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SOKO. Behind Soko

adhemas battista

Illustrator, & graphic designer, pages 9-18.

People you love know you as: As Adhemas mostly, even my parents, funny on that, they don’t call my real name anymore. My wife calls me “De” and kids as “Pai” . You are proud of having worked for: Historically for Havaianas. Recently for a very small project for Nike tees for Corinthians, soccer team I am fan. You find inspiration in: Internet, books, magazines. Right now I am into digital photography mags. Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Might sound funny, but my wife cooks Pasta with meat and tomato sauce, plus black beans and eggs. Amazing! Find me at: &

pablo franco

Photographer, page 104. You are proud of having worked for: Myself You find inspiration in: My son Ramon Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Chicken sandwich after a good surf in Tamarama beach, Australia Hour of the day you like the most: Sunset How do you take care of yourself? Riding old motorcycles as fast as i can Find me at: heaven or hell, we´ll see

jason lee parry

Photographer, page 120.

People you love know you as: i have no idea. You are proud of having worked for: myself You find inspiration in: reckless, interesting people and spontaneity. Movie you could watch over and over and over again: goonies and the doors Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: “Tijuana hooker” its pizza with pineapple and jalapeno, sweet and spicy! How do you take care of yourself? whiskey and wheat grass. Find me at: Knee deep in editing or roof tops.

shannon sinclair

Photographer, page 148. People you love know you as: Noodles You are proud of having worked for: DKNY, Betsey Johnson You find inspiration in: I’ve always found inspiration in music that I love. Childhood hero: It sounds cliche but I really loved Madonna. My mother had her records all over the house. Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Champagne, oysters and escargot! Hour of the day you like the most: Dusk, the golden hour. How do you take care of yourself? Acupuncture and I try to live a zen life which is hard in NYC since all is chaotic. Find me at: Home with my family.

juan molinet

Illustrator, page 48. People you love know you as: Juano You are proud of having worked for: Peppermelon You find inspiration in: Eastern Cultures Movie you could watch over and over and over again: The Darjeeling Limited Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Asadito Hour of the day you like the most: 6PM How do you take care of yourself? Good rest, Find me at: /

contributorS issue 4 nacho ricci

Photographer, pages 20-174.

People you love know you as: Kiri You are proud of having worked with: You!!! (The people reading behind this mag... that are about to call for beautifull new inspiring works!!!!) You find inspiration in: Unity Movie you could watch over and over and over again: over and over.... No one Childhood hero: Jesus Hour of the day you like the most:Magik hour How do you take care of yourself? Meditation Find me at: My bed

Herring & Herring

Photographers, page 38. Hour of the day you like the most: between 3 am and 4 am. Best meal ever: a Turkish dish called Kol Boregi with minced meat for breakfast. I gave it up years ago, since I like it so much and it’s so heavy and addictive :) You find inspiration in: movies. Literally sometimes it’s like those characters in film noirs when they’re chased by the villain, they dodge into a movie theatre. when the villain searches the theatre, he is yelled at by all the other moviegoers. i feel like that. Find me at: Mccarren Park, Brooklyn, or crossing the bridge into manhattan, or in paris, or istanbul, or LA, or Berlin, or London, or maybe now in Argentina :) Movie you could watch over and over and over again: there are many... 2001, American Psycho, The Godfather, Rounders, Pulp Fiction.

roberta ridolfi

Photographer, page 162. People you love know you as: Bebba You are proud of having worked for: Myself Movie you could watch over and over and over again: Taxi Driver, Alice in the cities, E.T, any classic Woody Allen’s,Il Postino, Stealing Beauty. Childhood hero: Shirley Temple Find me at:


Calligraphers & Graphic Designers, page 36. People you love know you as: yani y guille, china y chino, Yani Arabena y Guillermin. You find inspiration in: music, photography, love, type, calligraphy, people, and off course, between each other. Best meal (breakfast-lunch-dinner) ever: Coffee and milk in the morning. Hour of the day you like the most: Morning, always. We have no specific hour. :) Find me at: Yani can be found at any library or book store, or maybe at some nice bar having a tasty coffee while reading a book. Whereas Guille, might be anywhere outside, shotting everything with his beloved camera. Anyway, both of us can be found every Friday afternoon, teaching typography together, at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

