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No Credit For Town Halls Until 2012 First Forest Fire Of The

It was thought that the measure, imposed by Central Government, was to have had immediate effect The Government has announced that it is to prohibit local Ayuntamientos from asking for any fresh credits until 2012.

accumulated a debt of 34.594 billion €, and the ban imposed is both for public or private credit.

The move by central government comes as part of the spending cuts approved in cabinet last week and which have been detailed and published in the Official State Bulletin yesterday, and

Town Halls across the country have

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today the BOE makes it clear that this ban does not come into effect until January 1, 2011, and will last the entire 2011. Already questions are being asked how many Town Halls will find the wages to pay their staff. The FEMP Federation of Municipalities and Provinces has said it will comment on the matter after a meeting of their board to debate the measures.

Season In Alicante

15 hectares were affected near Ibi The first forest fire of the season has taken place in the Font de Vivens between Xixona and Ibi in Alicante. More than 15 hectares were affected in the blaze which started on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. It was brought under control by 7pm when air support was withdrawn, and land crews spent the night in the area in case there was a restart. Most of the land affected was planted with pine, and it’s thought it was started either by negligence or deliberately.

Partido Popular To Ask For Francisco Camps Resignation

Spanish Press have reported that francisco camps has been asked to resign this week Reports indicate that the Partido Popular are to ask the President of the Valencia regional government, Francisco Camps, to resign if he is called to sit on the accused bench in the Gürtel corruption case; and that party managers have decided to ask for his resignation when the date for the hearing is announced. It comes after new allegations against the PP President of the Valencia region which emerged in the press last Friday. The Valencia Socialist Party has denounced that Camps gave a top position in the regional government to the man who sold a pharmacy to his wife, Isabel Bas. The Socialists also claim that Camps also placed his wife’s

partner’s husband as the boss of the Ciegsa, public company. Socialist regional deputy, Ana Noguera, claimed that the small square metered pharmacy belonging to Camp’s wife’s is the ‘epicentre’ of the Valencian government. Socialists describe it as ‘a serious case of nepotism’ Meanwhile at a party rally in Valencia on Saturday before 1,500 supporters Camps called for ‘an interplanetary world medal’ for his Government. There was however a lack of presence from any national Partido Popular bosses at the event.



Four Spanish Savings Banks To Merge The plan would create the third largest ‘caja’ in Spain and comes as the IMF makes more criticism of the Spanish economy

CAM, Cajastur, Caja Cantabria and Caja Extremadura are to merge and will have between them 135 billion € in assets, 2,300 offices and 14,000 employees. The so-called ‘cold or virtual fusion’ will mean that the four savings banks will create a protection system to strengthen their solvency. This system will have the following percentages:- CAM 40%, Casastur 40%, Extremadura 11% and Cantabria 9%. Under the scheme each business will keep its judicial personality, its regional nature, its governing bodies, and its independent social works. Policies related to risk, treasury, credit rating, internal control and

regulatory requirements will all be made common.

A protocol of intentions, signed by the Chairmen and Directors of the four entities, has been sent to the Bank of Spain. Now it all depends on the necessary authorisations coming from the respective government and competent bodies. Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund has again asked Spain to take urgent and decisive measures to control the state deficit. It came after a team of IMF experts have been in Madrid for their annual revision. Part of their request was for an urgent reform of the Caja savings banks, but they are also demanding ‘radical’

reform of the labour market, fiscal consolidation and the restructuring of the banking system. The IMF wants to see cheaper sackings, and a far stricter control on the financing of the autonomous regions. IMF experts said that the recovery of the Spanish economy was ‘weak and fragile’ and that growth will only be between 1.5% and 2% in the medium term.

Meanwhile the unions here remain totally opposed to the first package of measures, welcomed in its day two weeks ago by the IMF. They have organised a civil servants strike for June 8.

Another Reform Simplifies The Traffic Law In Spain The new measures come into force on May 25

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Spain’s new traffic law comes into effect on May 25th, after being approved at the end of last year, and on Monday the Minister for the Interior, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, warned that life will be much more complicated for those drivers who do not pay their fines. Some parts of the Spanish media are referring to the new law as the ‘Express Fine Law’. Rubalcaba said the new law was easier and simpler and more just than before and he talked of the discounts available for prompt payment several times. He said the plan was to reduce the time between the infraction and the payment of the fine, which is now between five months and two years, and to reach the 25% of drivers who have not been paying their fines by using longwinded administrative tricks. If you pay your fine within 15 days you can get a 50% discount, provided you undertake to make no appeal. The main points of the new law are as follows. 1 - The withdrawal of the driver’s licence, which currently takes place in serious and very serious infractions, will be cancelled. Under the old

law some 100,000 licences were withdrawn every year. 2 - The amount charged in fines will be made the same across the country, with a very serious infraction priced at 500 €, a serious infraction priced at 200 €, and the least serious infraction priced at 100 €. 3 - Prison sentences will expire after four years has passed, and all the money collected in fines will be ring-fenced to be spent on road safety. 4 - The number of offences which result in points being taken from a drivers licence is reduced from 27 to 20 as experience has shown that it makes no sense to have so many ways to lose points. There are new fines under the new law… 1 - Programming the GPS while driving will lose you points and is considered a serious fine 2 - Having an unreadable number plate will not lose any points but is a serious fine 3 - Parking in spaces reserved for disabled drivers will also be a serious fine 4 - Allowing a person without a licence to drive

your vehicle will not lose points but is a serious fine 5 - For driving without lights and reflective elements in bicycles is the lowest fine and loses no points. The Interior Minister said that the Guardia Civil will not impound the bikes of cyclists who don’t wear a helmet in town. Although the new law comes into effect on May 25 the new computer systems which will handle the fines will not be operational until November 25. From that date onwards you will be able to be informed of your fine by email or SMS message, and instead of being published in the provincial bulletins the fines will be published instead on a webpage. This is the third revision of the Ley de Tráfico approved by the Zapatero Government, and Rubalcaba said there will be no more changes. The Ministry of the Interior is to send a letter to the 25 million Spanish drivers to inform them of the changes with a leaflet which contains the main details.

AVE In Alicante Confirmed For 2012 Delays however will be seen in Elche and Murcia following the Government’s cut backs in spending

The Ministry for Development has arranged a bridging loan of between 90 and 100 million € to ensure that the AVE high speed train will arrive in Alicante on time, in 2012. However the train’s arrival in Elche in 2014 and Murcia will be delayed because of the new spending cuts. The Alicante timetable has been saved by deciding to take the train into the city centre on the surface,

abandoning plans to make the last stretch underground, but that decision could later affect any development of the line to the south of the province. The Alicante City Hall, the regional Government i n f r a s t r u c t u r e department and ADIF the state rail infrastructure company have all said they want to meet the 2012 date for the line, which now seems possible with the new loan.

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Zapatero Takes A Pay Cut The Spanish Prime Minister will be collecting about 1,000 euro less each month

The Spanish Prime Minister has announced he is taking a pay cut of 1,000 € a month, but José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will still be collecting 6,500 € a month. The measure can be found in the fine print of the Government’s austerity plans which were published in the Official State Bulletin on Monday. The 15% reduction is in line with that being imposed on all top members of the Cabinet who previously had their wages frozen since 2008. It’s of note too that the Cabinet gets no extra monthly payments and is paid only 12 times a year.


However Secretaries of State downwards do get the 15 payments a year and the one due this month gets in under the wire and will not be affected by the new legislation.

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Tourists Drink 30% Of All The Beer In Spain!

However beer consumption in Spain has fallen over the past three years

The 60 million tourists who come to Spain each year drink 30% of the beer consumed in the country, although consumption has fallen over recent years to stand at 50.2 litres per head per year. It’s an eight litre reduction on the 2006 numbers and the third consecutive annual fall in consumption according to data from the Ministry for the Environment. The Brits and the Germans drink more than double per head the average

consumption Spaniards.



Isabel Bombal, the General Director of the Foodstuffs Industry and Markets, and Jacobo Olalla, General Director of the Spanish Beermakers Assocation presented the numbers on Monday. They forecast that the impact of the VAT rise on July 1 would be terrible, and the ban on smoking in bars and restaurants would not help either. Currently 67% of beer

is consumed in such establishments, with 33% drunk in the home. Spain remains the 4th beer producer in Europe, and 10th in the world at 33.8 million hectolitres last year. Meanwhile the World Health Organisation has called for more taxes to be levied on alcohol, as a way of reducing consumption. The WHO considers that alcohol related deaths amount to 2.5 million a year.

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Actor Award In Cannes

The Spanish actor won the prize for his work in the film ‘Biutiful’

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Javier Bardem has picked up the Best Actor award at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival for his role in the new Gonzalez Iñarritu film, ‘Biutiful’. He shares the award with the Italian Elio Germano who stars in the film ‘La nostra vita’. As if there was any doubt about his relationship with Penélope Cruz, on accepting his award Bardem decalared, ‘My love, Penélope, I love you’, and dedicated it to her and to his mother and brothers. He also had words of praise for Iñarritu, describing him as an incredible director, and he thanked him for his belief

and the honour of working with him. Best Actress went to Juliette Binoche for ‘Copie Conforme’, by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. The Palme D’Oro went to the Thai director, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, for his mystical film ‘Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives’. It’s about a dying man who is visited by his late wife and his missing son who has turned into an ape. The Best Director was Mathieu Amalric and the Grand Przie went to Xavier Beavois.



Spanish Government Approves Austerity Measures

The Spanish cabinet met on Thursday to approve the Government’s austerity measures designed to meet EU demand for the reduction of the state deficit. Finally the Cabinet decided that civil service wages would be cut by between 0.56% and 7%, depending on wage level; 0,56% (group E), 2,75% (C2), 4,5% (C1), 5,75% (A2) y 7% (A1). Those who earn less than 949 € will not be affected. It has been confirmed that the plan to freeze pensions starts in 2011, and will not include minimum or noncontributory pensions. The measures, which are planned to save 15 billion € this year and next, have resulted in a cut in the Government’s forecast for growth for next year,

Autopsy Rules Out Sexual Abuse Of The Lloret de Mar British Children Lianne Smith, who is believed to have suffocated the children will appear in court in Blanes on Friday The autopsy results from the Legal Medicine Institute in Girona regarding five year old Rubecca and 11 month old Daniel, the British children who were allegedly killed by their mother, Lianne Smith, in a hotel room in Lloret de Mar last Tuesday, has shown that the children had not been sexually abused, but had indeed died from suffocation. Lianne’s partner, Martin Smith, is now in custody in the UK on paedophile charges. He is accused of sexually abusing youngsters aged 13 to 16 between 1995 and 2005 in the UK. The couple and the two children had been on the run from the UK authorities for two years, spending that time living in a flat in Barcelona. Neighbours said that the family had been in their last flat in Travessera de Gràcia de Barcelona for more than a year. They describe the mother as shy, saying she normally avoided conversation, but always took the children with her wherever she went. It has now also been revealed that the mother tried to kill herself after suffocating the children. That is why she left a note in the room explaining that she had done what she had done out of fear of losing the custody of the children. But when she failed to commit suicide, she decided to go to the hotel reception to call the emergency services. It has been confirmed also that Lianne Smith will be called to declare before the judge in Instruction Court 3 in Blanes on Friday. The judge has imposed reporting restrictions. Lianne Smith was taken by police to the flat she shared with her paedophile husband, and the children in Barcelona. The generally quiet Barcelona district of Horta-Guinardó was invaded by a large number of journalists and cameramen, many of them from the U.K as Lianne was taken back to the home where she had been living with her husband and the two children for the past two years. Earlier some 200 people gathered to hold a minutes silence in the Plaza de Vila in Lloret de Mar, Girona, for the two children who died in a hotel in the town last Tuesday. Meanwhile the Independent Police Complaints Commission in the UK is to consider investigating the case.

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which has been reduced from 1.8% to 1.3%. The cuts start in June, but the extra payment for this month will not be affected. It should be noted that the Government’s forecasts remain more optimistic than those from other bodies such as the International Monetary Fund which thinks Spain will grow by only 0.9% next year. Minister for Tax and the Economy, Elena Salgado, said that a planned increase in tax for high earners would be a temporary measure and that it will not be

introduced immediately. There are still no details on how such a tax would be introduced. The Spanish Government is also reported to be studying the introduction of a new Patrimonio Tax over the million € level. The previous Patrimonio Tax was cancelled in 2008 by the Zapatero administration, before the extent of the crisis and deficit came to light. That tax came into effect over just 100,000 €. The new tax is inspired on the French Wealth Solidarity Tax and includes incomes, shares, property and savings.

El Mundo quotes sources estimating that 100,000 tax payers would be affected in Spain by the new tax. PP leader in the Madrid region, Esperanza Aguirre, joked on Thursday about the increased taxes on the rich, saying that next to José Bono, the President of Congress, she was a pauper. The PP has been questioning the source of Bono’s assets for some time. He, meanwhile, has said that now is the time for blood, sweat and tears for the Spanish people, a quote from Churchill. He said it was time for Spain to win, even if we lose the elections.

Bribery Case Continues In Andalucía High Court The previous Marbella Instruction Judge is accused of asking for eight million Euro for favours

The second court case in the Andalucía High Court against the ex Marbella Instruction Judge, Francisco Javier de Urquía, already found guilty of bribery for accepting 78,000 € from Juan Antonio Roca, ex the Municipal Real Estate Assessor in Marbella Town Hall, has been proceeding in Granada this week. He is accused, with two friends, of trying to obtain eight million € from a businessman indicted in the Hidalgo money laundering case in Marbella which he was instructing. On Tuesday he told the chamber that the accusations against him were all a set up, and denied having given any information on the summary of the Hidalgo case to his then friends, Igor Mier, and

Arnauld Fabrice Albouhair, so that the three could extort the hotelier David Shamoon. El País reports that Shamoon made a series of recorded conversations to bring the current case, and when he addressed the chamber on Wednesday he said that he did not want to believe that a judge could be asking him for money, the eight million €. Shamoon, the owner of both the Puente Romano and Marbella Club luxury hotels, made a brief statement for medical reasons; he is now 79 and has had three heart by-pass operations. He told the court that in May 2007, his friend Phillipe Junot, Carolina de Mónaco’s first husband, called him at his home in London. He

Volcanic Ash Cloud Blamed For Drop In Tourist Figures The number of foreign tourists visiting Spain dropped 13.3% in April because of problems caused by the cloud of volcanic ash, that closed European airspace for a week. According to FRONTUR, this drop compared with the same month last year can be “largely attributed” to the cloud of ash coming from the volcano in Iceland, after tourist figures had seen a 3.2% rise in March, the largest increase for almost two years. During April, however, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Spain dropped by 3.9 million, due mainly to the huge number of flights cancelled, most of which were on the routes to the UK and Germany, where most of Spain’s foreign tourists come from. In contrast, the number of visitors to Spain from the USA, whose flights were not affected by the ash cloud, rose by 4.8% compared with April 2008.

Benidorm Woman Shot For Telling Car Driver His Lights Were Not Switched On

The woman was shot in the thigh by one of the occupants of the car without saying a word

A woman has been shot in Benidorm after telling a driver that he was driving without lights. It happened in the early hours of Sunday, and on Wednesday Police in the town arrested the man who allegedly shot

the woman after she had signalled that the lights were off. The car stopped next to her and one of the occupants shot her in the thigh, without saying a word. National Police sources told EFE news agency that it seems

to be a case of macho violence as the woman was unknown to the occupants of the car. The victim remains in the Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa where she is recovering well and is expected to be allowed home soon.

said that had to meet to discuss the Hidalgo case, and the next day they had lunch, during which he was told that Arnauld Albouhair had offered to ‘solve Shamoon’s judicial problems’ in exchange for five million €. Arnauld had given him a paper with some details of the Hidalgo summary, showing how one of Shamoon’s properties had been registered. At the same time Shamoon’s son Daniel was approached by the owner of ‘Social Life’ magazine, Igor Mier, with a similar offer. Urquía faces a possible two years in prison, an eight million € fine and a 30 ban from the office of judge in the case, which continues.

Barcelona Moves To Keep Bikinis Off The Streets

Authorities in Barcelona, fed up with tourists wandering the streets in their swimming costumes, are preparing a massive campaign to convince them to put on clothes when they leave the beach. “We want to make people understand that it’s an attitude that we don’t like, that it’s not banned or punishable but that it’s something we don’t think is civil,” a spokeswoman for the city hall said Friday. Municipal authorities in the seaside Spanish city have already printed posters showing a couple in swimming costumes with a red line across it, along with another couple dressed normally but without the red line. “In the coming weeks we are going to put up the posters in the metro, buses and in all public areas,” the spokeswoman said. “And the mayor has sent letters to businesses, hotels, bars, restaurants ... encouraging them to download the poster and paste on their walls.” The city hall had no figures on how many visitors walk through the streets in their bikinis, swimsuits or swimming trunks. “It’s just a perception,” said the spokeswoman, The beaches and cultural attractions of the capital of Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region draw millions of foreign visitors each year.


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French Police Hunt Thief Of Five Art Masterpieces

French police are hunting the burglar or burglars who made off with paintings by Picasso, Matisse and other great artists from a Paris museum.

Officials have admitted the Museum of Modern Art’s alarm system had not been fully functioning for several weeks.

entered the museum at just before 0400 local time (0200 GMT) on Thursday, and took just 15 minutes to remove the canvases from their frames and slip out of the building again undetected.

One masked intruder was spotted by security cameras, climbing into the museum through a broken side window, having cut through a gate padlock.

Three security guards were on duty during the night, but the theft was only discovered at around 0700 local time (0500 GMT), Christophe Girard, deputy culture secretary at Paris City Hall said.

The paintings are estimated to be worth just under 100m euros (£86m; $123m). But experts say the thieves would struggle to sell the paintings on the open market because they are so well known.

Mr Girard added that investigators were trying to determine whether the theft was carried out by one burglar or a gang. “This looks like an operation by a professional gang, by organised criminals,” he said. “We are dealing with an extremely high level of sophistication.

The five missing paintings are Dove with Green Peas by Pablo Picasso (painted in 1911), Pastoral by Henri Matisse (1906), Olive Tree near l’Estaque by Georges Braque (1906), Woman with Fan by Amedeo Modigliani (1919) and Still Life with Candlestick by Fernand Leger (1922).


Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe admitted one of the museum’s alarms had been “partly malfunctioning” since the end of March, and had been awaiting repair when the

theft happened.

“To get into the museum by disassembling a window, choose five specific works and then slip out unnoticed by the guards. That is quite impressive.”

He called the incident “an intolerable attack on the universal cultural heritage in Paris”. Officials said that the burglar

The museum, across the River Seine from the Eiffel Tower, has been cordoned off by investigators.

