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Sanitation System ne e d u o y l l a Operating Normally! 15

The system of sanitation in La Manga del Mar Menor is back to normal operation after a problem with the sixth pumping station. It was feared that the pump had been damaged by an electricity fluctuation, but after examination by technicians it was declared to be undamaged and functioning normally. A spill occurred as a result of this problem which was rectified immediately. However, 600 metres of the Lebeche beach was closed in the de Castillos de Mar area. Civil Protection personnel and local police were in the area from the outset to inform citizens. The beach will be closed until the absolute security of users can be guaranteed. An Emergency Meeting was convened at City Hall to address the situation and propose an emergency response protocol. It was attended by several council members and the top officials of all municipal services involved together with the company responsible for maintaining the system. Measures to be undertaken include the renting of a reserve pump for each pumping station, to be deployed immediately in emergency situations as well as 24 hour monitoring permanently at each station, and a pumping truck on immediate call-out. The Councillor for Servicios Públicos, José Miguel Luengo, assured the meeting that the Government team is dedicated 100% to tracking the root of the problem. He said that ‘after a month and a half in office, we have found the pumping stations in La Manga to be unstable, and only working at 25 percent capacity. We are working on a comprehensive solution to this problem so that we can ensure that La Manga does not suffer a return of this type of situation, and that by Easter 2012, this problem will have disappeared.’

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Brits behaving less badly?

The Foreign Office has reported fewer problems relating to British Behaviour Abroad with a recent report indicating fewer arrests and lost passports. Britons are more likely to require consular help in Spain, get arrested in Thailand, or die in the Philippines, according to Foreign Office figures. While the number of Britons arrested abroad fell last year, statistics show they are still getting into other difficulties while holidaying or living overseas. Total arrests in the 12 months ending March 2011 reached 5,700, a reduction on 6,439 in 2009-10 and 6,919 in 2008-09, according to the British Behaviour Abroad report. Spain recorded the highest number of Britons of arrests, at 1,745, although proportionate to visitor numbers the place Britons were more likely to be arrested was Thailand, followed by the US. Countries with the majority of arrests concerning drugs offences included Jamaica, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Serbia and Peru. In total, 5,972 Britons died abroad last year, with those in the Philippines most likely to die, although 84% of the deaths were through natural causes. Thailand recorded the deaths of 374 Britons, 64% of which were from natural causes. There were more Britons requiring hospital treatment abroad. Proportionately, Britons were more likely to end up in a Thai hospital. The country recorded 246 cases last year, a mix of ill expats and visitors falling ill or through accidents. The report also highlighted the need for comprehensive travel insurance to cover expensive medical treatment. Previous research has suggested around one in six Britons travel abroad uninsured. There were 25,969 cases of lost or stolen passports in 201011 compared with 27,272 in the previous 12 months. Foreign Office research, from a poll of 2,000 UK adults, revealed that 43% of 18- to 24-year-olds know someone who has taken illegal drugs while abroad. It also showed that two thirds of people in Britain don’t always find out about the laws of the country they are visiting before they head off abroad, putting them at risk of unknowingly breaking the law, said the report.

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Torrevieja’s bars and restaurants may be in line for a further discount on their business taxes. The move comes in an attempt to mollify them after the publication of figures from the Hosteller’s Association which show that between 20% and 30% of trade has been lost due to the anti-tobacco law. A reduction of 90% for the fee payable on tables and chairs placed outside establishments during the low season period was put in place, and will come into force from the end of this summer, from 1st October until 31st March 2012. Now a further reduction of 50% off the same fee was announced earlier this week by Torrevieja’s mayor, Eduardo Dolón. This applies to the fees due for both the mid and the high seasons, which in effect encompass 1st April until 30th June and 1st July to 31st September. These reductions will come into force from next year.

Spain says ‘very far’ from need of rescue



15 writers from the Costas have recently been published in WordPlay Showcase, a mixed anthology of fiction and poetry interspersed with factual articles WordPlay was set up by Michael Barton and Ian Govan, both published local writers, in January 2010 with the aim of encouraging writers and to assist them to present get their work to the public. Every month since then articles, stories, and more have appeared in WordPlay’s online magazine. The group also meets from time to time to discuss various aspects of writing and publishing. During the last 18 months, WordPlay has helped a number of individual members to get their own books published. Now, as a result of inspiration provided by the WordPlay group, WordPlay has its own first book. To find out more email:


The Guardia Civil de Murcia has arrested the perpetrator of a robbery committed in Cuevas del Reyllo (Fuente Alamo), in which jewellery valued at more than 3,000 euros, 1,300 euros in cash, various appliances such as LCD TVs, game consoles and cameras were taken. The theft was committed when the occupants were absent from home. Entry was effected through a skylight next to the door. The officers were hampered in their investigations by constant changes of address made by the accused. The investigation, which lasted more than a month, remains open because there have been several burglaries in the same area which are similar in modus operandi, and were allegedly committed by the same person, possibly in collusion with others whose detention is anticipated.


The Guardia Civil de Murcia has arrested two people suspected of a crime against public health, has dismantled a marijuana production and distribution network in Cehegín, and has seized 30 marijuana plants. This action aims at safeguarding public safety by detecting and eradicating points of production, sale and distribution of narcotics. Initially Civil Guard officers became aware of the existence of a centre for the cultivation of marijuana in the Northwest region. This led the officers to a building in the town of Cehegín, from where marijuana production was taking place. Finally, after entering and searching the house the officers arrested two people. They dismantled the underground infrastructure installed in the house, and used for growing marijuana, and seized thirty marijuana plants in various stages of production as well as all necessary effects for culture. The arrested men were both residents of Cehegin.


From this weekend, several bakeries and supermarkets in Águilas will join an initiative promoted by the company ‘Publipan’ to reduce the use of plastic bags by customers. The Concejal de Medio Ambiente del Ayuntamiento de Águilas, Isidro Carrasco, hoped that this action will eliminate 30,000 plastic bags a month, replacing them with 100% organic, recyclable bags without any chemical component. Daniel Martinez, who is responsible for the project, stated that ‘the bags are distributed free to bakers. The advertising inserts in

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Spain is “very far” from any need of a financial rescue despite turmoil on the debt markets, Finance Minister Elena Salgado said on Tuesday. “Declarations from all the institutional representatives are the same, that Spain and our fundamentals are very far from needing a rescue, that what there is is instability in the debt markets,” Salgado said. The finance minister, speaking to radio station Onda Cero, stressed that Spain’s public debt levels were 20 percentage points below the average of the European Union. Spain’s accumulated public debt amounted to 679.78 billion euros ($970 billion) or 63.6 percent of gross domestic product at the end of March. EU public debt was an average them will mean significant savings at the end of the year for these merchants.’ He also pointed out that ‘the new bags will also have recipes, tips and games printed on them to make them more attractive.’


The Guardia Civil has arrested seven people on suspicion of criminal activities. So far the charges include two counts of robbery with force, three counts of theft with force from vehicles, a robbery from a construction site, and the recovery of stolen effects. An increase in the incidence of robberies on buildings, vehicles and construction sites in the San Javier area of the Mar Menor led the Guardia Civil to investigate all possible evidence and find out the modus operandi of the perpetrators. As a result, the Guardia Civil was able to identify several young people, mostly children, besides knowing the modus operandi employed by them. These youths used two different criminal approaches according to their purpose: The targeting of vehicles parked in isolated places, or at a time when they would be unlikely to be discovered by the owners. Entry was obtained by breaking a window, and personal effects, mobile phones, cash and documentation was taken. House burglaries were committed by break-ins when the properties were vacant. Various effects such as bicycles, mobile phones, computers, televisions and players were taken. Once all necessary evidence was in place, the Guardia Civil, with the support of the local police in San Javier, arrested five people on suspicion of several counts of burglary. Most of the items stolen in the robberies will be returned to their

of 80 percent of GDP last year, well above the 60 percent ceiling. Salgado said she believed that volatility in the debt markets would ease throughout August. The risk premium on Spanish government bonds struck euro-era records last week but the bonds strengthened Monday and Tuesday on news that the European Central Bank was buying Spanish and Italian debt. In early trade, the yield or rate of return earned by investors in the benchmark Spanish 10-year bond was at 4.983 percent, down sharply from 5.138 percent at the close Monday. Debt markets are concerned about Spain’s high annual public deficits combined with sluggish economic growth and an unemployment rate of more than 20 percent. The central government aims to reduce the annual public deficit to 6.0 percent of GDP in 2011 from 9.24 percent in 2010. But some autonomous regions such as Catalonia have far surpassed targets imposed by Madrid, casting doubt on the national goal. After 45 minutes of trade, the Madrid stock market’s IBEX35 index of leading shares was down 1.41 percent at 8,340.2 points. It had jumped more than two percent in opening trade but quickly ran out of steam.

rightful owners.


During July, the Civil Guard began an investigation prompted by the increase in robberies of construction tools and equipment in La Azohía-Cartagena. The perpetrators of these crimes would study works in the area and locate the areas were tools of high value and easy to transport were housed. During the night they would climb the perimeter fences and steal the tools. Once enough tools had been stolen, they were sold. Six people were arrested.


Beach cleaners saved the life of a man at Playa la Fossa, Calpe. The three rescuers, who arrived for work on the beach at 6am spotted the man floating face down in the water near the shore. Immediately they rushed into the water, and managed with difficulty to bring the man to shore. However, he was unconscious, and had stopped breathing, so they administered mouth to mouth resuscitation. When the Emergency Services arrived they confirmed that the man, a tourist from Madrid, would have drowned without the prompt actions of the three beach workers. It is not clear how he came to be in the water at that time of day. Last May Efectivos de Rojuser, the company responsible for the Lifesaving Service on the beaches of Calpe, carried out a simulated rescue of a drowning person. It took place on La Fossa Beach.

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European crisis meeting likely early September

Europe will “no doubt” hold a meeting on the financial crisis in early September, Spanish Finance Minister Elena Salgado said Tuesday. “We have been holding telephone conversations and we will no doubt hold a meeting in the first days of September,” she said when asked if there would be a European crisis meeting. “I hope it will not be necessary to have it earlier but if it is, we are all available for that,” the finance minister told Onda Cero radio in an interview. Spain has called for faster action to implement the

financial commitments of a July 21 European summit. The summit agreed to throw a new 160-billion-euro ($226-billion) lifeline to Greece and to expand the scope of a eurozone crisis fund to let it buy sovereign bonds on the secondary market and bail out banks. But the changes need the approval of national European parliaments, which are not expected to be able to act before September following breaks during the summer. Salgado said European policymakers had stayed in touch by mobile telephone in the meantime.

Debt Disease Spreading Through Europe Little over a fortnight ago, leaders claimed they had found the recipe to cure Europe’s ills

Serving up a second bailout for Greece worth £96bn was supposed to calm the turmoil afflicting the eurozone. But it failed to satisfy markets hungry for real evidence that the politicians have what it takes to prop up the continent’s ailing economies. Far from being contained in the comparatively small economies of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, the debt disease is now infecting Italy and Spain. Fears they will not be able to meet their obligations have spooked investors and sent borrowing costs up. This is the scenario earlier bailouts were designed to avoid. Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is publicly bullish about his country’s

prospects. But his confident claims that things are not as bad as they seem are not echoed by Europe’s top politician. European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso admits the problems are striking at the heart of the eurozone and markets are yet to be convinced the crisis can be averted. It is not only European countries that are suffering. The US looked as though it could default on loan repayments until it pulled off a last-gasp agreement to raise its debt ceiling by $2.4trn (£1.4trn). The world’s biggest economy has entered the danger zone and efforts to restrain government spending threaten

to choke off its recovery. Investors fear it could all amount to another recession for the world economy. It could also threaten the break-up of the eurozone if a large country such as Italy is unable to pay its debts. Britain’s main trading partners are on the continent and a slowdown could damage exports at a time when domestic demand is weak. Sliding stock market values are also bad news for pensions. And a default in Spain or Italy could have dire consequences for any British bank with large amounts of cash tied up there.

Four drown off Spanish beaches in one day

A black day on Spain’s beaches saw four people drowning, a 14-year-old girl and three holidaymakers over 70. A 77-year-old woman swimming just a few metres from the shore of Los Náufragos beach in Torrevieja (Alicante) was found unconscious in the sea at 15.10hrs today, but rescue workers were unable to revive her. Her name and nationality have not yet been revealed and medics are trying to ascertain whether she drowned or died of another health condition whilst in the water. Two men aged 70 and 75 drowned off the Canyamel (Capdepera) and Can Pastilla (Palma) beaches in Mallorca at 07.30hrs and 10.10hrs this morning. The first man is said to be a Swiss national, but no further details have been released. Last night, a 14-year-old girl from

San Sebastián (Basque Country) went missing whilst swimming in the sea with her friends off the beach of her home town. A night-long search party involving rescue helicopters and police divers eventually led to the discovery of her body off La Concha beach. But a Dutch national had a lucky escape last night after he became trapped in the sea by rocks off the beach of Rincón de Begur (Girona). Fire brigade helicopters had to be called in after being alerted by a passing fisherman, as the 48-year-old man was in an area impossible to access on foot. He was finally taken to Los Palamós hospital in Girona for treatment for his injuries, but his condition is not said to be life-threatening.

Three Romanians killed in fairground accident in Spain

Three Romanians were killed and another injured on Tuesday when a carriage on a fairground ride in central Spain became untethered, local authorities said. “We were informed at 5:00 am that an accident at the fairground had left two people dead and two others seriously injured, one of whom died afterwards,” said an official in the Toledo region, Javier Corrochano. The injured person, a Romanian girl of about 16, is “in a very serious condition, he said. She suffered a cranial fracture, according to a statement from the town hall at Villacanas, where the accident took place. It said the accident happened when a carriage in the fairground’s “Xtrem” ride broke loose. It said the three men who died were all Romanian nationals.

Shakira ‘screams in terror’ as errant fan leaps onto stage A fan terrified the life out of Colombian pop-rocker Shakira when he reportedly leapt on her as she was leaving the stage at the end of a recent concert in Tijuana (Mexico). Shakira was in the process of saying goodnight to the thousands of fans who had turned up to watch one of her fast-paced, energetic live performances, when a young man came up behind her. He had apparently managed to dodge the tight security controls in order to get onto the stage. Shakira reportedly froze in terror and screamed – but it turned out the ‘gatecrasher’ only wanted to take a photo of her live on set. The star is said to have stood stock-still and forced on a smile for the camera, but was initially very shaken.


cameron Recalls Parliament As Riots Spread

David Cameron has said Parliament will be recalled on Thursday to deal with the “sickening scenes” of rioting in London and across the country. Police have struggled to contain what has become the worst rioting in decades as crowds of youths smashed windows, emptied shops of their goods and set properties on fire. More than 525 people have been arrested in the capital since Saturday, including three overnight on suspicion of attempted murder after two police officers were hit by a car in Fulton Road, Brent. Trouble also flared in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Nottingham overnight. David Cameron flew back to Britain to chair the Government’s emergency committee Cobra and meet police chiefs, having been on a family holiday to Tuscany. Speaking outside Number 10, he described the violence as “criminality pure and simple” and said the Government would do “everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law abiding”. He said 16,000 police officers will be on the streets tonight and that all Metropolitan Police leave has been cancelled. The force will also be helped with reinforcements from 26 forces across the country, Sky News understands. Mr Cameron warned those involved in the trouble they were not only risking their own communities, but their own futures, adding: “If you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishment.” Sky’s crime correspondent Martin Brunt said there is a possibility that officers will be allowed to use plastic bullets if there is more rioting tonight. On Monday Home Secretary Theresa May condemned “sheer criminality” as police and emergency services were overwhelmed by a third consecutive night of trouble. The unrest started in broad daylight in parts of east London before spreading as darkness fell. Scotland Yard was forced to use armoured police vehicles to push back more than 150 people in Clapham Junction, south London, as the disorder hit shops and businesses. The force said in 24 hours they received 400% more 999 calls than normal (almost 20,800 compared to 5,400). London Fire Brigade said it experienced its busiest night in recent history, tackling fires across the capital. It answered 2,169 999 calls between 6pm last night and just after 7am this morning, around 15 times the number it would get on an average day.

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Cost of Pope’s visit comes under fire in crisis-hit Spain

The cost of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain next week is coming under fire from lay groups -- and even some priests -- at a time when people are suffering from painful budget cuts. The pope arrives in Madrid on August 18 to attend the final four days of the Roman Catholic Church’s six-day youth festivities, expected to draw more than one million faithful. Organisers of the World Youth Day celebrations put the price tag of staging the event, without counting security costs, at 5060 million euros ($72-86 million). This includes the cost of building a 200-metre (656-foot) long stage at the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome where the pope will deliver the final mass of his visit on August 21 and decorating it with a giant metal tree. It also pays for setting up hundreds of water fountains and 20 giant screens at the aerodrome, and installing showers at the public schools that will be used to house pilgrims from outside Madrid. Organisers say 80 percent of the cost of the event will be financed by payments from the young pilgrims, with the rest coming from donations by companies and individuals. But critics argue that corporate sponsors are eligible for tax rebates of up to 80 percent of the amount they donate because the government declared World Youth Day celebrations to be an event of “exceptional public interest”. The Priests Forum, which groups together 120 priests from Madrid’s poorest parishes, has criticised this loss of state revenues, especially since the government has slashed social spending and public worker salaries. Evaristo Villar, a 68-year-old priest who is one of the leaders of the group, said the Church has had to ally itself with large multinationals to cover the costs of the “showmanship” of the event. “These companies that are backing World Youth Day and the pope’s visit leave much to desire. They are the ones who, together with international capital, have caused the crisis,” he said. “We are not against the pope’s visit, we are against the way it


is being staged.” Opponents of the pope’s visit have set up a Facebook page calling for a boycott of the over 100 corporate sponsors of the event, including Coca-Cola, telecoms giant Telefonica and Banco Santander. Nearly 150 groups that oppose the pope’s visit plan to protest against the pontiff’s visit on August 17 on the eve of his arrival. Spain’s 15-M movement against the management of the economic crisis, soaring unemployment and political corruption -- named after its May 15 launch date -- is also mulling a series of protests during his stay in Madrid. “With the economic crisis we are going through, we can’t pay for this. The Church should set the example,” said a spokesman for the movement whose members call themselves “the indignant”. The regional government of Madrid in June slashed the education budget by 40 million euros this year, nearly the amount that it will cost to hold World Youth Day, he added. Spain is struggling to emerge from nearly two years of recession that has left it with a eurozone-high unemployment rate of just over 20 percent and a bloated deficit. Yago de la Cierva, the executive director of World Youth Day 2011, said the budget for this year’s event will be 20 percent lower than for the last one in Sydney three years ago even though four times as many pilgrims are expected to come to the gathering in Spain. “We have made huge effort of moderation, of economic responsibility,” he said. “The new generations, young people today, they like big events and the Church uses all the tools that exist to present the message of Jesus Christ.” The World Youth Day celebrations were instituted by Pope John Paul II in 1986 as a way to revitalize the faith among young Catholics. It was in Spain once before, in 1989 in the northwestern city of Santiago de Compostela.

Lorca hit by two more earthquakes

An earthquake measuring 2.5 on the Richter scale unleashed panic in the town of Lorca early this morning, although no material damage was recorded and no-one was actually hurt. According to data provided by the National Geographic Institute, the tremor struck at 3.32am and its epicentre was in the north east of Lorca, some six kilometres from the town centre. The emergency services confirmed that they had received between 70 and 80 calls from local people reporting the earthquake. There was a second quake in Lorca at 10.34am, this time measuring 1.6 on the Richter scale, but it went unnoticed by the locals.

15 year old dies as quad plummets down ravine

A 15-year-old boy died in the early hours of this morning after the quad bike he was driving plummeted down a ravine known as the Carril del Buitre, in the town of Cabra de Santo Cristo in Jaén. Sources from within the Guardia Civil have confirmed that the youth was driving a lightweight quad bike belonging to his grandfather, for which no licence is necessary, and that the vehicle had left the road and crashed down a ravine. The emergency services got a call at about 02.30 hours and the fire service was called as the youth was trapped under the quad.

Airport workers on strike

Ground staff in all of Spain’s airports are expected to down tools on August 18 and 26 over the proposed privatisation of AENA and the threat of mass redundancies. Luggage-handling, check-in, runway and personal assistance workers will be on strike for 24 hours, both days, announce representatives from Spain’s major unions, the CCOO, UGT and USO. They say radical cost-cutting is leading to agreed workers’ rights and conditions being ‘repeatedly flouted’ and redundancies rife. The strikes will affect 60,000 members of staff in all airports in the country.

Spanish bank fields Ronaldo as collateral

Cristiano Ronaldo, the most expensive footballer in history, has joined the European Central Bank (ECB) on a free transfer. Sources say the authorities want his help on the sovereign debt crisis – by kicking the can further down the road.

