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Educate Empower Enhance

Social Innovators Xchange December 2013

TRUST QUOTIENT UP in Singapore, Thanks to GSIForum & GSIFest

Educate Empower Enhance

GSIForum has been Social Innovation Park’s (SIP) flagship event since 2006. This year GSIForum adopts the theme of ‘Inclusive Innovation: Trusted Leadership, Business & Society’ and explores the ‘what’s’, ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of Trust from the perspectives of leaders of the 3P (Public, People and Private) sectors, towards the objective of improving our trust quotient collectively and hence becoming a more inclusive society. In this GSIF2013 Special Edition, we will walk you through the journey of GSIF2013 and trust that you will definitely not want to miss out the next GSIF!

300 participants 75 speakers & facilitators 60 volunteers 25 countries

SIP’s New Innovations! Giving crates a new lease of life! One year mentorship programme for social enterprises in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and other successful business leaders. Check it out on pg 6 & 7!

A brilliant performance at GSIF, find out more on pg 11.

Successful launch of two impactful campaigns by NECDC & Novartis for a more inclusive society! Read about it on pg 4…

Last year, Inclusive Art Concert was launched during GSIFsetival. This year, we present it to our Gala dinner audience. See more on pg 12 …

The newly inaugurated Social Innovators Policy shapers Network (SIPN), find out more on pg 8…


GSIF Challenge: 100 Ideas to up your Trust and Inclusiveness Quotient

Educate Empower Enhance

For the first time, delegates were challenged to generate100 ideas to increase their Trust and Inclusiveness Quotient at the forum. Through the various statistics and devices used by Dr Ilya Farber, Senior Scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, the session became very lively as the audience was invited to think and work in groups to generate their own ways to increase trust. Delegates sharing their personal trust crisis and brainstorming on ideas how to overcome them.

Mr. Tim Hamons, Founder of Art of awakening, visually recording the main essence of the session into visual story maps. Delegates were able to refresh all the key ideas that have been shared during the session from this masterpiece.


Impact and Outreach of GSIF

Educate Empower Enhance

This year at GSIF, we saw the launch of the NECDC $100,000 Social Innovation (SI) Fund and the Novartis campaign milestone of The Unforgettables. With the SI fund launched by North East Community Development Council (NECDC) and SIP, individuals and existing social enterprises are empowered to develop innovative programmes geared towards helping the less privileged within the community. Apply with us now by 31st Jan’14!

Left: Mr Joel Leong, General Manager, NECDC; Mr Heng Sweet Heat, Minister of Education; Ms Penny Low, Founder & President, Social Innovation Park (SIP) launching the Social Innovation Fund.

GSIF Media Coverage

The Unforgettables campaign by Novartis is a Inclusive Outreach: social initiative targeted at creating awareness The Unforgettables of age related healthcare and social-care Campaign reaching challenges faced by both healthcare out to the old and the professionals and caregivers. The programme young‌ strives to mobilize the collective resources of the people-public-private partnerships, the young and the old, in driving the pressing agenda of issues faced in caring for the elderly. Find out more at Over the years, GSIF has amassed a great interest 10,000,000 Views among people to foster change for society. 160,000 Improved Lives Participants of GSIF were so inspired by the experience 16,000 that they went on to become Participants our spokespersons in their 2,000 New network and social media Ideas presence. Till today, we have 600 approximately facilitated at Collaborations least 600 collaborations, many at a much evolved stage, One others in the process of being Movement : GSIF formed!


Educate Empower Enhance

GSIF TRUSTed Plenaries TRUST was the keyword of GSIF 2013. What is trust, how do we measure trust, and most importantly, how do we increase trust? These were just some of the big questions that our plenary speakers tackled as we increasingly live in a world of trust deficits. Our Plenary Speakers flew from all over the world to discuss topics and issues and impact cross-sector collaborations to foster a climate of Trust, and ultimately ensure lasting social impact and social goods. Inclusive Innovation: TRUSTED Leadership, Business & Society

Top & Bottom Right : Stimulating questions from the ground. Bottom Left: Our Energetic Emcee Mr Paul Dunn, Chairman B1G1, hosting GSIF for the 2nd year.

