functions only. Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Pork, Beef, Chicken

Eat as much as you like! Kids under 10 eat free! kimrick

correos farmacia red cross

Approx 300 metres

s p i h c & h s i f t s e B n the playa

y Carver nday! u S Our famous y r eve

mojacar playa



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Learn to Play Piano

Piano Lessons for all levels from beginners to dvanced. Children and adults welcome for fun, relaxation or examinations Based in Mojacar.

Call Alison for an informal chat and more information: 950 069 803 / 667 408 941 Email:

Ever wished to play the Saxophone or Clarinet

Have lessons in the comfort of your own home!

Call Call now now for for more more information information

Dave Shape Professional Muscian Tel: 659 022 604

Looking to try something new this year? ENT INDEPEND E THEATR

Everyone needs at least one hobby. Picking and choosing is the fun part and there are so many to explore!

Hobbies are like food for our bodies with no concerns about calories, fat or cholesterol. Hobbies are healthy. They are relaxing, fun and have no negative side effects. They are stress relievers, great companions and ready when you are. They can become addictive but in a healthy way. They can be active or inactive, indoors or out. There is one to fill a variety of needs at any age or stage in your life and they can be a conduit for making friends with shared interests. The hobby you select may be an extension of what you do on your day job or it may be the opposite. You might choose something requiring fine motor skills or seek to get in touch with your creative side. If you work indoors and deal with people all day, you may prefer something outdoors or something solitary. If you are recovering from an illness or have a lot of home responsibilities, you may want something to give you an escape right where you are. Your avocation may be a good choice for a hobby and something you might someday want to turn into a business or a sideline. There are endless possibilities. But above all, a hobby is like a good book – something that once you start, you hate to put it down and yet when you do, it patiently awaits your return. In the column on the right, you will see many suggestions to get you started. Click on several and try them on for size. When you do you will learn more about each hobby and also find how-to books and products or materials along with reviews and information to get you started on the perfect hobby for you. A hobby can provide an incredible vehicle for self expression and significantly enrich life. Identifying benefits that you find desirable will translate into the needs and rewards that you want from a pastime. Let us take a look at the benefits that can arise from pursuing a hobby. Often our daily life provides little or no satisfaction and an absorbing hobby can compensate; satisfaction that arises from participation in a pastime activity is of definite benefit to ones life. Relaxation does not necessarily mean doing something quiet and

6 weeks to a more confident you!

Come with me...

Join the Independent Theatre, learn new skills and make new friends • Based in the Almanzora Valley,

•W  e have more than 30 members

•W  e undertake our plays from Mojacar to Albox and beyond.

• Perform 2 or 3 plays a year.

•W  e welcome new members with open arms

Looking for a hobby?

•N  o previous experience necessary, for on stage, or backstage ~ the engine room of any play.

Interested then contact us: Ian: 950 436 581 Tricia: 950 439 684 Mobile: 617 029 645

...I’ll take you on a journey of discovery to inner confidence and self esteem.

Relationships are essential. Family, friends and associates are an important element of our lives. Involvement in a hobby could vastly broaden your circle of friends and develop lasting relationships. Share your enthusiasm with other hobby people. Traditional gatherings take place in the guise of clubs and societies and the internet is an excellent medium for making contact with like-minded people far and wide. Which benefits appeal to you? List them now. Make these your target hobby rewards. Reflect upon your current lifestyle; consider your work, family, home, health and current interests. What aspects of life do you like and dislike? Maybe, you want a less sedentary lifestyle or just to take some time to relax and chill out. Whatever your preferences you will be the prime influence on your hobby and in control of how it develops. Bring as many “likes” to your hobby as possible; a pastime is for relaxation and is purely for your pleasure! Next, consider family and finance commitments. How much leisure time do you have available? How much of this time can be given to a pastime without adversely impacting upon family life? What compromises might you have to make? Your financial situation is an important consideration. How much money do you feel it is reasonable spend on pastime activities? Hobby costs range from ludicrously low to extremely extravagant. Finally, list your current interests and the reasons why these appeal to you. What do you really enjoy doing in your leisure time? By now, you should have discovered a lot about yourself. Continue asking yourself questions. There could be potential to expand existing interests or combine them in a complementary way with an entirely new hobby. For example, digital photography; it can be an end in itself or used with great effect to enhance or record other interests. Alternatively, you may have discovered that you crave a pastime that is in absolute contrast to anything else you do!

Whatever choice you make – enjoy it!

Come & Sail with the Santa Irene Sailing Club


950 069 238

Indalo Bowling Club

Situated between Turre & Los Gallardos

For more information tel John: 950 475 157 / 658 548 790 Email:

Restarting 28th January after winter break


for all SEQUENCE dance lovers

the Voices of Almanzora may be for you!

We are a mixed voice choir singing mostly popular music in 4 or more parts. We produce 2 shows a year: at Christmas and this year at the end of May, and rehearse on a Monday evening in Albox. There is no audition and you don’t have to have sung in a choir before or be able to read music, although you will be very welcome if you have or can!

Call Trudi on: 950 432 333

Special Offers!

For more information contact Victoria on:

950 472 590 or e-mail:

Come and meet friends old and new at Rumores Bar / Cafe, Albox

Come and make new friends while enjoying an outdoor sport. We meet every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday between 10am - 2pm

every Thursday 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Any enquiries call Ann:

For further details call Toni Watts 950 468 165 or 647 703 393 Qualified coaching provided

Spanish Lessons

Conversation and Pronunciation Spanish Lessons for all levels. Preparatory courses for the Official Diploma in Spanish foreign language, GCSE and A Level. Short Spanish courses with specific objectives: Spanish for Tourism and Catering, Legal Spanish and Hispanic Literature.

We We will will be be happy happy to to see see you you at at our our Dinghy Dinghy Park, Park, the the New New Marina, Marina, Garrucha Garrucha 11am 11am every every Sunday Sunday

Christine Hargan BSc Hons Psych

If you like to sing,

sedentary. A person doing mentally tough work can relax the mind by working the body hard, perhaps by participating in a sporting activity.

659 426 499 or 950 469 774

pot black snooker club Snooker ~ Pool ~ Darts

gift vouchers from 60€

Flying for fun on the Costa Almeria ! PPL COURSES - PLEASURE FLIGHTS - PHOTOGRAPHY

Vera aerodrome - 2km north of main town Civil Aviation Authority approved instructors Chris 609 685 132 Janet 661 985 358

Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2pm -late Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2pm - 7pm Enjoy Spanish prices on drinks & snacks

No membership Guests welcome

Poligono ‘El Real’ ~ Booking Recommended Tel: 628 604 470 / 950 459 135

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

A new year......A new CHALLENGE

Sales: 950 430 820 email:




Royal British Legion

A competition exclusively designed for the over 60’s ~ one-off heats in various venues throughout the region over the next 10 weeks with a semi-final, then Gra nd Final at the The Kimrick. The entr y fee is 5€ and is open to all aged 60 years and over. Anyone interested in applying, or a venue that would like to host a heat can call 648 206 997 or email ronfazey1@msn.c om

Mojacar Branch


at The Artisan Centre Monday 25th January 2010 Evening starts at 7.30pm Tickets are 25€ for Members and 30€ for Non-members available at the meeting on 21st January or you can call 950 473 025 to reserve Seats are limited!


email your local events to SALES@SOLTIMES.COM

Spain Puppy Recuse In & Bingo

Quiz Night, Raff le x At The Pub, Avenida Lepanto, Albo abandoned for ey mon raise To ary Janu Thursday 28th pt 8pm start Entr y dogs & puppies 7:30pm for prom 6 to a team m imu Max on. pers – 2.50 € per 893 For more information call 950 591




Mojacar Cancer Support Group

Danza, Danza, Dance MUSIC & MOVEMENT CLASSES for children 1 to 3 years. Singing, Dancing & Playing Instruments in Spanish & English.