Well, not quite. But Ronaldo could feasibly become ECB property after he was pledged as collateral for emergency liquidity support by Spain’s struggling savings bank, Bankia. In 2009, one of the Spanish banks that has since become Bankia lent Real Madrid €76.5m (£67m) to pay the transfer fees for both

Ronaldo and Kaka, the Brazilian forward. It has now emerged that Bankia has put up the loan as collateral with the ECB in return for vital funding. If both Bankia and Real Madrid go bust, the ECB would own the two “galácticos”. The loan was rated AAA by Moody’s, which judged the £80m Real Madrid paid Manchester United for Ronaldo and the £56m fee to AC Milan for Kaka a gilt-edged security – as safe as US government debt – for what that’s worth. It is not known whether the ECB imposed a haircut on the collateral, though it is thought unlikely the Portuguese winker would have consented without advice from a professional stylist. Collateralising the footballers is part of a rescue plan that has already seen Bankia take €4.5bn in state support. It was created earlier this year from the merger of seven troubled regional banks, becoming the country’s largest savings institution. It plans a public listing to raise funds and bolster its finances. The board is hoping the shares don’t take a dive.

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Consumer group takes court action against airlines’ ‘abusive’ small print

A leading consumer group has applied to the Spanish courts to force airlines to remove ‘abusive’ clauses that have a negative effect on passengers. The Consumers’ and Users’ Organisation (OCU) named Ryanair, Iberia, Spanair, Air Europa and Vueling as being the main offenders. They call the causes in question ‘unbalanced and disproportionate’ and say they ‘prejudice all customers’, who then have to apply to the courts individually if they fall victim to loopholes and bear the corresponding legal fees. Clauses the OCU objects to include those limiting the number of under-18s per flight; ‘ambiguous’ charges such as ‘ticket administration’; fees for paying by debit or credit card online – when there is no other way of paying available anyway; ‘extortionate’ fees to pay for checked-in luggage, whilst also charging ‘out-of-proportion’ fees for hand luggage to be checked in if found to be too large when the passenger is boarding the plane; and in the case of Ryanair, stiff penalties for passengers who do not check in online and print their own boarding passes.

‘Missing’ Madrid teen found safe and well The parents of a 16-yearold girl who went missing over a week ago say they intend to press charges against a youth who allegedly ‘forced’ her to leave home. Celia Carpio, from Getafe (Madrid) walked out of her house last Tuesday with a rucksack containing a laptop, a few items of clothing and 400 euros in cash. Her family feared the worst, but she was caught on CCTV camera at a bus station in Málaga boarding a coach a week later, apparently of her own free will. A 19-year-old Moroccan man, who appeared to have bought her laptop from her to help finance her getaway, has been arrested. He has since been released pending further investigations, but has been charged with inciting a minor to leave the parental home. Celia was found in Madrid

on Monday afternoon in the Plaza de Castilla, in the company of two other youths, by police, who ordered her to go with them to the station after asking to see her identification. The Moroccan youth was detained at the same time, when he was seen trying to sell her laptop back to her. Celia is said to have been ‘volatile’ and ‘not stopped crying’ since she was found. Her parents, who were in Málaga this weekend searching for her, say they have not yet got to the bottom of what happened whilst their daughter was away. They saw that she had written a message on the social network Tuenti to say she was ‘alright’ and ‘being treated well’, but they did not believe it was her who had published it – particularly as she had already sold her laptop to the Moroccan teenager at that point.


Speed limits on singlecarriageway trunk roads could drop to 90km/h SPAIN’S ministry of traffic has announced that it may cut speed limits on single-carriageway roads.

At present, unless otherwise stated, major trunk roads with a hard shoulder of at least 1.5 metres (five feet) in width have a speed limit is 100 kilometres per hour, which is consistent with that of many other European countries – including the UK, where the limit on single-carriageway A- and B-roads is normally 60 miles per hour. But the head of the Dirección General de Tráfico, Pere Navarro, believes accidents and fuel consumption could be reduced by cutting the speed limit to 90 kilometres per hour. He believes this could come at minimal cost to the taxpayer, as it would merely involve removing 100-kilometre signs instead of altering them, since there are already 90-kilometre signs on these roads where the hard shoulder is narrower. This comes just a few weeks after the controversial reduction in motorway speed limits from 120 kilometres per hour to 110 was scrapped – only a few months after it came into force

at a cost of over a quarter of a million euros to the public in changing speedlimit signs. The main aim behind the short-lived motorway speed-limit reduction was to cut fuel consumption, despite the fact that everyone from Formula One drivers to mechanics said cars were

at their most economical on petrol or diesel at 130 kilometres per hour and at their least when driving in a low gear and constantly stopping and starting through towns. Navarro reveals that three-quarters of all road fatalities occur on major singlecarriageway trunk routes, or N-roads.

Spanish Treasury cancels August 18 bond sale

The Spanish Treasury announced on Thursday it had cancelled a bond auction scheduled for August 18, as the country came under escalating market pressure. “The Spanish Treasury has decided to follow the precedent of the previous two years and not summon a long-term auction in August, therefore there will be no auction on August 18th,” it said in brief statement on its website. The August 18 sale had been on the

calendar on the Treasury’s website since the beginning of the year. The Treasury said it would launch a new five-year benchmark on September 1. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Elena Salgado had ruled out any cancelation of bond sales. She said Spain’s government had covered two-thirds of its financing needs for this year but said it was “good to show again Spain’s capacity to go to

the markets.” Spain endured a test of fire on the bond markets Thursday, raising 3.3 billion euros ($4.7 billion) but paid a hefty rate of 4.813 percent, up from 4.037 percent previously, in the midst of a growing eurozone debt crisis. European stock markets closed sharply lower on Thursday as eurozone woes and more weak US data sparked concern that the world could be heading for another sharp downturn.




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Scientists in Spain develop ‘electronic tongue’ to rival sommeliers in cava tasting Scientists in Spain have developed an “electronic tongue” that promises to rival the work of the traditional sommelier and identify different grades of the Spanish sparkling wine, cava. The device has been developed by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) and uses electronic sensory systems with “advanced mathematical procedures” to analyse different varieties of the Catalan alternative to champagne according to taste. The team of scientists in Spain aimed to replicate the human tongue to obtain classification of the sweetness of the wine by measuring the sugar levels within it. In that way it can accurately detect defects in the production process and act as quality control measure. The “robotic sommelier”, as it has been dubbed, can already determine the difference between Brut, Brut Nature, and medium dry varieties, and could in the future be “trained” for wider applications.

“It’s a complex training system. You need to show it samples – teach it like you would a child, and once trained, it tells you what a new sample looks like or resembles. Then it can be trained for almost any situation,” explained Manel (CORR MANEL) del Valle, the lead researcher on the team. He believes it has a commercial use and could eventually replace the teams of experts needed in each bodega. “It could perform automatic tests in the production process to detect defects and may be a replacement for the (human) sensory panel used by many wine producers,” he said. It is not the first electronic development to challenge

Ice-lollies for elephants at Valencia Biopark

Elephants and other animals from tropical climes at Valencia Biopark are scoffing fruit and vegetable ice lollies this summer, their carers reveal. In fact,some are even eating meat ice-creams. Sources from the Biopark – one of the largest Safari centres in the Comunidad Valenciana – say they have taken to freezing animals’ food during the hot months to preserve it and make it more appetising. Less meat and more fruit and veg are on the menu when the temperature soars, since the

animals need a lower calorie intake. Two years ago, Benidorm animal theme park Terra Natura reported that they were feeding their elephants in ice-lolly format during the sweltering summer climes. Terra Natura is home to the locally-famous Elefanta Petita, probably the only elephant with a Facebook page. Petita hit the headlines in 2009 when she got a ‘boyfriend’ for the first time, having been rejected by her peers because she was too small.

Heatwave sweeping through Albacete, Murcia, Alicante and Valencia

The Spanish Met. Office (Aemet) issued a yellow alert for high temperatures in Albacete, Alicante, Murcia and Valencia last weekend, where temperatures were already well into the 30s on Sunday morning and reached as much as 38º later in the afternoon. A yellow alert does not imply any significant danger for the public at large, but people are are advised to refrain from embarking on any strenuous activities or sports. At around 11am on

Sunday the mercury had reached 34.7ºC in Huercal Overa (Almería), 33.4ºC in Murcia, 33.3ºC in Málaga, and 33.2ºC in Elche (Alicante). The region’s highest temperatures were recorded in Valencia, where the mercury rose to 41.1ºC at 4pm and in Molina de Segura (Murcia), where temperatures reached 39.5ºC by 4.30pm. The highest temperatures on record for this time of year date back to 1946, when temperatures of 47ºC

the traditional expertise of a sommelier. In Japan, scientists developed an anthropomorphic robot that could recognise the type of wine and the grape varieties within it by analysing the infrared light absorption within a glass of the liquid. In France, researchers have developed an “electronic nose” which can not only pinpoint where a wine was made but even in which barrel it was fermented. Developed to help fight the international trade in fake vintage wines it analyses compounds in vaporised samples and matches chemical signatures against a database of characteristics of the finest wines. And “electronic wine guides” – which list varieties, vintages, their qualities and what dishes they compliment – are now popular among wine-lovers and can be downloaded as an app to mobile phones. But the UAB research team insisted that human sommeliers would not become obsolete anytime soon. “The sommelier will be always the one with personal treatment,” said Mr Del Valle. “In a restaurant for example, this personal treatment will be never replaced by a machine.”


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were recorded in Seville on August 6th. Temperatures as high as 38ºC are also expected in Córdoba and Seville, where the yellow alert will be active until further notice.


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Stranded Baby Whale Helped Back To Sea

A baby humpback whale that stranded itself on a beach on Australia’s Gold Coast has been guided back out to sea by human rescuers. The whale, thought to be around two weeks old, was found at Surfers Paradise, in the northern state of Queensland. According to local media the 1,500kg (3,307lb) animal had become separated from its mother. Rescuers dug a channel in the sand with excavation equipment and waited for the tide to come in, as thousands of onlookers gathered on the beach. Several hours later rescuers towed the baby whale gently back into the water by hand and with jet skis. However, it became tangled in a shark net and was trapped for a further 15 minutes before being cut free. Director of marine sciences at Sea World, Trevor Long, said it was critical the calf was reunited with his mother or it would not survive on its own for long. An air and sea search failed to locate the adult, but it is hoped the pair will find each other. Whales can communicate over an area of up to 18 miles, Mr Long explained. “These animals are velcroed to their mum, they need a lot of nourishment from their mum,” he said. “Finding mum is our number one priority right now. “He may come back to the beach. We’ve done everything we can at this stage but at some point in time we’ll have to leave the animal and let nature take its course.”

Explorer Marco Polo ‘never actually went to China’

Marco Polo’s journeys to China and the Far East established him as one of history’s greatest explorers but archeologists now believe he never actually went there They think it more likely that the Venetian merchant adventurer picked up secondhand stories of China, Japan and the Mongol Empire from Persian merchants whom he met on the shores of the Black Sea – thousands of miles short of the Orient. He then cobbled them together with other scraps of information for what became a bestselling account, “A Description of the World”, one of the first travel books. The archeologists point in particular to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in his description of Kublai Khan’s attempted invasions of Japan in 1274 and 1281. “He confuses the two, mixing up details about the first expedition with those of the second. In his account of the first invasion, he describes the fleet leaving Korea and being hit by a typhoon before it reached the Japanese coast,” said Daniele Petrella of the University of Naples, the leader of an Italian archeological project in Japan. “But that happened in 1281 – is it really possible that a supposed eye witness could confuse events which were seven years apart?” Marco Polo’s description of the Mongol fleet is sharply at odds with the remains of ships that the team have excavated in Japan. The Venetian wrote of five-masted ships, when in fact they had only three masts, said Prof Petrella. “It was during our dig that doubts began to emerge about much of what he wrote,”

he told the latest edition of Focus Storia, an Italian history magazine. “When he describes Kublai Khan’s fleet he talks about the pitch that was used to make ships’ hulls watertight. He used the word ‘chunam’, which in Chinese and Mongol means nothing. “In fact it is the Persian word for pitch. It’s also odd that instead of using, as he does in most instances, local names to describe places, he used Persian terms for Mongol and Chinese place names.” The explorer claimed to have worked as

an emissary to the court of Kublai Khan, but his name does not crop up in any of the surviving Mongol or Chinese records. The Italian archeologists’ scepticism over the extent of Marco Polo’s travels adds weight to a theory put forward by a British academic. In a book published in 1995, “Did Marco Polo Go to China?”, Frances Wood, the head of the Chinese section at the British Library, also argued that he probably did not make it beyond the Black Sea. She pointed out that despite being an acute observer of daily life and rituals, there is no mention in Marco Polo’s chapters on China of the custom of binding women’s feet, chopsticks, tea drinking, or even the Great Wall. “There’s nothing in the Venetian archives to say that the Polo family had direct contact with China at all,” Dr Wood told The Daily Telegraph. “Nothing from China has ever been found in the possessions they left behind. “One theory is that Marco Polo copied a sort of guide book on China written by a Persian merchant. Only about 18 sentences in the entire manuscript are written in the first person – it is extremely rare for him to say ‘I saw this with my own eyes’. “I believe that rather than being one person’s account, it’s a sort of medieval database of European knowledge of the Far East at the time.”


Jonathan - 178 - ‘is world’s oldest tortoise’ CLIPPERS

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A tortoise captured on a Boer War photograph has been declared the oldest in the world after researchers found that it is still alive. Jonathan the tortoise - who still lives on the remote South Atlantic island of St Helena where the picture was taken - is said to be at least 178-years-old. The photograph was taken around the year 1900 and shows Jonathan with a Boer War prisoner. It was discovered as part of a collection of Boer War images taken by a man named L.A. Innes who had a studio in the British territory’s capital Jamestown. The pictures were recently sold at auction for £4,000. Further investigation revealed the tortoise in the picture was Jonathan who was still alive. The tortoise was already about 70 at the time the black and white picture was taken. His life has spanned eight British monarchs from George IV to Elizabeth II.

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Jonathan lives on St Helena, along with five other tortoises David, Speedy, Emma, Fredricka and Myrtle, in a plantation. Despite his old age, locals say he still has the energy to regularly mate with the three younger females. A spokesman for the island’s tourist board said: “Jonathan is the sole survivor of three tortoises that arrived on St Helena Island in 1882. “He was already mature when he arrived and was at least 50years-old. Therefore his minimum age is 178-years-old. “Jonathan is still very active despite his age and adores attention, he is a real poser. He seems to be sightless in one eye, but does not let that slow him down.”

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Spanish riot police Mosquitos home in charge ‘indignant’ on carbon dioxide we breathe out protesters - 20 hurt

At least 20 people were injured after Spanish riot police late last Thursday charged ‘indignant’ demonstrators who rallied at the interior ministry to protest the closure of Madrid’s main square, emergency services said.

It was the most serious incident since the ‘indignant’ movement began in mid-May against Spain’s economic crisis, soaring unemployment and political corruption. Over 200 police were deployed Thursday for the third straight day to close the Puerta del Sol square and prevent demonstrators from occupying it again. Hundreds of the demonstrators marched several kilometres across the city Thursday evening to protest the closure, blocking traffic and watched by police helicopters, and then held a rally at the Plaza de Cibeles square. At around 11pm some reached the interior ministry, on Madrid’s main Paseo de la Castellano avenue. “Suddenly about seven or eight police vans arrived,” said Jose Manuel, 30, a passerby. Two minutes later, everyone was running” as the police charged into the crowd. A spokesman for the emergency services in Madrid told AFP 20 people were slightly injured, seven of them policemen. Most suffered cuts and bruises, but four were hospitalised for observation. “I saw a man in his seventies lying in the street with a bloody head wound,” said one of the protesters, Luis, 36. He said the trouble began after someone put a poster up on the gates of the ministry saying, “Iceland is the way”. Daily demonstrations followed Iceland’s near economic collapse at the end of 2008, which forced the government in Rejkjavik to resign. Spain’s ‘indignant’ movement says it has been inspired by the Icelandic example. El Pais quoted police as saying they were forced to act after a protester began climbing the gates of the ministry. Thousands of people set up camp in the Puerta del Sol square ahead of May 22

municipal elections to protest what they see as government’s bowing to financial markets and ignoring the needs of ordinary people. The vast ramshackle protest ‘village’ was dismantled on June 12 but members of the nationwide 15-M movement, named after its May 15 launch date, had since staffed a wooden information stand in the square round the clock. But police cleared dozens of protesters who were camped at the information stand and along the central Paseo del Prado avenue in a dawn operation on Tuesday that resulted in no injuries or arrests. Since then members of the movement have staged daily demonstrations where they try to gain access to the square but are blocked by rows of riot police. The protesters have won broad public support in their fight against austerity measures, soaring unemployment and corruption-tainted politicians. Polls show two-thirds of Spaniards sympathise with the indignants. Spanish police Thursday also complained about that the long hours they have been required to work this week to prevent protesters from gaining access to the square. The union representing Spain’s riot police, SUP, called on the interior ministry to “make a rational use of human resources, of police, because the schedule which riot police have had to put with, with long hours and no breaks, is not tolerable for much longer.” “And this is with a visit by the Pope on the horizon,” it added in a statement. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Madrid from August 18 to 21 to attend the Roman Catholic Church’s World Youth Day celebrations which are expected to draw over one million pilgrims.

One person every two days fined for ‘nudity’ in Barcelona streets

Barcelona city council has revealed that it fines at least one person every two days for walking around the street naked or nearlynaked. Since the city launched a ban on people being out in public wearing only swimwear – which includes bikinis with sarongs or shorts, or men going shirtless – authorities have amassed thousands in fines. Those who walk the streets in swimwear get fined between 120 and 300 euros, and anyone seen in public naked or nearly naked can face sanctions of up to 500 euros. This is higher than fines slapped

on drivers who jump red traffic lights. The ban was announced on May 29 this year, and already, the city police have cautioned 37 people. And they believe it would have been a higher figure had it not been for the adverse weather in Barcelona in July, or tourists quickly covering up when they see officers around. Police say they only fine people who, after being caught and warned, continue to break the rules. The rule does not apply on the seafront esplanade – only those who walk around totally naked will be penalised – nor on the naturist beach of La Duna in the Mar Bella area. Officers reveal that the highest proportion of fines have been issued in the Ciutat Vella and Sant Martí areas for men going topless.

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitos are attracted to their prey not by the sweetness of their blood, but by the amount of carbon dioxide they exhale. The average human produces about a kilo of CO2 a day, approximately 100 milligrams every time they exhale (about 13 times a minute). According to Juan Rueda of the Spanish Association of Entomology, an expert in biological mosquito control, mosquitos have a special “homing instinct” towards people who emit more CO2 than

average. The insects detect CO2 on the air current and know that there is fresh blood to be had not far away. Adults produce more CO2 thann children, and the amount depends on diet and how physically active the person is. The abundant rain that fell along the Mediterranean coast in the run-up to summer means that there are more mosquitos around than most years . Female mosquitos, who are the ones who sting, live for between 50 and 60 days and their life cycle begins again every time it rains.

Los Amigos de Mazarron Preparations for the new football season at Mazarron FC are well under way. The players reported for training during the first week in August and the first league game of the season will be over the weekend of 27th and 28th August away to CD Beniel.

the junior team and ex-players, an iPod of football songs, a photo gallery and links to our match report archives, chat forum and Facebook blog page – in short everything you need to know about Los Amigos de Mazarron and Mazarron FC.

Los Amigos de Mazarron FC continues its support for the club both on and off the field of play. At its July meeting, members voted to make a donation of €2,000 to help the Football Club through the weeks leading up to the new season when no other income is forthcoming. Los Amigos’ members are also taking advantage of the opportunity to buy season tickets at a cost of just €50, or less than €3 per game. Match day admission prices for 2011/12 are €5.

Demand for tickets for the 3rd Annual Gala Evening and Dinner with Duncan McKenzie has been excellent. The event, which is jointly sponsored by New Images Hair & Beauty Salon and Nail Bar, Camposol and Ibex Insurance of Puerto de Mazarron, is to be held at the Hotel La Cumbre on Wednesday 8th February 2012.

