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Spain real estate sector to bounce back in near term


1 7-23 NOV EMBER

Spain’s real estate sector is optimistic that it will turn for the better in the next 18 months, according to a recent survey by international consultants CB Richard Ellis (CBRE). says quoting a report by CBRE that 7% of surveyed investors planned to invest in residential property early next year. While investors opt to commit some 40% and 50% on prime shopping centres and offices, respectively. This would be a reversal from the previous semester’s drop in investment intentions prompting prices of residential property to decline by 5.2% in large cities (y-o-y); by 6.7% on the Mediterranean coast; and by just 0.8% in the Balearics and Canaries, according to statistics compiled by (GPG). Spain remains as a property investment choice because of the no restrictions policy restrictions on foreigners buying property in Spain. During the first quarter of 2011, completed residential homes in holiday destination areas including Valencia’s Castellion, Balearics, and Costa Blanca were put on sale with prices dropping 30% to 40%. According to quoting a sales agent from Savills estate agency, the price of a luxury villa on Mallorca was scaled back by as much 60%. In September, GPG published reports quoting Mr. Ignacio Osle, sales and marketing director of developer Taylor Wimpey de Espana citing a recent study that revealed home values in locations such as Costa Calida, Alicante and Murcia are on the rise. “Alicante, for instance, has experienced improvements in its infrastructure, seeing a second airport terminal open, which is always good news when it comes to attracting more visitors,” Mr Osle added. The firm also pointed out that the latest figures published by the Spanish government show that the number of property sales increased during the second quarter of the year, compared to the first three months.

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LOCAL NEWS..LOCAL NEWS.. wastewater treatment and quality control.

Murcia The Autonomous Region recently participated in a conference on energy efficiency and savings held in Crete (Greece), attended by 60 municipal representatives from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Slovenia. Among them were leaders of the city of Alhama de Murcia, Murcia, Blanca, La Unión and Torre Pacheco. The meeting’s purpose was to discuss proposed saving measures and energy efficiency, and compliance with the agreement to reduce by 20 percent the emissions of greenhouse gases and energy consumption of citizens, businesses and public administrations, as well as increasing renewable energy use. The meeting exchanged experiences with eight municipalities in the Italian region of Liguria, which have already implemented energy saving measures and are working on the implementation of the European Energy Award. The meeting is part of the European project Medeea, which provides a seal of quality on energy management to the municipalities of the Region of Murcia.

Sport Murcia

More than 200 experts in water purification involved in a conference on the use of biogas. ESAMUR sanitation has organised the VII Conference on Sanitation and Treatment Technique. The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, was responsible for opening the event, which was attended by professionals from Spain, Denmark and Germany who were eager to learn the region’s experiences on ‘Production and utilization of biogas in the purification of urban wastewater.’ The Murcia region is an international reference point in the processes of water treatment and reuse. In addition the work on and studies of the quality of water, sludge and the use of gas generated in the process of purification, it also occupies a prominent position in the production and use of renewable energy. The Conference is divided into different blocks, which will discuss topics such as the generation of biogas energy, experience in its use, previous treatments and new applications to aerobic and anaerobic digestion, biogas production in urban

Murcia The Community, the Business Association Ferrmed and economic and social actors in the region have begun to outline the next phase of the final stage of the Mediterranean Corridor. The objective of this initiative is to integrate the region and the port of Cartagena into the railway infrastructure, and improve its connection to the rest of the province. The Minister of Public Works and Planning, Antonio Sevilla, accompanied by the Secretary General of Ferrmed, Joan Amorós, held a meeting last Friday with several business and labour representatives from the Region. During the meeting, the Minister stated that the Regional Government approached the Ministry of Development with the need to modify the current design, due to economic and conceptual reasons. However, the Corridor is still seen as absolutely essential to the area, and the plans to integrate local municipalities and the railways will go ahead, once the financial and planning difficulties have been overcome.

Ceuti The Civil Guard of Murcia has arrested of two persons suspected of theft in Ceuti. The offense took place in a house in Ceuti, where detainees allegedly stole an envelope containing cash and a promissory note which one of them later exchanged for cash at a bank. According to the complainant, and money had disappeared in a strange way, without any evidence of force or violence. The officers began an investigation and were able to verify that a young member of the victim’s family had committed the theft. They were also able to identify a man who had exchanged for cash the promissory note. They were identified as: MCBL Spanish, 25 years and a resident of Murcia, and SJC. Spanish, 23 and a resident of Murcia.

Lorca The Governing Board approved a new set of 24 grants and repayable advances for rent for

earthquake victims. This brings the amount so far to € 26,273.39. The Spokesman of the City of Lorca, María del Carmen Ruiz, reported that the City Council has approved a new package of aid for Lorca’s earthquake victims. This is divided into 24 sections, 15 are for grants and repayable advances, amounting in total to 10,073.39 euros, and 9 are for the support of basic needs, and are aimed at families who have lost their housing. A total of 9,200 euros will be awarded for this purpose. The Communication Spokesperson reminded all citizens that November 25 is the deadline for submission of applications for rental assistance and replacement of equipment. Municipal aid, in detail: Grants for basic needs: 627 approved applications. 861 beneficiaries. Total: 694,800 euros. Grants for repayable advances for rent and extension of the same: 280 applications approved. Total amount: 361,966.79€. Attention to serious injuries and families who had died from earthquakes: 45,140.62 € Financial Assistance to boost trade (for the Bureau of Trade): 570,000€ This aid is paid by the fund that manages and organizes the Bureau for Development, based on proposals and decisions set out within it.

Molina de Seguro The City Council has invented a new fee, which in effect forces citizens to pay twice for the same thing when they decide to build a house. It is the new modified rate of administrative activities and issuance of administrative documents, including a new fee for the building permit. Until now, the license needed to build a house or premises which requires major work was paid for in the construction industry tax, the ICIO, and was 3.9% of the budget. With the new rate, to process a building permit will attract a further 600€. Any person who wishes to build a house or a room with a budget for less than 100,000€, will be required to pay twice: first the ICIO, 3,900 € and, secondly, the new rate, another 600 € more for processing the license. If a license is pending further work to reform a roof, for example, with a budget for 20,000€,

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780€ will be for the tax works and 600€ more than the new rate, in total, 1,380€, i.e. nearly 77% more. The Socialist Party calls this an unfair rate because it is an insult to those who decide to invest in their home or premises. In addition, Antonio Gomariz repeatedly warned that this new rate is not justified and requested an examination of its legality because it could involve paying twice for the same thing.

Lorca The Regional Government spokesman, José Ballesta, said that six months after the earthquakes in Lorca, ‘much remains before the city will be back to normal,’ adding that ‘we are only at the beginning of the road.’ He made the remarks during a press conference following the Governing Council, where he had some words of remembrance for the nine people who lost their lives during the earthquakes, their families, the wounded and for all those ‘who suffered and still suffer from the consequences of earthquakes.’ Reviewing the current status of the town of Lorca, he said that the ‘reconstruction is a task for the whole of Spanish society’ and that the measures that have been taken so far are ‘not enough.’ The rebuilding and revitalization of the municipality is a matter of state.’ He stressed that the city has to ‘not only return things to the state prior to the earthquake, but also promote and encourage the economic revitalization of this town through trade, tourism, infrastructure and everything that involves a leap forward.’ He expressed his thanks for the many expressions of solidarity from individuals, companies and institutions around the country which turned to Lorca at an early stage; and to all those people and troops who participated in the first, most urgent tasks. José Ballesta has also referred to the ‘cooperation and loyalty of all administrations’ and appealed to the unit ‘to continue laying the foundations for recovery of the city, because there is still much to do.’

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Inflation rate drops to 3% as CPI rises

Inflation has dropped one tenth to 3%, depiste the fact that the consumer price index (CPI) rose 8 points in October from the previous month. These figures, supplied today by the National Statistics Institute (INE), also indicate that prices rose 1.8% in the first ten months of the year. Core inflation, which excludes the variation in prices of fresh food and energy as they are the most volatile, stood at 1.7%, the same rate as for the previous month, making a 1.3 point difference with the overall

index. One of the most influential sectors in the CPI monthly rise was clothing and footwear, up 10.3% compared to September, triggered by the start of the new season. Housing has also had a major impact, up 0.4% due to the rising price of heating oil and gas. Leisure and culture also affected the figures, with prices down 0.8%, a smaller drop than the same month last year. According to the INE, this drop reflects the prices of package tours, as well as recreational and sports

services, hotels, cafes and restaurants. As for the annual evolution of consumer prices, the sector that has most influenced the increase has been the housing, where prices have risen 6.3% over the last twelve months. This represents a slowdown from 7.2% in September. The annual rate of transport has declined three points and stands at 7.6% as fuel and lubricant prices have fallen. The INE underlines that this decline has also been influenced by the increase in the price of cars, which has been more moderate this

year than last. Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco have risen more than one point and stand at 10.4% year on year, with tobacco prices showing a significant rise this year. The cost of medicine has dopped by 0.5% thanks to the stability of prices of medicines and other pharmaceutical products, which fell in 2010. All regions recorded lower annual inflation rates from last month with the exception of the Balearic Islands and Navarre, which showed a one point increase to stand at 2.9% and 3.2%

respectively. The INE also released data today on the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) in October, which

stood at 3%, the same as the previous month and coincides with the leading indicator released on October 28.

Four Spaniards arrested in Australian drugs bust

of the cocaine stash. Police later seized about three million euros in cash in two operations at houses in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. This is the fifth largest haul of cocaine in Australia, with a value of about $58 million euros. Police launched the investigation earlier this year, but intensified their operation when the suspects, Boada Fernández and Ramos Valea were spotted in Vanuatu, a South Pacific island which experts say is a major transit point for cocaine destined for Australia and New Zealand. “Friday Freedon”, the boat use to transport the drugs, sailed from Vanuatu on 14th October and arrived Bundaberg six days later later, although the authorities did not intervene until last Friday, when the other two accomplices who were based in Australia, went to the yacht club and offloaded 100 kilos of cocaine from the yacht.

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Four Spaniards were today accused of drug trafficking after being arrested in Australia with about 300 kilos of cocaine and in possession of a huge amount of money in one of the most important drugs operations by the Australian police. Julia María Boada Fernández, 37, José Herrero Calvo, 39, Iván María Ramos Valea, 35, and Miguel Ángel Sánchez Barrocal, 38, were charged with importing or exporting commercial quantities of illicit substances in a court hearing held in the town of Bundaberg, in the northeastern state of Queensland. If convicted, the four may be sentenced to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, but will not know “exactly what each of them is charged with” until the next hearing. Two of the Spaniards were resident in Australia and the other resident elsewhere and none of them appears to have a criminal record, although information “has already been requested from Madrid”. The four were arrested last Friday when they began to move the drugs hidden in a yacht, that had been moored for about three weeks in the marina at Bundaberg, about 385 kilometres north of the city of Brisbane. The yacht, 16.8 metres in length, had participated in a race back and forth between Bundaberg and Port Vila, Vanuatu’s capital, as recorded in the register of boats entered in the trial of Bundaberg Cruising Yacht Club. Ramos Valea y Boada Fernandez, who won first prize for being the “best dressed pirates” in a fancy-dress contest organised by the Yacht Club, were arrested on board the yacht registered in the United Kingdom. The president of the Bundaberg Yacht Club, Lesley Grimminck said in press statements that the two yachtsmen were “very nice” and spoke only basic English. Sánchez Barrocal y Herrero Calvo were arrested shortly after they left the boat and each left the marina in a car carrying part

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EU & Eurozone economies at risk of new recession

According to the European Commission (EC), the growth of Eurozone and EU economies has stalled and is expected to practically stagnate over the course of 2012, with a growth of only 0.5 to 0.6% expected, and there is a real risk of a new recession if measures are not taken quickly to avoid it. The autumn forecast published today by the EC shows a growth prediction that’s sharply down from the prediction of 1.5% six months ago. Olli Rehn, the EU’s vice president for economic and monetary affairs, warned that investment, consumption and domestic demand will also fall


sharply in 2012: “We do not expect a recession in our baseline scenario. But the probability of a more protracted period of stagnation is high. Given the unusually high uncertainty around key policy decisions, a deep and prolonged recession complemented by continued market turmoil cannot be excluded”, the Commission said. With Italy and Greece dominating the headlines, Europe’s leaders are under pressure to change course in order to avert a greater financial catastrophe. The Commission predicted that if there was no

Man stabs passer-by to death and wounds six others

A young man today stabbed a 65-year-old man to death in the Santutxu district of Bilbao and wounded six others before being overpowered by local residents and arrested by the Municipal Police. The attack occurred at 0940 hours in Zabalbid, near the entrance to the Santutxu subway station when a young man, thought to be under 30, started shouting and stabbing people randomly. Witnesses did their best to stop the the aggressor, but the young man, of foreign origin, managed to get into a bar and stab more people. One of the customers of the establishment, a 65-year-old man identified only by the initials KOM, died shortly afterwards despite attempts by paramedics to revive him. Customers in the bar managed to overpow-

er the man by throwing a tile at him and held him down until the Municipal Police arrived. Speaking to reporters at the scene, Thomas del Hierro, Bilbao’s councillor for Public Safety, praised the attempts by the locals to stop the knifeman, underlining the fact that the man who later died received his stab wounds whilst trying to stop the aggressor in the bar. The assailant, a young man identified by the initials BAK, has already been remanded in custody by the Ertzaintza, which is responsible for investigating murder cases in Bilbao. In addition to the fatality, six others were injured by the knifeman and two of them have been admitted to hospital with serious injuries. A seventh person is being treated after suffering an anxiety attack.

Residencia Rojales

change in political policy then Italian public debt would remain unchanged at 120.5% of GDP next year, before falling to 118.7% in 2013. The commission also forecast that next year Greece would see its debt level rise to 198.3% of GDP. Commenting on the current eurozone crisis, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that “leaders of the eurozone must act now... the longer they delay the greater the danger”. The EC did, however, forecast a slight improvement in 2013, although figures would remain “mediocre”, with expected growth of between 1.3 and 1.5%.

Repsol finds more oil off Brazilian coast

Repsol, Spain’s biggest oil group, said Monday it has made a new oil discovery off the coast of Brazil together with Chinese partner Sinopec, Britain’s BG Group and Brazil’s Petrobras.

The field containing “high quality” crude was discovered nearly 300 kilometres (185 miles) off the coast of Sao Paulo at a depth of 4,830 metres, it said in a statement. Repsol and its partner Sinopec have a 25 percent stake in the consortium which is led by Petrobras which has 45 percent. The remaining 30 percent is held by BG Group. In June, the company announced it had

discovered two grades of “good quality” oil about 190 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Last week, Repsol announced its largestever oil discovery, saying it had discovered nearly a billion barrels in unconventional oil and gas in Patagonia, a find that doubles its proven reserves in Argentina. Repsol has a significant portfolio of projects in Brazil, including a producing field, a block under development, two planned pilot projects and 14 exploration blocks of great potential.

Spain’s ‘revolutionary’ campers set up tent a week before general elections

will be camped out there on the so-called ‘reflection day’ on November 19 and the night after the votes have been cast.

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Some members of the group, who preferred not to be named, say the police have already attempted to remove them.

Around 100 members of the ‘indignados’ movement, which started a week before the local elections in May, have set up camp in the Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona and intend to stay

there until at least the general elections on November 20. Only around 12 were left this morning after the first night’s camping, but it is expected that hundreds

But the Mossos d’Esquadra – Catalunya’s answer to the Guardia Civil – say they will not intervene unless and until the group causes any violence or disturbance.

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Rajoy promises support for entrepreneurs and says politicians should not have privileges

Spanish architect paid £13 million for a building that will never be built The world-renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was paid 15.2 million euros (£13 million) for a building project in Valencia that will never be built, it has emerged.

The PP candidate for Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has publicly rejected the idea that politicians should have privileges over and above what other citizens have and defended the idea that they should earn “reasonable” salaries. Rajoy made his statement on the “Elecciones Generales 2011” channel hosted by YouTube and Efe, answering the six most popular questions, as voted by internet users, from the 750 possible questions proposed by the electoral channel. When asked what he felt about elevated golden handshakes and bonuses paid to directors of banks which had received public bailouts, Rajoy said he was “radically against the practice” and disagreed with “people being rewarded for their substandard management that has forced the bank to ask for public money”. He said he felt that the Bank of Spain had the authority to intervene in those circumstances and that it ought to do so, adding “when I am in government, it won’t happen”. Rajoy was also asked how he was going to help solve the “serious problems” faced by many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed people who were having to close their businesses down because they were “drowning in the sea of debt owed to them by local councils”, to which he responded: “SMEs and the selfemployed will have the full support of a PP government. Our main objective over the next few years is to create employment, because we cannot live in a country where

five million people want to work and can’t [...] and we know that it is the SMEs that create that employment, which is why they will have our support”. One of the policy changes he outlined was that SMEs and the self-employed would not pay the VAT on invoices issued until they themselves had received payment on that invoice. He also said that a new line of credit would be opened with the ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial) as soon as they were in office, with the sole purpose of allowing public administrations to pay their debts to suppliers. Also, since many of these suppliers, who are owed money by public administrations have to pay taxes to the same administrations, taxes could be offset against debts the adminstrations have with them. Rajoy also promised to reduce corporation tax to 20% and to introduce payment modules for the self-employed and SMEs. In conclusion, the PP candidate for government insisted that entrepreneurs would have his party’s full support and appreciation “because they are the ones who, with a government that creates a reasonable framework of confidence, are going to lead Spain out of recession”.


A report published in The Telegraph reveals that the architect’s firm received the huge sum in four instalments from the Valencian regional government, whose then president, Francisco Camps, from the conservative Popular Party (PP), is embroiled in a corruption scandal that will see him stand trial later this year on bribery charges. The architect drew up plans for a project that would include three skyscrapers and eight residential blocks, following the success of his City of Arts and Sciences complex, an architectural gem that has transformed the city. Architectural models for the skyscraper project were unveiled at the regional parliament in 2004 and a contract sighed a year later. But the project was shelved shortly after when

the Spanish property bubble burst. O p p o s i t i o n MPs suspected foul play in the contract alleging corruption and embezzlement of public funds and called for a criminal investigation with an official complaint lodged in March. But the public prosecutor’s office shelved the case this week finding that there was no “offence of wasting public money” and an absence of evidence that a crime had been committed. However, the full amount paid to the architect was revealed in court papers. It had previously been stated publicly that only 2.6 million euros had been spent on the Calatrava Towers project, as it became known. Ignacio Blanco, a regional MP from the left wing EUPV, the party which originally called

for an investigation, said the figure was astounding. “The investigation revealed that 15 million euros was paid for a project that has not been carried out,” he said. “Calatrava has enjoyed a free bar with public money from the PP.” A spokesman from the Valencian government defended the spending and said that the project plans were an asset. “It is a model that could be used at a later date and as such is an asset owned by the Generalitat Valenciana,” said Lola Johnson, minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport. Mr Camps, who was head of the regional government from 2003 until he resigned from office in July, is facing charges over alleged bribes, including receiving suits and cash in return for contracts. The case dubbed “Gurtel” implicates some 70 people including several highly ranked members of the PP.

Only 2% of music Spain fines makers of Larry Crowne over downloads are legal and 50% of books are pirated ‘reckless’ poster

Authorities in Spain have fined the producers of Hollywood film Larry Crowne for failing to ensure the lead actors Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts were wearing helmets as they rode on a scooter on the film’s promotional poster. The poster, which shows Roberts and Hanks riding without protective headgear, was in violation of Spain’s strict traffic rules, which ban “any publicity, in print, audio or video that may incite excessive speed, reckless driving, situations of danger or any other circumstance involving conduct contrary to the principles of the law”. Press sources indicate that the makers of the film had been fined more than £25,000 for the breach. Tripictures were so surprised by the fine, they initially thought it was a joke, Cinemania reported. They said that in the film, all actors riding on scooters wore helmets. The move comes after singer Shakira was fined last year for failing to wear a helmet in one of her music videos.

Illegal downloading of films and music continues to grow in Spain, with piracy rates reaching 77.3% of all digital content only two out of every 100 songs dowloaded are done so legally and half of all books are pirated. These are just some of the data released by the Piracy and Digital Consumer Habits Observatory and presented today by the head of the Foundation for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, José Manuel Tourné. In the first six months of 2011 alone, piracy increased by 0.4% and the value of digital content downloaded illegally rose to 5.2 billion euros, almost four time the value of legally downloaded content. Legal downloading suffered a 0.5% drop with respect to the same period the previous year, with the digital content business dropping to 1.53 billion euros. Tourné blames this increase in piracy on the delay in introducing the ‘Sinde’ law, currently being debated in the government’s advisory council, which will allow authorities to close down websites offering illegal downloading by court order.




