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Mayor stops jobless foreigners signing padron ALSO IN THIS ISSUE




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Mayor Will Not Let Jobless Foreigners Sign On Padrón A Mayor in a town just outside Madrid has refused to let any foreigners sign on the padrón if they do not have a job – even if they have lived in the town for years.

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Most of the immigrants in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid), a town of 3,800 inhabitants, are Moroccan. And many complain that even when they present legal permanent residence permits, rental contracts or details of the mortgages on their homes, if they cannot produce a job contract they are not allowed to sign on the village census. This contravenes laws stating that all residents, irrespective of nationality, work status or even legality in the country – have both the right and the obligation to sign on the padrón. The mayor of Robledo - Mario Anselmo

de la Fuente (PP) does not apply his ‘no jobseekers’ rule to Spanish residents. It means that those not allowed to register on the census are unable to produce a padrón certificate when needed – such as for buying a car or a house, or setting up a mortgage – and are not entitled to state healthcare or education for their children. It also means that the village is underfunded for its public services and facilities, since the national government provides funds for these based on official headcount. The local Moroccan resident association has taken the matter up with the regional

ombudsman, but the mayor refuses to comment on the matter to this body, saying: “I will only give explanations about what I do in my own town if I am asked to do so in court.” One woman, who has lived in – and been on the padrón in – five towns in the last 17 years said that when she insisted it was her right to be on the census list, a Local Police officer in the town hall told her: “Either you leave now, or I’ll grab you by the neck and throw you out into the street.” The council has also refused to comment on these allegations.

Zapatero Describes Spanish Presidency As Positive & Useful

While speaking in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero voiced his opinion by describing the 6-month period of the Spanish Presidency as something “useful” and “positive”. Report by Debbie Parker

The solid support of the EU partners was highlighted by Zapatero, as it is — necessary to the adoption of new measures to handle the financial crisis for both Spain and Europe. Zapatero said that it is quite rare for the European Council to remain so steadily determined towards clearing up uncertainties to make progress that is crucial to the recovery of financial sector. Spain’s recent request for the publication of stress test results on the European credit entities was also agreed to, by the European Union. These results will be published in the second half of July and according to Mr. Zapatero, they’re important towards the

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restoration of calm in the markets. The Spanish leader felt the importance and the good usability of the Spanish Government, since the last six months and said that the government tackled a lot of difficult circumstances and enjoyed the opportunity that let it play an important role at such a “decisive” time. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero reached the end of his speech by expressing his beliefs that the presidency had been working hard and well. He openly thanked the level of support that has been doted by the parliamentary groups, as an acknowledgment, which is crucial to the execution of “a true state policy”.

ETA Suspect To Remain In Custody Belfast Until Extradited

A member of Basque terrorist cell ETA who was arrested in Belfast on Thursday is expected to stay behind bars until his extradition order comes through.



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Fermín Vila Michelena, thought to be part of the extremist group, has been refused bail, called for by the same defence lawyer who is representing José Ignacio de Juana Chaos, another ETA member who was arrested in the Northern Irish city some years ago and who is fighting extradition. Judge Thomas Burgess, who is also handling De Juana Chaos’ case, ordered Vila Michelena remain in custody, as he believes there is a very real risk of the suspect absconding and that the offences with which he is charged are extremely serious.

Vila Michelena is believed to be renting an apartment in northern Belfast for 325 pounds a month and working as a chef in a citycentre restaurant under the assumed name of Amando Alonso Palacios. He is said to have been involved in planting a bomb next to a branch of the BBVA in Madrid in May 2001, and another alongside the Ministry of Justice two months later. This terrorist attack led to the death of police officer Luis Ortiz de la Rosa. Vila Michelena is the 55th ETA suspect to have been arrested so far this year.

Judge Declares Spain’s Marsans Insolvent

Viajes Marsans, one of Spain’s biggest and oldest tour operators, has been declared insolvent, according to a court ruling seen by AFP on Monday. The judge took the decision on Friday after about 20 companies made complaints over unpaid bills. But the judge ruled that Posibilitum Business, which acquired Marsans earlier this month for 600 million euros (740 million dollars), can continue to run the firm. Marsans’ financial difficulties took a turn for the worse in December when a British court ordered its airline Air Comet to close owing to

its massive debts. In March Marsans’ insurance company Seguros Mercurio went under. Spanish news reports have said Posibilitum plans to dismiss more than half of all the firm’s workers. They said Posibilitum will also close half of Marsans’ offices across the country and move out of its modern headquarters in Madrid in order to save money. The business daily Cinco Dias Monday reported that Marsans had not paid the rent of 700,000 euros per month on the building “for months” to the German group Union Investment which owns it.





Spain’s Embattled Judge Replaced By Media-Shy Colleague Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, suspended for alleged abuse of power linked to a probe of Franco-era crimes, has been replaced by a much younger colleague known to be media shy, judicial sources said.

The body that oversees the judiciary in Spain, the CGPJ, unanimously chose Pablo Ruz Gutierrez, 34, to replace Garzon on the National Court bench, where he will inherit a number of sensitive cases. Gutierrez will stand in while three judicial cases against Garzon are resolved. No date has been set for the trial of Garzon, 54, which could take place after the summer, the sources said. He is accused of abuse of power for opening an investigation in 2008 into the disappearance of tens of thousands of people during the 1936-39 civil war and general Francisco Franco’s ensuing right-wing dictatorship. The case follows a complaint by far-right groups that the probe ignored an amnesty law passed in 1977, two years after Franco’s death, for crimes committed under the general’s rule. If convicted he would avoid prison but could be suspended for up to 20 years,


Chris Isaak at Valencia’s Palau de la Música Valencia’s Palau de la Música will play host to celebrated American rocker, Chris Isaak, as part of the singer’s world tour to promote his latest album “Mr Lucky”.

“Mr Lucky” is Isaak’s 13th album and contains all the winning features of his previous work, including 1950’s sounds, psychedelia, ballads and plenty of tremolo. His backing musicians have been with him since his earliest tours and include Kenney Dale Johnson on drums, Rowland Salley on bass and Hershel Yatovitz on guitar, substituting James Wilsey after “San Francisco days”. Christopher Joseph Isaak (Stockton, California, 1956) began his musical career in 1984 when he signed for Warner Bros Records and released his first album, “Silvertone” a year later. This was followed by “Chris Isaak” (1987) and “Heart Shaped World” (1989), which featured his best-known track to date: “Wicked Game” which was part of the soundtrack for ‘Wild at Heart’.

which would effectively end his career. Gutierrez, a member of a left-wing judges organisation, has already served as a temporary replacement on the bench of the National Court, which handles cases involving terrorism, crimes against humanity and organised crime. He has a reputation for avoiding the media, while Garzon is well known for embracing it and inciting both criticism and jealousy among his colleagues. Since he was suspended, Garzon has been hired as an adviser for the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Garzon is also involved in two other cases, one regarding wiretaps he ordered as part of a probe into a corruption scandal involving members of the conservative opposition party and another for suspected bribery over payments he allegedly received for seminars in New York.

In 1995 Isaak released “Forever Blue”, which featured another classic “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing”, which was used in the soundtrack for “Eyes Wide Shut”, and between 2001 and 2004 he presented his own TV show, “The Chris Isaak Show”, which was shown on the US cable channel Showtime. In 2002, the Californian artist, recorded “Always Got Tonight” and then took a recording break until last year, when he released his latest album, “Mr. Lucky”, which he will present at the Palau de la Música in Valencia.

Spanish Kids Losing Their Childhoods

Spanish children are seeing their childhoods gradually reduced as they reach adolescence far sooner now than they used to, adopting adult behaviour as early as 11 years old “Children are no longer living their childhoods”, claims Petra María Pérez, head of the Educational Theory Department at Valencia University, in her latest report - “Childhood and families. Values and education style” - a study of children aged between six and 14 years. Whereas children used to play with dolls, cars and other traditional toys until the age of about 13, they now stop playing ith toys at a much more tender age and are interested in adult TV programmes, want to dress like adults and use mobile ‘phones.

for things and “want everything now”, something that is cited as a cause of conflict in 22.3% of families. Children from families where the parents are on their second marriage(s) are more likely to have more consumer goods at their disposal - mobile ‘phones, video games, TVs in their bedrooms, etc. - and

get more pocket money on average. Nevertheless, 62.7% of children don’t get any pocket money, and those who do, received between three and ten euros. Parents report that girls create more conflicts with regard to “going out”, but are generally more conscientious students.

The fact that children no longer play or read as much as they used to means that they don’t know how to wait

Bioparc’s Baby Giraffe To Be Named Via Facebook

The baby giraffe born in Valencia’s Bioparc on March 19th - whose name is going to be chosen via Facebook votes - has made its first tentative steps in the Sabana Verde area of the park, his new home.

According to a press release from the Bioparc, the baby giraffe is acclimatising well to the park. It belongs to the species known as “baringo” giraffe, named after the Lake Baringo of Kenya, the “Rothschild” giraffe after the famous family of the Tring Museum’s founder, Sir Walter Rothschild, and also as the “Ugandan” giraffe. This species of giraffe is considered to be in serious danger of extinction, with just a few hundred animals left in the wild. The baby giraffe was first kept inside, before being allowed into the outside triangle with its “aunt” Danalta, but now, on Friday mornings before the zoo opens, it’s exploring the Sabana Verde, where it will soon be living alongside other animals. The giraffe’s keepers have made a shortlist of four names, and the public have the chance to vote for their favourite one via the Facebook social networking site, as they did with Kimbo the chimp last year. The four options are Gémino (after the farmer who brought him his special milk during the first few days), Merman (after the giraffe in the animated film ‘Madagascar’), Alí (as a tribute to Mohammed Ali) and Tumai (which comes from Africa and means “hope”).


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12 Killed As HighSpeed Train Hits Partygoers

At least 12 people, mainly young festival goers, have been killed after being run over by a high-speed train travelling between Alicante and Barcelona. At least 13 others were injured in the accident at the CastelldefelsPlayastationsouth of Barcelona at around 11:30pm (2130 GMT) on Wednesday, the interior ministry of the regional government of Catalonia said in a statement.


Spanish media said the dead and injured were mostly youths who were celebrating the annual San Juan (Saint John) mid-summer festival, which includes bonfires, fireworks, concerts and dances, often on the beach. Reports said they had just arrived at the station on another train from Barcelona and were crossing the tracks to go to the beach, although the station was equipped with a pedestrian underpass. One witness, Fernando Ortega, told Spanish media the train they arrived on was “very full” and a large number of people got out at the same time so “most decided to jump across the tracks and cross to the other side of the station” to avoid the crush of people. It





northbound express train came past suddenly. The head of the regional emergency services, Josep Maria Soto, told Spain’s TV3 television that the cause of the accident is under investigation but “the positions of the first victims we found gives the impression they were hit” by a train as they were crossing the track. An AFP photographer said a body and some human body parts were visible on the tracks hours after the accident amid dozens of police, medics, firefighters and Red Cross workers. The interior ministry said the passengers on the train, which was traveling between the eastern cities of Alicante and Barcelona, were unhurt. The rail line was closed following the accident. Spanish radio said it was the worst rail accident in Spain since 19 people were killed and 38 injured in a June 2003 collision between a passenger train and a freight train in the southeastern town of Chinchilla.

Spanish Parliament Backs ‘Crucial’ Labour Reforms

Spanish lawmakers Tuesday gave preliminary approval to labour reforms deemed essential for slashing the soaring jobless rate and reviving the fragile economy, despite union calls for a general strike. The lower house of parliament backed the measures -- which make it easier and cheaper for firms to fire workers. But only members of the governing Socialist Party, 168 in total, voted in favour in the 350-seat assembly. Eight deputies voted against and 173 deputies abstained, including those from the conservative opposition Popular Party. The reforms will now be debated in detail, and possibly amended, in parliament over the coming months before a definitive version is passed.

International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn said in Madrid last week the reforms are “absolutely crucial” if Spain is to slash its jobless rate and rein in the deficit. The government pushed ahead with its own version of the labour market reform after three-way talks with unions and employers collapsed last week after nearly two years. The country’s two main unions have called a general strike for September 29 in protest.

Labour Minister Celestino Corbacho told parliament “more than eight million workers who either are unemployed or have a temporary employment contract will directly benefit” from the reform plan.

They accuse the government of abandoning its commitment to liberal social policies with the reforms, which they charge will merely delay an economic recovery.

It “increases flexibility for companies without reducing job security, promoting stable employment instead of uncertainty,” he said.

Many economists blame the high jobless rate on the cost of firing workers in Spain, which makes employers reluctant to hire permanent staff and encourages the use of temporary contracts that have few benefits and rights.

Spain’s unemployment rate has soared to 20 percent of the workforce, the highest rate in the 27-nation European Union after Latvia’s, following the collapse of the labour-intensive construction sector at the end of 2008. The rise in joblessness has caused government spending on unemployment benefits to soar, which has in turn helped to push Spain’s public deficit to 11.2 percent of gross domestic product last year, the third-highest in the eurozone after Greece and Ireland.

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Workers on full contracts are entitled to severance pay of as much as 45 days per year worked, one of the highest levels in Europe. Under the government reform this would be reduced to 33 days for some contracts. The plan also calls for the creation of a government-sponsored fund for each worker that could be used by firms to pay a portion of an employee’s severance in case of a dismissal.

The opposition Popular Party said it would seek to introduce amendments to the plan. “Labour reform is necessary but this is not labour reform,” it is “the reform of (job) dismissals” and will only “increase confusion,” said Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, the PP’s parliamentary spokeswoman. “We intend to enhance it with our amendments,” she said. Analysts also said the reforms need to go further. “As it stands, we remain unconvinced that the reform is decisive enough, in particular regarding flexibility at the company level,” Javier Perez de Azpillaga of Goldman Sachs Global ECS Research said in a research note. Spain plunged into its worst recession in decades at the end of 2008 following the collapse of a decade-long property boom and only returned to tepid growth this year. Zapatero’s government passed a 15billion-euro (18.5-billion-dollar) austerity plan last month aimed at shoring up Spain’s public finances amid investor concerns it could follow Greece into a financial crisis. The plan is on top of a 50-billion-euro package of spending cuts announced in January designed to slash the public deficit to the eurozone limit of three percent of gross domestic product by 2013.

Two More Spaniards Crash Out Of Wimbledon Feliciano López and Albert Montañes waved goodbye to the hallowed turf of Wimbledon this afternoon, leaving just David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal to represent the country in SW19.

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López, seeded 22nd, missed out on the opportunity to play Roger Federer in the next round, which he admitted he “would have loved”, after losing to the number 16 seed, Austria’s Jurgen Melzer in four sets. López, one Spain’s few grass court specialists, admitted to losing his way in a match that he seemed to have under control in the first set. “It was all going my way, then all of a sudden it went the other way, and I didn’t know what to do to change the dynamic of the match,” the Spaniard admitted. The other Spanish player who had hoped for a place in the last 16 today was Albert Montañes, but he came up against an inventive and focused number three seed, Novak Djokovic, who took just one hour and 41 minutes to see the Tarragona player off. The exit of Montañes and López from the tournament leaves all Spanish hopes resting on the shoulders of Ferrer and Nadal.

Spain’s David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal both came through tough five-set battles to book their respective places in the quarter-finals. Ferrer, the ninth seed, got the better of France’s Jeremy Chardy 7-5, 6-3, 4-6, 3-6 and 7-5 in just over three hours, has not been this far in the tournament since 2006 and will now face Sweden’s Robin Söderling, the number six seed, who came through his match in straight sets. Nadal, the world number one and second seed, took three hours and 45 minutes to beat Germany’s Philipp Petzschner, ranked 41 in the world. Nadal’s 6-4, 4-6, 6-7, 6-2, 6-3 win sets up a quarter-final clash with France’s Paul-Henri Mathieu, who knocked out Thiemo de Bakker. In his post-match press conference, Nadal praised Petzschner’s “incredible serve” and admitted that he had had to change his strategy after losing two sets in order to keep his Wimbledon dream alive.



Spanish Senate Recommends EU-US ‘Open Skies’ Agreement Ban On Islamic Veils

Spain’s upper house of parliament has approved a motion calling on Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s socialist government to ban the use of face-covering Islamic veils in public. The motion was introduced by the main opposition conservative Popular Party and it calls for a ban on the niqab, which covers the face but leaves the eyes exposed, as well as the body-covering burka. It was narrowly approved with the votes of 131 in favour and 129 against. There were no abstentions. “Today, a very important step in favour of freedom and women’s equality was taken,” the deputy leader of the Popular Party, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, told reporters after the vote. Last week Justice Minister Francisco Caamano said the government planned to restrict the use of face-covering Islamic veils in public places under a proposed new law on religious freedom. “We believe that there are things like the burka which are hard to reconcile with human dignity and which especially pose problems of identification in public places,” he told reporters. In recent days several

Spain Witnesses Fall In Birth Rates & Weddings

According to statistics made public Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE): the number of births has fallen for the first time in the last decade. In 2009, 5% fewer children (just over 25,000 children) were born. Report by Fahad Majidi

municipalities in the northeastern region of Catalonia, including Barcelona, have imposed bans on the use of face-covering Islamic veils in public or have announced plans to do so. Immigration from Muslim countries has soared in Spain since the 1990s, with Catalonia in particular being home to a large community of Pakistani origin. There are now about one million Muslims among Spain’s population of 47 million. Last month, lawmakers in Belgium approved a draft law to ban the wearing of the Muslim full-face veil in public places, including streets -- creating a controversial first for Europe, although it is still subject to a senate vote. Debate is raging in France as well, where the cabinet has approved a draft law to ban the Muslim full-face veil from public spaces, opening the way for the text to go before parliament in July.

To Be Signed

The EU and the United States have signed a permanent “open skies” agreement, opening the way for foreign ownership of their airlines, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero confirmed. “I can announce that...[as of]...June 24, the agreement over airline services between the United States and the European Union, known as the ‘open skies’ agreement, will be signed,” Zapatero, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, told parliament. “This agreement represents the creation of a common transatlantic zone that is responsible for 60 percent of global passenger traffic and which will have a positive impact on routes, ticket prices and the reduction of pollution emissions.” A 2007 “open skies” deal, which took four years to thrash out and went into effect early 2008, eliminated air service restrictions between the United States and Europe, allowing airlines to fly for the first time between any EU city and any US city.

The new accord will allow European airlines to take majority stakes in US companies, and eventually, US firms would be able to reciprocate. EU companies currently can hold no more than a 25 percent stake in US counterparts. US operators on the other hand are already allowed to control 49 percent of European carriers, a difference which has long rankled with Virgin Atlantic and others. The new deal also harmonizes environmental rules on aircraft emissions, fuel and noise and will for the first time allow European planes to fly in and out of the United States without landing or taking off in the EU. A full EU-US Open Aviation Area has been estimated to be worth up to 12 billion euros in economic benefits and up to 80,000 new jobs.

BA Agrees Pensions Plan, Paving Way For Iberia Merger

British Airways said it had agreed a recovery plan to address its employees’ pension deficit, bringing the airline closer to completing its planned merger with Spanish airline Iberia. BA said it would plug a pensions deficit of 3.7 billion pounds (4.44 billion euros, 5.44 billion dollars) by setting aside at least 330 million pounds a year until 2026. BA will submit the plans to Britain’s pensions regulator by the end of June, while Iberia has been handed three months to consider the proposal. The pensions deficit had been a major sticking point in BA’s agreed merger and Iberia still has the option to call off the tie-up if it does not agree with the arrangement struck between BA management and trustees. “British Airways has reached agreement with the trustees of its New Airways Pension Scheme (NAPS) and Airways Pension Scheme (APS) on a recovery plan to address its pension deficits,” the airline said in a statement. BA and Iberia signed a merger deal on April 8 to create one of the world’s biggest airlines in order to compete more effectively in the fast-consolidating industry.

Without a doubt the new figures reveal how the economic crisis has put extreme pressure on families. With over 20 per cent unemployment in Spain and practically zero job prospects, couples are less and less encouraged to have children. Not to forget the austerity measures implemented by Spanish PM José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero which included the removal of state benefits such as the 2,500 euro-cheque for families that have a child or adopt one. Despite the obvious, INE has pointed towards a “combined effect” of a progressive reduction in the number of

women in childbearing age and lower fertility.

dropped from 8.43 per thousand to 8.35.

In 2009 492,931 children were born, down 5 per cent from the 518,503 births in 2008. This is the first decrease in a decade.

This maintenance of deaths with the slowdown in the birth rate has reduced the natural population growth in Spain in 2009.

The birth rate dropped from 11.37 births per 1,000 inhabitants to 10.73 births. The births of babies of foreign mothers, representing one in five, decreased by 6%, according to data on the Natural Population Movement and basic demographic indicators released Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). In 2009, 383 486 people died in Spain, 0.7% less than in 2008. The crude death rate has

The Spanish also appear to have lost their passion for wedlock with 2009 seeing 10.8 per cent less marriages than in 2008. In 21.3 per cent of marriages (36,715) at least one spouse was a foreigner. 46.8 per cent of these marriages took place between Spanish men and foreign women and 32.1 per cent among Spanish women and foreign men. In 20.1 per cent of these cases, both partners were from other countries.