Tel: Lesley on 649 647 310 or 620 676 833

Sunday 14th February at 10:30am Entrance is 15€ per car (2 people) + 5€ per extra passenger At Turre Football Ground by the old bridge. Application forms available from Forget-me-Not (Las Bougainvillas),Gills Linen and the PAWS Shop (Mojacar Playa), Total Entertainmen t (Turre), Oasis Bar (Palomares) & El Naranjo (Los Gallardos) For more information call 626 259 442 or 606 198 573

MACS HELPLINE Tel: (0034) 634 656 555 GENERAL ENQUIRY LINE Tel: (0034) 607 598 470


all you can eat buffet every thursday

market day special tuesdays & wednesdays daily special main meal

only 5€ call for more details

10% off all takeaways limited period only

Tel: 950 120 606

Los Gallardos Has Talent 2010

ONE-OFF AUDITION on Friday 22nd Januar y, 8:30pm Grand Final on Friday 29th Januar y at El Naranjo, Los Gallardos to raise funds and provide essential Physiotherapy and Computer equipment for the local Handicapped childrens’ charity ASADIS. It takes the form of a All ages welcome just as long as they are amateurs! 100€ PRIZE MONEY S IF ANYONE HAS ANY UNWANTED ITEMS, CHRISTMAS PRESSIE ING ANYTH E DONAT TO WANT OR ETC. USE CAN’T THEY TOWARDS THE RAFFLE WE WOULD BE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL

For further information call into El Naranjo, or call Carol or Ron on 648 206 997, email: or apply on the night!

surprise your friends and family with an announcement online ~ email all the details & photos to


to our Grandson Joshua and Leah on the birth of our Great Grandson CHASE Joshua Dyer Lots of Love Nan, Pop, Dani, Dawn & Maisy xxxx

ard 0€ eRandew 50cap safe return of our tur



Children must be accompanied by an adult

Paws-Patas Treasure Hunt


syedpur are pleased to announce their

Every Tuesday & Thursday Starting: Tues 19th Jan - 11am at Escape Para Ninos Thurs 21st Jan - 11am at Girasol, Albox.


s sy ye ed dp pu ur r

We Need You Help?

We are trying to locate the whereabouts and contact details of the Albox Orphange. If you can help us please email

In Memorium

For the

German Shepherd V” He answers to the name of “RA . He ber em Dec 15 y sda He left home on Tue our & e nam his h wit tag a has is chipped and telephone number. Tel: 658 576 777/950 121 990 .es Email: b.sherwood@wanadoo Dear Sol Times Thank You A big thank you to all the people that contributed to the collection of used and new toys that were give to the Vera Orphanage on the 19th December, A special thank you to Spanish Proper ty Choice, Puppy Rescue, Sunny Sweets, Claire, Neville, Oliver & Elliot, AG2 & Vanessa. Sharon (details provided)

Dear Sol Times MACS Cancer Suppor t Group would like to thank one of our most generous and consistent fundra isers F.A.C.E. (Fundraising in Arboleas Caring for Everyone). F.A.C.E in Albox continually raise funds for very well worth causes and they are one of MACS largest suppor ters, who have helped us as a group offer people affected by cancer feel less alone and can improve their ability to deal with the uncertainties and challen ges that cancer brings. F.A.C.E has also enabled us to provide much need help & special ised equipment during often very traumatic times. We have been able to help people who are affected by


cancer and under taking treatments an opportunity to meet and discuss ways to cope. In 2008 FACE contributed 3,900 euros to MACS and in 2009 3,000 euros. They have helped MACS from the beginn ing and their continued suppor t is invaluable. A very BIG Thank you from the whole of the MACS Committee and it’s members. MACS Mojaca r Cancer Suppor t Group MACS HELPLINE Tel: (0034) 634 656 555 GENER AL ENQUI RY LINE Tel: (0034) 607 598 470 macsca

George Dawson 23/04/1938 - 07/01/2010 Passed away peacefully at home Deepest sympathy to all of his family - from your all your friends at the Travellers. Adiós Amigo, Hasta la Vista

Wanted! All your unwanted items. Turn them into CASH!!!!! House Clearances - Furniture - White Goods - Antiques - Motor Vehicles


Wednesday 27th January new time starts 5pm AUCTIONS AT

Viewing Monday & Tuesday 10am - 2pm Wednesday All Day Viewing Accepting lots NOW for the next auction

Tel: Jayne & Mike 667 698 795

Valuations given freely by qualified auctioneers of 14 years experience

C/Mojana, 9 -El Real Ind. Est. 04628 ANTAS, Almeria


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


for sale



animal rescue



Multi-skilled handyman

Exotic Pet Rescue


CALL 645 094 339 or 950 064 763


Property Care Service, Key Holding, Holiday Change Over Cleaning. Let us take good care of your property! Tel: 627 279 584


requires work, over 30 years experience. Anything considered, driving, painting, property repairs etc. Call Dave: 950 64 34 42 Mobile: 617 621 729

Loving home at Little Zoo awaits Reptiles, Fish and Birds. Unwanted, unused cages and aquariums gratefully received.


Soft Options

Want all of your unwanted items! Call

600 007 175 950 064 576

SERVICES alternative energy

Solar Panels

24volt, 4.4KW invertor charger, battery charger, 25amp, 12volt 1000W inverter 12volt Gas 5kva Honda Generator

Tel: 600 760 057





Curtains, & Soft Furnishings. Made to measure curtains & blinds. Cushions & accessories. Also Roman, Roller & Vertical Blinds


Knowles & Abbott

Competitive Prices Telephone Workshop:

Tel: 968 959 632 Mobile: 686 377 172

damp proofing

Damp Proofing

massage Ray Daniel Sports Massage Therapist

Remedial / Therapeutic Approved Massage Treatment Installer of Back / Sciatic English / Spanish Conditions 14 years in Spain Tel: 617 741 564 Tel: 958 656 560 or 619 666 363 or Email:




City & Guilds,Spanish Qualifications. Installations, Rewiring, Repairs. Emergency call out available.

Tel Spain: 634 960 115 Tel: 670 309 878 Tel: UK 07961 563 263


Experienced Interior & Exterior Decorator Using quality materials. This fast, friendly, clean and efficient service will never be beaten on price. No payment until complete satisfaction.

TEL: 617 904 774

No.1 for Plumbing & Electrics. Incl. Central Heating, Solar Electrics & Hot Water Office: 950 137 197 Plumber: 606 807 797 Electrician: 638 010 691


James & Son Removals UK France & Spain Competitve Rates

651 519 307

7.5 Ton Lorry to & from the UK once a week

Any small building jobs including Patio’s, Brickwork, Rendering, Custom Made & Fitted Rejas and more... Tel: 950 067 943 or 676 389 592

Professional Tree Felling, Pruning, Strimming & Hedge Cutting

Potty Finca Services

Small cut logs ready to burn available NOW Ring John on 950 163 930 or 616 855 294

That used to be our name and venue...

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to vacate our original premises and we are now looking for a new home. If anyone knows of, or has an approximate 11m x 6m space in a unit or similar in the Albox/Arboleas area please let us know!

Call Adrian on 671 947 880

van hire

Business For Sale

Serendipity Crafts And Gifts, Albox Established 4 Years, Genuine Reason For Sale. Serious Enquiries Only Please. Price reduced for quick sale

- Owners moving to new zealand -

Tel: 617 588 417 or 950 431 502

For Sale Cafe & Bakery Business

in Huercal Overa main road position, Established 3.5 years. Fully licenced by the Junta. Highest offer over €20k incl. all fixtures and equipment. Fully fitted commercial kitchen. Ill health forces sale

Tel: 618 864 507



Shandy’s Bar for sale

Prime position in centre of Cantoria. Very popular with English & Spanish customers. Genuine reason for sale. Bargain at


including all fixtures & fittings

Tel: 697 224 659 EMAIL: OR call: 679 017 931

business opportunity

We want You! ex gift shop (carola) stock for sale Reliable and energetic

agents to sell advertising space in well established magazine. 30% commission.

tiling 667 235 205

Floor and Wall Tiling Specialist

Not a jack of all trades, just a master of one! Call Steve Holman Tel: 697 678 708

tuition Do you wish to learn to play saxophone or clarinet?

Contact Dave Sharp Professional Musician for more details

Tel: 659 022 604

Phone Naresh: 616 493 487

seeking work Hard Working Man

Looking for Work Labouring, Gardening, Driving Anything considered

Call Stephen 655 772 127


Tel: 639 088 789

For all information and photos go to:

situation vacant

For all of your interior/exterior decorating needs. Only top quality materials used, no fuss just a quality finish. We all know times are hard. Worried about cost? Why not try me on 673 421 503 At least the estimate is free. 35th year of trading in the UK & Spain. email:

in the Albox area Certificates available for inspection. Genuine enquiries only.

In busy Mallorca coastal resort on main tourist strip in Santa Ponsa. Fully equipped, turn key operation, large terrace area. Would consider a swap.



abel decor



Come and see us on the Albox road for a free no obligation quote




FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS at credit crunch prices. FREE estimates and advice, call Ian & Roy Home Services. Ian: 950 064 301 Mob: 687 313 451


Call: 680 742 011 0044 7970 722 744 0044 1443 670 031


Call 677 114 576 or 950 135 564

Tel: The Little Zoo 667 865 563

business for sale

All brand new from children’s toys, to jewellery, to gifts for all the family. IDEAL FOR BUSINESS VENTURE JOB LOT ONLY due to current climate offers in region of:


call: 661 827 723 building & maintenance


ross regan s.l

Creative Landscapes, Building, Reforms and General Maintenance A fully legal Spanish company, we provide our clients with top quality workmanship completed with style and imagination Paul on 671 843 155 Terry 646 234 222 Email:

pet sitting


Dog & Horse Sitting Service Ex RSPCA Inspector. Experienced with dogs for 50 years. Experienced with horses for 30 years. Going on holiday let us take care of your pets, either at your home or at our home. Just outside Albox town. References available.

