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Adjectives An adjective is a word that describes something.

afraid When you're afraid, you are scared.

ajar Something that is ajar is partly open. The door is ajar.




When things are alike When you are angry, When you are they look the same. you are very mad. asleep you are not awake.

bad When something is biggest bigger big bad, it is has The boy on the When someone or The boy in the middle right is the When you are awake, unpleasant qualities. is bigger than the boy you are not asleep. The opposite of bad is something is big, it is biggest of the on the left. above average size. good. three.


broken black


Black is the color of a The sky is blue during very dark night. the day.

brave Someone who is brave has courage.

When brittle something is Something that is brittle will break or broken, it does not work or snap in two easily. has been Potato chips are damaged. brittle.

courage brown Brown is the color of wood.

clean When something is clean, it is not dirty.

colorful A quality in Something that is which a person closed colorful is brightly can face When something is colored or has many danger or pain closed, it is not open. colors. without The door is closed. showing excessive fear.




When it is dark, there isn't much light.

When things are different they are not the same.



This girl can run very fast.



When somethings When dirty happens early, it something is When something is occurs in the excellent, it is dirty, it is not clean. beginning part of the very, very day or it occurs good. before it was expected to happen.




When we are The opposite of fat is Fiery means very hot. This glass is full. frightened, we Fiery embers flew Empty is the opposite are afraid. thin. out of the campfire. of full.

green Grass, broccoli, and gray Elephants are large, many other plants are good healthy happy gray mammals. Gray green. You can make When something is When you are People usually smile paint can be made by green paint by good, it is has nice healthy, you when they're happy. mixing black and mixing blue and qualities. The opposite are not sick. white paint. yellow paint. of good is bad.

large hot Fire is very hot.


The last item or When someone or something is large, it is person is the one at the end. above average size.




When someone or The boy in the something is little, it middle is littler is below average in than the boy size. on the right.




The boy on the left is the littlest of the three.

When something is long, it is not short.

The opposite of loud is quiet.



Multicolored means having many colors.

When something is narrow, it doesn't take up a lot space from side to side.


many When you are mad at The are many someone, you are apples above. angry with them.

new When something is new, it hasn't been used before.



When someone or Something that something is old, it is open is not has been around for a shut. The door is open. long, long time.

orange pink purple Orange is a color. You red quiet Pink is the color you The color purple is can mix red and Red is the first get when you mix red made by mixing red When it is quiet there color in the yellow paint to get is no noise. and white paint. and blue paint. orange. rainbow.



Sometimes people cry when they're sad.

When you're scared, you are afraid.

shut When something is shut, it is not open The door is shut.

sick When you are sick, you are not healthy.




The boy on the When someone or something is short, it The boy in the middle left is the is shorter than the shortest of the is below average boy on the right. three. height.



The boy in the small When something is middle is When someone or slow it does not smaller than something is small, it move quickly. is below average size. the boy on the right. -4-

________ straight



When splendid Something straight is someone or The boy on the left is smart not curvy or bent. the smallest of the Someone who is smart When something is something is splendid, it is very, three. tall, it is above can think well. very good. average height.





The boy on the tallest When someone or The boy in the middle The boy in the middle left is the The boy on the right is something is tiny, it is taller than the boy is tinier than the boy tiniest of the the tallest of the three. is very small. on the left. on the right. three.

upside down When something is upside down, its top Sometimes people cry Something that is ugly when they're unhappy. is where its bottom is not nice to look at. used to be.



young When someone or yellow something is young, wide Yellow is a color. The it has only been When something is sun is yellow. Lemons around for a short wide, it takes up a lot are yellow. time. A baby is space from side to young. side.


violet Violet is a bluish purple color.

white Snow is white.

Adverbs An adverb is a word that describes an action, telling "how," "when" or "where" the action took place.

angrily When you act angrily, your actions indicate that you are very mad.

bravely When you act bravely, you face danger and act without fear or despite your fear. Firefighters bravely face danger.




When something or When something When something is done someone moves is done daily, it is early, it happens in the fast, they change done each day. beginning of the day or position very Some people before the expected time. rapidly. The sprinter exercise daily. The sun rises early in the ran fast. day



When you do harmoniously When you do friendly something gracefully, When something When people, countries, something with you do it with acts in an intense When people or other groups behave in pleasure or joy, you act nicely to elegance and beauty. or hot way, it is a friendly manner, they do it happily. She fiery. The fire each other, they A ballerina dances are acting harmoniously. happily helped her are being gracefully. burned hotly. brother. friendly.




When you do When something something with moves horizontally, it great pleasure or moves left and right. happiness, you do it Trains travel joyfully. She horizontally along their joyfully went on tracks. vacation.

late When something happens late, it is done after the expected time or is done towards the end of the day.




When something is When something done with magic and is done monthly, mystery, it is done it is done each magically. The rabbit month. People appeared magically out pay their bills of the magician's hat. monthly.

quickly When something or someone moves quickly, they change position very rapidly. An athlete runs quickly.

sadly People behave strenuously sadly when they vertically rapidly When you do are sad or When something When something or something depressed. She someone moves rapidly, strenuously, you moves vertically, it they change position very cried sadly when put a lot of force moves up and down. Elevators move quickly. A cheetah runs she found out the and energy into it. bad news. vertically in a rapidly. building.




yearly When something is When something When something acts violently, done weekly, it is When something is done or someone is it uses great force. The wind in done each week. Sue yearly, it is done each year. wiggly, it twists People celebrate their birthday a tornado spins violently. shops weekly for and moves all over. yearly. groceries.

Astronomy-Related Words



asteroid belt astronomy Asteroids are tiny Astronomers are astronaut The asteroid belt is a Astronomy is the planets that mostly orbit An astronaut people who study doughnut-shaped science that studies the between Mars and astronomy and goes up into concentration of universe. Jupiter. learn about space to explore. asteroids that orbit objects in the the Sun between the universe, like orbits of Mars and stars and planets. Jupiter.


1,000,000,000 Big Dipper The Big Dipper is billion a group of 7 stars A billion is a thousand Auroras are atom contained in the million. The Earth is Everything is made beautiful lights Northern billions of years old. up of tiny atoms. in the near-polar Hemisphere sky. constellation Ursa major (the Great Bear).


atmosphere The atmosphere is the gas that surrounds a planet.

constellation comet A comet is the a small, icy object that orbit the Sun. It's tail always points away from the sun.

falling star A falling star is not a star; it is a meteor (made of rock and/or iron) which is burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.

A constellation is a group of stars that we see in the sky. They are not necessarily located together in space, but looks as though they are from Earth.

crescent moon



An eclipse happens The Earth is the when the moon blocks A crescent third planet from moon is smaller the sun. It's where out light from the sun or the Earth's shadow than a half we live! goes across the moon. moon.


gibbous moon

A gibbous moon half moon full moon A full moon appears A galaxy is an is between a half A half moon looks like half a circle. as an entire circle in enormous group moon and a full of stars. moon. the sky.


Little Dipper Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and the fifth planet from the sun.

The Little Dipper is a group of stars in the constellation Ursa minor (the Little Bear). This group of stars ends at Polaris, the pole star of the Northern Hemisphere.

Mars meteor Mars is a Mercury A meteor is a reddish planet Mercury is a meteoroid that has and the fourth entered the Earth's planet from the moonless planet; it is the planet atmosphere, usually sun. It is the closest to the Sun. making a fiery trail as planet that it falls. It is sometimes comes closest to called a shooting star. the Earth. Most burn up before hitting the Earth.

meteoroid Meteoroids are tiny A meteorite is a meteor stones or pieces of metal that travel that has fallen to Earth. through space. Meteorites are made of stone, iron, or stonyiron.


meteor shower A meteor shower is when a lot of meteor fall through the atmosphere in a short time.

Milky Way Galaxy Milky Way

Our solar system is in The Milky Way is the Milky Way galaxy. a bright line of We can see the Milky stars stretching Way as a band of stars across the night in the night sky. sky.

North Star The north star is a star that is located Neptune Neptune is the almost due north moon observatory and is useful for nebula eighth planet The Earth has one An observatory is place navigation. A nebula is a cloud of from the Sun. moon. The moon has no gas and dust in space. This frozen where people observe Polaris is atmosphere. The same the skies, using a planet has 8 currently the pole side of the moon always device like a telescope. star of the moons. faces the Earth. Northern Hemisphere. -9-

phases of the Moon


As the moon circles orbit the Earth, the shape planet The Moon orbits the of the Moon appears Nine planets Earth. The Earth orbits to change. The phases orbit our Sun. the Sun. of the Moon are: the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, last quarter, and waning crescent.

Pluto is the ninth and usually the farthest planetarium Planetariums put planet from the Sun. on star shows that Pluto is the smallest planet in our Solar teach astronomy. System.

Saturn quasar A quasar is a distant energy source in space which gives off large amounts of radiation.

satellite Satellites orbit the Earth.

Saturn is the shooting star sixth planet A shooting star is Solar System from the Sun. It not a star; it is a has beautiful meteor (made of In our Solar System, nine planets, many rings. rock and/or iron) asteroids, comets, and which is burning other objects orbit up in the Earth's around our sun. atmosphere.




The Sun is a space shuttle Uranus is the seventh Each of the stars medium-sized The space shuttle flies we see in the yellow star in our planet from the Sun. spacesuit into space and back night sky is Solar System. We Uranus looks bluish Astronauts wear down again, carrying spacesuits when they another sun, but and is covered with get our light and people and equipment. clouds. It has an much farther walk in space. most of our away than our energy from the unusual, tipped axis, which gives it extreme sun. Sun. seasons.

- 10 -

Venus Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the hottest planet in our Solar System. From the Earth, Venus is the brightest object in the sky except for the Sun and the Moon.

zodiac The zodiac is a band of 12 constellations (groups of stars) in the sky, including Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces.

At the Firehouse: Words

ambulance An ambulance takes sick people to the hospital.



An ax is useful for chopping wood.

Boots are a type of shoe. Boots cover the feet and part of the lower legs.



The Dalmatian is a You can get hurt white dog that has in a dangerous situation. dark spots.

flashlight firefighter A firefighter is a person fire Fire is very hot. who puts out fires and saves people's lives.


fire truck Fire fighters on a fire truck help put out fires.


A hero is someone who is helmet A hatchet is an ax with a short A helmet protects your admired for great courage, noble character, and head. Firefighters wear handle. performing good deeds, helmets. like a firefighter.

- 11 -

flame A flame is a fire.

A flashlight helps you find your way in the dark.



Water flows through a hose.

Fire fighters hook a hose up to a fire hydrant to get water.

wrench ladder

A wrench is a tool rope that turns nuts or You can climb A rope is useful for tying Water is a liquid that can bolts, like those on up a ladder to put out some types of things together. a fire hydrant. reach tall fires. things.


Bathroom-Related Words



You take a bath in a bathtub.

It is fun to blow soap bubbles!



A hairbrush is used You can see to brush and your reflection untangle hair. in a mirror.




faucet An eyedropper is used to You can turn water A comb is a used to drop liquids one drop at flow on or off at a smooth or untangle hair. a time. faucet. comb

sink shampoo


A shampoo is a liquid soap used to wash hair. When you shower, you When you shampoo your wash your body in a stream of falling water. hair, you wash it.

We can wash our hands at a sink.


You can keep your teeth Soap and water help Toilets are in healthy by using a clean things. bathrooms. toothbrush to clean them.

tub A tub is a large container. Tub is also another word for bathtub.

- 12 -

toothpaste You use toothpaste to towel clean your teeth. You can dry things with a towel.

At the Beach: Beach-Related Words

ball A ball is round and fun to bounce, throw, kick, or catch.

crab A crab has a hard shell and eyes on stalks on its head.

ice cream cone An ice cream cone is nice to eat on a hot summer day.


beach bathing suit A bathing suit is a garment you wear while swimming.

A beach is where the water meets the land. You can build sand castles on the beach.


coral reef

Clams are animals Coral reefs are warm, with two shells. clear, shallow ocean They burrow under habitats that are rich in the sand. life.

fiddler crab The fiddler crab is fish small crab that lives Fish live in the water on beaches. The and breathe with gills. male fiddler crab has one enlarged claw.

fishing rod


A hammock is a large People use fishing net or cloth that is used rods to catch fish. for sleeping or relaxing; it is hung up by both ends.

intertidal zone

kelp The intertidal zone is where the sea Kelp is brown seaweed that grows in cold meets the land, the water. area between high tide and low tide.





You can fly a kite on windy days.

A net is used to catch things.

sandcastle A popsicles is a Reefs are warm, Sand is a loose material sandals A sandcastle is a small sweet, frozen clear, shallow ocean composed of fine S andals are open castle made of damp treat on a stick. habitats that are rich debris of rock and shoes worn in warm sand. mineral particles. in life. weather.

- 13 -

sea sand dollar Sand Dollars are coin-shaped spiny-skinned sea bed animals that have 5-part radial symmetry.

A sea is a large seaweed body of salt water shell sea gull Seaweed is a plant that is connected to Sea gull is the common Some animals grow a an ocean. A sea may name for some birds that lives in the sea. shell for protection. be partly or that live near oceans completely and lakes. surrounded by land.

Sun The Sun is a starfish medium-sized Starfish (also yellow star in our known as sea Solar System. We stars) are animals that live get our light and most of our energy on the ocean from the Sun. floor.

trash can A trash can holds garbage.

swim When you swim, you move around in the water.

wave There are waves of water in the ocean.

whelk Whelks are ocean animals with a hard, spiral shell.

- 14 -

swim fins People wear swim fins on their feet to help them swim.

towel You can dry things with a towel.

Bird-Related Words

Arctic tern


The Arctic tern is a albatross A beak is the hard, bald eagle small bird that flies biped The albatross is outer part of a some The bald eagle is a from the Arctic to the A biped is an animal web-footed bird animal's mouth. Birds, Antarctic and back large bird of prey. It that walks on two legs. that can fly for octopi, squid, and is the symbol of the again each year. People and birds are a long period of other animals have USA. bipeds. Tyrannosaurus time. beaks. Some dinosaurs rex was a biped. had them too.

bird Birds have feathers and wings. Most birds can fly.


Some people keep birds in cages.

blue jay


The blue jay is a Blackbirds are black! The bluebird is a Bones are hard, beautiful song bird beautiful, noisy blue structural parts of the bird. that is the symbol of body of many animals, many of the states in including birds. the USA.

Canada goose cage


The Canada goose is a large North American bird that honks.




Carnivores are Canaries sing very The Northern Cardinal organisms that eat is a bird with a short, well. wide bill. The male is meat. Many birds, like bright red; the female eagles, are carnivores. is brownish-red.

claw cassowary

chick A huge, A chick is a baby flightless bird chicken from Australia chicken. Some other with a helmet- baby birds are also A chicken is a farm animal. called chicks. like crest on its head. - 15 -

A claw is a hard, sharp, curved nail on the feet of some animals. Bears, cats, birds, dinosaurs, and many other animals have claws.

cockatoo Cockatoos are birds that have a large, feathery crest and a hooked bill. They are from Australia and Indonesia.



The crane is a A crow is a very wading bird with smart black bird. a long neck, a long bill, and long legs.


cuckoo Cuckoos are birds whose call sounds like coo-coo.

dove The dodo is an The dove is a bird extinct, flightless bird that lived on that is a symbol of peace. an island in the Indian Ocean near Africa.

duck Ducks are birds that have webbed feet and a flattened bill. They swim well and live near the water.


duckling A duckling is a young duck.

endangered species

The emu is a large Endangered species are types of Australian bird animals or plants that cannot fly. that may become extinct soon. Many birds species are endangered.

eagle The eagle is a large bird of prey. It has a hooked bill and sharp talons.

egret The egret is a large wading bird.

emperor penguin The emperor penguin is the largest penguin; it lives on ice packs in Antarctica.




When a group of animals or plants goes extinct, they are gone forever. Some extinct animals include dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, and dodo birds.

Birds have feathers.