The tie-up will create Europe’s second-biggest airline by market value after Lufthansa, combining Iberia’s strong position in Latin America with BA’s presence in Africa, Asia and North America. The merger, which requires regulatory and shareholder approvals, is on track for completion later this year. Debt Recovery - Enforcing Judgments Personal Injury - Medical Negligence Divorce - Wills - Breach of Contract Discrimination - Expropriation of Property Taxing Issues - Conveyancing

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G20 Summit Agrees On Deficit Cuts By 2013 Leaders at the G20 summit in Canada have agreed to cut national budget deficits while endeavouring to promote economic growth.

Host Stephen Harper, the Canadian prime minister said short-term stimulus measures would be needed to get economies moving. Correspondents note that every major G20 country had already committed to halve deficits within three years. Proposals for a global levy on banks have been dropped, Mr Harper said. Instead, that will be left to individual countries. The head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said focussing on budget deficits was oversimplifying the problem, because the situation differed from one country to another. He added that more robust growth was also needed, both to reduce unemployment and to lessen the burden of large public debts. While the summit rejected applying a universal banking levy, it did press for banks to have a greater financial cushion to protect against any future crises. The G20 agreed that banks must build up higher levels of capital and liquidity but it adopted a longer timeframe for this, saying 2012 should mark the start of the process, not the end. Speaking to reporters after the summit, US President Barack Obama said tighter regulations, including bigger capital requirements for banks, would be addressed at the next G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, in November. “We must do everything in our power to avoid a repeat of the recent financial crisis.” Addressing a reporter’s question, Mr Obama said he expected China’s currency to rise in accordance with its recent commitment to let the renminbi float more freely against the dollar. “A strong and durable recovery also requires countries not having an undue advantage. So we also discussed the need for currencies that are market-driven,” he said.

“As I told President Hu yesterday, the United States welcomes China’s decision to allow its currency to appreciate in response to market forces.” But China resisted including a line in the summit’s final statement on its currency commitment, saying it was a sovereign matter. David Cameron, attending his first summit since becoming UK prime minister last month, said the stalled Doha round of global trade talks may need to be broadened in order to make progress. “I totally support the completion of Doha, but we are not making progress and we need to do things in a different way so that these eight years of negotiation can be brought to a conclusion,” said Mr Cameron. The group of 20 leading and emerging nations had been split over the pace of budget cuts. US President Barack Obama warned against fast and deep budget cuts, fearing damage to global growth. But European members, including the UK, France, and Germany, have already led moves to slash record public deficits, despite opposition from the United States which is expected to run a $1.3tn deficit in 2010. Emerging economies such as Argentina and Brazil had worried that budget cuts in rich countries would hurt their export-dependent economies. “If the cuts take place in advanced countries it is worse,” said Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega. “Because instead of stimulating growth they pay more attention to fiscal adjustments, and if they are exporters they will be reforming at our cost.” Outside the summit venue in downtown Toronto, police and protesters clashed for a second day on Sunday. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that police fired rubber bullets at one point to disperse a crowd of about 150 protesters.


Bistro Bonita...Remember its a bar as well as a restaurant where hungry people eat and lonely people meet! Due to popular demand sittings for sunday lunch are now

Remember our pocket saving Wednesday night sausage,mash,and onion gravy or pie mash and liqour

2pm and 4pm

only 5€

For our ever popular 3 course sunday lunch at a gut busting


For all enquiries & reservations please call 650 599 739 Email: bistrobonita1@

Only 5 minutes from Albox


UK To Cut Number Of Skilled Workers From Outside EU The number of skilled workers allowed into the UK from outside the EU is to be cut, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

Numbers will go down to 24,100 between now and April 2011, 5% less than last year. Ministers says the temporary measure will cut the flow of immigrants while they hold a consultation on the right level for a permanent cap. But Shadow Home Secretary Alan Johnson said it was a pointless “gimmick”. The cap will only apply to highly skilled migrants and skilled workers in certain categories of job. It does not apply to workers from EU countries, who are free to take jobs in the UK. But the coalition government argues it will help them achieve their objective of cutting net annual migration to the levels seen in the mid 1990s - a key Conservative election pledge which has survived the coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats, who had previously opposed a cap. Ms May told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme there was “clear agreement” in the coalition government that a permanent cap would be set

next April, but the temporary limit was needed to prevent a “rush of applications” before then. “Immigration into the UK has been good for us but uncontrolled immigration is not, so we need to bring in these controls,” she said. Immigration had been a “key issue” during the election campaign and it was important to “deliver on promises made,” she added. Business Secretary Vince Cable has reassured firms wanting to recruit from outside the EU that the cap will be implemented “in a flexible way” and could be introduced in a way that would not damage the economic recovery. But it has been attacked by business groups, with the Federation of Small Businesses calling it the “economics of the Sixth Form”. Business fear the cap could stop them from filling vacancies at times of high demand, and other critics say it could have a detrimental effect on higher education, which is reliant on income from foreign students.

German Court Legalises Euthanasia With Patient Consent

A top German court has ruled that it is not a criminal offence to cut off the life support of a dying person if that person has given their consent. The Federal Court of Justice acquitted a lawyer who had advised the daughter of a comatose woman to cut off her feeding tube. Earlier the patient had expressed her wish not to be kept alive artificially. The lawyer appealed to the federal court after a lower court had given him a nine-month suspended sentence. The mother, in her seventies,

fell into a coma in 2002 and had been in a vegetative state for five years when her daughter removed the feeding tube. After the daughter’s action hospital staff reinserted a feeding tube, against the children’s wishes, but the patient died of heart failure two weeks later. Germany’s Justice Minister, Sabine LeutheusserSchnarrenberger, said the Karlsruhe federal court ruling

brought clarity to cases involving terminally ill patients. The ruling does not legalise active assisted suicide, which is punishable by up to five years in prison in Germany, the news website Spiegel Online reports. The ruling applies to passively assisting death through the removal of artificial life support. It makes this legal if the patient has given clear consent.

15 Year Guarantee

Specialists in construction of swimming pools and terraces Special offers

3m x 6m pool 8,500€ 4m x 8m pool 10,500€ 5m x 10m pool 12,500€ including - Architects projects,licence, excavation, iron 15 x 15 x 05, gunnite (mortero 400), roman steps, moulded all in edge, top quality reviglas tiles, decorative trimming, 1st quality pump (astral),lights,choice of patterns dolphin or sea horse, all materials used in our pools are first quality

Ask for your free estimate now!

15 years experience More than 2000 pools fitted Telf: 966 444 424 • 664 358 453

Email: C/Zeus S/N, Esquina Plaza Neptune, Urb. Pueblo Lucero, Rojales

OPEN: 10am till Late - Late Licence (3.30am) if needed

july 2010

ew N The


u Ven

All you need in one place: ∙ Bowling ∙ Snooker ∙ Darts ∙ Pool Table ∙ Short Mat Bowling ∙ Social Dancing ∙ Quiz Nights ∙ Comedy & Entertainment Nights

y r e t s y M r e Murd t h g i n t e r a Cab including a 2 course meal.

Tickets 10€

A prize for the table who solves the mystery 14th July 7.30pm for 8pm


Thursday 1st July Weight Watchers: 10am Line Dancing Intermediate: 5pm - 6.30pm Quiz 8.30pm Friday 2nd Live music with Kevin Tyler 9pm. Happy 65th Birthday Margaret Dolly Mixture Ladies Club Get Together: 2.30pm - 5pm SATURDAY 3rd Shadows Tribute plus Nilo - a fantastic Spanish guitarist and DJ Helen 2 course meal and show 10€ 8pm, show only 3€ 9pm SUNDAY 4th Karaoke with Vibe FM DJ Richie Sparks: 9pm MONDAY 5th Line Dancing Intermediate: 10.30am - 12pm Short Mat Bowling: 3€pp everyone welcome 7.30pm TUESDAY 6th Auction starts 1pm Goods in 11am Dance Class - Salsa, Argentine Tango & Social Dancing: 8pm - 10pm wednesday 7th Line Dancing Beginners: 5pm - 6.30pm, Pool League: 9pm Live Music every Wednesday Thursday 8th July Weight Watchers: 10am Line Dancing Intermediate: 5pm - 6.30pm Quiz with a Twist: 8.30pm fridayy 9th July Dolly Mixtures Ladies Club get together 2.30pm - 5pm SATURDAY 10th Diana Ross Tribute direct from the UK plus Kev Tyler and DJ Helen 2 course meal and show 10€ 8pm, show only 3€ 9pm SUNDAY 11th Live Music with Woody 9pm plus late Karaoke HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY ROBERT HARRISON! MONDAY 12th Line Dancing Intermediate: 10.30am - 12pm Short Mat Bowling: 3€pp everyone welcome 7.30pm TUESDAY 13th Auction starts 1pm Goods in 11am Dance Class - Salsa, Argentine Tango & Social Dancing: 8pm - 10pm wednesday 14th Exhibtion with everything an ex-pat needs to know about living in Spain ie. Residencia, NIE, Solicitors, Accountants, TV, Health etc. 10am - 2pm. Live Broadcast with Vibe FM 2pm - 6pm. Murder Mystery Cabaret night (see box for details) 7.30pm for 8pm

FOOD SERVED ALL DAY ∙ PRIVATE FUNCTIONS CATERED FOR For more information call 966 717 028 Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada



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July 2010 ! Any of you who are regular readers will get bored by my weather comments but what a strange year ……. Long cold wet spring – then summer hit at full temperature at a speed that seemed to be overnight and now writing this in mid June it’s quite chilly and a prolonged thunderstorm is watering the garden ! Well the water deposit / fish pond renovation is almost complete – in the end we “bit the bullet” and purchased a butyl liner, some simple but effective water features and built some adjacent beds for “marginal” plants which once all established will enhance that area of the garden. Mum Monk has moved over permanently and will reside in a corner of the garden in a purpose built “portable casa”….. enjoying views of the fish and frogs in the revamped pond.

supply and demand situation for new white FREESAT cards and prices were very high - well by the time you read this we should have secured a supply of reasonably priced FREESAT SKY cards to get those channels back / they will be “worked on cards” so that they will work in any SKY box and in Spain and not as cheap as a UK card but we hope an acceptable price – call for details. Freesat Plus - the non subscription HD record one, watch one and pause live TV etc box is still so popular. This is really the 2010 “bit of TV kit” and so easy to use - our installed price is similar to ARGOS cash and carry price in the UK and we show you how to use and warranty it in Spain. Some of you are buying in UK and bringing over and then having a problem with installation - then calling us out to fix

82 Year Old Writer Lands Three-Book Deal An 82-year-old teacher and theatre director has been given a threebook deal after writing her first novel. The Great Lie, the start of Myrrha Stanford-Smith’s trilogy, is a fictional look at William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe’s rivalry.

The Brighton-born grandmother from Anglesey said she was gobsmacked to be offered the book agreement. She decided to seek a deal after positive feedback to a children’s story she sent to BBC Radio Wales. She said she was unprepared for the reaction from publishers Honno, however. “I had to put the phone down and ring them back as I was so taken aback by the whole

thing,” she said. “I’d been waiting for the manuscript to be sent back really, rejected. It was such a wonderful surprise,” she added. The Great Lie features 16-year-old Nick, the son of the late first Earl of Rikesby, who runs away with a troupe of travelling players who take him to London, where he comes to Marlowe’s attention. Mrs Stanford-Smith trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama before working in the theatre, with British director Sir Tyrone Guthrie, in the West End in London. Later she moved into teaching and directing, and when she “retired” to Anglesey she set up the Ucheldre Repertory Company, where she still directs and teaches. “It was so lovely to have the book in my hand with embossed cover,” she said. “I read it again just for pleasure - to have my book, my words, in my hand as my own book, it was wonderful. “It’s on the book shelves now next to my favourite authors, in pride of place with a gap for the next two in the trilogy,” she added.

Dee’s Kennels Dolores

Small & friendly Genuine commitment Call to arrange a visit

965 996 807 659 991 945

piscimar pool sl Summer Special Offer

TV NEWS. SKY has launched their 3D ready PLUS HD box - and we have a supply for any techies who want one. 3D will be the next television innovation to “hit us all” – but I am fully aware many of you – like me – are not yet in the HD (High Definition) TV. I have to say that I do not see much in HD although some of you do – it must be our eyes – but we recently installed a system for someone who had purchased one of the first 3D televisions on the market – El Corte Ingles – have stock at some 2 grand plus each – and sitting after the installation with our 150.00 bucks a piece “goggles” on the effects were something really special – one instance where I did feel the “effect” at home beat the cinema. Only a few DVD’s available and no live TV yet plus you need a Blue Ray 3D DVD player - and some engineers who can sort it all as El Corte delivery guys did not have a clue !!! Something to put on your Santa wish list for this December ! For those of us back in the real world with SKY boxes and removed old BLUE cards - are you missing FIVER, FIVEUS, SKY3 and possibly FIVE and 4plus1? When the card change by SKY was made like all things there was a

it - it costs you more than buying from us in the first place – again call for details. Many of you are coming over for holidays and finding no Spanish TV well Spain went digital in one hit in April – as the UK are going but in a phased area by area schedule. To get Spanish TV you need a new TDT box and possibly a new antenna although most of the older antennas seem to be OK. We supply and fit a really good full feature box for a very reasonable price - call and we will tell you the latest offer. Space available is up – so that’s it for July. Article sponsored by RAINBOW SATELLITES the TV company for all your television needs. Contact Alan or Matt - (0034) 686 358 475 or for free friendly advise. See our web site for some good basic information on UK TV in Spain.

8m x 4m swimming pool fully designed, constructed and ready to swim plus a free 2 person jacuzzi. All for just 10,900€

Tel: 96 532 03 79 or: 670 280 818

Family business with over 25 years experience All architects certificates and planning taken care of Your swimming pool custom built to your design specifications All building work undertaken We can now also offer you: Solar heating Electric pump heating pool covers & salt systems All at the best prices


6-25 JULY In the month of July, Córdoba (Spain) becomes the “city of the guitar”. Córdoba Guitar Festival is the city’s cultural and leisure focal point during the summertime. The Festival, which celebrates its 30th birthday in 2010, enjoys a deserved national and international reputation amongst guitar aficionados due to the calibre of the performers and teachers who participate. The Festival features two complementary parts: Firstly, the TUITION PROGRAMME with workshops and Master Classes on guitar construction, early and classical guitar, flamenco, contemporary and modern guitar, classes in composition for guitar and flamenco dancing and singing classes. Secondly there is the PROGRAMME OF CONCERTS AND SHOWS, which take place in some of the city’s most emblematic venues and which make a night in Córdoba a real pleasure. Many great names of flamenco guitar have frequented the Córdoba Festival, including Paco de Lucía, Paco Peña, Manolo Sanlúcar, Vicente Amigo, Sabicas, José A. Rodríguez , Paco Serrano, and Tomatito amongst others. However, the flamenco guitar is not the only star; other favourites that enhance the line-up are jazz and

modern guitar, and have included such legendary names as B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Pat Metheny, Bob Dylan, Gary Moore, John Fogerty, The Pretenders, John Mayall, Larry Coryell, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Mike Stern, Toquinho, Raimundo Amador, John Scofield, Joe Satriani, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and many more.

Solid oak furniture at very reasonable prices

Classical and early music are also represented in the Festival programme and have included some of the finest performers of these genres (Pepe Romero, Manuel Barrueco, Eliot Fisk, Leo Brouwer, Dúo Assad, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, Cuarteto Los Romero, Costas Cotsiolis, Philippe Donnier, Rolf Lislevand, Paul O´Dette, Hopkinson Smith, Kazuhito Yamasita, Roland Dyens, David Russell, Ricardo Gallén, Stefano Grondona…). And finally, the guitar gives us an excuse to host numerous shows, concerts, cinema screenings, exhibitions, book publication, study days on the History of the Guitar and conferences. GO TO WWW.GUITARRACORDOBA.COM

Tommy O’Neill’s Removals

AnyTime, Any Place, Anywhere Tommy O’Neill Local, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland (North & South) FULLY INSURED Honest & reliable

TEL: 634 104 090 / 0034 966 774 780

950 10 42 72

Los Carasoles Zurgena (Almeria)



Menu DEL DIA 5.95€

Any chicken dish plus rice and naan bread includes a glass of wine, soft drink or beer



Poppadom Any soup or weekly STARTER SPECIAL main course: any chicken or lamb dish plus rice or naan bread + dessert or coffee includes a glass of wine, soft drink or beer

BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment Centro commercial, camposol sector a Tel:

968 199 226 or 617 435 218

RESTAURANTE HINDU Puerto de Mazarron C/de Deposito 4 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


INCLUDES Drinks, Starter, Main Course, Rice or Nan & Dessert


Calle de Trafalgar


ctor Meca Av del Do



Anicet Calle de

Deposit Calle de

Open 12pm - 4 pm & 6 pm - Midnight RESERVE YOUR TABLE Tel: 968 107 604 or 680 325 684

Solar Directa have been trading in Spain for 5 years. All of our Alpha compact solar systems and water heaters are of the highest quality and the lowest prices, we have installed hundreds of systems which are designed to save money and are fully guaranteed. With a fast door to door delivery of stock and spares direct from our warehouse we provide a first class service for all you solar needs.

Tel: 659 315 130




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Welcome to your new Multiopticas universe.

Valerie and Mercedes same friendly staff,welcome you at Camposol




6th-14th July 2010

The Running of The Bulls Say the name ‘Pamplona’, and immediately the ‘running of the bulls’ springs to mind. If it hadn’t been for Ernest Hemingway writing ‘The Sun Also Rises’, then this particular fiesta would have probably remained as a local - admittedly highly dangerous – tradition! The Pamplona Running of the Bulls is one of the most chaotic, insane experiences probably in the world! Yet, there is a great deal more to what is, officially, the San Fermin festival than just the bull run. Unlike in the case of the very modern Tomatina Tomato Fight, the San Fermin Running of the Bulls dates back to at least the 15th century. The San Fermin festival, originally held in October, is actually a number of festivals which gradually merged to become one. As the original sombre religious festivals took on more frivolous overtones, the celebrations were moved to July when the weather was more reliable. Many elements of the original San Fermin celebrations have continued, but the actual running of the bulls came later. It is said that the ritual was born from a mixture of logistical necessity and a typical Spanish reckless desire to have fun! In mediaeval times, the bulls were led on foot from the countryside to the public square set up as a bullring. The last stretch was covered at dawn and at running pace in order not to disturb the locals. In Pamplona, this form of entering the city survived the arrival of the railway. Given the impossibility of prohibiting it due to its popularity, the City Council regulated the event in 1867. Exactly who decided it would be fun to run in front of the bulls remains nameless!

Song at the ‘Niche’ Minutes prior to the run, local runners invoke the Saint to ask for his protection. They do this in front of a niche located at the beginning of the hill of Santo Domingo, waving a newspaper in their hands. The song is sung three times (at 7.55 am, 7.57 am and 7.59 am) and the words go as follows: “A San Fermín pedimos (We ask of San Fermin)/ por ser nuestro patrón (for he is our patron)/ nos guíe en el encierro (to guide us in the Bull Run)/ dándonos su bendición (giving us his blessing)”. It ends with shouts of “Viva San Fermín!, Gora San Fermín!” (Long live San Fermin, first in Spanish, then in Basque).

Four Legs Dog Grooming Service Camposol Now available on Camposol • All breeds of dogs including cross breeds are welcome • All dogs are prepared to standards or to owners wishes • Grooming includes attention to ears and nails • Bathing only service available • Groomer has been professional trained at an award winning salon • Collection and delivery service For further information please contact Hazel or Sean Calle Tejos D sector Tel: 968 974 056 Mob 608 712 599

So, who was San Fermin? San Fermin, or San Fermin de Amiens, to give him his full title, was born in Pamplona, then called Pompaelo, to a Roman senator. Travelling widely from a young age, preaching the Christian doctrine, he was made a bishop at the age of 24 before being martyred at the age of 31. San Fermin was decapitated, though it is sometimes claimed that he was tied to a bull and dragged through the streets; convenient for the legend of the San Fermin festival but it was actually Saint Saturninus, the bishop who baptised San Fermin, who was killed in this way. So what is the connection between San Fermin and being chased through the streets of Pamplona? Mere coincidence of timing!


P e t t r a n s p o r t UK t o SPAIN o r S p a i n t o UK L u x u ry O v e r l a n d T r av e l Weekly trips with collection from or delivery to your address in the UK. Alternate weeks to and from the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca.

A comfortable door to door transportation service for your pet. We prefer to cross the Channel using the Shuttle (Eurotunnel). The duration is just 35 minutes and allows our professional handlers to stay in the vehicle without leaving the animals unattended. This is by far less stressful for your pets than using the long ferry routes. All vehicles have a twin air conditioning and on board refrigerators. Travel pens provided. UK office Maidstone in Kent

01622 600102 Spain mobile: (0034) 655676153 Email:


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Donnas Hair & Beauty Salon

celebrating it’s 2nd Birthday on the 1st July!