The Anatomy of TRUST & Inclusive Growth

From Left: Ms Penny Low, Founder & President, Social Innovation Park Ltd; Ms Amanda Goh, Managing Director, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide Pte Ltd; Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education Singapore; Mr Oliver Tonby, Managing Partner, South East Asia, McKinsey & Company; Ms Annie Koh, Vice President, Office of Business Development and External Relations, Singapore Management University; Mr Nicolas Hazard, Chairman, Le Comptoir de l’Innovation; Vice-chairman, GROUPE SOS

Social Capital @ the Speed of TRUST From Left: H.E. Thomas Kupfer, Ambassador of Switzerland, Embassy of Switzerland; Ms Angie Kim, Managing Director, Novartis Singapore Pte Ltd; Ms Penny Burtt, Head of Client Service Risk Asia and Head of Public Affairs and External Relations for Southeast Asia, McKinsey & Company; Prof David Chan, Professor of Psychology, Director, Behavioural Sciences Institute, Singapore Management University; Prof Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, President, Institute of Future Studies for Development

From Left: Mr Ang Hak Seng, Chief Executive Director, People's Association; Ms Ann Lavin, Public Policy, Google; Mr Chaly Mah Chee Kheong, CEO, Deloitte Asia Pacific; Mr Ole Ruch, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Airbnb; Mr Nicholas Fang, Executive Director, Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Our Delegates taking a High Five moment to hype up their energy level!


Enhanced Social Innovators Accelerator (SIA) Track

Educate Empower Enhance

This year saw eight social enterprises vying for the chance to participate in the SIA track. Ultimately, five were successful and they went through gruelling sessions with their mentors over the course of two days to improve their business models and elevator pitches. Their final pitches were much improved and certainly heartening. The mentorship programme will last for one year, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and other successful business leaders, with regular meet-ups to monitor the entrepreneurs’ progress and help to fast-track growth of these social enterprises.

“All the participants who had given a pitch at ‘The Voice of Truth’ have very good social objectives… Alone, they may not have the network and access to resources. But within our group, we have mentors with diverse experiences from both the public and private sectors. This is where we as mentors can contribute our inputs and share with them.” Ms Chen-Ai Loh, Senior Vice President, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank

MOS Sim Ann giving a commentary speech after witnessing The Voice of Trust.

Unveiling the Faces behind The Voice of Trust – Our Judges

The Blind Audition: The Voice of Trust and our funky judges’ chairs

Ms Cassie Lim, Founder of Be Movement, giving a testimonial of how GSIF has helped her publication take off.

From Left: Ms Callie Liew, Founder, HSR Global Limited , Ms Chen-Ai Loh, Senior Vice President, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank , Ms Jocelyn Chng, Managing Director, Sin Hwa Dee Foodstuff Industries Pte Ltd , Mr Ben Phee, Group Managing Director, Phee Group Holdings Ltd , Mr Roger Koh, CEO, Chen Fu Ji International F&B Group Ltd


Educate Empower Enhance

Successful social entrepreneurs getting up close and personal about their own journey of setting up a social enterprise. The biggest takeaway from the session? It may be the toughest of ventures but ultimately it is the worthiest of all. And you fail many times before you succeed, but persist, persist, persist.

Our SIA Track participants receiving personalised mentoring from their mentors, McKinsey & Co and leaders from other companies.

Mr Patrick Liew (left) in his element as lead facilitator of the SIA Track with many years of experience in the business industry. To his right, a satisfied (or relieved?) SIA Track participant after her pitch.

Mr Desmond Kok (Left), Board of Director, Social Innovation Park (SIP), explaining the concept of SEED – a new urban farming project initiated by SIP to the mentors.

Tell it, Don’t Sell it! Our SIA Track participants brainstorming on ideas to refine their elevator pitch.

“I think the first mentoring session was awesome. I learnt and gleaned so many interesting areas for my aspiring social entrepreneur start up…The second mentoring session was even more useful. We had so many mentors and it was very inspiring. “ - Joyce Ling, Life Architects LLP (A Social Enterprise)


Social Innovators Policy shapers Network (SIPN)

Educate Empower Enhance

SIPN, inaugurated by SIP during GSIF this year, aims to connect policymakers with leaders in the people and private sectors to seek collaborative solutions to socio-economicpolitical challenges, and enhance the works of social entrepreneurs and innovators through the establishment of a positive policy framework.

Participants giving a round of self-introduction. Top (from left): Dr Victor Tong, Senior Scientist, A*Star; Mr. Baey Yam Keng, Member of Parliament, People Action Party; Ms. Ng Yeen Seen, Senior Vice President, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute Right (from left): Dr Ilya Farber, Senior Scientist, A*STAR and Mr. Joel Leong, General Manager, North East CDC

Ms. Penny Low sharing the purpose and aspiration for inaugurating this network.

Cross borders and sectorial (i.e. People, Public and Private) sharing of social innovation. From left: Prof Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, President, Institute of Future Studies for Development; Ms. Sumiko Hatakeyama, Project Officer, Political & Economic Department, Asia-Europe Foundation; Ms. Ann Lavin, Public Policy, Google; Mr Jordan Isac, Corporate Communications Manager, OUE; Ms. Chloe Huang, Assistant Director, Ministry of Social and Family Development; Mr. Nicholas Fang, Executive Director, Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Over the two days, participants learned about social innovation happening around the world, generated ideas to help policymakers better understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and networked with delegates from eight different countries.

