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photographY BY jonathan leder WWW.jonathanleder.COM

new york, usa.

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Rikke Dengsø

Make-up artist, page 14.

You are proud of having worked for: you of course and cool danish magazines like DANSK , Cover and S-Magazine. You find inspiration in: meditation, traveling, and when life surprises me. Best meal ever: Sticks N Sushi Copenhagen… all day long! Hour of the day you like the most: the hour just before sunrise. How do you take care of yourself: group meditation, spa treatment and being together with lovely friends. Find me at:

pablo alfieri

Illustrator, & graphic designer, page 12 & 162. You are proud of having worked for: All of my clients! I’m very lucky to work for huge companies like Nike but also I love to work for Beautiful Decay, a small t-shirt company. You find inspiration in: In music, Radiohead, Muse, Coldplay, Gustavo Cerati, also on films, I love watch films more than tv; David Lynch, Wes Anderson and Tarantino are great inspirations! Movie you could watch over and over and over again: Darjeeling, Muholland Drive, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds. Best meal ever: I think that my new favorite meal is the Filet a lo Macho at a peruvian restaurant. How do you take care of yourself? having fun and been happy. Happines and love are everything.

Elle Korhaliller Stylist, page 106.

People you love know you as: Elif (my real name, shh) You are proud of having worked for: SOKOzine, of course! You find inspiration in: my friends, subcultures and fad fashions. Childhood hero: Whitney Houston...Oh dear, I wanted to be a singer! Best meal ever: The duck in Les Portes, a restaurant in Paris, or afternoon tea at Betty’s. Find me at:

pato battellini

Photographer, page 154. People you love know you as: Pat. You are proud of having worked for: lovely & respectful people. You find inspiration in: nature. Best meal ever: bread. Hour of the day you like the most: when the sun rises. How do you take care of yourself: I don’t.

ralph karam

Illustrator, page 40. People you love know you as: Bu. You are proud of having worked for: my grandpa aka Gedo Paulo. You find inspiration in: music, movies, my girlfriend. Childhood hero: Ferris Bueller. Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Frango com Quiabo. How do you take care of yourself? Red wine.

contributorS issue 3

pierre dal corsO

Photographer, page 86. People you love know you as: Pierre Dal Corso :-) You are proud of having worked for: I’d rather work with than work for. You find inspiration in: Kubrick, Wong Kar-Wai, Matisse, Caravagio, Nick Knight, Mapplethorpe. Movie you could watch over and over again: 2001: A Space Odissey. Childhood hero: the guy running behind the garbage truck and jumping on while the truck was moving, so cool. Best meal ever: japanese cabbage salad at 4am. Hour of the day you like the most: early, when I feel like being the only one awake. Find me at:

emir eralp

Photographer, page 46. Hour of the day you like the most: between 3 am and 4 am. Best meal ever: a Turkish dish called Kol Boregi with minced meat for breakfast. I gave it up years ago, since I like it so much and it’s so heavy and addictive :) You find inspiration in: movies. Literally sometimes it’s like those characters in film noirs when they’re chased by the villain, they dodge into a movie theatre. when the villain searches the theatre, he is yelled at by all the other moviegoers. i feel like that. Find me at: Mccarren Park, Brooklyn, or crossing the bridge into manhattan, or in paris, or istanbul, or LA, or Berlin, or London, or maybe now in Argentina :) Movie you could watch over and over and over again: there are many... 2001, American Psycho, The Godfather, Rounders, Pulp Fiction.

nacho gil

Art director & illustrator, page 72. People you love know you as: Nacho Movie you could watch over and over again: Fight Club Childhood hero: He-Man How do you take care of yourself? I sleep. Find me at:


Illustrators, page 138. People you love know you as: Simple and quiet. You are proud of having worked for: all the people that wants to have us into their projects. You find inspiration in: music & traveling. Childhood hero: Astroboy. Best meal ever: Pear & chocolate cake for brunch.