Dental Clinic

On-site Dental Laboratory Dr med. dent Hubert Hillenbrand 20 years experience

950 32 64 52 Edificio Porto Mar Avda Mariano Hemandes 48 Roquetas de Mar,

German & English spoken

near Hotel Zoraida Garden

Almeria Angels

Making your Life Easier

Tel: 673 179 595

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Carin g in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.


in Arboleas

Locally based rental and sales of:

Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking aids (frames, tri-walkers, rollaters and crutches) Other mobility aids: Call for availability. Servicing and repair of all types of mobility aids

Free delivery within the radius of 50km of Arboleas Call us for our range of mobility products

Tel: 0034 650 626 460

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

The salon prides itself on providing a professional provides all those important treatments for summer and stylish ambience at an affordable price. They including acrylic nails, manicures, pedicures and cater for everyone including children, gents and of waxing. course ladies. A new service coming soon to Donnas will be piercing. Donna is always on hand to offer advice on all It will be available in the afternoons, and will include colouring and styling techniques. She is ‘London City and Guilds’ trained, with over 28 years experience ear, nose, eyebrow, lip, naval and hipskin. and this is reflected in her work, and the confident You can find the salon 100 metres up from the Albox feel of the salon. Medical Centre with parking opposite, so give them a In the beauty room, Heidi, who is ‘creative’ trained, call on 950 431 501 or 628 669 456.

Almeria Angels

- The Leading British Nursing Agency in the Almeria Region -

Over the last several years Almeria Angels have become the leading British nursing agency in the Almeria region, providing essential resources for individuals and families that have found themselves in need of additional specialised support. This care is carried out in the clients own home, however, the Angels team are often seen at local hospitals caring for patients or offering respite care, ensuring that the clients are in experienced hands, be that of a nurse or a qualified carer depending on the client requirements. It is this experience which has led Almeria Angels to announce the launch in mid July of their new, innovative service. The Almeria Angels Emergency Support System is a new service that will offer their clients a 24hr a day, 365 days of the year, emergency support facility with access to fully qualified British Nurses and give peace of mind to many expats living here in Spain and all at the touch of a button.

SUMMER SKINCARE Summer is about baring skin and showing off the beautiful (fake) summer tan you have. But in order to look good baring that skin, you need to take some time to ready your skin and reverse the signs of neglect you showed your skin during last few months.

Exfoliate Your Body

It’s so very important to exfoliate your skin. Your body sheds skin cells at an amazing rate every minute of every day. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll just sitting on your skin making you look dull and dry. No matter how much lotion you use, you’re never going to have glowing skin if you don’t exfoliate. Grab a body scrub and hit the shower. Gently rub your exfoliator in circular movements on your entire body from the shoulders down (you’ll want a facial exfoliator for your face and neck) and rinse clean. Continue to do this 2-3 times a week for yearround beautiful skin.

The process is very simple! Firstly, you will be required to purchase an Angels Care Alarm. Then, in the event of an emergency, all you need to do is press the emergency button on the Carealarm or one of the many wireless accessories which include a waterproof pendant, this will automatically connect you through to the Carealarm Call Centre and enable you to speak to one of our qualified Angels who will then assess the emergency and dispatch a British nurse if required. The operator will also then transfer you directly to the British nurse enabling them to speak to you throughout the journey to your home. They will also call the emergency services and accompany you to the hospital if required. Many British residents living in Spain only have a small number of close family and friends living nearby. This means ensuring your health and life security is supported may not always be easy. That’s why the Angels Care Alarm is going to change the way we live in Spain, offering more security and peace of mind to the residents of the Almeria region. To find out more about the services that they offer please contact them by emailing them at or alternatively call the office on 673 179 595.

Experienced Nursing & Care Staff Required For rapidly expanding, well-known, innovative Nursing Company.

Candidates must be self-motivated, experienced in healthcare and have their own transport .

Please send C.V. in the first instance to Dan Groves at:

Perfect FLIP FLOP Feet with our new coloured nail gels only 20€

Call for details Sandra 950 633 086



~ Hair & Beauty Salon ~

950 431 501 628 669 456

For our 2nd Anniversary we have some special sizzling summer offers for july to keep your hair and body in tip top condition. dry Cut & blow 17€ short hair foils Cut & blowdry from 40€

full set acrylic nails 30€

All spec ial offe rs not t be used in o conjun ction w ith any other o ffer

ing hours Summer open iday Monday-Fr 9.30am – 5pm

Coming soon piercing, nose, lip, eyebrow, naval & hipskin


Closed 16th to 22nd August for annual holidays

Closed Saturdays during July and August

Summer may bring glorious visions of natural highlights and long windblown hair but the reality is more like spiralling hot temperatures and related humidity which may damage your hair’s cuticle resulting in dry, drab, split, brittle or frizzy hair and ragged ends. Sun exposure can be just as damaging to unprotected tresses as a super hot blow dryer. All types (fine, medium, thick), textures (straight, wavy, naturally curly, coiled) and conditions (healthy, damaged) of hair can suffer from too much summer sun which can result in dryness, frizz and moisture loss.

summer shampoo break Shampoo less often to allow tresses to absorb natural oils. Hair needs to be treated more gently during the summer. Consider using a more moisturizing and overall gentle shampoo formulas. When possible, finish with a cool to cold rinse to seal the hair cuticle and impart natural shimmer.

Go natural During summer months when hair tends to be moisture deprived, limit use of hair chemicals e.g bleach, hair colour, relaxers, chemical straightners as much as possible.

Turn Down the heat If you normally use hot styling tools (blow dryers, hot irons, rollers), give your hair a rest during summer months. Air dry whenever possible. If you’re attached to your blow dryer and can’t give it up, use a leave- in conditioner designed to protect your hair against dryer heat. When you do blow dry, dry on high heat. Why? It’s actually much better to dry with high heat because you expose your hair to heat for a shorter period of time than you would if you used medium heat.

conditioning treatments After towel blotting tresses apply a drop or two of a leave-in conditioning product to the palms of your hands. Rub hands together and then distribute leave-in products completely through your strands. Hair regularly exposed to the sun need regular deep conditioning treatments and moisture replenishment. For extra conditioning treatment apply deep conditioner then wrap in plastic wrap or a shower cap.

ADD SHINE & MOISTURE Keep in mind some hair care products designed to add shine, may only add shimmer, but not necessarily add moisture. Be sure to read all ingredients on the hair product labels to understand what benefits the product is designed to provide to your strands.

Treat fragile ends with TLC Jojoba oil works wonders on frizzy hair. Jojoba oil can also be utilized as a pre-

shampoo treatment or applied to dry strands for protection throughout the day.

Use protection Hanging out in the sun without protection for your hair and scalp is the worst thing you can do. Use leave in hair products with SPF protection when you know you will be at the beach if you’re unwilling to wear a hat or a cover-up.

Cover up When you find yourself out in the sun, the beach or at the pool without pre-planning, reach for a hat to cover delicate strands.

By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist full head foils only 45.00€

BOOK A TRIM Since summer sun can rob moisture from your tresses, make sure you have your ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks during the summer months. When your ends are frizzy, its a sure sign that they are either damaged, split or both.

(cut & blow dry not incl.)

cap hi lights Cut & Blow only 39.95€ Perm, cut & blow dry only 49.95€

Block frizz When the summer heat is hottest contain potential frizz by wearing hair up in a knot, bun or braids. Or combine a cute side braid with a chic cap or hat to keep tresses covered. Depending on your hair type, texture and condition you may be also be able to use shine products as a quick fix to control frizzies. Remember that a little bit goes a long way.

only 25€ save 8€

Drink plenty of liquids to keep roots and strands flush with fluids. Water will also keep your skin soft and plump. While it’s tempting to drink ice cold alcoholic drinks keep in mind that they can dehydrate skin and strands. Water is always the best choice for your tresses.

Prevention is always the best action for your tresses. Take care of your hair during the summer and you won’t have to spend the autumn & winterworking to repair your hair!



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate While it’s important to amp up your moisturizing and conditioning duties during summer months, remember to keep your roots and hair hydrated from the inside out.

tint, cut & blow dry only 42.00€


1/2 leg, bikin i & under arm wax

only 23€ save 3€

save 5€

cut & blow dry only 21.00 € Becks - UK trained fully qualified Sports Masseuse BODY MASSAGE 19.95€

Hot stone massage only 30€

Pedicure & 1/2 leg wax

only 23€ save 8€

Lois the podiatrist Full Podiatry Treatment. nails, hard skin, calluses 23 € Nail cut & medical check ONLY 15 €

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta

950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.


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NOWOPEN EVERY: Monday 10am 1.30pm

The aim of the salon is to provide a first class service from our top TONI & GUY stylist

Strictly Hair covers ALL of your beauty needs from TOP TO TOE!


Tuesdays & Wednesdays hair beauty & treatments holistics 15% OFF 10% OFF

SUMMER SPECIAL Cut & blowdry including a free conditioning treatment

only 20€

re g tin row th t fu 35€ ll tin he t 4 ad 0€ fu fo ll he ils ad 60€ g cu ent ts s 6.5 0€

All Hair Prices Below Include A Cut & Blow Dry

Eye skin care Skins around your eyes are very thin & easily get affected by lack of sleep or stress. As a result we get dirk circle, bags, crow’s feet and several other disorders. However, you can go for certain home remedies to remove dark circles and bags from your eyes. ...Take two cotton balls and soak in ice-cold milk. Place on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Now relax completely. After ten minutes take out the balls and wash your eyes with cold water.


...Take two slices of a potato and place them on your closed eyes. Leave them for ten to fifteen minutes. Now take out the slices and wash the eyes with cold water.


Eye lash & Eye brow tint & Shape

ONLY 12€

Thai Manicure

ONLY 14€

Hot Stone Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage

ONLY 14€

NOW OPEN EVERY: Monday 10am - 1.30pm Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4.30pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

TEL: 950 439 717 / 620 447 858 21 Calle America, next to Cornish Pride, Albox

The in-and-outs of eating for a chiselled core!


starts 1st july 2 bargain rails from 5€

genuine reductions!

Jewellery Sale

Anklets, Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets from 2€

20% off

All non sale clothing Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10am-4pm Sat 10am-2pm Calle Malaga, ALBOX (1 street up from the Mercadona)

Tel: 620 534 423 or: 950 064 269

M E N: Si x Pa c k O n A Pl a t e

You can do as many crunches as the Cookie Monster, but if you’re not eating right your six-pack will never appear. So you need to get some fridge discipline to make the most of your abdominal work.

Five golden rules

Eat like a king in the morning, a prince in the afternoon and a pauper in the evening... Consume six small meals to keep your bloodsugar levels steady, and 3-4 litres of water a day... Pack in at least 150g of protein each day from lean red meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, tofu or pulses. Your body uses 20% to 30% more energy to digest protein than it needs for carbohydrates. Do not go without food for more than three hours otherwise the body will suppress its calorie-burning capacity...AND FINALLY... Don’t snack after 11pm!


Five portions of fruit & vegetables daily A high-carb breakfast every morning as early as possible: porridge or scrambled/poached eggs on wholemeal toast Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are great for snacking on throughout the day Get enough healthy fats each week: oily fish, mixed nuts and seeds Lots of greens: broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans and cabbage Protein shakes an hour before training and

immediately after Plain meats and fish Beans, lentils, oats, brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal and rye breads Green tea Low-fat cheese and plain yogurt Jalapeño, Habanera and Cayenne peppers Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and limes


Sauces: use extra-virgin olive oil, sesame oil, lemon juice, wine vinegars or reduced-salt soy sauce to flavour your food Booze: in particular beer, Guinness and wine. Vodka, lime and soda is a good alternative, but not to fuel lost weekends or all-nighters Crisps, sweets, chocolate and jam Deep-fried anything White pasta, rice and bread Takeaways and soft drinks Carbs in the evening



Edible first aid

Speed up the healing process with the medicinal power of eating. These tasty treats will get you on the mend


health news...

Every hour in front of the TV raises risk of heart disease! Every hour in front of the box pushes up the risk of dying from heart disease by 7 per cent, according

to a study. Those looking at their favourite progammes for four hours a day - the UK average - face a 28 per cent rise in the risk. The study from the Medical Research Council says changes in lifestyle could stem the toll from heart disease which causes 193,000 deaths a year and is responsible for a third of the UK’s deaths. For almost a decade, researchers from the MRC Epidemiology Unit studied 13,197 middle-aged, healthy men and women in Norfolk. In that time 373 of the participants died from heart disease, according to the findings published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. It was found that the amount of time spent watching television was a significant marker of the likelihood of death from heart disease. Scientists estimated that 8 per cent of the deaths might have been avoided if TV viewing times had been reduced from the UK average of four hours a day to just one hour. That would have saved 30 lives.

Heal... a cut

You need protein to produce skin cells, vitamin C and zinc for collagen and healthy fats to calm inflammation. So eat salmon, red pepper, tomato, chickpea and baby spinach.

Heal... cramps

To combat cramp you need lots of fluid and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, which get sweated out while you train.Eat watermelon for its potassium, water and fructose content. It’s the ideal hydration and energy companion.

Heal... pulled muscles Research has found proteolytic enzymes speed up the healing of bruises and pulled muscles. Get an enzyme double dose with a papaya and pineapple smoothie. Lob a papaya, 200g tinned pineapple and 200ml of ice water into your blender and kick off your hobbles.

Sound in Wind & Limb

A car that has intermittent small faults, squeaks, rattles and knocks is known as a Friday Afternoon Car – because on Friday afternoon the assembly line workers are more likely to be thinking about the upcoming weekend rather than concentrating on the precision fitting of sprockets and solenoids. I have a Friday Afternoon Body – prone to intermittent small faults and though it doesn’t squeak, rattle or knock, it does creak a bit. So to keep it purring along smoothly I take it at regular intervals down Avenida Lepanto and give it into the corrective care of Praxedes. Just as you don’t expect your trusted garage mechanic to be driving around in a car that is running less than smoothly, so you don’t expect your physiotherapist to be in need of physical repair - as I walked in Praxedes met me on three legs. Or rather one leg and two crutches. She had cut her Achilles tendon on a dropped glass – nasty!

entered with the power and velocity of a high-power water hose. Cautiously I put my head around the screen. Praxedes’ sister had come in, and was standing on one leg, her other leg looking as if someone had inserted a Canteloupe melon where her ankle should be. She had fallen and twisted her ankle – Ouch! She was supporting herself by clinging on to her husband’s right arm. It had to be the right one, the left one was in a sling – he’d broken it playing football!

Study co-author Dr Katrien Wijndaele warned: ‘Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods and we should be aware that, as we put in the TV hours watching the World Cup, our risk of heart disease is probably increasing.’

How vitamin pills could save you from a heart attack

Cholesterol famously comes in two versions - the good and the bad. Heart health, we’re told, depends on lowering the bad (LDL) cholesterol, and pushing up the good (HDI). But it’s no longer that simple. Bad cholesterol turns out to be part of a double act. What’s more, this discovery suggests that a new treatment for heart disease could be a simple vitamin tablet. Researchers recently found that bad cholesterol has a twin called lipoprotein(a), which can also raise your risk of heart disease. Having both of them would be a double whammy and raise the risk of blocked arteries even further. Doctors have known for some time that people with a high level of Lp(a), as it is known, were more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke. What wasn’t certain was whether it could cause them or whether it was an innocent bystander. Now, researchers have found a definite link between higher levels of lp(a) and cardiovascular problems. ‘The work confirms unequivocally that Lp(a) is a causal factor for coronary heart disease,’ says Dr Robert Clarke, of the Clinical trial service Unit at oxford University. ‘The increased risk from high levels is only about a quarter the risk from lDl, but the hope is that by targeting both we will be able to reduce people’s risk even further.’ Exactly why Lp(a) raises the risk of cardiovascular disease isn’t clear yet, but it probably makes clots more likely. That’s because it has another protein attached to it that helps clots form over damage to the arteries. Your levels of Lp(a) are thought to be more the result of your genes than anything else. The good news is that it seems to respond to a number of different vitamins and supplements, the best known of which is the B vitamin niacin. ‘Niacin is a fantastic all-round treatment for protecting hearts,’ says Dr Sarah Jarvis, of the royal College of GPs. ‘It brings down both LDL and Lp(a) and it also pushes up HDL.’ Is found naturally in liver, poultry and fish, although the best sources are wholegrains, nuts and dried beans. However, patients who are treated with niacin are usually given a 2g supplement a day - far more than you could get from food.

Despite their various injuries they saw the funny side of the situation. I was the one who had received treatment, yet, to borrow an equestrian phrase, I was the only one sou nd in wind and limb!

By Jos Biggs

However, physiotherapists are a tough and resourceful breed. With her backside firmly parked in her office chair (the sort with a central leg and five small wheels radiating outwards from it) she punted herself around her treatment room, using her crutches as land oars. As she finished my tune-up I heard the door open, and a stream of Spanish


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Tips for a Safe BBQ

better than food grilled Summer and barbecuing just go hand-in-hand. Nothing smells or tastes oal fired barbecue, follow outdoors while relaxing on the deck! Whether you use a gas or charc these tips to keep barbecuing a safe and healthy summer activity.

Before Using Gas Fired Barbecues

Purchase only CGA-approved barbecues - check for the label. ling a newly-purchased barbecue. If you have difficulty Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assemb which sell barbecues offer a free assembly service. Ask. with the assembly, contact a qualified service person. Many stores have on hand for future reference. Store the instruction manual for the barbecue in a safe place to is changed or refilled, remove the grates and lava rocks If the barbecue has not been used in awhile or whenever the gas are rust and debris free. to check that the burner holes and tubes connected to the burners throughout the burner. If the flame is not even, replace If it looks fine, fire up the barbecue and check for an even flame on how often the barbecue is used). ing depend most, the the burner. (Most burners only last 2 seasons at accumulated. has that While the lava rocks are removed, clean out any ash or grease leaks. Using ordinar y washing-up liquid mixed for lines Periodically, check all of your barbecue connections and supply on the hose, too. There is a leak if bubbles valve r cylinde the means This . with water, spread the solution over all fittings g ing or replacin the leaking hose or valve, retest for leaks. appear. NEVER use an open flame to test for leaks. After tighten

Lighting A Gas Barbecue

Open the lid BEFORE lighting the barbecue as a leaking or open valve may cause the accumulation of gas under the lid or in the basin. This could cause an explosion when lit. Have a match or barbecue lighter ready before the gas is turned on. If the barbecue does not ignite, turn the control valves off, then wait five minutes before trying again. KEEP THE LIGHTER AND MATCHES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!

Using the Barbecue Never leave a lit barbecue unattended. Never move a lit barbecue. Use long-handled utensils and fireresistant oven mitts. Wear short sleeves or tight-fitting clothing as loose clothing could catch fire. The barbecue should rest on a solid surface and be located away from shrubbery, foot traffic and overhangs. Remember, the barbecue stays hot even after being turned off and can burn someone if they bump into it. Ideally, the barbecue should be 3 metres (10 feet) away from the house or anything else that could catch fire. The area surrounding the barbecue needs to be free of any obstructions that could block airflow for ventilation and combustion. Never use the barbecue indoors or in a garage. Only open the gas to a one-half turn-the necessary gas required to operate the barbecue. This also makes it much easier to shut off should a problem arise. A certain amount of fat does drip onto the heat source while cooking, causing flaring. Some flaring is fine

as it adds to the barbecue flavour. Excessive flaring, however, is not acceptable. Food should be moved to another spot on the grill and/or the heat turned off. Trim fat from meat cuts to avoid excessive flaring and, every so often, turn over the lava rocks or ceramic briquettes so the accumulated fat can burn off. Do not operate the barbecue’s rotisserie in damp or wet weather as it is connected to an electrical outlet. When finished with the barbecue, turn the cylinder valve off first, then the controls to the grill. This allows the gas in the lines to burn off. After the barbecue has cooled off, cover it to protect it from the weather. Keep a fire extinguisher close by. Never use water on a grease or fat fire as it only causes the flames to spread. If fire surrounds the propane tank, leave the area immediately (to a distance of at least 200 metres from the tank) and call the fire department at 9-1-1. In case of a grease fire, leave the barbecue lid open and turn off the burners if you are able. If not, turn off the gas supply at quick connect or the shut-off valve.

Food Safety Guidelines Although they’re fun, barbecues can have a downside in the form of food poisoning. Happily, a little knowledge, care and organisation can help to avoid such pitfalls. Problems can occur when raw or partially cooked food is left sitting around at ambient temperatures, thereby allowing bacteria to flourish. Bacteria will double in number every 20 minutes on a fine summer day. Raw beef products, such as burgers, can contain E coli O157, while raw poultry can carry salmonella and campylobacter - all of these can cause severe illness. Cross-contamination is the other major cause of food poisoning. Never defrost frozen meat, fish or shellfish at room temperature. Bugs can start to grow in the outer tepid areas of flesh while the inner part is still defrosting. Use the fridge or microwave instead.

Hints for Charcoal-Fired Barbecues Only charcoal lighting fuel should be used to start a charcoal barbecue. NEVER use gasoline!! Before lighting the charcoal, let the lighter fluid soak into the coals for a few minutes. The explosive vapours then have time to dissipate. When lighting the coals, stand back from the grill. Make sure lighter fluid wasn’t accidentally spilled on you or any of the area surrounding the grill, as the flames will track the fluid and you could set yourself on fire. Before lighting the charcoal, check to see that the lighter fluid is a safe distance away from the

Lighter fluid should never be poured or sprayed onto hot coals, even if they are dying out. The result could be an explosion. Always completely smother the coals when finished barbecuing. A safe way of doing this is to lift the coals from the barbecue with long tongs--wear oven mitts, too!--and place them in a metal pail of water. Keep children away from the barbecue and hot coals.