The flamingo is a pink bird that eats shrimp.

- 16 -


food web


The fly is a small, The food web (or A goldfish is a type of carp that flying insect. makes a nice pet. food chain) is all of the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food.

goose Geese are migrating birds that honk!

gosling A gosling is a baby goose

habitat guppy


great horned The groundhog is a owl rodent that is also

The great horned owl is a large bird of prey from North and South America.

called the woodchuck.

gull Gulls are birds that live near oceans and lakes.

Guppies are a type of small tropical fish.

A habitat is the natural place where a plant or an animal lives. For example, a toucan's habitat is the rainforest.

hummingbird harpy eagle The harpy eagle is one of the largest eagles in the world. It lives in rainforests of Central America and South America.

Hummingbirds are tiny birds that heron drink flower A large wading nectar. They can hawk hen bird with hover in the air The hawk is a bird A hen is a female chicken. Hens distinctive and even fly of prey, a raptor. lay eggs. plumage and a backwards. long, sharp bill.

- 17 -

kiwi junco jay Jays are beautiful, noisy birds.

This junco is a small songbird from North America.

The kiwi is a chicken-sized kakapo flightless bird The kakapo is a large, flightless, from New nocturnal, solitary parrot from Zealand. It is New Zealand. generally nocturnal (most active at night).

kookaburra The kookaburra is an Australian bird whose call sounds like laughing.

macaroni penguin mallard The macaroni meadowlark The Mallard is a common wild The meadowlark penguin is a duck. penguin from the macaw is a brightlyAntarctic that has Macaws are parrots colored songbird a yellow, feathery from rainforests in that lives in crest on its head. the Americas. meadows and grasslands.


moa The moa were huge, extinct, flightless birds from New Zealand.


Some animals, like birds, make Nocturnal mockingbird nene nests to hold their young even animals are more The mockingbird The nene is nightingale some dinosaurs built nests for active at night. is a North Hawaii's state bird. The nightingale is their eggs. Owls are American bird It is an endangered a bird that sings nocturnal birds. that can mimic the goose that lives on beautiful songs. songs of many volcanic slopes. other birds.

- 18 -

owl oriole nuthatch

The oriole is a oropendola The nuthatch is a black and orange The crested oropendola is a small perching bird that eats fruit tropical black bird that makes bird that can and nectar. It builds long, pendulous nests. climb down trees a hanging nest. and opens nuts using its bill like a hatchet.



The peacock is a The parrot is a beautiful bird from beautiful bird that india. The male has pelican can imitate a large train of The pelican is fish-eating bird sounds very well. feathers. with a huge, pouched bill.

pets Pets are animals that live with us, like parrots and canaries.

Owls are birds of ostrich prey that have The ostrich is the large eyes and largest bird. It very good can't fly, but it eyesight. Most runs very fast. owls hunt at night.


peregrine falcon The peregrine falcon is the Penguins are fastest-flying birds that cannot bird. It prey upon fly but swim very other birds. well.



There are a lot of prairie chicken puffin A quail is a pigeons in cities. The prairie chicken is a bird that The puffin is an bird; it spends a lives in grasslands of North Arctic sea bird. lot of time on America. the ground.

robin quetzal The quetzal is a beautiful rain forest bird with very long tail feathers.

rainbow lorikeet A small, colorful, brush-tongued parrot from Australia.

rhea The rhea is a large, flightless bird from South America.

- 19 -

The robin is a roadrunner common bird The roadrunner is with red-colored a bird is a fast feathers on its running bird that breast. rarely flies.

snowy owl

sea gull

sparrow The snowy owl is rockhopper The sea gull is the a white owl that The sparrow is a penguin snow goose common name for lives in the North small, common The rockhopper some birds that live The snow goose is a migratory songbird. American tundra penguin is a bird from North America. near oceans and (a cold, snowy small, aggressive, lakes. environment). crested bird that cannot fly.

tern spotted owl


The spotted owl is Swans are longan owl from the necked water birds. Pacific coast of North America.


Terns are birds that are sometimes called "sea swallows."

toucan The toucan is a rainforest bird that has a big, colorful beak.



The vulture is a The Umbrellabird big, bald-headed is a rain forest bird that eats dead bird with a large animals. tuft of feathers on its head.


woodpecker The woodpecker is a bird that can peck holes in trees.

- 20 -

Xenops is a rainforest bird from the Americas.

Turkeys are large birds that nest on the ground.

Birthday-Related Words


birthday cake Balloons are rubber birthday You have a Birthday cakes are sacks that are filled birthday every sweet and delicious! with air or other year. gases.

chocolate candy Candy is very sweet.

children Children are young people.

Chocolate is a tasty treat made from cocoa beans and sugar.

cake Cake is a sweet dessert.

candle A candle is a stick of wax with a wick that can burn.

clown Clowns are people who dress up in funny clothes and try to make you laugh.

cupcake A cupcake is a tiny cake.

ice cream gift Ice cream is lollipop juice It's nice to give cold, creamy, A lollipop is candy Juice is pressed from gifts. It's nice to get and sweet on a stick. fruit or vegetables. them too. treat.


popsicle present Pizza is made of A popsicles is A present is a gift, dough that is a sweet, frozen something you give covered with tomato treat on a to someone. sauce and cheese; it stick. is baked in an oven.

- 21 -

paper plate A paper plate is a disposable plate that is made out of paper. People use paper plates at picnics and some parties.

ribbon You can tie a bow in a ribbon to decorate something.

toys We play with toys.

Body-Related Words



biped The ankle is the A bandage is a clean pad anatomy that is used to cover and A biped is an animal joint between your body Anatomy is a protect cuts and other that walks on two legs. Everyone has a foot and leg. science that injuries. People are bipeds. body. studies the body. Tyrannosaurus rex was a biped.


ear cheek chin brain Bones are hard, We hear things structural parts of We think with our The cheeks are the sides The chin is the part of with our ears. the face below the the body of many brain. The brain is of the face between the Our ears give us mouth area and the ear. mouth. animals. We have protected by the a sense of skull. 206 bones in our hearing. skeleton.


eyebrow We see with our The eyebrows are dense eyes. Our eyes give The elbow is the us a sense of sight. patches of hair above the joint in the middle eyes. of your arm. elbow

face This is a funny face!

feet We have ten toes on our feet.

femur The femur is the upper leg (thigh) bone. It is the longest bone in the human body.

- 22 -



Eyelids are flaps Eyelashes are long hairs on the edges of of skin that cover and protect our the eyelids. eyes.

finger We have five fingers on each hand.

fingernail Fingernails grow at the ends of your fingers.



The pattern marks We have five toes on our fingertips on each foot. are fingerprints.

head We all have a head on our shoulders.

forehead The forehead is the part of the face that is above the eyebrows and below the hair.


healthy When you are healthy, you are not sick.

hair Hair grows on all mammals.

The heel is the back part of the foot.

heart Your heart pumps blood throughout your body.

hand We can do amazing things with our hands.

hips Your hips are below your waist and above your legs.

knee intestines

iris Intestines are a The colored part of part of the digestive system. the eye around the pupil is the iris. The intestines help digest food, absorb it into the body, and excrete waste.

jaws Jaws let you open and close your mouth and take bites.

The knee is where the leg kidney bends. It it The kidney are beanbetween the shaped organs that take waste from the blood lower leg and the upper leg (the and produce urine. thigh).

legs Many animals have legs. People have two legs, cows have four legs, insects have six legs, and spiders have eight legs. Tables and chairs also have legs.

lips Chickens don't have lips, but people do.

lungs Some animals use lungs to breathe. People have lungs.

- 23 -



We use our mouths to eat and talk.

Nails are hard scales that grow at the ends of your fingers.

pupil A pupil is the opening in the neck naked nose center of the Your neck is nurse When you are We use the nose to eye's iris - the naked, you aren't between your head breathe; it also gives us a A nurse takes care of pupil looks like a and your shoulders. you when you're sick or wearing any sense of smell. black circle in the hurt. clothes. middle of the eye.

shoulder Your shoulders are under your neck.


skeleton A skeleton is the set of bones in a body. People have skeletons, and so do many other animals.


skin The skin is the outer covering of our body.


The skull is the bony Our tongue helps structure of head that us eat, taste, and talk. encloses the brain and supports the jaws. This is a T. rex skull.


The stomach is a The spine (also pouch-like organ called the that is part of the backbone) is a digestive system. series of The stomach helps connected bones digest food by in the back that churning it in an surround and acid bath. protect the spinal cord.


thumb The thumb is the widest finger on a person's hand. The thumb is next to the pointing finger. All apes (like gorillas and chimps) have thumbs.


toe We have five toes on each foot.

vertebra x-ray We use our teeth A vertebra is one of the series The waist is the middle An x-ray is a picture of to chew food. of small, connected bones in of the body, between the your bones or teeth. Teeth are held in the spine that surround and protect the spinal cord. The chest and the hips. the gums by roots. plural of vertebra is vertebrae.

- 24 -

toenail Toenails grow at the ends of your toes.

Building-Related Words

arch An arch is a curved opening.

bank You can put your money in a bank for safe keeping.



A castle is a huge, fancy building where a king or queen lives.

Some people worship in churches.



You can go into an area through an entrance.



This fireplace is made out of bricks.

A building is a structure built by people.

A cabin is a small, simple house.




Some dogs live in doghouses.

You can go in and out through a door.


You can leave an area through an factory exit. Many items, like cars, are made in factories.




Home is where you live.

Some people live in houses.

A hut is a small, simple shelter.

- 25 -

elevator An elevator carries people and things up and down a tall building.


A greenhouse is a Gargoyles are stone building, usually sculptures of grotesque made out of glass, in creatures that sit which people grow perched atop some plants. buildings; they act as waterspouts.


library An igloo is a house Libraries have books, made out of blocks of tapes, and computer ice. Brr! programs.

lighthouse A lighthouse shines a very bright light so log cabin market ships won't sail ashore A log cabin is a We can buy things or into rocks by house made of at a market. mistake. logs.




Museums exhibit art, historic objects, and scientific finds - like dinosaur fossils.

A palace is a huge house where a king or queen lives.



school The pyramids in Egypt The roof is the A stadium is a large A school is a place are huge buildings that top covering of a building in which skyscraper where you learn building. have a square base and sports events are A skyscraper is a very things. triangular sides. held. tall building.

tent A tent is a tepee temporary shelter A store is where we A tepee is a house made of fabric. can buy things. made by some


Native Americans.

White House The White House is where the President of the United States lives and works. The windmill address of the White A windmill uses House is 1600 the wind to Pennsylvania Avenue generate power. NW, Washington, D.C.

- 26 -



A wall is a side of a Urban means relating building or a room or to or located in a city. a fence.

Camping-Related Words

camera backpack


A backpack is a sack that A cabin is a small, is worn on the back and is simple house. used to carry things.



When people go camping, A candle is a stick they go into an outdoor of wax with a wick area and sleep in a tent, that can burn. cabin or camper.

You can take pictures with a camera.


camp fire

A camp fire is a fire You can travel made during a and sleep in a campout; it is used to camper. cook food and to warm up people in cold weather.



A canoe is a small boat.

A compass always points north.

east East is a compass direction. East is opposite west.

lake A lake is a large body of water flashlight forest kayak A flashlight helps you A forest is a large A kayak is a small surrounded by land on all find your way in the dark. group of trees and boat with an lantern sides. Really A lantern is a device underbrush where opening in the many animals live. center for a person. huge lakes are that gives off light. often called seas.

mountain A mountain is a map very tall high, log A map shows the natural place on north A log is a short piece of a features of an area. Earth - higher North is a compass log cabin tree trunk. You can find your than a hill. The direction. North is A log cabin is a way around by tallest mountain opposite south. house made of logs. using a map. on Earth is Mt. Everest.

- 27 -


sleeping bag A sleeping bag is a fabric south sack you can sleep in. South is a compass direction. South is opposite from north.

A tent is a temporary shelter made of fabric.

water bottle


A water bottle holds water.

West is a compass direction. West is opposite east.

City-Related Words



art gallery


An alley is a narrow An ambulance takes sick You can see works An automobile is a car. road between people to the hospital. of art at an art buildings. gallery.

avenue An avenue is a wide street.

bus bank You can put your money in a bank for safe keeping.


bridge A bridge is a structure over water, or over another thing that is difficult to cross.

church You can travel in a Some people worship in car. churches.

building A building is a structure built by people.

city A city is a place where a lot of people live.

- 28 -

A bus is a large vehicle that can take many passengers to places.

cab Cab is another word for taxi.

crosswalk elevator A crosswalk is a An elevator carries marked area on a street where it is people and things up and down a tall safer to cross. building.

fire hydrant

factory Many items, like cars, are made in factories.


fire truck

Fire fighters on a Fire fighters hook a hose fire truck help put up to a fire hydrant to out fires. get water.

garbage truck A garbage truck picks up garbage and hauls it to the dump.

house Some people live in houses.

library intersection

Fire fighters hook a An intersection is a hose up to a fire where two or more hydrant to get water. things, like roads, meet.


lane A lane is a small road.


Libraries have books, tapes, and computer programs.

mail carrier A mail carrier delivers the mail.


obelisk A motorcycle has two Museums exhibit A neighborhood is market art, historic objects, An obelisk is a tall, wheels and can go the place where We can buy things at and scientific finds fassssttttttt! you and the people four-sided tower a market. - like dinosaur topped with a around you live. fossils. pyramid.

palace A palace is a huge house where a king or queen lives.

road A road is a wide path made for travelling.

stop sign stadium A stop sign is a traffic sign that tells A stadium is a large building in cars to stop moving before they which sports events are held. continue; it has eight sides.

school A school is a place where you learn things.

store A store is where we can buy things.

- 29 -


skyscraper A sidewalk is a A skyscraper is a paved path for very tall building. people to walk on.

street A street is a public road.

taxi People pay a taxi driver to drive them places.

traffic light

town A town is a very small city.



A truck is a vehicle A train has an urban A traffic light directs that can carry big engine that pulls Urban means traffic safely. Green loads. railroad cars along relating to or means go, yellow means a track. located in a city. prepare to stop, and red means stop.

van A van is a truck used wall village to haul people and A wall is a side of a A village is a very small things from one building or a room town. place to another. or a fence.

- 30 -

Clothing and Grooming-Related Words



A blouse is a backpack beads An apron protects shirt, a type of A backpack is a Beads are small objects clothing from garment worn bathing suit sack that is worn with a hole through them getting dirty. on the upper A bathing suit is a on the back and is so that they can be strung part of the body. garment you wear while used to carry together to make jewelry swimming. things. or other things.


button Boots are a type of bow bracelet A button is used shoe. Boots cover A bow is loops of braid A bracelet is jewelry to fasten the feet and part of ribbon or sting that A braid is three or more you wear on your wrist. clothes. the lower legs. are tied together. strands that are woven together into a rope-like shape.

cape cane


A cane is a walking stick.

A cap is a type of hat.

clothes hanger


A cape is a flowing piece of clothing that hangs loose on your shoulders.

change purse Coins are carried in a change purse.

clothes People wear clothes.


A crown is a coat costume Clothespins are fancy hat worn We hang up A coat helps you keep People wear costumes to used to hang wet clothes on clothes warm when it is cold. pretend they are someone by kings and laundry on a queens. hangers. or something else. clothes line to dry.

- 31 -

dress A dress is a piece of clothing with a top and a skirt.

earmuffs Earmuffs keep your ears warm.



Glasses help Eyeglasses help some earring some people see Earrings are jewelry for people see more clearly. more clearly. the ears.

hat hairbrush


A hairbrush is used to gown We wear gloves to brush and untangle hair. protect our hands. A gown is a fancy dress.

hanger We hang up clothes on hangers

Some hats protect you from the sun. Some hats are just for fun!

ice skate

iron When you wear helmet Irons press the wrinkles A helmet protects ice skates, you can out of clothes. glide across ice. your head.



Jewels sparkle and shine.

