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Déjà vu

Choosing your Tattoo In my 20 years of tattooing, I´ve done 1000s of tattoos, from the popular; stars flowers and tribals to the slightly more unusual; a scary gargoyle in someone´s armpit, ´´100% Irish Beef ´´on a man´s backside, a tooth (she wasn´t a dentist), and recently a cupcake. The hard part is when someone comes in and says they want a tattoo, but don´t know what! Luckily Stan, our receptionist, is very patient.

here in Spain, our oldest person to have their first tattoo was in her 70s, so you´re never too old! Steve is in his studio from 12am Monday to Friday. Have a look at his Facebook page, Manchester Steve or give him a ring on 634 141 331 or 672 875 418.

By Manchester Steve.

We´ve got thousands of designs in the shop and now with the internet the choice is virtually infinite and it doesn´t have to be a tattoo image because we can make most pictures into a good-looking tattoo. Stars, flowers and crosses are timeless, in black and white or with some of the fantastic colours that exist now – although the whiter the skin the more the colours stand out, so black and grey shading is probably better for some of you sun-worshippers. Recently, John from Mar Azul has had a series of insects, they look great but he keeps wondering why people keep hitting him with rolled up newspapers! Names are always popular, children´s names are fine, although personally mine have caused me enough pain! But partners names sometimes aren´t a good idea, often the tattoo lasts longer than the relationship. The record I think was in my shop in South Wales where a young lad insisted on the name of his beloved in the morning, only to return later in the day demanding it be covered-up.

and Beauty Salon Hair and Beauty

is the new name for what was D.Fine situated in the Calle Los Arcos No 17 Centre in Quesada. Diane has been in the area for 9 years and is qualified in all aspects of hairdressing has now teamed up with Andrea from Hungary, and is pleased to bring to Déjà vu a different look and lots of ideas to all aspects of beauty using Gigi products from Hungary.They have a special promotion on for the Summer as well, so you can take advantage of a luxury facial for only 28€…..WOW!!! Plus they are also offering the latest Brazilian blow dry technique! And don’t forget all consultations with Diane are free.

Déjà vu

We do a lot of cover-ups, although not all partner`s names, as some of you have been good enough to let your friends practise on you. Often I draw straight onto the skin to get the best cover, tribals are good for this. There´s always football badges as well, The Manchester United badge always looks great, but I struggle to do the Barcelona badge and it´s very expensive! People have lots of different reasons for having a tattoo. A few days ago I did a lion on an Indian man who was convinced lions live in India…the tattoo looked great anyway! Sometimes they are as a memorial and sometimes to celebrate a new life,


Hair and Beauty

FLAMENCA BEACH C.C. Tel: 634 141 331 672 875 418

Opening Hours Mon - Fri 9.30am - 6pm Saturday 10am-1pm Calle Los Arcos No.17 Tel: 966 719 861 above Howards Gym

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• Excellent customer service and efficient fast supply • Very competetively priced solutions, kits, and retail products • Everything you need to make your spray tan business a success! • Check us out on the web forums; they speak volumes!!

For further information email or telephone 644 125 360 or 610 298 217 or visit our website at

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 191 Costa Blanca Edition