Tel: 607 554 984 house clearance


* Are you returning to the U.K.? * * Moving House/Downsizing? *


* Need extra cash? * * Have unwanted items? * * Immediate Cash Payout *

If so – call us on 686 140 034 For a no obligation appraisal - all items considered

mosquito SCREENS


TEL: 600 049 515

Mosquito Screens & Blinds PULL DOWN & SLIDING BLINDS & FRENCH PLISSE ■Made to measure ■to fit any size ■door or window

Best Quality at Affordable Prices All Areas Covered WI Ring for VIP Service TH THIS AD

20% OFF

property for sale please see page 22

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:



Call Lynn or Paulette on 950 430 820 TO PLACE YOUR ADVERT: email vehiclES for sale





Top prices paid. DVLA notified. Also 4x4s breaking. All parts available. Distance no object. Will collect and deliver. Buyers of all metals - Brass, Copper, Lead, Aluminium and top prices paid for Gold. Tel: 645 094 339 or 687 314 775


Please call Diane 664 246 728, Tracy 649 237 582 or Ruth 637 817 982 or visit if you can offer any of the animals at PAWS shelter a foster or permanent home.


If you are interested in either of these dogs or would like to see the other dogs that need homing please call 663 762 642


TEL: 634 319 917



FLYNN... a male ginger tabby, neutered, fully

vaccinated, DOB: 19 May `09. Flynn was one of five kits born to mum Bonnie. All the kits had very attractive markings and inherited their mum´s fluffy coat. Flynn and his sister Tia were homed together but unfortunately were returned to us when the owner had to relocate due to work commitments.

ONLY 1,200€ ono (exc transfer) For more info Tel: 690 121 699 car hire

windows & doors


The people you can trust

Prices to suit your pocket!

Cars available from Mojacar & Velez Rubio supplying Mojacar, Albox, Los Velez, Baza, Vera, Puerto Lumbreras and surrounding areas... Mojacar Office 950 473 157 Mob: 637 545 817 Or Los Velez Area 630 149 622

Windows • Conservatories • Doors • Patio Enclosures ~ arches are our speciality

• We supply & fit top quality windows, doors, conservatories, patio infills & garden rooms. All with a 10 year guarantee. • Aluminium, UPVC or wood. • Free home survey & Professional advice for your complete peace of mind. • With 30 years experience, quality & satisfaction guaranteed. • All types of building work undertaken. No job too big or small. email:

Phone Kevin on 950 121 909 or 680 743 311

LOCA L M A R K ETS ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

Monday: Antas, Huércal Overa Tuesday: Cuevas, Albox, Los Gallardos Wednesday: Mojácar, Bédar, Lubrín, Velez Blanco Thursday: Cuevas, Lorca, Carboneras, Sorbas, Roquetas de Mar, Olula del Río Friday: Garrucha, Turre, Puerto Lumbreras,Zurgena, Chrivel Saturday: Vera, Aguilas, Velez Rubio, Arboleas Sunday: Villaricos, Fines, Oria, San Juan de los Terreros (Summer only) Car Boot Sales: Bar International, Albox, every Saturday. El Rancho, Situated on the Huercal Overa/Taberno road, every Wednesday. Normal market hours are 9am - 1.30pm

Betty is 4 years old, tan and white, shorthaired, medium sized female. She has been in kennels for 3 years and is loving and playful.


If you can give any of our dogs a good foster or permanent home please ring 667 623 254 LOUISE... dob 13.07.07, spayed, very energetic, hunting dog or email: type, sweet - natured, full of fun and would make a great family pet, she has a rough coat, beautiful colouring and nature.

PROPERT Y for rent


property for rent Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath villa with pool and stunning views available for rent in the sort after urbanisation of Retamar, Partaloa. 450€ per calendar month. Call 634601602. Apartment in El Faro Puerto 2/3



Tel: 678 554 755





Lounge/Diner, Kitchen with white goods, Communal Pool, parking space, long term rental 325€ pcm + bills Tel: 968 199 325 or 680 913 840

property wanted Urgently Wanted: All types of properties for sale in Huercal Overa,

for property for sale please see page 22

the immediate villages & countryside. Call Andy on: 678002006 or 950135512


Two bedroom apartment, fully fitted kitchen, large bathroom, comfortable living space. Good location – country setting 5 minutes away from Cantoria. 225€ PCM Contact Sam 679100048 2 Bed Apartment in Palomares

Long term let. secure parking, large terrace, swimming pool, heating, sat TV and sea views. 325€ per month + bills. Tel: 620 190 931

Rental Properties available now if you have a Guaranteed Income or UK Pension Furnished & Unfurnished Short & Long Term Lets All areas covered

Call: 638 849 254 (Also more rental properties needed)

LARGE FAMILY HOUSE IN LOS GALLARDOS PUEBLO 3 double beds, large family bathroom, separate shower room, big fitted kitchen, large lounge, integral garage, balconies etc... Quiet road, furnished, sky dish erected. 5 years old.

450€ PCM + BILLS 155,000€ TO BUY TEL: 673 421 503

Advertise your property for rent... full colour, with a photo and copy in a space this size, for only 20€ and get an extra week free! Call Lyn on 950 430 820 for more details


When responding to an advertisement remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


ADVERTISE FROM AS LITTLE AS 20€ A WEEK AND REACH OVER 22,500 READERS... Call: 950 430 820 or email

Euro Painters

Recession Busting Offer!

Have you got the factor?


Average 2 / 3 bed Villa

incl. all minor repairs & 10 rejas!

only 1,000€

We only use quality materials Spray Painting and Textured Finish our speciality! References Available

Tel: 648 898 719 or 677 557 190

We are looking for a star to join our sales team

Can you sell?

Neil Bates Builder

City & Guilds Qualified

Est. 2003 in Spain All aspects of building work Small works to new build

Tel: 950 137 621 / 639 435 141

Competitive Prices in the current situation

Coastal Mosquitos

Mosquito Screens for Windows & Doors For a free estimate call us on 610 000 700 Awnings shower screens replacement window and doors

Enclosures / Conservatories Convert your patio area into a sunroom or a mosquito free area with glass or mesh

Plisse retracting screens ideal for all types of door openings


Anglo Espanol Transport Full loads or part loads Spain-UK-Spain Tel: 619 052 426 or 0044 7598 184 023

ARE YOU: • Confident & energetic? • Able to work to deadlines? • Able to keep your smile when the pressure is on? • Well organised and able to work on your own initiative? • A team player with the ability to work with existing clients but also generate new business? Then we want to meet you! Experience is not essential as full and on-going training is provided. In return we offer: A high commission package, mobile phone & expenses. For more information please call:


Chrissie on 950 430 820 or email your CV to:

Team of two hard working strong lads avaiLable for all types of: • building work • garden clearing & maintenance • ponds

NEWSPAPER GROUP have a vacancy for a

Reasonable rates. References avaiLable.


graphic designer

647 379 795


email us with your requirements


619 070 839

Qualified Electrician

City & Guilds and Spanish Qualifications

Installations, Rewiring, Repairs, Lights & Fans Fitted. Emergency Callout Available Tel: 670 309 878


about your business “Did you know Sol Times has over Distribution Points?”


Sol Times Newspapers is distributed every week to over 450 drop off points including: shops, garages, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and other businesses throughout Almeria and Murcia conurbation.

You will be part of our production team dedicated to bringing out two great weekly newspapers! We are looking for someone special: Are you a creative and experienced graphic designer looking for an exciting opportunity? The ideal candidate will be proficient in the use of Photoshop, Indesign & Quark. Able to work on your own initative. Used to working under pressure and to tight deadlines on a daily basis. You will need to have an eye for detail and be able to prioritise your workload. Web design experience an advantage. Working from our head office in Albox. For more information please call:

Chrissie on 950 430 820 or email your CV to:

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:

email sales@ soltimes .com for sale 2 Oil-filled radiators, an Orbegozo 1500 watt & a Farelec 2000 watt, hardly used, 20€ each or 30 for the pair. Tel: 968 199 726 or 659 009 506 Baby Cot and mattress Varnished Pine. Excellent condition 45€ Baby Car Seat 0-4 yrs. Excellent condition 40€ Tel: 968 448 163 Child seat for adult bike with attachment kit. Model Hamax Siesta Age: 9mths up to 4/5 years (22kg) Like New 40€ Tel Johnny: 968 448 163 2 Seater & 3 Seater Settees, Solid Oak Frame, Brown / Beige Cushions, VGC 100€ Tel:950 069 350 or 696 171 812 Approx. 1,000 Books; hard back & paper backs for sale. No reasonable offer refused Tel: 679 846 941 Whirpool double oven, very dark green finish. Only used for 10 months. Requires housing cabinet. 295€ Dishwasher for Sale. Full working order 60€ Tel: 679 846 941 2 Charcoal grey Butane gas heaters, good condition, complete with regulators & piping 110 euros the pair. Solac 7 section oil filled electric radiator with thermostat 20€ Tel: 950 523 365 Golf Clubs lefthanded. Full set with new grips, including golf bag. €35. Tel 610054549. Golf clubs, Brand new, ladies full set (right handed) (Texan Classics graphite shafts) Including bag Bargain 100€ Tel 950468459 or 616351954 Two Sky Digi boxes for sale. Pace DS430N and remote, 60 Euros. Pace Sky+ HD box and remote, only 120 Euros. Both excellent. Yellow House or new White viewing card also available. Tel 676 899 730 Generator, 7kw, petrol, 1200€ Tel: 697 625 545 Pine Dresser. Base unit has three drawers and cupboards. Top unit has one cupboard with a glass door, cupboard with double doors and an open shelf. Very good condition. 146cm(w) x 42cm(d) x 213cm(h). 100 Euros. Tel. 667293485 Cherry Wood Cabinet. Double glass doors, three shelves. Excellent condition. Size


SOL CLASSIFIEDS Any item for sale UNDER 300€ is FREE to advertise here

120cm(w) x 48cm(d) x 204cm(h) 100Euros. Tel. 667293485 Golfset, 14 golfclubs with golfbag v.g.c.90€ Tel.617 297 304 Windscoop for BMW convertible (mod.E30) 80€ Tel.617 29 73 04 Brother Knitting Machine with ribber. Many attachments, patterns and yarn. 50€ the lot. Tel. 628 006 197 Shop Rider electric scooter, only 250€ call Harry 950 469 614 Oil filled radiator, De Longhi, rapido. 3 settings and temperature control, on wheels. Width 60cm Height 65cm. Only month old, genuine reason for sale, cost 149 euros, sell for 100 euros ono. Please telephone 96 532 1637. Fujitsu Scenic E600 Desktop Computer P4 2.6 GHz - 512Mb - 40Gb - DVDROM - XP PRO fully licensed, NEC LCD Monitor 18 Inch, Keyboard, Mouse, Excellant Condition. €145 ono Tel. 950 064 515 Windows 2x1m x 120 wood windows 30€ each, 1x1m x 1m wood 30€, 1 front door wooden 90x210 40€, 1 wood burner round with flu 80€, 1 four door wardrobe in light coloured wood 75€ Tel: 699 483 438 XT 2.85 kayak with double paddle, as new hardly used. Very strong polyethlyene. similar in decathlon € 499. sell for € 250. tel. 950 466 396. Extending Dining table & 4 chairs € 200 ono Tel Harry 950 469 614 Sky digi box with card and remote 65€ Tel 600 760 057 Mens complete wetsuit, gloves ,boots etc. 100€ Tel 600760057 As new 2 single beds with headboards, bedside table, mattress protector and bed linen. 150E. tel 950958123 m.616651088. Hoppect deep cycle traction batteries 700 amp suitable for solar power 80€ Tel: 619 744 576 New Solar panels 100watt 299€ Tel: 619 744 516 Solar hot water panels 2sqm suitable for diy project. Hot water / central heating / pool heating etc. 150€ Tel: 619 744 516 Home cinema with 5 speakers and sub woofer 25€ Double feather duvet 150x200 never used 15€ Leaf

blower/hoover new from carriefour cost euro75 used once sell for 45€ Tel: 950 369 015 Vango vista 6oodlx tent, 6 man, excellent condition 150€, used once. Tel: 678 218 199 Dressing up outfits x 2, for 6/10 years, 20€, pirate and indian, excellent condition. Ideal Christmas gift. Tel 678 218 199 Frozen 150grm packs of mixed fruit, suitable for smoothies, jam making, puddings etc 100 packs for 25€ Smoothie blender with pulse and timer 500 watt motor 20€ Chest freezer, Eurofred 18mth old -18deg C 18mth old. Size 1570 x 700 x 139 all white 295€ Tel: 619 923 139 XT 2.85 kayak with double paddle. as new hardly used. Very strong polyethlyene. Similar in decathlon 499€ sell for 250€ Tel: 950 466 396 Akai video plus video recorder, good condition and working order, 12€ money to go to Apsa. Samsung video recorder, good working order and condition 15€ Brand new unopened, kings size duvet, plum and oyster colour.10€. Telephone 950437080 or 637962841 Inaco Caravan Porch Awning, nearly new. 50€. Tel: 667 961 244 Kingsize bed for sale with 4 drawer divan and mattress 50€. Call 671277160. Industrial sewing machine, ideal stocking filler, for sale again due to time waster, GWO, serviced regularly 150€ Tel: 950 398 827 (Uncle Albert) Ladies Bike. Needs attention 25€. Tel: 965 008 729 Brand new boots worn once size 39,dark purple suede ankle boots. were 34.99 euros will acept offer. Call Chris on 67457677 Rectangular pine coffee table 36” x 19” scalloped edged with rounded corners with paper racks below 20€ Beautiful TV cabinet 29” x 18” swivel top, 3 shelves for satellite & DVD boxes smoked glass door, lovely piece of furniture 35€ Tel: 950 472 383 or 628 882 814 Zanussi upright freezer (small with 4 drawers) nearly new bargain 65€ Tel 659089658 or 600051395 Oil filled radiators (as new) 25€ each 1 rug - Black and White

230x158 - Lovely condition – 30€ Chest of drawers (2 drawers) 40x43x56 (beech) – 20€ 2 folding sun beds (almost new) – 15€ both Tel: 699.408.785 Complete mans wet suit including gloves leggings top & boots 150€ Tel 600760057 S w a r o v s k i Crystals various limited edition, annual collectors pieces, boxes and certificates. Tel: 617 588 417 Hand Carved Antique oak wooden dresser. Must be seen. First to see will buy. 650€ Tel: 650 599 739 Therapy/Massage Chair 15 settings, ideal for therapy treatment or hairdressing salon. 450€ 2 Boxed Fisher Price car safety seats suit 4 – 11 years 100€ (used once, will separate). Call: 678 050 359 Pony for sale 11hh coloured, excellent first pony. 300€ Call Jay on: 678 838 547 6 white moulded panel doors, size 76cm x 198cm 275€ the lot or will separate; 1 double glazed window size of 204cm with 3 openings 2 side, 1 top white pvc 200€ Tel: 699 483 438

wanted Running machine / tread mill required. Tel: 696 792 747 All types of solar equipment, panels, convertor, batteries etc… Tel: 619 744 516 AA Auctions want all of your unwanted items! Call: 600 007 175 or 950 064 576 World War 2 and onwards, military Memorabilia, cash paid. Tel: 950 469 540

service. Re-gassing accessories. Call: 667 and leak detection - 273889elaineswools@ free onsite surveys for g m a i l . c o m new equipment. Tel: 950 459 007 or 647 MINI digger 587 855 Mini Digger and airport transfers Driver Hire. Tel: 610 345 725

Airport Transfers Taxis - Minibuses - Coaches Book online at

610 611 619

Almeria - Murcia - Alicante Valencia - Barcelona - Girona

Alternative Energy Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water, we can help! www.carlossaliente. com Tel: 950 121 918 Solar & wind power Best equipment C&G qualified 15 years experience, electrical work and pool heating. Call Phil. Tel: 636 261 240 www. Solar Panels For Sale 24 volt inverter/ charger 4.4KVA 24 volt. Inverter 12 volt 1000. Tel: 600 760 057

auctioNS At Location Auctions, Antas El real Ind. Est. Every 2 weeks. Next auction Wed 27th Jan. Starts 5pm. Viewing Mon/ Tues and all day Wed. House clerances speciality. Tel: 667 698 795



Caravans Wanted: Caravans, boats, trailers, delivered to and from the UK. American Trailers moved and resited. Tel: 600 760 057


car boots

SR Accountancy offers Completion of Non-Resident Tax returns, Renewals of Residencia, European Health Cards and Registering of E121 etc. For more information, call 685 248 999 or email sharon@

Boot Sale at El Rancho every Wednesday, pitch only 2€, lots of stalls and bargains, for more information call Julie 646 675 297

air conditioning


dressmaking Bespoke curtains, alterations, repairs, gazebo covers & mosquito nets. Tel: 649 503 875

ELECTRICAL Andrew Morrison All electrical work undertaken. Boletin available. Tel: 627 250 204 Q u a l i f i e d Electrician City & Guilds, and Spanish Qualifications. Installations, Rewiring, Repairs, Lights & Fans fitted, Emergency call out available. Tel 670 309 878

HORSE RIDING Rancho Luz Del Sol, Retamar, Partaloa. One to one or group lessons, latest EN standard hats provided. Escorted hacking and treks. Qualified BHS Instructor. Call Erika Drew on 678 838 547