contributors: alexandre brunet, Hans Zeuthen, Regitze Bay, Julie Rode, manolo campion, Ting Ting Lin, michelle buswell, marija kopilas, erin anderson, michelle grey, Kim Johnson, Masha Gvozdov, Pam Baumgartner, Geo Hennings, Micah Angelus, Marloes, Kelsey and Mathilde, daniella gurtner, rene habermacher, monica pozzi, maxime mace, tracey gray, Sophie Michenaud, Sandra B, David Hawkins, Erica Rodriguez, Helene Bidard, Kam, Brivaelle, chloe bello, nacho ricci, damasia lemos, Patrick Lindblom, Akio Nishiyama, Tomokazu Akutsu, Daniel Christian, Charlotte Walsh, isa, Tom Hines, Maayan Zilberman, Nikki Dekker, Nell Rebowe, Fernando Haddad, Jesse Kaufmann, Michelle Lueking, Kris De Smedt, Aylen Torres, sabine Peeters, Shanice, Stephanie Van Maele, Mercedes Ugarte, carolina Gonzalez, Fabiana Pereyra, Jessica.


SOKO. Behind Soko

issue 3 - NOVEMBER 2009

behind soko. Idea / ART DIRECTION / DESIGN / EDITION POGO DESIGN STUDIO Art Direction & Design Ardi Carlos Grygierczyk: Pampa Garcia Peùa: Illustration Pauli Filippelli: Fashion editor gaspard bangalter: CONTENT REVIEW frescor contenidos: columnists belen jones matias bossie guido filippelli web development carola lucia thanks TO: mario hugo, jonathan leder, nacho ricci, elite model managment denmark, maxime souverain, pablo franco, rebel model managment, Next Model Management, jolijn snijders, Karin Models Paris, Frank Agency London, B4 Agency Paris,, Upper East Studio, Paris and RVZ, SELECT MODELS london, The Lake & Stars, Trump models, dennis schoenberg, C’Est Chic Agency, New Models Agency, Visage models, Estudio h, Frumbolinovillo. Contributions & info: visit us: www.myspace.coM/sokozine follow us:



inside this issue.


Venus in furs

Manolo Campion


Giving up the ghost



14 Christiana Hans Zeuthen 42 Chloe Nacho Ricci 64 Interview Jolijn Sniders 104 Party like us KitsunĂŠ 106 Blonde on blonde Patrick Lindblom 128 The lake and the stars Tom Hines 140 Last english roses Peter Doherty 144 True eyes Kris De Smedt 77 154 LĂŠtat sauvage Patricio Battellini 160 Paris fashion week Alexandre Brunet


Atmosphere Rene Habermacher

6 Contributors 9 Editorial 90

Dark horses




Pierre Dal


Mario Hugo photo:



SOKO. Behind Soko


buenos aires, argentina.



christiana Photographer Hans Zeuthen Stylist Regitze Bay Make-up and hair Rikke Dengsoe using MAC and Davines. model Julie Rode Denmark, Copenhagen.



illustration POGO DESIGN STUDIO PHOTOgraphy by PABLO FRANCO buenos aires, argentina.



Photographer Manolo Campion Stylist Ting Ting Lin Model Michelle Buswell Make-up Marija Kopilas Hair Erin Anderson Production Michelle Grey new york, usa.





illustration ralph karam

Curitiba, brazil.

102 SOKO. chloe

photographer nacho ricci model chloe bello at rebel model managment stylist damasia lemos dress by tramando


SOKO. Behind Soko

















Photographer Emir Eralp Stylist Kim Johnson Make-up Masha Gvozdov using makeup forever Hair Stylist Pam Baumgartner Assistant Hair Stylist Geo Hennings Flower Arrangements Masha Gvozdov Set Assistant Micah Angelus Models Marloes, Kelsey and Mathilde at Next Model Management

Black fur shrug by Adrienne Landau (price upon request) Black turtleneck by Cushnie et Ochs Vintage silver choker stylists own

Large ram ring sterling silver with sapphires purchase at Mohair “Vertu� sweater by DontheVerb

Fur “scarf” by Adrienne Landau (price upon request)

Chokers stylists own Large raven skull necklace in sterling silver by Pamela Love

texto matías bossié



Blue tie-dye silk Jumpsuit by Alexander Koutny Fur “scarf” by Adrienne Landau (price upon request)



Black oversized hoodie by Clu


buenos aires, argentina.





