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What’s my struggle here, is it the creation of beautiful things? Is it execution? Is it being too comfortable to take the leap? Yes, maybe all these are symptoms of a problem, but they are just symptoms. I don’t want to create just another beautiful space, I just don’t want to blindly execute anything, and I don’t wish to be just another designer who makes beautiful things from what’s available.

The problem here is I don’t have a safe spot yet, I don’t have a th trick. I am looking for something larger than making a beautiful it feels too bare a field, too single skinned, too fake. Where’s the m ter word) in what design and beauty are. We are mocking by pract

hing I love making, doing, I don’t find form or material to do the thing, space, emotion. I am looking to in-fact go anti design, for meat in creating beauty? Where’s the smartness (for lack of a betticing as interior designers and architects and some other designer.

Where is the shift, design you, change the way you li way you design, you build. is required to actually ma difference is just not an osophical one, maybe a com one feel at peace like one scapes and skies? Where is colours change, landscapes Where are things grander t seem stuck in material and does one take the leap? Ho the way I make? Where what at and feel but it transce ology and ideas and embodi

n that has power to move ive, in fact change the . Where is that shift that ake a difference? And the ethical one, but a philmical one even. Where can e does in nature, in lands that magic one feels as s change, time evolves? than life? Why does design d form and function? How ow do I become tactile in t I make is good to look ends life, it pushes ideies beauty and life.

Maybe now I know better what I intend to do, what my struggle has been –the mental kind of course. It’s not easy what I am directing towards, it is difficult to be tactile and transcend ideology every time, and sometimes you should and will have to settle for the “joys” of form and material, and sometimes you will be cliché. But it’s the most connection I feel to design, to be a maker. Larger than life, deeper than normal.

And I will try, for it makes m

me happy to be a maker then.


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ZINE 01 01 | ANXIETY  

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