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Prison Numbers In England & Wales Hits Record High The prison population in England and Wales has reached a record high of 85,201, it has emerged.

Ministry of Justice figures show this figure was 192 more than last Friday. Campaigners have called for Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to freeze the building of new prisons and stop the number of inmates rising further. In February Jack Straw, the then

justice secretary, announced the end of an early release scheme which saw more than 80,000 offenders let out. No prisoners were eligible for the End of Custody Licence (ECL) scheme after 12 March and the last remaining ECL prisoners were out on 9 April.

UK Troops In Afghanistan To Come Under US Command

About 8,000 British troops based in Helmand province in Afghanistan are to come under the operational command of the US, the Ministry of Defence says.

The move is part of a restructuring of Nato forces, with command and control in southern Afghanistan split into two. UK forces currently take orders from Maj Gen Nick Carter, in charge of operations in the south.

Maj Gen Carter will now oversee Kandahar, while Maj Gen Richard Mills from the US will take on Helmand. The command of the 1,100-strong British battle group based in Sangin - an area which has seen a number of UK deaths recently - and in Kajaki will also come under USled force from 1 June. Asked about the changes at a news conference in Berlin, Prime Minister David Cameron said the move “does make good sense

in terms of maximising the impact of what both we and the Americans are doing in the southern part of the country, which is absolutely vital”. “British and American troops have been working together in many theatres over many decades and don’t have a problem working together,” he said.

The changes were announced by Maj Gen Gordon Messenger, who told a news conference in central London that the changes made “complete sense” and were “welcome”. “The span and complexity of the command challenge in southern Afghanistan has increased enormously in recent months and these changes provide the

best command support to the troops on the ground,” he added. Asked if the change meant Britain was effectively giving up its responsibilities and handing them over to the US, Maj Gen Messenger said that was “simply not the case”. He said: “This is us doing exactly the same job as we have been doing up to now, under slightly different arrangements. “The whole business of a greater American presence is a reflection of the scale of the challenges that the British have faced in Helmand.” Maj Gen Messenger said Britain had been “closely involved” in the preparations for the change, stressing: “It in no way indicates that things have been going wrong previously.” The UK force level in Afghanistan is currently 9,500, but with special forces totals some 10,000. BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale previously reported how the recent influx of American forces meant there were now too many troops in too large a geographical area for just one command.


Osborne To Outline £6.2bn Spending Cuts

15 Year Guarantee

Chancellor George Osborne is to spell out plans to cut £6.2bn in spending - saying action needs to be taken now to start rectifying the UK’s finances.

Budgets for IT, property, advertising and recruitment are expected to be cut, while some quangos could be abolished. Mr Osborne stated most of “the jobs impact” would be met by a civil service recruitment freeze. He added that action to cut the deficit should boost the private sector and lead to more jobs being created. But former chief Treasury secretary Liam Byrne said he feared the government was taking a risk on the economy. The announcement is the first step in the coalition government’s attempt to eliminate the bulk of the UK’s record peacetime deficit - estimated at £156bn - over the next five years. Cuts this year will be slightly higher than the £6bn pledged during the election campaign. “Almost all” of the savings would be used to reduce the deficit, Mr Osborne commented. Some would be used to avoid some of the rise in National Insurance next year and £500m would be invested in apprenticeships, further education and some social

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place people can come and invest in, with confidence, that we can keep interest rates lower for longer and I think that will stimulate economic growth and confidence.” It comes ahead of the government’s emergency Budget on 22 June and its autumn review of long-term departmental spending when the full scale of future austerity measures will become clearer. During the election, the Lib Dems and Conservatives disagreed over the need for cuts this year but those differences were put aside as both sides made compromises in their coalition deal.

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SPENCERS SPECTACULAR DAY Hair today gone this afternoon!!

Starting at mid-day on Monday 31st May ‘All Day Happy Hour at Spencers Restaurant Quesada Golf’ is the order of the day with a small beer at just 1€ and Hot Dogs and Burgers at just 2€! Tony Spencer wanted to have a special day to raise money for charity and after careful consideration he chose to support Paul Cunningham Nurses. By coincidence Tony chose Monday 31st May long before he found out it was actually Carnation Day! Tony has been involved with Spencer’s for the last 4 years and three years ago he took over Spencer’s Restaurant which he runs with his partner Bernadette and his son Joshua. May 31st celebrations will start at 12.00 o’clock mid-day, Tony Moore will be paying tribute to Buddy Holly, Max Bacon will be appearing and the Velvetones will also be making an appearance, Jonny Fox will be singing and also doing the commentary when the brave Tony goes for a complete head shave or will he? Perhaps he will just opt for a number 2! Marlene Foster famous country and western singer will be making a short appearance and there are many activities planned throughout the day. Tony is asking everyone to bring an item along to auction for the charity – it does not have to be worth loads even if he gets 10 cents per item he will be a happy man! Ladies please note – ‘past their sell by date’ husbands are not acceptable! There will also be a raffle to raise money for Paul Cunningham Nurses and many local businesses are contributing by giving a prize for the raffle. The Hair Off is scheduled for 5.00p.m. and we are looking for a local wig maker to take Tony’s hair – just in case he wants to buy it back!

Do come along and support Paul Cunningham Nurses at Spencers Restaurant on Carnation Day - 31st May 2010 For more information call Tony on 966 712 480 or text or email Susan 629 869 959 -


spanish-insurance Have you got it covered? Not sure...?? For the best prices, cover and service Call Leisa and Tamsin 966 731 691




Tommy O’Neill’s Removals

AnyTime, Any Place, Anywhere Tommy O’Neill Local, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland (North & South) FULLY INSURED Honest & reliable

TEL: 634 104 090 / 0034 966 774 780

Campoverde Music Success

Campoverde scored another success with its second “Music in a Quiet Place” promotion, on Wednesday 19th May, held in the village church. The idea behind the monthly musical evenings is to provide a setting for people who want to enjoy quality music in relative peace and quiet, as well as providing a platform for individual singers and musicians. The programme ranged from two traditional American songs: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and “Shenandoah”, performed by Mike Brainsby, to solos from Patricia Flint: “None but the lonely heart” and “I have Dreamed” – from The King and I – and also from Jo van Benthem: “Fear no more the heat of the sun”, and “God created Great Whales” – from Haydn’s Creation. Accompaniment and instrumental pieces came from Christine Eames, with husband Roger on double-bass. Their items ranged from Puccini’s popular “Nessun Dorma” to a Hoagy Carmichael favourite “Skylark” and “What a wonderful world”. Organiser Jill Dorsett thanked all for taking part, whether as listeners or performers: “These occasions let us hear music that is neither Karaoke nor opera, nor rock’n’roll. We are now confident that we are providing a really new dimension to the cultural life of the community, as well as providing a new platform for individual singers and musicians. I’d like to thank the performers - all of whom belong to leading local choirs for giving the time to come to Campoverde and give us these unique musical concerts. And of course, we are always pleased to welcome new visitors to the church”. The next ‘Music in a Quiet Place’ in Campoverde will be on 16th June. More information is available by calling 966 762 715.




Big Band Dance Night Success Big Band Dance Night on Wednesday 19th May was a complete success - with 80% of the audience being local and the remainder guests in the hotel. Every seat was taken and we even had to bring out more! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment of a great selection of music to dance to, and dance they did! The audience showed their appreciation of the music and the musicians, in the good old fashioned way - not just clapping but cheers and whistles at some stages too. The evening ended with the presentation of prizes from the raffle - proceeds of which went to the ‘Help Murcia Mar Menor, Cancer Support Group.’ The Band and the Hotel would like to thank everyone for their support on this occasion, and hope to see them again at the next event. This was a new venture for both ‘Swingtet-Plus’ and the Hotel Spa Costa Narejos, in Los Alcazares,

Costa Calida, as there is no other live entertainment on this scale, in this area. We hope to be able to repeat Wednesday’s success again - on Thursday 23rd; September and also on Thursday 21st; October. So watch out for details! Once again, there will be raffles with the proceeds to ‘Help Murcia Mar Menor Cancer Support.’ Over the past 4 years either ‘Swingtet’ (the quartet) or ‘Monks Duo’ have provided the entertainment in the hotel once or twice a week. However, on Wednesday night the line up was different - hence ‘Swingtet-Plus’

- the ‘Plus’ part being 5 more musicians. The full line-up Keith Monk - piano/keyboard, Geoff Hull - bass, Arthur Buck -drums, John Atkins - first trumpet, Alan Skelton - 2nd trumpet, Andy Briant trombone, Gil Monks (Band leader) alto sax, clarinet, Mike Hutchins - tenor sax, clarinet, Bob Johnson - baritone sax. All very experienced ex-professional musicians - some having worked world wide with bands and stars names too numerous to list. For details of ‘Swingtet-Plus’ please contact 968 432 630 (Photos courtesy of Eddie Sammons)

we want to hear from you! do you have any local news, events planned or annoucements? then email them to ‘’

50 Dancers To Visit The Camposol Fiesta To Compete

Mazarron Dance Festival Update

Entries for the first Mazarron Dance Festival on Sunday 27th June has now closed following a t re m e n d o u s re s p o n s e from judges, sponsors and dancers. Sponsorship for venue, support and donation of trophies have kindly been donated by Kennellys Bar on Camposol, Ken Sherwood Mechanics, The Salon Sector C Camposol, ICENI Charity Dance Group, Murcia Dance College and Fiestas Camposol. Professional dancers and teachers, some of them working in theatre and TV, have come forward to judge 50 dancers from age 6 - 60 years old from 4 dance academies across the Costa Calida. The competition starts at 10.00am and will be held within Kennellys function room on Sector B. There will be a range of dance styles for everyone to enjoy – from Flamenco to Ballroom and Ballet to Street Dance. A total of 26 solo’s duets and group will be presented. Winners and a range of participants of the event will perform on the Camposol Fiesta main stage at 5.00pm.



Menu DEL DIA 5.95€

Poppadom any chicken dish plus rice or naan bread includes a glass of wine, soft drink or beer



Poppadom aloo tikka or any soup main course: any chicken or lamb dish plus rice or naan bread + dessert or coffee includes a glass of wine, soft drink or beer

BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment Centro commercial, camposol sector a Tel:

968 199 226 or 617 435 218

SUNSHINE MOBILITY large showroom in benejuzar ap7 junction 743 near algorfa

Full range of Disability Equipment for Purchase or Hire Also re-conditioned scooters from 500€ (6 month warranty) COME AND SEE US AT: La Marina Market Thursdays & Sundays Home visits arranged. WHI

966 777 985

or 685 436 694 Ask about our trial before you buy scheme. Legally registered in Spain.

LE STOCKS LAST 4 WHEELED SCOOTER ONLY 750€ All major credit cards taken.

HOME DEMONSTRATIONS AVAILABLE NO OBLIGATION Visit our showroom at: Calle Duque de Pino, Hermoso 16 Benejuzar (Nr. Calle Juan Carlos) Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm • •


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M ay M agic

Le Bistro Now Open Puerto De Mazarron

Behind the Pharmacy next to Medical Centre




• Breakfast Menu • Lite Bites & Various Baguettes • Starters & Salad Bar • Choices from ‘The Grill’ • Homemade Meals & Desserts • Traditional Sunday Lunches • Choice of Drinks & Wines

e ff

OPEN EVERY DAY ALL DAY & EVENINGS Tele Margaret & Jim 690 242 864

’Tis like the birthday of the world, When earth was born in bloom; The light is made of many dyes, The air is all perfume: There’s crimson buds, and white and blue, The very rainbow showers Have turned to blossoms where they fell, And sown the earth with flowers.

BY Thomas Hood Paul & Sue welcome you to

El Duende

‘the bar restaurant with the friendly atsmosphere’

Tel: 968 332 117

Full English Breakfast from 4€ Menu Del Dia 8€ Sunday Roast Dinner from 8€ Beef, Chicken, Fish or Shoulder of Lamb BOOKING ADVISABLE


Northern Soul Disco

Open 11am till late Closed Thursdays

Paseo Rihuete s/n (Edificio Irene) 30860 Pto De Mazarron, Murcia


Puerto De Mazarron Have now moved to a new restaurant. Find us in Arco Mediterraneo Restaurant On the corner, near El Arbol Supermarket Offering

A La Carte Menu & Menu del Dia from


Open every day 11.30am-4.30pm & 6.30pm-Midnight

Tel: David 968 155 706


for minimal cost. Replacement doors from €11.50

(Hundreds of styles & colours avaialble). Find Us in San Pedro Del Pinatar, Murcia, on the N332, 100 yds past Lidl on the opposite side. Let us breathe new life into your kitchen

968 184 235

Puerto de Mazarron Behind El Arbol Supermarket

Open Mon-Sat 10.00 a.m till 4.30p.m Sundays 11.00a.m till 1.00 p.m

TEL EMMA ON: 634 140 184


stop shop

Saralara’s Cafe Bar Open All Day, Every Day

From 10am onwards Live Sports, Daily Specials Homemade Food & Various Snacks Centre of Puerto de Mazarron Near El Arbol Supermarket Menu available Tuesday to Saturday 10am till 3pm


29th May 10am onwards Call Sara on

634 176 550



All the English products that you desire. If there is something you need, just ask and we will find it for you.


Change your kitchen

THE BRITISH SUPERMARKET !Now Open every single day!



Special Menus for Groups Menu Del Dia from


Choice of A La Carte Menu Take aways


11.30am - 4.30pm & 7pm - Midnight

Opposite the Camping - C/Torre De Los Caballos


968 150 956


LOCAL NEWS... LOCAL NEWS... IT’S OFFICIAL, SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!!!!! Get your flipflops out, shorts and shades on and come and join us for an afternoon of browsing and buying round the gorgeous pool at Mariano’s Restaurant, Camposol Sector A. Starting at 2pm on Saturday 29th May, it’s the MABS Annual Summer Fayre, and to tempt you further, here is a selection of the goodies on offer there Kremens Decor, Candice Gifts, Jill - Scarves, Nye Jewellery(Glitzy Bitz), Lizzie - Cakes and Pastries, Linda - Pottery, Jaynes Nails, Eileen - Shoes, Pauline - Underwear, Make-up and bags, Gwen Preserves, Christine - English Sweets, Maureen - Avon, Bezza Ladies (Kaftans), Bottle Tombola, MABS - bric a brac. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a coffee or beer or even a late lunch in the sun. You never know, you may find that extra special gift that you’ve been looking for, or treat yourself for a change!!!!! MABS, The Cancer Support (Mazarrón) is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities, who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our Helpline number 620 422 410. For General Enquiries call 620 582 418 11am to 4pm Mon to Fri. Email: Website: or www. Forthcoming Events.



Menu del dia

4.95€ !

Bring this coupon for offer to apply

BBQ at the Golf Club

24th October Race for Life 2010 For further details call Sue on 634 338 189

Sundays Only


with the purchase of 15cm Sub and a Pepsi, KAS or 7UP of 0.4L. Get a FREE Sub equal to or lower price!

Valid only in Puerto de Mazarron. One coupon per person per day. Not to be used on other offers. Doctor’s Associates Incl. SUBWAY is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Association Inc.

Valid only in Puerto de Mazarron. One coupon per person per day. Not to be used on other offers. Doctor’s Associates Incl. SUBWAY is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Association Inc.

Open: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 22:00pm Sunday 12:00 - 16:00 & 20:00 - 22:30

Telephone: 968 153 100



∙ Bowling ∙ Snooker ∙ Darts ∙ Pool Table ∙ Short Mat Bowling ∙ Social Dancing ∙ Quiz Nights ∙ Comedy & Entertainment Nights

Price per pint

Estrella Damm.....................2.00€ Guiness.............................2.80€ Budweiser..........................2.40€ Marston’s Oyster Stout...........2.20€ Marston’s Pedigree................2.20€ Spitfire Ale........................2.20€ Adams Apple Cider................2.20€ Magners Draft.....................2.60€


We Buy & Sell Anything We specialise in Full House & Part Clearances URGENT STOCK REQUIRED: TV’s


: All Kitchen White Goods : Bikes : Double Beds

CALL NOW Landline 966 189 041 Mobile 680 465 962

Removal Service Now Available

Situated Playa Flamenca Beach Front Behind Correos Post Room

MAY / june 2010

All you need in one place:


Puerto de Mazarron, Centro de Commercial Avda Dr Meca

OPEN: 10am till Late - Late Licence (3.30am) if needed

The New Venue

Bring this coupon for offer to apply

Sub of the Day 15cm + Pepsi, KAS or 7UP 0.4L + Cookie

26th/27th June Camposol Fiesta 30th July



thursDAY 27th Weight Watchers: 10am Line Dancing Intermediate: 5pm - 6.30pm Quiz with Bingo Twist: 8.30pm friDAY 28th Dolly Mixture Ladies Club Get Together: 2.30pm - 5pm saturday 29th Elton John Tribute and duo Double Trouble, plus DJ Helen, 2 course meal and show 8pm 10€: Show only 9pm 3€ SUNDAY 30th Karaoke with DJ Pip: 9pm monday 31st Line Dancing Intermediate: 10.30am - 12pm Short Mat Bowling: 3€pp everyone welcome 7.30pm tuesday 1st June Dance Class - Salsa, Argentine Tango & Social Dancing: 8pm - 10pm wednesday 2nd june Line Dancing Beginners: 5pm - 6.30pm, Pool League: 9pm Thursday 3rd Weight Watchers: 10am HELP Vega Baja - Ray Marsh birds of Sri Lanka : 2pm - 4pm Line Dancing Intermediate: 5pm - 6.30pm Quiz with Bingo Twist: 8.30pm friDAY 4th Dolly Mixture Ladies Club Get Together: 2.30pm - 5pm SATURDAY 5th Michael Buble Tribute (1st time in Spain) plus duo Cloud 9 and DJ Helen, 2 course meal and show 10€: 8pm Show only 3€: 9pm SUNDAY 6th Karaoke with DJ Pip: 9pm New MONDAY 7tH Line Dancing Intermediate: 10.30am - 12pm Short Mat Bowling: 3€pp everyone welcome 7.30pm TUESDAY 8th new Auction starts 1pm Goods in 11am Tuesda ys Dance Class - Salsa, Argentine Tango & Social Dancing: 8pm - 10pm WEDNESDAY 9th Line Dancing Beginners: 5pm - 6.30pm Stroke Support Group 2 course meal plus 1/2 bottle of wine 10€ including live music by duo Cloud 9 7.30pm -to book call Judy on 966 719 441 Pool League: 9pm

Auctio n

FOOD SERVED ALL DAY ∙ PRIVATE FUNCTIONS CATERED FOR For more information call 966 717 028 Calle El Pino esq. Calle Abedul, Ciudad Quesada


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LOOK GOOD...FEEL GREAT...LOOK GOOD...FEEL GREAT... LOOK GOOD...FEEL GREAT... ADVERTISE ON THIS PAGE - CALL 950 430 820 beaut y without surgery with Dr. Helena Benson from advanced beaut y

Botox 1st area 200€ 2nd & 3rd areas 100€

Wrinkle fillers Radiesse 500€ per syringe

Look 10 years younger Special offers on the day

For all infomation or to make an appointment call Jo

Almeria Angels

Meditation can be a very important part of everyday life because of its beneficial aspects when practised regularly. Meditation neutralises stress and is a form of rest deeper than sleep. It also clears the mind for deeper concentration and rejuvenates the nervous system. Meditation also enables clearer thinking and promotes quality of life. It is the ability to direct attention inwardly, a focus of attention within yourself. It is profound simplicity. It is a return home, discovering your true self and promoting a deeper reality to everyday life. In order to learn meditation one must experience it. Choose a suitable time everyday and sit in a comfortable position, somewhere where there will be no disturbance. First thing in the morning is sometimes a good time to choose before any of the household is stirring. Traditionally meditation has been practised at dawn or before dawn which is probably the quietest time of the day. Practise at the same time every day and have a special rug, cushion or chair on which to sit comfortably with your spine neck and head in a straight line. Wear loose comfortable clothes and keep warm. Don’t be in a hurry. Leave all that behind you when you sit down. Go into meditation without expectation. Think at first of the experience as a pleasant antidote to life’s hustle and bustle. You are deliberately taking time out. You must choose whatever practise is suitable for you to begin. A suggestion could be some deep breathing observing the breath going into the body and with each breath out following the breath as it leaves the body.