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Torrevieja Costa Lions Ballroom Dancing and its welcome new members Health Benefits – PART TWO

Lions Club President Iain Bennett was delighted to welcome three new members to the Club at the November business meeting. Rickie and Andrea Stocks from Catral along with Sandy Baulsom from Orihuela Costa have been supporting the Torrevieja Lions for many months now and were invited to become full members of the Club. The simple induction process was conducted in the presence of the whole Club and many visitors, including Lions from Norway and Iceland. The Lions are very busy as we approach the festive season. Many local businesses are supporting the Lions with festive prize draws, you can participate in the prize draws for a gallon of Scotch Whisky at Quesada Fish and Chips,Claptons Bar, Lo Marabu Restaurant all in Quesada, The Olive Grove Restaurant in La Torreta and Hoggies bar in San Luis. There are also excellent Christmas baskets full of seasonal goodies to be won at The Post Box in Quesada and the Windsor Tavern in San Luis. The Lions will be out in force on the 16th and 17th December at Iceland in La Marina with their annual Christmas prize draw, entertainment will be provided on the 17th by the excellent Velvetones who will be raising the spirits of the shoppers with Christmas songs. On Christmas morning the Lions will be fund raising on the beach at La Zenia where JB Brass will be performing their Christmas repertoire. The photograph shows from l-r Rickie,Andrea,Sandy and Iain.

Dancing is a unique form of exercise because it provides the heart-healthy benefits of an aerobic exercise while also allowing you to engage in a social activity. This is especially stimulating to the mind, and one 21-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine even found dancing can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly. One of the surprises of the study was that almost none of the physical activities appeared to offer any protection against dementia. There can be cardiovascular benefits of course, but the focus of this study was the mind. There was one important exception: the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing. • Reading - 35% reduced risk of dementia • Bicycling and swimming - 0% • Doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week - 47% • Playing golf - 0% • Dancing frequently - 76%. That was the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical. “This is perhaps because dance music engages the dancer’s mind.” Dance is a weight-bearing activity, which builds bones. It’s also “wonderful” for your upper body and strength.” Verghese says dancing may be a triple benefit for the brain. Not only does the physical aspect of dancing increase blood flow to the brain, but also the social aspect of the activity leads to less stress, depression and loneliness. Further, ballroom dancing requires memorizing steps and working with a partner, both of which provide mental challenges that are crucial for brain health. Most people agree that social ballroom dancing gives them a more positive outlook on life. So there has never been a better time to halt that ageing process than right now! Did you know that you have former ‘Come Dancing’


fully qualified professionals right here on the Costa? Lyn Aspden and Chris Gaskell who run ‘Strictly Dance’ have a proven track record with more than 30 years experience, and have taught every level of dancer from the absolute new beginner, who has never danced a step before, to competitive world champions and they have also trained students to become professional teachers. They have won accolades such as teachers of the year from their professional dance society for excellence in teaching methods and were themselves Undefeated All England Professional Latin American Champions. Who better to guide you step by step correctly for your first dance experience. Getting the correct training for your first few steps is critical to your future enjoyment of dancing. They know how difficult it is to pluck up the courage to take those first daunting steps, how shy some people feel when they go to their first class. You can be assured that you will always feel confident in what you are doing with their failsafe teaching methods. When they first moved to Spain several years ago there were no qualified British professional dance teachers here (and they are still the only ones) and so were encouraged to start teaching by keen dancers. Since then they have gone on from strength to strength performing shows along with their students and raising money for various local charities. And here is what they say - ‘So here’s the deal - We provide the floor, the music and the atmosphere, you just bring yourself and enjoy the experience!’ ‘Strictly Dance’ have classes Mondays and Tuesdays at The Club, Quesada and Thursdays at The Big Wok, Punta Prima 8pm-10:15pm. And remember that singles are always welcome. With a variety of courses starting every three weeks you still have time to learn for Xmas, and you too could be joining in with the parties over the festive season instead of sitting watching others have all the fun! With an option of 2 dances every class they are sure that you will find one you are keen to learn. Can’t get to one of the classes? Did you know for the cost of just a couple of classes you could have one to one private tuition. Speak to Lyn to arrange


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Age Concern at Large

December brings three events; on Saturday 3rd December Lagarto Verde on the Via axial in the port, half way along by the cinema parking outside will be the Age Concern Christmas Fair. It is from 11AM until 4PM and will have over forty stalls, Santa Claus, the St Nicholas choir and our Christmas draw. If you would like a stall, please ring Pam on 634310215. There is a small entrance charge, and everyone is welcome. 12th December sees a shopping trip to Murcia. Tickets for this are going like hot cakes! It’s only 10 Euros for the trip which will take in the main shopping areas and a chance to see the lights. Wednesday 14th sees our monthly social, Talking Shop, become a Christmas social. There is no charge for this and we are starting at noon and finishing at 3.30PM. There will be a short panto! In the New Year Age Concern plan an auction. This will be at Marianos on the 3rd February. You will be able to put a maximum of three items in and this will cost you 10Euros for up to three. You will keep whatever the auction makes. You cannot bring items on the day, you must register them before hand. You will bring the items to Mariano’s at 9AM on the morning of the sale. At 10AM the doors will be open for two hours of viewing, with the auction starting promptly at 1PM. You can register by ringing Pam on 634310215 or Maggie on 634336484 We must stress that items must be registered before the sale. It is up to you if you want to put a minimum price you are prepared to accept. Again this must be registered before the sale. This is a new venture by Age Concern and one they hope to repeat every three months. It’s a serious attempt to attract good quality items along with a free spending audience. Tickets can be got any Friday morning outside the Salud on Sector B Camposol. Age Concern runs a regular weekly free advice session on a Wednesday morning in the Cultural Centre on Sector B Camposol. You can also get tickets for Age Concern events. There are still tickets for All our Yesterdays, fun and stew, 4PM until 8PM 18th November at the Steak Out, 6 Euros; also the first monthly social in the new year is on Wednesday 4th January at the Cultural Centre, 1.30 to 3.30PM.

Cinderella r u o m a l G With A Twist! & z Glit BSS MAB r MA ffo or

The Theatre association are a presentation Cinderella, but twist!!

Group this year of the with an

of ADAPT putting on pantomime interesting

The performance will be full of fun, music and laughter and include local children from Los Pinos primary school and students from AIDEMAR. Proceeds will go to the Holidays in Peace organisation ( Vacaciones en Paz ) which in summer brings children from the sweltering desert regions to Spain for a little respite.

A gloriously warm afternoon at Rosalind’s roof top restaurant in Los Alcázares greeted guests at the MABS Glitzy Fashion Show. The proceedings got off to a great start with drinks and yummy canapés, before getting down to the serious business of deciding what to buy. The Show was fun and entertaining, thanks to Zigi’s girls and some new models from the MABS Cancer Centre in San Javier. Over 400€ was raised for MABS Murcia from the auction and sale of the clothes and accessories. A huge thanks must go to all took part, including Sue Thomason and the MABS Centre volunteers in San Javier, and especially to the guests for their support and generosity. The MABS Cancer Centre is open from Monday to Saturday, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and celebrates its first anniversary on 26 November with an open day from 12.00 until 3.00 pm, and they look forward to celebrating with everyone – canapés, Cava and live entertainment promise to make it a fun afternoon. Tickets for the Prize Draw of an hour’s ride in a stretch limousine are available from the Centre at 1€ each and the draw will take place on 26 November. For further information, please call 615 016 035. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website:

The last ADAPT Theatre Group´s performance, a range of comedy sketches, was a huge hit and Cinderella promises to be even more successful with tickets for the show on Saturday December 3rd almost sold out. As a response to this overwhelming demand there will be another performance on THURSDAY 1ST DECEMBER at 7.00 PM at the Casa de Cultura, c/Alcalde Julio Albaladejo in San Pedro. TICKETS are priced at 2 euros minimum, with any amount being gratefully accepted for the children´s charity. They can be obtained from MAIL PINATAR, c/Reyes Católicos and AMIGOS BAR c/Avda Las Salinas in San Pedro and can also be bought at the Hogar de Pensionistas c/Floridablanca in San Pedro on 12th, 19th and 26th November between 11am and 12.00 noon. For ticket reservations contact Eric on: 656 361 098 or 965060693 or visit our website:



James Murdoch: “I Wasn’t Shown Key Email”

James Murdoch has accused former News International staff of misleading MPs as he insisted he was not warned in 2008 about the extent of phone hacking at the News Of The World. The NI executive chairman denied he was shown a crucial email about the practice being more widespread at the paper at a meeting with its editor Colin Myler and NI legal chief Tom Crone. He accused the two men of “misleading” the Culture, Media and Select Committee, who testified in September that Mr Murdoch was told about the contents of the so-called “For Neville” email. Mr Murdoch was forced to deny he had misled MPs in July, when he had stressed he had not been aware that the document suggested hacking went beyond a single “rogue” reporter. He said: “In the evidence they gave to you in 2011 in regard to my own knowledge, I believe it was inconsistent and not right,

and I dispute it vigorously.” He added: “I believe their testimony was misleading and I dispute it.” Mr Murdoch, giving evidence to the committee for the second time, admitted he was told about the document at a meeting with the two men in June 2008 to discuss a legal claim by the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association Gordon Taylor. But he stressed he never saw a copy of it and that it was only talked about in the context of that case. “The so-called ‘For Neville’ email... was mentioned to me as evidence that was important with respect of it being a transcript of a voicemail interception that came through, that proved it was on behalf of the News Of The World,” he told MPs. “It was not shown to me, nor was it discussed with me its other feature - that it was ‘For Neville’, and that it

e h T

b u l C

The New Venue All you need in one place:

∙ Bowling ∙ Snooker ∙ Quiz Nights ∙ Darts ∙ Pool Table ∙ Social Dancing ∙ Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Open 10am - late Late licence (3.30am) if needed

For your Christmas Bonanza

Come to the Club on Christmas Eve

Where we will take you from laughter to tears & have you rocking the dance floor with amazing tributes to

Celine Dion B lo n d i e , A bba S a n ta n a


And an outstanding one-man tribute show to the musicals, not forgetting a Christmas Carol or two as well as

L e w i s La k i n g L u c i n da , N i lo & Maria O’Hara

Champagne Reception 7pm. 2 course meal and show 20€, Show only €5, 8.30pm


might indicate wider-spread knowledge or wider-spread activities of phone hacking.” He added: “I was given at that meeting sufficient information to authorise the increase of the settlement offers that had been made but I was given no more than that.” Mr Murdoch also said he could not recall discussing the Taylor case with Mr Myler before that meeting, contradicting documents released by the company’s former laywers Farrer & Co earlier this week which suggested an earlier discussion took place in late May. A briefing note prepared at the time by Mr Crone said that the discovery of the “For Neville” email was “fatal to our case” and left the company in a “very perilous” position. Mr Murdoch said: “The first and only substantive meeting or conversation that I recall about the matter was the June

november / december 2011


10 meeting with Mr Crone and Mr Myler, although I cannot rule out whether or not he called me or stopped me in the hallway, or something like that, for a brief conversation.” Asked by Labour MP Tom Watson whether he had personally misled the committee in his previous evidence, Mr Murdoch said: “No, I did not.” He added: “I believe this committee was given evidence by individuals either without full possession of the facts, or now it appears in the process of my own discovery... it was economical.” Pressed on whether he meant Mr Myler and Mr Crone had misled the committee, he continued: “Certainly in the evidence they gave to you in 2011 in regard to my own knowledge, I believe it was inconsistent and not right, and I dispute it vigorously.” He added: “I believe their testimony was misleading and I dispute it.”



Thursday 177th Weight Watchers 10am Happy Hour Friends Unlimited - Help updates with Every Sunday Paula Yates 8 - 9.30pm Line Dancing intermediate 5pm - 6.30pm Zumba Fitness 6.45pm - 7.45pm Quiz with a twist 8.30pm Friday 18th Dolly Mixtures 2.30 – 5pm. Sunday 27th Happy Hour 8-9.30pm Closed 6pm for private parties karaoke with Vibe FMs DJ Richie Sparks’ 9pm Saturday 19th show girl by maria o’hara PLUS kye james Monday 28th 2 course meal and show 8pm 10€, show only 9.30pm 3€ Line dancing intermediate 10.30 - 12pm Sunday 20th Happy Hour 8-9.30pm the cadillacs ‘Like to Jive? 4.30pm - 6.15pm, 5€ karaoke with Vibe FMs DJ Richie Sparks’ 9pm Ballroom & Latin, beginners & intermediate 8pm - 10pm Monday 21st Line dancing intermediate 10.30 - 12pm Tuesday 29th Jo’s Art Group 10am – 1pm the cadillacs ‘Like to Jive? 4.30pm - 6.15pm, 5€ Diana’s Art Group 2pm - 4pm, Ballroom & Latin, beginners & intermediate 8pm - 10pm Zumba fitness 5.45pm - 6.45pm Tuesday 22nd Jo’s Art Group 10am – 1pm Argentine Tango - Beginners &intermediate 8pm -10pm Diana’s Art Group 2pm - 4pm, Wednesday 30th Zumba fitness 5.45pm - 6.45pm Argentine Tango - Beginners &intermediate 8pm -10pm Line Dancing beginners 5pm - 6.30pm Wednesday 23rd Thursday 1st Line Dancing beginners 5pm - 6.30pm Weight Watchers 10am Live music from 9.30pm Friends Unlimited - Maureen Payne, President of Age Thursday 24th Weight Watchers 10am Concern 2pm - 4pm Line Dancing intermediate 5pm - 6.30pm Line Dancing intermediate 5pm - 6.30pm Zumba Fitness 6.45pm - 7.45pm Zumba Fitness 6.45pm - 7.45pm Quiz with a twist 8.30pm Quiz with a twist 8.30pm Friday 25th Dolly Mixtures 2.30 – 5pm. Friday 2nd Dolly Mixtures 2.30 – 5pm. Closed 6pm for private parties Closed 6pm for private parties Saturday 26th showaddywaddy tribute PLUS dj helen Saturday 3rd Cabaret Show PLUS Nilo 2 course meal and show 8pm 10€, 2 course and show 8pm 10€, show only 9.30pm 3€ show only 9.30pm 3€

Tuesday 22nd November


With tributes to

Celine Dion, Shania Twain Buddy Holly, Cliff Richard Blondie, Dusty Springfield and ABBA plus Sunset Duo

Tickets 5€ 9pm Pre-show meals available 8pm Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada


Bring a party to a party 23rd december

champagne on arrival, partyhats, 4 course meal incl wine & coffee live music, santa surprise for girls & boys!!! don’t delay book today limited places


For more info call 966 717 028







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Opening Hours

9.00am - 12.00pm CHRISTMAS BOOKINGS


Sunday Carvery 3 Courses Menu Del Dia Paellas / Steaks / Fish English Breakfasts

Boat Sailing Trips incl. Lunch + Breakfast

Puerto de San Pedro

Reservations: 600 74 91 81



CASA LA PEDRERA, OPEN HOUSE & CHRISTMAS FAIR... Casa La Pedrera will once again be holding an Open House raising funds for the Christmas Party on behalf of the spanish charity, ASILA Torreveija. So for a euro entry from the 1st - 24th of December from 11am - 3pm you will be able to sit inside the Grand Design House and have some refreshments which will be beautifully decorated for Christmas and enjoy the stunning views overlooking the Pedera Reservoir. Also taking place on the first weekend of December between 11am - 4pm there is free entry for all to the Christmas Fair with loads to see and do for the whole family. There will be a wonderful craft market which takes place both inside the house and within the grounds of the property and plenty of activities such as pony rides, quad rides, air rifle and archery for all ages to enjoy. Santa will also be visiting all the children from the North Pole and this year each child will receive a full colour photo of their visit included in the price of the ticket. There will be lots of entertainment on offer including music by the Velvetones, dancing from Dance Extreme and many more. Finally to end the Christmas season on a high note on the 23rd there will be an Evening of Music & a fun quizz hosted inside the house and carols sung around the fire. For more information and tickets for this event please call Jenni on 660816620 For those who have gifts for the children of ASILA, (especially the older children) please drop them off already gift wrapped with the appropriate age at the the tea garden, which is open daily between 11 & 3pm. Thank you.

ADAPT games night.............. ADAPT GAMES NIGHT is a very popular club activity run by Janet and Terry Pierce twice monthly at the Lodosol cafe/bar in San Pedro. Nothing too strenuous but good brain training and a lot of fun. Janet and Terry have weaned us in gently with Rummikub, Crib, Mexican Train and Uno Attack. Every once in a while they sneak in another game so that we don´t become too complacent and we are forced to stir up the grey matter. We have a suspicion that the next game to be introduced will be Canasta!

No one takes the games too seriously as is evident from the laughter and chatter around the room and it helps to have liquid refreshment from the bar to ease the vocal chords. (So

they say!) ADAPT meet on the first Saturday of the month at The Pensionista Club, San Pedro. The doors open at 10 am and drinks can be purchased from the bar. (There seems to be a theme here). Enid Winskill. See the website for more information

Seasonal Showtime............ No, this is not a picture left over from Halloween it is some of Rascals dancers Who open the second half of there winter variety show with a routine to the haunting music of Tocatta. The show opens with Spring and predictably the number Spring, Spring, Spring followed by several numbers relating to that season. Summertime is the first number of the Summer season followed by comedy, dance and song to complete the hot season with a bit of Steam Heat thrown in. With a weather change in Autumn we start off with a Foggy Day in London Town but soon the rain comes down in Raining Men and although Autumn Leaves are seen in September Morn it does not stop Raindrops keep falling on My Head. You are given the opportunity to have a free seasonal drink and nibbles in the interval to get you ready for the winter season so by the time the carols are being sung you are in the mood to join in. All this for only 5 Euros which as always at this time of year goes to children’s charities. First performance on Wednesday 7th December at the Virgen del Carmen, Torrevieja Book on line or call Sue on 96 678 4874 or 693 042 771 A further performance is at the School of

Music & Culture in Los Montesinos On Saturday 17th December both performances start at 19.00 hrs. Call Sue at the above number to reserve tickets. Come along and have an enjoyable evening whilst helping those less fortunate than yourselves.Check out our website to find out more about Rascals

BBC1 BBC2 ITV1,2,3,4 C4 Sky News + more. No monthly subscriptions direct from satellite. Standard Full Installation FROM ONLY €295 Standard installation plus 2nd box only €415 Seasonal Special Offers • HD Box system fully installed €375 • 1.9m Standard Full Installation €675 • Sky package only €20 a month

If you have ADSL or WiFi you can get the full Sky package from only €20 per month. Sports, Nature, History, Movies, Plus loads of other great channels...

Internet High Speed Unlimited downloads from €15 per month. Telephone 200 minutes only €4. 6MB Download speed. Twice as much as some other providers plus unlimited calls to UK, Spain, France, Germany, Poland Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada and major cities in Australia. With a UK phone number with local call area code so cheaper for friends and family to call you. Call for installation quotations in your area 606 297 825 or see our website for more information. or email:


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De-Stress With Meditation...

The bad weather, the seasonal pace, work: If this time of year has your stress meter spiking, it may be time to close your eyes, breathe ... and get a little repetitive. Repetition is at the heart of meditation’s soothing power. The act of banishing thoughts, focusing on your breathing, and repeating a single word or phrase, fires up your body’s natural relaxation response. And meditation can do more than soothe away stress. Research shows it may help lower blood pressure, boost immunity, reduce PMS symptoms, even aid in fertility and the delivery of a new mum’s milk!


Now offering Myscara - Introductory Offer just 25€ mascara that’s taking the world by storm Semi-permanent smudge & water proof 100% Lengthens, thickens & curls  Why not host a Myscara Party and get yours done free

Call Dominique on 634 828 421


Manchester Steve

Now at Chantelle’s, Rojales. Opening soon at La Zenia!

634 141 331 or 672 875 418


Look Good Feel Great...