Rings, pins, earrings and necklaces are jewelry.

kimono A kimono is a beautiful gown worn by Japanese women.

means washing Laundry is put in and drying clothes. laundry baskets.

A jacket is a short coat.

knitting Sweaters and socks are made by knitting.



Doing the laundry laundry basket


loafers Loafers are a type of slip-on shoe.

- 32 -

Lorgnettes are glasses (or opera glasses, which are small binoculars) that are mounted on a handle. This type of glasses was used a long time ago.

jeans Jeans are pants made from denim fabric.

lace Lace is a very delicate fabric.

mitten Mittens keep your hands warm.

overalls mortar board A mortar board is necklace a square hat that is A necklace is worn by people jewelry for your when they neck. graduate from school.



necktie A necktie is a narrow band of fabric tied around the neck.

nightgown A nightgown is a long, loose garment worn to bed.

pin pants

An overcoat will Some people wear Pants are clothes that keep you warm pajamas to bed at cover the legs and up to night. when it is cold. the waist.

A pin is a small, sharp piece of metal used in sewing.

Overalls are baggy pants with shoulder straps and a piece of fabric covering the chest.

purse A purse is a small bag in which some girls and women carry their money and other things.

sew raincoat A raincoat keeps you dry when it rains.

You can sew safety pin using a needle A safety pin is a scarf and thread. type of pin that is sandals A scarf is a piece of cloth Clothes are used to fasten Sandals are open shoes that people wear around made by clothes and worn in warm weather. their neck or on their sewing. diapers. head.

silk shirt sewing machine Some shirts have A sewing machine short sleeves, sews stitches very some have long quickly and easily. sleeves, and some The sewing have no sleeves at machine was all. invented in 1846 by Elias Howe.

Silk is a delicate thread that is shoe shorts used to make People wear shoes on Shorts are pants that reach fine fabric. Silk their feet. above or around the is obtained from knees. the cocoon of the silkworm moth.

- 33 -

spectacles slipper A slipper is a skirt A skirt is a piece casual shoe worn of clothing that is around the house. worn on the lower part of the body.

suitcase When you travel, suit you carry your A suit is a set of clothing in a matching clothes. suitcase.

t-shirt A t-shirt is a simple shirt without buttons or a collar.

sneaker A sneaker is a type of shoe used for many sports.

sock We wear socks under our shoes.

sunglasses Sunglasses help to protect your eyes from too much sunlight.

tie A tie is a narrow band of swimsuit fabric tied A swimsuit is a garment around the neck. you wear while swimming.

tutu Ballerinas sometimes wear tutus when they dance.




An umbrella protects you from the rain.

An undershirt is a shirt that is sometimes worn under clothes.


watch A vest is a A watch is a small clock sleeveless piece of A uniform is a you can take with you to wallet clothing that is special outfit worn tell time. usually worn over People carry money in a by members of a wallet. a shirt. group. uniform

yarn Sweaters are made zipper out of yarn. You can open and close a zipper.

- 34 -

Spectacles is another word for glasses.

People wear underwear under their clothes.

wig A wig is fake hair.


backpack A backpack is a sack that is worn on the back and is used to carry things.

box A box can hold things.

bag You can put things in a bag.


barrel A barrel is a large, wooden container.




Some food and A container can A bucket is a container drinks come in cage hold things. with a handle. cans. Some people keep birds in cages.

cork A cork is used as a bottle stopper. It is made from tree bark.

egg carton


An egg carton holds eggs and keep them from breaking.

An envelope holds a letter.




A lid is a top for a pan or other container.

An oilcan is a container for oil.


carton Some liquids (like milk and orange juice) are packaged in cartons.


A bottle is a You can carry things in a container with a basket. narrow neck and mouth.

jar Jars are containers with a large opening and a lid.


A sack is a A package is a A pail is a container with container. You wrapped box that a handle. can put things in contains something. a sack.



urn Some pastes and gels When you travel, trunk you carry your A trunk is a very large (like toothpaste) come in An urn is a large A fine mist of liquid vase. tubes. clothing in a traveling case. comes out of a spray suitcase. can. spray can

- 35 -

vase Vases are holders for flowers.


watering can

A vat is a large tub that holds liquids.

You can water plants with a watering can.

water bottle A water bottle holds water.


aileron abacus

Ailerons are the outer flaps on the An abacus is a ancient device that rear surface of the wings of an airpane. is used for Ailerons are used to arithmetic keep the airplane calculations. from rollling from side to side.

airplane Airplanes fly in the sky.

camera bulb A light bulb turns electricity into light.

You can take pictures with a camera.


can opener A can opener is a device that opens cans.

engine A device is a piece The engine of a fan of equipment that engine train pulls the A fan is a machine does a job. For The engines of an airplane railroad cars along that makes a example, a can propel it through the air. the track. breeze. opener is a device that opens cans.


flashlight A flashlight helps you find your way in the dark.

freezer A freezer keeps things icy.

A funnel is a device that lets you pour things from one container to another.

- 36 -


incandescent light bulb

A gyroscope is a spinning An incandescent wheel set in a movable light bulb turns frame. When the wheel electricity into light spins, it is very hard to as an electric move the gyroscope - it current causes a essentially stays in its filament to glow in original orientation. an air-free enclosure.

iron inventor An inventor designs and creates new, useful things.

Irons press the wrinkles out of clothes.

magnifying glass


lock A magnifying glass A joystick is used You can lock and unlock a is a lens that makes to play some lock with a key. things look larger computer games. than they really are.


microscope microwave oven A microscope lets you see Microwave ovens heat up very tiny things. food quickly.

radar radio Radar is a device that uses A radio lets you hear reflected radio waves to broadcast music and talk located objects at a shows. distance. Radar is short for "radio detection and ranging."

padlock pliers You can see your You can lock and unlock a Pliers are tools that reflection in a padlock with a key. hold things. mirror.

remote control


A rocket is a refrigerator A remote control lets you machine that A refrigerator is a operate a machine from propels itself into machine that far away. space. keeps food cold.


safety pin A safety pin is a type of pin that is used to fasten clothes and diapers.

scale A scale is a machine for weighing things.

In sonar (also called echolocation), a highpitched sound (usually sewing clicks) is sent out. The machine telephone A sewing machine sound bounces off the You can talk with sews stitches very object and some returns. people who are far The returning echo is quickly and away by using a interpreted to determine easily. The telephone. the object's shape, sewing machine direction, distance, and was invented in texture. Dolphins (and 1846 by Elias other toothed whales) and Howe. some bats use sonar to navigate and find prey.

- 37 -

telescope A telescope is a optical device that makes faraway objects appear closer and larger, allowing us to see distant objects in space.

television A television is a machine that receives pictures and sounds. People watch and listen to shows on television.


toaster A thermometer is A toaster is a machine that used for telling heats up slices of bread, what the making toast. temperature is.

vacuum cleaner A vacuum cleaner is a device used to clean rugs and floors.

yoke A yoke is a device that holds two working animals (like oxen) together.

Farm-Related Words cat

barn A barn is a farm building where animals bull and animal feed are A bull is a male cow. kept.


calf A calf is a young cow.


chick A chick is a baby chicken. Some other baby birds are also called chicks.

bunny A bunny is a young rabbit.

chicken A chicken is a farm animal.


Most of the milk we drink comes from cows.



Cats are mammals and are great pets. Cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians.


Dogs wag Donkeys can be very their tails stubborn. when they're happy.

farmer farm animals

Farmers produce Ducks are birds that Farms are where plants A duckling is a young food by growing have webbed feet and a are grown and animals Farm animals plants and tending duck. flattened bill. They are raised. animals. are very swim well and live near useful to the water. people.

- 38 -

fence A fence is a type of barrier.

hoe A hoe is a garden tool.



Geese are migrating birds that honk!

A gosling is a baby goose.


honey bee


Honey bees are insects that live in a hive and make honey.

Horses are very fast runners.

A hog is a hoofed mammal that is similar to a pig.


hen A hen is a female chicken. Hens lay eggs.

horseshoe A horseshoe is a metal protector for a horse's hoof.



A kid is a young goat.

haystack A haystack is a big pile of hay.

Milk comes ox lamb A kitten is a young from cows Oxen are large, A lamb is a baby sheep. cat. and other hairy mammals that mammals. live in the far north.





A piglet is a young pig.

A puppy is a young dog.



A scarecrow is a figure of a person that is made of straw. It is used to scare crows away from crops.

Sheep are farm animals that are raised for wool and meat.

sheepdog, old English

Pigs are hoofed mammals that oink!

The old English sheepdog is an affectionate, longhaired dog that was originally bred in Great Britain.

- 39 -

rooster A rabbit is a A rooster is a male small, cute chicken. mammal with big ears.

shovel Shovels are used to dig.

silo A silo is a building in which bulk food, like wheat, is stored.

tractor A tractor is a powerful well vehicle that can pull a A well is a deep hole plow or other farm in the ground from tools. which you get water.

Flower-Related Words: Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

carnation bluebell Bluebells are bellshaped flowers.



California poppy

A plant bulb wil sprout The California poppy is a A bouquet is a into a new plant. Tulips small, cup-shaped flower bunch of flowers. grow from bulbs. that lives in dry areas.

flower daisy daffodil The daffodil is a yellow flower that blooms early in the spring.

The daisy is a pretty flower.

dandelion Dandelions are weeds with pretty yellow flowers that turn into seed puff-balls.

- 40 -

A flower makes seeds. Flowers are a plant's reproductive organs. Hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other animals drink the sweet nectar that is made by flowers.

A carnation is a flower; it can be white, pink, or red.

forget-menots Forget-me-nots are plants that have beautiful blue flowers.

greenhouse A greenhouse is a iris building, usually nasturtium garden Irises are beautiful made out of glass, Nasturtiums are Plants grow in a in which people flowers with long, thin, lily plants with garden. A lily is a funnel-shaped flat leaves. grow plants. Some bright, pretty flower. flowers are grown flowers and in greenhouses. round leaves.


orchid Orchids are colorful flowers that live in warm areas.

poppy A poppy is a delicate flower.


The rose is a beautiful seed The roots are the parts flower with a sweet scent. Seeds grow into of a plant that gets plants. water and other nutrients from the soil. Roots also store energy and provide support for the plant. Most roots grow underground.

yucca tulip stem The stem is the part of a plant that provides support for the plant.

Venus flytrap

The tulip is a cup- The Venus flytrap is a plant that catches and shaped flower. digests bugs.

zinnia Zinnias are pretty flowers. - 41 -

violets Violets are deep purple flowers.

Yucca is a flowering plant with stiff leaves; it lives in dry areas.

Food-Related Words: Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Appleseed, Johnny Johnny Appleseed was a legendary man who almond artichoke An apple is a planted apple trees The artichoke is a spiny, An almond is a juicy fruit that through the USA. His type of nut. green vegetable. grows on an apple real name was John tree. Chapman, but he was called Johnny Appleseed because of his love for growing apple trees.


avocado The avocado is an oily, green fruit; it is sometimes called the alligator pear. Avocados grow on trees in warm areas.

batter bagel




banana A bagel is a A baker bakes Bananas are a sweet, chewy kind of food in the oven, yellow fruit. roll. like breads, cakes, and cookies.

A batter is an uncooked, liquid mixture of flour, eggs, butter and other birthday cake ingredients. When a Birthday cakes are batter is cooked, it sweet and delicious! becomes solid. Cookies, cakes, and muffins are made from batter.

bread Blackberries are You can eat soup Bread is made from breakfast dark-colored, or cereal in a flour and is baked in an broccoli Breakfast is a meal that edible berries bowl. oven. is eaten in the morning. Broccoli is a green that grow on vegetable. prickly vines.

bubble gum

butter bun

You can chew bubble gum and A bun is a sweet roll. blow bubbles.

cake Butter is a rich spread candy Cake is a sweet dessert. made from cream. Candy is very sweet.

- 42 -



celery A carrot is an Cauliflower is a Celery is a crisp, green cheese orange vegetable white vegetable; vegetable. Cheese is a food made that grows it is related to from milk. underground. broccoli.



chopsticks Chocolate is a Cherries are a Chopsticks are eating sweet, tangy, red tasty treat made utensils used by many from cocoa beans fruit. people in Asia. and sugar.


chef A chef cooks food.


Cookies are small, Coffee is a drink made sweet, baked treats. from roasted coffee beans.

corn Corn is a yellow vegetable you can eat on its cob. cork Corn was grown A cork is used as by Native a bottle stopper. Americans for It is made from thousands of tree bark. years before the Europeans settled in North America.



A cornucopia, also Cream is the richest called a horn of plenty, cotton candy part of milk. Butter is a horn-shaped basket Cotton candy is a sweet and ice cream are that is filled with fruit treat that is spun from made from cream. and grains. It is a sugar. symbol of abundance and prosperity.

cucumber Cucumber is a cuisine cool, crisp A cuisine is a vegetable that is style of preparing good in salad. food.

dessert Desserts are sweet treats.

cupboard Things are stored in cupboards.

cup You can drink from a cup.

cupcake A cupcake is a tiny cake.

doughnut diet

Doughnuts are sweet dinner dish A balanced diet is Dinner is a meal that is We eat food on a dish. and have a hole in their middle. good for you. eaten in the evening.

- 43 -


egg carton drink People need to drink water every day.


An egg carton holds eggs and keep them from breaking.

eat We eat when we are hungry.


Flour is ground We eat food to food pyramid up grain (like get energy and to The food pyramid is a wheat). Bread is grow. diagram that lets you made from flour. know the US government's recommended diet.


Many animals hatch from eggs. Dinosaurs hatched from eggs. People eat a lot of chicken eggs.

food web The food web (or food chain) is all of the interactions between predators and prey in which plants and animals obtain food.

eggplant An eggplant is a purple vegetable.

fork Forks are used for eating solid food.


Fruit is the part of Gingerbread is a spicy frying pan some plants that You can cook food in a cookie. Gingerbread freezer contains the men and gingerbread frying pan. A freezer keeps seeds. Apples, women are cookies things icy. strawberries, shaped like little people. oranges, and bananas are fruit.

glass We drink out of glasses.

grapefruit Grapefruits are a grapes ham type of citrus Grapes are Ham is a type of green bean fruit that delicious fruit that grater meat that comes A green bean is a long, sometime squirt grow on vines. A grater is a tool used thin, green vegetable. It from the top part of a you when you to cut food into tiny pig's leg. is pod that contains eat them. pieces. bean seeds. It is also called a string bean.

- 44 -

hot dog


A hot dog is a type of A hamburger is a honey cooked meat in the cooked patty of Honey is a sweet shape of a sausage; it is ground beef, usually served in substance made usually served in a long by bees. bun. a bun.

ice cream



When you're hungry, you want to eat some food.

Ice is frozen water.

ice cream cone

An ice cream Ice cream is cone is nice to eat cold, creamy, iced tea on a hot summer and sweet treat. Iced tea is a cold drink. day.



Jellybeans are colorful and sweet.

A jug holds a liquid, like water.

knife You can cut things with a kiwi knife. The kiwi is a tangy fruit that grows in warm areas.


juice Juice is pressed from fruit or vegetables.

jam Jam is a spread made from fruit.

kettle A kettle is a pot in which you boil water.

lemon A lemon is a sour, yellow fruit. ladle A ladle is a large spoon used to serve soup and gravy.

jelly Jelly is a spread made from fruit juice.

kitchen People prepare and store food in a kitchen.

lemonade Lemonade is a drink made from water, lemon juice, and sugar.


lunch lollipop Lettuce is a leafy licorice A lime is a sour, green A lollipop is candy on a Lunch is a meal vegetable that is Licorice is a type citrus fruit. eaten in the middle stick. good in salads. of candy. of the day.

lunch box Some people carry their lunch in a lunch box.

macaroni Macaroni is a tube-shaped noodle.

measuring cup meal Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are meals.