CuttinG Edge



Clinic Thursday 17th June

Juvederm 300 € Semi permanent make-up only 350

950 633 086

Making your Life Easier

Tel: 665 017 950

Dental Clinic

Article by Edna Freeman, BWY (Dip.)

Acknowledgements : Jenny Adams, James Hewitt

On-site Dental Laboratory

Dr med. dent Hubert Hillenbrand 20 years experience

Do you need an English Nurse or Care at Home?

Almeria Angels are dedicated professional caring agency working in Almanzora Valley providing individual care packages to all our clients within their homes or during hospital stays. Now Home Visits : We visit you in the comfort of your own Caring in home, this can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. the Costa Hospital Visits : We can assist you in any visit Calida you may have to the hospital, pick up service Area! available on request.

Say to yourself “I breathe in, I breathe out”. This helps to focus the mind on one particular thing. You will notice that your breath will become deeper and slower of its own accord. Thoughts will come into the mind whilst you are focusing your mind, but this is a natural process. Try just to observe these thoughts, and let them go, but continue your practise. “With upright body, head and neck which rest still and move not, with inner gaze which is not restless, but rests still between the eyebrows...let the seeker quietly lead the mind into the Spirit and let all his thoughts be silence. And whenever the mind unsteady and restless strays away from the Spirit, let him ever and for ever lead it again to the Spirit. Then his soul is a lamp whose light is steady, for it burns in a shelter where no winds come.” This passage comes from an ancient book the Bhagavadgita, which is widely read and studied by many people in India and by those who study yoga philosophy. Gradually increase the time you spend sitting and practise regularly, but don’t strain. Concentration is relaxation. Contrary to the old saying when practising meditation if at first you don’t succeed STOP TRYING and try again the following day. Sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits.

950 32 64 52

German & English spoken

Edificio Porto Mar Avda Mariano Hemandes 48 Roquetas de Mar, near Hotel Zoraida Garden

M&S Per Una Clothes Sale By Award Winning Toni & Guy Stylist full head foils only 45.00€

(cut & blow dry not incl.)

cap hi lights Cut & Blow only 39.95€ Perm, cut & blow dry only 49.95€


only 25€ save 8€

Pedicure & 1/2 leg wax

teeth g whitenin enson

only 23€ save 8€

17th June

deta call for

1/2 leg, bikin i & under arm wax


only20€ save 5€

only 23€ save 3€

Hot stone massage only 30€

Lois the podiatrist Full Podiatry Treatment. nails, hard skin, calluses 23 € Nail cut & medical check ONLY 15 €

Calle Malaga - Albox (100m from Mercadona) Call for an appointment

Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9.30am - 3pm No siesta


All sizes from 8 - 22

Tops, Skirts, Jeans and Dresses Superb bargains not to be missed

Monday 31st May

euphoria beauty salon, arboleas ~ 4PM - 6PM

For more details Tel: 697 705 515

cut & blow dry only 21.00 € Becks - UK trained fully qualified Sports Masseuse BODY MASSAGE 19.95€

na b

with Hele

only 150€ils

tint, cut & blow dry only 42.00€


950 633 086

Prices are subject to change without notification. Please confirm on booking. We reserve the right to withdraw offers at any time.




in Arboleas

Quality NOT Quantity

Locally based rental and sales of:

Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walking aids (frames, tri-walkers, rollaters and crutches) Other mobility aids: Call for availability. Servicing and repair of all types of mobility aids

Free delivery within the radius of 50km of Arboleas Call us for our range of mobility products

Tel: 0034 650 626 460

Have you ever had a major setback stop you in your tracks? Well you are not alone. Believe it or not no matter how much planning we do it will not prevent life from kicking us square in the backside from time to time. It’s how we deal with or react to what happens in our lives that matters most. I can testify to the fact that it’s hard work to get back in the game. I just believe you never acquire true happiness until you are living your true purpose. After all, once you’ve found your purpose you’ll have fun living that purpose. Let Only Quality People into your life. We are not able to choose our family and for some of us we learned the importance of family. We learned to stick together. Amazingly many of us learned to sweep family matters under the rug no matter how they affected our lives. We often carried some of these lessons over into our close friendships. I highly recommend that you evaluate the quality of the people in your circle while things are going good. Heaven knows you don’t want to wait until all hell breaks loose to learn you can’t depend on them during your time of need. What about emotional support? Is this person honest with you when you need them to be? Is this person helping you grow? Does this person provide constructive criticism? Decide what characteristics are of value to you? Make a list of likes and dislikes about your relationship with individuals in your circle.

Tel: 950 478 320

Here are just a few things that I’m sure will help you if you are sincere, willing to hold on and work hard to reach your goals: 1. Set 51 goals for yourself. 2. Write all 51 goals down with a red pen. 3. Write yourself a cheque for whatever amount you expect to earn, fold it up and keep it in your purse or wallet 4. Make a list of all the things that you enjoy. 5. Make a list of all the things that you want to change. 6. Read motivational books. 7. Listen to motivational CD’s or download to your iplayer 8. Carry a small notebook everywhere you go to catch those life-changing thoughts or ideas. 9. Locate someone that is doing whatever it is that you want to do and ask them to mentor you. Don’t procrastinate another day! Start right now where you are with what you have. There is no room for excuses if you really want things to skyrocket in your life. Remember to believe in yourself if when others doubt you. Know that I believe in you…YOU CAN DO IT!

Elizabeth Sanderson is a qualified Life Coach and Performance Coach and is always happy to discuss this or other aspects of Life Coaching absolutely free of charge. She can be contacted in confidence by email on

Osteopath Naturopath Enrique Arias, N.D, D.O

Tel. 629 289 385

for info and appointments

Health Care For Adults and Children • Emergency Home Visits • English • Spanish • French • German • 20 Year’s Serving the community

UK Registered - Treating

Sciatica - Back Pain - Sports Injuries Digestive and Cardiovascular Disorders Headaches - Arthritis - Skin Conditions Centro Cueva Del Lobo Paseo Mediterraneo 10, Mojacar Beach Centro Medico Indalo C/ Manuel Azaña, Almeria

For Her & Him

Wellness Centre

We are more than just a gym

Style, comfort & elegance can be yours after a visit to “gatsbys”.

Irresistible designs with French flair and Oceana originality. Natural fabrics to keep you cool when temperatures start to soar.

Easy Parking at: Hotel el Puntazo, Mojacar Playa OPEN: Monday-Friday 10am - 1.30pm & 5pm - 7.30pm Saturday: 10am - 2pm email:












Find us in Arboleas • Tel: 950 44 94 51 •



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Like all youngsters I used to fantasize about what I would be when I grew up. There was always the big house, the flashy car and loads of money of course, but strangely the one thing that epitomised success to me - and still does - was an invitation to appear on Desert Island Discs. There is something deliciously self indulgent about choosing your eight personal favourite pieces of music and having the luxury of sharing them with the world. Or at least the twenty three people and two cats who still listen to the programme. You are also ‘allowed’ one book on this island, along with the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible or Qur’an – I think that’s the correct spelling; you have to be so careful – or whatever other holy book floats your boat these days. And although choosing just eight pieces of music from the thousands that I love would be next to impossible, the book choice would present no problem. ‘In Search of England’ by H.V.Morton would be the one. Written in the 1920’s, it is a travelogue detailing the writer’s observations about an England still recovering from the ravages of the First World War, and the changes that it had brought about. It is a fascinating and charming insight into the landscape, the customs and the people of the day, and is an absolute must for all Anglophiles. I still daydream of the big house and flashy car if and when I grow up, but one thing I have promised myself is that one day I will follow in Morton’s steps, re-discover his England and write my own travelogue. England has the most fascinating and world shaping history of any country. England is not Europe, England is quite simply . . . England.

wanted to show it off. We checked in, dumped our cases in our olde worlde rooms and had an olde worlde lunch in one of the atmospheric bars, after which the girls fancied an olde worlde lie down. So while they rested, my friend Douglas and I decided to relax in our own way and sample one of the house wines, a rather lusty Chilean Chardonnay, served up in goldfish bowls on stems by our barmaid Virginia . . . who probably wasn’t (ahem!) Several aquaria down the line we were definitely feeling no pain and, as we were declaring undying love for absent friends; our politicians; the good vintners of South America and Virginia, we realised with some surprise that the bar was suddenly quite busy. To celebrate this fact we ordered some wine and decided to dazzle the locals with our repartee and obvious worldly wisdom. We were just getting in to the swing of it when our better halves appeared done up like Labradors suppers and tut-tutting knowingly, announced that we had ten minutes to meet them in the restaurant for dinner. Dinner! Dinner? We had only just had lunch hadn’t we? We vocalised how quickly time seemed to fly when one was enjoying one’s self, and ordered wine to underline this fact. We forced ourselves to have one for the road and assisted each other as we walked in squiggles between bars to our table where we were presented with the menus, and where we promptly ordered some wine in order to assist us in our deliberations - for the ladies benefit you understand…

Whenever you fly home from whatever far-flung location, the landscape is instantly recognisable and unique – subtly different from the French countryside you have just flown over. Perhaps it’s the sight of those white cliffs, but I swear I can hear Vera Lynn giving it large!

Dinner is a blur, although I do recall Dougie and moi going into our Clouseau/Chief Inspector Dreyfus routine with a French waitress, who I am told, coped with the two giggling drunkards admirably.

Some years ago, we took two friends to the Cotswolds, our favourite part of the country and the very essence of Englishness. We had discovered an old coaching inn in one of the many Gloucestershire villages, and we

By Colin Bird

It’s England you see - it has that effect on one.

What would you take with you on your Desert Island? Email

Pause For Thought... I still remember well the mixed emotions of apprehension and excitement when on the morning of my seventeenth birthday my father attached the ‘L’ plates to his car and handed me the keys, accompanying me on my first attempt at driving. The power of this 1947 Morris 8 seemed awesome – and in spite of the fact that my father was somewhat nervously keeping his hand on the handbrake, it was me that actually had command of this power. Within seconds I was utterly hooked, and have loved driving ever since. And whilst neither particularly fast nor luxurious, I still have affection for cars of that era as anyone who’s seen me driving my 1953 Riley around Albox can testify. There’s no power assistance so the braking effect is directly proportional to the amount of ‘welly’ applied to the pedal. And turning the car requires considerable effort too as the only assistance available is the leverage afforded by the 18-inch steering wheel. Even starting it requires dexterous use of choke and the advance/retard lever, whilst the albeit somewhat limited power available is direct, with no computers intervening for safety; no electronic ignition or fuel injection, no ABS or traction control, so an over-enthusiastic right foot can quickly get you into trouble, but the satisfaction gained from driving it and personally managing the various controls, far outweighs any pleasure a modern car might yield. And whilst most of us do like to feel in control and have power at our fingertips, yet strangely, few of us actually avail ourselves of the resources available to us. For one of the most amazing facets of the Christian faith is that we don’t merely worship the Almighty God, but that in the form of the Holy Spirit, He actually lives within us, giving us access to His immeasurable power. And during this period of Pentecost we remind ourselves of how Jesus bequeathed this power to his early followers, who shortly after his ascension became changed people as they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of

Costa Almeria and Costa Cálida email:

There are a number of English Language Churches in the region for any wishing to Worship. For further information about the Anglican Church, the service of Communion held in Albox on the last Thursday of each month and of forthcoming events go to

The World According To Walsh

Blame It On England!


The Best Way to Rob a Bank According to Bill Moyers, former U.S. Director of the Institute for Fraud Prevention, the best way to rob a bank is to own one. There are plenty who would agree. The question we want answers to is why, when the banks mess up, we have to bail them out? To rub salt into our wounds, when this fails and the country goes into deficit we are called upon to plug that fiscal haemorrhage too? No wonder they’re rioting in Greece. Politicians are hopeless at balancing the books; they also borrow at ruinous rates of interest. The same happened in Argentina in 2001 when their political elite ran the country on a credit card. When they defaulted the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sent the bailiffs in. In effect the country was repossessed by the banks; just as a house is when the mortgage payments aren’t met. In the panic that followed the Argentineans got five presidents in just five days. You really don’t want to know the rest. The Spanish government has now introduced swingeing cuts and public reaction is illuminating. Dave Sidley of Tenerife says: “The first thing they should do is stop corruption. It is worse than the UK, and then there’s the expenses scandal. The normal person will have to bear the brunt of mistakes made by banks and politicians.” All are equal but some are more equal than are others. Jesus of Madrid says the private sector don’t get perks; government employees do. Often this amounts to thousands of euros a year. M Carrion, 58, who lives near Gerona, says the cuts should start with the government as ‘it is a mystery where the money goes.’ A common complaint is that it’s the ordinary people who are called upon to tighten their belts. In Spain the restrictions never apply to public officials where a mayor can earn more than the Prime Minister. How revolutionary: Let’s start with the black economy, illegal employment, tax avoidance and fraud. Then hack away at overpaid under worked public employees. Austerity should begin at the top so those with the least to sacrifice aren’t called upon to do so. Mike Walsh - Freelance Journalism, Marketing and Photography

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Poetry Corner

Blue Eyes When I look into your eyes, All I can see is blue skies, I see mountains and streams, I see rivers and lakes, For they twist and turn, Which makes my heart yearn, How long will this journey take, For you make my heart ache, The love I see is so deep, In your eyes my love you keep, The iris is like a well, This is where I fell… I love. Your eyes so blue, It’s just me and you.


What would you be if you could have your life over again? Would you change anything? Nothing or many things? Would you be in the same life, with the same relationships, jobs, experiences or would you opt to be someone completely different? Maybe you’d just make a few adjustments, or simply alter one thing. Even changing one thing would have an amazing effect on your life. Everything affects everything else in life and altering the past would have an impact on the present. Those of you who read H G Wells’ Time Machine might have an inkling of how drastic that might be. We are the sum total of our experiences and nothing is intrinsically good or bad. It’s what we make of it that counts. So, the hardest times can make us stronger in the end. It may not always be apparent at first but when we look back we realize it was almost another self who went through our earlier lives. We change all the time and those changes are subtle and not necessarily obvious to ourselves. This is the clay we’re made of. And just as a potter moulds his raw material and shapes it to his satisfaction so we are continually being moulded and formed by external circumstance and the internal pressures of our own thoughts. As writers we have a huge wealth of experience to play with, so why not draw on this source – let a version of you run away to a desert island with the love of your life! Or, if you did do such a crazy and romantic thing then write about what would have happened had you stayed put! Write a play; you can put any words you wish directly into the mouth of your characters – how very satisfying! Phone Kate 950 469 540 or email for info about The Write Thing.

The Write Thing

IF IT’S SUNDAY, IT MUST BE SEVILLA Leave the car at home and “Let the train take the strain” as some marketing guro would have had us believe, back in the United Kingdom. Not a great chance of that happening over there nowadays, wrong kind of this, that or the other. Over here in España, yes, I’ve decided it’s the only way to travel. By booking outward and return tickets through a travel agent, I thought the rest of our Grand Tour, would run as clockwork. Wrong! but we learnt quickly! The high speed RENFE left Alicante at 12.05, and was soon moving through the flat arable land, towards Madrid. Due to arrive just before 4PM, no problem with obtaining tickets for the 5PM train to Cordoba, and our booked hotel for the first night. Wrong! “Two tickets for Cordoba please”. The nice lady in the booking office smiled and advised that the 5pm train was full, but we could catch the 10.35am next day! It started to rain as soon as we left Madrid station, on a quest to find a room for the night. A beer first I thought. Asking the barman if he knew of a room for the night, he raised a withered arm upwards, pointing to a rather stained ceiling. “I think he means he has rooms upstairs” said she that must be obeyed. Before I knew it, we were following “The Grim Reaper”, as I had already nicknamed him, round the bar, up the narrowest staircase I have ever had the misfortune to have climbed, to our room for the night. Whether it was the large blood stain on the landing, the number of plastic buckets, catching the rain, or the lady in room 11 asking if I was looking for a good time, that on turning in for the night, gave me the strength to drag a wardrobe and two chairs across the bedroom door! The following morning, we paid our 30€ to a clone of the “Grim Reaper”, and dropped into our booked seats of

the 10.35am to Cordoba. Not a lot of people know this, but each carriage on these RENFE Alvia trains, has a speed indicator, and as we hit the 300 KPH, much to the amusement of my fellow travellers, it was an arm in the air, and “YES!”. My companion sunk behind her copy of “Sol Times” muttering, “He’s not with me!”. On arriving at Cordoba, we booked the tickets for Sevilla (See, lesson learnt!), for the next day. Cordoba is a gem. Very narrow streets in the old town, which seem to wander off in all directions. We met a couple that had been on our train, as we walked to find a place to eat. She was leading the way with map in hand, as her husband followed a few paces behind, pulling two large cases. “We have a hotel booked in the old town, the streets all look the same, but will find it in the end”, she commented, as she passed by. We found a beautiful restaurant, and enjoyed a long Spanish lunch, under a canopy of climbing roses and ferns.Just over two hours later, we made our way back through the narrow streets. It was as we neared one of the gates, leading from Old Cordoda, that we caught a glimpse of our lady with the map, heading off down a narrow alleyway. “Keep up Richard, I’m sure the hotel is down here on the left”. We wonder to this day, if they ever located it! The Cathedra is breathtaking. We spent the remainder of the afternoon, wandering this beautiful building. We will return to Cordoda. Not being charged for the night we missed at

the hotel (Nice people) we were soon on the way to Sevilla. Hostal number 3 was very near the river and close to old Sevilla. We had three days in Sevilla, not enough. An open top double decker gave us an idea of just what this city had to offer. Day two was a boat trip, again, an excellent way to see the city. Wander into the city, jump on a tram - who cares where it goes to - have a drink and a bite, and wander back. Sevilla at night is a wonderland of lights. Again, we will return. It was soon time for the last leg of our Grand Tour, Madrid, but not the Grim Reaper! Our hostal this time was just off the Grand Via, behind the Telefonica Building. In did think to drop in to complain about my bill, but was talked out of it! Madrid Metro is old and could do with some T.L.C., but at a euro a time, anywhere (apart from the airport), is the way to move around the city. Day 2 took us to see Madrid from the sky! The “Teleferico” is a cable railway, built by the Swiss of course, that takes you high over the railway, river, parklands, monuments, and buildings. At 5€ return – 2€ if you are of a certain age! - it’s another must do! It was all too soon to catch the Alicante fast train from Madrid station, and what a station it is. I hope my photograph does it justice. Our Grand Tour over, until next time! P.S. Take a bath/basin plug with you - they are in short supply. I wonder why???