Grill Preparation and Safe Cooking Tips

Use hot, soapy water to clean all surfaces and utensils before and after preparing meats or poultry products. Rinse well after washing. To prevent food from sticking to the grill, brush the BBQ lightly with oil or spray with a non-stick product. Always use the proper utensils - long-handled - and oven mitts, if required. If the weather is cool or damp or if it is windy, cooking time on the BBQ may be longer. To reduce cooking time for meats and poultry, marinade them first. Marinating tenderizes the

Avoid cross-contamination. Keep cooked food and raw produce separate and use different utensils for each. Wash your hands after handling raw meat or fish. Keep raw food away from cooked food on the grill. Avoid ‘hidden’ cross-contamination, which can be caused, for example, by pouring a marinade used on raw meat onto partially cooked meat. Cook all barbecued food thoroughly. Never grill from frozen. Always defrost food thoroughly in the fridge before cooking. Chicken, turkey, pork and prawns, as well as sausages, burgers and other minced meat products must be grilled until they’re no longer pink inside and are hot throughout. Even restaurants now have to make sure their burgers are cooked through to ensure they pose no health risk.


meat, too. The BBQ should be preheated before starting to cook.

Keep the natural juices inside the meat or poultry. Turn with tongs or a spatula rather than stabbing with a fork. Use glazes or BBQ sauce during the last 15-20 minutes of cooking only; this will help prevent burning too. When juices run clear from the meat and poultry, it can be removed from the grill.



Ditch the dull sausages and supermarket burgers and try throwing veg, fish and even fruit on the barbie (though perhaps not all at once!).

Here’s a few ideas: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks:

delicious chicken drumsticks with a sticky soy glaze that can be cooked on the grill or the bbq.

Halloumi Kebabs with Thyme & Lemon: A veggie treat

for your barbeque

BBQ Salmon Fillet with Lemon & Dill: This makes a

generous amount for a crowd, so invite your friends round and enjoy!

Chargrilled Aspar agus & Fennel Salad: Prepare everything

in advance, get your griddle good and hot and this early summer salad won’t take long at all!

Chicken Tikka Skewers: This breezy dish is perfect for the grill or barbecue - and it’s low-calorie too! Barbecue Baked Sweet Potatoes: This veggie barbecue

dish is effort-free - just pop the potatoes on the coals and wait til meltingly soft!




ff o er und

3 bed villa with pool albox €135,000


o er nd


3 bed villa with guest annex albox €158,000



3 bed villa with pool & garage

albox €115,000



3 bed villa with pool arboleas €149,000

er d n u

er f f o

large 2 bed villa with pool albox €110,000

ffer o er old d n u ow s n 2 bed detached cortijo with 1,200 mtr garden albox €76,000

The results speak for themselves All the above properties we have sold in June

If you want to sell your property fast or if you are looking for the best value properties in Almeria...

then call us now Calida Homes Property Consultancy Tel: 950 430 763 or 697 875 717 Email:



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Property Of The Month Property Sales

currencies direct where your money goes further

Phone Spain: + 34 950 472 430 Fax Spain: + 34 950 475 193 Phone UK: +44 (0) 151 544 0268

Paseo del Mediterraneo, 261 Estrella de Cantal, Local 5-A-1 04638 - Mojacar - Almeria - Spain Email: Web: mojacar pueblo €89,500

turre cortijo grande €83,500

Just Reduced


Large 1 bed / 1 bath Apartment Build 76 m², Terrace 22 m² Incredible mountain views End of terrace Off street parking Store room Ref. 1474

Price: €83,500

Mojacar Playa 2-bed / 2-bath Apartment Communal pool Terrace Fabulous sea views Fully furnished Ref. 1327 Price: €89,500

turre €135,000

Mojacar Playa 130,000

New on the Market !

Just Reduced 2-bed / 1-bath Apartment Near Neptuno beach bar Communal pool Underground parking Mountain views Terrace Ref. 1395 Price: €130,000

3-bed / 2-bath end of terrace Townhouse Great location Close to all amenities Mountain and campo views Off street parking Front garden + terrace Ref. 1465 Price: €135,000

turre €169,950


Huevanillas Arboleas


2-bed / 2-bath Villa Fully furnished Double glazing and Sat TV Private pool Walking distance to amenities Bargain! Ref. 1470 Price: €169,950

Mojacar Playa €250,000 200m from Beach!

Mojacar Playa 3-bed / 2-bath Townhouse Communal swimming pool Garage + off street parking South facing Gated community

Ref. 1333

Price: €250,000

3-bed / 2-bath Villa Build 130 m², Terrace 50 m², Plot 615 m² Private pool Garage Mountain views New on the market Ref. 1473

Price: €170,000

mojacar playa €270,000 New on the Market!

Mojácar Playa 3-bed / 3-bath south facing Townhouse Solarium and Terrace Communal pool Fantastic sea views Close to all amenities Ref. 1477 Price: €270,000

Mojácar Pueblo 2-bed / 2-bath Townhouse Solarium and Terrace Garage Sea and mountain views Close to all amenities

Amazing Bargain! REF: 1411 mojacar playa €109,995 New on the Market!

Mojacar Playa, Puerto Marina 2-bed / 2-bath Apartment Communal pool Garage South facing terrace New on the market! Ref. 1480 Price: €109,995

Mojacar playa €130,000


Mojácar Playa, Marina de la Torre 3-bed / 2-bath grd floor Apartment Fully furnished Walking distance to beach Sea and mountain views Quiet residential area Ref. 1459 Price: €130,000


€199,950 Excellent Value

3-bed / 2-bath Townhouse Build 193 m², Terrace 24 m² Solarium Garage Sea views Excellent value! Ref. 1005 Price: €199,950

mojacar Micar Valley

€695,000 Must be seen!

6 bed / 6 bath luxury Villa Build 233 m², Terrace 97 m², Plot 3348 m² Double garage + big private pool Pool house annex with 1 bed/1 bath Central heating + solar power Automatic entrance gates Ref. 1296 Price: €695,000

Price: €85,000 urracal €160,000 Unique Property

5-bed / 2-bath large Cortijo In vibrant village with municipal pool Terrace Fabulous mountain views Beautifully renovated No offers please Ref. 1472 Price: €160,000

Pueblo Salinas Vera playa €140,000 2-bed / 2-bath 1st floor Apartment Communal swimming pool Fully furnished Car port Pool and garden views from terrace Bargain! Ref. 1469 Price: €140,000

Mojacar Mojacar Playa Playa €229,000 €85,000 Just reduced

3-bed / 2-bath Townhouse 200m to beach Garden Garage + A/C Walking distance Parque Comercial Just reduced! Ref. 1405 Price: €229,000

mojacar playa

€450,000 New on the Market!

3 bed / 3 bath Villa Near Parque Comercial Private Pool Solarium Dining room New on the market Ref. 1205 Price: €450,000

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.



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KEEP WATcHING THE WORLD CUP...OR World Cup round-up Argentina playmaker Lionel Messi has agreed a double or quits bet with coach Diego Maradona that he scores against in Saturday’s World Cup quarterfinal against Germany. Messi bet Maradona he would score against Mexico in the previous round, although he has since refused to reveal the size of the stake

Spains largest retailer of British foods at discount prices


Look out for our special offers


Camposol Dental Service Expert professional N.R.S.S.:20500027

ICA Open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm Tel: 968 199 120


Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan needed an ice pack after hurting his ankle in training on Monday but officials expect him to recover in time for Friday’s quarter-final against Uruguay. Black Stars defender Hans Sarpei is also reportedly carrying a leg injury.






Avda. De Los Covachos, 278. Sector B. Urb. Camposol. 30870 Mazzarón Tel: 968 199 120 cif: 73255705

Le Bistro Now Open Puerto De Mazarron

Behind the Pharmacy next to Medical Centre


• Breakfast Menu • Lite Bites & Various Baguettes • Starters & Salad Bar • Choices from ‘The Grill’ • Homemade Meals & Desserts • Traditional Sunday Lunches • Choice of Drinks & Wines r



Maradona has also made it clear that Messi has a free role. He said: “Nobody ever told me where to play. So, I shouldn’t have to tell Messi where to play either. It’s up to him to decide where to play. He’s a grown-up. I did it back in my era - and now it’s his turn.”

OPEN EVERY DAY ALL DAY & EVENINGS Tele Margaret & Jim 690 242 864

Meanwhile, Ghana midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng has revealed Italian side Lazio are interested in signing him from Portsmouth. He stated: “Lazio want me. I know about their interest but I don’t want to think about it. For now, I just want to do well in South Africa.” UruguaycoachOscarTabarez,whose far and beat South Korea in the second reaping the benefit of the majority of trade overseas.

side have impressed so round, believes he is his players plying their

He said: “Most of the squad joined they were still playing in Uruguay age. Four years later, almost all of important clubs overseas and they experience of playing high-level football abroad.”

the national squad when at around 22 years of them are playing at are capitalising on that

Guus Hiddink thinks Sepp Blatter should only continue as Fifa president if he is prepared to allow the introduction of goal-line technology and video replays in order to avoid future controversies. The former Netherlands boss, now in charge of Turkey’s national side, stated: “Sepp Blatter should announce tomorrow that video replays will be implemented, or he needs to resign.” Fit-again Netherlands winger Arjen Robben does not believe he is back to his best yet, despite returning to the starting line-up with a man-ofthe-match performance in the 2-1 victory against Slovakia. Robben, who had been out with a calf injury, said: “It was a great feeling to start the game. I am not yet at my top level but I was pretty confident.”

Deep Sea Fishing Rods and baits supplied, fishing off the Costa Calida Coast, boat moorded at yacht centre adjacent to the Bahia Hotel Puerto de Mazarron 7m x 2.6m + 150hp inboard motor fishing boat

To book call Tony: 4 hour trips only

968 199 070 646 754 124

Don’t like fishing?

Book the above to explore the lovely Costa Calida Coastline 4 hour pleasure cruise To book your trip call either of the numbers above Minimum 3 days notice required


Pizza Bar - Bolnuevo Sunday Carvery World Cup Priced Pizzas Open 10.30 till late 7 days a week Tel: 638 241 820



R DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT instead! your healthiest summer ever With summer in sight, now’s the time to make the changes that will help you shape up, slim down and re-energise mind and body, so you look good and feel great over the coming months.

Get organised: Clutter can take over your life, leaving you

feeling stressed. Banish some of the chaos and you’ll instantly feel calmer. Tackle one area at a time and be ruthless - if you’re not sure whether to keep something or not, chuck it out or pass it on.

Eat for your skin: Berries, melons, pears, leafy greens, nuts, olive oil and fish are all skin-boosting foods Ready, get set, stretch: Stretching

Tel: 968 199 198

Rama Rama & & Jaz Jaz welcome welcome you you Paul & Sue welcome you to

El Duende

‘the bar restaurant with the friendly atsmosphere’

Full English Breakfast from 2.50€ Menu Del Dia 8€ Sunday Roast Dinner from 8€ Beef, Chicken, Fish or Shoulder of Lamb BOOKING ADVISABLE Kitchen open from 10.30am-9pm SATurday 3rd JULY

MONTHLY QUIZ NIGHT From 9pm Followed by disco

Open 10.30am till late Closed Thursdays

Paseo Rihuete s/n (Edificio Irene) 30860 Pto De Mazarron, Murcia

The Market Tavern

Go shopping: A Debenhams survey of 2,000 women

found that, on average, women take 7,300 steps on every shopping trip - close to the recommended 10,000 a day - and cover around three miles during the 2½ hours spent browsing each week.

Classic British food at its best, with a great family atmosphere!


Dancing to fitness: Even with the best intentions, it can be hard to find the motivation to do

regular exercise. The answer is to find an activity that’s fun as well as energetic, and dancing ticks both those boxes.

Apply the 70% rule: Forget complex calorie counting. Instead, cut portions to around two-thirds of

their normal size and use smaller plates - research shows this tricks you into eating less.

HEATHER’S Mobile Beautician

For more information please call me on 636 657 481


Camposol B, Commercial Centre, Mazarron Open everyday 12pm - 3.30pm 6pm - Midnight

Tel: 968 332 117

improves your flexibility and boosts circulation. Stand with feet as wide apart as is comfortable, left foot with toes pointing forward, right foot with toes pointing out to the side. Keep your upper body tall, float your arms out to your side to shoulder height, palms open. Tilt hips sideways towards left foot, then reach sideways with your right hand and tilt over at the hips to touch your right hand to your right ankle. As your left arm lifts up towards the ceiling, turn your head to look up at the ceiling. Hold for 30-90 secs, then repeat on the other side.

Love your shape: Being a pear shape could be good for your health. Researchers from Oxford University say that fat around the bottom and thighs may trap harmful fatty particles and could even be better than other types of fat at producing hormones, like leptin, that regulate

Every day Lunch menu 5.90€

I believe as a fully qualifiied itec beautician,beauty therapy is a luxury that should be available to everyone in their own home.

We have two chauffeur driven stretch limousines for up to eight people and a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for up to four people.


Tel: 968 595 641 or 619 500 555


Deep cleansing facial leaves skin soft & smooth Hopi an age old American Indian treatment to clear the ears A luxury foot treatment in your own home, that will leave you walking on air.

DETOX FOOt SPA works like magic to detox your body Penny, a client says,”I wouldn’t be without it”

From Monday to Saturday Enjoy Our Famous Cod, Chips & Peas From Only 6€ or Our 4 Course Menu Del Dia 8.50€ Thursday Is Curry Night 3 courses Only 10€ Open Everyday 10am - 2.30pm & 6pm onwards

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Saralara’s Cafe Bar Open All Day, Every Day

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Fiscal Consolidation = End Of Euro? Market Commentary 24th June 2010 Fiscal consolidation is the flavour of the month both in Europe and the UK at the moment, but yesterday George Soros, billionaire investor, suggested that the deficit reducing measures pursued by Germany may end up causing the demise of the Euro. Mr Soros said that Germany should set out a growth led strategy to help member states regain competitiveness, not push them into a deflation cycle and impose economic stagnation. By raising taxes and cutting spending in an economy already short of domestic demand, the Germans are restricting other Eurozone countries ability to partly export their way out of trouble, and thus eventually having to pull out of the Euro. The comments by Mr Soros come after economist Paul Krugman warned the Germans that any fiscal consolidation before full economic recovery has taken hold would be counterproductive, and that now is not the time to be worry about deficits. Given the German stance on monetary and fiscal policy, Mr Krugman’s comments will have gone down like a lead balloon, but given the prominence his views are received in the US, it shows the beginnings of potential policy differences between the US and Europe. The Euro has traded down against both Sterling and the Dollar as new PMI data scaled back investors optimism of the economic recovery in the Eurozone. The Federal Reserve held rates again last night and suggested the American recovery is proceeding at a ‘moderate pace’. In a slight change in tone the Fed acknowledged the Eurozone problems are acting as a headwind for the recovery and also pointed to continuing high unemployment and a depressed housing sector as key issues constraining growth.

The key phrases ‘exceptionally low’ and ‘extended period’ were once again used to describe policy going forward. The Dollar has lost some ground against Sterling since the announcement as the market digests the first implicit acknowledgement by the Fed that Europe’s fiscal problems are affecting the US economy. The key level in cable is now 1.50, rumours of option interest means it is likely to be heavily defended and we may test around this level throughout today. Sterling rose sharply overnight, hitting a 6 week high against the dollar, as Bank of England minutes showed that Monetary Policy Committee member Andrew Sentance voted for a 25bps hike in the last meeting. The minutes revealed that the committee voted 7-1 to keep the bank rate unchanged at .5%. In the wake of the UK’s austerity budget, it seems likely that the majority of the MPC will steer away for a calling of policy tightening, at least until further assessments of the impact of the budget has been made. Many analysts said the austerity plans would help the UK to avoid ratings downgrades suffered by some euro zone countries, whereas other analysts are concerned that tightening the country’s purse strings may choke economic growth. The debate as to whether the budget will knock the economy back into recession at the expense of funding the deficit may continue to rage in the UK for some time. The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the Mojácar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email

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QUESTION: My cacti really love this hot dry weather and I love the fact they need very little looking after. What other plants can I use which are similar?

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ANSWER: How about a range of succulents? The most common are cacti but the species cover a huge range of easy going plants. Succulents are water retaining plants which can survive in hot, arid conditions and although nearly all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. Puzzle that one out!

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Succulents generally appear fatter and more swollen than other plants due to their capacity to store water and this is not just in their leaves. I remember seeing a huge clump of those succulents (Opuntias) which you see dotted around near very old Cortijos, originally planted to absorb waste water from the house. At the end of last summer all were wrinkled and drooping but after the first heavy rainfall in autumn all had swollen up again. Amazing! The surface of a succulent is usually hairy, waxy or spiny, all of which will reduce water loss. Survival in extremely high temperatures and low rainfall in desert and tropical regions makes them ideal for growing in gardens here. However, if like me, you live high up, most will need protection from frost in winter. Many succulents can thrive in beach conditions prone to salt spray. Some suggestions; Many of us already have the black Aeonium in our gardens somewhere with it’s long stem and big black rosette at the top. There is also a dark green, pale green and even a variegated variety. It is often called the Vowel plant as it has all 5 vowels in it’s name. Then there is the Agave which we see dotted around the campo growing wild with its huge, fast growing flower

spike. These too come in all sizes and many colours. Nicknamed the Century plant as it was thought to only flower after 100 years before it died. That is a myth but it will only flower when it is a mature plant and then die but by then there should be many ‘babies’ clustered around the roots ready to take over. Look out for different varieties in your local garden centre. What about an Aloe? These, come in different sizes and shapes too, not just the Aloe Vera which we all use to sooth sore skin and burns. Crassulas have brightly coloured flowers as do Euphorbias, Mesembryanthemums and Lampranthus. The latter two come in many jewel colours and we see them spreading around as ground cover all over the place. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or Sansevieria, is another succulent as is the ever popular Yucca. One of my favourites, but not for the faint hearted, is the Stapelia, sometimes called the Carrion plant. The truly beautiful flowers can be up to 10ins across and come in a variety of shades of brown, yellow, purple and even spotted. I once made the mistake of keeping one of these on my kitchen windowsill in UK and came home from work one day and found the most horrendous smell on opening the front door. It was the Stapelia in flower. And to think I’d been looking forward to seeing the tight bud open! So please, if you want to grow these, site them well away from a door or window or at the bottom of the garden... Send your gardening questions for Frankie to

oh, by the way....


Dear Ed, We moved here in 1999, after 18 months it became clear I needed to find work,( which I was lucky enough to do ), in 2006 I was told by my boss I was no longer required, and was laid off, as you know if you have worked here and paid your social security, you can claim unemployment benefit ( for 2 years max ), then I was told I could claim assistance for being over 50 Yrs old, (this was for 1 year ), after this you can claim long term unemployment benefit (another 1 year ), now I have been told by the unemployment office (INEM ) I can not claim any more benefit for 1 year,( so what does one do for a year without any income?. Is there any one out there that has had this problem ?, or is there anyone who can give me advice as to what to do,(ie- where to go to claim, or who to contact) I have emailed the british consulate in Madrid (twice ) and they have not even had the decency to reply, and I thought they were there to help,ha ha I do hope you or someone can be of a little help. Your Sincerely (Name & Address Withheld) Dear Editor Re: Demolitions

Attention ladies! Summer sales starts in Murcia Thursday, July 1st. Madrid jumped the gun by starting Monday, 22nd June, and so did Communidad Valenciana and Extremadura, whose sale begun one week later. You must show community spirit by ensuring that the average, spent per person during the sale, stays at 80€ (brilliant excuse for buying that dress, your husband said you could not afford – or at least one similar). And, it is really cheap, because the shopkeepers will refrain from adding the increase in IVA (VAT), which is coming into force per July 1st. Fantastic, isn’t it? Showing such an act of solidarity with the consumers!!! Now, even your budget-conscious husband cannot give any objections to your spendingspree. You will of course pay attention to the requirements by law that labels have to show the size, composition and washing instructions as well as a clear indication of price before and after – or at least the percentage with which the price has been marked down. In case you missed it, summer started officially in Spain Monday, June 21st at 1:28 p.m. and will last for exactly 93 days. Those of the readers, who also follow the local Spanish press, might have noticed articles about La Cruz de los Jóvenes. The origins of this cross goes back to 1984, when Pope John Paul II declared that Saint Peter’s Basilica needed a tall cross to attract the worshipper’s attention. He therefore ordered a 2 metres high wooden cross to be erected at the High Altar. He gave the cross to the young from the San Lorenzo Centre and told them to carry it around the World as a sign of Jesus’ love of mankind and to announce to everybody that only with Christ, Our Lord who died and was raised from the dead, are there salvation and redemption. The cross has since then travelled across the Continents and was received in Spain 14th September 2009. Monday 21st June the cross started its travel in La Region de Murcia, and has criss-crossed the region visiting Cartagena, Fuente Álamo, Torre-Pacheco, Águilas, and Lorca to mention a few. The final leg went from El Niño de Mula, Saturday 26th June and finishes in Caravaca de la Cruz. The amazing thing about this cross is that it travels on foot. How? It is carried everywhere in the World on the shoulders of young people. Imagine the weight of a 2 metres high, solid wooden cross. I admit that I do not understand the devotion and willingness to suffer for your faith, but I do admire it. The only cross I have ever carried has been the cross of my own stupidity – and that can also weigh a lot. Reading the newspapers these days is worrying. More and more incidents involving firearms! Midnight between 21st and 22nd June, the neighbourhood of La Guia, on the road between Cartagena and La Aljorra was alarmed by a gunfight between the occupants of a finca and presumably intruders. Turns out that it was a dispute between drugs dealers! We left our own countries to get away from things like that – unfortunately others left their home countries to instigate exactly that. Sad, especially for the Spanish!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this column are the opinions of the columnist and not the opinions of Sol Times Newspaper Group. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content or the opinions of columnist. Biggy Marshall is educated within law and administration and has been writing most of her life. She has been published in the Danish press as well as in local English publications. She has lived in Spain for nearly 20 years, the last 14 years in Murcia. Biggy can be contacted on


HAVE YOUR SAY... Dear Sol Times

European Residents save by paying Eurotunnel in Sterling. Today I decide to check with Eurotunnel for the prices to travel to the UK in my car and discovered that if I tell the company that I live in Europe it will cost me 17% more than if I say that I live in the UK. I was looking for the price to travel from Calais to Folkestone in a standard non LPG car and not towing a trailer. As I currently live in Spain when asked the question ‘Which country do you live in’ on not finding Spain in the drop down list I selected ‘Other country’. I was given a price in Euros. I wanted to pay for the trip on my UK credit card and therefore wanted a price in sterling (GBP) so I decided to amend the country in which I live to the United Kingdom and obtained a price in £s. What I found to my surprise was that if I paid in GBP, as a UK resident, and not in Euros as a European resident, I made a saving of approximately 14.5%, based on the current exchange rate of £ = 1.20€. If the exchange rate was at £ = 1.15€, closer to the average over the last 3 months, the saving would have been 18%.