Membership of Los Amigos de Mazarron FC costs just €10 per year and runs from 1st August. Forms are available at the weekly meetings held at the Trevi Bar, Camposol, every Thursday at 4 pm. Coaches will again be organised to transport members to away games at a cost of just €7 return and can be purchased at our weekly meetings. Details of Mazarron FC fixtures, home and away, will be displayed weekly on posters at various points on Sectors A & B on Camposol, announced on Costa Calida International Radio and also given on our new website www.losamigosdemazarron. es The website contains details of fixtures, a potted history of the club, pages on

VIP tickets are already sold out but there are still general tickets available at €40. This includes a four course meal with coffee and local beer, wine and soft drinks during the serving of dinner. To reserve your tickets ring Andy on 634 040 990, email us at or call at the Trevi Bar, Sector B Camposol and Thursday afternoon between 3pm and 4pm. For all information about Los Amigos de Mazarron FC and Mazarron Football Club visit our website www. or for specific enquiries email losamigosdemazarronfc@ Dave Capper Press Officer 6th August 2011


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...the good life It’s one of the great paradoxes of life that we all want to be happy, yet so few of us seem to know exactly where happiness comes from. Happiness itself can be defined in many different ways, it may have all kinds of components, it may be a life’s work, or even no work at all, but we are, most of us, in pursuit of this elusive goal. Psychologists have good and bad news about our search for happiness. The bad news is that we have essentially no control over 50% of our happiness levels. Happiness, like many of our other attributes is partially set by our genes. While these do interact to a certain extent with the environment, on a day-today basis this 50% can be considered immovable. What about the other 50%? First there are the overall circumstances of our lives, our

‘demographics’. This includes things like how much money we have, our education level, whether we live in rich or poor countries, how old we are, whether we are married or not and whether we are religious. All of these factors have some relationship to happiness. For example, higher levels of education are associated with more happiness, as is higher age and even being married. These are all factors which, generally speaking, are difficult to change. Granted, it is easier to get married than it is to become younger, but they are both still relatively long-term circumstantial factors. While circumstantial factors do matter, the surprise is how small a contribution they make to our happiness. Psychologists Sheldon and Lyubomirsky estimate it at only 10%. This is

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completely dwarfed by the genetic contribution to happiness. So if we can’t change our genes and we can’t, broadly speaking, change our life circumstances, what on earth can we change? The only thing that is left is what we actually do every day. What Sheldon and Lyubomirsky refer to as ‘intentional activity’. They see the activities we take part in as moving our happiness levels within the set range determined by our genetics and our life circumstances. But which activities to choose, and how should we carry out these activities? Answering this question is all about understanding how quickly humans adapt to new and exciting experiences. The first time we try something stimulating that we find enjoyable, it is likely to increase our happiness levels considerably. Whether it’s that first parachute jump, the first kiss with our partner or just a new and exciting book we’re reading. New experiences tickle our pleasure centres and we feel good. Unfortunately when presented with that very same stimulus again and again we soon become used to it. This is what psychologists have called ‘hedonic adaptation’. The amount of pleasure we can get from the same experience tails off with repeated exposure. The first chocolate tastes a damn sight better than the last. There’s another interesting implication from this finding about what contributes to our happiness. Some might say that this balance of 10% life circumstances to 40% everyday activities means that to be happy, long-term plans and goals should be ignored in favour of the here and now. After all, why bother to strive for a better job if it won’t increase your happiness? Surely it’s better to just do whatever makes me happy right now? Long-term plans do, of course, contribute to our day-to-day happiness, but indirectly. A better job, leading to more money can mean we have more freedom to do those day-to-day things which we like. Life circumstances and day-to-day activities clearly interact. To talk of one without the other doesn’t make sense in the real world. These qualifications acknowledged, people often do place much more importance on their life circumstances to the detriment of everyday pleasurable activities. What the psychology research suggests is that it’s those quotidian pleasures that have the power to make us happy and keep us happy, provided they hold enough variety. (

ANYONE who has a pension in the UK and is not drawing benefits from it can transfer the whole fund and receive it as a tax free lump sum. That means if you had £100,000 in a pension David can transfer that £100,000 to your Spanish bank account! Kennedy Fina cial Services offers you a complete service for transferring your UK pension to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). David will answer any questions you have, explain the steps to be taken and complete all the paperwork. You can be sure that you will receive clear, simple and straightforward facts based on the David from Kennedy Financial Services. official guidance by HMRC. There are literally thousands of QROPS available and endless variations of the solutions and structures. David is available to remove the hassle, time, labour and confusion in trying to find the best QROPS solution for your unique circumstances. David will provide the very best regulated, independent and honest advice to empower you to make an informed decision. There are many reasons people around the world transfer their UK pensions to a QROPS. These range from inheritance tax planning (IHT), growth on the pension, greater investment freedom, tax efficiency and releasing money. Whatever your reasons are, QROPS have huge benefits to be gained, and with the help of David’s experience, you can be sure that the best possible solution will be delivered. Should you wish a no- obligation consultation or just additional information contact David on 951 219 576 or 678 035 992, alternatively go to www., watch the video and complete the online free assessment form. The initial consultation on QROPS is carried out in a step-by-step manner so that all the benefits are clearly explained to you. The advice is free of charge.



Socialist government says ministry of culture will be responsible for development and protection of controversial sport

Bullfighting saved from the sword Spain rules it is an artistic discipline

The debate over bullfighting has been reignited in Spain after the government recognised the spectacle as “an artistic discipline and cultural product”, delighting enthusiasts but outraging animal rights campaigners. Prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s socialist government announced that the ministry of culture will from now on be responsible for the “development and protection” of bullfighting, which previously fell within the remit of the interior ministry. The move follows pressure from bullfighting organisations keen to protect their livelihood following a controversial vote to ban bullfighting in the Catalonia region last year. The ministry of culture said in a statement: “As it is understood that bullfighting is an artistic discipline and a cultural product, it was considered that the ministry of culture was the correct place for its development and protection.” Supporters, who see bullfighting as an integral

part of Spain’s cultural identity, hope the announcement is a step towards protecting the tradition from further regional bans. Juan Diego, a matador speaking for the Bullfighters Union, welcomed the announcement as necessary “for the protection and guardianship of bullfighting”, describing the sport as “a symbol of Spanish cultural heritage that shapes the national identity”. The change was backed by the conservative Popular party (PP), in opposition but favourite to win power in the general election on 20 November. Miguel Cid Cebrián, chairman of the Parliamentary Bullfighting Association, said he hoped the PP would provide legal protection for bullfighting as a special “cultural interest” if it takes power, in order to stop other regions outlawing the tradition. Last year the regional government in Madrid announced it was awarding bullfighting legal

protection locally, because of its cultural importance. Opponents, who describe the practice as a barbaric bloodsport, accused the government of abandoning a commitment to animal rights. Silvia Barquero, spokeswoman for Pacma, an anti-bullfighting political party, told newspaper Público the decision to switch responsibility for bullfighting to the ministry of culture was “complete nonsense ... a measure which sends us back to the Middle Ages”. Animal rights campaigners say bullfighting only survives because it is subsidised by the Spanish taxpayer. Attendances are falling, its appeal has faded among younger Spaniards and the industry has been hit by the economic crisis. The number of bullfights taking place at local fiestas has diminished as spending cuts have been enforced. The Catalan regional government voted to ban bullfighting in the northeastern region last July, by 68 votes to 55, with nine abstentions,

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on the grounds it is cruel and outdated. The vote was held after campaign group Prou! (Enough! in Catalan) collected 180,000 signatures in favour of a ban. Anti-bullfighting organisations hope the Catalan example will be copied in some of Spain’s 16 other autonomous communities. Critics of the ban said it was motivated more by Catalan nationalism and a desire to assure political independence from Madrid than by a genuine desire to outlaw the tradition. The ban, which will come into effect next January and will not be affected by Friday’s decision, will be the first to be introduced in mainland Spain. The Canary Islands outlawed bullfighting in 1991. A poll last year for the newspaper El País found 60% of Spaniards did not enjoy bullfighting, but 57% disagreed with the ban in Catalonia.


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Look Good Feel Great MS pill rejected as too costly

The Government’s drugs spending watchdog has decided that the first pill to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) is too costly to be prescribed on the NHS. The draft decision dashes the hopes of thousands of sufferers with the auto-immune disease who receive little benefit from current drugs. There was enormous excitement among Britain’s 100,000 MS sufferers in January when EU drugs regulators gave fingolimod preliminary marketing approval. Novartis, which markets fingolimod under the brand name Gilenya, subsequently applied for it to be prescribed on the NHS in situations where existing drugs do not work. To receive these drugs, called interferon therapy, patients either have to self-inject every few days or go to hospital for supervised infusions. A trial, published last year in the New

England Journal of Medicine, showed that fingolimod halved the number of disabling relapses compared with interferon beta. However, the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has decided that - at £20,000 a year - fingolimod “would not be a cost effective use of NHS resources”. Prof Carole Longson from Nice said: “Unfortunately our independent committee wasn’t given sufficient evidence to show that fingolimod could reduce relapses considerably better than the other treatments currently being used.” MS charities last night said the decision was “disappointing”. Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the

MS Society, warned: “It will leave some people with no effective treatment option.” He added: “Access to MS treatments in the UK is very poor - in fact people with MS would be better off living almost anywhere else in Europe, and this decision will only deepen that inequality.” The German health service is already paying for 2,000 people to receive fingolimod for highly active relapsingremitting MS (RRMS). Fingolimod is an immumosuppressant and, while it is well tolerated by most patients, it does have side effects in some.

Britons spend 37 minutes ‘listening to wave sounds’ to get to sleep

Forget about counting sheep, millions of Britons now listen to nature tapes, wave sounds and soft music to help them fall asleep. Researchers found it takes on average 37 minutes a night trying to get to sleep, with many of us now turning to noise in a bid to get them off. One in five (20 per cent) say noises from nature help them doze off, with favourites including sounds of the rainforest and birds twittering, a survey found. The sound of waves is considered the most soothing, preferred by 11 per cent of Brits, followed by soft music (nine per cent). The wind was voted most relaxing by eight per cent, with the ticking of a clock coming fourth (six per cent) and then late night radio (four per cent). The study found that 11pm is the most common time for going to bed and Brits sleep for an average of 6 hours 49 minutes. In a bid to ease themselves into sleep, 45 per cent of Brits read in bed – the most popular method of dropping off. Interestingly, ten per cent claim that a chat with their partner soon has them falling asleep. Less than one in ten still try counting sheep. The research found the noise most likely to keep us awake is someone else’s snoring, which is the most annoying bedtime sound for 27 per cent of us. Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley said: “Listening to sounds you like helps the brain ‘tune out’ other more disruptive sounds, so you get a better night’s sleep. “Noises from nature, which tend to provide a continuous, familiar sound which you don’t have to actively listen to, can be particularly helpful. “It’s not uncommon to find ‘everyday’ sounds such as the hum of traffic and even rock music relaxing....With Brits sleeping for only 6 hours 49 minutes per night, it is clear there’s a real need to improve our methods of falling

asleep.” Guests at the Chessington World of Adventures Resort safari-themed Resort Hotel can now have genuine nature and animal sounds piped into their rooms at night, to help them sleep. David Smith, of the resort, which commissioned the survey, said: “Having researched what nature noises people want to hear, we’ve trialled it with a number of families who said it really helped them doze off.”

t Spotligh on skin

r ts imwear, sho dy w s , s e v e le s o our b With shor t uch more of easier, m , ts ir k is It’s and min the summer. tter care of in y la p is d n is o ke be ember to ta oisturisers and m re to , n e th ,m utine h exfoliants our skin wit pering. If you build a ro ier s general pam er months, it will be ea s t’ a m in the sum ll year round – and th r... a to continue r body will thank you fo u o y something

Kelly’s Kutz Next to Lemon Tree Cafe

Minx Nails

Peluqueria Monday Pensioners Hairdresser Day Friseur 10% discount


Now in

Urb, Altos del Limonar, Manzana 1, LC 3

Tel: 965 501 937 - 607 528 443

with this voucher


Unisex hair & beauty salon

FLAMENCA BEACH C.C. Tel: 634 141 331 672 875 418

TONING TABLES Hair Salon Beauty room

€3 per full session

10% DISCOUNT every Thursday Cuts from just €10 All beauty treatments available

Avda. Vega Baja, Rojales Tel: 965 724 579


Sweet Dreams

dulceS sueños

Mattress Eliocel 22cm 135x190

Canape Tapizada Madera 135 x 190

Canape Tapizada Madera 150 x 190


Damasco Lift-Up Storage Base 135 x 190

Now in the Playa Flamenca store

Visco Mattress 4cm elastica 135x190

pocket sprung mattresses 90x190


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normally 192€ & 300€

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Pillows Viscose Elastic

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All Mattresses

Sweet Dreams Top Floor Shopping Centre Flamenca Beach


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Visco Mattress 1+1 135 x 90


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90x190 90€ 105x190 120€ 135x190 140€ 150x190 180€

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N332 ◄Cartagena Torrevieja► La Roig

La Zenia

Playa Flamenca Shop Monday to Friday: 10am till 2pm, 5pm till 8pm Sat: 10am till 2pm

Playa Flamenca

Centro Comercial, Flamenca Beach, 1a Planta, Playa Flamenca

Tel: 965 321 701


C / Conception No. 8 Torrevieja

Tel: 965 710 058

free delivery Orihuela

C / Aragon No. 2 Orihuela

Tel: 965 325 56

Mattress Eliocel 90x190



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New Hindu Indian Restaurant


A selection of dishes from our menu: Salads & Raitas Maharaja’s special salad - 5,00€ Chicken tikka pieces with tomatoes, carrots, boiled egg & yogurt sauce Aloo Raita – 2,30€ Chilled home-made yogurt mixed with pineapple


Barbequed Spicy Fish – 5,95€ Fish pieces marinated in Maharaja’s special Indian sauce, cooked in the tandoor Spicy Keema Tikki – 4,50€ Mince meat mixed with special Indian herbs & spices, deep fried. Served with chick peas

Tandoori (Clay Oven) Treasure Tangri Stuffed Kebab starter 5,90€ main 10,90€ Chicken drumsticks stuffed with mince meat, marinated in yogurt & rich cashew paste, cooked in the tandoor – a proper Maharaja’s dish!

Maharaja Los Urrutias is the latest edition to the Maharajá group of restaurants, our restaurants being Maharaja Palace Puerto de Mazzaron and Bella Vista on the Paseo, Puerto de Mazarron. An elegant and colonial feel welcomes our distinguished guests to the sumptuous cuisine of a Hindu master chef.

elivery if d e e r f h it w y a Take Aw area a g n a M a L e h t needed for

Menu Del Dia 5.95€ Night Menu Option available 12.95€

Main Courses Karahi Prepared in a special iron wok & flavoured with chopped tomatoes, onions & capsicum, in a special blend of mild herbs Chicken 8,50€ Lamb 9,00€ Prawn 9,00€ King Prawn 11,00€ Fish 10,90€

The owner of the new restaurant and Maharaja Group is Sri Paduka Agung Rama Chakri Singh Ida Sanghyang Om, grandson of the last Maharaja Anak Agung Devi and his fathers side a decendant as many claim of Lord Ram, his father being a Raja and grandson of a Hindu Maharaja of India

Monday nights free bottle of wine per couple dining. and any couple lunching with us A la Carte a free bottle of wine

karaoke every thursday night (meal not necessary)

Bhangra Boys every Friday night from 8pm

Opening times 12 – 3.30 6 -12 Seven days a week Calle Virgin del Mar 8, Los Urrutias, La Manga Tel 968 134 322


Chilli Chicken starter 5,50€ main 10,00€ Tender pieces of chicken tikka mixed with onion rings, paprika, chopped ginger & cooked in hot gravy

New Hindu Indian Restaurant

Discount of 10% for sol times readers only with this voucher

Jaipuri Fruit cocktail, cashew paste, cream & almond sauce cooked in mildly spiced Jaipuri gravy Chicken 8,30€ Lamb 9,00€ Prawn 9,00€ King Prawn 11,00€ Fish 10,90€ Khumb (Mushrooms) Mushrooms cooked delicately in tomatoes & onions Chicken 8,30€ Lamb 9,30€ Prawn 9,30€ King Prawn 11,30€ Fish 10,30€

Chef’s Special Dishes Mint Chicken – 9,90€ Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt & cooked in special mint sauce Goan Fish – 12,50€ Fish marinated in coconut, special herbs & spices paste, & cooked in Goan curry

Vegetable Dishes Channa Masala – 5,65€ Chick peas cooked with spices & herbs Vegetable Jalfrezi – 5,45€ Mixed vegetable fried & cooked in a mild Indian curry sauce Navrattan Korma – 6,00€ Nine different vegetables cooked in rich sweet & sour sauce Biryani Dishes Special rice dishes made with traditional Indian spices & meat/vegetables, served with yogurt sauce



ONSS All You Need Is Love SSON LESS C LE SIC MUSI MU Intro G D Em G D Em D7 G D7 Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

“All You Need Is Love” is a song written by John Lennon with contributions from Paul McCartney and credited to Lennon/ McCartney.

G D Em There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. G D Em Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. D7 G D7 Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game. It’s easy.

It was first performed by The Beatles on Our World, the first ever live global television link. Broadcast to 26 countries and watched by 350 million people, the programme was broadcast via satellite on June 25, 1967. The BBC had commissioned the Beatles to write a song for the UK’s contribution and this was the result. It is among the most famous and significant songs performed by the group.

There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made. No one you can save that can’t be saved. Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time. It’s easy.

Chorus G A7 D7 G A7 D7 All you need is love, all you need is love, G B7 Em G C D7 C All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Repeat Intro There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known. Nothing you can see that isn’t shown. Nowhere you can be that isn’t where, you’re meant to be. It’s easy. All you need is love (all together now) All you need is love (everybody) All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

The Beatles

Asked to come up with a song containing a simple message that would be understood by viewers of all nationalities, Lennon’s “All You Need is Love” extended the message that he had first tried to put across in “The Word”, from their 1965 album Rubber Soul. “It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message,” said their manager Brian Epstein. “The nice thing about it is that it cannot be misinterpreted. It is a clear message saying that love is everything.” The song was recorded during the Magical Mystery Tour EP sessions, and it was so well-received that the band decided it should be their next single. Released in the UK on July 7th, it went straight to No. 1 and remained there for three weeks. It was similarly successful in the US. Sadly, it was also the last song both recorded and released by the band before the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, on August 27, 1967, little more than a month after the song was released. Because of the setting of a worldwide satellite broadcast, the song was deliberately given an international feel, opening with the French anthem “La Marseillaise”, and including snatches of several other pieces during the long fade-out, including “2-part Invention #8 in F” by Johann Sebastian Bach (on 2 piccolo trumpets), “Greensleeves” (played by the strings), Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood” (played on a saxophone), one of the Beatles’ seminal hits (particularly in Great Britain and the United States), “She Loves You” (spontaneously ad-libbed by John and Paul), and Jeremiah Clarke’s “Prince of Denmark’s March” lilting off at the end. 1967 was the “Summer of Love” and the peak of “Flower Power.” All You Need Is Love captured the mood and became the anthem of the time.


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2 DETACHED VILLAS AND land for sale

Many expatriates living in Europe have experienced problems incurred by death overseas. A main issue facing people today is to ensure they have appropriate provision for their final affairs. There are many issues to consider for example the stress of arranging a funeral, control over your final requests, planning; payments and rising costs are just a few shown by thousands of expats across Europe.

Two detached villa shells built upto and including roofs 125m2 built on flat 3000m2 plot Secluded position, unspoilt countryside views across orange and lemon groves front and rear

• Each villa spec: 3 beds / 2 baths. Size 125m2

Prepare Now…

• Space for pools (12mx6m)

Planning and pre-arranging your funeral may seem morbid but it isn’t. It’s sensible and straight forward, it puts your own affairs in order and saves your family and friends unnecessary worry at a stressful time.

• Exceptional uninterrupted views of orange and lemon groves to front & rear • Situated between Almanzora & Arboleas overlooking Almanzora valley • 10 minutes to nearest town with all amenities • Inland country setting, but only 30 minutes to coast. • Ideal for builder to complete internals.