Robert Barnes, as well as crawling under the Sierra Minera mountain range, photographing the old mine workings, occasionally likes nothing better than to travel the “Iron Road”, and discover a multifarious Spain, and it’s people. Contact him on


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Tel: (0034) 616 760 409 or Tel: (0034) 950 064 543 Email: Legal properties urgently required in the Albox, Arboleas, Huercal Overa,Los Gallardos and Mojacar areas turre .................................€69,950

polaris world..................€95,000

Palomares...............From €103,000

vera playa ........................€106,000

• Good size 2 bedroom Apartment • Family bathroom • Nice and bright lounge/diner • Open-plan kitchen with white goods • Underground parking and storage room • Communal roof-top swimming pool • Walking distance to all amenities Ref: A1121

• Front line golf course Apartment with great views • 2 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • Good size lounge/diner • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Family bathroom • 18m2 terrace; private parking Ref: A1344 • Close to all amenities

• Beautiful Apartments with sea views • 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • Good size lounge/diner • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Family bathroom and ensuite to bed 1 • Communal pool, underground parking • Roof-top solarium and terrace Ref: A1029

• Fully furnished apartment • 2 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • Family bathroom and ensuite • Open plan kitchen / lounge / diner • Short walk to beach • Communal swimming pool Ref: A1373 • Private terrace and garden

nr cantoria.......................€114,950




• 140m2 Cortijo in great location • 2 bedrooms, but could make 3/4 • Family bathroom and cloakroom • Fully fitted kitchen • 2 lounges • 600m2 plot with garage • OPEN TO OFFERS

• Beautiful villa in walking distance of Arboleas • 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • Family bathroom with separate shower • Good size lounge/diner with log burner • Large fully-fitted kitchen • Well stocked garden of 607m2 and garage • Covered terrace area Ref: A1395

• Luxurious Apartment - walk to all amenities • 3 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • Good size lounge/diner • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Family bathroom and ensuite to bed 1 • Communal pool and underground parking Ref: A1365 • Roof-top solarium

• Unbelieveable value for money • Only 3 minutes drive from Arboleas • 3 double bedrooms – all with fitted wardrobes • Family bathroom and en-suite to bed 1 • Good size lounge/diner with fire-place • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods Ref: A1322 • 8x4m swimming pool

Ref: A1349

• Luxurious Duplex within walking distance to all amenities •2  double bedrooms & fitted wardrobes • Good size lounge/diner with balcony • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Family bathroom and ensuite to bed 1 • Roof-top solarium and balcony to bed 1 • Communal pool / underground parking Ref: A1363


€149,000 arboleas...........................€174,950


nr zurgena......................€179,995

albox ................................€199,950

• Beautiful villa in walking distance of Arboleas • 3 double bedrooms all with fitted wardrobes • Family bathroom and en-suite to master • Good size lounge/diner with fireplace • Large fully-fitted kitchen with all white goods • 8x4m swimming pool • Covered terrace area and roof-top Ref: A1394

• Immaculately presented, spacious villa • 3 double bedrooms, 2 with fitted wardrobes • Large lounge/diner with log burner • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Family bathroom and ensuite to bed 1 • 780m2 well stocked and irrigated plot • 8x4m swimming pool and garage Ref: A1405

• Nicely reformed Cortijo of 250m2 build • Large entrance hallway • 2 lounge areas • Large fully fitted kitchen/dining area • 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms • Beautiful, marbled terrace with built-in BBQ • Well stocked garden of 1800m2 Ref: A1301

• Stunning villa a short drive from Albox • 4 double bedrooms • Family bathroom and 2 en-suites • Good size lounge/diner • Fully-fitted kitchen with all white goods • 10x4m swimming pool and separate child’s pool Ref: A1336 • Jacuzzi and solarium

Vera playa........................€209,000


desert springs...............€289,950

los lobos.........................€325,000

• Beautiful 2 bedroom duplex • Family bathroom and ensuite • Fitted wardrobes • Good size lounge/diner • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Short walk to beach • Communal swimming pool Ref: A1367

• Attractive 2-storey villa outstanding views • 3 double bedrooms with balcony to bed 1 • Good size lounge/diner with fireplace • Family bathroom and ensuite to bed 1 • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Underfloor heating, car port, 400m2 plot • 13x3m swimming pool and jacuzzi Ref: A1398

• Huge reduction – must see property • 4 bedrooms, all with fitted wardrobes • Family bathroom, 2 ensuites and cloakroom • Lounge/diner with feature fireplace • Fully fitted kitchen with white goods • Communal swimming pool • Garage and plot of 425m2 Ref: A1368

• Fantastic villa 10 minutes from San Juan • 172m2 build with a plot of 10,050m2 • 4 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • 2 family bathrooms and an en-suite • 9x5m swimming pool set in great terrace area • Fully-fitted kitchen with all white goods • Nice lounge with fireplace Ref: A1264




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Paseo del Mediterraneo, 261 Estrella de Cantal, Local 5-A-1 04638 - Mojacar - Almeria - Spain Email: Web: mojacar pueblo €85,000 Amazing Bargain!

MOJACAR PLAYA €89,500 Just Reduced!

2 bed / 2 bath Apartment Communal Pool Terrace Fabulous sea views Fully furnished Just reduced Ref. 1327 Price: €89,500

Mojácar Pueblo 2-bed / 2-bath Townhouse Solarium Garage Sea and mountain views Close to all amenities Ref. 1411 Price: €85,000

turre €135,000

Mojacar Playa 130,000

New on the Market !

Just Reduced 2-bed / 1-bath Apartment Near Neptuno beach bar Communal pool Underground parking Mountain views Terrace Ref. 1395 Price: €130,000

3-bed / 2-bath end of terrace Townhouse Great location Close to all amenities Mountain and campo views Off street parking Front garden + terrace Ref. 1465 Price: €135,000

turre €169,950


Huevanillas Arboleas


2-bed / 2-bath Villa Fully furnished Double glazing and Sat TV Private pool Walking distance to amenities Bargain! Ref. 1470 Price: €169,950

Mojacar Playa near Parque Comercial


Prime location

3 bed / 2 bath Apartment 300m from beach Built area 104mts² Underground parking Store room Prime location! Ref. 1436 Price: €250,000

3-bed / 2-bath Villa Build 130 m², Terrace 50 m², Plot 615 m² Private pool Garage Mountain views New on the market Ref. 1473

Price: €170,000

desert springs €289,000 Front Line Beach!

4 bed / 3 bath El Paso Cottage Underground parking Communal pool Double glazing Built in BBQ Golf membership included! Ref. 1013C14 Price: €289,000

Turre, Cortijo Grande Large 1 bed / 1 bath Apartment Build 76 m², Terrace 22 m² Incredible mountain views End of terrace Off street parking Store room Bargain!

REF: 1474 harbour lights Villaricos €127,000 Heavily Reduced

Harbour Lights, Villaricos 2 bed / 2 bath Apartment Underground parking Walking distance to amenities Communal pool Courtyards and fountains Ref. 1013D /132 Price: €127,000

alfaix €139,000

Great Price 3-bed / 3-bath Townhouse Off street parking Communal pool Mountain views Built area 112 m² Front and back terraces Ref. 1468 Price: €139,000


€199,950 Excellent Value

3-bed / 2-bath Townhouse Build 193 m², Terrace 24 m² Solarium Garage Sea views Excellent value! Ref. 1005 Price: €199,950

playa marques vera / palomares

Price: €85,000 urracal €130,000 Unique Property

5-bed / 2-bath large Cortijo In vibrant village with municipal pool Terrace Fabulous mountain views Beautifully renovated No offers please Ref. 1472 Price: €130,000

Pueblo Salinas Vera playa €140,000 2-bed / 2-bath 1st floor Apartment Communal swimming pool Fully furnished Car port Pool and garden views from terrace Bargain! Ref. 1469 Price: €140,000

Mojacar Mojacar Playa Playa €229,000 €85,000 Just reduced

3-bed / 2-bath Townhouse 200m to beach Garden Garage + A/C Walking distance Parque Comercial Just reduced! Ref. 1405 Price: €229,000

mojacar playa



3-bed / 3-bath Villa Build 193 m², Terrace 105 m², Plot 500 m² Garage Private pool Solarium Front line beach development! Ref. 1013-21/23 Price: €389,000

3 bed / 3 bath Villa Near Parque Comercial Private Pool Solarium Dining room New on the market Ref. 1205 Price: €450,000

Please visit our office or refer to our website for more “bargains”. Vendors: If you are seriously considering selling your property please visit our office to discuss effective ways of achieving your goal. As per decree 218/2005 the “Documento de Información Abreviada” (D.I.A) for any property sold by Veritas Homes is available at our office.


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? s w o l l i P e Mor Enjoy relaxed comfort and style on your patio with pillow featuring fresh, colourful vintage botanical prints. Mix and match with solids, stripes and patterns for a sumptuous, inviting feel.


Tel: 968 592 679 Fax: 968 592 689 C/L Juan de La Cierva 5, Mazarron 30870, Murcia, Spain

from only 2% Commission no multi-agency fees No Sale No Fee REF 1181 Los Canovas €79,000


A typical Spanish attached house, situated in the quiet village of Los Canovas. The house consists of 4 double bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms having fitted wardrobes. The lounge area is bright and airy leading onto the dining / kitchen. This property has approximately 100m2 of living area in need of improvements.

Withi A Place Within

When you add comfortable chairs to these areas, they become luxury box seats from which those of us who worship nature can relax and watch the show.

aluminium designs are very pop inexpensive too; durable and r when dressed in plump, brightly

Some architectural historians say that outdoor worship is an American phenomenon that has its roots in the Southern porch. While this may be true, the architecture of homes in the coldest of climates, whether built for year-round use or for summers, has come to include a variety of porches. Even in town centres where no porch is possible, apartment balconies provide an opportunity to breathe fresh air. Because porches, decks and terraces have become three- and four-season living rooms, their furnishings must be as functional and stylish as those inside the home. While wrought iron has been a perennial open-air favourite, new products on the market are challenging its dominance. These hot-off-the-runway materials can withstand the weather and temperature changes here in Spain, keeping their beauty, shape and comfort.

weather-resistant cushions, alu furniture serves up practicali with panache.

Wicker is a favourite – harkening back to colonial days – and more modern

When arranging the furniture new “room,” approach it as you

If you’re considering adding living space to your home, try to it where it will get indirect light for at least part of the day.


in n Nature

pular and rustproof, coloured,


In summer we think of outdoor living - on porches, patios, terraces, decks, verandas and in gardens. There’s just something soul nurturing about being out in the open air.

indoor living space. Consider function first; how you will use the space. A fire pit, outdoor grille, fireplace, beverage bar, or burbling fountain can be the perfect anchor for your seating arrangement. And don’t forget to bring some of those indoor creature comforts with you: a table for books, a pitcher of lemonade, and candles, plus cotton throw for chilly evenings. With all this and an orchestra of birds providing background music, you can settle back and enjoy good food and good friends.

uminium ity along

an open o position t or shade

e in your would an

Cheers Bar & Restaurant Eagles Nest, San Miguel

Invites you to join us on Tuesday 1st june

and then the 1st Tuesday of every month thereafter for our

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Mazarron, Almeria, Torrevieja, Albox, Balsicas, Malaga

A spa for every budget


Now open new showroom in el pareton (in conjuction with Outdoor Style) also in camposol sector b The longest established Spa specialist in this part of Spain Sole distributor for ‘Hydro Spa’ (Now Premium Leisure) over 35 years in the business

Unbeatable prices, subject to availability Quality American Spas with 20 year structural and shell guarantee. All our Spas are CE Certified


5 Person, 33 chrome jets Air Blower, Aromatherapy LED colour mood light Headrests, Therapy Seat Lounger and Waterfall dims: 200 x 196 x 81cm


5 person, 40 jets, 2x massage pumps, automatic filtration ozone, double lounger, waterfall, LED Mood lights Dims: 210 x 210 x 86


also a Selection of Ex-Display and used spas at even bigger discounts

brand named cosmetics, J&S fashion Clothing, Ladies and Gents footwear, kitchen utensils and textiles and Draper garden tools and Tool Point

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love tub z40


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Volatility Continues As Obama Gets His Way Market Commentary 21st May 2010

Vera Branch Office: Ronda Las Buganvillas Local 24, 04621 Vera (Almeria, Spain)

TEL. +34 - 950 617 017 / FAX. +34 - 950 133 342

E-MAIL: or

Stock markets around the world suffered further falls yesterday as investors continued to unwind risky positions and move into calmer waters. The problems in the Eurozone have been the driving force behind the huge market movements we have seen across the currencies over the past few days. China has been powering the world’s economy over many years, but with Europe its largest customer, investors fear a European induced Chinese slowdown would derail any economic recovery. Hedge funds are reported to be reversing positions to preserve capital, most notably in the Aussie dollar pairs, which have seen large swings in value over the past few days. Disappointing economic data yesterday from the USA showing a surprise increase of 25,000 in jobless claims and poor Eurozone consumer confidence figures exacerbated the negative sentiment in the market yesterday.

EU meeting today to attempt to shore up, the Euro-Sterling is trading down, but expect large moves in the pair today as news starts to emerge about any plans ministers have to avert any break-up of the Eurozone.

Sterling fell to its lowest level in 13 months against the Dollar driven by the rush into the safe haven rather than anything Sterling based. Retails sales showed a third straight month of increases, a positive bit of data for the UK that was shrugged off very quickly by the market. Sterling sentiment remains weak, so expect the Pound to come under further pressure as risk is taken further off the table. With the

Today the key pieces of economic data are German IFO business climate and UK Public sector Net Borrowing.

Last night, the US Senate approved the financial reform bill after lengthy negotiations. The legislation, penned as a response to the Credit Crunch will, amongst other things, stop deposit taking banks from trading on their own accounts (proprietary trading) and allow the government to seize control of a failing firm that is judged to be systematically important. We will have to wait on the fine print, but this will almost certainly have large implications for the markets because the biggest players (the banks) will be forced into restructuring. The added uncertainty of how this will work is adding to fears over the Eurozone.

The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds. Currencies Direct cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages arising from any action taken following consideration of this information. Information provided by Currencies Direct, leading providers of foreign exchange. Call to find out how we can help you get the best rates and save your transfer fees. Contact the MojĂĄcar office on 950 478 914 or 0871 218 5001 from the UK or email

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es ic pr le sa le ho w at re u it rn fu o ti pa for all your garden / ck! sto n i k c a 99 b beds €4

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Mon-Fri 10am-5pm. Sat 10am-2pm

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gardening...gardening... gardening...gardening... gardening...gardening...

Growing Herbs Herbs have been grown for their culinary and medicinal uses for thousands of years. It is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. If you have a herb garden you will be carrying on the traditions of our ancestors.

Where should you site your Herb Garden?

Most of the common herbs such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, sage, winter savoury and marjoram are native to the Mediterranean. Your herb garden should ideally be placed in the sunniest part of your garden. Many herbs enjoy some shade, especially during the middle of the day, so bear this in mind. It’s also a good idea to site the plot in a sheltered spot, where the herbs won’t be damaged by excessive wind or rain. In front of a south-facing wall is ideal. Also choose a spot where you can enjoy the herbs – where you can sit and take in their wonderful scents. Placing your herb garden near the back door or the kitchen will make them within easy reach when you want to add a handful of chives to a potato salad, or rosemary to a roast lamb joint. If you have clay-like soil (dark, sticky and easily waterlogged), you should try and break it up before planting. If you have sandy soil (light and free-draining) then add well-rotted manure or compost; this will help bind the soil particles together and retain water so the herbs don’t dry out.

Planning Your Plot

Before you start, decide which herbs you would like to grow. There’s no point in growing coriander, for example, if you don’t like it. You should take into account the eventual size of your plants. If you buy perennial herbs from garden centres the labels on the pots should tell you how tall and wide your plant will get. Seed packets should give you the same information. This will give you a good idea of how much space you will need.

Growing Herbs in Containers

If you are short of space, herbs grow well in containers. Use decent multi-purpose compost, and make sure the containers have good drainage, such as stones or gravel at the bottom. Containers are prone to drying out quickly, so ensure they are well watered during the summer months. If you are growing your herbs in terracotta pots, you should line them with plastic bags to help prevent water from evaporating from the walls of the pot.

Herbs are easy to grow and require little maintenance so if you fancy having your own store of delicious fresh herbs, why not build a herb garden?

Most herbs grow well in pots – why not try a selection of parsley, thyme, chives, sage, basil, coriander, tarragon, and lavender? It looks effective and is handy if placed outside the kitchen door or on the balcony. You could even grow herbs in a hanging basket. The best ones to try include: parsley, chives, thyme, coriander and basil. It’s best to avoid adding mint, as it is a rampant grower and can take over - this should have a pot to itself.

Designing Your Plot

Traditional herb gardens have consisted of small beds arranged in a formal and geometric arrangement, such as in a square or diamond shape. Today’s herb garden tends to feature a central focal point, around which the rest of the herbs are planted. The focal point could be a statue or birdbath, or a larger plant, such as a bay tree. You may want to incorporate a seating area into your herb garden or build paths running through it so you can take in the wonderful smells the plants emit in summer.

Nutrient deficieny...