Our demolition order was terminated on 17th May 2010. This is a great relief after 5 months – my wife and I can now have a good nights sleep and life will start again in sunny Spain with all our English & Spanish friends.

European residents paying in Euros are being made to pay more, between 17% and 22%! Why is this? Because Eurotunnel are using an exchange rate of closer to £ = 1.40€. How long ago since the exchange rate was that high!

I would like to thanks everyone who helped the ‘AUAN’, our lawyer, Francisco Alonso Serrano for doing a good job presenting details of the reason for the demolition in the first place!

Over a sample of various dates in June and July based on the same vehicle and at a travel time between 12 noon and 14:00 hrs the exchange rate used was £ = 1.404€.

The AUAN helped to form a Car Boot Team to help provide funds for legal fees; my wife & I will continue to help with help from our good friends too as on our travels we will collect boot fair donations, on which we meet some wonderfully kind people that we now call friends. Thank you, John & Muriel Burne

The result of this exercise is that I strongly recommend to any UK Expats living in Europe who have a UK debit or credit card to tell Eurotunnel that they live in the United Kingdom when booking tickets to use the channel tunnel and pay by those. It will save them a lot of money, anywhere between 18% and 14.5%! Regards Elliot Sampford


For One Week Only . . . The English Column

It will come as no surprise to regular readers, that I am a proud Englishman – first, last and all the bits in between. I’m not altogether proud of what our country has become you understand, or the changes for the worse that have occurred during the last 25 years or so. But proud of the rich history of England, and how it’s people and the great historic figures have shaped our culture and influenced world affairs over the centuries. Of course not everything has been for the good, as Anglophobe cynics will be only too eager to point out, but that applies to every other great colonial power as indeed it does to individual nations since time immemorial. But our language and the civilising influences of England, and Great Britain throughout the world are there for all to see. Why do I use this space to espouse England? Well only to try and redress the balance a little – this is no xenophobic tirade from a fanatic, but merely an observation on how our country seems to have lost it’s way in recent times. It’s good that the Scots, Welsh, Irish, French et al, proclaim their individuality, and sense of identity . . . and seem to know exactly who they are, and be proud of it. I simply want the English

to see no wrong in doing the same. I want us to throw off the grubby embrace of the politically correct mafia, and not be ashamed of our national heroes such as Nelson, Wellington, Drake and Wolf, in case it offends our continental neighbours, all of whom seem to have no such qualms of their own. And I want our kids to learn with pride the contribution to literature and the arts that the likes of Shakespeare, Keats, Constable, Chaucer and Dickens have made.

Close to London Bridge, is an exhibition called “Winston Churchill’s Britain At War Experience” – whatever the hell that means - with a large photograph of Winston Churchill at the entrance giving his famous victory sign. The only trouble is, if you compare this photo with the original, you will see that his trademark cigar has been airbrushed out by some moronic PC jobsworth. Churchill did smoke cigars – up to 10 large Cubans a day – and he did drink heavily . . . it’s a fact, like it or not. Attempts to change history just because it’s not in line with the present directives on health and safety, is irresponsible and deplorable. *************************** It is said that “An Englishman’s home is his castle”, it is true also that his garden is his field of dreams, and an English garden in full bloom is a sight to gladden any heart. How welcome therefore, are the new


rules that classify gardens as greenfield land, and as such will be protected from infill planning applications and building approval which has been nibbling away at the gardens of our country since the delightful John Prescott declared them to be regarded as brownfield sites. His thinking was as always, based on his class war paranoia, and to his mind represented the difference between the “have’s” and “have not’s” in our society. But he failed to see that the people who stood to gain the most financially were the hated home owners who were lucky enough to have substantial enough chunks of land to sell off as building plots in the first place. And if we are honest, who of us would be able to refuse a fifty grand golden egg - the price that many single building plots were fetching? Consequently as new homes in rural areas increased rapidly, so in equal proportion did gardens and those small areas of natural beauty disappear, never to return. In the small community in Suffolk that was my home for 30 years, I saw the nature of the village change drastically as a result, and as a Parish Councillor felt anger and frustration as planning application after planning application was approved against the express disapproval of the PC. Thankfully this will now stop, and we can look forward to the preservation of an important part of our heritage.



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STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES down 1. Hindered (8) 2. Deep ravine (5) 3. Spicy sauce (7) 4. Contention (9) 5. Disentangle (9) 6. Brownish-yellow (5) 8. Nursemaid (5) 10. This evening (7) 12. Insincere praise (8) 15. Vapid (5)







7 Papist monarch to claim 80% for a change (5,8) 9 Somehow knead bare (5) 13 Personal hint (8) 15 Explanations for your money? (8) 16 Another word for New York, New York - so bad with first musical! (7) DOWN 17 Pacify animal that surrounds plant with 1 Rumour of organs being put in hay (7) leader of Shanghai (7) 2 Ocean current rising in Amazon in Lent (2,4) 19 Observing what happens without a small 3 Get grime reformed for sand-glass (3,5) bell? (6) 4 Tiny organism to live up in a moat, nearly (6) 21 Up in villa, I carry what’s relating to one’s 5 Put in some bins - tallish (7) ancestry, maybe (6)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

ACROSS 2. Scope (5) 4. Congenial (9) 6. Stark (7) 7. Smooth fabric (5) 9.Set free (8) 11.Gesticulated (8) 13 Rule (5) 14.Book depository (7) 16.Bad dream (9) 17. Tendency (5)

CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 6 Allow most of halo to become deadly (6) 7 Part of army - Royal Engineers soldier comes before soldiers with troop leader (8) 8 Californium unfortunately loses oil to another element (8) 10 A number went into empty trolley (6) 11 Lower the price and make a note of it? (4,4) 12 Miserable, me? Always initially cunning! (6) 14 American leader’s wide overseas (6) 18 Young bird and seal, we hear (6) 20 P  rintout, perhaps, is difficult to reproduce (4,4) 22 C  ruise, say, repeated drum (3-3) 23 Curl tree around university employee (8) 24 Reportedly, joint notice is nearly soporific (8) 25 Bear witness at cricket match? (6)



entertainment news... entertainment news... ‘Ashes’ Creator Denies Gene Hunt Revival Ashes To Ashes co-creator Matthew Graham has denied rumours that there are plans for a Gene Hunt spinoff. Last week, reports suggested that Gene, played by Philip Glenister, would appear in a new show set in the modern day. A source claimed that the move would be “rather interesting” and compared the plans to the BBC show New Tricks. However, sources indicate that Graham has now dismissed the speculation. Graham previously said that Gene would only be revived if “Hollywood came calling”.

Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford Marry

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have married at a ceremony in Hampshire. The ‘This Morning’ hosts tied the knot at Elvetham Hotel in Hartley Wintney on Saturday. The landmark site is famours for allegedly

inspiring William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Britain’s Got Talent teenager Faryl Smith performed at the ceremony. The couple, both 50, have been together for 12 years.

ding? Cancel Wed Katie PricethatTo you’d think that is the way she wanted it, but Katie

Alex Reid is reportedly paranoid Price will cancel their forthcoming wedding blessing. The 34-year-old Celebrity Big Brother winner is convinced that Price is cracking under the pressure to organise a ceremony spectacular enough to rival her previous marriage to Peter Andre, after she escaped to Paris on Friday following a bout of pre-wedding panic. A source stated that Price is frustrated that Reid is not getting more involved in the planning of their big day. “Kate feels like she is doing everything and

she really wanted this wedding to be all about her and Alex. “Her decision to go to Paris was partly to show Alex that he can’t just take her for granted and think that he can get away with it.” The couple’s summer wedding blessing has been the source of much speculation, with reports claiming that many celebrities have rejected their invitation to the event, with those attending prevented from talking about it to the media.

Mel Gibson ‘Knocks Ex’s Teeth Out’!

Mel Gibson allegedly punched his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva in the face in January, knocking her teeth out. The claim comes after Grigorieva filed a restraining order against the actor, saying that he was “extremely violent”. A source commented: “Mel and his camp are spinning the facts in a desperate attempt to protect his reputation. “She tried to protect the baby [the couple’s daughter Lucia] during one of Gibson’s violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and

giving her a concussion. “She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse. She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature.” Her lawyers said: “The true facts will be brought out in a court of law. Oksana will continue to abide by the ethical obligations and rules arising from a confidential paternity action and will let the court decide the issue in this matter.”

Kensit Cancels Autobiography Release

Patsy Kensit has cancelled the release of her tell-all autobiography just weeks before it was meant to hit the shelves. The 42-year-old Holby City star told publishers that she was not happy with the final quality of the tell-all book, but according to press sources in the UK, Kensit was pressured into scrapping plans by Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher, who wanted to spare their 10-year-old son Lennon from details of their three-year marriage. A friend of Kensit said: “The publishers wanted all the juicy details about their marriage and why it broke down, and Liam said he didn’t think it was right that Lennon should have to read that when he’s older. “Patsy had high hopes for the book and it was a real warts-andall account, but she has agreed to shelve it for the time being.” The book was meant to reveal in 1997, and DJ all about Kensit’s four ex-husbands, including Gallagher, whom she married . February this from split and 2009 Jeremy Healey, who she married in April

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FRIDAY IS Fish & Chips (Cod or Haddock) from 5€ 1pm - 9pm plus live entertainment 9pm

evening entertainment IN July 2nd July - Baz “Rock” 9th July - Matt Black, Elvis & Rock n’ Roll 10th July - Stevie ‘Rod Stewart’ Fisher (5€ ticket, includes FREE buffet)

Live WORLD CUP football

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Pie ‘n’ Pint

FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... & e l p p a & , e l l e p n p n a e , f l e n n fe d ad alla keett ssa occk ro r


menu del dia only 8€ (3 Courses) bingo

Every Mon 2.30pm 100€ JACKPOT

3.50€ Avda Andalucia 41, La Alfoquia - Zurgena on 6ft x 4ft screen

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Bar Restaurant


Shea formally of Neptuno’s

World Cup FREE Zone


Menu del dia 10€ for 3 courses

INTRODUCING OUR new a la carte menu

For Reservations please call

950 478 186

under new management

PROPRIETOR: Terry Jackson • CHEF: Julia Golding • MAITRE ‘D: Janine Maloney

The Kimrick

Probably the biggest screen in Mojacar world cup free zone

in restaurant & normal restaurant services Swimming Pool Pool side snack menus Non smoking restaurant Air- conditioning Free wifi (password protected)

menu del dia 10€ menu del Noche 12€ Sunday Lunch kimrick correos farmacia red cross

Approx 300 metres

(3 course 11.50€)

mojacar playa


METHOD In a dry pan, toss the almonds, shaking the pan constantly, for 1 minute or until they are roasted. In a small bowl, whisk the vinegar, salt, and pepper. Gradually whisk in the oil. Add the tarragon or parsley; set aside. With a small knife, remove the core at the base of each fennel bulb. With a mandoline or a sharp knife, slice the bulbs paper thin. Do the same with the apple. Squeeze the lemon juice on the apples; set aside. Then in a large bowl, toss together the fennel and apples. Add half the dressing and toss again. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes for the flavours to mellow. Add the rocket to the fennel mixture and toss gently with the remaining dressing and the cheese. Arrange on 4 salad plates and sprinkle with the almonds.

¼ cup slivered blanched almonds 1tbsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to taste 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp chopped fresh tarragon or parsley 2 small fennel bulbs, feathery fronds cut off 1 green apple, cored Squeeze of lemon juice 1 bunch Rocket or 3 cups of mixed green salad ¼ cup grated parmesan or pecorino cheese

Hospitals Ban Sugar From Tea Machines Health chiefs are to ban sugar in tea and coffee in hospitals because it poses a health risk.

2.4m2 TV

with dynamic sound system in designated basement bar

Showing all england matches designated Bar, air-conditioned & extraction system

5€ entry

includes pint of San Miguel or glass of wine. Home-made steak pie with mushy peas, sausages and mash with onion gravy or homemade burger with chips. Jugs of San Miguel at half time Pre order your half time drinks to avoid the queue!

Tel: 950 475 198

Kitchen Open: Wed-Mon 12pm-4pm & 7pm-11pm Closed Tues

The NHS in Wales is to stop the sale of hot drinks containing sugar from vending machines. Hospital bosses say they are being ordered to enforce the ban because sweetened tea and coffee offer no nutritional benefit and can have a detrimental effect on dental hygiene. Documents published by the Welsh Assembly recommend the sale of water and juice as alternatives. They also encourage the availability of healthier snacks including seeds, dried fruit, sandwiches and low fat cakes. Cheese sandwiches however, are considered to be too high in fat. The Welsh Assembly said in a statement:

‘Hospitals are visited by a very broad crosssection of society and, as such, the whole hospital environment should reflect the importance of healthy living.’ The move to ban sweetened hot drinks comes after schools were targeted in a health drive by the Welsh Assembly. Members said children should not be allowed sugar in their tea at break time as part of the Appetite for Life Action Plan to tackle childhood obesity and poor health. It followed individual schools choosing to follow guidelines such as having no salt on tables, no confectionery on sale and no butter. One council also banned Marmite from school breakfast clubs because of its salt content.



FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... INGREDIENTS 2tsp crushed peppercorns 2tsp sea salt flakes 20-24 raw prawns, shells removed 3tbsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 medium red chilli, deseeded & finely chopped 1 medium green chilli, deseeded & finely chopped 1 buch spring onions, finely sliced on the diagonal 150-200g sugar snap peas or mange tout, finely shredded 500g spaghetti

METHOD Finely grind the peppercorns and sieve to remove husks. Mix with salt and toss the prawns in the mixture Heat a wok over a medium flame and when just smoking, add in the oil, immediately followed by the garlic, chillies and spring onions. Stirfry for about 30 seconds, taking care not to burn the mixture. Add the prawns to the mixture and increase the heat. Ass 3 tbsp water and stir-fry for 1 ½ minutes, until pink. Add the shredded peas and continue to stir for approx 1 minute. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in a large pan of boiling salted water until just cooked – al dente – add the pasta to the wok and toss everything together. Serve immediately.

Formerly Kats Kitchen next to serendipity, albox

Open Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4pm


h ith wit tii w tt heet gh ssp ag pa eer r p p p e p p e & p t & l t a l s a i s l i il l h il c h c nss wn aw p ra pr

Shortcrust Pastry 2 eggs 1 cup plain sheep milk yogurt 2/3 cup mascarpone 4 tablespoons sugar 2.5 tablespoons cornflour Zest of 1 lemon 1 tablespoon poppyseeds Icing sugar, to dust

Traditional Lunch & Salads & Something Special

Evening Meals every Thursday, Friday & Saturday



Sunday Lunch 12pm - 5pm

Preheat the oven to 350F. Roll your pastry crust and line your mould with it. Make small holes in the bottom; place in the fridge. In a bowl, mix the yogurt, mascarpone, egg yolks, cornflour, sugar, lemon zest and poppyseeds; set aside. Place the egg whites in a bowl and whip them firm with a pinch of salt — add 1 teaspoon sugar almost at the end, to make them firmer. Fold carefully into the yogurt preparation. Pour this batter into the mould and level the top. Bake for about 45 to 50 minutes or so. Check regularly. Let cool before eating and dust with icing sugar.

Nights 6pm - Midnight

Azafran Traditional Licenced Restaurant

Tel: 677 655 049


ack availa s ble

n on mo d lleem ysseeeed oppppy ppo rtt ar rtt tta ur hu gh og yo y

All world cup matches & GAA Games shown ew gr an se on big live music with ! ht nig ay rd tu sc sa & reen ay every wednesd

Guinness on draught



dj & karaoke nights with dj steve king Sun & Sat SANTA PECADO

Open from

2pm til late 697 224 283



For more information:


to Hotel Indalo to La Parata


in Tubt 2€ Jug o 1€ 4€




Pasao del Mediterraneo 113 Mojaca Playa


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Restaurante MESON EL SALADILLO Every Sunday EVENING Professional Tablao Flamenca Dance from 7.30pm

in July and August Booking advisable

Sunday 11th July 8pm

Flamenco Fiesta Reserve your table

Come and watch the sensational Horse Dancing every Sunday lunchtime 1pm Family owned restaurant for over 30 years. We specialise in Paellas cooked over a wood fire. Large and varied menu with meats cooked over an open fire. Menu del dia 10â‚Ź. Weddings, Christenings, Communions and company outings catered for.

Monday - Sunday 6.30am - 11pm

Carretera MazarrĂłn, Murcia (El Saladillo) 2 mins from Camposol A on the old road towards El Saladillo.

Tel: 650 594 194



your events...your announcements... your events...your announcements...

world cup

are you showing the world cup final in your bar or restaurant? why not advertise here in the sol times! for details of our current great advertising deals call our main office on 950 430 820 or justine on 693 775 337

Ex-Armed Forces members, from all services, including the Merchant Navy are needed to form a new branch of a fairly new Association in Murcia Sur. This Association is a hands-on charity and needs active members for fundraising and other work. The AFVA works closely with “Holidays for heroes” and the principle aim of the branch is to assist wounded soldiers by offering holidays in Murcia. There are currently several properties being used on La Torre Golf Resort and over 6000 soldiers and their families have had a holiday there. I want to extend this to other locations and to be able to provide wheelchair accessible transport. There is a lot to be done and currently there are only two of us. The aims of the branch will undoubtedly shift and there are bound to be Ex Servicemen here in Spain who also need help. I need your help to get this branch off the ground and if you feel you have the energy to start your own local branch, that would be outstanding! Initial contact should be made to Mel Beasley by email to:


Cañadas del Romero Mazarron


Every Tuesday Ballroom and Latin American styles to suit individual abilities and interests At the Centro Polivalente from 16:00-17:00 For further information contact Louise on 655 421 120

we want all of your news & views...your announcements... your events... your happy stories...your sad times... email: editor@

Tropical Nights ~ Poolside ~


the from 1 uk for night

+ Motown set + Toni Spanish X factor winner! Tickets 10€ or 22€ with cold buffet + dessert


Tel Kim: 699203136

Help for HELP Murcia Mar Menor

We need help with transportation of goods to the stall at the Autocine market on Sunday mornings - our financial life line. If you have a car or van and would like to offer some help, do please call any of the following telephone numbers:Gerry 968 371 091, Brian 968 170 606, Joan 968 181 943 The office 968 570 059 (10am-1:30pm Mon to Friday)

Standing ovation for Melody Makers International concert

A sell-out audience of 600 people was treated to a fabulous evening of music last Saturday at the Orihuela Costa Resort, when Melody Makers International performed an ‘Evening with Rodgers & Hammerstein’. In addition to the 55-member chorus, they were also the first to hear the exquisite sounds of the Junior Melody Makers – 14 pupils from the El Limonar International School in Villamartin – who had been specially trained by conductor Nigel Hopkins for this performance. Their renditions of ‘Edelweiss’, ‘Getting To Know You’, and a specially written ‘So Long, Farewell’ from The Sound of Music – in five languages – brought the audience to their feet in appreciation. Conductor Nigel Hopkins compered the evening in both English and Spanish – much to the appreciation of the international audience – and brought out the best in his much-improved choir with one show hit after another. The program included twelve major soloists from within their ranks, who delighted with Rodgers & Hammerstein’s well-known songs. Foremost amongst these was Alyson Horsfall (‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’), Mary Beer (‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’), Mike Brainsby (‘Oh, What a Beautiful Morning’), Christeen Ansell (‘June Is Bustin’ Out All Over’), Janet Brewis (‘Something Wonderful’), and Eric Nicholls (‘This Nearly Was Mine’) amongst so many other performances. The evening started with ‘The Hills are Alive’ from The Sound of Music by 14 year old Rebecca Holt – a pupil of Nigel Hopkins, and a star in the making – as she walked onstage from the wings, and from there on it was one delight after another. The evening’s performance was enhanced by a six-strong band of professional players who accompanied the chorus faultlessly throughout the evening. They included four local players, plus the international drummer from the UK, Robin Payne, and the Director of Music of Nottingham Trent University, Matthew Hopkins, on keyboards. The Finale, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with both Melody Makers International and the children on stage together, prompted a spontaneous standing ovation from many of the audience and lasted several minutes. The Melody Makers next concert, “A Night at the Movies” is scheduled for January 2011.