HOuse painter House painted outside villa to include minor repairs plus 10 rejas. Quality product. Ref available. 648 898 719 or 677 577 190 europaintersspain@



house safes. Arboleas & surrounding area. One Stop Hair & Special weekend rates. Beauty – Mobile Tel: 697 243 181 Technicians, very competitive prices, covering Orihuela loGS Costa & inland Fortuna. Fully qualified min 20 Logs from 90€ years experience in delivered. Call Log-onHairdressing & Beauty Tommy 619 070 839

Carlos (Saliente) plumbing & heating services. If it involves water,

logs for sale Full load of olive 160€, Full load of eucalyptus 160€, or half loads 100€

Tel: 660 903 158

Call Lynn on 950 430 820

& alignment of dishes, personal all areas covered. Tel: Paul 687 042 Ref 11386 Sunday Night 335. is Singles Night at storage Bistro Bonita in Cerro Gordo. Call Chris for more details 650 599 Caravan & boat 739 bistrobonita1@ storage & sales, Antas Tel: 661 508 776 Elegant lady (30) Swimming pools fulfils your erotic wishes on her private finca near Albox. Enjoy Tropicana Pools my different services Construction & Repairs. daily by appointment. Tel: 661 508 776

Phone: 669 101 316 Attractive Couple offers exclusive eroticservice for women, men, couples. Phone 629 483 618 www. Pretty Woman, sensual and tender, spoils you daily discreet in her private home. Tel: 676 565 128 Male Masseur – Men ONLY Relaxing & affordable. Tel: 676 902 388

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A1 Sky Television Systems

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excellent condition 1,100€ Tel: 950 472 802 or 667 807 221

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mechanical services Mikes Mobile Mechanics. All types of service, repair and ITV testing. Fully qualified and legal with over 35 years experience. Ring Mike or Chris: 628 350 178 or 636 824 974

tyres Pit Stop – Oria for all of your tyres, servicing and repair requirements! Fixed price servicing! New & part-worn tyres! Call 950 124 828 or email


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European car sales up in December

European car sales rose by 16% in December, marking signs of recovery in the sector after another tough year. However, total sales for 2009 were down 1.6% on 2008, according to figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA). Some countries with scrappage schemes saw rises in sales in 2009, including France and Germany. Sales in the UK were down 6.4% for the year as a whole, though December sales were up 39% compared with a year ago. A total of 14.5 million cars were sold across 28 European countries in 2009. Ivan Hodac, secretary general of the EAMA, warned that the positive figures for December compared with an extremely bad period for the sector at the end of 2008. He added that some manufacturers would also suffer from the end of many scrappage schemes. “The scrappage schemes mainly benefited the volume manufacturers like Volkswagen, Renault and Fiat,” he said. “2010 will be extremely difficult for these companies.” Germany saw the biggest rise in sales last year - up more than 23% compared with 2008. But sales for December were lower than a year ago, following the end of the German car scrappage scheme in September. The UK’s scrappage scheme is due to run out in February, with a quota system for manufacturers introduced to share out the remaining money.

INDALO CAR REPAIR & SERVICE CENTRE ALBOX “Our service Free diagnostic testing

< Baza


car industries Several European countries have used scrappage schemes to help their fifth of new a The UK’s scheme began in May 2009 and has been responsible for run out in to d car registrations since then according to manufacturers. It is expecte February 5bn euros (4.4bn Germany’s car scrappage scheme ended in September 2009, costing GBP). Car sales rose by 23% last year 2009. It has now France was the first to introduce a scrappage scheme in January 10% ended, helping car sales rise by more than the Netherlands, Other European countries to introduce scrappage schemes include Portugal and Spain. They all saw sales fall in 2009 which saw a 62% Countries that did not introduce scrappage schemes include Ireland,


El c on Rin





We repair Scooters, motorbikes & quad




SERVICE 1 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre............... €95.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€105.00 Over 2 litre.................. €115.00

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Ci t

• Diagnostics • Auto Electrics • Complete Engine Re-Builds • Pre ITV & ITV • Clutches • Brakes • Timing Belts • Wheel Bearings • Full Service


makes all the difference.”


Mr Hodac also said that Europe was still making too many cars: “Overcapacity has to be addressed as soon as possible, but it will take time. I’m not saying brands will disappear, but groups will become bigger, brands will change hands, and production will be cut.”

BP Almeria >

SERVICE 2 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre.............. €115.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€125.00 Over 2 litre..................€135.00 includes ITV inspection & car wash


Generator repairs mechanical or electrical

fall in car sales last year

Tel: 696 692 053 OR 610 311 511

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Easy monthly payments from €12.50, that’s less than 45c a day! Now available our new fixed price 2 year servicing plan!

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Our Workshop is expanding!

TYRE Centre

- Tyre fitting and balancing at very competitive prices! - Laser tracking to keep you heading in the right direction. - Latest Diagnostic equipment

- 1 x A Service STILL AVAILABLE ~ OUR FIXED PRICE DEALS (oil + filter, full vehicle check) ‘A’ LEVEL SERVICE INCLUDING ITV TEST - 1 x B Service Up to 1.4 litre 1.4 - 2 litre Over 2 litre (as above + air and fuel filters) Petrol Engine 149,99€ 159,99€ 169,99€ - 1 x ITV (Spanish MOT) Diesel Engine 164,99€ 174,99€ 184,99€ - 2 x 6 month vehicle inspections FIXED PRICE SERVICING All paid for over a 2 year period by standing order from as little as €12.50 per month INTEREST FREE! (Conditions apply)

A’ SERVICE Petrol or Diesel ‘B’ SERVICE Petrol or Diesel

Up to 1.4 litre 99,99€ Up to 1.4 litre 119,99€

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Most servicing done while you wait, or rent one of our hire cars and do your shopping! Rates from 5€ per hour.

Our new Mojacar office is now open on the Playa opposite Neptuno’s Beach bar.

This year there will be twice the cars, vans and minibuses available so our clients won’t be caught out with the Rental Rush this summer. Don’t forget our budget cars available at only €15 per day.

Group day€ week€ car BUDGET 15 75 MAREA/POLO A 20 100 DEMIO / KA B 30 150 AGILA / CLIO C 35 175 MEGANE / FOCUS / BMW D 45 225 TRAFIC VAN E 55 275 TRANSIT VAN F 60 300 MINIBUS 9 SEATER / 7 SEATER

OPEN Monday ~ Friday 9am to 6pm ~ Saturday 10am to 2pm

Tel: 950 459 136

Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Sales: 950 430 820 email:


Parque Ind El Real, Antas 04628

Tel: 950 459 136

2008 toyota yaris

2005 peugeot 307

2004 hyundai matrix

2003/4 nissan x-trail

1.4 D4D, black, 1 lady owner, top spec, 15,000 kms, E/W, PAS, A/C. Radio/CD player, TomTom €10,995

2.0 HDi, silver, C/C, E/W, PAS, Radio/CD player €8,495

1.5 CRDi Diesel, E/W, PAS, A/C, Radio/CD player €6,795

2.2 Di, 4 X 4, 6 speed, blue, PAS, E/W, Sunroof, Alloys, Radio/Cassette/6 CD changer €7,995

2006 peugeot partner

2006 ford focus

2006 Citroen C1

2006 Citroen C2

1.9 Diesel, white, only 62,000 kms, A/C, CD, sliding side door €6,995

Estate 1.6, maroon, under 47,000 kms, E/W, A/C remote central locking €8,995

One English owner, black, A/C, E/W, less than 49,000 kms, 3 door hatchback €6,995

A/C, PAS, on board computer, remote central locking, E/W, CD/Radio, one local English owner €7,995

2007 Citroen C3

2007 hyundai getz

2005 kia carnival

2001 mitsubishi montero

1.1 Furio, 5 door hatchback, A/C, power assisted steering, CD/radio, E/W €8,995

1.6 automatic, only 30,000 kms, power assisted steering, E/W, remote C/L, alarm €9,495

2.9 diesel automatic, 6 seater, full service history, climate control, E/W, one local English owner €10,995

IO 2.0 petrol 4x4, A/C, PAS, CD/Radio, central locking, E/W, lovely condition €7,995

★★★ COMING IN - Check out our latest arrivals ★★★ 2004 Seat Ibiza 2004 Renault Megane Grand Tour Estate