Top: Mr. Christoffer Erichsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Scope Group

Left: Dr Rick Goh, Director of the Computing Science Department, A*STAR and Ms Shannen Fong, Head of Corporate Relations, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore

It is heartening that many of the participants have made a personal commitment to enhance social innovation within their own capacity and network. They will be presenting the report card of their progress and achievement in the next GSIF. With the new friendships and mutual TRUST forged, we are looking forward to witnessing collaborations among our participants to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.


Educate Empower Enhance

MasterClasses & Big Ideas! Lab Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your friends and vice versa? Do you trust institutions? Do institutions trust you? Do institutions trust one another? Delegates got to explore Trust from the 5 different levels in the various sessions. Here are some of the snippets:

TRUST is no longer an abstract term with the Trust Equation in a class conducted by the Managing Partner (South East Asia) of McKinsey & Company, Mr Oliver Tonby.

Check out the fomula and assess your level of trustworthiness.

In the session - Driving Trust across Key Stakeholders, our panel of experts from the 3P sectors identified Trust drivers that are pertinent to building trust and fostering greater trisector collaborations.

Resilience and SelfTRUST was the story in the session - Leading with an Inner edge

Session on Inclusive Branding by Mr. Andrew Bryson, Mr. James Cook and Ms. Chandni Jain, where the Brand Share study released by Edelman just recently this year, was applied to a real-life case study of SIP, to driving trusted brands and hence increasing consumer trust.


Educate Empower Enhance

How can the 3P sectors come together to promote greater TRUST and inclusiveness among the elderly, their families, professional caregivers and Society? These were the key issues explored in our session, Inclusive Innovation: The Unforgettables Campaign.

As a healthcare industry partner in Singapore, Novartis believes that patients are central to their mission of caring and curing.

A poster display for the Unforegettables Campaign

“We strive to focus all our actions on the improvement of patients’ lives.” said Angie Kim, Managing Director of Novartis Singapore Pte Ltd.

What used to be a community practice has now become a billion-dollar business model. Mr. Ole Ruch from Airbnb (left) and Mr. Moh Hon Meng from Estatebuzz (right) shared how the sharing economy, with its emphases on shared access to resources and information and TRUST is taking the world by storm.

Led by Frog consultants, in Ideas for a better World, our experts, Mr. Steve Boswell, General Manager, Frog (Left), Mr. Ramakrishna NK, Co-founder & CEO, Rang De (Middle) and Mr. David Moreno, CEO, Coowry Ltd (Right) share about ideas and insights on how we could improve financial accesses and opportunities to the bottom of the pyramid. Delegates were also taken through an ideation process using Frog methodology to generate innovative solutions to bring about greater financial inclusivity to the world.


What are our volunteers saying?

Educate Empower Enhance

“Being a volunteer in GSIF benefits me a lot. Besides expanding my social network, the leaders have taught and given me many opportunities to practice different skills, which fulfil the SIP mission: educate , empower and enhance.” - Wendy Liu Yunxin

“...It was wonderful to have the chance to interact with volunteers from different universities and understand why they volunteered at GSIF. I really enjoyed attending the different sessions and my favorite is SIP Fellows: Recipes for Success. Their experiences on setting up a social enterprise are very motivating and insightful. A learning point from the speakers is that they always have a positive mindset- perceiving mistakes as chances to do better. “ - Madeline Tai

I trust you because... The wall of trust was erected to get people thinking WHY we trust each other and HOW trust is formed.

Our long time volunteers, Mr. Darren Chin and Ms. Wong Pei Shan who have being part of GSIF for five and three years respectively taking a TRUST shot together.

Delegate to Performer

Last year, Ms Aurora Lui – Hamons was a delegate at GSIF and this year, she returned extremely confident and took the centre stage through a stunning performance of The Climb 11 by Miley Cyrus.

Gala Dinner and Inclusive Art Concert

Educate Empower Enhance

The gala dinner was held at Mandarin Orchard Singapore and we were honoured to have Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), His Excellency Teo Chee Hean, as Guest of Honour. The funds that were raised will be channelled towards fostering greater community cohesion and enhancing social innovation. From Left: Son and daughter of Dato’ Low Tuck Kwong, DPM H.E. Teo, Ms Penny Low and Mr Chiew Kin Huat.

SIP has been providing a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent in our yearly Inclusive Arts Concert.

We would like to thank all our partners, volunteers, speakers, delegates and friends for your generous support and contribution.