Private Sale

Price includes both builds and land of 3000m2. Priced to sell at


Fully Legal & with Full Title Deeds

Must be viewed to appreciate this golden opportunity To view call: 609 199 394 / 647 379 878 / 950 064 801

Telephone 654 202 996

The Avalon Plan takes care of all arrangements: • • • • •

Fixed Price Guarantee – Pay today’s prices only! A local English speaking Funeral Director A legal binding contract to ensure that over 50 detailed arrangements are taken care of for your family and friends. A dedicated 24 hour English-speaking bereavement line Can be used in all European countries For more information on how you can alleviate any concerns contact your local office on:

0034 966 799 070 For a free advisory service.




dancers, this family run Dance Academy has Mum, Carole Towning who does all the administration work. Daughter Erica Dorrill who is the highly qualified teacher and her daughters, Rianne and Abbigail who are top dancers and have won many awards, they have also recently been on tour with Peter Andre in Marbella and Benidorm. Previously Erica has worked on cruise ships all over the world including the Mediterranean and Caribbean during one of these trips she met John (now her husband) who was a cruise ship photographer and has become a big part of the Academy doing much of the refurbishing himself and being responsible for the music. New interested parties regardless of age will be made welcome at this Derbyshire family run academy under the watchful eye of Erica. The main purpose of the opening is to introduce new people young and old to dance. If you would like further details please contact Carole 662 137 329

Gill Gibson and looking forward to seeing the photos and from Mazarrón video! is coming up Note for editors: There are now four main to her 65th branches of MABS CANCER SUPPORT GROUP birthday and and several area offices of the charity in many her partner, geographical areas from Valencia to Gibraltar. Mike, decided All need their Volunteers: Supporters, Drivers, that this is the Translators and, indeed, people who can ‘just be time to make a buddy’ who’ll pop in for a cuppa, do a bit of one of her shopping or just be there to listen. MABS Cancer dreams come true. So she’ll be jumping out Support Group offers support and kindness to of an aircraft from 15,000 feet! Not everyone’s cancer patients in Spain. The support group “dream” but Gill is up for it, she says: Footwork Dance step into the limelight after was started in 1999 by Jacqui Phillips MBE along “It is a tandem jump where I hitch a ride on with others who had been affected by cancer achieving out standing results in their recent the back of an experienced skydiver – I haven’t but had no one in Spain to turn to for advice competition in Mazarron picking up over two got the nerve to do it on my own. And my son, and support. Together they decided that ex- hundred gold and silver medals and eight Glen, who is 38 years old, is also doing the jump pats should not have to worry like they’d had trophies. Footwork dance have now opened new premises with me. It’s now or never – and it might as well to about translation between themselves and be now!” medical staff, the lack of technical information in Los Montesinos and are preparing for a grand opening on September 3rd The The date of the jump is Friday, 26th August 2011 about their cancer, transportation to and from new studio has floor to ceiling hospital appointments and support for family with SkyDive at Hibalstow Airfield, near Brigg and friends. The ladies were firmly determined mirrors and a brand new sprung in Lincolnshire (weather permitting). Gill is to address all these things, and more, for dance floor and is fully air already in the UK, getting herself fit for the cancer patients in the future. Today MABS helps conditioned. awesome task ahead. A small sales area has been all nationalities, including Spanish speaking This was a last-minute surprise, so Gill didn’t residents. MABS Cancer Support Group is created in the reception area for dance accessories, this is run by We have British have much time to get sponsors for her jump registered charity number 7261. brands in baby and before she left for the UK and is now on a For more information please contact: Lyn Baines, Carole children’s clothes, hectic schedule to get fit for the big day. Tel: 693 824 511 Boasting three generations of High accessories and As she is jumping in aid of hairs C products from 0 to Car Spanish Charity “MABS CANCER 10 years approx. eats S SUPPORT GROUP”, she’d like el v a r T as many people as possible to If you want to sell Cots Pop along and visit the site if you would like to sell used items support and sponsor her both your baby and in Spain and in the UK. children’s items for free,and include a photo. (in good condition) Please contact MABS if you Looking for staff? Advertise for FREE. would like to sponsor Gill: Here is your email: opportunity. Promote your local event for FREE or call (0034) 693 824 511. If We will take them you are in the UK, feel free to in commission. call my colleague, Lin, on 0844 Why not visit our business directory if you’re looking 910 3271. Behind Mercadona, for tradesmen or service. near Iceland, La Marina. Well done, in advance, Gill Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm Sat 10am - 2pm 5 page website including domain and email for just €125 – we’re very proud of you

Mundo Infantil

1st ry Anniversa Rentals

Tel: 617 537 156

LIMITED OFFER! • 1.9m Portuguese Dish twin HD LNB • 1 X Satellite receiver (inc. concrete base or wall bracket)

• 2 years parts and labour guarantee


The place to go for UK TV in Spain

Getting British TV here in Spain can be a confusing and daunting task and finding a reliable and informative company is vital. Welcome to GO SATELLITE! Go Satellite was set up 6 years ago by husband and wife team, Ian and Deborah. Ian has more than twenty years experience, having spent 10 years with SKY In Home Services in the UK, where he worked on the specialist heights team as well as SKY´s Prestigious VIP Team which caters for the ´stars´, therefore the quality of his workmanship is extremely high! After leaving Sky, Ian set up his own business in the UK and ran this very successfully for 5 years before selling it to move to Spain. Go Satellite is based in Quesada and over the last 6 years has installed hundreds of satellite TV systems for individuals, companies and communities. The company´s system is based on the highest quality Portuguese-manufactured dishes and requires NO monthly payments. Packages are available to suit everybody´s requirements and budget. Go Satellite offer expertise, reassurance and a proven track record, which can be backed up by many a satisfied customer. Ian said: “Being a small company has its advantages. We offer a personal service and get to know all our customers by name. It´s important to us that people fully understand and are happy with the service we are providing. We realise that the technology involved can be confusing but we are happy to spend time with our customers to ensure that they get the best system for their needs.” Any concerns or queries are dealt with in a clear and professional manner and clients can call Ian at any point if they have any queries. This ensures that all of their customers have complete peace of mind and reassurance throughout the lifetime of Telephone: the service. Added to that is the fact that Go Satellite is a fully legal, Spanish registered 965 725 670 business that provides individual, company and community installations with a free, 699 352 574 no obligation site survey. 646 645 579 So, if you are fed up of missing your favourite programs or you have lost your TV signal and do not want to lose out any more, then call Ian or Deborah on



HUMAX HDR 500GB Record one program whilst watching another in full HD

Special LIMITED offer ONLY 325€

Best Price in Spain Guaranteed! Voted Best Box in UK by Which Magazine With more than 15 years of industry experience, we’re so confident of our service and pricing that... This is what our customers are saying about us:

“Thank you for a pain free installation and excellent service” Darrell Thorn, Ciudad Quesada

“Your help and advise was spot on” John Fairhurst, Ciudad Quesada



Installation & repairs • Individual & community systems • No obligation FREE site surveys

965 725 670 or 646 645 579 to find out more about Go Satellite and its services. Alternatively, check out their website


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welcome group donation The bread Basket

The Welcome Group held their monthly meeting on Saturday 6th August at Mariano´s restaurant Camposol. During the meeting they were very pleased to present F.A.S.T. with a cheque for 300€.

that if you do have an emergency then please ring them. They can hopefully help while you wait for an ambulance and even help getting the ambulance to the right place.

This was money raised from their fortnightly book club and rounded up by Welcome. F.A.S.T. although only being operational for a short time have helped various people in medical trouble and are going from strength to strength. Their phone no. is 968 970 626. They advise you to call for an ambulance first and then give them a call. Kaz and another volunteer were pleased to accept the cheque on behalf of F.A.S.T. and talked to the group about F.A.S.T. and how they had been able to help people. They assured the group

Since taking over The Bread Basket over a year ago, Rae & Linda have been working hard to build a reputation for quality and service. Situated in a small commercial area, it can easily found on Avd De Las Naciones, just 1.5 km away from The Arches (you walk it in 15 minutes) Follow the road up over 4 speed bumps, face the yellow house and bear left.

Enjoy a cream tea on the terrace. Their homemade giant fruit scones with fresh cream and jam are to die for. If you are a coffee fan, they opt for a quality, 100% pure coffee supplied by MG in Benijofar. You CAN taste the difference.

Woodcarr Park Tel: (0044) 1427 873 487 Mobile (0044) 7939 114 123

or email:

They don’t only cater for the sweet of tooth. A range of pies, quiche, pasties & home made sausage rolls are also on offer. Breakfast baps, filled rolls & baguettes too. White van men can phone their order in advance, park easily outside, take away and eat on the run. Greggs, eat your heart out !

Living abroad and need an english base? Then look no further than

Do you have a home abroad or in the UK & would like to have a secure, luxury holiday home in England. We are open 11 months of the year & can supply most makes of luxury caravans & lodges. Woodcarr Park is in the small Lincolnshire village of Belton. We are just 20 mins from Humberside & Doncaster airports. Barry or Jean Williams.

Top 3 fresh cream fancies are Apple turnovers, chocolate eclairs and meringues, all hand made on the premises. Chocolate cake, Carrot cake and Victoria sponge add to the “temptation versus conscience” list.

With their time-served British bakers producing the finest British baked goods, you can find all your favourites here. Custard tarts, Eccles cakes, Bakewell tarts, the list of classic cakes and confectionery goes on.

Good old fashioned British bread and soft rolls are made with strong white (not bleached or sugared ) or malted granary flour. Great for bacon butties ! You can telephone the Bread Basket on 966 716 865

Ladies who Lunch even in August!

The August meeting of Ladies who Lunch took place at ‘The Moonstone’ on Benimar 2 on Wednesday 3rd August 2011. The correct name of this new restaurant is Piedra de Luna, a lovely restaurant with cool tranquil ambience and food to match. The restaurant is operated by the chef owner Gordon Atkins and his partner Brigitta. Thirty one ladies filled the restaurant to capacity and enjoyed a delicious three course lunch with wine, all served by very friendly staff. We managed to raise €169 to start year two of our collections to support Paul Cunningham Nurses. The aims of Ladies who Lunch are to promote friendship as well as raising money to help others. For details of the group please call Janine on 966 261 359 or Maddie on 966 078 646


Lions give ADIS VB a lift The Torrevieja Costa Lions were recently made aware of a need for a hoist at the Asociacion de Discapacitados de la Vega Baja (ADIS VB), in Orihuela. The hoist is needed to assist those physically disabled children to enter and exit the swimming pool, swimming and activities in the pool are a vital part of the therapy, and until now some children had experienced great difficulty getting in and out of the pool. When the Lions heard of the plight of the children of ADIS VB, the Club immediately offered to assist with the purchase of the hoist, and on Thursday Lion Community Service Director Janette Bennett, along with

Lion Maureen Moss attended ADIS VB and were delighted to hand over a cheque for 1,020.00 euros as payment for the hoist. To help the Lions to help others they are holding fun race nights in Restaurante Lo Marabu, in Dona Pepa on Tuesday 16th and 30th August at 9pm. It is really good fun and goes a long way to providing help for those most in need. To learn more about ADIS VB go to and for more information on the activities of the Lions go to The photograph shows Lion Maureen (right) presenting the cheque to Purificacion Torregillas Lauarin of ADIS VB.


For a number of years the Help Association Diabetic Support Group has successfully provided support and advice for those who have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, as well as for people who have learnt to live with this condition.


‘International Bands Festival’ 22nd to 27th August. All of the concerts commence at 22.00h each evening, in the Municipal Theatre and tickets are a reasonable 3€ and can be purchased in advance via the ticket office or ‘on the door’ each night Each evening, before each concert, the bands will march through central streets on their way to the performance. Organised by our town band “Sociedad Musical Torrevejense Los Salerosos”, prestigious brass bands from Portugal, Zaragoza (Aragon) and Slovenia have been invited as well as, specially for this edition, a band made up from our own local musicians of the brass band “Just Brass” (JB BAND) supported by a number of top bandsmen from the UK who are making the journey over from England to join forces with the locals and to present the band as “JUST BRASS I N T E R N A T I O N A L”

from Great Britain. For further information concerning the International Bands Festival go to: www.

RE-SALE MARKET New to Moncayo Market

The aim of this group is to: • Provide up-to-date information concerning medical and practical developments in the management of diabetes. • Use guest speakers to provide information on a variety of subjects of interest to attendees. • Have a lively exchange of information between anyone attending. The group meets on the last Wednesday of every month at 11.00 a.m. at Hoggies Bar in San Luis, Torrevieja, and is fully funded by the Help Association Vega Baja so is free of any annual or monthly fees. If you think that you could benefit from this group, or can contribute advice or experience about living with diabetes, you can be sure of a warm welcome from like-minded people. For further information please contact one of our offices: San Miguel de Salinas Tel: 966 723 733 Torrevieja Office Tel: 965 704 282 Or visit our website:



1st 100 clients yearly contracts - €265 ∙ New: Now indoor parking too!! ∙ 100% secure and insured, 1 week parking €25 ∙ Meet & greet valet parking service ∙ Only 2 mins from the terminal (closest airport parking) ∙ 24 hr short/long term parking

Tel: 615 374 404


ess c c u s g in d n u o s re to e u D w be o n l il w t e rk a m le a -s e R The rday tu a S & y a d s e u T ry e v e held t s u g u A th 3 1 y a rd tu a S From

Don’t dump it SELL IT?


items intoCA Turn those unwanted

The Moncayo Market have created a new area solely for the sale of unwanted household and personal items

Why not have a day out and make a profit? Turn up at 9am – trading starts at 10am till 2pm

For further details call 662 930 373 Between 10am and 8pm – or just turn up on the day

And don’t forget the normal market is on every Tuesday and Saturday


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TAKE AWAY •TEL: 966 848 667 - 672 804 905


O P E N 7 DAYS - 1 0 a m t i l l L a t e



Sun Bar & Grill, Via Park V No 13 (next to 2 GB Indian Restaurant) Los Altos, 03189 Orihuela Costa 966 848 667 672 804 905

The Vestry Restaurant

Where food is our passion, service our pleasure Open Monday - Sunday from 6pm-late Early Bird Menu 6pm-7pm Full A La Carte with nightly specials 966 783 976 for enquiries and reservations Calle Constitucion 3, Algorfa 03169


    

when cooking becomes art


health bar & restaurant

home made food 10% discount with this voucher tres coronas

966 733 334

Avda. Diamante 5 La Zenia Alta 03189 Orihuela Costa


If you fancy a day out in the Costa Blanca, you will never be stuck for somewhere nice to go and eat. There is a wealth of eateries covering every type of food you can imagine. Whether you like Indian, Italian, traditional English fish and chips or a quick snack, here on these pages could be just the place to go to. Just an hour or so away from where you live, are fabulous beaches, lots of entertaining things to keep the children busy and the shopping centres that some of us miss from back home. Why not pack up the car, Frailes and head off for the day, Tineas’st a@ urante R its nice to do something different! However, if an invitation to eat out with your children fills you with dread, take a look at Supernanny contributor Saf c at e r i n g s e rv i c e Lunn’s tips on how to choose celebrate your special the right restaurant and occasion with the knowledge that the Mobile enjoy your family meal... catering will be supplied Choosing a childby a professional service, either at your home or at a friendly restaurant designated venue. When choosing a childHog Roast, Barbeque, friendly restaurant, we Hot/Cold Buffet. initially go by the amount of “We supply free of charge, plates, cutlery, display cutlery on the tables and the dishes, glasses & much quality of the glassware - if a more!” restaurant looks too ‘grownJust think no clearing up! up’ then it is probably best No washing up! avoided. Spending the whole Just party! meal telling the children to Leave the work and planning to Tina & Dave “mind the glasses” is no fun Contact for you, and not fair on them. 690 289 044 The menu has got to please everyone and this is still 965 072 555 or email hugely important for our youngest child who has for an information pack always been a fussy eater.

M o bi l e

At home, I’m continually trying to get her to eat at least some of her ‘5 aday’ fruit and vegetables, whilst remaining calm and seemingly unconcerned, but I don’t think a restaurant is the right place for this kind of battle. After all, it’s meant to be fun for all the family. We always check that she likes at least a few of the items on the menu before we go in. Many restaurants include children’s menus and although they have their place and are at times invaluable, they are sometimes limited to the same old pizza and pasta dishes where you’re really looking for a range of healthy options. Some restaurants will be happy to do a smaller version of a dish from the main menu, others absolutely


3 COURSE MENUS AVAILABLE FOR €7.50 Menu del Dia AND €13.50 Menu del Noche FULL MENU INCLUDING RIBS, STEAKS, COD, CHICKEN ETC. ALL HOMEMADE AND FRESHLY COOKED TO ORDER Vegetarian options available FOOD SERVED 10.00AM TILL LATE Sunday lunch like mum used to make. Main only, €5.95 2 courses €7.50 3 courses €9.00 Entertainment most Friday nights throughout the summer Bingo Tuesday evening. Fun quiz Thursday evening Special deals available for parties of all kinds with food and golf included... TEL.966189599. FOR INFORMATION, DIRECTIONS AND RESERVATIONS.


Serving a Wide Selection of International Cuisine & Beverages 20TH August discotemba: Music from 50’s, 60’s & 70’s From Cuban to Belgian, Spanish, English and more Weds: Bingo Fri: Fish & Chips €4.95 Darts League Home for the Almoradi Amigos

Calle Donadores, 4, 03160 Almoradi Tel: 965 702 242

Monty’s Bar & Restaurant Live Entertainment

“Every Friday throughout August from 9pm”. Full menu and basket meals available. Call for more information

Avda. Las Naciones 57, Local 9, Quesada. Tel. 966 716 865 ...More than just a bakery...

Scones, Cream Cakes, Filled Rolls, Pies & Sausage Rolls to take to the beach. 4 Speed bumps The Arches

The Bread Basket


Yello Theuse Ho

Monday: 5€ Meal Deal 1pm - 8.30pm Tuesday: Bingo Night 9pm - 11pm Wednesday: Auction Day 1pm - 4pm Thursday: Quiz Night 9pm - 11pm Friday: Live Entertainment Friday: €5 Meal Deal 6pm - 9pm Karaoke Every Saturday 9pm - 12pm Our Famous Sunday lunches are back!! 3 courses 10€, Incl A glass of wine! 1 & 2 courses also available Early Bird Breakfast Every Day 10am - 1pm 3.55€ Happy Hour Every Day 4pm - 7pm

Urb. Montebello, Algorfa Tel: 965 724 870

b u P n a w S e h T Karaoke

every wednesday with Jimmy Mac

Monday lunchtimes 2 course meal with entertainment only 5€

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Roast

Open 7 days a week, kitchen open 10am - 9pm

Tel: 686 921 486 Urb La Marina San Fulgencio


a FAMILY DAY OUT won’t, but it’s always worth asking. If you are not in a position to look at the restaurant yourself try some of the websites and books below, which give details of familyfriendly eateries. Bear in mind though, that things change very quickly in the restaurant business, so don’t be afraid to call and ask questions or double-check things before you make plans. If you find somewhere great, send us the details so

were younger - we found we were choosing restaurants for the highchairs rather than the food. Now there are some fantastic booster seats available, which are portable and can be attached to just about any chair you can imagine. Really useful, too, if you’re taking your child on holiday and might be eating out a lot. If you’re considering buying a portable seat, check out the ones we recommend, below. But, even if you’ve tried everything to create an enjoyable experience, things still sometimes go horribly wrong and you wonder why you bothered! Don’t despair, just realise you are not alone and try again soon. Sometimes it just comes down to luck – if your child is in the right mood at the time of the meal. But when it works, it really is worth it and as your children grow, eating out gradually becomes second nature. Not only is it valuable family time, it also means you get to do what you enjoy doing.

Martin & Carole

~ Breakfasts Snacks Meals Cakes Drinks ~ Open Daily

Mañanas CAFE BAR

10am til late

Algorfa 966 78 13 07

we can spread the word! What to take with you One of the biggest issues is a child’s boredom threshold, so choosing and ordering quickly is vital. As is paying the bill. With smaller appetites, kids soon fill up and lose interest. I always come laden down with colouring books and pens in case the meal is slow to arrive. Highchairs were often a problem for us when the children

Mulberry s


cafe • panaderia • restarante

Fish & Chips


12 noon til 5pm

Cod or Haddock

Wi-Fi Home-made Cakes

special anniversary For One evening only

20th august

10% off evening meals & live music

Chips, Peas, Bread and Butter

from 6pm til late

Calle Los Arcos Local 1, Quesada (Turn left just before the arches) Open 7 days a week Mon - Sun 12pm - 10pm

Los Arcos 2 local 23 Ciudad Quesada

966 719 136

Tel: 966 719 819

Pitch & Pint Cafe - Bar D d Foo Served All ay

IncludingBreakfast 10am to 1pm

Tapas – all day and night Happy Hour 4pm to 7pm every day Wi-Fi - Sky Sports - Pool Table

A g re

at family at e mospher

Urb. Pueblo Principe (Behind the Rendevous), Villamartin Tel: 966 774 450


We cre acce pt dit car ds

Nt y a discou w % 10 Takea on

Buddha Tandoori

Indian Cuisine A delicious choice of dishes and a superb service We use the Freshest Ingredients cooked to order. Gran servicio y una deliciosa variedad de platas a elegir. Usamos los ingredientes mas frescos cocinados al momento.