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1984 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0, 54,000 kms, A/C, heated windscreen.......................... €9,995 2004 Smart FourFour Pulse 1.3, (Mercedes), PAS, E/W, Radio/CD................................€7,995 2007 Kia Picanto 1.1, green, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, C/L...................................................... €6,995 1997 VW Sharan 1.9 TDi, 7 seat, white, C/L, A/C................................................................ €6,995 2000 Nissan Cabstar Box Van 3.0, diesel, white, low kms.............................................. €6,995 2006 Fiat Panda 1.2, 5 dr, E/W, CD/Radio, A/C, Blue........................................................ €6,795 2003 Ford Focus Estate 1.8 TDDi, 78,313 kms, A/C, E/W, Radio/CD...........................€6,295 2004 Opel Corsa1.3 CDTi, 23,000 kms, A/C, PAS, E/W, RCL...........................................€6,295 2005 Fiat Panda 1.2, 5 dr, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, CL, yellow.............................................. €5,995 2004 Seat Ibiza 1.9 SDi, E/W, A/C, PAS, RCL, silver............................................................ €5,995 2003 Toyota Yaris 1.0 VVTi, 5 dr, PAS, C/L, E/W, radio/cassette.................................... €5,495 2002 Citroen C5 HDi, 4 door saloon, A/C, PAS, E/W, remote central locking, local English owner...........................................................................................................€5,295 2003 Renault Clio 1.4 16V, 5 dr, A/C, E/W, CD, maroon................................................... €4,995 2000 Peugeot 406 2.0 HDi, A/C, PAS, E/W, C/L.................................................................. €4,995


■A  ll cars advertised are in stock at the showroom ■ The year of manufacture/date of registration is stated correctly ■ Our price includes warranty, minimum 12 months ITV and all transfer fees including road tax ■ All warranties are carried out at our own workshop by dealer trained mechanics WE ARE HERE Petrol Station E15/A7 MOTORWAY Exit 534



2005 Renault Megane Grand Tour Estate 2006 Ford C Max

2005 Kia Rio Estate1.3, 1 owner, 51,000 kms, A/C, E/W, PAS......................................... €4,995 2004 Kia Picanto, A/C, PAS, Radio/CD, C/L, E/W, green................................................. €4,995 2001 Fiat Marea Estate 1.9 JTD, 1 owner, A/C, E/W, PAS................................................. €4,595 2003 Hyundai Atos Prime 1.0, 1 lady owner, A/C, E/W, PAS, C/L, CD player........... €3,995 2001 Renault Clio 1.9 Diesel, A/C, Alloys, 5 dr, blue......................................................... €3,795 2001 Citroen Saxo 1.5D SX, PAS, A/C, CD/Radio, E/W. C/L............................................. €3,495 2001 Fiat Punto 1.2 petrol, 5 dr, PAS, A/C, E/W, Radio/cass........................................... €3,495 1989 Suzuki Vitara, 1.6, 4 x 4 Soft Top, black, E/W............................................................ €3,495 2000 Ford Ka 1.3, silver, E/W. PAS, A/C, Radio/CD player...............................................€3,295 1998 Daewoo Nubira 1.6, PAS, A/C, E/W, C/L..................................................................... €2,995 1998 VW Polo 1.9 Diesel, PAS, A/C, E/W, CD/Radio.......................................................... €2,995 1997 Citroen Saxo 1.6i automatic, white, E/W, A/C, C/L................................................. €2,995 1998/9 Nissan Micra1.0 16v, 5 dr, silver, A/C, Radio/CD...................................................€2,695 1997 Seat Arosa 1.0 petrol, PAS, radio, 3 dr, white, v. economical...............................€1,795 1988 Suzuki SJ413 1.3, 4 x 4, soft top, rhd on Spanish plates...........................................€695



YOUR 2000 ONWARDS 5 DOOR SELLING HATCHBACKS, MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC, YOUR CAR! PLUS 1998 ONWARDS 4x4 Ask about our Sale or DIESEL OR PETROL!!! Return service and let We are always buying vehicles, low kms us sell it for you. examples are preferable with service history.

OPENING HOURS: Mon ~ Fri 9am to 6pm Saturday 10am to 2pm

Car Sales: 950 459 136 Workshop: 950 459 209 Car Hire: 950 459 208



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points beating Richard Hurn into third place on a countback. The "two's" competition produced four qualifiers, Sandra Larkin, Val Cooke, Andrew Markham and Richard Hurn.

mojacar angling club

forum Golf society

Captain ‘Graham’ Gnome took ‘Bob the Fireman’ out for a days fishing on his Garrucha-moored boat. They caught a few fish including Combers, Blue Mouthed Rock Fish, Striped and Pandora Bream, Wide Eyed Flounders and Pickerel. The seas have not been good this last week and no other Capitanos have been out as far as I know. We still await the imminent arrival of Captain ‘Brian’ Cuba!

The lightning fast greens at Aguilon provided a tough challenge for the Forum Golf Society members who contested an individual stableford competition there on January 15th, with firsttime winner Adrian Lawrence fighting off the effects of flu to record his first society victory with 35 points.

See photo of the two Pauls; ‘Palomares Paul’ and ‘Paul the Rope’ (With a Comber) having a day out on Brian’s boat. ‘London Bill’ was fishing Macenas Rocks and caught a good Atlantic Scad which he says weighed about 2.5lbs. He lost a Sea Bass in the surf and had small bream and wrasse from Macenas Beach. Talking to two Spanish lads he learnt one had caught a 5lb Dorado the day before from Macenas Beach. The fish was caught on a silver spinning spoon. ‘Baza Barry’ again fished a Murcia lake and caught carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs. Barry says he has seen black bass and trout in the lake to 1lb, must be bigger in there, its fed by the River Segura. Bridie ‘Girl Friday’ will attempt to get another batch of Andalucian coarse fishing licenses at the end this month so if you are interested see me soon and don’t forget you will need an in date English fishing license plus passport copy and preferably a copy of your NIE document. This may be the last time this can be done as the rules are due to change imminently. Bridie will also get saltwater boat and beach licenses at the end of January and a passport copy and NIE copy is required. Checkout Mojacar’s weather and sea conditions here on the Beachcomber’s webcam: www. For further information on any of the above or to find out about beach, boat or coarse fishing licenses, see me at the Beachcomber Bar Restaurant on Mojacar Playa or call 950 473 099. In case of difficulty reaching me (Probably out fishing) ask staff for my mobile number. Tight lines Beachcomber John

Peter Shaw showed the benefit of a little local knowledge with a score of 34 points to take second place, with Richard Brady (32) third, Jim Barclay (31) fourth, Richard Swaine (30) fifth & Graham Tabberer (30) sixth. Four nearest the pin prizes were also available on the day, & these were claimed by Adrian Lawrence, Richard Brady, Jim Barclay & Malcolm Fenwick The society’s next events are: January 29th - Team Lone Ranger at Marina February 5th - Almeria League match away to Boxers GS February 12th - Pairs 2 Man No Scotch at Playa Macenas February 17th - Almeria League match away to Marina Members For further information on these events & any other Forum GS enquiries contact Phil Elam on / 666 847840, or see www.

MARINA MEMBERS GOLF CLUB Monday 11 January The day started quite cold but this didn't deter our hardy members, there was a good turn out for the Stableford competition which finished in warm sunshine. In the Ladies division Margaret Budd came in first with 34 points, followed by Sandra Larkin with 33 points and Nuala Hare with 30 points. The Men's division was well supported but the cold start seems to have affected the scoring with none of the players reaching par figures. The winner on the day was Frank Varey with 35 points, Jim Budd took second place with 34

Medal Played in blustery but sunny conditions, it doesn’t get any easier to score in a medal comp 1st Les Raufer 97-22=75 on a card play off

Thursday 14th January

2nd Bill Gibb 84-9=75

The competition, a "double score yellow ball" event was organised by Maxine and Brian Mayhew and included several welcome visitors. It was sheer coincidence that the winning team consisted of Maxine and Brian Mayhew aided by Glennys Oliver.with 132 points. In second place were Sandra Larkin, David Roddis and Keith James with 122 points and in third place Christine Roddis, June Humphries and Jim Budd.

3rd Graham 16=76

Visitors are very welcome to join our Thursday friendly competitions for a total of 30 Euros including the green fee. Contact Jim on 950 162 727 or Sandra on 950 069 438 BT

cortijo grande golf Wednesday 13th January and two divisions. Our winner of the first division with 36 points Frank McGovern, second with 35 points Mark Sutton and third with 34 points Neville Pye. Second division winner with 34 points Ursula Lade, second with 32 points Kathy Collins and third with 31 points Wendy Woodward. Ball sweep winners - John Hill, Bill Churchill, Brian Harwood. Sunday 17th January and the monthly Medal with lots of countbacks to find the winners. First division winner with net 69 points Brian Harwood, second with 71 points Mike Picken on countback from Peter Jackson also with 71 points. Second division winner with another 71 points Bob Risbey from Frank McGovern another 71 points on countback and in third with net 76 points Colin Mason. Third division winner with 71 points Sheila Picken on countback from Peter Morse another 71 points with in third Graham Meeks 73 points. Some high scores but close finishes. Only one ball sweep winner - Geoff Bridgman. We shall be going to stay in Roquetas for one night and two rounds of golf at a very good price. This is available to all our old mates who have played with us in our past away days, you will be very welcome to take advantage of our good deal as usual. To play in this or any other Wednesday or Sunday 950 475 509. Enjoy your golf at Cortijo Grande visitors and guests welcome M.P.