Interview Pampa Garcia Pe単a Artwork POGO design studio

















When did you first start working as a professional photographer? I think it was one and half years ago when I quit my day job and started making money with photography. Before that I worked as a graphic designer in Advertising. Did you have any formal training in photography? Not really, I studied in the Academy of Arts and graduated as an Illustrator. They taught me how to develop film and make prints. When I finished the academy, I didn’t know how a camera worked; I didn’t know anything about shutter time and stuff. So, I picked up a one-year course at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam, but I quit just before graduation because an agent signed me and I didn’t want to spend one more day in a class room! Studio photography and everything else, I taught myself by trying. I’m still learning every day... Do you remember the first photo you took and really loved? Yes. That was the Polaroid I took at 8 pm of my friend Dioni. We were shooting alone and suddenly a halo appeared in the picture: perfectly round shaped around her silhouette. It was orgasmic! What sort of equipment and software do you use? I use whatever I have, such as a Canon 5D, small point and shoot, Yashica, Polaroid Spectra, phone, Polaroid 600, and currently I’m looking for a couple of old-film cameras as well. I never use lights and stuff like that, because I simply wouldn’t know what to do with them, and they get in my way. I need space to move around. I only use Photoshop for post-production. How do you choose locations? Walking around.... traveling. I never plan too much.

What do you like the most about being a photographer? I love directing, freedom, creativity, travel, youth, beauty and ugliness. I love all of it!! What does fashion mean to you? A means to an end. I hate and love it. Most of it is very fake. All the clichés are true. In a short time and in all the travels I’ve made, I’ve seen it all. But sometimes you can get lost in it and you live in this fantasy world where everything around you is magical and you feel on top of the world. Then you wake up and realize that nothing really means anything. That it’s not important at all and that it’s shallow. I try to search for real aspects in Fashion, whether it is working with imperfect models, kids or new faces that are still ‘pure’. I try to look for honesty in the way I shoot them and to not Photoshop the life out of the photos, and also by using young upcoming “still creative” designers. What inspires you? Joy Division. Larry Clark. The Smiths. David Lynch. Purple magazine What or who would you love to shoot that you haven’t already done? Sam Riley and Michael Pitt. They are my absolute dream shoot. Which is your favorite place to live? Paris or New York ..and to work? London would be best! I might move there in January

How and why did you come up with the idea of I Love Fake? I started the whole thing in 2005 when I still was at Art Academy, studying Illustration & Design. I’ve always been addicted to (indie) magazines, and used to pick up cut-n-paste DIY-zines at punk rock shows all the time. Then, I thought about making a magazine for young people, something that would inspire them. I would search for upcoming creatives over the web, via my friends and fellow students. It made me hungry for scouting new talents. I also like to approach established artists, so we can place their work next to our “discoveries”. It becomes an interesting mix of old and new. When I first started I didn’t consider my zine, a “real” magazine because it was only digital, hence the name I Love Fake magazine, it also has a sub meaning. But you can figure that one out. Why did you decide to make it an online publication? The advantage of this medium is that you have the freedom to publish anything and anyone you want. It’s not bound by advertisers or sponsors who tell you what to publish.

That’s my idealistic view on the magazine. I can’t say that we will not start using advertisers, because there have been some offers already. But I would want it to be the right ones, not just anyone. My baby is not up for grabs by commerce, and I want to protect my vision as well. How do you choose the featured photographers, designers, illustrators? We pick out a theme for every issue. Then, we set out ideas, editorials, stories, as well as search for artists, photographers, and designers that would fit in our mood, style and theme. How many people work on the I Love Fake project? We are eight: me (Creative Director), Jordy (Fashion Director), Mark (Photo Editor), Debbie (Fashion Editor), Becky (Fashion Editor), Niels (Editor), Marie (Art Editor) and Greg (Blogger), Thank yoy Jolijn, you are a great inspiration for us! Thank you!

Do you plan on making it on print? We are thinking about printing a “best of” issue two times a year! As well as Soko, I love Fake is free of advertisers, why did you choose this alternative? If it’s online, I think you should stick to the independent idea.

illustration ignacio gil

buenos aires, argentina.

04 70


Smoking jacket by Aquiline Rimondi Bracelet by Gianfranco Ferre Vintage earring

fashion editor daniella gurtner photographer rene habermacher production monica pozzi hair maxime mace make up tracey gray



Laced smoking jacket by Thierry Mugler edition Overtness with opentoes by Bally Necklace by Roger Vivier

Dress and boots by Lanvin



Mohair bolero and satin pants by Channel Earring vintage Chanel

Smoking jacket by Aquiline Rimondi Bracelet by Gianfranco Ferree Vintage earring



Leather coat by Gemma Garnham Shoes by Baso&Brook

Photographer Pierre Dal Corso Photo assistant Sophie Michenaud Model Sandra B at Karin Models, Paris Stylist David Hawkins at Frank Agency, London MakeUp Erica Rodriguez, using Mac Pro Hair Helene Bidard Manucure Kam at B4 Agency, Paris Retouching Brivaelle at Special Thx to Upper East Studio, Paris and RVZ, Paris. paris, france.

Stingray bodice by William Tempest Gloves by Agent Provocateur Shoes by Terry De Havilland

Leather dress by Hannah Marshaal



Vintage dress by Erdem Shoes by Terry De Havilland

Leather mask by Ilya Fleet Knicker by Agent Provocateur



Crow feather jacket by Reem Knicker by La Perla Wooden shoes by Aminika

Coat by Spijkers&Spijkers Shoes by Terry De Havilland Knicker by Agent Provocateur


French record & fashion Maison label Kitsuné txt matias bossie

The new millenium was starting when Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki, Patrick Lacey, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki invented, amongst others, a universe called Kitsuné (or ‘Fox’, in English), where fashion and music come together both natural and exceptionally. South Premiere Arronodissement, walking by ‘la rue de Richelieu’ you’ll find trendy-yet-classic clothes in a truly French and warm atmosphere. Floating in the air, beats from Phoenix’s last singles or remixes by other fellow compatriots, artists who belong to Kitsuné’s record label. Like this, Gildas and Masaya introduce their new spring/summer 2010 collection ‘Kitsuné Golf Club’ and share with us ‘Maison Kitsuné’, their eigth compilation, featuring the euro-disco-psychedelic sound of the NY-based duo French Horn Rebellion, a noisy-pop mixture by the irish Two Door Cinema Club, electro-sensual finnish sounds by Le Corpes Minces de Francoise and other bands/artists such as Siriusmo, Midnight Juggernauts, Beni and Crystal Fighters.



Photographer Patrick Lindblom Stylist Elle Korhaliller Hair stylist Akio Nishiyama Make- up artist Tomokazu Akutsu Photographers Assistant Daniel Christian Stylist assistant Charlotte Walsh Model isa at SELECT MODELS london, england.

Dress by Albertine Tucknott

Ribbon coat by Jacob Kimmie

Dress by Neliana Fuenmayor Shoes customised by Florencia Kozuch

Top by Ada Zanditon Trousers by Florencia Kozuch Boots by Fado


Dress by Florencia Kozuch Boots by Fado Headpiece Made by stylist

Skirt worn as top by Bryce d’anice Aime Trousers by Neliana Feunmayor Shoes by stylist’s own Headpiece by Florencia Kozuch

Dress by Aminaka Wilmont


buenos aires, argentina.


Mario Hugo

Interview by Ardi Carlos Grygierzcyk

Down into the rabbit hole.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your roots? I’m a first generation ‘American’ in an otherwise argentine family. I was born in the suburbs of New Jersey, spent some time in Boston, and I’m currently living and working in New York City. How and when did you discover that you wanted be a designer? I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I went to college hoping I’d eventually discover something more practical to do with my life which, of course, never happened, haha. I ended up studying Fine Arts, took off from school, traveled to Australia, stumbled into the Semi-Permanent Conference, got inspired, switched schools, studied Art Direction, and now I’m here. How do you manage the concepts or ideas for your work? I really like communications, problem-solving and every new brief is an opportunity to explore a new conceptual avenue. I’m very personally invested in my projects so I hope that they feel right to me, but I don’t have a defined model for dealing with the creative process. I guess I really like the idea of story-telling -no matter how abstracted some of my work may seem. I hope the images I create always tell stories. Whenever you start an illustration, how is the work process? Do you start out on paper? I sketch very quickly on scrap, paper first -just getting ideas down. Then, when composition is better defined, I may collage elements in Photoshop and balance everything before deciding what to do with it. If I’m making a hand drawing, I spend some time finding the right paper, so that the drawing exists entirely on that paper. I rarely, if ever, take drawings and manipulate or finish them on the computer. If I have to meet a quick client’s deadlines or if the project calls for it, I’d work exclusively within computer applications. I don’t like the mixture of computer and hand work very much, so the processes are a bit specific to the media. Your signature style is strongly linked to geometry, fine arts, typography, illustration, surreal and digital work, how do you get all together into an amazing piece of art? I don’t really like drawing distinctions. Art/design, geometric/organic -I just like making things. While the aesthetics may change pretty dramatically from project to project, we can’t really escape our personalities or a tonality to the things we make, and I think tonality is more important than having a style. It is always rewarding finding ways to solve design problems with the things that interest us personally. I’m really interested in a lot of different things, so I think it may come through in my work.

Favorite project you have worked on? I’ve been working in design/illustration/direction for a few years, and I’ve had the good fortune of working with some great clients on fun projects. My favorite project was preparing for my first solo show at Vallery, and my favorite piece is called “And it was left void.” The drawing features my two brothers in an old book paper that it took weeks to find, and it is probably the most personal piece in my portfolio. How do you stay inspired? I really like words –not only literature– but spoken, sung, extracted. Small phrases can conjure up huge images. I like watching movies, listening to stories, going to galleries, new music, scavenging the stacks at old art bookshops. I really think there is inspiration in everything. Which designers do you like and inspire you most? This is always such a tough question, because I feel like naming certain designers can be a discredit to the many amazing designers I don’t get to mention here -but lately, I’ve been in love with the work of Anna Giertz and the one of my good friend, Alex Trochut. What sites do you visit often? I’ve been trying to dismiss the Internet lately, haha, but I visit some design blogs, lots of radio programs sites (This American Life, Radiolab, The Moth), and stream the occasional world cup qualifier. ¡Vamos Argentina! How do you come with the idea of creating Hugo & Marie? I have always been a bit ambivalent about representation, and I am very invested both in my personal work and the work of people I admire –I think it’s a sentiment a lot of artists share. Jennifer [Marie] Sims and I found “Hugo & Marie” was a way of expressing our love for art, design, and culture by sharing and promoting the work of talented friends whose work we really respect, and doing it all in a really open and comfortable environment for the artists. You seem very busy with Hugo & Marie. How do you slip time between it and your personal work? It’s certainly a challenge, but it’s a good one. I think we’ve had to become a bit smarter about time, about the projects we take on. But we have a really great rapport with some really open-minded clients, and we have a lot of creative freedoms that makes everything worthy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I had more time for personal drawings, but I’m planning on having another exhibition again soon. How do you choose the featured artists in Hugo & Marie? We just want to really believe in someone’s work, there aren’t any other guidelines. I think we tend to lean towards craft and the kind of designer who is absolutely impassioned by the things they make.



Photographer Tom Hines The Lake & Stars, Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Designers Maayan Zilberman & Nikki Dekker Model Nell Rebowe AT Trump Hair & Make-up Fernando Haddad Prop Stylist Jesse Kaufmann Photo Printing Michelle Lueking new york, usa.

Wool Cardigan: Acne Leotard: Eres



SOKO. Behind The Longest Night.Soko #146

illustration bosque

buenos aires, argentina.


peter doherty Last Of The English Roses txt guido filippelli photos dennis schoenberg

El capitán Pete Doherty alzó las velas de su nave hacia las melancólicas y acústicas tierras de su nuevo trabajo como solista en Grace/Wastelands. Esta vez nos encontramos con un Pete que continua su eterno naufragio hacia un sitio donde alcanzar la utopía, la ausencia de reglas y prohibiciones. En el nuevo álbum de estudio Pete recibe la colaboración del guitarrista de Blur, Graham Coxon, para encarnar canciones suaves como Last of the English Roses o Arcady, en las que su cantar cansino apenas acaricia las melodías de la forma en que el ya treintañero Doherty nos tiene acostumbrados. Estamos en presencia de otra de las demostraciones de la profundidad artística que ha acompañado a Pete desde muy joven, cuando ganaba sus primeros sueldos cavando tumbas en el cementerio Willesden y se escapaba para sentarse sobre las lápidas a leer y escribir poesía. A los tempranos 16 años, su prosa ya despertaba cierta admiración cuando resultó ganador de un viaje a Rusia por concurso de poesía. Para su regreso estaba determinado a estudiar literatura inglesa por lo que decidió mudarse con su abuela a la capital londinense, aunque solo asistiría a clases durante un año. El constante naufragio que caracteriza la vida y obra de Peter lo llevo rumbo a nuevos horizontes, hacia ‘The Albion Rooms’, como fue bautizado el departamento que compartió junto con Carl Barât, amigo y cofundador de The Libertines. En el año 2002 editarían juntos Up The Bracket, disco que los impulsaría a la fama logrando el entusiasmo de la crítica y la aclamación del público, consiguiendo su consagración con el disco homónimo editado en el 2004. Pete siempre hizo carne la idea de vivir su vida sin limitaciones. El nuevo chico malo del rock inglés ha hecho gala de los excesos, sobre todo de sus asumidas adicciones al crack, la cocaína y la heroína, las que más de una vez le causaron problemas con la ley e incluso largas estadías en prisión. Su manager supo decir en referencia a los vicios de Doherty que: “The only time I can be sure he’s not doing heroin or crack is when he’s in rehab or prison or asleep.” Este tipo de comportamientos problemáticos fueron los que deterioraron poco a poco la relación con sus compañeros de banda y determinaron la disolución a fines del 2004.