Choice of Dinner Menu 11€ including a drink

Choice of Children’s Menu from only 4€

centro commercial via park II, playa flamenca Open 7 days from 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11.30pm, Wed 6pm - 11.30pm

Tel: 966 730 759


The lively Bar in Benimar Everyday Designer Breakfast 5 Items for €3.50 inc. Tea/Coffee. Served 9am - 12noon. Home-made Daily Specials Any 2 courses €3.95 / 3 courses €4.95 Served Mon-Sat all day 3 course Sunday Roast Beef or Chicken with 5 fresh seasonal vegetables. Regular size €6.95 & Large €8.95 Booking Recommended Sunday & Wednesday €1 Night Vodka, Bacardi or Malibu with mixer, bottled beer & house wine from 8pm Quiz night with lots of prizes every Thursday from 9pm and Play Your Cards Right for Cash. Karaoke every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday with “Double Trouble” Happy Hour everyday from 4pm-8pm Open 7 days from 9am till late Tel: 966 840 233


SPORTS & CAFE BAR c/Agata No4 Benimar II, Rojales

All Homemade & Home Cooked Food popular Sunday Roast from €6.95 Steak special for 2 people incl carafe of wine €20 Meal Deals €4.50 Breakfasts from €2.95 Monday night - Quiz night Friday live Entertainment All live sport shows inc Premiership matches Golf society every Monday from 8am

Private parties catered for Friendly family atmosphere

Telephone: 966 190 642

Thistle & Dragon Formerly ‘The Odd Couple’ Benimar II

Home Cooked Food Live Football Now Showing

Now Home To

Benimar Loyal No.1 Rangers Supporters Club No. 3 Calle Agata, Benimar II Tel: 965 724 012


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wild flowers with jenni

Now that the temperatures are reaching the late 30ties and even sometimes the 40ties, it would seem that no plant would be able to flourish but one type of plant, namely Cacti are an exception and are ideally adapted to dry areas because they efficiently convert water into biomass. The Opuntia-ficusindica commonly known as ´Prickly Pear¨is the most widespread of the l o n g - d o m e s t i c a ted cactuses and are thought to have originated from Mexico. As a look out my window I can see several ruins dotted around the campo and almost always there is a large mass of this cacti planted relatively close to the old spanish dwellings, in fact the prickly pear cactus has been used for centuries both as a food source and a natural fence that keeps in livestock and marks the boundaries of family lands. The fruit of prickly pears, Indian Fig or tuna in Spanish, is sold in local markets today and is best eaten cold and very carefully due to the spines known as glochids. If ingested they cause great discomfort of the throat, lips, and tongue, as the small spines are easily lodged in the skin. I am sure that some of you, like me, have been caught out and remember as a child picking one of these fruits and recoiling in horror when my hand was covered in tiny spikes. The problem is they embed themselves deeply and are extremely difficult to see so therefore are difficult to remove. The Native Americans removed them by rolling the fruit on grit or alternatively by rotating the fruit in the flame of a campfire. Not only is the fruit eaten but so are the the young stem segments, usually called nopales, They are commonly used in Mexican cuisine in dishes such as huevos con nopales or tacos de nopales. Mexicans now use a blow torch to remove the spines and feed the young leaves to their cattle as their primary food source. (I also feed mine to my Pot Bellied Pigs) Cactus juice can also be extracted by immersing cut leaves in water for as long as two weeks and as it contains pectin, that acts as a binding agent & is used to increase the adhesion & water resistance in plaster, so again these local ruins have probably used the juice in their building materials. I find it sad that many of these perfectly natural materials and uses of these plants both practical and medicinal have been lost but there is definitely a swing now back to natural remedies including food colourings. With recent health concerns in respect to artificial food additives, a little known scale insect, The Dactylopius coccus that feeds on the prickly pear, has become part a solution as cochineal dye is derived both from the insect´s body Casa La Pedrera´s and its eggs. Picture of Traditional “Zapotec nest” farming of the cochineal scale insect This red dye is primarily used as a red food colouring and cosmetics & is produced almost exclusively in a small town Oaxaca, Mexico by indigenous producers, cochineal became Mexico’s second most valued export after silver. The dyestuff was consumed throughout Europe, and was so highly valued that its price was regularly quoted on the London and Amsterdam Commodity Exchanges. From the stock exchange back to the Campo, perhaps you will look at this plant with new eyes and perhaps even try one of the fruits at the local markets, which is definitely an acquired taste. I do however suggest that you do not plant them as they are invasive and grow very large and are difficult to cut back because of the spines etc. There are plenty however that grow in the natural reserve at La Pedrera so you are sure to see them if you come on one of our walks or take part on one of our outdoor activities that take place on the many tracks and trails around the lake. Until then, have a wonderful summer.... Jenni

Outdoor Activities incl quadbiking, horse & pony treks, canoeing, fishing, archery & air rifle shooting. For prices download a brochure from www. or call Jenni on 660816620 Keep up to date with all our summer events on facebook: Casa La Pedrera - The Grand Designs House



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Spanish Supermoto Championship

The Spanish supermoto championship visited the chicharra circuit at Villena, Valencia on Saturday the 30th July for the 3rd round of the championship. Britain’s Anthony Ford-Dunn who lives in Bullas, Murcia was hoping to improve on his previous race results at Oliva in May. A last lap crash had left Anthony in hospital with a serious concussion and his championship in tatters, as his main rival scored a win and Anthony came away with no points and a thumping headache. Anthony was determined to get his championship fight back on track at Villena, a track that suits his style of riding. Qualifying went well and he positioned himself in 2nd place on the grid for the first of two races. After a hectic first couple of laps Anthony was in a comfortable 2nd place when disaster struck! He hit a bump in the dirt section of the track that sent the bike sideways and into the trackside barrier, Anthony kept the bike upright but lost valuable seconds trying to untangle his bike from the tyre wall. ‘I couldn’t believe it, a tyre from the trackside barrier had wedged itself into the back of my bike. It

Anti-slip, ideal for steps, patios & pool areas. For tiles or concrete. For a complete package quote, with no hidden extras contact

Office: 966 261 718 Mobile: 647 124 172 Email:

took me ages to free the bike and all the time I was losing time and positions’ said Anthony after the race. Once free from the carnage, Anthony charged through the field to finish 3rd at the flag. A result that Anthony was more than happy with after all things were considered. The second race was more straight forward with Anthony finishing 2nd and taking 2nd overall for the race meeting. Anthony’s Older brother Mathew was riding in the SM road championship for the first time and had a fantastic race to finish in 3rd position on the rostrum. Both brothers race Honda CRF450 supermoto bikes for the race team that is sponsored by The Murcian expat removal company ‘Advance Moves’. Their next outing is in North West Spain at the Pontevedre circuit on the 28th August. More information and further race reports can be obtained from

FIRST THINGS FIRST...... Having decided a friendship group/s within Paul Cunningham Nurses would be a good idea, I now need a small team of people to work with to make this happen and also an idea of what kind of response we will get if we organise a get together once a week. To start with one will be in Playa Flamanca Area and one will be in Quesada Area. If you would like to know more please contact me at sueinthesun@hotmail. 966 713 503 / 639 318 526 If you live in a different area and are interested in a friendship group, either helping to organise one or being a member, please still send me an email as once the first two groups are up and running the plan is to expand into other areas. Everyone is welcome, couples, singles, ladies and gentlemen who’s partner is working away or has a time consuming hobby, if you have any questions or just want to have a chat to see if this is for you then please get in touch. So far, many of

the people who have contacted me have said “I would just like to have someone to go to Sunday Lunch with, go for a coffee or go shopping with” if this could be you, then please do get in touch you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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ECB backs Italy, Spain in bid to halt euro crisis

The European Central Bank intervened dramatically in bond markets on Monday, backing up a verbal pledge to support Spain and Italy with action in an attempt to avert a financial meltdown in the euro zone. Significant ECB bond-buying -- the only practical result of a weekend of frantic G7 and G20 crisis diplomacy -- forced down Italian and Spanish borrowing costs in an initial reaction. But stock markets fell across the globe as investors rattled by a historic downgrade of the United States’ credit rating piled out of shares and into safe haven assets such as gold and German bonds. Traders said the ECB had bought some 700 million euros (607 million pounds) in Italian and Spanish debt by 8:30 a.m. British time, after it agreed on Sunday to broaden its controversial bond-buying programme for the first time to include the bloc’s third- and fourth-biggest economies. “We expect them to do billions today,” said one trader. Equity markets that had been in headlong retreat in Asia fell by some 2 percent across Europe -- with the notable exceptions of Milan and Madrid -- after a pledge by G20 finance chiefs and central bankers to take all necessary measures to support financial stability, growth and

liquidity. European politicians voiced relief that the market turmoil was not worse. British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said it was promising that statements from the French and German leaders, the ECB and finance ministers, had had “some effect at placating the markets and calming the markets” but governments had much to do restore their public finances. The central bank action sought to change the dynamics on bond markets that had been pushing Italian and Spanish borrowing costs up towards unsustainable levels in the last two weeks. “Speculators will now have to think twice about selling or shorting Italian and Spanish bonds, knowing the ECB will be acting against them,” said Shane Oliver, head of investment strategy at AMP Capital Investors, one of Australia’s biggest fund managers. But experts warned the ECB would have to make large-scale purchases for a significant period to have a sustained impact, uncharted territory for the ECB and a move which

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was opposed by influential members of its Governing Council last week. “The ECB will have to buy 320 billion euros of Italian and Spanish government bonds simply to maintain the same proportion of purchases made relative to the outstanding debt of Greece, Ireland and Portugal made through the 75 billion euro Securities Market Programme acquisitions to date,” said Vincenzo Albano, Reuters Insider Fixed Income analyst. Spreads of Italian and Spanish bonds over German debt narrowed sharply, the cost of insuring peripheral European debt against default fell and the euro initially rose against the dollar. Investors also turned their attention to what the Federal Reserve might say at its policy meeting on Tuesday, fuelling speculation it might soon have to consider a third round of quantitative easing to resuscitate the world’s richest economy.

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Sometimes I am quite bright. Other times (generally when I need to be at my most intelligent) I seem to have all the mental acuity of a senile pheasant. I don’t know why this is, but sometimes I can get the day stitched up and sewn together without a snag, whereas other times I lose my thread, and spend the entire day looking for it! These are the days when I wander into the bedroom to make a cup of tea, realise my mistake, wander out again into the kitchen, stand there wondering what it was that I was going to do before - Ah, yes! I was going to make the bed, turn round and head back into the bedroom. I maintain that many of the greatest brains of civilisation have been known to be a bit woolly at times – take King Alfred, for instance. All he was asked to do was to watch that the cakes didn’t burn, but his mind wandered at the crucial moment, and history remembers him only for his cremated cakes. So I am not alone in my abstractedness, I am in good company. I am sure, if we were to be honest, we have all at one time or another forgotten something or somebody and suffered the consequences. The forgetting is not so much of a problem, it is extricating yourself from its embarrassing consequences that is the difficult bit. After a recent trip to the theatre I was enjoying a meal at a shared table in the company of a complete stranger. We chatted amicably on all the usual subjects, such as shoes, ships, sealing wax, cabbages and Kings and eventually came round to dogs. My new best friend, Wendi, remarked that she had a pointer named Brian. In that instant the scales fell from my eyes. I had total recall of being followed almost home by Brian about 4 years ago at a time when he was newly in Wendi’s ownership, and was himself still rather confused. ‘Brian! I know Brian!’ I exclaimed. At that moment Wendi


The highlight of the week when I was in my twenties, was to put on the Burtons three piece, slap on a bit of Brut after shave and – before we learned our lesson the hard way – squirt a bit into the grape smugglers and get ourselves into town for a slap up meal before finishing the evening doing something they referred to as dancing at the ‘world famous’ Thingamajig Club, the hottest (and only) club in town. I remember when the first Chinese restaurant opened in what was then, the backwoods town of Reading. It was called the Hong Kong (original eh!) and suddenly we were confronted with grub the like of which we had never seen or tasted before. After our first tentative steps into this strange world, it wasn’t long before we developed a taste for this wonderfully new exotic fare and began exploring the delights of chicken with ginger; egg fried rice and the contradictory sweet and sour pork. Our eyes were opened to the fact that there were actually more sauces than the familiar OK and HP, as we sampled Black Bean, Hoisin and Oyster. The only experience we had with noodles up to that point, were the dried ones found in a Vesta Beef Curry. In spite of the unsubstantiated whispers in dark corners that cats were mysteriously disappearing off the streets and that the Oriental version of ratatouille was exactly what it said on the tin, the new cuisine took off with a vengeance. Before long Chinese and Indian

By Colin Bird


oh, by the way....

Spain has one party every year. It starts 1st January and ends 31st December. If you do not believe it, just take a look at “What’s On” in local newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. August is the month of “Cante de las Minas” in La Unión. This yearly festival is actually based on authentic flamenco as it was enacted by the miners and their families, describing the grim hardships in the mines in the area. The music, the lyrics, and the dance epitomise the misery and trial of life and death in the mines. To the ears of “The Birdie Song”-tourists’, used to the flamenco performed in holiday resorts, the sound is dour and boring. To spice things up, the organisers have this year put huge names in modern flamenco music on the programme; names like Pitingo, Totatito, and Diego el Cigala. These gentlemen all experiment by fusing flamenco with pop, soul, gospel, jazz, blues, and Cuban and South American music. That should hopefully prevent the mass exodus of tourists from the audience that we witnessed the first time we went to the “Cante de las Minas”.

had her Eureka moment. ‘I know you, he nearly followed you home!’ Fortunately the memory was a happy one for all of us, and Brian continues to thrive, having sorted out in his mind who he belongs to and where he lives. How is it that I could recall Brian in every detail, from one chocolate brown spot to another, while totally forgetting Wendi? How rude is that? I’m sorry Wendi. But in my own rather feeble defence I will say that being followed home by Brian was a unique experience for me!

By Jos Biggs

CHINA ON MY MIND ‘Cast Off’..........

One of the greatest joys for us living in Spain is being able to eat out pretty much when we feel like it. Because of the great value for money that a huge number of restaurants offer, brought on by the stiff competition and exacerbated by the financial crisis, it has meant that most of us, particularly those on fixed incomes, can still enjoy this luxury. Last week therefore, we thought we would give the latest Wok Buffet a try - Mk 1,680 I think it is. I know that these eateries are all regarded as pretty much of a muchness – selection of cold and warm starters, fresh food cooked to order with your choice of sauces, and offering very good value - but this one held a special attraction - it was offering free drinks for the first week! We’ll have some of that we thought, and drinks aside, it was darned good with probably the largest selection of food that we have seen - so much so that the two ladies never bothered with the fresh cooked wok dish. Munching my way through my second portion of chilli prawns, and sharing some of the delicious sauce with my new white linen shirt, I got to thinking how sophisticated we had become with regard to our eating habits, and just how much has changed since my younger days.


...with Robbie France

Thanks to all of you that have been in touch with me regarding my column... however, I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks so don’t go away...keep watching this space and keep in touch via

restaurants were rolling into town like tumbleweeds into Dodge City. They had well and truly arrived and forty years on they are regarded as an institution as British as fish and chips. Well almost. Mind you back then, as much as we loved the occasional Chinese, our traditional palates still held sway and it wasn’t long before we turned our attentions back to the tried and tested Saturday night blow out. A couple of pints of Courage Best Bitter, then a starter of Prawn Cocktail, followed by ‘T’Bone Steak and chips finished off with Black Forest Gâteau – all washed down with a bottle or two of Liebfraumilch. We even treated ourselves to Castella cigars and snifters of Corvoisier afterwards. Sophisticated or what! This was such a tried and tested formula, that I don’t even remember what other items there were on those 1960’s menus, except for the obligatory Gammon Steak with either pineapple or a fried egg slapped on top, and naturally the good old fashioned apple pie and cream. Now we are spoiled for choice with more restaurants than you can shake a stick at and specialising in just about every nationality’s cuisine you can think of, up to and including Martian. Chinese food too has come a long way from the days of chewy

batter coated sweet and sour chicken balls and prawn curries, to restaurants that now specialise in such things as Szechuan, Cantonese and Hunan cuisine. And it’s not restricted to Chinese food only, with the ever increasing number of Asian restaurants now offering Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese – even Mongolian – dishes alongside their regular menus. And all power to them . . . I didn’t retire just so that I could eat television dinners from Iceland every night.

This years “Cante de las Minas” programme also sports a smug little liar and coward – the flamenco dancer Farruquito. In 2003 Farruquito, whose real name is Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya, drove recklessly, ran over a man, killed him, and fled the scene. As if that was not enough, he tried to make his younger brother take the blame. But, as the moron is one of flamenco’s biggest stars, he got off with 16 months suspended sentence – very considerate of the judge to give him the possibility of earning the €102,000 he was ordered to compensate the widow and the €16,400 to the victim’s parents by performing to an audience that obviously do not give a fig about the morals as long as they can be entertained. Sorry, but to me a buffoon is still a baboon, even if it can dance! Summer Carnival! Why not? It does make sense when remembering the goose-bumped, blue thighs we watched parading in early spring, when the carnivals are normally held. But, bearing in mind that this is a Catholic country, I fear the percentage of bare flesh will increase. Ah, never mind, there is only an average of 5% left to un-cover before they have to take the skin off to become more scarcely clad than the year before Summer entertainment in the region is very diverse. Something for all tastes from music, dance, theater, parades, exercise on the beach (only for mad dogs and Englishmen) to handicraft and traditional fishing methods. The programme can even cater for a bit of animal torture, should you desire that! In Perín they hang the donkey the 15th of August – well, in these days it is a dummydonkey, but 250 years ago they hoisted a living donkey up by its neck to the church roof so it could eat the weeds that had grown there – obviously in those days it was the people that were the dummies. For those who prefer to see real blood from a living animal in distress, Perín offers traditional bullfighting, though the stronghold for bullfighting traditionally is in the North West of the region. All right, maybe I should not be so hard on bullfighting, after all “We bullfighters are not assassins”, “To kill bulls is not murder, it is defense” (José Miguel Arroyo ‘Joselito’ – bullfighter). Yoo-hoo! I feel much better now! Fancy to go dancing? If you like to paso doble do not go to Cataluña. Jordi Conill Asgarrat, deputy of the Catalan parliament has suggested outlawing the traditional Spanish dance, paso doble, in Cataluña on the ground that “it is a dance with ancestral roots in machismo, as it is the man that leads and the woman follows”. Huh, did I miss something here? Will we proceed to outlaw waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, jive etc. on the same ground? Rrowr, against stupidity even gods are fighting in vain! Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist.

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2 Deliberate (2 words) (9) 3 Gentle push (5) 4 Stamping (9) 5 Afflicted (5) 6 Gossipers (9) 7 Steep high face of rock (5) 8 Type of onion (7) 9 Concurred (6) 15 Inmates (9) 17 Fantasies (9) 18 Radiation (9) 19 Ice containing milk (7) 21 Senility (6) 23 Helmet shaped (5) 24 Move about rapidly (5) 26 Native of New Zealand (5)


7 A ref’s mistake is less risky! (5) 8 Held up play which doesn’t start act outside (7) 11 Speech of commercial doctor with headlessness (7) 14 Snubbed when redoing trouble (7) 17 Throw awfully in home direction (9) 18 Innovators food on listeners, reportedly (8) 19 Did another circuit after crowd initially applauded (7) 21 Old ‘arboured early in speech (7) 22 Island without a produce (6) 24 Affirmative without a king for a long time (5) 26 Creature in emu leadership (4)

Down 1 Arrives at (with hesitation) back pains (7) 2 Teaching place of schoolmaster without the changes (9) 3 A new prose without drama (of the musical kind) (6) 5 Origin of kangaroo trail (4) 6 Gives postscript delivered again inside (8)


CRYPTIC crossword

Very Hard!



Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.


1 Retaliatory strikes (14) 10 Gawked (5) 11 A musical instrument with 3 strings (9) 12 Breadwinners (7) 13 Willingly obedient (7) 14 Sag (5) 16 Lenient (9) 19 Apparently (9) 20 Get to one’s feet (5) 22 Punches of sweetened milk and eggs (7) 25 Unrestrained (7) 27 Dancer (9) 28 Due (5) 29 Sins (14)


Julius Caesar

1 Think about conk out (6) 4 Suggested support dose ordered (8) 9 Stunned a mother with final letter (6) 10 Mighty, pure wolf construction (8) 12 Partners American prohibition in hard day’s... (8) 13 ...night, initially - listener by close (6) 15 Extremely sluggish Old English footwear (4) 16 Gave food without the grin - surprisingly caused fear! (10) 19 New cosmos - I’m in charge! (10) 20 Not fixed about iron outside (4) 23 An easy ending - no turning back for engineer (no particular person) (6) 25 Looked for carefree spill outside (8) 27 Tranquil gym expert with nasty flu (8) 28 Energy in the one who looks after vocation (6) 29 Calamity Jane’s second in Sir Ted’s shift (8) 30 Manly, but without much weight (6)




Experience is the teacher of all things





The draw took place on Sunday for the wonderful Mediterranean Cruise for 2 people kindly donated by Coachtrips S.L. in support of the Age Concern C B S Charity. The winning number was 007137 with the initials of the lucking winner being M.S. The photo shows Madge and David the proprieter of Coachtrips S.L. with Maureen Payne (President of Age Concern) in the centre, making the draw. The winner will be notified as soon as possible, more details to follow.