Light ‘promising’ in cancer fight

Chemical combination, researchers implanted tumours, squamous cell carcinoma, into the backs of mice. They were given the drug and exposed to near infrared light. The study said: “Tumour volume was significantly reduced... compared to untreated control mice and survival was significantly prolonged. “This selective killing minimises damage to normal cells.” The authors said the combination was “a promising therapeutic and diagnostic agent for the treatment of cancer”. “Although we observed no toxicity in our experiments, clinical translation of this method will require formal toxicity studies,” they added. Dr Laura McCallum, Cancer Research UK’s science communications officer, said the research was promising. “Using antibodies or photodynamic therapy to specifically target cancer cells have both been successful for treating some cancers, so combining the two together is certainly an exciting plan. “But it’s important to remember that this work was done in mice, so it’s

much too early to tell if it will work in people with cancer. “This potential treatment has promise as scientists - including

Diabetes breakthrough

Journal Analytical Chemistry: ‘Thus it may be possible to measure tear glucose levels multiple times per day to monitor blood glucose changes without the potential pain from the repeated invasive blood drawing method.’ Doctors say there is a great demand for an alternative to using lancets, or pricking needles, to draw blood. Fingers can become sensitive over time and there is always a small risk of infection. Frequent tests are essential for people with type 1 diabetes, who can’t produce the hormone insulin, needed to control blood sugar levels. Skin prick tests are the only way to safely monitor glucose levels and will let patients know if they need an insulin injection. If blood sugar levels fall too low,

type one diabetics can develop hypoglycaemia, which can lead to coma and death if left untreated. People with type 2 diabetes don’t produce enough insulin to control blood sugar levels. Although it can be treated with a healthier diet and exercise it is a progressive condition and medication may be needed when the condition is more advanced. Those with type 2 diabetes may only need to test themselves twice a week if they manage to get their sugar levels under control. Diabetes affects 2.8 million people

The Costa Blanca’s Quesada Business Centre Calle Los Arcos 7, Ciudad Quesada Biggest & Cheapest DIGITAL HEARING AIDS FROM €495 Hair & Beauty 30 day free trial - money back guarantee suppliers FREE no obligation hearing tests Call us for more information

966 725 710

in the UK and 26 million people in the U.S. The majority of sufferers have type 2 of the condition.


Hair & Beauty 966 726 775

Now Delivering throughout Spain & the Costa Blanca

our own - are also looking at using antibodies to deliver other knockout punches, such as radiation, directly to cancer cells.”

Fully Qualified UK Hearing Aid Dispenser Michael Burke RHAD MSHAA

Tel: 698 418 642

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Sweet Dreams

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N332 ◄Cartagena Torrevieja► La Roig

La Zenia

Playa Flamenca Shop Monday to Friday: 10am til 6pm Sat: 10am til 2pm

Playa Flamenca

Centro Comercial, Flamenca Beach, 1a Planta, Playa Flamenca

Tel: 965 321 701


C / Conception No. 8 Torrevieja

Tel: 965 710 058

free delivery Orihuela

C / Aragon No. 2 Orihuela

Tel: 965 325 56

Mattress Eliocel 90x190



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for HAH (Help at Home) Costa Blanca

amaze you. Two dates only so PLEASE book early to avoid disappointment.

Broadway & Hollywood -

only TWO show remaining! with “Mr Voice” Andy Jones, Fiona McLean & Peter Day In June, this show toured to sell out audiences and received standing ovations at every performance. In September it returned for one charity performance, was filmed by Viva TV and again received a standing ovation!!! Now, as a result of public demand, the show returns for a short tour of three Venues in November. This really is the most memorable illustration of the music from the biggest and best Broadway and West End shows and you will be mesmerized by the voice of Andy Jones and he performs to per fection. The show, with many costume changes, drama and fabulous music will s i m p l y

Thursday 17th November

El Paraiso, Av Paris Con, Urb Los Angeles, Torrevieja 965 710 431

Friday November


Emerald Isle, La Florida - 965 32738 Tickets 7.50 Euros - at the venues listed now Ticket info at 695 135 134 www. jukeboxpromotions.

17th December Saturday.

HAH CB are holding their Xmas Extravaganza from 7.30pm at The Emerald Isle, all clients, volunteers and friends welcome. Entertainment : Nick Gold, Dan Davy and Davy Cherry.

A man is facing a year in jail after police discovered a rare crocodile living in his bath. The three-year-old Cuban crocodile - critically endangered in the wild - will one day reach nine foot long and said by experts to be the most intelligent and aggressive croc in the world. Owner Fabio Lazelli was caught out when his neighbours dialed 999 after a bust up at their apartment block in Cremona, Italy. “They demanded to be let into his flat and were astounded when they found a crocodile swimming around in the bathtub,” said one resident. Lazelli - also facing a £70,000 fine - is understood to have smuggled

the croc into the country as an egg, hatching it out at home. Wildlife experts have now moved the two feet long beast to the reptile h o u s e at the specialist Bio park in Rome. One said: “He’s very lucky we got it when we did. These crocodiles are the most intelligent of their kind, fast, and aggressive. As it got older he would have been in real danger.”

Crocodile shock

Jukebox Promotions Entertainment & events to raise money

weird & wonderful

Dummy police officer no fool

In an effort to reduce bad driving a dummy police officer holding a camera has been erected at the side of the road. The fake police officer can be seen standing on

the Zhengjiang Section of the Funing Highway between Shanghai and Nanjing in China. It is hoped that its presence will deter people from driving


If it doesn’t, while the police officer may be fake the camera isn’t and it records all the cars that pass the section of road.

29th November Tuesday Xmas Fayre at the Asturias Restaurant from 1pm to 4.30pm. Xmas hand made gifts, jewellery, cakes, mince pies and much more. Xmas hamper raffle towards HAH CB

! d a o r h ig h e h t g in k ta If there was a way to know, in as little as nine months whether your property would be sold,

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If you were buying which would you rather pay,

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How many potential buyers are looking at your property per month? If it’s not 60,000,000 you need to chat with us. Take a look at our Facebook page to see where we are http://www.

Tel: 950 109 699 or 661 433 443

It’s the kind of high school where a pass has a very different meaning. Because at Pili - in China’s rugged northern Xinjiang Uygur region - the pass is 1,500ft above a sheer drop down a precipice which 42 pupils have to pick their way across on their way to and from school.

Guided by parents and staff, the youngsters scramble over the sloping rock face finding foot and handholds that would make even a goat think twice. “It’s very steep but we’re mountain people here and used to walking like this. We haven’t lost one yet - there are severe penalties for truancy,” joked one teacher.

pause for thought It often surprises people, particularly friends from the UK, that being retired and living in so beautiful a part of Spain, I should ever want to go on holiday. And yes, I thoroughly enjoy relaxing, when I get the chance, admiring the stunning views our home affords, but there’s always loads to be done in and around the home, and without unbelievable levels of self-discipline there’s no way I could truly relax if I were to try to holiday there. And I believe we all do need a holiday – a period when we can truly relax and let go of all the regular tasks and responsibilities that so fully engage our minds and bodies during our everyday lives, so we can in due time return refreshed and re-

invigorated. So here I am on the Maltese Island of Gozo, enjoying peace and tranquility, some stunning scenery, with dive sites to rival any in Europe, a bit of quiet, undisturbed reading, some wonderful food and a feast of literally hundreds of classic cars, as the Malta Classic and Vintage Car Club is holding their Annual Event there this week. And no matter how many matters may need my urgent attention back home, I have no need to feel guilty as I can do nothing about them right now, so relaxation and rest can be absolute. Appreciation of this basic human need for rest and relaxation goes back over millennia; for the Mosaic Law, in addition to the famed

‘Ten Commandments’, also included requirements for holidays and rest days. And as with so much of the wisdom contained within the Bible, I believe we ignore the principles thus proscribed at our peril. So are we really surprised, for example, at the increase in stress related illnesses; when each day of the week in our modern society is subject to equal pressure, and the Biblical requirement for one day in seven to be set aside, or hallowed, is ignored? Perhaps in this regard at least, it’s time to re-evaluate our thinking! There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship; further information about the Anglican Church in this area may be seen on the web site

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida and may be contacted at


Sir Terry Wogan, Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly andAlesha Dixon have been announced as presenters for one of the biggest nights in the TV calendar, the BBC Children in Need’s annual Appeal, live from Television Centre on Friday 18 November.

array of sketches, musical acts, live guests and plenty of glamour.

With even more associated programming than ever before, this will see the high point of the 2011 campaign. TV’s biggest names will give their all with a massive

One Direction open the proceedings as the traditional BBC Children in Need Appeal telethon starts at 7:30pm. A whole host of music guests will follow, including JLS, Westlife, Susan Boyle and The Collective (featuring Gary Barlow, Ed Sheeran, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Ms. Dynamite, Tulisa, Wretch 32, Rizzle Kicks, MzBratt, Dot Rotten and Labrinth) who will sing the BBC Children in Need single ‘Teardrop’.

With the evening’s entertainment kicking off with ‘The One Show’ live special at 7pm, we’ll see if Matt Baker makes it to London in time on his journey by Rickshaw from Edinburgh.

BBC Children in t h g i N l a e p p A d e Ne ! d e c n u o n n A p U Line

Kylie Minogue, Daniel Craig, Jessie J, Cheryl Cole, Zoe Ball and EastEnder Jo Joyner all make film contributions; Lord Sugar enters the Dragons’ Den in The Dragons’ Apprentice a n d there’ll be sketches from Vic & Bob and Russell Howard’s Good News. The cast of EastEnders rock Albert


Square as The Vic does Queen and the cast of Hollyoaks appear live in the studio. Gok Wan will be singing for the first time, and the Outnumbered kids will also be giving a special performance. The Muppetslead an all-star version of the classic song ‘manah, manah’ where Miss Piggy and Kermit are joined by a cast ranging from Harry Hill to Davina McCall to the Match of the Day boys. In a cornerstone of the evening, Gareth Malone will lead a 10strong choir who will link up live with 3,000 children from all over the UK including Bristol, Leeds, West Midlands, Glasgow, Manchester, Cornwall, Cardiff, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, South East Kent, London, Hull, Norwich, Southampton, Newcastle and Leicester. The Newsreaders (Emily Maitlis, Sophie Raworth, Susanna Reid and Sian Williams) try their hand at ballroom and face Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood with their own Strictly Challenge. Nick Knowles will be in the studio for DIY SOS: The Big Build to celebrate their biggest makeover to date, and there’ll be an exclusive sneak peek at the Doctor Who Christmas special. The cast of Rock of Ages and The Wizard of Oz will also be live in the studio.


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Stick with summertime! Children would exercise more if clocks didn’t go back in winter

Obese children in the UK would find it easier to lose weight if we didn’t put the clocks back at the end of October, say researchers. The study, that concluded children are most physically active on longer days, adds evidence in favour of a Daylight Saving Bill. The Bill would bring the UK into line with Central European Time (CET) for a trial period of three years. Scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said that children aged eight to 11 were most active between 5pm and 8pm during lighter evenings. They measured the body movements of 325 children in Hertfordshire in their daily routine for 817 days over the four seasons and found children were most active on days with 14 or more hours of daylight. The study gives further weight to the argument that longer days could be an effective way of tackling the UK’s obesity epidemic. Lead researcher, Dr Anna Goodman said: ‘The fact that kids spend more time playing outdoors and are more physically active overall on these longer days could be important at a population level for promoting their fitness and in preventing child obesity. ‘This strengthens the public health argument for the Daylight Saving Bill currently under consideration by the House of Commons, which proposes putting the clocks forward by an extra hour all year round.’ Results, published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, showed that on long days, children spent 22 per cent outside, engaging in ‘out-of-home play’ but when the day became shorter the figure decreased to 13 per cent. This trend remained constant regardless of the weather. British Summer Time ended Sunday 30 October at 2am when the clocks went back by one hour. The new Daylight Saving Bill proposed by Tory MP Rebecca Harris, calls for a review of the potential costs and benefits of a move to CET and would need further legislation before any trial was launched. Moving to CET would mean lighter winter evenings, which supporters claim would cut road deaths, boost tourism and reduce energy use. But any change is likely to face opposition from many in Scotland, especially agricultural workers who would be faced with an extra hour of darkness in the morning. Since 1908, when the first Daylight Saving Bill was put forward, the effects of turning the clocks back has been heavily debated and now many believe that the new Bill will encourage children to exercise more. In 2008 the number of overweight children aged 2-15 was around one in seven and a the Foresight report has predicted that by 2025, nearly half of men and over a third of women will be obese. Last year Dr Mayer Hillman, a public policy specialist at the Policy Studies Institute, also argued that the UK should keep British Summer Time in winter. In the British Medical Journal, he said: ‘The additional hours of daylight would considerably increase opportunities for outdoor leisure activities: about 300 more for adults and 200 more for children each year, given typical daily patterns of activity.’

New Book Reveals Behind The Scenes of ‘Only Fools & Horses’

Certain words - cushty, luvvly-jubbly, twonk, plonker instantly summon up the image of a loveable little chancer in a sheepskin coat. Del Boy. It’s 30 years since Derek Edward Trotter and the rest of his oddball family first hit British screens in a comedy that was to last through 63 episodes and specials over 22 years. To celebrate that anniversary, a new book Only Fools and Horses: The Story of Britain’s Favourite Comedy is published tomorrow. Its author, Graham McCann, has previously written books on Frankie Howerd and Cary Grant. His story of Dad’s Army was superb. And Only Fools and Horses gets a similarly diligent treatment. The book is full of wonderful little nuggets of information, for example: • Elizabeth Hurley auditioned ‘enthusiastically’ for the part of Rodney’s girlfriend Cassandra but was rejected because she was ‘deemed too model-like’. • The original title of the series was The Readies but Sullivan had insisted that Only Fools and Horses was a more apt title. He had used it before in the title of an

episode of Citizen Smith. • T he first choice to play Del Boy was a Scottish-born actor called Enn Reitel. When David Jason was sent the script he thought it was to play Grandad Trotter. • The actor who played Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield) really had been a war hero - in the Royal Artillery and as a jungle warfare instructor - but he had also been a bank manager in Thames Ditton. • The early series were filmed in North Acton but when it became too dangerous to film there, the programme was moved out of its London setting and filmed in Bristol. McCann provides hundreds of interesting details but is also good on the overview of how the show crept into the British consciousness and captured the British public’s imagination with its characters and humour. Only Dad’s Army and Fawlty Towers had really done this before. Graham McCann: Only Fools and Horses: The Story of Britain’s Favourite Comedy (Canongate, £20).

Campaign grows for Muppets to host the Oscars Twitter and facebook campaign grows for Kermit the Frog to replace Eddie Murphy as host of the Oscars.

A campaign is growing for the Muppets to host the Oscars following the decision of Eddie Murphy to quit as host of this year’s

ceremony. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Tom Sherak announced Murphy’s departure a day after producer Brett Ratner - director of current box office hit Tower Heist, in which Murphy stars -

quit as producer of the 26 February show after making an anti-gay comment. Murphy had been chosen in September after criticism of last year’s Oscars co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Now thousands of people are calling for Kermit the Frog to host the Oscars and Nick Stoller, who co-wrote the forthcoming movie The Muppets with star Jason Segel, said: “I’d totally be on board. You could have The Electric Mayhem as the house band!” A new pro-Muppet-Oscars Facebook page and Twitter account have been set up to urge the Muppets to be allowed to host event. It’s surely just a co-incidence but the Muppets happen to be owned by Disney and Disney-owned ABC will be showing the Oscars.

Monroe’s letter up for auction A handwritten letter from young Marilyn Monroe to her foster mother is part of a Hollywood auction in December 2011.

An eight-page handwritten letter the teenage Marilyn Monroe sent to her foster mother, which has never been sold before, is among the items at a special auction in December in Hollywood. The latter, sent to her mother while still known as Norma Jeane and married to Jimmie Dougherty in which she talks of her future hopes, is expected to fetch around £25,000. The sale, called Icons and Idols, from Julien’s Auctions will also offer an image taken by Cecil Beaton after Monroe became a movie star in which the actress is reclining with a rose. The pictures were put in a Cartier triptych frame and said to be her favorite images of herself. It’s estimated sale price is £60,000-£80,000. Also at auction will be the costume Monroe wore in 1958 when she was photographed by Richard Avedon. Monroe was posed as silent movie star Theda Bara dressed as Egyptian queen Clepatra, a role Bara had made famous in 1917. The complete costume including head dress, jewelry, serpentine bra, flowing scarf skirt and belt worn by Monroe will be offered and is estimated at £120,000 to £190,000 There are 1600 items in all, including memorabilia from Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Cher and the Beatles, as well as a signed guitar from U2’s Bono.



Fourth MABS Race for Life is a Huge Hit to enjoy a social drink and a chat.

“This is one of our main annual fundraising events” said MABS Director, Lyn Baines “and we’re so grateful to all who have turned out to support us today. Everyone has made such an effort to arrive on a Sunday morning, create a great atmosphere and collect sponsorship money for us. Thanks must also go to all the MABS volunteers who have been here since the crack of dawn to organise such a great event.” As the day dawned for the fourth annual MABS Murcia Race for Life, clouds were very much in evidence, but that didn’t deter more than 250 people from arriving in Los Alcázares to take part. Before the start, a minute’s silence was observed at 11.00 am in remembrance of all those who have fought and died for their country. The clouds lifted, the sun peeped out and the race for life participants were sent on their way to walk, run or stroll along the 3 kilometre promenade route. People arrived from all around the Murcia and Valencia regions, with some making it a family outing and bringing the dog along too. Many arrived in pink attire or fancy dress, including a rather fetching Spanish chicken, who arrived with her team of friends from

Dolores de Pacheco. Other teams included MABS Murcia NW volunteers from Cegehin, King’s College of La Torre, Gea y Truyols Slimmers from the Valle del Sol, Spangles Ladies’ Chorus from Los Alcázares, and the Running Wild team from La Zenia. First man over the finish line was Marcus Fernandez, first lady was Ingrid Patterson, first child was Travis Preston, who has been first for the past three years and the first young lady on rollerblades was Zoe Bond, who has raised over 150 Euros in sponsorship already. Various pooches accompanied their owners and the first one over the line was Jake, owned by Sue Bengtsson. Exite Radio and various stallholders helped to give the race finish area a festive feel and many stayed on

LIMITED OFFER! • 1.9m Portuguese Dish twin HD LNB • 1 X Satellite receiver (inc. concrete base or wall bracket)

• 2 years parts and labour guarantee

Sponsorship money will be coming in over the next 2-3 months, but MABS estimates that they will have raised around 5,000€ from the day. They would also like to thank the sponsors of the event: DFS Furniture and Time Out Sports Bar in San Javier, Xpress Print & Design of El Trampolin, and Construcciones Gallardo in Cehegin. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: Photographers: Robin Bayliss and Alfonso Fernandez

Iron Art Factory Outlets are ready for the Festive Season are you ? Would you like to have pre-dinner drinks under your new gazebo, eat your Christmas lunch at a new dining table or sit and sleep off the food on a new comfortable patio suite?

Well we could make your dreams come true In readiness for Christmas and the oncoming of 2012 Iron Art Factory Outlets based at the Procomobel Home Centre on N332 are celebrating in style and would like to offer our customers old and new some spectacular deals. Free Delivery on all purchases within 20 Kms. Free assembly on all furniture (including Swings, Gazebos and Pergolas). 10% discount on all giftware ie mirrors, pictures and wallart. Also spend 500 euros and received a gift voucher for 100 euros to spend instore. Other offers available in store throughout December too many to mention so pop along to the showroom and see Tracy or Dave and see what they can pull out of the stocking for you. You never know you may even get a glass of wine and a free mince pie or two. We guarantee to deliver before Christmas all orders placed before 23/12/11. Iron Art is situated inside the Procomobel Home Centre on the N332 between Guardamar and Torrevieja Telephone 966 726 891 ADVERTISING FEATURE

The place to go for UK TV in Spain

Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome to GO SATELLITE! Go Satellite was set up 6 years ago by husband and wife team, Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than twenty years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´s Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the ´stars´, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving Sky, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before selling it to move to Spain. Go Satellite is based in Quesada and over the last 6 years has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The company´s system is based on the highest quality Portuguese-manufactured dishes and requires NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. Go Satellite offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. Ian said: “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It´s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing. We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs.” Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind and reassurance throughout the lifetime of Telephone: the service. Added to that is the fact that Go Satellite is a fully legal, Spanish registered 965 725 670 business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free, 699 352 574 no obligation site survey. 646 645 579 So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on



HUMAX HDR 500GB Record one program whilst watching another in full HD

Special LIMITED offer ONLY 325€

Best Price in Spain Guaranteed! Voted Best Box in UK by Which Magazine With more than 15 years of industry experience, we’re so confident of our service and pricing that... This is what our customers are saying about us:

“Thank you for a pain free installation and excellent service” Darrell Thorn, Ciudad Quesada

“Your help and advise was spot on” John Fairhurst, Ciudad Quesada



Installation & repairs • Individual & community systems • No obligation FREE site surveys

965 725 670 or 646 645 579 to find out more about Go Satellite and its services. Alternatively, check out their website


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of treatment vary on where you go, but around a dollar a minute is not unusual. There is a certain amount of discussion as to which is the best species of fish for Fish Spa use. Most Spa’s favour the original, Garra rufa , which is said to be a gentler fish, removing the dead skin by a suction type nibble rather than just a nibble. Due to the recent popularity of Fish Spas further research on the effectiveness has been carried out. It has been discovered that Garra rufa apparently actually secretes an enzyme which has been shown to be beneficial to human skin. Further work is being done looking into producing a topical application. Fish Spa’s are fun; somewhere to meet with friends and experience an unusual and relaxing half hour or so. The skin will definitely look and feel better after the exfoliating efforts of Garra rufa . There


Over the past few years cleansing of the skin in a Fish Spa has become a popular and increasingly fashionable treatment. Fish Spas can now be found in beauty salons, as separate entities or attached to aquariums or oceanariums. They are now being marketed for home use and even rented out for parties. The Fish Spa is not a new idea. The most famous is the Kangal Spa in Turkey has been in operation since the early 1900’s. There is historical evidence to suggest similar spas have been in use much longer. Fish Spa’s gained their popularity with Psoriasis sufferers and others with eczema type disease.