World Cup

Entertainment Guide



Saralara’s stalones Falco

bistro cafe-bar

Amarillo Pizza Bar






Nr to El Arbol supermarket, puerto de mazarron Tel: 634 176 550

open 11am onwards tuesday sunday

bar snacks & sunny terrace

2nd round matches

all games shown


uruguay v mexico greece v argentina

CALLE gran via 61 fuente alamo tel: 968 598 568

world cup special scampi / sausages in basket 4.45€ everyday

Karaoke & disco from 10pm

All world cup matches available


Large Projector and 2x plasma screens. Showing all games

BBC, SKY, ITV, ESPN, Show sports, etc everyday

Paseo Puerto de Mazarron Tel: 628 754 490

big 50 inch tv screen

fully air conditioned bistro bar

german cognac liquors & champagne

every day fresh breads, pastries & cakes

Open from 10am during world cup

19 different german & belgium beers

all world cup football live

fish n chips night from 5€

Bolnuevo Tel: 638 241 820 or 616 827 099


Tuesday Wednesday

all day, sunday carvery LIVE Horse play pool or everyday beef pork or table football racing freshly made turkey. fresh ham egg n chips veg & trimmings pizzas. eat in or open from 10.30am daily 5€ takeaway 6.50€

pub quiz 8 - 10pm

fully air conditioned


specialising in german home-made food closed

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SOL CLASSIFIEDS Payment: visa & Cheques made payable to roc publishing s.l (min 10 euros per transaction on cheques or Visa)

for sale Car roof box 30€, 2 TVs 20€ each, treadmill 60€, electric buggy 150€. Tel: 618 342 447 (ref:135) Dog Car Seat product of Òutward Bound 31x 24x19 deep. Fully secure fixing, as new; Paid over £80 would take 40€ Playa Flamenca Tel: 673 006 348 (ref:135) Wicker dog basket as new 51x33 20€ Playa Flamenca Tel: 673 006 348 (ref:135) Table Fans x 2. 46dia. 20€ ea. or 35€ pair. Playa Flamenca 6 7 3 0 0 6 3 4 8 (ref:135) RETURNING TO UK? Central light fittings x 2. Five arms, antique brass, very attractive. 50€ each or both for 80€ 2x table/ ceiling light fittings falling ´crystals` 10€ each or 15€ the pair. Playa Flamenca Tel: 673 006 348 (ref:135) Set of ladies golf clubs complete with bag & trolley 50€ Camposol area Tel 628 356 829 (ref:135) Outside sink / draining board “ Roca “ complete with chrome mixer taps. Sink 30cm x 30cm Drainer 30cm x 20cm Overall measurements - 39 w x 60 l x 35 h 35€ Camposol area Tel 628 356 829 (ref:135) 1 x Silver Belcher choker chain, chunky, handmade, 99.5% pure silver 44cms long. €200.00 ono. Tele. 966 719 908. Mobile 680 386 514. Quesada Area. 1 x Rocker / Recliner armchair. Beige dralon.€75.00 ono. Tele 966 719 908. Mobile 680 386 514 Quesada Area. Triple extending a l u m i n i u m ladder, almost new, 50 Euros. Buyer to collect from El Pareton area. Tel 634 321 101 Brand new still in box, includes solar panel, six volt battery and pump with adjustable fountain height and LED lights, has one, two, or four hour daily setting. Ideal for small water feature or pond where mains electric unavailable, Price new in UK £75 will accept 50 euro. Phone 609 806 177 camposol.

Ladies Mountain Bike - as new -used only once. 75Euros ovno. Phone; 968163030 (Cuesta Blanca area) Gazebo 3M x 4M, metal pole frame, canvas roof and sides. Never used. 60€ ono. 628232936 El Pareton. Gas Fridge Freezer 299€ Tel: 966 181 229 Pine dining room table and 4 chairs €40,Tel: 618 342 447 Coffee tables €5 each, Tel: 618 342 447 TV cabinet €10, Tel 618 342 447 Mini Discs, 26 discs plus portable clear plastic filing case (telescopic) only 35€ Tel 965 725 573 30” TV Vieta LCD flat screen TV by McPerson includes wall mounting bracket and stand, needs external power pack, only 40€ Tel 965 725 573 2 x Jacuzzi Baths as new white 200€ each Tel: 968 309 741 Glass display wall unit 45€, Small dressing table 2 drawers 25€ Samsung microwave quartz grill 45€. Ferguson midi hi fi system cassette recorder, record turn table, radio 40€ Tel 965 328 537 Chest deep freezer 65€ Quesada area Tel: 966 719 845 2 x Coship Digital Cable TV Receivers Ex Tel Micro Issue with remote handsets €10 each (Quesada) Tel: 966 717 303 Petrol lawn mower 18 months old . only used 4 hours a week cost new 158€ going for only 60€ Tel: 966 799 136 ask for Gerry (los Balcones) Concrete mixer electric good condition home use only cost 320€ good value 165€ quesada area 966 716 646 H e a d b o a r d wooden medium oak colour inset arch and nice fretwork double or kingsize 70€ Quesada area 966 716 646 Bedside cabinet medium oak colour 3 draws solid wood good condition 40€ quesada area 966 716 646 Mobility Scooter 4 wheel hardly used as new 300€ Tel 670 633 316 Play Famenca area Sky digibox Pace DS430N with white sky card. Best decoder for Costa

Blanca, 2 years old 150€ Also heavy duty ‘L’ shaped wall dish support 55 x 55cms x 70mm, 20€ Call Don 965 486 696 or 616 594 680 FreeSat satellite receiver for English channels, brand new, 80€. Tel 626 658 778 E d e s a vitroceramica electric cooker stainless steel with 4-ring ceramic hob & fan assisted oven 180€ Tel: 687763165 (Pilar de la Horadada) 3-seater settee burgundy fabric 30€ Tel: 687 763 165 (Pilar de la Horadada) R E E BO K trainers UK size 5 white leather navy stripe with LED lights brand new 20€ Tel: 687 763 165 (Pilar de la Horadada) Sky digibox Pace DS430N with white sky card. Best decoder for Costa Blanca, 2 years old 150€ Also heavy duty ‘L’ shaped wall dish support 55 x 55cms x 70mm, 20€ Call Don 965 486 696 or 616 594 680 65 glass bricks 19 X 19 X 8cm 1€ each Tel 650 759 834 Camposol Mazarron Mountain bike, suit young girl. Front suspension, never been ridden. Very good condition 45€. Tel 968 199 956 or 663 523 168 Mini Dirt Bike, 110cc, suit ages 6+, runs OK, but needs timing sorting hence price of 200€. Tel 968 199 956 or 663 523 168 X-Box games, Jericho & Halo 3, 15€ each or 25€ for both, boxed and in good condition. Tel 968 199 956 or 663 523 168 Blue corner round chaise longue sofa 225 x 260cm approx. Good condition. Very comfortable. 150€ Camposol. Tel: 630 808 273 3 gas heaters €15, small computer desk €5, white dining table and 4 chairs €60, Tel: 618 342 447 A l u m i n i u m made bongo lovely sound 20€ Camposol Tel: 628 783 054 (ref:131) Scalextric good working order 15€ Camposol Tel: 628 783 054 (ref:131) Krups coffee machine, fully functional 20€ Camposol Tel: 628 783 054 (ref:131) MASA, 3 x Pine Curtain Rails lengths 2 @ 1M 60, 1 @ 1M 30, €8 each or €20 for all 3. MASA, 2 x single

bed covers blue/ yellow patterned with matching cushions, €6 each or €10 for the pair. Camposol Tel: 968 199 726 or 608 057 486 Alba DVD player, full working order 10€ Camposol Tel: 628 783 054 (ref:131) Sky Box €45, Sky Plus €65 Sky HD €165, all recording requires subscription and matching card. Tel: 652 073 581. (ref:131) Second-hand paperbacks.120 second-hand books, wide variety of authors 30€. Torrevieja area. Tel:966 722 010 (ref:131) Pine upright armchair (Masa) in good condition, blue and check material 20€ Tel: 635 885 062 Camposol Wilson Augusta double brass headed putter bought in USA 15€ Tel: 635 885 062 Camposol (ref:131) Bag of assorted golf tees 3€ Tel: 635 885 062 Camposol (ref:131) 39 new golf balls, topflight, Wilson pro, Spalding, Inesis 39€ or will seperate. Tel: 635 885 062 Camposol (ref:131) Satellite dish 1.35m with LNB and Sky Digibox (Pace) 175€ Tel: 664 757 094 Mazarron. (ref:131) M a s s a g e Mattress 3ft x 6ft Lambs Wool, with 2 remotes 1 English 1 Spanish. Will massage all different areas of the body, only used 3 times. 10 year Guarantee. selling for medical reasons. Paid 500€ will accept 150€ Tel: 968 575 803 or Mob: 626 255 540. Los Alcazares (ref:131) Sky digibox. Pace (the best for this area) Immaculate condition, Includes all leads etc 40 € Mazarron. Tel: 630 366 321 or 646 789 595 (ref:131) M a n d o l i n , Unused. Including tutor book, spare strings and pics. 75€. Mazarron. Tel: 630 366 321 or 646 789 595 (ref:131) Electric Cement Mixer DIY/ Home use. 100€ ono Tel: 657 102 153 Santiago de la Ribera (ref:131) Pool Table 1.54 mt x 0.73mt 2 x cue and full set of pool balls. With detachable legs 40€ ono Tel: 657 102 153 Santigo de la Ribera (ref:131)

Costa Blanca Sales: 966 265 023

/ 693 775 347 Email:

Costa Calida Sales: 950 430 820 Email: or

2 Man Inflatable Canoe Comes in carry bag Complete with 2 sets of oars & hand pump 50€ o.n.o Tel: 657 102 153 Santiago de la Ribera (ref:131) Swimming Pool in good Pump working order, complete unit 199€ ono Tallante area Tel: 644 569 693 or 666 129 388 (ref:131) Water Pump in good working order cost new over 200€ accept 99€ ono Tallante area Tel: 644 569 693 or 666 129 388 (ref:131) HUMAX Foxsat HD (High Definition) S a t e l l i t e Receiver (for Freesat channels) As New – brilliant picture quality but should have HD ready TV with satellite aerial for optimum results. 65€ (Current internet cost new in UK approx £150) (Quesada) Tel: 966 717 303 (ref:131) Honda Rotavator 4 stroke ,model FG200,hardly done any work, 250€ Tel: 958 063 060 (ref:131) STIHL 18” CHAINSAW , 2 stroke, good condition, German quality, model 029, 295€ Tel: 958 063 060 (ref:131) Extension legs for bed or chair. 10 inches high threaded. 6 pairs 4 euros a pair will separate. Tel: 618423025 (ref:131) Catering meat slicer as new cost 650€ sell for 250€. Girls’ clothes 18 months to 4 years. Various T Shirts short and long sleeves good condition good makes Next etc. also includes denim pine and some cotton shorts. Price 30€. A pair of navy girls’ sandals closed in leather not worn. 10€ Playa Flameca area telephone 966 773 115

air conditioning



Interior & Exterior Decorating

Air-con technician car sales. Fuente Alamo.

Tel: 626 796 149 boats Day / Fishing boat on trailer 4.4 metres virgo 40 hp Suzuki engine, 5hp Suzuki stand by engine, electric start, fully serviced. Mazzaron Area 3,500 euros Tel 968 971 782 or mobile 680 913 840


Open 4.35m galvanised trailer 40hp Mercury Electric Stark. Sun canopy latest fish finder. Many Extras. As new, must be seen.

6,500€ Tel: 647 285 659

Nathan teak coffee table circular with glass centre 40€ Exercise bike “Basic Mag” used twice 50€ Oil radiators choice of 2 1000w & 2500w 20€ & 25€ Reclining swivel chair black, as new 50€ Carpet cleaner Bex Bissell 40€ Tel 644399885 Benijofar S Costa Blanca

Deep sea fishing call Tony on: 646 754 124 www.


No 17 Calle Los Arcos, Ciudad Quesada, Rojales Tel: 634 043 060


M o b i l i t y Equipment Sales & Hire. Tel: Freedom Mobility 968 153 620 www.freedomm

All Digging, Rubbish removal & build work Tel. 628 505 733 carpenter Carpenter / Joiner

38 Years Experience For all your carpentry needs: Kitchens, Doors, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & much more ! For a no-obligation quote call: Philip: 680 443 219

damp proofing


Ken sherwood English Mechanic

Garage in La Pinilla 10 mins Camposol Collection and delivery service available. All garage services and diagnostics. All work guaranteed

679 646 859

classified advertising

or Email: dancing

Dancing at Corazon Hotel, Rojales. Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, every Wednesday including tuition 8pm - 9.30pm Call: 619 637 749 for info

Builders - General


Tel John 685 998 131 BUSINESS FOR SALE

Business For Sale

Serendipity Crafts And Gifts, Albox, ALMERIA Established 4 Years, Genuine Reason For Sale. Serious Enquiries Only Please. Price reduced for quick sale

- Owners moving to new zealand -

Tel: 617 588 417 or 950 431 502



Mobile Hairdresser & Nail Technician

Tel: 634 314 494

Totana - Mazarron & Fuente Alamo Backscratchers Acrylic Nail Extensions

Special offer 29€

electro-os s.l.

Tel: 958 656 560 or 619 666 363

C/Valcarcel 29, Santiago de la Ribera, Nr San Javier airport. Tel: 690 738 820 or 634 332 370

For all aspects of building and QUESADA landscaping, GOLD CENTRE bricklaying, extensions, We buy Gold & Jewellery at patios, renovations, International Market Prices block paving and balustrades


A1 Excavate & Build

Large selection of quality bikes starting from 12 € p/day. 4 & 6 seater bikes. Repairs & servicing.


Mazarron Area

damp proofing English / Spanish MAN’S BIKE 18 x Gear – Good 15 years in Spain condition – 65€ to good home! (Quesada) Tel: 966 717 303 (ref:131)


Nash Warren Insurance House, car, travel & health cover Tel: 968 156 583 Very cheap boating.

Sports powerboat 5m, comes with 90hp engine and all equipment, can be seen working. . Excellent condition only 5000€ or £4400 call 638 056 224.

bike for hire

Legal & Registered Contractor. A Professional & Reliable Service Camposol & Costa Calida area. Free competitve quotes Tel: Mick 968 163 336 or 646 324 669


A Qualified Professional Service in your home

966 265 023 693 775 347




We have two chauffeur driven stretch limousines for up to eight people and a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for up to four people.

Tel: 968 969 648 or 619 315 933

tO ADVERTISE CALL 966 265 023



Tel: 966 470 449 / 634 324 732


We shift most things Anthony Foster Local moves and deliveries

616 820 232 OFFICE: 966 188 649 MOBILE:

Lords Removal & Storage

UK & European Movers with over 20 years experience. Monthly trips to UK. Pet Travel Available. Very competitive prices. Camposol / Murcia area

(0034) 608 061 872



Regular runs to and from Spain – UK – France – Ireland Full and part loads Collections and deliveries within Spain Phone for best service & price Tel: (0034) 689 886 042 or 628 856 554 E: W:

water leaks

Tec-Fonta Tel: 671 092 424

Detecting water leaks without destruction, exact to the Centimeter, with the newest Equipment (Detectors + Cameras). We locate + repair every Water Leak inside / outside of buildings / pools and underground.

pool cleaning / tiling Tony the tile diver Padi Qualified Saving you money Refit tiles & Maintenance No Need to Drain Your Pool

Free estimate no job too small

One off pool cleans only 8€

Call me on 646 438 694


Singer Wanted wanted Velez Rubio based Rock & Blues Band Require Male singer Exp preferred but not essential Interested? Phone for Audition Steve on 690 735 390 Ray on 678 586 893

dead english or spanish cars All paperwork done. Turn you scrap car into cash! Tel Paul:

We buy quality used furniture and white goods to furnish our own rental apartments. 672 862 179 Tel: 965 720 817 Wanted or 966 723 437 Scrap Gold We buy, sell Spa / Hot Tub or Cash paid for all and part Jacuzzi, working gold jewellery or exchange exchange for new or not. Tel: 650 722 gold. TOP 905 The Treasure Chest: 966 718 100 / Instant Cash PRICES PAID. est. 7yrs. 966 765 374 Paid. Gold Bryant & Son, and Jewellery Respected British Bought and tO ADVERTISE Jewellers. Sold. Valuations, Tel: 678 444 812 in the sol repairs and retail. or 965 326 477 classifieds Quesada Gold Centre @ No17 section Wanted Calle Los Arcos please send Cars Ciudad Quesada for Cash an email to: Rojales 03170 Tel 634 043 060 sales@ la zenia Cars www.quesadagold n332 La Zenia Tel: 633 504 211


satellites R a i n b o w Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over the Murcia Region. Contact Matt or Alan 686 358 475 or rainbowsats@ Sky



PACE with blue sky card BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV1, 2, 3 Ch4, & 5. 79€ Can deliver. Tel 667 235 205 or 657 478 771

boats YAMAHA 5HP 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Never Used 450€ Tel: 663 125 979 DINGHY

3.8 metre Honda inflatable dinghy 20hp. Honda outboard, easily crosses Mar Menor with 4 people. includes electric pump, assorted life jackets and inflatable towing ring.

1,950€ ONO

Tel: 663 125 979


wanted cars for cash Best prices paid Spanish / English Anything considered

Call Tim 662 211 993


business for sale Lease for sale Safe Hands Business in centre of Quesada Bakery /Café / Sandwich Bar

23,500€. Tel: 966 732 529 or 628 780 548

Property management Rentals, Key holding, Cleaning Reliable high standard service with low costs Tel: 660 618 977

for sale Luxury 2 and 3 bedrooms

(2 bathrooms) apartments in the center of San Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance, lift to all floors, underfloor heating, roof top pool, next to supermarkets, stunning view from 385€ per month. Tel: 965 720 817 or 616 493 487

5 Businesses In Quesada ALL UNDER


966 732 529 659 231 013

Rental properties urgently needed

Fantastic business opportunity Quesada. Fully equipped dry cleaners/laundry. Good existing client base. Call for more information: 966 718 199 37,000€ ono. Long lease

situations vacant READY TO EARN!

Join Dream Excursions and become part of our fast, growing International highly motivated marketing team. We are looking for British, German & Scandinavian speaking staff with potential earning 400€ p/week

Call Mark 692 752 256

Man & Van required for delivery of SolTimes Newspapers in the Blanca area Delivery person must be efficient & reliable and available each Wednesday. Contact Rob on 950 430 820 Email

We want you!!

Telephonist required for Business Centre in

Ciudad Quesada. Enthusiastic and committed sales people We require an individual wanted to work on commission only basis, must have own transport, if you to work from home on can close a deal and have a desire to a part-time / full-time work for an established company call basis. 965 720 817 or 616 493 487 Polite telephone manner

FOR RENT: Excellent holiday rental rate


El Raso

Se Vende


for spacious apartment Isla Plana, 2 double bedrooms (1 king / 2 singles). Newly built, tastefully furnished. Lounge, kitchen/diner, laundry room, terrace, gardens / swimingpool / jaccuzi / tennis, secure parking and pedestrian entrance, lift & disabled access. 5 minutes to Puerto de Mazarron and all amenities, short walk to beach opposite. 135€ weekly inclusive. Tel: 672 852 360 E:

Looking for


and computer literacy is essential as is both spoken and written English/ Spanish. Please send a current CV with covering letter to alison@


Cherri Bar Park Homes S.L

tO ADVERTISE CALL 966 265 023

van hire

‘La Hierbabuena’ - Los Lobos


for waiting clients Tel: 965 725 888 Mob: 659 047 477

2 Bedrooms large bathroom, fitted kitchen lounge fully furnished


with 1 years plot rent paid

Tel: 629 688 153 - 950 396 908

Sell your unwanted items free ! From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it is under 300€ you can advertise your items

free of charge

It’s easy to place your free advertisement – simply email the wording to Sales@ and your advertisement will appear in our next available issue Turn your treasures into cash – it’s easy and it’s FREE - Don’t delay - email us today!! Free ads are for private advertisers only, selling household items up to 300€ (cars, boats, bikes up to 600€)

Trade advertisers – let us tell you about our cost effective packages Costa Blanca Jean on 966 265 023 or Costa Calida Paulette 950 430 820


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


Bolnuevo Cars S.L.