Continued expansion means that we are now looking to recruit a


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Life with Linda... “Adventure Time”

Do you think of old age as a time of adventure, self-expression and possibility? My guess is probably not. It’s hard to think of the later portion of life this way, when the society we live in doesn’t seem to agree. We sure don’t see many role models of lively, intelligent old people in the media , and our culture continues to be dominated by images of youth. Ask anyone in advertising or marketing, and they will tell you the demographics they covet are 18-25 year olds. The fact is that life expectancy is up from age 45 in 1900, to an average of 78.2 years in 2009 (according to the CDC). This means that things are changing. Of course, there is still the likelihood of some physical decline as we age, but many older people are discovering that their mental health is more important to them. They tend to shrug off their aches and pains and concentrate instead on growth and development in other areas. They become much more spiritually aware and keenly interested in things outside of themselves. Some go back to school, others become involved in a community or family project. They don’t see the changes happening all around them as threatening. Rather, they respond to change with flexibility, a sense of purpose, and lots of patience with themselves. They want to control their own lives, make their own choices, and stay involved with meaningful activities long after they “retire.” This sounds like a good way to live at any age, and it sounds like just the right kind of role model we need – because, we are all going to get old, if we are lucky! Today, the day I am writing this article my life will be changing forever, I am changing generations, I am going to become a Nana (Grandma is far too

old for me!) It only seems a while ago my daughter was coming into the world, what a different place I was in then, geographically, emotionally, financially and physically. I have definitely widened my horizons in the past 21 years, I have learnt a lot more about many more subjects, I have more skills, qualifications and professional titles after my name, but the most I have learnt along the way is about me. I am coming into this new era of my life with many more attributes than I did as a mother, but looking at my daughter ready to take on the world and make a future for herself and her daughter the lessons I have learnt along the way I hope have rubbed off. The younger generations grow up with more knowledge and skills, just as it should be, and just how we want it to be. My parents lived through a war, lack of food, less technology, more manual labour and less freedom of travel. My parents did not go on an airplane until I was working abroad, my daughter was on a plane under three months old and is more excited about travelling on a bus, because she never does it! Experience, knowledge, understanding all come with time, we cannot have these at 16 or 20 years old, but neither should older people be signed off as past it, over the hill, redundant or out of date. There are so many more people doing life changing things at 60, 70, 80 years old and I am sure that in future there will be many more. So, today is a salute to all mature youngsters, we don´t usually enjoy “youth” the first time around as we have so many worries and hang ups, so this time will be all the fun I missed before. Plus I get to sit at the top of the table at the family gathering for Christmas, as one passes on another moves up, so this year I can regally take my place......see I knew there must be some perks hehehe

By Linda Sage BA Ed(Hons), Dip REBT, Dip CST ~ ~ Tel: 966 716 919 Member Toastmasters International


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MEAL FOR 2 : mrs noel hiemstra BREAKFAST FOR 2 : stella leban from san luis

Goat’s cheese & oregano stuffed aubergines METHOD Heat the grill to high. Cut deep crisscrossed lines into the aubergine flesh. Then, starting skin-side up, grill the aubergines for 10 minutes on each side or until very soft and squashy. Meanwhile mix the tomatoes, chopped oregano, cheese and lemon zest. Use a spoon to scoop most of out the aubergine flesh, leaving a 2cm shell. Roughly chop then mix it with the tomatoes and

ingredients 2 aubergines , halved lengthways 100g drained weight, SunBlush tomatoes , roughly chopped and oil reserved 2 tbsp oregano, chopped, plus a few leaves 120g goat’s cheese , cut into small chunks 1 lemon , zested cheese, season well, then stuff back into the skins. Drizzle over 2 tsp of the tomato oil, then grill until the cheese is golden. Serve scattered with a little more oregano.



METHOD: Sift the flour into a large bowl. Add the butter cubes and, using

Sausage rolls with chorizo

Makes 12 sausage rolls

200°C/180°C fan/gas 6. Lightly grease a baking sheet and line with parchment paper. Put the sausagemeat in a large mixing bowl, add the parsley, chorizo and breadcrumbs and season with black pepper. Mix together well. Lay the pastry sheet on a lightly floured surface and cut in half lengthways. Divide the shallots in half and spoon one portion on to each piece of pastry in a 5cm wide strip lengthways down the centre. Divide the sausagemeat mixture in half and shape each into a sausage shape as long as the length of the pastry, then lay on top of the shallots. Brush the long edges of each pastry piece with beaten egg, then take one long edge and roll around the shallot and sausagemeat to encase, pinch the pastry together to join and cut off any excess. Turn each roll over so that the join is on the underside. Brush beaten egg over the top of the long sausage rolls, then cut each into 6 equal-sized pieces. Place on the prepared baking sheet and bake in the oven for 25–30 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool on a wire rack.


25g butter plus extra for greasing dash of olive oil 150g peeled shallots peeled and thinly sliced 1 tsp granulated sugar 450g pork sausagemeat 2 tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley 100g cured chorizo cut into small cubes 1 tbsp fresh soft white breadcrumbs black pepper


375g sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry plain flour for dusting 1 large beaten free-range egg to seal and glaze


For the filling, start by heating the butter and olive oil in a frying pan, add the shallots and gently fry for about 5 minutes, until softened. Sprinkle in the sugar and continue to cook the shallots over a low heat for about 10-15 minutes, until caramelized. Remove from the heat and leave to cool. Preheat the oven to

your fingertips, rub them in until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Stir through the salt. Add the ham, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, mix through evenly, then make a well in the centre of the mixture. Pour in the cream and milk and, using a wooden spoon, lightly mix together into a wet dough – just gently combine the ingredients so that you don’t mash the cheese and ham. The mixture is quite wet: if necessary work it very briefly on a lightly floured surface to bring it into a dough. Divide the scone dough into two equal pieces for ease of handling, wrap each one in clingfilm and place in the refrigerator to chill for 20 minutes–1 hour. Preheat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/gas 6. Place the pieces of dough dough on a lightly floured surface. Shape each one into a circle about 16cm across and 2cm thick, then slice each circle into 8 wedges or triangles. Place the scones on a baking sheet about 5cm apart. Bake the scones in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until lightly golden – the cheese bits should be bubbling and slightly crusty. MAKES 16 SCONES 750g self-raising flour plus extra for dusting 100g unsalted butter cut into cubes 1 tsp salt 150g honey roast ham cut into 5mm cubes 150g mature Cheddar cheese cut into 5mm chunks 100g sun-dried tomatoes finely chopped 500ml double cream 150ml milk

Ham & cheese scones with sun-dried tomatoes

The Pitch & Pint Café Bar

on Urbanisation Pueblo Principe (behind the Rendevous), in Villamartin, have raised a staggering €1100for the Childrens Home in Elche. The money was raised, by holding 2 Charity Race Days, a barbecue and by having a swear box on the bar.What a great effort by the staff and customers for a very worthwhile cause.


Tel: 966 111 605

Tel: 966 111 605

Extraordinary Psychic

Quality HomeFood Restaurant Great Food 9 Item English Breakfast 3.70€

Hidden Within La Rotonda Aparthotel Cabo Roig

Homemade food at pocket

Real Hand Cut Chips Delicious Homemade Pies Mouthwatering Steaks Fabulous Homemade Desserts Finest Teas & Coffee Homemade meals from €4.50

friendly prices 3 course HOMEMADE Menu del Dia €7.95 served 12 till 9pm


Magnificent Manhattan Sunday Roast


n332 Pyramid roundabout Cabo Roig

dessertwe are here

Manhattan La Ronda Aparthotel

here every Saturday from 11am

Truly Fabulous

Served 9.30 till 5pm (Sunday till 12)


“The Raven”

“The best kept secret in Cabo Roig”

Not easy to discover but well worth it, could you find us?

1 course €5.95 2 course €6.95 3 course €7.95 Food orders 9.30am - 9pm Mon - Sat Sunday 9.30am - 8pm


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what’s happening in

VALENCIA & ALICANTE photographic exhibition

Atesorar España (Treasuring Spain) At Bancaja Cultural Centre in Valencia, & Bancaja Cultural Centre in Alicante daily until 13th November featuring 345 snapshots that capture Spain at the time of the great artist Joaquín Sorolla. The exhibition depicts photographic visions of Spain at the time of the Valencian artist, through images captured in the second half of the 19th Century and the first three decades of the 20th Century by some twenty photographers. Martin the artist in Rojales. Artist / photographer, Spain & UK www. CostaArt.Net


Every Wednesday and Thursday Live entertainment and dancing every Wednesday and Thursday from 21:00-23:30 at the Hotel Costa Narejos. Los Alcazares. Swing, jazz, Bossanovas and Latin. Everyones favourite melodies. Free admission. Tel: 968 432 630.

Quiz Night

Every Friday Weekly quiz night with prizes commencing at 21:00, Potters Bar, Calle Mar Menor. For further information contact Karen Tel: 968 137 459

Boat Trip

Every day. Running every day from Puerto Tomas Maestre La Manga to Santiago de la Ribera in San Javier. Operates Monday to Saturday at varying times depending on season. Trips take 30 minutes. Bikes can be taken on board. Tel: 649 201 610

Happy Birthday


Learn to Paint ..........................

Using watercolour, pastels or acrylics these are small classes on Monday and Friday afternoons at Playa Paraiso, La Manga. For further information contact Bee Tel: 968 564 416 or 670 353 738

Aqua-aerobics ...........................

All our love, always Mum, Dad, Ben and Nick XXXX

HappyLots Birthday mummy of kisses from Felicity & Jessica XXXX

Happy Birthday Emma Love you loads Jonathon XXX


at The Port Restaurant, Los Urrutias On Friday 19th August at 7.30 p.m. Live music provided by the resident group The cost is €12 to include a meal of mixed salad, chicken, sausages, pork chops, potato salad plus wine Directions: from Los Alcazares, the Port restaurant is on Calle Lopez, i.e. the last turn on the left before you leave Los Urrutias Tickets available from Janice Clark 968 134 355 or from the HELP office 968 570 059 Call into the office at: Calle Penelope 11, Los Narejos, Oasis, Los Alcazares to see what other functions we have arranged or how we can help you.


Every Thursday and Friday to: Wednesday 31 August 2011 Exercise with aqua-aerobics on la Mota beach in San Pedro del Pinatar between the hours of 17.30 and 18.30. The aqua-aerobics will be placed next to the lifeguard and rescue point. There is no need to book a place, just turn up, as there is no charge

Museum Zamar ..........................

El Algar Open Every day Displaying carriages from the 17th century to the present day, several harnesses such as Calesera, English and Hungarian variety and one of Spain’s largest collections of vintage motorcycles. There is also a souvenir shop. Open daily 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-21:00. Closed Mondays except festivals. For further details and booking Tel: 968 136 656.

Second Hand Goods Sale

Clothes, bric-a-brac, books and furniture. Brenda’s 2nd hand shop in Estrella, Los Urrutias Details from Brenda: 648 735 540

Fitness Pilates Classes Every Tue Weekly class being held in the Clubroom, Caravaning La Manga, Autovia de la Manga, Salida 11 from 10:00. For further information and booking contact Paula Tel: 689 672 594 or email:

Bellydance Fitness Classes Every Wed. Weekly class being held in the Clubroom, Caravaning La Manga, Autovia de la Manga, Salida 11 from 10:00. For further information and booking contact Paula Tel: 689 672 594 or email: pdtraining@

Mar Menor Art Group ............ Portraiture and life drawing in Los Alcazarez. All welcome every Wednesday commencing 15:30. No membership fees. For further information contact Eli Tel: 968 582 186. Or email Los Alcazares Digital Camera Club



......mar menor Paddywacks Irish Pub......... Weightwatchers ...................... Live music every Thursday. Spanglish karaoke every Saturday. Showing all Sky Sports on 3 TVs. La Manga Strip. Tel: 616 056 048

Every Tue. A weekly meeting every Tuesday at 10:30 in Cervecería Oasis, Calle Penélope 91, Los Alcázares. For further information contact Jane on Tel: 678 327 549

Fitzers Irish Bar.................. Quiz Night ................................... Every Thursday - Quiz night with Open the Box - 10pm Every Friday night - Live music Every Saturday night - Karaoke Every Sunday - Live music with Brian “The Dog” Los Narejos Tel. 696 096 023

Costa Calida Country Music Club ..............................................

La Molata, Cañada de Alhama Friday 19th August Club Closed for Holiday – Re-opens Friday 16th September – Singing a superb mix of traditional & modern Country, Jo Sutherland Every first Friday of the month we have ‘Croonin’ Country’ Disco/Country Karaoke and Dance Tuition… but this is subject to change if a live artist opportunity arises! Admission: Couples 5€, Singles 3€ - all net monies to Community Ambulance Project. For more information contact Mervyn Booth on 968 163 082

sunday carvery...................

Freshly carved pork, beef or gammon, choice of starters and dessert. From 8.95€ served 1pm - 6pm. Children under 8 years 1/2 price El Fraile Bar and Restaurant, Los Nietos Telephone for details 968 133 380

Wednesday Quiz Nights...........

with Costa Cálida Radio DJ Ian Adams at Hacienda Clubhouse, Hacienda del Álamo, Fuente Álamo. Start 8 p.m. Fee €1 per person. Teams of max. 4. ‘Platos combinados’ available at a price of €6.


Departure 21st October from Mazarron sailing from Malaga. Visiting Algarve, Lisbon and Tangiers Prices 410 euros person double interior cabin. Single suppliment 153euros. ALL INCLUSIVE call Ken Payne 626 460 465. Only a few places left.

Friday Fish ‘n Chips Evenings

at Hacienda Clubhouse, Hacienda del Álamo, Fuente Álamo. Two courses €10. Reservation is recommended – 660 326 194

Every Fri. Weekly quiz night with prizes commencing at 21:00, Potters Bar, Calle Mar Menor, Los Belones. For further information contact Karen Tel: 968 137 459....


Torrevieja Branch, meet at 1730 on the first Wednesday of each month at La Rustika Restaurante (formally Los Arcos Restaurante), Avenida Baleares, Torrevieja. Contact Mike Wright, Chairman 966 188 701 or Margaret Forshaw, Secretary 966 921 996.

Saturday night specials...

specials Saturday menus at El Fraile Bar and Restaurant, Los Nietos Telephone for details 968 133 380

Thursday Quiz Night ..........

Starting 8pm - Great prizes El Fraile Bar and Restaurant, Los Nietos Telephone for details 968 133 380

The Rojales Panto group Needs you.................................... The Rojales Panto group are in the process of re forming due to the resignation of their President Bridget Oldroyd. We were very disappointed with the Theatre in Rojales last year and are looking at new venues We are hoping to stage a Pantomime in Jan/Feb 2012 although it could be December this year also a Musical Production in the autumn of 2012 and require actors, dancers, singers and any one willing to help in any capacity. Anyone with experience of directing Pantomimes would also be most helpful. Our aim is to raise money for Local charities whilst having a good time so if you are interested in joining us please contact Chris 965 077 090 or Julie 96 672 2371 or email for more information on the group

TORREVIEJA .................................

Spanish Classes by Spanish Teacher (also speaks English) organized by Vecinos Colaborando Association (Crime Watch Spain) every Thursday from 10.00 to 13.00hrs. Tel. 965 992 838 or 628 942 089.

PALS - Madrid Getaway............. CATRAL .......................................... PALS 3 Nights in MADRID 200 Euros. 3 star Central Hotel, visits to Chicon and Cuenca. Departure 29th August Mazarron call Ken Payne 626 460 465

Lawn Bowls for Pensioners every Tuesday from 10.00 to 12.00hrs, organized by Vecinos Colaborando Association (Crime Watch Spain).

MAR MENOR Wednesd ay

- Back & Bones 4 Good - Pilates suitable for all, especially those with back problems and / or Osteoporosis sufferers at Tara’s Retreat 10am - Home-made Pie Day & Dessert 9.50€ Market Tavern - Fun Quiz Night from 8pm at Saralara’s

Thur sd ay

- Curry Day: Poppadom, Curry & Dessert 10€ Market Tavern, Mazarron Port - Cuevas De Reyllo Casa Cultura: 4.30-6pm: Street Theatre Dance Senior Group - Linedance class, Emerald Isle La Florida, Intermediates 1pm - 3pm Tel 965 319 769

Frid ay

- Fish’n’Chip Friday at Market Tavern, Mazarron Port - Coro Pilar International Choir based in El Pinar de Campoverde rehearses Fridays 7pm. Tel John 966 763 446 - Alcoholica Anonymous Cabo de Palos every Friday between 7.30pm and 8.30pm at Association de Vecinos Contact 968 545 181 / 676 696 185

Saturd ay

- Steak Night at Market Tavern, Mazarron Port Choice of Sirloin or Rump, 3 Sauces & Dessert - 14€

Sund ay

- Sunday Roast with all the trimmings at Meson Las Torres - Booking Essential - Car Boot Sale.El Romero, Cuevas de Reyllo 9am- 2pm - 4 Course Sunday Roast. Hotel Mariposa, Gebas - 3 Course Lunch. Don Ricardo’s, Puerto de Mazarron - Sunday Roasts at Market Tavern from 7.50€ - Linedance social, dancing to requests for all levels of dancer, the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month. Asturias rte Punta Prima, 8pm-11pm Tel 965 319 769 - Sunday lunch from 1.30p.m, 3 course inc Home made Dessert 10€ at Le Bistro

Mond ay

- Yoga. Tara’s Retreat, La Magdelena 10.30am – 11.45am, & 5pm - Try Market Tavern’s, Daily Specials from 5.50€ Mazarron Port

Tu esd ay

- Daily Breakfast Specials at Market Tavern, Mazarron Port - Linedance class, Emerald Isle La Florida, Beginner / improver 1.30-4pm Tel 965 319 769 NB: Information correct at time of printing, BUT please check with the relevant venues that events are taking place

Car Boot Sale....................... PEGO Art Studio ........................ Every Sun. Weekly at the Autocine, St Javier. On the N332 between San Javier and Los Alcazares follow signs for Bastilla Loop. Commencing at 09:00-14:00

La Sal Craft Market...........

Every Sun. Taking place between 09:00-14:00 every third Sunday of the month at Parque de los Reyes de Espana and Lo Pagan Explanade....

Jenna at Nobby’s Cantina

Every Tue. The Welsh Diva, Jenna, sings live every Tuesday night. Food available throughout the evening. Take N332 to La Manga, follow signs for Club Nautico La Isleta

‘Bob Ross’ style oil floral class. Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:00am-5:30pm. Contact Anne Kerr, phone 965 977 045

sol times MAR MENOR sales:

PEGO Art Studio ........................

677 993 719

‘Bob Ross’ style oil landscape class. Saturday, August 20, 2011 10:00am-5:30pm Contact Anne Kerr, phone 965 977 045

ROJALEs ........................................

Cuevas del Rodeo - Friday night live music at the bar from 10pm

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LEGAL AIRPORT ALL BUILDING WORKS UNDERTAKEN. TRANS F ERS FREE HELP, ADVICE Taxis / Minibuses & QUOTES. /Coaches www. ALL AREAS COVERED c o s t a b l a n c a LEGAL & REGISTERED. CALL ADRIAN 0034 966 196 609 696 744 982 0034 610 611 619



BOATING LICENSES ARE NOW A LEGAL Retractable Awnings RE Q UIREMENT IN SPAIN Serenity Toldo Plano (Glorieta) Sailing RYA Balcony Blinds Training Centre, Vertical Blinds Competent Crew to Window Blinds Yachtmaster, VHF New Covers & ICC. Own-boat Repairs tuition on sail and At least 150 power. If you have a Colours To yacht or powerboat Choose From get qualified and certified. Contact Richard +34 638 676 583 246 056 224 Email: enquiries@ call sol times serenitysailing. classified com or visit: www. on 902 750 190 serenitysailing. ext 330 com



business opportunities

Business opportunities 10 cold drink/snack vending Machines with sites €44,900 Excellent cash income, no overheads, work from home, work only 1 day a week, €31,000 net yearly. 25 Pringle vending machines with sites €14,900, €250 per week net guarenteed,

Tel: 965 326 442 / 659 696 455 400 square metres workshop and office space available, within working

Busy bar in Benimar Commercial Centre, Regular Cliental all year round. Genuine reason for sale Price reduced for quick sale

Call Christine

672 697 081 chiropodist

Foot Prince

CHIROPODIST Sharon Prince a.c.e.o. Reg For an appointment Call: 699 747 574 or

966 791 714

Pool tables, s n o o k e r tables, table tennis tables, darts. Tel:666 933 726 w w w. s p a i n p o o l . com Al u m i n i u m Gates, Double and Electric Sliding. Guaranteed No Rust.Call Tracy on 966 726 891 for details. Patio Awning. sections of awning incl. concertina sliding top 5.6m x 2.2m & 3 x roller side blinds. 75€ o.n.o. Tel 966 713 297 (Benijofar) Mamas & Papas Ziko Frankie pushchair, mushy peas colour, excellent condition with hood, cost

The place to call for friendly reliable help

Repairs, Tuition, getting started, Microsoft Office R Certified

Virus Removal, Email setup, 20 years computer experience NO CALL OUT FEES Phone: 966 762 816 Mobile: 634 370 737

bargain Holiday Cars from 8€ per day

all inclusive 622 684 486


in Torrevieja & surrounding areas. No call out fee

Tel: 622 381 979 Tel: 658 632 056

Electrician available for all works. Small or large. Call Dave 693 251 562. Email. davendonc@aol. com

ELECTRICS & PLUMBING IN THE COSTA BLANCA no job too small & free estimates! specialists in all electrical & plumbing works

call clive: 617 268 346 or frank: 639 988 487

Mature qualified ex UK Care Home Manager

once strong wooden construction. €30. Sony 23inch screen TV (not flat screen) plus pace digi box, good working order. €85 Tel: 968199690 or 669136091

Balustrades with capping, One Pillar and Cap, never paint again, excellent condition 30 €. Phone 966 Wooden table, 712 200 (Benijofar). Mahogany, glass Fridge ARDEMcentre panel, 1’40 freezer, A grade extending to 2’10, elect consumption, together with 6 chairs, cream used as second seats. 280€. fridge can be seen Tel. 619972467 working, Very (Camposol area) good condition. Pine Dresser 125 € Telephone 150cm wide 6 1 9 8 0 3 4 4 4 x 215cm high 3 drawers & 3 Camposol. cupboards on bottom, glass doors on top good condition. €120. Cat or small dog airline approved transporter used

financial services s e c u r e d loans,

PETRO L GENERATO R 2.4kw AS new 95€, Mazarron area Tel: 968 956 127 or 618 086 126

Furniture first

est 2006



house clearance specialist FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE WE BUY, SELL & PART EXCHANGE QUALITY FURNITURE Open Mon - Fri 10 - 18.00, Sat 10 - 14.00 C/Pablo Neruda 2, Local 5, Rojales

PLEASE CALL JAMIE ON: 966 713 075 OR 680 545 923


Here on the Costa Calida we will buy unwanted or broken gold. We are offering the best rates. Please contact me for a consultation Full discretion guaranteed

TEL: 606 564 840


raising mortgages, cash whilst

advances you


Silver & gold wanted

equity release. 652

Private buyer pays cash for all

986 088 or 902

silver items Large or small, I will buy it.