Treatment is very simple. The patient immerses the affected part of the body, or the whole body in with the fish. The fish will then feed gently upon the loose skin removing it in a not unpleasant tickly manner. Depending on the the number of fish working on the body treatment can be over in less than half an hour. The fish tend to ignore areas of unaffected skin. The freshly cleaned and exfoliated skin feels smooth to the touch. Treatment by the ‘Doctor Fish’ is not strictly limited to those with skin conditions. Fish manicures and Fish pedicures are increasing in popularity. Easy to set up and requiring limited space they provide an interesting new treatment in beauty parlours. Costs


Treat Yourself To A Fish Pedicure Offer: Pay For 4 & Get The 5th Treatment Free!!! Christmas Cards, Decorations, etc now in stock Great Gift Ideas Gift Vouchers Available Pinar de Campoverde (nr UNO’S)

Tel. 634 686 019

may well even be something in the beneficial enzyme skin secretions of the fish. Equally though, sunlight, elephant dung, proprietary and herbal creams may do the job for you. But Garra Rufa as a cure to anything? Well there is no proof yet. People who suffer from skin diseases who have experienced a permanent cure are few and far between. may work for you.

Fish Pedicure Fashion, Accessories & gifts

Come along to Footloose and experience a relaxing therapeutic fish pedicure using genuine Garra Rufa Fish

15 mins


30 mins BeniFISHal for psoriasis, diabetes and eczema sufferers Leaves skin soft & revitalised


Evening party bookings are available upon request

Gift vouchers Tel: 966 729 924 also available

Centro Comercial la Finca 1, Local 12, Calle Antonio Pedrera Soler La Finca Golf, 03169 Algorfa (Alicante) Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm - Saturday 10am to 2pm


Toe Tally Fish Salon

The fish spa is a natural pedicure leaving your feet feeling amazing refreshed and healthy

Stockists To Trade

Gift Vouchers Available

re Experience u ic d e P e u iq n Your U ly €10

from on

Tel: 699 781 383 or 699 677 080

No.7 C/Los Arcos, Quesada


After the headlines and scaremongering in The Sun Newspaper We would like to confirm the following: Happy Feet Foot Spa is a responsible fish spa business. The safety and wellbeing of both our customers and fish is our top priority. We operate under strict health and safety guidelines, to ensure our spas are of the highest standard. Our tanks are operated in line with industry regulations. Happy Feet Foot Spa has a 6 stage filtration system, developed by SERA which filters and changes the water every 9 mins. A UV system is also used ensure no diseases can live in the water. Every customer has a foot inspection whilst we clean them with an individual flannel. (You will never walk bare footed across the floor or be asked to put on shoes anyone else has used.) Anyone with cuts or open sores on their feet or hands are not allowed to take the treatment. In addition, the Garra Rufa fish used by Happy Feet Foot Spa are genuine and do not have teeth, and cannot pierce skin. Therefore the transfer of fluids is not able to take place. After the treatment we then dry the feet with a fresh clean flannel before you put your shoes back on. It is clear that some people are still very misinformed. The fish do a very good job of taking away dry/dead and hard skin whilst stimulating pressure points helping circulation. You do and will notice a difference after just one 15 minute treatment. Those that claim you don’t, haven’t had it done correctly. The fish are well looked after, their temperature is monitored all the time. Tests for ph, ammonia and nitrate levels in the water are taken twice a day (and also some other tests depending on results). Our fish are also fed a normal tropical fish food every day to ensure they get the right nutrients and dietary requirements and as standard there are only as many fish per litre of water as is allowed for these fish. The way the fish suck off dead is an instinctive behavior. This in no way means that they are kept hungry, it’s just what they do. The water is constantly being filtered and each tank is given a “rest period” before each customer, which allows the fish to rest and digest, and the water to be fully cleaned. The water is changed daily, and the level of which is determined by the outcome of the water tests. Any good fish spa will practice the same guidelines. This treatment has been around for over a 100 years in certain countries. If it was a real risk then environmental health agencies would not allow spas to continue, in the same way that animal welfare agencies would if they believed that the fish were being mistreated. If you or anyone you know has concerns or fears over health and hygiene issues at our fish spa please ask them to talk to us in person, we have nothing to hide and are very proud of our procedures at Happy Feet Foot Spa. World Population 7 Billion, cases of infections been passed by fish pedicures worldwide = ZERO.


FOUR PET DOGS POISONED Four happy little dogs escaped from the garden of a finca owned by Anita Stearmen and her family. They had escaped before and always returned later. They went for a run in nearby fields, three of them were five month old puppies. Happily chasing each other they came upon some tasty scraps of food along the footpath, quickly gobbling up these unexpected treats they continued running and playing together. However, after a few minutes each one of them was writhing in agony on the ground with convulsions. Each one died, close to each other in the same area but alone in their misery and suffering. They had run just a little farther away from the house this time, into an area that has a public footpath through the countryside, also used by members of a local hunting club. A sign near to the to dogs bodies states: “Coto Privado De Caza” (Private Hunting Grounds) and the club registration number 10.335.

The poison had been in small pieces of rolled up meat, put down with the intention

of poisoning foxes, to stop them from killing rabbits, the rabbits being herbivores having no interest in this bait. The foxes are poisoned and die and the local rabbit population explodes, an abundance of targets for the hunter’s guns. The local hunting club makes money from members of other hunting clubs, each one paying a fee to come here and join them in the shooting spree. The more rabbits they ‘bag’,

the more money the local club members take from the visitors. There are many skeletons and dried bones everywhere on the ground, how many of them are the remains of foxes, or the remains of dogs, is impossible to clarify. One thing is certain, these four pet dogs were poisoned there and died there. It is known that they were poisoned is because when the owners neighbour was out walking she came upon one the dead dogs. After reporting this to the dog’s owner, Anita Stearman and her daughter Emily, Emily then went to the location dreading what she would find there. She took their older dog Mitzi, the mother of the three pups, along with her. Walking along the same footpath, and before she could prevent it, Mitzi found and ate one of those tasty little meat treats on the ground. The inevitable painful symptoms started quickly, just as Emily found the dead bodies of the other four dogs. Realising that it was probably the same poison Mitzi had eaten that had killed the other

dogs Emily rushed Mitzi to the vet clinic where she received immediate treatment to combat the poison in her system. Mitzi suffered greatly and was in intensive care for a few days, mercifully she survived. The day that we returned there to inspect the footpath and adjoining land there were indications of the hunters being in the area that very morning, cigarette butts and shotgun cartridges were strewn across the landscape. On the same footpath we found what we believe to be one of the poisoned pieces of rolled up meat and fat, nearby was a carrier bag that had been discarded which looked as though it had been used to carry the poisoned bait. The name of a small business in La Hoya is on the carrier bag. Local animal welfare devotees Mark Lewis and his daughter Yvonne are well known for their volunteer work with abandoned and injured animals and maintain an information web site for people that have pets in Spain. It was these two people that Anita Stearman first reported the incident to, they came immediately to investigate and returned again some days later to discover more evidence. Mark told us the area where the poison was found is in the countryside just off the CV-853 La Marina to La Hoya road, behind the tennis courts. There is a pedestrian footpath signpost on this road adjacent to the tennis courts pointing directly towards the fields where the poison and Anita’s dogs were found dead. They want to warn everyone that may walk their dogs in this area about the poisoning in an effort to prevent anyone else’s pet suffering the same fate. It is illegal to place poison on the ground on land frequented by people and domesticated pets. However, this happens all over Spain and has gone on for to long. Anita, Mark and Yvonne are determined to expose the truth behind this tragedy and discover who is responsible. They


Banger & Mash died

are bringing this matter and the evidence they have recovered to the attention of the appropriate authorities. People can view a video of the exact area where the poison was found on You Tube, the page title is: PetsInSpain (no spaces). For updates on this story and for other important information about keeping a pet in Spain please visit the Pets In Spain web site:

Mitzi – the dog that survived

The furniture man on the Costa Blanca

tony ellis

tony s ellis li y el man

ton The

ure furnit

The f urni man ture



outlet3 new & used

Over 2500m2 of fantastic furniture bargains TONY’S NEW & USED OUTLET Torrevieja


Pet World

WOK bridge

CTRA. Crevillente C3321


habaneras college habaneras school Genius Pub

Easy Insurance


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DINING DINING s ts et s se m om FFr ro 0 € €770


park of nations halifax school

to campoamor & pilar

La Zenia

tony ellis


669 412 238 or 965 067 645

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to torrevieja

punta prima

Cabo Roig

669 412 236


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Pitch & Pint

How D W Blo


Food served all day Breakfast 10am to 1pm Tapas – all day and night Happy Hour 4pm to 7pm every day Wi-Fi - Sky Sports - Pool Table Sunday Lunch from 5€ 1pm - 4.30pm

every friday Fish, Chips & mushy peas 5.50€ 5pm - 7pm

A great family atmosphere Urb. Pueblo Principe (Behind the Rendevous), Villamartin Tel: 966 774 450 We acce credit pt cards

uNt disco way 10% Takea n o

Buddha Tandoori

Indian Cuisine A delicious choice of dishes and a superb service We use the Freshest Ingredients cooked to order. Choice of Dinner Menu 11€ including a drink 2 course lunch menu including drink just 8.50€ Served 12pm - 3pm daily. Choice of Lamb, Chicken, Prawns or Vegetable centro commercial via park II, playa flamenca Open 7 days from 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11.30pm, Wed 6pm - 11.30pm

Tel: 966 730 759


The Lively Bar in Benimar Everyday Designer Breakfast 5 Items for €3.50 inc. Tea/Coffee. Served 9am - 12noon. Home-made Daily Specials Mon - Sat: Any 2 courses €3.95 / 3 courses €4.95 3 course Sunday Roast Beef or Chicken with 5 fresh seasonal vegetables. Regular size €6.95 & Large €8.95 Sunday & Wednesday €1 Night Vodka, Bacardi or Malibu with mixer, bottled beer & house wine from 8pm Quiz night with lots of prizes every Thursday from 9pm and Play Your Cards Right for Cash. Karaoke every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday with “Double Trouble”


Eat What You Would Normally Eat Throughout the Day

Do not go without meals to make up for the evening out. Starving yourself will cause you to binge and overeat. You can make allowances over the week saving calories each day. Increase your exercise; remember any form of physical exercise counts.

Have A Light Snack Before Your Go Out Having a light snack, such as toast, a banana or a low calorie yoghurt before you go out will take the

edge off hunger and stop you gorging the minute you enter the restaurant.

Order a Low-Calorie Aperitif — Save the Alcohol for Later Remember, alcoholic drinks are high in calories. Quench your thirst with water or low calorie diet drinks, not alcohol. Try making your wine a spritzer (a longer drink with lemonade), and look out for low-calorie mixers.

Be the First to Order on the Table This will stop you being swayed by others’ choices. If you know which restaurant you are going to, ask for a copy of the menu in advance – this will help you think ahead about your choice of dishes.

Serving a wide selection of international cuisine & beverages

1.50€ a pint During Televised Football matches

From Cuban to Belgian, Spanish, English and more Friday - Fish & Chips only €4.95 darts League

Tel: 966 840 233

Home for the Almoradi Amigos Calle Donadores, 4, 03160 Almoradi Tel: 965 702 242

Happy Hour everyday from 4pm-8pm Open 7 days from 9am till late

Thistle & Dragon Benimar II - Open Tuesday To Sunday 9.30am til late


christmas eve & new years eve entertainment & free buffet booking required Live Football Now Showing

Now Home To

Benimar Loyal No.1 Rangers Supporters Club No. 3 Calle Agata, Benimar II Tel: 965 724 012

¡Miercoles Loco! Caña €0.60 Evening meals - 1st Drink FREE

The Vestry Restaurant Reservations now being taken for Christmas and New Year

Open Wednesday - Sunday from 12.30 - 2.30pm & 6pm - late Early Bird Menu 6pm-7pm Full A La Carte with nightly specials

966 783 976 for enquiries and reservations Calle Constitucion 3, Algorfa 03169

When It Comes To Starters... Choose a clear soup - avoid the thick and creamy options. You can eat the bread but leave out the butter!

Seafood, melon and grapefruit are good Try to avoid rich dressings

When It Comes To Ma Meals...

Choose small cuts of lean read meat Chicken (grilled) and fish (grilled, steamed) dishes are good choices Dishes which are fried, coated in breadc pastry dishes should be avoided Order a jacket potato instead of chips Order extra salads and vegetables You can ask for dressings to be separately

When It Comes To Desserts...

Leave a little time for your food to dige you order a dessert. Give your stomach send signals to your brain you are full about 20 minutes). Try a sorbet, a yogh fruits or melon Remember... There is no need for secon there are a lot of courses, you can skip o leave some food on your plate; you will Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you eat it!

Lords Bistro

Menu del Dia €7.50 Tea Time Special €7.50 Menu de la Noche from €13.50 Telephone: 672 835 431

Las Naciones, 57, Ciudad Quesada

Lords B the top Urb. La availabl Menu 5p is a Men courses tradition for 7.50€


w to Survive Dining Out Without owing Your Diet!

Here in Europe you’ll know that restaurants take a different view of children from the ones that seem to be prevalent in Britain. Here in Spain - and Italy especially - children are welcomed in most restaurants, and waiters make an extra special fuss of kids and babies. It’s not like that in Britain. Until the late part of the twentieth century, British children were meant to be seen and not heard, and their parents certainly didn’t take them to restaurants. Even today, there are few restaurants that are truly child-friendly. In a survey in 2004, Tommy’s, the children’s charity, discovered that 35% of parents interviewed had been made to feel unwelcome in restaurants or shops. So, really, is it worth taking your kids out to eat? And if you do, should you stick to McDonalds or a pizza place?

Eating Out With Kids!

While fast food chains serve a purpose, getting your kids used to eating in ‘real’ restaurants is also to be recommended. At some point there’s bound to be a family celebration – grandparents’ anniversary or greataunt’s birthday – and if you’re going to enjoy it at all, you’ll need to be comfortable in the knowledge that your kids will know what’s expected of them and aren’t going to show you up totally!

And the best way to ensure this is to get them used to eating out at an early age. It doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive or a grand meal, just an opportunity to begin to place into them some ideas of social etiquette. At home, you’ll already be encouraging older toddlers to say please and thank you, to sit at the table, and to use cutlery; eating out is just an extension of that learning.

UT! choices

ain poached,

crumbs or

e served


est before h time to (it takes hurt dish,

nds and if one. Try to l eat less. u have to

The Menu Restaurants can be divided into three sorts: Those with a children’s menu that consists of chicken nuggets and pizza Those that make no concessions for children

This is a happy occasion and you can enjoy it!

Make life easy for yourself: choose what fits in best with your child at that moment in time. If you know that there is no way she is going to eat potatoes and meat unless completely covered by tomato ketchup, opt for the pizza-nuggets restaurant; if your child is adventurous and willing to try new tastes, go for the place offering child-sized portions. Avoid the child-unfriendly restaurant at all costs! Of course, your adventurous child might choose the day you visit the restaurant to decide he only likes chicken nuggets and chips, or your picky eater may fancy your lasagne. The one thing you can predict about kids is that they are unpredictable!

So you’re going out to eat and ins tead of being happy and lookin g for ward to this treat you are fille d with panic and angst - all those calories will throw all your goo d work out of the window. It doe sn’t have to be like this. You are in con trol and this is a treat you can enjoy! After all, this doesn’t hap pen 90% of the time. You can eat and drink what you want. Here are a few guidelines to steer you in the right direction…

Martin & Carole

~ Breakfasts Snacks Meals Cakes Drinks ~ Open Daily

Mañanas CAFE BAR

10am til late

Algorfa 966 78 13 07 Wi-Fi Home-made Cakes

Bistro is a friendly, family-run place, located in Quesada at of Avenida Las Naciones, taking the junction left towards Fiesta. As well as offering bar snacks, a Menu del Dia is le between 1pm-3pm Tuesday to Saturday, and an Early Bird pm-7pm, both priced at only 7.50€. From 6pm-10pm there nu de la Noche which comprises 2 courses for 13.50€ or 3 for 15.50€ with wine or beer or soft drink. Sunday sees the nal Sunday Roast, available with 1 course for 5.95€, 2 course € or 3 courses for 10€. Booking is advisable!

Bar & Restaurant

•Live Entertainment •Live Sports Events •Happy Hour 2pm - 6pm €1.70 •Daytime Bingo & Evening Quiz •A La Carte Evening Menu •Get You Home & Pickup Service •Sunday Lunches Available

Fish & Chips



12 noon til 5pm

Cod or Haddock Chips, Peas, Bread and Butter

966 719 136

Calle Los Arcos Local 1, Quesada (Turn left just before the arches) Open 7 days a week Mon - Sun 12pm - 10pm


SPORTS & CAFE BAR c/Agata No4 Benimar II, Rojales

All Homemade & Home Cooked Food popular Sunday Roast from €5.95 Steak special for 2 people incl carafe of wine €20 Meal Deals €4.50 ~ Breakfasts from €1.50 Monday night - Quiz night

2 course menu del dia 6€

Ciudada Quesada Barclays

La Napoletana

Propietarios Italiano

Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano Eat in or take Away

All Pasta & Pizzas


Live TV sport shown inc. Premiership matches Golf society every Monday from 8am

Christmas Eve Entertainment New Years Eve Entertainment & FREE Buffet Boxing Day Sports & Buffet Torrevieja

Tel: 965 999 923




Those that offer child-sized portions of what is on their menu

Eat slowly and enjoy the conversation. Put your knife and fork down - allow your body time to digest.


Te l e p h o n e : 9 6 6 1 9 0 6 4 2

The Captains Table Benimar


Full menu also available

Calle Agata, Centro Comercial, Benimar,2, 03170, Rojales Hills

Tel: 966 714 932 Mob: 633 512 133

Breakfast Breakfast from from 2€ 2€ Fish Fish & & Chips Chips from from 4.95€ 4.95€ Early Early Bird Bird 33 Course Course Menu Menu 6.95€ 6.95€ Menu of the Day from 9.95€ Menu of the Day from 9.95€ Daily Daily Specials Specials Phone for more info

Tel: 672 972 457

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€750 €675

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CAMPO LIFE WITH JENNI....... Last Monday I went to speak at the local garden club in which I shared a few little known facts about some common plants people find in their garden. In essence my message was one of balance and that there is always a flip side ie. good verses evil, I suppose. I find it very interesting and worrying that when that balance is disturbed, just how quickly something that is considered good, in the wrong environment, or hands, can quickly become dangerous, causing damage and devastation on a massive scale. In past articles I have written about the Opuntia-ficus Indica (Prickly Pear) which is one of the most widespread of the domesticated cactuses, especially here in Spain. Well no more!! Many people in the club, including myself have lost what must amount to at least 50 to a hundred years of growth, reduced to nothing in a couple of months, all covered in a thick white fungus. This ´ fungus´is actually caused by a scale insect called the Dactylopius Coccus that feeds on the prickly pear and in Mexico they have a way of farming it effectively for the red dye it produces but unfortunately here in Spain it has recently gone out of control and has wiped out numerous plants.

Trade Enquiries WELCOME

cyclogical Calle Los Arcos 7 Quesada, 03170

Before: A healthy Specimen

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soft-bodied, flat, oval-shaped scale insects. The females, wingless and about 5 millimetres long, cluster on cactus pads. They penetrate the cactus and feed on its juices, remaining immobile. After mating, the fertilized female gives birth to tiny nymphs. The nymphs secrete a waxy white substance over their bodies for protection from water loss and excessive sun. This substance makes the cochineal insect appear white or grey from the outside, though the body of the insect and its nymphs produces the red pigment which they are famous for. . Adult males have wings, and are much smaller in size than females. It is in the nymph stage ( the crawler stage) that the cochineal disperses. The juveniles move to a feeding spot and produce long wax filaments. Later they move to the edge of the cactus pad where the wind catches the wax filaments and carries the cochineals to a new host. These individuals establish feeding sites on the new host and produce a new generation of cochineals. On looking up on how to control the infestations it is said that a mild infestations rarely damages the plants although over a period of time a heavy infestation can kill the resident plant. This is not what we have experienced, The damage has been brutal and very quick so I urge all readers whose Prickly Pear Cacti have not yet been affected to look at your Prickly Pear and if infested, take action!