contributors: adhemas battista, Joachim Johnson, maru cabrera, Jorgelina, maggie kenny, mechi miqueo, sarah tamashi, Katie Collins, Ashley Smith, Naomi Porto, Alice An, manolo campion, Maia Liakos, Marija Kopilas, Tony Chaves, Charlotte, Simon Perry, michelle grey, MI-ZO, bATTELlINI, cecilia de santis, Francisco Bertschi, Constanza Caruo, Belen bergagna, Paula bertolini, & Azul caletti, juliana rossa, Antonella Constante, Juan Beltran, monica pozzI, ignacio gil, DELFINA LARGUIA, paula gandolfo, tara Nichols, Erin Urb, Marcello Altieri, MICHELLE CARIMPONG, JUNKO KIOKA, KATSUMI MATSUO, KAROLINA B., CHRIS GAYLA, Davy khau, Sarah Mc sweeney.

issue 4 - february 2010.

behind soko. Idea / ART DIRECTION / editors in chief Ardi Carlos Grygierczyk: Pampa Garcia Pe単a: design POGO Illustration Pauli Filippelli: Fashion editor gaspard bangalter: columnists belen jones matias bossie guido filippelli web development carola lucia thanks TO: art+commerce, Shay Nielsen, henrik purienne, micah lidberg, adhemas battista, manolo campion, hype managment, FORD, Trump Models, DEX New York, Next new york, lo managment, civiles, Sebastian Correa, Estudio Olivera, pink models, Photogenics. Contributions & info: visit us: www.myspace.coM/sokozine follow us: curated by pogo


SOKO. Contents

inside this issue.


Lead by the Night

Henring Henring


Don´t save us from the Flames


10 Phrases for the young Joachim Johnson. 20 There´s something about Jorgelina Nacho Ricci 50 No one saves us but ourselfs Manolo Campion 76 Delphic Acolyte 92 Interview Henrik Purienne 114 Contra Vampire Weekend 120 Window to the Yellow Summer Jason Lee Parry 134 The painting Series Pogo 148 Honeymoon is Over Shannon Sinclair 174 There´s something about Jorgelina Nacho Ricci


Just because you feel like Mi-Zo


Lost art of Murder


Pablo 4 Contributors 7 Editorial

cover 138


Micah Lidberg


Up the morning


buenos aires, argentina.





illustration adhemas batista

sao paulo, brazil.

If i had to live my life again, I´d make the same mistakes, only sooner. Freja Beha photographied by Joachim Johnson.

To grow mature is to separate more distinctly, to connect more closely. Tallulah Morton photographied by Joachim Johnson.

To understand everything is to forgive everything. Erin Wason photographied by Joachim Johnson.

Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind. Tallulah Morton photographied by Joachim Johnson.


SOKO. Behind Soko

illustration adhemas batista

sao paulo, brazil.


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

there ´S som about jorge art direction by pogo photography by nacho ricci styling by maru cabrera BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

mething elina

Neckless C Punk

Malliot Jane Pain Pads Ceci Punk Shoes Paruolo

Dress Eufemia


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

Her eyes She’s on the dark side Neutralize Every man in sight


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

You a an Come way a

are my ngel e from above

typeface Y&G (Yani Arabena & Guille Vizzari ) ::

buenos aires, argentina.


SOKO. Lead by the night.

Photographers Herring & Herring Styling Katie Collins new york city, usa.

Dress Twinkle by Wenlan Earrings Plumes de Nom Belt stylists own

Dress Twinkle by Wenlan Poncho on donkey Vintage


SOKO. Lead by the night.

Dress Twinkle by Wenlan Earrings Plumes de Nom


SOKO. Lead by the Night.

Model Ashley Smith at Trump Models Hair Naomi Porto for DEX New York Make Up Alice An

illustration juan pablo molinet

buenos aires, argentina.


SOKO. No one saves us but oursefs.

Photographer manolo campion Styling Maia Liakos NEW YORK CITY, USA.


SOKO. No one saves us but oursefs.


SOKO. No one saves us but oursefs.

Makeup Marija Kopilas Hair Tony Chaves Model Charlotte at Next Photographer Assistant Simon Perry Production Michelle Grey

ARTWORK MI-ZO tokio, japan.


SOKO. Don´t save us from the flames.


JORGELINA: Babydoll Burdel BELEN: Teddy Vintage

Dress by Albertine Tucknott

Skirt Burdel


SOKO. Don´t save us from the flames.

Body Suit Vintage Panties Burdel

Short Ay Not Dead

Cheekies Burdel Scarf Rapsodia

PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Francisco Bertschi styling ASSISTANT Constanza Carou Models Belen, Paula & Azul AT LO MANAGMENT, Jorgelina AT Hype MANAGMENT AND Juliana AT Civiles Make UP Antonella Constante AT Sebastian Correa HAIR Juan Beltran AT Estudio Olivera

Scarf BURDEL Cheekies BURDEL


SOKO. Delphic.

txt ardi carlos grygierczyk.


SOKO. Just because you feel it.

photographer mi-zo production monica pozzI TOKIO, JAPAN.


SOKO. Just because you feel it.


SOKO. Just because you feel it.


SOKO. Henrik Purienne.


SOKO. Henrik Purienne.

illustration ignacio gil

buenos aires, argentina.


SOKO. Lost Art of Murder.

Photographer pablo franco Styling DELFINA LARGUIA BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.


SOKO. Lost Art of Murder.


SOKO. Lost Art of Murder.


txt belen jones.


SOKO. Contra.

The Council of the Designation of Origin Chufa Valencia invited to drink Horchata, a refreshing drink well known in this Spanish city. But Horchata, capitalized, is also the first single from the new album of New Yorkers Vampire Weekend, the indie rock quartet that blends modernity with history. Contra is the second label material from the band since its inception in 2006, it still reap success and fans worldwide, especially in the environment of the new wave. One of the most important aspects of VW is the connection between modern music and traditional African styles that merge in each of his subjects. It all started when a year before the formation of the group, its singer, Ezra Koenig, traveled to India and on the road, passing a few days in London. There he learned to discover the eternal relationship between rulers and ruled and combine both cultures without any of them lose value. Always concerned about apart from the pack and convinced of not wanting to play “modern rock�, the VW seem to be clear about where they go and what they want to pass on the long road to success. The Vampire weekend and their Contra shows that we can be innovative, joyful, creative and maintain a certain consistency to finally achieve an excellent product.

typeface pogo

buenos aires, argentina.


SOKO. Window to the Yellow Summer.

Photographer JASON LEE PARRY Styling Tara Nichols los angeles, usa.

Left: Antlers AND_i Coat Behnaz Sarafpour Bustier Live!On Sunset Right: Patchwork Beast Brian Lichtenberg

Hoodie Alexander Wang Shorts Vintage Levi’s Boots Prada

Coat Catherine Malandrino

Dress Brian Lichtenberg


SOKO. Window to the Yellow Summer.

Sheer Vintage Christian Dior Collar Vintage Panties La Perla

Boots Prada Body suit American Apparel

Patchwork vest Brian Lichtenberg Panties Silence and Noise Boots Vintage Guess

Boots Prada Shrug Catherine Malandrino Panties La Perla

Bra American Apparel Mink fur coat Christian Dior

Model Erin Urb at Photogenics Photographer assistant Marcello Altieri


SOKO. The Painting Series.

Inspired in The 2010 SOKO Calendar photography by pablo franco see the series at


SOKO. Micah Lidberg.

The Next Big Thing Interview by Ardi Carlos Grygierzcyk

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? I’m an illustrator and I’m currently living and working in small town outside of New York City. I grew up in the midwest of the United States and travelled quite a bit as a kid. Nature is and always has had a pretty strong influence on me. It’s very spectacular. How and when did you discover that you want be an illustrator/artist? I grew up drawing and making stuff. When I was young, I didn’t really think it was something you could grow up to do. Very late in my schooling I decided that I’d study art and design as a practice. It was at my college (the Minneapolis College of Art and Design) that I was introduced to illustration. Before I met my first illustration professor, Tom Garrett, I really had a poor understanding of the field. I thought you were an artist and just did whatever - I had no concept of specialization. How do you manage the concept/idea for your work? When I was studying in England at the University of Brighton, I was exposed to a lot of new things. The city of Brighton is full of stimuli. The whole experience was really good for me. Also, I had a professor, Jasper Goodall, who encourage all the students to create work that was interesting to them. Even though that should be completely obvious, it really opened up a free expression in my work. That’s when I started to draw all the things that I’m a complete nerd over - like dinosaurs, weather, ecosystems, folk tales, and general weirdness. Whenever you start an illustration, how is the process work? How long on average would you spend on it? Well, that will vary of course depending on what and how much I’m