585 569 asesor@


English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins


664 890 990

D o u b l e Member of the mattress in National Association of Goldsmiths good condition 50€ o.n.o tel 968 leaflet distribution 153 199 (Mazarron Flyers, I can distribute your flyers in area) the calida area door to door, for €0,04 Five sandstone tel: 689 626 886


new icp’s fitted - swimming pool heaters & air-con electric gates & burglar alarms hot water boilers,gas heaters & solar new bath/shower suites - spanish legal

employment wanted

£219 new, accept €85. Algorfa/San Fulgencio area. Tel 634303141. Mamas & Papas Trek buggy, raspberry colour, excellent condition, complete with washable liner, hood and rain cover, accept €35. Algorfa/San Fulgencio area. Tel 634303141 Pool table, slate bed, pub type, playing surface 113cm x 225cm with 2 sets of balls and cues Old but in full working order. Buyer collects. €300 Phone 634 351 602. Torrevieja area.



electrician ELECTRICITY,

Costa blanca areas christine 966 718 979 Costa calida area paulette 902 750 190

for sale

Computer fix

car hire

By PERSON: Quesada business centre, calle los arcos 7, quesada

Private sale ads are free under 300€ (3 ads per week) email them to:


would like to assist people in their own home with any care needs, travel, water. ready to operate cleaning, shopping etc. Husband available 647 587 855 / 950 459 010 for any DIY tasks, gardening etc, Call Jennifer: 965 008 495 warehouse, aircon, electric,

to place your advertisment....

Tel: 603 633 138

limosines We have two chauffeur driven stretch limousines for up to eight people and a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for up to four people.

634 321 024 ES 618 315 933 UK

not just for special occasions





647 151 972


mosquito blinds

• Roller Shutters & Persianas • Mosquito Roller Blinds • Security locks & Grills • Windows & Doors • Glass

We Fit, Repair or replace

Tel: 680 845 651 pergolas Pergola 5m x 3m. Never erected, high quality solid timber, treated, ideal for garden or car port €385. Will deliver free. 622 791 907 or si.whitworth@







English Plasterer internal finishing, external rendering, 15 years experience, good rates. Call Chris 671 444 246 email:


dead or aliv e



Apartment (Top floor / Penthouse) Almoradi, Costa Blanca 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Large Terrace, Lounge, Sep Kitchen, Utility Room, Communal Solarium, Lift, Furnished inc. White Goods, UK TV , 90m² Interior Living Space plus, 15m² Terrace / Balcony with Awnings Spacious apartment overlooks a newly reformed Plaza, views of the church & mountains, unusually large terrace. 2 min walk away from the town’s attractive central square, all other amenities are also within easy walking distance,12 mins drive from the resort of Guardamar del Segura. Close to La Finca Golf course

Price (Private Sale) € 85,000

Tel: (0034) 676 534 978

Cherri Bar Park Homes S.L. ‘La Hierbabuena’ - Los Lobos

ALUCASA - BUILT 2007 - AS NEW 2 Bedrooms,Shower room, Fully furnished, IDEAL HOLIDAY HOME


Plot rental 204.82€ per month

Tel: 629 688 153 -

montebello algorfa

3/4 bed detatched villa must be seen many extras to many to list


645 147 888

Park Homes Static caravans bought & sold, best prices paid, no deductions, we also transport, store & instore homes, sites available, Tel: 674 226 289 C h a l e t occasion, Torres cotillas, park. Particular. €180,000 build 350m2, 5 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms, Tel: 658 051 377 1454 Quesada Front Line Golf 4 bed 2 bath detached villa with communal pool and also room for private pool, Near to all amenities. Offers invited 169,950€ 448 Quesada Golf 3 bed 1 bath fully furnished villa with air-con situated across the road from the driving range Only 99,950€ 1034 Benimar Rojales Fully furnished 2 bed 1 bath detached villa

170000€ with communal pool, near to all amenities. Only 124,950€ 463 Benimar Rojales Detached 2 bed 2 bath Villa built on a 300 plot with private pool, property comes fully furnished and with air-con Offers invited 189,950€ NEW REDUCTION NOW ONLY 165,000€ COME AND SEE a real BARGAIN a Fabulous Opportunity for someone with the GUTS to take it on. its got a 3000m2 plot as well as a 240m2 build house with 12 rooms & own Pool a large garage and three phase electric if required, very suitable for STORAGE OR CAR WORKSHOP, its all legal and ready to be turned into a thriving business once again so come and see it, call Gary on

don’t chuck i’ll take it it


SALE & RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED in Cabo Roig/Villamartin, Orihuela Costa & Costa Calida

We have clients enquiring in this area

Contact CASASOL REAL ESTATE tel: 965 325 601 Email: 670469544 a close to sell so please friend of the family, look here www. you really need to be into a bit of DIY Beautiful Houses for for the house by the a snip Big Villas with way. I Can also help beautiful Gardens with Finance and at 199,999€, 4 Currency exchange Bed Penthouse if you need it Apartment for 90K. 670469544 Also a 5 Albatera Finca with Beds Finca Dolores Cert Habitation for 205,000€ on yes WITH. House a 10,000m2 plot with pool NOW all legal, Also & ONLY 90K, Plot to Bed 5 Bath House Build House 50K, inland near Hondon 2,500m2 Plot with 15,000m2 plot Electric 52K, 5Beds ONLY 220,000€ 3 Bath 2 Kitchens yes very cheap & Lounges 285K, worth a look its a 7 Beds 4 Bath 2 huge house and Kitchens 2 Lounges fabulous views Quesada 399K, 5 FOR AS LITTLE Beds finca 10Km2 AS : 65,500€ you plot Dolores 205K, can have the choice Don’t read any just look of ONE OF 2 Very more nice Apartments on at the site www. Ground floor with s p a n i s h v i s i o n s . private terrace, 2 com and ring us Bedrooms, Lounge 670469544 to view selling and Fitted Kitchens, Anyone Terrace to gardens ring us as we need and Pool area only more good value 22 units in total so things to promote very private. OR a as getting quality 2 Bed Apartment leads to view new ground floor IN properties. we are THE TOWN with again getting a new big terrace looking list of properties in towards pool area, our favorite location ALL properties are ALDEA DEL MAR fully furnished and so please keep an SOLD AS SEEN, eye on the site true BARGAINS massive call now 670469544 cortijo near its cheapest here Los gallardos so dont delay, Easy 20mins from access to Towns, mojacar the Beach and Golf beaches, see it here www. This is a unique spanish country cortijo with 4 beds, 2 bath, Open plan we also have 3 or living areas, kitchen & 4 other very cheap dining room as well as a workshop, courtyard new properties on front & back and room the site INCLUDING for a pool.Mountain views 220m2, Terrace A 3 BED HOUSE Build 65m2, Plot 1000m2, Nr Quesada for Garage 60m2 66,000€ yes call 200,000€ono now Telephone There are 649 186 107 various Vendors email for more info in desperate need


Local Moves Spain - UK - Return Good rate door to door Full or part loads Motorbikes & Caravans Pets Welcome Passports & Papers arranged Office: 965 326 920 Mobile: 666 847 648 All areas covered Brian - Torrevieja email:

SPAIN - UK - SPAIN Removals Friendly Reliable Service Fully Legal Special deals from UK - Spain Office: 968 564 298 Mobile: 696 621 884

van hire VANTASTIC 3.5 tonne removals or any man & van service Tel: 693 251 562.

E MAIL: davendonc@aol. com

Spain ‹ UK › Spain • Full & Part Loads • Local-No jobs too small • Pets Welcome • Experienced owner/driver (Playa Flamenca)

664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

Wanted Scrap Gold

Cash paid for all gold jewellery or exchange for new

Kitchen Oven

Lords Removals UK & European Local Deliveries, Full/Part loads. Pet transportation. Fully Insured


(0044) 7709 557 109 (0034) 608 061 872

satellite tv

R a i nbow Satellites for Tel: 603 192 957/966 848 607 all your TV needs clients all over UK: 00 44 790 519 8895 with the Murcia Region. MEL LANDON Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or rainbowsats@ LWB Sprinter van going to UK and back every 2 weeks, based near Murcia digi Airport. Tel: 610 846 260/ 0044 7519 SKY box Pace with 186 355. or email: white sky card


Call Peter


Anthony Foster

simply removals


Commercial gas or electric

we shift most things

Mob: 616820232 Office: 966 188 649

English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery, silver and coins

The Treasure Chest: 966 718 100 / 966 765 374

LowCostaMoves UK and Spain

Local moves & deliveries Playa Flamenca



Must be in good working order Can Collect Telephone 609 199 394 tattooist


FLAMENCA BEACH C.C. Tel: 634 141 331 672 875 418


,ch4 & 5. 120€ can deliver. Tel: 667 International real estate 235 205 or 667 478 Residencias & NIEs 50€ Organisation has a vacancy for a part / full 771 Wills 80€ Doctors, time native Sweedish speaking individual with excellent English attributes. Duties Driving licences & Car Transfers advertise will include administrative, sales & customer service. If you are an ambitious, professional with a flexible your wigs approach, want to join our successful team & this criteria matches your skills business Salon Margarethas, 23 years set then call now 0034 966 733 079 to in Torrevieja Hair/wig specialist for arrange an immediate interview medical illness and hair loss problems. in the We offer different hair replacements, soltimes top fillers, hair prostheses, toupees & wigs. Natural & artificial hair & much more. Also fashion/festival accessories. call TV/TS are welcome to our service. Call on 966 921 846 or call in 966 265 023 Margaretha salon in Torrevieja

Translation Services

Call Matt on 650 130 853

Experienced mechanic required, orihuela costa telephone 637 090 665


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swimming pools

personals “Readers of a sensitive disposition may find some of the ads in this section offensive”

Men rise to the occasion with the little blue diamond pill. Tel: 638 237 399 Same day delivery Spanish lady Playa Flamenca near new Carrefour before La Florida. 35 years, attractive, classy lady, private house, parking. Offers all erotic services, massage, sexy lingerie, prices from 40€. Full discretion. Tel: Ana 680 735 412 The Swingers Club on the Costa Blanca. www. puer to - d - amore. info Tel: 966 725 373 / 650 706 725

established 40 years in the UK

Britannia Solar Pool covers - Rollers Heatpumps - fencing

15% FREE

discount on solar pool covers & rollers 400 micron pool covers with all pool heat pumps

966 765 378 - 649 784 193


pool covers

Extend your Caldera swimming season fit a pool cover Sheer Luxury now and lock in heat 647 587 855 647the587 855



Pretty Woman, Sensual & tender, spoils you without pressure of time discreet in her villa body repairs (daily). Also mature gents welcome. Bumpers, wings and mirrors. All body Call 676 565 128 panels for all cars supplied. LHD headlights. Gay/Bi Bank Tel:966 875 497 Mob: 618 592 396 Manager to handle Vehicles registration your deposits and withdrawals. Call the Sperm Bank on Tlf: 660 409 206 New in Catral qualified nice masseuse oriental techniques, deep relaxation, good promotions 638 789 562 close to Quesada Ashley,New, English mixed race South American, very sexy!! 29yrs, Tall, Slim with long legs, Excellent rates near Hospital De Torrevieja Call me direct 634 336 712

jet ski



Alan 662 249 159

tel: 636 698 501

mo t o r h ome s & caravans wanted, cash waiting, anything concidered. 647 587 855 / 950 459 010 www.hispavan. com

587 855 / 950 459

abbe y s p e c t r u m caravan, twin axle, island bed, 2x motor movers, aircon, fully loaded, as brand new 647





010 www.hispavan. com caravan


mo t o r h ome s t o r a g e , undercover, -

loing term 647 587 855 / 950 459 010 w w w. h i s p av a n . com

vehicles for sale


600 726 221 965 687 976

for sale

nissan x trail excellent cond. 2004, silver, spanish plated, alloys, power steering, abs, aircon etc 647 587 855 / 950 459 010

Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the Law! Let us take the hassle Mercedes C away from you and class 220 cdi re-register your vehicle 2000, RHD, on to Spanish plates Spanish Reg,

Elegant Slim Sexy Lady available, home / house visits. Mazarron Torrevieja Tel: 693 WE PROMISE TO BEAT 357 526 ANY GENUINE QUOTATION For a full service contact: Lovely girls to pamper you, luxury apartment, drinks and shower free, Playa Flamenca, vehicle imports & Campoamor. Tel: and competitive rates. call 687 845 730 660 308 993 MAY erotic from Indonesia, 38 petite, attractive, will spoil For re-registration of cars, you with a sensual motorbikes and motor homes relaxing massage. contact Graham Shelton Come and relax in my very private, Who after re-registering over luxurious apartment, 750 vehicles will put you on the or I will pamper you right side of the road. in your own home. 605 319 889 or 966 753 375 FULL SERVICE. Number withheld – no call. Tel: 698 896 034

watermaid jet ski 155hp with shuttle craft, spanish papers 647 587 855 / 950 459 europe swimming pool 010 maintenance, gearbox repairs heat pumps, saltwater & Gearbox Repairs, Filter system. Automatics & instualtions


Porsche Boxster RHD,Spanish reg July ‘02 - Cabriolet 3.2S Flat Six (252bhp) Auto/Tiptronic 84,000 kms, 2 owners Full Porsche history A/C (Climate) Multi-spoke alloys Remote locking, Alarm Navy Power Hood Porsche CD System Met silver + navy leather

Vehicles wanted

Mitsubishi Galloper 001 - 4x4 - 7 seater 2.5 TD Intercooler Super Exceed 134,000 kms, 3 owners Fully serviced A/C, Alloys, PAS, ABS Front fog lights E. windows/mirrors Remote locking Side steps, Rear privacy glass, Walnut fascias Met champagne/ silver


600 726 221 661 321 036 965 687 976

Hyundai Atos 2001 5 door hatch 1.0 Prime 100,000 kms 3 owners Fully serviced A/C, PAS, ABS CD player Electric windows Central locking Yellow

Manuals, all makes

2nd hand engines supplied & fitted Scrap vehicles disposed of All paperwork completed legally

in good condition Automatic selection.

Amigo Cars

622 684 486



Cars, Vans, Bikes Damaged or Scrap Reliable Cars Bought For Cash

619 608 270


634 159 139 mobile mechanic



Cars, Motorhomes, 4x4’s, Boats, Vans, Trailers, Quads, Classics

FOR CASH Telephone:


699 805 995





Same day collection


We pay instant cash same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, caravans, trailers, absolutley anything!


From 1€ to 10,000€

610 078 940

965 708 717

Call Phil: 607 848 332

Fully Legal & registered in the UK & Spain


Only 250€

JCB’s, Mini-Diggers (All Makes), Tractors, Trailers & all other types of plant machinery. Any age, any condition. Cash buyer All 4x4 vehicles for cash, Mitsubishi, Landrover, Suzuki, Nissan etc

Call now for an instant decision

698 279 973


Vehicles wanted

Tel: 645 094 339 or 950 064 763

leave your old car, caravan or motorhome Full ITV, taxed, 600 726 221 battery with us 661 321 036 3500€ ono and takeaway a 965 687 976 tel: 634 103 290 free bottle of red or Ford Focus Auto white wine 647 587 Cabriolets! March ‘08 - 5 door hatch 855 / 950 459 010 Automatic Cars! 1.6 Trend Auto/Tiptronic w w w . h i s p a v a n . 31,000 kms, 1 owner Going Home Full Ford History com


RHD Cars ! A/C (Climate), PAS, ABS Cruise, Front fog lights 4 x 4’s E. windows/mirrors Cheap Run High spec model Arounds! CD, Rear park sensors Remote locking We have them all. Metallic grey. As new From Reduced from €10,950! 1,500€ to 30,000€ For Sale or Exchange Tel: Frank 600 726 221 €10,450 661 321 036 600 726 221 or 965 687 976 661 321 036 965 687 976

bargain cars

wanted cars for cash Best

JT METAL RECYCLING Turn your old or unwanted CAR into CASH. We will dispose of in our Authorised Depollution End of Life Treatment facility.

Certificates issued

prices paid


Call Tim:


Spanish / English Anything considered

662 211 993


TEL: 645 094 339 / 950 064 763




Reservations 968 566 410 / 656 532 491

24hrs Alicante 656 532 725 / 24hrs Murcia 656 532 724 Email:

PAWS A WHILE PET HOTEL • A home from home friendly atmosphere. • A full menu to suit all requirements. • Pet suites. • 24/7 Veterinary care. • Pets play area • Very secure surroundings with ample space & shade. • Yours or your pets portrait available.

OPEN EVERYDAY: 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 6.30pm

ENGLISH & SPANISH SPEAKING Telephone for prices & details of vaccinations required for stay.

Alicante and Murcia Dual Contracts UNLIMITED TRANSFERS Fly into Alicante and out of Murcia or vice versa Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport of your choice. Available for Long & Short Term Clients NO HIDDEN CHARGES

Parking couldn’t be easier or more secure Offering 24hrs parking, 365 days a year from as little as 82cent per day Unlimited transfers Just 2 minutes from San Javier (Murcia) and Alicante Airport Latest state of the art security system Complimentary external clean We also offer a complete car care services including ITV’s

DEAN: 696 562 662 Fines, Nr Albox

We have over 20,000 square meters of secure parking


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LIVE - YES - LIVE ! 0€ 5 1 era

e az j l A ... every team € 0 5 ... every game ADMC 1 !!! ... every week Priced at:399€ wals e Amazing Value! Order Today! ren VIA dSATELLITE Every English Premier League car (incl. P&P)

Match Live!

PLUS humax Decoder & ACTIVATED CARD included

High Quality / High Definition IR1020HD receiver manufactured by Humax, is also compatible with normal TV´s. Easy to receive along Costas Blanca, Calida & Almeria and inland on a small dish (usually 60 / 80cm, not included).

Order Today!

Reader Offer

Tel: 609 199 394 between 10am - 5pm, or


Live Studio & reporting from the Stadiums. Pre & Post game analysis. All in English. All available in HD or with standard TV. For the Home or Businesses

10 HD channels 24 / 7 include:

Full live coverage of every single English Premier League match (380 of them this year). With the rights to show them for seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13 so card renewals available. In addition to English Premier League there’s many additional football programmes, F1, Tennis etc. National Geographic Wild HD, National Geographic Adventure HD, Sky News HD, Fox Movie HD. Includes Humax decoder and 1 years subscription to AD Sports Channels with genuine original card prepaid for 12 months, activated when signals received and power applied. Receive either from the satellites Nilesat or BADR ( last year the same offer was via Showtime, so bars and clubs have their dish already setup for Nilesat).

) s l e n n a h c (10


For an additional More Football, More Sport…….

Coca Cola Championship, CARLING Cup, English FA Cup, FA Community Shield, Highest Coverage of SPL (Scottish Premiership), UEFA European Championship, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA World Cup, African Cup, European domestic leagues and much, much more !!! Cricket, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Motor Sports, Volleyball, Winter Sports, Rugby, Wrestling & Ice Hockey etc. This is the Al Jazeera Sports 10 channel package.