If the leaves of your herbs appear yellow or brown at the ends and the soil isn’t too dry or too wet, there might be insufficient nutrients n the soil. Apply an organic liquid feed to give the plant a boost, then add organic matter such as compost or well-rotted animal manure in autumn to provide nutrients for next season.

Running to seed...

Annual herbs such a coriander and basil can be probe to running to seed in hot weather; rather than producing lots of luscious leaves, they start flower production early and develop seeds, which slow or stop the growth of new leaves. This can be brought on by a variety of factors, including stress. The most common is high temperatures. Grow the plants in slightly shady areas to prevent this from happening.

Alternatively, you could plant a raised bed with your favourite herbs within easy reach of your kitchen – it’s entirely up to you. No matter how much space you have, there’s always room for a herb garden. A single pot of rosemary or mint will smell sweet in the summer and provide you with plenty of culinary opportunities, but if you have the room, why not cram in as many herbs as you can?

Growing Problems

Luckily herbs do not usually suffer from problems that other plants can suffer from. Problems such as insect pests and diseases are rare and nutrient deficiencies are unlikely. Too much or insufficient watering can pose a problem, but this can usually be rectified easily. Another problem is the rate of growth of some herbs. Plants such as mint and lemon balm can take over the plot quickly and swamp the growth of other plants.

Insufficient light...

Most herbs require plenty of sunlight to thrive. Try moving your herbs to brighter areas.

Water logging...

If you have heavy clay soil water can have difficulty draining away, especially when it has raining for a prolonged period.


Break up the soil by adding plenty of organic matter, such a compost or well-rotted manure and grit. Alternatively, grow the herbs in a soilbased compost in a pot.

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l sh & SIZES apes eg.

8.500 €

8m.X 4m. pool Repairs Terraces Pool Covers

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STANDARD CROSSWORD CLUES 22. Transport system (7) 6. Chest of drawers (7) 8. Sorrow (7) 24. Dye (5) 25. At a subsequent time (5) 12. Monstrous (7) 13. Fuel (3) 26. Recite (7) 14. Angry dispute (7) down 16. Paradise (7) 1. State indirectly (5) 18. Slightly wet (5) 2. Accomplish (7) 3. Limited period of time (4)20. Scope (5) 4. Vitality (3) 21. Song of praise (4) 23. Armed conflict (3) 5. Animal toxin (5)

7 Elegant girl’s nearly replete (8) 8 Conserves men? (8) 11 Deadly not to allow team leader to stop (4) 15 Obviously I would enter flat subtly - not half! (9) 17 Mesh found in sorcery is attractive (8) 18 Organ which helps an aquatic animal move - it’s found in British river, to be exact (8) down 20 Computes the sum of 500 and 500 in a second (4) 1 Pairs off with second-class helix (6) 21 More fortunate to lie with ruck all over the place (7) 2 Help donkey with its development (6) 22 Saint with water from the sky causing injury (6) 3 Also-ran in close race (5) 23 Tide is turning with middle of sports journalist (6) 4 Rolled the back of the foot into rising moisture (7) 6 Thoroughly examine ruthless, heartless adventurers (9) 26 Competitions for groups of people? (5)







CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES ACROSS 1 Takes in birds (8) 5 Duration of the lung treatment without uncomplicated start (6) 9 Persistently maintained that sibling was nearly sheltered by awful din (8) 10 Talks of Shanghai’s first high points (6) 12 Country as a ritual organisation (9) 13 Pope rarely includes musical drama (5) 14 Was first to hold Enron’s last loan (4) 16 Draw one into note (3) 19  Man in the morning with a country (7) 21 Without boy, units of instruction are not as great (4) 24  What smells around the middle of China’s racket (5) 25 Adorned with endless cards and talked (9) 27 A number hit out - try to move around (6) 28 Broadcast workmanship flier? (8) 29 Girl playing with lyre after church (6) 30 C aptive is having a tendency to go around with a bit of roughness (8)


Sudoku is a placement puzzle. Enter the numbers 1 to 9 in each row and column of a grid, made up of 3 x 3 subgrids. The catch is that each row, column and grid must contain only one instance of each number or letter.

ACROSS 1. Moment (7) 4. Graphic (5) 7. Steps (5) 9. Love story (7) 10. Gives up (6) 11. Topics (6) 15. Nutritionist (9) 17. Nearly (6) 19. Movie genre (6)

Contact: Global Removals on: 966 789 522



entertainment news... Allen: “I Want To Write For Lady GaGa”

Lily Allen has insisted that she will continue to write songs, despite her recent announcement that she plans to quit the music industry. Allen, who scooped prizes for ‘Best Song Musically and Lyrically’ and ‘Most Performed Work’ at this year’s Ivor Novello awards, also shared the ‘Best Songwriter’ gong with Greg Kurstin for her hit ‘The Fear’. She said: “I didn’t realise I was an exceptional songwriter. I still just kind of think my songs are like nursery rhymes - little ditties that I write for myself. I am overwhelmed. “I’m still writing songs all the time and I won’t be writing just for myself anymore. I want to write for Lady GaGa.”

j d te t e u o silh here comes the sun...

beach party

Allen announced earlier this year that she is retiring from the music business to pursue a career in fashion.

Katie Price Sparks More Baby Rumours

to have an alcoholKatie Price’s friends believe she could be pregnant after she pledged . claimed has report a , free birthday a quiet day with The glamour girl turns 32 tomorrow but is only planning to have London venues of number a that thought is .It husband Alex Reid and her three children said to have also is She down. them turned she but Price, for had offered to host parties rejected Reid’s suggestion of a romantic weekend away. healthy in the last A source close to the couple said: “Kate has been really trying to stay Alex. with family a few months so that she can focus on starting and just decided “It’s not a special birthday, she is 32 and knows she is getting older have had some finally Alex and she mean might it that thinks e Everyon home. to stay at good news.” together in recent Price and Reid have made no secret of their desire to have children months.

Ronan Keating ‘Cheated On Wife’

Ronan Keating ’s marriage to wife Yvonne broke down after he admitted cheating on her, a report has claimed today. Yesterday, the couple announced that they had split after 12 years of marriage. They have three children together - Jack, 11, Marie, 9, and Ali, 4. According to sources, the decision to separate was made by Yvonne after the Boyzone star confessed that he had been unfaithful. A source commented: “Yvonne was heartbroken but she made her mind up on the spot. The cracks were there already, but this was the final straw. She isn’t the sort of person to forgive and forget. Ronan has accepted her decision.” Keating is alleged to have cheated with a dancer while away on a recent solo tour. The woman in question is said to be planning to sell her story. The insider added: “It was during these nights away from home that he’s thought to have strayed. It’s a lonely existence being on tour with lots of late nights. Sadly, the temptation proved too much.” A spokesperson for Keating refused to comment on the reasons for his marriage break-up.

Cruz Raises $333k For Haiti Relief Fund

Penelope Cruz has raised $333,0 00 (£232,0 00) to aid Haiti relief. event in Cannes together The Vicky Cristina Barcelona actress, who organised the charity selection of celebrit y red a with jeweller y maker Chopard, raised the money by auctioning off carpet gowns. Charlize Theron and Demi Other stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Diane Kruger, Naomi Watts, their old dresses. donated also Paltrow h Gwynet and ay Hathaw Anne Moore, Julia Roberts, he created earlier which The proceeds were given to Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief Organisation, this year following the Haiti earthquake.

friday 28th may 9pm

sands bar, mojacar playa

s e i k n FRa ar b VERA

5th June from 9.30pm

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ee e



Str d the Englan h tc a M

old sch fan cy d ool res s Par ty

Mojacar Playa

the event of the summer ! DJ Silhouette in conjunction with Sol Times Newspaper Group




r Playa

a dal n a y M Pla a car


Bar Stop Tur re



Cave Bar Mojacar Playa


Mojacar Playa


ya Mojacar Pla

n Blue Lagoo Mojacar Playa

Dance the night away this Summer in style ! Watch this space for event dates…

Fancy dress nights… drinks offers… and the party NO-ONE wants to miss this Summer

Call Claire on 677 993 717 for more information


...remember to say you saw it in the SOL TIMES


The Pepper Tree FOOD & DRINK... FOOD & DRINK... Huercal Overa

Sunday Lunch: 12pm - 6pm Breakfast 10am -12pm Menu del Dia: Tues, Thurs, Fri 12pm - 3.30pm 5€

While Pat’s away karl will play!

menu del dia now only 5€ - new menu

Forthcoming Events

Book Now to Avoid disappointment! Every Monday: Quiz Night 8.30pm Every Tuesday: Bingo & Play Your Cards Right 9pm. Special menu 5€ Saturday Morning: Breakfast Club from 10am - 4pm 7 piece full English Breakfast 2.95€

friday 4th june: Marks & Spencers Clothes sales 10am - 3pm thursday 10th june: Traditional Curry Night from 7.30pm Choose from our extensive menu friday 11th june: Gold Buying Centre 11am - 3pm. Come and make your broken or unwanted gold into cash


e && h e c i h c v i e v C e C ps o ps l l o l a l c a S c S ts ats ua qu mq um Ku K

Sally is now here every Monday with her homemade goodies. Open Monday - Saturday 10am - 4pm, 6pm till late. Sunday 12am - 7pm for Sunday Lunch Closed Wednesdays. Available for private functions. For bookings tel: 608 614 540

Near Hotel Indalo, Mojacar Playa

Tel: 687 108 069

s Bar Snack available r rge beer & bu only 5€


Pool - darts - wifi Open every day 4pm - late

All live sports shown

INGREDIENTS 6 large fresh sea scallops (no water) 1/2 English cucumber 6 to 7 kumquats A dash of lemon juice Salt & pepper 1/2 red onion 1 tbsp chives 1 large tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp fresh coriander Dash of cayenne pepper


Take the scallops and slice them very thinly. Wash the kumquats and remove the seeds. Slice very thinly. Peel the cucumber, remove the seeds and cut in tiny pieces. Mix all 3 ingredients together and add a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Place in a cold bowl in the fridge for about 10 min. Chop very thinly the onion, the coriander and chives. Add to the scallops/kumquats/cucumber preparation. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and the olive oil, and mix well together. Serve in small spoons (appetizer spoons).


Best Location on Mojacar Playa with Amazing Cuisine

Sunlight Menu 10€ ~ Moonlight Menu 12€ Sunday Roast (2 courses) 10.95€ (3 courses) 13€ a la Carte and Pizzas and Pastas t: 950 475 127 or 617 442 981 Open 6 days a week, closed Mondays. Avenida del Mediterraneo 6, (next to Lua)

Cooked too much pasta? Why not use left over pasta to make a delious pud? Place cooked pasta in a greased oven dish, beat 2 eggs well, add double cream and strawberry jam and pour evenly onto the pasta. Place in the oven on 180deg for 40 minutes then under a hot grill for a few minutes until golden brown. Serve with ice cream of whipped cream... Yummy!





1 whole red snapper (1 lb), not scaled but cleaned inside 2 egg whites 1 tablespoon chopped thyme 2 lbs coarse sea salt


Preheat the oven at 400 F/200 C/Gas 6. In a bowl, combine the egg whites, thyme and salt. Take a baking dish and add a bed of this salt preparation at the bottom. Place the fish on top. Cover it completely with the rest of the salt. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes before breaking the crust of salt. The flesh of the fish should be extremely tender. Eat as is, or with a dash of olive oil, and steamed potatoes!

Puerto de Mazarron C/de Deposito 4 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


INCLUDES Drinks, Starter, Main Course, Rice or Nan & Dessert


Open 12pm - 4 pm & 6 pm - Midnight RESERVE YOUR TABLE Tel: 968 107 604 or 680 325 684


Anicet Calle de

o Deposit Calle de

n n i i d d e e k k o o o o C C r r e e pp pp a a n d SSn Reed R lltt a a S S d d e e r r u u o o v v a a l l F F e e m ym hy TTh


Calle de Trafalgar


ctor Meca Av del Do

Bar Restaurant

LA PARATA Menu del dia 10€ for 3 courses

Menu del noche

12€ for 3 courses Sunday Lunch served as normal


d nd an tee a at olla occo ho CCh ts leets rt l a T rt t i a T u r t i F u n r F o i n ss o a i Pass P

dessert INGREDIENTS For the chocolate sweet crust (3 hours before or the day before) : 1/3 cup white rice flour 1/3 cup + 1 tbsp quinoa flour 1/3 cup cornstarch 1/3 cup confectioner’s sugar 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder 6 Tbsp butter, cold and diced 1 egg

For the passion fruit cream (or lime): 2 eggs + 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup + 1 Tbsp blond cane sugar 7 tbsp unsalted butter, cold and diced 120 ml passion fruit juice*, or lime juice 3 passion fruits, wrinkled (a sign that they are ripe) Mint leaves (for the decoration) *To get fresh passion fruit juice, you have to press the pulp through a meshed sieve to squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Discard the seeds.

METHOD Add all the dry ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer, and pulse. Add the butter and work the pastry until crumbly. Add the egg and mix to form a ball. Do not overwork the dough. Wrap in plastic and place in the fridge for 3 hours minimum or the night. Roll your dough and place in small moulds. Make little holes at the bottom and place in the fridge for 30 min. Preheat your oven at 350 F. Cover the tartlets with a piece of parchment paper and rice and cook for 10mins. Remove the paper and cook for 4 to 5 more minutes. Let cool on a rack.

METHOD Beat the sugar with the eggs and egg yolk until white and fluffy. Add the fruit juice and mix. Pour into a bowl and place over a pot of simmering water. Stir constantly; the cream will thicken. Once it starts thickening, add the butter gradually and keep stirring. Pour the cream in a bowl placed in a container full of iced water. Let cool and place a plastic film on top. Place in the fridge until ready to serve. Once the cream is cooled, add 3/4 of the passion fruit pulp and mix. To make your tartlets, garnish the chocolate pastry crust with the cream. Add the rest of the passion fruit pulp and decorate with a few mint leaves.

For Reservations please call 950 478 186

Contact us for details on our future events. La Parata Total Entertainment and Emporium

Mojacar Playa


Red Cross


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your events...your announcements...your events...

Happy y a d Friday 28th May will h t Bir see Rob & Daryn

Munroes Bar, Bolnuevo

celebrate the 1st year Anniversay of Munroes Bar. Free Buffet & Live Entertainment!

Bar & Restaurant Cal Gran Via 61, Fuente Alamo

The Fab 60’s with Lenny Mitchell The musical time machine The sound track of our lives Apache to Zanadu Animals to Zombies

Live from 10pm onwards Open every day 11.30am-4.30pm & 6.30pm Midnight

Tel: 968 598 568

Call today & save 160€

Wednesday 26th May – 12pm HELP Cancer Support Group meeting at the Biblioteca, Los Narejos Thursday 27th May – 11am-12pm HELP Diabetic Group meeting at the Biblioteca, Los Narejos Thursday 27th May – 8pm Dinner/Entertainment “Smithy” at Em’s Bistro, Sucina Tickets 10€ from Heather McKelvey on 968 371 080 Friday 28th May – 11am-1pm Portrait of Spain, “Spain after the Moors” by Jane Croninat Las Claras Civic Centre, Los Narejos The HELP MMM Car Boot is now at the Sunday Market at the Autocine, Los Narejos Tickets for most events are available from Joan Mitchell on 968 181 943

Legs & Co OPENING SOON in Puerto de Mazarron.

The Fuente Alamo shop will be closing its doors for the last time on 29th May BUT will be opening its NEW shop in Puerto de Mazarron on Monday 31st May with a raffle ticket prize draw


Drinking water from your kitchen!


YES your TAP!!!

Pour and enjoy fresh, great tasting water from your kitchen tap everyday Benefits of the Dual Stage Doulton Water System: • Stop Collecting water from the shops • Its healthy, no chemicals, no chlorine • Save money by switching from bottled to tap


Quality Dual Stage Doulton System

See our display at Iron Art, El Real Industrial Estate, ANTAS.

Call for more details:

968 437 270




LEGS & CO are coming to Puerto De Mazarron

Their New shop will be opening above Mercadona supermarket, next to Yorkshire Linen in the central commercial , Las Piramidas On Monday 31st May with a raffle prize draw. Don’t miss the closing down sale at their Fuente Alamo shop (opposite Consum supermarket) on Saturday 29th May!



property finder part exchange Are you having trouble selling your house? Why not try Part Exchange

Text Px to: 650 132 078 or log onto:

GoldenKeys Property C.B Key to Unlock Dreams !!!

• Property Sales • Management • Rentals Contact ENA Tel: (0034) 636 942 204 Members of: We lead - others follow

VicSam Real Estates SL is a family run independent estate agents based in Los Alcazares, Murcia. We pride ourselves in providing a one-to-one service in helping you to find your perfect property in Spain.

Tel: 968 170 399 or 619 343 221 Fax: 968 334 583

Areas covered: ORIHUELA COSTA & surroundings MURCIA Rent 2 Buy on selected properties Property Management and Key Holding services available

Call Steve on 630 692 715

Need Help Selling Your House?

Avda Rio Nalon, 27, Local 7, 30710, Los Alcazares, Murcia

Assistance will be given on Legal, financial, NIE numbers and after sales. VicSam is also pleased to offer the services of a fully qualified British Surveyor.


Long and Short Term available ~ RENTALs WANTED

Do you want :-

Maximum Exposure to Buyers throughout Europe in 9 languages including Russian? An ethical agent with a successful track record to secure the sale? A Low Fixed Fee with no hidden extras? Tel: 966 762 991



EVA VERONIKA You deserve privacy, peace, harmony and you can afford it !!!

Short and long term lets available, in & around Camposol. More properties also needed. For more info, contact Tracey Tel: 0034 699107072 Email: Web:

mason insurances Your Insurance Specialist in Spain Motor Policies ~ Buiding & Contents, Private Medical Insurance ~ Pet Insurance Travel Insurance ~ Commercial Cover Boat Insurance and more! Calle Mayor 55, Los Belones, 30385, Cartegena, Murcia

Office Tel: 968 137 719 Mobile: 659 226 112 E:

• Key Holding • Property Management • Rentals

Your property in our safe hands Tel: 0034 660 083 284

do you own a property related business?