- 45 -

A measuring cup is useful in baking and cooking.

meat Meat is a type of food that comes from animals. Some types of meat are beef and ham.


microwave oven

muffin milk

Muffins are small, Melons are fruits Milk comes from cows baked goods made from that have a rind. Microwave ovens and other mammals. a batter. heat up food quickly.



noodles nectarine Mushrooms are After you eat, you Noodles are flat strips A nectarine is a sweet, fast-growing can clean your juicy fruit with smooth of pasta. Noodles were fungi. They grow face with a invented in China. skin; it is related to the in dark, damp napkin. peach. places.

olive oatmeal Oatmeal is a cereal.


oil Oil is a greasy liquid.


Oranges are Onions are sharp sweet, juicy fruit. tasting vegetables.

oyster The oyster is a soft-bodied marine animal that is protected by two hard shells.

pan You can cook food in a pan.


mug A mug is a large cup.

nut A nut is a dry seed or fruit with a hard shell.


An olive is an oily fruit that grows on an evergreen tree.

An omelet is a dish made from eggs.

An omnivore is an animal that eats plants and meat. People are omnivores

orange juice


oven mitt



Orange juice is made Ovens get very hot. You An oven mitt from oranges. protects your hand can bake food in an when you put things oven. in or out of an oven.

paper plate

Pasta is a type of food Peaches are sweet, A paper plate is a juicy fruit with fuzzy made from flour. disposable plate that is skin. Spaghetti and macaroni made out of paper. are types of pasta. People use paper plates at picnics. - 46 -



The pear is a Peanuts grow sweet fruit with a undergound; they are thin skin. a type of legume.



pea pod Peas grow in pea pods.



Peas are small, round Pepper is a spice that vegetables. many people use to season their food.



A pepper is a sharppitcher Pizza is made of A pie is a dessert A pickle is a tasting, hollow A pitcher is a dough that is covered that is made with cucumber that is vegetable. Peppers can preserved in brine. fruit and has a crust. container for pouring with tomato sauce be red, green, yellow, liquids. and cheese; it is and orange. baked in an oven.



A plum is a sweet, A plate is a flat dish juicy, purple fruit. on which we put food.



Potatoes are starchy Pretzels are salty, vegetables that grow knotted snacks. undergound.

raisin radish A radish is a sharptasting vegetable that grows underground.

Raisins are dried grapes.

pod Peas grow in pea pods.

prune A prune is a dried plum.



People cook food in A popsicles is a pots. sweet, frozen treat on a stick.

pumpkin The pumpkin is a large, orange vegetable that grows on a vine.

pumpkin pie Pumpkin pie is a dessert made from pumpkins.

recipe raspberry Raspberries are a type of edible berry that grows on a prickly vine.

- 47 -

A recipe is a set of instructions for making a type of food.

refrigerator A refrigerator is a machine that keeps food cold.



roll rolling pin A salad is a type of Rice is a food. It is a A roll is a small A rolling pin is used food that is usually grain that grows in piece of baked to roll out dough. made with lettuce warm, wet soil. Rice is dough. and other vegetables. an important food in much of Asia.

salt Salt is an important crystalline mineral that we use to season our food.

sandwich A sandwich is cheese, peanutbutter, meat, or another filling between two slices of bread.

salami Salami is a type of salty, spicy meat product, usually made from beef and/or pork.



Soup is a type of Sausage is a type of slice When something is food. Vegetable soup meat. sliced, thin pieces are and chicken soup are two kinds of soup. cut from it.

spoon spatula

A spoon is used A spatula is a tool that for eating food has a wide, flat end. like soup and cereal.


string bean

The strawberry is a sweet, red fruit.

A string bean is a long, thin, green vegetable. It is pod that contains bean seeds. It is also called a green bean.

squash Squash grows in warm weather.

steak Steak is a slice of meat.


A sunflower is a plant that turns to face the sun.

Sugar is a sweet food.

- 48 -


stove You can cook food on a stove.

tea Tea is a drink that is brewed from tea leaves.


tomato A toaster is a teapot Tomatoes are soft machine that heats You can brew tea in a and tangy; they up slices of bread, teapot. grow on vines. making toast.

tuna The tuna is a very large, bony fish that turkey lives in the ocean. Turkeys are large People eat a lot of birds that nest on the tuna. ground.

water Water is a liquid that we drink and use to utensils walnut wash. Water covers Utensils are tools used vinegar A walnut is an edible vegetable over two thirds of the in the kitchen, like Vinegar is a sour nut from the walnut Vegetables are surface of the Earth, knives, forks, and liquid that is used to tree. very good for you. and much of our spoons. flavor or preserve body is made of foods. water.

watermelon water bottle A water bottle holds water.

yam Yams are sweet vegetables that grow underground.

Watermelon is a large, delicious, red fruit with a thick green rind.



Wheat is a grain. Flour is made from ground-up wheat.

A whisk is used to beat eggs or batter.

wok A wok is a cooking pot used in Asia.

yolk The yolk of an egg zucchini is yellow and Zucchini is a type of squash. Yogurt is a dairy contains stored food food made from for a bird or reptile before it hatches. milk.


Furniture Words chair armchair An armchair is a chair with arms.

bed People sleep in beds.



A few people can sit on a bench.

Books are stored in bookcases.

- 49 -

A chair is a piece of furniture that people sit on.

couch A couch is a big, soft cradle piece of furniture A cradle is a small bed that many people can for a baby. sit on.

footstool cupboard Things are stored in cupboards.

A footstool is a dresser A dresser is a piece small piece of furniture. of furniture in which you can store things.



stool A sofa is a large, soft Tables, chairs, sofas, shelf A stool is a seat piece of furniture grandfather clock and beds are A shelf is a small that many people can with neither A grandfather clock is platform on which furniture. arms nor a back. sit on. a large, free-standing things can be placed. pendulum clock.

table A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and legs.

Geology-Related Words crystal atom Everything is made up of tiny atoms.

Crystals are solids whose atoms form a very regular pattern.

diamond A diamond is a very hard, shiny jewel.


emerald An emerald is a hard, shiny, deep green jewel.

geology gold A geyser is a glacier Geology is the Gold is a precious natural hot spring A glacier is a large, study of the Earth's metal. Coins and that occasionally slowly-moving river jewelry are made from structure, including sprays water and of ice. gold. The Sacajawea US steam above the rocks and minerals. dollar coin above looks ground. like gold.

- 50 -

gem Gems sparkle and shine.

granite Granite is a common type of igneous rock. Granite is formed in a slow cooling process.

impact crater limestone igneous rock Impact craters are iron Limestone is a type of When molten rock the remains of lava Iron is a common sedimentary rock that collisions between cools, igneous metal that is used for Lava is molten rock. It is made of the an asteroid or rock is formed. comes out of erupting skeletons of tiny meteorite and the many things, like train volcanoes. tracks, pots, and microorganisms. Earth. pipes.


metal A metal is an element metamorphic rock marble magnet that has a crystalline Metamorphic rocks Marble is a A magnet attracts structure when it is solid are compacted by beautiful things made of form. Many metals are pressure and heat from metamorphic rock. shiny and many conduct iron. deep inside the earth. electricity. Some metals include iron, copper, silver, and gold.

pebble A pebble is a small, smooth stone.




A rock is a stone. The Quartz is a Earth's crust is made common crystalline of rock. mineral.

sedimentary rock

A mineral is a naturallyoccurring solid whose molecules form a regular pattern (usually forming crystals). Some common minerals include quartz, salt, diamond, and feldspar.



A ruby is a hard, shiny, red jewel.

Salt is an important crystalline mineral that we use to season our food.

solid silver

Sand is a loose Sedimentary rock Silver is a valuable is rock that has material metal; it is also the formed from composed of fine shiniest metal. Some debris of rock and sediment and is coins and jewelry are mineral particles. where most fossils made from silver. are found.

- 51 -

A solid is a matter in which the molecules are very close together soil and cannot move Plants grow in soil. around. Ice, quartz, and diamonds are solids.

tsunami stone


A stone is a rock.

A streak is a long mark or stripe of color.


A tsunami is a rare, A volcano is a giant series of waves mountainous vent in caused by an the Earth's crust. underwater When a volcano earthquake or other erupts, it spews out large-scale, lava, ashes, and hot underwater gases from deep inside disturbance. the Earth.

water Water is a liquid that we drink and use to wash. Water covers over two thirds of the surface of the Earth, and much of our body is made of water.

well A well is a deep hole in the ground from which you get water.

House-Related Words armchair


bench bookcase An armchair is a You take a bath in a bed bathtub. chair with arms. People sleep in beds. A few people can sit on Books are stored a bench. in bookcases.

carpet brick This fireplace is made out of bricks.


can opener

You can sweep the floor with a broom.

A can opener is a device that opens cans.



A carpet is a floor covering made of woven yarn or thick fabric.


chair A chair is a piece of furniture that people sit on.

cradle China is well-made Clothespins are used A couch is a big, soft A cradle is a small A chimney is a pottery that was first to hang wet laundry piece of furniture that bed for a baby. structure in which on a clothes line to many people can sit on. made in China. you can build a dry. fire. - 52 chimney

cuckoo clock



A cuckoo clock Curtains are cloth Drapes are cloth cupboard door has a mechanical Things are stored in hung on and around a You can go in and out hung on and bird that sings window. around a window. cupboards. through a door. every hour.



A dresser is a piece fan You can turn water of furniture in A fan is a machine flow on or off at a which you can that makes a breeze. faucet. store things.



A footstool is a small piece of furniture.

People put pictures and photos in frames to protect them and make them look nice.



Plants grow in a garden.

hut A hut is a small, simple shelter.

fence A fence is a type of barrier.

furniture freezer A freezer keeps things icy.

You can make a fire in a fireplace to keep you warm.

garbage can

Tables, chairs, sofas, Garbage cans hold and beds are furniture. garbage.



grandfather clock Home is where you live. Some people live

A gate is a door in a A grandfather clock is fence. a large, free-standing pendulum clock.

igloo An igloo is a house made out of blocks of ice. Brr!


in houses.

key kettle A kettle is a pot in which you boil water.

- 53 -

We use keys to lock and unlock doors.

kitchen People prepare and store food in a kitchen.



lawn mower

living room

log cabin

A lamp gives out A lawn is a place You can cut the grass A living room is a large A log cabin is a light. outside where grass with a lawn mower. room in an apartment or house made of logs. house. grows.


microwave oven

You can wipe your Microwave ovens shoes on a floor heat up food mat. quickly.

oven mitt




You can see your reflection in a mirror. mobile A mobile is a hanging sculpture.



Ovens get very hot. You can bake food in an oven.


The roof is the top A room is a part An oven mitt A pillow is a soft Quilts keep you warm covering of a building. of a building that protects your hand cushion that you can at night. is separated off by when you put rest upon. walls. things in or out of an oven.

rug A rug is a floor covering made of woven yarn or thick fabric.


shelf A shelf is a small platform on which things can be placed.

shower When you shower, you wash your body in a stream of falling water.



We can wash our hands Soap and water help clean things. at a sink.


stool A sofa is a large, sponge A table is a piece A stool is a seat with soft piece of Sponges are stove of furniture with a neither arms nor a furniture that many absorbent objects You can cook food on a flat top and legs. back. people can sit on. used to clean things. stove.

- 54 -

toaster A toaster is a machine that heats up slices of bread, making toast.

wastebasket People throw trash in a wastebasket.


trash can

Toilets are in bathrooms.

A trash can holds garbage.

welcome mat You can wipe your shoes on a welcome mat.

window A window is a glass-covered opening in a wall or vehicle. You can see out a window.

- 55 -

wall vacuum cleaner A wall is a side of a building or a A vacuum cleaner is a room or a fence. device used to clean rugs and floors.

yard A yard is a small outside area.

In the Sea: Ocean-Related Words

blue whale African penguin The African penguin is a small, flightless bird that lives on islands off the coast of southern Africa.

anchor An anchor is a heavy metal device that holds a ship in place.

cookiecutter shark conch The conch is a large, shelled animal from warm seas.

The cookiecutter shark is a small shark that takes circular bites out of its prey. Also known as the luminous or cigar shark.

blue shark boat Boats float in the water.

The blue shark is a sleek, fast-swimming shark with blue skin.

The blue whale is the biggest animal that ever lived. It eats tiny food that it sieves through baleen.

coral Coral is a tiny ocean animal that lives in colonies. Some corals leave a hard, stony skeleton when they die.

crab coral reef Coral reefs are warm, clear, shallow ocean habitats that are rich in life.

In the Sea: Ocean-Related Words

- 56 -

A crab has a hard shell and eyes on stalks on its head.

cuttlefish The cuttlefish is a close relative of the octopus and the squid.

coral reef Coral reefs are warm, clear, shallow ocean habitats that are rich in life.

eel The eel is a long, snake-like fish.

fin Fish use their fins to swim.

beluga whale basking shark The beluga is a small, white, toothed angelshark The basking shark is huge whale that lives mostly in cold, angelfish Angelfish are brightly-colored Angelsharks are sharks and eats very tiny animals arctic waters. that have flat bodies that float in the ocean. fish that live in warm water. and live on the ocean floor.

dogfish shark The dogfish shark is a small, very common shark that is found all over the world. It is not dangerous to people.

echolocation In echolocation (also called sonar), a dolphin high-pitched sound (usually clicks) is A dolphin is a marine dugong sent out. The sound bounces off the mammal with a long Dugongs are gentle, slow- object and some returns. The returning nose and teeth. swimming, aquatic echo is interpreted to determine the Dolphins are whales. mammals. object's shape, direction, distance, and texture. Dolphins (and other toothed whales) and some bats use sonar to navigate and find prey.

emperor angelfish The emperor angelfish elephant seal The elephant seal is a huge seal is a brightly-colored, that lives in the Pacific Ocean. flattened fish that lives in shallow warm waters.

fin whale The fin whale is a very large baleen whale. It is the second largest animal in the world.

fiddler crab The fiddler crab is small crab that lives on beaches. The male fiddler crab emperor penguin The emperor penguin is has one enlarged claw. the largest penguin; it lives on ice packs in Antarctica.

flipper Flippers are wide, flat fish limbs that many marine Fish live in the water and breathe with gills. animals use for swimming. Seals and whales have flippers.

flukes The tail of whales and dolphins is called the flukes (each half of the tail is called a fluke). Flukes have no bones in them. Whales swim by moving their flukes up and down in the water (fish move their tail left to right).

gray whale giant squid Giant Squid swim deep in the oceans. They have ten arms and their eyes are the size of basketballs.

The gray whale is a baleen whale that goblin shark eats tiny organisms great white shark Gills are organs that fish and amphibians use The Goblin shark from the mud on The Great White shark is a to breathe underwater. has a very long the bottom on the large, meat-eating fish. snout. ocean.


- 57 -


harp seal hammerhead shark The harp seal is a

The hammerhead shark marine mammal Gulls are birds has a head shaped like a that lives in the that live near hammer. North Atlantic oceans and and in the Arctic lakes. Ocean.

horseshoe crab The horseshoe crab is a hardshelled animal that lives in warm coastal waters on the sea floor.

humpback whale

hatchetfish Hatchetfish are oddly-shaped fish hermit crab from South and Hermit crabs are crabs that Central America. lack a hard shell; they use a discarded shell for protection.

intertidal zone

Humpbacks are The intertidal zone jellyfish very acrobatic hull is where the sea Jellyfish are animals that whales that sing meets the land, the have stinging tentacles. The hull is the main beautiful, body or frame of a ship. area between high complex songs. tide and low tide.

killer whale Killer whales are also known as krill kelp orcas. These Krill are small Kelp is brown seaweed whales eats marine animals that keel that grows in cold hundreds of are eaten by many The keel is the water. pounds of fish big animals, bottom of a and marine including some ship. mammals every whales. day.

lemon shark The lemon shark is a yellowish shark.



The limpet is a marine A lobster lives on animal with a soft body the ocean floor and a flattened, cone- and has five pairs of legs. Lobsters shaped shell. have blue blood.