Trade Orders Welcome!

Offer available in the Spanish Peninsular. Delivery by Correos is included (courier service available at additional cost). Collection from our Offices in Albox or Quesada can be arranged. Dish and installation not included though we can normally suggest installers in your area.




Inside out on new B-Class Mercedes gives first glimpse inside its new luxury MPV

This is the first official picture of the fiveseater luxury MPV’s upmarket interior. And it will help the car take the fight to the VW Golf Plus and Ford C-MAX when it arrives next year. The layout marks a huge step up in quality over the outgoing model. And the design will be unique to all of the brand’s frontdriven models, including the forthcoming A-Class and ‘BLS’ four-door coupe. Its sweeping, contoured dash incorporates big SLS-style metal air vents, and can be finished in a choice of classy woods or metals. The sporty leather steering wheel is taken from the CLS, while the large display that sits above the centre console has been shaped to mimic an Apple iPad. Used to navigate the brand’s COMAND media

interface, the colour screen is available in 15cm and 17cm sizes, and gives passengers Internet access via a 3G phone connection. This can download local information to the sat-nav, and locate album cover art for your music collection. Top-spec B-Class models will get heated electric leather seats from the E-Class saloon. The focus on luxury means that the car will come with an extensive list of gadgets from the rest of the range, including DISTRONIC radar-guided cruise control, fatigue sensors and a braking system that helps perform emergency stops if it senses a collision. This wide array of equipment should give the B-Class the edge in a competitive sector. Prices will start at around £20,000.

MINI Soho limited edition

Nissan’s MX-5 is back

Nissan has revived plans for a rear-wheel drive sports car and the newcomer will use the Leaf’s electric drivetrain Japanese giant Nissan’s rival to the Mazda MX-5 is back on the agenda – and it’s going electric. The company had shelved plans to revive the legendary rear-wheel-drive 200SX back in 2008. But work on the project has started again, as part of Nissan’s push to launch 52 new cars by 2016. Before the 2+2 was canned, the plan had been for it to sit on the 370Z platform, with power from the 188bhp 1.6-litre turbo found in the Juke. Now, though, we have learned that the car – which is likely to get an entirely different name – will use a new chassis. In March this year, Daimler bosses signed an agreement to supply mid-size platforms to Nissan, which would accommodate everything from fourcylinder motors to V8s. This will not only underpin the new MX-5

rival, but also the 370Z replacement and the next GT-R. The Infiniti G and a new sports car from the luxury brand will also use it. Insiders in Japan believe that bosses have yet to make a decision on what will power the new Nissan, but a tuned version of the Leaf’s drivetrain and a hybrid set-up are under consideration. The company has previously expressed an interest in an all-electric rear-wheeldrive sports car, with the ESFLOW concept, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March. To ensure sharp handling, our sources have revealed that Nissan will get help in tuning the chassis from Lotus Engineering; the Brits could also assist with a new lightweight construction. Expect the new model to arrive in 2013, with a price tag of around £20,000.


CARS WANTED FOR CASH Call Tim on 66 22 11 993

Soho editions add a touch of exclusivity to the MINI Hatchback and Convertible line ups MINI has gone to town with a pair of limited editions - one based on the Hatchback, another on the Convertible. Called the MINI Soho, the newcomers are the latest in a line of MINI specials edition named after London boroughs, districts, streets and landmarks such as the Mayfair, Camden and Park Lane. The Soho name has already been used on a MINI - last year’s Soho Clubman - but this is the first time it’s been applied to the Hatchback and its soft-top sibling. Available as both a Cooper and Cooper D, the latter with congestion charge-exempt CO2 emissions of 99g/km, they will be on sale

om Cust

from now until March 2012. Finished in a White Silver paint job and fitted with 17-inch Black Star Bullet alloy wheels, the monochrome exterior is unique to the Soho edition. Inside the cabin, a three-spoke steering wheel and piano black trim separates it from the standard car. Prices start at £16,765 for the MINI Cooper Soho Hatch, rising to £18,045 for the Cooper D Hatch. The MINI Cooper Soho Convertible costs £19,060 while the Copper D Convertible will set you back £20,135 - almost a £2,000 premium over the equivalent standard models.


House Summer Specia l

Trade Prices to the Public From 50€ Per Panel full resprays from 500 euros telephone 672 507 184


Best prices paid THE ONE STOP CAR CENTRE

•C  ar sales, valeting, tyres, air con, engine diagnostics and re-gassing • Recovery service (Grua) Pick up and delivery service •Scrap cars disposed of legally, including all paperworks.


Over 30 cars for sale from 1000€ to 5000€ Phone Paola 966 44 85 37


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MIAMI CALPE IN FINALS OF SAN JUAN BEACH RUGBY 7’S...........................................

TORRE GOLF SOCIETY...................................... El Plantio – 1st AUGUST 2011

What a hot day for golf! Well it is the first of August in Spain what do you expect? We had a contingent of golfers from Ireland playing which made it a little bit special and to add to it all we had a young gentleman aged fourteen years playing, which possibly the youngest golfer with Torre Golf Society. We decided to revert back to a straight forward Stableford competition and because of the number of players have two categories, with two nearest the pins and front and back nine best scores. Despite the heat there were some good scoring and none more so than from the youngest player Luke Morgan playing of a slope handicap

of 18 he waltzed in with a whopping 40 points, (is this cool hand Luke?)and if that was not good enough he took the best back nine with 25 points, some wag called out “Your front nine must have been rubbish”

The prizes this month were Cava and Rioja so Luke’s Dad Andy was well pleased. Barry Daniell keeps winning a NTP bottle of wine he now is complaining of gout. The full results were: Cat One (0-19) Luke Morgan 40 points Cat Two (20-36) Reid Kane 32 points Nearest The Pin Hole 9. Barry Daniell 14. Mike Penny


Best Front 9. Tony Chandler

20 points Best Back 9. Luke Morgan 25 points The Value For Money (VFM) prize a can of Larger: Ken Lindsay.(points total withheld) Our next game the Doug Maddison Memorial at Alicante Golf 15th August there are some special prizes so get your name down to remember this lovely guy.

For more information on The Torre Golf Society then contact the Secretary Ivie Davies either by email or telephone 669 211 410 Photo: Winners at El Plantio: Tony Chandler, Barry Daniell, Reid Kane, Luke Morgan, Ken Lindsay and Mike Perry

El Raso GS................................................. On a perfect summer´s day 28 players took to the road for El Raso´s monthly competition at BONALBA

Golf Club with 4 new members having joined the society. All arrived safely and some even had time for a breakfast before going out. Despite the course looking so good, the greens were not up to scratch, but never mind c´est la vie !!. Before announcing the winners “One of our recently in form players actually had an air shot” namely David Gray. Sorry David orders from above. So now here are the

winners also on the photo.


BEST GUEST Gina Ashworth score 30 points.


NEAREST THE PINS Hole 4 KEN BRETT. Hole 8 Ken Brett. Hole 14 Bill Martin. BEST FRONT NINE Harry Armstrong with 17 points on count back. BEST BACK NINE Bill Martin with 17 points on count back. MAJOR PRIZE WINNERS 3RD PLACE WITH 32 POINTS ON COUNT BACK WAS MIKE BOX. 2ND PLACE WITH 33 POINTS

HOWEVER WE OF COURSE MUST NOT FORGET THE WINNER OF THE GNOME WITH THE LOWEST SCORE AND WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE WAS GRAHAM CHEETHAM. Footnote it was also noticeable quite a few players were rather late leaving Bonalba for CLAPTONs and the prize giving not normal practice GUYS !!!!!!

On Saturday Alicante had their 14th San Juan 7’s beach rugby tournament and all I can say is that it was a great days entertainment of rugby, with local teams taking part as well as teams from Barcelona etc. Miami Caple team started off in style against a very strong TGV Barcelona team. The team worked very well together, considering it was the first time they had all played together, as it is a team of friends who got together to play in this tournament. After some excellent handling and support work they ran out 60 winners, 6 tries to nil that is. Then up came Universidad Miguel Hernadez Elche, and for some reason we decided to throw the game plan out of the window from the first game and play like it was 15a-side game and drew 3-3, which put us into the semi finals. In the semi finals we came up against Trapos Viejos, and change the game plan back to the first game, which made it more comfortable for us, and after more good free flowing rugby ran out winners 3-0 to put us into

the final against Universidad de Alicante. With them been the favourites on home sand and also were playing some excellent free flowing rugby themselves it was looking like it was going to be a cracking final, which it turned out to be. Miami Calpe opened the scoring with Brian scoring the first try, before Alicante hit back with two tries of their own before half time. In the second half Miami Calpe drew level with Juanma the captain scoring another try on the day, before Alicante stole the day with another excellent worked try, to run out 3-2 winners in a match fit for any final of any tournament. Congratulations on University de Alicante for being this year’s winners. We will be back next year to go one better. Also I would like to thank them for letting me have a stand there at the tournament, which meant it was a great day all round for me. Also this weekend I will be at the Lo Crispin Association Charity fun day to raise money for local children’s charity, and will be stand number 28,

so if you can not see me at the market come along and see me there. If you want to know any more details of what rugby is on in the area, and for your rugby gear club shirts etc, you can always come and see me at the Moncayo Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays or call me on 692 767 242. Training starts back at the club on 30 August after the summer break. So if you are interested, dig out those rugby boots and come along and see for yourself what it is like. New players are always welcome no matter of what age or skill level you are. If you would like more information about what is going on in the club, you can contact the club by phoning myself, Garry on 692 767 242, and for the juniors contact Oscar on 600 871 606 (Spanish) So come along and join in the fun and great friendly atmosphere at the club

San Javier Golf Society............................. Mystery Pairs Roda Golf Monday 1st August It’s obviously getting too hot for a lot of our members as we had a poor turnout for this competition. Played at our home course of Roda Golf we battled the heat of the day starting at 10am. Todays competition was a Mystery Pairs which would be drawn after the game so everyone played their own game scoring as many stableford points as they could not knowing who their partner might be. The course was in marvelous condition for this time of the year and we were fortunate to get a slight breeze making it more bearable out there. Only 1 player excelled again today and that was Paul Richards who is to be congratulated on scoring a magnificent

43 points. Unfortunately Pauls mystery partner was Paul Hamlin who scored 28 points, giving them a total of 71 points, this was matched by the pairing of Bob Gallard (35) and Frank Broadhurst (36) and so a count back over the last nine holes was instigated and Bob and Frank came out in 1st place. In 3rd place were Barry Beale (38) and George Stein (30) total 68 points. The nearest the pin prizes went to Barry Beale for holes 5&15. Paul Richards hole 7 and Dave Archer on hole 13. Dave also won the gross 2¨s prize of 29€ on hole 11. For more information on the society go to. www. Report by Bob Gallard




LAS SALINAS PETANCA MAGGOTS END................................................................... Presidents Trophy LEAGUE ............................... RODS and REELS From Roger Seymour

CHEERS BAR PETANCA The owner of Cheers Bar , Martin Milne, is making plans for a new Petanca team at the Cheers Bar, which is next to the San Miguel Bowls club. This is a good location and Martin will be pleased to have any interested players or organizers call him on 966 723 438. Martin has entered Cheers Bat into the Winter league, joining the 4th division.

LEMON TREE PETANCA More players are needed for the El Presidente team, who play in the 3rd division, for further information please call Stan on 658 677 380.

LEAGUE ENTRIES With 30 teams entered so far for the Winter league programme, two more are needed, to make 8 teams in al 4 divisions. The original September 1st date has been extended to give more teams time to enter, now the closing date is September 15th.

LEAGUE MIXED PAIRS The first league competition is a mixed pairs on October 2nd, the venue is not yet confirmed, but entries can be made now to Pat Roberts on 966 774 565.

FLORENTILLES PETANCA This is a new club, who are playing at the Florentilles camp site. They meet on Monday and Wednesday, at 6-30. Newcomers are more than welcome, the aim is to form a team to play in the Las Salinas league in November .With players due back from all over Europe to stay on the sight, this should bring a number of players to the club. For further information please mail Rob on

Quesada Bowling Club... Sponsored by A Spanish With Cathy Skinner

Due to the heat, and family visits, in the month of August, we have no matches. It is our self imposed close season. The new season 2011/2012 begins on the 1st September. Below is a list of the championship winners during the last season.

Winter championship 1st Bill Reade 2nd Ian Dalzell 3rd Dave Hoare

Summer Championship 1st Dave Hoare 2nd Bill Reade 3rd Stan Roberts

Summer League 1st Lenny Bolton 2nd Dave Hutchinson 3rd Bill Reade

Knockout Cup 1st Lenny Bolton 2nd Ian Dalzell 3rd Clive Cleghorn

Ladies Champion Marlene Hutchinson

Annual Charity match Ian Dalzell

Memorial Match Doug Hornblow

Specimen Trophy Jim Rouse with a 4.4kg mullet

Bill Reade


Coastrider Cup Rods and Reels Gary Smith Cup Rods and Reels Roundtown News cup Rods and Reels PLEASE NOTE

The clubs AGM and prize giving presentation will be held on the 25th September at Cagney & Lacy´s bar at La Marina, commencing at 10.00am. This will be followed by a buffet supplied by the club. Numbers are needed, so anyone interested in coming, please contact Sue Swann on 966729293 by Sunday 18th September. Subscriptions are also due from 1st August and to be paid prior to commencement of the AGM. Subs to be paid to Derek Swann and they are 25 euros.


supplied by TERRY SCREEN The 6th round of the Summer Series was fished on the River Segura on the 2nd August; I was away on holiday in England for this match but many thanks to Mike Hill for taking over and running the match. So all I have to report this

KINGS CUP A home game this week for the Lions against Country Bowls, where we won the match 8 points to 4. In the Ladies Singles Ruth Birch was matched against Spanish International Sheila Cammack and initially it looked as though the match would go only one way. However, Ruth made a dramatic comeback and was in contention, but eventually Sheila took the game 21-16. In the men’s singles jacie Breslin took on fellow Scot Ken Cuthbert who went on to win the game. In the pairs, another good week for Veronica Sale and Jason Prokopowycz

against Lynne Bishop and Peter Whitehall. Our pair took an early lead and went on to win 21-13. The triples of Diane Lawton, Dave Donovan and John Muldoon took the lead very early in the game and at the 16th end were 29-3 up against Lyn Watkins, Karen Kirk and Bruce Aitken. However the opposition never gave up and took 4 shots over the last two ends. The fours of Norma Lamberton , John Haigh, Pearl Houghton and Derek Sale were the top team this week with a tremendous win 31-11 against Geoff Paylor, Charlie Watkins, George

Thomson and Gerry Gough. Overall shots at the end of the day were 109 to 73.

SABA LADIES PAIRS LEAGUE This week saw the culmination of the SABA Ladies Pairs League and once again the ladies of Quesada have triumphed. The team of Norma Lamberton, Veronica Sale, Tina Brinton, Gail Watson, Diane Lawton and Deidre Leeming took the overall points against Greenlands this week to win the trophy which will be presented at the SABA finals

weekend in September.

SAHARA LEAGUE Friday’s game against La Siesta saw mixed fortunes for home and away teams the home team winning on all 3 rinks B.Houghton R. Pinfold N.Baigent 21-13 C.Skinner S.Jakeman T.Paget 18-17 L. Armstrong T.Jakeman P. Houghton 21-12 The away team had only 1 win of A.Thomas P. Lockley J. Northend 17-15 Quesada loosing the overall shots 102 to 105 Points 8 Quesada 6 L Siesta mind Graham, that elusive feat is sure to come one day. Results Gold Division Mick Cook 33 points

Silver Division Louvain Smith 26 points

Bronze Division

Andy Godfrey 27 points

Guest prize

LA MARINA GOLF SOCIETY .......................... Bonalba G,C, August 4th, 2011

For the first competition of August we returned to Bonalba G.C. which members had particularly enjoyed playing earlier in the year. The course was in very good condition and, together with the extremely reasonable green fees and warm welcome, makes it a place which I am sure we will

return to again soon!

The temperature was very warm as one would expect in August and, as usual, it had an effect on most of the surprisingly large number of members and guests who turned up to play an Individual Stableford. The course was extremely busy so it was a welcome change that most rounds were completed in less than the

Ian Jones 32 points

Nearest the pin winners

usual five hours or more that seems to be the ‘norm’ here on the Costa.

Hole 4 – Brandon Jones (Guest)

The three generations of the Jones family had a particularly successful day with a prize each. Graham Marriner won the 2’s with a tee shot that his playing partners thought would end up as a hole-inone but which ended up less than 12 inches from the hole for a tap in.. Never

Hole 14 – Graham Marriner

Hole 8 – Alan Jones (Guest) Our next competition is on Thursday August 18th, 2011 at Plantio GC, first tee time 09.28a.m.. Anyone wishing to play, join the Society or obtain further information, please contact Bill McGrandle on 965 077264

week is the match results, which are 1st Stan (The Man) Roberts with 10.500kg fishing pole pellet and corn 2nd Bob (The Major) Rafferty with 8.980kg fishing the feeder and corn 3rd Richard (The Lionheart) King with 6.980kg fishing pole and corn All details are available on our website www. or from the Match Secretary Terry Screen on 965 328 368

ANGLERS TOGETHER Members recently had a fishing trip to Murcia on the River Segura which was enjoyed by all. Another friendly match is planned for the autumn. The date will be given at the monthly meeting. Anglers Together was formed to introduce and encourage anglers of all abilities to meet up and get together to fish, either sea or freshwater. Firm friendships have been formed during the time the group has been active and information on fishing venues and licenses required are available at the meetings or by regular emailed newsletters. Meetings are held in two locations on the second Friday and Saturday of each

month. Anyone with an interest in fishing (sea or freshwater) is welcome to come along to a meeting to see what we’re about. The next meeting at Mary’s Bar, Campoverde (near Pilar de la Horadada) will be held on Friday 9th September at 12 o’clock On Saturday 10th September at 12 o’clock the meeting will be held at The New Royal Bar and Restaurant at El Alamillo, opposite the sea-front between Isla Plana and the Port. Refreshments and lunch are available at each location. Come along to a meeting nearest to you.No meetings are held in August For further details ring Alan Roscoe 968 570 876or email: anglerstogether@ (NEW EMAIL ADDRESS). If anyone has emailed to our previous address (@ gonuts4free) please resend to our new address as we have not been receiving messages. Thank you TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

LO CRISPIN GOLF SOCIETY - La Finca - 8 August 2011

On this hot day in August, 40 members and guests met at La Finca Golf Club to take part in our third major of the season, the Summer Cup. It certainly lived up to its name with the temperatures and humidity pretty high. We set off at tee ten and gradually made our way around the course, some taking longer than others. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the game and relaxed in the bar with a cool beer waiting for everyone to finish. After a satisfying game of golf most people went to the Lo Crispin Tavern for a meal, presentation and entertainment. The winner received the new Spring Trophy, a replica to keep, a bottle of spirits and a free game kindly donated by La Finca Golf, who also gave free games for the second and third winners. We always run a free game raffle and today this was included in the price of the day, with also second chance for a €1. The winners of the raffle were Geoff Dowsett and Chris Nield. David Dodd organised the evening and did a great job in making sure everyone had a good time, with an extra free raffle tickets for each person on the table. The singer was very good and had us singing and

dancing all night away. Roll on the next one. The Summer Trophy winner was Dave Lewis with 40pts 2nd Eddy Downing 38pts 3rd Brian Smith 37pts Best Guest was Ian Brady with 39pts Nearest the pins: Sue Smith hole 3, Brian Smith hole 6, Martin Collins holes 13 and 16. Each won a sleeve of 4 balls The 2s winners were Brian Smith, Peter Morris, Scott Blair, Alan Crain and Ian Davidson each receiving €15 each The picture is of our winner Dave Lewis. Best regards Gail Coultate Lo Crispin Golf Society Secretary


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES

Luz del Sol cps 1212









2 bed, 1 bath Clasico villa. Roof solarium. Ideal investment or rental property.

2 bed, 1 bath Clasico. Ready to move into. Great holiday home/ rental.

Semi-detached Rebecca. 2 beds, 1 bath. Fully Furnished. Priced to sell.

Rebecca 2 beds, 1 bath. Fully furnished sale includes a 4 person Jacuzzi.








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Rosa Villa 2 beds, 2 baths. Fully furnished. 7x4m pool. Viewing recommended.

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Charming Finca Aledo. Mountain setting. 3 beds, 2 baths. Fully furnished. Pool.

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Tuscan Villa, Bolnuevo. 4 Beds, 3 Baths. Modern interior. Pool. Fabulous sea views.

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Extended Neptuno Villa 4 beds, 3 baths. 1St floor sitting room. Kidney shaped pool. Must see.

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new properties s.l.

Sol Times Newspaper issue 190 Mar Menor Edition  

Sol Times Newspaper issue 190 Mar Menor Edition

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