For more information call Gary or Lynn on:

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After the scale insect has struck!!

Plus a great selection of spares & accessories Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9.30 - 17.30 Saturday 10.00 - 14.00

The spanish discovered when they conquered Mexico in 1521 that the chochineal scale insect when crushed yielded a supreme scarlet dye, which the Aztecs had long used in the production of exquisite textiles. When Cortez landed in the New World around 1520, he was amazed to see the Aztec ruler Montezuma and other nobles clad in robes dyed a brilliant, vivid red, and was transfixed as he gazed at the native women’s hands and breasts dyed in the same vivid colour. He found bags of dried cochineal which had been sent as tribute to Montezuma, and shipped them back to Spain, where it was almost instantly in high demand. By 1600 cochineal had grown second only to silver and gold as the most valuable imports from the New World. Our friends the Pirates accordingly took a lively interest, in the 1620s attacking Spanish galleons with cochineal cargoes as well as those carrying silver and gold. Records show cloth merchants in Antwerp were buying chochineal insect in a powdered form from Spain by 1540. Cochineal insects are

Artificial Grass

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A tell tale sign is obviously the white sticky mass on the leaves and if heavily infested the cactus plant can develop yellow patches as the insects suck the sap from the plant. It is suggested that you remove the cochineal bugs with a strong stream of water by means of a high pressure hose. This should expose and weaken the insects. Then spray the exposed scale with insecticidal soap or a mixture of 1/2 hand soap to 3 and a half litres of water. One club member sprayed last year, only to find that the insects have built up a resistance to the spray and this year she has lost her cactus. Another way of treating the problem is to remove the affected nopals, which is relatively easy to do. Wearing gloves, carefully snap off at the nodes and ensure that you dispose of them carefully either by burying deep in the ground or by chemical treatment to avoid dispersing the problem. So the moral of the story is be vigilant and act early to avoid any more spreading of this insect. More on some nasty bugs next week and what we can do to control their rapid spread. Finally we are still looking for more fabulous crafters, artisans and some home bakers such as chutneys, jams, confectionery or even local produce to sell at our Open House & Craft Fair on the first weekend of December the 3rd & 4th. If you or anyone you know would like a stall at the market please get in touch with me as soon as possible on 660 816 620. Until then, keep ém peeled.... Jenni

Casa La Pedrera, The Grand Design House & Outdoor Activity Centre is open throughout winter for horse treks, quad bikes trails, archery & air-rifle. The tea garden is open winter hours between 11am – 3pm. Next Event: Christmas Craft Market & Open House on the 3rd & 4th of December. Call 660 816 620 or visit our website at



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charity honours animals of war

As the nation remembered all of those who have fought and died in war, a Victoria animal charity also paid tribute to the contribution of brave animals. In the Second World War the Blue Cross, in Hugh Street, helped more than 150,000 animals in London who were injured or made homeless in the Blitz. Staff and volunteers worked around the clock to rescue pets from bombed buildings and treat their injuries at the hospital, which continues to operate today. Originally known as Our Dumb Friends League, the charity changed its name to the Blue Cross in the 1950s. On November 11, representatives took part in a private service at the Animals in War memorial in Park Lane, Mayfair, and on

Remembrance Sunday, vets from the Victoria hospital joined the official parade past the Cenotaph. Steve Goody, director of external affairs at the Blue Cross, said: “Each year, the Blue Cross takes great pride in remembering the brave animals of war and our vital work to help ease their suffering, which gave us our name today. “During both world wars, when money and supplies were short, the generosity of the British public allowed us to help many thousands of animals who were injures in battle or bombing. “Today, the donations we receive in difficult economic times enable us to continue helping those sick and homeless animals who need us most.”

fake insurance claims on increase False claims on pet insurance are soaring with some owners deliberately maiming or even killing their animals to get a payout. Fake claims in the UK on pet policies have almost quadrupled in the last year making it the fastest growing area of insurance claims. The injuries to animals mirror the ‘cash for crash’ claims made on cars - where vehicles are deliberately damaged for the insurance money. Figures from the Association of British Insurers have revealed there was £1,929,900 worth of pet insurance fraud detected last year - up from just £420,000 in 2009, although the true scale is thought to be far higher. According to insurers some owners have even killed their pets so they can claim an early death payout. Others have injured their pets in ‘fake accidents’ to cover up previous injuries or conditions that were not covered by their policy. Some pets go mysteriously missing because some policies pay out if a pet is lost or stolen, while some animals may never have existed in the first place. A further scam is to include claims for vet treatments which have not been carried out or put through at up to double the cost of what they should be. Experts believe some vets must be involved in carrying out the scams and say some healthy pets have even been deliberately put down. Carys Clarke, a solicitor who works as an insurance fraud investigator for law firm Berrymans Lace Mawer, said: ‘Between 2008 and 2010 the number of claims where fraud has been suspected or proven has increased by 440 per cent. ‘As in motor insurance, the types of pet fraud vary, but suspicions are often aroused by potentially exaggerated claims for treatment. ‘In addition to the loss of use and value of the animal, the deliberate destruction or maiming of an animal can also be disguised as an accident and deliberate destruction of an animal by a veterinary surgeon when unnecessary are also areas where fraud might arise.’ She said veterinary records, unlike humans, do not always follow animals around so can often be difficult to be trace, making it easier to carry out frauds. ‘Insurers may also be presented with claims for cost of drugs or treatment for animals that don’t exist or for a treatment that is unnecessary or more expensive than needed’, she said. ‘These are particularly worrying types of fraud because it often requires the help of a vet.’ A total of 2.3 million cats and dogs were insured last year and virtually every type of animal can be covered. The Association of British Insurers is now arranging a shared database of information about insured animals to detect fraud.

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Eurozone economy .............grows 0.2% in third quarter KRUGER CANOPIES


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The economy of the 17-nation eurozone grew by 0.2% between July and September compared with the second quarter, according to official data. The Eurostat statistics agency also recorded GDP growth for the 27-nation European Union at 0.2% in the third quarter of the year. Economists expect Europe’s economies to slow sharply in the final quarter. The figures came as the difference between interest rates on French and German bonds reached a record. The gap between the yields - or implied interest rates - on German and French 10-year bonds widened to 1.726 percentage points. Meanwhile, the yield on the Italian 10-year bond rose back above 7% after a change of government in the country failed to reassure the markets. The Irish Republic and Portugal asked for international bailouts after their bond yields went past that level. Bond repayment rates are a key measure of market confidence in a country’s ability to pay its debts. Germany is seen as the most reliable borrower in Europe. Most of the growth recorded by the Eurostat statistics agency came from Europe’s two biggest economies, Germany and France. The German economy grew by 0.5% in the July-toSeptember period, while the French economy grew by 0.4%, boosted by domestic demand, but France’s second-quarter figures was revised down to show its GDP shrank by 0.1% in that period. In Greece, the economy shrank by 5.2% in the same period compared with a year ago, although that was not as bad as the 7.4% contraction of the second quarter. Eurostat said both the eurozone and the wider EU registered annual growth of 1.4%. Martin van Vliet, economist at ING, said: “The fact that the real economy still managed to grow amidst the escalating debt crisis is somewhat of a relief. “However, looking beneath the surface, things don’t

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look so rosy.” Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics, said: “The key point is that this is all history. Forward-looking indicators suggest that the eurozone economy is likely to drop back into recession in the fourth quarter and beyond.” The head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has also predicted a “mild” recession for the end of this year. On the financial markets on Tuesday, the yield on French bonds rose to 3.5%, while on German bonds it fell to 1.775%. That implies that France would pay about twice as much as Germany to borrow money if those rates were in force when the countries came to issue new bonds. The gap between the rate of return between Germany and Spain’s 10-year bonds also hit a record of 4.522%. Spain paid sharply higher borrowing rates in its latest bond issue, with investors demanding more than 5% to lend the government money for 12 months and 18 months. At a previous auction in October, investors accepted less than 4%.

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3 FOR 2.....................

Whilst in Ipswich I decided to buy some Vaseline Intensive Care cream, (I haven’t found it here) so with trepidation I stole into Boots. It was so big and so full of people bustling busily about that I stood agape, feeling like a troglodyte at a Science Convention. I found my cream, and while queuing to pay carefully sorted my money out, euros in one side of my purse, pounds in the other. Till 5 called me, and I duly deposited my money. The android behind the till cast a disgusted glance at it. ‘Euros.’ she intoned nasally. I swapped the offending note, and left, feeling like a stupid foreigner, only for Pete to say ‘Why didn’t you get two?’ I retraced my steps, queued again with my second tube, and revisited Till 5. This time I was ready – I had pounds! ‘You just purchased an identical item. You realise that two identical items purchased entitles you to a third one free.’ The android stated in a monotone. I didn’t, I’m a stupid foreigner. ‘Shall I get myself another one?’ ‘If you wish.’ Came back the expressionless answer. ‘I shall require the receipt from the original purchase.’ I shot off, leaving my pounds and purchases on her till. She sat immobile, doubtless in Standby Mode until activated by my return. I found Pete, retrieved the receipt from him, and then hastened to the shelf, only to find that the last tube had gone. I scurried past the queue back to Till 5, causing an irritated ‘Oi!’ from a customer who disapproved of my queue-jumping. ‘There isn’t one.’ I explained. ‘I’ll check the stock.’ I would have been happy to leave it at that, but she was programmed to proceed, and I didn’t want to fry her circuits.


‘We have some on another floor. I will fetch it.’ I was astonished – I didn’t know she was designed to be fully mobile. I waited, very aware that I was a spanner in the works of the smooth-running of Boots of Ipswich. She glided noiselessly back, inserted herself smoothly behind her till, and without any hint of facial expression proffered the third elusive tube – which was twice the size of the others! I opened my mouth to point out her error, but remembered that androids don’t make errors, and if she was found to be faulty, she would probably be disassembled, then have her working parts reassembled as a vacuum cleaner. I didn’t want to have her grisly fate on my conscience, so I thanked her and fled the store to the safety of the street, contraband cream clutched tightly in hand.

By Jos Biggs


Let’s get this straight right now. I am not a fan of so called reality shows per se and my belief is that with a few exceptions, they are a poor substitute for genuine and what I would call, traditional entertainment. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is okay if I happen to be in the house and feel the urge to watch Gino D’Acampo cooking a rat or Gillian McKeith fainting every time the trees rustle or a frog breaks wind. Snacking on cockroaches and slopping out the dunny bucket do nothing to improve my view of the programme, but I have to hold my hands up and admit that I was the last one to object when Myleene Klass took an early morning jungle shower on camera. But only because I admire her talent as a classical pianist. Hells Kitchen makes me wonder why celebrities would even want to put themselves through such an ordeal, and when it comes to the foul mouthed Gordon Ramsay, don’t get me started. Big Brother is about as low as you can get in the race for viewing figures in my humble opinion and Dancing on Ice leaves me

cold. Yet I have to say that I enjoy many of the acts featured in the early rounds of The X Factor, although perhaps for the wrong reasons, because it’s the antics of the judges and the sheer awfulness of many of the auditionees that I find entertaining. But fair do’s, there is also a healthy slice of real talent that slowly emerges as the weeks go by. However I feel that the standard has taken a definite nose dive this time around – not the contestants but the judges – and especially in view of Simon Cowell’s absence. If Tulisa Contostavlos says “You smashed it babe” one more time, I think I’ll throw the TV through the hole in the lounge window. That’s the hole that was left after I chucked my treacherous computer through it earlier in the week. Then you have what appears to be most peoples favourite show – Strictly Come Dancing. Now that Mr Forsyth has finally become Sir Bruce, I wish he would retire gracefully and give us a break from his fffaltering banter and daft jokes which are about as funny as bubonic plague and just as painful. Yes yes I know, he is a national treasure and is Grans favourite, but enough already – you smashed it Brucie babe, now get off. I have to accept that I am part of what is probably a

By Colin Bird

small minority and I have little interest in this prime time show either. But because it would be more than my life is worth to even attempt to change channels while it is running, I have been reluctantly force fed this Saturday night feast of cheese on a weekly basis. My real problem with Strictly if I am honest, is that I cannot dance for toffee and I resent and secretly envy those of a similar two left footed disposition, who over the weeks are actually transformed into proper dancers and manage to perform jaw dropping routines from Foxtrots to Argentinean Tangos. Even Russell Grant has become a Fred Astaire – or should that be Ginger Rogers – compared to my own pathetic efforts when, with the aid of a few glasses of something with 40% by volume stamped on the bottle, I hit the floor. I try to feign interest though, and I mimic my wife’s oohs and aahs as each couple swish and glide across the ballroom linoleum. The difference is that whilst Mrs B is marvelling at the moves and the fabulous costumes, I am expressing an opinion on Erin Boag and Aliana Vilani. And have you seen that Flavia Cacace? Ooh! Aah! The only remote claim to fame that I have with regard to the art of dance, was during the glitzy 70’s, when I was regarded as the king of The Bump. Yeeeah! Every Friday night I would

slip on my flowered shirt and best dance trousers (lots of ballroom) and hit the Elbow Beach Hotel staff club. I was so cool, they called me Cucumber Nuts. Perhaps infamy rather than fame though, because many a young mini skirted lady went home sporting the bruises inflicted by the snake hipped Emperor Badbird after a frenetic session of bumping to the melodious tones of The Hues Corporation or MFSB.

The Bump would still be as popular now if it were not for the health and safety police, but then perhaps I should be grateful that I had that small window of opportunity to show off my prowess when I did. If I attempted that dance today, I would find myself up on assault and battery charges.



oh, by the way....

Latest new in beauty treatment is snail snot. Well, admittedly the Spanish name sounds a bit more sanitised: baba de caracoles. You can now buy a tiny little jar of this miracle product on Internet for only €79 ……., and you get one for free!?!? No, no! Not an extra snail, but a diminutive little jar of phlegm. Alchemy 2011 style! Have you ever noticed that you have hardly finished reading an article in HELLO about a couple being each other’s “soul mate” and watched super romantic pictures of them, before you read in the newspaper that they have split up? Take for example Adrien Brody and Elsa Pataky. Good old Adrien gave Elsa a romantic little castle for her 31st birthday. They posed for pictures of them looking lovingly into each other’s eyes – and woopty! Hardly was the ink of Adrien’s signature on the title deed dry, not to mention the distribution of HELLO finished, before we heard that wee Pataky unceremoniously had dumped him for Olivier Martinez (whoever he is). It was actually a story I read in the latest number of Spanish HOLA, that made me think of the above – although the story was not just about a couple, but about a couple and the guy’s mother. Hmmm – yeah! Let me first give you some background, as Spanish celebrity family trees can be very complicated. We start with Francisco Rivera Pérez (Paquirri, 1948 – 1984). He was a handsome, famous Spanish bullfighter. He married Carmen Ordóñez and had two boys, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez and Fracisco Rivera Ordóñez – both matadors and, some would say, good lookers. Then he married La Pantoja (Isabel Pantoja – famous Spanish singer) and had another son, Francisco José Rivera Pantoja – also called Kiki. Kiki is – well, hmm, nobody really knows, except that he is famous and gets invited to lots of parties and appears on TV. His looks, some would say, are not handsome; but well sculptured, young women, who want to be photographed by the paparazzi and rub shoulders with the rich and famous, are flocking around him. Do not know why, but somehow he reminds me of one of my mother-inlaw’s many sayings: Better to appear stupid, than open your mouth and prove it! Kiki has obviously managed to make his latest girlfriend pregnant. This of course merits 15 pages in HOLA. The young couple in the settee – La Pantoja sitting behind them looking lovingly at her son. The young girl, head on a cushion in mother-in-law’s lap, their hands entwined. The couple hugging and smiling – without La Pantoja! The fiancée in an easy-chair, La Pantoja on the armrest, Kiki leaning over while La Pantoja kisses him. The young couple sitting with La Pantoja standing behind them like a true matriarch. More of the future parents. This one I like: A triple hug – La Pantoja behind Kiki, hugging him, while Kiki and his fiancée are hugging each other! Here I thought that expecting a baby was a thing between a man and a woman. Please, pass me the bucket! The girl is one and a half month pregnant. They plan to marry in January. Will they be celebrating Christmas together? I doubt it! This one is great – furry feet! Shoe designer Christian Louboutin must for sure be roaring with laughter on his way to the bank over the silliness of fashion victims like Sara Jessica Parker. His latest design is a honeycoloured, furry shoe with animal paw toes and doggy, black toenails. Yak! I do though love some of the comments, I read: “My toes already look like that without shoes on - should I worry?” “I heard it on the grapevine that hairy backsides are also in this year.....” Biggy is an independent advisor, translator/interpreter and professional writer. She has lived in Spain since 1992 and has aquired indepth knowledge of Spanish law, administration and culture - Email: DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

swimming pools

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1 Kudos (6) 2 Companion (9) 3 Guided journeys (5) 4 A native member of a state (7) 6 Be a delegate for (9) 7 Hindu loincloth (5) 8 Distilled wood tar (8) 11 Heroic (4) 15 Most meager (9) 17 Not reproductions (9) 18 Eludings (8) 20 Fence door (4) 21 A contorted facial expression (7) 22 Pal (6) 24 Plays a role (5) 25 An unpleasant woman (5)

1 Seat from South of Africa (4) 3 This place, that woman’s sweetheart (4) 6 Roles change for also-ran (5) 10 Generates new young people? (9) 11 Graduate and prisoner make meat (5) 12 A lost hospital internally receives burnt offerings from fags (7) 13 Allow almost curt written messages (7) 14 Rid each internal thought (4) 16 No time outside respect (6) 18 Curve in barcode (3) 21 Catch new head alien (3) 22 Seniors deny - so corrupt (6) 23 Starts to hear you making new song of praise (4) 25 Nut goes off languages (7) 27 Weapon is unusually miles out (7) 29 Aim West, maybe (5) 30 Strange, Californian, or missing money matters (9) 31 About the elderly being kept in captivity (5) 32 Corrosion of rasied ancient city street (4) 33 Dull sound in fat huddle (4) Down 1 Place one in station, taking in upper-class American leader (9) 2 Body shelf collapsed (5) 4 All people extremely ebony outside, when name replaces daughter (9) 5 Rough sea, the French returns stand (5)

6 Sea creatures lob rest at sea (South) (8) 7 A line after hidden assistant (9) 8 Calls circles (5) 9 Woman takes right to unite (5) 15 Stretching used to be caring? (9) 17 Nothing in Tango men returning street for healing creams (9) 19 Hid clean code erratically (9) 20 Only dead, moved around, and altered (8) 24 Exploiting you and me in Gateshead (5) 25 Theme of first 99 (5) 26 More secure of animals - a ferret (5) 28 One Rabbi is hard, of the Republic (5)

Very Hard!

CRYPTIC crossword





Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

1 Rehearse (8) 5 Relating to the iris of the eye (6) 9 Attacks (8) 10 Be against (6) 12 Draws through a straw (5) 13 Blimps (9) 14 Dried grape (6) 16 Cigar (7) 19 Seeing (7) 21 A style of architecture (6) 23 Pasta (9) 25 A mendicant preacher (5) 26 Stableboy (6) 27 Thoroughly soak (8) 28 Faery (6) 29 Hated (8)

Ralph Waldo Emerson




Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail





English Family Law While Living in Spain Many couples in Spain face complex, frustrating and often messy issues upon separation, particularly if one party returns to the UK. Dealing with emotional family legal issues can be upsetting and traumatic, with you feeling isolated from help you could receive in the UK from a friendly solicitor down the road. Going to a local Spanish lawyer or dealing with representation in the UK, from Spain or, representing yourself, can be a minefield. AG2 Asesores feel it beneficial to have an English Accredited Family Law Specialist, who is able to act on your behalf, correspond with other parties or their UK lawyers and if necessary to arrange personal representation at court hearings, using a local agent or barrister. We now have in our professional team Mrs Alison Scammell, offering this face-to-face service to English/Welsh clients. She is a member of Resolution, who believes in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters ( Resolution believes that family law disputes should be dealt with in a way designed to preserve dignity and to encourage agreements. Their members follow a strict Code of Practice which requires lawyers to deal with each other in a civilised way and to encourage their clients to put their differences aside and reach fair agreements. Contact Alison Scammell to arrange a free initial half hour consultation to discuss your needs on 0034 965 716 043, or email:

The team at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre were left amazed last week after responding to a call from a lady informing the volunteers that she had found a miniature horse on wasteland by her garden. Rod went to collect the horse, taking the horse trailer with him, but nobody expected when he returned to see an empty trailer and a little face looking out of the back window of his car at them all. This tiny horse is half the size of a German Sheppard dog. “All of us were simply amazed” said Sue Weeding, co founder of EHCRC,” he is about 3 months old, and is severely malnourished, extremely weak, full of worms, and riddled with lice. He hasn’t grown from birth and it was a miracle he is still alive.” Upon examination by Dorothea, equine vet for the Rescue Centre, it was decided that the best chance to save this little boy’s life

he T The Miracle Miracle ife of of LLife was at the horse hospital in Alicante, where he stayed for 6 days. After returning home to the centre on Monday he was aptly named Little Miracle and is now being given a special formula mare’s milk every 2 hours around the clock, making him stronger every day. If you would like to visit the Centre and meet Little Miracle, or even sponsor him for as little as €5 a month, visit the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre on open days Wednesday and Sunday 1-4pm. The Rescue Centre receives no public funding and rely solely on donations and sponsorships. Tasty hot and cold food and refreshments are available. Charity’s boutique is also now officially open by volunteer Chris, offering quality used goods in memory of our beloved donkey, Charity. Visit for more information, or find Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre on Facebook.