Good selection of Ford Cars Free Local Delivery Long Lets 7 Seaters Available

Open 7 days a week Airport transfers can be arranged No fuel payment upfront


• Car sales, valeting, tyres, air con, engine diagnostics and re-gassing • Recovery service (Grua)• Scrap cars disposed of legally, including all paperworks.



Over 30 cars for sale from 1000€ to 5000€

04 Peugeot 206, 1.4Hdi, climate control, metallic maroon, 5 door hatchback, low kms, MUST BE SEEN ............5995€ 04 PEUGEOT 307, 2.0 auto,5 door hatch, met maroon, low kms, climate control, lovely condition................................................ 6495€ 04 CITROEN BELINGO, 1400i, met champagne, 5 seater,insured nov, tinted windows, side door, a/c...........................................................4395€ 04 FIAT PUNTO 1300 t/diesel, 5 door hatch, silver, low kms, 40k,a/c 1 owner,as new .................................................................4995€ 02 CITROEN PICASSO SOLD 1.9 t/diesel, 5 seater, low kms, a/c, only ...................................4995€ 02 KIA RIO 1.3 5 SOLD door hatch, met Champagne, one owner, only 40K, A/C including insurance till Sept.........................................................3295€ 02 VW PASSAT, 1.9 Tdi, white, low kms, climate control, full spec.......................................4995€ 02 REN CLIO 1.2, 5 door hatch, Met Electric Blue, low kms 64K, A/C...........................3995€

02 FORD FOCUS estate, 1600cc,silver,low kms,56k,a/c,lovely car........................... 3995€ 01 PEUGEOT 307, 2lt, 5 door, electric blue, SOLD low kms,a/c............................................. 3995€ 00 HYUNDAI COUPE SPORTS 2L , Met Blue, SOLD 84K, A/C, alloys, lovely car............ONLY 3995€

00 SEAT IBIZA 1.4, 5 door hatch, White, A/C .................................................................2495€ 99 K.A. 1.3 Yellow, low kms, A/C, alloys, ONLY ...............................................................2995€ 99 BMW 2.5 T/Diesel Estate, Silver, full spec, leather interior, alloys..............................4995€ 99 PEUGEOT 406 2.1, T/diesel Estate, White, A/C..........................................................2995€ 99 VW CABRIOLET, Yellow, E/hood, new interior, lovely condition...........................4995€ 98 ASTRA 1.9 turbo diesel 5 door, maroon, lovely condition .......................................2995€ 98 VW PASSAT, 1.8, t/diesel, White, A/C .......... ................................................................3995€ FIAT BARCHETTA convertable, british racing green, immaculate throughout, drives superb,1998,low kms,..............................3495€

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08 Seat Opel Corsa FordDucato FocusEurotop Auto €10,995 €21,995 06 Leon 1.9TDI€10,995 €10,495 0107Fiat

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Chlorine System Troubleshooting Guide


Potential Causes: Poor Filtration: A damaged or dirty filter provides an excellent breeding ground for algae. Also if the pool water is not being properly circulated, ‘dead spots’ can occur in the water in which algae can start growing. Water Balance: When the free available chlorine level is not maintained between 1 – 3ppm, or algaecide and shock (oxidizer) is not used properly, there is a higher incidence of algae. Chlorine controls algae growth, algaecide kills the algae, and shock oxidizes organic materials, which can be a potential food source for the algae. Poor Housekeeping: By not keeping your pool clean and free of leaves, dirt, and other debris, you can provide areas where algae can grow and thrive protected from chemicals. Weather can play a significant role in the contamination of pool water because wind and rain can carry large amounts of leaves, dirt, fertilizer, and algae spores into the pool, so proper care should be taken to minimize the pools exposure to such elements.


1. V  acuum all visible algae and debris to waste. The more you can remove initially, the faster your pool will become clear again. Vacuuming to waste is very important, as it removes the contaminants from your pool and eliminates any chance of them passing through your filter and returning to the pool. 2. Brush down the sides and bottom of your pool. 3. A  djust the pH of the pool water to between 7.2 – 7.8, if necessary. If the pH is significantly out of this range, the sanitizer will not work effectively. The next step can be done in either sequence, depending on the time of day. 4. If it’s daytime, add the proper amount of the appropriate algaecide for your algae type. Circulate the pool water. Follow with a chlorine shock treatment that evening and continue to run the filter overnight. If you start in the evening, add a chlorine shock treatment that evening, and let the filter circulate overnight, and follow with the appropriate algaecide for your algae type the following day. The pool water should be looking much better at this point. Two things to remember:

A. The chlorine shock treatment will be used up rapidly and it would not be unusual for the pool to have no chlorine in it by the next day. It is very important to continue with your daily method of chlorination.

B. Very often with algae, after the pool is shocked and algaecide has been added, the water will become blue, instead of green, but the pool will be cloudy. What has happened is that when algae dies, it breaks up into millions of tiny pieces. These are too light to sink to the bottom, and too small to be filtered out. If this is the case see the Haze Guide.

Some last thoughts:

It doesn’t happen very often, but it is possible that a particular type of algaecide may not be effective against your algae. If the algaecide does not succeed, switch to another type of algaecide, not just another brand of the same type. There are specific types of algaecide geared towards specific forms of algae. Ask the experts at Pettis for help determining which kind is best for your specific problem. If you have a problem with recurring algae blooms, it could signify that you may have a high level of phosphates in your water. Phosphates are a food source for algae, and come from a variety of sources including source water, fertilizer, some laundry detergents, and tile cleaners. Pettis Pools can test your phosphate level, and you can remove it by adding either Ultima Nix or Revive! Phosphate removers.


Since algae are always present, and grow when conditions allow, the best course of action is preventative maintenance.

Filtration: Check your equipment regularly to ensure it is in proper working order.

Chemically clean your filter at least twice a season. Be sure to run your filter at least 8 – 12 hours daily (24 hours per day is ideal), and that your return is pointed downwards in a circular pattern. If you run your filter on low speed Check the skimmer basket regularly to remove any debris that can restrict water flow. Backwash weekly or when pressure rises 8 – 10 psi over normal operating levels.

Water Balance: Be sure to add algaecide and shock weekly.

Test your chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels often as chlorine becomes less effective when pH is out of balance. Bring a sample to Pettis Pools & Patio to have a free water test done regularly.

Environment & Bather Load: Be sure to brush pool sides and bottom weekly. Vacuum accumulated leaves, dirt, and other debris as necessary. Using the pool cover can also be helpful in keeping out leaves and debris, but be sure not to leave the cover on for extended periods of time as this can lead to algae build up.


Satellite Visibility Predictions

The table shows night time passes of the satellites over your location during the next 2 weeks. Max. Elevation is how high the ISS will get above your horizon (90° overhead). To see the spacecraft, at a given time look in the direction indicated by ‘Appearing’. You should see a bright, slowly moving “star”. The ‘Disappearing’ entries indicate where the satellite will be when it vanishes from sight. Sometimes an appearance or disappearance occurs well up in the sky when the spacecraft emerges into sunlight or slips into Earth’s shadow, respectively. Listed times should be accurate to within a few minutes.

Magnitude This is a measure of the brightness of a celestial object. The lower the value, the brighter the object, so magnitude -4 is brighter than magnitude 0, which is in turn brighter than magnitude +4. The system was started by the ancient Greeks, who divided the stars into one of six magnitude groups with stars of the first magnitude being the first ones to be visible after sunset. In modern times, the scale has been extended in both directions and more strictly defined.



Magn Time

Examples of magnitude values; Sun -26.7 Full Moon -12.7 Venus (at brightest) -4.4 International Space Station -2 Sirius (brightest star) -1.44 Limit of human eye +6 to +7 Limit of 10x50 binoculars +9 Pluto +14 Limit of Hubble Space Telescope +30


Deg App



Deg App


Deg App


INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION 30 Jun 3 Jul 4 Jul 5 Jul 6 Jul 6 Jul 8 Jul 8 Jul

0.3 -0.1 0.1 -0.4 -0.4 -0.6 -1.3 -0.8

22:36:36 01:07:08 01:32:26 00:24:44 00:50:13 23:42:20 00:07:58 22:59:58

10 NNW 10 N 10 NNW 10 N 10 NNW 10 N 10 NNW 10 N

22:36:43 01:07:29 01:32:28 00:25:49 00:51:02 23:43:42 00:09:44 23:01:32

10 NNW 11 NNE 10 NNW 12 NNE 15 NNW 12 NNE 24 N 13 NNE

22:36:51 01:07:29 01:32:28 00:25:57 00:51:02 23:44:35 00:09:44 23:03:06

10 NNW 11 NNE 10 NNW 12 NNE 15 NNW 11 NE 24 N 10 ENE

00:34:55 22:49:08 22:44:16 22:40:59 22:37:48 22:34:45 22:31:49

40 18 10 10 10 10 10


00:35:38 22:51:12 22:48:00 22:44:57 22:41:52 22:38:49 22:35:47

45 NW 27 ESE 39 ESE 56 ESE 81 ESE 71 WNW 50 NW

00:39:36 22:54:41 22:51:53 22:48:59 22:45:59 22:42:55 22:39:47

10 NNE 10 NE 10 NE 10 NE 10 NNE 10 NNE 10 NNE

GENESIS I 30 Jun 1 Jul 2 Jul 3 Jul 4 Jul 5 Jul 6 Jul

4.3 4.2 3.7 3.3 3.2 3.6 4.4


ENVISAT 30 Jun 1 Jul 2 Jul 3 Jul

3.1 4.0 4.6 3.5

23:24:33 22:52:57 00:33:33 00:01:56

31 19 23 36


23:26:56 22:55:53 00:35:12 00:03:50

65 32 27 55


23:32:04 23:00:26 00:39:33 00:08:54

10 N 10 N 10 NW 10 NNW

3 Jul 4 Jul 6 Jul 6 Jul 7 Jul

3.0 3.8 3.7 3.0 3.6

23:30:20 22:58:44 00:07:44 23:36:08 23:04:32

34 21 34 37 24


23:32:36 23:01:30 00:09:31 23:38:16 23:07:09

73 36 48 83 41


23:37:46 23:06:12 00:14:31 23:43:27 23:11:58

10 N 10 N 10 NNW 10 NNW 10 N

8 Jul








22:40:00 10 NNE

2.2 2.2 2.2 2.3

23:24:13 23:21:56 23:19:43 23:17:34

10 10 10 10


23:26:58 23:24:57 23:22:50 23:20:39

23 24 23 21


23:26:58 23:24:57 23:22:50 23:20:39

HST 30 Jun 01 Jul 02 Jul 03 Jul

23 24 23 21


04 Jul



10 WSW 23:18:25


SSW 23:18:25 18 SSW

05 Jul



10 SW

23:16:08 15

SSW 23:16:09 15 SSW

06 Jul



10 SW


SSW 23:13:54 12 SSW


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The Tracks of My Years With modern high-speed trains, the romance has largely gone from this mode of transport, but even so, travelling through countryside that would normally remain hidden to the motorist, is to me, a still pleasurable experience. It’s even more pleasant in Spain if you happen to be of a certain age, and therefore qualified to purchase a Railways Gold Card which entitles the holder to a substantial discount on all rail travel. When planning a trip to Madrid and Toledo a couple of years ago, we thought we would have some of that, and treated ourselves to two first class tickets. I’ve got to tell you, we will not be driving anywhere in this country from now on if it involves more than three hours in the car. Low cost, great comfort and meals and drinks included – you can’t wack it!

Auto Shine Body Repairs

○Panel Beating ○Paint Spraying ○Welding ○Bumper Repair ○Windscreens ○Alloy Wheel Repair ○Plastic & Fibreglass Repairs CARS ~ MOTORBIKES ~ MOTORHOMES

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It’s a funny thing about the days of steam. Trains were noisy iron monsters, wreathed in swirling smoke, and steam, and the acrid smell of scorched grease. And yet the romance of steam locomotives is something that leaves

There’s something about a train journey that sparks the imagination and, if you are over 45 like me, brings childhood memories flooding back. What? us dewy-eyed and reminiscing of curly edged buffet sandwiches and station hoardings advertising Skegness and Pears Soap. It was a thrilling experience for children and something to look forward to every summer holiday; the dream of many a schoolboy was to be a train driver one day. Devon was our annual holiday destination, and I was always disappointed if my father elected to book bus tickets instead. Because although the Royal Blue coach was still a treat to a boy who had rarely travelled in a car, it wasn’t a patch on that train journey from Reading to Exmouth. Later, in my twenties, I made the return trip to Berkshire from my home in Cornwall on several occasions, and the Paddington to Penzance Cornish Riviera Express has to be one of the most scenic railway journeys in the British Isles. Although my stop in Cornwall was Liskeard, on one occasion I stayed on till Penzance just to stretch out the experience. Actually I lie . . . I fell asleep. On one trip I found myself seated opposite an attractive middleaged lady. She was obviously a professional person, because she seemed to be constantly attending to papers from a leather briefcase on the table between us. She looked very familiar, but try as I might I could not place her. I was reading something Cornish at the time, a paperback copy of Frenchman’s Creek, but was conscious of the lady occasionally looking up and smiling sweetly, as if she too knew me.

ask if we had met before. The lady laughed, and without saying a word, picked up my book and turning to the inside back cover, pointed to the photograph. I had been sitting opposite Daphne DuMaurier herself for the last three hours without knowing it. I was so gob smacked, I left the London bound train without even thinking to ask her to autograph my book. How dumb was that? On another occasion, three of us managed to wangle the day off work to attend the Motor Show at Earls Court. We were in one of those corridor free trains that were used for relatively short journeys - if you were caught short on one of these, then you had better have good bladder control. On our return journey we shared our compartment with a pinstripe-suited type, who immediately fell asleep as we rolled out of Paddington. Forty five minutes later just outside Reading General, the train came to a shuddering halt at signals, which had the effect of waking our travelling companion with a start. He grabbed his briefcase, and to our astonishment, he opened the door and got out – not onto a platform as he had expected but a grass embankment. We helped him back in, and with a sheepish grin he said, “You must think I’m an total idiot”, then promptly crossed the compartment and stepped out the other side! Luckily for him we were not on a viaduct!

It was only as we were approaching Reading station that I felt I had to

By Colin Bird

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KM0 Grand Via, La Manga Strip Call us: 968 146 158 or 618 628 511

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Elegance 2.2 CDi Automatic 116,000kms, 2003 €16,950

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renault laguna

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Pluriel auto 2008 1.6i automatic 15,000km, blue €10,950

auto 2003, 2.0 1.6v, privilege 67,000kms

fiat bravo 1.2 sx

2007, 1.7cdti, station wagon 81,000km €9,950

2002, blue €3,450

Peugeot 307 SW Estate

2007, dark silver €9,950

Coming soon Seat Leon 2008, 89,000km, silver, 1.9TDi FSH.........€11,950 •F  ord fiesta 1.4 TDCi Auto, a/c, radio / cd.........€5450 • Mitsubishi Charisma 2000, a/c ............................. €2950 •s  uziki wagon r 2002, 1.3 petrol, 25,000 mile, rhd.... ............................................................................................€ 3250 • FIAT SCUDO 2006, 2ltr JTD, 9 seater,71,000.. €9950 • OPEL CORSA 1.2, 2004 TWIN PORT, AUTO, 90,000KM ..............................................................................................€6,950 • Vauxhall astra club estate 1.6 2001, RHD, 105,000 miles, petrol ..............................................................€3,950 • MITSU  BISHI PAJERO 2.8d auto 7 seateR..........€2750

bmw 525d

2000 2.5 Diesel, SE Blue Metallic Full BMW service history


Renault Kangoo VAN 2005 FSH, White, PAS, ABS, A/C €6,950

honda accord

2000, 2.01 vtec, 98,000kms, blue €6,950

• renault megane 1997, 2.0l automatic, a/c .....€2,950 •L  AND ROVER DISCOVERY 2.5TDES,RHD,Automatic,

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2005, 1.7 auto fsh, 45,000 kms €12,950

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Hyundai Santa Fe CRDI 2006, Light Metallic Blue, 95,000km €16,950

citroen c4

7 seater.........................................................................€4,950 • PEUGEOT 307 SW Estate 2007, 126,000km • Daelim Daystar motorcycle 125cc, 2006, ....€9,950 metallic blue, fully serviced,1,295kms .........€1,495 • Toyota corolla 1994, 1.3 petrol, 5 door, 108,000km ......................................................................€1,450

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renault megane

2002, 1.4 coupe, a/c Reduced to €4,450

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sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... RODS and REELS The week was the last round of the knockout series. Again, held on the Eden canal stretch of the Rio Segura. There were no drama´s on the day and the following anglers qualified for the final. 1st Mick ‘The Arsenal’ Hill fishing the pole using bread and corn with 5.360 kilo. 2nd Terry ‘Swing ‘Em’ Screen fishing the pole using maggot with 5.340 kilo 3rd Clive ‘Golf No More’ Cleghorn fishing the pole using maggot with 4.400 kilo The main match of the week was the 8th in the Summer Championship and was held on the Embalse de Argos and again, the paste boys did well on the day. We say all paste winners, however, Dave ( The Sweetie Man ) Hutchinson who won, we think is using some of his own produce in the terms of jelly babies. He bites off their heads and uses the head, what we have to find out is what flavour is he using!!! 1st Dave ‘The Sweetie Man’ Hutchinson fishing the pole using paste (or jelly babies) with 29.860 kilo 2nd Lenny ‘Ex-Cultural Attaché’ Bolton fishing the pole using paste

MAGGOTS END with 24.560 kilo 3rd Doug ‘Welsh Goldminer’ Hornblow using paste and hemp with 23.960 kilo

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Thisweekendtheworldchampionship for freshwater angling was held in Spain. It was to be held at Lake Vicario near Ciudad Real. This was changed in the last few weeks to the Rio Guadiana at Merida, Extramadura. Several of us from the club went over to watch. The match was held over 2 days, the competition being 3 hours each day. England were victorious again. The England team consisted of Will Raison, Des Shipp, Steve Gardner, Alan Scotthorne, Stu Conroy and Sean Ashby. The overall results as follows England 40 points, Italy 42.5 points, Holland 51 points, Ireland 60 points, Scotland 60.5 points & Wales 66 points

ANGLERS TOGETHER Anglers Together continues to grow with firm friendships being formed since the group started 4 years ago. Many members fish together regularly and say they are happy to have taken up a sport to replace golf and the like which have become so expensive.

We have the occasional organized outing but the main aim is to introduce members to find fishing companions and to assist in finding the venues. It costs €10 to join for the first year and €5 per annum for each year after. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, then either come along to one of the meetings or contact Alan below. email: anglerstogether@ or tel Alan Roscoe 968 570 876. Meetings are generally held on the first Friday and Saturday of each month depending on other public holidays and local fiestas. Anyone with an interest in fishing (sea or freshwater) is welcome to come along to a meeting to see what we’re about. The next meetings will be held on Friday 2nd July at 12 o’clock at Mary’s Bar in Campoverde (north of Pilar de la Horadada) and on Saturday 3rd July 12o’clock at Los Galayos Bar, opposite beach front, at Puerto de Mazarron. Warning: Anglers fishing last Wednesday at Argos were all checked for their licences and insurance so don’t take chances and make sure you have all relevant documents to hand.



SABA SPITFIRE LEAGUE - Quesada Blenheims away to San Miguel Moors

L.Armstrong, P.Parkes, J.Brinton 24-7; N.Lamberton, J.Bromley, P.Houghton 3013; T.Brinton, P.Chapman, J.Muldoon 1917. These were the winning rinks. I need to point out the fact that P.Houghton’s team scored a HOTSHOT - cheers from everyone, well done!! and all that on a lovely day and in good company. 112 shots for and 102 shots against; 8 pts for 6 pts against. PREMIER TWENTY - QBC at home to Emerald Isle - Singles, Trips and Rinks lost their game, but the Pairs played by T.& J. Brinton just managed to come through with a win 23-22. KINGS CUP - this week saw us taking on top of the league San Miguel Sherrifs. Fielding a team with minimum of players, it was not a good day for the Lions, the Sherrifs riding high and taking the match 10 points to 2. However, one highlight of the day and congratulations

to our singles player this week. Tina Brinton, matched against Spanish International Sabrina Marks had a close game with Sabrina ahead 16 - 12 at the 15 th end. Tina upped her game and took 9 shots over the last 7 ends and took the match 21-17. Our trips of M.Smith, D.Donovan & G.Radmore were holding the Sherrifs trio until the 15th end when 6 shots were conceded over the last 4 ends. However, we live to fight another day !!

LINSLADE CUP - 2 teams represented the club in this competition. D.Leeming, C.Chapman, J.Muldoon and M.Smith, N.Baigent, P.Houghton. Over the 3 days in hot and windy conditions the players battled it out. Until the last day John’s trio had not lost a game, having 2 draws. Pearl’s trio played some good bowls, but were pipped at the post on occasions. However, on the last day and match, they went on to a storming win against the eventual winners La Siesta.

At the end of the competition Quesada came in third overall, Emerald Isle second and La Siesta first. Well done to everyone.

