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wild flowers with jenni At this time of the year, where rain has not fallen for months, you look over the landscape and you wonder how anything can survive let alone flower, yet dry riverbeds across Spain and the barrancas in the La Pedrera Reserve turn bright pink with the unmistakable blooms of oleander (Nerium oleander)

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Although the plant contains include oleandrin and neriine, which affect the heart, and the bark contains rosagenin, which acts in a similar way to strychnine, even if poisoned it is highly unlikely to cause death in adults, although children, dogs and horses are at greater risk. The claims of just how poisonous it is is seems to be disputed with one article claiming that ¨A single leaf holds enough poison to kill a small child¨ but yet Wikipedia reported that although there were 847 poisonings, only 3 resulted in death and all those were intentionally ingested. One women it seems died from self-administering “an

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Discount on Rollers and 500 Micron Covers 400 Micron Solar Pool Covers with all pool heat pumps



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Known simply as Adelfa in Spanish and baladre or llorer rosa in Catalan, it is a highly toxic, evergreen shrub or small tree that is also used widely in the central reservations of motorways here in Spain & are available to buy in local Garden Centres. Even though the whole plant is poisonous, many gardeners choose to grow them because the are incredibly drought resistant, thrive in poor soils and have beautiful scented flowers. They are available in singles, doubles, and there are a large variety of colours to choose from. In fact, I

• 8 years manufactures warranty • Many different effects for all surfaces and budgets • Full garden design & construction • Fully Legal & Registered Company • Covering all Costa Blanca

undefined oleander extract” both orally and rectally¨, perhaps hearing and reading on the Internet that the Root, taken locally and internally, has been used for centuries for abortion. There seems to be no evidence that there is no toxicity or deaths reported from topical administration and this is borne out by the fact that it is used for a number of folklore and herbal preparations to cure everything from herpes & hemorrhoids to snake bites & insecticide.

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The moral of the story seems to be is stay informed as ´ignorance is certainly not bliss´when it comes to this plant. Wear gloves & take care when handling and disposing of it but continue to enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of its blooms this summer. .. Jenni

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have a number in my garden here at Casa La Pedrera, but it is important to dispose of the cuttings carefully as the leaves, even when dry, are still toxic and the milky white sap can cause irritation to the skin. It is also not advisable to burn the cuttings & dry leaves, as apparently even the smoke can be poisonous and there is a old story that I have heard from an old Spanish gardener that Napoleon lost a few hundred soldiers here in Spain because they had roasted meat on oleander sticks.

Creative Concrete Design Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Perfect for paths, patios, driveways & pool areas. A Re-sealing service is also available for existing concrete.

Casa La Pedrera Grand Design House & Outdoor Activity Centre excursions & trails take place on & around the beautiful La Pedrera Lake. Choose from Quad Biking, horse & pony treks, canoeing, fishing, archery & air rifle shooting. For more in visit or call Jenni on 660816620. Don´t forget our Summer Bash with 80ties music, BBQ, Pool fun & much more this Friday19th at 6.30pm. Are you bored with the TV stations you receive? We can help with our “Black Box”

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Cost effective & rapid installation. Low maintenance & weed free Permanent positive texture & colour.

Anti-slip, ideal for steps, patios & pool areas. For tiles or concrete.

plus 100’s more!

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Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition