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Esther Sperber Studio ST Architects

Sustainability is the result of a network of interrelated and interdependent associations among a lot of people. No building is an island unto itself.

ESTHER SPERBER FOUNDED STUDIO ST ARCHITECTS IN 2003 after working at Pei Partnership Architects for five years, during which time she had the privilege of working closely with Mr. I M Pei. Studio ST Architects is a full-service, woman-owned, architectural firm located in Manhattan that is dedicated to exploring the embedded logic of materials and structures to generate new spatial experiences. The firm believes in innovative and responsible design and is committed to sustainable buildings. Studio ST Architects completed a large renovation of the 14th Street Y, a community center in the East Village. They are working with a number of synagogues, schools and JCCs. The firm has also completed many residential projects, ranging from high-end apartment renovations to lower-budget real estate developments. Among these are apartment buildings, duplex combinations in Manhattan and single-family homes. They also explore innovative Low-budget, sustainable designs such as their Off the Wall exhibi-

tion for the Jewish Museum, the Slice House and the Swell House. Studio ST’s work has been published in architectural magazines and monographs in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2008, Studio ST was selected by Wallpaper magazine as one of the “World’s 50 Hottest Young Architectural Firms” and the Swell House was selected by Architectural Record as “Best Unbuilt House.” Esther Sperber also writes and lectures on architecture and psychoanalysis, two fields in which theory and practice collaborate to reduce human distress and widen the range of individual and social experiences. She has lectured at psychology conferences, architecture schools, synagogues, and AIA chapters. Her essays and papers have been published in the New York Times, Lilith Magazine, The Jewish Week, and academic psychology journals. Ms. Sperber was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. Her undergraduate work was at the Technion and she came to New York in 1997 to complete a master’s degree in architecture at Columbia University.• 11A • 30


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