- 58 -

lanternfish Lanternfish are fish that have light-producing organs and very large eyes.

lobtailing Lobtailing is when a whale sticks its tail out of the water into the air, swings the tail around, and then slaps the tail on the water's surface. Lobtailing makes a very loud noise.

macaroni penguin The macaroni penguin is a penguin from the Antarctic that has a yellow, feathery crest on its head.


mako shark The mako shark is a very fast shark with bluish skin.

manatee Manatees are gentle, slow-swimming, aquatic mammals.

manta ray The Portuguese Manta rays are man-of-war is a floating colony of harmless fish and are related to animals that has very long, stinging sharks. Mantas are tentacles. It lives in the biggest rays. warm ocean waters.

marine mammals Marine mammals live in the sea and breathe air. Seals, sea lions, whales, and others are marine mammals.


nurse shark The nautilus is a narwhal moray eel The nurse shark is a octopus sea animal The narwhal is an The moray eel large predator that Octopi have eight arms related to the Arctic whale; the male is a long, lives in warm water and live on the sea floor. squid and has a huge tooth. snake-like fish in coral reefs. octopus! that has circular gills.

orca Orcas are also known as killer whales. An orca eats hundreds of pounds of fish and marine mammals every day.

plankton Plankton are tiny organisms that float in the seas and other bodies of water. Plankton is the base of the oceanic food web.

otter An otter is a playful aquatic mammal.

oyster The oyster is a soft-bodied pelican marine animal The pelican is fishthat is protected eating bird with a penguin by two hard huge, pouched bill. Penguins are birds that cannot fly but swim very well. shells.

polar bear pod A group of whales is called a pod.

Polar bears are large meat-eaters live in the far north. They have clear-colored hair and black skin.

- 59 -

porpoise A porpoise is a marine mammal with a long nose and teeth. They are also known as dolphins; they are a type of toothed whales.

porthole A porthole is a window in a ship.

propeller A propeller is a device with blades that is prow turned by an The prow is front part engine; it of a ship. makes boats (and some airplanes) move.

pufferfish Also called queen conch blowfish, this The queen conch is poisonous fish a large, shelled can swallow animal from warm water to double seas. It is in danger its size. of extinction.

ray A ray is a flat fish that is related to the sharks. Many have a long tail that stings.


right whale

A sail is a large Right whales are baleen piece of strong rockhopper fabric that catches whales with a huge reef head and an arched penguin Reefs are the wind and mouth. They were The rockhopper propels a boat or warm, clear, almost hunted to penguin is a shallow ocean sailboard through extinction. small, aggressive, habitats that the water. crested bird that are rich in life. cannot fly.


sailboat A sailboat is a boat that has sails and is powered by the wind.


The sailfish is Scales are thin, hard, sand salmon sand dollar a deep-sea fish. overlapping plates on Sand is a loose Sand Dollars are some animals. Fish are It is the fastest Salmon are fish that material fish in the sea live in the sea and composed of fine coin-shaped spiny- covered with scales. skinned sea bed Butterfly wings are and can swim spawn in fresh water. debris of rock animals that have 5- made of scales. up to 68 miles and mineral part radial per hour (110 particles. symmetry. kph).

scallop Scallops are animals that have two shells and live on the ocean floor.

sea A sea is a large body of sea anemone salt water that is Scuba divers swim A sea snemone is a predatory connected to an ocean. A sea animal that looks like a under the water and sea may be partly or flower and lives on the ocean carry their own air in a tank on completely surrounded by floor. land. their back.

scuba diver

- 60 -

sea cow Sea cows (also called manatees) are gentle, slow-swimming, aquatic mammals.

sea cucumber Sea cucumbers are cylindershaped animals that live on the sea floor.

sea horse The sea horse is a very strange type The sea gull is the common name for some of fish - it has a long snout and a birds that live near curled tail. oceans and lakes.

sea gull

sea otter

seal Seals are animals that live in the sea lion ocean but breathe Sea lions are eared seals that air. They are marine live off the coast of western mammals. North America.


Sea otters are sea urchin sea star Seaweed is a plant marine The sea urchin is that lives in the sea. Sea stars, another name mammals with for starfish, are animals a spiny, globular very dense, that live on the ocean animal that lives waterproof fur. on the ocean floor. floor.

shell Some animals grow a shell for protection.

ship A ship is a very large boat.


shark Sharks are meat-eaters that have no bones, only cartilage (which is softer than bone) in their skeleton.


Shrimp are small A snail is a small, animals that live slow animal with its sponge in the water. own shell. A sponge is a primitive animal that lives in the water.

spyhopping Spyhopping is squid when a whale Squids swim in the starfish pokes its head oceans. They have ten Starfish (also up out of the arms and an ink sac. known as sea water and turns stars) are animals around, that live on the perhaps to look ocean floor. around.

- 61 -



A stingray is a flat A submarine is a vessel that fish with cartilage can travel underwater and instead of bones. Its carry people. sting is in its tail.

tern Terns are birds that are sometimes thresher shark When you swim, you called "sea The swordfish is The thresher shark has a a move around in the swallows." a large fish with a greatly-elongated top part of water. long, sharp bill. the tail.


sunfish The sunfish is a large fish with an almost circular, flattened body.

tiger shark Tiger sharks are large, fierce sharks that have faint stripes.



tuna The tuna is a very walrus large, bony fish A walrus is a tugboat that lives in the northern marine A tugboat is a sturdy ocean. People eat mammal with ivory boat that guides large a lot of tuna. tusks. boats in and out of harbors.

Water is a liquid that we drink and use to wash. Water covers over two thirds of the surface of the Earth, and much of our body is made of water.

whale shark Weddell seal


Whales are large The Weddell seal is a marine mammals. There are large, nocturnal marine Whales breathe waves of water mammal from air using lungs. in the ocean. Antarctica (near the South Pole).


Xiphias Xiphias is the group (genus) of swordfish, fast-swimming fish that have a long, sharp bill.

yacht A yacht is a very nice small ship.

zooplankton Zooplankton are tiny animals that float in the seas and other bodies of water.

- 62 -

The whale shark is the biggest shark and the biggest fish, but it eats tiny food whelk that it sieves through its gills. It Whelks are ocean animals is not a whale; it is with a hard, spiral shell. a shark.

At the Post Office: Mail-Related Words

address An address tells the Post Office where to bring a letter or package.


box A box can hold things.

paper mailbox


A mailbox is where you leave letters to be mailed.

A package is a wrapped box that contains something.


You can send An envelope holds a letter. a card to a friend.

letter You can write a letter to communicate with a person.


We write and scale A postcard is a card paint on A scale is a you can mail without paper. It is machine for an envelope. People made from weighing things. who collect post cards plant fibers, are called deltiologists. usually trees.

stamp You must put a stamp tape on a letter for it to be Tape is a long, sticky delivered. ribbon that is used to stick things together.

Math-Related Words 1+1=2 2+3=5

1+1=2 angle


An angle is the acute angle abacus addition amount of rotation An acute angle is arithmetic An abacus is an Addition is the it would take to less than 90 Arithmetic is the study of ancient device that is put one adding of degrees. addition, subtraction, used for arithmetic numbers to get intersecting line calculations. on top of another. multiplication, and division. their sum.

- 63 -



A cone is a shape circle billion chart that has a point at All of the points A billion is a thousand A chart is a one end and a on a circle are million. The Earth is diagram, like a circular opening the same billions of years old. graph or a table, distance from at the other end. that shows the In mathematics, the center. relationships this shape is a half between things. cone.



A cube is a solid A crescent is the shape geometric figure of the moon a little with six square before of after the time faces. of the new moon.

diamond A diamond is a diameter four-sided figure The diameter is the whose sides are longest distance from all the same one side of a circle (or length. People a sphere) to the other. play baseball on a diamond-shaped field.

cylinder curve A curve is a wavy line.

couple A couple refers to two people or two objects.


A cylinder is a The denominator is the figure with a long bottom number in a fraction. round body .

dividend The dividend is divisor the number that division The divisor is the number is divided (in Division is an that the dividend is divided long division). operation that by (in long division). The The dividend divides a number dividend divided by the divided by the into portions. divisor is the quotient (plus divisor is the a remainder). quotient (plus a remainder).

18 2x double dodecahedron A dodecahedron is a twelve-sided geometric solid whose faces are pentagons.

Double means twice or two times.

**** **** **** 12


Spiders have eight legs. Stop signs dozen have eight sides. Dozen is another word for twelve.

- 64 -

****** ****** ****** eighteen Eighteen is the number between seventeen and nineteen.

11 80


***** ******


equilateral triangle When two things ellipse The sides of an equilateral Eighty is the number An ellipse is a are equal they are triangle are all the same between seventy-nine flattened circle. exactly the same length. and eighty-one. in number, eleven quality, or Eleven is ten plus amount. one. eighty

0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, ... even number An even number is divisible by two.

five People have five fingers on each hand.

15 ***** ***** *****


Fahrenheit is a measure of first temperature that The first person fifteen is abbreviated F. or thing comes Fifteen is the Water freezes at before the number after 32째F and boils at others. fourteen (14) and 212째F. before sixteen (16). 40 14 ********** ******* ********** ******* ********** fourteen ********** Fourteen is the forty four Forty is the number Squares have four number after thirteen (13) and before after thirty nine (39) sides. Cats and dogs fifteen (15). and before forty one have four legs. (41).

50 ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** fifty Fifty is the number after forty nine (49) and before fifty one (51).

fractal Fractals are patterns within patterns within patterns.



greater than fraction A fraction is a part of a whole. Half of an apple is a fraction of an apple. The top number in a fraction is called the numerator; the bottom number in a fraction is called the denominator.

The mathematical symbol > means geometry half "greater than." Geometry is the When something is divided When one number mathematical graph is greater than a into two equal parts, each of study of points, A graph is a second number, these two parts is half of the lines, angles, and diagram that original object. the first one is solids. shows bigger than the relationships second. For between things. example, 4 is greater than 2, or 4 > 2.


- 65 -

100 heart The heart is a shape that often symbolizes love.

hexagon hexaflexagon A hexagon is a


A hexaflexagon is One hundred is six-sided a folded the number A heptagon is a figure. geometric figure seven-sided Beehives have after 99 and that can be before 101. figure. hexagonal "flexed" to cells. expose its many sides.


< less than

icosahedron An icosahedron is a twenty-sided geometric solid.

The mathematical isosceles symbol < triangle means "less An isosceles than." When line segment kite triangle has two A kite is a four- one number is A line segment is a portion of a sides that are the sided figure in less than a line. same length and which the two second number, two angles that pairs of adjacent the first one is are the same. smaller than sides have the the second. For same length. example, 1 is less than 2, or 1 < 2. 5










magic square long division In a magic square, the In long division, the dividend is divided by the divisor, rows, columns, and resulting in a quotient plus a remainder. diagonals all add up to the same number.

million A million is a thousand thousands. The mathematics Mathematics is the study dinosaurs lived of numbers, shapes, millions of years ago. patterns, and logical reasoning.

minus The mathematical symbol - means "minus." Four minus three is written, 4 - 3.


Mรถbius strip A Mรถbius strip is a piece of paper with only one side!






Multiplication is The mathematical There are nine a mathematical symbol x means planets in our operation used to "multiply." Four solar system and nine compute areas times three is players on a and do other written, 4 x 3. baseball team. calculations.

- 66 -

number line Numbers correspond to points on a number line.

obtuse angle number


The numerator is the Numbers tell you "how many" or top number in a "how much." fraction.

An obtuse angle is greater than ninety degrees.

octagon An octagon is an eight-sided octahedron figure. Stop An octahedron signs are is an eight-sided octagons. geometric solid.

1/2 one half

1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ... odd number An odd number is not divisible by two.


When something is divided into oval two equal parts, An oval is an orb each of these two egg-shaped parts is one half A ball-shaped figure. of the original object is an orb. object.

one One is a small number.


pattern pentagon Parallel lines extend in the same A parallelogram is a A pattern is four-sided figure A pentagon is a direction, are always the same something that is whose opposite sides five-sided distance apart, and never meet. repeated. are parallel. figure.

perimeter Perimeter is the distance around the edges of a figure. For example, the perimeter of a square with side length of a is a+a+a+a=4 times a.

. point A point is an perpendicular polygon exact location, a When two lines are A polygon is a pie chart spot with no perpendicular, they are at right many-sided A pie chart (also width or angles (90 degrees). figure with called a circle graph) thickness. straight edges. is a diagram that is useful for displaying information about the percentages or parts of a whole.

- 67 -

polyhedron Polyhedra are solids whose faces are polygons.

2,3,5,7,11,13,17 ... pyramid

prime number

quadrilateral A quadrilateral

A pyramid is a A prime number is a positive shape that has a is a four-sided quotient number that has exactly two factors, figure. The flat polygonal 1 and itself. Alternatively, you can The quotient is square, think of a prime number as a base and the answer in rectangle, protractor number greater than one that is not triangular sides long division. rhombus, A protractor is a the product of smaller numbers. For that meet at a The dividend example, 13 is a prime number device that measures point on the top. trapezoid, kite, divided by the because it can only be divided and angles. The pyramids in divisor is the evenly by 1 and 13. For another Egypt are huge parallelogram quotient (plus a example, 14 is not a prime number are buildings build remainder). because it can be divided evenly by quadrilaterals. by ancient 1, 2, 7, and 14. The number one is Egyptians. not a prime number because it has only one factor, 1 itself.

1/2 radius The radius is the distance from the center of a circle (or a sphere) to the edge.

ratio A ratio is the relationship between two numbers, as defined by the result you get when you divide one by the other.




A rectangle is a The remainder is A rhombus is a four-sided figure the fractional part of parallelogram whose sides are the answer in long with equalat right angles to division. The length sides. each other. dividend divided by the divisor is the quotient plus the remainder.

Roman numerals right triangle right angle

A right triangle has A right angle looks like the one angle that is a corner of a square; it extends right angle ninety degrees. (extending 90 degrees).

Thousands of years ago, in second ancient Rome, the scalene triangle The second The sides of a Romans used a system of numbers scalene triangle are person or item that we call Roman all different lengths. comes after the first and before numerals. In this the third. system, I=1. V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, and M=1,000.

- 68 -

semicircle A semicircle is half a circle.




There are seven days in the week.

Everything has a shape.

Insects have six legs.

sphere A sphere is a ball-shaped object.

1-1=0 5-3=2 square A square has four, equally long sides which are at right angles to each other.

tetrahedron A tetrahedron is a pyramid formed by four triangles.

subtraction star A star is a shape that has many points.

third The third person or item comes after the first and second.

Subtraction is the operation of taking one number away from another.

tally marks

ten Tally marks are a quick way of keeping People have ten track of numbers in fingers and ten groups of five. One toes. vertical line is made for each of the first four numbers; the fifth number is represented by a diagonal line across the previous four.



****** ******* thirteen Thirteen is the number after twelve (12) and before fourteen (14).

********** ********** ********** thirty Thiry is the number after twenty nine (29) and before thirty one (31).

1,000 thousand One thousand is a whole number that is equal to 100 times 10.

12 ****** ****** three


Three is the number between 2 A torus is a and 4. A tricycle has three doughnut-shaped wheels. A triangle has three object. sides. A Triceratops has three horns. Tri means three!



triangle A trapezoid is a Twelve (12) is A triangle is a four-sided figure the number with exactly two geometric figure between eleven parallel sides. that has three sides. (11) and thirteen (13). Dozen is another word for twelve. - 69 -

1+1≠ 3

0 Venn diagram



unequal Zero is a A Venn diagram is We have two eyes, Two things are number that a diagram that uses There are twenty (20) apples two ears, two arms, unequal if they overlapping circles stands for the and two legs. above. are not the same. absence of size to show relationships among or quantity. sets of things. twenty

Measurement-Related Words centigrade Centigrade is a centimeter measure of temperature that A centimeter is a unit of is abbreviated C. measurement that is Water freezes at equal to one-hundreth of a meter. 0°C and boils at 100°C.

cup A cup is a unit of measure of volume equal to eight ounces of water. Two cups are a pint and four cups are a quart.

fahrenheit Fahrenheit is a measure of foot A foot is a unit of temperature that is abbreviated F. measurement that is equal to twelve inches. Water freezes at 32°F and boils at 212°F.

measuring cup inch

gallon Four quarts make one gallon.