aguilon Golf members The start of a new year and what a pleasure to return from the ice, snow and blizzards of the UK to warmer climbs (everything is relative) Results Wednesday 6th January - Monthly



Only one 2 recorded - Bill Gibb on the4th Friday 8th January - League Match Aguilon travelled to Marina Golf for a league match against Forum GS. The wind was gale force and bitterly cold so it was surprising that the standard of golf was so high considering the layers of “skins” the players wore! In a very tight match Forum emerged the winners by 3pts to 2pts Wednesday 13th January Individual Stableford


No complaints about the conditions on a warm but cloudy day! 1st Glyn Ombler 36pts 2nd

Roy Stubbins 34pts


Kevin Manser 33pts

Twos Kevin Manser x2 4th and 8th and Glyn Ombler 8th Guests and visitors are welcome to join us on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For further information contact 650 835 188 or 634 641 199.

costa almeria lawn bowling CALB Launch Event On Sunday 10th January, 132 bowlers from four local clubs, Almeria, Cabrera, Indalo and La Mata braved the cold and attended the launch event of a new provincial alliance. Barry Woods, President of the host club Cabrera, welcomed the players and paid tribute to members of a steering group, formed last summer, to pave the way forward for the alliance and form the Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Committee. He wished everyone an enjoyable afternoon and expressed his hope that the alliance would continue to grow and prosper. Ian Brewster Chair of the newly formed committee thanked Barry for his welcome and paid tribute to Cabrera members for providing well-maintained facilities, in particular the bowling greens. He then introduced the delegates Jim Pike and Colin Wright from Almeria, David Jenkins from Cabrera, Brian Halliwell from Indalo and Pete Anderson and Barrie West from La Mata so that a name could be put to a face and, added jokingly, so that people would know who to blame when things go wrong. Mick Johnson, also from Indalo, was training with the national squad and was unable to attend. Ian also introduced Gerard Douglas, committee Administrator, and stated that the delegates were easy to work with, totally committed to and motivated by their role and, as a committee, they intended to walk before they run, learn from their mistakes and give the alliance their best shot. On behalf of the committee Ian then thanked the bowlers for their attendance and reminded them that their presence inaugurated the

alliance and, with their continuing support, the committee could plan the way forward with confidence. A Bowls Drive was played in dropping temperatures and fortunately all ends were completed before the appearance of rain. Barry Woods presented prizes donated by Cabrera to the winning team of Roy Savage, Sue Mannall, Paul Cartwright and Roy Tonkin. He then closed the event by thanking the organisers Ian Brewster and David Jenkins, the bar staff, and all who had helped to make the event a success. Report by Ian Brewster

the grumpy old men of los gallardos Greetings from God's little waiting room. I hope that you all survived the little vesper that blew through the area last week; it almost kept me awake that night! We have another candidate, along with Clarence (Noah) and Cyclops (Wallace) for the 20/20 vision stakes, Trucker Tel. As we were driving towards Asprodalba last week, we were chatting about the money that was being spent on our local roads. "Must be coming out of the E.U. coffers" says I. "Where's the coppers?" says he. It didn't end there; on leaving, we wanted to go to Antas so at the Tjunction he executed a perfect right turn and then proceeded to drive on the left - not a good idea! Talking of Noah, he had a funny turn the other day and the ambulance had to be called. He had to be given an antihistamine injection for an allergic reaction, which this time could not be attributed to "the old bird" As you will see from the photo, he is now fully recovered and following his favourite past time, stuffing his face.

I've heard that, at the games night, the men who mark the darts are asking to be issued with full body armour when some of the ladies were throwing. I know there are quite a few chips in the paintwork, but that is taking it too far! Hansel and Gretal have decided to visit Morocco, strange what some people do, isn't it? At time of going to press, it's believed they still have the wheels on their camper van. We happy band of workers, descended on South Fork, after our Christmas semester. I never cease to marvel how much quicker the weeds grow than the crops we are trying to cultivate. Never mind, we managed to get some good tackle

Sales: 950 430 820 email:

LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news... LOCAL sport news...

Sales: 950 430 820 email:



SPAIN sport news... SPAIN sport news... SPAIN sport news... out. Grommet fitted the new pullstart to the gang mower and - you guessed it - it would not start…back to the drawing board. Ah we do see life!!! That's all for this week, until the next time, Tight lines, Uncle Albert

CDV albox football club Albox V C.D. Huercal Albox had a bad December as far as their results went; two defeats and a home draw was not title winning form so three points were badly needed today. The game started very poor with both sides not playing much football and Albox looking short of confidence. Albox opened the Huercal defense with some neat football but missed a great chance to take open the scoring. This was to be the pattern for the whole of the first half with Albox creating chance after chance but only to waste them all.

Spanish Football Review Barcelona extend laed at top of table to 5 points. Barcelona took its revenge on Sevilla on Saturday, after the Andalucian side knocked them out of the King’s Cup last week, with a 4-0 win at the Camp Nou. Two goals came from Messi, one from Pedro and there was an own goal from Escudé. It means that Barça are the ‘winter champion’ at the half-way point of the season and have extended their lead at the top of the Primera Liga to five points. That’s because Real Madrid went down from a single goal after having most of the play in their first loss of the season at Athlético de Madrid saw their third consecutive triumph,

coming out 3-2 winners against Sporting, and David Villa guided Valencia to a 4-1 victory in the derby against Villarreal.

Results for weekend of 16.01.10 Osasuna 2 - 0 Espanyol Athletic 1 - 0 R.Madrid Barcelona 4 - 0 Sevilla Málaga 1 - 0 Getafe Racing 1 - 1 Valladolid Almería 1 - 1 Tenerife R. Zaragoza 0 - 0 Xerez Mallorca 2 - 0 Deportivo Atlético 3 - 2 Sporting Valencia 4 - 1 Villarreal

"It has been a very important day for me," said Sainz on www. "Spain has finally won the Dakar with cars and I'm delighted. I want to thank (co-driver) Lucas (Cruz)

Sevilla Put Barcelona Out Of The King's Cup ‘I feel as though I have let the players down’, - The words of Pep Guardiola, the Barcelona manager, after the Champions were knocked out of the King’s Cup by Sevilla last night. A single goal from Xavi in the 63rd minute at the Sánchez Pizjuan was not enough to keep Barça in the competition after the 1-2 defeat from the first leg at the Camp Nou. Barcelona were the superior side on the night, but Sevilla absorbed the pressure well only allowing the single goal thanks greatly to Palop in the Sevilla goal. The giantkillers Alcorcón who famously knocked Real Madrid out of the competition last season, were themselves put out by Racing, and Deportivo have

Simao opened the scoring and closed it too with a dramatic final goal. They now meet Celta in the quarter finals. In the other second leg game played on Thursday, Mallorca go through after beating Rayo 3-1 and overturning the 2-1 from Vallecas. The winning goal from Victor came in injury time.

The former World Rally champion finished the race two minutes 12 seconds ahead of Volkswagen team-mate Nasser Al-Attiyah, who won today's leg from San Rafael to Buenos Aires.

Qatari driver Al-Attiyah finished today's stage 36 seconds ahead of Sainz but it was not enough to prevent the Spaniard, who has led since stage five, from taking the race victory.

Report by Les Skinner

A remarkable come back from Atlético in the second leg of the King’s Cup on Thursday night when the red and whites beat Recreativo de Huelva 5-1 to overthrow the 3-0 result from the first leg.

Carlos Sainz claimed his first Dakar Rally victory after finishing second in Saturday's 14th and final stage.

American Mark Miller finished third overall, 32mins 51secs back, to complete a one-two-three for the German manufacturer, who repeated their 2009 success.

The second half continued the same as the first, with Albox missing chance after chance and the crowd was beginning to think the home side would pay for their missed chances. On 75 minutes Albox got the all important goal they needed with a well-placed header from a free kick 1-0 Albox. Straight after taking the lead, Albox had a great chance to score, but once again they failed to take the chance. The last few minutes was all pressure from the visitors as the tried to get the goal the needed to get a point from the game ,but the home side held on to their lead. If Albox are going to stay in the top three places in the league they need to get a goal scorer very quick.

Atlético & Mallorca Come Through In The King's Cup

Sainz Claims Maiden Dakar Win

made their way forward taking Valencia as their latest victim. Málaga’s cup run is at a dramatic end too after a 5-1 thrashing in Getafe. Wednesday results – Sevilla 0 Barcelona 1 Deportivo 2 – Valencia 2 Racing 0 – Alcorcón 0 Osasuna 1 – Hercules 0 (with Osasuna going through thanks to their away goal in the first 2-1 leg) Getafe 5 – Málaga 1

for his great work and to all the team, and everybody who put their trust in me. "We haven't had any problems, and the car doesn't have a scratch. "I think we have done a fast but intelligent Dakar. It has been a very hard fight with my team-mate. We knew it would be that way. As I said before, I want to thank everyone who trusted in me." BMW pair Stephane Peterhansel, who was fourth today, and Guerlain Chicherit, who was third, finished fourth and fifth respectively. France's Cyril Despres took victory in the bike class even though he could only finish sixth today, Ruben Faria of Portugal winning the final stage. Vladimir Chagin of Russia completed a convincing win in the truck category by finishing fourth today, while Argentina's Marcos Patronelli won the quad class ahead of elder brother Alejandro.