El repentino cambio de viento en el clima de The Libertines, llevó a Pete a alzar las velas hacia nuevos proyectos con los que había coqueteado en sus tiempos libres. La nave Albion sumaría a su tripulación a un grupo de músicos que supieron conectar con el cantante en la busqueda de un nuevo sonido y en su constante consumo de estupefacientes. Con The Babyshambles editaron dos discos: Down in Albion del 2005, debut que no recibió buenos tratos de la critica, distinto de lo que le sucedió con el último trabajo de la banda denominado Shotter’s Nation del 2007, con el cual alcanzaron el puesto numero 5 de los charts del Reino Unido. Durante el período con The Babyshambles la obra de Pete quedó un tanto relegada tras la continua aparición en los tabloides por su conocida y turbulenta relación con la modelo Kate Moss y sus repetitivos problemas con la ley. Su aparición en las revistas no sólo estuvo en manos de los flashes de los paparazzi, pudimos ver al niño malo e irreverente haciendo gala de sus dotes como modelo cuando poso para la campaña otoño/invierno 2007/2008 de Roberto Cavalli. Las fotografías ambientadas en los años ’50, fueron exageradamente comparadas por algunos con imágenes de Marlon Brando en su juventud. La penúltima parada del viaje de Doherty también tuvo soporte de papel, pero esta vez con un poco más de profundidad que las notas amarillas sobre su mala conducta, esta sería la publicación de The Books Of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty, editado en junio del 2007, donde recolecto poesía, pinturas y fotografías del transcurso de su carrera, trabajos que pasaron sin pena ni gloria ante los ojos de la crítica. Por estos días Pete tiene el norte de su descompuesta brújula en tierras alemanas donde esta dando una serie de conciertos incluyendo los temas del reciente Grace/Wastelands. Aparentemente después de tantas tormentas las aguas están tranquilas, el capitán parece haber dejado el timón por un rato y se sienta a rasguear suavemente su guitarra sobre la proa. Sabemos que este es un barco que no lleva anclas y que en cualquier momento el viento lo puede llevar hacia la dirección más incierta.


Gold Cube Necklace H&M

photographer Kris De Smedt 77 at C’Est Chic Agency stylist Aylen Torres make-up & hair Sabine Peeters with Mac & l’Oréal Professional

model Shanice at New Models Agency

communication Stephanie Van Maele 77 at C’est Chic Agency

Green necklace by Episode

Rope by Mode Bruxelles

Necklace Top Shop Earrings American Apparel


Earrings American Apparel


buenos aires, argentina.


l ´ e tat s a u va g e photographer patricio battellini artwork pogo design studio stylist Mercedes Ugarte hair Carolina Gonzalez at Estudio h using Redken Make Up Fabiana Pereyra at Frumbolinovillo using Lancome Modelo Jessica at Visage models

Sweater by Trosman Culotte by El Camarin

Dress by Kenzo

Cardigan by Kenzo Culotte by El Camarin

Dress by Kenzo

Zapatos de cuero metalizado oro con aplique: Lucila Iotti


this its the paris fashion week spring-summer 2010 ph o t o g rphie d sep t ember

3 0

by t o

a l e x an d re o c t o ber

0 8

br u ne t 2 0 0 9

Sean Lennon before Chanel at le Grand Palais

Claudia Schiffer before Chanel at le Grand Palais

Karlie Kloss after Lanvin Show

Natasha Poly after Lanvin

Dior Show

Backstage at Talbot Runhof


SOKO. Behind Soko Phrazes for the Young. #100


buenos aires, argentinA.


SOKO. Behind Soko

SOKO zine #3