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Tandoori king prawn skewers Indian food isn’t just about curry.

King prawns are meaty enough to handle this punchy tandoori marinade.




(between 9:30am-5pm)



~ LAST WEEK’S WINNERS ~ CONGRATULATIONS TO MEAL FOR 2 : george mccutcheon playa flamenca BREAKFAST FOR 2: daphne bartlett, torrevieja


Serves 4 600g (1lb 5oz) large shell-on raw king prawns 3tbsp tandoori spice powder 6tbsp natural yoghurt Juice of 2 limes Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Place the prawns in a bowl. Mix together the tandoori spice powder, yoghurt and lime juice. Season well and marinate for 1015 minutes. Remove the prawns from the marinade, thread each one on to a metal skewer then place them on a grill rack. Cook under a medium heat for 6-8 minutes, turning once, or until all the prawns have turned pink and are properly cooked through. Serve immediately with a yoghurt dip mixed with fresh mint and coriander, with lemon wedges to squeeze over the prawns.



Bombay-spiced cumin potatoes Potatoes soak up spicy flavours like nothing else. Serve this as a side, or as a veggie dish in its own right. SERVES 4


4tbsp sunflower oil 1-2tsp black mustard seeds 1tsp coarse chilli powder or paprika 4tsp cumin seeds 2tsp sesame seeds 8-10 curry leaves (optional) 2tsp ground cumin 2tsp ground coriander 1tsp ground turmeric 500g (1lb 2oz) peeled and boiled potatoes, cut into 2.5cm (1in) cubes 6tbsp chopped coriander leaves 4tbsp pomegranate seeds Squeeze of lemon juice


Heat the oil in a large non-stick wok or frying pan over a medium-high heat. Add the mustard seeds, chilli powder or paprika, cumin seeds, sesame seeds and curry leaves. Stir-fry for 1-2 minutes, and then add the ground spices and potatoes. Season well and stir-fry over a high heat for 4-5 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the fresh coriander and pomegranate seeds. Squeeze over the lemon juice before serving hot, or wrap in warmed flatbreads for a quick snack.


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Quesada Bowling Club.............

Eurogolf Society.......................... – 10 November 2011 This week’s Eurogolf game was dedicated to the Royal British Legion (RBL) Poppy Appeal. As in previous years, the format was a Texas Scramble with a shotgun start at 8.10am. For many players, being there at that hour of the day was in itself an achievement. There are indeed two 8 o’clocks in every day! It was another great day to be out on the course and some of the teams achieved very good scores. For those unaware of just what a Texas Scramble is, it’s a very relaxed game where you can have a few bad shots and it doesn’t really matter. That’s because your 3 playing partners also have a go at the same shot, so someone is bound to get it right! The winning team today: Doug Spiring, Keith Wright, Ray Porter and Petra Van Dorp scored 5 under par gross and in spite of having the lowest handicap, still achieved an impressive 59.1 net. Runners up were Ian Pegg, Terry Sayers, Hedy Paelig and Anne Duff who were close behind with 59.5 and third were Bill Martin, Alan Venables,

Francis Buckeridge and Carol Jackson with 62.6, just 0.1 ahead of the 4th placed team. Following the game, Our Captain, Bill Martin, decided that he would impose 50 cent fines on those of us who had committed such innocent crimes as going to the toilet, swearing (heaven forbid), having an air shot etc. This raised another 40 something euro for the appeal. We were also invited to guess the weight of a cake, just a euro a go! The eventual Winner, Gloria Manning, managed to get it right by a margin of just 0.15 Kilos (for those to whom kilos are a mystery, that’s not much at all). Gloria later revealed that far from being able to visualise dried fruit, eggs, flour and so on, her guess was based on the weight of a book and Ryanair’s excess baggage charges. No, I don’t know how that worked either! Although still not finalised, the total sum raised has exceeded 300€. The prizes today, Medals and bottles of Cava donated by the RBL, were presented by The Captain, assisted by Dionne and Gill from the

Edu Hat Trick takes ‘Monte’ to Joint Top CD Montesinos 6 - 0 Callosa Deportiva CDM team: Lopez, Yohny, Becker, Fernando, Andres I, Sanchez, Rubio, M&A, Macan and Edu Subs: Andres II, Javi, Diego and Chulo Scorers: Edu (3),Chulo, Andres I and Macan CD Montesinos stretch their unbeaten run this season to nine matches and, after

this emphatic 6-0 thrashing of Callosa Deportiva, are now joint top of the league with 21 points from their 9 matches played. After a sloppy 35 minutes when ‘Monte’ lacked their normal fluid passing game, they still created good enough chances to take the lead, especially on one occasion when the ball bounced off the crossbar


RBL. We then sat down to a brunch of Soup followed by Chicken and Chips. Food organised by Margaret & Phyllis and served by Restaurant Sierra Golf. On a sad note, we bade fare well to George Henderson, stalwart of the Society and former long suffering treasurer. George and Hazel are heading back to the UK and Carlisle’s gain is indeed, our loss. Best wishes to you both from all of us at Eurogolf. And finally, we come to a sad reflection on our aging membership. These players grew up in an age when pocket calculators had not been invented. They went through an education system which produced scholars able to do SUMS. For my younger readers this a

process were you can WORK THINGS OUT WITH A PENCIL AND PAPER. First you get 18 numbers of less than 8 or so and add them together. This gives you a total of about 70-80 something. You then subtract a number of less than 10 from the total and this gives you another number known in golf as your net score. ‘Simples’; to quote a certain Meerkat. The problem is that most people had to subtract numbers with DECIMALS in. From a total of 19 cards, one couldn’t do the addition and a further 2 got the subtraction wrong. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! A donation to the poppy appeal will ensure your identities remain secret. Alan Venables

and looked to have crossed the line, only for the referee to wave play on. On yet another occasion, Macan was judged to have been offside, when clearly he was not. That changed after 40 minutes when the Montesinos striker, Edu, opened the scoring and almost doubled that lead on the stroke of half time. The second 45 minutes was one way traffic with Edu once again stealing the glory. He scored his second goal of the game within minutes of the re-start, and added his third 5 minutes later before being replaced by Chulo after he picked up an injury. The standing ovation he got from the home supporters was more than merited for his performance. If the visitors thought that with Edu being replaced their afternoon would get better,

they were very wrong. His replacement, Chulo, added Monte’s fourth goal, and then Andres I made it 5-0, then, with almost the final kick of the game, Macan scored his first goal of the game and CD Montesinos had their sixth goal in an entertaining match. Next SUNDAY (20/11/2011) CD Montesinos make the short journey to San Miguel, where they take on the home side, Racing San Miguel. Kick off is at 4pm, so why not join the ever growing fan base at CD MONTESINOS. For more information about CD Montesinos and their Internacional Supporters’ Club, ‘The Full Monte’, take a look at our website, www. or email us at thefullmonte2011@ You can always contact us by telephone on 637 869 602. In association with CajaMurcia

TUESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER 20 Members today played a Texas Scramble on a course that was in immaculate condition after all the wet weather we have had, with some of the best greens in the area. Out of 5 slots 1 shot separated each team. Our next away day is at Mar Menor on the 22nd November first tee 10.00. We will meet on the St James’s Gate car park at 08:15am. The winning team consisted of Rocket Ron, Ron Chambers, Ivie Davies & Alan Moody who returned a nett 62.4 In Second place were the team of Les Yates, Bob Turner, Dave Pretty & Geoff Wild wno

returned a nett 63.3 In Third place was the team of Tom Baldwin, Kane Reid, Steve Loot, & Malcolm Anderson who returned 64.6 Nearest the pins were Bob Turner, Merve Williams, & Pete Nicholls Maura Mullen won the Longest Drive Anyone who would like to join this Society give me a ring on 678-849-142 or put your name on the Start Sheet displayed in the St Jsmes’s Gste bar. Before the presentation we had refreshments supplied once again by the management which we thank them for Photo Texas Scramble winners.

Sponsored by A Spanish life .com With Cathy Skinner Mon 7 Nov 2011 Quesada Diamonds were away to Lemon Tree Lincolns Diamonds won on 4 rinks and Lincolns on 2 rinks. Diamonds also took the overall score 99 to 92. Result was 10 points to Diamonds and 4 points to Lincolns. Quesada won the friendly 25 to 16 with a winning team of M Smith, M Gray and debutant skip M Lockley well done. Congratulations to the Diamonds winning rinks of G Chapman, C Blay & M Harris: G Skinner, B Armstrong & C Skinner: L Armstrong, S Gray, & S Hibberd: D Benson, C Waterson & T Thomas Winter League Wednesday 9th November. We entertained our friends from Bonalba and although we won on all rinks with an overall shot difference of 40 The 10 points moves us up nicely to 3rd place both our Berleen teams recovered from bad starts to win and collect the 2 points, well done to all Quesada Pearls have started this winter season well by winning overall in their first three matches.

We are second in the table but only two points behind Emerald Isle Plutos. Our team is beginning to settle down with everybody playing as a squad. We won the Enterprise league last season 2010 / 2011 so we are a target to beat! Federated fours The Panthers won 5-3 against San Miguel Harriers. A great performance by Fred Roberts, John Haigh, Graham Phillips, and Derek Sale against Russell Marks’ four winning 26-13. Jackie Breslin Veronica Sale, Pearl Houghton Chip Chapman were well ahead when Dominic Mills’ four came storming back to level the game 20-20. Jack Martin’s team Sandra Heath, Deidre Leeming and Jason Prokopowycz lost against Stuard Denholm’s four. Quesada Swifts away to Emerald Isle Outlaws Good day for the Swifts winning on 4 rinks and overall score 117 to 106. Result was 10 points to Swifts 4 points to the Outlaws. Congratulations winning rinks of G Skinner, B Armstrong & C Skinner: D Benson, A Paget & T Thomas: A Benson, P Bradbury & J Martin: A Thomas, J Dunning & T Paget


The third Winter league programme got underway last Friday with rain soon spoiling the days play. With a new 4th division, and more newcomers this season it was another step forward. Division 1. It was Castillo 1, who made a convincing start, with a 7-0 victory over XPS, at La Siesta, this was not expected, although Castillo has a very solid team, who are going to set the pace in the league title. Buccaneers now playing at Rocajuna, are also seeking to become league champions, they had a 6-1 victory over Blue Lagoon. Keeping up the challenge Los Balcones, defeated Corsairs by 6-1, to take 2nd place. League champions Lakeside, had to work hard to beat Castillo two, by 5-2, leaving them in 4th place. DIVISION TWO: lakeside, made a fine start with a 7-0 win over the Danish Dynamite at El Rancho. The league favorites Rocajuna, won away to Castillo by 5-2 . San Miguel won away to the Mutineers by 5-2, with Dominos White defeating Dominos Red by 5-2. DIVISION THREE Newcomers Amigos Belgas, got off to a convincing start, winning away to Danish Vikings by 6-1. Castillo 3, won at home to Dolores by 5-2. El

Presidente, won 4-3 at home to freebooters, with another 4-2 score. Newcomers Torre Bears, the first Swedish team to join the league, won away to Buddies Bar by 4-3. DIVISION 4. New team Lakeside 3, won at home to Peacocks by 5-2, Laguna Vista, another new side won away to Danish Friends by 52. Florentilles won at home to Hideaway by 4-2. LAS SALINAS LEAGUE MIXED PAIRS This was held at Rocajuna, with a full entry. After all teams had played 5 games, the winners were Robin and Norman Wylie of Lakeside, with a maximum 5 wins, they won the Gold Medal and cash prize. Runners up were Martine and Roger Liano, from the Amigos Belgas club in San Luis, they received the Silver medal and cash prize. The Bronze went to Paco Lopez and Nancy MacGrandles. ROCAJUNA OPEN PAIRS A doubles championship will be held at Rocajuna, on November 27th. This is open to all players, entries can be made to Jackie on 663144093. Roger Seymour

sport... continued on p37





formerly The Old Asturias restaurant at

NEW YEAR Pilar Christian THE SPIRITUALIST CONCERT.......... Community The “Torrevieja Symphony Church.............. CHURCH, Orchestra” will offer a special ‘New is an interdenominational English QUESADA............ Year Concert’ in the Municipal Theatre on 6th January 2012. There will be two performances: 12.00h and 19.00h. Tickets, priced at 12€ or 10€ (depending upon row number), are currently available from or from the municipal ticket office outside the theatre (open Tuesday to Friday inc. 11:00h to 13.00h). The orchestra will offer a variety of well known music including waltzes, Strauss polkas, Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, Nutcracker) amongst others.

Rojales Pantomime group.................

Special Appearance Saturday 19th November of the cast of Aladdin the Pantomime Between 12.00 and 2pm at Christmas shop’s Fun Day in San Luis. Tickets for all performances will be on sale outside the Christmas shop The Pantomime will take place at The Escuela de Musica y Cultura in Los Montesinos. Dec 8th 9th & 10th starting at 7.30 with a special matinee Saturday 10th. at 2.30 Proceeds will go to Local Charities

speaking fellowship and at the same time a member of the largest Protestant denomination in Spain. We meet constantly to reach out to the English speaking community and we arrange events appropriate to the fact that 90% of our community are retired. With this in mind every Christmastime we have a traditional carol service, including refreshments and mince pies and this will be led by those well known singers “Spangles”. For many of us, candles, carols, the nativity scene and mince pies are relevant of our childhood and youth. Here in the carol service we can recapture memories, and meet old friends. Come and celebrate with us, colourful memories of the past and continuing hope for the future. The carol service is on Thursday 8th December at 7pm at Calle Canalejas 3, Pilar de la Horadada, 03190.


(CEROC STYLE) with PASO A PASO CLASSES The Castilla Bar, Lemon Tree Road, cv895, Campo de Guardamar Thurs / Sun 7.30pm.


Meets at Sociedad Compas, 14 Calle de Toledo, Quesada. We hold a Sunday Service at 11.30am a Tuesday Evening of Mediumship at 7.30pm And every Thursday there is an Open Circle where you can develop your skills commencing at 7.30pm Spiritual healing is available every Sunday and Tuesday after the service. Jacqueline Holland Hunt will take the Divine Service on Sunday, 20th November. On Tuesday 22nd November Morag Bullock will present an Evening of Mediumship followed by a Divine Service with Deanna Sparks on Sunday, 27th November. Everybody welcome. Contact Wendy on 965323028.

Torrevieja Christian Fellowship....... (TCF) in Avda de las Cortes Valencianas 68, Torrevieja are holding their annual Christmas Fayre between 2.00 and 4.00 pm. on Saturday, 19th November 2011. Wonderful hand-crafted Christmas gifts, greetings cards, bric-a-brac, home made jams, cakes and scones. An event not to be missed.

Punta Prima Ballroom, latin & popular Sequence Dancing Tuesday 8pm - 10.30pm

Contact Eric & betty Tel 966 785 415

weekly listings Thursday........................................................

Modern Jive Los Rosales Restaurant cv895 campo de guardamar. Every Thursday 6.45pm Beginners introduction, 7pm Beginners lesson, 8pm Improvers lesson followed by social. Info 670 711 408 Ceroc Style Modern Jive class / social - 7pm Los Rosales Restaurant, cv895, Guardamar Los Montesinos Road BALLROOM / LATIN DANCING / SEQUENCE DANCING at Casa Ventura, San Luis, Torrevieja Tel Andrea & Brian 616 478 157 New Beginners Class 7.30pm - 9.30pm Old time Dancing class with SLOTS. Pilar Sol Club, Lo Monte Hotel, N332 Pilar del la Horadada. 7.30pm - 9.30pm No previous dancing experience required. Tel: 609 939 369 AVON SALES TABLE AND MUCH MORE including handmade babywear, household goods, books. Every 11.30am til 3pm at The Hillside, Calle Bilboa, Urb La Marina. For info call Elaine 619 888 259 Successful Slimming La Marina. 11am. We meet at The Hillside Bar, Caelle Bilbao.A very healthy eating food plan with excellent results. Only 5€ weekly with no joining fee or charge for missed weeks. For more information please ring Sian on 965 496 209 / 658 271 553. All welcome.

Friday.............................................................. Coro Pilar - based in El Pinar de Campoverde, near Pilar de la Horadada rehearse on Fridays at 7pm Tel 966 763 446 MABS - Ticket Sales 11am to 1 pm, tel 639 665 370 Outside the Trevi Bar, Camposol B, 1st and 4th Friday of the month


BALLROOM / LATIN DANCING / SEQUENCE DANCING with LA BAMBA’s. La Rustika (Los Arcos) Restaurant. Av Beleares, Torrevieja. Tel: Andrea & Brian 616 478 157. Saturday Social Dance 7.30pm - 10pm


Free event every sunday - Every Sunday 2pm - 5pm FREE entry Jive n Live at Los Rosales Restaurant, cv895 Guardamar Los Montesinos Road with Maxine and Adam, or Angie and Cherry K. All Welcome 5€ BBQ or Paella. Tel 670 711 408 or 965 073 799 International Christian Assembly - Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja Evangelical non-denominational Sunday services 11:00am Sevillanas Club. All about Flamenco and Sevillana meet last Sunday of every month Asturias Restaurant - 965 328 044

Monday............................................................ BALLROOM / LATIN DANCING / SEQUENCE DANCING with LA BAMBA’s. La Rustika (Los Arcos) Restaurant. Av Beleares, Torrevieja. Tel: Andrea & Brian 616 478 157 New Beginners Class 10.30am - 12.30pm


space for a little one? Do you have a spare few hours a week? We desperately need people to work in our shops and on our market stall please contact Natasha on 616 210 850. We urgently need bric-a-brac, clothes and furniture, for collection of any items please contact Natasha on 616 210 850.

Jodie is 11 months old and a small to medium sized dog, she was found tied up in a garden of an empty house. She couldn’t be seen from the road but luckily was spotted by neighbours. She is a very playful happy little girl. She chipped, spayed and vaccinated. If you would like more pictures of Jodie or you would like to visit her please contact Natasha on 616 210 850.

Caroline is 8 months old. She was found by the side of the road, her companion was already dead but she stayed with her. She is very affectionate and gets on well with cats and children. She is chipped and vaccinated.

Modern Jive - Every Tuesday at the Area Discopub, Los Balcones. 6.45pm Beginners introduction, 7pm Beginners lesson, 8pm Improvers lesson. Info 670 711 408 Ceroc Style Modern Jive class / social Tuesdays 7pm Area Disco pub, Filton Centre, Los Balcones, Torrevieja NETBALL, Los Montesinos 7pm-8.30pm. Enquiries Tracey 679 539 995 or Claire 680 300 637 BALLROOM / LATIN DANCING / SEQUENCE DANCING with LA BAMBA’s. La Rustika (Los Arcos) Restaurant. Av Beleares, Torrevieja. Tel: Andrea & Brian 616 478 157 Improvers Lesson 7.30-8.30pm plus Social Dance 8.30pm - 10.30pm Successful Slimming Quesada.10am. Meet at Bar Las Naciones, next to The Spice Hut. A very healthy eating food plan with excellent results. Only 5€ weekly with no joining fee or charge for missed weeks. Tel Sian on 965 496 209 / 658 271 553. All welcome.