Barcelona Wants To Host Its Second Olympics Barcelona has announced its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics which, if the Catalan capital is successful, would be the second time the city will have hosted the Games, after the Summer Olympics which were held in Barcelona in 1992. It would also make Barcelona the only city in the world to have hosted the summer and the winter Games. The city’s Mayor, Jordi Hereu, made the announcement at a press conference at the Barcelona’s Olympic Museum, saying, ‘We want to relive the Olympic dream’. He said the events would

be divided between the capital city and the ski stations in the Catalan Pyrenees. It’s understood that the Spanish Olympic Committee has already been informed of the decision, and it is that body which will decide which Spanish city can go forward as the official candidate. That decision will be taken in 2013, and the host city will then be chosen by the International Olympic Committee in 2015. Barcelona will be vying for the candidacy against Zaragoza which is placing a joint bid with Jaca.

Michael Schumacher Spotted Racing In Jerez Seven times world champion Michael Schumacher has been spotted practicing in Jerez in Spain. He took part in the first of three GP2 race training days in a Mercedes car, his new team for 2010. It follows his failed attempted comeback for Ferrari last season because of a neck injury, and shows that the ‘Kaiser’ is taking an active role in the development of the GP2 car for Mercedes. It’s understood that the team are testing different suspension configurations and a new clutch ahead of the new season.


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SPORT Alastair Cook will captain England on their tour of Bangladesh after the selectors opted to rest both Andrew Strauss and James Anderson. Cook, whose previous leadership experience is limited to a brief spell in charge of England Under 19s, will take charge of a 16-man Test squad to face the Tigers. The Essex opener will also lead England in the three one-dayers in Bangladesh, although Paul Collingwood retains the T20 captaincy for the two T20 Internationals against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates which precede the tour of Bangladesh. Anderson has been left out in order to undergo a specialist review and a programme of rehabilitation for his chronic right knee injury. It is anticipated that following the rehabilitation period, he will be fully fit and available for selection for the World T20 in the West Indies in late April. Two uncapped players, Yorkshire pace bowler Ajmal Shahzad and Kent off-spinner James Tredwell, have won places in both squads, while another uncapped player Hampshire batsman Michael Carberry has been included in the Test squad. "Andrew Strauss has provided outstanding leadership for the team in both forms of the game over the past 12 months and the selectors feel it is important that he takes a break ahead of an extremely busy programme of international cricket leading up to and including the Ashes series in Australia and

the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011," explained national selector Geoff Miller. "Our decision to appoint Alastair Cook to the Test vice captaincy last year clearly demonstrated the belief that he has the potential to be a future England captain. "Alastair will now have an opportunity to develop his leadership skills still further by leading the side in both forms of cricket in Bangladesh and I know that he is excited by the challenge and looking forward to working closely with Andy Flower. "Paul Collingwood had an excellent tour of South Africa in all forms of cricket and he will continue to lead the side in the T20 format with the two T20 Internationals against the current World champions Pakistan providing excellent preparation for us ahead of the World T20 in the Caribbean." On the new faces, Miller added: "We are delighted to welcome Ajmal Shahzad to both squads for the first time. "He enjoyed an excellent season with Yorkshire last year, made a strong impression while he was in South Africa with the EPP squad and is a bowler with the potential to make a real impact in international cricket." "James Tredwell and Michael Carberry have also continued to impress the selectors over the course of the winter and we expect both players to make a strong challenge for inclusion in our starting line-up on the forthcoming tour."


The Scot conceded just four games as he swept aside the 6ft 8in South African 6-1 6-1 6-2. The match was played under the Rod Laver Arena roof because of the conditions outside, which resulted in more than 20 matches across the men's and women's singles draws being cancelled for the day.

Murray Happy After Opening Win

Play had been halted on four separate occasions on the outside courts and Murray admitted he was happy to avoid such delays and book his place in the second round. "It's good to get the match out of the way today because it's a long day for a lot of the players because of the weather outside," said Murray, who admitted he had expected more of a fight from South Africa's top-ranked player. Obviously it's good to get finished quickly. It is a good start. He's a tough player. He's beaten (Novak) Djokovic before in Miami and he's won a tour event. He's 6ft 8in so I wasn't expecting it to be easy. I just got off to a good start which helped. I broke him straight away which always makes a big difference."

than I've done in the last three years. I feel good and I think that match proved it." He added: "He didn't get broken in the whole of qualifying. It was a tough first round for me." After racing through the opening set Murray again immediately broke in the second set when Anderson miscued a simple volley wide. The 23-year-old South African had his chance to break back, but squandered three break-point opportunities. Murray extricated himself from the danger with consecutive backhand cross-court winners as Anderson advanced to the net, before serving it out with an ace.

Murray was quickly out of the blocks as he raced into a 5-0 lead before taking the first set in 29 minutes to set the pattern for the remainder of the match.

The match already looked within Murray's keeping and he looked to get to the net more often and take control against his lumbering opponent.

The 22-year-old never gave his opponent a chance from there as he broke in six of Anderson's first eight service games to drain any pre-match optimism he may have retained after coming through qualifying, where he was not broken once, to reach the main draw.

The tactic worked as he broke three more times in the set to clinch it 6-1, with the pressure showing on Anderson who doublefaulted to go two sets down.

The only negative in Murray's display was on serve where he only managed to get a paltry 35% of first serves in play, but the Scot hardly had reason to be downbeat. "I'd like to have served bit better," he said. "But I feel good. I got here 10 days earlier

With the South African now resigned to his fate, both players ambled through the final set before Murray clinched the match with his seventh break. Murray will next play the winner of the match between Marc Gicquel and Simone Bolelli, which was postponed due to the adverse weather. It will now take place on Tuesday.

Gary Neville insists Manchester United's players will not be affected by the off-field rumblings of discontent over the club's finances. Documents released last week in conjunction with a proposed £500million bond issue suggested the Glazer family would be willing to sell United's Carrington training complex and their iconic Old Trafford home should enormous debt prove impossible to repay. Many critics argue that is inevitable given the vast amounts of interest the club are responsible for, with only the £80million sale of Cristiano Ronaldo allowing them to record a profit for the year to June 2009. Extra security measures were taken on Saturday as United defeated Burnley 3-0, while chants of 'We want the Glazers out' were heard. Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has declined to comment on the situation, claiming he is restricted by regulatory rules. However, Neville is adamant the whole thing is none of his team-mates' business and could not be used as an excuse for failure on the pitch. "All the speculation about the finances at Manchester United does not affect the players," he told the Sunday Times in Malta. We are always very well protected and never get involved in the financial side of things. There have been talks and rumours over the years going back to when the Glazers took over. As players we never get involved in those things; our job is purely on the pitch and we allow people who are paid to do jobs in other areas of the club to do their job. It is nothing to do with us at all."

Neville: Finances Not Our Business and lack of goals, mean that if he had to be sold, United would be lucky to get back half that. And with rumours in the press that Barcelona and Real Madrid are prepared to fight it out for Wayne Rooney’s signature this summer, there could be worrying times ahead for Manchester United and its fans. Leeds United fans will tell you that once the club starts talking of selling off the training facility, followed by the club’s football ground - to lease them back - and then start selling the team’s best players to balance the books is the start of a very slippery slope.

Nevertheless, it is likely to remain an issue for some considerable time, especially as the anti-Glazer faction among the United support are mobilising themselves.

Ironically, it was Leeds United from League One who dumped Manchester United out of the FA Cup with a 1-0 win at Old Trafford, thus ending any chance of much needed revenue for the Manchester club from that competition.

Other factors have contributed to their plight: £30.75million record signing Dimitar Berbatov’s lacklustre performances,

No-one could foresee or believe Leeds’ fall from grace. Surely it couldn’t happen to a club like Man United, could it?


... Newcastle could be set to take on Peruvian midfielder Nolberto Solano for a third time after missing out on striker Jermaine Beckford, who has decided to stay with Leeds...Cash-strapped West Ham have slapped a staggering £15m price tag on England midfielder Scott Parker... Netherlands striker Ryan Babel will be swiftly shipped out of Liverpool after a row with manager Rafa Benitez sealed his fate and cost him a week’s wages...Dundee United have rejected a £75,000 bid from Blackpool for Scotland’s 21-year-old centre-half Garry Kenneth...


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Alastair Cook to Captain England

Andy Murray was happy to quickly wrap up his first-round match with qualifier Kevin Anderson on a wet and windy opening day at the Australian Open.

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 220 Costa Almeria Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper Issue 220 Costa Almeria Edition