A measuring A meter is a unit of An inch is a unit of cup lets you kilogram length; 100 centimeters measurement that is measure are in a meter. A meter is equal to one-twelfth of a A kilogram is a substances by unit of weight or a little more than 3 feet (it foot. An inch is 2.54 cm. volume (cups or mass that is equal is about 39.4 inches). liters); it is to 1,000 grams or useful in baking about 2.2 pounds. and cooking.



An ounce is a protractor A pint is a unit of unit of weight. A protractor is a measure of volume equal One cup of device that to two cups. Two pints water weighs measures angles. make a quart. eight ounces.

- 70 -

quart Four quarts make one gallon.

A ruler is a straight piece of material that is used for measuring distances or drawing straight lines.

weather balloon

thermometer A weather A thermometer is scale balloon is a windsock A scale is a A tape measure is used to used for telling giant balloon A windsock is a device what the measure length. machine for that is sent high that shows which way the temperature is. weighing things. in the sky to wind is blowing and the measure weather wind's speed. information, like temperature, wind speed, and air pressure. tape measure



A yard is equal A yardstick is three-foot to three feet or -long stick; it is used for 36 inches. measuring things.

Money-Related Words

bill A bill is paper money.


change purse


Your change is the Coins are carried A check is a piece of money you get back paper that is an cent in a change order for a bank to Cent is another word for after paying for purse. something. pay money from a penny. bank account.

credit card checkbook Checks are kept in a checkbook.

coin A coin is a piece of metal money.

A credit card is a card that lets you buy things on credit -- you pay for the items later.

- 71 -

dime A dime is a US coin worth ten cents.

dollar A dollar is worth 100 cents.

nickel earn


You can earn money by working.

Money is used to buy things.



A purse is a small bag in which some girls and women carry their money and other things.

A nickel is a U.S. coin worth five cents.

piggy bank penny

Children put money in piggy banks.

A penny is a coin worth one cent.

whistle A whistle makes a loud, shrill sound.

A quarter is a coin that wallet is worth 25 cents. Four People carry money quarters make one in a wallet. dollar.

People and Occupations

actor An actor is someone who performs a role in a play or a movie.

baby A baby is a very young person.




Someone who is good An artist army An archer shoots an An army is a creates works at a sport is an athlete. arrow with a bow. of art. unified group of people who are trained to fight on land.



A ballerina is a A baker bakes food in woman who the oven, like breads, does ballet cakes, and cookies. dancing.

- 72 -

boy A boy is a young man.

brother Brothers are boys or men who have the same parents.

bully A bully is person who is mean to others.

champion A champion is the winner of a game or other competition.


child A child is a young person.

children Children are young people.

Dad is another word for father.

explorer daughter A daughter is a female offspring.

An explorer explores unknown places and Divers swim under the A doctor can discovers new things. emperor For example, Magellan water. help you when you're sick or An emperor is was an explorer who an unelected led the first expedition hurt. ruler of a that sailed around the country. Earth.



family A family is a group of related people.



friends A firefighter is a A father is a man who Friends are person who puts has a child. people who out fires and like and saves people's respect each lives. other.

grandparents grandfather


The father of your father or mother is your grandfather.

The mother of your father or mother is your grandmother.

Grandparents are grandmothers and grandfathers.

- 73 -

girl A girl is a young woman.

heir An heir is a heiress person who An heiress is a girl or has inherited woman who has or will inherit inherited or will inherit something of a lot of money. value.


hero A hero is someone who is admired for great courage, noble character, and performing good deeds, like a firefighter.

infant An infant is a baby.

human being A human being is a person.

husband A husband is a married man.

I is a word that refers to the person who is speaking or writing.

imp An imp is a mischievous child.

janitor inventor An inventor designs and creates new, useful things.

A janitor is kid someone who A kid is a kin looks after and young person. Kin are your relatives. cleans a building.

librarian king


A king is a hereditary ruler of a country.

A lady is a woman.




Librarians take A magician care of libraries performs and help people magic tricks. find books.


man Boys grow up to be men.


nurse Me is a word that refers to Mom is another word A mother is a A mummy is a A nurse takes care of woman who has preserved the person who is speaking for mother. you when you are sick a child. or writing. dead body. or hurt.

pioneer paleontologist A paleontologist is a scientist who studies ancient life (like dinosaurs), mostly by looking at fossils.



People are human beings.

A person is a human being.

- 74 -

A pioneer is a pitcher person who is the first to do A pitcher is someone something, like who throws a ball or settle in a new other item. area or do research.




The police enforce laws and keep order.

A president is the elected leader of a country or organization.

quadruplets Quadruplets are four siblings (brothers and/or sisters) who are born at the same time from the same mother.



Quintuplets are samurai Scuba divers swim five siblings Samurai were under the water and A queen is a hereditary ruler of a (brothers and/or Japanese carry their own air in a sisters) who are country. warriors. tank on their back. born at the same time from the same mother.



toddler Toddlers are young children.


teacher A son is a male A student is a A teacher is someone person who is offspring. who helps you learn. learning.


A team is a group of people that work together towards a goal.

scuba diver


Sisters are girls or women A soldier is a person who have the same parents. who fights for a country.



pupil A prince is the A princess is the daughter A pupil is a student, a son of a king or of a king or person who is learning. queen. queen.


Twins are two Triplets are siblings three siblings (brothers (brothers and/or and/or sisters) sisters) who are who are born born at the same at the same time. time.

- 75 -

us Us is a word that means yourself and others.

veteran A veteran is a person who has had experience in an occupation. For example, ex-soldiers are often called veterans - especially those who have served in a war.

we We is a word that means yourself and others.



A wife is a Girls grow up married woman. to be women.

you You is a word that refers to another person or persons.

youngster A youngster is a young person.


angelfish Alaskan Abyssinian Cat Airedale terrier aquarium Angelfish are malamute An ancient, short- The Airedale terrier brightly-colored fish You can look at fish The Alaskan haired is a dog that was in an aquarium. that live in warm malamute is a domesticated originally bred in water. powerful sled dog England. breed of cat. from Alaska.

basset hound

black bear

The Basset Hound is beagle hamster bloodhound a lively and devoted The beagle is a The black bear The bloodhound is Boston terrier dog that has short friendly, playful dog. hamster is a docile, the heaviest hound The Boston Terrier is legs and long, It was originally black, short-haired dog and is an an intelligent, lively, droopy ears. It was bred as a rabbit hamster. incredible scent short-haired dog. originally bred to hunter. tracker. hunt rabbits and hares.

- 76 -

Burmese Cat A short-haired The bulldog is a A bunny is a young cage domesticated muscular, wrinkled, rabbit. powerful dog that breed of cat with Some people keep birds in cages. was originally bred golden eyes. bulldog


canary Canaries sing very well.

in Britain.

cat clown fish Cats are mammals The clown fish is a and are great pets. colorful fish that Cats were revered by Chihuahua lives with sea the ancient The Chihuahua is a anemones. Egyptians. small, alert dog from Mexico.



cocker spaniel

Cockatoos are birds The cocker spaniel is that have a large, a friendly, obedient feathery crest and a dog that was hooked bill. They are originally bred to from Australia and hunt birds. Indonesia.


dog The Dachshund is an The collie is a Dalmatian Dogs wag their tails friendly, intelligent, active dog with a The Dalmatian is a Doberman when they're happy. and obedient dog long body and short white dog that has The Doberman is a legs. dark spots. loyal, intelligent dog.

frog emperor angelfish The emperor angelfish is a brightly-colored, flattened fish that lives in shallow warm waters.


fish bowl

Fish live in the water Fish swim around and breathe with and around a fish gills. bowl.

- 77 -

foal A foal is a young horse.

Frogs are amphibians. They begin as eggs, hatch into tadpoles (who breathe with gills), and grow up to be frogs (who breathe with lungs and lose their tail).


goldfish golden retriever A goldfish is a type

Gerbils are small Great Dane A friendly, rodents that some intelligent, energetic, of carp that makes The Great Dane is a great horned owl The great horned owl a nice pet. people keep as pets. and very popular large, short-haired is a large bird of prey dog that was dog. from North and originally bred to South America. hunt large game.

great white shark The Great White shark is a large, meat-eating fish.


guinea pig

grizzly bear

groundhog The guinea pig is a The grizzly bear is The groundhog is a small, tailless rodent The greyhound is the a large bear with a rodent that is also that is sometimes fastest breed of dog muscular hump on called the kept as a pet. its shoulders. for short distance woodchuck. runs. greyhound





Labrador retriever

A hamster is a small Horses are very fast Hounds are dogs The husky is a hardrodent that some runners. working, fastthat were originally people keep as pets. running sled dog that bred to hunt was originally from animals. Siberia.

Irish setter

Jack Russell terrier

iguana Iguanas are planteating lizards that often live in trees.

The Irish setter is a Lhasa apso The Labrador The Jack Russell A kitten is a young friendly, energetic, The Lhasa apso is a retriever is an terrier is a feisty dog cat. and high-spirited intelligent and even- small, long-haired that was originally dog that was dog that was tempered dog. It is bred to drive small originally bred in the most popular dog originally bred in animals from their Ireland. Tibet. breed in the USA. burrows.

- 78 -

lizard Lizards are a type of reptile.


old English sheepdog


The Pekingese is a The mastiff is a small, long-haired The old English huge, intelligent, dog with a flattened sheepdog is an macaw and powerful dog affectionate, long- face. It was originally Macaws are parrots that is often used as haired dog that was bred in China as a from rainforests in a guard dog. originally bred in royal companion dog. the Americas. Great Britain.

Persian Cat The Persian is a piglet pets Pomeranian pig long-haired A piglet is a young Pets are animals that The Pomeranian is a Pigs are hoofed pig. domesticated cat live with us. small, friendly, mammals that oink! with a flattened intelligent companion face and rounded dog. eyes.

poodle The poodle is a lively, intelligent dog that was originally bred to retrieve game from the water.

pug The Pug is a loyal, affectionate dog that has a squarely-built body and a flat, wrinkled face. It was originally bred in China.

puppy A puppy is a young dog.

snake A snake is a reptile with a Scottish terrier sheepdog, old English long, narrow body and no The Scottish terrier (also The old English sheepdog is an legs. It has skin with scales. known as the Scotty) is a small affectionate, long-haired dog dog that was originally bred to that was originally bred in hunt foxes and badgers. Great Britain.

- 79 -

rabbit A rabbit is a small, cute mammal with big ears.

St. Bernard A large, muscular, heroic dog originally from Switzerland.

Rottweiler The Rottweiler is a powerful, muscular, determined dog that was originally bred in Germany to guard and herd cattle.

tarantula A tarantula is a large, hairy spider.

terrier Terriers are dogs that were originally bred to drive small animals from their burrows.

turtle Turtles are slow animals that have a very hard shell.



A veterinarian is a Yorkshire terrier Zebrafish are striped tropical fish. doctor who helps The Yorkshire terrier is a small, intelligent, animals. long-haired dog.

Plant-Related Words

Appleseed, Johnny Johnny Appleseed was a legendary almond man who planted acorn apple An almond is a type of apple trees The acorn is the nut An apple is a juicy fruit that apple tree nut. through the USA. of an oak tree. grows on an apple tree. His real name was An apple tree is John Chapman, a fruit tree. but he was called Johnny Appleseed because of his love for growing apple trees.

Arbor Day Arbor Day is a holiday that encourages tree planting and tree care. In the USA, Arbor Day is usually celebrated on the last Friday in April.


banana The avocado is an oily, artichoke bamboo Bananas are a green fruit; it is sometimes The artichoke is a Bamboo is a sweet, yellow spiny, green vegetable. called the alligator pear. very useful plant fruit. Avocados grow on trees in from Asia. warm areas. Pandas eat bamboo.

- 80 -



Blackberries are darkBark is the hard, colored, edible berries outer covering of that grow on prickly the trunk, branches, vines. and roots of trees.

branch bluebell Bluebells are bell-shaped flowers.

A branch is a tree or other bouquet plant that grows A bouquet is a from the trunk bunch of or stem. flowers.

carnation cactus broccoli bulb Broccoli is a green A plant bulb wil sprout vegetable. into a new plant. Onions are bulbs.

carrot A carrot is an orange vegetable that grows underground.

cauliflower Cauliflower is a white vegetable; it is related to broccoli.

A cactus is a prickly plant that lives in dry places.

California poppy The California poppy is a small, cup-shaped flower that lives in dry areas.

celery Celery is a crisp, green vegetable.


A carnation is a flower; it can be white, pink, or red.


Cherries are a Compost is sweet, tangy, red decayed organic fruit. matter that enriches soil.

corn Corn is a yellow vegetable you can eat on its cob. Corn was grown by Native Americans for thousands of years before the Europeans settled in North America.


cucumber Cucumber is a cool, crisp vegetable that is good in salad.

daisy daffodil The daffodil is a yellow flower that blooms early in the spring.

- 81 -

The daisy is a pretty flower.

Dandelions are weeds with pretty yellow flowers that turn into seed puffballs.


A deciduous plant An eggplant is a purple loses its leaves in vegetable. the winter. Apple trees are deciduous.

fir tree A fir is an evergreen tree; it doesn't lose its leaves in the winter.



elm The elm is a large, fastgrowing deciduous tree.

flower A flower makes seeds. forest Flowers are a plant's A forest is a large group of reproductive organs. trees and underbrush where Hummingbirds, bees, many animals live. butterflies, and other animals drink the sweet nectar that is made by flowers.


greenhouse A greenhouse is a building, usually made out of glass, in which people grow plants.



Fruit is the part of some plants Forget-me-nots that contains the are plants that seeds. Apples, have beautiful strawberries, blue flowers. oranges, and bananas are fruit.


grapefruit Plants grow in a garden.

fern An evergreen A fern is a lacy, plant doesn't lose its leaves in the primitive plant. winter.

Grapefruits are a type of citrus fruit that sometime squirt you when you eat them.

Grapes are delicious fruit that grow on vines.

Grass is a common flowering plant that is found all over the world.

hoe A hoe is a garden tool.

holly Holly is a tree with pointy leaves and red berries.

iris Irises are beautiful flowers with long, thin, flat leaves.


- 82 -

green bean A green bean is a long, thin, green vegetable. It is pod that contains bean seeds. It is also called a string bean.

ivy Ivy is a vine.

jumping bean A jumping bean is a seed pod in which a caterpillar lives. When the caterpillar moves, the seed pod moves. The caterpillar will turn into a moth eventually.

jungle A jungle is a wild tropical growth of trees, plants, and animals.

kapok tree The kapok tree is a large, deciduous tree that is native to tropical America, Africa, and the East Indies. This fast-growing tree is generally from 45 to 60 feet (1418 m) tall; it is the tallest tree in Africa. The light-weight silky down from the seed pods is used as pillow stuffing, sleeping bag stuffing, and for other uses.

kelp Kelp is brown seaweed that grows in cold water.

lemon lawn

lawn mower

A lawn is a place You can cut the grass outside where grass with a lawn mower. grows.


leaf Plants use leaves to collect energy from sunlight.



A lime is a sour, green citrus fruit.

A log is a short piece of a tree trunk.

A lily is a funnel-shaped flower.

mushroom melon Melons are fruits that have a rind.

Mushrooms are fastgrowing fungi. They grow in dark, damp places.

- 83 -


A lemon is a sour, yellow fruit.

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that is good in salads.

maple tree


Maple syrup comes from maple trees.

A meadow is a low, flat grassland.



A nectarine is a sweet, juicy fruit Nasturtiums are plants with with smooth bright, pretty flowers and skin; it is related round leaves. to the peach.


kiwi The kiwi is a tangy fruit that grows in warm areas.