If you would like to be included on our next property finder feature page please call Paulette now:

950 430 820

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Costa Blanca Sales: 966 265 023

/ 693 775 347 Email: Email: or

Payment: visa & Cheques made payable to roc publishing s.l (min 10 euros per transaction on cheques or Visa)

for sale

Electric Water Sharp Heater Edesa 75 Projector

Plastic Garden litre electric water Bench, 10€ ono Tel. heater, Model TRE-

657 102 153 Santiago 75N, 230 volt – 1.2 de la Ribera (ref:130) Kw. This was fitted along with oil and gas 32 inch colour TV, options for heating Not flat screen, Ecron the water so has from Carrafour, Full never been in normal working order with use, good as new. remote 50€o.n.o Tel 65€ Tel: 968 429 657 102 153, Santiago 054 or 636 665 958 de la Ribera (ref:130) Solid wood El Paraton. (ref:130)

chopping block/ Brand new fiber table 33ins high by glass shaped fish 20in wide as new 25€; pond for garden

about 5 foot long by4 foot wide 2 foot deep Mazarron area Camposol Tel: 968 970 667 (ref:130)

DVD years old, excellent

E200 V.G.C. can be seen working 200€ ono Tel: 966 717 439 Quesada area. (ref:130) Ladies bike 50€. 2 Wilson Tennis racket one at 15€ the other 20€ Badminton racket Dunlop 20€. Carlton badminton racket 15€. Electronic dart board new 15€ o.n.o. on all goods. Mazarron Tel: 687 301 380. (ref:130)

Pool steps as new four rungs can email photo if required. Fifty € ono. Email bostickmary@ 2x boxes of videos, wide variety Royal Winton of films easy 60+ ‘Golden Age’ Tea videos take the 30€ & Coffee Service Camposol, Tel: 628 in Gold Lustre Hydraulic single 783 054 (ref:130) ware china, Perfect Hobs Condition - 60€ ono bed with security side Russel hair Tel:606-756-854 bars, money pull bar, ceramic head and foot boards, straightners 5euro, Royal Winton Electric wheelchair, 1800w hair dryer 5€ Coffer Service white shower chair Camposol Tel: 628 White china trimmed on wheels with feet 783 054 (ref:130) with Gold Lustre, rests all in excellent 2x2 seater cream Perfect Condition condition offers sofas good condition - 40€ ono Tel: 606taken Tel: 617 869 needs a wipe 756-854 875 (ref:130) over 90€ the pair, Wade Coffee 2 Roca white Camposol Tel: 628 Service in Gold sinks with mixer 783 054 (ref:130) Lustre ware china, taps and pedestals, Red tamborine 5€ Perfect Condition 30€ each complete Camposol Tel: 628 - 40€ ono Tel: 606unit, 2 white Roca 783 054 (ref:130) 756-854 WCs and cisterns Stainless steel 1940’s 2 door 30€ each Tel: 617 inset sink with glass display 869 875 (ref:130) roco mixer tap 780 cabinet with electric 6 solid wood, x 430 cost 120€ 3 light - 75€ ono Tel: chestnut colour, months old 20€. 606-756-854 wheelchair-friendly Camposol area Tel: S l e n d e r t o n e interior doors with 676 028 725 (ref:130) Electrodes Gymfixtures 100€ each Tel: 2 thurmo kull cool Body 8 Works Abbs with ice Arms And Legs As 617 869 875 (ref:130) boxes 2 Hairdressers blocks 790 x 340 x New Cost £179 65e sinks units with 390 cost 90€ each Call 696505326 black chairs, offers will take 45€ each Orihuela Costa Area considered. Tel: 617 Camposol area Tel: Pine upright 676 028725 (ref:130) armchair 869 875 (ref:130) with blue single beds and yellow check 2 Japanese Room 2 Dividers 5ft 7ins tall with mattresses & material (Masa) in 40€ very good condition with 3 panels 40€ the headboards pair; 1 Bosch cooker each Tel: 966 731 209 20€ Tel 635885062 extractor fan stainless Quesada (ref:130) Camposol steel 50€ Tel: 617 1 Sofa bed double Wilson Augusta 869 875 (ref:130) 60€ Tel: 966 731 209 double sided brass Tyre Mitchelin Quesada (ref:130) head putter bought 175x70r x13 as 15 euro 1 bar & Cocktail in USA NEW 29€ (on 635885062 Unit on wheels 50€ Tel Renault Megane Tel: 966 731 209 Camposol steel rim) Pinar de Brand New golf Quesada (ref:130) Campoverde Tel 648 balls still boxed 052 670 (ref:130) 300+ V.H.S. & total of 39 only 39 Player can be Large cement euro or will split. seen working 150€ mixer 85€, Small Bag of assorted tees Tel: 966 731 209 trailer 95x160x60 3€ Tel 635885062 deep, new tyres Quesada (ref:130) Camposol 85€, Professional Badminton set 4 180 Glass Bricks paint sprayer, hardly bats net & shuttles used,cost over 500€ 25€ Tel: 966 731 209 19x19x8cm 1€ each or 150€ the lot. ,100€, Adult mountain Quesada (ref:130) Camposol, Mazarron bike ,hardly used 60€, Folding Bike(s) 5 Foldable wheelchair, gears,75€ each or Tel: 650 759 834 as new 95€. Tel: 690 140€ the pair. Tel: 32in Silver slim 385 308 Catral area 966 716 306 / 676 TV with matching stand, two and half (ref:130) 686 119 (ref:130) Bedroom furniture, double mirrored door wardrobe with 3 drawers, chest of 6drawers, bedside cabinet, as new, light wood with wicker effect 150€; TV/music cabinet 10€ Tel 617 869 875 (ref:130)

condition and picture, 200€ for both Quesada area. Tel: 965 008 779 or 647 015 753 Large cylinder water

steel, type tank.

Approx 500 litres capacity, could be used for cold water storage, previously used for solar hot water storage. Offers about 150€ Also four large solar panels, offers, Tel: 968 199 423 Camposol Oil filled radiator 1000W 20€ Tel 966 714 134 (Benijofar) (ref128) Oil filled radiator 2500W 25€ Tel 966 714 134 (Benijofar) (ref128) B i s s e l l Powerwash Pro Heat carpet shampooer 50€ Tel 966 714 134 (Benijofar) (ref128) Electric Massage cushion 3 programs , as new 45€ Tel 966 7141 34 (Benijofar) (ref128) Pink Disney Princess Scooter nearly new 3-5 yrs old cost 354 will accept 15€ Mazarron Tel 629 917 851. (ref127) Reebok trainers UK size 5 white leather navy stripe with LED lights brand new 20€. Tel: 687763165 (Pilar de la Horadada) (ref127) Bar stools x 2, brand new, black and chrome, gas lift 80€ for both. Tel: 966 719 908 or 680 386 514 Quesada. (ref127)

air conditioning




Renovations, refurbs all types of rendering, plastering, damp proofing, all building services available Call 966 762 000/ 609001273 / 681317093


Ken sherwood

Air-con technician car sales. Fuente Alamo.

Tel: 626 796 149 boats

damp proofing electro-os s.l.

Day / Fishing boat damp proofing on trailer 4.4 metres English / Spanish virgo 40 hp Suzuki engine, 5hp Suzuki 15 years in Spain stand by engine, Tel: 958 656 560 electric start, fully or 619 666 363 or Email: serviced. Mazzaron Area 3,500 euros Tel 968 971 782 or mobile 680 913 840

YAMAHA 5HP 2 Stroke Outboard Engine Never Used 450€ Tel: 663 125 979 Very cheap boating. Sports powerboat 5m, comes with 90hp engine and all equipment, can be seen working. . Excellent condition only 5000€ or £4400 call 638 056 224.

Decorating Interior & Exterior Decorating

Legal & Registered Contractor. A Professional & Reliable Service Camposol & Costa Calida area. Free competitve quotes Tel: Mick 968 163 336 or 646 324 669


fishing Deep sea fishing call Tony on: 646 754 124 www.


A1 Excavate & Build

All Digging, Rubbish removal & build work Tel. 628 505 733 business Opp

Bar / Restaurant for Sale

BEACH Location Mazarron Area Rocker/recliner 10 year Traspaso armchair, beige Tel: 676 899 757

dralon, good condition 75€ ono Tel 966 719 BUSINESS 908 or 680 386 514 OPPORTUNITY Quesada. (ref127) International Designer Blue Sky Video Perfume Company requires people with experience Player, VHS with in teaching, training and remote and scart, organisational roles. can see working. 270 Must be prepared to learn tapes Bargain 125€ new business principles. Tel: 966 731 209 Success driven, No selling required. Quesada (ref:127) Tel:966 774 583 Drinks Cabinet for inside or Outside, carpenter on wheels, white, folding bar table 50€ Tel: 966 731 209 Carpenter / Joiner 38 Years Experience Quesada (ref:127) For all your carpentry 2 Single Beds new with mattress and headboards 50€ Tel: 966 731 209 Quesada (ref:127)

bike for hire

Costa Calida Sales: 950 430 820

needs: Kitchens, Doors, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & much more ! For a no-obligation quote call: Philip: 680 443 219


English Mechanic

Garage in La Pinilla 10 mins Camposol Collection and delivery service available. All garage services and diagnostics. All work guaranteed

679 646 859

peRSONAL Ana Spanish Female, Playa Flamenco Nr Carrefour, 35 years, attractive, classy lady. Private house, parking. Offers all erotic services & massage. Call 600 340 683

pets Free to good home beautiful home reared kittens 3 available mar menor area ready in 3 weeks tel 667 066 490

Springer spaniel puppies 2 males, beautiful markings, lovely pedigree parents

excellent family pet

Mazarron: 699 203 136

Nash Warren Insurance House, car, travel & health cover Tel: 968 156 583

M o b i l i t y E q u i p m e n t Sales & Hire. Tel: Freedom Mobility 968 153 620 www. f r e e d o m m o b i li t y s p a i

Builders - General


For all aspects of building and landscaping, bricklaying, extensions, patios, renovations, block paving and balustrades Tel John 685 998 131



MODERN HAIR & BEAUTY SALON Situated in the heart of a large and busy expat community, close to Torrevieja Must be seen!

For further details: 672

554 436

N o time wasters please

Established 4 Years, Genuine Reason For Sale. Serious Enquiries Only Please. Price reduced for quick sale

We buy Gold & Jewellery at International Market Prices


C/Valcarcel 29, Santiago de la Ribera, Nr San Javier airport. Tel: 690 738 820 or 634 332 370

Serendipity Crafts And Gifts, Albox, ALMERIA


No 17 Calle Los Arcos, Ciudad Quesada, Rojales Tel: 634 043 060

Large selection of quality bikes starting from 12 € p/day. 4 & 6 seater bikes. Repairs & servicing.

Business For Sale



- Owners moving to new zealand -

Tel: 617 588 417 or 950 431 502


for as little as 9 euros and reach over 40,000 readers every week Telephone Jean on 966 265 023

Tel: 966 470 449 / 634 324 732

pets continued...

Tidy paws


All breeds and sizes welcome

from 95€ per day

over 12years experience in dog grooming

Call Anna for appointment

619 277 654

Villamartin area

EDUARDO’S PETS Call Eduardo for appointment

Tel: 663 726 474

Commercial Centre Rioja

CALL US NOW 644 132 778



removals Lords Removal & Storage


We have two chauffeur driven stretch limousines for up to eight people and a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for up to four people.

Tel: 968 595 641 or 619 500 555

tO ADVERTISE HERE CALL 966 265 023 satellite systems


UK Free to Air Satellite system Fully installed from 295 euros BBC, ITV, CH4, CH5, radio etc. New white SKY FREESAT cards 70 euros. FREESAT HD and SKY HD systems Spanish TDT servicing & installations

Call 636 710 559 for details……. water leaks

Tec-Fonta Tel: 671 092 424

Detecting water leaks without destruction, exact to the Centimeter, with the newest Equipment (Detectors + Cameras). We locate + repair every Water Leak inside / outside of buildings / pools and underground.


GOLD WANTED English jeweller wishes to buy broken or unwanted Gold jewellery and coins

IMMEDIATE CASH PAYMENT To book an appointment Call Peter

664 890 990

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths


UK & European Movers with over 20 years experience. Monthly trips to UK. Pet Travel Available. Very competitive prices. Camposol / Murcia area

(0034) 608 061 872

classified advertising

Wanted Urgently Freezers, Fridges, Washing Machines, all white goods. Tel: 628 923 294 or 965 999 054

Wanted Cars for Cash la zenia Cars n332 La Zenia

Tel: 633 504 211


966 265 023 693 775 347

Scrap Gold Cash paid for all gold jewellery or exchange for new



Regular runs to and from Spain – UK – France – Ireland Full and part loads Collections and deliveries within Spain Phone for best service & price Tel: (0034) 689 886 042 or 628 856 554 E: W:


The Treasure Chest: 966 718 100 / 966 765 374

wanted cars for cash Best prices paid Spanish / English Anything considered

pROPERTY FOR RENT: Excellent holiday rental rate

for spacious apartment Isla Plana, 2 double bedrooms (1 king / 2 singles). Newly built, tastefully furnished. Lounge, kitchen/diner, laundry room, terrace, gardens / swimingpool / jaccuzi / tennis, secure parking and pedestrian entrance, lift & disabled access. 5 minutes to Puerto de Mazarron and all amenities, short walk to beach opposite. 150€ weekly inclusive. Tel: 672 852 360 E:

mobile homes

Direct from the UK at the right price

classified advertising

966 265 023 693 775 347

tel: 966 265 023 / 693 775 347 or 950 430 820 We are looking for young, enthusiastic, bubbly people to join our expanding telesales team. Experience preferred but not essential as full training is given. Office in Torrevieja with free parking.

Looking for

Contact Michelle on: 965 716 784 or 680 168 742 or email your CV to

Phone Brent 669 637 999 Gary 648 460 097 Johnny 688 803 348 Cherribar Park Homes

Camping La Hierbabuena Los Lobos



672 862 179

advertise your vacancy in our situation vacant section

Monday to Friday 10am til 6pm 15,000€ per year. Full contract.

Safe Hands

van hire

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free delivery within 50km of Los Montesinos

R a i n b o w Satellites for all your TV needs with clients all over Call Tim the Murcia Region. Special Offer 662 211 993 Car, Caravan, 2 people, Contact Matt or Electric, more than Alan 686 358 475 or We buy quality 28 days... 7€ per day Try furniture Park Homes from 29,000€ used and white goods Tel: 629 688 153 / 950 396 908 to furnish our own rental apartments. wanted Luxury 2 and 3 bedrooms Tel: 965 720 817 (2 bathrooms) apartments in the center or 966 723 437 WANTED Spa / Hot Tub or of San Miguel de Salinas, video entry, marble entrance, lift to all floors, DEAD OR ALIVE Jacuzzi, working or English or Spanish not. Tel: 650 722 905 underfloor heating, roof top pool, next vehicles with or without Instant Cash to supermarkets, stunning view MOT or Tax. Good Paid. Gold and from 385€ per month. quality Spanish vehicles Jewellery Bought Tel: 965 720 817 or 616 493 487 also wanted. and Sold. Valuations, Tel Pat: 667 711 380 repairs and retail. Quesada Gold or 968 559 188 classified Property Centre @ No17 advertising management Calle Los Arcos Rentals, Key Ciudad Quesada Rojales 03170 Tel holding, Cleaning dead english Reliable high 634 043 060 www. or spanish cars quesadagoldcentre. standard service 966 265 023 All paperwork done. com with low costs 693 775 347 Turn you scrap Tel: 660 618 977 car into cash! Tel Paul:


Beautiful scenic building land for sale Location North Lorca between Parraquia & Velez Rubio. 33,000m2 Permission granted for a 4 bed villa. REDUCED from 125,000€ to 95,000€ For a quick sale.

Tel: 660 083 284

Sell your unwanted items free ! From a pocket watch to a piano.... If it is under 300€ you can advertise your items

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It’s easy to place your free advertisement – simply email the wording to and your advertisement will appear in our next available issue Turn your treasures into cash – it’s easy and it’s FREE - Don’t delay – email us today!! Free ads are for private advertisers only, selling household items up to 300€ (cars, boats, bikes up to 600€) Trade advertisers – let us tell you about our cost effective packages Costa Blanca Jean on 966 265 023 Costa Calida Paulette 950 430 820


Join Dream Excursions and become part of our fast, growing International highly motivated marketing team. We are looking for British, German & Scandinavian speaking staff with potential earning 400€ p/week

Call Mark 692 752 256

Hairdresser wanted. Part time Los Alcazares Salon. Tel:666 249 523 or 968 574 904


Urgently required for restaurant in the Citrus Centre, Playa Flamenca Ability to cook. Scandinavian Food an advantage Tel 666 749 845

ADVERTISE HERE telephone 966 265 023 950 430 820

We want you!!

Enthusiastic and committed sales people wanted to work on commission only basis, must have own transport, if you can close a deal and have a desire to work for an established company call 965 720 817 or 616 493 487

Females & Couples 18-65 required for adult internet photo and video modeling. Excellent rates

Tel:697 697 842


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Local Business focus

Bolnuevo Cars S.L. Good selection of Ford Cars Free Local Delivery Long Lets 7 Seaters Available

Jan: 968 150 979 Paul: 616 018 742


Open 7 days a week Airport transfers can be arranged No fuel payment upfront


TEL: 679 646 859

Ken Sherwood

British Car Mechanic


Workshop based in La Pinilla Only ten minutes from Camposol Car valeting from only 25€ (pre booking only) Small Bodywork Repairs Undertaken New I.C.E. Computer Diagnostic & Fault Finding Servicing from only 75€ Local Delivery & Collection If Possible Pre ITV Checks Available And we can even take your car for its ITV test too! Air Conditioning Repairs & Re-gassing From only 40€

TEL: 679 646 859

All Your Paperwork Needs Seen To Including change of ownership

No Siestas at Ken’s, Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

Fully furnished penthouse on La Torre. Only 145,000€, full air con in all rooms, very expensive furniture included. Properties for sale or to let, long or short term, front golf line villas to fantastic apartments

Best prices on the best properties

Call Andy on 654 431 052 or Larry on 671 057 958

Want to Earn some money in your spare time? Want to be your own Boss? Distributors wanted for the following:

To sell Top Quality Energetix Magnetic Jewellery which have multiple beneficial effects on Health & Wellness. And/or To sell Healthy Coffee & Tea from a Major International Company that is about to Launch their product into Spain. Good Founder Distributor incentives. These are both good quality products that with a little time, can result in good earnings both now & in future years.

Call for Details: Tanja 664 112 773 Kelvin 617 990 484 •

Four Legs Dog Grooming Service Camposol Now available on Camposol • All breeds of dogs including cross breeds are welcome • All dogs are prepared to standards or to owners wishes • Grooming includes attention to ears and nails • Bathing only service available • Groomer has been professional trained at an award winning salon • Collection and delivery service For further information please contact Hazel or Sean Calle Tejos D sector Tel: 968 974 056 Mob 608 712 599


P e t t r a n s p o r t UK t o SPAIN o r S p a i n t o UK L u x u ry O v e r l a n d T r av e l Weekly trips with collection from or delivery to your address in the UK. Alternate weeks to and from the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca.

