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Where are Fuel Prices Headed and How Can You Reduce Your Fueling Costs?

Fuel Costs are Rising Fuel prices, including diesel fuel prices, are rising dramatically and showing no signs of stopping.

Don’t waste fuel and money recklessly, take the necessary steps to preserve your fuel reserves today.

Though the cost of fuel is rising, there are some ways your company can conserve fuel.

Drive More Efficiently Some companies have attempted to drive more efficiently by purchasing hybrid cars for their fleet. Though this may not be practical for all companies.

Also, driving efficiently may simply mean driving less, or combining errands so that you drive to more places at once instead of running the errands separately.

Another way to drive efficiently and save fuel is to switch to biodiesel.

Keep Up On Vehicle Maintenance Fleet management includes regularly servicing your vehicles.

Vehicles that have regular oil changes will run more efficiently and will waste less fuel.

A poorly tuned cars can use 25% more fuel than a car that is tuned periodically.

Check Tire Pressure Tire pressure can also effect how much fuel your fleet vehicles use.

You may have to buy new tires that stay inflated better. Old tires lose air more frequently.

Check tire pressure even more frequently than you change the oil.

Accelerate Gently Accelerating quickly wastes gas and isn’t necessary.

Reckless driving is also dangerous. Take it easy and apply less pressure to the gas pedal, your engine will thank you.

Accelerating quickly can lower your gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds and by 5% around town.

Drive the Speed Limit Apart from being the law, following the speed limit can benefit your gas mileage.

Following speed limits will keep you running at an even speed.

This will help you conserve gas because you won’t be speeding up and slowing down. Also, going 70 mph opposed to 50 or 60 mph won’t get you anywhere much faster, but it will waste more gas.

Avoid Hard Breaking Much like accelerating fast, hard braking can negatively impact your gas mileage.

Braking gently will also keep your brakes in good condition. Having to change the brakes for an entire fleet of vehicles will be very expensive.

This is because you will have to accelerate from a dead stop instead of slowing to a gentle roll, which is easier to accelerate from.

Don’t Warm Up By Idling Interestingly enough, idling also wastes more gas than you think.

Also, idling for more than 30 seconds creates emissions and also wastes gas. You’re better off stopping the car fully.

Many people think that idling will help their car warm up faster, but vehicles actually warm up better when they are being driven.

Always Pay Attention Basically, you want to always pay attention to your vehicles. Pay attention to your speed, your idling periods, and your driving habits.

When you do this, you will find that not only will you become a better driver, but you will waste less fuel and save money. For more information visit us at

surge in fuel Prices; How Can You Reduce Your Fueling Costs?  

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