A nut is a dry seed or fruit with a hard shell.

olive An olive is an oily fruit that grows on an evergreen tree.


orange onion Onions are sharp tasting vegetables.


Oranges are sweet, juicy fruit.


Palm trees are a Orchids are primitive type of colorful flowers tree. that live in warm areas.


The pear is a sweet Peaches are Peanuts grow fruit with a thin sweet, juicy fruit undergound; they are skin. with fuzzy skin. a type of legume.

palm tree

pea pod Peas grow in pea pods.

peas Peas are small, round vegetables.

pepper A pepper is a plant pine tree sharp-tasting, plant pot Plants are living A pine is an A plant pot is a hollow vegetable. things that get their pine cone evergreen tree; it container in which a Peppers can be A pine cone contains food and energy from doesn't lose its plant is grown. red, green, many seeds from a needle-like leaves in sunlight, soil and air. yellow, and pine tree. the winter. orange.

plum A plum is a sweet, juicy, purple fruit.


pod Peas grow in pea pods.

poppy A poppy is a delicate flower.



Potatoes are starchy vegetables that grow undergound.

A prune is a dried plum.

rain forest

A rain forest is a The pumpkin is a raspberry wet tropical radish large, orange Raspberries are a environment redwood A radish is a sharpvegetable that type of edible berry teeming with plants The redwood is the grows on a vine. tasting vegetable that that grows on a and animals. tallest tree, growing up grows underground. prickly vine. to 360 feet tall.

- 84 -

rice Rice is a food. It is a roots grain that grows in The roots are the parts of a warm, wet soil. Rice plant that gets water and is an important food other nutrients from the in much of Asia. soil. Roots also store energy and provide support for the plant. Most roots grow underground.

shovel Shovels are used to dig.

shrub A shrub is a low-lying plant or bush that has a woody stem.

rose The rose is a beautiful flower with a sweet scent.

seed Seeds grow into plants.

soil Plants grow in soil. stem The stem is the part of a plant that provides support for the plant.

stick A stick is a small piece of wood.


strawberry The strawberry is a sweet, red fruit.

string bean stump A string bean is a long, thin, green vegetable. It is A stump is the part of a tree that is left in the ground pod that contains bean after it has been cut or has seeds. It is also called a fallen down. green bean.

tree rings

By counting the A tree is a plant number of tree rings with a trunk, trunk in a tree's trunk, you leaves, and roots. A trunk is the major can tell how old the support of a tree. tree was.

- 85 -

shamrock Shamrocks are small green plants with three-part leaves.

squash Squash grows in warm weather.

tomato Tomatoes are soft and tangy; they grow on vines.

twig tulip The tulip is a cupshaped flower.

A twig is a small tree branch.

vine vegetable Vegetables are very good for you.


A vine is a plant that doesn't have its own Venus flytrap support. It grows on vegetation The plant life of an The Venus flytrap is violets other objects or area is its vegetation. a plant that catches Violets are deep purple creeps along the and digests bugs. flowers. ground.

watering can


Watermelon is a A walnut is an You can water plants large, delicious, red edible nut from with a watering can. fruit with a thick the walnut tree. green rind.

wheelbarrow wheat Wheat is a grain. Flour is made from ground-up wheat.

A wheelbarrow is a small cart with one wheel and two handles.

wood Wood is a useful material obtained yam from tree trunks. Yams are sweet Wood is used to vegetables that grow make furniture, underground. build houses, and make paper.

yard A yard is a small outside area.

zucchini Zucchini is a type of squash.

- 86 -

yucca Yucca is a plant with stiff leaves; it lives in dry areas.

zinnia Zinnias are pretty flowers.

Prepositions A preposition is a word that shows the spatial (space), temporal (time), or logical relationship of its object to the rest of the sentence. The words above, near, at, by, after, with and from are propositions.




When something is behind Above means over When something between, it is is around When you are behind or higher. The cloud located in a something, it is something, you are to the is above the position separating near or close to it. back of it. mountain. two other items.

in front of


inside The bird is in the cage.


When you are The girl on the right He is going out the inside on outside, you are not is in front of the The bird is inside door. The vase is on the table. in a building or other bricks. the cage. structure.

with over


The cloud is over the mountain.

The cat is under the table.

underground Many animals live underground.

With the company of or having. The children above are with each other.


cone circle A circle is round.


A cone is a shape that A crescent is the has a point at one end shape of the moon and a circular around the time of opening at the other the new moon. end.

- 87 -

cube A cube is a solid geometric figure with six square faces.

curve A curve is a wavy line or surface.

diamond A diamond is a foursided figure whose cylinder sides are all the same dodecahedron A cylinder is a figure length. People play A dodecahedron is a with a long round twelve-sided regular baseball on a body . geometric solid diamond-shaped composed of field. pentagons.

ellipse An ellipse is a flattened circle.


equilateral triangle The sides of an equilateral triangle are all the same length.


hexaflexagon A hexagon is a sixThe heart is a shape heptagon A hexaflexagon is a Fractals are patterns that often symbolizes sided figure. Bee A heptagon is a folded geometric within patterns within love. hives have seven-sided figure. figure that can be patterns. hexagonal cells. "flexed" to expose its many sides. fractal

isosceles triangle An isosceles triangle line segment Mรถbius strip kite has two sides that are A line segment is a A Mรถbius strip is a the same length and A kite is a four-sided portion of a line. piece of paper with icosahedron two angles that are figure in which the only one side! An icosahedron is a two pairs of adjacent the same. twenty-sided regular sides have the same geometric solid. length.

octagon An octagon is an eight-sided figure. Stop signs are octagons.

parallelogram A parallelogram is orb An oval is an egg- a four-sided figure octahedron A ball-shaped object whose opposite shaped figure. An octahedron is an is an orb. sides are parallel. eight-sided regular geometric solid.


- 88 -

. pentagon A pentagon is a fivesided figure.

point A point is a very small dot.

polka dots Polka dots are patterns of dots.

polygon A polygon is a polyhedron many-sided figure Polyhedra are with straight edges. solids made from polygons.

quadrilateral A quadrilateral is a right triangle pyramid rectangle four-sided figure. The rhombus A right triangle has The pyramids in square, rectangle, A rectangle is a four- A rhombus is a one angle that is a Egypt are huge rhombus, trapezoid, sided figure whose parallelogram with right angle buildings that have a sides are at right kite, and equal-length sides. (extending 90 square base and parallelogram are angles to each other. degrees). triangular sides. quadrilaterals.

round Round things are curved. A circle is round.

spiral A spiral is a curve that winds in on itself. Snail shells have a spiral pattern.


scalene triangle


The sides of a scalene A semicircle is half a circle. triangle are all different lengths.



Everything has a shape.

A sphere is a ballshaped object.



A square has four, tetrahedron star equally long sides A tetrahedron is a which are at right A star is a shape that pyramid formed by angles to each other. has many points. four triangles.

triangle A trapezoid is a fourA triangle has three sided figure with two sides. parallel sides.

zigzag A zigzag is a line that sharply turns back and forth.

- 89 -

A torus is a doughnut-shaped object.






baseball bat Basketball is a sport in Baseball is team game In archery, you A ball is round and You hit a baseball which you get points that is played with a ball fun to bounce, shoot an arrow with a baseball bat. for throwing a ball into and a bat. throw, kick, or (using a bow), catch. a basket. aiming at a target.

dart A dart is a football small, pointed Football is played dartboard game exercise object that is A dartboard is the with an odd-shaped People enjoy playing Exercise is very good for thrown at a ball in the USA. target used when games. you. target in a game. playing darts.


golf ball


A golf ball is a small ball A helmet protects your golf When you go, used in golf - the ball sits head. Golf is a sport in which golf club you are moving. on a tee in the grass. Golf clubs are used a ball is hit into a series of holes using golf to hit a golf ball. clubs.

ice skate When you wear ice judo skates, you can glide Judo is one of the martial across ice. arts.

jump rope jump karate When you jump, you go up and There are a lot of different Karate is one of the martial arts. ways to jump rope. down.

Olympics martial arts The Olympic Games began medal The martial arts move over 2700 years ago in ancient mitt include Aikido, Judo, A medal is an award that When you move, you are Greece. A baseball mitt is a glove used to you can wear. Karate, Tae Kwon not still. catch balls. Do, and other sports.

- 90 -


roller skate


When you play, A racket is used to ride hit a ball or you are having When you take a ride, shuttlecock in fun. you travel on something sports like tennis else, like a bicycle, a and badminton. horse, or other means of transportation.

soccer ball ski When you ski, you glide over snow or water.

A soccer ball is made up of pentagons and hexagons.

Running is faster than walking.

When you wear roller skates, you can roll along the ground.





A stadium is a When you swim, you Playing sports is fun and large building in move around in the which sports events good exercise. water. are held.


tennis racket A team is a tee A racket is used to tennis group of people A tee holds a ball Tennis is a sport in hit a ball or that work in postion so you which a ball is hit over a shuttlecock in together can hit it. net with a racket. sports like tennis towards a goal. and badminton.

throw When you throw something, you use your arm to send it through the air.

Storytime Words



When you act, An actor is someone who you do something performs a role in a play or a movie. or perform a role.

angel An angel embodies goodness.

- 91 -



People wear A castle is a huge, fancy costumes to building where a king or pretend they are queen lives. someone or something else.

Once upon a time... crown dragon A crown is a fancy hat worn by A dragon is a big, scary, fire-breathing, makekings and queens. believe beast.

king A king is a leprechaun hereditary ruler of A leprechaun is a makea country. believe tiny person from Ireland who searches for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.



Ogres are ugly, scary and makebelieve.

A palace is a huge house where a king or queen lives.

folk tales





Monsters are mummy A mermaid is a scary and makeA mummy is a preserved make-believe believe. dead body. creature who is half woman, half fish.

Pirates robbed A prince is the ships on the high son of a king or seas. queen.

Once upon a time... queen



Folk tales are Ghosts are make-believe. stories that are Boo! emperor passed on from An emperor is an unelected ruler of generation to generation. a country.


Once upon a time...

princess A princess is the daughter of a king or queen.

treasure chest A story tells you about an A long time ago, A queen is a A treasure chest is a soldiers fought hereditary ruler of event. It can be real or tale lidded, locked box filled with swords. make-believe. a country. A tale is a story. with valuables.

- 92 -

witch unicorn A unicorn is a mythical, onehorned animal.

wand A wand is a thin rod that you can carry.

A witch is a make-believe woman who has magical powers.

Time-Related Words autumn April April is the fourth month of the year.

Autumn is the season between August birthday summer and You have a birthday August is the eighth winter. month of the year. every year. Another name for autumn is fall.


century A century is 100 years.

cuckoo clock

A cuckoo If you want to know clock has a day what time it is, look mechanical The sun is up during at a clock. bird that sings the day. every hour.


calendar A calendar lets you know what day it is.

December December is the twelfth month of the year.


Fall is the season February is grandfather clock hour evening between summer and the second There are 24 hours in a Evening is the late part winter. Another name month of the A grandfather clock day. is a large, freeof the day and the early for fall is autumn. year. standing pendulum part of the night. clock.

- 93 -

hourglass An hourglass measures time as sand falls through a thin opening.

January hour hand An hour hand on a clock tells you what hour it is.

January is the first month of the year.



July is the seventh June is the sixth month of the year. month of the year.

Jurassic period

Mesozoic Era

Dinosaurs flourished during the Jurassic period, 208-146 million years ago. Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus were two dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic.

The Mesozoic Era was the time when dinosaurs lived and mammals evolved. The Mesozoic lasted from 250 million to 65 million years ago. It began and ended with mass extinctions.

March March is the late third month of The sun sets late in the year. the day.

May May is the fifth month of the year.


midnight Midnight is 12:00 at night.


There are 12 months in a year: January, night February, At night, when the sun March, April, minute hand morning goes down, you can May, June, A minute hand on a July, August, The sun rises in the see stars in the sky. clock tells you how morning. September, many minutes past October, the hour it is. November, and December.



October is the November is the Noon is midday, 12:00, tenth month of when the sun is closest eleventh month of the the year. year. to overhead.

- 94 -

seasons There are four seasons in second the year: winter, spring, There are 60 seconds in a summer, and fall (also minute. called autumn).

spring September second hand The second hand on a clock tells you how many seconds have gone by.

September is the ninth month of the year.

Spring is the season after winter and before summer.

summer Summer is the season between spring and fall (autumn).

sunrise Sunrise is the time when the sun rises.

time zone timeline time

A timeline is a graphic Time is measured in sunset display that seconds, minutes, Sunset is the time when the sun sets below the hours, days, weeks, shows a series months, and years. of events that horizon. happen in a time period.

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones so that everyone in the today world can be on Today is the day it is roughly similar right now. schedules (like having noon when the sun is highest in the sky).

week There are 7 winter days in a Winter is the season Triassic period week: Sunday, between fall and Dinosaurs and mammals watch Monday, spring. In the first appeared during the A watch is a small Tuesday, Northern year Triassic period, which clock you can take Wednesday, Hemisphere, winters A year consists of 12 lasted from 248 million with you to tell time. Thursday, are cold; in the months, 52 weeks, or to 208 million years Friday, and Southern 365 days. ago. Saturday. Hemisphere, they are There are 52 warm. weeks in a year.

- 95 -

Tools chisel awl


An awl is a tool used to make small holes in things.

An ax is useful for chopping wood.



A chisel is a tool used to carve wood, marble, or other materials.






A drill makes A file is used to smooth things. holes in things.

A funnel is a device A hammer is good for A hatchet is an ax A level is a tool A nail is a long, thin that checks if pounding nails into that lets you pour piece of metal that you with a short both sides of wood. things from one can hammer into wood. handle. something are at container to another. the same height.

nut A nut is a piece of metal that fastens onto a bolt or screw.

pliers Pliers are tools that hold things.



saw A rake is a garden A saw is a tool tool that helps gather grass and that cuts things. leaves.

Scissors are used for cutting things, like paper.

stapler A stapler is a tape measure device that A screwdriver is a tool shovel screw attaches papers to A tape measure is used A screw is a threaded that is used to put in Shovels are used each other using a to measure things. and remove screws. to dig. metal fastener that small piece of has a slotted head. metal.


tongs Tongs are a type of simple tool used to pick up things.


tool box

Tools help us do work Tools are stored or carried in a tool and make things. box.

wrench A wrench is a tool that turns nuts or bolts.

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washer wedge A washer is a round, A wedge is a tapering block flat object with a hole (often made of wood) that is in it, made of metal or rubber. It is placed next used for holding things in place, splitting things or tightening to a nut to help fasten things. it.

Toys and Games

archery In archery, you shoot an arrow (using a bow), aiming at a target.

baseball bat




Basketball is a sport in You hit a baseball which you get points You can build things with toy blocks. with a baseball bat. for throwing a ball into a basket.

checkers cards Some people play games with cards.


Baseball is team backgammon ball Balloons are rubber game that is Backgammon is an A ball is round and fun played with a ancient board game to bounce, throw, kick, sacks that are filled with air or other ball and a bat. played with tiles and or catch. gases. dice.

chalkboard You can write with chalk on a chalkboard.

Checkers is a twoplayer game that is played on an 8 by 8 square game board.


brush A brush is used to paint, clean, or groom.

bubbles It is fun to blow soap bubbles!

clay Potters make circus beautiful things A circus is a out of clay, like traveling show that mugs, plates, and has acrobats, clowns, bowls. and animals.


comic book Clowns are people computer A comic book is a book dots who dress up in coloring book You are using a whose story is told in When you do a funny clothes and You can color the computer right now. colorful pictures and connect-the-dots try to make you pictures in a coloring some words. puzzle, you make laugh. book. a picture.

costume People wear costumes to pretend they are someone or something else.

crafts Crafts are fun, artistic activities.

dance crayons crossword puzzle Crayons are colorful wax A crossword puzzle has When you move your body sticks that are used for interlocking words that rhythmically, you drawing. you guess from clues. are dancing.