A comfortable door to door transportation service for your pet. We prefer to cross the Channel using the Shuttle (Eurotunnel). The duration is just 35 minutes and allows our professional handlers to stay in the vehicle without leaving the animals unattended. This is by far less stressful for your pets than using the long ferry routes. All vehicles have a twin air conditioning and on board refrigerators. Travel pens provided. UK office Maidstone in Kent

01622 600102

Spain mobile: (0034) 655676153 Email:

SPAIN-UK-SPAIN REMOVALS Specialists in providing a wide range of chidren’s equipment available for hire with free delivery to your door 7 days a week

Guaranteed high quality

Cots, High Chairs, Car Seats, Booster Seats, Prams, Buggies, Strollers, Baby Baths, Floor Rockers, Baby Walkers, Stair Gates, Steriliser Units, Toys, Bed guards & Z Beds

Tel: (0034) 966 763 795 Mob. (0034) 690 230 538


A Spanish Registered Company: NIE X-3558719-K

Careful owner driver • Full and part loads • Motorcycles • Pets Also deliveries to and from France Door to door in 4 days • Friendly reliable service Years of experience • Storage available • Fully legal Contact Jill: Office: 968 564 298 or Mobile: 696 621 884


The fact Files

‘Artificial life’ breakthrough announced by scientists

Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA. The researchers constructed a bacterium’s “genetic software” and transplanted it into a host cell. The resulting microbe then looked and behaved like the species “dictated” by the synthetic DNA. The advance has been hailed as a scientific landmark, but critics say there are dangers posed by synthetic organisms. Some also suggest that the potential benefits of the technology have been over-stated. But the researchers hope eventually to design bacterial cells that will produce medicines and fuels and even absorb greenhouse gases. The team was led by Dr Craig Venter of the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) in Maryland and California. He and his colleagues had previously made a synthetic bacterial genome, and transplanted the genome of one bacterium into another. Now, the scientists have put both methods together, to create what they call a “synthetic cell”, although only its genome is truly synthetic. Dr Venter likened the advance to making new software for the cell. The researchers copied an existing bacterial genome. They sequenced its genetic code and then used “synthesis machines” to chemically construct a copy. Dr Venter stated: “We’ve now been able to take our synthetic chromosome and transplant it into a recipient cell - a different organism. As soon as this new software goes into the cell, the cell reads [it] and converts into the species specified in that genetic code.” The new bacteria replicated over a billion times, producing copies that contained and were controlled by the constructed, synthetic DNA. “This is the first time any synthetic DNA has been in complete control of a cell,” said Dr Venter. Dr Venter and his colleagues hope eventually to design and build new bacteria that will perform useful functions. “I think they’re going to potentially create a new industrial revolution,” he said. “If we can really get cells to do the production that we want, they could help wean us off oil and reverse some of the damage to the environment by capturing carbon dioxide.” Dr Venter and his colleagues are already collaborating with pharmaceutical and fuel companies to design and develop chromosomes for bacteria that would produce useful fuels and new vaccines.

Facebook challenged by ambitious upstarts The controversy over Facebook’s privacy policy is helping those developing alternatives to the social network. Funding and users are flowing to services that claim to put members in charge of their personal data. The rivals range from start-ups to more established firms working on the specifications for an ecosystem of open social networks. Experts say Facebook may have little to worry about, despite 11,000 people pledging to quit Facebook on 31 May. “Nobody has reached anything like critical mass in the same social platform area,” said Lee Bryant, from social technology consultancy Headshift. “Facebook is like an entire web operating system,” he said. There are already many well-established alternatives to Facebook. Fans of the microblogging service Twitter might argue that it is poised to steal the site’s crown. It entered the world’s top 100 websites only last year, and is now sitting around tenth position globally, according to Alexa, a web information company. But Twitter is more a micro-blogging site than a social network, where friends follow each other’s daily activities by default. Alongside are a whole host of other early high profile innovators in social networking. But many, including Bebo, Friendster and Myspace have seen their popularity decline in the last 24 months. None of these are still in Alexa’s global top 20. The latest round of privacy issues with Facebook has provoked considerable interest in some more embryonic social network projects. Mr Bryant said: “Many people are looking to Diaspora as a new model something which is standards-based, open-source and distributed.” Diaspora was founded in early May year by four New York University students who aim to create “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-itall distributed open-source social network”. It also caught the eye of investors on the Kickstarter website, which aims to find funding for creative projects. In just a few weeks, the Diaspora team has received pledges of $175,000 (£122,000). They started out asking for just $10,000. Max Salzberg, one of the founders, commented: “Facebook is not what we are going after. We are going after the idea there are all these centralised services where people are giving up their personal information. We want to put users back in control of what they share.” But Diaspora’s software is still in the early stages of development, and it’s not yet clear exactly where the project might go. Another fledgling social network is OneSocialWeb that has the backing of mobile giant Vodafone. Its designer, Alard Weisscher, stated: “We believe social networking is becoming so important ... that users should have the right to choose their provider, be able to switch between providers ... whilst owning and being in full control of their data.”


bIRD’S EYE VIEW a spade is a spade

Austin Molloy, a magistrate in Blackburn was criticised by a court clerk last week, for referring to two youths who had vandalised cathedral property, as scum. The two had scribbled racist and sexually abusive graffiti in prayer books and had damaged a priceless John the Baptist cross, causing a total of £3,000 worth of damage. Not only were they found guilty as charged, but it also became obvious that they have the intelligence of geraniums, when it was revealed that they were caught because they signed their names in the visitors’ book!! Encouraged by the clerk, Christine Dean, the mother of one of the boys has stated that she will make a formal complaint against the JP. Presumably only if she can get somebody to explain all the big words to her.

Well before we go off on one, let’s define what ‘scum’ means. According to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, scum is defined as “the off-scourings of humanity” and “a worthless wretch”. Well I don’t know about you, but I reckon that that about sums up these two dweebs pretty damned accurately; and far from criticising the magistrate concerned, he should be congratulated for his proper use of the English language. In his sentencing, Mr Molloy – with the agreement of his two colleagues on the bench - had this to say as part of his summation: “ This court is disgusted by the mindless destruction you have caused. Normal people would consider you absolute scum. If it was in our power, we would have you both stand in front of the congregation at 10am on Sunday and explain your words and actions”. I think the language was not only acceptable, but if anything, quite understated in the circumstances! Needless to say the two 16 year old vandals are only referred to as Boy A and Boy B – for legal reasons of course - another insult to the law abiding majority and one of the many things that should be changed within our criminal justice system. When found guilty, these characters should be named and shamed – whatever

their age – so that the public knows just who they have living in their neighbourhood, and if necessary take appropriate precautions. Moreover, should investigations show that the parents be in any way at fault, or seen to be encouraging this sort of behaviour by their own inactions – they too should be brought before the courts and held to account. The upshot of all this is that Mr Molloy has been told by court officials that his words have caused embarrassment, and consequently he has been effectively demoted and relieved of his chairman’s role. He also faces a disciplinary probe. Well, listen you twerps, it’s you and all the rest of the insidious politically-correct brigade who are the embarrassment, and you who should be relieved of your responsibilities until you realise that the interests of the decent law abiding public must come first. As for Miz Dean, I would be very interested to know her religious and political persuasions. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that it could be very revealing. ************************************** That new double act on the international stage – Cameron & Clegg - appear to be saying and doing the right things so far. But as if the prospect of a coalition government between two such strange bedfellows is not going to be difficult enough, the media are already dredging up imagined problems, and digging their negative talons into the partnership. Look, nobody voted for a coalition or a hung parliament . . . not the Lib Dems, not the Tories. But since that’s what we have through necessity, why doesn’t the press now take it’s own advice and put the country first. Get behind this administration, and fulfil their primary function and report on government, not undermine them at every available opportunity. There will be time enough for that if the experiment does go belly up. The same goes for the rank and file whiners on both sides . . . just shut up, accept compromise, and give them the combined backing they need to do their job for all our sakes!




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Mystery Buyer Snaps Up 10 Of Aston Martin’s One-77 Hypercar One man’s £12m order makes supercar even more difficult to find - snapping up 13% of the production run... Getting your hands on a One77 just got a lot harder! British firm Aston Martin is only making 77 of its limited run One-77 hypercar, but that hasn’t stopped a mystery buyer from snapping up ten of them. The customer, who is believed to be of Middle Eastern origin, has specified a different colour scheme and cabin trim for each car. His huge order accounts for 13% of the total production run, and comes to an eye-watering total bill of £12million.

Auto Shine Body Repairs

○Panel Beating ○Paint Spraying ○Welding ○Bumper Repair ○Windscreens ○Alloy Wheel Repair ○Plastic & Fibreglass Repairs CARS ~ MOTORBIKES ~ MOTORHOMES

Call Mark on: 607 324 623 or 607 324 624





INDALO CAR REPAIR & SERVICE CENTRE ALBOX “Our service Free diagnostic testing

makes all the difference.”

• Diagnostics • Auto Electrics • Complete Engine Re-Builds • Pre ITV & ITV • Clutches • Brakes • Timing Belts • Wheel Bearings • Full Service

SERVICE 1 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre............... €95.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€105.00 Over 2 litre.................. €115.00


We repair Scooters, motorbikes & quad

OPEN: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm

The One-77 was revealed at Geneva last year by the Gaydonbased firm, and Aston says that is is close to being a sell-out, with 65 of its 7.3-litre V12-powered hypercars now spoken for.

from 0-60mph in three seconds flat. It will be faster than the 458 but also, in line with the project’s emission-cutting aims, more economical. Combined fuel returns could be as high as 25mpg, and better than the 458’s 21.2mpg. There’s no word on price, but expect it to be around £350,000. The parallel development of a hybrid model – using Ferrari’s F1 Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), and previewed by the 599 HY-KERS set-up at March’s Geneva Motor Show– is causing some technical headaches. “The most important thing is to lose weight,” said Fedeli of the system. “We’re trying to cut 80kg out of the car and 20kg out of the hybrid drivetrain. It’s difficult.”

d e m r i f n o C New Enzo

light, ion green way t c u od r p is on the t F70 gets Lightweigh s 200mph, and hybrid hit hypercar


Angel Oller

< Albox



Piman /Corivan

Arboleas >


SERVICE 2 ~ Petrol or Diesel Up to 1.4 litre.............. €115.00 1.4 to 2 litre.................€125.00 Over 2 litre..................€135.00 includes ITV inspection


The new F70 is go! Ferrari has exclusively confirmed to Auto Express that it will definitely build the ultra-light carbon fibre supercar previewed by the 2007 Millechili (1,000kg) concept. It could be on sale from as early as next year, and will use the 562bhp, midmounted V8 from the latest 458 Italia, with the likely addition of twin turbochargers. The newcomer will also borrow the aerodynamics and carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb body materials from the 2002 Enzo supercar. “This model won’t be as big as the Enzo,” said Roberto Fedeli, Ferrari’s technical director, “more in line with the 328 or the old model [288] GTO. Theoretically, this is a practical car.” Weighing only one tonne, the F70 should top 200mph and sprint

The mysterious figure will also be allowed to tailor each car’s individual performance, as owners get the chance to work alongside Aston engineers to ensure that the set-up is exactly to their taste.

Generator repairs mechanical or electrical

New eco-friendly Fabia boasts CO2 emissions of just 89g/km

Tel: 696 692 053 OR 610 311 511

Tax Break For Fabia

SKODA’S Fabia is the latest car to be exempt from road tax, after clocking an incredibly low 89g/km of CO2 with its new GreenLine model.

The Czech firm has put VW’s frugal new threecylinder 75bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged diesel under

the bonnet of the estate version which, along with stop-start technology and energy recuperation, cuts emissions from 109g/km of CO2 on the old 1.4 TDI GreenLine. The fuel consumption figure of 83.1mpg beats even the VW Polo BlueMotion, which

uses the same engine. Skoda say the gains have been achieved without lengthening the ratios of the car’s five-speed gearbox. The estate is expected to cost around £12,000, and the new engine will be available on the hatch later in the year.


Renault Megane CC prices revealed



Six engine options available with prices starting from £21,595





• Car sales, valeting, tyres, air con, engine diagnostics and re-gassing • Recovery service (Grua)• Scrap cars disposed of legally, including all paperworks.


PHONE SPENCER on 672 532 758

Over 30 cars for sale from 1000€ to 5000€

84K, A/C, alloys, lovely car..........ONLY 3995€ D5 door hatch, White, A/C .. 00 SEAT IBIZA 1.4, SOL ...............................................................2495€ D kms, A/C, alloys, ONLY 99 K.A. 1.3 Yellow,Olow S L ...............................................................2995€ 99 BMW 2.5 T/Diesel Estate, Silver, full spec, leather interior, alloys.............................4995€ 99 PEUGEOT 406 2.1, T/diesel Estate, White, A/C.........................................................2995€ 99 VOLKS CABRIOLET, Yellow, E/hood, new interior, lovely condition..........................4995€ 98 VOLKS PASSAT, 1.8, t/diesel, White, A/C .. ...............................................................3995€ CLASSIC CAR 1974, M..G.B ROADSTER, Red, soft top, American version...ONLY 2995€

CAR OF THE WEEK Peugeot 307, 2L, auto, A/C, metallic burgundy, 5 door hatchback, low kms, lovely condition. MUST BE SEEN ............6495€

The all-new Megane CC has landed, and Renault has named its price. Available to order from June 4, before arriving in showrroms on July 9, the drop-top comes in two trim levels - Dynamique TomTom and GT. The former is availble with a choice of 1.4 TCe 130, 2.0 CVT 140, 1.5 dCi 110 or 1.9 dCi 130 engines, priced at £21,595, £22,595, £23,595 and £23,095 respectively. Standard kit includes 17-inch alloys, air-con and panoramic glass roof, as well as an integrated TomTom sat-nav. Two engines can be ordered with the sportier GT trim grade - the 2.0 TCe 180 petrol unit or the toquey 2.0 dCi 160. A series of interior and exterior styling upgrades mark the GT model out, while 18-inch alloys and sports seats come as standard. Prices are £24,880 and £25,830 for the petrol and diesel GT models respectively.

Tel: 966 723 718 Sales Rojales & San Miguel For more information visit

08Ford Opel Fiesta Corsa 07

€10,995 €8,495

FordCorsa Focus CDTi Auto 0807Opel

€10,995 €9,995

08Citroen Opel Corsa 07 Berlingo

04 FIAT PUNTO 1300 t/diesel, 5 door hatch, silver, low kms, 40k,a/c 1 owner,as new ...............................................................5495€ 02 KIA RIO 1.3 5 doorDhatch, met Champagne, L one owner, only 40K, SO A/C including insurance till Sept....................................................3295€ 02 REN CLIO 1.2, 5LDdoor hatch, Met Electric SO A/C.......................3995€ Blue, low kms 64K, 02 FORD FOCUS estate, 1600cc,silver,low kms,56k,a/c,lovely car........................... 3995€ 01 PEUGEOT 307, 2lt, 5 door, electric blue, low kms,a/c............................................ 3995€ 00 HYUNDAI COUPE SPORTS 2L , Met Blue,


Phone Keith 637 090 665

BMW116 116i 0505BMW

€13,995 €12,995

Chrysler Sebring 0604Opel Tigra Cabriolet

€13,995 €11,995

FordFocus Focus Estate Estate €10,995 €9,995 0707Ford

€9,995 €7,995

Ford Fusion 0707Ford Focus Cmax

€8,995 €10,995

05Ford Peugeot 307 estate €8,995 €8,995 06 Focus

Peugeot 0704Ford Fiesta206 CC

€8,495 €8,995

€7,995 €5,995

07 03Peugeot Opel AstraPartner Cabriolet

€7,995 €6,995

FordIbiza Focus 0704Seat

€7,995 €6,995

Mercedes 0697Ford FusionE320

€7,995 €6,495

NEW IN! his ing t



04Renault RenaultClio Megane 03



€5,995 €7,495

Ford Fiesta 0504Peugeot 307

€6,995 €7,995

05Opel Tata Indigo 06 Corsa1.4HDi

Arr 05Ford Fiat Panda 07 Fiesta

€5,995 €7,995

01Hyundai MeganeGetz Cabrio 07

his ing t


HyundaiAstra Getz 0504Vauxhall

€5,250 €5,995


€3,495 €7,995

Kia Rio 0802Seat Ibiza



€4,495 €8,995

€5,995 €6,995

05 Vauxhall 99 MercedesAstra E300TD



is w

th iving

99 Focus Tata Safari €10,995 08 Estate TDCi €3,995

04Renault Ford KAMegane 04

€6,995 €5,995

his ing t

iv Arr RoverEstate 45 0601Focus

Suzuki Grand Vitara €5,995 €6,995 0304Opel Astra Cabriolet



€3,995 €8,995

FiatLeon BravaTDi 0799Seat

Hyundai 0304Suzuki W/RAtos

€5,495 €5,495

Peugeot €2,995 9900Tata Safari 806 €10,995

€1,995 €3,995


is w

th iving



is w

th iving


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sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... sport... KINGS CUP REPORT - 2 Wednesday’s ago saw us at home for the second week of the Kings Cup. Having taken 4 points away against San Luis. With a win on 2 rinks, and remarkably close games with our other teams. Last week at home against Horadada we had total success, taking the match 11-1 points. Our lady’s single player V. Sale got off to good start. All throughout the game Veronica put her opponent Ann Allen under great pressure and won the game 21-7. T. Lemon played men’s singles and had a much better result. In a tight game he eventually won 21-16. Pairs team C. Chapman & J. Muldoon had a very tight game on a very difficult rink, but J. Muldoon played a great last bowl to take 2 shots & win 14-13. The triple of N. Lamberton, P. Houghton, D. Leeming came up against the might of G. Gallelli’s team. The match went one way, then the other being 3 shots down on the last

Quesada Bowls Club end. However, a good call from Pearl for the driving shot from Deidre changed the game with the infamous wiggle on rink 4 being on our side. Guiseppe was unable to alter the score, thus the match ended in a creditable 19-19 draw. In the fours, M. Lamberton, B, Houghton, D. Donovan & D. Sale were two shots down at the 8th end, however, skip Derek gave his team some ‘ Divine Inspiration ‘, because they upped the ante & hammered home 15 shots, preventing the opposition from scoring, due to some great bowling by B. Houghton. Score 24 - 16. This week has been taken up with the Valencian Championships. The men’s singles have not yet started; our ladies single player V. Sale played very well in the first round, but got defeated in the second round. Both our men’s pairs were unlucky and were knocked out in the first round. Men’s trips N. Birch & G. Radcliffe have been very successful so far and will be playing their semi-final tomorrow. Good

luck to them! Ladies trips again were unsuccessful and didn’t make it beyond the first round. Men’s rinks - D. Sale, J. Muldoon, D. Donovan, P. Chapman lost in the 2nd round, and J. Brinton, T. Lemon, G. Radmore, N. Birch made it through 2 rounds and will be playing in the semi-final next week - good luck to everyone! Social Committee - the next event will be on 25th June and will be a Race Night & Hog Roast We had our SUMMER BALL on Saturday night and it was a splendid affair - all the ladies and gents in their finery wonderful. Everyone enjoyed themselves until the early hours. A big thank you to the committee members - Maddie Pinfold, Maggie Gray and Jane Baigent - and of course their hubbies who all helped to run everything smoothly and efficiently. Glynis is still at the end of her phone line (that is when she is not watching her husband playing bowls) 965 724 885


After a fairly long absence we returned to tackle the many water hazards at La Serena to play for one of our major competitions the Open Wide Trophy sponsored by the Arches Dental Practice in Quesada. In these difficult economic times we are very grateful for their sponsorship. This course has always been a challenge and the members had filled their bags with old balls ready to lose a few as they played the 16 holes where water came into play. However, the coaching sessions and many hours of practice proved that we are improving and the score reflected this. In the past one of the major topics of conversation was how many balls had been lost. This time we were encouraged

by the very good scores that were returned. La Serena is in good condition with green fairways and good fast greens. The staff made us very welcome and even gave us a free drink and tapas when we completed our game. We shall be returning.