SABA SPITFIRE LEAGUE - Quesada Blenheims away to Emerald Isles Victors. All I can say about this game is we got well and truly trounced by the Victors. 14 match point to them. Well done !! SABA HARRIER LEAGUE - Quesada Lancasters away to Lemon Tree Lincolns. Good results for QBC Lancasters. 102 shot for and 87 against. Match points 8 for and 6 against. P.Lockley, J.Maher, S.Gray 22-14; A.Flitman, C.Blay, M.Humphries 19-12; M.Gray, D.Washbourne, G.Carnell 239; M.Lockley, A.Paget, G.Williams 15-6. Well done !! In case of queries ring our secretary Glynis on 965 724 885.


At Villa Martin: It has been a while since we have played this well established course and it was good to find that a number of improvements have taken place. There is a new clubhouse and the Provisional Balls. Several of his first Nearest the pin prizes went to

course was also in good condition. The tees were being treated but the fairways and greens were in excellent condition. All they need to do now is get some new buggies. We took a total of 50 players to the course but 14 had to walk the course in temperatures exceeding 30C. Not fun. As always there were a few things happening which deserve a mention. Bob Berry was amazed to see a buggy with no driver coming down the hill towards him. What was even more amazing was the sight of Brian Smith running after it. Brian does not usually run unless the bar is open. Fortunately he caught the buggy before it hit a tree. Guest Tony Shanhan would like to know where a person can buy

drives disappeared off the course but his Provisional Balls went straight down the middle. Sue Smith won the 2s competition and was grateful to Bill Acton who also had a 2 but did not enter the competition. The competition on the day was the usual Stableford format and the winners were;

Gold Category 1st Brian Coultate with 37 points 2nd Peter Morris with 35 points 3rd Carl Peden with 35 points

Silver Category 1st Ray Giffen with 38 points 2nd Mike Cutts with 35 points 3rd Sue Smith with 33 points

Bronze Category 1st Steve Cosgrove with 45 points 2nd Andrew Cox with 39 points 3rd Chris Bates with 35 points

- Hole 6 Paul Flanaghan - Hole 9 Meirion Roberts - Hole 13 Robin Rolfe - Hole 17 Bill Acton

Looking at some of the high scores Handicap Secretary John Henderson is going to be very busy and is sharpening his knife. President Bill Mackay spends so much time in his under build working on his computer working for the society that he has earned the nickname of the Meercat. He only comes up for meals. To recognise this the members of the society presented him with a small model of a Meercat painted wearing a Lo Crispin shirt complete with glasses and a white shark hat. Bill accepted the model in good heart. Our next Match is at the new course Las Colinas where we are looking forward to playing a 2 ball Texas Scramble.

Los Amigos de Mazarron Golfing Society On Sunday, 4th September at Sensol Golf, Camposol, Los Amigos de Mazarron Golfing Society are holding an open competition to raise funds for the development of youth and other aspects of Mazarron C.F. The format will be a 4 ball texas scramble with a shotgun start at 9.00am at a cost of €160 per team (€40 per player). The price includes a full BBQ and prizes, beer will be 2 for 1, wine €5.50 a bottle. There will also be

musical entertainment. We are also looking for hole sponsors, so if any company wishes to sponsor a hole for €50, this will be acknowledged in all local publications, plus if you have a board advertising your company this will be displayed on one of the tees. Contact for players or sponsors should be made to Barry Martin on 968 138 533 or by email at barrymartin.spain@

TorreHoradada Golf

Based at The Snug Bar in Torre De La Horadada our June game was at La Finca Golf.

The course was in excellent condition as was the weather.

6th, Charlie Jacobs/Tony Lewis 53pts

To spice up the match we played Hidden Partners Stableford format drawn after the match.

7th Roy Phelan/Terry Collins 51pts

There were some notable individual scores on the day, Dale Mills posted the highest score of the day with 39pts off 10 handicap (on the right in the picture), Alex Newstead our youngest player at 15yrs old (or as he would say, nearly 16) shot 36pts off 12 handicap and Charlie Jacobs shot 34pts off 14 handicap. The Hidden Partners Results: 1st, Dale Mills/Phil Hargadon 58pts 2nd, Tim Newstead/Ian Moorhouse 57pts 3rd, Geoff Briers/Butch 56pts 4th, Robin Wood/Alex Newstead 54pts 5th, Paul Owens/Pat Packham 54pts (count back)

8th Barry Stevenson/Albert Thrupp 46pts ...Albert became a new member of the Pink Ball Club and can be seen showing off his prize which is awarded to the player with the lowest score on the day with 17pts. Nearest the Pin’s which win a bottle of wine each were: 3rd Hole Charlie Jacobs 6th Hole Ian Moorhouse 13th Hole Geoff Briers 16th Hole Barry Stevenson. The day was completed with a buffet and drinks served up back at The Snug Bar in Torre De La Horadada. For more information contact Terry Collins at The Snug Bar Torre De La Horadada on 667 323 041 or email



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TORRE GOLF SOCIETY Las Colinas Golf Resort – 21st June 2010

Las Colinas Golf course opened to the public on the 12th June and Torre Golf Society held their first visit to play the course and what a pleasurable visit it was. The course itself is a very good test of golf but not too sever for the club golf off the yellow tees, it is in excellent condition and the greens were just about perfect. We were well looked after by Martin Eastgate, Commercial Manager, on the first Tee each player receiving a personalised gift and a course planner. The one item that stands out is that there are 12-minute gaps between tee times, so no excuses for being held up! With two Nearest the Pins on the Par 3’s 7th and 14th Holes, the 7th in particular is a 98 meter downhill par 3 and a quite interesting hole, but it was on the 14th where Ken Lindsay took the prize nearly holing his Tee shot. It was at the last outing at El Plantio when he holed his Tee shot from the 15th, but it was on the 16th. (is this a record?). Back to Las Colinas the competition was Stableford playing off Exact handicap as the Spanish Federation have not Slope Valued the course yet. With two categories up to 20 and greater the 20. The successful player were, Cat 1 -20: Michael Jegg 34 points Cat 2 +20: Peter Nicholls 29 NTP Hole 7: Paul Smith, Hole 14: Ken Lindsay

VFM: Paul Smith So this concluded a great day both on the course and with the weather, so if you get an opportunity to play Las Colinas, take it, you will not be disappointed. We will be going back again ASAP There are more exciting games to come and at exciting courses, our calendar for the coming months is July 5th - El Pantio Golf July 21/22 - Valle del Este Golf August 2nd - El Plantio Golf August 16th - Vistabella Golf August 23rd - TBC If you would like to be a part of these exciting, golf days and guests are welcome contact The Secretary the details are below. Also our website is coming on so click on to for more information and fixtures. For more information on The Torre Golf Society then contact the Secretary Ivie Davies either by email golf.davies@ or telephone/text 669 211 410.

San Javier Golf Society

Hacienda Riquelme Medalford Competition ~ Monday 21st June

Murcia Matchplay League

The 14th June saw the season’s last game of this exciting golf league. Ten teams have battled it out over the last 9 months at both Roda and Hacienda del Alamo courses.

The day’s results made an overall difference to the final standings as they had done on almost every game. The final day saw Hacienda beat San Javier 38/25 and Sucina beat Club 25 39/25, Diamantes beat La Manga 34/12, Katie Reillys beat Sensol 39/20 and finally Camposol beat Roco Gogs 24/23. This league is also split into north and south divisions and the results for this were that the North won with a combined total of 782 to the Souths’ 670 points. The individual team results for the year were : 1st, Diamantes 193 points 2nd, Katie Reillys 160 points 3rd, Sucina 157 points 4th, Hacienda del Alamo 150 points 5th,San Javier 142 points 6th, Roco Gogs 130 points 7th, Sensol 127 points 8th, Camposol Amigos 119 points 9th, Club 25 118 points Last place, La Manga114 points Congratulations to Diamantes who were unbeaten in every match and also to John Osbourne who holds a record now for being ever present and unbeaten throughout the season. The seasons finale is the Ryder Cup, a 2 day event with teams representing the North and the South Divisions. The first competition will be the 2 and 4 ball games played at La Serena on 3rd July and the second day will be 10th July at Roda when the singles games will be played.

What a change ! Last year at this course was a disaster, this year it was a pleasure to play. The course was in super condition, the staff friendly and helpful and the sun was shining down on us. We had a 3pm first tee off for this “different” competition whereby players score Medal on the front 9 and Stableford on the back, then the Stableford score is taken from the Nett medal score to leave the lowest total as the winner. Players were split into 2 categories by handicap and 4 members over 70 took the option of playing from the blue tees with the blue slope on their handicaps. The blue tees didn´t provide much of assistance in yardage terms but the slope was of great value to them with up to 6 shots added. Hacienda Riquelme is not a long course to play but it is a long course to walk with 2 good route marches between greens and the next tee. The game seemed very slow and the course marshall did have to encourage one or two 4 balls to move on a bit. The problem was, if the players’ ball left the fairway it was very difficult to find in the waste areas, and when you are playing medal it is important to find it so that you can record a proper score. That said, it was just over 5 hours which is becoming the

norm for a society game. The results on the day were : Category 1 Winner - Alex McLennan, 17 points Runner Up - Barry Beale, 24 points Category 2 Winner - Mick Hardy, 17 points Runner up - John Hillier, 19 points The best guest on the day was Ann Hobbs with 21 points. There were nearest the pin prizes on 4 holes, Hole 7, a par 3 was not won. Hole 10 best 2nd shot went to Paul Matthews, Hole 14 best 3rd shot went to Alex McLennan and hole 17 another par 3 went to Ann Hobbs. The gross “2” prize on the 5th hole was not won and will be rolled over to the next game. Congratulations to all players for a good days golf. San Javiers next game is on 5th July at La Serena and will be an individual Stableford competition. Pay day is Saturday 3rd July at the Campsite between 11 and 12 am . For more information on our society go to Report by Bob Gallard

This was the second year of this very popular league and congratulations and thanks must go to Alex McLennan who has single handedly run the administration and provided golf at the best prices. This format has also been a great change and provided a lot of interest giving teams more opportunity to score points making games much closer than in other formats. Long may it continue.

Justin Rose falters as Bubba Watson wins Travelers Justin Rose squandered a three-stroke overnight lead as Bubba

Watson won his maiden US Tour title in a play-off at the Travelers Championship.

Englishman Rose shot a 75 to finish three shots off the 14-under totals of play-off contenders Watson (66), Corey Pavin (66) and Scott Verplank (64). US Ryder Cup skipper Pavin dropped out after the first sudden death hole. And Watson emerged victorious on the next when he held his nerve after Verplank had missed his par putt.

Ireland’s Padraig Harrington matched his opening round 64, which included seven birdies and an eagle on the par-four 16th, to finish just two shots off the leaders in a tie for fifth place with Retief Goosen (67), Rocky Barnes (68) and Chad Campbell (66). American Chris Riley fired a finalround 65 to finish one shot ahead of that bunch alone in fourth.

final three holes to make it a four-way play-off but the 29-year-old missed a two-foot par putt on the par-three 16th for a bogey to move back to 11-under.

Rose had been hoping to win his second title on the Tour after claiming his maiden victory at the Memorial earlier this month.

He parred his final two holes as he was left to peruse what might have been.

Rounds of 64, 62 and 68 indicated that he had every chance of achieving this feat, however he dropped back a shot on his outward nine after a bogey on the third. Bogeys at 10 and 12 followed, and he found water at the par-four 15th to eventually double-bogey. Watson had temporarily lost his share of the lead with a double bogey at 17 but birdied the last to make it a three-way tie. Rose needed two birdies from his

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“I was just that uncomfortable on the greens all day. My golf game felt fair or thereabouts, but just felt really uncomfortable on the greens. “Getting in the hole seemed impossible and that’s just what I need to work on. My putting is hot and cold. “It was obviously my tournament to lose. I could have shot one-over par and won. It’s disappointing. It wasn’t overly difficult.”

Higgins report heads for tribunal

Findings of the investigation into match-fixing allegations made against John Higgins will be handed to an independent tribunal next week.

Report by Bob Gallard


“It’s hard to play golf when you feel like you’re going to miss every putt from two feet,” Rose said.

The three-time world snooker champion and manager Pat Mooney have denied agreeing to throw frames for £261,000. And snooker chief Barry Hearn insists that lifetime bans for breaking any of the sport’s rules are not the answer. “I do not believe in them, but I do believe in lengthy bans,” Hearn told BBC Scotland. Hearn, chairman of the World Professional Billiard and Snooker Association, did not wish to prejudge the findings of the investigation. However, he stated: “It’s our duty as the custodians of the sport to firstly educate, secondly dissuade and thirdly to punish should the rules be broken.” The claims against 35-year-old former world champion Higgins and Mooney, who quit the WPBSA board as a result of

the allegations, were published by a Sunday newspaper in May. If found guilty, the pair,alreadysuspended by World Snooker pending the outcome of the investigation, face lengthy bans from the sport. Sport Resolutions UK, an independent dispute resolution service, will be handed the findings of an investigation carried out by the WPBSA into the allegations. Higgins and Mooney will then have 28 days to make representations before a hearing takes place. The allegations that have rocked snooker surfaced on the morning of the World Championship final. The News of the World claimed had said that it had filmed Higgins and manager Mooney agreeing with businessmen in Ukraine to lose frames in exchange for money. A spokesman for Higgins on Friday reiterating the player’s determination to prove the allegations were unfounded. “John Higgins is completely focused on clearing his name and his legal team will vigorously defend any professional complaint made against him relating to this issue,” he said in a statement.



...Wolves boss Mick McCarthy hopes to have Michael Mancienne on loan from Chelsea again next season. The 22year-old made 33 appearances last season as Wolves finished a respectable 15th in the Premier League... ...Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano will not be leaving Anfield to join former Reds boss Rafael Benitez at Inter Milan after the Italian club refused to pay the £30m asking price... ...England midfielder Joe Cole will decide on his club future within the next two weeks, with Inter Milan the latest team to show an interest. Chelsea announced earlier this month that Cole would be leaving on a free transfer this summer... ...Former Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has been offered the manager’s job at Dubai club Al Ahli...

Germany Knock Out Dismal England England’s World Cup ended in a mixture of humiliation and controversy as they were thrashed by Germany in Bloemfontein.

Germany’s deserved win and convincing victory margin will be overshadowed forever in the minds of Fabio Capello and his squad by a moment they believe robbed them of the hope of reaching the last eight. Matthew Upson had thrown England a lifeline just before half-time after a vastly superior Germany had taken a stranglehold on the game with goals from Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski. But moments after Upson’s header, in a grim echo of Geoff Hurst’s goal that helped England to victory over West Germany in the 1966 World Cup final, Frank Lampard’s superb lofted finish landed feet over the line behind German keeper Manuel Neuer, an incident obvious to almost everyone inside the Free State Stadium. Capello was leading the England celebrations in his technical area, only to be stunned as Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda and his officials waved play on. England’s players and coaching

team, including David Beckham, led vehement protests as the teams went off at half-time, but all to no avail and Germany made the most of their reprieve. Lampard struck the bar as England dominated the early stages of the second half, but stunning counter-attacks saw Thomas Mueller score twice in the space of three minutes midway through the second half to send Germany into the last eight. England, with some justification, will bemoan their luck but nothing must disguise the manner in which they were outclassed by Germany in stages of this game and also what has been an ultimately bitterly disappointing World Cup

campaign in South Africa. England paid the price for sloppy defending that gifted Germany goals - with central defenders John Terry and Upson having their immobility exposed in embarrassing fashion.

England had nothing left to offer and their World Cup campaign ended with a whimper - although they will complain bitterly about the moment they will feel had a decisive effect on the outcome of the game.

Vettel beats Hamilton in European GP

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel beat McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton to win the European Grand Prix in Valencia.

...Burnley hope to tie up a £1m deal for Sheffield United striker Billy Sharp but Leeds United and Doncaster Rovers will crank up their interest in the 24-year-old... ...West Ham boss Avram Grant has cooled his interest in free agent Juan Roman Riquelme. The 32-year-old former Barcelona, Villarreal and Boca Juniors midfielder would demand a £50,000-aweek deal...

AND FINALLY... ...England have received sympathy from an unlikely source following Sunday’s loss to Germany. Diego Maradona, scorer of the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal against England in the 1986 World Cup, has expressed sympathy towards England after officials failed to spot Frank Lampard’s shot had crossed the line... ...Meanwhile, the flag of St George is no longer flying over Downing Street after England’s early exit from the World Cup. Number 10 confirmed that the flag - ordered to be raised by Prime Minister David Cameron in a bid to unite the nation behind the team - was lowered and has been replaced by the traditional Union Flag...

World championship leader Hamilton bounced back from a drive-through penalty, but German Vettel proved equal to the challenge. McLaren’s Jenson Button was third after escaping with a five-second penalty for an offence under the safety car. The safety car was used after a massive crash for Mark Webber’s Red Bull from which the Australian emerged unhurt. Webber was trying to pass the Lotus of Heikki Kovalainen when he hit the back of the Finn’s car. The Red Bull reared into the air, before crashing onto the circuit upside-down. It flipped the right way up before Webber sledded at high speed into the tyre wall. Amazingly, he emerged unscathed. There had already been an incident on the opening lap, as Hamilton tried to pass pole-winner Vettel for the lead at Turn Two. The Red Bull’s wheel clipped the left-front wing of the McLaren, and as a result Hamilton was suffering from a vibration during the opening stages of the race. But the safety car, which appeared on track while marshals mopped up the debris from the Webber/Kovalainen accident, effectively allowed Hamilton to have a new nose fitted to his McLaren without losing a position. Vettel managed to pass the pit-lane exit before the safety car emerged onto the circuit. The safety car then exited the pits just as Hamilton was passing. Had the Englishman continued at racing speed

he would have beaten it to the white ‘safety-car line’, but he backed off, then illegally accelerated past the safety car a matter of feet after the line. Hamilton then sprinted clear of the rest of the pack before following Vettel into the pits, as the timing of the safety car scuppered the prospects of Ferrari. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were third and fourth respectively before Webber’s accident. They had just passed the pit entry when the race went under caution, and were first in the queue behind the safety car before they pitted one lap later. Button, who was in sixth position at the time of Webber’s accident, was able to dive into the pits immediately the race went under caution. That vaulted the reigning world champion to fourth, behind Vettel, Hamilton and the Sauber of Kamui Kobayashi, who had elected not to pit while the race was under caution. With Button unable to challenge Kobayashi for position, Vettel and Hamilton scorched away from the pack. Hamilton then served his drive-through penalty at the end of the 27th of 57 laps, and such was his advantage over Kobayashi that we able to rejoin without losing a place. The German was particularly happy to take his second win of the season on a circuit that was not expected to suit the Red Bull: “We didn’t expect to be that strong,” said Vettel, “so it was great to be quick enough to slightly pull away, find the gap and then bring the car home.”

Jorge Lorenzo extends lead with win in Dutch MotoGP

Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo extended his championship lead with a flawless performance from pole position to win the Dutch MotoGP in Assen.

The Yamaha rider finished well clear of Honda’s Dani Pedrosa with Australia’s Casey Stoner third on a Ducati. Randy de Puniet, second on the grid, started poorly and ended in sixth. Lorenzo, the winner at Silverstone last Sunday, now has four wins in six GPs and leads the championship by 47 points from his compatriot Pedrosa. The 23-year-old Lorenzo, runner-up in the championship last year, was briefly challenged by Pedrosa, who had the best start of any rider, having started from seventh. Stoner, who was seeking his first podium finish this year, also applied pressure and for a while the leading trio were separated by about one-third of a second. But Lorenzo methodically worked his way through the laps, gradually increasing his

times, and gave his pursuers little chance to catch him. Lorenzo’s closest title challenger before the race, Honda’s Andrea Dovizioso, was not in the mix and with 11 laps to go was over five seconds in arrears and in no position to reduce the gap of 37 points between himself and the Spaniard. Dovizioso, second at Silverstone last weekend, was pushed all the way by American rookie Ben Spies, who overtook the Italian with 10 laps remaining of the 26-lap race to seize fourth position in his Yamaha. “This race has been a little bit more difficult than Silverstone,” said Lorenzo afterwards. “I was surprised by the times that Casey and Dani were posting and I had to up it a gear or two to stay out in front and win the race.”

Rooney storms to 400m UK victory Martyn Rooney storms to victory in the 400m at the European Trials and UK Championships in Birmingham, while David Greene and William Sharman also secure impressive wins.

Rooney equalled his seasonbest 44.99 seconds to seal his place in the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team for July’s European Championships. Michael Bingham, who has secured the A qualifying mark of 45.55, was second (45.67) to join Rooney on the team, with Conrad Williams (45.76) third. The fastest two athletes are selected, providing they have ran the A standard. Robert Tobin, who still has a chance of selection after achieving the B standard, came in fourth in 45.84. Croydon Harriers Rooney, the joint

runner fastest

European over the distance this season, admitted he was worried by Bingham’s challenge early in the race before he pulled clear in the finishing straight. “I ran well,” said the 23-yearold. “I think there are bits of it that weren’t amazing but I’m happy with the result. “I definitely think Bingham pushed me and I thought ‘Oh, here we go, we’ve got a race,’ but I knew I was strong and I just had to do my job. “It’s a friendly rivalry between us all and it’s good to have people pushing you.”


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