- 97 -


dart A dart is a small, pointed object that is thrown at a target in a game.

dollhouse A dollhouse is a tiny house for dolls.

dartboard A dartboard is the target used when playing darts.


disc Dice are cubes with A compact disc doll numbers on each side contains a lot of Dolls are toys that are used in games. encoded information, that look like tiny A single one is called a like computer games people. die. or music.


A doodle is a quick drawing easel Dominoes is a game drawing done with little A drawing is a Some artists played with tiles that thought. picture of something. draw at an easel. have numbers on them.

football exercise Exercise is very good for you.


Football is played fishing rod Fireworks are beautiful with an odd-shaped explosions in the sky that People use fishing ball in the USA. rods to catch fish. people send up for a celebration.

game People enjoy playing games.

ice skate golf ball A golf ball is a small ball golf Golf is a sport in used in golf - the ball sits golf club on a tee in the grass. Golf clubs are used which a ball is hit into a series of holes to hit a golf ball. using golf clubs.

Internet The Internet is a group jack-o'-lantern jack-in-the-box of connected computers. A jack-o'-lantern looks A jack-in-the-box is a toy that You are surfing the scary when it's lit up! can surprise you! Internet right now!

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When you wear ice skates, you can glide across ice.

illusion An illusion is something that tricks your eyes.

jigsaw puzzle jacks

To put a jigsaw Jacks is a traditional puzzle together, children's game. you match shapes.

jog Jogging is good exercise.

jump rope There are a lot of different ways to jump rope.



Do you know any good jokes?

A joystick is used to play some computer games.



Judo is one of the martial arts.

It takes good coordination to juggle.




kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope is a device that makes beautiful, colorful patterns.

Sweaters and Karate is one of the You can fly a kite on windy days. socks are made by martial arts. knitting.

martial arts magazine A magazine is published periodically.

magnet A magnet attracts things made of iron.


The martial arts Getting through mask include Aikido, the passages of a Judo, Karate, Tae A mask covers your maze is tricky. face. Kwon Do, and other sports.



Origami is the art The Olympic of folding paper Games began over An oil painting is a Nursery rhymes are A baseball mitt is a into beautiful picture made using 2700 years ago in glove used to catch simple rhymes that most shapes. ancient Greece. oil paints. children enjoy. balls.


nursery rhyme

oil painting

MOM 2002 palindrome paintbrush A paintbrush is used to paint things.

painting A painting is a picture made using paints.

A palindrome is a word, phrase or number that reads the palette same forwards or A palette holds an backwards. Some artist's paints. palindromes are: the name Bob, the number 101, and the phrase, "Madam, I'm Adam."

- 99 -

pen pal A pen pal is a faraway friend you write to.



A project is a task photo play A puppet is a doll that accomplishes A photo, or When you play, that you put your something. Crafts photograph, is a you are having fun. hand in, making it projects are fun to picture taken with a pinwheel move. make. camera. A pinwheel is a toy that whirls around when you blow on it.

radio puzzle Puzzles can be confusing but fun.

racket A racket is used to hit a ball or shuttlecock in sports like tennis and badminton.

A radio lets you hear broadcast music and talk shows.


Words that rhyme riddle have endings that A riddle is a sound the same, like question that is a cat and hat or kite puzzle or a joke. and light.

roller skate robot


rocking horse



A robot is a A rocket is a machine that Children can rock mechanical worker. propels itself into space. on a rocking horse.

A slide is a playground Snowmen are toy that you climb up on figures made from ski and then slide down. You snow. They melt When you ski, you can go very fast on a when the weather glide over snow or slide. gets warm. water.

When you wear roller skates, you can roll along the ground.

sword A long time ago, soldiers fought with swords.

tangram A tangram is a traditional Chinese puzzle that can be made into many shapes.

- 100 -

seesaw Seesaws go up and down.

soccer ball A soccer ball is made up of pentagons and hexagons.

team stadium A stadium is a large building in which sports events are held.


sports Playing sports is fun and good exercise.

teddy bear

A team is a group of Teddy bears are people that work fun to cuddle. together towards a goal.


television A telescope is a optical A television is a device that makes tennis racket tee tennis machine that faraway objects appear A racket is used to A tee holds a ball in receives pictures Tennis is a sport in closer and larger, hit a ball or postion so you can allowing us to see distant and sounds. People which a ball is hit shuttlecock in hit it. watch and listen to over a net with a sports like tennis objects in space. racket. shows on and badminton. television.

tic-tac-toe tent A tent is a temporary shelter made of fabric.

tepee A tepee is a house made by some Native Americans.

Tic-tac-toe is a game for two tongue twister toys players. The Tongue twisters are We play with toys. winner has to get hard to say! three marks in a row.



A vacation is a wagon treasure chest A train has an time of rest or a yo-yo You can pull things A treasure chest is a engine that pulls change of everyday A yo-yo is a round in a wagon. railroad cars along a lidded, locked box filled activities. toy that goes up with valuables. track. and down on a string.

Vehicle and Transportation Words






A bicycle has Airplanes fly in the An ambulance takes sick An anchor is a heavy An automobile is a two wheels, a car. sky. people to the hospital. metal device that holds handle bar, and a ship in place. pedals.

- 101 -

blimp A blimp is is a balloon-like airship boat that floats in the Boats float in the water. sky.







A bus is a large cab A bulldozer is a large vehicle that can take Cab is another tractor that moves many passengers to word for taxi. earth. places.


A cart is a You can travel and A canoe is a small boat. You can travel in a car. The caravel is a large wheeled vehicle sleep in a camper. sailing ship that was that is pulled or first made in Portugal pushed by an in the late 1400's. animal or a Many world person. explorers used caravels.

Conestoga wagon

covered wagon

dump truck

A dump truck is a truck US pioneers used US pioneers used covered that can carry and then engine Conestoga wagons wagons pulled by oxen or dump its load (like The engine of a train pulled by oxen or horses to move their gravel or soil). A dump pulls the railroad cars horses to move belongings westward. truck toy is a great in a along the track. their belongings They are also called sandbox. westward. They conestoga wagons or are also called prairie schooners. covered wagons or prairie schooners.

engine The engines of an airplane propel it through the air. Englines also power other vehicles, like cars.

helicopter fire truck Fire fighters on a funnel fire truck help put The funnel is the out fires. smokestack of a ship or a train.

fuselage The fuselage is the main body of an airplane.

- 102 -

garbage truck

A helicopter is A garbage truck a flying picks up garbage and machine. It is hauls it to the dump. kept in the air by a sideways propeller on top.

hot-air balloon Hot-air balloons hull float through the The hull is the main body air. or frame of a ship.

jet A jet is a very fast, powerful airplane.

jet engine


A jet engine is a A junk is a powerful motor that traditional propels a jet plane. Chinese sailing ship made of wood.

lifeboat A lifeboat is a license plate small boat that Every car has a A kayak is a small keel The landing gear of an license plate that tells is kept on a boat with an The keel is the bottom of airplane is the set of you where it's from. larger ship; it is opening in the a ship. wheels used during used in center for a person. landing and takeoff. emergencies.


limousine A limousine is a very long, fancy car.

landing gear



The Mayflower was the A minivan is a small name of the ship in which van. the 102 Pilgrims sailed from England to what is now Massachusetts, on the northeastern coast of the USA. The Pilgrims landed on December 11, 1620.

motorcycle A motorcycle has two wheels and can go fassssttttttt!

oar An oar is used to row a boat.



A propeller is a paddle Planes are machines that device with blades A paddle is an oar fly in the sky. People ride that is turned by an porthole for rowing a small in them. A porthole is a window engine; it makes boat. boats (and some in a ship. airplanes) move.

- 103 -

prow The prow is front part of a ship.

sail railroad tracks Trains run along railroad tracks.

ride When you take a ride, you travel on something else, like a bicycle, a horse, or other means of transportation.

school bus A school bus carries children to and from school.

sailboat A sail is a large piece of strong fabric that A sailboat is a A rocket is a machine catches the wind and boat that has that propels itself into sails and is propels a boat or space. powered by the sailboard through the wind. water. rocket

ship A ship is a very large boat.



A submarine is a A steamshovel is a tail machine that digs large vessel that can travel The tail is the holes and can move underwater and carry rear section of people. dirt. an airpane.


tire A tanker is a truck taxi that carries liquids, People pay a taxi driver to A tire is an air-filled covering for a wheel. like milk or drive them places. Cars, bicycles, and gasoline. many other vehicles use tires.

tracks Trains run tow truck along railroad A tow truck is a tracks. strong truck that can pull cars and other trucks when they cannot move.


tractor A tractor is a traffic light train powerful vehicle A traffic light directs A train has an engine that can pull a traffic safely. Green that pulls railroad cars plow or other farm means go, yellow means along a track. tools. prepare to stop, and red means stop.

- 104 -

The trunk is the truck large A truck is a vehicle compartment in that can carry big the back part of loads. a car.

van tugboat A tugboat is a sturdy boat that guides large boats in and out of harbors.

A van is a truck used to unicycle A unicycle is a vehicle haul people and things from one place to with one wheel that is another. moved by pedals.

vehicle A vehicle moves people and things from one place to another.

wagon You can pull things in a wagon.

zeppelin A zeppelin is a wheel metal-framed, wheelbarrow wheelchair A wheel is a yacht motorized A wheelbarrow is a small A wheelchair is a chair circular object that A yacht is a very nice balloon-like cart with one wheel and on wheels that rotates around its small ship. airship that two handles. handicapped people center. floats in the can use to get around. sky.

Verbs: Action Words A verb is a type of word that describes an action or a state of being, like wiggle, walk, run, jump, be, do, have, or think.

break When you break something, it is act You bake food in separated into two chop clap When you act, you the oven, making or more pieces or is When something is When you clap your do something or breads, cakes, and cracked. Broken chopped, it is cut into hands together they make perform a role. cookies. smaller pieces. things are often a noise. unusable.


crawl Babies crawl to move around.



When you move Sometimes people your body cry when they're rhythmically, you sad or upset. are dancing.

- 105 -

earn drink People need to drink water every day.

You can earn money by working.


eat We eat when we are hungry.

When something flies, it goes through the air without falling. Many animals, like fall flies, butterflies and If you lose your birds, can fly. balance, you can People can fly in slip and fall. airplanes and helicopters.

give When you let someone have something, you are giving it to them.

go When you go, you are moving.

have If you have hear something, you are We hear things in possession of it with our ears. Our or it is a ears give us a characteristic of sense of hearing. yours.



Sweaters and socks People laugh at funny things, like are made by jokes. knitting.





It takes good coordination to juggle.

When you jump, you go up and down.



When you learn, you find out something new.


When you push When you pull When you play, something, you you are having fun. something, you make it move by make it move by pressing against it. tugging at it.

- 106 -

kneel When you kneel, your knees are on the floor.


When you move, you When you nod your head, you move it up and down. are not still.

read People read newspapers, books, magazines, the Internet, and other things.

ride When you take a ride, you travel on something else, like a bicycle, a horse, or other means of transportation.

see run Running is faster than walking.



We see with our You can sew using a When you eyes. Our eyes give needle and thread. scream, you talk us a sense of sight. Clothes are made by in a very loud, sewing. emotional voice.

shower When you shower, you wash your body in a stream of falling water.

shrug When you shrug, you raise your shoulders in order ski sit to show that you When you sit you When you ski, you don't know, aren't rest your legs. glide over snow or interested in, or water. have doubts about something.

smell We smell odors with our nose.

split When something is split, it is divided into two pieces.

teach When you teach someone, they learn something.

smile People usually smile when they're happy.

stand When you stand, you are on your feet.

think You can think of amazing things.

speak People speak in many different languages.

sweep You can sweep the floor with a broom.

sleep We need to sleep every night.

splash When a liquid splashes, parts of it scatter around. Children like to splash around in a pool.

swim When you swim, you move around in the water.

slip If you lose your balance, you can slip.

splatter When you splatter something, parts of it are scattered around. Paint can splatter when you are doing art work.

talk People talk in many different languages.

tickle touch throw Tickling someone can make When two things touch, they are in When you throw them laugh. physical contact with each other. something, you use your arm to send it through the air.

- 107 -

twist When you twist you pivot your body.

walk To walk is to move on foot. Walking is slower than running.




When you understand something, you know it very well or you know how it works.

When you unzip something, you open a zipper.

When you use something you do something with it.




This girl is waving to her friends.


vote When you vote, you are expressing your choice for something or someone, along with other people as part of a group decision.

work Sometimes people When you wiggle you weep when they're twist and move all When you work, you do a task. sad. over.



When you yell, you When you write, yawn shout in a very loud you put words on Sometimes people voice. paper. yawn when they're tired.

- 108 -

When you zip something up, you close a zipper.

Weather-Related Words

centigrade acid rain Acid rain is polluted and is harmful to the environment.

cloud Centigrade is a Clouds are measure of cyclone temperature that white or gray A cyclone is a storm is abbreviated C. object that floats of rapidly spinning Water freezes at in the air and air that is very contains tiny 0째C and boils at dangerous. water drops or atmosphere 100째C. The atmosphere is the gas that ice particles. surrounds a planet.

fahrenheit Fahrenheit is a measure of A dust storm is a hurricane hail temperature that evaporation very strong wind A hurricane is a that carries dust Evaporation is the process in is abbreviated F. Balls of ice that strong storm with which a liquid goes into its Water freezes at fall from clouds high winds and rain. across the land. Dust storms occur gaseous form, for example, 32째F and boils at are called hail or The very center of hailstones. 212째F. when liquid water becomes in dry areas, like the storm, called the water vapor. deserts eye, is calm.

dust storm

Ice Age An Ice Age is a time when the Earth becomes very cold and ice much of it is covered with ice Ice is frozen water. and glaciers. There have been many Ice Ages on Earth; the last one lasted from about 2 million to 10,000 years ago.

iceberg An iceberg is a huge chunk of icicle lightning ice that floats in Icicles are Lightning is a flash the sea. Most of hanging ice that of light in the sky an iceberg is are formed from caused by an hidden under the dripping water. electrical storm. water.

- 109 -

radar meteorologist A meteorologist is a scientist who studies the weather.

precipitation Precipitation is rain, snow, hail, or sleet.

Radar is a device that uses reflected radio waves to located objects at a distance. Radar is short for "radio detection and ranging."

rainbow A rainbow appears when sunlight passes Rain is water through bits of water that falls from in the air. The white clouds. Rain is light is broken up measured using into many colors. a rain gauge.


snowflake Snowflakes are made of snow Snow is flakes they are storm of frozen water crystals. No two A storm is very bad that fall from snowflakes look weather, like a clouds when it is alike, but they hurricane or a very cold. all have six typhoon. sides.


sky The sky is blue.

thermometer A thermometer is used for telling what the temperature is.

water Water is a liquid that we drink and use to wash. Water covers over two thirds of the surface of the Earth, and much of our body is made of water.

sleet Sleet is freezing rain.

tornado A tornado is rapidly twister spinning air that is thunderstorm Twister is another very dangerous. vortex A thunderstorm is a an electrical name for a tornado, Tornados are Rapidly spinning gas or storm with lightning (flashes of a rapidly spinning liquid is called a vortex. bright light), which creates thunder funnel-shaped. If a air that is very tornado travels over (very loud sounds). dangerous. a body of water, it is called a waterspout.

water cycle The Water Cycle is the journey water takes as it circulates from the Earth to the sky and back again.

weather weather balloon waterspout Weather is the state A weather balloon is a giant A waterspout is a that the outdoors is in, balloon that is sent high in tornado that travels like how windy it is, the sky to measure weather over a body of water. how hot or cold it is, information, like temperature, wind speed, or if it is raining or snowing. and air pressure.

- 110 -

windsock A windsock is a whirlwind wind device that A weather vane is a Rapidly spinning air is called The wind is air shows which device that points a whirlwind. that blows way the wind is the way the wind is outside. blowing and the blowing. wind's speed.

weather vane

More Anatomy Activities

Parts of The Face

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