Silver Category Chris Smith with 40 points Alan Crain with 36 points Bill Acton with 35 points Bronze Category

The winners were.

Chris Bates with 43 points

The Open Wide Trophy

John Featherstone with 41 points

Chris Bates with 43 points Chris Smith with 40 points. Gold Category Bob Berry with 38 points Brian Coultate with 38 points Bill Mackay with 37 points

This year the teams were drawn out of a hat so there was a mixture of abilities in each team. The first two days provided good weather with everyone having some good games and there was close competition between the teams in each league. The competitions was played in two leagues with the winners from each league playing for overall first and second place and the seconds playing for 3rd and 4th place. In league A there was a tie for first place so on the Friday there was a playoff for 1st and 2nd place in league A. In

league B there was a tie for 2nd place so a playoff was required to decide which team went through to the finals. Friday was finals day but there was a cold wind and no sun so that both spectators and players became very cold. After the playoffs to try and beat the gathering storm the matches for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 4th places were played at the same time. The rain came towards the end of the match for 1st and 2nd place and the competitors decide to play on through the rain to finish the match, with a few spectators sitting in their cars to watch. The match for 3rd and 4th, which still had some way to go, was abandoned. When the final finished most members made a quick exit to the nearest bar. A

Ken Sherwood

Although he did not play on the day Handicap Secretary John Henderson has a busy time ahead with the excellent score that were returned.

BBQ had been planed at the end of the matches for the presentation of Tom’s Trophy to the winning team, initially this was abandoned but as the weather improved it was decided to have the BBQ. As the winners had returned home to get dry and change the presentation was postponed until Monday 17th at the normal Petanca club day. Cajamurcia had kindly provided the club T shirts for the event and it is hoped that Laura Ruiz Marciá from Cajamurcia in Quesada will be available to present the trophy to the winners, Luis Chiquito Otero, Alan Cooper, and Jean Torry, who won everyone of their games. Roger Gleadhall, 966 716 639


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third place but statistically not able to displace either of the contenders above them. In the last game played in the SABA Harrier League Mazarron played away at Quesada Bowls Club and following a run of good results it was hoped that the record might be continued. A keenly and highly enjoyable contest but not quite enough to vary the outcome of defeat by 3½ to 2½ games and the bonus points going to Quesada. Richard Cooper/Brian Harrington/Ron Potts came through as notable winners by 17 to 10 while Jim tarrant/Nick Ford/John Sparrow made a welcome return to form to win by the narrowest of margins 17-16. Dave Green /John Wright/Barbara Male helped by 7 shots gained on one end did enough to land the draw 1919. Casual bowling on Club Roll-up Days after completion of the Triples League next week and then into a busy June heralded firstly with a Fun Day in aid of MABS on Sunday, 6th June. Information on this or any other query can be obtained from the Secretary on 968 131 619 or from the Club’s website at www.mazarronbowlsclub.

Nearest the pins winners were – Hole 3 Meirion Roberts, Hole 9 John Featherstone and Holes 15 and 17 Bob Berry.

TEL: 679 646 859

British Car Mechanic

Friday 21st May - Holiday Time! May and June seems to be holiday time for the Members at Mazarron Bowls Club & activity at the club has abated a bit and indeed with a gap in the sequence of league games through now to the end of the month. The domestic Triples League has now seen the penultimate round come and go and still not without the possibility that the top spot could still change yet. In the last three weeks the lead has changed successively three times from “Titches Mob” Brian Pigott/ Graham Lewis/Jo Wright on to “The Jambos” Brian Robertson/Nick Ford/ Alan Benton and then to “MGB” which seems to comprise Mike Chambers and substitutes at the moment. “The Jambos,” with strong form throughout the series and keeping to a consistent team using only one single substitute in the whole series, looked odds-on to finish as top dogs but that was until “The BBC” Richard Cooper/Brian Harrington/Brian Tokely came along from fifth position in the league to upset the applecart by beating them 24-14. Going into the last week “MGB” lead from “The Jambos” by dint of vastly better cumulative shot difference while “Titches Mob” are sitting nervously in

Roger Eaglestone with 36 points

John Featherstone with 41 points

Pueblo bravo petanca

Pueblo Bravo Petanca held their club championships over the 10th, 12th, and 14th of May and 36 of the club members entered the competition.

mazarron bowls club

All Your Paperwork Needs Seen To Including change of ownership

No Siestas at Ken’s, Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

fc cartagena LACK OF DISCIPLINE PROVES COSTLY FC CARTAGENA - 3 LEVANTE UD - 5 BY STEVE HIBBERD Having got themselves into a commanding one goal advantage at half time, Cartagena then proceeded to press the self-destruct button. Hang your head in shame, Cristian Urbistando Lopez (better known a Txiki). For, when inside the opening minute of the 2nd half, ref Jose Vitienes (who eventually issued a total of 13 yellow and 2 red cards!!) awarded a goal kick to Cartagena, Txiki inexplicably said something untoward, and was promptly shown his 2nd yellow of the match (his 13th of the season - unlucky for everyone connected with FC Cartagena). Up till then, the pint size competitive defender had been playing a blinder, in a side oozing confidence. What happened next was straight out of an x-rated horror movie. The game had started brightly for the home side, when after only 2 mins Vigil should have scored when through on goal, but instead shot straight at the keeper. Levante took the lead on 5 mins, when a free kick eventually found Robuste on the edge of the area, his shot squeezed under the diving body of keeper Ruben. One thousand or so travelling fans packed behind the non-clock end went loopy, but were soon silenced. Cartegena took the game by the scruff of the neck, and it was only a matter of time before they equalised. On the half hour mark, an in swinging corner was met at the near post by a firm Mariano header - game on!! Only 5 mins had elapsed before they had taken the lead, courtesy of a fine individualist goal by Lafuente. When, in 1st half stoppage time, De Lucas had a goal bound shot well saved, no one in the capacity 15,000 crowd could have foreseen how Los Albinegros could possibly shoot themselves in the foot (4 times!!). Down to 10 men, Cartagena completely lost their shape, enabling the men from Valencia to fully exploit their opponents weaknesses -

they were nearly always first to the ball. Ruben scored the equaliser after 56 mins, when he slammed home a loose ball through a crowd of players. Less than 2 mins later, a free kick was bundled over the line by Robuste, although it took an eagle eyed linesman to signal that a goal had been scored. Goal number 4 (68 mins) was controversial, in as much as it appeared that Guerra had controlled the ball with his arm before striking a fierce drive past Ruben. The humiliation was complete a min later, when a well placed cross found an unmarked Guerra at the far post, converting the simplest of headers. Even though their side were taking a pasting, the Cartagena crowd were magnificent in their encouraging vocal support. Parity of numbers (players, not goals) was restored, when Iborra was shown his 2nd yellow for a handball offence. Substitute Victor had a shot cleared off the line, before Toche placed a curling shot past keeper Reina to reduce the arrears. On 84 mins, Mariano was a lucky man, when the match officials failed to spot his deliberate firm push in the face of a Levente defender. Inside the 6 mins of 2nd half stoppage time awarded, first Etxeito had a shot pushed on the post, then Victor saw his screamer rattle the woodwork, before a De Lucas chip shot just cleared the bar, as Cartagena made a belated fight of it. FC Cartagena line-up: Ruben, Cygan, Txiki, Mariano, Toche, Lafuente (Longas), Signorino, Falcon (Victor), Etxeita, De Lucas, Vigil (Clavero) This defeat leaves Cartagena 4 points behind their conquerors, and with only 4 matches (2 home, 2 away) of the season remaining, the battle for promotion to La Liga now involves as many as 7 clubs all vying for 3 available places: 1. Real Sociadad, 65 points; 2. Levante, 65; 3. Cartagena, 61; 4. Hercules, 61; 5. Real Betis, 61; 6. Elche, 61; 7. Villarreal ‘B’, 60. Forthcoming Fixture: A trip to mid table Cordoba awaits Cartagena. This vital div 2a match is on Sat 29 May, ko 8 pm. Visit www. or www.gotocartago. com for further information.



INTER SOCIETY DAY – RODA GOLF This is the Annual end of season competition, which is more a ‘wind down’ competition with s large degree of fun attached to it. The prizes reflect the day being green fee vouchers for four nearest the pins, longest drive for men and ladies. Although the VBPGL considers team games to be an important part of the game of golf, the Inter Society is a little different with an eight-man team but the two worst Stableford points score being dropped, and the best six scores counting. An excellent day for golf, the Roda course was in very ood condition and all theses factors boded well for good golf. None more so than for La Manga South’s John Attley who posted the best score of the day of 42 points, to take the individual prize of two green fee vouchers for Peraleja Golf. It also proved to be a decisive score for the team to win the day with a nett total of 200 points - just for the record John, your new handicap is 9.4 from 11.6 San Miguel Golf Society ably led by Captain Barry Roehrig were in second place with a nett 189 points, seems they are holding the Bridesmaid trophy for them as they came second in the “A” Division this season.

It’s quite interesting that the two leading sides had all the six players scoring 30 or more points, which shows how important La Manga’s John Attley’s score was. 1st La Manga South GS - 200 points 2nd San Miguel GS - 189 points Nearest the Pins: (Vouchers for Green fee and Buggy at Corvera Golf) Hole 2: Dave Nicholls (TOFFS GS), Hole 7: John Attley (La Manga South), Hole 11: Bill Martin (Eurogolf GS), Hole 13: Mick Brentnall (Las Ramblas GS) Longest Drive Hole 6: (Vouchers for Green fee and Buggy at Corvera Golf) - Men: Dave Curtis (Eurogolf GS) & Ladies: Lesley Pearce (Club 25 G ) Well the fat lady has started to tune up and gargle her throat in readiness for singing, the season has all but come to an end, with the Galla Presentation night at La Perdiz San Javier on the 5th June. You will also be able to see updated Vega Baja Premier Golf League fixtures, tables, and news on the website For more information on the Vega Baja Premier Golf League, contact The Secretary Ivie Davies 669 211 410 or golf.davies@


Do you have responsibility for the publicity of a sports club or sporting association? Then please send your latest news and results to: EDITOR@SOLTIMES.COM and we’ll publish them FREE OF CHARGE! (300 words maximum)

Yorkshiremillshops Trophy - 8th May (Sponsored by Patrick and Trish Comerford) This was the second running of this annual competition for members and guests of Sierra Golf Society at Sierra Golf Balsicas. It was over 18 holes and played as an individual Stableford format. 42 players both members and guests turned out for the competition (including last years Champion Eric Findlay who flew in especially for the event) which was well run and organized by the societies committee, even down to providing a bacon roll as players passed the 1st hole second time around. With a shotgun start, albeit a rather quiet

First time out at Corvera on 18.05.10 For our 5th meeting of the year we had a good turnout of 37 members & guests to play in an individual Stapleford competition. The condition of this new course was very good and we will certainly be returning to play again. The only downside to playing here was there was no 19th hole, however the staff were very helpful.



shotgun all players were off at the same time, allowing for the competition to finish within a 15 minute period. Alongside the main competition there were prizes for the Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin on the 12th,guest prizes for best score and runner up and even prizes for getting a 2, all provided courtesy of the Sponsors on the day. N.B. The sponsors is a web based business established over 15 years, with no connection whatsoever to Yorkshire Linen Retail outlets. Both Patrick and Trish played in the competition being members of the society and Trish came up with the nearest the pin prize for her effort on the 12th.

The longest drive was won by Dennis Frear who also went on to become the overall champion.

to be a good chance to add points to your scores.

Division 2: 1st Chris Boyes, 45 points; 2nd John Palmer, 42 points; 3rd Chris Comber, 41 points

sucina golf society Due to the lack of a clubhouse, prizegiving was held on Wednesday 19th May at our base of Franc & Louise’s bar in Sucina. We were delighted to greet Bob Lewis on his return to Spain following his marathon walk for charity and a donation was given to Bob to be passed to MABS. Well done Bob.

Play began at 10am with all the players looking forward to playing at this new venue. Some spectacular scores were returned on perfect playing conditions. All scores will be counted towards player of the year based upon the best 4 cards and this turned out

The rest of the competition was made up of 1st 2nd & 3rd places in each division and 4X NTP’s.

20TH MAY 2010 - A very quick game today for 88 players, Texas Scramble and temporary greens. We were expecting good scores in today and we weren’t disappointed. First: Mike Young, Roderick Duff, Jenny Cheetham & Ghost 56.3 Second: Peter Butterworth, Marylin Eckersall, Liz Menzies, Frank Britten 56.9 Third: John Davies, Jim Ingram,

Trish Condliffe & Margaret Perito 57.6 Nearest the Pins: 5th Vince Tocker, 11th Peter Butterworth, 15th Connie Parker, 17th Bernie Newnes. Captain’s Bunker: 5€ Football Draw: Roderick Duff, Chris Stanley, Stan Canter Congratulations to Terry and Pat Sharley who celebrated their 24th Wedding Anniversary today,

Division 1: 1st: Tom Crowhurst, 38 points; 2nd John Storey 38 points OCB; 3rd Colin Comber, 35 points


The prizes were awarded at a buffet after the event in the Lakeview bar by the sponsors and the full results were: Winner - Dennis Frear 40 points; 2nd - Tony Brown 38 points; 3rd Bobby Hallam 37 points Best Guest - Uel Henry, 29 points 2nd Guest - A. King 29 points c/b Longest Drive - Dennis Frear Nearest the Pin - Trish Comerford Report by Bob Gallard

Division 3: 1st Jonquil Boyes, 35 points; 2nd Doreen Crowhurst, 33 points; 3rd Dave Bartram, 31 points Nearest the Pin: Hole 2 = John Palmer and John Storey – shared; Hole 8 = Keith Redgers; Hole 15 = Elizabeth Roberts; Hole 17= Peter Robinson Our next game will be at Roda on the 15th June. Visit our website for further information, Mike Spooner – PR Secretary

and happy birthday also to Phyllis Venables today. A reminder to all you kind people to bring in any unwanted items for our Charity Auction to be held on June 10th after the Shotgun Texas Scramble and lunch. Please give any items to Morag Turner or Sue Gillett. For more information on Eurogolf go to

La Mata Gardens Lawn Bowling Club

La Mata Gardens Lawn Bowling Club held its John Cullen Trophy open competition over two days on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th May.

Throughout the competition there was a very friendly yet adversarial atmosphere that provided interesting viewing for the many spectators.

The competition was fought over by ten teams drawn at random from members of the clubs wishing to participate, giving the competition a more interesting aspect.

On the second day, all bowlers and spectators paused mid way through the competition to enjoy refreshments and a La Mata Gardens Lawn Bowling Club Tapas

RODS and REELS Summer Championship Series - 6th Match. The match was fished on the Rio Segura at the Eden Canal stretch. After a grim days practicing on Monday, it was expected to be a hard days fishing on the Wednesday. Well how change, the venue fortunes fished probably the best it has ever done, with 4 anglers breaking the 10 kilo barrier. This was not without it’s price, I broke a top section on a big fish (another lost big fish). Mick Hill lost his top section and was going to return the next day to go in and retrieve it (maybe). Best of luck Mick as most anglers had commented there are more snakes showing there now than there are in London Zoo! If Mick´s not at the match this week it could be an epitaph in the column! 1st - Dave ‘Yours Truly’ Hoare fishing the pole using corn with 16.600 kilos 2nd - Lenny ‘Ex-Cultural Attaché’ Bolton fishing the pole using maggot and paste with 13.800 kilos 3rd - Paul ‘Poco Loco’ Baxter fishing the pole using maggot

maggots end

with 10.260 kilos

Accumulative points after 6 matches: 1st Paul Baxter with 19 points, 2nd Dave Hoare with 32 points, 3rd H Clarke with 34 points. NO LICENCE A WORD OF WARNING: Report from local paper - an angler who was fishing towards the end of La Manga strip was asked by police officers for his fishing licence, as he did not have a licence, he was given a fine of 230€.So make sure you have appropriate licences or risk a fine!! Or perhaps lose all your fishing gear. ANGLERS TOGETHER The Friday Campoverde meetings will now be held at Mary’s Bar/Restaurant and the next meeting will be held on Friday 4th June at 12pm. The Puerto de Mazarron meetings remain at Los Galayos Bar/Restaurant on the paseo adjacent to the beach. Next meeting will be held on Saturday 5th June at 12pm. Subs will be due at these meetings for the forth coming year. Work is still continuing on the

(a la buffet style) that is always spoken of so highly. Winners of the competition were; Arther Lees, Barbara Cullen, Jim Anderson and Harry Dodds. With the runners up; Peter Kerry, Brian Franklin, Sue Sephton and Derek Weeks.

Rio Segura at Murcia but is still fishable and fishing well. Embalse de Pedrera the water level appears to be still rising as there is more going in and very little being taken out. Sweetwater the final dredging has taken place and the works personnel have cleared the surrounding road of all the silt that was deposited there. However there are still workmen there. The banks are now angled and swims need cutting in!! Anglers Together continues to grow as a club with many friendships formed over the past 3 years. The joining fee is 10€ for new members and 5€ for renewing members. If you are interested in joining or finding out more about Anglers Together, then either come along to one of the meetings or contact Dave. It has now been confirmed that Alan has been sighted in Spain, so he will be at the next meetings. anglerstogether@ or telephone Dave Hoare on 968199279. TIGHT LINES DAVE HOARE

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Sol Times Newspaper Issue 129 Costa Calida Edition

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