doing. The basic process goes a such- I start out with a lot of day dreaming and some research if necessary. I follow that up with some sketching (usually for composition), then once I’ve got my idea I start to lay it out on paper. I use a mechanical pencil for almost the whole process. I use ink sometimes as well. My projects last anywhere from 5 hours to 200. One of my longest drawings ever, Angry Cloud, took me about two months to complete. I notice a strong natural and prehistoric scene in your work, how did you come with this idea? Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by nature - past and present. I had a big backyard and lots of woods in my neighborhood so I spent a lot of time exploring the environment around me. As I’ve grown up, my appreciation for the natural world and its ways has only deepen. It’s not hard to see when you look out into nature that it is something a lot bigger than you and a lot cooler than you. It’s also incredibly humbling and inspiring to realize that, somehow, you’re intimately apart of that bigger thing. Tell us a bit of your career, Favorite project you worked on? My official career, so far, has a pretty short history. I left school in 2007 after my study in England. In the fall of 2007, I put up my first website and it got some attention from the blog community. I started to get lots of little odd jobs here and there and then, in late 2008, I got picked up by the agency, Hugo & Marie. My world really opened up after that. As for my favorite project so far - I’d have to say it has to be the work I did for, We Are the Friction, a book produced by Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart. The idea was that an illustrator was paired with a writer and each would make an independent work. Then the

illustrator and writer would trade and make another work based off the other’s first work. I was really happy with the results and it was a great way to collaborate. Could you describe a normal workday? I’m trying something new - I’m trying to have normal work days. I used to have a work-whenever-for-however-long mentality but that kind of life gets really exhausting. Right now, I wake up at 8 am and exercise, eat, and get ready for my day. I try to be at my email inboxes by 10 am and I take care of internet business for about an hour. The rest of the day is sort of an open time slot for a mix of projects. I try to be in bed by 10 pm. I feel like I’m decidedly choosing to be boring but I end up feeling much happier. We’ll see how long this lasts. Are there any modern day designers or artists of all time whose work inspires you? Yes, there are a bunch- too many actually to list. However, I will say that they all share certain characteristics. Their work is always technically well executed, they use materials naturally and ingeniously, they have a deep sense of humanity and personal honesty, and they are always a bit strange. Where do you find your inspiration? I find it lots of places. I watch a lot of history, science, and social documentaries, and I research lots of fringe topics. For me, it’s exciting to see how much we don’t know. What are you most looking forward to in 2010? Continuing to grow up. It’s fun being a quarter-century-old-kid because you stay pretty happy - but it doesn’t always help you get things done.


SOKO. Micah Lidberg.


SOKO. Honeymoon is Over.

Sweater Raf by Raf Dress Reveire

art direction pogo Photographer shannon sinclair Styling MICHELLE CARIMPONG

Karolina Elastic dress Jose Duran Chris Oxford Raf by Raf Cardigan Ymc


SOKO. Honeymoon is Over.

Chiffon Tunic Clu Mouse Ears A morir by Kerin Rose

Chris Sweater YMC Jeans Cheap Monday Karolina Tank top Clu Cage dress Chromat


SOKO. Honeymoon is Over.

Dress Boudoir Dhuitres


ARTWORK pogo + Davy khau

buenos aires, argentina + paris, france.


SOKO. Up the morning.

UP THE MORNING Photographer ROBERTA RIDOLFI Model Sarah Mcsweeney at Next NY

Everytime I see your face It makes me sad, it makes me chase Chase my love across the world Even though you’re not it’s taste Simple, evil, I don’t walk alone. Everytime I see your face It makes me cry, it makes me wait Waited far too long And you were over me But it’s ok, cause I know, where you will go, I will go.


SOKO. Up the morning.


tokio, japan.


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

there ´S so about jorg art direction by pogo photography by nacho ricci styling by maru cabrera BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

omething gelina

Top Jain Pain Legging Trosman


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

Braided Bikini Classlife Skirt MarĂ­a Cher

Neckless C Punk Legging Trosman


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.

Trouser Kostume


SOKO. Behind Soko

Shoes Paruolo


SOKO. There´s something about Jorgelina.


SOKO. Behind Soko


SOKO. Behind Soko

SOKO zine #4