NB: Information correct at time of printing BUT please check with the relevant venues that events are taking place

The Inn at the green laguna green - entre naranios


afternoon Movie matinee Thurs Evening pop quiz 9pm with Lynden B


chris stuart great keyboards singer 9pm don’t miss


Entertainment U2 Tribute and Rock ‘n’ Roll 9pm


Live sports Karaoke 9pm with Matt Christian


afternoon Dominos 3pm Pool tournament starting soon 7pm


evening ken’s quiz 9pm Live Sports


afternoon bingo 4pm + find the joker big prizes this week


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Pool tables, s n o o k e r tables, table LEGAL tennis tables, darts. AIRPORT TRANSFERS Retractable Awnings Tel:666 933 726 w w w. s p a i n p o o l . Taxis Toldo Plano com (Glorieta) Minibuses Balcony Blinds A l u mi n i u m Coaches Vertical Blinds Gates, Double www. Window Blinds and Electric Sliding. costablanca New Covers Guaranteed No Repairs Rust.Call Tracy on 0034 966 196 At least 150 966 726 891 609 0034 610 Colours To L e x m a r k 611 619 Choose From Printer X6570 mention (Wi-Fi / USB), Soltimes Multifunction, newspaer for a discount 676 583 246 Colour Injet All-inOne: Printer, Copier, Scanner, Fax, beds Plus 2 x unopened cartridges (1 x Black & 1 x Colour) 50€ o.n.o.Tel: Visco 4 Mattress 80 x 180 618358884

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Excellent recession proof business with no overheads and all cash. 5 cold drink vending machines €24.900 25 Pringle Machines €14.900 All with guaranteed sites

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Due to relocation this front line store in Mojacar is for sale. All fixtures and fittings included in sale. Increase in turnover of 30% this year with potential for further increases. Priced to sell Serious enquiries only 693 758 827 or 616561770 car hire

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require the following: one, full time sales negotiator (BASIC & GOOD COMMISSION)


Sales Administrator - Part Time BASED IN OUR FUENTE ALAMO OFFICE, working ½ days or alternate full days the applicant will assist the Office Manager and Branch Director in sales support/client viewing schedules and property profiling. Dealing with incoming telephone calls/contacting clients by telephone and email overseas, arranging property listings/appointments. Support sales staff and general office duties.

The Applicants: Will have at least 2 years experience working for a Spanish or UK estate agent, the ability to work unsupervised, utilizing drive and common sense and be focussed on the end result. The ability to speak English and another language is essential – French/Spanish/ German etc. Current computer skills/data input/good keyboard skills. If you would like to work for a fast growing, highly ethical Spanish Real estate company with good career prospects and possess all or greater skills than we are asking for, then email your C.V. to the office manager, at: or call 968 598 173 for more information, or call into Fuente Alamo Real Estate’s office on Calle Arrieros Fuente Alamo de Murcia.

UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 MEL LANDON WANTED

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SPAIN - UK - SPAIN Removals

fuente alamo real estate

Sales Negotiator – Full Time: BASED IN OUR FUENTE ALAMO OFFICE, Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm (flexible) – Some weekends - You will be operating our state-ofthe-art integrated property and client database system, entering client enquiries, profiling and matching clients with properties, contacting clients by phone and email, arranging flights/hotels/tour schedules and viewings, collect and accompany clients on property viewings.


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call 902 750 190 blanca ext 330 calida ext 334 satellite tv Rainbow Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or

translation Vistamar International translation Services Spanish, French, italian, Greek & English Spoken & Written Fluently Doctors, Hospital Visits etc enquiries please contact

susy wade tEL: 697 752 432 (anytime)

dea d or aliv e

ed want

don’t ch uck i’ll tak e it it


English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


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Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

Wanted Scrap Gold

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The Treasure Chest: 966 718 100 / 966 765 374


Commercial gas or electric Kitchen Oven Must be in good working order Can Collect Tel: 609 199 394 WANTED - Second-Hand External Door and Windows any Size, or Material For Shed. Tel: 634 334 169 Fuente Alamo Area.

Bill & Rita’s house Clearance & Light Removals

Wanted White Goods Electrical, bric a Brac, Garden Furniture Most unwanted items Cash Waiting Tel Bill 676 527 348 or Rita 676527186 wigs Salon Margarethas 24 years in Torrevieja hair/wig specialist for medical illness and hair loss problems. We offer different hair replacements, top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion/ festival accessories. TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call Margaretha on 966 921 846 for an appointment.


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“Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive”


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Seat IbizaCupra Oct ‘07 - 3 door hatch 1.9 TDi Sport (160bhp) 37,000 kms, 2 owners Full service history A/C (Climate), 17” Alloys PAS, ABS, Cd player Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors Rear head restraints On board computer Met grey, Cupra interior Reduced from €9,450!

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600 726 221 965 687 976

600 726 221 965 687 976


600 726 221 965 687 976


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spanglish Mum

What a drag it is getting old. ’Things are different today’ I hear every mother say.... Mick Jagger was so right, although here I am popping another headache pill for a pounding stress headache. I wake up each morning thinking that today I’m going to keep calm, be a happy Mum rather than a ranting one. The morning started off fine but then my youngest decided that he wanted his black trainers rather than blue ones. That would be ok if I had cleaned the black ones after spending yesterday afternoon at the cortijo running around with the dogs and obviously getting grubby. It’s 8.45am and it takes ten minutes to walk to school. I know I should just speedily wipe a wet wipe over them but now I can’t find the wet wipes. ‘Why don’t you wear your new blue ones’ I ask, a bit pleadingly I admit. ‘No, they’re not cool’ comes the reply. Ok, they were cool the other day but obviously not today when I really would like him to put them on so we can get going to school. We ended up running and getting to there just as the bell was going with youngest with a face like thunder because he had to wear his blue trainers. I wonder what it must be like for Mums with little girls, as that must be a fashion Aladdins Cave? At least with boys you can usually stick with blue, grey, black, green and camouflage plus any type of sportswear and usually be safe. Girls though with all the options of colours, styles, tom boy or girlie girl etc. Blimey, just the thought of it makes our trainer drama sound tame. I must learn to chill out, maybe take up yoga or something. Is there a calming position which can be done whilst multi tasking the family? We made the decision to return to Spain to spend more time with my husbands’ family, but I wonder, is it just tricky wherever you are being a parent? Other idea, when getting older birthday wishes change....I’d love some new doors in the flat! If you’d like to share your thoughts with Lucy - our Spanglish Mum - email editor@ and we’ll pass them on!

the personage Between Alqueria’s Calle Mirador and the Calle Límite lie the whitewashed terraced houses of El Gente Cerro. Here Antonio Poyato tends the plants in his extended patio. This is where he cultivates the infamous Remitroot. This plant can be eaten as a powerful aphrodisiac, distilled or fermented into potent liquors. Pulped Remitroot makes a highly efficient rust preventative for the ballast tanks of oil tankers. The Romans cultivated the root, Remitus Radix it was known as mainly for its qualities as an aphrodisiac. It was said that Caligula had some of his best nights after eating the root. In La Calle del Siniestro lives one Manuela, unofficial leader of the unofficial Gente del Cerro Popular Front. The unofficial aims are to cause as much havoc as possible to Rodriguez, his olive mill and his section of the divided population of Alqueria. Manuela is a tall raven haired girl, she possesses classic Andalucían traits. Olive skin with eyes like paperweights that can tear out a man’s heart at a hundred paces. She knows how formidable her attributes are and deploys them accordingly. Manuela holds court in the bar La Casa Devante to the north of the Village. Its tables and chairs encroach into the open space of the village square below the castle tower. Here our gallant heroine organises her forces and plans her forays into the opposition’s territory. She is a dark natured girl and employs both psychological and physically disruptive techniques. It is whispered that as a child she decapitated her and her Sister’s dolls, keeping their heads in a plastic bag under her mattress. More than once the directors of the Olive Mill have crossed Manuela. It was Robles who complained that

airports, deficits and brutal cuts

The economic downturn in Spain in recent years has followed a decade-long boom. It has also highlighted the bizarre way in which much of the good-times money was spent. Last week, Spanish newspapers reported that a recently busted gang of drug smugglers had planned to buy Ciudad Real airport in order to ship cocaine into the country. It was hardly the kind of news that the CastillaLa Mancha authorities would normally have enjoyed hearing, but right now, almost any potential buyer of this huge building with a four-kilometre airstrip will be welcomed with open arms. The Aeropuerto Central Ciudad Real, as it is known, is now as representative of Spain particularly 21st century Spain as the windmills John MacDonald (El Sordo) -


Modern Spains legacy:

she threatened to hollow him out with a soup spoon. The HQ of her enemy, Los Recién Llegados is the bar La Golondrina Verde situated to the south west. Opposite the Olive Mill and in an orange grove counter plotting and intrigue are a nightly occurrence. These two power bases do more to regulate the running of the Village than all the good intentions of the elected folk of the Village Council. Of the non-partisan of the village two are worthy of comment. Old man Matas who lurks in a cave above the Pueblo and Blythe Gruntmore the obligatory Englishman speaking bad Spanish with a Geordie accent. More of these two worthies later.

and plains that surround it. Built in 2008, it was, for a time, presented by the local government as a bold way of putting the land of Don Quijote on the map, by taking in the overflow of passengers from Madrids Barajas airport, 235 kilometres to the north. It would also be a symbol of modern Spains affluence and dedication to infrastructure. But three years and reportedly 1.1 billion in private investment later, it looks more like an almighty folly. The Socialist regional government spent millions subsidising a handful of international flights per week, promoted the project with advertising campaigns and approved a 140-million guarantee to keep it afloat. But at the end of October, the last commercial flight, manned by Vueling, took off from the airport. The airports future is now unsure. It remains open, with staff still employed in the building. Buyers are being sought. But the projected overflow of travellers from Madrid, it transpired, has been taken care of by the capitals own Terminal 4. Locals complain about other expensive projects that devour public money but whose benefits are dubious, such as the 6-million centre for sporting excellence in Puertollano, just up the road from Ciudad Real. According to Puertollano residents, for a long time the building stood empty, with little excellence being produced by its huge, expensive walls.

But airports seem to have a peculiar attraction for Spains local politicians, who have eagerly built them in recent years in towns and small cities such as Huesca, Castelln, Burgos, Salamanca and Lleida, with another planned for Teruel. Some have already proved their lack of profitability due to a lack of demand, such as Huescas, which like that of Ciudad Real has become something akin to a ghost airport. Most of these projects, like some high-speed AVE routes to out-of-the-way destinations, coincided with Spains boom years. The decade-long bonanza that started at the end of the 1990s and was driven by construction ensured deep pockets not just for the central government, but also the regional governments. Its hard to argue with the benefits of this spending. Spain has a superb transport system, particularly its rail links. Puertollanos centre of excellence might be easy to sniff at, but heavy investment in infrastructure is cited as one of the main reasons why Spains footballers and other athletes currently dominate much of world sport. Basic services suffer And yet, clearly something was amiss. Since taking power in the Castilla-La Mancha region in the spring, the new Popular Party administration has pledged to slash spending on health by 400 million. Teachers in the region are angry at

having to take pay cuts and work longer hours. CastillaLa Manchas government says it is now handling a deficit worth around 9 percent of its GDP compared to the 1.3percent target the central government had set the countrys regions. Regions in Spain have the capacity to spend a lot, because health and education, among other things, belong to them, Jos Antonio Herce, of Analistas Financieros Internacionales consultancy, told Iberosphere. The regions have to spend a lot of money because they oversee these very important social programs, but they dont have the capacity or they dont want to use it where they have it to charge taxes on their populations. Its much easier to spend than to tax. This gap between local authorities freedom to spend and their lack of responsibility when it comes to raising funds seems to be at the heart of the problem. And as we contemplate what many observers fear may be a lost decade or so for the Spanish economy, one chilling legacy of the countrys recent boom and bust comes sharply into focus: towns, big and small, with state-of-the art sports halls, cultural centres, train stations and even airports; and brutal cuts to the most basic services. Article courtesy of Iberosphere: Spain News and Portugal News - Information and Analysis


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Is Escolar is the World’s most Low levels of dangerous fish, healthwise? radioactive particles Earlier this month, two friends of mine both ate a portion of grilled fish, listed as ‘grilled fish’ on the menu (it was Escolar really) and within two days they were suffering from excessive gastric distress. They were not alone as a few other people also had upset stomachs. Following some on-line research, I found out that Escolar contains an extremely high level of gempylotoxin – a strong, purgative oil similar to castor oil. These large molecules are, to most people, hard to digest, and may lead to intestinal cramping and diarrhea. According to worldwide analysis, right now Escolar is undoubtedly the most controversial fish that you are likely to find on the counter in your fish market. Already banned in Italy and Japan, and also in parts of Australia, I understand that several other countries are now considering doing likewise. Describing Escolar... it is a firm, white fleshed fish, incredibly rich in flavour, quite succulent - a fattier version of swordfish in effect. The controversy within this buttery fish, is that it has a ‘laxative type effect’, similar to

REPORTER: TONY MATTHEWS diarrhoea! An expert has referred to it as Keriorrhoea which means the ‘flow of wax’ or similarly oily orange droplets pouring out your system. Keriorrhoea occurs because the wax esters in the flesh of the fish pool up in your intestine. An Escolar-related illness may well lead to cramping, nausea, diarrhea, inflammation and other abdominal pains - the result of severe Keriorrhea or scrombroid poisoning. Escolar-related scromboid (or histimine poisoning) is down to extremely high levels of histidine being converted to histamine, usually as a result of inadequate storage. Escolar, however, can make you feel very sick and give you an awful stomach ache. You can’t taste the danger – unfortunately – simply because

the fish itself is certainly nice to eat. Unfortunately there’s distinct lack of information at hand regarding Escolar. It can be found (ordered) in certain sushi bars, but not of course those in Japan. In fact, any place that sells white tuna or ‘super white tuna’ (as some call it) might not know they are selling you Escolar. And white tuna can easily be Albacore tuna (like pale tuna or Escolar) which is strikingly white in appearance. There are many reasons for this confusion. The main one is simple... suppliers and restaurants mislabel fish, either out of ignorance or fraud. The former I guess. If you have suffered with your internal workings you must do this: 1. Replenish your bathroom

materials at all times! 2. Call in sick, or plan your day around the bathroom! 3. Avoid Escolar in the future. Just be careful, very careful. The truth is, all you can really do is ride out Keriorrhoea (the likely complaint from eating Escolar) as it can take up to 48 hours to kick in, and then it can easily last for another two days, giving you plenty of grief in the process. Check with your doctor if you feel it’s dragging on too long! Shell and BP would be amazed, excited even, if they can see what is released from someone’s system ... it’s that bad! My friends and associates were ‘proper poorly’ ... it wasn’t at all nice, especially when they had to search for a toilet every hour, even less! Finally, if you do suddenly feel ill with a stomach upset who could well have contracted Keriorrhoea - having ordered Escolar! If so, think back to the last time you ate a piece of a delicious white fish and where... Go back and inform the proprietor and tell him/her it could be Escolar. You don’t want your holiday, your life, even your plans ruined by a fish!! Do you?

‘found in Europe’

Low levels of radioactive particles have been detected in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, the UN nuclear agency has said. The iodine-131 particles do not pose a public health risk, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. The body said it was trying to work out where the particles had come from but said it did not believe the source was Japan’s stricken Fukushima plant. It said the Czech Republic had first informed them of the raised levels. “The IAEA believes the current trace levels of iodine-131 that have been measured do not pose a public health risk and are not caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan,” the body said in a statement. It said iodine-131 was a short-lived radioisotope with a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days. The Czech nuclear security authority said it had been detecting radioactive iodine-131 at a number of monitoring stations since late October and had informed the IAEA to see if it could identify the source, Reuters reports. Czech nuclear safety chief Dana Drabova said the iodine could have leaked during production of radiopharmaceuticals. It was certainly not from a nuclear power plant, she said, adding that they were almost certain that the source was abroad. Slightly elevated readings of radioactive iodine have also been found in northern Germany, the country’s environment ministry said. But the levels were so low they were barely detected, a spokeswoman quoted by Reuters news agency said. The environment ministry spokeswoman said the radioactivity could not have come from a nuclear power plant. In the days and weeks after the Japan’s accident, minuscule amounts of iodine-131 believed to have come from Fukushima were detected as far away as Iceland and other parts of Europe, as well as in the US.

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Torrevieja Tigers......................... Torrevieja Tigers travelled to the South of Murcia to play Lorca. What a bruising encounter!!! I can hardly type! Lorca are a new club, only in their second season. They played fast physical rugby and this was a great match. The match kicked off at dusk and Lorca quickly showed they were in the mood to battle. They put the kick up, the ball was caught cleanly by Torrevieja’s veteran lock, Vince Kirkham. InVinceable Kirkham charged at the Lorca pack, face first. Bang! An immensely hard tackle put Vince on the ground and broke his nose in the process. What a statement of inent from Lorca! Lorca won the ball and powered their way up the field. Lorca were awarded a penalty 8m from the Torrevieja line, for not releasing the tackled player. Lorca crossed the line after their immense prop bullied his way over the line from the penalty. Lorca failed to make the conversion. Lorca 5 - 0 Torrevieja From the restart Torrevieja quickly moved the ball up the field with John Batesby, providing much of the horse power in the maul. Torrevieja regathered themselves and showed Lorca that they weren’t about to give this away to the newcomers. After recycling the ball and playing through a few phases the pressure forced the penalty. Torrevieja captain Lucas Rodriguez made the kick. Lorca 5 - 3 Torrevieja Torrevieja won several scrums against the head, thanks to Will Needham’s incredibly fast feet. This provided the base for some strong running from Torrevieja’s Welsh centers Ollie and Teggy. Lorca were again on the back foot and conceded another penalty from a very similar scenario. Again Rodriguez kicked the

points. Lorca 5 - 6 Torrevieja The Tigers went into the lead and the score remained unchanged for the rest of the first half. Torrevieja kicked off to Lorca. Lorca’s monster prop charged and was awarded a try An amazing high speed tackle by Rodriguez saved Torrevieja, but Lorca had the momentum and continued to rumble up the field. The acceleration and mass of Lorca’s prop was a force to which Torrevieja could not match with an equal and opposite. Lorca converted the try. Lorca 12 - 6 Torrevieja Lorca continued to piled on the pressure. Torrevieja responded, Lorca 17 - 6 Torrevieja A quick pass from No. 9 Manny to Welsh winger James Phillips. James scored in the corner after forcing his way past 3 men. A newcomer to the game of rugby scored his first try in only his fourth game of rugby. Congratulations to James for playing his first full 80 minutes of rugby, having picked up yellow cards in his first 3 games. In the final 10 minutes of the game. Play was all Torrevieja’s Julian Tabares showed once again he can make incisive runs, dodging through the Lorca defense. He could be critisised for not exploiting Torrevieja’s overlap on more than one occasion. Final result Lorca 17 - 11 Torrevieja Tigers Our next home match is on the 27th of November a against local rivals Orihuela The match will take place at the Nelson Mandela rugby stadium in Torrevieja. For more information about Torrevieja Rugby Club please visit our website http://


The weekend started with the juveniles playing against their counterparts from Albacete. They started off really brightly putting pressure on the visitor’s line from the word go, but could not make it count. It was Albacete who put the first points on the board with a penalty from their first and only visit of the first half and that was how it finished. The second half continued where the first left off with all the pressure coming from the home team, but just could not make it count, and again with about their third time in the Orihuela’s half they made it count putting them 8-0 up. Eventually the pressure paid off with Gabriel scoring a well deserved try and Tirso converting it. No matter what the players did they could not put the pressure into points, with the final whistle giving Albacete a 8-7 win. The juveniles have to be more clinical and finish the games off. This was a game they should have won comfortably with all of the possession, a very hard lesson learnt by them. Then it was the senior’s turn to try and bounce back from two very disappointing weeks, where they just did not play to their potential. It started off being a very even game with ITV Orihuela RFC keeping Albacete pegged in their own half, but some very good defence kept the home team at bay, with the only score early on a long range penalty by Alvaro. The game started to open up with both defences defending for their lives, but a couple of poor tackling

attempts letting in the visitors for 2 tries giving them a 17-3 half time lead. The second half was very much like the first, but with ITV Orihuela RFC being the more adventurous wanting to run it instead of taking the penalty points, which seemed to have paid off with Danny for the second week running from his own 22 slicing through the visitors defence like a hot knife through butter. But again some poor tackling let Albacete in for one more try giving the full time score 22-8 to Albacete. This was a far better game in all areas for ITV Orihuela RFC and was closer than the score reflects. Let’s hope that we can continue this for the rest of the season. The next game for ITV Orihuela RFC is in two weeks time. The club is training on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Miguel Hernandez University for the juveniles and seniors starting at 20.30, while the juniors are on Tuesday and Thursday at 18.15. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter of what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish) So come along and join in the fun and great friendly atmosphere at the club.