Top: Ms Lily Goh, Founder of Extraordinary Horizon, leading the audience in her song signing performance of Heal the World. DPM H.E. Teo and Mr Chiew Kin Huat signing to the song . Middle: (Left) Guzheng performance put up by Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) and (Right) Band performance by Benjamin, Elizabeth and Ron Tan from the Inclusive Art Movement. Bottom: Band performance by GSIF 2012 volunteer, Jean Tan and her friends. One of the songs performed was the theme song for GSIF, 'Something More', penned by Jean to celebrate those who have dedicated their lives and genius to better the world, and to urge many others to find their true selves in doing the same.


GSIF Festival @ Vivo City

Educate Empower Enhance

In moving from a mindset of limitations to possibilities, GSIFestival 2013 is designed to facilitate and showcase examples of how the public, private and people sector can build trust and address the challenges of a tight labour market by employing marginalised individuals.

Keep Calm & TRUST me Campaign Entirely volunteer driven, the keep Calm & TRUST me Campaign was launched to get people thinking about how they could become more trusted by people who matter to them. You can find out more photos and the pledges made on our GSIF Facebook page.


Testimonials of GSIF

Educate Empower Enhance

Over the last few years, a greater culture has really been fostered for social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. There are a lot more active and sustained partnerships with private, public, academia and government. I do think platforms like GSIF help advance these conversations about the industry at large in Singapore. Amanda Goh – Managing Director, Edelman Singapore (GSIForum 2013 Plenary Speaker) I particularly enjoyed the sessions organised under the Policy Shapers Network, where I could find many committed and likeminded policy influencers willing to contribute their experience and knowledge to create a better policy environment. Sumiko Hatakeyama (Ms), Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) (GSIForum 2013 Speaker)

About GSIF I can say there aren’t many who do this kind of thing. Topics in the forum are very different from other conferences. The topics are at a heart level, that is the most distinct factor of GSIF. Leah Tan, DBS (GSIForum 2013 Delegate) Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend GSIF and be able to present Coowry to such a distinguished audience and be able to share our views with people that shared our view to give a twist to current payment methods, facilitate financial inclusion, digital inclusion and to give the tools to the poor to capitalise their assets, let it be their talent, their skills, their labour or their savings. David Moreno, Coowry (GSIForum 2013 Speaker) Working as a GSIF2013 intern gave me the opportunity to appreciate the dynamism and energy of SIP, which draws on a cadre of professional volunteers, in addition to its full time employees, in its commitment to “Educate. Empower. Enhance” At SIP, I was given opportunities that most others interns do not have access to - the ability to direct media outreach; the opportunity to lead meetings with confirmed and potential partners amongst many others. Anirudh Sivaram, Yale University (GSIForum 2013 Intern)

Social Innovation is the call of 21st Century yet I do not know of any such program such as GSIF in South East Asia addressing this issue. Rekha Mody, Global Women Forum (GSIForum 2013 Speaker)


Special Thanks

Educate Empower Enhance

SIP Team, Core Volunteers and Supporters Adeline Tan Alvin Chia Amanda Mah Calvin Tan Chandni Jain Chiew Kin Huat Chong Wee Cheong Desmond Kok Dora Heng Dr Illya Farber Dr Rick Goh Dr Victor Tong Esperanza Canlas Jeanette Kwek Koh Juay Meng

Kwok Wai Khong Lau Qian Qi Lee Bok Guan Lee Yong Han Leona Leong Lim Chin Boon Lim Eng Kiat Loh Chen-Ai Melvin Yong Michelle Khoo Nashvia Alvi Noelle Kuah Ooi Peng Ee Pang Lim Pang Lim

Patrick Liew Patrick Pang Paul Dunn Penny Burtt Penny Low Ram Sivaram Rena Pua Roger Liew Roger Wang Samuel Ng Sean Poh Shahzada Dawood Soh Sue Ping Tan Shumin

Tan Thoo Cheng Terence Lee The entire SIP@SIM Chapter, especially Thiagu Thevar The Yale Interns, especially Anirudh Sivaram Tim Hamons Wan Pak Khiong Wang Hong Jun Wayne Koh Wong Peishan Wu Xiaoting Yang Xinyi

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Gala Dinner Sponsors

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An extraordinarily BIG thank you and heartfelt gratitude to Dr Stephen Riady, for your immeasurable and unwavering support and believe in our cause to build a more inclusive, sustainable and better world.


Educate Empower Enhance

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Social Innovators Xchange December 2013 Issue  
Social Innovators Xchange December 2013 Issue  

Find out about the key highlights of Global Social Innovators Forum (GSIF) 2013 in this special edition of The GSIF TRUST Report. GSIF has...