Shenanigans Golf Society....... UNiKE G.S. (Members of Las Colinas G & CC) What a wonderful afternoon - is it really November - we are still in shorts and still having ice in our cool boxes!!! Almost like a dream and yes the course at Las Colinas was looking perfect. We had a guest playing today Alan who is Bill Mackay’s son. The only down side was we were teeing off in the afternoon - would we finish before the sun set. In fact I even asked one of our directors if they were supplying “miners lamps” would we in fact get 18 holes in!!! Well all our teams

played at a great pace and we all got in having played 18 holes be it that the last team were actually putting in twilight - they certainly played well - as they won... .....................Must have been the Twilight Zone. Results 1st Bill Mackay - Alan Mackay Jan Johnson - David Stewart Gross 66 - 06.6 Nett 59.4 2nd Jonny Wiik - Alan Douglas - Ged Henly - Jac Longhurst Gross 68 - 08.0 Nett 60 Well done to all the winners Next week we have the Las Colinas Monthly League Reported by Bernie Newnes

(in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at Alicante Wednesday 9th November 2011. For this months meeting 26 players visited the challenging course at Alicante taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The course was in excellent condition, playing long and with some difficult pin positions but was enjoyed by all including a group of golfers from Ireland which included a scratch golfer. The winners on the day were as follows: 1st Dave Ryan, 2nd Kay Ryan 3rd Owen Desmond Best Guest – Blair Craig Nearest the Pins – Mike Probert (3), Mike O’Rourke (2)


TORRE GOLF SOCIETY....................... El Plantio – 7th Nov 2011

It was a grey November morning, as it would be just after Bonfire night, but the sun broke through and off the players went, with no fear that it might rain. Some reports that have been read in the local press, there appears to be another Torre Golf Society, well there is only one and that’s this one, but as they say ‘someone copying is a compliment!’ We played our Stableford with two categories and there were some “sparklers” with five players scoring 35 points. The results were: Category One: 1st. Tony Chandler 35 points C/B


TEL: 966 877 145/618 547 491 EMAIL:

Aquapark Auto repair & Tyre Centre Opposite Torrevieja Water Park


Longest Drive – Mike O’Rourke

Next months fixture will be held at Las Ramblas on 14th December 2011. For more information about the society call Owen on 659668804 or better still why not just pop into the bar. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our all new web-site at

Category Two: 1st. Vince Lannon 36 points Nearest The Pins; Hole 9. Reid Kane Hole 18. Ivie Davies Hole 15-3rd Shot: Mike Cresswell VFM. (Paul Smith) David Swann Just as the games finished it started to rain, strange when it is only November!! Our next game is 5th December – El Plantio which will be our Christmas special with spirit and Mince pies for those who wear something with resembling “crimbo” attire For more information on The Torre Golf Society then contact the Secretary Ivie Davies either by email or telephone 669 211 410 Photo: Winners at El Plantio (In the rain)


and Alan Duffy.

After the game we returned to Shenanigans bar which is located right next to the course at La Marquesa for food and refreshments provided by Owen and Jamie.


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La Finca - 9.11.11 This year has gone so quickly, with the Society playing the last major of the year already. The 4 ball better ball was played at the prestigious course of La Finca. Many members agreed with this description as 50 members and guests wanted to play, so much so that for the first time ever we had to refuse some members as there was insufficient tee times available. This format always ensures people enjoy their game as this is a relaxed way to play with not the normal pressures on each shot. The only worry of the day was if there was enough light left for the late tee off times. In the event every did managed to get finished. A special thanks must go to Mick Budd who kindly sponsored this years event, he donated the trophy and commemorative medals and presented the prizes to the winners. Many thanks Mick from everybody. The winners were: Margaret and Padraig O’Brien with 44pts they received the trophy and commemorative medal and also won a free game kindly donated by La Finca Golf Club 2nd Alan Craine and Phil Rhodes with 43pts, they each received a bottle of spirits and medal 3rd Steve Cosgrove and John B. Henderson with 41pts each received a bottle of wine and a sleeve of balls and a medal The winners proudly

Est 2000

displaying their winnings with Mick Budd, the Captain and Vice Captain are shown in the photograph. Nearest the pins: Brian Smith hole 3, Carl Peden holes 6 and 13 and Paul Flanaghan hole 16. The 2s club, with a magnificent pot of €83 was shared by John B. Henderson, Gordon Cobb, Mick Budd and Harry Wilcock. Free game raffle was won by Harry Wilcock. A special mentioned must be made of Bill and Alan McKay who were not eligible to win the trophy but came in the best score of the day 49pts. Get joined Alan it is only €10. The day was finished off, as is usual with our major trophies, with the presentation being given after dinner at the Lo Crispin Tavern. Our Social Secretary, David Dodd provided a table quiz which was studied over whilst we ate, thanks David, Jose and Julia for the delicious dinner. We would also like to thank David for the sterling work he does when organising these special nights we really appreciate all the hard work he does behind the scenes. If you would like to join the Society or just come for a game as a guest go to our website at https:// s i t e s .g o o g l e .c o m / s i t e / locrispingolf come and enjoy the fun.


This week was the 6th round of the Winter Championship. The venue was the Rio Segura at Murcia, as it has now settled down. In saying that it had settled, there is still a lot of activity on the far bank with the contractors joining up the large pipe which we believe will be used for the diverted water. Will keep you informed as to progress. Anyway the fishing on the day was hard. And the pegging is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the amount of shallow water pegs. However there were still some good weights. Top anglers on the day 1st Dave ( Yours Truly ) Hoare fishing the pole using bread with 30.56 kilo´s. 2nd Stan ( The Man ) Roberts fishing the pole using maggot and corn with 24.02 kilo´s. 3rd Ian ( Irish Wizard ) Dalzell fishing the pole using pellet with 15.90 kilo´s. After 6 matches the top 3 are as follows 1st Dave Hutchinson with 30 points 2nd Terry Screen with 37 points 3rd Dave Hoare with 49

points There are still 5 matches to go so all still to fish for. PLEASE NOTE The club at present does have some vacancies and if you are interested in joining please contact Derek Swann on 966729293 or 667407026.


supplied by TERRY SCREEN This weeks 8th round of the Winter league was fished on the River Segura at the Eden Stretch, it was a good turn out considering the mornings are getting quite a lot cooler. The water was high until about an hour into the match, when the sluice gates into the 8ft drain were opened, and the water raced through and dropped the level at least a foot, bringing all sorts of debris with it. It still fished quite well with three double figure weights 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 12.780kg fishing pole and maggot 2nd Bill (The Master) Reade with 12.620kg fishing floating bread 3rd Ian (The Irish Wizard) Dalzell with 12.580kg on the pole and maggot I received an interesting

e-mail this week regarding the forth coming work to be carried out on the Embalse de Ojos (ie: Blanca), it seems that they are going to drain it so only a gulley remains for the river, then they will dredge it all using the material to build an embankment all around the lake. This will then be used for recreational purposes with boating, sailing and fishing. As always we await the outcome. These and all other details are available from our web site or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368


We have been having a lot of enquiries about licenses from anglers who are passing the ‘magic age of 65’ and therefore pensioners! Licenses are still required and are free providing you have a Spanish Pensionista card, otherwise you will have to pay the normal fees. Licenses are available from either Town Halls, or the Caja Rural Bank if in Valencia region. In Murcia you will also require insurance. Make sure you take photocopies of all relevant documents

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Fault finding service available 965 873 726 - 669 686 587 mon - sat

to obtain your license. ie passport photo-page, NIE and insurance. Anglers Together was formed to introduce and encourage anglers of all abilities to meet up and get together to fish, either sea or freshwater. Firm friendships have been formed during the time the group has been active and information on fishing venues and licenses required are available at the meetings or by regular emailed newsletters. Meetings are held in two locations each month. Anyone with an interest in fishing (sea or freshwater) is welcome to come along to a meeting to see what we’re about. The next meetings are: Friday 9th December at 12 o’clock at Mary’s Bar, Campoverde (near Pilar de la Horadada). Saturday 10th December at 12 o’clock at The New Royal Bar and Restaurant at El Alamillo, opposite the seafront between Isla Plana and Puerto de Mazarron. E:anglerstogether@hotmail. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

DAYA NUEVA - INFANTILS MISSED CHANCES COST DAYA DEARLY Hideaway S.C.D. INTANGCO 1 v. DAYA NUEVA C.F. 0 From the kick-off Daya been Daya’s half by far, so shot on goal for a 1 – 0 Golf Society... took the game to Intangco 0 – 0 at half-time. With the but the home side’s defence held firm. On 6 minutes a long range shot by Luis David almost caught the home side’s keeper napping. Intangco did look dangerous on their rare counter attacks but Manuel, deputising in our goal for the injured Danni was alert and confident. On 15 minutes a great strike by Daya’s Angel was ruled out for off-side ???? The miss of the match came on 22 minutes when Jose, for the visitors, blasted over the bar from close range. Intangco came strongly in the last few minutes of the first half and a great tackle by Jota saved a certain goal, but it had

strong wind behind them for the second half Daya must have really fancied their chances. The home side had other ideas and straight from the kick off took the ball through the Daya defence but the resulting shot was just wide. Back came Daya and they had a good chance well blocked. It was a lively opening 5 minutes of the second half, Daya had some good chances but just couldn’t score. Intangco wouldn’t give up and were a constant threat. So it was no surprise on 60 minutes when a good through ball caught out the Daya defence to give the home side a clear

lead. Just minutes later Luis David almost levelled the scores but his shot was well saved. Daya kept pushing until the final whistle but the goal would just not come. Although losing this game 1 – 0 Daya can take comfort from knowing they were the better team. In Jota, the visitors had the Man of the Match. The match official had a good game and the good sized crowd saw Daya squander some excellent chances, but its goals that win games and Intangco did just that. Match Report Daya Dave Sponsor : Segurlab.

Today we played Bonalba golf course, a very popular course with our members. The course was in lovely condition apart from a few areas where the sand was still lying on the fairways. It is apparent the staff has worked extremely hard in improving this lovely course and as usual my thanks go to Richard Davis for his organisation of tees and buggies for us. All the staff makes us extremely welcome and are very helpful. There were some very good scores posted on a lovely sunny day and needless to say it was the high scores that dominated the divisions. I would like to welcome a new lady member to our society Elspeth Craig this makes 4 lady members we have but more would be

very welcome. Nearest the pins Hole 4 Dennis Hone Hole 8 Tim Hammerton Hole 11 Aidan Byrne Hole 14 Bob Evans Bronze division winner - Neil O`Donoghue 28 points Silver division winner - Mike Ingle 38 points Gold division winner - Alan Craig 37 points Our next game is at El Plantio and is the last chance to

improve your eclectic score. On the social side we have our annual presentation evening on Friday 9th December and tickets are selling fast so if you want tickets please phone bill on 679007756 anyone wanting to join the society or play as a guest and find out how much of a friendly bunch we are you are very welcome just contact bill on the number above. La Marina Golf Society...............................................

LNB Satellites , ITV, C5HDore M C4HD + UK Quality On a ls Channe ish No Small D ption Subscri

MAGGOTS END..................................

(in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) at La Peraleja 6th November 2011. This was the first meeting of our recently formed golf society and for our first fixture we headed for the established course at La Peraleja taking advantage of the excellent society deal obtained from Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. The course was generally in good condition with the exception of some fairways and they have a small problem with rabbits leaving little messages on the fringes of the greens. Unfortunately for our first ever meeting the weather was against us and while keeping dry the extremely high winds made the course almost unplayable at times. Despite this there were some good scores on the day and the winners were as follows: 1st Drew Gerrard, 2nd Steve Dunn 3rd Jamie McGregor Nearest the Pin - unclaimed Longest Drive – Ross Egan After the game we returned to the Hideaway bar which is based at Via Park II, Playa Flamenca for the prize presentation and refreshments provided by Terri and Mark. The next society meeting is still to be confirmed but could be 27th November 2011 and new members and guests are welcome. Alternatively call Ross Egan on 672 986 320 or better still call in the bar. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see us at our web-site at



SGA Torre ELCHE - THAT NARF HURT!.............. FC CARTAGENA - 1 ELCHE CF - 1 BY STEVE HIBBERD Tour................... Just when Cartagena thought Moral setting up Collantes, (in association with Costa Blanca Green Fee Services) 3rd-14th November 2011

This years SGA Torre tour event was held on the Costa Blanca between 3rd14th November 2011 and was sponsored, organised and hosted by Costa Blanca Green Fee Services. For this golfing extravaganza a party of golfers from Finland played 130 rounds of golf on 9 different golf courses over the period of their tour. The main event was the SGA Torre Tour Championship played over 3 days at La Finca, La Peraleja and Mar Menor. La Finca Day 1 of the tournament was played in overcast conditions at La Finca, which was generally in a good condition and Ahti Vaisanen stormed into and early lead with an excellent score of 38 points closely followed by Kai Uimonen with 35 points and Aki Leppanen with 34 points. La Peraleja Day 2 of the tournament was played in wild and windy conditions at La Peraleja with winds gusting to 50 miles per hour on a course enjoyed by all despite a lack of grass on some fairways but the conditions took their toll on the scores with only Lea Nuppola breaking the 30 point mark (32 points) and the 1st day leader fell from grace with a score of less than 20 points so the title was up for grabs once more. Mar Menor The final day of the tournament was played at the delightful course at Mar Menor which had never previously been played by any of the players and in excellent weather conditions providing the ideal platform for the tournament finale. The consistent Lea Nuppola once more came to the fore with 32 points on the same mark as Heikki Mustonen but despite these efforts he could not quite make it to the top of the leader board. Final Leader board 1st – Aki Leppanen 2nd – Seppo Lamberg 3rd – Sture Carlson 4th – Lea Nuppola The winner of the must try harder hat was Jarmo Leivo who did rally on the final day with 29 points but was put on the back foot by poor scores on the days 1 and 2 of the tournament. The touring party returned to Finland with good memories of their visit and promised to return to the region next year to once again do battle with our courses. Report by Mike Probert of Costa Blanca Green Fee Services on 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or see our new and improved website at

that all 3 points were in the bag, a late momentary lapse of concentration in defence, gifted the visitors a share of the spoils. Having said that, on the balance of play, a draw was probably a fair result, although Elche did win the contest on bookings 5-3 (no surprises there then!!). Elche just missed out on promotion last season, and probably this year will be in contention for a play off place, but their continued willingness to indulge in the uglier side of the game, once again won them few friends. Indeed, it was Elche who should have taken an early lead, but with just the keeper to beat, Mantecon shot wide from close range after only 4 minutes. Midway through the 1st half, a blinding long range shot by Xumetra, brought off an equally good save from home keeper Reina. From the resultant corner, Cartagena old boy Etxeita shot wide at the far post. Cartagena’s first real chance of the game arrived after 26 minutes, when Collantes came oh so close, with a drive that just missed the target. At this point Cartagena noticeably stepped up a gear, and following a well worked move, Alvaro brought off a superb diving save from keeper Juan Carlos, then from the corner, Paz headed just over. It seemed the world that Pelegrin had put the visitors ahead on the stroke of half time, but his powerful point blank header was magnificently saved by Reina. Quick thinking by the home keeper, set up a threatening move, resulting in an inch perfect low cross by Toni

who made light work of a simple tap in for his 3rd goal of the season. Inside 2 minutes of the new half, Alvaro could have made it 2-0, but his fierce drive from a Moral assist, was brilliantly pushed behind for a corner. Elche were threatening in numbers, but it was Cartagena who were creating the more clear cut chances, none more so than on 51 minutes, when a delightful curling shot by goal scorer Collantes, squeezed past the post. Six minutes later it was Elche’s turn to change the scoresheet, when a thundering shot by sub Loro fractionally missed the target. With 14 minutes of normal time remaining, failure by Paz (his 2nd costly error in as many weeks) to cut out a through ball, eventually found the foot of Xumetra, who calmly slotted it home from close range. Although Flano had a good opportunity to put Elche ahead on 84 minutes, it was the home side who had the last word in stoppage time, when a superb 25 yard free kick by Collantes, was once again expertly saved by the agile Juan Carlos. So, although Los Albinegros remain inside the relegation zone (3rd to bottom), signs are encouraging that it won’t be long before a steady move up the table will materialize. On Sunday 20 November, ko 8pm, Cartagena make a pleasant coastal trip along Southern Spain, when they play at recently relegated Almeria, in another div 2a fixture. For regular updates on FC Cartagena, visit www. or www.

Mazarron FC................................... Pinatar 5 Mazarron FC 0 Despite a spirited display in the first two thirds of the game, Mazarron suffered a heavy defeat although 3 of the goals came in the last 20 minutes, after both Poyato and Diego were forced off injured and Jose the reserve keeper was playing as an outfield player as all 4 other subs had by then been used. For the first 30 minutes play was open and chances came at both ends, notably for Mazarron, when a neat back heel from Rivero saw Robert shoot narrowly wide. In the 33rd minute, after Pinatar had a goal disallowed for offside, a brilliant through ball from Poyato set Robert free. Unfortunately he shot wide when perhaps he should have passed to an unmarked Rivero. Then Pinatar forced a corner from which the ball was eventually put into the net for the first goal. Mazarron continued to give a good showing and a double save was needed from the Pinetar keeper to prevent Robert scoring and Mazarron went in at the interval very unfortunate to be trailing. The first booking of the game did not come until the 54th

minute for a foul on Robert and immediately afterwards, Poyato then played a poor back pass but, fortunately, Peru was able to deal with the resultant shot. In the 65th minute two Pinetar players who both seemed to be well offside were allowed to continue and score the second goal. Poyato then went off injured and Diego was also lying injured in the box when Pinetar carried on playing and made it 3 – 0. At this stage Mazarron were down to 10 men and before Diego was replaced by Jose the reserve keeper, a well worked goal saw the score reach 4 – 0. As the game degenerated there were a string of bookings and, to rub salt into the wounds, Pinatar scored a fifth goal in injury time to give a totally unfair look to the scoreline. Man of match Robert Team: Peru, Borja, Guillermo, Diego (Jose), Alcaraz, Poyato (Rollon jnr), Robert, Chico (Diego jnr), Juan Antonio, Rivero (Pescau), Pepe (Habibe) This weekend Mazarron are at home to Cieza, kick off 4.30 pm. Admission is €5


Fc Torrevieja THEN THERE WERE NINE ! Last Sunday, 2nd placed Torry entertained 6th placed, fallen giants, CD Castellon who were just 2 points adrift of Torry. 2 seasons ago Castellon were in Segunda and last season finished 10th in Segunda B Group 3. They were demoted in the summer to the Tercera because of unpaid debts. Castellons home record has been very impressive this season but they have had mixed fortunes on the road. Torry were without the injured Jorge and the off late “in-form” Ramiro. The line up was: Mendez, Vicente, Burguillos, Meijide, Vidal, Prior, Corella, Juande (Abel 90’ min), Carrasco (Victor 90’ min), Nico (Manu 75’ min), Petu The gate was just over 750. There was a swirling wind which was against Torry in the first-half which was pretty evenly contested. Torry created 2 early clear scoring opportunities. Firstly on 7 minutes when Carrasco found

himself with only the keeper to beat but his under-hit lob was caught by their backpedaling keeper. Secondly on 13 minutes when a superbly weighted long ball from Meijide found Petu whose flick beat their keeper but went just wide. The game was littered by stoppages for freekicks. On 34 minutes their lively no.11, not for the first time “skinned” Vicente but this time it proved costly for Torry as his hard well drilled balled across the six yard box was met by their no. 9 and GoaLLLLL to Castellon 0-1. Torry won a number of freekicks and a lot of corners but the delivery was poor and normally ended up in the hands of their “tall” keeper. Torry came out early for the second-half eager to “get at” the opposition. They started brightly and pushed Castellon back. In the 54th minute they got their reward when a well flighted corner was met by Prior with a header which went across and over their

keeper into the top corner of the net GoaLLLL to Torry and 1-1 with all to play for. Torry continued to attack and had the momentum but on 60 minutes this was broken when Petu received a straight Red for an “off the ball” incident” with one of their defenders who went to ground oh so easily. The impetus was gone and on 73 minutes another disaster for Torry when Vidal received a Red card for a second bookable offence. Torry reorganised and brought on the versatile Manu for Nico. It should have been backs to the wall stuff but Castellon could not take advantage of their numerical advantage and Torry protected their keeper Mendez who didn’t have a save of note to make before the final whistle blew. Torry drop to 5th place in the table after most of their rivals won .The table is now bunching up at the top. Next Saturday Torry travel to Sagunto to take on AT Saguntino who are struggling at the wrong end of the table. On paper Torry should win but it won’t be easy as they will be without 5 key players unavailable through injury or suspension. Lets keep our fingers crossed. A hugely disappointed with the Ref but proud of the team – Darrylldinho


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Sol Times Newspaper issue 204 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 204 Costa Blanca Edition